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%?itTr-i?flKy Jan-30 1878.
The spirit of reform and retrench*
incut has so taken hold of many of the
members of the Legislature that their
actious are marked by efforts to remodel
almost every form of proceeding in the
state government. Among other
changes proposed, some desire to do
away with county judges, county treas.
urcT8 and supervisors, and appoint three
justices in each township, who shall
preside at county courts, elect the
sheriffs, :;ud take charge of the schools,
and poor houses. These justice? it is
naturally presumed will do the work of
supervisors and other officers at the
very lowest cost. It is uatural tor
Legislators to think so, for if there is
any office iu the State which can be
called cheap it is that of Justice of the
Peace. His fee? arc closely guarded
by the Legislature. He may issue
summons and subpoenas for which a
clerk would receive live dollars, swear
witnesses, under and decket judgmeut,
issue and docket execution, for all ol
which a clerk would receive liberal few
and the maximum amount allowed the
Justice is iu the language of the law
??fifty cents and no more."
Further the reformers propose to save
money by changing the circuit court
ditlrktt, and by reducing the number
of judges. In other words, they pro?
pose to make the districts so large aud
the terme so short that it will require
five or ten years t?> get a verdict in a
common law case. We arc in favor of
retrenchment, tut this ?ummary mode
retrenching may prove nothing more
than a costly experiment, creating
confusion and damage to the best inter
ettt of the people. Wc have, we fear,
a class ol legislators that are fond of
teeing their naines ?n print and are de
r-irous of doing ?something that will give
them a reputation. The old adage
"make haste slowly" is particularly ap?
plicable to this class. It may be two
- befori we have anotner session of j
the Legislature, but that is no good.
rearon for attempting to do everything:
iu n lew t
Sheep Culture.
Wc publish in this is?ue of the Herald, ?
n very inten sting article upon this .?ub- '
ject, written by Gen. G. S. -Meeni for
the Agricultural Department of this
i. n. Met m is well acquainted
With the subject of which he writes.
He has had considerable experience In
raising sheep and has brought to the
county ?t'lie' of the finest imported
sheep that have ever beeu brought to
Virginia. We art glad to sec the inter?
? s| which has been manifested by many
of our farmers ;u this subject. The
number of sheep raited in the county.
is annually increasing, and the pros-!
parity of the farmers will be in direct]
ratio* with this increase. They afford'
a greater profit than cattle anda grea
profit than any crop?, which the
tanners of Shenandoah raise. Take
the w lient crop for a number of years
ou any oue farm, calculate the cost of
ia'd. fertilizers, labor and laud and yon
will be surprised at the small profit.
Wheat it a good crop because it con?
vert? labor into capital, aud it matters
nol how small the compensation, any
large crop? that gives even small pay
for labor adds something to tl.'- general
prosperity of the county. Sheep cul
will be no disadvantage to wheat
culture, but rather an active assistant.
It will afford larger profits and if pro?
perly attended to will improve the
lauds. In a few years the truth of
these remarks will be demonstrated in
?Mienaudoah county as they have in
counties sf other states where the pro?
ceeds from the wool annually grown
amounts to hundreds of thousands of
dollars. There is money iu our lands,
but tact and enterprise is required to
bring it out. Other crops which ate to
day enriching the farmers of other conn
tics are entirely neglected here. A
change will benefit all parties.
Election ?f Stale Officer?.
On last Wednesday, the Legislature
cleeted the following State Officers :
Sup't of Public Instruction, Dr. W.
H. Bnflher
Auditor of Public Accounts, Wm. F.
Begittei c? tie' Land Office, .Major S.
H. Boykin
Secretary of the Commonwealth. Col.
?la?. McDonald.
Sup't of I'ub. Printing, Capton It K.
Fray ?ir.
suji'i o! Penitentiary, Col. Samuel
A. Swann,
Storekeeper ol the Penitentiary, X.
C. Taliaferro.
The only change made was i?i the
Offca of Sup't of Public Printing. The
Legislature, we have no doubt, made a
wise selection of ?.iVieers. Where an
officer performs his duties faithfully
there is always more or ?ess risk in
making rhanget.
In the United States Senate Friday,
after the morning hour, the resolution
of Mr. Matthews declaring the right of
tho government to pay the principal and
interest of its bonds in silver was called
up, and after a number of amendtnents
had been voted down by decided ma?
jorities, the resolution was passed by a
vote of 4?. yea? to 22 nays. Senators
Hill, off.eorgia, and Lamar, of Miss.,
voted in the negative.
A Hridgcwater, Conn., young man,
who is war correspondent for a London
newxpaper, writes that ou CDteiinjr a
Turkish redoubt just captured, the first
musket he picked up was marked
"Tauntou, Mass." and the second,
"Providence, R. L, and it made him
feel as though he was somewhere near
1 Terrifie slide.
Readers of the reather bulle
the daily papers seldom stop to
the hardships to which the age
the Signal Service Bureau are c
at some of the posts occupied dur
year. The most dangerous for ;
manent habitation is probably
Washington, whose snowy peaks
out against the heavens and on
summit a perpetual gale blows. *i
day momiug Sergeant Cone and I
Murphy, of the Signal Service
started from the station to go to tl
ofthc uiouutain. the Sergeant 1
orders to report at Washingtt
medical treatment. They took :
, on which they proposed to desct
the railroad track. Leaving i
Doyle in charge of the station, w
Btructions to keep the wires opeu
foot of the mouutain, they sta:
little after 9 o'elen-k and after slidi
nearly a tuila without any apj
danger aud at a speed of fifteen
an hour over the smooth surface i
the face of a stiff breeze, they cai
the gat just above what is knoi
'?Jacob's Ladder," one of the sh;
slopes ofthc range.
Here they rested, it being deeme
; visablc to lighten the load by givr
I the sled to Sergeant Cone. He stri
? ou a light trunk and after atliustin
! cogs started on his downward slide
I going ever the summit of the pei
i was going at the rate of twent;
? miles an hour, but this increasi
' forty a9 he got down the side, an
was absolutely dying down the n
taiu side when he lost his balauce,
was precipitated into a snow ba
distance of 100 feet down from
trestle work.
