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ffteroo, Uiat gods to w*». Thn bows of bju
nwtificnt ion ia broad and intelligible enough,—she has
nerbora in the Black Boa. But bow much stronger,
a French writer, i« the argument of tho French
Court? What are the harbors of Russia in the Black
Baa compared with the ancient pints aud extensive
Hoe of country which France possets** in the JVrdi
terraneaa? With the exception of ItaN. the const of
this sea naturally belongs to France. Is it reasons
ble, therefore, that she should overlook tlie opportune
*v afl'ordddto lior, of making that navigation aecttre
ond sole, which other Powers, who ure jiolitical stran
gors to these seas have clnimcd the right to control
and command? Franco docs not wish to conquer
Grocer, or to hold her as an nppendage of hor domin
ions. But Greece free and diseg/puinbcred from Tur
key, and protected by her authority from future dis
turbance, will enable France to construct those forta
«;id harbors, tor tho protection of hor commerce in
that natural ocean, which washes one Uiird of her
dominions, and which other Powers, strangers to it,
have thought proper to construct lor their own socu
rity. England can here have no just cause of com
plaint. She is protectress of the Ionian Islands. Let
France in like manner he protectress of Greece. If
it he said—Greece needs uo protection; noitlw rdp tho
loman Islands. Again; but u Treaty of European
Princes guaranteed to England the protectorship of
the Ionian Islands. The answer .if the French s.;rib.>
N ready enough—a Treaty of European Princes will
guarantee tho like protectorship of Greece to Franco, i
We have stated, as we wish**] to do, impartially,'
the argument put forth for the seizure of Greece by
the French Government. Whether sound or not we
do not stay to inquire, for nations arc not much ac
customed to surrender up their interests to logic, and
they will never want writers who can Kp.xiou.dy
defend tlic ambition of tlicir Courts. The truth is.!
France is bent upon the restriction of her naval
powerx, and is resolved toaccomplisli it by any means
ehe cun. Unfortunately England cannot, impose tho
Greek expedition or require France to * uiiandou
Greece upon any general ponce. It will never be'
our interest to give up tin* Ionian Itlnnds,—and so
hsug us we retain them, our mouth is shut us to
Greece. It will be our duty to take rare that the
commerce of nil the teas are made freet*' ull—that
the forts of the Dardanelles, the Uosnhorus, and oh i
tho coast of the sen of Marmora, nre u.-st roved; that
tho military ships of alt nations should be excluded
t>oiu these important j>w.*=«»es, and that the Black Sea
should be free and open, us well on the Russian us on
the Turkish side. We cannot control the cuirso of!
things, or chock'Uiat growth in ourgro.it rival which I
seems natural to her. But we may regulate what1
we cannot command, and we have no doubt, hut that
fbe Duke of Wellington foramen, and will take pre
caution against coming events.
TOIK1), enddenly, on the inonibtg ox tho 16th inst. ilr.
JOStl’H H. MAYO. His friouitii and ucqtiniittu'ters ate re
quested by this notice, to attend tho funeral at bis Into n-si
.ionr,C| the ( <ut.‘i‘^ii| at 11 o’clock on Tuesday ntoninqx.
ffommtrrial Kcrovtr.
I'am London, direct, . . . '.Oct.fi.
From Rochelle, do. . '.Oot. (5.
From Hew Orleans, do.Oct. <1.
1* LOUR is still hold at aO—but no kuIph have |
boon cfli'ctcd since Thursday. The highest price!
that flour has brought fen- any considerable quantity, I
since the lato rise Was $». Whether the price will '
bo supported'or not, will <lepet(d on the next advices !
i'.om- Bnglnud—in tho mean time holders do not !
RT»nn disposed to give way in the price, and buyer* ‘
have determined rather to run the risk of*, ris • from
tVe next arrival thab to purchase at the present price, j
-- I
Know the Baltimore Vhronfcfe* or A'rtrtuibcr 16. I
About 15,000 barrel* of Hour, 7000of which were '
wharf, have been inspected this week—of this quantity |
**>00 came in on Thursduy, 500 barrels however ns !
TOained uninspected until yetturday for want of time. \
Tho market opened yesterday, a«\vc intimated, at a
io» price than it clo.ca the day previous and sales were
Ittndo through tho day, bad" as the weather was, at
$7,50 per barrel from the wagons, ami holders apjicnr
*td to be pleased to-get that price—towards the close"
of tho day, however, there was a less disposition to
sell, and probably some purchaser* might hove fi ll
willing, n they could do no better, to give
\\ UUAT.—There is a little or no lnsst white in
market—Red of the bc*t quality, aold yesterday at
*1 ,05 per bushel, and wo believe holders were wining
to take 1,70—an inferior kind sold at 1,00.
In other Grain we Lave not beard of nuy transac
About. 1W) soroons of flotnnt INT>IGO, which was J
probably nearly all in the market, changed hands on
Wednesday and Thursday, the majority of which at 1
Jl,75 per lb. the remainder at $1 fir,.
