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VOL. 58.
NO. 51
taT* Subscrii turn, Two Dollar? year ]>er payable
lu ?.Ivauce. If u,it paid iu advance, 'i'wo Dollar?
. ud Fifty l'eut, will be charged.
Al! c imm.iulcatitu? of a private uat.i.e ??ill bi?
cha reed for as ?
Job Printing.
Ail kinds .if Job Work don : i.eeand
at the moot naecanl* ;
Frofetrional i
A ??? "' -
.1 T TO K x /: r AT I A w,
Office on Main Street Opposite the Court House.
Will practice In (heoourt* ??; Bhenandoab and
Bl oonntiee,
li*~ sp cu: It! rtlon i !
??Bim* ami all I ,:.? care.
Witxaan Mt. i in?l?y. Friday
?ml Saturday, befor* lb* .-.id T
uontb, at Dr. !.. II. Jordan** Drag
M >?v:s Wu.roN. M. L. Walton
' SW
? raetleeala ti.
llaviBg qiuluied it -, and Clrcnll
'??un? ?I tin- lui!',: glnia. lie is
jrepar? '. I
?IV) li?
li. C. A! 1-. .?. M-I1H.1! '
April, 2'J-tf
I SS. I|. WILL! ?MS, .'. .
VVM. 1'. Will IAMS
iiam, P* '
il th. C 1 iu the
U.S. TO?!
H.I.tAMS .?; (IRABU.?.,
I'll:.. INaC'lAN
?V e * :
Km''a l'ire and Marino Insni ? iny, and!
nebburg Baukiag Mid I
Both are t;r?t I I :.t the
Naw Msrket, Va
r, and In rJI tae Coartt i u .cU.nghaui and
1 bat
I lute mad
.lune 1
E DINBV lid. V I 11 G 1 N 1 A .
? - - near !
1>1..\ .
Respectfully inlorm? the public tliat
he lii- resume 1 the practi? r ol hi? pro
?,...i., - re ol r. J.
F ravel, in Woodstock, will ice( ive pro?
mpt attenti
Jiin.iodi tl
Ititcdlaneons <
i ? ?;iN'stos norsE.
;\" .I BO
Isa rat-els?
/, o* i fib- vai'.i ".-, ha?
... ontbc
irly na?t by
.-.;. fi r Wa*a*
'. A .?I. t " ' ?.
i-. m. Jan 7?tl
1 H? I1IHET,
.? ?n liand an BH
lb sill be prompt t" f.iriii-h c if&n* at ?h irl
. S -t?. :-i'. Va.
/ * I N-.MITHIN G!
IIAVK rrsiiTii-'.l mj old ti?.le. n'].] ?fter
m?- ?: i friendt
F oli S ALK.
fopajffins* usailv and expedientlv dune
A.i kf: il furnished, ?aoh at Car -
-, ?Lock i, !'n : rara, &c.
?j^sjf?"iisit and l'r ? lu.-.- foi work.
M uinm.v.iiAK'.i:1;
mar. 31. 18T0.?1\.
l?i'ti ;??] wd o. ally Tmp?
Iiiereii-ti-il ?feni'intl?. of l'lililic*
improved by
the niuin
building ?vli ly mon
room, nnd afbrd ample ac**mmodauoa for
'ie traveling i
THK TAB1 ? -II ?applied at all
time? with thii'ii'.'t the inark.t afford?, ami
r, i ?i.: irci to Mthfy the wants
of****esta Is thl le| ? ? ?rat.
THE BAR will ?
Llqao***, A full *?'!';?'.'' r,f Wil?on'? pure
Il ve whisky, (the only homr-made whisky
s 11 in the C'iunty.)can ht found by IbOH
svisiliing a pur'! ivrti.'e for uedieal parpo*?*..
?Jurors attending curt will he li?>ard??l
for their fees per tlieni, and tlieir certilicates
tik"n in payment if de.ircd.
iSjma* M'i'l'i."."' A call respectfully
Slay l.tl
l NOtWIOlArl
This Oil unlike others 1? nut the fishy
i'iitH'ui.ili.-.i^ri'<':ih!..' smelling and worse,
tasting article, bu! as a pure, bland.
Ire* Oil. without any admixture, easily
accepted and retained by the inost
delicate stomach, and possess a'.l the
medical properties and elliency in to ?
much greater de.irr"?; thananv other
makes it most ra'.uable for patter t? or
invalids requiring the use ot COD
LIVER OIL. For-sale by
may 10?iy. B. SCHMITT, Druggist.
0. B. Calrert, - - ? Sen Ma(
II. II. l?'lillcbcrjrcr, .... s?o?d.t>-k
Win. II. 1 ... s,w Markt
Uey, .... straslmt.
P !i ?hoar, '.w i
" i, W.Win le, .... EJiubu*.
1!. sv. Windle. "
T. J. Barke,.Rew Market
-1 "bll K. ltlce,.
D. F. Splker,.Soumsvile,
'?'.'. KooBta, .... WoixlHtork.
?' IM VEXT-f.
I. Qrand-taff, . . - - Edlnbnrg.
an Miller, .... ML Clifton.
- - Mt. Jackson.
s; im i:iNTKNiir.*<r OK l'OOK.
Maarerl trn.
si PERV1S0R8
i . . lt. sibert..Mt. Olive.
.... Saums? ille,
John Hamenfluck, .... '?
R. M. Unta,.Edinbiirg.
LeviRinkcr,.Mt. Jackson.
