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\V?Hlu?Mlay. March 20 1878.
The school? Teleea-Ths feileres Appro
The Luc? eased appropriation? of $25.
(?00 to the Virgiuia Military Institut
was very promptly approved by Goi
eruor Holliilay ; also that of $15,000 t
Blackiburg College, aud b)I,000 to th
Richmond Medical College.
Observe her? the consistency of tli
Governor, who vetoed the bill whic
simply said that the School-fund shoul
uot be paid iu coupon?, because frei
schools are rather a "luxury '.hau
necessity." The appropriation to th
Institute was $15,000 a year until th
last, when it was made %$25,000. Th
public debt increased. 'The public hono
in peril," the Irce school fund shot
#383,000, to money in the treasury, th
State borrowing of the banks to pa
governmental expenses, aud this schoc
steps iu for au additional $10,000 fror
the public treasury. The same Govci
nor iiolhday who says wc must educat
our sons in sound morality before w
have a system of public education coi
(.?ally approves the appropriation.
Blacksburg College received all o
Virginia's portion of the Land Bert]
fand, amounting to some *2?'0.000at th
time, with the positive aud expr?s
condition that no charge was to li
created upon the State. Before tw<
y?ars bad elapsed application was mad<
for 445,000. and it w as incousideratel;
voted. Since then an appropriation L
annually made, and the precedent be?
ing fixed for supporting another c'asi
school nota whit sup?rieur in any re
sped to cither of the graded schools o
Polytechnic of this county. Gevernm
Bolatday, who considers it dishonest ti
educate the "mass? ?" before we pa;
,16,000.000 of war mid reconstructs
interest which two corrupt lasvvcri
bribed forty two ignorant legisla
tore to pas?, again approved.
The Richmond Medical College
Which not a dozen doctors outside tin
vie.i ty of Bichmond know to be it
fcis.eiice. ?gets an annual appropriatioi
to graduate a few professionals at Stati
expense, and the same Governor win
says that "the debt (not the fraudulently
compounded war and reconstructioi
interest) is older than the free schools,'
forgetting that the debt proper ?solde
than any of these college?, again ap
The''Valley Governor" is a sweet
?ceatetl geranium to the noses of Valle;
people. The Valley counties jpa;
about one-fifth of the school tax o
the State, thirty-three per cent of whkl
never comes back to them. A gooi
grade?! school now stands open H
months iu the year in nearly even
torso, aud the people are just heginnins
to show their zeal in perfecting the sys
tern iu all the country districts. Th?
Auditor llii? year tells them that theii
school tax has leen absorbed by cou?
pon?, that their schools must close
k. aud thai they cannot have as many ai
last year, although it was just being de
termini il to have a great many more
The legislature passes a simple bil
(uot tho Barbour bill) saying this func
must hereafter be paid in money, sotha'
the taxpayers shall reap the beuetit foi
which it is levied and collected. Th?
Valley Governor, whose people pa;
?ocha porportion of It, steps in with i
veto of this bill, aud then approves th(
appropriations ?o the colleges.
The Lunatic Asylum appropriation
of last year not paid, the jails full o
lunatic?, and the college appropriation!
The Deaf, Dumb and Blind Asylum
appropriations of last year not paid, ant
the college appropriations approved.
The treasury iu debt to the School
fund 1383.000, the schools dwarfed,
diminished in numbers or closed, tin
bill to collect their money in money ve?
toed, and the college appropriation!
And all this by the Valley Governor,
Familiar sentences and householt
word? used in ihe debates of the Houst
of Delegates :
"Honor of the Commonwealth."
"Virginia s fair name."
"Virginia's past glory."
"Our old mother."
"Our graud old mother."
"O?r f'ear old mother."
"?Our honest obligations."
"Our creditors."
?Our proud old Commonwealth."
"Our untold n sotin
"The ancient renown of Utas grand
old Commoiisveiiltb."
How long can we lire on tins dish ol
hash will- the debt increasing over a
million a yar? It isa little like tin
young men who expect to live on
Daddy's reputation till Daddy dies irj
s dvent and the eon becomes a society
bummer anil diad beat.
The ofcTi-c of doorkeeper of the ITiiteil
States House of Riprrstntatives has
beeu ?o bad!) managed, at times, since
the dem?.--, rate have had the disposal ol
it, and such bad management ha- giyen
the radicals *o many harps upon which
to play, that the House Committee on
Kelorni iu the Civil >t i vice have, it is
understood, deteimined to rapoti in
faror of it* abolition, and assigning its
duties to the SiTgraiit-at-Arm* | or if
this be uot done, to at lea-t remove the
present incumben t.
Mr. Moody told his Springfield au?
dience the other night that he can tell
on looking over a congregation ihe be?
lievers by the expresi?n of their faces.
Then he told them a story about a poor
woman, who, healing u rap, thought
U was the landlord come to demand the
f nt. She refused to answer, aud thus
t uued away a friend who wished to stive
h r money. The audience laughed at
this, but Moody stopped them abruptly
by crying : "You laugh at that womau,
but it was you. yourself, sinner."
?ampien Vs lellWay.
Let us learn something from South
Carolina. The debt of that State was
fraudulently increased by new bends
and compound-funding, purchased
through a scalawag legislature by
bribe agents, and new that the real
taxpayers of that State have gotten
control, Gov. Hampton recommends,
and the Assembly adopts, measures, to
pay intereRt on the ''valid debt," and
send the balance on for settlement
elsewhere. Wade Hampton is not
afraid of epithets hurled by the God and
morality stockgambiers of Gotham, and
goes bravely to work regardless of them
and their vituperative organs. Wc
guess lie will uot be overwhelmed with
"letter* from th* Xtrth commtndina him
for his hnnesty and courage."
The Richmond Dispatch publishes
the following which it says is from a
"leading man in Shenandoah county:"
It gives iu? pleaaure to ?tat? that th? oourte
pursued by the Dispatch on the debt qu??tion has
men highly gratifying to many of u? in the VaUey.
I .ru one of those that think the VaiUy 1* mis?
represented by the majority of th? present dele?
gation in the Legislature. When the question ??
properly brought bet?re the people and discusecd
they will be f jund un the ?id? of hon?r and Ju?
tic?. 'the fact is, that question bas acrer been
agitated sufficiently to ?rouse th? people, ?nd the
present delegstion has got into power ber?tue
there was no determined opposition.