He struck, upon his head and si:
ders. and when found by Private ]
phy, who followed him, he was
parently dead from bruises and bet
bed with the intense cold. Takinn
his fur coat he climbed to Littleton
aid, which came two hours aud a
afterwards. Cone wa? yet unconscl
but alter some restoratives have !
administered he recovered and WOO
moved to Littleton. X. IL. where
wounds were properly dressed. II
badly bruised about the shoulders. 1
aud face, but no internal injuries
thought to exist. The depth of
snow alone saved him from a terr
death.?Y. V. Jhruld.
rue Delinquent Sehoel l'un?.
In referring to the alleged dlvcrsio
money from the school fund, the 11
mood Mate says ;
"The money was collected and {
to the Auditor ; but instead of pay in
over lo the Educational Fund it was
propriated to the purchase of State bo
at the market price, and has thus b
the means of retiring over uouMe t
amount ofthc State's indebtedness,
oonds purchased having been placed
the credit ofthc "-inking fund. The m
ey of the school fund is therefore in
-inking fund.represented by State bon
which might be taken out and sold :
the proceeds turned over to the Boi
of Education. This is, as wo und
Stand it. a full explanation of what 1
become of the funds belonging to
schools. It is in Ihe Treasury, but
the shape of bonds credited to the sil
log i'uud.':
loelber Sehrme of Re-.idju.tniont.
Mr. Henkel yesterday presented t
; important bills?one to Increase '
taxes from 50 cents to ?1 ou the hi
: dred dollars worth, and the other i
; thorizing temporary loaus to the Co
monwealth at the rate of 50 cents
greenbacks for ?1 in certificates?th<
last to be receivable in payment
Wc arc not fatir.lliar with all the i
?tails?but the bill does uot seem
i conflict with the bill of the Fiuauce Co:
j mittee. aud may possibly be auxiliary
I it.?Richmond Whi<j.
The Heroic Montenegrins have ma
! a record of valor and endurance in t
Eastern war which has not beeu si
i passed, if equaled, by any of the cot
i b?tants. They have lately captur
i another Turkish fortified city ai
several islauds in Lake Scutari, and a
increasing in strength, and are hailed
liberators as they march on. It is
be hoped that, when the end arrive
they may secure not only autonomy.b
liberty and independence.
The New York Post says that tl
banks in that city, or several of tuen
have, siiicegjold fell below 102. bet
buying large amounts of gold, thcrel
putting a partant! iu some cases tl
whole of their capital in gold, Th
they have done so as to be in a posltio
to encourage the use of gold among the
customers, with the hope of crealin
stich an extended use for that metal i
mercantile transaction* as shall naak
the transition from a paper to a go!
bath the more easy when the prope
time comes.
Andcrs?*n, Kenner and Case-nave
members e>f the Louisiana returiiin;
board, were arraigned in the Buperio
Criminal Court at Kew Orleans yestcr
day, and the case again-t Andersoi
begun. J. Madison Wells, the miss
ing member, tailed to put in an appear
ancc. The captives made another af
fort to obtain a change of venue on the
ground Ibal they could not get a fail
| trial in the State court, but it failed,
j Rail o.ooo each.
In Louisa county, Va., a few dais
[ago, Robert Appieby was shot in the
neck by Lindsay I'oindexter, in accor?
dance, il is said, with the ternis of a
mutual contract. They agreed upon a
trade for certain cattle to be delivered
and traded on a certain day, the one
failing toc?me up to the contract to be
shot. Appleby failing and I'oindexter
drew a horse-pistol loaded with slug-.
Appleby fled and I'oindexter h'red the
charge taking effect in Appleby's neck
and inqicung severe hut not fatal
wounds. Foindcxter was arrested and
committed to Jail.
Gen.Joseph E. Johnston has been
aamed by a correspondent of the Rich?
mond Diwahh as a suitable person to
represent that district iu the next con?
gress, in the place of Got. Gilbert C.
Jew? llenes.
Hon. Cha?. S. Lewis, of Clarksburg.
West Va., died Tuesday. He was
formerly a member of Congress from
Mrs. Matilda Stanley, whom the
papers style the Queen of the Gypsies
her authority beiug recognized by all
the tribes in the United States and
Canada, died in Yiuksburg, Miss., a few
<!ay? ago. Her remains have been taken
to Dayton, Ohio, where her 'family'
owns much real estate.
The Louisiana returning board, which
is to be tried for its wickedness, has
petitioned the Superior Criminal Court
at Xew Orleans to have its case removed
to the United States Circuit Court, on
the grouud mainly that it will not bo
able to get a fair trial in the State court
It is a well known fact that every-man.
in this country, who has made a large
fortune by trade, has advertised his
business extensively in the newspapers.
The House of Uepresentives bva vote
of 154 ?yes to % noes?two-thirds?
rejected the resolution introduced by
Mr. Southard, of Ohio, authorizing the
payment of customs duties in legal
tenders after January 1. 187?.
Dispatches from the burning mine at
Wadetvillc, l'a , last evening tar that
I gangs of men arc still working day and
night, and they expect to be successful
in heading off the lire by tonight. It
will still take many weeks to get the
mine in working order again.
Geo. Howard, a negro tramp, has
bceu sentenced at Fitttfield, Fa., to life
imprisonment for outrageous assault
upon Mrs. Mareey. John Gilbert, a ne
,'io. was sentenced to fifteen years im?
prisonment for assaulting i white girl
fifteen years of age.
Ex-Gov, Hendnckt, iu an interview
published at Indianapolis, .alights from
the fence on the finance question, and
declares himself on the side of reinone
tization ol silver and anti-resumption of
specie payments.
Thursday night three large ?tables
aud barns, olc long row of stalls, 1,000
bushels of com. 200 tons of hay. and
about 2 500 bushels of grain were des
troyed by lire on the stud farm of Col.
David McDaniel, the turfman, situated
three miles from Princeton. X. ?). At
the time the lire broke out thirty valua?
ble horse?, mostly running steeds, were
in the stallt, but all were rete ved with?
out receiving any injury. Col. Me
Daniclfl estimates his loss at 113.000
with a small insurance.