--- - - _«
__ roJlT otUticn.MoAD' *roy. ic.
Hhip 'Alciopo, White master, for Havre, with cot-;
tyn, tobacco, «c.
Brig Ocean, Hodge, from New York, with ballast.
Hchr Charles King, Smith, from Philadelphia, with
sundries to merchants in Richmond.
Hchr. Plutarch, Adame, from Baltimore, with sun
dries to J. Parker, Laurnster A lienby, H. Pevtoo,
L. Wobb A. Co. Lucke A Hiaor, J. Winston, D. 'Thn
b^rlake, C. M. Mitchnll, ami Otis, Durlop A Co.
Wehr Tennesse. Green, from Baltimore, with sun
dries, to J. H. Blamiro, Kyle A Cochran, T. A Rust,
Bagwell A Smith. A. McCruodie, and J. Winston.
Hchr Fair Play, Ireland, from N. York, with eolt to
L. I.udlnm.
Hloop Charles, Gifford, from Westport, with sun
dries to 8. Cou, and to master.
Sloop Jolly Sailer, Updike, from Chiekahomnny,
with wheat to Win. B. Clarke A Co.
Hchr Blooming Youth, Quarles, from Alexandria,
with Ktfll to D. Timhorlnke.
Hchr Albeen, Shaw, from Alexandria, with salt to
D. Timborlukc
Svhrs Edingtim, Lowder, lor N. York, wiib flour
'and coal.
Sloop Retnliafer, Will**;, for N. York, with coni.
Wif Coasting Pilot, Franklin, for Hudson, N. Y.
with coal.
Steam-boat Potomnc. Jenkins, for Washington,via
Norfolk, with pnrrengera, tobacco, A c.
Htrotn-boat Richmond. Chapman, lor Norfolk, with ^
Hohr Adrora, Hooper, for Boltimom, with c«sil.
Hchr Ekranor, Moss, for N. York, via City Point,
NOR FOLK. Nov. ft.—Arrd. bripa Ajnx, Brinks,
Now Orient)*, and Id day* from the B.ili/.c; Factor,
Price, Portblnd, 8 days; ud&f James Monroe, Bush,
Now Oriental. ’•
In Hampton Roads —ship Roupt'cau, ]McI»even,
from ap James river bound to Bordeaux.
NEW YORK. Nov. Iff.- Cleared, achnr. Exit,
lluwn, fjirkintmd'
a. 6ard7
(CiT Thr .Author of the Hrifiinr of the flifhlnmrfn,
iaipprtfhffy informs the public and' his friends, that
his Benefit •»tTT ‘ike place m f|„, Theatre. upon Thin
M+nnbnr 17th. hi addition to the flrst
piece, upon which the benofil Is fStoded. will be pre
sented an entire n»\v fa.'i.c, ;Ver b* fl*re performed
In this city, with utlmf attractions a* will be exprrs
ard in the hilla of the day. nov 17_1t
OOO HALT, UnuhfTrla'nd“ in
the Doek, tor Sale by
fl*r J'ln'slppmtrire tn V'rtl* V
The regular jmckrt safer. TENNESSEE.'
<»h*i master, having the greater part of’
h^r targo enraged. Will *wc#t «Hoi des
BSEsw iiatcli, ibr lrnignt or passage, hav ing su
perior accommodations. aiiulv on boart) in tlie I lock
no 17 m 7
| *—--:-—~
• mrtMOSS.
I ^ Bales Moss landing Ibr nab’ l/y
no 17—2t OTIS, DUNLOP A. CO.
TEAS. * . J
H lLa,1Tehe*t*’ I Gunpowder nnd Imperial Tea ofap- i
40 Boxes, { proved quality, receiving and 1or
“tby „ .. D. TIMBKRLAKlL * I
no 17—ct
apples! ~ I
P’OR nlo m bnnnl the schooner Pair Play, at
*■ Ludlainrf \\ arehouseou the Dock,
iO Bushels Apples, at. $1 per bm»hei.
no 17—It
Almanac for 1829.
| L’ST pttblishod by PETER COTTOM. his Virgi
V nia and North Carolina Almanac for the year 1
l.ivt, containing, besides the Astronomical Cslcultf-s
tions, Courts, Ac. Ac. a variety of curious useful and
entertaining matters—the Astronomies! part culcula. ;
toil by Joseph Cave of Orange county, Vu. and tori
rale by the groce. dozen or .-inglo.
In Push and shortly will be published, n New No
V I • y,.a Vo,u,,f ot Virginia, entitled “Donald ,
Auuir, two volume*.
jWTOS. 37, 38, 41, a whole prise of 1000 Dollars, ;
, W"T lu‘‘*T ,,t1,‘<1 ftl “J* oOice, by the fortunate iud
der, on Saturday lust, nnd tin* cash puid iiniiiedintelv. !
ft r 1 u-morrsw. look out tor <>10,000, aj,ooo %’ 000 ‘
ftl,7.>0. 4 ot 1.000, Ac. Ac. Chances only $">.
no 17—Ot WM. PEARMAN, !
