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Shenandoah herald. [volume] (Woodstock, Va.) 1865-1974, December 03, 1886, Image 3

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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Vs., as ?????
I Kll If, IH.C*. :t. Is??*.
...u o .en i? o.
111.I! ?I U
be time
Hon'l let til.?
Mi \
Keller baa Is en
t II. Zlm
? ami t he
I. I!. I.
. -
M '.
: ?
- '?. |mt |i?ir.
M ! . pet sale.
rat in ? short
M. fl
?.. ?\ ?ml
1 i,f beantil
pink. Don I
a t.- m i f.te ?i f ,r beyond lbs
?? printer In o
Mr. I v Da
prisa i
If yon
think Mr. Ii.iv ;? baa no barg ?Ins In oloth
i are fooled tl.n worst kind. Call
bow lie can inak? jroar .
? ' iv, Dee, 6th, we ???II
i mir entire ?t.i. k "t
lialf pries. Cull anil sea OS. ">
I*. ,1. ?Travel A Son.
Tin - i'iin?triictiiiii bree of tbenortbern
Virginia Telephone Company bat
: ir a? I'iikIi'-i Kim, a ?hurt
<>f t.nrii, and ii|ioii con
eonnnnnleation was
i without any troable.
lui-., tlii? |nt|ii>r reaclio? if? reailer?
be in \V.?Ml?t...U aii'I "'ir
good people WU1 be abloto )aa lbs not
A.irl.l, untl we can du it, I
ininil. n eharge
of Mr. 1 rank Orndtirll', of this roiint.y,
with .1. !.. lia. n... f Ileiivcr. Cil , ss cllmb
??r. Be i? ?ai.I t.i lie a chain.nun in In?
Um, anil the fact that the wiro waa ?trnni:
from Capea Kn.vls to Pugli'? Knn, a dis?
tance of 11 mil?-? in two days, goes a long
win? toward? j.roving ir.
I ?Mi 1'Ksll
v ,i.? ; i
>\ nod.took, will bold
; nipper .?,i,l I . raa pans in
and Satarday
evening, i be pan
Dr. T. I". be? '.
lt> i Till, l--(i. II.- wi ui,l |
iront that be bat remove?) his rooms t?>
It not o? Ml. Jotx pb \\ Ivan?, n) -
il?u| store, at wbloh
rooms he i an l). i,mini ?>n the Isl and :tul
- a, la 111,mill.
None*.- \?i partial indebted t.i mi are
?? ,i t., sattle til?n aeeouata
b) tin- '.t-iili ?lay of Dae., 1886, ami it not
paid bj laid date all aeeoontt ami bookt
trill ha placed In the tanda of an attorney
for eolleetioa. I mea? ?bal I say, ami
iinist havt
Respectfully, W. R. Hint.
? Howard Lacey and
rii'wer, have returned from ? lojonru of
two week? oo Loal River, Hardy, eannty,
; Inck among the ?mall
trame ?>f thai region, inch as turkeys,
- a ,? was i
. dear did Ibey get Jim.
had tin- good luek to shoo! at t,
- mger" k.km,; ? few feathers j
out of it, hot the strange bird via? not I
?. and stepped ,,v?r i high rail |
'A ,. hope to I"' able
? full account "f their exploits
. "Ilotelde Rranton," ,
i>, later iaeaee of nur paper.
?? .?>? ?Baa?
( in.'... - ? young
men in "? ..son South Mulileii
>? be pnrehes- |
???I a latine 1 t's celebrated
g Shnllt
?",,?1111,1er in 1 ?
.! ?tort '
put Inn, nnder chloroform and cat both
-, m. wo
.'tl to ;,- he woke up
,' alarmed t ???
and he ntiw says h. -
Deputy Rberift and jailer Shnll n
(i i Marlii't, ?m Tnesday
morning, a?Un!h- bin t" look onl for a
peddler,?brabam Gordon, who waa want, d
in that plact- charged with stealing a ?inn
of money. Mr. Shnll went to the depot
ami mi the arrival of the saatboand ltfeSS
lnml found hi. man who piottaltd his in
atnl ilul not want to ?top. Mr.
enuaded him with a few pointed
would bt beat lo go with j
i taki n bach to Kew Market
, w? learn !"? ?
tlged, there hi
Gordon hat been
di through tie? county for
?,,-,:,. i ' known to many of
u always
? reputation.