Gcor.e I'. Gordon, inventer o! th-'
celebrated Gorden printing pn sees, died
in Norfolk, last Suod-ty night, after
a brief illness, He leaves a large
estate to bis relatives and friends. He
owed a great ?Lai of prop rly. and
was engaged in many important en?
tcrprisesin Virginia and other Statea.
Hi? body will be taken to Brooklyn
X. Y.. f??r interment.
Tin: Moffett Ui:<usii:k.?W,
learn from Mr. F. D. Johnson that he
will probably commence an order from
the Slat?: ol Virginia for an additional
two thousand rogisti ra in a few days,
lie- has been informed by the Auditor
that there are only a few hundred on
hand, and he will bo 'ii need many
We barn from Senator Gnmsleythat
he received a telegram from Xew Or?
leans Saturday night informing him that
the Moffett register bill precisely a* it i?
in Virginia was before the the Legisla?
ture of Louisiana, aud would certainly
pivs. and that the contract for then
manufacture would be given to the fac?
tory m cur town. ? ?'i.//"/.? r Times.
By the recent decisions of the United
Mat.? Supreme Court, twe Insurance
I companies have been defeated. In one
case the loss on a fire policy was con
! tested on the ?ground that the value ol
the pronerty liad been erroneously
?stated, but it did not appear that the
correctness of the statement was a basis
of the contract of insuranue. Dispute*
on Blender ground are apt to hurt a
company, even when winning the suit.
while if defeated the loss may thus be
doubled. In tlie other case the court
decides that life insurance companies
cannot recover damages from people
that murder men whom they have in?
sured. We may charitably believe that
! there an not many ?persons to whom
I this decision brings relief.?A"r? York
Di-strittin of Sheep by Dogs.?
We learn that one day latt week sever?
al dogs in the vicinity raided on the
fiock of sheep belonging to Dr. Alexan?
der Harris, at Jeffertouton, in this
county. The dock consisted of some
forty sheep. All were killed except
some six or seven, which were serious?
ly wounded.?Culpepet Times.
Gen. Miles, commanding the Unit?-?!
States t'unis in the Xorthwt-et, reports
I that Sitting Bull continues at Wood'?
mountain, over the Canadian border.! tit
he has lately been on this side. Addi
lions are being made to his canip.which
Iuow numbers five hundred lodges, by
! desi rtiotis tioiii the Red Cloud and sp |.
ted Tail agencies. Millitary prep? ra?
tions against a raid by Sitting Hull will
he made.
Lasixem.?A favorite topic of the
Xew York Time? is what it chooses to
consider "Laziness at the South.":
Probably the non-producer? and Idler?
at the. South are a smaller per ctntage
of it- population than the same class at
the North? in view of the uwnenscly
greater prevalence or tramps in the lat?
ter section. The South has gone to
work since the war with an energy un?
surpassed anywhere, and which hat ?
duced results of great prosperity.
The total value of the proper held bj
the churches in Xew York city is esti?
mated at 150,191,800, and their tota!
liabilities is $7.77t?,314. The only r. lir?
ions denomination in the city which has
no debt i? the Society of Friends.wh.c'i
owns property valued at more than a
half million of dollars, II there is the
same wealth of religion as there is ofj
churches Xew York ought to be a good ,
place in which todwelL
In the United States District Court at]
Norfolk, Va. Henry Miller, formerly
clerk in the custom-house, wns foundofj
conspiring to defraud the government
The Way of the TraBtg reiieri.
N;.w Orleans, Jun. 26.?The disap?
pearance of tue numbers of the return
inj; board, after the issue of the order fer
tlM-ii-arre.it on Friday by Judge Whit
laker, of the Supreme Court, led to the
suspicion that they wem concealed in
tho rnfrtjfaaWbouse. Sheriff Houston on
Nittirday proceeded to the maiu door
ot the collector's otlice in the custom?
house, and informed the marshal and
deputy collector tliHt he hud a writ to
execute against J. .Madison Wells and
others, whom he hud good reason to be?
lieve were confined in that office,and he
desired admittance. This was refused,
and the chief deputy marshal was sum
I mooed and he ordered the sheriff, his
ptaase ami the crowd to disperse,
The sheriff refused to leave, staling
he was di teriniiiedto execute the writ of
Hie court at any hazard, or be arresten
in the attempt. Sheriff Houston then
?lightly avaucing. Deputy Marshal
W?rzburger laid hand- upon him aud
claimed bim and his deputies as pr SOU
ira. The sheriff and party .submitted to
arrest, and were taken before Judge
Billings, sitting in the United States
Circuit Court, but the latter said he hail
notning to do with the matter, as the
parties had not been arrested by virtue
of any process from his court. Mr.
W?rzburger then took his prisoners be
; fore United States Commissioner Lane
.\lr. Tomlinsiiu. the collector's corres?
ponding secretary, then made an aflata*
vit iigaiiisi Sin -riff Houston for resist?
ing a customhouse otlicer. and sent foi
the commander Of the revenue cuttei
I and a detachment of marines, ordering
them tola-stationed at his door.lhrougli
which a pa-sage has to he cilccted to
reach the collector's' office. Gen. Shel?
don mid Mr. Doiorvip, appearing be?
fore Commissioner Lane and denying
the jurisdiction of his cotnt. asked I'm
Sheriff Houston's release. Mr. Gurley,
assistant district attorney, asked fora
continuance until Monday. Commis
sioDt-r Lane refused to grant tbu con
tinuadce.aiid released Sheriff Houston 00
his own lecognixance. The bitter im?
mediately dispatched a subordinate to
bring an armed torce to effect an en?
trance to the custom house.
The entracc to the collector's office
was petroled by armed marines from
the revenue ciiiter .lohn A. Dix. They
wen: there as a United States marshal's
force, ami under command of Gen.
Wharton. Gen. Sheldon thinks Depu
i ty Marshal W?rzburger is liable under
, Mate law for obstructing a state peace
I officer m tin legitimate discharge of his
Tbc follow?? has been telegraph?
