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Daily Richmond Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1840-1842, March 23, 1842, Image 4

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fcg- WTiLW.va <W* «k\t rvu >
•MW. IL* kv* «>*■« U *o *»h\ vaJ I
''•‘“•dr “**» HWj*** ** ««•»■!■ « a. .kv k.t I
UI»I *v»t, Hrnmmtrn *»af IIm.k, UIk^ J
>%.*. »*«»• <4* v*-». **tl Wk W J* I
p* * *N'*',“* i ty Vy lythi-» I
rW.te.e. .WO.. » JMk .J*. «M earn Ik*
'** •-'•'*> i *•*’■••* ’kiw m a saw swarm. aai
• * *•*» ,k'"‘ *■ 1 «: 1 «b>>At M •'*r»ofri
• «XN^AMiki»4k *&*M great
v • %«< ut«. i<iAcuity
M> e4 *• cW« M *'<vn»fh, they
•• iiHNu'laM,.'. >. gyewk.br hem-At the pwilrnt —
*,'*<'*0 rt ,N',*h,i*’1 W.'gi, k*t (Vom ubllfftl to m»ii 1
m i. *» miii **.'•>** fiooa one of these truly
*'*■*' i r eM>*i ftijricttiir grneraliy rrv.'in
**" Kr,*b .* .'.sv* «K*N» 4 I other*, because they mh'I.
*• M*ba«e twnN< mm4 *H<ril greater re lief. In thru >v'<rw j
•uu, \|W" ry «> i’vilani, lomr, an I a»bh»a V <» are |
>MrHvwe w «at rely tllfToreni tugvexheat* to*** txfevi. I
U/ew ’hiy the evnertence uf iSw elv te«y wttsi |
Vmsm. »« are : *« th* unUr llNi«u»>ei e' a* .
v* • Xanxtiitbrd clergy »n i mam le be ifc*
«nv >•* mmI highly wiiiiilH umi #r« r biymeCiw o<T#r>
eJ te the ptthhc For rale a « ****** v* 4. t tau t hr
—fc f_iu\ m * 4i a ro
rt-«HKMN*!« l l .M Ull ' L(lia>Uk. !
»'• '"'*•»•*•». mow surs an 1 tvm.Nlv Mr Courhv.
thuds, loaaompltoos, Whooping tXtath, Avlhms. Vish>.
ncMofthv I.WII oi C hest, ste. etc. Thk proprietor ha*
never known an instance where they dial not gi.e per le t
aaiisfgrtlon. Ileveial Ihonaaml buses have heen sold
williln the last year, restoring to hcakh persona in aliuoM
every Mage ol oneiimplloii. anal those laboring under the
most illvti essmg colals anil roughs. They alo mil rltrtk
an I dry tin the cough, hul rentier It easy, promote etpec
torailon, allay the tickling or Inllalloo. anil remove the pro
Iinula or ekriiing esilae They are ma le fiom g combi
tialion of the most vslushle eipecloraul, or cough tucall
clnet, and ire unaloubleliy superior to every hing In use
•or those complaints. For sale by wholesale ami retail by
fe«« alex. ih’Vai. « r-o.'
ttKHiwn.1 nnaHknt i'i« iiiK Pii.Kn.—Tr.J
celebrated medicine Is up. to table, fly the heal remedy ever
yet plaeeal before the public for theenre of that most alls,
treeei g disorder, the Fils ■ Wherever II Is knowu. ii is
coma.it rapidly imo use. an.l this a(T:r la one of the most
aaahataa’ial and convincing proofs of Us good effects.—
Numbers have resorted to s great many other remedies,
Walla hut little or no brneflt, and have arknowte tgcl the
show article |o be decidedly the best ptoalurlng perms
neot relief. Science v f Ccsnltcftait—The genuine am*
rleanldby J. li tVMIK,
*c 12 One il.vtr above ihe Hell Tavern.
*iy- H.ldfAkU I* CON Pita Ml a liK-i'HIK T' aa’
Asm Paors -This piepaialhwi has «.>■>. 1 ihe lest of os
peraencs and at eorafl leotly rr.-o.nmeode I aa aa infallible
core ft the Tooth Ache Its application to the teeth can
not iu.ure. km on Ihs .' OIL 111. always p-uvea hen.'h.- aai by
sirc'- ng Wcay and ptvaenmr the teeth and moiaih in »
ei-'an a et healthy c.vnd t on Physic's*!* h-av- eiaiuine.l
aaad are lo h- ha it oirec-man'enotug It to ihear patrons,
•old by J. GAY NOR. on* iiv>r shove the Bell Tavern.
’TMlOl't* AND* both v. -or *a 1 old. bur rape -ra’* whet
A *n.l:e.fani«, art mm -fir mcRgr id 1 r,* i. . *
ll* aeait ,u t»'rr ,*.A'aui Th.- cu* .a krsar <x
wriKt I'fnKWfrMjc S| ph<*< ii>» a rcgar • to lbs* ,k- ,
•'is*. a»l the uaoertalotv et cute ••oca >nt
K*ccg pciona. nawVttt ol cotaoraj remars an cog a.
■hoae w'o base *«Ter«al trv'x the Jrorasv. uau have
w.ttveasrl the sufferings of orber-a.
It :',T*>or*.gtve* us much pleasure, to be able '' c.Vr
forVar'aa* of mffvrtrt a sure reuaeoy. oee w'cch ha*
**'*’ /mUU m a *'og!e maun.-e. in the moat aggravate • ,
case• of Hu« disease; even where the mother an ' eh -1
Iiave been torn cvernal * w .u racket w-rct over lL.'
w: e body, as wet! as internally.
Many are the cure* we hate'witness* 1 perf.<rur*J 1*
tv.**e metiemes. in ihewct*t aiai*. ,,f T i-v»A
und Vu-aing Mir* .Af.-itA, tr n w,ete the Client '. I
been given over by a number of the moat talented phy*i
We preeent th scompoun I thus confidently, became we
knowlt is only to be teste 1 to be ap,'rec.are*,l.
of N Ivfir v,’.. bv A I. STEVENS.
MERRRA. E. ('ll.ARE A t'tl.—(lent*—Hearing much
sai 1 annul tlie cxttanrdinary ctt'eciaof the Kcsurirc
tion or I'etaian Pill* up in I'.osp alwut to heroine mother*,
waweru induced to make a trial oflliriu. M.> wife was a: that
time the mother ol 5 children, and bad sufferedIhe moat te
dious and excruciating pains during and alter tier c-inline
mentor earli. Rite banned every means an 1 taken much
medicine bur found little or no relief. Hbc roiiinnuiccd ta
king the Persian Pills about 3 months hr lore hor eonfine
mcnt.tber bealib b< ing very poor about Hits Irngthof time
previous) and soon after wma enabled by theli use to alien,1
m tlio cares of a mother to licr family until her confine
ment. At the time she cotmneneed taking the Persian
lhiK and lor several weeks previous, she was afflicted with
a dty, bard cough, and fr«)ucnt severe cramp*, which the
use of the Pills entirely removed before using half a t>, a
It is with great confidence that wo advise all those about
to become mothers, to make use of the Persian Pills. All
those that have taken them in our ue.ghborboo I have got
along in the same easy niauner, and are about the house
In a hrw days. There .Joes nor appeal to be half the dan
ger of other difficulties sotting in after confinement where
these Pill* are taken. We unitedly say, let none neglect
taking them, for they are in the reach of Hie poor a* well
ns the rich. Wo are truly inankful that there is a remedy
which females can easily procure, wfilch bid* fair I > les
sen the world of suffering, which many of them have to
boar, and perhaps save the Uvea of thousand* which other
wise would be lost. S. ROUERTS
„ , A. O. ROBERTS.
Rochester, Mav fib, 183S.
For sale by A. G. STEVENS,
oc 14—ctadlgm
St'PKRIOlt to ihe llygean, llrandrelh's, Erati*', To
inom. the Maichlesa (priced) Sinaiivc, Indian Purga
tive, nrany other Pills ortdouipnund before the public, as
rcrtified lo by Physician* and other*, lo t none condemn
them until they Iiave tried them, and then we are CERTAIN
they will not.
It n- now a setile.l point with all who have use I the Ve
getable PERSIAN PII.I.S,tbit infv ate pre-eminently the
beat and tnn*t clfiearlo.ia FAMILY MEDICINE that has
yet been uredm America. If every laindv could become
acipiamted w::h their Sovereign power over disease, thrv
would keen them and be prepare I wuh a «ure REMEDY
to apply on Hie first appearance of disease, and then how
much distress would be avoided and monev saved, as well
as Ihe byes of thousands who arc hurried out of time by
uegleclin* disease in its first stages, or by not being in
po-st rstun of a remedy winch they ran place dependence
upon. 61 Pill* in each box, price ridj cents. For e*.e, at
Richmond, by A. G. STEVENS,Agt.
I eettlfjr tint 1 have, by way of experiment, used the
llycean, anJ must of the various kiud»ol Pills, m my prac
tiee, which have borne the highest repute in the public sc
lunation, that have heen offered for B ile In this virimty lor
the law five years, including those called the Resurrec
tion or Persian Pills; nud the public may rest assured Hint
none among the whole catalogue bos answered a better
p Itpoae, as an easy and effectual remedy, than the Restir
t o lion or Persian Pills, in most cases of disease,
* harm:* hackur, >i. d.
Rochester, N V., Sept. 21, 1539.
oc 14-dly c!2t
JK\v uAViu atm li t.tiithu i-i.v vrku.
*l'>IIE iieeuhartiles of this chcrui a] compound, are owing
l to Its extraordinary effects men the anliua! filueor
ii^rvee, ligaments and inusciea. I;a virtues being earned by
|i uuis Inc immediate seat of disease or of pain and weak
However good any Internal remedy may be, tbit, as an
eat-mal application, w.ll prove a powerful auxiliary in re
moving the disease and facilitating the cure, in case* of
local inflammation, schrofuloua affection, King's Evil, Gout,
Inflammatory and Chronic Rheumatism, and in all cases
where seated pain or weakness exist.
A gentleman travelling in ihe Month of Europe and Pa
lestine in Hid. heard so much said in the Utter pUcc in
praise ..f JEW DAVID'S, OR HBbKEW PI.ARTER, and
of tuetaa tic considered) miraculous cures It had perform
ed, that he was induced to Hy it on lua own person, f i a
I mg and liter affection, the removal of which had been the
, hlel object of hisyjourney, but which had i estate J the
penial influence of that balmy and delicious climate, lie
>n found Ins health Improving, ami lu a few weeks Ids
eougli left him, the sallowncss of his skin disappeared. Ins
pain was removed,an I Ins hea'th he come pet mam ntly rum
slated. Mince lliat time lie lias been rrrouitncn ling n to
Ida friends and acquaintance*, fur*!! fixed pains w hatever. ,
such ss rlieurnkiisio, gout, head aeli-. looth ache, pain in
ihe side, hip, bark and llintis, scrofulous humors, knots, ;
wens, white swelling, turd tumors, stiff joints, ague cakes, i
ague to the breast, weakness and pain in ihe stoiaach, i
weak limbs, lameness, affections of the spine, female |
weaknesses. Stc No fem de subject to pun or weakness
in the back or aide should he without It.
married i.aider.
In delicate situations, find great relief from constantly
wearing this plaster The application of ibis plaster be
tween the shoulders, has b cn found a certain remedy lor
c dds, coughs, phthisic and luug affections. In their primary
cures It deatroys inflamation hy producing a copious per
spiration. No physician should be without it.
For particulars see hills that acrornpamea each boa and
directions. Each box ooninna sufficient to sprea I six or
rigid t tasters Price 60cents per box. For sale,
oc It dlv cl2t A. G. HTEVESH.
~ 44 K OKFKR FOrTaHC '
/ Uvi »1,do Java
45 bags Ml Doriiliigo
1'W do l^tguira COFFEE
60 do Maracaibo
I'JO do American
350 do P'»rtn Rico
Ml Idida Porto Rico 4
30 do New Orleans
7 do Mt Croix
9 do Citbaclaiiflrd >-tilths
II boxeswlitte Havana
38 bblserusb-d |
1U) do and II tsixea lump aid loaf I
30 h lids and 17 bbls N O Abcas-sa
20 do P Riem and Trinidad do
75 hkda Middlings j
20 do Rtmuldera >
» 9 do doles )
I'J brds no Pork
44 kegs l-ar-J
12 do Hunrr
If* bbls North Carolina Col H-rrngs
ilki ilo do family toe do
4 t d-> Mackerel, N« 3
■2$ bbls Tar
10 do Tanners’ OR
■ **«* riioinaatno I.line
20 hag* Pimento
Id hag* Pepper
37 hag* Rii- o Miner r
4 eack* Pearl Harley
f>0 l»o«e*Inineli Ramna
&'*> half ill .hi do
40 drum* Sultana Kalain*
V4l bale* anfl ahell Almond*
23 box** pin* apple Cheeae
SB fierce* law Ion Porter, (pint* and quart*)
Wine* o( varmu* kind*
70 h ue* Win.low Ml,*..H by 10 and 10hr IS
2fn dox bed Mold*(hempand Manilla)
421 dax Plough lane* (rollon and hemp)
9 halea dime Thrr ,d
16*10 lit* I otfnn Wrapinng Twine
SM) lb* llemp hailing tin
61 balea t emn
(dolton Varna
No I and 21 -,‘lon Oanahiirg*
W'Oneaiir brown Mheelmga an l Hl.lrhnt*
26 bale* Wool
4'*' ream* Wrapping Paper
S00 do Wrliing and l.ener ik>
Madder, Indigo, Drtuutone
7 bale* Imia
rail aackaaalt
• ‘Sn haaealal eaik
I'WO bag* atint
ton keg* gunpowder
912) aide* Hole leather
Son liege to' Mil*
Bar iron. bnop Iron
Bllatered eteel
IVin ho lea Ilf own anap
*• do rperni randlea
IIW ,|o tallow do
•• do lliill'a pale hi eand'aa
Boar* P'arrli
linpeialandM.inpOwder Toa
Or ndwonea, Atone Ware
73 loiatiela prime Clnaefaeod.
f» II JKNKINd t,a» reeeiaedao I wnl rummo* rirel*
It* Ing hjr rear* arriar , new and raalnnnahle *p(l„g li ,
Mood*, which will ha wild cheap for :«*h, h) wlinieaale or
remil. Already open'd,
|0 eaae* eprtng cabene* al I 2|-, la, »V and |* Cd, aar I
whle French < allcoea at 1*6* and 2a
Plain and figurad, black and color ml ailk*
Moaltn rape# and collar*
Partaolaand umhrellaa
"rraw anl leghorn bonne I*
Flower* and ilhbana ol all kind*
3 care* loah linen*, all qualm**, from Xh-,7a,7« 3.1, 3a
3* 9d and 4* 6d
» Hlo# aheetlnga. 3 yard* wide, bleat had al 60c
long and abort, colored ami black allk aearl*
All colored kid gin***
Rlwck iMUBbaamoa, cbally a and inenjahna
IhniMwa and fnngra
M ram#*1 '’•••'I"** A" • until*ict,rd r ni ne clnlh# al
B#c#«lo*m l.lear bed rbirtmg* a d < otloa Joan*' urge.
do ha, «*aatm«ica and acaupga, etc etc. t»b V
*• **• Titod feilH l mtn, tor ib« E>*rni Dxuki at Vlr»
P«'i*w. Fab. »bh, l*4J.
