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Shenandoah herald. (Woodstock, Va.) 1865-1974, March 27, 1878, Image 1

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NO. 2.5
IsV" sai?cripti >u, Two bollarapar year-payable
i-a a Ivmee. If a ?t i>ai I i'i i tvaaoa, Two Dollars
? nd ifty Cents ?rill b? efcaV!
Ml ^ '?oniuui-e.i ' il-. 'I a ;?:?-.vatj ait ire will be
charged few a? s advat
Job lM-iiitint;.
All kinds if .I.'o ?V.rh .hnie at ?bo,t notice and
the most raaaoaable rates.
l*r>h tut on il < tints.
A T T a it S /.' 1' AT L A W,
OtSc? on Main Street Opposite tho Court House.
\V(H>l>STlVK, VA.
Will practice in tbecoart. of ?*lt
adjaeeat ?? .nut ?
i*~ -pvi?i atteuti.Mi given toi ?
i atina? .?ml a . legal bauuea. entrust? 111 als care.
Sel.t. '.lb?tf.
Will Ht is I'. I ,-?<-.? >n I'tiur-lay, Frida)
?lid Satitolay, Before tb? nd Tu??d?? of t-acli
al l>r. L II J irdaul Draj Store.
M MB? VV.i.io-.. M. !.. VV.,Li?>?
Vi i .l.N'i'.Y?. VT LAW
;?-'M ?si:.- v vi. I ? in id? ? pra. liceelB the i',niu
Having i ia iti.-.l in the District an.?
Cuun? lie is
? it? i - 'lite .?',... : ?? .'i sai ! i' inrt. -
IV?. . la-it.r'ii ',?.
i I.I.K.N ,v m .i.itriri r.
All ou. \... s \ : law,
April. . I
??. II. ?VII I.I AM?-. ?. I. ?V II I I AH-,
iV ?1. . Us.
?A '
\\ OtHie 1?H i\. V X
ractiee in in.
?i tue ? : m tie
il K.I>DLEBKkGr?l?.
\Ttn*DSTOt'K YA.
UMLLI ?. i> \
11K S NI
it (/(.?// v /Hi h\ IM.
Hie Vir
- at tu. j
KOlHiK K C.\l-\ KKT,
Ai i'o i.NKYAT LAW.
Nl.VV M v .KKT. ? A
> til.ilte
:?. attention
])' ''
H- -? loi lt?- ihe plll.lk* lilil?
lu !i - "1 M? ?'1"'
.ail I- ieI' a? ill?' -!"te "I 1*. ??'?
Fra ??. m Wood I?"??
mpt ?mention
JlIK.l^l.? 'I
Hit . ?". ,rons Curtis
(? !.l"i S - M v'--. S It '?i"..
1 . vsni.tv, va
t. Tb? citi
.lria or
W'aahiuglou, and traveler? ? i Sonto,
? oc lilt- I
? piir? the tar!? ?tart by
I Dgl' n ..r II:.
: ? Maah- '
fr( m V M. t o7>,
f. M. -Ian 7? ti
i n. hi
I ndsr-rtaki-r '
He 'i .
'.? : 1
IS?tl ?.din)
J v ? N'->lITIIIXli '
: ..h
i.i ?n
\'i;.v >;rN> vi.w.w? on han
KO? S \ LE.
H. i> ? - ? . .
V ? ^iii tur .i-li.'d. -iii-li i. Ifi?
? - ,\ c
w ?
?,r ', i :- ?
r,L?OS.?- HolKL.
vVDiiiisrni.'K Va
/?'/ '/??/. / /?(>/ ii iMtlu improved
A ifPLK \i'''-'MM'-!' v II? ?NS
POS lilla
I lie re* if (I lit? m tu Ira of I'uli?c
1'., ?KUN >'.K.
This liotcl has l.fC'i re.-, ntlv improved b)
th-erection ??' Iliti?>ii t.. tha mam
t"iil lin?' ??hi -, !? -uii.lv more
?ni H:fir?l a uple aceommialanoa for
he trat ?n.- ii iblic.
THE TM?l.E will U- well tapplied al a'l
sith t h*s t?<* >t the market ailurd. and
no pain? ?ball be (pared to satisf?, I be .?-ant?
.-f ^u--1^ in toil (lepar: 11 at.
nil BAK will i? -? ?? ti I nth ik?
Li i i Ts. .v t ill --i|?i?l.v ot Wilson'? pure
Rye whiakjf (tin nude whiak?;
? 1.1 ia tb? county,)can be found b? thou
wieliiag ? p'tre article for lueshta] (.nr|>o? .
Jurors attwavliag c.? irt will I?, lioarded
?>r their fees ?.er lien, arid t'ic.r ci'rtiticnt?-3
al??n in par<a?Bl it le?ire I
Chars-? Mo !? ?????."? A citll rc-ipectfullv
o'icite I.
BOBijrr Wilson*.
TtataOH niiiikf otherats n.?t tlsa tl-liy
ianeii|..li?u'irfeai'!<- -niellin^ .?ml worae,
ta-tin?; artiele. bul a? a par?, blantl,
tn'-li <?il. totth'iut anv admirtnre. ea-nv
a'-.-pte.l and retained i>v ilie m .-t
delicate ?Nuiiat h. ?nul pu--?'--all the
iii?'ili?-.il |ii"|iei He- ami elHea.v in to ?
Uiiieli ^re.t'-r .Ic^i'-e Ihnianv other
ma!??'.?* It ino-i Valuable for naueir- t.?
inv.ili'U re?|iiir.'u lh?; u?e "1 M>i
LIVKK ?>IL. Km-ale kf
tnuy Hl-ly. If. >? Il M I II. I>,,ig?i?