'?To Hou. Chas. Devens, Attorney
General. Washington, D. C: Four per?
sona, J. Madison Wells.Thomas C. An
di r.-on. (;. Cascnave and L. M. Kenner.
who are uuueran information fot felony
under the laws ol life State, have tor
fi'ili d their recooiiizance, and have, I
am informed, taken shelter in the cus?
tom-house of this city. Writs for Ihcir
J urrest are In the hand- of the sheriff.and
: he went with the writs to arrest them.
Understanding llicy were shut up in a
ro ?m of the building, be was about to
force an cntraui v for tin purpi se ol ar
v sting them, when he waa himst '.: nr
r. sh d. as i anunformed, u]>iin an affi?
davit that he threatened to opea the
dooi by force, I am not aware of any
cession of exclusive jurisdistion ou this
building, nor ofany laws that would
give immunity to offenders against the
Slat'- laws within its walls. Please hi
lorntme whether the general govern
ment, has authorized or will sustain ibis
conduct. H. N. Ot.niN,
"Attorm v Gt neral of Louisiana "
At about 111 o'clock la-t night Mar
; thai Wharton received a dispatch from
the A ttorucy General instructing bim
'not to initiiere with the execution ol
the writs of State courts. BheriffHtm?
I ion was notified, and (band Anderson,
i Kt-uder and ( usenave in the collector's
; office.from whence I hey will remain un
? til they furnish new bond?in the sum of
(5.000 each. Wei's was not in the cus
! tom-house, but was seen on a moving
i train of the Mobile mad. It is believed
\ he i- still in the State, and will surren?
der Monday and furni-li bonds at once.
When the sheriff arrested the three
returning board ottkirs be informed
them that to spare them the contumely
; of being Irtkell oil foot through the
streets he would convey them to prison
; in a carriage, which offer ?as accepted.
Mr. Anderson seemed much excited for
a moment, but then invited the whole
: party to take a drink, saying. "This is
the anniversary of the day on which we
declared the vine, of I/niisiana." The
i sheriff then asked where Wells was.
saying be bad a capias for him also.
j Well's .-on answered that the sheriff
: had made several ineffectual attempts to
arrest his father by breaking into houses
tor the purpose, and that be would not
?succeed any better now that Mr. Wells
i was not ill the custom bouse. Mr.
; Anderson corroborated this, but said
I thai Governor Wella would be m the
Superior Criminal Court on Monday
morning. For the present he waa not
ai the city, or even in reach of telegraph.
[The inferen' e is that he la on board the
United States revenue cutter John A.
Thr Trouble In Ihr lororro Tratte.
Philadelphia, dan. 22. -Third
street this morning is agitated over the
trouble affeutiug lb? houses in the
morocco trade. The principal house
in troubles is E. ft c. Stokes, importers
of hides and skins, Mr.E.Btokes said
; this morning that th>- linn had not yet
Idecided what course they would take.
hut would make a decision tO-ibtV, The
, titan attributes the cause of their trouble
?to the fall ofGeo, W. Humt?Kll A Co.
I who were unable to mtfet even the in?
terest of their oblbcntiuns, and who re*
lied on K. ft C Stoke- to meet it fcr
I them, The firm is indeblctfto E. & C.
IStoki - to the extent of ?vet t-?oo.ooo.
I The fol?owiuK houses ar alee reported
insolvt nl : .hii. Demi r Son?. $'>(?. 000 :
; Wm. R. Stewart & Co., 9120.000 :
I Hammond & Dwyer, 130.000; Harvey.
'Lynch ft Co., 116.000; Stewart Allen.
S12.000; Edward Evans ft Co., HO,
?OO. c. Hockins, 120,000 ?J, G. Baker,
i Manufauturiiig Company ol Wilmington,
0190.0) 0.
E. ? C Stoke-, wir? will nol doubt
make an assignm ;.? to-day, are erech
lora for about Uirue-fourths of all the
I liabilities of the above uann d Arms.
Tney decline to state the total amount
of their own liabilities, but claim to
hohl the paper of other morocco firms
| to the amount of from ?TOO.nOO to |8U0%?
The BritisbHouse "i Commons post
poned the debate on the supplemental y
supply bill until Ti.nrsdiiy.l the govern
ment is defeated l'arliameut will be
nniiu-dialely (lissolved, but Ibis result
is deemed itopoesible at the present
time. !*ir Stullurd Northcote, iu the
course of bis remark*, said "the key*
Stone oi southeastern Europe is being
removed." and that 'Turkey must not
be urged to continue the struggle for
purely Kuropean objects". It is stated
thai some of the Russian demands will
bestrouglj opposed in the coming coo
fereut e ol England and Austria. The
Pofte is reputed to hate protested
against (he passage of the British fleet
lliroagh tin- Dardanelles except ns an
ally ol Turkey. Peace will be* signed
on Russian territory. There arc indi?
cations of a dtimoiistratioii In Afghanis?
tan against Persia or the British. The
German enbitiet crisis is developing lej{
iflation looking to the appointment of
Geiman ministers independently o? the
Cl aiieellor. but under his leadership.
Caps. Gen Jovellar liheratetl forty-sev?
en prrsoners who Were cou lined in the
Ilavaha fortress on the day of the mar
lia?o ol'Kinx Altops<\
Peaee Virtual!?/ Conrlndrfl.
London, Jan. 25.-Reuter'? Tele?
gram Company have the following dis?
CoNsTANTiNoi'LK, Jan. IS.?The
Porta having yesterday acce pted the
ltussian conditions, peace is regarded a*
Virtually concluded.
The Russian conditions have not yet
been officially made known here, but
it appears certain that they greatly ex?
ceed the conference programme, aud
stipulate both for territorial concessions
aud payment of a war indemnity.
London. Juii. 25.?The Daily Tele?
graph, in iu second editiou, prints the
following ?fir-patch from Constantinople:
The Turkish del?gales have been
Ofdend to sign peaie preliminaries. An
armistice will probably be concluded to?