Who is this luminary whoss light has
beeu so loug concealed under a bushel?
Why does he allow the people to be
misrepresented.' Why does he not dis?
cuss the question ana put his aeigbbors
"on the side of honor and justice tn If
he will try it, he may learn that the
question has seen agitated, the pecple
aroused, and that they are possessed of
just that sense of honor and justice
which the moral coward never feels or
knows or has any appreciation of, and
which cannot be perverted by free
living and street parade ins guberna?
torial procession.
While our people cheerfully pay all
taxes assescd agaiust them, they are not
prepared to agree with the Governor
wheu he suggests the propriety of tax?
ing church property. This species of
property brings no revenue in the
shape of money to the parties who
worship in the churches The building
of churches is really a tax upon the peo?
ple. Those who build them have no
more pecuniary interst in them, than
the thousands who worship iu churches
for the buildmg of which they have not
paid one cent. A tax upon church
property would be a tax upou the more
liberal members of the congregation, for
they would necessarily pay the tax. ?
It would be much better to place the
tix upou the individual members of the
church for then all would be compelled
Ito pay their just proportion. A bill
providing that each member of the
church should pay for the privilege of
being a member of the church a certain
per cent additional tax on his real and
personal property, would certainly be a
more equitable mode of imposing the
tax than by placing in on the property
i itself.
\ews Item?.
The salary of a Congressman is about
295 pouuds in silver per year.
The wife of Rev. Thos. K, Beechcris
a grand-daughter of Noah Webster.
A boua-tide advertisement?Wanted
to buy a small farm with some laud.
Queen Victoria's farm at Windsor
furnishes butter for the London mar?
A Parisian's definition v? a beautiful
i womau?The paradise of the eye aud
the purgatory of the purse.
"Stony Fork Joe,'the weather proph?
et of Wythcville, Va., foretells a heavy
snow about the 1st of April.
Easton, Pa., burns coal oil in her
'street lam??, ant? ingennious thieves
steal the oil, replacing it with water.
A woman in St. Louis had her nose
broken last week by the explosion of a
toy steam-engine with which her chil?
dren were playing.
A Yirgiuia City man was knocked
down for whistling on the street, and
the court ruled that he was served just
right and not entitled to damages.
NorhofT says there wasn't a single
Senator drunk al the recent all-might
session. So much the more shameful the
conduct of the married ones.
The new barn of Arch Lyle. near
Fancy Hill, Rockbridge, with farmiug
implements worth $500 was burned a
few uiiihts ago.
Under ruling of the Iowa courts no
parent has a right to enter the room in
which their daughter is sparking without
asking and obtaining her consent.
General Comly, our miniater to the
Sandwich Islands, says his principal oc?
cupation is to call en the Secretary of
State ?or Foreign Affairs and take a
The State Geologist of Georgia as?
serts that in? gold region is richer than
thut of California, and says that its
yield must very soon become enor?
Iu Rockbridge couuty, last week, the
j cries of his children attracted S. M. Heb
[den to his chamber, where he found his
i wife lung prostrated in an epilectic fit,
j with one arm iu the burniBg coals of the
I fire place.
A countryman going down Main
(stre?tthe other uiorn?u?, carrying a
? 1 idder iu otic- hand aud now and then
! turning to gaze into a ?tore window,
i knocked over fourteen school children
| iu a journey of two blocks?aud it wax
.nota very good morning for SOaaSssl
j children, cither.
It i? warmly asserted by the Chica ??o
Times that most of the so-called niedi
c il colleges in the \\ est are ' hatchiug
doctors by steam." It requires but
about thirty weeks to develop a full
fledged go?liug of physic, so to ?.peak.
You can never make a successful sys?
tem of education that does not contem?
plate the education of the teacher as
that of the pupil.?[i.ov. Seymour.
The Cciterai Assembly of Virginia
tl ?1 nothing to increase tbe revenue of
t is State, but, by cutting down salaries
and reducing criminal expenses, saved
a ?out one hundred and fifty thousand
dollars, which will help to piy tbe cost
of the session.
Tbey say that Ben. Butler would
like to be Geveruor of Massachusetts.
We trust be may be. Why, since this
silver business it isn't impossible that
he will be President seme day if he
isn't disposed of iu the manner indica?
A Bath schoolboy has written a com?
position on "Kindness to Animals."
He begins: "The first thing that ought
to be stopped is whipping a horse for
nothing. The other day I was mar the
railroad wharf and I saw a man driving
oxen forward A backward, and I see ho
did it cruel to one aud the other he
wouldn't do anything, but this one he
would when they went back hit him
across the head & legs, if that is not
cruel what Is?"
Mr. Packard, of Louisiana, is si
have interrupted a recent discuss'u
to whether his position as Govcrno
de facto or dc jure with the. remarl
practically he was only Governor
The Virginia Midland Raiiron
again in trouble. The rains hav
swelled the Staun ton river as to r<
it unsafe for trains to pass over
bridge yesterday. One of the span
moved about two inches out of its
lar line, but not serously damage*'
The New York World tells this s
Not a very great many years ago ai
gentleman in Kentucky was met 1
friend who said: 'Well, Colonel,
dined with the Governor yesterday;
was there ?" "Well, sir," replie?:
colonel, throwiugback his head,
ging bis bauds deep in his trot
pockets and spreading wide his 1
"there was me, sir, and beside ni;
there were four other high-toned,
gant gentlemen from Kentucky
gentleman from Virginia, two men I
New York and a son of a gun from i
ton, sir. Will you take a drink, sir!
A good writer, who gets things ?1
fine, can put several thousand word
a postal card, and the cost is a cent
it he pastes a printed slip contaiuui;1
single word on the card the expense
six cents?one, paid for the card
the other five collected from the car
self it is all right. If a person past?
printed slip ou a card the size of a {
tal cards and puts the card and slip in
open envelope the Government will i
ry card slip aud envelope for a cent,
it charges six cents for carrying a i
card slip without the envelope,
Release ef Icturnlas Beard Inder?
New Ori.kans, March 18.?'J
Supreme Court this morning was cm
ed with memb?:rs of the bar. pol
dans and other persons anxious to h
the decision in the case of the State
Thomas C. Anderson, convicted in
?supeiior Criminal Court for publish
as true forged and counterfeit dec
returns from the parish of Vernoii
Chief Justice Manning read a v
lengthy opinion iu the case. Affer \
viewing the charge, verdict and s
tence, the court took up two of the i
ceptions as being the only ones ncc
sary to consider in rendering a jit
ment. They were : 'There had b?
no preliminary examination." and t!
