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XVediiCr-dnv ?ct.. S. 1878,
Publie Speaking.
General Ech?la and Judgi Harria had
a political discussion here on Monday j
M candidates for I it would
be ana itc ef space to make a
report of the speeches. Lach simply j
amplified what has been prescutc 1 hith?
erto from the hustings and their respec
tivc cards. Judge Harris sustained the
greenback theory and opposition
National Banks a
all the tin;
ores and schemei
act and the National
and i ;
government in lieu ol the bank notes.
He claimed thai
tionai -
cosily one it is re] resent? d
that it is the best yi t d
Till? :.
these gentlemen. TI ?
county want
all one sided an I . Whal
the- neccssit
twenty :
tribnted plentifully in !
scantily at 10 to 12 per cent.
be explained, i
iiy. However some muy differ on the
question ef ho. urrency this
country sbonl I -n what II
ahonll be based, I ? to lh<
oipre--'.oi. ig Na?
tional Banl
stituted to
It was in:
?s. campaigning m Eastern Virginia and
that he wei re, but
owing to i: to ad?
journ the ti
commenced, and was
about six ' '
ante ;
there can ' ? as to
these) fiemen
on the i.
l?to fei Record.
Ni ' ? ' . Oct, ?.? i
in Um
to-day, probal ly through lack of mate?
rial. In tl
the i.. '
:. The v. ar and
her, another active ai
ard. i- down. Tl -
the dead an R ,. i
Rampart st. cw ?Mr.
??Vi?. B. Clark.
gram that one ol
the fever at near
Thibodcaux. The Governor, accompan?
ied by l>r. Choj pin,
Thibode-aux by a s? in. In ad?
dition to thedeat!
is that ef Charit - v.- -
Ntw Obacaks, Oct. 5?Cl<
threatening rain. port ol the
board of health for the twcnl
noon; Deaths 49, new
172, U
donation :.
$5,00". The Toure Infirmary and He
earnest appeal to Israelites ef the Uni
I. ( . B.
form? ? o-day.
wart.and tl . '
aetii.. ' . the W, -
-. Geo. 1?'.
Re] e
lief conn;.
crease of - i : II?
deaths at I
ine, e: 6 ,
Mudge and Francis Eslapa.
UPHIS, Oct. 5.?Ilthn
early thia moi
bright and warm. Fi
day until 12 lo-tlay th
port 39 interim n?; 27 efthi ?c wi
The ftvcriO-i'.i ues to spread. Ihe
board in tl
city during the t ?
in': ai
takers n port Ihi
who died Ol
Pe-i .
country. Amon
corded are Hon. ? '. A':
P. Humphrej '-. Mb
daughter of Joh U I
Holly Spi ing?, Miss,
. Tour deal i I
Two death
two death
places hitherto n
Deputy's place, five miles Iroui ( iin
ton, '
from ala
from '
colored and twenty-one new
fourteen colored. Fi
in immunity from the ? ver i isi
blacks to remain in th |uartrr.
LwHer.?l m Bandas Chatta
ports nine eew < .?- - wli?m
ure colored. Weather cooler, with a
brisk nor:
At La. (?ran.; ? the state ol
?oat distressing. 'I'm re are
der treatiiK ot about tO cas
deaths Sunday were six. Th
great need at that point ol money and
provisions for b
stock on hind is about exban
Most of the Bosp
II!., have develop' d inte yi I ow foyer,
and the change, to cold weather has re
suited unfavorably. Four deaths in
twenty-four hours; i.o lier,- cases. (-ui?
siderable excitement is at at this
uncxptctcl tu:n. The tuial n.
now sick will not exce? d
At Hickman, Ky.. ten new .
four deaths.
At Tangipaho.i, La., I wo deaths and
? eight new i
At Canton, HI new cases
and three d< I
For tlio Herald.
Harris, Paul and Eebols.
Mr. Editor:?