44, 41, .33, 8, 13, 37,
YYrRRK lh * N »»• drawn in the New York Conso- I
» ▼ ltdnted. No. I i.
’• T7, Capital of A1003, owned by a gentleman
m-Richmoud. The holder is requested to call at tliej
Managers’ Oftiee and receive the cash,
no 17—Ct YATES A >1 I NT YRE,
__ under Eagle Hotel.
Bigger’t* Prize List.
.Vein York Consolidat'd, Ao. !•}.
4'1, 41, 30,
3R 41 44 prize of A30.000
B 37 11 do of *0.000
13 37 41 do of 10,000
B 13 JH do of 3,000
« 37 3C do of 4.000
13 37 30 do of 2,500
rm .. iv , * « i i
8, 13, 37.
ft 13 37 prize of $1,3.»Q ;
13 37 44 do of 1.000
3 30 41 do of 1.000
13 33 41 do of 1.000
37 33 41 do (J* 1 000
8 13 41 do of 1.000
Miiiiuiow uuiutTa nni muicn to cal] mul re- j
cctvothe <-n*h for their capital prixcs, or roncw their I
smaller ones in the next Lottery to draw, at the Lot- !
I cry dr. Exchange Olficc of
no 17—3t Op|x>4ttc tiie Eagle Hotel.
1 000 nu*Jl,,,M r<>RN for Kale, in the Dock.
nov it lt
SUPER, blue and black cloths ~~ j
do olive do brow n do
Do eassimercs, assorted colotfru
Domestic carpetings
Rone. (turtle, aud p<>ifrt blankets
( osxinetts, wurstmotts and linseys
\y hit*, green and red flannels :
Camletts and Scotch plaids
Opening this morning, and for ruIo cheap, liir i
C‘r-6, bv GEORGE K. TIFFIN. i
inn i ')
Subscribers oifer ibr sxk) at their store, cor
ncr of I) and loth Streets,
:H>U sacks Liverpool blown salt
->0 bugs best Ixiguira colfee
15 hluls. West India ruid New Orleans durar
6 pipes good Holland gni
10 bl)Is. domestic do
15 do cider brandy
®r) do old whiskey
15 hhdx. common do
35 do molasses, (part prime)
2Dn sides-New York inspected sole leather
10O do niKHott, for negroes’shots
100 boxes H X10 window glass
50 do IUXIS do
20 boxes superior gunpowder tea. •
Offer for Snlr,
*40 l1** BACON,Baltimore and Bmithfleld
‘AUjVW 30 keg* MiuitJifieJd hu-d
70 bis No. 3 mackerel
30 do vinegar
IV do Now Ark cider
VO do country gin
160 do herrings. No. 1
15 do loaf sugar assorted
VO dry ruah m*»t and Windsor cbfffct
IV bis Venetian red
soap, mould candle* assorted, Inotlier
Printing paper, l»alo rope. &c. die. Ac.
A few hundred Berry * superior premium Fir*
Tirirk, for setting up gratixi, furnaces, Ac.
nov ! I
Bids Dunlop's Beer
10 bundle* Northern Hay, flrst quality. Just
received and for sale bv
no 1»—e<>H riKO. ft WM. MKRIAM.
LEWIS WK111! »i. Co. offer for sale,
Hilda and 60 barrel* Whiskey
75 barrel* old Isle of Wight apple brandy
peneh brandy
Holland and American gtij
B hd* old Antigua ruin
Wines of various kinds
London porter
40 hds molasses
VO boxes lonf sugar u
IV hd* brown sugar
160 bag* coffee
30 tons bar iron
Ho-il end tipper lentlmr
Spanish Index
Tanners, nnd tint seed oil
Huron, herrinn#rrhce*e, raisin*
Cotton bagging and bale rope.&e. 6lc. fte.
nov II . Iwfft
I). TIMBER LAKE offer $ Ar Sate,
^l|A Htutka Salt
•F,Fy ivo hag* eoflbe
70 half-ch**** I . . . _. , 4
60 catty boxes \ <T>np«*wHer *mA Imperial ten
VO hags |*cppor
5 pipe* f'ognac hrnndy and gjn
4© barrels old whiskey
VO do country gni
76 do N. K. rum
70 do imitation Cognac brandy
'lAtoSfci L”*f SuC?r
n*v ii l <V
CliA \ipaigNE Wink
Arr.w case* old sparkling Charapaignc, from tl»e
> celebrated "Jlt/wfir. estate, for sale hy
t nnt |.l»-1*. c. PAUOTR.
