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,?edu,'s..?ny March 37 1878
1?. it t>. 1!. B. Tins Talbe.?Ou
Sunday Nov. 18th L?77 train?
will arrive and lea\*a Woodstock as
va :
\S 1.S.?LUN I'.OlNIl.
it train leaves A. M. 9.21
ugei. P. M. 1.41
? " P.M. 2.39
t train haves A. M- 10.18
iger "" arrives 1'. if. 1.25
" leaves 1'. M. 1.50
" leaves P. M. 9.06
iht trains leaving at A. M.9.31
i'. M. '.?.Oti respectively run on
s, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thurs
aud Saturdays only. All other
... xcept Sundays.
Ail regular trams have passenger cars
. .1.
ii ?ii????*???a?a
s? iiiNu. ? is- v. 11. M. ?Mute, Ol
r, Va. will preach iu the
. ... church of this place, next1
ii .. i_ and night.
- Notice.?Bev. John K.
: of the Episcopal Church will
in the Court Bouse next Sabbath..'
k A. M. aud 71 o'clock P.
Mr. Charlei Hess, ol j
id his arm broken and re-;
other injuries a few days ago'
?lurking ou the River Bridge, on
! ; dlan 1 railroad.
I. 11. II? in* !?., i had his hand
. .? : le working upon a
. .- the Furniture manufactory
. .-, -!. Frav ' ? - 'ace,
?btkbly Mki.itn? -The Brat
VVoodslock aud ;
. s ? i. y[. K. Church, was
a last Saturday and ;
K .. I . FiiX preached ou j
....-I ReV?. -L II. March;
aud Sunday j
\ Sic.NAi s. It svould be ad
.. Town Couucil to have
- 'liais placed al the corner of
Streets. A man i
luring the dur and a :
?hi might preventaome
. : rea kin: hi? neck. An in-;
part o?' the town would
ssary improvements
V Fin .. M. William
la a .s.>!.I a milk cow,
week, for ?90.00. Mr.
_:-an city, 1). C.
- :eh cows are
II such prices will bring
. lise the best. They
a fine price.?
is Named.?Our town couucil
I llic streets of Woodstock.
. at ?in- Sou ?hern end of the
?ames of the stn ets in sue*
S| ring, High. Court.
. and North. The
_ al right angles with
: Witur. Church. Main j
_. Une or two streets. !
g until their num-j
demand rccogiii
' ment.?The old house in
ved and Washing
vl on the N. E. Corner
Streets, has been
shenson to Dr. J.
Doctor propoi
:k store room on
. Mas- the good work soon
i a wellK-vowN Citizen.
. . day of March, 1878, C.
- place, departed this
a short illness , aged 59.
uonths. g'T' days.
Moore was well and extensively I
: ouly in this State, hut als? :
I. having been anzaired in ?
ni!.!.- business a number of
. n ?nnei lion with a house in !
M il as in other public ?
il vas ??,-11 connected with nuia*
es, and a useful man in the ?
1 AL A? t IDEM .?Ou Tuesday
t oviuglon, a sou aged four-1
: Mr. Win. Burke, of that vil!ige, |
on a wagon load ot ?
der thw wheels which pass-!
. al ng his right leg be- !
tiit ki.ee and hip. He was
pon the wagon ai"l carried ?
? xpireda moment after being i
?!- His fatal injuries^
nh rnnl as then was
pt the broken limb, vis
isbi'RG.?Strastiorg still gives ev
of improvement. The depot of
?'s. 0. Bailroad preaided over by
Mr. Harry Williams is very convtn
ntly located. The citixeni have mac
: the road leading Irani the
Street and Mr. Striekier
! a very comfortable and
the depot. He already
r?putation of keeping a
nl table.
M ilhodist c lurch is rapidly ap
tion and will be dedi
- summer.
? s. \re are in
i. ?sill be erected during the
.. ?on.
m ?*>??a? -
N :.\ KoAD A m sv road leading from
: It the gyp to the upper
Fort nod thenca to Luray m Page'
County is proposed. The scheme is in
the hands of very energetic parties and
will we have no doubt prove successful.
? el la very important to the citi
l n- ol the Fort and will bring a great
deal of trade to tin? county. An easy
? w,- arc^ informed, cau be made
- the mountain. Good road?, like
good schools, may be considered by
some i luxury, out the people are be?
ginning to learn that they are a ne*
"If I had lo ?raik from litre to Balti?
more for it. I would not be without Dr.
Bull'i Cough S-.rup in my family," is
whnt wo heard a lady say vcsterdav
Oar Tewa ifala.