,'it is not a practice to ?prosecute
Both exceptions were dismi?-.d, i
first upon the ground that a prehinin;
examination is not essential,and secoi
that prosecution by informatiou has be
a common rule in criminal proaecoti?
for many years. The exception to .
drawing of the jury wa? also dismiss
ob th? ground that a violation of t
spirit of the law is not pretended. I
lative to the offeuse itself, the court ??a
an abstract of the election law. deb
ng its requirements. The exact metl:
prescribed in law was fully describ?
The record offered m evidence did n
conform with that mentioned in the
formation. The document offered w
a "consolidated statement" certified
the register of voters and not the ori:
nal returns," and the statute of ??
State does not attach much-value to tl
consolidated statement. The "origin
returns" not being altered would u
change the result of an election and i
terfere with the interest of the people.
The paper offered iu evidence is n
the paper charged as beini; ?forged.
order to be forgery an instrument win
it is alleged is false must, if true,
legally capable of committing a Iran
Nowhere in law is a consolidated r
turu required as a declaration of the r
suit, aud its alteration or moditientii
can iuno way affect the election.
If every consolidated return were fo
ged, and the returning board compli?
with the law and made their stateman
from the commissioners' returns, no it
jury could result. It does not anpei
that any paper has beeu forged that
calculated with a compliance with tl
law to chaiige the result. It is the e
sence of this crime that it should I
committed by a public officer aud on
document which would change the n
suit of the election. T'?is was not dont
The letter of Johu Sherman, Stanl?
Matthews and others, which appeare
in the record, was alluded to by tltechn
justice, who stated that it should I.
treated by the public in like manner n
that of a member of the House of Con
raons who attempted to influence il:
decision of the court in the Tichboi n
case. It was ordered that the verdict ?
the jury be set aside and reversed an
the prisoner discharged from custody.
Washington, March 18 ?Govern?
Packard, Postmaster General Key, ?n
several other gentlemen called on th
Presldeut after the decision of the Lou
isiana ?Supreme Court in regard to th
case of Gen Anderson and other.?
members of the returnin?; board, wa
announced. The President expresse
his gratification at the decision, and sai
that the entire C'nion would applau
the action of the Supreme Court a
patuotic nnd in the interest of concilia
UfMsnag Stritte; a SeeaTer la Churrh
A startling event that occurred ?u
Wednesday night last in the M. K
Church at Leiter's Ford is regarded bj
many peeple in Indiana as a direct iu
?terpesitien of Divine Providence fort?n
! punishment of the scoffer. A reviva!
1 had been m progress in the church Im
! two weeks. Elias Baldiger, a marrie..
j mau. about twenty-five tears of age,
and Rob'.. King, had beeu disturbing
?themeetings by making sport of tho-e
who le? the services. On Wednesday
night about 7? persons were present.
During the exercises Hidinger and King
began to create a dist?rbame. Mr.
Jones, the miuialer, went to expostu?
late with them, laid his hand upon Uitl
ieger's shoulder, and urged him to
change hie way of life. Bidinger re?
plied with an oath that he would never
change his ways. A few moments af?
terwards while Michael Sl.adle, a m, in
her of the congregation was leading in
prayer, lightning flashed into the cliui. h.
extinguished all the lights, killed Bid?
inger, and prostrated King upon the
floor. King, as soon as he retint'?! to
consciousness, called upon the SMcta?
tors to pray for him. and declared him?
self converted, The occurrence resul?
ted in swelling greatly the ranks of sin?
ners seakipg salvation in that church.
The Arlington Eslate.
In the Arlington case, which was
argued ht Alexandria in the L'niied
?stale? circuit Couri, before Judge
Hughe*,un the L'd, -Uli ami ? instants,the
Judge rendered Ins deeision yesterday.
Gen. Lustis Les brought ejecluiei
last year against the occupants ol ti
estate lu the Slate court of Alexaudr
couuty. The cuse pro ?ceded tliei'e
issue, and thereupon was removed I
certiorari to iho C?derai Court, ?she
lue Aliornie?-General of the l.'uili
Slates intervened iu behalf ofi;n- Unit
Stales by suggestion, showing tnat t
Government neld, ny record title, u
untied by purchase ala tax sale in lt>
and was iu possession ?of public pi
poses; raising nie question ?vuelner th
suit, being in lad a suit against the Go
eminent, couhl proceeil. and uioving
dismiss lor ?vaut ol jurisdiction. To in
suggestion the plaiulitl demurred a
answered, and Hie case ?vas heard ai
argued at Alexandria on tue suggest!?
aud the demurrer.
Tue decision rendered here yesterd
was coniiiietl to lass ijuestiuus arisiug
the cas-as u Stunde Upon Hie record.
Flic court held tii.tt Hie suggestion d
Hoi Ol ltsell deli Ut till! jllllslllelioU, h
Unit the court might look lulo the reco
lo discover the ground? of lue Gover
ment'? uile and ol Us riglil to iuterveii
Accordingly, tue court proeeetled
inquire wiieliier the liovcniincut he
the estate m its sovereign, or in H |?i
vale character; sud, m Hie latter even
whether it held tue estate for public pu
The cession of State jurisdiction wi
never oblsiued, not even from ti
Alexandria government. Noprovisioi
of la?v looking lo establishing il
sovereing jurisdiction ot the unit?
Slates over Arlington has been complii
with ; and ihe court showed iroi
Vattel, Story, the Attorney General
opinion and tnauyoilier auilioi-ities.th;
the Government held Arlington by pi
vate tenure. Enquiring into the pu
pose? for Which the estate is huid, it ?i|
peaied that only two hundred acres i
Uie estate (which contain eleven hut
died acres) are Used for an apparent!
public purposi ; that is to say. me sacre
purpose ol a national cemetery, the res
heilig only in the nominal use ot Hi
Government, being actually occupied b
some two bun.in.I poor people, wb
would seem from the record to pay n
The Judge tie n proceeds to i samim
whether a sovereigu ?novel- can be suei
indirectly in respect to propert) held
either by sovereign or private tenure
He shows bat in proceedings rarea
this can be d mc in this country when
ever, ni the service ut tucsue process
the possession is not wn ?ted from tin
in.?' rnmi ut, and thai though In Eng?
laud lu admiralty cause? the consent u
tin- Government is required io be oh
laiued; yd thai conaeul is general!'
given, as a mailer ol course, lie ibowi
ibal in other suits respecting pcrsoua
properly, the ITnl d State? Sliprenn
Uourl ha? in many eat -. b ginuin.