IIILIP J. tURZi/Y. of th. city of Willkamabury. hav
*"• tlo.1 ■ petition prayla, ihal bo may ho ilcctaixt a
Kv hrupi: It m 01 dei g that all persons rlaiuiu< to he
creditors of the said 1*14 Ip J Dim , iliow cause go the
court on the Mlh day el March neat, wt.y th# said PMMp
J Mai any he not declared a haakrupt purauaul to the act
ol Congress in that behalf, and that ar.oi y of this or»Vr he
published in (he newspapers according to the Wd aud Vlth
rules of court.
, k(M „ . A Copy—Testa.
s .to _ HENRY niB8QN, Cll.
1 i 1 i r . '
»..x»waa. . J»«U. March Ukh, ISI2
11 RM R A " ATWIN, of the town «*f Lynchburg. has
a rug f. el a petition, praying that they may he declared
tvanktuiMs It is or derail, t liar all persons claiming te be
err no re* i the said Horner A Win >n show cause to the
Ck'jn on the I«Mi May neat, why tha said llorner* Wat
*Mt be not deflated bankrupts pursuant to the act ol CVn
itrulntliai Itehalf, and that a copy ot this or er be pub
tie >cd in the ucw«pa(Kr*. according to tbs &M an I <MfU
rules of court. Copy—Tesie,
n,h u *:»*__1IFNRY GIBBON, Clk.
lu the United Htatc* Coon. for the Baer cm District of Vtr
gloU, Feb. 19th, 1*12:
ADDISON J FORD, of the county of Buckingham,
having filed a petition Praying that ha may he declar
ed a bankrupt It is ordered, that all persona claiming to be
cicdMors of the said A4di*on J For I shot* cause ?•* the
court on the 211 day of March ne*t. wny the an I Addison
I Ford be not deflare I a bankrupt pursuant to the act of
Congress In Hut behalf, and that a copy of tlu« order he
published in the newspapers according to the 22*1 and *4th
rules of court.
A t-opy—Tesie,
feb2l w%w_HENRY GIBBON, Clk.
In the Dulled (HatesCourt i<»r the Kaarcrn Disirtct ol Nir*
giuia, 2 >th Feb. 1*12.
Wild 1 ANI Mil l hit. of the county of Henrico, hiving
filed a petition praying that he may he declared a
ltankru|«t: It is enter el, that all persons claiming to bo
creditors of the said Wiiham Miller, show cause to thl*
court, on the 5\h .lay ol March neai. why the a*jd Wll*
Uam Miller he not declared* bankrup*. pursuant to the act
of Congress in that behalf, and that a c py of this order he
Suhllehcd In the newspapers, according to the At and
1th rulea of court.
A copy. Tea:e,
>e2S wr.sr IIRNRY GlfWON, Cl*k.
In the l*iutc-4 t*tatos Court, for the Extern l> strict ol Vir
( ilia. Ft [■ 9L 1942:
TIIOM 18 r. HITLER. of the county cf Hearten, haairg
filed a pe title a rra»o a • ’-at be tea, bedc-Ured a bans
rupt It la ordered tha: »' j tvni clamor* to l-e creddon
■ the aatd T! (’ill • «•>•... i
| -YVh day cl March aen. ait the satdTbo'., PB i. er t>e uf
‘•-lard a baukrupt pur- • »nt the a.-t of Oto.greaa m
I that behalf. ao < thar a copy ot this enter be published in
■ the new,,ajar. a-corvli-* to the *.',4 and .M b iuie» ol
Court. A Cepe. Tr*.e,
' *-■«_ HENRY SIRS N I .
j U ;hf 4’mlievl 9ts: < C "itt. vr ft • Kwteru l».»:: ctorvir
t ''v Fen tf, IHf
ANTllt>NY W TEMPI IN. 'i tltr retiafy off^amntutl
hatnnjteie-l a pent oa pnty ■,* : »t he c ay be teekiM
• - ’ ’ krup- I; .sor -rrvd '.a* a i : ttnet e i ,...j to be
creel‘ora of th* sad Aa-Ywy W Tr . »a sh .e race t'
>• ' ’ ■ . »
• " TetupAn Ke • : t-• i*e| a henkr.;: DkYukat to
t * set Of tnvjkr-we a t'v hs ,, f. a-t . ;>vv , c„py n| t>,.»
• rW'<fi> d :u (C. tpk«ak.-'. u v> the 22.1
ael J».h moo' o tv
A Co. y —1 .'are.
fab * «a«t HF>ry G|IWON.r<k.
1b the l nite-'itra. "IV . -e* n ■ Eie'nrn Plttnct of Vtr*
t a. Ft lay diet,I :
\\ T! I UK (Mlf ,<t iba an M-oc'ieeter, hatirc
** , b
It roe rod. That a I ,-r v r.» claiotlr* to be creditor «nt
-e «a W . '. T - ... .a t •.
•»* ..I NiVlt peat, «hr tha •*. i Wil'-aw O 'ft t e D<M
flare.' a lUnkrupt. pursue..! to ana set of Ca.rerrrein tfiat
b-taif; and that a rep. cr th>* order t'C published tntlie
tiewapapara, arc Win* to the gal anal 2*1 h Kulrs of Court.
| , — . A copy. Te-te,
- ■ » nnm\ uibeon, c a
ir. ihe I a teal E ait > Ca ir for ihe Rana in r> \
glnia. February 2!, I(il2_
nopfllT Roni.NrlON.ot iheTowu of Lynchbur*, liar*
IV mg file I a petition praying that lie r.iay' he declare I a
bankrupt: It is ordered, That all persons claiming to he
creditors ot 'he sal.l ItoheiI Robinson show cattae to the
court ott tt nil | of March neat, why the nut I R. If. Roh.o, n
be not declared a hanlttupt pursuant to the af ol Courreat
taihat bcnalf; and ttiar aropy of this order be published
in the newapapcla accur in* to the 22d and ilth rules..!
A copy. Teste,
lets* v.iw HENRY GIDEON Ci’k.
In the Hulled States Court for the Eat ern lhatriT; , f v7r
_ tuni*. February 2;st. I- tj
DOBERT EVULY.ni tor Town ot l.vnchbnrr. hi.'na
*v filed a penti it prayin; that he may be declare I a l ank
nipt: It Itordeied.Thal all p-oisona claiming to he rrrd
“,' LRjb.cn K,r!r ,!l”» Mi"' to the court o„
the 23 I day of March neat, why thesul Kobert Etr’y be
n >t .lac 1ste.l a bankrupt pursuant to the set of ress in
that behalf; and that a copy ol this order ho published In
the newspapers according to the dig and 21 h rules of
rourv A copy. Teate.
te -2 w.'.w HENRY GIBSON, Cl’k.
In Ihe Hni'ed dutesCourt forihe Eastern Di&Uict of Vir
ginia, 21 March, 1912 :
TV ATll.VN \V WALTON, of the count* of II tekinc
N ham, hatlc* filed a petition, pranas that he mar be
declare. 1 a R.inkr.ipt It it oiderr.l that all person, rlaiunni
to he cie.htors ol Ihe said Nathan W. Walton, do show
to the court, on the 1st of April, whv the said Nathan
” * lo". be Dot declared a llp.krcpt pursuant to an a ••
of Conpeaa in that heltalf; and that a e. py et I ts otd-r
.e published in the new'-panors ae-orthn* to the 22.1 ami
Mth rules of Court. A Copy Teate,
jmh 1-wow_HENRY G1DRON, Cl'k.
In the Hutted titatea Court, tr the Ha fern ft.strict of V,r
. fin i, Mjrch 4,1^42.
TOHN n McNEALE, of i!.<; cuuofy of I'ulporfr.l »viin
•J fiV'l a pctiu n piaymf :n*t h*j may he tlccUrcda t.ank*
riiH; It i < or leredilhat allpei aoua c'atiuariir i» be eretiiiois
of trie aaid Jn*> II McNeale show caure to (he court on the
v.:4 .lav e.l Apr i noxt'Wty tilt Mid John it McNoale bo not
(leelared a Ifaukrupt pursuant ro the act of Concrete In
t.»At bchaif. and Itiat a copy of thia or I'r he publiahed in
the newapapera aerorduif to tl.e and ^ItU rule* of
court. A Copy—Teate.
mrS wow_IIBNRV oiihon, cik.
In tf»c United diaica four: for tnc f^ern Ui»tncl ot *77
J *mia. 4th March,
^ L fillAt'KLLFOKlI, of the county of Culpeper,
hjvinx hle-1 a petition, pay in- that he may be (Wlarcd a
liana nipt ll laorderetl, Tit a i all p«r4on<* cUmitiu to l»e
cie-'iliui of tin- auM John L M»ackle*ord ahow rau«e to
‘J;c C“UV “I»>'■ April nest, why the satd John I.
h.taekleford be not lee Ur t I a bmkrupt purs tanf to the
ttctol Lemgiess .11 tt.ai behalf; and that a copy of thiserder
be published miho news. apeis, accor fit.* 10 the Jileit 1
24th rules of court.
... A Copy—Teate.
nth 5—wSw_ HENRY GIBBON, Clk.
In the l imed States Couir f »r ibe CCr»i District o: Vir. ,
fftnia, Ith March, Ul2;
**• ** " Loll, of r.e county of Faurmler. hiving
° f.'.e-l a petiiion, praying that he inav be rtcrlateda Dank
rupti It iaordereit, That jII p«*i> *na claim ug to be c ic b.
,orV T* Tajrlcr show cause to this court j
on the 9th day of Apnl near, why the tai l Biiimn T Taylor
be not declared a Bankrupt pm riuint »«> the art ofCougrcsi
In t.iat behalf; and that a copy of this or*:, r be published in
the newspapers, according to the 22d and 24iu rulea of
court a t ‘ »py—Teste,
_mh S—wow HENRY fUBSON. Clk.
In the Hinted Bute* I run lor the Lantern District oi Vir*
gitiia. Feb J2. 1812:
rpnOMAt* A FOt RQt’EKEAN of the town of Lynch
X burg, having filed a petition, pray mg that he may be
declared a bankrupt, it m ordered that ail persons claim r.g
to be credit »rs ofthe mi«J Thus A Four-j i» r* an. ahow caUm- 1
to the court on the 2 h <liy of Mir i neat. w!.,- ihe .ai l
1 tioa A Fuuri,nerran be not declared a bankrupt pursiiar t '
lo tbe act. I I nngrrsi in Him behalf, <n I tint a n>; r of Hu,
optet be published in the newspaper, .iccorulr- t. J tbe !
2A1ami 2(H> rule,of court. * '
, . A copy, Teste,
”» IIBNRYC fB9QN, Cl’lf,
In Ihe United riute, ( , fori Eastern District of Vir.
. emu. Feb ;C(h. HI2:
DOBERT COI.B Ijrof R I,hiving fllnl,
IV petiiion praying Him lie uiay bejcclai. I a t.,n«i ui>
It I* nr..rre Hut all persoua claiming to bn credit ,ra ot 1
', M*i'l|K<’1""" ' ole, ,how c.iu,e to the court on theStkli
i M 1 nc*'' **•/ 1 Robert Cole be not declared
a bankrupt pur,unit to tbe art of Congrcaa in Dial behalf, I
an t that a copy of tin older t,e published In the newapa
pera according to the 22d and 21th rule, of court.
- l oo r K CoPy-Tc«te,
fel. 29 wSw _HENRY HIBSON, Clk. j
In the Cuitc i rttaie. < ourt for tlic Eastern ~Ui>uict or Vir
_ _ gmt,. Fchr.aiy 25,1912:
D j?' RON BARKER,of the f ,y .,f Richmond, baling
A . f ed a petition praying that he u.ay t>e declared a '
Bankrupt: It lanrdareil. That all ueraon, claiming lo lie
credit, is ofthe sail p Byron Marker. et»,w rau.e to the
•mutton til. 2i-tii of March neit why tf. t p ||yr nMir.
ker be n. tde, larrd a bankrupt pursuant to the art of r„n
greau.m Dial behalf; and that a copy ..fc .order be put,
liahed in ihe newepapria according lo tlie 22d and 21H,
ule. of court. A Copy. Te lr
fell26 wow IIENKY HIRitON, Cl’k.
In the United ritatea Court for the Eastern Uiatrict of Vir
gitiis. February H|2:
pUMl’NII» W. IOMPKIN9, of the C, y of Richmond,
A-2 having Bled a petiiion praying that he maybe I, ' i
'* ** ri1*' all persona claiming I ■ he
r red tor, of Hie said E hound W Tom; kina, .Imw rau-e to
in* coort oi lb< Mthdayof March nail, why tl,< . . i Ed
(mind W 2 mpklua he mo declared a bankrupt purinnrd I
to the aetc..n*re,r initial behalf; and t: u a r..py ,.r l
or' ioV'c EX**"1 •' 10 <»'• Mwapcpera according io UieZi i
an l24ih rule,of court. A c*( r Teste,
feh 2S wfrw_HENRI ' .lltHON. C|1p
In the United tfutea < (Eastern ihatrietul Vir-1
_ . _ a. di, at N rfh k, March 3 I. 1912.
