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Shenandoah Herald
THURSDAY, JUNE 28,....,.18GG.
Local Department
Masonic Procession.
Tin* festival of St. Jolm tho Haptist falling upon
Sunday, Saturday the 23d of June was observed
by llunter Lodge, at Edinburg, instead of the 24th.
We had the pleasure of being present and par
ticipating in the proceedings, and will endeavor
to give a brief synopsis of what took place for the
benefit of the order generally .
After attending to business matters in the Lodge,
the fraternity, including visiting brethren from
other Lodges, proceeded to the Herman Reformed
Church, where the procession was formed, at 10
o’clock, under the direction of II. II. lliddleberger,
of Hunter Lodge, chief marshal, assisted by N.
Fountain,- of Cassia and Charles Keyser of Lafay
ette Lodge. 1’ortlons of the Strasburgand Wood
stock bands marched in front, discoursing most ex
cellent and anil-stirring music, appropriate to the
After marching through the main streets, the
procession proceeded to the beautiful grove a few
hundred yards southwest of town, where the most.
mnnlejivcparati<#ns had been made for the accum
auodaUonoT the Thtxenntv ami me citizens gen
■» .Several hundred ladies and gfn (lemon. from ev
ery part of the county, and some from adjoining
counties, had preceded the procession and were
awaiting its arrirai.
The services in the grove were introduced by
prayer by Uev. .1. 1\ Ilyde, chaplain of Cassia
Lodge. The P. \V. M. ot'Hunter Lodge, lb JMill
er, then installed the officers elected for the ensu
ing year, assisted by the W. JI. of Cassia Lodge,
•J. Haas, as follows .
J. \V. Windle, W. M.;
Jno. S. Hutchinson, S. W.$
it. C. Pragonier, J. W.;
H. II. luddleherger, Sec.;
dim. 11. Miller. S. ]).;
Samuel Vance, J. 1).:
L. \V. drove, S. and T.
P. W. M. Miller then introduced Uev. J. P.
Hyde to the audience, wh >delivered an address of
about an hour’s duration, wi.h replete interesting
masonic history, happy and forcible illustration,
and sound and logical reasoning. Indeed, for the
edification oP the eager and attentive assemblage,
the speaker divulged many of those beautiful and
instructive '•secrets.” so-called, that have adorned
the institution of Masonry in all ages of the world.
His cogent reasons why the ladies were not ad
mitted as “working members” of Masonic Lodges
wore peculiarly felicitous, and must have given
satisfaction to all present. Put as it is probable this
address will be laid before the public in a more
tangible form, we shall not attempt to discuss its
merits at length here.
After music by the band. U. C. l’ragonier, Esq.,
was introduced by P. W. M. Miller, and deliver
ed a most chaste and eloquent address, in which
the principles and tenets of the institution of Ma
sonry were discussed in a most lucid and satisfac
tory manner. When we consider that the speak
nr is a young Mason, and has had but limited
means for obtaining information upon so vast and
sublime a theme, this address was highly credita
ble to the young orator. Indeed, it would have
W reflected honor upon more exponenccdTTearts! "]
The singingof that most beautiful and inspiring j
production, “Hums’ Adieu,” by several of the
brethren, concluded the ceremonies in the grove.
The procession was again formed and returned
t<> town, to the hotel of brother P. F. Murray,
where the fraternity, numbering considerably ov
er one hundred, and a large number of gentlemen
and ladies, partook of a most sumptuous dinner.
Our energetic landlord seems to have made the
“whole boundless continent” tributary to him mi
this occasion ; for his ample tables literally groan
ed benefiti their choice viands. The garnered
wealth Sfthe land, the most choice contents of the
storehouse, the bountiful productions of the field,
and the most tempting delicacies of the garden—
these were ail brought in requisition to add to the
magnificence of the rich repast. Indeed, time
would fail to enumerate all the good things that
graced the festive board.
For awhile, at least. ‘
inoculative Masonry
was laid aside, and ail devoted themselves to tile i
pleasant and refreshing labor so necessary for the I
reeuia ration of the exhausted energies of the out- I
ward man. And right heartily was this work per
formed. N\ hole columns of meats and vegetables
end pyramids of cakes disappeared before the
• working tools’* of these ‘‘'operative Masons” like I
snow before the melting rays c.f the sun. Fair
hands were busy, in the meantime, in the con
stant preparation of such things as were needed,
end the waiters, among whom we noticed our old
triends, lien Hamilton and Hob .Newman, were
assiduous in their attention to the guests.
Alter dinner, the craft were summoned to the
Kef. Church for the purpose of taking such action
as is customary—the adoption of resolutions of
thanks, the appointment of committees to wait up
on the orators, Ac.
Jn addition to the brethren belonging to Wnod
stocK ami Edinburg Lodges, there was a good at
tendance from Luray and .’New Mai ket, and a few
transient members of distant Lodges.
The entire proceedings of the day passed off
pleasantly and agreeably to all parties. May we I
.all huig lie*- to enjoy such “happy greetings.” -If
the political world i; awry and in < haotic disorde -,
tlie brethren of the “mystic tie” are going through
the process of ‘'‘reconstruction” in a manner that
should put to shame the less pliable material oft! e
‘‘reconstructionists,” so-called, whose fruitless la
bors cast a dark shadow over the “land we love.”
The Wheat Crop.