R.C.Bowm?n,.New M:.rket
Dr. R. Orares, - ? M nun irl tvn.
Edt jrd Zea, - ... Strasburg.
8. V. R. Clower, - - - vvood-tock.
Nimrod Bowman, - - - Seven Foi:i;::i:n?.
S. M. LantZ, ... Lantz Mills.
Irael Allen, - - Hawkl
C. E. RlOe, - - New Mai kit.
D. 8. !!? ::!..'. - - - New Markt t,
lie .. R. Calvert, ... ?a
B. F. Kagcv, -
i anta,. tanta*. Mill,
Krank, - - - Teen? Brook
Rnppi - - - Stmburg
p. w. Magrnder .... sv.uuock
i.- '. M. B ram ...
i .-, ph Perry, - - ? Mt ?,
Wm. Tiiinger,
?-.--- Mt. Jackeon.
?i..-. H. Sibert, - - - Mt. Olive.
Henry Jinning?, .... ii..
i. - - " -
I'.w-.s Dist_Dr.O. A. l'r ?m, Obed Funk and
..all.?I. ii. Orabill,*EliCoffelt, Snowden
Johnston.?J H. Rodeffer, Murtiu Strickler, ?
I -SI 11. I
Mams .?Samnel ?' Campbell Jan
;. ; Rinker.
A??'i y ?san.:. Bamman, Samuel Kingree, Jacob
!>. T. Zirkl. ..:?
. i'N-i IBI.ES.
- - Slrarabng.
!>. H. (iovhcnonr, - ? .1 t"ck.
1-. U.Grand?teff, - - Edlnbnrg.
. ?cuke. - - New Market.
i ii. Oral ill, - " - v? ?
Dati?,?O. A. Brown, UarrUon White,
Si, xi i'. F. ?piker,
.i"'i.-.?iis. - !?'. B. Sharer, Daniel Bowman, Silas
Maoucx,?Jo? Comer, Philip Bower?, Samnel
k? r.
Asbbt.?J .-? i-i? Perry, A.*. Myers, H. IL c ? rt.
0. M. Tidier, J' II. Kagey, Marl: Th, in..-.
Mt. Olive.
Vlaphi?, - - - Baumaville.
i im
Il wman, - ' - llambarg.
>i?rk Thomas, .... ForcatrUle.
M. Borum, - - - Ca?hler.
I. '??'. Ma ' ? ?--'?? V:i-l:i'-r.
.1'it ?nil ut.
David F. Kagey,.Caabler.
li CotrRT. l'. W.Magrnder, E. E. Btiek
; . i. IIlie Bird, 1-. l>. N? wtnan.
in.-p. W. Magrnder r. n Stick
ley, L. Triplett. Jr.
p. W. Magrudcr - - - W?>?drtOC* Vl
Mas S. Hoi.rzMvN. Proprietrea.
Having fullv r.titt.d anil repaired thi? oral
kno.?Ti?otelai? no* W? [or ?J r?',-?Tti..i. u
. lera, Flew aUrkrt K atmotinded
I" ,,.. eU.nl -i'-ii.^-ani.tig which
l?e Bulphur, Chalybeate, Free ?.tone *?-*%
,,f ?cceM ?nd ?itu?ted amid the mort beautiful
ry.-Person? In ?he ci?aade
?Irintt a few weel-i of ?? ""'try air, with quirt ??orn
lor? atreaaonable ratea, will be ect-sMiinodated.
?li,, Uble will bean eepeclal ear? : the liar ?up
.,, , .?,??,. li.juoi?., and the .Stat.l? ? i.rovulcil
u ?ti. i,. ?i of Drovender.
. ' -tf.
1825. liV?.
I ly Hr. .l..liti ?i. > In.,ill
B. 80HMITT- - - Proprietor
Drugs, Medicines. Glass,
Stationery, etc., etc.
s-j-tj* As cheap as the cheapest. ~%B*t
Purity and Reliability
of goods al?-?ys guarriiiiteod. Presrrlptiou? c?re
fully eiiiL'^iuu'led at ?11 hour?,
Louisiana Avenue Washington, D. C.
We have connected with our Wholesale Grocery
and I.l.?u??r Business
i \ ; 1111 ; ru ? m a B Ai i ? m 111n ( ? i
for the Bale of Flour. Grain, H?y, Lumber F.ggs,
Butter, Cheeae, Potatoes, Poultry, in f?ct, all kind?
of Country Produce.
All consignments will receive our bf?t attention
and prompt returnsmade for the ??me.
IMr. K. W, riNOX, formerly of Alexandri?, Va.,
will give his personal attention to the Virginia
and Marylsuil trade. Respectfully,
so ?tin : s?, ?tiii i
The night come? do??n on vale ?ml Bill !
Bo ?traugely still, I oannot clo?jo
My eyes in sleep '. No watchman goe?
tb nt the httle town to keep
All safe at night. 1 cannot alaap '.
So dark : So dark !
Save h?re and theiea flittering ?park,
1 lie tin fly? tiny lamp, that makes
The dark more dense. My spirit ??nakcs
With terrors vague ?ml undefined !
I o 1 tli. hill? lo"ii- up behind,
So near ! So near !
Tli,'i? Bolen n mountain?, grand .-.ml drear.
Tlieir roeky summit? ! Do thsy ?tan.l
I.Ike sentinels to guard the land ?
Or jailor?, fierce ami grmi and ?tern,
To shut u? in till day r.tuu ?
I hear a sound?
A chirping faint?low on the gr..tm.l.