With ?J- ..i . lue United Mate
bttuk, ruled that ihe suit may proceei
whenever the aovcrcign is nota deten
daiit nainci? in the i'i cord.
Proceeding to suits concerning land
the Judge shows that Ihe decision! u
me tn^lisb courts, which hold lha
ejectment will not lie atrainsi tin
Crown, are not applicable in this coun
try ; that the pteaeul action is ,u Uu
are of a writ ol right, nnd is onl;
. tin- nt in name under Ihe State law
laud thai the Bugllsh decisions, m hold
uig that ej. clin- ut will not lie, but tha
Petition of Bigut will he, really provi
thai the Crown may be sued by judien
Coming, then, to the final questiot
v?h tin i ?he Government may be iu
directly sued lor lands in its possessiou
iu proceeding? to which the occupauii
ore parlies defeudaut to the reconi, tin
Judge cites a hue of Htsvstrom Meig?
M. McCluug, Util '.ranch's reporta
iior.ii to Cooies r?. O'Counet, in l'-iu
Wallace, in which Ihe United State:
courts have exercised jurisdiction U
just such cases as this of Arlington
with the sanction of the Supreme Court
He then shows thai the Supreme Court;
of Virginia. Louisiana, Illinois.Caliior
uia. and ether SUtU s have support?)
the rulings of the United Statt ?buprenii
Court iu the exercises ol such jurisdic
tion. The Judge decl.il. s that he il
Hound by these authorities lo hold lha
Uns cause may proceed to issue on tin
nieiit*. and to sustain the platUlltTi
demurrer i-> Ihe Attorney General'.
The Judge Said that he hud sludii <
the authorities with more solicitude
ironi the circumstance that all ihe la>
lilies derived from the tax commi*si?ti<
era who sold Arhngtou to the Govern
ment liad been pr.u tiealiv overthrowi
by the decisions of the Supr?me Couu
iu Bennett M. Hunier, m 9th Wallace.
and Taeiy m. Irwin, In 18th Wallace
and that the fate of the Iiiivciiiiiitiil's
tenure of Arlington seemed to depen.
upon this question of jurisdiction. 1
..is d. cisi?n ??as wrong, however, hi
?vas consoled by the reflection that?!
would doubtless be reviewed on .\ritoi
errer by the supreme < ourt.
1 Year without 1 Stunnirr,
An sged i. s;d. nt of Hartford remem?
ber! that the winter of lS-j'j-30 surpass?
ed this in mil hie-- ; fanners pliaighe?
i-vei'V mouth of the season, and in.
?now fell until F?*bruary 2. The wintei
was followed, h iwevcr, by a cold.
iNtckward spring, with a snow storm
| n May. which kilb.l th? returolusswal
' lows, As an "il- : to the abuse story,
um oflh? old residents of Derby tell
as that year 181G is what is known a
ihe "year without a summer." Oe
New England farmers refer to it a*
"eighte. n hundred and starved In
; death." January was mild, as was sis?
Febraary. with the exception of a te<
days. The greater pari of March war
; cold and boisti i"ii?, April open?*
? ruin, but grew colder as u advanc< ?
ending with suow and ice. and winter
cold. In Mav ico funned half an utcii
thick, buds and l! ???< i- Wl re lin/.t-u. ant
coin was killed, Frost, ice and snow
were common Iu June. Almost every
green thiug was killed, and huit was
nearly all destroyed, Snow fell to th.
iiepib of three inch? s In New York at d
M;ls.iehuselt>, tell ?Hebe? ?n M.'lltll'. Jui\
was accompanied with host and ice.
On Me 5th ice was formed of the thick
ness of wimlow alase in New Yok
Slew Kneh.nl and parts of P-maeylva
nia. aud ecru was nearly all destroyed
in certain Sections. In Aiigu-t iet
loi'in-d half an inch thick. Coin was -t,
frozen that a areal deal was cut down
and dried for (odder, Very Hule ripen?
ed in the New England and Middle
states. Farmers were obliued to pay
four and live doll u - a bus ?el for con
nt ! s |., for si -eil tor the next spring's
planting The Hrsl two week- oil
lerober wen- mild ; t ie balanc of the
month was coll. with frost, and ice
formed a qeairtar ol an Inch thd k. Oc?
tober ??us mote than 11*11.ill? told, will
frost and ice. November wss cold ami
blustering, with mow enough for good
sleighing. December ??a- unite mild
and comfortable.
About a year ?il'o one Griswoht, of Sul
iivan county, was supposed to have
I been drowned, and Ihe Ma-snchiiSett?
Life Iiisurriii-e Company paid hit poli?
cy of $3.000 over to his administra ?us
altera suit. Two weeks age l.riswe d
?vas unearthed in Texas, dealing in cat
tie. The, company ?s ill eiiilenSO ''0 Set
aside the jmL'' ment and sue for iho re?
1 aturante.
? his agency is one ol the oldest,
largest and strongest insurance institu?
tions in Virguna. Mr. Alfriend has
heeu prominent in insurance circles iu
this Slate for more than an ordinary
generation. For many years he was
idfcuiilfed with the Virgiuia Fire aud
Marine Insurance Company, and was
largely instrumental in developing the
great interusts which that Company
controlled previous to the war. lu
1857 he resigned the office of President
of that corporation aud establishes the
present agency. Dunug his long and
iinporuiul business career Mr. Allriemi
has sustained the highest character as a
business man, aud established a wide
reputation as a thoroughly accomplish?
ed and trustworthy underwriter. His
important relations with the busiuea?.
coniiuiiuiiy of this and neighboring
?states have always beeu agreeably an..
satisfactorily sustained, a fact to widen
may be attributed the large aud prosper?
ous busiuess now controlled by this
The companies represented at tin?
agency are among the strongest ami
best in the United States. Messrs. T.
M. Alfrieud A Sou are geueral agenti
for almost the eut :e South for the Fir?
Association of Philadelphia and the
Commercial Union Assuranc? Com?
pany of London, and the Pennsylvania
Fire Insurance Company, of Philadel
plua. for the Stale of Virginia.