T ACOB J Wll.i.lAM.,. Ilf the eeuruy of Kansctnond,
' haring fi ■ I a petit 0,praying tmt he may he dec lar
, ' *',"r‘‘ 'ilhvati persona claiming to lie
’ ■ ' 1 ■ b J Willta-.i . .. . , i . , , , .
MjT nr,,,Mlf the Raid J.iroh
Ihe : ?f “,u 1 1 • bankrupt puranant to
Ur i 'f ' SSfiEEf 1B 1 «»d that a • opy ,f Hue
i'lVndV,,,hl,;,;ir.!,r,:,•- «»-«
. A Copy. Teate,
mr l? »r« a A HOWDERY, Oft.
1,1 U>e United Btatc r t o ,ri tor the Ka, -m Ui.tr,ct of V,r
Tglrda. «H. Man ti, taij
URREMAN.of the II .rougi, „f Norfolk ha.ln,
fl eda petition pray ng that he may l.e lecUrr I a I,.- a
rupt It |, ordered, that allpera n, < Uuoingt . l,e ■ f m r,
o't'iaaaitl Jo.epli M Freeman ahow ca i >• to the n.utt on
i My of May Tenn negf. why the J„,eph’M
freeman should not be declared, bankrupt pursuant to
the act of t.ongreerln that bet.alf; *nd iri,ua copy „f t|,m
order tie published in the newspaper, according to the
22nd anti 21*h rule, of court.
A copy. Tcale,
mb 12 wSw A A fOWIIKRY, f:|'k.
In the United rutes (Virt. for HieKi«i' r,i Itimrict of v,r.
gin a. Maich IO, |h|2
\yil.l.lvM L RaUNDEKH, of He Town of l.yr.eli’mrg,
»» aving filed a petition, praying til,, lie may be dm
r'a/'i'1 bankrupt It H otd. red, H at all peranna claiming
to be r.redliora ofthe sai l William I, Hi ind-r-, ,*mwet,„e
vir'i'i'; '"i'H. "" tbe iitih day of May mat, why the aaul
I ,K l Haun lrri be n»d 'ledareda bankrupt puranant
othe act of t ongrea.li, tfut behalf, and that a eon/ of
.. „ew.Paper. .-c», Ji ,«
tna 22>I anu 24Ui rukaof c«7Uiia
. A (bipy—feats,
tnh 12—W5W IIFNRY Hfn«oN. Cl «
In Ilia VliHeil Btalra Court lor Ihr Kaafern |>„,fir, „f Vir.
ronv r cn, J"VV F"h- IVh,|M|f
Ihr ZIldB. ,.f March r‘,l. why" himlljUtl£ u'"" "5
hr nn| .Irrlarr t a liaaktupt poiananf t., ,i... ’** anau t I
In that l.rhllf, an ) t„ „ a ropyMil", nr, r, 1. , ! ."'S'??*
w*mi*n arcor.it nf i„ , 1 ,\;,7;
rout!. A toff- Tratr,
—fa g «**_IlKWRV OIBltOM. CPB 1
' I ..I'r.t ta*atra«:..iiri | r Mir la'trri,~|,
ftnia Ifth Frhrnair,l<M > 1 T,,‘
Wll Mam i [\HKK, of the City - f Miel.m.i if, |,at|„
fcloif a prfhiun, prarlna that ho may hr ifr-|,r, il
Hankrupt. It laot Irrr t.fhat all prrtoaa el,linu« to J
err.lKora nf ih- aal I WIMaiii Clark*, ahow eauar •• tlir
« nirt un tho nil nf Marrh nrii, why Ihr aal.I Willi,.„
C'arar hr h"* ifrrlarMa Bankrupt pnranam In t|,r „r| „l
‘:‘*|,*r'*»*B«,‘kM,*I,alfi ami that a t-.pr "f ttna nr trr hr
pub.lahril In llir nrwapa, a,a armr ling |.< ihr £tlanil fttli
inlra of rourl, A copy. 1 air,
frl.fl— wftw_ ll. VltV Olfl-to*. i lk.
to Hit I’nlirii Hi.tr a Conn for It.r I laatrrn liiatn i ..f.V.r
gmw, Pr1. m |<M4: ’
VJAMf FI. fippF.NliFIMrR, nf ihr rlfy nf R. hrnnmf,
a l,ankV",*,fi|? * p'""°n r'*r'n«H'W hr may hr.lrr are.l
?,r?..Vi'i. " 1'hat all prru na rlalmlna lt.br
rarilNoraiifllie a»M Ham it I Oppruhrlinrr alinw rail an to
sfcr. s%zt&
A Copy—Tratr,
U Ul C*H«4 •«*»•* r*mt tot IK* turn. DturUl at Vlr
Fituia. rrb 44, ih4
IBDCRH'K O. W \ f AiNM, ^fiu »©*ni ofLyoehbufg*
baviog filed a pethloa. paaytogihau he may bo >W(«ral
a b*nkiu|M It !• ord*ra* that all per sons ctaliuing to bo
creditors oftho said Frederick (J. Watkins show cau*e to
I the court on iIm -Nth «tay ol March neat, why the aa.d
FrfWrtd II. Watkins bo uot doc Ur ed a bankrupt pursu
aril to the act ol I'oogreaa la that be’►all, and that a Copy
I of this order be published In the newspaper* according to
the 2/d and i4th rules o| court
A Copy—Teste.
l-bn— s.'s _ IIKNKY CIHNiN.nk. I
lu th# Doited tkates (‘out l. tor the Ka-tcrn D.sta ict ol A tr*
finis. Fcb.tl.ISI2:
HENRY M. AKVIkI LAO.»»i the county of Campbell,
having filed a petition praying ’bat he may be dec laird a
, bankrupt: It ta orvtercd that all per sons claiming to be ere
ditoraof the said llenry M Ariuistead ah w cause t.» the
court on the h ‘sy of March ncai, why the sardllcury
M Arruiatead bo uot declared a bankrupt pursuant to the
act of I'ongtoc in that behalf, and that ac«*pyof this order
I be published tn the newspapers sreordtug to the 2AI and
-Nth rules of court.
_ . fi Copy—Teste.
febSBwfiw _ HENRY (21EMON, Clk.
In ihs Halted iktatee ( i» \
_ gmia, Feb. 19th, !St2:
Jt'IIN (-. ('ROWLEY, ol the town «»| Petei short. bav
mg filed a petition praying that tie u.ay be d oc’aied a
! '*st»kiupt: It is onleredtbat all persons cUunlng to be ete
thtorsof tl.e sai l JmIiiiC Ct©*aIcv show cause to the court
l on the/.Vi day of March neat, why Hie said Johu C Crow*
ley be n«t dccUMi bankru.it pursuant to the set of Con
gress in that bchlTl, and that a copy of this order be pub
lished In the newspapers according to the 22d aud24ih
tulesof court.
A Copy—Tvste,
« " wfiwr HENRY (21119072, ('Hr.
Iftlhe Dnuoi (Mates i\ irt. fort e Easicrn District of Vtr*
ginta. Feb 44, 191/.
\171I.LIAM II KTtM'KTON of the county of Nelson,
A v having ri c I a petnsm praying that he may be declared
a b aukrupt: It is ordeicd that all pci sons claiming to be
creditors of the said William II rhnekton show cause to
the court on the ‘^Sth »Uy of March neat, why the »«id
Withaua II fk.«ck;oa be mu derlsr< d a bankrupt pursuant
to the art Of Congress in that behalf, and that a copy of
this enter be published in the newspapers according to
the and 24tn rules of court.
A Copy—Teste,
fcbtn-wSw IIENRY HIBSON, Clk.
In the l nlte • Stales C um t.»r trie Eastern District oi Vir.
finis, 1st March. I <42
F'PWIN Will IE, oi the county ol Brunswick, having
J filet a petition, praying that ho may b- declared a
Bankrupt: It it ordered that all person* cla.in tig to be
creditorsofthe sui I Edwin White,do shew cav.se tv> the
court, a the 1st • t April, wt.ytr.e aaid Elvrin White h«
ihH declared a Hanartipt pur* wan: to an art ol Congies* in
tliat »w’ ait; and that a copy ol this order bo publ:eh d in
i ;*»• newspapers according to the :3d and -iltti rules of
Court. A Copy. Teste,
- I* ‘ HBflY 01B80N, CFk
*- me l intcdMate. < . ,rt. I„r the lit. em thstn t ot Vir
ngtn-i. Feh. 21, l*l>
ItlflR ro\ NOlt, ot the county ol Bmorvek, liiKni
file 11 petition pray lug that he may be declared a t ana.
r.1,-- It Nle red that ail person* claiming to be creditors
. l1 • . Caul
- -! day >1 Ma ch next, why the M t thgt. IV.mo. be n.H
declared a bankrupt put. oaut to the a. t of Congress m
i that behalf, and that a copy of this order b# Published m
the newspapers accor,::.* W the *21 and 21th rale* ol
t court.
A Copy—Teete,
feh 22 w.'.ar_ _ HENRY CIRRON, Clk.
i luthel’aited Stale* (ouii lortbo Fastrin D strict ot Vu7
(oua. Fet. asih, its.1:
YlflM.ltM I’lll.ti 1N nfthecountv of Henry. h.t r.(
Kinkiup.. f is ■ir.lere.l, F:-ct ol1 pn*o-» claiming lobe
■ i ■ Wm Perl ,
oil :: , 1.- ti ll) . t May lira', w < the sa f Wilt, am Per«,n
bet : •..•!#. da Bankrupt potman U>l!ieaet.il Ci.tsre..
in ifi-i bel.tli ; an I that a copy ol tins order he pu Ml shed
in the ucwapa, • ry. according totae 2.d au.l Chh ru'e.o.
cout*. A et'py. Teste,
« 1 f W*W _ HENRY GIRSON, Clk.
In the Uoiteu Mate* Court, fot t r... en. lhatt ct . t v.r
ginta, r. b. IAt2;
I TAMES CaMPI1F.I L. of the coutuy of Chatlotte, basing
.1 filed a petitionprayi.15 tnat he hut tie :.-elated a back
nipt: It i. oidcrrd that ad per. m* claiming to l>o cledltors
ol ihe raid James Campbell allow cxuts to the court on
til. kmi day ot Merer, w -y the laid J nnra Campled be n .
declared a nankrupt pursuant to the act ol Congress in
that behalf, and that a cup* of thia order be published m
i the newspaper* according tithe anJ 5i:li ruleaol
' court. A Copy—Teat*.
tnrl wow_ I1FNRY GIBSON,Clk.
I laths United Stales Coon for the hisi.iu District ol Vir
INI \ I \MIN \\ \ A TF, id t tie t-.- .nty ot Catnpl-cl!, hivlag
tJ filed a efl it, . t iyli c b« u ay b • , • '
llar.krupt. It I. ordered that all po.eora claiming to tc
I ere.bluer of trie aant Beti'emin Want, do ah w .-amen
Ibeco.it on the -dth of Mir. p why the Mel 11. n atniti
” yatt be no: declared at! mkru.d prmuant to an art of
Congp sa in that behalf; arlth.it a copy id tb-s older bt
pul.lulled In the newspapers sccor J,i.g to the cil and am
rule.of Court. A copy. Tc*ie,
_ mb 1 Wow HENRY GIBSON, nir.
I lit t he l titled Platts Court, f ir the Ka uo. n District ol \,r.
g'lin, Feh. ‘21, I■'12.
E1>'V|n 1F.RRKLI. oft: c ci-uniy ofG.mcldan I,having
tiled a petition prayu-g f fust be may he declared a hank
nipt: Ii t. ordered that all ; .-raom claiming to hr creditors
ol the said Kit win Tertell show cause to court on the
2td da> et March nett, why the .u I E lw.it Terrell b u..t
declared a Bankrupt pursuant to the act of l'„r.-res n
(list behalf, and that X ropy of this or.lei tie pnb’l.hi d tn
the newspaper* accot.i.ux lo t ie *2 I and 2i:h tale* oi
. A Copy—Teste,
In the Uatlsil Btatos Court, tor Ihe tsaateru District ot Vtr
I __ rlti'i, Feb. 21, |?I2:
TtHF.PlI M ARMIATE\l>, ot t .e rountyef Campbell
1 aJ ' aTing filed a p. n - n, pr mg t • . bt

creditor, of the said Joseph M Arm dea l show eao«r •
the court on p e 2® h dayof Mrrrh ot-x-. w ,y the sa | ji,.
*°i b M Armit'ead he not decltreda hansiupi p trsuant ta
[heart of C :igre*« la th t* hehtlf. and that a copy ,.f t‘d,
or.ler be pnbliahedin the newspapers according to the 22d
au'i '^lth rulejol court.
A Copy—Teate,
feh 2d w5w_ HENRY GIBSON, Clk.
lu the l intcl States Court h't the I i»t.-iu District ot Vir
gi.a, 9.h March, 1*12:
CHARLES IR'iNt. , ii king ham hav.
mg filed a petition, praying Ihat he mas be declare I a
; bankrupt It it ordeted. That all persona claiming to be
I creditor* cl fie se t Chat lea Imng. show caoretothla
Couit.no the'Jtih day of April neat, v. I.y the r_ ' * diaries
| Irving be not d teiared a bankrupt pursuant t. t' o act of
I Congress in thal behalf; and that a ropy "f this order 1 •
ptiohsbe ! in the newspapers, a -cording to the .2-1 auJ 2-lih
rule* of com*. A Copy— Fr-to.