For the information of our readers we copy from
pur exchanges sucli articles as seem to give most
correct information concerning the crops of wheat
now being harvested. The general and concur
rent opinion is, among the well informed farmers,
that the superior quality of the grain this year
will make the crop almost equal to that of last sum
We have recently conversed with several gentle
men from Page county, and they assure us that
the crop in that county, upon an average, is much
more promising than it is in (bis section.
We do not recollect ever having seen wheat more
thoroughly matured ami filled than it is in this
county ; and it is therefore certain that the sup
ply will be larger than was anticipated earlier in
the season. In fact, as is too frequently the ease,
oar poeplc were more badly scared than hurt.
Valuable Land for Sale.
We call attention to the advertisement of Wal
ton ami Uirtl, (Jommissionei s, for the sale of some
very valuable land, located in this county.
.Messrs, i-aacand Ilenrv Sheet/, have coinmenc
<-d Making the brick foi the m n lb < -b tm i.m
i hurt-h in iriij* place
Woodstock Seminary.
. The semi-annual examination of llic pupils in
(his institution took placeou Thursday last, in the
presence of some oftke trustees and patrons of the
school. There had been no special preparation
lor these exercises}ns is generally customary for
such occasions, but the \ariotis classes were exam
ined promiscuously upon the different branches
taught, embracing sueb questions as those conduc
ting the examination saw proper to propound.—
Those studying the higher branches—Latin, Math
ematics, Dictation, &c.— particularly distinguish
ed themselves. This we say without intending any
disparagement of those in the primary classses.
The promptness and correetnes with which most
of the questions propounded were answered by
the pupils, who could not have anticipated their
character, shows that the instruction must have
been thorough and the manner of imparting it a
daptert to the capacities of the children ; that it
was plain, practical and comprehensive. M i ny "of
our most learned teachers lack this happy faculty
of imparting to others the knowledge which they
possess. This faculty is parti3' natural, but acquires
its full development by long and patient pratice.
The principals of this institution, Mtftsrs. Gra
bill and Magruder, we think, have shown that
they are eminently quaified.for the position, and
we therefore take pleasure in commending their
school to the patronage of tlnyco in nihility.
•The Male Academy.
This building is in smnost dilapidated
condition. DuringAhffiy nrT and since its
termination, the occupied. by
federal soldiers. The windows and win
dow frames, floors, benches, desks, all
have been destroyed, and the basement
has been used for the basest of purposes.
The trustees have no funds on hand to
make the necessary repairs, and unless
something is soon done, it must become an
utter wreck. Would it not be well to lease
the building to some person, or association,
who will repair it and use it for some bet
ter purpose than it is now devoted to? The
upper story is used by the masonic fratern
ity, and perhaps an arrangement could be
made with them to save* the building from
i Important,\otice.
J The Clerk of this county, Mr. Fravcl,
has received from the Governor of the
State a circular, requesting him to for
ward to certain parties in Richmond, the
names of all persons residing in the county
who have lost limbs during the war, or
from any other cause, we presume, with
full description of the character of the in
juries resulting from such loss. It is the
design of the proper authorities to take
sush measures as will be necessary for
supplying limbs to this unfortunate class.
Those interested will therefore report at
once to Mr. Fravcl, in order that lie may
report them as requested.
The Exhibition.
The attention of our citizens is called to
the notice of tin/ Exhibition to be given .
by the tTIc Academy in this
place, on jl-At!ay evening next in the
Methodist church. Wc feel safe in prom
ising those who may be present a rich in
tdlcctual feast. The fee for admission is
trifling, yet, if Our citizens generally Avill
contribute a mite, a sum suflicieut to make
all needed repairs to the Seminary prop
erty may be realized. This is an object
that must commend itself to our warmest
approbation and support.
Haste to Hie Wedding.
As faithful chroniclers of what is going
on in our midst, we note the marriage, on
Sabbath last, in this place, by Rev. J. 1\
Hyde, of E::cLlal Thompson, freed man,
and M(n/<urf Xfinnan, free woman, all
of the colored persuasion.
Strasburg A eademy.
Tlit; pupils of the Strasburg Academy will have
an Exhibition on the 2d and 3d days of .July. A
small admission fee will he charged, and the funds
reali/.etl will be devoted to the Lutheran Church
in that place, which had been greatly injured and
defaced by the soldiers in (lie various armies that
occupied the Valley during the war. This is a
most laudable and praiseworthy object, and will
douhtles he sufficient to say nothing of the rich
intellectual treat that may be expected in the ex
Olio ile Flora.
This is one of the most delightful perfumes ever
offered the public. If is not only a delightful per
fume. hut it is a sury*dt strover and proven five of
moth in clothing. Sold at\V. il. ljargelt’s Jew
elry Store—See advertisement.
I3oyk Noticscs.
Of a Yo>'yG Folks for July, has been received.
VTc know of no book better a dan ted and arranged
for the young mind, and \vA would be glad to see
this Illustrated Youth's Murrazine extensively cir
culated among our young toiks. Published by
Ticknor & Fields, Boston, at $2.00 a year.
Tiik A i i,antic Monthly for July, with its usual
staid, solid and instructive table of contents. Pub
lished by Ticknor & Fields, Boston.
Tin: I, aim ks Fin end for July has been laid upon
<>ur table. It is very appropriately styled “The
Ladies Friend.” and deserves a place in every
household. Published by Deacon & Peterson,
Gooey for July, with its fine fashion plates, en
gravings and interesting reading has arrived, and
we feel like a friend had come to cheer us. It is
published by Louis A. Coder, Philadelphia.
