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sVe?nc?44lHj , Jan. 9 1878.
The loaofnral.
We publish elsewhere the itttaflgui-nl
address ofGov. Ilolliday. Our readers
will, of course, form their own opinions
concerning it, but all mu>t aalm't, we
think, that it is not above criticisms.
We love Virginia. Our pulse
beats quicker when wc thiuk of
her glorious record among the galaxy of
State?, and we aie proud to call her
oiw Mother, but would not good taste
have left unsaid the closing scntense
of the addrt" :
"There was u time (has that time
goner) when to be a citizen of Virginia
was a passport wherever he might trav?
el. >hame never mantled his cheek,
but only the glow of pride, which made
him feel like the Roman ?u sight ot the
Eternal City, that tobe a Virginian was
greater than to be a King."
This is a fair specimen of the inaugur?
ai address. Very pretty aud high sound?
ing it is true. bu'_ the people, we take
it, have become weary of platitudes and
glittering generalities. They expect
and demand a speedy settlement of the
State debt, but we look in vaiu for any
practical suggestions upou that all im?
portant subject.
It is evident, we think, that Oov.
Ilolliday is in iavor of paying the debt
on the basis of the finding bill, but he
proposes no mode by which it can be
acomplished. and the whole tone of bis
address is such as to defeat an equitable
adjustment of the debt, without which
repudiation must lollow, for the peopli
will uot submit to an Increase of taxa?
tion. While we think the inaugural unfor
tuuate, and uot m harmony with the
views of the Conservative party, we do
not believe Gov. Ilolliday will do any
thing to thwart an equitable readjust?
ment of the debt.
No governor of Virginia I..;- ever en?
tered upon the duties of his office under
more trying circomstancea and we hope
ami believe he will receive the support
of the people?at all events he ought
not to be prejudged as he has been by
some of the j
V thange off irru?!*?
We hare it authcutatively. that
petition is being circulated in Frederic
and Clarke counties foi the eonsoli
datiou of the ' ideighteentl
judicial ciicait-. To what extent it ha
been favored withaignaturet we are no
informed. If indiscriminately solicited
signers will be uumerous.as we usauall;
?nd to be the case, without regard t.
the prayer ol" the petition. If, ou tin
ether hand, it I?' conflued to thoai
volved, we undertake to say there wil
not be alial! dozen-r.gm is in the si*
counties compo-ing the two districts,
Only two years have elapsed sinct
the people ot the whole lower Valle*,
were granted the poor privilege whicl
they then solicited at the bauds of the
General Assembly. Those two years
1 ave but served to demonstrate how
eminently i'i-t was their demand for a
new circuit. At the time it appeared
next to impossible to satisfv gentlemen
from some other sections of the State ol
the absolute right and uecessitv of the
case.and some magnianimously yielded
to the pressure of personal appeals. Now
however the record proves the case as
represented then and will be a com?
plete bar to any and all effort to undo
the work.
The labor performed by Judge Bin
in point of number o: well i
days of actual term setting, is in excel
of that of any judge in the State exce]
During the year 1876, in his circu?
there were 741 actions at law commet
ced, GDI pouding, and 786 decided.
There were 2V2. suit? in equity Con
menced, 2159 pending. 1193 interloo
utory decrees and 173 final decrees
Number ci davs actually employed i
court were 170.
During the year 1 -77 there wer
commenced in this county 2U4 lai
actions, with 125 pending and 20
decided. The chancery docket, show
an increase over the former year in re
sped to number commenced and neun
ber pending notwithstanding a mucl
larger proportion ol final decree?.
From the very moment of his eleva
Uosj to the Bench, Judge Bird has bei i
i.tboriou>ly aud indtisti"iou*lv at work
determined, if possible, to get tin
buaiue-i of the circuit in hand am
ruana.-' able, actually in the courts 17t
.?ays in the year, while ia s ol the dis
testal the time lliu? employed runs Iron
M to 100 tcByB the next m the report:
being Jud.'e Kelly l-l'iday*. and thet
Judge Turner, of the 12th, at 125 days
When we con-'.'! r that both the law
and equity docket-of Ibnkinghaui arc
largely in OZCetS of the exhibit he?
made for Shen.itni.'uli. it does m I
to require a word uf comment to defeat
tlie aim? and purposes of the petitioners
referred t". Besides, these exhibit!
must show that the active participators
In such a scheme are pardonably
rantof the real ..iidition of our court
We feel almo-l confident our ncigb.
bors will not proas their designs, aftei
the information they cau get, from tin
couuties of the di-trict, and that it is
only U'.cts.s.ir\ for the bars of the Ifitl
circuit to advise with their friends in
Froderiek a id Clarke.