A ?parrow's nest is there. I kii.-w
?lie birdliug? flew three days ago*
Yet still return each night t<> real
And sleep in the forsaken nest.
X?i fear ! No fear !
sleeu. timid heart ! Sleep saf.-ly her. :
A million helpless creatures ret
Securely on Karth'a kindly brsast-,
?Mille Night h?r ?oU-tnn sileuce ke.p?,
lie wake? to watch who nev.r sleeps.
1\ SPITE 01' liinSELF.
The roads were in splendid condition
the lovely August afternoon that wai
the beginning of the love drama it
Rutherford Hope's life, and he and hi
sister made a pretty picture as the]
rode along 10 the phaeton, with the rein;
laying easily in Miss Hope's pretty,fair
strengthful bands, and the silver-plate.,
harness, and white flynet contrasting s?.
admirably with the pony's jetty, glossy
Such a splendid lfeoking fellow at
Mr. Hfepewas, with his lazy, sleeping
ey? -1 hut could lire, and light, and Hash
snoiigh when occasion demanded with
his drooping moustache of tawny amber.
his tair blonde face, and bis darkly
amber hair, cut shert to his line head.
She looked at him, and thought how
grand it was to have him homo for
??ood and all?thought of what Florence
Sydney had said c? hita?pretty piquant,
Flo, who had hceu Iva's bosom friend
and conGdant for years, who had read all
of Rutherford's letters to bis sister, and
who had fallen desperately in love with
his picture.
f?o Iva thought of all this, and :
little smile parted her lips?mnkinj
the lovelest ?dimple on her cheek?m
she thought of Floreuce Sydney's ?tlailj
expected arriral for a Ion?- visit, am
h?j?v lier handsome brother wouh
succumb, and gire her Florence lorn
'Well tel! me what is ?o pleasant fot
you to contemplate.'
Iva'? smile developed into :i joyoiu
little laugh.
'I was thinking what a splendid lime
we will have when Florence cames,
Oh, Kutlieil'od you must full in love
with her ! She is just as sweet as sweet
can he, and oh, heiress to 1 can't tell
how much 1'
Her enthusiasm fell on very :
ground, for Mr. Hope only settled him*
st If more lazily in the corner of the
phfeton, and pulled his hat over hi?
eyes to screen them from the sun.
'You are very considerate my dear.
oiVerin such a charming temptation; but
I may as well relieve your aoxiou? mind
at once, and assure you. that of all
things I detest in this world, ?me is
I your schosl-girl divinity, and Ihc other
?an heiress.'
A frown wrinkled Iva's low
?oh, Rutherford! The idea of dis
pising Miss Sidney because she baa
money. Suppose when I go into so?
ciety the sanie, remarks arc applied to
me V
He showed his teeth for a second
time iu an amused .smile.
'Don't he profound lva. Yen arc
sweet, pretty and refined-'
She broke in excitedly:
"And Florence is a hundred linn -
mere so, Rutherford, please don't be
Ugly when she comes?'
'Ugly! I ugly! Now sis, that's too
bad? Hut I tell you frankly, I don't
anticipate seeing much of her. 1 cas
enjoy it in imagination?important,
naughty, vulgarly conscious of her per?
sonal golden charms. Nfe, thank you
Iva. When I marry it will be to a girl
who never knew what it was to have a
second silk dress to her name?one of
your quiet, gentle, sensitive flowerets,
! who will not have to own everything
! that makes life pleasant and happy to
After that, the drive didn't seem so
pleasant, and Iva's cheeks were con?
sideiably mere flushed than usual when
she threw the reins to the groom in
waiting, and ran up the marble steps to
greet a veiled young lady who had
arrived a moment before.
^in the elegant large bed-room t
whu b [vaconducted her guest, the girl
had a Ion*; and confidential talk.
'It's awfully horrid in him Florence
I know he would just worship yen ifl.
knew you; but he will nut give you ;
chance to become intimately a c qua in
led. Ifyou were a poor, mlssrabl
lovely?Florence Sydney! lean fix it
lean think that Sultan ola brothers
mine !'
J ?.There was a sparkle m Miss Sydney'
dark eyes, lovely, lustrous eyes, will
whito blue-veined, cnrlmg?lashed lid
and a little quiver of true woman l;
shame on her axquisitc mouth.
'Hut, Iva. Uli me one ibing, do! l?a
Mr. Hope the faintest idea how I ?1
have fallen in?hfew I admire?his pic?
ture? Oh, Iva, I should die with sham?:
if I thought he knew I had given him
an unsought, unasked, heart!'
But Iva waa not disposed to humen
Florence's Under mortification.
'Oh, Flo, it's ao perfectly glorious tf
Ihink what we shall do with Kuther
ford! He shall fall in love with you in
spite of his imperial opinion to the con?
trary. He has never seen you, or even
your picture, aud he shall think thai
yeu are Nellie St. Lawiencs, and that
Nellie is you. Iwillaend her a note
this minute, explaining that I want he
to personate you?hateful, h-iu-iUt
limpering. Oh, Flo, and you must I
the graceful, ivsi-rvi-d darling that y<
are, and that your name is Nellie t
Lawrence, the masquerade will si
Nellie te ?hath fur she is a limb for fu'.
Three hours later two young ?Ssl
were sauntering up ami down the gras;
croquet lawn; one ol them Iva Hop
the other a very elaborately gotten t
p.-i'son. with a saucy retrottssi noss, ai
fringe? of straight hair hanging over hi
On tin- lawn step of tie' piazza
delicate, graceful youns girl was si
ting, dressed in a lavender casbmer
and looking lovesome and lovel;
Rutherford Hope thought, as the tablea
attracted his attention.