The Land We Li ve, a rew monthly, devoted to
Literature and the Fiue Arts, and edited by Gen.
I). II. Hill (late of tbe Southern Army,Mias been
received. This is a purecly southern production
and should sustuinde by cvrv lover of the sunny
land. We invite our friends to call and examine
the numbers lor May and June. Address James
P. Irwin. Charlotte, X. C. $3, a year, in advance,
or $5 on credit
The Old (L auu, for July is on our table. It
contains an excellent steel plate portrait of Gener
al Wade Hampton, and a number of stering ar
ticles suitable to the times. The work ought to
be read by everybody. $3 a year. Yan Evrie &
Co , publishers, 1G2 Nassau St., N. Y.
“Dont be Foolish.”--You can make Six Dollars
from Fifty Cents. Call and examine an invention
urgently needed by * 'crybody. Or a sample sent
frei* by m^il for f><)e., that retails easily for $0, by
IL L. Woleott 170 Chatham Square, New York
jr: i t—1\.
GROVER’S THEATRE, Washington, D. G\,
WcdnestLay, July 25, isoo.
Number of Tickets issued 125,000.
30,000 Valuable Gifts worth $223,291
will be presented to Ticket dividers.
This is the greatest inducement ever offered to
the public, one ticket out of every four drawing
a prize.
1 Gift in Greenbacks......§10,000
1 “ . 5,000
1 “ in 7.30 U. S. Bonds. 3,000
1 in Greenbacks. 2,000
1 “ “ . 1.000
4,000 Gifts in Greenbacks ; §1 each 4,000
1 Three-story Brick House on tliird
street east, between Massachusetts
Avenue ami. North C, Capitol lfill,
Washington, 1). C. 5,500
1 Fine lot adjoining the above resi
dence north, 40 feet front by 05 deep
to an alley.1. 1,600
Nine Square Grand Pianos at §600 each ; 5
Melodeons at §200 each , 30 Gent’s Gold Watch
es at $250 each : 17 Lady’s Diamond Watches at
§150 each ; 10 Lady’s Diamond Watches at §125
each; 20 American Hunting case Watches at. §75
each ; 40 Sewing Machines from $50 to §100 each;
10 Elated Tea Sets at §75 each; 10 Silver Castors
at §15 each; 6,000 Albums from §3 to §10 each ;
850 Gold Rings from §5 to §10 each; 2,000 Gold
Fens, in Boxes, at §3 each; 2,000 Gold Lined Gob
lets and Cups at $2 each ; 4.000 Pair Gent’s Gold
Sleeve Buttons from §2 to §8 each; 0,000 Clocks,
Books, Cutlery, Ac., from §2 to $5 each: in all 30,
000 gilts, the total value of which is §f23,201.
The drawing will take place after the Concert,
on the stage ot the theatre, where 2,000 persons
can witness it. A committee will be appointed bv
the audience to superintend the same. Ail pur
chasers and agents will be supplied with correct
lists of drawing as soon as published. Parties
holding tickets will retain them until after the
drawing, and if their number appears in the list of
drawn numbers, they will forward their ticket im
mediately, with full directions as to the shipping
of goods or moneys. Tickets are for sale a t the
principal hotels, book and music stores in the city,
and at our office, 346 Pennsylvania Avenue, be
tween Sixth and Seventh. Price §1 00.
Good and reliable Agents wanted in every city,
town, and village in tile United States, to'whom
great inducements are offered. References re
require a.
Special Terms or Club Sates:
Any party procuring a club of five or more
names for tickets and forwarding us the money for
the same will be allowed the following commiss
5 Tickets to one address for.SI ,r>0
10 “ “ . !) oo
20 ' • “ “ 17 50
30 “ “ “ 2(i 25
40 “ “ “ .00
50 “ “ “ 43 50
And 100 “ “ “ ....s5 OO
In every case send the name and post office ad
dress of each separate subscriber.
Money by draft, 1’. 1). order, express, or in reg
istered letters, may be sent at our risk.
All communications should be addressed to
34(1 Pa. Av,, Washington, 1). C.
The proprietors will donate to the directors of
the National Orphans’ Home Institution, $2,000.
Hon. Thomas Ilood, Madison. Wis.; C. M. Walk
er, Esq.. Adrian, Mich. J. F. IS rad ley, Esq., Chi
cago, Til. I). A. Weinberg, Importer of watches,
Chicago. 111.; Ed. A. Ellsworth, Esq.. Washing
ton, I). C.; II. C. Dewitt, Esq., Cleveland, Ohio;
Hon. Win. N. JJutterfield, N. Y.: Hon. Henry
llarnes. Detroit, Mich.; Gen. Charles T. Camp
bell, Waukesha, Wis.: Maj. Enoch Totten, Wash
ington. D. C.; N. ]$. Eidredge, Esq., Adrian,
Mich.; Win. Flinn, Esq., late L\ S. Navy Agent,
Washington, D. C.
X.- B.—Editors of country papers are authoriz
ed to act a's our agents, and they will he allowed
full commission on all tickets ordered, whether for
themselves or other parties who imiv order through
them. Proposals for Inserting inis acHVrtisenruirt
are requested.
June 21, I8G0.
JUNE 28 Tty, 1860.