The peace conditions are stated on
excellent authority to include the fol?
lowing: Servia to be independent with?
out compensation, Montenegro to re?
ceive Antivaria. Mattet and Spuz. ami
a portion of the territory bordering on
Lake Scutari.
Russia is to hold Batoum, Kars, ami
Erzeroum until a war indemnity of 20,
000,000 pounds is paid, the Dardanelles
to be opened to Russian men of-war.
Bulgarian autonomy to be conceded.
This is to be done rather on the prim
I (dual of the Lebanon than on the plat
of the Constantinople conference, end
Turkey is to nominate a Christian Gov?
ernor for a long term of years, subject
to ratification by the Towers.
Bulgaria is not understood to ?ncludi
Thnce, but only to extend to the lin?
of the Balkans; part of the Rust?an ar?
my at embark at Constant!
nople for their return home and the li
nal treaty of peace to be signed at Con?
stantinople by the Grand Duke Nicho*
This arrangement wiUtatitf) Russian
military bon-jr without involving the
occupation of Constantinople, There
is no mention of Roumania in the Daily
Telegraph's dispatch.
[By Cable to tne Bulletin.]
London. Jan. 25.?Earl Carnarvon
hat undoubtedly resigned. He is no?
making a long statement to the Boos?
of Lords.
Iu the Commons Sir Stafford North?
cote made a statement to the effect that
the Cabinet had only been informed
yetterday evening oftne bases of peni?
proposed by Baaam.
He would not say whether a member
of tht Cabinet had resigned. He was
not aware of the conclusion of an armis?
tice or the signing of preliminar;' ? !"t
Lacenotlvc Bailer Explosion.
(.'HABI.OTKSVII.I.K. Va., Jan. 23.?
; A locomotive on the Chesapeake and
i Ohio railroad exploded its boiler about
' three o'clock this morning, completely
I wrecking the engine, Hiram Irvini*.
the engineer, states that be had no idea
lafea moments before the disaster that
I there wat anything wrong about hi
; boiler. At the time of the Keiften! R.
II. i halhley, the Braman, was m
.the caboose asleep and liuw
be escaped Instant death ??
' Impossible to conjecture. He was
. badly scalded about the body, but it is
j not believed it will r?>ult seriously.
? Engineer Irving was thrown from the
Iengines distance of several feet, ami
: the only injury sustained wa? a ? ui
j over the left eye. At tin time of th.
expothm there wa? 130 pnHiids ol steam
?mi the boiler, her registered capacity
, being 140 pounds. The locomotive
; had just arrived from Staunton with a
? freight train, and switched oil on a trink
: near the depot. Portions of the boiler
w?re hurle?! iu every direction. A
? piece five feet wide and ten long Wtw
j landed a hundred yards distent. Anotb?
[ er piece, weighing 100 pounds, landed
! in a yard tao hundred yards from the
?.??ne of the disaster, and Wat buried
several feel In the earth. Another piec?
I of the boiler, ten feet long, was hurled
150 feet from the wrecked engine.?
Several buildings in the ricini*
i It oi the disaster were pierced by por?
tion? of iron from the exploded boiler.
One piece landed three-quarters of a
mile distant from the depot.
Narrow Kscatk of a Motiiki:
and Child?A Bui k-vard Moving
off.?A Rondotit i^X. Y.) di-patch
| Jan. 22. says; For a week past the
JbaiiK above Terry'? brick yard.at Steep
! Rocks, has given evidence of being im?
itable and was gradually moving to*
j wards the river. Uu Monday atlernooti
i the child of Mr. Terry was playing ncui
? the eilge.when its mother saw from tie
house the ftwet and laud move towards
?the river, llastilv rescuing the child
jibe tied just iu lime, as m a mom? tit
| the land had slid away to within fit it en
i leet of the house. The tilde was BOU
! leet long,and three acres of ground
j moved several hundred feet, covcriuj.
I a portion of the brick-yard, snapping
?shafting and posts like pipe ?tern*. The
?land upon which the dwelling stands is
j moving and it will probably be in tin
I river by spring. Growin?* fruit treeewrt
?carried erect 200 feet, and are firmly
! imbedded in the ?oil.
The conditions of peace were tub?
milted Saturday to the Turkish. Parli?
ament. Kxcitumeut prevails IUGn
The cry is still for war in behalf ot'i
Crete and ThettaiV, and for ancient
right? and prestige. The .Monten.
continue al work capturing lorts. Tin
y ote. on the motion lor supplementary I
supplies will be I pirty test in tie
British Parliament to-i.ight. Lord
Derby has withdrawn his icsignatioo.? I
The French government bus ordered
the commander of the Fnmli iron clad
It Smyrna to he in readiness to protect
French interests at Constantinople If
necessary. Dr. John Doran, a rhatiu
guished London author, it dead. A
Home dispatch announce? that the
Pope grew worse on Baturdav, and
jiartook of no food, it is no' l>< tieved,
however, that there is chu-.?: Ihr imme?
diate alaim. A rumor thai Spain will
sign a treaty with San Domingo at tho
end of this month, astnmlng n pro?
tectorate over that island, cantes ?tTi at
excitement In San Domingo ami Hayti,
and ?ne caaes the unpopularity of Pr ?'.
dent Baex,
MlSCKUIlN-Vl to.N IN Geoboetown.
?The placid surface of high life below
stairs, in Georgetown, has been stirred
into a very tempest of? xcitement by a
marriage which has eclipsed anything
in tho hymeneal line (orsome time p ist.
The high contracting parties where a
Mr. Vincent B. Thomas, a gentleman
of African decent,whose ancestral home
is in "ole Yitginny," and a Miss Hel?
ena Jacqueline Parker, who, an English
woman, "to the manor born." has but
recently come to this country. Tht
ceremony ftp performed by the lav,
Jot. Rost, and was witnessed by a large
number ol friends.
yen Alreriiemmnt*.
w ca\. roi.i.ioK.
Th* c?it aalf scaalaatealn? th? S4th of 1?brnar,
E*,lxrP,<? Tl7 from II' ? ui utl., f-.r fnrii .tin]
r-jum* ?n<t t?blr brar?., t<> I" Iu ?a?*?-?., with
ruwni.?<*nt fr??.