Mb. Hebald :
Two weeks ago we heard
it currently rumo.ed that oar city
fathers would proceed without delay to
pave and improve our sidewalks in ac?
cordance with a determination they had
made some time before. The bare an?
nouncement of 6Uch an iutcntion gave
rise to talk and comment in every little
crowd, at all the comers, in all the
?tore?, and other places of assembly,
aud every man who was heard to speak
out signified bis approval. A broad
grin of satisfaction overspread every
countenance, and the inquiry ou every
hand was, "bow soon will they beginV"
As our good women heard of the enter?
prise they were seized with a kiud of
spasmodic delight which permeated
every household and started up the
piano aud organ almost simultaneously
with the hope-inspiriug old song?
"There's life iu the old land yet."
The conversation in the family circle,
at breakfast, at noon and at night was
about our sidewalks ; but ihc cup of
felicity was over run when Dr. Irwin
bought the old corner aud pledged him?
self in the article of agreement to put
up a haudsome edifice in the place of
the rickety old lire trap that gazes visit?
ing ?trangers out of countenance as they
wend their way from the depot to the
main street.
"Hope deferred maketh the heart sick."
Now we are told that the Doctor
must wait three years and the city
fathers have concluded that, as their
term of office expires very scon, they
will leave the mud holes and break?
neck walk? of the old town as a legacy
to their successors. What a pity, Sure?
ly nobody wants them to have any
successors but themselves it they will
just go on with their original design.
What the citizens want is not a new
council, but improvement? that will !
keep the county scat apace with the j
progr?s? of neighboring towns and make '
her the pride, instead of the reproach,
of the county.
Unci?os! is it not. alia mistake:'''
sincerely do we hope it ?S. and that
Irwin will make some mutually aeree- '
able arrangement to go on with the ?
building, and that our council will start '
the good work if only to commence the
burning of bricks or getting out ol !
curbing i
It is a shame! Since this report our j
children do nalhing but stroke the old ;
cat's back; the "old woman" has not:
put up her back hair iu style nor liuted j
her new apron, end the music of the
srhole family is after the style of the I
Israelitish mouruings on the banks of the i
A few nights ago the "mite society
met at our house, and the subject was
introduced. When the new determina* j
tion was aunounccd every womau but j
oue set up a wail ; that our had just
noted a little ir.jident that illy prepared
her for any feminine tears over the
rumor. With an indignation that re- ?
stored the equilibrium of the whole j
society she said : "1 just wish Jim j
Uodeffer, and Phil Fravel, and Phil
Magruder and Billy Bargelt. and Bob
Chahoon and Dave Gillock would stump
their toes oil' and fall down and roll
Dvcr like I did ; then they would'nt talk
about such nonsense as legacies and
successor?. I just wish I was one of
their wives long enough to Caudle them
awhile on these pavements, and they
would wish they ha I never been born."
This fired the society. Away they all
weutatotice, aud we thought, lo ! the
poor office-holder !
We could not help feeliras glad these
men did not hear what was said, but we
resolved then and there to tell just
ruough of it to let them know ho?v public
sentiment among the women is, on this
question of improvement?.
Mr. Editor, cam something be dann
to bring the council back te their first
conclusion? The people want it. the
town is able to do the work, aud all
that i? necessary is for our city fathers '
to form the resolution and start the
machine Spring is upon us; procras?
tinate now, and we must then wait for
atisiher spring. What our hands tiud
todo, let us do with all our might.
Stkam Mill.?A number of our far
Tiers are discussing the question as to
the practicability of building a steam
floor null in Woedstock. It would
prove a great convenience aud there
would be no difficulty in securing a sui?
table location. A sufficient amount of
stock is build the mill could be easily
obtained. The question, we beleive,
has been fully discussed by many par?
lies who arc interested in the subject.
Prompt action in the matter will secure
success in a very short time. We were
requested to notice this subject some
weeks ago. but it wa? unintentionally
What is to ra Do.va??Do our
citixen? propose to abandon the road to
Seven Fountains or are they going to
?ecurc to the people of the Fort a good
road ? It is to their interest to trade
with this place and the only obstacle in
the way i? the miserable road on this
side of the mountain. A merchant of
the Fort informs u? that it ceils double
to ship produce by the way of rTater
lick. and the read to that point is al?
most a? bad a? that to Woodstock. This
road under the judicious management
of the road mister has been greatly im?
proved but at several points the grade?
are ?o ?teep that it is impossible to haul
a full load.