\ rror.ipt ?nd ji.*itive remedy in all cleouic
e?i?ea?e* "f Ik? ?Tetasa Iliad.1er ?til Kidney,
l)e;-. -2G ??fltllO. Nile A.'t.
Lamp I to a?, ??iiise?, l'r? ??< ctern?? i> ? ir
.su-rter ?t Carter'? ?rog -tora,
l nl'MV JUDGE?
(i. K. I'ahcrt, - - ? Sew Mirket
H. H. Kid.lb berger, .... Woo?V.ock
W ?Hey,
-? klry,
1- li sh 1'ir
tltxi W ss b le,
? ??. S'.
I. .1. Burke,
D. r. sj ?
- \Sood-!... k.
Sew Market.
a .?1V.I??!.'NKI:? <?' RKVENCF.
Ham? an,
lid tail,
- .
"I believe I'll eel Ibe farra, Jane Ann, .tad buy a
bouse in town;
J net mad* an offer yttterdtv, h*'ll p?y Ik* money
He ?aid he wasn't anxious, but h* hail the cash 11
spa e.
And remintU'l tn* that nowadiy* c??h lale* srs
very rare.
The farm ain't worth uiucli anywav, the soil Is
michts thiu.
And ibe crepe 11 sir Ids sre bsrdly worth the puttln*
cl th.m m;
Besides, that pesky railroad that they're pnttin'
throagh this way
?s i I cut the old pitre ?lap in two?Jone* told aie
?o to-day.
I ain't afeard of work, you know?ay daddy allus
"There nut a single lary hair in Ntbemleh's
1 here wan't no lazy hairs, I know, in that old
head of his.
He did the work cf three hired men la spite ot
No, no, I'm not afeard of work ?ef that I don't
i're tried to work with wilba' bfnds In sunshlue
and in rain;
Abd I v? allus wore a cheerful face, except at
time-, majI?-,
SVhen them giuils head-Iron?- steers o" mine, would
'haw' when 1 yelled 'gee ?'
Pe-haps it may be sinful for s mortal to find fsnlt
Wavtdetoek I With t iling hard both day and ulgbt, if h? only
t dlnburg I inakis bis tali.
, but I've thought while cradlin' rain-lodg*d oal*
on .tio aide-bill orei theie,
That my cross was aunt Vm hefty for . until
bailed nun to bear.
Mt. Jackson.
I. r -
??. H. Stbert,
? i : !?-.
It. SI I.aiitz,
!;. . !'. wman,
It's allus bien my custom when a plowin' stumpy
To bum some good o'd-fishioncd hymn?i sorter
eased ?uy toil;
But I tell you what 'twat pretty hard to ?mother
w.ud* of sin
Whcn-'ra hi ringy roel'ud break and whack me
on tue shin.
rri:i?i: PHYSICIAN.
I'r. II. orne?, - - KaUISrta ?a.
us i i:?ii:i.? POOH
Mt. '?live I [ mention the?* "ere thing", Jane Ann, becaute I'd
unisville, hketili-.d
A peaceful, blameless sort of life' from all temp
Edlntrarg. tattoo freed,
si, ta keen. Bal as loug as litsslau flic? ex.tt and tatur-bugs
N.-.V Market abound
There'll bo sosac all profanity at tnuei a floitiu'
'??. and.
If you're agreed, Jane Ann, I'll sell the
farm to Jones?
H. 11 tint? that what it lacks iu soil it well mide
up in -tonet?
sud we'll mu? into the town next week?whit's
htraslu-.rt! I that you': r saym', wifo?
Woodstock \ u'ilne?? leas? the good old place as long at
Keren Fountain-- ! yon have life I
Lanti M;lie. .
Ilawklustown. : ,VeU, thcie it goes again, I vum I Ou on and bav?
New liarte?. : v,,?r *ay?
; You're h ...nd to wear tho breeches?In . flgg.ra
VU VIMES PUBLIC. !u?t,'uVu*Bud nih.se rayway this lira?, old:
... i girl, as well a* you,
D- ?. Henke', - - -><v' ,?ar''*V ro ,t you'it bound to .(ay nght here, by gmiui,:*
o.- .. 1!. Ca'.tt rt. - ? - I'M. eiAY loo.
I*. F Kat'rv, .... _
Unix'? Mill -- - -
; Zea,
-, v ... Clower,
Bowni ,n,
-, M. I.m;z.
.'. i:. i. .
: tulz
t uik,
... i. s iiupp,
p. W M irjriid. r
Q i, \i. lloran*
I ??.?;!? Perry,
'.? m Tisluger,
L. rtplett,
?la?. 11. Slbert,
... ..
,I!'?I!CI s i,t Till: PEA! L.
I"i m'a Brook, '
burg lit 11 I*t?. FOR 11 IDLaL.
??? dstock : _
Mt jaci-son 'No girl will ever haves chance to
Mt. Jackson ; OiUUTV Me for IBV money. I'll take t**OOtl
Mt.Cttive. care of that. When I wed there shall
1 dmbU g. ;
I be uotliiag but the most disinterested
'affection thrown iuto the seals?no;
- ideas oi grand horn? and carriages and
, Obed Funk and , -, fa,llionable pa,tl,s
lo. II. Mian. " ?
:.i. '.h QrabillJJEli?*offelt, Snowden ; aiH] ril.j, ,)ruKi,t8 and diamonds, and all
. Martin stri.kicr, ? sor( of tliinks.' And Charle y Marshall
i.x.-Samuel c Campbell James .'. tu-s, il his Lull finished cigar out of Ut*
.?-civ ?Saiui. Ilami'ian, ?