The Cincinnati Enquirer has infor?
mation from Washington, based on
the authority of a leading lie publican,
that President Hayes will be forced out
of "the party" in sixty days after Con?
gress reassembles. It does not appear
that the President will have the poor
privilege of opening his mouth in self
defence. "Oft with bis head I" is ihe
word from headquarters.
The Inaugural.
In shallowness of thought and en
lack of practical suggestion?, it is W
out an ?--.pial in the numerous volu
of American State Papers. For soj
morical platitudes it stands "withoi
model and without a shadow." . It
fers from the letter of the candidate c
in the rounding of the periods, and
space which is devoted in this to
honor and glory of the Common wea
in that to the awful consequence- o!
increase of taxation : all of which is
be aeeeunted for on the theory that
newly Hedged is of that Talleyn
school of politicians who deline Stat
maasiiip to be, au adjustment of COI
tious to circumstances, or via rtn
Then he was a (aiiuiciate. Note he il
Pew people are surpri-ed at the do
ineut. Only those who expected (
llolliday to take a decided stand for i
only alternative for readjustment, vi
a levy sufficient to pay the debt, se
disappointed. The mass of voters hn
had too bitter au experience in t
choice-of-cvils business to suffer a
very deep chagrin. One of these ua
i them the funding bill with all its en<
inities, speculations and peculado
another has ridden two horses aroui
the great political areua buoyant wi
Micawber hopes, and leaves h
with four millions of debt accumul?t?
in pursuance ot three annual recoeame
dations ; and the third, representing
hi- o'.vn pereon as many b? uds as ai:
other oue citizeu. perhaps, in the Sta
war, not expected to do more than tai
up what his predecessor had cut dowi
The mere acceptance of a special car i
ib.-day of monopoly encroachment wi
physic enough for this section of th
States The case with which his excel
leucy was whecded iuto the street pa
geautry 'oubiuess, with steam piano an
I decorated elephant accompaniment-.am
a public inaugural in violation ci' Virgin
ia usage aud customs, developed tin
weak point in the guberuatiorial armo
and prepared all observing men for tin
4th of July horn ' .
V, ho can wonder that such a proof
governor would reprobate the annuling
of the "solemn compact" with a "-tat
1 ute book full of provisions for the en?
forcement of contracts" without a
thought of that equity which always
supervenes to prevent the accomplish?
ment of a fraud "r The wonder i-, not
that be forgot the double compounding
of war aud reconstruction interest by
public bribery through retained agent?
ot yankee syndicate-, but that in con?
clusion he could deign,in a parenthetical
! paraprapb.as it were,to "count Virginia's
me a: bb to pay her debts ami prove m
??.lability to meet them" or his mind it
cur to the bare possibility that ??the wi
1 by 'drouth" and "flood") hi
stripped her of her means."
Verily this little mess of tub makes n
feel "like a Roman in fight of the Etet
ual City" and that "to be a Virginian i
-renter than to be a king." in a hon
Hurrah for the rousing Genius ol Vir
ginlacoming from her bed chamber in
ragged night gown wondering wher
the next inaugural garment is to conn
[ than the Brat.
Rcadjustert, b< ?rare, lest you preclpi
tale upon u> that condition of "com
munism" which may relegate idle cor
morante to the normal state of eatin?
I their bread by the sweat ol theli
I and relieve productive industries Iron
j the incubus of society Pecksniffs whom
i you read about every day ?u the reports
'of broken banks, defunct insurance
companies und absconding brokers.
"May God give you Strength to aid in
holding up this brigst ideal !"