We have three m< n m the
Held for Congr? sa each clahning to be
a Democrat and appealing to the Dcen
ocrata for support. It devolves upon
ne then, te examine the political doc?
trines of each, to see which one of the
three is really bearing the standard of
the Ancient und time-honored Demo?
crat party, and to cast our votes accord?
ingly. At first blush it would seem thai
each is striving to cover his beliefs with
a kind cf cloud, probably attempting; to
water 00 both shoulders. Still
this appearance may not be intention?
al or their part. We have no objection
r explaining themselves, provided
ue down to
. They all three state as the
main issues, 1. The State Debt Ques?
tion, and -. The Currency Question,
for a moment how each
-land on these questions and compare
his position with the true Democratic
doctrine. W in the comparison we find
that ant one, or all. ia pandering to the
whims of certain people, hoping thereby
to secure a sent in Congress,it will then
be our duty to reject him, or them,with
umI cast eurvotes tara man who
afraid toavow his sen t?mente, the
Democratic Par
Judgi Harris anneuces himself as a
, the first question.
thingasingularabout it. however.
| last winter, when there-adjusting partj
was nuking its brave fight (.from their
, point ofyiew) and lookiug ia every di?
rection fur help among men in office and
ueut men. .Judge Harris was ae
???ri the aubjecl a-a Pharaohic
mummy; and later, he delivered him?
self haltingly, seemingly feelina the
? meantime, and expressed
himself hot und Btrong for re-adjustmcnl
only lately m a letter in reply to Gen.
Ech?is' card, lie stands committed,
totlie doctrine that the siate has
a right t<> cut down its indebtedness un?
til the pr( scut rate of taxation will pay
the interest and run the government.
i pity that he didn't choose to
figures and shewua exactly how
much he would cancel, and how he
would accomplish it in the light o; tl
present position ofthecourt of Appeals.
On the- currency question Judge
Harris expresses himself m favor of
ion of National Hanks, and in
favor ofan issuance of greenbacks suffi
to meet the demands of trade.
He Bcema to scorn particulars here as
well as (?:: the debt question. He fails
. us to how great an extent hi
issue greenbacks, and also
would base his greenbacks
i linly importan*.
considerations. I should like to hear
ally on these points.
Auethei matter with reference to
congratulates himself
fact that Gen. Ech?la dees not
record in Congress. It might
occur te some persons to a.sk what
Harris has done in all the year- in
which na member of Con
. Notwithstanding his congratula?
tions il may be possible to criticiz
if commission, though I will con?
ic those of omis?
Mr. Paul am.' self an un
ngly forcible rc-adjuster,aad
ige of Judge Harria with
those who accept tins doctrine, in hav?
ing advocated it earnestly in its infancy
when it bad few friends. As betwci n
Harris and Paul, a re-adjuster to be
. tie his doctrine, ir,:: t
or Paul. On the currency he an
himself at hostile to National
Banks and iu favor of fl coun
try with gre the en lit of
. This phrase, ''credit of
" L?d ? i_' - ii vice with
politicians now as a sort of dodge of the
real issue ; it ia a vague generality, not
jsive of much. Whether .Mr.
Paul U! es it aa su -ii remains to be seen.
lie advocates that the bonds should be
:; greenbacks. If "credit of the
mrneol" means that the govern?
ment Bhall stamp a certain valu.; on a
piece of pap c and order that it shall be
received as such, how will the govcru
ment, alter issuing a large amount,
prevent this paper from depreciating in
value? Suppose we had three times as
much money in circulation as we have
now and it was only worth one third as
much as now. dollar for dollar, how
would wo be benefltted. The matter
o! debasing the currency ia nethingnew
in history. It has been practiced by
? from timo ?inmemorial. When
their coffers became low they would
put lesa silver in the coin, or less gold.
rive te force tlif people to accept
it aud use it at the value of the previous
?nt always without SUCCCSS. The
history of the world teaches plainly
that the currency of a government must
;i.-le value,? mahle
? Intrinsic value.
It ??credit of the government" means
to rede, ol it in geld or silver, dollar for
dollar. n i objection can be
made, so long as the ?--ue remain
Within the accept? ?! lim:;- ol' a pe?
an 1 i robable redemption.
