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11. & O.K. B. TIME Tai.uk.?Ou
h 1877 tra?na
arriva ? .'. ock as
Fiel A. M. ?.21
r. m. 1.41
? " T. M. 2.39
r;.'..- . N , N!>.
A. M.
M. 1.23
P. "'.
and P. y.. rua ou
Sund iye, Thurs
s\- i 1 i ace? |
; !.i<.
. January. Snow
An ii'i.Ni.?\V', ...nu McDonald of
Columbia Farn;'. vingtoEd
inburg with a lt>a o was run
over b g '?'us bro?
Dr. Bull' - mtnen
..'.! druggists a- being a purely
Thanks.?Rev (... Mauzey ol the
Methodist Church - ? return hi*
thank-- to hit friends from Edinburgand
other parts o? t? I kind?
ly remembered tl - ilfand
Cibccit C'qubt.?T Court
; trying the
f Jacob Haun vs. b. ?t O. R. R.
[tia probal
eluded :
?Vtx . ?'oung, a
S: 0. II. K had
I rs, ;;t
Mi \ paper ap
. :J7th and !
;lt to !
no,- a
. . -
? ue on
. carried
the W : in the
The punctual al b and
<;. i!.
PBB80NA1_( ?1. ?>. Dechert has
purchased an interest in the Roakingbam
ruta talents to th ment of hit
r. Co). D. it an old newspaper
man of i it warmly
/?aeil to i: - ... : ?ah Valley
with whot
sympathized during the war
Wlicu you tee an old bachelor sleigh
riding with married ladies and a couple
l>abies. it i at he is preparing
for squall*?. The broad grin that never
? under such cir-1
evidence to
'he initiated, that another victim will
ao on v of matri?
To Budge Bcilders.?Atl
.led to the advertisement of Cora
miaaiooeTt appointed to build a bridge
at Geiselmau's Mill, ?.'i* Cedar Creek.
This advertisement will appear in but
one issue and pi ng to put in
bids should act promptly.
Violets.?Ti. . r/atei of
this weokhat th
??\Ye were the re? iph nta of a beautiful
and fragrant bunch ol Friday,
which were plui it day from
the flower _? itj res?
iden? i weather ol
the past few day-, bas i ven b**ought the
- int.?
Vai.i.f.y Thai >?-'??? The
jury in the caae of Dewitt E l
charged with wr ? lerebj
two lives wi
hours' dalil i gar ol
mncdai in I i I s?n
i him to in the
-i -e,
? ??? ??i
Mi uta ?-.v. - I i Anderaaa Gf
andar tha ?i Capt, J. W.
M. it march
through the I ?Vnod-tock, or.
New j iii'uis do)
h.' ng lull, un 'irin-"l. only a i>art of
ih i .'oui. ?? ?on doty.
beaultiiil aoiform, no I a*-, iban their
soldirrly appettrance ami tine marching
eliciiudgeiirrui admiration. '.'. ?v wen
led bj
son's drum oorpe.
The Stat" i"un:m?' r of Agricul?
ture, n: lus ri'|i ut, aa*(S Mi.tiatnli'iih
couuty ??proiluci-s larga crope oftavl
wheat, corn, oats, liny, shuep, cattle
hoi's." This report will be a surprise
to the people of thin couuty, as well as
to the citizens of Leesburg when they
find that their town'is numbered among
? he ilourishing town*? of the Valley.
Da? ; on of our
town i calk.'. the danger
. ;ir till.... - in Um
root o?
pon I
property was covered u few days ago !
with snow which fell lrooui the roof.
Fortunately her ?i juries were confined
to her bonnet and her feelings, but bad
?he been occupying the same place
when large atoases of snow and ice
from that roof, she might have
killed. A ?now brake, costing?
tritl Dg suai, would remove alldauger.
Gam u?try.?Editors are prover?
bial For ilivir gallantryi An editorial
- to being called
,, was ?gallant enough to attempt
t? tit idy across the river in
.., , ? .vin the Bret of January.
When In tee middle of the river, his
horse in -cine wa; ' tached
he buggy. I; y isagreeable
Condition, but our friend was too gal?
lant to hesitate. He boldly plunged
un. bitched the hone and
jgy out iu time to see his lair
ng linine in another fellow's
bugsry. He looked decidedly cool, but
was loo gallant to object.*
^?m ?at? ??
St M'.w Schools.?The Reformed
Mittil.iv School ol this place had a
Christinas tree laden with present? lor
the scholars on C.ristmas night. A
Very appropriate and erediliible address
was delivered by Rev. Win. Lichltter.
Tin exercises were enlivened by de?
lightful music by the choir.
The Methodist Church and gabboth
School held a church sociable on Thurs?
day niglit, Dec. 28th. The exercises
consisted ot an address by the Pastor,
music by the choir and eating of refresh?
ments by the entire congregation. The
evening ?vas very pleasantly spent and
all seemed to be pleased.