He threw hi? cigar *wsy as Iva casf
beamingly up to him accompanied b
the young lady In her heavy, trailm
silk dress, and hare brown arm*, loade
with braceltts.
"Kuthtili'id. I want to present you t
my dearest friend, Misa Sydney. FU
my brother, Mr. Hope.'
The heiress bowed and giggled, an
Rutherford took a swift inventory ofhe
physical.] and mentally, as be salamei
before her. and expressed '.he opinioi
that she revealed exuberant health.
'Oh, pretty well, I thank you, l'n
never ill. am I, Iva '.-'
Rutherford gare Iva a look she in?
terpreted exactly. Then he glanced a
the slight graceful girl on the steps
caressing a pel grayhound of his.
'You have another friend, Ira?'
Iya glauced Indifferently at her.
'Oh, yes, she came over this more
I in";. We knew her at school. Thinks
j something*)! taking the children (luring
vacation, and perfecting 'heir German.'
Miss Sidney twisted one ofher heavy
ring? conspicuously.
'Whatcvi r she wanted to come for
now. I don't sec, unless she had an
j idea your handsome (brother would be
at homo.'
She smiled straight in Uutherford'
lace, and he turned away, with a anee
of disgust that he made no attempt t
'Introduce mc to 1. r, [va.' l?e sai
it in a lordly way, thai onl,
t? obey? d, and Iva, with a mia
chi? voua ? ni in h r cy< s, led the ?va;
up to her.
duccd to you. Mr. ! Hope
Mist St. Lawrcn - .'
The BW( elest, moat ivislful eyca In
had rv? . - Ives to hi;
fac? : dark, v< Ivety, earnest ; and, a(
the .-ame Instant that he dci Inrcd thai
she had the lovel I ever *?orc
he was coiisrifeus of a thrill ol new,
strange delight that Mita St. Lawrence
hod honored her D tse.-even if in
Utt j..?>;?.-,..,i a?rtcrtcltct . \i;,t.int.
Misa Sydnej gave her train a
tifie jerk, and aweptin front "t the girl
Oil 111? 1;
Go up to my ro im, X? Hit. and bring
my portfolio of f< .-.-. 1 wish
Mr. Hope I tin iu. ' ??? sn do you
hear mc ?'
i . the rude,
,oi something,] rough!
the warm blfeod t ? Misa St. Lawn m ? 'a
? ? r.
1 Llierford waiile 1 to dit?',, her on
si'"*., bul contented himself with com?
posing a !e? turo to deliv? r lo Iva on
the correctness with which he had
sketch? il the ? haractcr ol tin wonder?
ful heiress, [va's nearest fi-i ml, in?
deed !
Daily he gn w more indtguaut at the
manner in which Iva allowed Miss St.
Lawrence to be treated, an I at las) he
came out in bold defiao
'I see no reason why you should be
at Buch -i" cial pains to snub Miss St.
Lawrence on every possible occasion.
As a lady, she ci rtainly .1? si rvea to
receive, at least, ordinary courtesy at
your bands.1
The 1 nit. as curl? d her upper lip
'I dare say. now, y? u think she ought
tobe invited to our boating party, to
night? Dul Iva and I have decided that
she is hardly enough on a social equal?
ity with us to go as a companion. I
suppose she might go as our maid, and
i ihe luncheons and shawls.'
Mr. (lope's usual ?gallantry almost
forsook him before thi? vulgar upstart*?
estimate of the dark-eyed girl whose
society waa bt i eming sweet to him.
i think if the proof of the refined
I womanliness were put to the test, Miss
j Nellie would prove a formidable rival to
? any ?f the boating party. Iva, will IM'ss
; st. Lywrencs be invited?'
Iva took out her list languidly.
'I think no!; every seat la already
ni'- .:.'
Rutherford took hi* hat angrily from
the table.
?i beg your pardon; one si ai will be
vacant. I shall not go unless Miss St
l-awrencc do? -.'
That was the bcginulng of the end.
in a fornighl Rutherford offered him*
sell with his wealth and position, to the
quiet dark?eyed cirl, who had taught
him life's s wee te-I ICSSHU.
'Nellie my dsrllng, are you sure you
! love me!'
The exquisite mouth was quivering?
and the daik. soulful eyes were lifter!
to his.
Oh, Mr. Hope I -aiwavsl Are yoi
sai-e yen care lor me? If I am poor nnd
lb- ki*?cd the W0t*dS0n her lips.
'Vonare my dulling ! Ms iWfrSt, pure
relresblng inow*?lrop - doubly lair in
comparison svilh that ?idiou?. creature,
w*y> thmks hergakl a magic passport
?Then you don't like lieircsse?-.
lie smiled down inlo her eyes.'
'I don't like the one Iva has strange?
ly elcvftled to the honor of chiet of
friends. I knew how it would be .when
I heard ?he was coming?conlliicutially
sweet. I was perfectly sickened ?afhe
name. 11 was nothing but 'Fife?Flo
iront morning till night. I knew si
would be just what she is. JJut you
oh, my treasure? forgot everything bi
that Nellie St. Lawrence loves m
when I look at you.'
A smile struggled with tears in h<
(But, Mr. Hope, Nellie St. Law
rence docs not lore you.'
He looked at her. Her manner, he
tone, were so far from jesting, that fo
a second his cheeks blanched.