And [xmiiuely the i*»t Night of the
W“‘ be prcvimttxt, fo« Ui- larttmw, um i.mml MHtvlxamatic
llo.IhUKC Of tlx
Heroin^ of the Highland?,
JVrUteti by HrciUtV s T. Mttchkli., Esq. of Uuhuiond;
If With entire new Scenery, Dresse*. Mumc and
Decoration*. Original Mune, by Mr. ParxrLi.,
J.ead'T of the (frchestra. Hcenorv. by Mr. Hiooliya,
ot the Park ami liewery Theatres, New York.
Machinery, by Mr. Um.i., stagecarpenter. *
• Previous to the Play, wil] be performed by the
Orchestra, n grand original Medley Overture, arran
ged by Mr. JPakmli.i. exprotudy for the occasion.
Prince Charles Edward htnurt, Mr. Cargill,
Angus M Douald, Walton.
Olencrirn, II. Walton,
Domini, Garner,
With the Sengs,41 Draw the Stcardt, Scot'ami,” *•Krl
win Grove,” and -‘.V Gregor s Guihermr
£u*‘‘c« Farrell.
Smith. _ Richards,
r.nj'hsh Soldiers, Attendants, dte.
T,1?.™ R«nald. Mr*. Btickney,
Gillian, (with Sonvh.) Collins.
UeMcription tf Scenery.
.V t 1st—S,,nr 1st.—Grand view nfa Scottish val
ley. surrounded . by picturesque scenery of rocks,
ui’‘iinltiinH, and outmdt' view of a cavern, with distant
views of tile sen.
Scene 2d..—Grand Gothic Hall in McDonalds
Castle. English soldiers discovered carousing.—
«i r:tn«i original Glee and Chorus.
Ai r 2d —Scene 1st.—Rocky shore upon the Sea
beach. Wild and romantic view. Another outoide
entrance to the Cavern.
Sme 2d—-Interior view of a Cave, with the fnll
depth of I he Stage representing a distant |ienipcctive
view gt the Grampian Momitains by moonlight.—
The rnoon seen shining nv r the mountains, and re
flected ni tin* river beneath. In this piece, a new i
.style at painting is brought forth, as originally repre
sented by Mr. Huggins, with unbounded applause,
in tho Northern Tfieatres.
Ac* bL—Scene 3d- — Grand broad Kword combat
between the Prince and Angus McDonald—Aixni*
ik killed. °
Aer 3d—Stria 3d.—Grand view of the ocean,
agitated bv a stortn. Shin of War discovered at
um hor, fully rigged.and tilling the entire back of the
stage. The Prince pantos in r boat pursued in
aueih *r by his enemies. is on the point of being
innd" prisoner, when the Ship hoists the French flag,
ami fires upon the pursuing boat, which with its crow
in sunk. The piece conclude* wjih the ocape of the
i«st o( the Stuarts—and tho curtain will tall to the!
popular uir of “llurra for the Bonnets of Blae."
COMIC DUETT, M* nsrs. }
t Herbert, tr.
A 1 A\( i DANCE, by Miss Hanna.
To conclude with tho lauylmhlo Knrr/j in two nrta, o»tr«rpcr
_____ formed lierr, called
Dr. Damphor, • . Mr. Edwin,
Lawyer Flexible, Cargill,
'Hr. Lnbin Log, Herbert, jr.
Captain Danvers, Richards,
John Brown, Htnilh,
Andrew Hang, Farrell-,.
Coachman, McKibbin,
Waiter, H. Walton,
Passenger, Kimr,
Mr*. Hilary, Mrs. Collins,
Laura, Mias Hanna,
Maid, Mrs. Osborne.
In conruqneneo of the inclemency of the weather
attending the first jHirtornmnce oftlie Heroine of tho
Highland*, and the heavy cxpeu.se incurred bv tho
author in its preparation, the price of ticket a will be
advanced for this occasion only. In taking this step,
the uitthor trusts that lid will be supported by tho
usual good feeling and liberality of the public.
[Lf Price ofadmir.-iion— Boxes $1, Middle Gallery
50 cents. Side Gallery J7A cents.
02" Doors to be opened at t>, und curtain to rise ui
7 o’clock, precisely. Noy. 17_1.
Albany BEER' t-c.
Davenport, allen go. m-p ri^rdvrrg
for wile, * b
20 Hhls Albany Bear -
10 do Newark Cider
If’O do Ciiler VinegiCr *
IPO doz. Wool limits
50 do Fur do , .
no 12—Jt
~b A I.pwiN, i vi:s &. co. ~
HA\’E received by late arrivals, tbcir rnfirc *ni>
ply of I'jILL DRY GOODS, to wliicb they
solnit the attention of their customers—for rhc<t}niri$
nod tv/riefy, their stock is surpassed by nouu ur tlus
market. Nov 11 — tot
WAS committed, as a runaway, to the Jji'lol Rockbridge,!
| B on the 10th day of Sept, pa.st, a mulatto boy, wlio -tv s
bis tianio is NIC HOLAS \\V.IR, and tUat he is fne.Iiorn, but
hoiiud until he i* of age, t»> a Mr. VYtloughby, ol the county uf
Nelson Said boy is about 16 or .17 years of ngu, nbout 5 Icct!