1 500
2 000
2 500
2 500
2 500
3 500
1 350
0 000
5 000
2 000
5 000
S 125
2 025
I 000
3 000
2 000
4 OoO
5 ooo
1 ulucd at $144,000 will be presented to
Ticket holders, including ,650 in
Number of Tickets Issued, 150,000,
-:o:- •
;77»3''l>on’t delay to secure a Ticket, ONE HOL
LA It will never make you poor, whereas )>v a time
ly investment it 51A V M ARE YOU RICH. One
Ticket in every four will receive a Gift.
1st grand gift in greenbacks 815 000
2d “ “ •• •* 10 000
3d “ “ “ “ 5 000
4th “ “ “ “ 3 000
5th “ “ “ “ 2 000
5th to 10th gifts ingrecnb'ks, $500 oacli 2 000
10th to 15th “
3 5t3i to 25th “
25th to 50th “ “
50th to 100th
300th to 200th
200th to 350th
350th to 020th 5
020tli to (!50tli pianos valued at $000 eacli
(J30th to 040th ‘ ‘ 500
040th to 050th Mclodeons valued at $200
050th to 075th Gents gold watches
valued at $200 each
075th to 700t.h Ladies’ Diamond
watches valued at $125 each
700th to 735th Am. 11. C. silver 75
735th to 700th Fat. L. S. Wat’ $40
700th to 770th Diamond iiings val
ued at $100 each
770th to 780th Fins
800th to 820th Sewing Machines 100
820tli to 830th Silver Fluted Tea
Sets valued at $75 each
850th to 800th Castors 10
800th to 2,860tii Albums valued at $2
2,86oth to 3,SOoth 5
Manner of Distribution.—A box contain
ing duplicate numbers of all Tickets from 1 to
150.000, will be placed upon the Stage, a Commit
tee chosen by the Audit nee will then select a Child,
who having been blindfolded, will proceed to draw
the numbers from the Box one at a time. The
tirst number thus drawn will receive the tirst gift
$15,000 in Greenbacks, the second number the
next gift, and so on until the whole 37,500 gifts
have been distributed.
Complete lists of numbers entitled to Gifts will
be forwarded to Ticket Holders and Agents as.
soon as possible after the concert.
ASb.Uodd and reliable agents w
where, to whom liberal inducement.
Tickets can be had at all the prim _
^ earloy’s News Stand, F. O. Buildiir
Otlicc, 301 West Baltimore Street.
Special Terms or Club
party procuring a Club of Five or more names for
Tickets and forwarding us the money for the same,
will be allowed the following commissions, viz :
We will send, a Tickets to one address for $J 50
3ft Tickets to one address for $0 00, 50 Tickets to
one address for $43 50, 100 Tickets to one ad
dress for $85 00.
In every case send address of eacli subscriber
with town, county and state in full.
Money hv draft, 1*. 0. order, express, or in reg
istered letters may be sent at our risk.
The l’roprietors will donate2,000 dollars to the
Foor of Baltimore.
All communications should be addressed to
F. O. BOX 985, Baltimore. Md.
References :—John Davereaux, Esq., Chicago,
111.; A. (). Childs, Esq., Hudson, Mich.: E. Root,
Esq., Lanark, 11!.; Gen. J. H. King. Atlanta, (3a.;
L. J. Livingston, Esq., New York City ; Win.
Jones, Jr., Cineinnatti, Ohio s II. C. Smith, New
York : E. F. Huyck. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Proposals for inserting advertisement requested.
$£■©.-Ticket can be secured by applying at the
Shenandoah Herald 0/7/< C.
June 14. 1800.
fuels, at
lid at our
June Term County Court, JWK5.
llirani Bauserman and others, complainants, vs,
Mary Bauseianan and others, defendants—In
j adjudge, order and decree, that George W.
Miley, or one of the other commissioners of this
court, do state, settle and adjust the accounts of
John Bauserman, the Administrator of Abram
Baiiserman, deceased, including the debts due the
estate as well as those collected; that lie also take
a, list and proof of the outstanding debts against
said estate, and report any other matter which he
may deem pertinent or any of the parties may re
quire, arid report to court in order to a further
decree herein. A copy—Teste,
JAMES G. FRAYED, c. e. c.
June 14, 1866.
4 LL parties interested in the above cause are
\ hereby notified that I have appointed H.vr
i iinAY the 7rti day of July, 1866, at the clerk’
oilicc of the county court of Shenandoah county,
to settle the accounts of sajd administrator and for
receiving proof of all demands against said dece
dent or his estate, as also those in which lie was
security; at which time and place you are requir
ed to attend. Given under my hand this 12th day
of June, 1866 GEO. \V. MILEY,
June 14, ls6Gr4t Commissioner.
Pocket din! I>cit Revolvers, Repeating Pistols,
Itifle <Vr.es, Revolving Rifles, liillc and Shot Gun
Barrels and Materials. Sold by gun dealers and
the trade generally.
In (dose days of house breaking and robbery
ever; house, store, bank and ollice should have
/ one of
Circulars containing cuts and description of our
Arms will be furnished upon application.
Elion. New York.
No. 40 Courtlandt St., New York.
June 14, 18GG. Cm.
Are now prepared to oiler to jobbers and retail
KET. The pens are of different sizes, from Nos,
1 to 9, inclusive.