Foreign -.ews,
LordCainartoii gave some luterettin
views on England'?- attitude.to a depot,
lion, lie -ees no necessity for wa
with Russia. The war party, howevei
is making the most of Russia's reply t
the English note. The auti war pail
is runuing a counter-agitation, and ther
teema to be a stirring time in Etunlam
It it officially Stated i'i London tha
vtussia'S anawer by non:, ans shuts th
door to overture?. Italy has been in
retted with the character ol the sphynx
None of the correspondents agree as t
whether the King in his recent ipeecl
threatened Turkey, England or Russia
'ine maintain tnai be threatenet
nobody. The idea of opening direcl
negotiations with Russia is said to rute
with increasing favor at the Porte. Tin
i advance across the Etrepo
Balkans, it is held, will basten tin
withdrawl of the T rks from lue Baikal
line, or at least the wettern portion
The Mon' ire moving int.
Albania. Bistnarek'a Berlin orgai
attacks the German l?benla for theh
rejection ol the Prince's terms.
It is suited that official information
has been recited at St. Petersburg thin
the Chinese have massacred 15,000 men,
women and children at the Karhgai
town (if Manas. This, if true, ei
; the horror-of Turkish despotism am
I rivals the barbarities of the dark Bgi 8.
The KusY;ans have occupied Sophia.
meeting but -light opposition, General
Gourko bus repulsed an attack, killing
1,000 Turks and lotlng 200 of hit own
command. The Russian troops under
(?ciieral UadeUk.T have crossed the
lialkaiiH by the Shlpka l'a--, ?u?ian
' troops ?tic crossing the Danub.at Gal?
ota, iiidicuting op rations against (|?.
quadrilateral. The anti-war agitatum
in England is ?n the iniTeafie.'but seems
|confined within parly lines. Sains in
?the Turkish parliament have been
; stonny. The King of Italy is sei ?ously
ill. V disnnteh from Kloreiiee niitiotui
ces the death of Gen. Alfonso lirraro
I.a Marmora, the well-known Italian
general and statesman. Ex-President
Grant has arrived at Alexandria. Egypt,
Henry M. Stanley left Alexandria
terday for France, via Brindis. Gam*
bitia's ?ii_'?in. I.a R?publique Fran
demands Vu- leui'.val of the eomman
dcrsofthe several Frencc army r*orps,
They arc chiefly Bonaiiartists, none re?
publicans. A mania'.'?' ha- b4 en arran?
ged in l/uidoti between Lord Boaaberry
and Hannah, only tJMghter of liaron
l'othschild. The Siamese an: patting
their forts, ships and army in Sighting
condition in anticipation ot trouble with
! China?A Cuban ha9 been sentenced to
death in Port an Prince. Hayti. for in
! cendiaristu.and the Spanish fleet threat
j ens bombardment if the sentence is ex
Early Christmas morning two friends,
i under the influence of liquor, were
scuffling in a saloon in Albany, N. Y.,
and finally came to blows, when one.
named John Desmond, was struck on
I the head with a pitcher by the other,
named Win. Powers. Desmond's skull
was fractured and he died yesterday.
! Powers is in jail.
Atlanta, (.a. Dec. 2
LniToiis Hii'.Ai.p,
At tbil time 0.
log and general merry makic
all i- peace and good will toward mei
Aud from this pleasant country whei
all is sun.-tli'.nc And prosperity, it ma
not be unprofitable to some of yoi
readers to hear a limited description .
this wonderfully bustling and progr?s
sive city, with l general look at In
people and a know 1- ne of the
While you are shivering with col
aud perhap- wading through -now. v,
are having weather almost a I balmy n
a Virginia spring morning.
With enough rain during Christmas i
ell'ectuallv lay the dust all was merry :
marriage bells, except some pf the ol
financiers aeened to have a kind i
blank look on their facet seeming i
want only thai new born child of Vii
giuia. destined to lili her coller- Wll
the much talked of ''Dollar Ol our Dal
dii -." to liquidate their state debt
Atlanta is pleasantly situated on
thousand aud fifty feet above the lev?
of the sea, is the great railroad centr
of the middle southern states and a
such is the commercial centre ol middl
and northern (?a. middle Tennessi c
Alabama and the Carolina-, doing
larger vholesale trade than any cit,
south of Cinciiuiaii, and when we re
member that in Nov. 186a there wer
but two houses in tho limits which nov
contain forty thousand inhabitants, i
tar turpassea any of the tlie mu
cities of the west and i i tin
eastern cities, who in li;
ruin the south applied the red man'
weapon where the -word could not di s
On any pleasant afternoon throng)
of the beauties of Atlanta congl
here buying presents for the dear one?
at home i think Allanta j
of having more pretty ladies than an;.
city of her population on the ?'.
continent. The southern La?ies are o
a different type of beauty from an\ I
have t v. r seen eli ?? '; re, most ol
them having nice round features, with
clear rosy complexions without the
sallowness so frequently
northern belles nor yet approx ii
the ruddy cheeked German girl.