Vor ai>p itiitf-irni. or r?t?!?irn? apnlr to
V. I,. Q. HIM??.
Jan. SS--??. ?laca.burg, l-roi.t. nt.
A Sr?t-claa? farm hand non? bata trst-claa?
attA to apply, a aiusrle in?a prefer?!.
Aldresa Boa 3.1,
Dee. 19-tf. Woodstock, Va.
am not ou^ht to 1??? It H Iba auaaaifill a*** lot
that t,r?.vt Am. rl. "in Remedy. Hi"
Mustang Liniment,
I ThMItfllW ni v. ryn.itnmlly originated In Ainr-rl
ea, v.-h.-r.- .V tan !?' ?? la 1.. r 11 b? C Itoty each
1 carpi ?' ? a I U ' I I
?.. n | readli
? nntUaowltcndrclaatncbant
i Tl - ::. ?.: an >tu
To - at*.
.-.?.-.?, ' r
It c:..'. i 1 ttOUoi* born, fcrub,
. . r .-- t, mange, ill. bites i. .!
..tin: ... , r.'i.t:'.. . r.n.l ln-..'.'t..,anJ.v. ry
ictoi :? ? k ii.' tUn : u:-..Hiu. h life.
aal I bio of 1
?rind ; ?-. ( '?
\'.r..:i Sloatans I.lnl.r.
nir ? In lh" v.urlil f - OITlBg In til?
family, !:i the abacm ? .f : physician, such o-?
'.. :r:'.., hCtli -, sprr.lr.-, cut", etc, rnd for rh.uma
:l.'i:!..r'.y valuable t > Mini r*.
It la tbocheapaal r.-t...-ly ;. ii. world, for .
tratca the moaele to tha boae, and
.. ;.].::.-.::?..i i ; ?-. m rally ?rdBeteal I ?
.. at li pot ep la three
: -.-. r one. 1.? lag proportion
. nt.'v mai h th? ? l?iui*Bhiit.
Pirn.I? KAl.f* ' F VAI.C VBLE
Bl m I 'I .vrr :
At Mt. Olivt. Slit nandi ah (unity. Va,
; .M I Ibe 'a it : \S ill
. ira i..' ? i. 'i ? .i. . .I i] ?? ?. ti ?i?, i -
I Mill . S ' O ?''..I'll
?. . :i
Fill, . FEBRl'AUY. 22'. 1878.
u i Dak) 1:"!,
s, ;,,,{. - ? ,: i ?t M '? ah Coui.tr,
about i.un? tr.i . - north ol Woodatock, ail n.;l
! tr in th Ball Rail R ad I ?
| 'iii. :
i three tr...t*, c nia Bl
| ?IT?..
I ' I.
. r? -, I r- '!
I inn ai.d aH' i-.11 ?.tr I
ti ii---. ;. Dl i, a Be? ?
I .mi, - ?
i ti. D the i re?n -. ?, in if
? reeldm
da; h tul. to oe executed fo the deferr?rd?pa)ment
?' Um tir-i ?rllh good |?ra?.n?l
t . i.. retaini 1 uul
ir? li.?-- r or pu
th- .'..-ll 1 ivi::-: I n. Jf b? I:
'.. M.
;._ ; Wto
Baker dec'd , a'? r^i .? ted to ?ettlr as prnnipti)
a? in. . -.ttl-ii.i ut ' t
? t law.
:? " ?
! William Baker de? d. or 1. - ? Hate, ?rill pi
mu.- before P. W Bagruder, Comr. in ? 1.
I 11 f*av? ? it? lonn
iir< -I bj law, >:..l a -11 .? on| lete hi?
i. tice. ol". w \, 11 i.V. ?dmr. with the will of
? Ian. -111. -t 1-. W.
N'l'l I? i:
i he i ?nir ml>*ei Ibei? from
\ '-\.block, M:t tow n mid iieijrhhor
! i:ij I'u-; t Ml!.'.-- have ln-t-n placed in
the hand? ??! ?in ?in Baii.-ei man lor ?et
llemeiil. 1'benc iicoiiiii? uni to O i
I lilt S"U We li.'i.r patron*. ? il
-??ule promptly ?nli Mr. HiiiiKvrtniin. a?
: it i- m .??-- id thai the l>u-tu? of th?
'??!,l tit m Aw Id In- .lined up
i?ct. l?ili, IS77. J. II. M'.U.II.I. j t'O.
las I. H-n. W. E. Gladstone. Prof. Max Mullcr.
' P.-of .l>r.? .11. Lr. W.?. Carpenler. R. A. eroc
?ir. Hrof. Ini-'.y. j?,. A. froude, Edward A.
FreCmaa, . nuc?. I'jwer Cobbe. U. iViackenil;
..a lace. Ihc -..?<? o? Argyll. Mr,. Muloch. Wm.
, Black. Ji.an ingclow. Mit? Thackeray, Mr,. On
phant. Mr?. Alexander, lieo- MacDonaid.Maithiw
Arnold, lurtfucnlci, ?u.rbi h, rluski.i, ennyson.
: Browning, and - nted iu
UTTELL'S living age.
Jan. I, iv.a, i li-- Living ,.;.-1 ate - -le -i. its i n ?
den the pioductl n? ul lb? roreramt author?,
...m.-l ....I many otuer?, nnbracliiii h"
chol ? ? lort st . ,.., by Leading for
eign N'orellata, an 1 en ?I
rjnappro?cbed by any other Peri
in the world, of the m -t raloable Literary and
the .lay, from the pi a? "? the
.ti-t.-. Critics, iii? . > r.. .