The Lutheran Church and Sabbath
School held a sociable at the Court
House ou Tuesday night Dec. 25th, j
The exercises were enlivened by music? I
A bountiful supply of refreshments for :
all present was provided.
TiIEGOOSE BoXE.?The disbelievers,
in the goose bone prophecy have waked
up to a realization of the truth as pre-]
dieted by the dead prophet. Ou last
Saturday evening the weather changed
and the mercury gradually sank until
- - day morning it was 8 degri es
below zero ; on Monday morningitwai
12 degrees below, and un Tuesday
morning 18 degrees below zero. Un*
fortunately the dead prophet predicts
weather, with the exception of a
lys, for the entire month andool?
an the present about the latter
part of January. Look well to your
w , ., , 1 |
y versnry of the V. M. ('. A.
tras held at the Methodist Church on
-?lay evening. January 2d. The
ere opened with singing by
.inl prayer by Rev. 1'. Mil
Mr. W. W. Lotan, President o? ihe
Association reviewed the work of
?plained tht objects of the a
: '??'.'.'
'? sin .1 to se
I. Jas.
D ?
arm si adJn ss iu be
I an A
nportani e of coin muni
. ?
, hbrary.
Judge Shi ffey mace . few a; ;
marks, and promised to address
.it length, at some fu?
ture i . A r music by the choir
thi audience was dismissed by Rev. R.
II. Flemiug of the Presbyterian church.
Ice.?The ice season lias commenci d
and our people are L'-th.r.ng in full
supplies, Mr, French will fill bis house j
with beautiful elearicc, and has made
arrangements to supply our citizens at
?ooi's. This will prove a great ac
comodation and will, wo have no doubt,
I in an increased busint
Mabbiage or Miss Sec E. Riden
orit.?In Baltimore, on the 19th of
December, the marriage of Dr. James
F. Crane of Richmond. Va., and Miss
Siu E.Ridenour.of RomueyAV. Va., oc?
curred. The sweet and lovely bride,
was educated at the]).. D. & Blind In?
stitution of this place, and was a great
favorite In this community, where the
number of her frieuds equalled the num?
ber of her acquaintances. Her charac?
ter is lovely, her features beautiful, and
her voice, which is well cultiv ated. il
one of the sweetest we ever heard.?
Siaunton Spectator,
?rCEBT.?The Sunday School Con?
cert held at the Presbyterian Church of
ibis place, on last Sunday night, was a
decided success. This exercise Is quite
a new thing in our town, and we con?
ceive it to be a very admirable one. The
I responsos of the school to questions
were full and hearty, while the singing
1 :i fl.-i led great credit upon the school,
oir under the leadership of Air.
IS. V. 1?. ('lower, te?na composed of
; Mr. I. II. Bird's t?as-; of young ladies,
"tu- of whom completely won the
pflectiona of one of our compositors, by
a soli?, which sha vory sweetly rendered.
T!ie iidth d by the Pastor
I and Mr. P. W. Nlagruder were admir?
able and recommend themselves to the
careful eousidi rati m of all, especially
to the parents iu nur town, who would
do well to take the advics of these
gentlemen and take a more lively
terest Iu the Sund?n Schools, than they
have heretofore done.
A Si.kigiirii.inu.?The snow on
lasi Saturday 1 eing iu tine llelghil ,' or?
der, some of the enterprising young
men of oui town, bavin??' , instructed a
. inl of a wagon bed and
: -'it the young ladies of the
. h ,1't while, said sleigh
; pa?t? Dgera, compris
inc the youth and beauty of our town
was moving rapIdl direction of
Pogh'i I'tun, i accooato,
th.y hada good, lone, jo ?? cold ride.
Although they were closely huddled
together, and one fit the young men
frightened a fair one. by plaeiug his
arm accidentally around her, yet the
young ladies could not have been very
faithful since one of the young men had
one of his lingers frozen when be reached
his baronial mansion on his return.
Is your life worth 2v>cents'r 11 it is
do not L'eglect a cough or cold. Use
Dr, Bull's Cough Syrup at ouce.
B?taafsatt KOR EVERY O.NE.- Our
attention t?as eon called to a new
CQokiug utensil, tec. ntl
makes bak ag h ; ,? .
lireadc I i li -, , th. it
i has conn rrc-i an evcrl istln;
;.ig upou a. .> i* .it-1 Ki-cj cr. V, t
to the Patent Centennial Cake l'an,
with which, by raising a hook, you eau
remove the sides of the Tan from the
c?.'<t* without breaking or Injuring it
how annoying it, la after making op a
nice cake to have it break to pieces get*
ting it out of the pan?this can nev? 1
occur in using the ratent Centennial
Cake Pan. . It can also be converted in?
to a plain IrOttom pan for biking jell)
or plain cakes, bread, etc. They are
sold exclusively through agents to jam -
lies, and ever* housekeeper should b\
all means ha\- them. A splendid op?
portunity it offered to sume reliable lad)
or gentleman canvasser of this couuty
to secure the ageucy fora pleasant and
profitable business. Porteras, territo?
ry, etc., write to L. E. .Brown ? Co.