These compauics eacli have an un?
blemished record. They are stauuen
aud prosperous institutions, with im?
iiiensu resources, aud uuder the mo?.
intelligent aud conservative iiianaire
nient. Their standing, pecuniary con
dition and general business policy carr?
i he strongest possible assurance of ah
solute indemnity to their patrons.
The firm also are general agents o.
lie Mercantile Mutual (Marine) Insur?
ance Company aud the Brooklyn Life,
of New York, and are the Richmon?i
agents of the Petersburg Saving an..
Insurance Company, one of the besi
aud most successful insurance iustitu
t.ons in the South.
The business of this agency is verylarge
and extends to several States, through?
out which it coutrols the largest auo
choicest patronage iu this line. The linn
represents only first-class companions,
and have established a very honorabl
reputation fer the prompt adjustment
and payment of losses, and we are grat
died to add that their present business
gives every possible indication ol th?
long continuel success and prosperiiy of
this justly celebrated agency.
M. ( OFF.MAN. aitcutfor the
Pennsylvania Insurance Company
Woodstock Va.
- - ? .<? m
A Vik?jinia Girl Leo Asm ay
and Di:stuoVKu. ?A young woman
not yd twenty years old. whose horn?
is in Virginia, but who has been visitint,
for some months with relatives u
Northeast Baltimore, called recently a
the station-house, and told a sad Itor?
of desertion and loss of happiness. Oui
ii g he.- vi?it to Halt.more a Voting mai
ni attractive personal manners and ap
nearalie bad paid constant attention
io her. and an ?sngageUM-nt for marriai:
?vas consummateo. On the promise ( f
marriage, the young men had led bei
?stray and had deserted her entire!)
On W. dn,-?,Kiy ?he saw him ou In?
street, and he. to keep out of her pre
?cace, crossed the street and turned ol,
in another direction. This token o.
complete desertion drove her f,o see
rrdl?se at law. Her family in Virginia.
?he believed, had heard of her troubles
md she could not return home, whil?
?he did not wish to remain longer will
her relatives in Rail ?more. She was o.
very prepossessing appearance am
neatly dressed. She was advised thai
the law of the criminal code would hard
Iv reach the case or punish the offender
?ml that her only alternative would b
a suit at law for breach of promise. Sh.
?vas deeply affected at the recital Of lit"
?\ rum's, aii'l seemed almost dated nt bei
deserted condition ?Halt. Su?.
-Wir Adcertumesnts.
I will sell at public ?ale, ou the prrmiae?, one
n.lle North west "I WnadMistO. oo
THURSDAY, APRIL 4th, 1878.
all of the jjiir-.iiia' property bclougiDg to the est?t?
? Jacob aiiil Valentine Maats, dee M. roniistiog II
part as f.?Hours ? il bead of young cattle, 4 milch
cowa, 4 haad of w?rk acraai aud one three yeai
? a.. 1? horse f>o?-cr engine and t!ir?sher, 1 grsn.
reaper sud m .?er, 1 .rsai ?1 ill, 1 buggy ran,
?Baal fan, 1 bng{y, one I b..r?e w?g Nt, .,n? .
h .rse wag m, 1 ?priug wagon, Sor 6 setts of har?
rt ?-?, throe 2 bars? plows, oue 3 horsa plow,
d utile shovel plows, 3 cingle shovel i? 1..-.??, I
? ruo e.rn, oat? snd rye togetler with all .f thi
i .lUM'li.'id and kiUbcu furnilur? . bei mgiug t? th.
-t.it- of said Jacob and VaaBBtttM Saab, ?lee'd.
onsistiug of stores, hadatad? au.l beddiag.
inn eau?, ssfes, tables, chairs, together ?-.th < ttu-i
iitl.le.- too numerous ta mention.
A credit of six mouth? will b- gjvaa
?urns of I'...?) the pur. baser giving b-.ud ?illi ap'
proved eacurlty, uutler that ?urn the ca-h ?ill be
? quired. I'm tber condition? will be mads known
on the day of aslo. Sal? to ?"mrrm.ee at 1'
.'clock A M
LCTBCI NE>:n, Admr, of
,I*cob and Valentin? Kaab, d?v.l.
March 2?)-!it
a T t o it .y/; r .ir /. a w,
.fflce on Main Street Oppot.it? the Court Hou??.
VV il practico In the court? of ShenanU.ah and
eljaceiit roitutl'-'.
itr special ?ttentlon gi??n to the olloction ol
?lalius aud all legal bu?ine.? entrusted 10 hi? car?.
Sept. ?lh?tf.
Will be in VIT. ?Atraaos ou Thurslay, Friday
and Saturday, beforo tb? tad Tuesday of ?aca
mouth, at Hr. I.. Ii Jordan's Ilrug Store.
AT a county court coutinusd and hold for th
County of Hbenandnsh on Frldav, March lath
Ou motion of ?. E. VV. Myers. Kate Schmucker.
?Isrth? F.. kickard, Jo?eph Fravel, David Fravel,
J.tucs H. Hoover, Joteph 11. nrumback, Johu iiit
noiir, J. A. Hottel, ?auiuel VVeiman, i'alvin II.
iotteI, Harrison C.pp, Samuel Uottel, Johu ?V
. oauiel Kellst, Isaac Bowman, Uottel A
suuor Joseph Comer, Lemuel PainUr, I). 0.
?uw-Biau, -saio.-l llollsr, Isaac Burner, lienry
.ottel, s. II. W. ISowmaa, Jacob Z. Fravel, Le*.?
I. Fuukhouscr, Jame? M. I'siuter, I.*vl Melntutff,
eurer? Copp, ('. Ueckmin, John J. .ottel, ??m'I.
ilockmin aud Tini Connell, proprietors ?MS I c
upaut? of land on either sid? ?.-f Hhenandoab
iver, in th? ssid Count y of ab.usndosh, Virginia,
who have tile.' their 1'etiUon, prs/ln/ the court to
.eclare aud ?kUbllah that po.tiou of 8u?uindoah
.iver from the p.,lut kuo?u ?? th? rroittli of
iii.li'? Hun, ?t Uottel k rainier'? Mill, below, up
-aid ?treaui to aud at a point knowu a? the m< utli
at Stony Creek, a lawful fence ?? to horaes, c.l'lr,
...g?, sheep and goats, 1? ber?by ordsred that
eitle? of said appmation be gtvsn by |K,stiDg ihe
??tue at tb? front door of the court hou?? of ?aid
. ouutv, sud two ur mure public places alang aud
?ear naid Iver and by publication in the tbaaia
i ,ah He.aid, for four ?ucc?Mive w?ek? ?? required
,iy liec. Hi, 'lb. ?S, ?'ode o? 1*73.