A Tkkriblr Hail Storm.?A
terrible hail storm visited the northern
portion ofthis county, near Railroad
Union, in the niglibourhood of Daniel
Collins, Edward Reynold and Isaac
Shanholz. on Monday cf last week. The
?torm extended about a mile m width,
and several miles m leuth, and although
lasting buta short time was very eevere.
breaking a great many window t-las? in
the community. Hail fell as large as
hulled walnut? and patndge-egg?. cov?
ering the ground two or three inclus
deep.? Wim. New.
A great many remedies are advert?s*
ed to bring them before the public, but
the latter decides whether the article is
good or bad. The good reputation
which Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup enjoy? is a
standing guarantee of its merits. Price
2? cents.
New Wrixgebs.?YVe have sec
very useful invention in way of a n
clothes wringer which is now on ex
bition at the Wilson House. Mr. F.
Adams the manufacturer and propric
aud his agent Ceo. M. Holt, are h
now placing this valuable article
hands of energetic agen ts. who v
canvass this section thoroughly. F.
Adams A Co. are a large manufact
iug dim at Erie. Pa., and are mak:
wringers aud washing machines wh
they are selling in large quantities
over the United States aud sbippi
largely to foreign countries.
Mr. R. L. Roberts is the agent fort!
county. Call at the Wilson House a
examine the wringer.
A number of families of this pin
have tried these wringers aud pronour
them superior to any that they have i
er used. The tollowiug notice of t
the manufactory is taken from t
Philadelphia fVesi of Mardi 14th,
One of the most enterprising of Ei
manufactures is the wasliiiig-machii
factory of F. F. Adams A Co. Its lii
contract, only a few years ago, W
with a responsible Philadelphia hou
to supply it with fifty thousand machin
iu two years. It has made ami sold oi
hundred and fifty thousand of thes litt
household articles since its ettablis
ment. Mr. Adams, the senior propri
tor, is a marvel of energy and pluck ai
through bis Indefatigable efforts a d
mandbaa been created from all OV
the United States to South Africa.
Important to Fishebmen.?Vi
are informed uy citizens living in tl
lower end of this county that a mill dai
has been erected in Warren count
near the Sheuaudoah line of sue
character that tish cannot possibly gi
up the stream. It is known a? Kenner
dam. The authorities in r-hetuMidoa
cannot nach tho party except throug
Warren counts otlieials. It is hop?
that the proper action may be promptl
tak n by the Commonwealth's Atto
ney for Warren county, se that th
North branch ol the Shenandoah ma
not be cut oil from her supply of fisl
Partie? near Strasburg go hi low ih
dam to fish and catch fine strings of bai
and other fish, while above the dam
is almost impossible to latch any.
? .??? ai
Rivals.?In business activity thei
is a commendable rivalry between Tom'
Brook and Maurertown. Tom's Br.">
basa large steam stave factory, harr?
factory, two stores, cabinet shop, an
other branche? of business. A numb
of neat new ."esider.ces'have bi en re?
titly erected. There is an appearance?
thrift aud activity which speaks will fi
the enterprise of thei citizens of that vi
l?ge. Maurertown hasher steam ?tav
factory, ?team saw mill, and chair fact!
ry. barrel factory,store and l?verai otht
branches of business. In a lew yean
wheu business revives and the resource
of this Valley arc developed these tw
villages wiil probably become flourish
ing towns.
? ? ? ??? m
BakM Bi.knei?.? The barn of Join
Bhodea, living near Whitsel's Churet
was burued on Sunday night la*i. Mi
Rhodes went t? church, aud on return?
ing found his barn in ashes. We has
learned none of the particular?, any fur
ther than thai two horses Were burnei
to death and that the fire was the woik
ol an incendiary. This act comes righ
upon the heels of the lynching of Char
iotte Harris lor the same offence, ye
thai example had no effect upon ib
?MirnerefMr. Rhodes' barn, which go?
uo prove that lynching is no benefit.
Every one who commits a crime believe
It? srill not be detecte!.?Old Common
- m ?St. ?? -
To Kill a Town.?An exchange tell
kogly puts it in this was: 'Uuderrali
overs pnepective enterprise; speak il
O?* the churches and school?; tell every
body the hotels are bad; enlarge ti <
vices ol the people, especially lite youn|
people; withheld the patronage ?Von
Ibe merchants and tradesmen, and bin
your goods and groceries at some otli- ;
place; never subscribe for the local pa
pt-r?. and it you are in biissiness. ivin-<
to advertise.''
We fiud the above In an exchang?
It is so true we can not refrain from re
publishing it
-? ??? ? ?