?Jl { and *??6 Elm Street, Cincinnati.
Matrimoniai .?One hundred and
forty one marriage licenses were issued
by the clerk of Shenandoab, last year.
The oldest bride was 55,the youngest
Thanks.?To our friends wl?o so
liberally remembered u during the r. ?
ccut holliday season, the thanks of my?
?elf and family are hereby expressed.
The labels on some baskets, the enve?
lope covering a "Greenback." the easel
containing gold spectacles all showed
that not only the fortyfltt friends who
came to the Parsonage with their gifts
and ?expressions of food will, but those
also who could not come thought of us ;
and hence to one and all, who, in any
way, participated in the recent dona?
tion, we say "a thousand thank-.''
And may the Father of merci?
ward you "a hundred fold,"
P. Millet*.
A Good CITIZEN flo.M;. - Win.
Hau-H ntlttck died on the 18th nit., of con?
sumption, at liis residence in Fork mag?
islenal district, near Portsmouth, in the
fifty-fifth year of hi? age. He was one
of the best citizens of our county and
his death is a great loss to his family
neighbors and the community at
Hit end was peace.?- Warren
Dividend Notice.?The President
and Directors of Shenandoab Couuty
Bank have declared a semi annual Divi?
dend of 3 percent on the capital stock
of said Bank for the G months ending
Dec. 31sl, iv77 payable on and
this date. January Cth 1879.
(?in. M. ]."i;t'M Ca?
The first anuual report of the
missioner of Agriculture has been re?
ceived. It contains iu a smitil spa
much valuable information for our far?
mers. The statistics ar.'
and imperfect. Shenandoab a 1
that has .-even furnaces local
ent sections and led by ore from tin
county, is .-' \'\, I only with Limi
mangan -se limestone, and ;
In the list of mineral Springs of '??'
ia, the Shenandoab Alum, ll
oi whost
pt ip' rtii - tin y have n" ?up
. .ire not a
p-huabani'ry, by 1 ?cnl.
G. S. Meem, ?f this co ".';. ;
perated in the r< port.
Mr. Efitor:?Many of the land
owner* along the North fork of the
Shenandoah river advocate a law being
passed by the legislature of Virginia.
making it compulsaryto have cal down
all trees, except "corner" tires, along
the banks of said river, as far out as or?
dinary highwater mark. They claim
that the trees, in holding large quanti
lies of debris, obstruct a free passage of
the water, and cause it to over-flow
the hanks much sooner than it would if
they were removed, often causinggr< at
They thinE if these obstructions were
out of the way. the water would run oil'
more rapidly, thu- rendering an over?
flow less frequent. The object ?11 hav?
ing such a law enacted, would be. to
compel all to remove such obstructions
or.if it is merely optional,many will neg
act ih? matter, thus injurinj the prop?
erty of others. A move has been made
to have such a law passed, hut there
may be objections raised.and we should
like to hear the merits of it diecuseed
through the column.* of our local papi rs,
previous to it.? being brought before the
legislature. M. A. G.
Week or Peateb-?The following
is ihe programme of the week of Prayer,
January 6-13 adopted by the United
States Evangelical Alliance.and recom?
mended to the Churches.
Sunday Jar. 6. -Sermons ? Christians
Union Perfected.
Monday, Jan. 7.-Rcme/ubranee ol
personal and relative mercies ; prayer
for the divine blessing on past privile?
ges?, and for an humble contrite spirit.
Tuesday, Jan. 8.? For the Chur
Christ in all lands; for its deliver? nee
from error; for its increase in faith and
holiness, and ?11 power as a witness foe
the Lord Jesus Christ; for the grace and
guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Wedneiday.Jan, 9.?Prayer for Christ
ban families??or aick and afflicted
member?; for children at school and
nth In our colleges and temii
of learning, tin young men enl
upon the active business of life, and for
thoae abroad'for our sons and dan
openly confeaaing Chi
Thursday. Jar.. 10.?For X it
for miens magistrates and statt unen;
for the Army and Navy; foe all banev*
oleotand philanthropic institutions; for
religions liberty, and for the oph
doors, "wide and eti'eclual." for the
if righteousness and peace.
I'ri tay. Jan. 11.?For Christian tni
sions the Jews and (?entiles; for Sunday
S.hools and for the divine l.!es-,',Hg on
all Christian eflorts to sprea?! l*M
tidings of the goepel of salvation.
Saturday. Jan. 12.? Frayer for the
circulation of tlie F?ible; for the or.-, r
vance of the Sabbath; fur the removal
of intemperance; for the safety of th..
who travel by land and water.
Sunday- J?n, 13.?Christum life.
PH' Cot'ltT.?
:? for gate on read
? '.'? it Abraham
? ' i or
,;. . ..
Will ofPhlllp !!"?! Ser partly proved.
Abraham Sheets ex'rof Wm, Lay-,
man gavi new bond.