In the United States Court f..r ;hc Ea-uern District of Vir
ginia,9ih March, IJII2:
‘rilOflAS I! A Ft If A M. of th-iCiir of ftictimnud, having
L filed a p.-tuion, plat lg ihat he may he declared *
bankrupt: It is ordered, I .,at all persons claiming to be
creditors of the said 1 , mas II irhtin, show cause loihe
court on;the S:h,.I April negt, w ,y li e said Thooiaa Ifar.
ham he not .leclare.l a bankrupt pursuant loth, act ofCon.
grots in that behalf; and that a copy of ihi i other be puh
l.alietl in the newspapers according to the 22d an t *Uh
tilledcourt. A Copy—True.
'_IiB*>Rl GIBSON Cl*k.
In tilt I'mtetl Rtate. Couit for the Ki.-ertfl'isiiict ol Vh
einia, March 8tb, 1412
VATHANIEI. W PaY NE. of the c ir.tr of Camnbell
id haTtig tiled a petition, p raying that I., tnay e declat
etf a Iiankt upt; It .* ordered that ad perannsclain ing to be
cteditor*of the said NainmielW I’avne stiow cause to th,
conn, on the 1 ft I, <lay of A| ril next, w I.y the said Nathaniel
w Payne ho not derlareda i-at.kt upr pureuant to the act of
> Ogres, in that hel.alf; and that a copy ,,f tin* order hr
published to the ni w.pap r» see r ling to tho 22.1 andilth
rule* ol court. A Copy- I rate,
tnh»—srfiw HENRY HIBSON. Oil
lut-u UnitedSutea r m . t rthe Eastern Diafnctof Vir
Jgtnia, March 7th, iMi
t)ll\ M.-NEII. of the city of Plcbtuond, basin* filed a
Pc!dion nraymg that he tnay be declared a hanktupl
If It ordert 1, Thai all persona chtltulng to he crediims ol
t.'o-*a I J. - i McNeil ale-w ranee to ,he court on the llifb
of A; r I in-il, why tho ‘al l John McNeil he m t I. r ir. d
a hat.kiu; I pur.uant totbe ac’ of Congress in that behalf
tnd that s copy of this ordei he published In the newspa
per* accoiuthg to the221 and ?t>h rules of cour:
A copy. Tesic,
tnb 9 wow HENRY GIBSON, Cl’kC
In the timed p'tate* Court for the Eatti ra Dijtricl of Vir
Wgmia, March 7ih, Inl2:
ARNI.R W OI.IVIER, of Ihe 1 < wn of Prteisburg.
haring file. 1a petition praying that lie m.ir he drctai,
f1 a hanlrupt It laorilrr. >1. I> at ali pera.nn c aim • a in
be cre.lit ra ortho aaid Warn* r W Oli-in, show cauac i i
'bn rourlon tiie 7lh itay nt April neat, wt.y the end \\ .,r„, ,
\\ Ollv.er he no! (lerlarrl a ! mkrupt pursuant to it. j-t
. I f * ultr a in tl.it behalf; amt that a copy u ibis . r lei h
prhtu'rdin the newapaprra s ending to the 22Jand2H',
iiiie* ..feotirt. A copy—Teate,
*Sw_HENRY oili-tis i .
In the dotted thaws Court for the Eastern Disliicl of vTr
g ota. March 1th, 1M2
HCNflV AHTHOP, < f Ihe ruunly of Patrick, haring
file.!a petition praying that he may be declared a
ticnkrupt . Il lsordtred, that a I persona cl* n.u.g m hr
rrrdi..,ra of the a.1 I llenry Ai. r. p show cauar i„ t|>.
eo in on r|,e Oil, of April neat, why ttie -ai I Henry Amro .
■'* not declared a bankrupt pursuant to tha art ol Cun
rreae m that behalf; an I that a copy of thia order he pul.
f'ulcVi f'coif |new,*'*(*?r* *ceofdmg to the 221 and gfh
. . . * ropy. Teate,
"»*»* *•* IIEN’RY oin*oM. n>k.
In Ihe 1. nil. I etJi. 1 1 ,ri. U it . ;It,.,.,, a .,~
J I ilia. Marrli J. I i|
l nrBRl|tt'|:a, of ihe , mnly of Culpeper
haring filed a petition praying ihat be luay he declared
a bat krupt: It la order ed lhat ail peranna clalnuo^ n, he
ere " ora of the aaid J'aac I. Ilurr.wo*, ahow r, . .
Ihe rourlonIbe !*;li lay of April oeg', wtir Hi.- ,i i Js ..
I- '"tr-owes hr not dcel-red a bankrol l puransnl h. ihe
an nt f >n gross III tin, h. ilf, and that a copy ol Ihla order
fu ' nbrd In the news, Jp em according to the get and
Wifi ru!'a ol court,
A Copy—Tes'e,
_ nirB wSw_ HENRY f.irtot,N,i Ik.
la the Wo'e d Staler • oort for it •• Eastern lliatricTof v!7.
rune, at Norfolk, hrl March, l«|g:
1 , J 'a a i i KM, ol r e Borough of N ,r ,ta having
tl l)l»d a pen n. pi sy.nf tha* he n sy be declared a It
'' ' 1 I in ng to bo . r. n
' Ihe hr- **'"'* *' loth. I „n
Should no be declared a Bankrupt, purausol to the Kiel
I onrrear in that behalf; an I that a eo. y of |).„ or in
t'",‘ 1 bed in I'.r newspaper a. aeco, hng roll, e . g I and L'ltli
Rules of Cnrf. A Copy-1. .re, 1
_nur li-w.',w A A. COWItr.RV, Cl k
lm .e «Ti,.t. i d a-, si o ,i f.,rEanrra DtalrtetelV.r?
_ rirna,at N.if.ik, Id Hatch |.|"
j ' l I’ll l ANSris, if. is.s', 'of N.'rl. 'k. i . ...
! '
' . • .
nTVVE--;.: ’ - -t-.:.-'- : • r
srtsassrn ?j%sgzr...
- "nr’ —w’w _ » A. COtVltKRY, f ,'k.
' - ' KaaarnliiMr i
,t \f4rrh I 4j
[>11,11 A RH A. WOHHt.ll. nt „r |1 trough of Norfolk
IV haring fited a l-illinn. praying 11,t,e „ |,e dselar
e la bankrupt: ll |a ordered 'hal all persona e'tlm'ng I •
boerrdkoroof theao tit 1 • . ,,, , J * '
lo ihe I omton Ills 111 day of Ml, r
-•W « A Worrel. .Vl.nkr- d
1 ursu«nl lo the Act of I ogre.. In v 1... In. an I ih .I a
rofif of (tit* of frr I»e I »»,/• ncwqiViri" «V
C0f(liti<t0the i2«f arKlI/ffh Kti!'-r of f;uurt. *
A fopy-TirHi*,
tnr 13 wT.gr A A f OWf>F,RV. C|k
If!il« i uileJ Httirtc Iff, for ilia f;< r-n. n»«,,, , „r Vir.
Cola, at Norfolk, March at'i, HIV
/■rrlAfU y.-f F MaR Ilf . (omof ll,■ lat.hrinnfl f'Mir
¥ <r * ofriitth.il. « Hr. n * > ofHo.. , , 7f
Norh.llr, liavnf fll.il a p.tlfloii pra/inf Dial h. .■>■• h.
M'”»r , I i«or l.r..|,i>i«, . ■
, l-u nil. rrr.fnor* of |),n Mil Chari.n » Mniin, .how
' nJ !;J’:zrr ,,f '*■-*»•
• * <111• ► Mirtlu nli<iulf| nni bi1 •trclaif||li >*iik
rof.i. I 'irroani io fh. art of Coogr.aa in that h.half, .c'
i t a ropy of itna nr,|. r h. pal.. ah' l In ilia rtanaMn
arror.|ti>r<olhe /f I an-IVlih ml.a of r.oml,
A Copj—T.al.,
1 ' 1 '■ 5_ A A I llU r.| \ . .
1,1 i n Ih,I .1 AhU'iihaor. for din Raai.rn IRairtel of f ir
T'K,.."a^7 "“S'"-"2,"»,.
in i!.7n£% r.“ " V.rnafoan, .how .ana.
.... r. H <•? r.r.n mu, win Ilia
•I I I ii »ffi if H Vrrn#l*>n iImhi | no* |»r ilrrlirr<1 a f.mk
f'f'MiKloVSr.n.'m £7 ,of ' T"-" »*••« h.hllf an .
* »r ) * a * OOWD1 i V »
■Afl*<**o#mr«nh«»lfoJ ..'.77“
la ih» I'DlitJ But** rsrnri hr the li.iua DMirtet of Vir
||b!b Mai eh If, iMf;
T’OWami VaIkmIm, Oi th. tonal* of OaoobUml.
V *•»•»>« avia prill loa |>r»y in* thu ho uu* ho dor Ur
fd a bankrupt It Is ordered, that all iwrsons r tanning to
be creditoasof ihe said Edward Valanuo# show cause to
tha court on the 14th day of April neit. why the aakl Kil
ward Valeutine be not declared a bankrupt pursuant to
Hm» act of i'oagiea* in that behalf, and that a copy of ihia
°r h*r ba pubttshe«l in tha newspapei* according tuihe'Jld
and 24th rules of court.
A copy. Teate.
uih Ift—w5w IIKNRY <11 RtfoN. Cl’k.
India Vnliedtfiateat'ouM for the Rustem District of Vir
ginia. March 14, 1?4J
YOIIN A. Tl'RTlN. cl the lawn of Lynchbntv. having
f»td a petition, prayug that ba may be declared*
tbankrupt: It t* otderrd. that a t persona claiming to be
creditors of the Mid John A Turpin, show cause io the
courtou the 12th .lay of May neat, why iha said John A
Turpin be not declared a baukt upt pu» suant io the art of
4-ongresa in that be lull ard that a copy of thi* order ha
putdtshed in the newspaper* according to the 2Jd and 24th
tulc* of court
A copy—Teate,
mr 1ft vrftw _ IIENRYCIIWON. f*tk.
*n ti»c tiiun mates toun, for the K.«*isiu Dish n t oi > ir
Rcmta, March 11.
‘CHARD T lit KroKIt. of the town of Lynchburg,
hvvmg filed a pennon, praying that he may he dec tar
cd* bankrupt: It is ordered, that all persons claiming to
'I** credituisof th* said Richard T lluilord, show cause to
the r*>uit on itie 12 h *lay of May nest, why the said Rich
*rd T Hui font be not declared a bankrupt pursuant to ilie
act of Congress In that behalf, an 1 that a copy of this or
der he published in the newspapers according to the22d
and 24th rules of court.
A Copy -Tests,
n,» W w5w HENRY UIBdON.Clk.
Main street, Richmond, Va., next door to Alexan
der Duval’s New Drug Store.
HAVINH ilia opened a urw nock oi (tuple aad Fancy
IL-oda, selected from New York, Philadelphia and
Baltimore, and will continue to receive, weekly, an addi
t on»l supply of fresh II xxls. wlueli he will offer to llie
citl.;-ns ol Kirhuion I and the aarroiindmg country at the
*■’*«* P***al4'le prices tor cash. Il,s Mock conaUt* in
Plain coloted Mouse tie Lainca
Embroidered tin
Fancy do
Plain Pink ilo
Blue do
Canary «t«>
Appl^Wrrrn <!o
BSue fli»ek do
ItUsk t|o
Chenr Second Mourning vio
BUi« BtacV Hti tp« ! Sitka
Ul'ie B.k UfYi d«* Swivi
IV* I’ouli i»e Soie
C 'J**r* *!C»»<ne Hutp*"! ••ilka
II Jil
BUi*k MalttNina I.ii»«rin2
4 tUhrnu H Frencu Otuiti
1-4 do Buff iio
4 t ifc» Pmk J.»
4 4 do Put pin ,h>
»• *» Puts, Blue. Huff and Fnrpla Trials
>l«fichc«»(er ^lughauia
<ui. mar ai v.rtcly
n t hit* Carulf'ick*
5 1 <1»i Jaconets
Pla:d ^ do
**,’*’* r * 1'nt>r,c E.lg.ngaaod Inaeninga
■*° ***••< do ,L.
YVrouglit Bar ’*
•J ■ •mrhedLCIMkfa
•< \1.| Jo leiucti Iakii .Jo
M'u’j l.trre rue Linen fan.brie do
l»” do Col d Bordered do
,Fo •»*> lUndjiit .<o
IV» PpJitl.frld
11-4 While Ik osfePa Nett, for Hluals
New rtyle Fillrt Nett, tor Caps
Psr.lsl. Ntlt, *r. 1
Taney Fud.’ i Points
N’e-t Mitts, with Elastic tops
••files’ sup Ught Kid Ohrvea
lv> do liisck ,lo
Mm’* light ,,,,
,•*•’ '* '",e Elastic tops
White Rib’dsn.l PlaiuSiik lluse
1 .ark «lo Plain do
••’ ‘t While Fil et Mitts
Mourning Collara
IM I lueu Ktie. tiega
12-4 llaunhou Bleschcd do
6 1 do do d.i
b 1 Maryland do
<• 4 Y* sitham unbleached ilc
5"} . ’*•* do
41 nrtf liftiw S?dntng4
Halt bleached Table Diaper
Do do Cloths
Bleached do d,.
ii l’ ’. ^’i.n I’au.aik do, very |ar|s
I'u-kabuck Dlipcr
lhrdseye do
Do Towels
IluasM D.spet
Caper 4 4 Bed Ticking
Do 4 4 do
Do 7 S do, low price
Ho K.iore, Ac. American Nankeen
Peniieiiiiaiy Plai ts
Brown Hollands
l.i* * slid White Mcrrlniark Prints
1 rspedsce Uambreon
f-oided do
i.'reeu Heregc
II tek and Col’ 1 C’atnhrieks
1 .• to Welting Cords for pants
I el'il bordered Stair L,neu
Kiair Carpel.scry cheap
Knit Ciuhrrllar
Scotch fliuglutndn; 1m. ilo do
< .tton 1 bi, very low i riees
Parson's atWydaPjMOl Cotton
Hughe*’ 200 do
Taylor’s 2UU ilo
Raniorth’a 200 do
Splendid American Carpet*, vers low
Suiyat.l* UoiurMIr Prin*. wloch will be offrieJ 10
country merchants, togethet with many o'het article*, at
»ue.. pnees that they cannot fail inp.,*se. inh P tf
1 SuV*,?' U'oix, p. R,co uni Orleans!
18 bids < ru«h«M
J? *» B'^S'I ) SUGARS
15 boxes l#oaf
7 ‘*0 Wbire Havana 1
p Orleant an! Trir.ldad Molasaaa
l.aguira, Mo, s*i. Ibtinlngo, J.i?a and Marxnib.t
<n b.-icsllull'a, Jackson's and Loe'a Candles
80 UO Huip
10 do Himcli
110 h.ixft Sfiol
r* ilo Feather*
ream* ruled «nJ unruled Letter and Cap Paper
ilo Wrapping r
Ltftaidr* ®olc U'lllirr
Zi» nr*:a Iron an I Wood bound Tuba
4 bale* Cortot) Batting
bXMbs Candle Wick*
2UJ -Jo Cotton Twme
Sfl do llctup <1n
bfhcM«(lurp<m Jer an.! Young llyaon Tau
.a in <* and II p Hind boxes
II Id.'s Ik‘»I rider Vin»«»r
6-1..I palmed hor-e Buckets
100 boxes OilOand IOxU Glass
IfiOkea* Nall,
Ginger, Pepper and Pnnenio
Ha t, br..t Li\ erpool l.l .wu
He,i winter sir. me.I limt. e»|l
I exiling l ines an.I fle.ICnnia
t niton A arn and t’uii'ii Oxnahurca
73 boxes Tin Plato
HI pigs Bloc|r Tin
13 n lti» lUr and Pig Leal
4 mils -sheet Lead
1300 Ilia ripe Iter
Barnes’ A ll.icl.enck's Aset
Ijn Inna H Wei lea, E"gl , xad American Rat Iron
7x llundtea Hheet Iron
JM <lo lleopan.] Hand ilo
I0O do Na|| Rods
6 eases Naylor’s Heal Hlrel
5 tons American and English Bllatcrc.l and kprins
•Reel '
l"t‘ 11_JOHN N GORDON.