Knowledge and Flngreaa, liie Living a
weeklj magazine giving more lhaii
donble-column octavo pacta r.f i ?ailing aisiin
reerly. It yreeenta mau ?i rasare fon::,
dering its an? nul oi matter, ?..th freahnax, owing
t-. its weekly iaaue, and with a ?atiefaelory com
ther tmblieatloo, Um
lay?, Review?, Criticism? Talca, s:
oi lr... rv. 1'.. trv. s'-l.-utitlr-, Bio
.'. lli-.t.i i.-?l ?ml Political InfonnaUoii,
from ih.: ?-uti. ;,-u Periodical I
It i- ? . nable t" . v. ry Amerlcaa rav
?1er, a? tin- nly fro-h and Complete MUpilaUun
llspei.s il '..' ear .? t li;.-ra u ?,??l.
.r .in.ti ni i rut
?.UI.l.si LIVINU WKlTKKH, m all branches oi
l '..' t.i any .ne who di -
keenabrsaat oi tbelhoogbl of.tba ag.. in any de?
partment of Kienc* . r liu ?lure."-Uo?t u lournaL
"III it ?v.: Bliil 111-' I
ttrile.? up n all subject? r. aiy to ?mr ban.l. "?
Philadelj Bia Inquirer"
"It is beyond aU qu?etlon tl.<> \""{ c.-ni|. ?
.,ftb" Lest c.lrrii.t etr: nr.'.'-N 1. !
?' \ | are and ; rpetu .1 n sen ir and fooni tin ef
entertainment aud tnatrnctiou." Bon Robert c.
"iba? ilure of the day."?Xew Yort
"l'li. i llnerica.*?Th I
Ciiyl*r, n. D.
"AM UM .l:...?.?t. A atouthly that renie?
**lta?Torila11 .li-tand mut roj
k- ? r.a't .vi;l. t.,r i.n.gr.M
ol thought m all it- i'iia-t'?."? 'hila. ^? ?rili
"ihe at.tr.t taeaya, the mnet entertaining .tone?
tho fliKi-t |u>etry oi the Ku^h.h l.ugiui;?, are In ic
Katlirrnl to,!? tiur."?ll'.iniM r?tete Hmrual
"\\ liu it alone a r? sdi r ma) fairly krrp np tl'h
id thai la Importaal in the literature, hi
pol?tica, and irienoaof the day."?Th? Methodist
New Vork.
"It to iudi-penaable to every on? who deaire? a
thoreagh coniptndi m of ll id?? l? ?dmlr.bl?- ?u.|
aoavsaarfdry in to* Ul may ?rorld."?H
"iiught t.. tina a i' ace m every Aretrirenhome.*'
-N.-? y rk tlmee.
l-uhl.-hi' 1 Meekly at {S M a y.ar, free oipoetaue.
i ; \ I'liJt OF I ' i : u i ? ? i ; I87M
Toalltik* lubacribera tnr ikth, ?.?ii i?> ?eut
grali? Ik . alng the Ht>t
lii.talnient? Ol a new ??rial, "Srtoa," Iraii.li'.t .1
fr.im lb?, (ii-rman ol Iran von liixern'i tit-i.,-tba
beat work .?' one of the t?.-t and brlghtoel ?alhors
..f (1. rniaiiy A ni"W ?to y hy the <-h?rmii.< Kn
gh?h aaafeotan, MIm rkaeteray, ?Jea api-uar? in
.- Dombera, ir- ta ml. i ice ?Beate, ?1th
olhei v?liub!i. pi?it? r.
Club-Prlcea for Ute ?Vt-t Home and
l'oiii^li Literatne.
???rsaaaeead ? f Th- I.e-lng Ag.- ?ml nn, .^r .ther
..( nur viu.'im:, Muernati montbllea, a ?ubsciilier
will Bl.* hltn?-ir n r..inirai..l or the- whol? aitus
ti,.n. ' ll,i .1, lptiia aven*g I'.uil.tin.
l'or?l'i,.n l in -Living age and either one if the
American (4 MonthUee ("r lUrjiiV We, kly ..r
Batar) wi I l>e sent f >r a )ear, h-'lli |K.?tp?id .. r,
. Ihr Loin Age ml the Ht. .Nnhola*. at
Appl?t<iU'? J'.urual,
Address UTTEU. ? GAY.
C"*oMMissioxi.it? owner,
J aoodateek, Va., Ian. K
To B?njaniin Ham,an ?u4 all Otliel
laaae .-. Hm-iimau de. d coiuj.iti?. and . M
adnir. of laaacH. liockmiu ,!.<M, c.vh.riu ,1
uiau *i.l..?fin ?aid it.-.
l>vi Ho.kiiau. i lixabttti llockmau Bamual t.
Miller aud . atberiu Ml? wilel'bilii, Hanui au ami
Anna lil? alto, Michael li
Mlley Inut c.
You are Barato u tin. i thai i ' i
th.' 23d ilav ot febi .. j ueitl '
6o'clock, A, M.aud? o'eloek, 1'. M. it bo>, ob tl e
next la.r ilay there aft -r (Su, ,
He, al
lvb.KUi. aalror. of I. -, H ?'Unan <!.> M. j
di bla tad di . . ?aid I. *. Il
.1.1,1. or ins satata a<
:n Of O. n M i,i rraateefur a.chael bovkmau
in tin manner noli, at.-1 lu lie bul Bad t'ks ?u
ai'couiitoi Hi.- il. lit- -? an I In said
? -'i ?bat. lam., a ? euUl ed I
drawn from th" -ule unoer >rerl trttsl ana in ?Mat
proporti IB, anil 4!h. tl
.. in ?a-itinieut ..r that eilucr party bis) .
: . .1 to b? tat. tl l,y tl,.- ,;.-. ri
.1 ati . Irenlt Court reaoered on tli
In-.'. 1-.7 la a ?int iu . ...
. .in t i ? o. 1 l.
Miiui/a aiLur. ke. Delta an i
ranas the taking . i
i.i' eon?) Il tad on that day, I
?ill i !? ?djuomed lrom laj t
|il?r< iiuti! tin- sarui- ar.- tak.-ij .. .
nude, ni> band aa Coi
. bancerj of tie- ?aid i ourt, ,.t oi)
county tli- iia? ?lad yi ?1 '
Jan. 23-td. V. \V. Ma\OItl
i The undersigned , oiurab iom
; po'mti'd by Ibe - -nil 1.1 \ ,
! ilonh and Fu .'< ; ick com ? - !