Jn,'. W. Hockman appointed admin-1
istrater of Jno. II. Hamman.
The road from Edinburgto Columbia
Furnace ordered to te ettabllfched and
opened, in accordance with the report
ucker, Com. ofBtxadt.
Lici M. B. Grant to
li [ui i', al ;. i Hotel, In
. op i.xvi:ya>.( '.?
! from William Borden and wife
to Win. K. Boi . .
Deed from Jacob Gochcnour and
wife to David Gochcnour.
Di d from Adam Coliman to X?ah
Cook Jr. for Lid'a Coffman ano chil
m lai. F. Gochcnour and
Hampton \\ ilkin
Deed from his. II. Connor and wife
to Sarah Conner.
Deed from Jao. H. Hatitonflticfc to
Wm. II. Hausenfluck.
Deed from Sam'l 15. Harehberger to
r.enj. II. Harthbrger.
Deed from Jot. F. Sama ?\ud wife to
Juo. A. Saum,
Deed from D. 8. Rhode* to Win. .T.
Deed from Jno. (?. Mecrn to Jos. B.
Devi] from Wm. I). Lambert and wite
to I\ ter llinkins.
Deed from F. E. Rice to Ceo. B
Deed from Geo. H. Borden and wife
to Mary 8. Lutholtz.
Deed from D. s. Rhodes to Arthur
I from ?".t'n'. II. Coffman and wife
i Coffelt.
Beed from Saml. C. Williams Admis.
Lydia G iul.
Tin-: Bank, \t I'iikkyvii.i.k.
Suspended several weeks ago. We
are informed that it had about 811.000 in
paid up stock, and that ope depositor,
who irily responsible,
was p overdraw his account
for an amot than 13.000. It
is evident that th - oftlie bank
was ' ondui ted with a negligence not
1 shorl of cri prost rity of
adent in no small
- ? of the banka.
- ? it bj t very
y and is indeed a
;'ii tv. Banks, like every
rjndui ted on
? -. At com
a- fatal as
"11 the
. ;
? ik. should
titi il with 111
ivith which they
evi i1, r? ?
semi annual
? iiu the imount ol
?..?.i of de|
fund, and what
? ? Lin liabilities. A
. ?mall amount ol
i a large amount of dc
isidered Ina
mdition. The management
,'.: item, and this
?? d upon well known
une ol which we
d a foture Issue.
Th Qrsl official act ofGov. Holliday
was !" commit ?on Elder Henry Jen.
niugs ofthia county as a Notary Public.
The Eld, r is now prepared to olliciate at
marriagi ?, baptize the children, take all
wledgements, write your will and
perform the lattsad right! of burial.
A young gentleman of the Bar, of
Woodstock, Va..?we do not know
whether he was on legal business or
matrimonial, got into the river o
?i tar lit, Jackson, and after ex
hauiliug all his legal and geographical
skill, wading about in the water, when
the darkness was so thick that he could
feel it. (litcovcrt d on island; so an ad?
dition will have tobe made to the geo?
graphies. We saw the gentleman af?
terward. He only looked a little the
for having been too intimate with
Xepture.? Falle?.
,V.SIII\<?T?*e T?A KR F. TH
vKraaiCTSiD vsrssrxT bt
J. F. SAUM & Co.,
't. M(h k Itth
Der. 2S,
-In. ?4 50,* 800
?I'll!,'. IU '?'' M
Kur?. 1 2.'..?. ?'..-?
Faii.lj. . T ""
-KED-nrn.1 JO,? IS"
.I <4ll 10
l moth?.1 4i i* l 88
BDTTKn-1.1 quai. . O 23 a? '-&
i ".? ?a <a 2:1
" trd ". 0 is r* a>
Roll? the ?nr?r>.
' ? , . aoaar
.0 10a 10 1-2
BEEP ?Da? <ir?.
I uro ?? . 3(4 4
: ' IT Y.
H'. IM11
tiHIi.kr'.Ys. 'J5,i? HOi
HI'' KS.
(. I..-K eaea.'.-.
LIVE-llon? . 0 00 mono
OMlCKXEfl . 20O032SO
. 3(K'??J. ,A
. fWilQuI
l'VlllltMioi.-.dix (?ni.?
. -
i t l.KI V :. (J'liXO >?>
1'. Otraj
or a ri.ii. <?4<?4
( unit IKS . ?
1)1 Ml.Y U ll.S . C4.1"
WAI.nI 1 . 14(4 11
UNIONS, . ?0(4 ?1
. 075(4 1 VB
UUP . '??
. 130 <4 1188
. W PLUS, |,rr 1.1.1. .. 0-JO-?
. a (sav,
. KU S In;. (li?
lt V I ? I WOBBXABK \1 V m
Jit, 7 1877.
. csr UTS
Futra ..*.. 188 I 80
FatullT.. 57? 8
. ICO 185
Wblto. 168 173
. 84 10
. 65 ST
OVTfi. 4. 44
I1VK. I? 80
! Util. H II
s:.I I. CloTcr V t?. Il 17
Tliiiutliy. 00
DI'TTEIt-rrlme. Ot
FalrtoOood. 00
BwMaati..1.., ??