>,-,, , d. ?chela Late in the
day, taking his position in antagonism
to .hi in 1 Mr. Paul, apparent?
ly thinking that his side of Ute qui
will poll a little mere than one third as
many ' ?dgc Hair;-:
Mr. Paul. And right here 1 would
1'chols seems to have
;. iid ??. merely to get to con?
gress, as the following consideration1
would go to show. Last wainter be was
In the Legislature, and on the Finance
Committee. He bad ample Opportunity
of scanning the figures making up the
volume of the State debt and of coarse
was lamihar with them. No one has
op to this time heard that he dissent? ?I
from the statement of the debt as
published at the time and accepted
Ihrenglisnl the State. Moreover,
neither then nor sincj has any one
heard of his showing how the interest on
this delt tan be met at the present
'.'taxation. On the (Ubl >,??
? it if is not a^ bad as
- Would bave you believe.
Why did he not com,; down to figure
and proofs. He ought to know that it
is absurd to talk about valuntary com -
promise, when merely anew protein to'
pay is given for the old. No busir
man would be feel enough to be eai
in ?uA\ a trap. Then it'lie proposes
raise the tax, how can that 'bo not
bad as some people would have
suppose?' The, re-adjusters say
nothing will meet the atcrcst a
stands except aniiKreasc of tax, wl
no one can deny would be a htldshi]
calamity at the pm???fc-trme.
Un the correoey question, (im.
EchelSfbelnga National i? ink pr.
dent, says nothing about Xat'c
Hanks, hut. saying BoTr?l?
them, ?s. under the circumstance.-. ?'
sumed to support them, lie supp.
a currency based on coin (Natii
Hank currency of course.) II" fail:
say whether he believes In furt'icr c
traction and the continued (ssue
bonds. Finally, he appeals to those
his side of the qucs'.ion to yote 'for b
How arc we to know whether or not
art ?il his side when he thu-i avr
particulars and expresses (1
high-sounding gencralitict .
I.i t us i xamtae in few* word- thi
two questions of'8tate Debt and (
roncyln the li^tit of political econot
which is in tir light ot pure democra
I.;As t,. the Bt?te Debt. It i- a w
aiscd principle thai when a n
promises solemnly to pay. be she
sacrifice everything in the world
nie -t his obligation. IIowi
transpire thai the amount he is obluzal
for is through fraud 1 il
over what he justly owe-, then
should pay only to much as be ins
owi <. Tin?, amount be should p iy,
i iflce <>i' ever., thing. IPe wi
prftol'teat the dobl
ed, or thai it !:::?? no:.
2. As ta the cuire:;e.V. It i? ?
knowlcdged that the Slate, or t
National Government, should est?bil
a currency, so issued and so maiia^
that its value should fluctuate a? little
possible and be sufficient in quantity <l
the'demands of trade. Prora ?xpenen
it bai bren found mo-? desirable for t
National Government to have enti
control?!'the currency. The qiu<t';i
then arises what shall the currency
1 and how shall it be issued. The hi-to
es that no curren
rovsrtible into coin has i v
succeeded. There must
some kind i? back it. Por ii
man having large Uliencumbei
gives his negotiable hoto. It passe
win re be Is known, as currency, at i
full value. Again, a man -
Very wealthy, yet hiving all his pp
perty tied Up so that a law Br.il
: from him, gives !.'. i.
note. It passes probably amei
but at a very much reduced value. Tl
Government, lein,- extensh
seemingly Tealthy, ?- u
I notes (gicenbacks and National Hau
Notes), payable in property, Incoii
They pass current everywhere, - i Ion
as people believe they will be ??
; Let the period of redemption be lar ol
or the issus excessively large, and a
man will take them at full value.
government as wealthy as the formel
j which is, however, to situated that n
??'lie can BUe it and recover damagl
(as the United States government
gives its notes with a general promise I
j pay, but giving no guarantee-, a- coin
propertv. agreeing merely to re?ais
them m dues. If the amount Issue
? were only so much a I h cams due th
? government, so far il would be a vail
to pay and would pass corren
This small, paltry sum. however, weul
I no! be shiScient currency to ail'or
circulating medium for three Sla1
rtain, then, that a currency mua
deemable in something posi
acknbwledg?d value. Shall it b
: i backs or Nal. Dank ? Nole
Evidently tho former. The Natiuna
Banks in.-rely trade, on till OCCi
I of tho people for money, charging tin
Government for circulating its inonoj
and charging the pesple tor giving then
? what be-lonas to them, what i- dm
them. We (io not need any middle
men to furnish ns m~moy,making 17 pei
cents outef u- and the government.