•* or Itt incite? high, of a light complexion hi* ckothirv; so laid !
that they cannot he described: ho La* no marks that I can ob
serve. The owner, if any, is required to apply for him, or he
will lie dealt with agreeably to law.
Tgtxington, Rockbridge county, Nov. lib, 18Jit »1—hn c
Mlt. RMl* VRI> hi 1)1,011 -Sir: Taku notice, that
on the '«Ut of January next, at Lon-tio, in tin? county of
Kssrx, I shall proceed to tnke depositions, (and continue from 1
day to lily until I finish,) in n suit now di-pending in the county
cottrl of Lnrx, iu w hich Klizutieth S. Ludlow, widow of the lain
Dnrt. Riritard Ludlow, are I niv-elf, as guardian of Mary Kltta
beth, and Richard John Ludlow*, are pi* in tiffs, tm 1 you and
•niters a re defi-wiauts. Your oo’ljwrv’t,
WM. (iAKNKTT, ad deb. n
10th Nov. I8CT. 84 — \r It r of Richard Ludlow, d*x*.
\J I ItfJINI A; At rides, holdcu in tlie clerk’s office of Kgsnx
▼ county, on the 3d day of .Wemtier, 1828 Mr/nbeth I.
I.udiow, William Harnett guardian of Mary Elkabrih, and
Richard John Ludlotv, plaintiffs, ng-xtnjf Mary, Klowbcth. and
Rirhard John Ludlow, infants of Richard Ludlow, dec ; James
M. f iamett, assigned guard mo ml litem, to d«fctid the said iu
tknts, and Kiohard Ludlow, def’ndnutx-r-lN Cnimirv.
The dcfrndnnt Richard I an flow, not having entered his ,tp
pearance and given security fir cording to the n. t of arsoinhly
and the rules of this court, and it appearing by sntWhctorr evS
•♦ertfC, that he is mu an inhabitant of this State; tfwseibm, on
V .e motion <rf tlte plaintiffs, it i« ordered, thot i|»e said deb'tidattt,
Rirhard Ludlow, do ap|>oar before tlto justices of tlie county
riant of f.rsex, on the thiol Monday iu January next, and nri
swer their bill, and that a ropy of this order he forthwith inserted
in «ome newsjatper of extensive rirrulation, pul Imbed In this
f’oirm mo wealth, for two months successively, auri that another
copy he posted at tlie front floor of die court house of thi -county.
A e.upy. io4*S ZACH. t\ CKITTKNDKN, D. C.
r|ffItt/RT HALF OF LAND. -Win he wdd on tho nt«Z
■ tntonn, on the Bth day of IVe.entls»r next, to the hignei*
bidder, for rush, fifty acres land, mom or lees, hr mg mi Dover
Creek, in the co.mtv of ffcmrhkod, to stills* the obWtsofa
deed of trust cxccnted fry Hexrklnh I'urvear to the mvWskned.
dafed the 14th November, 1820. and of record in Hoochknd
comity court nfliro WILL. CRAY, 1 _
Nov 1A -wit c _ ^TllO. T Al’KM AN, <
T()R rent, . .
THE \ endue Tenement an H street, lately omu
piotl by Mi mm. C. & «. Clnrhr. Apply to C.
nov 'r’_ eotf
The new and "logant ship JULIAN,
of .Itlft ton* burthen, Bk*J AMU* Smith,
WttstiT. now m Hampton Roadn, and will
__ proceed tin if buxinem oflferx. Apply to
• unv 14e—dtU CIUA CALMER.
i\* Uaw*i_\V OrnCW, )
T! _#4_. ■ , Nov. 17th, itfw. s
LI W Mvwad drawing of the Maryland State Lotte
ry, and the drawing of the New York Conohda
ted Lottery, loth Clamt, are received at my Office.
The N umbers drawn for determining the Prizes in the
New Y ork Lottery, are as IbUnwa*
44, 41, 38, 3, IS, 37.
• CT A few of the Capital Prizes have again been ob
tained at my fortunate Office.
L °° 17_8. HAWKINS.
Chubb’s Prize List. ~~
-Wts York Consolidated, .Alb. 10.
44, 41, 38, 8, 13, 37.
! <5B 41 44 prize of |50,000
8 37 41 do of 20.000
13 37 41 do of 10^)00
8 10 38 do of 6,000
8 37 38 do of 43)00
1-1 37 38 do of 4’,500
rnt .« . - • -
8 13 37 prize of $!,3o0
~I3 37 44 do of 1,0001
C 38 41 do of 1,000!