_Irried m "'a-ii nut?'?, D. 0, al Ihn residence
| of the hrid"'h ?Bother. Dae. ''???>, WT?, bj Re?
I. a . Tori?r?ie, ?Ir. (ico. Ci. Ott, of thiaplaco ?rid
I Mis? ? '?'???lilr.'.t?!-, i'. ?'.
..i!, . Un H East liy
r. ?. n. Matin. Mr. lt.il irt O. Rotate, to
Tu.?luv. T)?- i ?fr,
, . ., .1 , ??. ' '" 'O?
l-roiit Ht.vil, to Mint Kttl? Maule, dtugMer of
T. W. Mat'sl" U?<|. o? Baltimore.
I Near Orkney Spring?, on th? 3rd lnet.|by R?v.
1 II. TAltlirl'n, Mr. I'litrt.'S W. Mmsiiidtr, t-i Mm
? Annie A. Lliiil.trnoodatl of this county.
I At the ?ma timo and place, by lb* ?BBBS, Mr.
Oht .?it Nrzuflrodt, to ilia? Catharlu.- I lieu f.lu
dtiu' od til of tbl-i county.
Ontbel?thof nrs'fmber, 1ST?"., I.y lt-v. 11. W. mat,
Mr. II.i^ti G. Iltt, . f till* I.It.-ft ?ad M.rn Anule W.
C'lsito--, of WasbliiMt' it, D. 0.
\t the. Mt-th >h-t Ptrr.nage, "i Woodstoctt, on
theiTtli lilt, by Ttcy. 0, Mjij.-v, Mr. OrSSB li. S
l.i tin? and VI?? Mary K. v,ymer, all ..f tills Co.
In MsrUi iver Church, Jaunary tlic.1 d, by llev.
P. .tlll.r, Ulm Alberta ". Cotfnian, sad t. M.
autor, BJ. d. b. t. of (ism? tlilr? toontr, -v. v?.
un let PIS of Dec. by*Kev. I. Fix Mr. Jno. L.
r t.i Mi? Alice Kbier, ?11 of tbia couuty.
.?li ??t??-???ss-sh??sis?>Mts?ss??ts^?t<as?-?w??????st???st?tt
I. aim uowmm wi? liorn May the 17th in Um
f on? Ix.rJ ls44, tnd derart, d this llf?
a, 1K77. rured 33 yuar?, 7 mcntbtk?nd 11
J.OCill .\ot?C4*<4.
timiMAS Syrup''?No'otlier tnedi
ciuo in the world was ever given such
a ?e.-<t of its curative qualities as lis*
cine'? Germau Svrup. In tlirte years
t.vo mi Ilion 'our hundred thoutand
sm?U bottle? of this ii.?<li.-iiii- were dis
tribut?d/Vf*c of charge by Drurj**ists in
this eniiutry lu those sfflicted with
Consumption. Asthma, Croup, severe
Coughs, Peneurnonia and other dis
easrs cf the Throat and Lungs, giving
th-. American people undeniable proof
ti,it<Tei"mao ?Syrup will cure th?-m.
The result has been that Druggists in
etery town aod village in the United
States are recotnineuding it to tbeir
custoiners. U>> to your Dvtfftet. ami
ask whattbey know about it ?Sample
Bottles 10 csuts. Regular sire 75 csnts.
Three doses will relieve any case.?
For Snle by Dr. D. D. Cartbr & B
Schmitt, Woodstock Va.
For .Sick or Nervous Headache.
costive habit, inactive liver,and toward
o?' malarial fevers "Dr; ?Swayne's Tar
aad Snr?aparilla Pills" arc very effec?
tive. They act gently, without any
?griping or unpleasant sensation what?
ever, leaving no bad effects, as is the
case with blue-mass or calomel. I're
! pared ouly by Dr. Swaync & Son. Phil?
adelphia, aod eold at 25 centa a bei bj
Dr. D. D. Carter. Woodstock. Va., and
all leading ikUfaxiata1 ask your dttaggist
An v One T hoi/bled with a Cough
OB COLD, threat, breast, or lung trou
ble, will avoid much suffering and risk
by the timely use of "'Dr. Bwayne't
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry." an
oh' and well attested remedy. For weak
'lungs, bronchite?, nervous debility, it i.-.
unequalled as a tonie. Deing the favor
IU pn scription of one"l' Thiladelphia's
most imiruut physicar.s. it can be relied
on. Sold by leadiug dnnrgists. In
WoodatOCk, at the drug-store oi Dr. D.
D. Carter.
mm G an nm
The Light Running
Sewing Macbien
always on exhibition.
All to be sold cheap for cash or
$?T Call and examine their stool. "*?! |
June 13?tf.