'Child, don't joke! Not love me
You do?you must.'
She laid her dainty, ringlcss hand 01
his arm, and lifted her ejes to his will
their wealth of love in them:
'I love you. I have always loved yoi
even when j011 despised mc, and hatei
the sound ef my name. I loved you u
thai I consented to try to win you b]
?-tratagem. 15ut, it you don't want mt
--e.V., Mr. Hope, I am Florence Hydnej
Nellie has masqueraded to help me! D<
i you love mc any more. Ruthsrfor?
Would any man have ?aid, No, tc
' such a question even under the circum?
Bo rioroncc woo bar lover In spi'.e ol
j himself; and when he came clearly to
; understand it all, he liked bona?de Misa
j Lawrence remarkably well, who, with
all her assumed, exaggerated ways,
proved herself a very sensible, jolly
young lady, who, with Iva, was very
intimate with Rutherford's charming
1 wife.
Itevlnnitia 01 Tiiy Sorrawi. Little Heart,
.Iti?t after sunset yesterday a brighi
faced little girl, attended by a playfu
black*aad-tan pup, was at the puni
at Sei ciith and Walnut street. Xea
by, on the curbstoue, were tw
Sparrows' chirping cheerfully. The pu
made a dash at them, and much te hi
delight ene ef them was unable to fly
It was a young one, nud the other sva
the mother. Seeing the danger of he
young the eld bird resorted to thousua
dsv!??' * I? attract the enemy to pursui
her, throwing herself upon the greuui
in front of him, fluttering r.lmost iu h'n
face and frying in dU?tress. Thoroughly
excited and somewhat confused tin
black-and-tan (lashed first at one ami
then at the other. The little girl's hear
was touched for the bi.tds, and callin.
at the pup she started in putsuit|of him
Dog, birds,and girl, for awhile all great
ly excited were flying here and then
about the gutter, now en the pavement
- :i in the street. Finally, justjai
thi pup pounced upon the young bird
his little mistress seized him aud drew
him into her arms. For an instant II
I et mid the young bird WSJ saved, bal
lb? poof thing Wtls fiiojlitsnoil ?*??**?> U
death, and c*pying the ?ewer-opening
in the nulling it flew in, and nothiii"
then ceuidsave it. The little girl's eyes
streamed with tears; ?he ?molded and
and gare the pup an affectionate sort ol
beating, and putting his head near the
ng, ?aid in most distressful tones:
what you have done, ye* wicked,
I little dog; you have ?Irowaed
tin poor little bird," and when the
r-bird fluttered around, l.okiu?
and crying for her young, she burst la*
i cried SI if her heart
would break. A number of peeple wit*
' the Incident, and therejwere no
dry eyes mil the SO ne except those ?'
the little pup.
Tur. Si 1:1 i*i.r>s Fuisox.?Oue c
Edison's shrangest Ideas is that a mat
doesn't need to sleep. Probably b
hasn't enjoyed a proper amount of ras
at at any otic time for three years
[Its brain (roes like a saw-mill all tin
lime, and he says he has bo time ti
He experiments and works da'
and night without cessation. Whei
bed-time comes Kdison is as oblivioui
of the fact as one outside of the l'ettci
Congress il if the existence ef Mr
Cronin, from Oregon. The great in?
ventor digs away at his work unti1
nature is completely exhausted, nut
then he tumbles into bed for two 01
three hours ol sleep. This may be al
morning, noon, or night, just as the il
of weariness sezes him. Not one man
in ten could do it and live. Hut Edisou
has a constitution like the 'one-boss
shay' of popular legend, and lie don't
break down. He is wonderfully
tenacious, alikeof health and ideas. A
friend who knows him intimately, tells
me that whes Kdison once gets it into
his head that a eertaiu thing can be
, done, he is going to demonstrate the
fact, though the heavens fall. It he had
made a failure ol life, wc should have
said this was mere mulishiiess. But fei
he is a success, wc may as well call il
great perseverance. There is a va3l
difference between tweedle--?dnm and
Hanoi U all
'1 !i ti r Scheuern! around'' asked an
excited L?r.*vlite as the United States
I troops passed through eViatku, last week
1 in pursuit of the fleeing l?annocks.
?Well, my aian,' said | Howard,
': reining in ins horse,' -what is it.-* ?jpeak
i am a rooin man. Scheuend. Dem
cursed redskins, dey niur?ler my boy,
Shacob. about Ufe mile Ironi liera untl
stheal a dozen pair of pants he was
petldhn.' New pants, so hcllup me
krncious?light out of ,ny slorc.'
'Sorry for your loss, my man, but
haven't time to talk about it now; if
?WS catch up with theso demons we'll
stop their deviltries for good and all.'
'Yes. I know, Scbencral, I know,'
eagerly whispered the bereaved ready
niado merchant, hanging desperately to
the officer's stirrnp. 'Do's all right;
but come up raiud doze Indiana vot got
doze new pants on. for kracioua sake,
Schencral, toi* de soldiers to eboot
la? Dralb or ai Editer and HU CblM,
Mr. C.R. Morvill died yesterday of the
prevailing disease. Fast year he be?
came attached to the corps of the Dt**?
ocr?t; he made himself UBcful in ahnest
every department of the paper; attend?
ed to the telegraph, performed the du?
ties o/areporter,and occasionally wrote
editorials. Mr. Xorral was a native of
Lynchburg, Va. He was a mere child
when the war began, but a? soon as he
reached his? fourteenth year ho joined a
a Virginia artillery company in the Con?
federate service aud served therein un?
til the end of the war, Soon after the
war he left Lynchburg aud settled in
Cincinuatti, where he was engaged in
the tobaccco busincis. While in (,'iu
cinnatti he married, lived there aud in
C.vington until last year,?then he came
to Xew Orleans, and fini/ing husiuess
here, settled and wrote for his wife and
child to join him. He was well pleas?
ed with Xew Orleans,and had determin?
ed to makcjiis home permanently here.