Mu, K. S. Ricuabdson.?Architvci
aad builder, who formerly resided it
this county and attained a lino reputa?
tion iu the branches ef his business re?
ferred to above is nosv engaged with th?
house of Rohlfing A Keller, mamifac
lures of Doors. Frames, Sash pik
Blinds, Bracket?. Moulding. Stair YY'orl
Ac. of Baltimore. Mr. K. is a practica
inethanic. well acipuainted with every
department of the business and guaran?
tees entire satisfaction both as to pri?
ce? and a? to the quality of the wort
whit h he proposes to furnish his ok!
friiii''s. Parties who fail to see hire
can secure estimates and prices by ad?
dressing the. house named above, .?fi A
38 Eastern Avenue. Baltimore. Md.
All orders will receive immediate atten?
tion and the goods will be forwarded
promptly. The tact that this bouse is
represented by Mr. llichardsou is ?ulii
cient evidence that customers can de
pead upon them as perfectly reliable.
Fertilizes? fob Spbinu Chops.?
Ws have just received Phosphate? for
corn and oats. Parties wishing to buy
had better give us notice- a few days in
advance as we are often in the country
lor a law days at a lime. By inquir?
ing; at Mr. Geary's Hotel you can know
when we will be in town. YVe also have
on hand the celebrated Wilson, Ameri?
can, ami Singer Sewing Machines at
redeced prices.
It. Hloiieh A Biknkb.
? .?>. WH -
Important to Farmers. -At tin?
Season of the year?your stock is in a
! condition particularly prone to take on
diBcnsc. The use of "Carter's cordita m
Powders" will restore the system to a
hvathlul vigorous condition. Save feed
aud perhaps valuable stock. It will
ooly cost you 20 cent? a paper. Try it.
Von will fiud a large assortment of
Patent Medrr.iile at Dr. Carters Drug
Store?and any article not kept iu Slock
| will be promptly ordt-red at lo??e?t
retail prices. It.
Blackwood's Magazine, for March
(Leonard Scott Publishing Co., 41
Barclay Street, Now York), which !ia?
just reached us, opens with tho niuth
part of',.Mine is Thine,'' in which wo
are treated to a very amusing account
of a deer diive. The second paper is a
historical and practical description of
the Canadian fisheries, explaining the
object aud action of the Halifax Com?
mission. Under the heading "New
Books" wo find notices of the biogra?
phies of Lcssing and Charles Biaucoui >
of two novels ; and of a work calleu
''North Italian Folks." The "Influence
of Women" forms the text for the paper
on ''French Home Life." "Their ac
tiou can be as tender, us moderating, as
that of any wouieu on earth; but it cau
also assume, with amazing ease, all the
forms of incitai iou and arousing.'
"Only Jean" is a quiet Scotch story
Then there is a long retrosp? ctivc paper
ou the Storm in the East, and a shorter
one en the relative positions of England
ami lussia.
The periodicals reprinted by The
Leonard Scott Publishing Co., are a?.
follows : The London Quarterly, Edin?
burgh, Westminster, and Rlackwood's
.Magazine and Brisish Quarterly Reviews
Price. |4r year for any one, or only
$15 for all, and the postage is prepa.tl
by Publishers.
LipplnCOtl b M.i.a/lue lor April is full
ul lubt and readable mailer. Robert
\. y.-Lcod writff graphically of the
Italian Lake?.?Garda, Como, ttajpticre.
etc. -and Olive L igan (fives s ipatrfcllnc
de-cri|ition of' ?cciiery and manner? in
Norway. Both paper? are profu-cly
illustrated, and present together a vlvd
notice of i he eon trail between northern
and southern Europe. 'The Home ..i
the .laiiuar," by Dr. Felix L. Oaw-dtl.
b ingi n? in one of i In? uvrgi ?trikin? re
?Ions ?m our ??in own continent, ihr
pat h le?? swamp* and thicket? ??! Tin
where the kin.' ol American beast i ha? j
In? lair, the ant'or i* ?veil aeqi?.-iliii?il j
with the ground.and rIvci inany anec
?li.tr? illii-iriuv'- .?i i he ?treiijfth sud
(? rority of the Jaguar, '?R?H-oll?'?tnns!
01 Ed wsiidL. U.iv?':i|.oi . the trajrrdinn
i? by Henry Gi ilnl, nl'aiid -Ht me !
II.iriii?.ni.??'.?* tjivlnii hluls to umtieiir .
quarter player* und dome*il?' (?erfonni rs
gen. r die. hv s. Au-ten Ptsrcc. Doctor
ot Rush and Prnlrsgor ol ihe An : t j
i olumblfl Colli
f)r S. ?V? ii Mid hvli i,.'-in- a ?tor*,
. three |? u Is) of Quaker lite in ol?l
Philadelphia, eulilletl "Hephzlbib
i ?111111)0**, ' .-nul thel ??? tie -evelal oilier j
- orits in the number, all vieil written
ami enteitalidii*;. The poetry la by
Paul II. 11 ay ne. Sidney Lanier, and
Philip Bourke Mar ?ton, ;.u! the 'Gos-lp'
is iiuii.-iialiy full, comprising paper, un
FiiMiaii Proverbs, Poi table Purniturc.