I Tt the Worlisg Clan.?W?> a-e now prepared Is
i Inruisli ?H ci???? with constant employment tt
? home, Ute whole of the time, or for their ?p.re
?anment?. Ilu?lnem new, light ?nd profitable.
i I'lraoe? of either ?ex eaiily earn f rum SO cent? to
I tt per evening, and a proportional ?uni by devot
??r their whole time to the busices? Boyt and
?girl? ?am nearly a? mncb at men. That all who
(we tills notice may tend iheir address, sud teat
I the bnsint'ta we mske tbia unparalleled offer ; To
! inch a- ?re not woll astitfled we will ?end ose dnl
i lar to pay for the trouble of writing. Fall parti?
cular?, ?ample? worth seversl dollar* to enmruenee
' ?MSfe cjjt, and a copy of Home ?nd Fireside, one of
. the latfestand best Illustrated Publication?, ?11
| tent free by malt. Reader, If you want oermaoeut,
1 proflUhle wotfc, addres?, Gr.onu? 8tib?oh a ('?:
I'ortlaud Matno. Fab. 15?ly.
he Copai tner?hip heretofore existing between
D.W. Prese.-*'! and J. J. 8ronr?>ur-ier, ur.dt-r th?
firm name of Prfateott a Stoueburncr It thit day
d;??olved by ruutu?! <ou?rr.t.
.1. J. Stonebamer having purchased the entire
ii?errstof D. Vf. Presecttt, ?licit 1ms due the late
firm ii'.Msth? settled with J. J. Stooe'jurner Ediu
lurg V?.
X 0 T1 C K.
i k? undersigned having ?ecured the service? of
?c-inipttent ? demist, takt-s pleasure in anu?ninc
in(? to the public tint he will continue the nianu
fscteisOf l*hB?B*Mt? ?t the old ?Und under the
nitmo and ?tyle ttf th? Virgin!? Kertelinug Com-]
Apr. 5th.?tf. Kdinbm-o-, Va.
y.r i m' Vi .rinia School iak, ImBllfilHj
flow? freely dor? not corrotl? the pen. c*bl
0 CO N si; m p T I V BS.
I The advertlner, itavins been permtnlly rure.l of
? that dread dlaeaw, Oin?umpU?in, by a simple rem
? K i-tnxlctu? to make known to Ins Ittllow tullir
erstasasasaaet' ?et? Te ?n ehe <lc-?ire it, he
will ?end ? oipy of the prescription lined, (free f
charge.) with the direct." ? for i rejtarli g nul lin?
ing he ?ame, which they ?IB flint a ?'ire cure for
Consempasow, A?thm?, Bfimtmitl?, kr.
Partie? ?i-liliig the pre? r.; ;. oldres?
(lev. E. A ?TIIJ.O.*.',
19? Penn St.. VNilliamiborg, !*ew York
DK8T QU?L?Tf BI.KAC???ib
JC j) aminrown Miulln? cheaper tbsa evaa hsfoet
frsilebj S.a. DANNKSr.
Van Br.ien Furnace, ?Iot. tlth, 1877.
All parties tr? hereby forhiddes to hnat
wflb dogi ipon thl? propeity or camp la ?ay of
the cabin? or building?. ?HUM KIMl'
$5 ? 920
T?n. 2H "*6? re. I
Per Day at home. Term
free. Address.?. Hritiso-J
S Co.. Portland. Main?,
_ SALE Hi KAI'. A r?rf Urgtln. Fsr Barttc
nli?,?rtplv ?t thi? o?ce.
Clever Hullers,
IIA(?KHSrO.V\ filil?...
Wilson Sewing Machines,
Agrii ultarul Iiupliment*.
Machinery and Repairs.
Give us a call at the Town Hall
in Woodstock, Va. We guarantee
satisfaction, in quality and prices.
April 18th?Gm.
I have now a large ami general stock
selected with care tro n trie maxi k.k -
rost?a, which 1 shall be pleased to ?how
to all in want of inch goul-.
1 run reeeiving
every troek, and shall try to keep till
(OOds in my line, that ate needed hy nn
customers, anil the public.
IllSfl MART RE11.1.Y hi? commenced
the antun Making business in Wood?
?st-?? k. and is prepared to cut. fit arid
alike drettes in
she keeps cutittautly on hum, a full -ui>
ply or the latetl patterns which sdte will
lui u-li mi Hppllcttlon. Confident that
she can t,ivfl -a' lYaetiwi. she? invite* a
-liaijoi ilm ptiblio pirrotiiisre. at ti t
resilience ol he: t'-tihur, opposite that ot
Mr. L. C. Knie.-ley. I'rices moderate.
Sep 19?tJ.
I have the largest assortment of cigar? in town,
ami the beat for the money to be liait anywhere.
2 for 5 cts.
Frr-e Smoker, - ? - No Brand.
Repose, - - ? . - ? Lily.
3 eta 9 for 23 cts.
Btar of II s West, - - - On Hand.
I'lor d;l Kumar, - - - Plantation
Set? Tor 2 eta.