Pcachtrcc street se< ms
favorite n ?
many nice lawns and sweet
yard-, where lh.it - ?? h can
detect and enj >y pt-rfutn
feasts not surpassed ?y an
side of the land winir
fade exhaled from be Is
many other
names of which in tny ah
knowledge of botany, I still rema! i
state of blissful ignorance
peasant who when partaking .
meal at the king- table cared not for
the namet of the dishes sol b
yet enjoyed thi
much as the kuowing on< s.
The people here seem I i
open hearted with less
bigotry about th tm than in
? ru cities, b tvina
ed from tho p rnicious ;
prevalent before liiey w
through the lii'ey or! tal of
? -.. 1 ..,, 1 ?
Money does
but occupies its proper
The position a man
elety la not di Bignated by I
he lias control of or the line clothe?
he wean, nor yet is birth a criterion but
he Is judged by the true w .
This holiday ? ason to Al
specially was a time of rejoicing, re
turning thanks for the great vi
placing the cap?tol In a thriving city,
where energy and money will us
advantages toll" ring th ? ?
a cap?tol instead of the la-, a* ol b ith had
the? ?Halls of our Fathers," M
- Iccted as the present and future
capital of the grt al En . ?
Ere this reach? s j
will have spent a haypv . I
I am in time to wish them a "!:
New Year. st
Ri : tfully.
M. d. D'Esty.
Representative Wm. li. ( handl
New Ilampehire, has publithi ? hi;
promised statement regarding the lat?
presidential election, in which, assum?
ing that Pit aident Hay? - is a
in accordance with his expi
be half of the colored people and tl
publican party, he charges that he "hy
only pleged himself to prou el I
full extent of the federal po?
frage, aud political rights in
hut was count? d in as Presiat :
reason of special
tor Sherman and other i Ihio i
who particularly and emphatically
promised that he would recognized and
maintained the lawful St ..meut
ol r-'inth Carolina and Louisiana, and
standby Governors Chamberlain:,::!
? Pachard.'' Instead of doing this, . -
'eoiding to Mr. Chandler, hefu tilled "a
! bargain that had been madt
? presidential count, by which H Ha\
j should be l'fesidi in the lawful govern
nient of Louisiana and South Carolina
i wer?- tobe abandoned, and the m ?bgov?
ei mm nts in tnote Stab - we o to I
ognlsed.'1 Mr. Chanaler amplifies hi
chargea, and is ver? bitter ?
?President Hayes, his policy, and his
'aiivi-ers, ami on thii line la'
and sound.- the wai crj .- r the can
?of 18*30.
A woman in Harieton, l'a-, lefl her
home laat Sunday night a week to
Ifor ber htwband. who wai on a iprce.
I She carried her baby in her arma, and
having found her husband, tried t . per
suadc him to return home. In the
de which ensued ibe f< II or was
I thrown down, ami In the fall the child
I was killed. Theraviog of the distracted
' woman was terrible and her griefhearl
I rending at the wW< n nod nnt xp
The Cnited Mad - tTOOpi ml
-oine I'l'-i-taiue in making ureata at
San Kbzaio. Texaa, and twoof ti.
were killed. Tl
took two of He i?"'1 who had be? n
? arrested and lyocbed them.
John Paullini;. a po-toftire route
agent on the hWdingntU-road, b
held to answer a! Philadelphia lor steal?
ing letter? from the mails.
A dispatch from Mai
states that a car load?-ti With nitro?
glycerine exploded at the.Iiu ksou Mine,
near Neganoec, killing seven p
An engine Rtauding mai W?l lift? d fifty
feet in the air aud thrown tiny feet
YTYYlti.V '.T^rRl.?Y
Clarke county,
ntmenl was lula'tequentl) made at
the -: An Injunc?
tion ?'?? rby Mr. MarthaU, the
nk, and who was a
? tho
receiver. '' ?I illled
by Ju
~sf ig in
the ca] matter
will b m
. ?
depot '-.' ap
bank thai inte due
appears from a partti ; -nation of
?n to'
Whal . :- fci the
neighborlu . pai i
..:? i on?