D,: -< Mori str ???; Life, n id other topic
Danville, va., March 22.?The
tanner?' tobacco wnrehouae, the facto
riesofKeei & Keen, !.. P. Stowe.ll &
Co.. R. J. Jouas, Embrey ,v Redd, J.
T. Keen am! Arnett & Wetnple, the
Ati ?an First Baptist Church, four
cheap tenement houses on High street,
two storehouses on Uniou street, and;
two itu nient houses on Pace's alley. |
were <h stroyed by Bre at three o'clock j
this morniue. Other buildings were j
more or less damaged. Hal! a million
pounds of leaf tobacco and fifty thousand
pounds of manufactured were lost. The
total I??-- '.- 180 000 ; insurance $.?0.000.
Local \ of i<????>
A Gertli Him.? In our sly le of oli
mate, with its sudden changes "f tcin
perRtnre, rain, aii.d ami sunshine often
inuriniiu'le in a ?ingle day.?it is no
?ond.rlhat our en i ?ir it. friend* and
relatives arc ?O frequently taken from
ui by neglected colds, half the
deaths resulting directly from this
cause. A i?"ttl- ef B??sehee's ?Germen
??vi up kept about your home tor ?mine
li-.i'e u-e will pr. vein ser.nu? .?ic-.ii?*-.
?i large d?.ci?>r's bill, ami perhap*
death by the u?e ol ihre?- or f.ier d"?
?eg. For cuiing I onsU-i.pti u, llein
orrhage?, I'neomoni i, Sever* Coughs,
y'liuipoi' any diseuse .{ the Thru i or
Lu tig!', ils ?ucc ?? is ?imply Wonderful
as y?ur tlrug. ist will lell yoa. Uerssur
Svn.p is non ???Id m every town and
village "n tin* continent. Sample
h ule? fur trial, lile : regular size. T.'ic.
F?rrale by Dr. ? 1). tarter k B.
Schn.itt, Woodsl?k Va
Mvs.ii'' Teacher.?Miss Virginia
Carder, who has jn?t completed her
engRg? moots as rnttsic teacher is d. sir?
ou? ef securing a situation ?n some
family if possible, She gives instruc?
tions on the phino, organ, guitar and
several other iiistunietiH. She is a
??raduate of the school for the blind in
thel). D. ?% B. I. at Siauntoii. and hv
her own efforts supports herself and an \
invalid mother and sister. Miss Carder i
is oneol the most agreeable companions
in Hie family circle and is eminently
qualified ta give abundant satisfaction
::is a leaener of music. Any one giving
her a situation will get value received
besides Riding a deserving and unfortun?
ate blind girl m her laudable efforts at
supporting herself and afflicted mother.
Address lier at Newtown, Va. unii
July 1st ?ffe' which time her posf office
Will be nt Luray, Vn.
" Trial Bottlrs -? Certs."?In or?
der that all may test lbs great virtues
of Dr Stvaync ? Compound rsyrup uf
Wild Cherry vte hive isstietl trial bot?
tles at 25 cent?, No tamilv shonld be
without this valuable nietlii'ine, as of?
feu-times s ?ingle 'J? cent b?>ttle will
cure a reoent coefth or cold, ami thu?
[irevent much suffering and risk. If
also cures asthma, bronchitis, liver
CMiiplaint, and enriches and purifies
?he blood, givi ig tone and strength to
the entire system.
A-TiiMA am? DisTREstina Cornu Ccrki?.
My mother was a great sufferer fnim
' itstlima ; could nut sleep; her symp?
toms beCRIM very alarming: short
; breath, pains and oppression. Dr.
i Swn.v ne's Compound Syrup of Wild
('lurry gave In r immediate relief, aim
I in R short lime r< ?fined br to g??od
i health. H NKTBK, Croc-,
17th ami Cmpeiiter ?is., PhtlsdelphiR.
Price: Trial hollies. 20 ?Is ; latge
size $1. or six lor $.0. A singl- 20
cent bottle will pften??nses esws a re?
Cfiit ?-.nigh or cold, und thus prevent
much ri?k and suffering, ?old by Du.
I? I) CaRTRU, I? ?lodsloek
"??rorsman Buos, to the front" At
Caiitkks Drug Stoic on last Court day
R communication was received at Dn.
I). D. < AKTKKK Drin: Store t'r..nt the
I?RTge Seed firm of (?rosstnan & Bio?.