\,V.-m. whi?, ? ' ? ion? x.] 'No : *? ?W ? ,nake "'> "?f? ?v>il have I
. ? .N s] ?l-.I.K
Isat Painter,
D. H. al" heiiour,
i- H. OrandsUff,
Li- us B.UH rinan,
i H. 0-abill,
SCHOOL I 111'??Tl'.'i S.
l,, Harrison Whtc.Jno. 11
' to los.- me for myself alone?take me i
', without the slightest idea of fallir?!
! case ; be contented with the anticipa-:
ooi?ltock.' 'tlon ?l "love in a cottage, and the pro?-1
New Market* ' lKCt ?! ??aV*l,?J l0 PTOVB .1 'helpmeet' in ;
? I fact ?is well as in name.'
'That la, cook, sweep, wash dish??,!
I scrub the floors, and all other drudgery,' i
' added Fred Try an. with n peculiarly!
expressive whistle.
Certainly, That's just what I
'And you expect to lind such a girl
u this beflounced, bediamoned age,
Jharley ?'
?WiiY not '.'
*I thought they had all died out with
jur grandmothers. Matrimony nowa
?ys - ?i retry ?1 fi?rent thing from a
entury or two ago. The homespun
ge has given place to one ?if satin
'ork and frivulty, It's a mighty lmzar
us undertaking to marry. Women
t Igrodl r
E.\ run. noiT.i.
i l;s S II ..id '/MW, Pri-p lielri-8.
II ?in; fully refltted aurt repaired this well:
known il 'tel II i* i ???' ipe t for the reeeptloa of
guests* ?" ?' Vi k.t.? s-arouiud d ?
by a noiober of excellent sp iug? ? among winch '?
balybeate, Free, stone, fee,?eaeyl
?.and situated amid the most beautifu'
and pi. tiires'iue scenry. ? Persons in the cities de
ailing a tew weets of cuutry air, w.th quiet com?
it??, ?ill be accommodated.
h' ta!>;e will be an especial csre ; the Bsr Http -
p ie.1 with choice liquois, and the Stshles pro*
? : provenrl. r.
Feb. 6 -tl
'What if she rebels P
?No dauger of that. With iny fore
1878 t',"un,ll ? slla" BO' l>- Idtolj to be de?
kBat II, alter your chrysalis puts on
' the gorgeous garments of the- butterfly,
what if she should spread her wing?
' and revel in the surrounding splendor r
In other svord?. svhat il the upliftm?;
?jy q q q c-|-q Q le? VA from poverty to riches should make her
ed about is*s by Dr. John o. s.hmitt giddy and wild? The change, from a
B. SCHMITT. - - Proprietor. (:ountr-v -irl t(' a- Cltv bK?le is Vfr-V
DEALER IIsT ^if at, and has turned the head of many
Drugs, Medicinfls. Glass, >onc''
l'\ l> I s OU.S, 'Granted ; but I shall guard again?!
Varnish, s. v>"* ? thiug.'
DYENTIIT, Educate her up!' lsughed Fred.?
PERFUMEBY, SOAPS, BBTJSHB8, 'Well. I wi?h you ?ucee??. Hut where
Fancy floods, ('? V"11 expect to find ?uch a paragon of
stationery, etc.. i tc. luvfline?? (lor with yaur ?esthetic ta?tei
A?so vou would never mnrry any but a
CaV**t*i>V, >'l 'J'?-., I'ltl'lTAe. ' beautiful woman) and good sense and
l'ri?'l'S proiiouuced character? Certainly not
9& A* cheap a* the cheapest. 4? '" tl,e CitT ''
Punt., and ?(eHuhddy . 'I can scarcely indorse such s sweep*
of good?al*ay* gu.rranteed Prescript,.,.,, err-1?-?l denunciation. Yet I iutelld to
1 ?? ?'i "our.. ? jook t0<)lt ?? th(, touutry.'
|>?RBoit* Hamilton, 'Among the green valley? and'for
13 L-.U..1.U. sv.??? vr..i.iu,ton. u.c. : e?t? pri.iic?al ! * I wonder how'PriKil*
We have conuected with our ? holesale (Irot^ry ?
and i ii|ii..rBusiui'ss la.'the meek and loving, would liuve
A COMMISSION DEr'ASTMENT ?stood such an exaitation? and whether
l Not., i ill. tlAMAOKMI.Ml Of
: 'Miles' svould have '?elieved in your
Itboon '.' And Fred laughed heartils a?
fo the tale of ?"?our. (?rain, il.y, l.iiuiber Yju*, ? . ' ..... ,, ., ., '
Butter, cheese, P.tstoe?, Poiiltrj. lu fact, sll kinds he thought ol the .item I untan (.?plain
' '"?1 c?us^eat?will receive oar b.st attention I a,,<1 '''' ?l??'"l "''-*1 ,,f COUrlship-llis
a. .1 orompt retiuusuiade for t e lain*. 1 Steady, slrigbtfniwir.' ?ml *tr ng, with irresistible
Mr. i!. F SS 'X, formerly of Alex uilrls, Va., 1 \oaia.
will gi.chi? personal attention to (he Virginia I
and Mar>isud trad j. i.es|>ectfull)', Ort oal. T. flasliiiig Convict c? f'ghi Into th? bear s
Apr. 11-lyr. B ?U-KK'U a uaj1ILTu> ' ot the healhto,
?You can make merry aa much
please,* answered his friend ; 'b
is no idle whim of mine. I have
ted upon it long, perfected ray pla
intend to carry it out to the ver
'Ron voyage, then, and I hop
will not meet with shipwreck,
promise me cue thing.'
-If"it is within reason.'
'That you will train your runt
vinity to love cigars, so that I
conic and see you sometimes, sit
my h'gs under you' mahogany
have a good old?fashinne<* smoke
?4?ze upon the delicious wander <
nineteenth century !'