The price of VALENTINE & CO’S first quali
ty Gold Pens, without cases, and warranted for
one year, except against accident, is as follows :
Ao. 1 Pen, SI 25 ; No. 2 Pen, Slot) ; No. 11 Pen:’
$2 00 : No. 4 Pen, S2 25 : No. 5 Pen' S2 75 : No.
ti Pen. S3 50 : No. 7 Pen, SI 50 : No. H Pen. $5
50 ; No. 9 Pen, S7 00. All our tirst. quaitv Pens
are stamped ‘‘E. D. Yalentine, & Co.”
The Above Pens In Solid Silver Ex
tension Cases, with Pencils.
For $2 Oft, a No. 1 pen, 1st quality.
For S2 30, a No. 2 pen, 1st quality.
For $3 25, a No. 3 pen, 1st quality.
For S3 75, a No. 4 pen, 1st quality.
For $4 5ft, a No. 5 pen, 1st quality.
For §5 75, a No. 6 pen, 1st quality.
The Same Gold Pens in Gold Plated
Ebony Desk Holders and Morocco
For $2 Oft, a No. 2 pen, 1st quality.
For if2 75, a No. 4 pen, 1st quality.
For S3 50, a No. 5 pen, 1st quality.
For §4 50, a No. (! pen, 1st quality.
For S5 75, a No. 7 pen, 1st quality.
For if? 25, a No. 8 pen, 1st quality.
Egli^Cf 00, a No. 9 pen, 1st quality.
Second Quality Pens--Not Warranted.
Our second quality pens are stamped “E. Havis
A Co.,” and are carefully made, having the same
points as on; first, quality pens, the only material
dilfereiice being in the quality of the gold. The
prices of these pens areas follows:—No. 2 pens,
75c.; No. 3 pen, SI 00 ; No. 4 pen, Si 25 ; No. 5
pen, SI 50 : No. 8 pen, SI 75.
The Above Pens in Silver Plated Ex
tension Cases, with Pencils.
1 or SI 25, a No. 2 pen, 2d quality.
1’or $1 50, ji No. 3 pen, 2d quality.
For SI 75, a No. 4 pen, 2d quality.
For $2 25, a No. 5 pen, 2d quality.
For S2 75, a No, G pen, 2d quality.
Our pens rank throughout the country as equal,
if not superior, to any gold pens manufactured,
rmt only for their writing qualities, but durabili
ty y and elegant finish. The greatest care is used
in their manufacture, and none are sold with the
slightest imperfection which skill can detect. We
would call the attention of the dealers to the cele
brated HAUL BRETON Watch, for which we
are the sole agents for the Cnited States. We
have them in silver and gold cases.
Jobber;;, retailers, jewelers, and all dealers in
Ditr line throughout the country, are requested to
send for a circular. Address
Manufacturers and 'Wholesale Dealers in
Gold Pens. Jew.dry and Watches,
No. 15 Maiden lame, Xew York.
.Tunc 1-1, 18GG—ly.
“Put Money in. tliy Parse” !
AGENTS, Male or Female, and of all
ages, are wanted to canvass every City. Town,
\ illage, llandet, 'Workshop and Factory through
out the entire world, for the sale of our WATCII
Energetic persons of good habits and fair bus
iness tact, can clear over $2r> per week in the coun
try. and a much larger amount in thickly settled
localities !
AN j !fa 7 licq ut red ! !
Samples of oi^Artides to the amount of S3, will
be sent by mail lor inspection, and if not perfectly
satisfactory no charge.
Send your address, if you are of an industrious
turn of miiHi and inquest of immediate wealth!
Direct to 1’AKKINSOX A CO., Importers,
May 31. ’G(>— 13t. 20,s Broadway, Xew York.
John A. Saum & Bro.,
Plain and Japanned Tin Ware,
IVDIXliURG, VA., have on hand a stock of
j goods in their line, which they will sell for
cash or country produce as low as they can be
had elsewhere in the Valley of Virginia.
Roofing «fc Spouting promptly executed
and satislaetion guaranteed. JfetV’Orders from
country merchants flfied at lowest wholesale pri
ces. [Edinburg. June 21, 18GG-y
Tlie fourth session of this Institution will be for
mally closed in the school rooms on Friday M«rn
inff, at 9 o’clock, June 29th, bv the Principal,
Rev. James H. Averitt. The annual Address will
be delivered In*Major R. W. Hunter, on Thursday
Morning, at 11 o’clock, June 28th. Subject,
“The new duties devolving upon Southern women,
because of the changes incident to the War.”
The valedictory sermon, particularly adaoted to
the young, will be preached by Rev. G. W. An
drews. i). D., in the Episcopal (,'l.urch. The pat
rons of the school, with their families, the young
people of the community and the public generally
arc invited to hear'bOth the Sermon and Lecture.
June 21. ]’resident Hoard of Visitors.
go to DONALDSON' A KX EiSLh't ’S.
Get. 20,
^TTiits exquisite perfume is introduced for univer
1 use being the only Perfume now to be
found that answers that purpose.
] t perfumes the pocket hankerehief, better than
Jockey Clab or Cologne water without staining
or wetting. /?!so, at the same time, perfumes ail
kinds of clothing, preventing them from having
that, peculiar “musty” smell when kept in trunk's
or drawers.
It keeps out “moth” from all kinds of clothing,
furs, Ac.