15.000 In
luana n all
. u backed a wagon cop?
laiuifig Mi ?. Moi ?a
ii wi iv drowned.
A di I at Sal ....
X. ,L.
of business and ; Forty
thou? ? ' worth of busim bs
propt rty w : Vpellnuti,
SteiMtoli Co. Bit
Deeeiiib r, Slaf i*?77.
?- ?
li. r. ? . A VN, i
<* ^strasmttw
?fl Hl
t?, Ja '.O.)]
. Va,
? l'ti h
. I"!' Il |*1*
1)1 Mill ro
I.I v; FcXKIIi
. VV. I.EE,
: Ifl
.-? ??-?-' .'"?Oil
their i
?it. .
IW~ 1 ''? iict'er
III. IH.II.V tti't
r,- un Alieaswc for
n. Hail)
? ltlT.
I..- l'> .trail M Post OAoe
A. ?, ABEI.L vv ( <>..
Sun hi n BulM
I: t more, Md.
1 -
an tli
ou exhibition IB
ftVf. ?js?.?m?.
v'. ood-ioek, Va. Jany. 10 I?78,
Mme 1. Hott?aan, RdwaH II. Iloit
niaii. John Bmllh and Aun Virginia hu
wile Coatfalta.
\ i.
Luther Horn admi , of AKn d Holl?
inan deed Maty Hollinan an.! ?ertiand
Notice in Chancery.
To complainants and d?tendant? and
nil the eredlton of Alfred Hoflman
Y ai arebereo*/ notified that I have
fixed upon Friday the l?th day of Feby.
lS7-> at my office to execute a decree of
tiie circuit com? of i-hi'iiaii'lo.ih comity,
-.! at 'in- Deceaaber Term 1.-77 in
the above named cante requlriaj-f one
.I the ?"il,ail-, oi ll?i- emu!. 1-t. To
?ettle the account of Luther Hum admr.
of Altreil HotTman dee ?i. Ind. To take
mi account oi all the debt* against laid
Allied li.'ffiii.n or hi- estate. 8rd, To
i?i> an a.'..; ot the actual value of
the h ai ' ?taie <>f the - ii?l di c?dent. 4th
\'-n an a? couni of the money raine "i
Mrs? Mury llotTman'i dower hitereal in
the said re-.il estate and 5th any othei
m ,';.'i he may deen perte?! or thai
either of the parties m -y require.
? lien biuI a here you are requited to
Given un.1er my hand as eoinr.
by. ?t said conn the day and year first
.1 m. 0?id. *i. s. Turner, p. q.
.1 /' V n l; S F. Y AT LA IF,
JfTlce on Mtin Street Opposite the C?urt Houie.
W0OD8T0CJK, V.l.
Will practice in tbo(-..urt? i.f Hilf snitosa and
ii.tUI tlti'iitim? Rlvpn t.i the BOllse.
. -. Dtrusted t.i bi- eeri.
un.Lia: ?s Ht. JacbsoS en tin- SaVO. h. i ??>??
llbdajeol erery month. At nr. I.. H. Jordan'?
atalas Thirty-Two i
Bos Wo .1 ( ut ilrastratitias, and
ml Osrdse bIbcb??iis,
? ni i j[ . r, sad foil of laformstioii
-lUcriutu. i"iice,fl,?5 a jnr ; s*TfS
? i.oa
I Vegetable Oardea, r.'i ci-nu in
i Blcganl cloth c .?srs li.o-i
> Ick'i Cstaiogae?m Ulurtrstlon?, ..niv 111 ate
stla vie'K. hc.ji.--t.-r. >. y.
iisLirsnhATio Firau catalcsus
i Is of ths bssl ?"toasts and
lb? ? rid, in..I tin- way t. grow
?II for s Vwo ..hi po?tsga ?tamp. Printed
I? Garden,
?.. ts- ? in ?lsjp.nl ,?',? t'
V ck'l III i ? r 11. 1 Utintbl) 11 w*
'. 1 I : *i .i i Isle in c/erj
'? II - '? i :.. ochi ?? r, N. v.