?You will be welcome at any
'One thing more : Have, it o:
the marriage von?, Charley, Ilia
divinity shall uever eat ouious !'
Fred Tn an dcpaited. laughing, tl
not until lie had promised faithful
keep the plans of his friend a pro
The preposed delusion in his mai
(whenever it should occur) had be
a pet scheme with Marshall. He
given it much thought, and flat
himself there could be no niiscan
'ertainly if a girl loved him as
would ')? content to dwell with hii
an humble abode au.l minister tc
In fact, his '???asile in Spain' wa?.
ready built?everything perfect ex
ing the perfect woman who was to
come the satiu of the inner shrine,
was yet to be found, and he resolv
no longer delay. Had it not bee
the conversation with his friciu
would have continued dreaming a
fore, for he was naturally dilatory.
the only half hidden sneers of his fi?
liad slang deeper than he had at
been aware and roused him to hnn
date exertion.
'I will commence my search to-n
row,' he said, resolutely, 'and be'i
year has passed will show Mr. ]
Trvan and the rest of mankind a va
wife?one wltee? only love is her
hand ; who accepted poverty with I
and when given riches and position
hithictice was not unduly exalted,
quoted M.le? Staudish. .So cau I.
to the pumos? ; for I shall Mtoniah
critical eyes with
"rthe, ths Puritan girl, m Um ?olitud? of the f?
staling- the burnt:? ho?? and th? modert, ap
of boat??puii
?Aha, Mr. Fred! I think I shall h
you upon the hip llien.'
A few ?lays enabled Marshall to fit
ly arrange all bis matters to Ins sa
faet?n, and he disappeared from
city, no oue bul his friend knot*,
whither he had gone, even his c
family little dreaming thai he had
?in upon such a (?uixotic mission?
indeed und-rtakad to litid a perfect I
Partially disguised, and uuder an
nutucd name, he journeyed hither i
tliiiher, looking for the thornless n
the sliajtond without a flaw, the p?
without a speck. Hut diaappointm
met bin at every turn. Girls of
kind?, golden, auburn and raven h;
ed, arose before him like daises in
meadow?a perfect bouquet of lov
ntss. But, al.i? ! there was an in
scribable s.iiKtliing lacking?tL?.- r,
ci'iubiuatiou ot lend anJ piijSsCnl p
portion that wa* to in.iiire him hap
Uess, make tho humblo and wealt
home alike happy?to stand the sev?
tesl of both poverty and riches.
Il Any ordinaiy mortal would ha
icen satisfied with the choice otfere
ould froBi out such a bevy of beat
hve selected scores that would indc
ave tieen "a jewel in the crown of I
iisband.' Rut he was very hard
[ease. His ideal was altogether t
igh lor human nature t?. fill. At h
a fount! none that satistied him, ar
t??r along search was about to relu
mue, rest, and take a new departu
r foreign lauds, when accid?nl cau?
m to be delayed in the picture??'
ttle village of Ferndcll.
The breaking down of the stage la
-.I him, iu the midst ef a violent stori
i fr.uit of a large farm hoase. the su
?Undings of which indicated unusu
'Who lives here I" he asked of tl
fiver, who liad informed him that
ould be some hours before they cou
'Zenas Partridge, one of the riche
?men m the country,' was answered.
I shall have to trespass upon h
' hospitality. Anything would b? bctt?
than to remain in this miserable ol
[ conveyance, through the roof of wbk
the water pasees like a sieve,'
'Yes it is a better dry weather stage
, laughed the driver. 'Rut go right u
?Esq. Partridge will be ??la?! to see yoi
He is one of the most friendly kind ?
un-n. Besides,' and the laugh grc
! broader, 'there's the prettiest kind ol
?girl in there, and 1 guess the tim
I won't hang very heavy en your hands.
'A pretty girl!' and Marshall lookc
| dismayed at his wet and mud-splsshn
' wardrobe.
'That hain't nothing,' replied thi
friendly Jehu, reading the expression o
i his face. 'She hain't one of the stuck
j up kind, but just as good and clever n
I she is handsame.'
Thinking what a fool he was to havi
! been standing even thus long iu the rail
Marshall made his way through tin
closely mowed and cleanly-kept d??oi
yard, along the path fringed with flow?
ers, and r.nocked at the door It wa?
opeued with little, delay, though hii
quick ear caught the rustle of ferai mi.
skirts, and he was satisfied he had al?
ready be? ti inspected, and most proba?
bly by the ?pretty girl' herself.
'Walk in?walk right in,? was t
welcome lie received, and the broa?
palm of ZeiniH Partridge closed up?H
lis own, and emphasized lb.?, hospi ,
ole reception.
'Thank you, sir. 1 ?hall be ??rat?iui
tor shelter for a time?until the si
repaired,' replied Marshall.
'And that won't be to-night,' R
host. 'They are slower than RK
iu a cold cellar ou a January Daol
'But lean not '.hink of tresp
upon your kindness for so long a
?There, there ! Don't nientii
My wife and Lena will he only toi
pv to have your company.'
'Lena?your daaghtery'
?No ; haven't chick or child i:
world. Lena?Kleanor is the
name?is a niece and?will, jron'll
a chance lo see for \eurs? If.'
lMcauor Hivingtou. as she apr
at the supper tab'.e, was nearer
beau-ideal of Marshall than any I:
ever seen. She was a sparkling In
could uot have been called either
nette or blonde, hut partook of the
characteristics of both ; was a hi
medium type, fair, uot tall in Ik
and of well rounded proportions,
dainty feet aud hand.?, the latter
tinged enough with labor to show
she was not unfamiliar with it.
eyes were of a peculiar soft grayisl
lei ; her hair a mass of golden or
her lips delicately cleft, and red a
ripe clover blossom ; her nose ami
exquisitely cut, aud Ilute was
charm of perfectly graceful, ladj
s?lf-possessiou and culture in her u
nieiils, albeit her dress was of the
plest iu texture and fashion.