Rev, R. II Fleming, for over ten years
red and popular paatot of the
: ,.in cbnrcb, In thii place, hat
on " Ith Ihit i ongre
to takt ? bargt ol a
ehoreb In Washington. I?. V. Daring
Mr. Fleming's mlnietrntion in tbit place |
..nul Inn,?elf to our pu,pie in a
grec, lu. popularity
extending outside of hi. own eoagregattoti
tbraagh all denomination? ami classes of
oat people. As a pulpit orator he bad bat
few superiors, aad at an cancel worker
.' religion he had bat tew
equate. Hi? eatintable ami eecompliabed
- i greet favorite, and will be I
sadly missed by the many devoted hiende
D i,,unity and county.
pie as well s?
othi n onteidt "f their
. lui, h ? ti en, I" Il fir new
? Is hoped lud
Mr. T. g. ha. torn ?*.. .
hank ami i? build
in its -t.- el.
|>owdere?l and Cut I. ?tftngan it If? >i>?
- attacked Mr. Robt.
\V. Windle'i flock "f abeep on Sonday
[ilgbt, killing three and btdly woanding
two. The ?he ?. . ipertof kind, .
Kut?, r.i?iii?. min.Beat, m ?not
rythlng In the eonfeettonery line
fresh and nice at the Bakery.
Mr. 1.. M.llis.-v ?abuilding a lwg
the rear of the drag atore occn
Mr. C. !'? Bieev. He will also put
- front, m iking i'."I the
in the 1 -
laundrj soap
at .", cents a eake ord cakes f"i -?"? cents, el
llopewell A r.ro's
Mrs. Florence G.lall, ol neat Paten
town, Moaroe eoanty, W. Va., i. vieMag
her mother, aire. Sarah K. Hitey, and her '
brothers ami .??tern in tin?, bet nltive
aftet ?i? abonn?e of eleveo yeata.? i
,,-? '??iiipaiiied by three of her chil?
I'vM'ii-?Frencb mixtnree 20 eta. pei
. , '^ ; v i'T
- - cents iKiund, at the Bakery,
Although I i from earth
?.v.- do not
of matter andtba < rush ol worlds '
ti. Tbnraday night, of lee) week, Mr. II.
? . rom ci ib, situated In
i might? i raah
all that part of town au,I
made them think fot a little while thai
- ?bout in over?
take them. The wrack wat occaeictied
,', am?,nn'. ol grain, there
being ovei .'.'hi bntheli of corn in it at the
Win. Hopavvell has jiiat returned from
hat paroeaeed the
? k of ( tbfietmat good? that was
?vet brought to Idlnbaig
Mr lohn H. Ran. a well known young,
man of this place, died her? on Monday '.
morning iiliout i o'clock, tatet winter he
went to Kansas, where he took up Ism),
- with the intention of anting hi? mother
ami other inemlicr. of the family then?,
i bnt the iIIiicns of his mother ami her sub
s..?(ii. nt dealt ktel epring prevented the
wadetspleted in,.v.- for? lime. Hie own
j health falllag from the mroail? of eon
? sumption, he returned to the ohl I.n
; this plaie, on Monday of ;a?t vve?k, only
to ?lia- blOwt ?aak after. Mr Kan ?n
i an iniliiatrioiiNaad honorable yonng man,
and very popular with hie eeeoc'.atea. Hi?
early death i? mm h regrette?! by a largo
circle of devote.) tuend?.
A barrel of the best new crop KtW Ol
.lasse.? just received at lln]?ewell
A. Bro.'s, price T"i cents a gallon. ??Id
ernp New Orleaae tO eta. ; J'orto Rice BO
cte. and syrups at from I.? down |
per gallon. Mutter ami eggs taken in ei
t hinge for good?.
en? KoiKs Kmrktainmkn'i.?The la?
dies of th. M. K. rhnrcli. Simili, of Bdln
burg, propone giving an entertsiiunei,!,
consisting of di.logue?, recitation?, tab?
leaux, Ac .at Srhool lionne Hall, in lldii,
burg, on Saturday night, December Uh,
for the lient lit of the new Method ?