A Copy lMt?,
:. F.. Hrtcxtar f.?r I?:?, (.go, W. Mill,- . .
?larch 3??tU-4w.
V At rules bel,I in the Clerk'? OHo ul the
Credit ?'??uit of Shenandoab, for the mouth of
M.reh H78;
Qao. W. ?Ilnnick admr. r, t. a. of Jacob I- Il?rb
Ic'daud J, H. lUrti. louiplt?.
Gotifry Darh Iu hi? o?u right and admr. c. t a.
? barb d.e'.i, >oah Barb, David Itarb,
l.iKepb llarl?. Frankllu Barb, Aaron (.'. Barb, and
un ara K. Barb, lufant rhlldr*a of ?Imeon Barb
.lee'd Joaeph Bowers sud Elizabeth bi? ?II?,
.mir...?- Miller, Adam Miller aud Perry Miller,
o aud heir? at law of Uebeoca Miller de*'d
late the wife of W.J. Miller dee'd and the per
- nal r?pr??.nt?tlve of W . J. Miller dse'd. Mary
Ml?l.r widow ?f Joshua Hah, deed, aud David
Vliller and F.llza Ati:i hi? ?Ife Deft?
ix caajecxar.
The object of thi* sait is to enforce the pay?
ment of ? bond executed by Joshua Barb to J. V
.larh, for Ihe sum of SIM,?? with interest from
the 9th day of August 1SS3. 8alr> bond was aaelgn
ed t ' J II Barb and ia now for th? use of J. II.
;t si peering by ?atl?f?ctory evidence that th?
defendant David iarb Is not an inhabitant of this
State ?It Is ordered, That the ssid defeudaat do
appear here within one mo i th after due publica?
tion nerenf, and do what is necessary to protect
hi? interest; that a copy of thi? order be published
in some i ew?p?i?er printed In WoodVtock, once?
?eck (or four succe?siv? w?ek?, ?ud ?copy posted
st the front door of the Curt Hoase of ?aid
t untv, ..h tb? flrst doy of nett county court.
(ieo. W. Miley, c. c. s. c.
A Copy?Teste
(ieo. W. M lay C C C (. C
mir. 13?iw. W. & \V. p. q.
J VALU A UI.i: I'.LAI. i:state.
Pu ran aii t to a tlccrct of tie' I '?milt Court of
Sheuaudoah county, pronounced at iti April 1'rrro
1S77, in tlie cliaueery cause pcedlng tliceln in
which Jacob Lautz UComplt. nml oariil Ludwig
kc. .10 Dell*, tbc undersigned special com
raissioaers of salo will on
BATUBDAY, A LU IL 'itli 1878,
?u front of tlic (.'our! lion... of said county, pro?
ceed to seil at pabilo *al< i* the highest bidder,
Ifea land of win.Ii Philip I. ? i -1.-. i ? ci: - ci seized and
CONTAINING About 77M-ItJO Acre?,
more or les., and Utuat d aeai Banbwg in
-heaandoali r lOJity, tdj ,*Blnt] In* laadt fo Dasri)
e*raed by I. r. Hlaaer,ileorg* isuiz und others
anal coiiialiis a
bam aii'l .'.lice leic siary loi a
The purchase BtO-eey to be paid in three uqual
payments, at unn-, eighteen aud t wenty-seu-i.
inoutli?, all said deferred payments t . bear in
turtrtt from the ay of sale till paid, tli-- pnrehasc?
to give iioini* wi th fin ..I personal rea arUj i .r <? M
l.-f.r i .I pej ?M iIt? il. Ii ?cd iu
the deed as laid t dial security.
giu?* Sale to commence at - o'clock
P. M.
Marcho?t d s. Conns.
ran. y high pus
Dry Goods, Notions,
The Light Running
Sewins Machi ae
always on exhibition.
All to bo soM cheap for -
?07* Cal! and examine their itocl. ' ?81
June 13?tf.
A full line of ftroi ' ding nl
Coffees, Siiuarv
Spices, Flour,
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
FISB of all kinds ( OAL OIL A
ull line of groceries always on band am
-old at short profita, A trial will ?hovs
.ou that we sell at the lowest casi
?seajrAll kinds of Country Product
nken in exchange for noons.
Mar. 13?tf. " W. II. ALBEBT.
Near Woodstock. Virginia.
i line, Belaerttae Ac Compita, r*. A. if.
Wrlgai tad ell -, i>. it-.
lly virtue of s decree of the a lo.u-.t c..i;rt r.|
... -luinloali C 'Uiity. rendered in lha tbov? can*?
.ii the Mh d iy of January ISTs, the undersigned
peetal.-1 aatawj men ?ii p oeec 1 t" sell iu frout
?I the ourt Hous-, Woodstock, SV na
THURSDAY, MARCH28*4. 1878,
tie life estate of A. M. .?ugh lath? farm m
.iiicti he nowresides, attasted ?boni l l-i
nt of ?S'oo.lstock, near tlie Valley l'lk. .c. '
Oeerse more or lest rhe parehaeer ?iibepii
i possession ?f said property on tlit eonSrai*
on oftheaal* at April court ist*, eicepl th.
cuse, barn, yard an.! garden, which is n ? a
i-nteii to sati-fy s nu-, icint.-s Uea, and cau bolt
:i- for and di; in g Um life i f tic Mid A. M
fright; aft* th* mechanic? lien U awti-fl
.urclisser will slso be put lato posstssiou
Kiaee, bam, y ird aud garden,
l*avo-tgh cash p pay th.et* of rali tad -? ?
oid t*>- .-?.I i? in three equal tana il IntUunoul
he purcha-er Sl-cUtleg bond* with gtxvd oer-oui
sscnrlty, with iuUrest irom day of
?ommene* .1 a- 3 u'cl s. I*. M.
Feb. 37 I - I?. W. MAOUI
Com i?
w At rules held in UM link's OfHce of the
Circuit Court of r-henandoeb, for the mouth of
?larch 1*78;
\sm Ii. i.laiirett m'.n.r. of Betekiah I
BwBw flgm? Of fico. W. SSiudle and W, t.