For perfuming visiting or wedding cards, en
velopes, writing paper, Ac., it is superior to any
thing in use ; three of tint “Olios” being sufficient
to perfume one thousand envelopes and two reams
of paper.
bids perfume will last for years, rendering ev
erything with which it comes in contact exquisite
ly sweet. Full printed directions go with each
“Oi.ro.” Sent by. mail, for 50 cents eaclr, three
for One Dollar, six for Two Dollars, or sixteen
for Five Dollars,.free of postage. Price to Agents
by Express §20 per hundred, fifty for $10.
Send cash orders to Dr. M. L. BYRX, Box
IGllO P. O. Xew York, or call at 75 Bank Street.
_yCi?-FoR Sale at Bargelt’s Jewelry Store in
June 7, iStTC—Tm,
1 Sir:—Take notice,
that, mi Safitrifay the 7th dai/ of July, 1800, be
tween the hours of sunrise ana sunset, at the
house of Emilv Batthis in the town of Strasburg,
in Shenandoah county,4 before some competent au
thority, I shall proceed to take tffe depositions of
Charles J. Hite and others, to be read as evidence
in my behalf, in a suit pending in the circuit court
of said county for divorce, in which 1 am com
plainant ami you are defendant: when and where
you can attend.
If IVrun any cause said depositions are not com
ment id, or if commenced and not. completed
said day, the taking of the same will be continued;
from day to dav until the same are taken or com
pleted. Yours. Ac.
By her Attorneys, Walton a Waltox,
May 24/ 1800-4w
E. & K. T ANTHONY & CO.,
Manufacturers of Photographic Materialsf
In addition to our main business of PHOTOGRAPHIC MA
TERIALS, we are headquarters for the following, viz.:
Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic Views,
Of these we have an immense assortment, including
Obtained at great expense and forming a complete
Bull Run,
Tair 0ak3,
Savage Station,
Deep Bottom,
Fort Morgan,
Dutch Gap,
Pontoon Trains.
Hanover Junction.
Lookout Mountain,
City Point.
Bello Plain,
Strawberry Plains,
&c. &c.
American and Foreign Cities and Landscapes, Groups, Status*
ry dec., die. Also, Revolving Stereoscope*, for public or private
oxnibition Our Catalogue will be sent to any address on receipt
of Stamp.
Photographic Albums.
We were the first to introduce these into the United State*
and we manufacture immense quantities in great variety, rang
ing in price front 5<J cents to $.10. Our ALBUMS have tfie repu
tation of being superior in b«vutv and durability to auv other.—
They will ho sent by mall, KRfcik, on receipt of price.
&3^~ktne albums MADE TO ORDER.
The Trade will find our Albums the most
Saleable they can buy.
Onr Catalogue n*-*w embraces over Five Thousand different
subject* (to which addition* are continually being made) of EuA*
nent Americans,&c., viz about
100 Maj-Gena. 100 Lleut-Cols 65>0 Statesmen,
100 Brig H 250 other Ofllcers, 130 Diviues,
275 Colonels, 75 Navy Otikers, 125 Authors,
40 Artists- 125 Stage, 50 Prominent WoroetU
3,Ooo Copies of Works of Art,
Including reproductions of the most celebratsd Engraving^
Paintings, Statues. Ac. Catalogues aeut on receipt of Stump.
An order for Oue Dozen Pictures fro-.u our Catalogue, will be
flljrtd on receipt of and sent by maiL fees.
Photographers and others oriicriug goods C. O. D., will pleas®
femlt twenty tire percent, of the amount with their order.
fcSf'Tbc prices and quality of uur gooda uuiiiot fail to
June 7, 1SCC—Iv. ■ ' V
i ---
Crystal Palace Still Open!
fjpiIE store1 formerly owned by T. S. Smith and
g conducted by Kodcifcr <fc Danner, has been
purchased by the undersigned : and he takes plea
sure in announcing to his friends and all who may
favor him with a call, that he will endeavor to
make it to their interest to give at least a share of
their custom—leaving them to judge how far the
Crystal 3’alacc is behind the times in low prices.—
Ho has now on hand an extensive assortment of
New and Seasonable Goods,
and is receiving additional supplies every week,
which will enable him to suply the wants of the
people upon terms as low as they can be purchased
anywhere in the Valley. The highest market pri
ces paid for all kinds of country produce.
The services' of M r. i>. RouekfEB have been se
cured, who will be pleased to see his old friends
and customers. Call and examine for yourselves.
Dec. 22. 1865. J. WM. JDAXXEli.
<&1 nn REWARD !
\V as stolen from Queen Street in Martinsburg,
W. Va.. on the night of April 26, 1. i>6, a bright
BAY ITOUSK, 4 years, about 15 hands high.—
Xo marks except trace marks on both hind legs,
and cut on right side of mouth from bridle bit.—
Light colored about mouth and eyes : carries up
well, dog-trots, and paces slowly. Had on when
taken a new bridle and Summer-seat saddle.
1 will give, for the recovery of the horse and the
capture of the thief, $100, on delivery at Martins
burg; or for horse, saddle and bridle, §50.
If taken in Shenandoah county, the horse can
be delivered to the edttors of the 1!kkau>.
Mar 31, 18’GG-3t Martinsburg, West Va.
(A | PER YEAR ! we want Agents
<§) 1 qJUU everywhere to sell our impuovku
§20 Sowing Machines. Three new kinds. Under
and upper feed. Sent on trial. Warranted live
years. Above salary or large commissions paid.