What Bhall bu don? with the non?
taxable bunds? The Democratic doc'
trine is that all property shall contri
bute its prorata share towards d?frayai::
the expenses of tbe government. He?
ing, then, unjust iu incipiency. tie y
shoiild be nudo taxable immediately
and be roth emed in currency based on
coin in proper lion to tbe demands ?
country for a circulai n.: medium.
Comparing the tenets of the gen:'.. -
nur. above named wit!) these, man
democratic doctiiuos. we liud them all
halting, adverse, ambiguous, if Wfl aie
to be guided by their past utterances.
What good can we expect from any ol
them? Most probably any of them
would in tho future br. tbch.ro of
such brilliant achievements as dazzle us
on taking a retrospective view o! the
acts of tho present incumbent. Truly
it is ?t wonderful deed sf daring and el
right to help tl. fraud an honest mail.
inaugurate a fraud and sanctify hi- title
by trailing the purity of the tiine-honor
el Democrat:, party In the dust at the
feet of vituperative Hepublicanism !
The Buffering occasioned by the yellow
feverts still great. At New Orleans
the fever is still ratting. H has spread
through the country and appeals for a
aistanceare still sent out. The How?
ards were generally liberally supplied]
with funds. Other associations which I
11 stood their aid to parties who are
j it-ring for food and clothing have ii/t|
ut funda to meet the demands up-1
I on them. Assistance ia still extended
but not be the extent that it was gome
?_ ago.
A Tl.KKIKI.K Fid III Will! i"i,
Un Saturdav. at Woodbriri-ie. Conn..
the clothing ef Mrs. Jacob Runs enugh'
fire froHi the kitchen utevc -
etl to the barn in a fn-n/.y. and i -
' about the floor set the hay and building
on fire. Shortly after she fashed Into
the open air naked, her clothing having
been burned osTatid her body literally
I roasted black. Bhe jumped into a
j to case ber sufferings and was drowned,
I though her burns were sufficiently]
is to haw caused her death. The
bam and wagOn-hOOs? :t?*?.??r?iiii^
burned. The lush is estimated at $1.-1
000, and is covered by insurance.
Words of a (tying cannibal: 'Write
mo down as one who loved his .
Tbe steamship City of Cheater Bailed
from Liverpool ?rpterubcr 24. an-1 ar
. at .New York Friday, tin lier ar?
rival Ut? hatches of her lower d el; Were
oponed for the first tune since they
were put down at Liverpool eleven days
ago. l!in!enie;it,h them a man was
found} barely alive. lie had lived with?
out load or vy.i!e.' during that period,
and he mui t bave Buffere I aim?
f-mtteh ?r?*m want rrt' r.tr as trnm t:is fast
and thriftt. He
coait'^ Ht)g;>.ln1. w'.i I
?vr-.y lOTrPcovcr. He
? ??no - Don?.?, :_.-. that he Wja ;
IT?ree years ol I. and slowed hi
away in the i
: ? lb'? country.
Flections in Ohio, [ndtai I
Virginia and Iowa were hi E? yeetersay.
The result will show IhecempleXM
the noil OortsTi as.
?T'rQINIi to WIT:
W lu T
: '
?. .
'.'. i ?: '
1-. W. ?
,ii.i i Moi
The ?
?pproval ami ?anctl
sin nandoab to a sal, ol ? p rti .
l'.sl.lte ,1,\ '-?? ! le \\ :
? Munir
? 1 ? . .
' t',e 1 i| i,n v.iii.M i 111
paid va :.
tiie to?rn of Wi
1 ?Miller ,1 -
?_' t tu ,,le .-!? s .|e, ?r
? I
of till? M -.?
publication 1 r-reof, a id lo
?ei'.i'. lle'.l ill lOmt ' ? 1
a copy potted . t ,'., fl
of -..:?! count; ,
?. W. UILE? Ct
. VIM V, ( . 0. B. C.