When the fever came he uot olay re?
fused to leave, but had determined to
profler.hls services to the Howard Asso?
ciation. Beiug utterly UB.accliraatcd,he
was finally persuaded to give this idea
ip, but en l?verai occasions assisted in
riursiug frieuds and neighbors sick of the
fever. To this charity and philanthro?
py is doubtles due his death. Last Fri?
day he was taken sick. His illness aud
death wen; peculiarly sad. He aud his
child were attacked with fever withiu a
few hours of each other, together they
lay sick in the same bed, together they
died. The tie that bound them togeth?
er was unusally strong. Xorvell was a
devoted father, wrapt up in his boy;
the child, handsome, precocious extra?
ordinarily ileveloped for his age, was
glad to lie by his father. He liad often
expressed a desire to die at the same
tiiae with his father. Heaven granted
his prayer. The little boy expired yes?
terday morning, and the father, shocked
by the child's death,soon followed. "In
death they were not separated." He
leaves behind him a widow who has
shown her heroism in this terrible catas
| trophe, which tore from her husband and
her only child. With strength of mind
an? courage possessed by few she Hurs
e.l these, dearest ones, to the very
momeuts of their death, refusing her?
self to rest or sleep.
-? ? .?>?- ?
?hrlit all I? Tie.
My soul is hko a hungry and thirsty
child, and I need his love and consola?
tion for my refreshment; I am a wander?
ing and lost sheep, aud I need Hiss a
fe good ami faithful shepherd; my soul
j is like a frightened dove ?pursued by a
' hawk, and I need his wounds as a
I nfiige; I am a feeble vine, and I need
his cross to lay hold of aud wind my?
?elf about ; I am a sinner and I need
his rii*hte?)usuess; [am naked and bare
aud need his holiness and innocenco for
a covering; I am in trouble and alarm.
i ?
, and I need his solace; I am Ignorant,
? and I need his teaching; simple and
j foolish, and I need the guidance of hi*?
j Holy Spirit. In altuation, and at no
time, can I do without Him. Do I
prayi He must prompt and intercede
for me. Am I arraigned by Satan at
the Divine tribunal? He must be my
! advocate. Am 1 in affliction? He must
( be my helper. Am I persecuted by the
! world.- He must defend me. When 1
I am forsaken, he must be my support ;
when dying, my life; when .mouldering
, ih the grave, my resurrection. Well,
then, I will rather part with all the
world, aud all that it centaius, thau
with tbeo, my Savior ; and, God be
thanked. I know that thou too a"t not
willing to do without me. Thou art
rich, and I am poor; thou hast righteous?
ness, and I sin; thou hast oil aud ?vine,
and I weunds ; theu hast cordials and
refreshments, and I hunger and thirst.
Use me, then my Saviour, for what?
ever purpose aud iu whatever way thou
mayest require. Here is my peor heart
an empty vessel; fill it with thy grace.
Here is my sinful and troubled seul,
quicken aud refresh it with 5hy love.
Tnke my heart for thine abode; my
mouth to spread the glory of thy panic;
ray love, ami all ray powers, for the ad?
vancement of thy honor and the ser?
vice efthy believing people.
They Will Meet Aoain.?Sonic
years since a young man who had work?
ed hi? way up from a subordinate posi?
tion teoueof some honor iu the Patent
Office committed suicide. He was, it
seems, the chtcl support of his
ajjed aud iulirin parents, with whom he
resided: his cares bearv?* his means
were ?mall; the battle of life proved to?
strong for him, hi? miud became affect
and a bloody razor iu the hand of a
ghastly corpse ?vas the result. Kind,po?
lite and apparently cheerful, his terri
Die death was a ?toeM to the entire ot
fice. Since his death his eiolher, craz?
ed by grief, visits the department at
irregular intervals inquiring for "Jut sain
and Isalring to see him. Newly np
pointed employeus search in vain for.kia
name on the list. Years have passed,
but ?till she come?, eludinv? the watih
fuhicfsof her friends, seekiii)" hiiu whom
on earth she tiefer more will see again,
and when kindly told ol his absence
from tho building promising with a pa?
tient smile to come again on the mor?
The following f xplanation appears in
the Rome Sentinel: The gcntlsiuau
who left the church so suddenly la-t
Sunday wa? not sick, as his friends fear?
ed at the time. That forenoon, juxtbe?
fore service, he visited his barn to see
that his horses had been properly cared
for, and finding a new laid egg. he put
it in his coat-shirt pocket* The recol?
lection that the egg was still in his poc?
ket prompted him to steal away from
the congregation , and we regret to say
that his worat'frnrs wcro realised.