The OXLY machine sold in United States for less
than §40. which are fully lieenscd by Hume, Whee
ler A' Wilxnit, Grover <t' Baker, Singer <t- Go,,
and llaehetder. AH other cheap machines are in
fringement* and the seller or user are liable to nr
rest, fine and iingrinnunent. Illustrated circulars
sent free. Address, or call upon Shaw & Clark,
at lJiddeford. Main, or Chicago, 111.
May 31, 1866—ly.
X o 2, S. C A L V E li T S T . ,
One Door South of Baltimore Street.
r) espcctfullv invites the citizens of Woodstock,
and the Valley to call and examine his large
and extensive assortment of
F 1 X E HOOTS, S 11 O E S <fc G A 1 T EES,
For Gentlemen. Ladies & Children, all of the best
quality and selling at reduced prices.
Y\ holesale and Retail.
No.- 2, S. Calvert St.
June, 7—ly.. Baltimore, MA.
Licensed Auctioneers,
]710It SHENANDOAH COUNTY, nil! devote
' their attention tqihe sale of every descrip
tion of goods, wares, stock and personal and real
estate in all parts of the county,- on reasonable
terms. Orders addressed to them at Woodstock
will receive prompt attention. [Je21tf
HoBFttT NEWMAN would inform the
public, that he is prepared to disinter soldiers
and others, whose friends desire to have them re
moved. His charges will be reasonable. Address
bim at Wood-lock, Yav [Jan 12,18(10.
A .MONTH!—AGENTS wanted for
VD *'.>■ • n/tic article*, just out. Ad
dre-sA). T. GAREY, City Building, Biddeford,Me.
I May 111, i Klin—- ly.
1'I? MSH <; A R1>K1V SLEDS,
Just received and warranted
j to lie fresh. For sale bv
I 1m b. lo. l>(,ti.
B. Stuaiii Diugsti
Office at C'oL Albert’s Hotel,
Y&TILL attend to Buying, Selling and
K^ntinnr Td <« rm . [Inuonc Xl ilia
T Renting Farms, Houses, Mills, Foundries
Mineral Springs, and all kinds of Heal Estate
throughout Virginia, and especially in ShehSmio'
all ami adjoining counties.
We Lave arrangements with numerous agents
in Marvftttid, Pennsylvania. New York, and Ver
ginia; bv which Iran! placed in im^liaiids will bo'
extensively advertised in those states.. We expect
to bring to the notice of as many pucii'asers as any
other agency in the Valley, all such property' pla
ced in otir hands.
Persons wishing to sell or rent, will find it to1
their interest to plO.ce their property in our hands
and save the expenses of advertising. We will
bring it to the notice of ten purchasers to your
one, and thus enable yo'i to get the best possible
Call and give us the description, Ibcatibri, num
her of acres, price, &c. We charge nothing unl>
less we effect a sale. Those who wish to sell eanno
a*k better terms than these; the risk is all with us;'
if we do not sell we ask-nothing for our trouble
and expense. If wc do, you are bene fitted as well
as ourselves.
Persons wishing to buy rmist glv*e trs a general
description of what kind of land they wish to pur
chase, the number of acres, and the price they are
willing to give per acre.
. Numerous-enquiries are daily being made for
real estate. Almost every stage brings some seek
er of a home or investment. They are often at a
ii}«s to know where to go, or from whom they can
purchase. We will use every means to bring
(HPjfJi placed in our hands to their-notice.
mmjtifp is probably some valuable minerals, orhs,
this county already discovered, but the
value kind quality of which has never been fully
tested; if parties'having knowledge of any such
will bring us a-sample, we will-have it tested and
its value determined.
references—jix-uov. .lonn Jvetcner, Lexington1
YirgSnik; Hon. Jolm T. Harris, Attorney :it
“ ii “ W. H. Effinger, Comm’th5
AtPy Rockingham county;'-G. W. Berlin, Att’y at
Law, Harrisonburg; James H. Williams. Esq.,
Att’y at Law, Woodstock, Va.; Editors Shenan
doah Herald, Woodstock.
N-O, 201
A tract of 483£ acres, near Stony Creek, within'
3 miles of the flourishing town of Edinburg, con-'
vecient to mills, churches, schools, Railroad, Turn
pike;, etc. 30 acres of this tract are cleared and
divided into two fields, in both of which there is
water. The balance in timber. This land is
smooth, lies well, and produces excellent wheat,
corn, grass, etc.; has on it some fruit, small log
dwelling house, smokehouse, good well of water,
Ac. Desirable property for a man of small meaus.
l’rice $1,300—terms accommodating.
No. 26.
A Furnace property in Shenandoah connty,
within 4 miles of Depot on M. G. Railroad—good
road and down grade. There is about 1600 acres
ofland, about 150 acres cleared and in good farm
ing condition, the greater portion of the remainder
in good timber. This land has 3 veins of Iron ore
upon it within one-fourth of a niile of the Furnace;
the ore is inexhaustable and makes about one ton
of iron to three tons of the ore. The furnace was
burnt but can be put in good order in a short time
with about $3,000. Ample, never-failing water
power; everything convenient, rendering it one of
the most desirable as well as Iron Furnace in Va.
16 houses for hands, stable, granary, store house,
Blacksmith and Furnace tools, Ac. There is also a
bank of Manganese on this land.- This property
can be bought upon reasonable terms, but the own
er would prefer taking in a partner who can raise
20 to 25 thousand dollars in order to complete pay-,
ments and put it in running order.