Rochester31. V. Reducing the pries ot
all (.arden Sect's from their house t?>
eratefJRf package. Sume, ns f"iineilv
sold for 10 cents, they are guaranteed
fresh andofihe bo-t quality.- 5 paper*
sent to an) posi paid for 25 ccuts.
German Syb.lt "?No oilier inedi
vino iu the world was ever given such
a test of its curative qualities sa Lo
elieo's German Syrup. In tLree years
two million four hundred thousand
small bottle? of this medi?me were di?
tributed/rec of charge by Drii<ri*ist? in
this coun'ry to thuie ?fflicted with
Consumption. Asthma, Croup, severe
Coughs, Pcneumonia and other dis
easss of the Thro?t and Lung?, giving
the American people undeniable prooi
I that German Syrup will euro them.
The result has bees that Druggists in
every town and village in the United
State? are recommending it to their
customers, ti? to your Druggist, and
ask what they know about it Sample
Bottles 10 cents. Regular size T?cente.
Three doses will relieve any case ?
For Sale by Dr. D. D. Carter & }i
S< iimiit, Woodstock Va.
Scratch mo More? 'Itciiino Piles,"
symptoms of which ?re '?.oisture, lik?
perspiration, int-nse itching, partial
larly when undressing or amar ?getting
warm in Led, increasee by sweating,
might think pin worms were crawling
in and about the rectum, oftentimes
shows it?. If uri'iind the private parts
A pleasant and safe cure in every case
is ' Surayne'a Ointment'" If allowed
to continue, very serions results niiy
lollow. It also cures tetter, barbers'
teh, seald head, ring worm, blotches,
all scaly, crusty, iichy ?kin eruptions.
Sent by mail to any address on receipt
of price, 50 cent? a box, 01 three boxes
lor $1.25 by Dr. Swayt.e A Son
Philadelphia Sold by all leading
druggists. In IFoodstock by Da. I).
D. Carter.
Notice.?All parties endebted to :..
by account or nole are earnestly re?
quested toc?me forward and make im?
mediate pnsmeiit, as I have rtae for
inn-Is in order to conduct my bmine??
Kiln i burg. Y'a. 3t. Jo*. Com EH.
"Cease? justly celcbrated.eompound"
for stab- at Woodstock, at Dr. I?. 1).
Carters. Drug store only. It.
Is/1-A.jHKI I-.I->
nn March l'.t, 1?:?, by Lev. Jolin SV. lii.ldru|.,
?Ir. EdK*r 1!. oi lock, id SBaa.BiloeS count?, n.d
Miss Haiti? 1' lirucr, . I Kai.pahsuncck c nuty.
?lariirii sear SYoodstock, on tlis Q? lust, by tie
:..,.?.. 11 J!ait.ii,?ir. Jarui-? K. B. llooTi : Mis*
Citai-ru.? ?Ii.'e , ui.-tU ad tin. cuiilv
On the-JI-t lust, by !(?'. U. Set-?!, Mr. Hi
?ana and U:S. l,iu:>. butriu.iii, both ol "tucuau
d.ish county,
Msrcb Jl.t by lev. I'. Miller,?.? lh# home of the
bule. Mr BenJ. r. ?Iclnturtl, and Mim SliAb-tli
A., daugtiter '?! Snl"mi.:i Cli-rani, al. ol tin. c im
By ih* tao-j March MIS, at the home of la.per
N. Link. sir. Qeotfs n. l ?ei ?ni \1..? Vit loria A.
Loci, ail ol tu is county
l)t-t.art?('. thlt life, near Cabin Hill, Slarcli Utb,
lavrl A, coSiaa, aged ?S yare I months sud 11
.'? v. r> larg? rein.ri-asstlou altenrVd hi* buiial.
wh-u lur..*rai services wat? foilucteil by bis pss
tor, lie?. 1'. Miller, of wlio-e cuugregttluu the de
Oua.taU aas a lOinuiuuiug iu>Ui??r.
Departed this hie ue.r Narrow Passage trid-a-,
after a brief ill issa oi Pueuruoua, March 1Mb
Joshua!'. Ban e), for::;"r j ? CltUea ?! ???rdcus
tlll.'. Hardy i uuty. ?S. v..
1 in-d.-csised hsd tttsiued the *i<t of three tcors
and leu yc?i? tully. Agoedly number of |
attained on the occasion c<t his fiinsrai, ttber*
lta-v. I. Mid?? i ieacli.il and perforatee* ?Ha
al st? i.'. -.
Departed this life at the rralda-oc* of l.*r son
Ambiose I'ry.aju toe lSlb of M.'.ob, Mrs. C.tLer
ln* fry. In her stta year.