Partags, Mgi.ro, Little Rot?.
I for 83.
All tastes can be salted. Call and try,
June.7-tf B. SCHMITT, 0-ii.C'?t.
a full stock of
ha.? fust been opened and willjie ??old ?
low figures.
Boots and Shoes
All will be sold ?it very low prices.
Boots aiitl Shoes cheaper than ever. Call
and examine them.
Eut of Welsh's Hotel. Woodstock.
BAKOKIT i SON hsre th? Urged, and aaast
beautiful, as well ?a th* cheapest and ibest
Clocep, ?
and Jewelry
?00? ?eon in the ?ranty. Jnst e*ll and cec their
ttock, and yr,u will be convinced of th? fact- A
full ami cun?ete as?ortment nf Jewelry of the
be?! solid (inld. sud st price* that cut fall t>
rrire ?atiafvtlon to all.
Hiving the aaeiiv-T for the principal manuftc
ti rim, 1 ?111 aOil all the Anifrusn W ?loll? ? at the
tegular Factory price?.
genuin" Si ver plate 1
Castors, Forks.i?c.,
always oa Baud
?V?l4'li4-i. Clssekn suid Jewelrj
raie/nlly rcfjal-ed and warranted. Special atten?
tion Siren to t in? Wstchea.
'uue W?tf.
?^???/feajWasM? n<-t ea?lty earned I* theM time*
afta11| /lut It can be mad? In three month?
?tar III by any on* of either act. In ?in
part of the country whi la wtlllug
o work steadily at th? employment that we lu -
iah. %M per weea lu yonr own town. Tott need
ot be ?w*y fress hoste orer alsjkt. Vou ecu ri>?
ar whole . time to the work, or only yonr ?pare
ment?. We Bare af*at? who ?re making ?ver
per day. AU who en*-??-? ?t once can make
aay feat. At the pr?sent ttme money cannot
reside so easily sad rapidly at any other btulnes*
c st? n ihiug to try he basis BBS, Terms an 1
Outnt free. Address at enoe, H. H.llbtt A Oo.
Iliad, tfalnt. A-*. Is?, TT-ly
I * ta ?
Our i'.( v. ' bed for Smid?ij Seho4>ls,
Chapi is. ?'? , '
Be ?ura to a? ml for full da^tvcriptlve Catalogue before
Bt free.
AdtO ti ? ettuenient?.
Dr D I> Carter, Pro
Drugs & Paten.
soap? a\d peri??;
essence & extrai
?arc? as: ?sr?- tv wtt
Nuts. Cacl
*C. " .
AU gas '
, Prescrlp'i -.
Tha-.kiii? th? pul '
I?te tt-m, I tolwit -
XV OFFiri: AMi '
Dm;; s;o:.-. Call? ; :
*?T S:;/.
Aug. -. TT-lTT
! _
! 10,000 Troop
R. W. BUEKEb. Command.
i Having i
? for tU>- psat I
tlnue th
? ?nd rvernlted i.
! tn?l aest eat I
! ever offered in this ,
of full liuis of r.1 ;;?? Id
Country Sic
which we are offering tt prie
it to their later. ?
Call and iec nsa
We tender our thai.lt- to set
patron iiR'- la tbi
?nd ftrii I ?ft
t nuance of the tame.
ctiange fur good-.
EL M. ?.
May 10?tf.
p. s.?We wonl .
te ear
Best Bro-n
? ?- DomestiaO ? it'.iai; - i
Ladies cor- -
Fine latliet silk ties rr .in W to i
" ?atmoral?" It.
" Gatter? - tl.l
i Finest ??sortaient ?
le<| prices. (ilasswareVl BT(
139c Pal', lists an?! CB]
T rtter papen and '
I JL/vtrlety, from IS c?. . ?. Call si lUtl
8UN and see tbem.
Clip, letter and "I I
Vpaprr with a full 1 -
rect from Um po
tsij low, al ti i
Blank IWk?,
every ??rlrtj,
Rtaliontry Store
Family Bible?, 1
great varie!, sad
i BAU?ELT Ji a.
! "OfidgcrH War.-. -
I Ivsiiooua, raise. BBl
be warrant, d G
Kndgera A U ?
I imtllfXT k SON
Mlscslltae as
Ulriie; . :
i ec ?i?o *Leks i '
i Poets, together uiu, ...
' lav. at ii
I Bookstore.
lei <lttU3l Stlil
Isaac Hcias
u vi\ m tu i
.tOOD.Vl'<?< :*, Va
In ?eaeeotk
keep lor -al"
heiving Tobacco
of at-client 'i i
wie-li?-^ ~-n.
/ Cor.e?cabh
Under Four I'ountV
- tit bjr Mail.
' -i M'rfac? Coet
a*, i " ?toraiy
? r !'- of, and it try
II ml.1er i? pot belween
1 ?? reati sm.Iiuig
? Imsl ?. lb?j ?rs
. I: and Brown.
tth* extremely low
1 ? -, auy addicts
: i-.nd cheat, i-i;r
? -ir (T""d?. eaa
i ? lencriptlon of
lye?r'. S'?tni
?I. ?
l urltr-r (.'?.'..