The L-argest
i: v r y o F e i: red.
!. , on pl< li 'I in "very
ith ntioti is railed to a
lar-.- i I lid Stock Ot
Juni received in M?n aud 1' j
. rconta lor men
and youths.
0\ re ata at 14.00
5 00
6 on
7 00
9 00
id no and up.
Suis ti |5.00, 0 00, 6*60, 7- 7.50,
I, 9-10 tnd up.
Tins. i. 50 to 7.50. Dont foil to
inline "ur nook of eloihioe.
Nov. 21st ? tt.
H.n. W. E. Gladstone. Prof. Max M?ller
Prof .Tire; II. Dr. W. B. Carpentnr. R. A. ?"roc
ir. ?Jruf. Huxley. Ja?. A. Frouiie. Edward A
r rcrman. France? Power Cobbe, D. Mickenzli
Wallace. The Duke of Argyll, Mrt. Mulorh. Wm
Q'jr'?. Jean lilgclow, Mi-,5 Thackeray, Mrt. Oli
phatt, Mrt. AUxur.der, Geo. rdacDonald,Matthew
Arnold. TurKticnlet, Auerbach, Ruskin, ' enny.oP,
' Srowninn. aiul many others, an
?10, i, 1878, Toe I.
' \..;niii>- lmrni:.'tin-y.-ar it will t uriiit.li to it? rea
' tacUoiit ef tin foremost author*
-named and many other?, rnitirarlnt; h
I ? ittm?lns} Fur
? kjn HoTslisU, :tlul an aiiii'iint
lTnapproached by any other Periodical
! In lbs world, ol tits ? at talaabts Utcrafj and
' r ,1 the ilav, from the pen? of tlii
. CrtUes, i ? i -
ai,it Editor?, rcp'eatniUu! srerj
? ? i; -. Tin? Uring Age i-i n
i.e. ;,;'..-?- giTing more thau
-.., ] agea of reading-matUr
:i an BS i ti-tvc form, M?t?i
", OWItlfi
. and waa b sBtlsfaetorjr eom?
: mptedb? BO utter pabliration, tlie
. l'.-.-i,?-..-. Criti.-i?iiiK. Tajea, Sketches
Siieiitirl.-, BtO
graphical, nisto leal and Political Information,
riodieal Litera?
It Is therefore tncalaable I m rev
.ly fri'-ii and Complets eompUstluD
e , ; btcra arc,
aces the pa doctloni of Tin:
81 I.IV1NU WttlTXRM, In all tirai
' "Simply IhdWI cnasbls t" any me ?b l ?!
? ! the th',n.ht i,t th,' H(;- in any ilr
. r lite ?tare. '-it. ?ton Journal,
??in It we I
. up Ball sahjeea. i> sly t I ota band."?
: h ? ,'? I bis Inejulrcr'
I ii'liimi
I .it. ?ature. ' -N V. H. Peat.
?? \ pars and perpetual re ..tun of
-.liiin.i tit and In.tr.i, n 'ii.' - Boo. lYhert C.
'? 1 he i haired lltsrslure of th? dsy.' ?New York
'?Tas tatas? t ? tl"?li '?1 in Amerii .
P. D.
?'.Vinl the ihctpcat. A monthly that come*
'?."-?Tin- Atteint?, rhlcagn.
"It al
lof? r- .-t viih tin- progress
iii In all its phase*.**??bita. Soria Amar.
*' Ili> ablest tasara, ib?- most ? titcrtaiulun stories
II iroal
'?With It alono s re.Hlei rn?> fairly ksef np tvi'h
'":,?, hl?t ,ry.
i the day."- I
'?It I? lti(tl?pena?lile M iviry Ht who desires a
..f 11 tliat iasdtntr.ilil- Bad
? Boat.
"Ought to tiuil a pace in ? v,ry Amertran homo."
? bt, bj i BaaOsgav
, . i i? v oiiiiit Faslt i?s;s.
?? 1*7?. ail he ?ent
?;? rial. "l?rica," triin.tat.il
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.-. I hil^-htct author?
lbs el nalai En
gitalt aiuli'ii-??. M!?a Ihaekeray, a!*" appears In
I1i???i li'in ?'.t.ance ?beets, with
,'liet cal
( lui -Prit-i i foi' the lust Home and
I'-'ii-i",!) l.iteratdf.