13 38 41 do of 1,000 i
37 28 41 do of 1.000
C 13 41 do of 1,000
J J*.- lunuaaiB noioora are invited to call and re- j
ceire the caah for their capital prize* or renew their :
■mailer one* in the Lottery to draw, a» the Lottery dv1
utrliaiige Office of
no l7-3t _ P. CHUBB.
New York Extra Class No. 10.
45 Baliots—6 drawn.
1 prize of $ 10,000
1 do of 4 .COO
t do of 2.000
• do of 1*750
4 prizes of jl .000
0 do of 500 '
8 do of 200 ;
And mtnv ntin.ru
H hole Ticket $3. Half 42 30. Quarter 41 23.!
New York, Nov. 17.
U' The drawing win be regularly received and
ca»h paid fur prizes at the Lottery &. Kxchange Of- !
no 17—ts
AhhW more Capital Prizes are to be distributed
from ray fortunate Office.
NbW YORK F/XTRA—Class No. 10.
i prize ot g 10.out)
1 do of 2,000
4 prizes of 1,000
0 do of VOO
1 prize of $1,000
I r do of 1.750.
6 prizes of 500 j
Besides upwards 54)00 smaller prizes.
. trChmcai only 4)—shares in proportion.
For lucky numbers and cash in hand, call on *
to-morhow i
•Nezr York Extra, Class No. 10.
45 Ballots, 6 Drawn.
i prize oi f 10,000
1 do of 4.000
1 do of V,000
I do of 1,760 I
■4 prizes ot $1,000 ;
6 do of 500 j
6 do of 200
and many others.
*’ note licttet *5. 50. Uurtcr «l 25. :
New York, Nov. 11. l” I
!Lz‘ The drawing will be regularly received and ‘
Owli paid lor prizes at the Lottery & Exrhangc Ot
rrocof THO. B. BIGGER,
nt> _Opposite the Engle Hotel.
Capital Prize, 820.000!
Union Canal of Pennsylvania, Class .Vo. 1 3. {
To be. drawn on Tuesday. 25th November. 1G28
zenmn, i
l prtzntii . * jo.ooo
1 <1° ti.ouo
1 ‘*0 .4.000
l do nrm
1 dD l’.480
5 prizes ca‘ , (too !
10 do ■ 500
Besides a great number of£ 12D, £1OD, $80, $50, <?c A3*, |
A mourning to £l 14,000. *
Chaoses £10 Shares in pro/wrtiau.
The drawing of the above splendid scheme will bt1 •
received at COTTOATS BUWOKSTURJO, two*
Doors above tbe Eagle Hotel.
P. 8. Tickets and Shares tbr sale hi the T>i*mn! i
S^rewtp Cttnal I^Un y, Class No. 18, to be Prawn the i
: ‘i^1* December, 1828—Capital Prize .>10.000 !
V\ hole Tickets $5. Halve}. *2,50, Q,u(uiers ft fiu.
Fqr Lflcfcy numbers call at
UOV 13
oljj iinfill n uteki: j. «
ONE puncheon lino old Irish Whiskey, f.ir side,
at ;eiail by T. IL DREW. Ag’t.
no 15 . ** i
4(>P Gallons of Lousecd Oil,
12 hags of Feathers,
Rrcmving this morning, for sole \
nov 15——tf_ _ JAS, WINSTON.
^ t If\(*hY/.'J.—The subscriber rfsuccl
fullv announces To the public, that he lias engaged, a.* «n m-si—
tabt >n die Cl\«?kal dtjuitinait of his school, Mr. l«i wiener K.
Cassidy,a gentleman, who uj.mo., v. rv hifiilv rcdorainmJe j, Uilli
far moral and literary qualifications, as an instructor, from the
University of Dublin, in which institution he has pursued his
studies for J year*. He has likewise passed a most satisfactory
examination in the uroso ly, construction, nrd critical analysis
ot the clatswks, in the pn-sence of irry eminent classical -a'-ho
ttrs <yf this city.
Mr. Stephen I.ern^trH, it .io Is a native of Trance, and whose
merits as a successful iu-true tor on- too well lutuw'u, i o nev.i a
sperifiation hear, w ill continue to give instruction in -iid sellout
io ibo 1 rench, bpnn»>b, and .Mathematical department*, and ir.
Hook-kocping, during 6 tour* »f each tiny, through the cu .tiiu*
year. • **
The number of pupils at prevent belonging, ami engaged for
admission, to this school is fifty-one Its entire number will h«
tiMinl be limited to sixty;—w that there will be one irt Uiie.tur to
every twenty scholars.
The local situation of this school (in the immcdfnto vivioify.1
of the Capitol) is central, elevated, and very h-nlthl'nl; thni
«:hool-rooni airy, and well ventilated.