A DRWO Il l'll, Tl'RlBR A. CO. hare re
re t..e~f'«,?< * ta.r,r aeneral assnrlmem of Oooda at
redneed prices, hi which they ask the attention of Met.
eh,,n" mh 16
BT^SudSf1;^*”of •*’p,oT*d p1""" j“« '«■
. . . Depot of Fancy Dress Articles,
. A Opposite Exchange II ... i
A N IN4.CIHV min Hie Principles and P >liryof the
/* ’"’7'.""-'Ill - timed states, by John Taylor, of
Caroline f ounly, Va , f.ir sale.
f t-.AlO.N*, kh.llUks .Si n.xranicny Leiuona, in
•-* v* U *00,1 order, ‘n atore, and for axle low.
Inl1 |fl :l?__ JA d SIZER A SON
I i Vi’ r KK ?' *' '* r'i’» new . r..p
r, - , ^ l" r • Hr Vermadila. this nwromg,
for *al* a bargain. **
*).r) Bf*XF.A Khij«ls", r« auperlnr psienl kp. rm lUn.Ues,
y ? '’••aunf'iHran.parcnt arlide, land.na this morning,
pr r wrir Bpy, fur »•!#?.
g *IM !NK < ..GNA< IIRaNDY-I |..|| rdpes Otard,
17 1 "P"y *' ” • Hfandy, vry old an-l fine ju-t re •
eriseil per aehr Manchester, direct from the Importers,
in I for M e j r TRIPLETT A HO.N.
mr I? illw
\ I"* rA I X~CI.1TV KK-RKISD.-Jom recused
• . 0 co ia.gnmeol, lol) loiaoela LV..yer see.| frn,„ if,,
C fel,5 "! •* M DANDRIDGE.
t’1 SHI. K 1,0 A K alH)AK-H boles lainliug iron*
* / «ri.r Nmeiu—for sale.
( WtAVATR, < |*A VATM.-Hurr A Co 1 saTT^
^ ha d a sp eo -I I assortment of Sill art I Haim f rav.ra
| .| Gentlemen, at
Depofof Faney Orest articles,
opposite tl,e K (change Hotel.
I>n II CUT DKCANTRHR-I hasVj.„t opened
IV »e,,.f | 1,1,1 lo.foe panernsnf rieli an-l Heavy cm giaas
J*. «i>ra. Ala., fine r n WinesanlTiioMeis in ,oa|. li.
for sale low. WM F Dt7TI.BR,
J door* gHoT* ib* nni Ta?*rn.
( JAVA « OFFKB -Ml bag* mp^rHr old Oovrrn'
* n.^id Ja; i * uflog landing Tbl* Morning nrf -|io'>nrr
Marion. f„r aa _WILLIAM a A IIAX AIL.
I 7 Ians VbIPPRIIg, We have-n band a goo I at
»»rtn.»fii of (here aj.l'iolel kllppera in whtcb we aoh'lt
Urn aitenii,.0 of the La Ilea.
^ Mansion lln. i #e.
L'*)!IlftOliiKBIBR—French »i liked <d.Har«,
*7 '.fnom. I an I ..r.lrlKioiS'l, Celling very rliea ,. >r
Ncwandeheap eaah dry good* at,>ra.
' ' H'.MH ? «*n * Frioe.pe kagara’,
I warrenie.ig, i,,„ne. M Rendon brand, landing ihlsroor*
rungi.rr *chr l^xrang**, for aal*.
* WII.I.IAMk A flAXAf.l..
J* J ’ HIMllil.1 AMD OTHKlt UIHIUI i
7* ! *n I f t'oeh Mcrlnoe*. plain an t primed Mon»e
' *■/ ''He*, li •• ii.ag.nea, Al'rpnet a I istoie, R ilr- rin. s
ant] r.alirneaof all'iuaHHea will lie antdeheapat
/"* HOUND GlNfiKK V, kegs superior fresh
'.d Ginger, receiving il-ls morning perse.hr lw
W Wil l UM# A IHXAl.1.
DBAf'TIFI f I V a* rt...| an I floe nuailly—
IJI > • , ... ',rs and black ksl Gloves
18 «* fj ! , * > «nd fr»**!i Id* k and R# rjib*ztn**
M Idiifii y fitm !i|*rk *nd bin* Cfapr*
■ Iff *'ib nil 6 r mill be from ltd* day. dtir rig ?*»**.«fj.
'•»' »*f.|.y r* - » I.f |br'flB-.f *lMtr»rf li hr w and f«
• ir. r » Ml irk#« Bn l l.» plr Igh* biinr^K lo aril tbru< at
»»W«kf market i.rlrr*
mr » If_ TIIO’B R PR H r
Receiv'd to day, at llic Ifjokatore of
jlAtl.A’PR Inleibnee, on lake's Plan of loafrnei. r —
y Heirig Oiler. Ho g sn-l l islfiiellve Iwssnns lo Firneh
i nersiiire, selected from Ihe works of iim mow eminent
f!°*,a',r",,“' pfccdHled by s foll, ri,.n of Fway Fa
FrVnsh Rf'ade? ",fd ** * lo < •’mno'meing
FterchGrammar and F.tere.laea. on the naaieef Levla
see, s French Grammar by A li Call. >1. leM
M i. wii.m h Mom-mr «h* I-'kw )
i F' lo dteM«<flp tno mod •}.l*n«nd M of
l>ro» < IW» »t« thti W4. f vrr nptttrti iv liiia marktt. -
»n*r fii^omrfa r*io htto !,e«n wvu»n fof R t« an (•(
viipTlMNlt,7caliin( auon. J K WAl *l*f« * 7o,
, *i>r<-«»»®r» |n Mantutl Fiiincjr,
"" Oppnatie lha Raioaof il>« Eagla.
w** f- Ivipoiter of China. (loeosawar*.
W ami Olaas, la reraising pn ship Mark Away.mdbi
aRoat |>rr Mmrii .l, now .lady especled. andalldtre, I from
ihw manulW imeia. Ill* usual la. a ■ an.l la-tv selection of
China, niaat and U .•*.„*« are, wTdch ha efhrafur e **h at
tuy'r**1 **"***’U* °u * *lc«Ml of at* months to punctual
lie feel# runII lent that marc haul* will mu coasider It
necessary lo to Hither Notthlor In hi* line If i .
will hut live him a call WM F HI Tl KR'
_ _3 .k.rs shore ihe ll.-ll Tarciu
BI.ai k TKaR, sopei >«.r u.ialliy. In i-apeis
tll'Nhltl l*KR TF A ".flue ami r lira tine
I.OaK !t| IIAKM.at ktar*t priert
IIAI'IIN Ml ttirl.l Nil*. tn louue order
Al MONO*. Inc* Holt Hhrll
ItlMtON ft IK I I It. .piarta
M.AOklKA \\ INK, III r.flht cask"—for eel" hy
• * 10_Comet ot II end Ihth meets.
RICII satin striped and n-w style twilled hlue-hlack su'd
lU'lorcdAllan, flireele hy T. It PRICK.
1',IIK subscriber* lure for sale three kimla of Magnetic
Killer—No. I for consumption which eicelr ati and
ereiy kin I ol eontu.npi.r" me Urine that ever has boon
di worried. Tiy H. e. d you will Audit uo humbug It ts a
• uir cure tn ihe Ihrecflr-t si ages.
Magnetic Ftb"r No 'i lor Nervous dlkeaees. which the
patient* will hid to help them in Jl tmura. and* sure cure
In • short time. It ha* never faded In the moat danteiou*
Magnetic Kiher No 3 for liver and Herofulou* diseases
A book or treaties of ran.on I .cose* ■.-company crcli
rack***. \ trerusal will satisfy any purchaser that they
possess proprie'lee Independent and *ui>erlor loauy ,,.|,ei
Couipouo.t Tty them Wo are not alral.l to have iliiin
leafed hy Ihe heat physicians ol the .lay. No u rackets
aoo.it the M.raneltc Uimedic*.
M.^lical tkoeienca are invite! to test, and condemn them
publicly if they ktu not what they ere recommended to
<»*• , ■> H M mi'K A HON.
mr i* if
OLU hiifurv.Madmka. fcilti. ac *c
Very supeilor Kherry, In wood and glass
fine ik> In ikr 4o
good if, In do ,lo
Aery Cue ol.l Madeira In wood
do do do Inglaaa
fine ,k> In wood
good do in .to
Bairaoi.l fort AA'me In glass
fine do ikr in wood
tood do ik> |r. do
Kiri r Riilrirt AA'me, of fine nnallfy
Ctrl l".r.ton IVuih!" llrown Kiom
Muscat de Fomlt'uau, III cotes—1 do*
Fm-raleby j „ ABBOTT.
Pill 11
tSl'KI.Mi I'llY GOODS.
rT'!IK subscriber is new receiving, und will continue to
, ^ . ’v "*r,Jr •"* stock of spring Dry
Goods, whirl, he will soli I <w lor ea*h—
iftto V| vies oiit Parasols
Georgia Nankeen
Straw, Nuns’ and Florence Brads Bonnru
Black sad Color.d sitki
fslkoes of all price*
ll 'stery. Gloves, etc. I n CUNNINGHAM.
_ Fiimp cwli orjr c<ioiliMi*rt.
Krcetsed at the Bookstore of
Iff. Northern llarp, cousiating of oiiglnal. vacrc.l.and
moral s-rgs. aitap'c I totlie most popular Melodics, fur
the Piano I one an I Gul'ar, l.y Mis Mary S II liana
'A c have also received lo .lav, a further supply >>fpopn
.ar . ong ‘. A\ sits- s, eta. together with tnsny new pieces,
mil 11
CM OAll HAND 1*1 A N11—For saie a five and hail
U oclave sccoud hand Plano. Piice gbil
... _ W. DaNIKI.I,
l",‘ 1_P'.III . Smre. a|im,. al. 'Ve the Ranks.
1 'Vk.Vi'1 T U lillUa OlieAua au.l «\ c»l luma .no
1 las.es, lor sale by
\fEll\ nelily embroidered luusuii and cambric Rohes,
V for sa'e aery low_TIIO. It PRICK
CGO Fill AMI F I vsIVI hit f.S -- i . I!.. I
simerea I --a gtcai ssrlcty, ..t prices |e
suit the tun. a, can be badst
Uf E have >•„ hand, a splendid aaaortinenl of the above
Supper*, to which we solicit the sitention ot the
«*. 1) IIULMNCTON dr ro,
_ _ Mansion llouie.
1 Al> VS HOOK for February, i« <%t hand We have
Ida lew evtrs copies of January and February Non tor
new . i J AV KAMIHl PII A < O
i 1 a PCK4—A .apply of Iho almve superior Slippers, in
store, and for sale cheap. II. BELLING TON ,v t o,
fc I -I _ Mansion House.
( ’ I' N I i I. VI FA I _ t .
A ■ Scarf*, Ciuvats. Stock*. Ac.—for sale, at
ORCHARD Glass Seed
Herds do ilo
Kentucky Blue do ilo, vrry fine f ir yard* or'a vns,
for rale by_inli9_ AVM P Al.A ■ t.
(A|.\K|ilA|,l Ktf.ltn—IVgiu** of biluton made Clan*
J one! K.clsjust received and lor sale
mrltl_Piano Store, ypur.' above I’m Rinks.
l^lklNClPt'. i SUAMM-A lew tlK’u mi prime
1 Pi.netpes tor •■llel-v mb 'J s. U DOVE
PA I, p, MIKl, Itt J hie anil nr casks line Paly
Sherry AA ine, tcceired and for .ai.- low
ln“ 3__ R At BURTON.
M'!*1-*—J y Barque Bsc I , | *
Orleans, 40 Hair* Mona, aim lor iul»i by
fgb •*»_H ASKINS A I1RHV,
A LARGE as* irtnieni ol Cologne and Fioiiia AAa.i —
received an I for tale.
J II II stm B A R .\’
jCf SSoitS t'n t v roui
1 V '"L “A e low Apply nil hoard #e r Mall V
AN N, l.apt. Jcnka, a Pickett’a wharf, or to
FISHER a bon
ITBHCEn PRTATOKS-A email lot id Mercer
111 Potatoes for sale. G R GIIIRONH.
_II street, fhockoe tlill.