??nage, in Wood.took. Aftii the , ntei
tainment there will l?n a Martha Well?
ington lunch served by the "Washington
family," in the lower pait ,?1 the Hall,
consisting of everything good to eat. Ike
proceed, to be devoted la the altovn named
purpose. Admission to tliectitettaitmimt,
adult. 2?? cent. : chililrin 10 cent? ; lunch
10 cents extra.
Take your b?itter, eggs, chickens, tnr
keys, onions and potatoes to Geary's, he
will give yon tbe highest market price for
mighty dollar," I
? . ;
unused tin- .1.. ?
mil all i". n
ih.it bei rceoverj inaj be a
Whllat the I.'?.li ?til il was prevailing;on
Tuesdsj night, what was thought t" U
th. pi, ..t iff ' 1,1, ' s sa plais
through the tow it, i susiag a na
the riti/.ii? t" rush, bookets lu h i
the direction of the sopposed alarm, Imt
which in truth was ouly a few colored
"gemmane," at tbe weal end ol tos n sing?
ing tliat popular li li on. "( '" ' M
I . M,. ? Von."
Th? w ltd turkey l. vei ii this ?'?' li"" i?
..ti the un n'a..', and a lid vain? an
Ij r-i'iiu ni..nuil the ?to? N
breadth i . i"! '"
l.iv ingatone'a mlvi ntnrra in ?frli i
m manv rases throw the latti i ?
the shade, as so eloquently deerribed lij
Cbamblisa. But tb?
brought int" to? n, ii
t ween,
stlers, ."?! whl li
i.'l.ltti e llSai 'I" ( "ill
be n" dramatic entertainment In t!
during the holiday?, as ban
t..in fur y? ir? i':i-t. Dut the annual n
niiii.n ,. "I the "Inih ?
i n,lei n| V, Bwcata," ?i;.
... -
ei th.- Academy Hall.promiaea t
event which ?ill l?e hailed with
the members of this time-honored fraterni?
ty, ?le. are i ipecti d to sasemble t" a m in
,1 reunion ami j..!
renew their i ?n?l t.?
I the bonea ..f St. l'atrlt k t.. ah
?tain from all labor of even kiml . 1 o i i ?.? _;
the winter nionthi, nt least, undei penalty
of expulsion front the Order, the protest!
and olisolete \ iewsol
community t" the contrary not? itl
? say thai the reunion ??? ill ho ,i
joyons one,would be todisparage if
ly. Joyous i? not the word. There will
be fun and mnch of it. That ?i?tor order
ur auxiliary body known as the "Sons ol
l.e.?t," have bean cordially Invited m j???.r
tletpate in tbeee Interesting (festivities
An eleetfen sf i.hlcrr? will he held for tbe
ensuing year, prominent among which
will be that nt' "paymaster." Ar
rale aiTi.iint of the deliberations "f ti"?
popular body of prominent
be published in pamphlet form after thu
bolidaya are over. Copies et wl
be .m sale at L a Bai
Popular :
Pagi Courier "f Nov. uflt.li. Burr? II
irothei. 1 ii Idiug,
in Kockingbam, uear Verbena, thi
ty, quarrelled last Saturday, ami
tbe etilfo ended II.II itrui '. '
w ith s itone,?o uur inl sy?, ii flict
. -? _: ;i ?.. i \ lerious, if not fatal blow, II
. int? it wn? oonsidered ? ?
whether Fielding vv..u!.i recover.
Mr. Jacob Iferioa, aged a ? year?,
injonea in the manganese mine,
near No. !? l'liinare, last Wednesds
which be died on last Sunday. He \?a?
assisting other workmen in tbe mine neai
tin- shaft, when a board foil through (be
opening, a distance uf ?Ml m I" feet
log Mi. M. mi the head, mil:
fracture I row \v hah he il
?tated. Mr. M
well thought of hv ..
biro, and hi? ?mi 'truth bas i
"V. ! th? . ..iuiiinn.lv in w bll
an.I waa reeiiectrd. A
? '. children.