To say that Marshall was deli?,
wi h the vis-iou was simply less
truth. And be found, as the evi
passed, that her mind was well si
by reading, that sha possessed a
and trained voice, and played and
in a manner he had seldom heard c
ed. Iu hut. she grew in Ins dreari
be the paragon of loveliness and vv
he had so often pictured ; and wrhei
tained the next day he poured out
letter, to his friend Fred Trvan a g
?ug description and predicted tha
lasl the spotless pearl he had so
been in search of had been found.
If Cupid had made especial U
wall Jupiter Pluvius the matter e
urn have been better arranged, v
a atona as raged had nut been kn
even by that ubiquitous individual,
Oldest inhabitant.' Mivams were th
ed and bridges carried away, and
travel Stopped. The old sta_;e
regained unrepaired by the ways
and Marshall was kept within do
tea-tin.- up"ti delicacies, andpassing
time nauing to L.ua ami hearing
sing, or conversing with her.
And naturally, as they become
quaiatcd. they talked ol themsflves,
he hinted at his peculiar ideas with
gard to married life ; that when
married the beginaing woulu be it
small way?an humble home ; ;
that while he was willing to toil for
woniau he loved, it might he nccess
! for her to take up her ?hare of the 1
The beautiful girl met him halfwa
did not seem averse to "love in a t
?Raje?1 seemed to consider it would b
' pleasure to contribute to the makint
a home ; aud some dainty dislus li
? her own fair hands were proof posit
: to him that she wa? ytrsed in the 11
nary art.
The storm ceasc-tl at last and tl
parted. No words of love had b(
; spoken, but the touch of hands and I
! glancing eyes and tell-tale blood h
l given full promise of what would 1
i aven a? the rosy tints of morning tell
! the golden glory of noonday. Of sr]
! Marshall thought his words to Tiv
j told the entire story.
?She is as beautiful and good ai
i angel. Fred. The most perfect bel
both m mind and body.,
'And will cook your pork and bea
and do up your shirts with smili !?' M
the quizzical question.
'Without doubt. Oh, ?Jell dishes
she can prepare ! Tbcy are food t
the gods.'
'Apples of the Hcsperules. sweeten
w.tii nectar and ambrosia ! But
coarse the know? of \our wealth I"
'Has uot an inkling. Iu fact si
does uot eveu know my name, thinks
j is Charley Marsh, aud that 1 have
! depend on business for a livelihood.'
"The name of the goddess. ( hurley
Eleanor Biviugton.'
' Ah ! A romantic name. When
I she to chaug? it ?'
?That is undecided as yet. I have n?
eveu whispere?! of my devotioj.'
?But intend to do so very soon V
'At the earliest practicable moment
With such a commencement rs ha
been made the growth of love coul
not have been otherwise than rapid.
The visits of Marshall to Ferndcll gre?
frequent, became more aud mor
lengthy ; and one evening when th
moon sailed asa silver boat over th
lighest waves of clouds, the fond vow
arete whispered, and two hearts plcdg
. .1 to bent as one lor all time ; sof
hand ?vus clasped iu broad palm, ant
burning lips weie pressed to lips in tin
first long, passionate kiss of betrotha
Fred Tryan laughed a cynical laugl
when lie heard of the engagement. -
Something in the matter seemed t<
?iiHUse him very mum. Yet he on
gralulated his friead warmly upon hi!
choice, and washed him all the linppi
ness he anticipated.
And for once love seemed to run a
.?roa?l, deep, untroubled river, with
milling to mar the smoothuess of iti
ourse. The wedding ?lay was a glor
?us one, golden with suashiue, with
ml?, rosy clouds ; without even the
iightc?'. premonition of future storm? ;
m day of perfect June, when
l'be sky ??< sll llusnea, tie eaitli waa all bliss,
?a Hi? |? aver ul ?ash Beert, "li* th? ending like
The weddng leMt finished, Marshall
ok nis bride iu the conveyance he had
loVidedaiid carried her lo what he led
? i.el eve was her future home. The
jouruoy ended, lliey atojiped al a small
cottage in the outskirts of a iiiaiitifac.
turing town. It ssa? scarcely m?i <?
than comfortably farnlahed, the -ui
roundlngi not ?ttrattiv?*. sud noli lucti
a? a bride in the ruo?l humble clrcum?
stances woold liase been content' fl
But Ibe young wife took up her loi
cheerfully., Bh? ?vint arnund ?in
all the day long, bright? ring up ever)
room with tasteful, womanly touches?
always had meals ready upon the return
of her husband?and seemed to enjoy
what well might have been called
'playing at housekeeping;1 and even
objected when In i husband proposed lo
employ a girl lo do the drudgery.
Lut il'it was tun for her it wa? liotf r
him. He had nothing to do, and toon
gr w tired of'loaling* around the lilth
village, killing lime ?o as lo make hi?
wife believe lie waa hard at work. Tin !
mouths he had inteuded to b( passed in j
tins manner dw ?ndh 'I into t .vu ?bon i
weeks, II?could cnduie it no longer. I
and having made thi uuc ?sary prepara
lions (through his friend. Fred Tryau)
he determined to move lo ihc city and
his true spin re in
Money smooths most ways, as it di<
hi?, and a few days latter he cscortid'
hi- bride into ?i 'brown-stone front,' cx
quisitel) furnished, told Lena it ssa*
hers, and that he had deceived her. a*|
he ?vas rieh.