P. 0.11 New York (lly
"iaee !
--: ?,io?i
"- -i i. ?? -r i.thsa?.
LI r-ndiicvira tad
<-? L?i?w. Dis? tea of Woes**,
ItlslsT taJ -J A 1" " '??" l> ????", :"??
! Ilif-a?KiLl-l?,- --?*? ?ca^pra.
I />DV!SER! _
? ri,..-if IrrmSelf
I MMSia, with ?Ji? be*
???? dl???r1?_S
?.'.-?.rrh.IauBtkc*. Ua
.-? ' - ?? or? ' rl rw,
. -v ri3, ,?:o. Ji.\ ? . It St. Louis. Ma
? I'M? ute ?ato?, Maldac rK.m??rl?r alaaes w 1 lift.Bit*
?caainal VVe?L?e?e p"*luctB_ E?a?a??e*??
1 ? -. of Vl.m.ii-v. impair.d Bight. U* Uamkaamm
. Ik-liHIty, r?nmu?vilT rand; ammam
. .. I.I., r. I.??*?. hMmmt. Cima.
lil?ilV?E?0> rE-AUs,
? ; ' .? ..'? -,i-rr??-?..?.???.
e. of ti? nal??id tAatk
mm tue. s LADUUia
??Mbssr?,caII?wr!H. tr?
rt.cn* far Mas?a W Bata?
i??-.???? b? ?i? art.
of tlTSatamid I????,
';n <i?U<U.S UDitl?
i. In,!,. - ?? i towd, ealtwwr(w. tr?
Sm4 IB? eaaSi tarrawaf- ~*
it l?? riAflo? by
ot ivs -?-i.
- ? -v ?a all di ix- ?f . fHnw .?ra?a,
'?y l '"T7 la tUi
id ttuM ?e??p??U?l?t i
UiWalKl?. ttttrf.
. g? tila book. ' hu U orna, to ?ay ?liBaav Malat
-. ????!theveryorder. Ott
It trou. J.B.U*>Iordai>>?C_la?<B>,lii
?qyp-n IW>??l?o1?t.?T.?l<.,?Tr?
?i. F? .1?.; Kp ,.? ? :> -.?d.i..??
?urparUcnlan. l>a ?.-Lrrw,
1:1 WaOdacM? Si. Calaaca,
OLD PLATEO \V \TCH **. CrmiawS
"?)? allnth? known world, ?ct.npi* Watch Prat m
%3\JJ3iriU. A-dre-t. A.Cocuraa MO? Cal no
Trout ? Mc?ean,
rjtrs At ?Law
" aXO
. - of l'ai' nts and Claims,
Xo K20 V Street, 'tor, of Sluih
. l -tei.t Orno*.)
- rvk-ce to Inventora la
?Mga Pat?ela,
? yrifts, il'tsaui?, te.
? ' irefulii m?d>- and sdvWc *>vea
? .i I expense lucarrwd.
sa? rumination and
IBtaf PubMcatlon, tk?
, ii.z.-tteer. esat
. i.?i$l.i?jper year.
Dressed Lurnbert
'', three mile? forth
Fl"!rin? We ?therboa?i ig.
? tto gire aatis/acitoa
lY'iriiig or ?4t??c laaa
eaeouabt? 'erras.
i- Hew Lost How
i T ? .- , -'t. anew edition of Dt.
'.'v. ? I E?eay i,b the
... - x . I. at mcdU-lii?i ,
vseski.es?. IavultiB
I. Mental and I'iiy
i.i. ? ?:;!? fi Ms:ristre, etc.:
nr.it lit?, induced by
ivairane?, to.
?, u.y ata ceaia.
,n this admtiable Eat?),
rj vear'a tnreea?
ari.tino cm ?.-qneaoc* of
j cured without the
raal iri.'.li.'lneor th* a**???*
ft ? mod? of cure ?t
'??ctiul, w> ne*** of
mailer what hi? v-oodctioa
tply, privttdy. ea<l
m the htn.is o? every
i jilrttii envelope toanyadkl
? fail Cent? ',r two per*
' i i.viiiiwiii.L Mf.ihi ai. Co.
? titee Boi, .|?%?w4t
Errors of Youth,
\| MAN ??liri ?uffered for year? frosn
?. !?.-. BaatarS Oecay, and all th*
itafttt iutliacretion will, for the sake of
to all who need lt,th*
i ii .king the ?lasplc rsanedy
. si'?.re.-s wlshlrtg to sn-ofll
risB.es caa do so by adtreaa
ni'UX. 42 Cedar lt.. ?ewTocfc.
' it\f%t*fii\ ?*.ii??Me'v?l7-ae?a?TsT?e>
, *Av'JKI||liiir~??t ir y iHgittaasi*^M??a-wiO*B
' >?. pi .jut.? 7?ly.

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