? . .
' Id
nul.I. tin .i. ;
Ai. U
.;?, '?! VlrgiUl 1 II
.l.e'.l 1
H, 'i . !"
o? a d>
! .is SI tl
liabl .1 i
Tax-Payers, Take ^o:;
tn\ pa? ? :
taxe? aud levin
an! t:.
},;ir I
. -
J -- I
Ami Dai
v . ar ..i : ?
? ?
li i- d.
ut.; P.W.I
G?MMissTosrni ofi'Ice,
Bwsnu flaeM aa i ?II ? '
h. ii. ni i :m. ig< :? Aiii.i ,.i ;
?. -
W. : ? ?
the 2Gtli 'l.iv ? : ? .
the actnal su<l
lisa "i ils
Unen! .>r i bal
. del" ii lii.i/ u ? D T.. H.
I. N. s ? .', . ill ' i i .: ?
king of atld a
Oct. -1?w. ' r. W. HAU! ri>i;i..
Commission Merchant)
"W-A.r;T-ii2vrG;TOjsr, :d.o.
J l.ol /?. C
?'pona ?:.
Od. 2?3roo.
r. uivIlU u?Kj m i
! Take ri'illn- t:.nt I :
1 nth rts? .is.
tv, Va. reiiderwl Iks ?/.?h Baf "t Anfi.-i.
tlia cas.
Hellte!?' ?<lmr rwulrti ? ? flala
? 1 a II il
? V?.
i ander mj bsi ? arst ;
i: i>. v;\\ . ,
? ?? J.|. li-tw,
! SDec?ally W
-10 THE?
P. Heller & Co,
Cioihing and Dry Goods,
Hoots ?Shoks, &c.
mili u s.
V*i :
cvi r
ildn m and : i
? hall price (Si ' ?
white I
strij ed In ? pair,
Chili: C'?
d'i extn heavy bi
? . ?
? lonlifl
Wo ore
of ladies cli
' ..
Winchester, i
tilia season ran .
? i
Feit Ski:
Wc a t? I
of 111
!. 1 ')
r new Throid, ea
. Kcwa on .-my ni i ibine, v.
offering this thread at 3c w<
llli.S'I '
M?LlIN'EEY i' ' ,i.>T
w, and
- Table ??xjoB?
? i pilr.
Winchester, Va.
Cherry Pectoral
For Diseases of tlie
Thror.t and Lucjfs,
such as Cough*, Colis,
Whooping Cough,
md Consumption.
The re | at
the man
but ball ' ? nee to the
public ;.
' . .Try ,
All who
Etant rell f,
the mon
Dr. J.C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
?i Chemists.
R. o.
I !iv.
T-l&G IST?t?G&.
boir ?re
?. r>
agon for Sah
r%s:ok? and Surgccn,
.??I. e in tb?
?!,?!>? a:.d
Ait. 17- tf.
A.T -
?d lint
I ; GIS,
on ttnntly
ii. I
? i.'l
i: ..
it to ?say
le in
I rill not be
1 ?P?
To rYaeena arts' Baag?yYaer Moaaa Uta
rpHE BES ? ER ?-'SEO
1. Iron, Stort; or Brick Structure?,
'?. Pan Lake
. Lot ?3
. Bridk*e?,Baroi As.
All abare ?n st. ck and for s.-ile by
-ly. ?nock, Va.
Shenandoah Farmers Have
Tried it
The Maryland Fertilittp,
in r. roa \
I ? ?X
. ira iiiinlisr of
i i!, ?re net
i, latitfa?
Mt. Jackson, Va.
To mptiv?s.
?i .'rmantlf rured of
. 11, |.) aillllpl? NTd
? Sllow rmffer
..1 win ill-Hire it, he
i id, <lree of
: i |.n.?ariii(? aud us
Und ? ture cure for
ii ?liiiiisasc ?ddreas
u ?hunt. New Tort
BQl A? i TL AlllED
i Brown Muslins chjfer than ore? bcfoss
ur s*le by ?W ?. v DAisNtflr,

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