The system ot study i* so adatxed, o« to prepare yonng an- 1
ilcmcn either fbr the various Universities and Colleges otdhe
United Staten, or for the more practical pursuits of mcrrantile
lift. The elawucal and mathematical cooise; the latter enihia
ring Algebra, (lewnetry,Trigonometry, Mensuration, Navigation,
Survey big, Ac. will be pursued <qpeeal4y to the method adopted
in the I'nivenitvof Virginia. Tire Department of Modern lorn
girige, will ho -o conducted, as to nwurc aceumry both in pro
nunciation and in grunmatieii const rue Hon: and supplied, „«
this ichool is, with able and accomplished assistant*, jint'ice
must he done to every deportment It lro* Ixmii ;be aim of the
principal of this school, to rrnder it* .Ttvamage* equal to linise,
whk-hcan possibly exist in any institution of an naa>trniiret
nature; in this aim lie believe* he has succeeded; he, therefore,
confiilently hope*, that the patronage of the public, wilt justify
the great expenwq at which ll»e present desirable arrangement
ha* hern eflfc'ted.
Scholars will lx» received until the «eh«»d rear he* it, limited
number, and a f«w more pupils ran lie nernummdated with
board, moloding wnriiing, Arc. for the mr»fi»r*t« price of .•lr>©
per inman, at tlw leakier***oft>ie«ub« rita-r neat ItiahopMonrr**-,
on Shorkns Hill.
Pupils who boar I with the subscriber, « •!’ be oeaml a* Hide
hwrsofhi* fkmily: their conduct w ill vomo under Mti Intmedrate
rtit; and they will siijc, all the advantage* of privaie tuitioo.
The wbolx/s of tin* institirttnu, are annually subjected to a
it*M ami thorough examination in all the studies, which they
have pursued during the | receding year This examination is
conduct!"!, not by the instructors of the school, (the pupils luting
previously aware of the particular passage* and questions in
which thiey are to he examined,' hut bv nnjetriit gentlemen,
who may attattd the examination, and hr snrh parts oT th"
i whole annual ccnmr of study, a< these gentlemen may select.
•/ Mr. S. has tew o'Migirgly ftretH with the fallowing
■ testinvinial, which he deems hinnsrlf ImiKied in submitring to
the public.
We attended the public examination of Mr. O. A. Sba>f'*
flassie a I and Mathematical School in Jtihr last, and, m iustior
; as a*ell tn their in stricter*, as the scholar*, we take plraeiue in
stating, that the evidence h furnished of seal, assiduity, and
■rqutmocnt* on the part nf hath, equalled our psvt suugtihv
Rh-hmoad, Attest T«t, RR1&
K*c nan r.ittaatso
Wag. HnocKr aattor rjrf,
Vm. J. AattsT«n,vj.
HrsHtt v Tavi.ow,
Wm. T AXKWgLt.,
JnffX Dorr.
Mr S. l*v tdp' e likewise to refry tn John Wickham, f"hap
mail Johnson. Richard Anderson, Rolrt t.vrathnrev, f.*r*
Fisher, O. II. Pat-Tm* Jut &I Whilw. F«.ti* I* ^
I Now !** djtl»* elU'S" IR*
auction saiw,"1
TZXZft &A.Y.
T¥ 'subscriber attending to docline the Shoo,
!"■*■■•» «nU *dl. at hi. store, on Monday, tht>
7th mat. at hair pant 10 o'clock, his t-niirs etosk of
ShoeM and Boots, comprising a general awomnent.
particularly selected tor retailing; also, all the fixtures
m the store. Until tb- day of *ale, 1 offer the whole
or any part of the stock at on«t.
Terms at aide. WN. C. WALK Eft.
IT Sale by OTIS, DUNLOP A tio. Aacflk
nor 13
Tins Morning, the t7th inst. nt half past ten oVlacg,
will bc offered tor sale at Fisher’s Wharf, (Kay* a
Bridge,) ' 3
32 hints St. Croix Sugnrf, part prime,
94 bags Hio <%rffee. .
Doi7—n OTIS, DUNLOP & CO. Auot*.
On Tuesday, the 18th inst. nt half pa.t ten o’clocC.
Will be sold at our Auction Store, :» pipPB 5th proof
Brandy, and a general assortment of Groceries,
no 17-2t O. D. <fc CO. Auor«.
Dr? Goods, at Aaction.
On WEDNESDAY NEXT, the 19th instant, 9t
10 o clock, will be sold at onr auction rooms, a large
and general assortment of seasonable DRY GOOE&T
O' Terras at sale.
_ nov 14_Ol D. &. CO. Auef*.
\ a In able Ileal Estat * at Auction.
TUESDAY, the 25th mvt. between tha hours
of 12 and 1 o'clock I will sell without reserve,
at public auction, on the premises. those two valuable
1 enements on Maui or I. street, one in the oocupan
Oy of Messrs. A. F. & G. \Y ood.;.»n, the a'.xond ad
joining the above, and late in ffu> occupancy of Air.
lludgins ns a hat store. Term, made known untbo
day of sale. A private sale would be made iif^on ap
plication to Messrs.Triplett &. Johnston.Auctioneer®.