??Poawened of Tho !..??Ina- Age ?nil one or other
of our TiTBcioas ?nieriean monthlies, a ailbscrlber
trill tine hlma?lf n command of the ?Bole ?itut
' i.ii?.i.-i| ht? Kraal Baltiiia
KorlU'.Vi Tin-1.n inn V?e ?nd either one of th?
! American *4 VI.iiIIiIh? (at lt?rp?r'? Weekly or
; Bazar) wl I be ?ent f >r a ymr. Uith |x ?tpald . or,
for a?.r>'? I bo l"vi,t AgBi nd IB* St. Nuholsa, SI
Address L1TTF.LI..V OAT,
WAS TED to tr?d? for a lot of A w ool.
A prompt and positivo ri i.k .',)? m .ill
direarenuf the WombsBls.lder and Sidney,
1). IMA!;
Dec. 20?Gmo. Bole \
100,0??? copio** of St. Mfhohis
nut nu.
Only 25 Cents ? Copy.
Some ides of fue att rarti.niM offered la thl ?
mi? Helldy v umher (if St. Ni.-h.tlii?. of whi-h 1"',
| 00 .'? ,! - rlD
following: Th"'e ?-? potir.? I v. Henry W. Long
Ltd William Culleu liryieit; B Hut- hitherto
unpublished sketch ??
..- Wlntbrop; sad a short li ry i?y the
author of "Alec m Wol d rlsad :
im Lay, "by F-Buk II. ?'
??'il,'.-!.- rkini Uhsrsdi -, by Lntretls P. Hate;
B p i.-tie riddle bf Dr. J. G. Holland, lud
part? ra between th? ? isansi - - i y. ? i .
timis snd now I Bamlttea.
Of the story ?Istuset, the brightest festm
i? ?inning of thai
?'I rider Hie I.i iics,". wuli llltutrsttoes bj
Hallnck roots.
hi Chrism . R
of a new Berlal si., y for Boy?, s tale ol i
Ufe, by Oastsfa? Fraakra-iteln, entitled "i..?.i
Momita u. 'admirably illustrated DJ thl
Moran and Kelly; A Portrait - I M? ? Ali It, with
s ?keu-h of Bar lite; lateral j. ????..- by i
iBMricsBOr.? :. I'.ay, a: .1 a . Dril
te BSBStc); ?ml halt' a d /.eu eomplsts short
liriiilit. tunny, cxi'itiug and pslhetie, ft.- , kc.
h m (' vi r i. b) the . oglltfa ?-. -,
Ursas,?the tamoas de? gu
OlHT?. "
?t Niohols fo. 1878.
- Utas tl ott'? Htial for Ali '.
?erial? for BOya, to follow tech other in rapid
sacesaslon, trlUeoutsta ? ?ho t ?erial -t iy by the
aath ir o ?? 11 : unity;" an an
. 'Around the Woild in a i'scle.
?....i- ?m? ? i I ?? i . - .
actual tourol ths world in iii- osrn ystch.
will be contribattiAns by a Daughter I
Peter Parti j, sad .i l.'-tt. rto i
The 'n BStraetl-rS I'BpSt
?athoi?, ?ill t*U aow to bind i i
imw iiep mine t-o?l ; now to ?Bjoj
hniMi ?; now t-. lu- a-i a,'ie. a lilt? gUI -t; HOW I
.tain c.iiiipany; now to I"' a i-ani-M. r-iee.. I
an ice boat; aoa t
rnbtar is astbered? aow m?tcbe? ?re mad
m..m y Is mad-' ; aow swcksrel ?re
they laid the Atlantic cable; bo? Ihej u
? a 1 i f -. r 11 : ?. ; now they work il y; HOT?
to he a pari, r i.iagieijn; St. .
seiie- oi -' . i?'? relgu I..:?.
nirii i? "Old Nicolai' ' ?. t)*\
?mong the Welsh Ca -
?Ths Indlsns of tbs AmscoB,'*llos K itj
in a Turkish Bssaar,' -M.