I invite I'KOi os\i.- im ';
| Bridge at roa-1
man"- Mid, / on -ii' li on ?. i
| im ti oui so i.- 11;, !??,-,
with linen It-el i ? ?;'??? at
out aii'.ibi
i|Utu ti. Uuildei ? lo \ i-.i ii
paie a plan and lull ?pi ilfieation..
lirait, and -i,bunt u ith then
and diiei i.ed lo ?'. - B -
0. Join;- ii M n'lboi-0. il". " '?
eotinty, V;i
Bi & o lie receivt i mini Jan
|s7s, when tFie It
I bridge let,
For lu?;i
"I..(with postage ? ;
.1. . '?? ] ksou .
E. I. II ixi i
I ? !. M i
M '.(.I-I I.MAS.
i .?i-, lot :
I.S.Vl Kl N K Hoi
Ja? i
(ii:o v l
Sew ing M hin c in
i tria
ED ii no, \ c. S
? h lag
? ?
A. P. ?
, I merit Ml a
' Mr. ?;. 1 . I
: a
\'< rv IN'?]
m vi -i with
wb ?
I \'t. ???ksi)U Va.
'.',.- I - '
tli. ir n*g right ?
for Catharine Hu| ? . I A
? M
In Chanci ry,
of " thartui
I i. su;, tin
! arine Hi; I, d( - ' 1
1 II.
j real i -t?te ? ?bii b ab
? ite th. m m tiie . rder i t ;
'.at wh.i 11 t..
I : u-r my baud
Jan. ICtI
J IVood-to k. V t. !
Mary ?'? Hoffman. Elwai I II. Ho
m m. John " ;
Liifbi ;? llnrn adra
in.n ib.- il Mar* llotl .
Iloffmu i
N'otii i- i: I li
ill the ere bo;- ni A
Yon are hen
rixetl upon Kild ty Ihe I"1
1878 al my niHt-e to ?
i he circu?? court "I Siien:i
lender?.?! al the Deei-mbi i Term 1ST in
i he above named i
lot the eoma.r-. of ibis v mi ,
! settle Ihe accounl ol Lu*her Ilui n
ol AII red IJoffman det
oi ai.ml "i all the ilcbts aa du-l
Hired Hoffman or hi- e*tal . :
lake an Sceoiiiil ol the ael lu? i I
! the real estate ol the - tbl tl?
: \'-o an Be
Mrs* Mary lloffi
be -,ii.l real estate and ?' h in ?
mutlei In- aaa) deem perte?! "
'eitlier ..i th" parti i i" ';'!IV
Wj.e'.i and ?
?.?leu lindel my 11 111
by. i I -aid ' 0 ' thi
K K. Slit RLIY.
? -td. S. ?j i
17. NEWYOi.i.
eenptlnus, i hi. si" i
diera i .? ywhi s, thai II i- ?
d?t* for I
rec rj foi the |.?-t t I
l.l. I ill e Of tbl
o|i*rstioa lib:, ii have lieb- t.. t.. eu
ir mu, ry ?et
Daily San la af ar pag?-*neet ol
P'iCe I,y Bl.ll, 1 -t 1
'Ib--und?}'?diUna of T't:
pajte ?b
isy. it ?;?.i i-, utaii s a lar)
pan-.l for it I n?; -i ??
, -?
The Weekly Baa.
Who .i.?-? n t kii .s- lu
.'ireu'ate. Or .iwj'ii.?-.;-. tie
?re. t It- ?ein, nie liages weekly, and
tin' light <a i
ment? n,?k?. it ?.M-uaially a Journal for the
and flrr?ide, I ?j Ban On* ?aullar ? ye
This price, riuality <?
p-t ne*, ?p- . pnW ?
fin MBB, ?ill ?end an rv.tr?.
ia m isai.i; OF i'Hg il n, - . ,
.v..I. lili lu.i K.
Page Co., Va.
Siedler ~ ?a*rett.
Tor the ?ale of Flour, I'utt u-, Eggs, ?nd ?111
aVw. 933 /aOtaVagjtVSal ?SVISMaf.
ir.!.s7//.\V/i,V>iX IK c.
uli. ral ?maucw on coB?lgum*ul* la
RtrtllE.NCE: lajwi? Jobnam a Co., Bank,ori
Washingtou, D.O.
A? ?i i 8TB ?. a id .monthly off
getsi Art,
itxcixt i:.tii; ? i ro u 1*7?.
. lb ia magazine
' ? .- t . t. n
? 1.
. ,-t r* ?ill i.|,?re
,t. ? ) l'ail011,
with a
The :. Rsvaailng,
i Travel aud
. 'iiar Qusailaaa ?
af ta* i*ay, I'.iui.-, i.,im<s -*?? tmt
'..- Bi w year, the ]>ul>
iie (?rial .Noreli,
nan? of
?:,' and A .NV?
. :i ta .i.te.l
artf I Ut com
? ' - ! a .'.?- ti r?ral
- Ba garia and
t u.a
I ?*, i.].l;i L*
.; Home
era, by n< nry
.ai j la
in; aud v. lou?
0., Ba an at.
.ol *'. liauon,
\ due b 1 $4.
1 .weg b?eu
t ri.iab.d
? ' ? a llb-rai
- , Iul<li?her?,
- t. Iblla.
l? J?DS!
m the
? :'.r.g I"
? >CK
..- vin.
Boots, Sloes Hals,
/?//.\ rs
1 >\vs
" r f I?
.-. Va,
ill to. Va
? V
i. J i
iss Paints,
Sa (fcC.
If von
//? ? /../ ( V;/i s/dt red,
?n aay
m, or
1 WinUr
. il ch'-ap
Til iKS. slllKTS
.' 1 toe.
- sud a b-auti
-s ai.J Cun?, OJovea
o.e., ?fcc.
aud I k of
S h ex, G a if or .s,
rJa, se
?hall b n-, ?t hapn i > r*iaibit my ?aa
bo o? un.- lav.r me .,itb?call.

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