Mlv 'l'-" e have un hand, and keep eonatanlly for
••ale, fresh Meal.
1 mb I lot_ ROY ALL A MORGAN,
B\ ilna truly great inv* n'ion, a letter and duplicate ran
he wnilen in one operation with mare ease sn I grc.it
er facility than a s ngle letter with an ordinary pc,, and
ink. To Hi" mercantile, professional and iravelllng pari
of iho cominu iily. it is of Infinite value lor us anuphclly
and desfia’c'i In operation, and portability in const)notion
A lari'•• s ipply of the above article, with ar. I without
cSi.es, juai received and lor sale al low prices, to suit the
nine*, si the new Stationary Store, Mam st, nest >.,r to
J Brans' Chius Slure. A » LYONS
tus 5
*pHOM ASTON 1,1 At 1-. Mi rm, i.,m^ on fmard
1 sc hr JuoS|iolTjrd,a: Lester's wharf for sale low
'"bM_ jaaif.s fisher a son.
L’AJIll.v AND IwATIU Kl.tltll
1- llf> bblj superior F..inly Flour,‘No.lb M.lton Mil!*’
oO ilo cxirn superfine ilo ilo ilo ilo—in
More, for sale low.
Inh 7_WH.I.I AMS A HA\ AM,.
( ' OL.DU ttOKZ K.M—A sopp y of ilie almskTor Bate
v 1 °y_mb 3__ H. E DOVE.
A Illi.I,, A*,—
Vny superior Family Roc Herrin;*
Mackerel, In half barrel*
l.v’Ckfiuan.) Ilo eh llerrinx*
Fariimes, II ilabut fins, an I Tongues, ar.l Rounds,
For s its by J. II AIWOTT.
mh 12
PI A .N O KO *11 klYo \*..>-Nvl i,..,,Ia<~|
will seil several Piano Hole*. low.
u... u Piano Hlore, square above ihe Banks.
►J anil a tialf oeiave Piano, very low. for r*.h,
... „ w HANIEM,
ln,‘ 1 *_P.ano Hlore, square above the Bank*.
Tiln YOU RCi FEOFI.E’R hook,
'T'lIK prsflfnt number Is embellished with a »r>!cndfd
I Me**, t.nro. ennficd Uoing |o Hie springs, with 7 oth< i
smaller engravings
The Conienia are from Ilie pens of Aillmr l!i he Han
■leraun, W'ader, Miss Rand. Hev J Kennedy, The filler
I rote»i*or rfn.t «n>t m.injr otb ere.
H if.H.'rpilnn f.nlv $‘J per yi ar. single Noe. I6 J rf*.
ftl'aoo., ar rbe Per leaf Ag.iiry Office, Main sfreer
n«*»r dnnrio J I.Ti'iu' Chiu* Htorc.
—ml' 12___ A 8 won
f’UK.M' IIAKliUN* AS. ,,4r„t ...
a * cellent assortment of Family Oroeenei, which will
he snhl Cheap fur rash or lo punctual customers, m on
reasonable lime. '
t’INB Belasora and Pen Knives- a . . ,,
the above—(or sale Ww. r. ORNNKT.
' | 1 oppa Rg ti i,
A N as»irti"*ni of Hlore and II Ml l amps I i *,le. of
flrren.oigh's Paiem, consisting of one, two, t> ree and
lourl.ight Burners, such as used st t’o Exchange Hotel
_?_L__looking nils* Hi I r , ,Hlore, Main ft.
IN Rlbtions. Hesrls. tsnmnc iheTii verTi ■ i ,. , \
I Blonde) Veil* Flowers, A- Ini... I , „ crery il in
inent, tr.y slock i< now more ex'* , ,»* and rli.Se.- |i,*n |
have ever had, an-l Ilie atti ntio.-i nt my Iriends an I the
public la« le lad d» 17 TIIOM’R R PRICE.
I HfT TO IIA N 0 — I i
•» Trn*,. . a gt.nl virkty, a-inn,* which, aie fin . >,
highly approved -Huir* genuine ..no ,n, .ton’ le and
•inti* -1 iflr ber’a *l»», an I lbs .'Mrmit.n lnw | rjn it Tnipn
III Hcnin; In.-ruinente,—R. mu Bougies'Teeth Fd. s
•n'*'jP**0**‘*s••sorted. JOHN flAYNOII.
SHOT AM) lltlt Lie A Is
1*1*1 )»ags Rlmt. assorted II n-t.ers
!*> keg* Bar l.e id- for side
«a_ I’l Ml P, M’lV ITRR A CO,
VKit V I HEAP AM) • l)()|) TIIA VKI..
pt R' HAHFRkai* Inform. I t w* will sell (|,e »|.ove
I Trunk ii tinu . tally low pt, ... ,.We arn
rlosc the lot we have on hand. | l.ey ,,e ,,.ry ,,ip. Jlo* —
the pi tees will be rr l<iea>l ... we have rn
•* %. "»• I' IIUU I.NIITON il l O,
I b dal* n*i JJ huge* IJI-. , . * h . . ipet.or Writing
Ink, Mulling per l.ynehburg,e *h- Vw. ' 1
,r,‘ 1 "II.IIAgHA M IX A IT.
Vo!' u'?l,K Hlfoi - i/,,o !y if.,„/
, rt Wn bvvo |n Mnrr i ♦ ry ««« ftmrnt of ff4• t.
*>f M■»* * ri.-l otbr i < a* ' j >, w„ H{|| I
•rlllon. I) III 1,1,1 MJTti N Alt),
- 111 l)'n«liHl II.nnc.
UI PKHIOIl I.EaTi nil TIt A Vl'M.IX;>
T It I NK A. C UK A f Ho |, ,ve a \ , i „rJk ”
s..pctl..r sn ll .w prlee I l.e,. , rravriiing Trunks, which
wtd b^ **o,d rbrep, for rail*
. m l> UrU.INOTO.N A CO.
v mttoft II . r
( kMON MKTW FOU •. tl.K II V
* ' '■» I VI : Ml \ a I ' N A I M I I
81.H i ERR,
Mp<I« l.y J. \V. McCurdy.
ArUBFIl nao.rl-.rm of ' il>«»« eleyant Mlippera ju.t
to hand. TI.ry era b'M. ul.
rntn mvkum a no,
mil II Full). I. la H xd an I Mitre Dealer*.
SAhtli Oil,- A •on ,'i'ly "< luiirmr kiMOil
for «•’«, Till A J II EDATAI.'K A PUS.
SPUIN' • ■ ioodcT
JtlNT open'd at Ilia atoi. lie fohar Tiber, • t.'iiilifol
•••otin.eni »f
Pieh Milk Mearfr. 2|y. r
Ilo do Ktiawla, e«» I ell!'a
Vo do llao.tk'i. h:‘
fllark and white ailk II a ty
Do ll i it.. I •. a
Nprln* falleonaal ISl ■ n 12ft rent.
Hrown Idn'O ll.l>'ini 'Pirn
flonniHanllndlaN.nl.. .. with a variety of other
Onndn atiuahfa In the apj i.loa eea.nn, and for aale
very cheap,at J n iinniMim M'd
7 * p ra.li .in a loi a
CldlVIdiayMi !•* ?ri romatntna
at an I AdJ. mb 4 t,IUTIKH a fK»HK
Lin** la CbarlullMrill*, Staunton, Lynchburg and
lh« Virginia Spring*.
III* |‘ul'U’ air hrrrhy lu ouui »l that umlrr an iir«n|t"
nvrot b- nrr#*i» thr Knl r« a<l Cowinav an«l m«|o l.tnr.
Ihv^rAbriwpsa llkhinnn I »n«l Mnuitiou will «*•» «n«l il*
Irr thf I slot April, br i«slucr«1 lo|8.
I «»*ciU«aa taring H.rboi. ml by Ihr Railro* I. at r| A
i JlINlUl !• bi r^klasl, am I thrncr I'to* rr<)
wll>' I^WNtn an tv tog *i !!»•* Junction I10.11
nr North,) on thr m., Kail>..«.1 to I.Vi.K n v.IU\ <hi<I
Mte villr, rrgclilttg t harl . fr*.
El . ♦•«»'* Um bc'a |I5 milra \V.»t)by night. -
itVt.’ .a'*’** T ,M**1 by ilay lt*ht. crvs « thr Ulu#
n *»!»• at aim tlar, an.I arvltrr at Hiauuloo by ¥, A M. line
15“' *n,\,h*** ch,’fc* »l twine—one t.jr way ol llie
ң*ȣ, .. other l>jr way of tli.' Natural
I .O White Sulphur on thecromi.g
lu hVn I0"* ‘'"h.iM.u.l. ami 14 hot, i. sootier thru
by inr tooir via l.yin tiburg.
trJ,1 >*•»* •* I". A M., reach
next ere,tit*. ““ * “«“J «>*o Witttc Sulphur
The Natural Br..l*e lino leave, at the aatnn hour, on
Tur. ays, Thttta.lat • amlHaturtlay *, (ami on the altrrnat,
'laya cstraa mil he luintahol. liiaaing it cuital to a «lallr
lute.> ami arrite-at the Uthlre hr 9, !• M ; anil learluc tha
tteai it,otuiti. alter kieaklaw. (allowing |taaoet.gon Sum.
rtent time helorehreakUat to rte,vthe llrhtgr.i arrtre. a,
IHl>roll's hr II A M., au.I the While Sulphur Opting, the
aante eveului.
Pxsaengera for Lynchburg lekvlng In the carton Sun
.lay«,Wc,lnea.layaitl IThlxya. reach • haihutc.Ville the
brat ilay ami Lynchburg the accnn.l
tiii*m»s sharp,
. ... . Ag. nt of Tr»na|*«»rtab*>n. I
Richmond. M*«r<*h 17tb, 1*42 mr, 17 if
M Kilt Kit POTATO KM—5u> bushels Matter
Potatoes, lu Mute, at Korkina. lor sale low.
»)|1 MAI.KB Burlaps, very goo,I, fioui No I to I
1 cases Thklerihurgv, very good, for Factory hands,
In «r«>r<*, and lor aale low.
"»*» **_JA’B HI/.ER A BON.
lUll’OT OH KtM l illtlNS .UITIL'LIX
Oppomtk Exciianok ItorrL,
A Bl’PF.RIOR a sot (incut * I S >k an I r\,t„, Scarfs and
J V i no Mock*,n -tv. Collars, t. s sis „ v,,.
lloist ry. Ac., always rn Imp I, and at up leralo price c lor
c‘<b M W si ABB a i t>
( "VROERS t„r tlariu.ni* to lie made Mi,i,-.i*ur«arare
\Pce|ye4byM*,*n I executed wuli d,.patch at the Is.
(ahnshinent 329 lltoadway, opposite Atdor House, New
\ *»rk, at in nh'rafr price*.
Hainplct of th* <)«mhU moat *n voiua ai the North for
I antaloona, Inrln,ling French and KugUati Elastic Casai
lucres, arc offered for Inspection.
„IO ... 8TARR * CO,
“h . ■*<b Wroef, opposite Kaeltange Hotel,
Ej Manufactured by J W McCurdy—Our assortment. I
the above ..r* and French Ties, is very extensive, to
wlilch we panic ularly Invito th" attenttoo nr the Ea,|lr,
1 . .. JUI'AII M YENS A t o, ’
"d» I '_Fashions He Moot snd Shoe Dealers.
r j’*J WII.DEIIa—l‘ii n>'ti Metal ., substitute tbrlaubl
A I rf.autwerin; ereiy putt o>c, u I becoming black ur
co rndeit, for aale by K. p; littVE
m ■ 2
* Ac.— A hamlacme asaoitiucnt of S,U Sb twl*. I ighl
Muiiillaa, etc ,at J. u. Cl NNIM.II aM S
m’> I Nt*v and l pf.i prv (f
inonmrnl ol the ahov j (i.i > ts. i t«t received an I for
sale low, af J It <TN NINCII A M *
lu™ * Nrw iru! rhfip cfl«h drv rno *n Dior*'
NEW H.IOKS —Mahih -r
F '' RANPOMMl A- CO. lure rrerivail PonnUr M«
•f • W».«h R, coinpriiint orinnRl an t m !rci for th*
l uno. <>ican. Harp an t t*’nitar, adaptrd to r i of oil*
fn,d«>y Mrs mb
^Popular Technology „r Profcsalotu an I Tradca, by E
Expedition to Siberia an.l Po'arBca In ISTn, 'Jl, •*! and
■23, commanded by Admiral Frederick W ran ye II of the
Uncivil Navy. |lir H
nKKMNAMU K IIO C 1C CO ATS— An assortment
.' Ift received t>er sclir Nn-sau, which will be sold I w.
I r cash lit i ilciucn In want of these t,r any ,.ib< ■ am
clot of Clothing, arc aceurrd tint they need bare i„,
acniplea about purchasing ready made (Uniting at this
es:a* tislimeiu, as we shall keep nono but aucli as we can
recommend. BTAIUI A CO.
Illb _ Opposite the Esct.snge lintel,
\ I ' N 1 '■ AS ! Mi; a I SVSIEM and I Midi, e o|i
1 CIAMC CHEMISTRY. rec ived tins morning,
it t .1 \v it xNinil.i'ii a CO.
g-II.OA ERSEED—10ftbushel* Mouu'atn Cl ’Versec.l—for
V gain....I WORTHAM. M tiRDDF.IlA to
At. ain a sci* 1*1.\ Mf t;.\l.E ,v i m s PlANOd.
I TNPACKED tootsy, two tnoro of llie above makers very
best Piano*. W. HAMKI.I,
mb 9 Piano Bu<re. Eqtiare ab-.ve the Rank*. |
L ibe above Sec I ni-1 received and tor rate t.v
CIIIOICK yvI nks^ - I
/ old I*, rt VA'ine in bottles, very ait| , rlor
Poiuar'a Old Palo - berry—just rccrivo I and for aa'e j
b7 . _ 1 II ABBOTr.