Near Timber?lile, iu Kcckinguaru county, cu the
lTtli sf Jaonary last, of membranous crop. Cliarl*.
Ili'nrv, sen of jnhu t'. aud Sarah Citbariue Ici?
er, e?ed ? years, 5 m-tntht tad t*n days.
V>A9UI*e(blTO., TliilHlilS
o:r.BT.T FT
J. F. SAUM & Co.,
comMlssioN MKBCUAN l>
IM be?tt*a?aa Ire., ?et. HH * l'th
March M
l'I."IT.-l:i. |3?:a3W
BatitrrUM . 4 -l:> ?? 4 :.i'
Eitn. 11
Fait.ll). I u".? : Ml
i ED-Klai. 1 .t>? 13<
I'c.ver. s ,?? n |
'I'lni'dhv. 1 ?? aj i ?:?'
HI'TTKlt ?let t|U?!. 0 M ?j ?I
?jud ".o ."-? g ta
3rd ". U !
Kolli the tarn?.
I Ote. fresa. '-??I"
i.Ai.-D. '? *? ? ioi-a
I'OltK. 0 .'?"
BEET Hind qr?.
?- Pore -? . .
I'oI'Li' .Y .
If .SET? per, ">. 13(318
iltl'KKNs. IM i
IU i K?. 3c? ?
a t.si.inii .?
LIVE?Hen*. iiOO.-nsiu
PCCU. 3iPia>?W
UKKSi -ach. .
CALVk**?Live. .*('
(I ?ME-Whole Deer . I?,
?AI'lil.KS.0 l? 1.
p y it mi no i:-. lotiSls*
KAHM IS. lolXf} i:*
?MLDTi'llKEYS,.?itOiaJ im
ol'A TER . l'4.?i
rilElti.lES. 13.?* 14
BLACSBEB di*. . a!,.- n7
unions, per busin-1. M
iiKANs-white. irntjj I ?a
< OI.OKKI? .Ol f "00
OTAToKH. p.'r bus. ISO
OREEN AITLES, per bbl. 020
I'Ai.S. it -.,... I
CHEsTXl I aba. 0M(| On
Itli.lTMOHIlM.VIlIs. I : f?*
MA ICH, 2J 187?,
FI.OITl?Super. 11 J'J
Extra. Sim
Family. 1*1
White. 1S5
6 75
SKl.li-Clover |)1*..
Bt'TTEH? iTlme.
lair t > flood
Carter's Dm Store.
Dr l> D. Carter, Proprietor
| Drugs & Patent Medicines,
(il.ASS, PUTTY. &c.
| nill'snF.o.'RTATfONEllY * TOILET AI!T1?T.V>.
Also? fine sir. \ o|
! i
Nuis- backer*.
Ac. Ar.
All i(iM>lt (tisrauleed aa rejir^svr.tr-l and
Prescriptions accurately Compounded at
Thanking the public far past ptti linage ??>
late n in, I solicit s continuation of the .am.'
?. D.i'AKTER. M.
f?T- OFFICE ANO UE?<II>ENi:F. nut ?
(irug Store (alls protni.tly attenlril to at all h
|?y lleaTgary a Specially. ,t**?j
Aug.?. Tt-lTr.
A three aoerter Aiderny Bell calf. Apply at the
?raid Office. Marsh IS, M
Ill !
I bave jn-t rcerSvcd a st. c> nf rui md "
Good? wbloh escaeda lu .Staat, rsrlety su.l clir?p.
nc-? ?ujr I hava hai-etufor? offertdto the i> tblic.
1I>' ?tfxk of Cloths, VV i
( .\--imi:i;i:-.
TILS. coi.l.Ai;?-, SHIRTS
and iindfrw. ar I? mmi, , ? ;,,,.
In tu? iadi?.? daaerta
ful a??.jrtr:
Waterproof Cloths, ?!
4c, ftc, ?te, '. &c;
.-nul n ?;.'.-r.l '
Shoes, G ait ors,
Rabtora, Uosirrr, P
(Val -!. i I hi i o l liai
in, al m?', fa? i i ? < '
Oet.? U . : -, El
WAR ! W v
10.000 Troop? Qunrtercd in
3. W. BU KEi.i Coinmii'.id.
11H V 11 ? |
f' r tbl :
Hutte tin- i?ttl?.
TIIE E \ SI I. Il X till ES
?in! racrnltedourraak? bj pru i
ai, i m -t . .?r.-tlil'.y
r-.pi off? - : .till? 0?il
uf li'.il nu--.
Country Stors,
? i
Call a ?.el see us.