Hexit sn storj .
utility . :
'Js. I
l.-It-l-l',. A,' 'I
l In- four i -.ii id v ! un. ? ?! St. SI
publish! dsict
' ?.-h rotum? is complete In itself. ?
|3 .o. i--!:; roll. 3 in I '-. '?
? ?
- ? Beb.
7 !.. Broadway, X- V.
Serial S'.ori," !,y ?V. II. I
Jr. ?i,.i VV. I). II
bi n ?
I'li'i!. j ?arner:
; ti?Til bv \?
ft*. BO o, I. U. vi 1 ii I,, and C. I.. N
Btudlc* fr..m Frcmrh, Oerman, snd I
W, Preston, and others
l h . i- otrlbutor?' lui .
I he itlautic , ' rtralt. : v,
1. It?I.* "1 1 ..1. A .
with Uli
. ?,' oo.
? ?iiitii.
. -
laut i
rdi r. <li ,it ,,ii Kcw i ?
II. i ). Hm lu ros 2. i y. ?i
lltni' Cv Hot G-HToN, \. \ York.
jPiano&drgan Trade!
weebe'pi NOS.
ami THE
Estcy Organs?.
IS Horth i
1119 Pennsylvania Ati ; ne, '?
X, It. rs or oprlght !?
nu. ?rsi
?0?. 21-lyr.
Prepare far it.
??tltai'l, in en ry reas
Christmas Xovelti ?
in red'
good? and price? and I siiarantee ?utlrn -
Dec. 5lh?tf.
A. J. nil i i . OOTD BABHETT,
Page Co., v?. tassai
Biedler ' Barrett.
For the sale of dour, Ittitt? , F.gn?, ?ml ?11 kind? ol
IT' ,1
No. 9I12 I.nm.s'itna 'Avtnut.
Liberal advance < on oonatgnmeati .:,
I'.l.l'llI'l'.Y !'. : I.- ?-:- 1 '?? I Hiker?
?too, U.C.
I'd,. IT?IX.
a?' HI 11X0 INK.
I am msnttfactuririga ?upen et an .'?
Purple and
I,livra! die.-omit madn t , It,
t, vi, ,| u> a 1 : 1.' M ? UM ' ? H.doBh
Comity and ha? giren peri
by the sattsu, quart, r in ?m.Il b 1
Oct. ?4-3IDO. |'l. Mt.i ',.,
Having located ?n Wood.toek I otTsr r.
In ail branche? of lue Tail Ting Iras
pr.ce.wnl be with n the reach of all. An.
eue* of many year? warrant, me in Rilara
full ??tialaeUon to ail who favor me wtt
coatom. My plac? of bu-lion, i? lu tin 1
Palace ?tin btreet.
Kept. U-lf. nHM:V MIlN/n..
Two or three fresh coa?, m -Here.
Van Buren Furnace, Va,
Dec. 19,?.It,
m? ?ft-r
M. 'i. till
Willi the larire-t ?as .
Wafthing a
Mr. B. P. ,
t?lU'.l (lio
; nie Popn
sj? *;oi-ri
r.'pui? Se
s :r
Don t il"
us" ?t?!ne.
? i: i? MO
. id Art,
; i.iat-e lu
lector* will spar?
nsatatsmm. reputstiou,
. patron? with ?
. I Travel and
? ?te?
. -i. -he pub
..lilil??- ?lory <f
, ths ?a tassd
t ai.J
' '-.
I. D.?iih H.
. Bseee,
'. .1 i- f. r N.
hiviug been
i ''dished
-: Two Copies
. gratis to the persoa
. ' nts.
. I ? ?ny
: i . I
irr.e ! fr*Om B?!u
.-?? the
'??iring to
I ;r ?nd
? .1 prices'
? ir..r
Sloes Hats,
VE STUu F, cfC.
H 1 ?Cd
13V 7.
? 'AH 10. va.
. . ...
loi ta Paints,
ird tht?
a tin..I advance
?. if yon
ein g Considered,
ni money than ?ny
ty, Town, or
ft WINTER 800M
of Fall ?ml '.V inter
3 awls,
liar? and Cuffs, (More*
A .Sec. Ac.
stotft of
Sh es, G altor s m
?Tjr, FsH Bc-tets, At).
13T*\ ?hall b? Btoat happy to aittlatl msj wares
1 mty f?vor m?; ? ub ? ?r?U.

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