A Mt, .1 v.
?lay N i I"
i it
atarte.] t.. v. -
buggy, and. ?
of the above named place, II I
' ..i >? of Ihem r.i -? .1 au m
him to run. Mrs. vv I .
ine t" jum|> " '
the spring and was dragged to N
when the I orse vi .
Alb n s .- ' '
to Mr. K. Jl !
? d iti?m. |)ra
Bowen were summoueil wh
. >:.| thai I'.i collai boue w -
en, And she was otherwise badly
?hrnit the face, head, and i.o.ly.
rl wandered for '?'l honra,
though suffering much from hei injnn.
Mrs, A. had on a la it j cloak a li
her otbei clothing sh elded b< i be u
the rough ground a"'1 '"M- all
tint saved h. r life. Mr?. .1. N. \
j un?.?.i isd with a f? i
bralaee. Mr. J. X. (Boon) Allen, who ?c?
enle? neai Mt. Jackson and ?a? |aef
rieil la?i week to Miss Jennie Ruby, of
the ? im. ?' n e, WS? un a vi.it to lin father
iHsiah Allen at the time of the accident,
Rofkingkom liegitttr of N
?are exceedinglj sorry I" learn I i
f.ir tin- Ural time of a lerioui anil painful
accident whieh befell Milton I eylor, Ks?| ,
a member nt the Board of Boperviaor? "i
tin? county, who resille? near I hub
eevi ral ?rek? ego. h neems Mi
and bis wife were on tlmir waj
Marke) to attend churoh, and ?hei.ly
:i ?hi.it dialanoe below Tlmbervilli hi?
horse, which was bltehed t.i a liuggy, h
gan ki. king. He bed thi
dash-boar?!, and Mt?. Taylor t.nI
got out, hoi ?s the animal continued to
kick. Mr. Taylor ?a? itrnck on -
and the lu.ne badly fractured. He ?a.
taken home, an.I baa since inen n very
?ever? cofferer. We anderstaivl that hi?
leg was ?o aw-iillun niel i nil inn-il that it is
feared aiii(iutati..n may Im fooml Impera
live, hut wo ?iiiearely trn?t tin? may mt
be so, hut that he may ?ism he riattuicil to
hie family, ami the county as well, a? be
i? ii"t 'inly n n'x..l < Mum, hut n valuable
public "fllcer
A ?hurt linio eg i, on the ,
-vi...? being held sf Triaseis
1 church, n?ar Cherry Orove, in this soon
ly.anil While ilie oongregation weri
Ing down tbe hill on the new roa ;
drove, i b ?eking ?trap
the hone a^tMbed to tbe carriage ?'i Mi
'I noraaaaoo, aad tbe hoi.
rrigbtened ran sway, ?"hen
i., i ..f lui ?t; i'.? an. l partie? riding ?ci
? back, on the hill, In running, and win n
ji,t beeide tbe baggy in wMi h Mrs. Isaac
j Wenger ami luf ion ami another l?ily
Mr. Tbomasson'a bngirv overt um..I,
? ami Irlgbtend Mrs Wenger1! I. ? <??
also U'^-aii t" run. All the occupante
ware thrown out, btH noneoftbem were
! ?erinnaly bin P/eoger, who
I wae oasght between the wheel aad the
tuji of th? bagel and di igged I
. e, breaking hi r hip ami bc|iaing
her very jmii-li. * ?nit? a nnmbei "f
I borke? rim away at II.?? sama time with
riders opon then, but no otbei persona
wile hint.
itopsniag "f a clothing store, op
the ?'..iirt House. A largi
clothing, gente1 I'mniching goods, bate,
, cape, ?**? Millineiy ami fancy go
iii be disposed at, even at e escri?os, bo
i fore spring. J lu. niton pnk
. iuvite-l. St..ol .. |.. i? i un ?ihisiii these
I goods at regalar wholesale piiniaat ths
, sanie csub??hinniit.