Corner below A Duval A Co. |
MKIICtCIt POTATOKS ft lib's njprrh.r Yrr
rcr IValoes mature— tor sale by J It ABBOTT.
_toll 11 Corn r below A Duval2k Co. I
J Ive and» . ce* for sale. J II Allliol r.
mi 19
iy \ It 1,0(1 R MBLODIBS o Piano
forte and Organ, by Mr* Floyd nml Vj Rallcy—for 1
»«!• by W HAMKI.I.,
mb 1C Square above (bo Banks. |
T'lMOTII Y-NKFIO -A few bushel* of superior
-I quality, al gj pci bushel
CtoiirS's pai.ai i: pi.wind < Aims—a ,..m ,,r
> the above superior an 1 splendid ai-tcle, suitable f.ir I
patties, with a large assortment of others ol various lie- I
acriptlons,u> be luul al \ i\m- d
New Stationary and Fancy stoic, i
Ni vi 10 Janie, Eraitn* t.hlna Sion* n.am at ; wbcic anti*
>i-:q nous arc received tor all popular Periodical* ol tlir
lay-_ _ inr 17
1TIK Bankrupt ls» nf i*u- I nitc I States, pissed at the
• lira aeavion .if the 27tli C >ncr. *a,to wlilch Is **l led
mica ami rcgulaiiona for proroeding In Bankruptcy, aa
ircscrlbcd by tl„- lion. John \ Mason, Judge of the I' S
utllnrlh* l'-nt.'rn Hivu rtof Virginia, with the rum ,
u* ihe Assignee and Comntirs..inera. Tneithleof ices tu
■e charged and form of ttoiit,on, compiled by T K l.tou, I
*r the use of M-'inbera of the liar an I oilier t — in paiupli- 1
et, and for sale at A. rt I.YONB',
New Si tt.onary and Fancy Store,
J"1 •_ Neat J liv viih1 Chinsrk . . v ,,o Mrt. t. •
1 tills viluabli Work ran now be bad at the low price ol ,
g"* S'1 Thenrtg.nvl roi; was glltivi. The work l< ,
iiiblistii d in I volumi t octavo, an I contain* hrlwcen 1C | ,
nut I*11! pages, and 24 fine engravings.
t Maddox
Ol.I V KH A v|> f'AHKlM —A lew boxes fresh
Olive* and Caper* jutt received for cale.
jus BOT1
L'LOUR-lM bill* Fam Ijr and Ruperfine Flour, W.iakey
1 brand—received for sale.
»■?»'»___k m nrriTON.
Bbl K (COOK, containing ilie iiaim-a of nil Dm i»H
cer* and A*> uts of th,? (Jo\crmcnt, for lS40andltl£
received an I lor sale by
U’ fOOl.HKfHM RIO Alt :r, I, .,*/»'auperlor LrtTf
»«ug*r. from ibe maimf.ir lory of Wxdscy A WooUey,
receiv ngpar cchr r*py. for talc
mb II_WII !.»AM« A Max Al.l.
NOEI,A>l> Gl!t—Uptpee wariautcd purr—landing
an l for calc by
I >I.A( K Ita iu and Btigli h Bilk I ran
* ^ Depot Fane v Drer.* Aftic!«*,
tnh 11_ I l:h atrre',opposite Hichaiig' Hof I.
Jfcr.--Ry Hip .rlir Nuxt.ui we have ircnvrd an a»<ort
•nent of the a bo e article*. wni.-ti grntk men can et imlne,
at Depot * I Fancy llreaa Art»rIra,
mb 14 Opposite Exchange Hotel.
(% EORfilA Nankeens,nn I o*b. i k nd* l Men'* trimmer
I re —jiiit received, for •ale f,y (be lisle nr plcoe. by
mb 14 u Mwwmn ii, tersi r * ro
Mi • •*'!>» .v ftoliOCCO MblFFKHg
A N II Tl KM' W> Imvc )l|p| n|»r ne t. (||| red 11 • III
lb*-Manufacturer, -omerf Hie very be«f Kid ami Morocco
Hllpi • r« f r M'■ • j thv, wc have cvrr had, to which we
invite ihuae hi want f » giv • u ■ * ill- they nr<* very cheap
m r 1 * Fa bionabb ami t heap Nin e Dealer*.
I^iVr.t. ii.tr, it*.«. I'uncti Itaisins
&l ruku cnperlo*’ Chet to
do Frail llarlcy
I Id bag* ftovernuM nt Java Coffee
I imili • ibi* i- , 1 i ale l.y
no _ \V KitII, HOOKER A llAMll.TON.
• 4TY HBId*. I it .1 '
■ by JNO. N. GORDON.
i • 7
'1 ME «ib?crd »*r l>n« received p'r the Weynionih, a
I • » nice re tec imn of R • Fancy Dry Mu* la, to which
hrw obi r* p ci fully call the attention of Ills friend* and
thepub'ic. The following romprlaea a few of the good*
fee# jvrd -
Mkltn< ■ lie work ripc^.e.d ars and pelerine*, a choice a**
wrtmenf, and cheap
Needle work collar*, la at 1 i:|<Wltfl|
Mourning collar*, v. ry cIk p
l oihr'd tutivlin i!r« * < *«
EiuhrM cufT« in grent vhrle*y
Hu h ve’vct *c »t fa, and
M irarme blue d.-, lined and wadded
Embf*«l telv*l abawla, ca* i »r,r point*, efe
F!an bcrnafife.br I nn I einbt •idercdcatiibfle hdkf*
I g V •. d.a ( ra
Alan. a ft]I nasoMrmnt i k- m w atylea, which will
be *• ' | op the inovl favorai b trim* by
rw UANlfhl Fit Alii vo received :i I atipplv of
• 71 e Arncrir.in Alma' ■* and Repository ..f fl*eft||
MW _ J* 12
111*.DIM’ EN kc.
I7AMII.Y Roe Ilrrri.ig*, in whole an l half bide
I No I, dipt do
No I Mackerel, in kti* f r *a>.
\ '* II* wf o imkra two *| t '•( gt$r* grow yi\>ro !»*»«
i nn*ff®W Hftfnr*, <|n*a fi. . Iiovirda rnrlr liing llio dial*
Ilian ©III lif fir* »f iwllf" <"f i<*gr<t >ier "
WE woiil<l fill tin* ;r:'t , - i of ftin Aftrnh>r§ nf tot
Vn groin t.»g$ihitv • • » our *!»<» k i»l *w/*» riot
PU'Vg'n, tupnior pn'*h% * ,nt ri df/, nod nlt»ifflh*r
a-iptrlnr u* any m- . to ©/ M d rrrr trird rtlh*r in Fir#
gift fa or th* tfn trrt A'./r . *, wr »rr fl\. arr.ia atyln*
v*ry nmri-in fl»*ir f*v >i, m bolt'an il*® faff© In ill*
M»r mil fully *u«fdn n.. iii t 4 • **f|io*i Thoy l».iv*. a i
Hi* North, al Ih® A trio u1 1 rhowa arul fair©, rr**l?«d
JF* prftnrnrr* uv# r trrry / A fbai ha© tram brought In
r>»iM|»©flfion ft Ml» I firm ihf Fall. Th© raM.oga aro of
r rtrn 'inni'fy ~t >\ t ir.i., W I ■! * *B I h ©OfVtC© u»
thnr of th* i on:urt>n Th-u .iiidour prtrr* ar»* aa loir,
Wrfould puhlinh Ml i k i ©oy*r*» arc«l"V» * nf onr
•dfifn, from #W#nrr# nf - notrtodgtd r rpofnft'-n, In
r»»n»ui# i*t*l*©t» of lli m, b-»* • n «• hiiiip If la ©tifflrtmt to
aay wo hay* ©olrlnonr 4W »h* und r^an-fm#, fhaf If
»»<ry did ool •» *wrr our r . infIon, r*tum lltorn, ©ud
hat* »»ad «*nly J /Vow*ftt * > id.
Tfi*©dy©niag«i of' «ir I*’ v*r »h* common Plough*
la fh® rhnft (r*qniriog I ?, t ,#,>/!n ah. m «UI nod darn
Hity Wr only a*k a trial.
f'aMonua,ft dooribfli * i llrll T*r*m. If rlrrtin
fdnaauf© f«> ©how fhom, f< g rwth’a *«o©v of Agiauf
tnnd Imnirment . f.UKI IF.K * PE ft KK.
I A 1*1 K A* iilll'KHIM. lUll'V.Ut' I ■» liV
J Mail* l.» J W M 1 nr 1 • i Mi’1 I* \ a,> •■mini i
•nrlrn.nl 01 lira a, . ami Tirana Iran.I
JI UMI MVfcB* A I'd,
J« 91 P«t Mor.irijia r«w, .J <hj anil Trunk l>oalert.
VI it Ol Ml A—At Rules. held te tha Citikt O«o« of
the Cucult Superior Court of U« and Uiorvr? (or
Powhatan County. Irma the 4th to iho lllh day of Ihcrai
boa Inclusive, in the H«I 1*41: Luru* U Seiimui ant Auu
Jan# lilt »i»», formerly Ann Jam# Stunt, Mull Fi«n< #«
liiuot an I M nnva K Blaut, Iho iw«» la at In'am# under the
II# af VI years, by Kamud Mori,«their n#i' filer*.♦, pliia
agJiiM J •' n W Ihnrv, Ki'« r «l Tt> •tup**»ai piunt, iru'r.
lire*Uae Uiy ant end Jauuctt h s w le, Llljali Uiuiiiutsll
an t Mam hi* wile, end Thompson Blunt, Jr. and Natcy
Power*,d«l e.— In ( nancirv
The ii« kmUnt, Thompson Hhint, Jr., n- l listing entered
Inaam estrone* amlgurn security according to the ae* of
a«aemhly mi l (lie luleaof this court, aud kl appearing, by
iallefaelory evhtenr*, that he la not an inhaUuut of ilih
cmnoiouweelth: tin 11m .*■. •
Ojttosol, It la ordered, that the aatd T»» m|>a i» Stent, Jr.
do A| pear Kffc e Ihe Ju.lg- Of t?»e t Irclit' r*.ij erloi < • .Ill
of Law aod t'lieucery br Powhttau county, at Hie Court*
holier theirof.ou the fit #t day ol the »»e*» M.iy term i*f the
raid t'ourt. and answer the hill of the |»lalniif1«, and giro
security lor |*c i lorn dug atich decree ea the nun may
make herein, and that a copy of ihla order be Urhw.tn
Inserted in votne newspaper puhliihrd in Ihe « ity of Rich
mon I, and coritlnned lor two UMiulha succe«dvely, and
that arnMher cony he posted at the front door o| the i^ourt
hoove of title county.
A copy. Teste,
te _ R. V OtAffl, i» C
VI Hill N I A•—At Itulra. hr! f tn~ilie7V rk'a Office of
the t'ucull Superior t'ourt of l~«w and Chmrery, for
Norths -1 d'tnnt'nuntf, on thcJth day of February, |h|J: —
John Lyre, pltf ; vs Ijul-lou I» fpti llc, Wg Lytl, Ravage
and James N •llhain, d.-fl#—in f'A u*rer>.
Thedefendant* Littleton I) Trickle* not having entered
hit appearance and given security according to the act ol
Assembly and llir Huh Aof the said Court, and it appearing
by satisfactory evidence* that In* la hot an itdialMtant of
this Commonwealth : It I* ordered .That the aahl defendant
•"* ■I"*'* »r hero * n the 1st day of the n« at May Term, and
answer the bill of iho i-laiuiiti, and that a copy of it.is or
der be forthwith inserted In so**»o uews^iapcr published In
t m-city of Richmond, for two muntria auccesatvely, an I
posted at the front door of the t'ourt llouto of tills r.muiy.
A copy T.**je,
, irt „ LLW18 I* ROtJLIlH, D C, for
<* 19 »»»_ M J Minder, V C.
\ u F »wl man Ci'i.nljr F.b Tib.
* «luA IlMkm*. J.llt; W,|„M J„|,„ || |Uy
1 bta wile, I •nm rljr Manila F ll.ku,., .Iclu.-/*
Ua'iif'y. ,
Till, il.iv came (he plaintiff. l.jr 1,1, cotinirl, anl filed hi*
!<tll againatHis (Irfcudanlivpraying lor nlm.Uof a trai l
«»f I Ji' . In tin* county, and ill** »l« O*. Unis not having enter*
. I£*l!r *■ cording to the art ol Assembly and
the Hub** of thin I out t.ui. I it appearing in the a ttiafartiou
of tl»e t ..tirt. that they ate not inhabitant* o| this Cont
in«*nwcattb'Onihe motion of thcpUlotiff.lt iaordered.that
the raid defendant* -’oapf *-4l hero on the l*t Monday in
i ? t » uit day,) amt answer the bill ol tho
p.out iff, and that a c pv « I tin* order to* forthwith Insert*
rJ I" nrwapaper |mti|.sl,r,l m tliet.'iiy ol Ki.-biuvml.
•ri'l conniKie.l furtwouimiilia•ueccMivoljr, .nd iImi
ili.-irr.tv I..- t.-.l ■Itlielroiii door ol il„. t'ourthou.e
of tlila couuiy.
. „ - A Copy—Teste,
fa 21 w9w_II Fun wrn. I' I
V IKiilMA-Al mirk liel.l In Hie i j. rk . Olti-oof ilin
* «-ttvuil Superior I'ouir of law and Cliaurriy, for
Powhatan < ou- ty. Iron, the :i i to the *1, .lav ol January,
inll,.-year ISIJ-.Wu, a U.aklna, p:p|; aaainirt Jolm li
lUyand Ham,.cl II Dialer. 'efetidaiits— tn t/Auscery
1 re defendant. John II Day, not having entered his ap
pearance amt given *erurny a. cording to tho art ol As
sembly and the llulca of this Court, and it appearing by
•at afac ory *, v .deuce, that he Is not an inhabitant of thin
Commonwealth: On the inotion td the t.luntiir by Ida
counsel: It la ordered, that the said John II Day «k»appear
before the Jmlge ol ttir t ’ircuit Superior Court of law ami
t » anr ery, lot Powhatan C« only, a* ihe Courthouse there*
Ol, on tiie 6r*t <Uy of tin* ueit May Term of the said
« ourt and o iwrr the bill df the plaintiff, and give security
for performing an* h decree as the Court mav make her*-«n;
and that ucopy of tldaordcr befoithwi h lureried in aomo
to vrapaper pubbshr |i„ ,h® t tty « f Itn l.mon f, and eon*
ttnuc I for two months successively. and that another copy
I c fed at the 11out d< < r of tho Courthouse of this
count v. A C opy. Tc»tc,
_R l QRAVR^ D O.