?No, Charles.' she answered, with
rippling laughter. 'Xo. Charley, dear.'
you have been Bimply deceiving your?
self. 1 knew sou all the time. Ms
cousin. Fred 'I nan. had pointed you
out to me, and lold me all about you '
"The due?'
'Hush !' mi.l she kissed him into
silence, i?uil wm.'t make you any
llie less a good wife, dear.
8he hasn't, though sin- has cured him
of many foolish notion? of mortals
hiing pe? ti et; and he has learned to re?
j??tcc that his Quixotic quest resulted so
?veil and happily, when llie chance
were as a tli???.i-ainl i i one against any?
thing but ilisappintineiit.
? ? ?> ?
Rallier ?sikuaril,
An Englishman wi-ni nto a ? hura h
n Borne, a ?Inn i lim sin... ntul a? ??
? iV.ee was going on e sat ;!i t'y o ,
placing his liai mi the ground h
him. AfU'i w? ling a little while,
.is there seemed no iinmediu
of the ceremony coming to an end, In
t:..'U-.hi he would go and read i d lor li -
hat. bul ?su- - .um,
'?'huh gnispi il him from bi li nd
| Thiuking that probably some i us
of tin; church wish him t-> remain till
' ihe conclusion of the service, he aga u
j wailed. Presciilly, he ti, ?uglil againu
going, again reached for his hat. and
aga n llie unseen had llrinly prevent? d
, him. Convine? tl that the service waa
I somercallj important one. which his
leaving would disturb, the English nun
' again waited for about a quarter of an
j hour. At the CXU ration of tuat lime,
i lie determined to depart, in ?p
|et.?jUti>. So he again leached lor his
'. hat. Again the hand grasped him, but
as he determinedly n listed its restrain?
ing eflbrt?, a voice behind him exclaim?
ed ?n En_
"I beg y our pardon, but that is my
hat you are lakinj
And ihis was the fact. Dur hero liad
been detained all thi- tune because : ach
titiie that lie n islu ii lo -o he had
reached, in mistake, lor tire hat ot
another strauger, placed iu close prox?
imity to his own
In a play w hi re it ?as u< 11 ?sory to
enter in a great passion, Mac-ready
n-e.l to have a hired "auper," whom he
would grapple and ?hake and curse at,
off the stage, so that he could enter
mturally. Une night the "?uper'1 sent
a substitute, who d d not quite inn!- ;
itand the business, tie resented
Mac-read's rough treatment, which
delighted the tragediau, who went at
his man with increased vigor, The
substitute presently "tel him have it,"
and the pair fought lavag ly a good
round. Macn ad? that UU/J t burst Up*
his audience in a ?ph tidal rag?, out*
Mai reads ing Main ady When Ihe sub?
stitute learned the im- ?tale of affairs,
however, he bolted; but he ?sas -n
earthed, for Macreadj eume off after the
seine, gaspin?,! "Bum -ha! where i?
he I rib ss me ! -V iplendid fellow ! Pay
him double, an.i let nie have him every
A lady iu Nt"at?*aa ?mis attracted
recently to a beautiful canari bad b?
its dose resemblance to one she had
lost last spring, slo vea- informed that
the SOngSteT had bei n found oOe chilly
morning perched upmi a winilow-aill.?
The la?1- said that hi r bird had i. en
taught to perform tin ? r< it \ little h.-.i,
whan itiveu i'H liberty in a room, ol
; pit king up a pin and sticking it ilitu ih?
I carpet. The cage waa ??pt-ned, anil, a*
! tin- canary fle? forth, the la?ly threw, a
! pin upon the floor. The bird imm
| ly titw do?!) it it. caughl it m il" bill,
(lexteimi-l? stuck it in n perpendicular
position in tin- carpet, and ihen it
I bopped off a step or i??o and warbled
(brail some ol its bwi i u si notes, a- if n
exultation ol the feat it had accomplish?
ed. Ii ?va? ih, [ong-loel songster.
?? ??? ?
Whan yon speak evil of another yon
?Mt be prepared to have others speak
evil of sou. There is an ok] Buddhist
provi-rii ??hieb s;,,?; >||ej alio indul?
ge? iu enmity is like one who throws
ashes to windward, wbii h comeback to
the MOM place and cover him all over.'
__- m .*). ?
A FieiK'hinan Uiinks the English
1 mgilave is v. i y tuiiglt. 'D. in is look
out.' he says, 'which Is lo put out your
head and sec; ?mil look'Hi', wlin-h is tu
haul iu your head and n -t fur to -
iu*t the coiitrarv.'
A Minisf r reei-nil? prayed lortho-e
of hiscwifji'i'gati'in wlifl w. re "loo proud
o Hneelunal too lazy lo stand."
A flu? derer'* Confeulon.
A man in the northern purl of th.
province of Rio Janeiro has cotil'?--? d
apoD Ilia deathbed that he was ths leal
author of the murder of a fami.J ?>l
eight persons In 1852, for which a
wealthy planter, |.? name Motta
L'oqtieiro, and three of his slaves, were
xi.uted in 1858, Tii?- house in which
.tie victima lived ?ras sent on fir?' alter
ill?? crime had bceu committed. Ku*
piciou having fixed itself ou Motta
oqueiro, he and three of his sluves
?ere brought t?i trial, The evidence
?va? weak, but SO strong was the feeliug
against ti,.. planter that the jury found
aun guilty, and ihe Court of Helatiou at
ttto combined the sentence of death.?