The Fula! Fever,
We me doomed. Ii Is bard, as we
write in this dark,dismal night af death,
not to realize the full meaning of thai
brief sentence. It is bard for any man
of ihe few left In this city of Borrows
not to take tin- sentence to himsell with
a painfully personal application as lite
sentence ol death. Scarcely any an
left, hilt those who are crowding down
personal ?are in ihc noble purpose of
ethers' good. l'o ibem dcalb,lf it eouie.?
will have the sweetening consolation
that it is brsugbt by as noble a service
as the God of heaven, SI the man on
earth ever looked upon, i'o die for man
is to imitate the grandest event in the
history of our globe.it is to Imitate the
death of our Savior of the world. The
rain fall* slowly, the atorm of the after
noon having sunk iuto a dismal,solemn?
ly sad drizzle, is though the heaven?
themselves were touched to tears at the
light of so much human misery. The
rattle of an occasional vehicle along
the silent street tells that the member
of some bam sol
to minister to ths sick or dung. All
else is silence, deathly and awful, with
saugfat but the ratth oftlie water from
the tool int.) the tin gutlcr, and t!.
the ominous gun: lu of a death rail
the human throat.
Seventy dead and at !e.i?i on- hun?
dred and twenty-live liov case?. God
help i.- !
It' hope were ii<>t worn to a -
If she had not taken herself t?* prayei
we might find a spark lo kindle a weal
glow of light in this Impenetra1
DCSa and expect that the !.. fet
of to-day would wash from air, fron
gutter and from bayou a part of the foil
pestilential air which is precedini
The horrors of the hour cannot b
told, even If the heart did not sicken a
the ki-k. Thej are honors SUcIl a
make a hell on earth: auch as make lit?
almost a burden. Elsewhere it will b?
seen that a noble band of pbyahiau
have come to our aid. We need then
all. and more, and when we think iut?
what a tornado of death tbej thro??
their frail bodies,we caunot but be omaz
cd that strangers should care so mucl
fur stranger?. Their reward is foun?
Ina higher sphere than that in whicl
our full hearts beat in gratitude.
The Howards need nun to supply lb<
plac? - .?? lb ir tick. Their Inability u
visit all the atrickeu yesterday caused
much dislrcsi if not death-. The rank*
of the clergy, a- brave a company ol
i l'a i 1 mar
tyrdom without a fear, have been in?
Hut ?thy write more? Wl;\ t: I ?
word? when the dark list below
so plainly of our unprecedented calami?
ty? Wh? re it all will i nd (?Jod only
There are women of pluck and unstu
passabli devotion in Memphis who are
dariug everything for those llicy love.
The faithless are ol the other ?< x, el
those whom the world in one of ill
test misnomers has dubl t'i '?the strong?
er sex." While John Douovau fi r
sakes bis wife aud leaves his children to
die in strangers' bands; while
flies, to Arkansas S| ring? and leaves bis
mother and two brothers tobe borne b?
other hands to the grave, iu contra!
shines out the faithfulness of wotnau'.a
a devoted mother, as patient, altentiv
wife, as life-risking daughter,
friend. By the bedside of th< iinii.i
body. Inhaling the poison of the sic!
room, foul with that odor which tell
the nature ot the dreadful disease, per
forming service which none other wil
do, wearing a smile ahile the heart It
breaking and lifting up the litad whci
in'tlie last agony, her person is befoulci
by the most repulsive, and horrible o
all substance?black vomit, she lib
and watches, ami ntirsea and cares 'o
her loved one till he lives again or
??s beyond her aid. The penalty of her
service of love is generally death.
Inst ancas come to the writer's miiu:
lastet" than he cau record thein. instan?
ces which are but a few of the many
which have become like a part of heav?
en in so mucli of earth's bell.
A citizen's relict committee man walk?
ed into an humble cottage in the south?
ern portion of the city. There he found
tsvo children ill, one week ?nil llsUess
but evidently convalescing, the other
i tossiiiL'iu biiriiiii'.' fever. A liais wo
mau in black ?at between thu two and
was in the act of kissiug the brow ol lbs
little fevered one,
"Can't I ?endyoua nurse, madam?''
asked the visitor.
"No, sir," (the pale little woman
.?niilctl), "I ?have bioughl one child
through and 1 shall bring theoth
"Buiyou are worn out.'
?tub, no, sir. A kind lia.an aoman
near by cfeoiea in and helps me BOSfeO?
limes'" >he would not yield; n?) other
hand but her'? could minister to her lit
lie ones.
An ?1?! giaii'liiioi!.!' IdI.1 Kev. Mr.
??axttm i.otyt'b of having iiurse.l her
?'laiidfO'i U) his dialh, but in want of
some one else to drf it had with bar old
bands ?prepared Um for the grave.
A child ?a? slrieken with fever on
Alabama street. "<?o," said the moth?
er to.lhefatlicr,"I shall BfeVfef have the
boy', but you must not be endangered.'
The csward complied, and saw from
over the way a short coilin born out of
his home. The mother is paying the
price of lur.dcvol.oii, and by t..-morrow
will hsmclf pass to her last home in tho
A sick man's la.ly friend wrote:
"l'lease let me conic." And when hi?
friends thought the die was cast, they
conseoto to his summsningher. Hold
AdrertlHlns* Batest
A.W. rtiirnieiitswill be inserted at On? Dol?a
i r *'inare of ten line?, or Ice?, for the first inn?
, laon, aud 50 ccut? for cacti subsequent InierUon.
| Unie?? the numlter of Insertion? be marked upoi
11 lemauunerii't, it will be published until forbl<
, ?'id ?tres-fSa ac-c .r-liugly.
! Notice? in the local column will be lose ted a
'i inac-rtioa.
Adverli-^nient? for Bute? inontu* or longer wll
. .la il Ut 1.WCI
I ly she laid aside bcr bat, pushed back
lur hair, aud forcing a imils to her lips,
enter.?! the room. Soma of his male
fiifiiil* stood Otitaido on the **?*-**>
"to inquire hosv the dear old DO) la get?
ting aleug."