VriilUl.tlA > Cii . t , • i | 4 vv
and Chancery Ini lilt County ct lleurico and the city
ot flichmotfl. m» the Chancery an|e, held at the Capitol
in the said city,« ti ThuieUy, January 20. I'-li: —Rlchartl
H. II utPeyton Miaou and Joseph J. \V Cocke, part
n r*, tinder the Arm of M oon .v Co* ke, and John K.
Meade, |^tia ugattiKf Fdwaid II II i rati. In hi* own right
an 1 ns adininistiator of Daniel Uois*cau, deed, Peter F.
lkiisa«*aii. and other dells.
On motion of the defendant, Peter F Ihdsseatt, hy cotin*
•cl. and t i rravoun appear tig to the court: It iaoidcrcd.
that J dm llclh, the borrower oflhe sum of *even thousand
<*t* hundred aud Hurt) nine dollars and seventy reveu
cents, b ut to him by the ouointsshncrs appointed by thu
interlocutory decree pronounced in this cause on the tub
'*•*} °* Arid, one thourat d right hundred amt thirty seven,
town, the *ti tn of ft\. (hotiM .ml thr e hundred and ataiy*
seven d.Maia,on themretsenth day nf Apr*',on**'.licusai**!
« ght hundred and lhtrty**evcn. an I the sitta «.f o tlioti*
r m. t two bundled and seventy two dollars amt seventy *e*
m «*«*tit* 1 n Hie thirteenth d ,y . I May, one l! < itand right
gti.i.i,! • the errd I ol thisc«ti»e. subject to the future order
o| »hr court, the two sums of prior pal uiouey aloreaaid
witfi ml Inlerert *tutt ha* or may arciue therrtin re street I
tv. lv, until donoriteil, within two ii’unth* from Hie. flrut
publication of this order, and file with the ricik of lion
com! * certificate of such deposit; but mm it is admitted
•*y the counsel ol ihe defendaul l*« t« a F. Hot**e*u, that
Hu* said John lletli K at tins time, not in thia Common*
wealth, it m fun her ordered by the court, tlmt a copy of
Hit* older be publinhed once a week fur (so uion'hi iuo*
crtsivrljr, iu one of the new*|apeia printed tutheety of
III. lu. *nd, ar.d that the aurt Heir f the ••aid John lieu, iu
bis bond* given tier the repayrrrnt of tho sum* ol money
1 ai"t cnanl, w tit all inter»hi that ha* or may accrue I her. m»
,r i’*%i >onally served with a opy of this ••nlcr within tea
t. *y» from tin* date, and ,| the Mid John llclh and hia said
•ureti. » rha'l tad to drpm it the print .p il mot ry ami into,
rent nforrs.i.ii in the *a:d II mV. as herein before directed
widiiu two month* (rotti th* funt publication of this order
the, the court d. -ti f.,r*h« r order, that the ,aid minims'
•loners, v/ lloldcn Rb *«ic*and Hamticl Taylor, wtio am
hereby appoint* i cotumiaatonets for that purpose, do io3
tpnt«- the iruatees sp|mintcd by the deeds of trusK, where*
by the payment ot the sum* of money aforesaid, with tn:e*
rc: t a.** -it. re-aid, im rrctiir t. to adv« tfis«* at d self the n al
estate therebr convey* *1, and out if the proceeds nt sale,
th« attioimf o' piIncipaliuoucy and tnfcrrsl atVrr*ai«f. to l.o
•IcpoMtrd In Ihe raid Rank sk afbrcsaht, which »u!ca are di
rected to he made for cash as to Hie t alent of e«pen«rs
ri-tniiu*'i> n.i ami th.- principal and inter e*t of ih< said loan*
end it | mn * tic h credit* as to the residue a* h.o grantors
roprcttvely, to the sakl dec< Is of trust, iu*v reuutre. and
tn default of any other order fr*Hi» them, upon a credit of
one and two year* etpial tin tain.cnt>, „ enr.-*l f,y them
with good •re.ir.ry .ml by rets lb log the tdlca uniil the
purchase money is lul.y i aid.
A copy. Teste,
fe 4 w9w_WM, n. HANDS,Clerk.
\/ 1IM.IMA IN * HAM IRY-Al Rubs, hrld.ti'la
% * hrk’sOfhcc • f fl. * 'ireuit Hup. . r Court of law
I A*-*! iim rry, f,.r l oiiu » County, Mondayf lie*. 4ll>, IS-41•
J:ii* • M.ctii?. if'.iti'r «>l Ralph * Han.iidsc*, dec’.i, rlnlnt.fT,
' t •" i *h*. C- ii tester, abo, John Metcalfe ami Thom.**
J ‘ »* ..«, | irn 1. r»of I uc> Quarles,dec’.l, d« f t.
rii»* .!« fend nft John Poindexter, i.ot having entered hid
, apfi’.uanr»*. and given set urify according to law, anrithn
nilr* rt thl* l . art, and it appealing l*y sati-factory evi*
rfenre that he is not an Inhabitant ef this H an On mol on
«»t the pl.tin.itr, l.y his rmju el, It t» ordered, that the ta I
defendant, Jtihn Comdex lor. do appear Indore ttie Judgeof
, Hie aaid court, at the I '..tinhouse, on gti • Aral itay
of (bn next term of tlio said routt, and answer tba
i puiotitl ‘j hill, and that .1 ropy of thia order be forth.
inserted in some nrw.pa|>« r put nd.ed m the ei y of Rich
: mood, for two months successively, and posted at thu
lion! d.>, r of the t ourthooso of tins county on uomo
j court «*av. A copy. Teste,
jopw 111 N TER cc
t Ireuit Hupt rior Court ol l-v.v and Chancery, for tlio
cotrniy ol I fen tie., and city of Richu mi on the I I nnr, v
*idf, the 7th nay of February, ItHtt-Richard Atuhison.
1 Iff. against F.ir.Hitio 111 nr. John Minor Rlair and Arehlar in
lllair, the widowand children of Archibald P Ihair, tic* d.
and other defis.
The defendant* above named not laving entered their ap>
pear me r and given security, according to the Act ol Ac.
Hriubly and tin* Rules of tl.is Court, and it appearing. I y
Mliafartoryevidence, that they ate not inliahitanta of this
' i
d » appear at the Rules to be held on the lirst Monday in M y
next, and answer the bill of the plain!.tT; and that a copy of
this order tie forthwith Inserted in autuc newapnper pub
lished In tlie rlty of Richmond, fur two months sneers
aively, amJf nsted withe front floor of the Capitol in the said
CItV. A copy. Teste,
WM <• BARDfl * i’k.
VIKOIffilA f At Rules held In ihe Clerk's Office of
the t limit Hupritor Court of law and f hanrery for
It .rktnghaiii County, on Monday, the 3d day of January,
***-• Mary Hinders. Itol.'t K llocker and Maty Jane ha
wile, who wa* forturrly IRm per, James E Ihx per, Ann M
Hooper. Tho's II llonprr, Fl.xsheth Hooper, H.e said James
■*» , V," Bn'* ^haat eth being infants, sue by the
'si 1 R.d.ert K llocker their next fiirr.l, pitta . against Jim
V rns in bo* own ifehr.aml as Administrator of Nam y
Morris,dee'd,Hamurl Moirls. K dhsmet Mortis, Fdu..rd
Rviler and Mantis i * wife, lb nry W lloller.it and Half#y
b, Frtrefi riti . * odrldgn Handers,--Price
at,<1 Alice ht* wife, folim rly Hauiulci e, deft*—In (Jkan•
The defendants, p’ vnnl Putrr ami Martha bis wife,
■1 f w || i . p| ind Alice
hi* w tf«», not li.iviii^ oiiter.-.I tl.ru appe nance and given fe*
eurify.ar r mg to ihe Act of Assembly and llie Rules
ol tiit . Court. Hint it appearing, l.y satisfactory eitdrnro
ti.at li.ey are not inhabitant n of tins Country . It is or*
derrd, that the sst.l nt.>« nr defendants do appear hereon
tlie brat d iy of April Tei tn next, ami answer llie bill . f
the plaintm ; and that a c< j y o| ft,is order be foilhwith
Inst 11 d in me newspaper pubHsl ed In ihe t it> . t
Ki. him od, lor two months successively, and pot-fed at tho
from dooi of the Court house of this county.
A copy. Teste.
ja 31 nVw II. tXIIKIDCR, C. C H. C.
VIRGINI A At Rule* held in the Clerk's Office of Ihe
Circuit Huprrior Court «•( l-aw and Chsnesry for the
I coiintycif llf'i.tiro and City of llirliin"inl #*ti the f'liancery
, i le. Hie 7tli day of February, I d.1 ^ary (IMfiange, pltf.
, 'rairiM Willtam Htorton and Hally W, his wife, uml other
j llie (lefrtHlantn ah ve n uird nef liavlng entered tfieii
ipp' »r.«n r and ftvan serur-ty according to the a, t das*
scmMy and the Ride of this Court, and it appealIng. l.y
satisfactory evidence, that they ar> nut tiihixh'iant* of tin*
Com:i otiw# lit It: I is ordered. That Ihe said defendants #t«»
appear at tlie R idea to he field on Hie first Monday In Mar
nf *f, and answer Ihe loll of the plaintiff, and that a ropy of
this ii-d r l.e forfhw »l* In-- t ediu some newspaper pub
lished in the • ity . itounion I. fur two months sticeesslvo
hr, and posted #* tlie front door o| the Capitol in the said
City. A Copy. Teste,
fa9 w9w_WM. O hanih*. t rk
l «1A \* • riiii I in the Clerk's Offica of tho
V f’lrcnlt Htifu rlnr Court ol I aw ar.d Chancery for tho
county t»f llenrlro and ciiv » f Richmond „„ thr ff|ianr« » y
Side.Hi# seventh (lay of Febrimy, M4*:~Richard II llax
all and Muncure Rohlns' n, pltfs. against John Hath and
t'l.srlfli J ,Mnr initrdo, Jr. delis.
The defends#.t, John lleth, rot having e ntered Ids ai»
prannre and given aerurify according t«» ilia art of Aa
aen.hly ami the Rules of this Court, and If appear mg, by as*
tisfsclory rti h lice, he is not an intuihifant of firs
*' I i int do
*| j ar at lh»' Role f.» l.e held on the first Monday In May
neif, ard answer the lull of the plainliffa-and ftiaf a
r,d y of tide order be f.>rltiwi>h Inserted In some newspa
per \ uldi-hr ! In the » i»v of Richmond f.»r two month* sue.
re*, vrlv. and posted at the front door <»f the Cat iti-l
in tl. • said t tty.
A Copy—Tt Me,
fe in uow WM fl. HAN Oft, Clerk.
V fit Gift I A At Rules held In the • left's Office of
the f 'ireuit Hoperlor Court of loiw and Chancery forth**
f ounf v of llenrtco arid l‘»»y ol H'< tnnorid on I tie I lisocri y
•I *e. the 7ili *t»y of February. IkW - William Crane and
JsuirsC f rune, late partners, under Ihe firm and style # f
W A J C Crane A t o, pltfs siait.M Fdw »d Warren Anti
Msiv l> hi* w fe, James Fisher and John Fisher, Met jandti
Flaher and fJIdeoti Fisher, |nf««l ehlldren and heir* ol
Kltxab**th Fisher, deceased, Isle wife of aatd James I’lshoi,
and another, deft a.
Ttiw defender!* almfA named not hsv'ng entered their
appearance and given seeuilty. according to tlie act of aa*
anntdy an«t tl»e rules of il.ta f '«.utt, and it appearing, l.y
antisfarf/ry evidence, that tliey are not Inlial tt mtv of fl.is
Commonwealth: ft la ordered, that the r.ipt defendants .In
appear at the Ruff* lobe l*e:.| on the first M odiy in Mey
neft, and an w* i llie lull of the plaintijf*, and that a coj y
• ‘thia order t.e forthwith insorten In witnn nrwampet puli
ll. f.e/| in Hie elf? of Riebnmndf for two tnortha ttiecea
lively; and poste/1 at thA flont ioor of the t apifol in the
said C Hy.
A Copy# Teafe,
fe 9 stv WM fl HAND*.Clerk.
»•: w A'l kHM k < <».,
At 111 ' Old Sin nil nl S imnr I i’utne v,
il AV|A« pnrebieeil Cie entire Mock »l nl<l Pninry
I win rornninr In keep I! ntiarlfpa aii|,pl|r,| wlili an aa
anrtnirni in rv. ry war filled mine in.lr of ihe my »r I
Country dealer i, f.i w l.ielr they inrne ilm attention of itiatr
Irlrt'daand Ihe former eitrinmeranf Mr Pninry.
Inrm’ing ro mako ttirlr pnrrliarra ete.llietrely, and at
all rimra for raah, ihry arr prepared lo aril on lavonialdn
irrma, and lo five atirli ati> niton to Ihr inierrat of cuatoni*
ore aa will arc me am! in nl public lalranage.
I harrenld my rnt're ameklo J. F.. Watklna A On m l
lake idraanrr in rrromn.ro lin* Ihrm In my friend* and
cnetmorr*, iwirnl, from aclml knowledge of llteir
•nearia, that an aesnrlinrtit will alwaya he kept »otf»d *c*
tlm wama nl all. MAMCKI. PtITMKV.
ITF- N. II - -Peraona harlna l.nalneaa with ma, ran And
Mir at uiy lale aland, for Ike «iaa<at. A. P,

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