DAY, the 17th inst. at 10 o<Ucc&, nt ft?}®
Auction Store.
45 bbls. prime Newark c:d»Ti;
25 do cider vinegar
50- do rum and ghi
20 hhds. inoltwrea
30 bags coff ee '
20 do. race ginger
5 bhds. Antigua ltTln
pipes imitation bramir
20 boxes gunpowder CPa
100 do No. 1 soap
20 duz bottles Scotch snfiJT
Simdry glass-ware
Gheene, inadder, wrapping and wriUTff
Madeira and Malaga wines -
Shoes, hats, mackerel, Sec. See.
nov n_, • D. A. & CO. Auctt,
. groceries.
2’H/S DAT, we tc ill stil (d 11 o’:<Vr*>
fci». Croix sugars ' .
Java and St*. Domingo ctrffc/J
Antigua and Jamaica rutu
West India rnolagsck
Cognao^brnndy, Holland gin
Port, Champagne ami sweet Malaga win*
1 eoerifToe and Sicily Madeira do °
Soap, candles’and starch
Segars, Knglisji fiddle trees • ... . "
Plough iDoulds.patent baltoufs
^ gallon demijohns * . ' **
Sew England rum, dtc. »!tc.
n,>v 17 ' T. & J. Arti# •
To the above sale of Groceries, tvifl le a.ddhd, *u'8»
nv articles of Furniture, vifc;
4 sofas, haircloth and moreea Covns
10 rush scat ebairg
1 xnu'ioga».j' r-'mlle stand
... xulour looking gl.-o-svs .
1 f air of branch candlesticks of brass tEUu•
ted with giusg
booking glass, window curtains
Brnrs pu-.g, candlestick M
Cat glass howl «i<i goblet with t c>
Sugar dish pot, tea nor
Cut glass dishes, uinpor chinjt
Bed curtains, plated castors
Tin batliing tub * *
One janje coffee keltic
Biscuit bread, &c. X. 5?. J. AttcfSL
n<n- 17 .
*he subwr.l^f intending to dinn» hiB bustaert,
will se;. «m J I KisUAV. tiio lttli iust. at li odotffcl
at m.< resktenre „ft Shocks Will. „evt door to the.
J heatro, li'3 entire stock of Groceries, Pictures Jpyu
eonsrelme of the jumril variet y. JOHN LEV AS.
•3V Sale to be cc-udueteti bv E. Si A. lit 1U1AR.H
Aurt»-_. ..•rtM-tr:
BY ./. 4- 5. C(TsB\~4* (Ja
Valuable Real' Estate for Saif.
T^\ irtue of a decree of the. Hustings ChanCtfV
Court for ti*o City of Richmond, pronounced ufc
the case of Foster's Exor against SutcMI'a E.Vor
nod others, I shall sell at public auction, e i McthIrt,
the 21th mat. at. 14 o clock, A. ^1. on the premises,
Ibr cash, all uiil SfltthtU> interest in nil undivided
moiety of a Brick House on C. or Jlain-t-ti set, uotv
•ojuj led by Gushsmn Si Amir aw.
A. CAMPBELL, *Coujm’»
apmtinted by tlie 11 mi mg* Court*1
It*. Sble to lie conducted by Messrs. J. Si fr'l
. COSBY Si Co. * no 14—4*0.7*
To hr ilrinrn on Turin!ay nrrt.
*10.0*70— *»,OPO—$-2.000—i 17.',0—4 of *| ,000— 0
of ..HO—?P0, hividoo f&O—*10, tfc.
UWbole fj; halves 02 f.P; quarter* *1 2*».
To ho drawn ihc 55th of this Month!J!
uzrxoig cawai, ho. la,
if fl4.IyO rujicts outv.y p
<:o.uoo if, .P00
4,000 J.00O
* >.400 5 <>f i nprt
10 of 500 J» of |40
3» of 100 3n of t:0
Besides j^.0, % 0. 10, *0, lO.
37f* Whole *10; halv** AV. quarter #2 f>0, *
To he Hr‘nrn the 1 &!h „f ftrrrnihor.
It*'And uuly fleftllB IVkeM. rf|
fwt.000 . *10,000
5,000 2.500
2.100 r, of i .ooo*
rtt of ioo . rr« of' pa
1W of fcOf :tn of 60 '
Bef*id<** j{lO. and .1.780 of i’20.
IVWbole TXrkets *-20. halve* *i0, quartan* %£.
V Order* promjdfy attended to.
; *rrt'hi»#hm
fTTIw *nvin of the above will be Misrol
♦be Managers OfftCU, under the Eagle Hotel—Idem* I
Swamr* Lottery. No.*48. highest prize tPPOO doMav,
I io be drawn JOtli ol next m >tUh Tirkrtv f ~». •

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