?Vigl'tman Compile.
|ia?1d Olioiuliust, Jacob Lar.U. 1!. I'. Hurray,
leo. W. Windle, Ueo, W. Sootf?, admr. ui iv. ?
.?ightmau deed Julia A. ?lla-htuiaii, htoUle E,
iVightman, Charles p. sVigl.tmaii, Henry S. ?s i,<-!it
man, Famtiel WiglUnttO oil W, II. Wljlitmin
in en.?:., aai
The .lbjcct ot UtisraU ?s to ratj* I i eertaii
bouse and lot situated on Stony Creek, Kbsus&dael
oooBtr, Vs., purchased by i> rid CUradintl treat
0 SV. ?stii.ll. and W. A. VYightniaii, to sale for th?
payment of unpaid paceaae* ni .a y thereon.
t appearing ky satisfactory evidan.e tuat th
defeudant -amuet ?Si^htinanis not an iuhabitaut
fthU Hta'e ? It is ordered. That the said
diut do a pear here within one ruoatli alter dm
publication li.ieof, aud do what Is lecesaarj to
protect hi* int.re.i; that s copy of this ordi r at
pnbilthp.i In torn? newspaper printed in ?Sood
slock, once a steck for foar racceeslrt weeks, and
a ropy p. tt?d at the front door I I the COBTl :
.f .aid roieily, on the Brst day ot the lest ?I Bat)
. W, Miley, c. c. e. i. e,
a COPY tush:.
(ico. W. Mibv. e. c. ?, -.
mar. 6.? It Win. ?t Uro. p. i?.
ADJI'viAHI.i: rilAIR.
bkadinu loMiiu.v.
.?Uh SOCbaugeaof Foelt.'n.
Tarlor, Lib.try, Invalid Chair, Child'- Crib, beat
or lounge, t ombinintf beauty, ligntnes?, str.-ii?th
impllcitjr and comfort. Manufactured of the best
noaght iron and rivets. Strong rsatert, made
purpoMlr for the ohair*.
Highest Mas Madtl Awarded ?I the Csnlennial
Send for Illustrated Circular, (?note
shonandoah Herald.
The Wilson Adjustable Chair.
M inuttwtartog < 'o,
No. litil Mroad?? |jr,
Opposite Bond St. N. V.
Mtrch U-lyr.
P 01! SALE. A msre with foal a good wort,
?nliu.i will be told on tcconimodtting term*.,
reb. 13?tf, 8. A. DAKMKR.
Sewing M ?ti'liiiK'S can be used witlcut
injuring, your brailb
11 ad th?j Certlfl
After haviaa caratuili examined tb? "Lima
??ilk 1 ni.Ai.t.K," i ,r which .Mr. h. p
I'n.ctor ,h ?lent. I cordie.l] , it to all
th .?e win. aan c iitiih nt i)
believing thai I which It acta,
will ell'.'..(nal'.
11 L.-a.tn which an ? I
A. P. Bblew, M. D.
I hare eaaralni i L . lie for
?'??'. Il | Ma.-hii.ci. aail ball . ? I tu
merit .1. II It? 8| 'I 1?.
EDIKBDI'O, va., :?..., 7tu i-;;.
Mr. lt. Y. Paocron,
? ?? ttifj
that I h tuchine ' on*
' of "Uli -
: conddar it on?
I the age, and i -
to all pi ? : tn. I would
\'i 1\ !,'. -.
Mi:.?-. Ii. W. ItURKE.
Mr. R. I', t i
'? I lie Ulli?' '?'
Ihm '?. -? liliK
laehitu . . ai.'i ii
hi- gl?
-, 1 , all Who
lal or. i
? .
, 111 ive.l With
i .vli"
i nttfiLc
?hea tbl I.. 11. ?'?>. DAX, M. D.
I Ht. Jack
Ir. ami W. D. II
bort B ori ? bj i ?
l'ouatai) I cthei
1 ?lias
Du,11. y A .
by ?
?v. Story, r. B,
stinli.-i from l
. . :
The c Ii!
T lia-1 if THE ?
with ii.
three i :?
Kp ,CI il. OFi :
in r numbers of the A
f Mr. i ," win
?.?title til--.
r.l, r, ilr ifl
?tt .. t . II. LI!
II. O. Hough rox & ( , U
UURD Si Ii' V .
'i 11?
t- ri? -,
KUD?KKS .. Ill ?
i nu :
lil . .
Castors, Forks ??Ve.,
?Vatehc?*. Clock* anil Jewell?)
?Srrors of Yautha
a 01
OHM I! (?ODES. ?
I'.'.i.aU ?'. Inee
f.?. -i? Circi?'ir (Saw .Mill?,
: .?.- Floor Hiiia, Water
IVIieeK. ?-.??ingle. Ban I at
i VV<Mi;l??.)iUintr Wnculn? r.v,
i/Tanite Inicry Who?- - .-?.ml
I Hit ?plie?.dVc.dre.
.1. VVol.'i II .
llCK 10
AND t action.
i.!hu?o.?.J ? ?
eise?. 8e:niv.al V. ?
'In Kl?lney? tut] B.
.1.. Mo.
5 ten cent Papers
for 25 cts.
Iu ..?ib r t ?11
!la-iriK B'liel
il i ndretbfc ?
I act ion m the ?
sell them at ih
?mown ? ?
log? an.l Baal -
N'OTI' I'.
The Rceouiiti -?.r from
?VflOJl I li'-iu'ld?' i
ii*? I'.?-! ? ifflee? Ii-'--- Ii ? n |?l ? < il Hi
lie limn!- ni ?iiain I'?.in-? i man lo
? Ii.i 111. Tin-?' :. ???.:- . lili tO O i .
Uli ?>70. We hop? our patrons wil
eitle promptly ? lib Mr. Ha
i- m i?(?--.ny tbtil ihe
| old ?inn -Ii" i "p.
, 10th, 1877. J. M- UKABILL
C^o.vim. ? r,
lo ill.
V..I1 .ue !. ? that ?. ? he r
luve fixed Opoa t?e 1 iliy ol Inrtl
I . M. it tair,
r u. t, on th- next fair da; -.inday
ceiriog procd of a. : :
j y.n. are rciintic.l t" attend, ?n?l a fr m ?