He and his friends >trcouo?islv asserted
lus innocence, and nrlien it was found
hopeless to ootaiii his acquittal, every
1? i--:;.;. . Hurt was matle to induce the
Emperoi to giant him a pardon. It is
?aid thai -uni- ?.?!' 1250,000 wen
[i: niiised t" persons around the Em?
pn -- to indu ?? them to i-nlist her sym?
on beliall uf the coudemiied o?an.
ami thus, by nu aw- of her intern -
???b the Emperor, to attain the
m vit a. All however, vas [u ,ain. - ',
Emperor was firm; Ihi Empress
?1 ciiiied to lot erf? !" : the Government
s nt a vessel of war t'i Mai alie to pre?
vent any attempt at rescue, and Motta
oqueiro and his ihr llaves were ?xc
i uud for a crime which it now turns oat
tu?y never committed. The man who
lately uied i ku m lodged that he.
assisted by - lib ? : hi? depend? Die,
deliberately mm ih red all lb? inmates
of the h'.i. , il,, y afterward
Mary's Litti e Lamb.?The verita?
bl,-"M.ity (who) lutda little Innili whose
fleece was white as ?now,, visited the
ij'.d South Spinning B< c in Boston lalc
\ and told the he - story
of the lam!'. When ?he was nine years
old and wa? livhig on a farm,? ni-nnun
?he found tw. little lambs, one ol tliem
nearly dead. So ah? look it Into the
hnuae and sat up all nighl nurseing it.
The next morning the lamb could ?land
m it? fe? t.ait'l gn w stronger everyday.
1 ) -. h,' t.. h. r !??'. ? lamb be
c une so attach? ?1 tu Mary that It follow?
,1 In rahnut and ?in- day to school,
where she hin it under her deck, so that
. did Dot know it wa? n
?a.inl until Mary was called up to re
Th-ri the lamb cam" out ft in
ling pirn . and made the childn n
laUiih and shout so that the teacher was
i t.? turn ii nut? The poem w:.s
written by a friend of Mary's (the vtn
erahle Mrs. Sarah Jose plia Hale, vvho
ms just retired from the editorship of
/. ??'?/'? Book) soon alter tho
lamb's visit to the school-room. Mary
a a- married many years since.ntnl lives
near Boston, she brought in some of
' the flrsl i'.- ece of her famous little pet.
Many a farmer has beefl ruined by a
large farm, who might have acquired a
competency with one of half the size.?
SJoal farmers arc anxious for large
-.ami many are thus betrayed
into the error of taking a greRter
! quautity of ground than they have the
means of handling to advantage, in the
delusive hope ofacquiriug thooc means
1 by future savings; ethers from the vanity
I of holding more land than their neigh?
bus. Then arises deficiency of stock.
! imperfect tillage and ?canty crops, with
all the consequences, of rent, taxes.
wag? ? unpaid, and debts piling up. aud
ruin finally caps the whole. While the
. furmcr who prudeutly commences ?with
only sucha number of acres as bo has
the power of cultivating with proper
effect, is certain of obtaining the full re?
turn iconi llu soil, and not being bur
i di mil with more laud than he can pn ?
litably employ, his engagements are
- within ?ii? means, and while enjoying
at ease of mind, he lays the sur? ??
' Inundation for future prosperity.
A i'.iv?.. ii'vrturs Widow.?A poor
man oi: his death bed made his will. He
called his wife to him and told hero*
its provisions. "1 have h ft,' he ?aid.'iny
h??r?e lo my parents.sell it and hand over
the money you receive, I leave to you
my doi:. take good care of him he will
s.rve von faithfully." The wife promis?
...I to olny. and ;n time set out for the
I neighboring mRrket with the horse and
dug. "How much do \ou want tor
your horse ?" inquired Ihe farmer. "I
cannot ?ell the In i se alone, nut you may
bol h ?'I' tie m at ivasouable rates.
Give me ?m?' hundred dollars for the
?log and une fur lb? 'mise." The farm?
IT laughed, but RS the Mm? Were lOW
ie willingly accepted tl?n>. Then tho
worthy woman gar.- the husband'? pa
riiits il.i dollar n-teivtd for the horse,
aud kt'pl the hundred dolbus f? r her
Th? ll-ru <?i- Trial.?Colonel
I Ethan Allen, of Vermont, openly re
j t. d ihe chnstiau religion, and wrote
several work? against It, But bow little
faith h< p.-?,-? rl in his own prindplM
when put to the t. -t. will be seen from
1 the fact relit, d by Dr. Dwighu Wlul.?
ihr ('"hui? 1 was reading sonic of his
own writings toa friend, a ??T?st?eRfa
rough! that his daughter was at
I the point of death. Hi? wife, a pious
, woman, liad instructed her child in the
truths of the Bible. When the father
a.ij.ear? (I at the beiNi.le. th. daughter
1 alle, tioiiately looked at him and said:
?'Father I am about to die ; shail I
believe in the principles you have taught
me, or shall I believe in what nioth
; ei has taucht tue'" On hearing Ibis
question ihe colonel WRR much distressed
and aft.ra pans replied : ,B*M$H in w?M
ijnnr Wttiktr h'l.i ttrngM yon.'
: your hope reader, on Christ.-?ck
| lor the grace of the ll?dy Spirit ; live lo
1 iva and serre Ood oa earth, and you
in iv ciilmh wait foi that hour of trial
which ?will come to all,
id, i-r listing; Kalt-.:
A lvtrtit.-men.ta will be Insertad at Oas IK liai
per satusrc of 'en lines, *r less, for ths flr.t laser.
faon, and 50 cent* for eech tnbmqtient Ineertioa
L'nl-M the number of insertions h? marked btkib
ti.e manuaerlpt, It will be pnb>U*b*d unit! forbid
and charged accordingly.
Notice* in the local column will be lnaeiteda
double the advert?ame ratee.
Advertisement* for tare? moulu? or long*r ??til
lie ii>?etti d at lnw?r rates
A Rulter Jete.