The keeper of a house of ill-fame m
Gayaao street dared the los? of business,
dan d the I'li'si-iiiun ui lii;i-]i!a,;u by all
but one of it?i iniiiiiti l, to nurse faithful?
ly to the ? ml ?'He Who was to lur a com
piiai'.s'.'lv ?tranger, but whnm cha?es
had brought Jila-illc-sll ?ck'-ll to her
Tin ** are a few oflitrndriids. Mothers
have made their SOUS 1" ive t )V:l. an I
Uten relieved apparrently of all alarm,
have oiiuk down to die. Wives absent
have returned agamst the positive or?
ders and Wishes ol their husbands, pre?
ferring to die with lUoso they love rath?
er than suffer the tuspense away.
i.?d in his mercy ha* sent these miu?
ISteridg angels to make us forget for a
time? the horror of wholesale death,
i and contemplate iu them the glory and
I beauty of s better modi.?Memphis Av
I Laughable Th!?* Story.
Tba AugastaEvening X.-ws tell?an
amusing story of an ?>1?1 gentleman of
i Hichmondjcouniy, which it avers posi?
tively to be true. It ?corns that the
said eld gentleman had a lino vvatemel
oii patch.
Finding Ins watermeloes diaappsaat
lag, he stole on a certain night lately
with a ?hot-gun to WStch fur intruders,
but not finding uuv. he finally became
weary aud fell asleep. It seem- tha
a certain darkey l,a?l. ?luring the day
marked a liuc melou as his own. an
iu-t at this juncture came 3fter it.
Finding Hie melon, he looked aroum
for ?uiK.uis at ''uustiu' it.and spying tin
old gentleman asleep, he mistook lm
head for a stump. Up went the melon
and in the next minute it was suia-Uc
in fragments over the old gentleman'?
I cranium,
A jump, a yell, and the old gentle?
n.au s.ainpers oil'in one direction, vhil?
the darkey tries in another, says ?m
News further: "The old ?.'cutleman
reached the front door ai the darkey
comes m the Lack, They meet in the
'Golly, liarse -lack! debbil's in de
water-melon pateU. He chase tue, aud
! like to COtch ma !'
'So it was you, you black hound !'
itlem m. "Whack,
Whack !'
Tnle-s I make religion my gr.rat aud
j engrossing concern, I shall be a s'ran?
Iger t? all soli?!'peace and enjoymsot,
I have at times caught a glympse of the
! comfort which It yield? to
when I ?merge my will into (."d's w.'.l
I?when 1 resolve to have BO will of my
own separate iron God. I feel quits
assured that this reuunciation ot
I and entire ?l.votion to Gad'a -
i would give a simplicity and grandeur t?)
my existence ; would throw an un.
I ed sunshine over all my ways; would
rai-c ineab.iv,' the cares and pro?
Of this life ; would enhance even
my sensible gratifications of a higher
ordi'i'. which c? institutes the main ?"and
essential bl oi heayen. 0,
my God, may it t>e thus with me:
? It s?, nis a little odd that Du
. 1 occupying a pos
to exalted, thould have written tbil
in bis earlier days: 'Mind is ?
line thing. I won't deny It; and mim
was once as lull of prute and hope as fel
infent empire. Hut where are now 1113
nd aspirations, and where the
fame I dreamed of when a boy? l find
the World just ?lipping throu'h my
flag? rs, and cannot grasp the jewel a* it
?falls. [ quit an ?eartli whore none will
ever miss me save those whose blood
e? no Uurels to make them love
my memory. My hie has beeu a bluu
derand a blank, fend fell ends by my
adding ?ne more tligbl ghost to the
shadowy realm ol lata! precocity.'.
'l)o you make any reduction to a
minister?' said a young woman at
D, last week, to a salesman with
: whom she was talking about buying a
'sewing machine. 'Always. Are you
la minister*? tvi/ef* -oil. no; I'm not
I married.' said the lady, blushing.
I'Daughter, llien? 'No.' The salesman
Ilooked puzzled. ?I'm cugaged to a
'? Geological .undent.' ?aid she. Xhe
reduction was made.
Over the ?loor of the parlor in the
bouse ol oneof DsnviUs's nicest widows
is this : * ?knie ear?
ly"? Ex. That's -mill tor the widow;
but a married Lady m this town has over
the door, ''I need thee every hour."?
It?. '.'- rite.
An Irish saldier called MlteMicoan
paniou: iloii.?. Pali I have tak.u a
prisoner.' 'IJriag him along, than ;
him along!' 'He won't come.'
'l'lu n foiiii-yursflr.' ?He won't let
?in?. *
An low i farmer woith t}19,(XX) elart
e?l out four years |f0 to secure legal
m?a neighbor. The lawyers
have his all now. while he has rtVStsgS?
Competition is so stroll*' am.mg the
cotton factories down Baal that ten
nulls ?lon't make a cent.
? a ? .
'Have you ever read 'The Tale of a
Humble Heer' asked (.V.ir-..? Sf ?*arah
.lane.' 'Xo,' said she, but I've felt
A lady the other day joking about lur
uose, ?aid, 'I had uothiiig to do in the
shaping of it. 11 was a birthday present.f
What riles a country postmaster is to
have a postal card come to tin- ?<iii u
written in French.
How to acquire short-haud?fool
around a buzz-saw.

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