I the lakbag efaaid ?ec
! .-ii thai ilay, Ihe tatting ? I ?hi
-?m.' irai
Olrea ander m]
Ub. ?7--4W. P.W. M VOBI HI It.
0 00 N s r M P T l \
I lie advertiser, ha?;'
that iliea.l das* . '.- rem
eriy laaaihiaa lo ?Ii laoaa In hi? fellow suffer?
er? the m?au? of eure I.? all who ?l?-?ire it, be
will ?end a eo|>y of the ? iesen| tion u?. ,|, ,?ree f
??harne,) ?rita thi iriiiu ami it?
hag M ??ra?, which they will and a tan care for
Parties ?aishing I , lca?e address
IMPenn*! T, rk
A tarea ?Barter Ahlerny Dnllealf. Apply at tb?
Mar.ii t:i,.it
?'llltllMV v; I? lll.llltVI. ISO MlXllASl
w . vi, ? oi.i.K'.i:.
The next ball -'i?i.
Kx(.eiise? va.y from $l.*> ? i 'i shed
room?? aud labl (1 i-i mew o?, with
rooni-r? nt fre.-.
For ?ir lutmetits or rata logue apply to
?'. L. 0. MINOH,
J?a, 31 It. liU'isburg. Pr??ld?n
Popular Literature, Science, and Ar4,
A ,.\or.\CEM??T FOB ISTf.
?. ith the number for January, this magaslae
begins i'a twenty-Hist volume. Daring ta* ?*?
yea s of its exi?t.-n<-e it has won a high placa la
al literature, aud its .-ondoetors will tper*
n efforts iu th? luture to ma -tain Its r*pet*41ee,
cons-ant y aiming to supply thsir patrons with a
liiLd i
Hie Rest aud Most Attractive Reading,
?erial and Short Stone?, -.ketches of Travsl aa
Adventure, I saay? on Pcpulsr guestiea*
of the Day, Poems, K*vi?w?, ?te.
Among the attraction? for the new y ?er, the pek
?.uid cull attention to Ihe (trial Nevele,
.ni racing let p?rcival,'s charming tiery *f
. niilisii hie, handsomely illustrate?, sad A Hew
no i lean ht ry, by LIleL W. oln.y, Ik? t*!?nt?4
..utlior n! 'i.ov? in Idieuess,' which ?ill 1st etas
I the conclusion of '?'or Perelvsl.'
K series of Illustrated Articles embracing sevsral
heaeStra Europe (including Uaigar.s and
Houuiatiia, by l.daaid King; Inscription* of Old
ling lotti.t, 1 j able contributors; l-sscriptioa*
of scf Sv.tden.by I'm lissor Jams? A. Harris??
? at I.He in .Norway, by O?v? Logan; atea?
. of the Italian Lakes, by Kobsrt A MsLaa?.
rapan ou French Life and Manner*, by Unary
r.; The Wiud elver Country (?epeelal y la
- nut of the Indian treable?) by
.1.11 I, s.l! lsbin, 0. ?. A., Jud*? Mekolat, *f
Kentucky, bj Paul K. hbipman; and on ra-lea*
-ubj-ct? by s ss'eir ltcbell, M. D , Ma ah S.
??isier, i:.Heard C. buce, Ser. Leousrd W. kevoee,
ana ethert.
-pteial Offer -$0.00 iu Value for $4.
ihe Serial Story, 'For ptrclrai,' benag been
Bead m O. t. ber, the nuaibei? for Octsber,
,'ui ember, <ud December will b? fnrnLJsSw.
gratuitously to sll new subacrUssrs for 1?7I.
i Kit MS.?Yearly Subscription, H.tsv; Two C?f lee
{.'.ijai; i bree Co ?des, f iO.uo; Five t ?pie*. | ?.?0 Is?
. fi'i.U', with a copy grins kj th* pereoa
.lo.-unug the club. Single Number, IS cent*.
ton Number mailed, postage paid, to eay
- it n . pt >f'.?o tents. T? Ageste s Uk-srel
-ion will be ?:l-.wid.
I. II. LI i PIN .OTT h CO., Publisher*,
713 aud 717 Mark*? 6?. Paila.
tu. linn having Ju*t r?turu?d from Baie/
ley beg less-? to assars the
I Irta, as well at any othert deairiag te>
pur. base g >ods, that they kar* a larg* sad
which they ar* offering ?? grettly reduotd priser
r ?tikes and geutlemtu* w?er
U ... :. .. ?> ind pnce*.
ait?) .ij hand a very 1er.* ?toark el
and sll other goods generally kept ta frst-elee
? and other iron* tlwty oa head ta?
at matiultcturcrt priest.
ITC - ii hind a lot of Ladiet D ess Ooode,
. a ill be .old
At Cost.
fl t secure bargains thooid ?all ?I
K'iiaburc. Vs.
?866. 1877.
COOKIXO and iiKATiNosTerns
Copper ami Rrass Kettle?,
Red Sole Leather.
andOum Belting, Bolting Cloth*, Y
..sand Huir,
O?S, ?&Ce
Ca?i ai:, ration of consumer* to hit stock sod th?
?uperioi facilities he has for furnishing goods la
? -. which will be s >ld for . small advance
ileeaie rates iu qusntiUes to aalt.
It for price? befor* pu'chasing, If yea
desire to save tnsney, ss there ran bw ao poeaWe
Being Considered^
I wUifi? * . , for yoar moasr than *ae>
la or out of the Stets, City, Trwa, er
Letters of ennui'T cheerfully .n*w*r*d.
! t*~ Orders by mail recave prompt aHaalie?.
I bise just received a ttite' of Veil tad Wtatar
(l.suis ?hieb exceed? tu extent, variety and eh?ae
ue? any I have h.?ret fore offered to the FtibUn,
My slock of Cloths Worsteile
and underwear la complete snd attractive.
In the I ?dim deptrtment will be found ? be*??
ful assortment of
Waterproof Cloths, Shawls,
sll ihe liovtltl- s la flee, Collar? and Caff?, Saiee?
eVCs, ?**?? Ac, Ac. Ao,
and a rpleadld Hock of
Sh>es, Gaitors,
Bubbers, Uosiery, F*H Storte, ?as.
.???"al shall In; mort happy to ?sHbM tvy ?rs
ho ol rut y favor me ?its a call.
oct.-rr p. a t**aer*<tt

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