Mr. Atkinson las farmer, und v?ry
tond of a joke. 11.-i-i ntly lie ?.loti to I
in !{? .stun. With whom Le i? on
terms of intimacy, as follows: "I will
sand sou the finest butter next week
roa ever saw. The first lot will weigh
about sixty pound?. W ill divide tho
proceeds of sale alfa sou." Kncourag
ed by the liber terms of the offer, the
tirm advt rtisa d extensively that liny
wen- pn-pared tu lili orders for dairy
men and produce merchants for llie fin?
est butter ever sent to niaiket. At the
appointed time llie coiisignnit lit failed
to arrive, so the merchant? telegraphed
up to .Mr. Atkinson, and received the re?
ply that ihe butter would be down by the
lirst (rain tin- next morning. The M*
tu arrived a* i romiasd, but was in the.
form oia mo?i fc-rr-ciou? goal of ciior*
B*rOOSslie, Who ?as no ?oom r liberated
from the crate than he commenced ?tea*
reer of ihe most unbridled villiar.ly ev?
er Witnessed. He knocked ihr senior
partner into ths eorner.aud butted tliie*
ot his ribs out; the junior partner took
refuge on the top of some bales of wool,
but the goat jumped aftu him and but?
te,] him ol? on ihei.oor.auil presided him
with hi* hoi ii* until the ?va? insensible.
After kuueking about geneially, so that
each member ol the tirm looked as if ho
bad aeeu lavitcd to a lirsl-cla?? nia?sa
crt .Li", wound up by a determined assault
upon a threshing-machine. Tkis'"tirst
class butter" wasat last caught with a
and sent to the. city pound,
I Frei II -?all,
in lbs ih ' ipeniag twilight of a summet
evening a paster called at the residence
of one of his parishioners, and found
seated in'the doorway a little boy wilh
h.* hands extended upward holding a
"What an- >? ??i doing here my little
friendr" inquired the minister.
"Flying my kite,sir," wm the prompt
"Flying y oar kite I" exclaimed tin
I minister, "1 can sec do kits?you can
' See noue."
?-1 ciuiuot see it. but I know it :?
tin re. for 1 feet it pull.
A few stars back the angels cum?
and bore t;.r above u*. out el sight, one
that wa* vers dear to u? all. The ate
lavhment of our L( art was broken. The
count cling lies Wert I?-ngtlielieil, not
broken. Ws loved lier while here, wc
love h.-r still. ?*!,. 'ejs'.dus wlrle in the
l*7e are sure she loves us nono
lite less in In r in W condition. Hising
higher ami ?till high -r in the In aran of
heavens, wa feel her intbeticc. She is
with Christ, and attracted by geuilc in?
fluences.we it:.; teniiiug toward in r
peacelul home; with thcurospcd of the
lame glorious companionship.
If S ?.votnati ?s an?s to bunt iu comp.ii
alive safety, Maine is the place to do it.
A svoiuuu faiuted iu a car on a Maine
railway aad thirteen liquor flasks were
promptly placed at her disposal. In
this connection it may be incidentally
stilted that than were iust thirteen men
in the car.
? .?> ?
If you had tnon.-y enough and to *? arc
and could do just what you e anted to
[do, could you make a choice. Weluiv.?
thought the matter ovi r very can -hilly,
and have concluded Ihatlf wa could dfJ
exactly what ws wanted todo are would
Idu nothing. And in this decision ws
represent the larger part of mankind.
- ? ?o ??? ?
Tli" olliiatiiig clergyman in a recent
Chicago wi ililaiv. said ; -Whom Ood
ha?, joined"--and at that point was iu*
terniptfed by tho ejaculation. "The
devil!" And looted in surprise ?**?
; tvard the speaker, the bride's mother,
who sveut on. "I *ay lt'1 the devil that
ha> i lined them, and the Lord lis?-n't
had anything ts do s.iih it."
It i* >a;d ths' a minister'? son of
Waterloo. N. Y.. cast a gloom over mi
I entire church fair by walking up to a
? grab-bag and prize < ike table, and de?
manding that ihr game be explained t.>
him beton he bought Ins chip*.
A three-year-old youngster >nv a
drunken man ??tasking" through the
street. "Mothi-i," ?aid he, 'did Hod
make that man'." "Ye*, my child."
Hie little boy reflected a moment an J
, then exclaimed. "I ?vouldn't have done
it." _
A child being ?ho?vn the picture of
Daniel in the hou's den. began to ay :
j?"Don't cry. pet," said the mother,
j"(iod ssou'ilet ih? m harm a hair of his
.Iliad." '"Oh. I aiu't cry ing for that ;
'hut ju?t see that little Imu?Laniel !?
ho small if won't ga'i ?i taste."
It* y .tir iiunisii i doe-not preaeii well
ena.ugh don't go the rounds of the par?
ish ssitha prolonged grumble, but just
Read him a dozen book? cont.iiniug the
best ihough'.s of the time*. It will give
a nesv ?tart to the braiu cells and cheer
his heart.
The Mie.irt wsui oui with a jury iu
j s-ui Francisco recently atid returned to
| the court loom in about (wo minutes.
In the meantime a notorious burglar,
! under unlit tnicnt, climbed overa rail?
ing in lull view of scores of people,
ipiully walked out and ha* not since
! been ?ecu.
A soung widow wa? asked why she
; was going to get married so soon after
the ?halb of her first husband. "Oh,
hi." said she, "1 doit lo (ire vent fretting
| myself to death on atvomit of (leur
It is a curions. Lui thai the moi- you
really know the m<ire you know you
don't know. No one is ?o ?lire that hs
i? right and everybody else wrong as the
man who mistake? hi? pre dm lice? for his
The t: tics', end of lite is to know ths
life that never end?,

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