No.- 2-7.
A FARM of 100 acres of good limestone land,
within % of a mile of Valley Turnpike and near
R. R. Depot: 80 acres cleared and under fencing,
divided into 9 fields, well watered by never failing
running stream and ponds, about 20 acres in good
oak and walnut timber; 8 to 10 acres of level, wa
tered meadow, the ballance of the tract slightly
rolling, all tillable and smooth land. Produces
the best of wheat, corn and grass, an abundance
of fruit of all kinds. Weather boarded house, 7
rooms and kitchen; never failing spring; spring
house. smoke-house Ac.; large log barn, with
stabling for 8 or 10 horses, and several cows: corn
crib Ac. In good neighborhood, convenient to*
churches, school house, depot, post oliice Ac.—
Price $5000 00. Payments reasonable.
No. 28.
A Tract of 376 on the Graded road between Mt.
Jackson and Orkney Springs, within 8 miles of
former, and 4 of latter ; 125 to 150 acres cleared
and fenced, ballance in fine Pine, Oak and Hick
ory timber ; 8 to 10 acres of level watered mead
ow land, the remainder rolling but all tillable small
stream running through the land and 5 or 6 springs
on it. can bo divided into 2 or 3 tracts if desire***
Good orchard, comfortable log house, smoke
house, Ac., log barn, sheds, corn-crib, Ac. Price
$11 per acre, )4 down, ballance in 1 and 2 years.
No. 03—Burner’s Springs, eight miles east of
Woodstock; a celebrated summer retreat; 7 fount
ains: White sulphur, black sttlpMr. blue sulphur,
chahbente, alum, limestone and slate, all within
ten or fifteen yards of each other. For health,
beauty of scenery, and quality and variety of wa
ter, this watering place is unsurpassed by any of
the celebrated Virginia springs. There are Sso
acres of land in the tract, about 450 cleared and
under good fencing, 160 acres ot which is first
quality bottom land, the balance is well timbered;
a portion of the timber land is Liable; will make a
splendid gracing farm. The buildings are large
and commodious: 30 to 40 cabins;- main building
100 ft long. 3 stories high; have accommodated as
many as 500 visitors at a time;- 10 to 15 bathing
rooms; all necessary out-buildings; large log barn,
Ac. Price $23,000, \4 down, the balance in two
equal annual payments.
No. 34—A tract, in Big and Little Fort, of
1900 acres, on which there Is an extensive vein of
iron ore. 30 to 30' feet thick, besides other smaller
veins: good location with sufficient water power
for a furnace, within % a mile of the main bank
of ore: down grade from the bank; 1(500 acres of
well timbered land surrounding the location. The
ore has been tried and pronounced good. About
Sat) acres cleared and under fencing, produces
well; a good log house with wing, two stories
besides basement and cellar: large log barn, shed
ding, Ac.; merchant mill running one pair briars
anci one pair choppers; saw mill, Ac-, miller s
house and 4 other tenants' houses. Any one wan
Untr good furnace property will <!<> well to call and
examine this before purchasing elsewhere. Price
and terms made known on application.
No. 35--A tune dwelling bouse and JJ acre lo
iii the town of Edinburg,, located in a pleasant
part of the town. 30 feet square with an L Kitchen,
smoke house, ice house, stable, Ac.; some apple,
peach, cherry, pliim, and damson trees, shrub
bery, Ac. Price, §3000 down.
No. 3<3—A farm of 19(5 a cues on Mill Creek. 4
miles above Mt. Jackson, on the Orkney Springs
grade; 1-10 acres cleared and under good fencing
and well watered: balance in good oak timber;
16 or 20 acres of level meadow, balance slightly
rolling; good limestone soil; orchard of apples,
peaches and other fruits ; large merchant mill be
ing built, with water power ample tor any kind
of machinery and never-failing:- small log house,
stable, spring house, Ac. Post-offices, churches,
seboof-houses, shops, &c. convenient: in a goods
neighborhood; is- a desirable property;- will be
sold for $10,000, in three payments.
No. 37.--A Farm of'240 aeres of good lime
stone land, 5 miles from Edinburg, and 5 from Mt.
Jackson, near middle road : 160 acres cleared and
under fencing in 8 fields, balanco in Pine and Oak
Timber, 20 acres of level watered meadow, bal
ance rolling, all tilable. Produce 20 to 25 bushels
w heat, and 50 to 00 of corn : good orchard young
and well selected fruit; large 2 story brick dwell
ing with L and basement story ; good well and
spring water, small running stream, land smooth,
and lies well. Price, $50 per acre, % down,
balance in 2 equal annual payments.
NO- 3S.--A tract of about 4.Too acres of moun
tain timber laud, 3 miles east of Woodstock, on
which there is some valuable timber, ore, .tc.
Price, terms, *e., made known on application!
All persons are hereby notified that the law will
be enforced against any person for cutting or haul
ing timber, &c., from the tract of land, known as
the Geo. Kniseley tract.
Besidod the above we have a number of oth
cr Cheap Farms, water-powers, tanneries, mills,
Ac., in this and adjoining counties. Purchasers
will find it to their advantage to give us a call
before purchasing elsewhere. Particular descrip
' tion, terms, ,vc. given free <>
| lion to
>f charge. on applica
nt) I/T «fc CO.,
J)"C 6 . 48155,
Win dstock, Va

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