'.<. . ;. :.,'??!? oar :!. ??.'?- !..
I .l?r i. l(. in til?.' past al..l I
ami ?trli't atteutli n t
1!. M. LAXTZ & CO..
Ma? : i'
P. S -W, v
Uta puMic to our
Beat Dr ?n ? II ..- ". t 10
" l.l.a.-srd " I to IS!, "
" I:
I " D Btl ?-. - Ot iil:an:? 10 t?> ' "
? La.iim COtl ? ? II.73.
I'lB? la.li. ? ?ilk lie. ti i- |.' i . 75 1 .
" Balmoral? " lu D i i I '.
" Oalter? " H.Wt
Km.-t a-- i in., nt ?,
?,". orle. ?. .. ?Mswati \ . i. i ?
I 39c l'ai . list- ?od .-...- all ,
I bave now a targe siitl : ?
HOES, l.AKKS, ?fco.
?eleeied ?vit h cafe il ' ?111 ! I.?' M V M' l'A? -
1run;.?, which I ?hall lie |ile::-.l to shew
to nil ill Waul Ol ??ich KOOds.
I ???.in lee?'?Vlll
every woek. and shall try t.. keep nil I
?4o.nl? in luv hue. ih.u ar? nee?led l>? un I
customers, ami the public.
.lity s-u. GKO. B.MLY.
I have the larg.-st a?s ittn^nt ol inir- il
r.ti.1 tim l>v?t for (lie ii|.iui-j to l?i l??,l aaywaere.
2 for 5 ft s
frai Sm.'ker, - - -. N
?? **?!" 1HT bbIbV'
5 et? ? lor 25 el?.
Star of t * West, - - ( -.
M r .11 Paran, - - - PI?
5.?:, fir S rts
partti?ti, rig to, un i
I for 25.
All tvtc? -?ti hi- ?i!it..?l. ?'all and try,
?lutif'T-tf, n.S'tiMtri. nrn-iiK?.
AT Tilla LOWP.ST r<:icK
:? Itttl ?'?,. I: I I
baa lust h??? -<'
Ion fl-gei
D U Y l?(M)l)>,li|?OCKI!l K S
<?!' i: r-:?v-? ?.v \ it I ?.
Boots and Sir?es
? Is?!
All will !?e sold Ul vei v ?ov?'
llool? anil >hoi n ? -in-R| Si ih m ev?*i. <!al? j
and exinnii"' tin m.
il. lo.-.wv .?. ?
Ea-t ol Wel?hs Hotel. W.1-1... i,
EST QI'ALfTi l!l.i:.\Cli!:i)
J aniinr.'wn XIii?'ipaita?i.'aMrj?b?*J??vf I
fWialshT a JBL Wl*?NN!lr
Aa?ioi,dplati:owat( nr..i ?a-i
V ?lato? too*?? ?orld. Sainpt Week Fret *"?
SHU?**?-!?? A?lr??fc A.Cci?3ll-?8*?.o.Cli!'?HO.
!1 no i:
O*. '. ??D PIIIGI3S.
?k, ill .
tin- ?mat. ??( .
.' It A ? 1'.
,\'ew i; i
?sill be-ilii r? i:i
t.rdWi?-?'?i rii??*??
. .-:iv lira
Rerdy Clothing in VV ?odstock.
.ro? . N.
FSTAR!, - T l\ THK WORLD. ?S*. *?
- r
W bill
\V Hinl.5
' V? i .
. l'aient
Qualify! rTi ne hate the e\?lual?e f*f?s*?trol
lor II'?- I
Filly Difieren A: Volum : .:? ?jua,.-;
For lite Parlor a i -rial und
Il orknail nah ip
'?. .
|. I,
ned for Saudoj Scb?nol?(
Clin] ' -...-.,
El 13 .A. T rjUCCBSS.
ill ?lc>?rr}??tiv?> Catatognc ?before
:. .
r.-i t h
} lia!.)
I ? . .
-tiiti nar;
a? i
H.? t-, t .
lUUllU-Ull L?.
Isaac Haas,
MAIN ?:1
?Y?>0!>STO< :
Chewing Tobacco
M ? ? I ? Il
I? va es? ?*???
,e,I i? ?ollrft.fi,
lb >?e
. a- ?!
126 !
.l4.r. .? la_
i ? ??tiai.?,
?1,1. I.r.1 tt??kM?r?r
$45 J-:
?\. nror>*l?r.OiJ
-.i * ce., ctiic?a?, l*.
IhUl s?i?Mi't r~ ' T?f*f
,.? sosr?*-i?T ?CM.??'??
?Bin?s? si, c??v>?r?i ru.

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