. ?art. l'i--t. J'. T. J/U i IK.
"(Hellers' Liver l'illa' have luvt, the
I ?tendard remedy for malaria, In.
plaint, costiveuees. etc., for fifty years.
A Snip: im
Hie publish,
nal, will m m i.
t III?.- v
able i o
lei. 1.1,
to it be lo I
If the KlltTcrcr* Irmii < oii-unip.
sum. ,
lace, 11?
"In. i. : I
Backten'*, arnica ?nlvc.
s. ;. ?, t. It. I. , hupp
ui?| .??I ?kin , i
K.nd In !?
million il
RWaui ,
depots Famil ? l
am "i1
aprl'.t i
Itch ? .\
bj I MM IX, 11
.teck, \ ,
liv. I
? ?
Private S;>!<'
I)': ?'?
f?^SCllii! I
i Li in,'",
In i ii nu, i ? ?
"f sloi.loali ? , I ,
I Neeb ,\ ii
David Sliipe n u
?Ii , mi
k, Hie FARM .,?,.! M i
mor?, ?n
i i. |) ?;
One lh.nl , ash, Hid ,. I,.
'I I?, V. \l.l"..
II I . M !
In the < lerk'sOflec 0f Hi t Ii ,,?j I'mirl
- ? ?;, i->"'..
A, ,
I '
in the penally t""it '
(liven mull ? rtaj id
i. I " v.' MI !
I be '' mu n,.] until
II. i
Absolutely Pure.
? ?
loiriiv. v re
in the ordinary I. inds, and
? lth ih"
imii weight ilium
. ? , IB),
l.'i tv vi I: v.,r... l'on 1.1 i: Co., I (Hi Wall
' : S i
the mikado:
lu addition i.i preml ims, a lb) of
ippli, ition, we
i '?. ,,,?1 i 'abinet
? Theatre, New
i , has ever been pro
lb? I lilted Klatc. thai ha.? i|nal
;? ,| irilj "I I," Mils olo. I be
In pi... 111 ? ?- it m this
vas D'Oylej Cartes Kllglith
.. '. .| ih, re by Qilberl and
In this country. We
I for i il. loom patrons
who will ?end us wrap pen as below as a
? i ]?.! trail - "i
photographs gelatine w.,ik ever produced.
,i. ., ."Ylltll-^ Mill.''
r, ae
Little Mai,I-, Ii,an bicho?,1."
. "K
ils, as.... Suc
I '!
nn, a- _? Pooh Bab."
.-is i? twenty.
one who use.
? ? rappela al
.... ,i.,l full postofflce
? the whole ?erie?,
I ; ?
out groc.-i dm ? not k? ep
i . ? m -la n|?t
?v ill i., .v an) lo jo u
i Ina) free of
I. I.. I i:\i.in A CO.,
?I, St ,
nul..,!,- phla, l'.,
It, Wash.
.1 lv.
?i I!!:-' S.U.I.
ni \
BT 11
i ?rcail
m the .?ih
.- Ilottel. Ac,
- hi ,1 II. (' Alien,
II II >t| :. A . and II.vs,
A Uriner, we will
. iront of tlie
'? 1 . ol,
, ? III? 1.1111 It
t to w. II. not
i of tilt?
I Wood
? ' .; - -n I SA II. ;
.,-., oi
innre ii.<I
- ?
... r m
i. Williame?k
II. Ilottel, A,.,
.. ?? i utnplt?. ??.
'.', ?Hi mi? who
m ?aid
' ' -
. in the
, nilitien
. .1 h) law.
. l-th day of
' I' . I- .
liY.lt. VI Mill V.? . ' . i . ? c,
? J i ne I-. ' --ii.
W? ll,e undersigned take
' ' I'J '..!?? |?I?V.
pun bi.! by
. mi,, ,,,,i |o? n lo-det a
nail? ,1 w ?til hat k, it
I , ?|. .... I ill ti?
lla toad, in ft'it
w. M
?'S \--.
i. II. II KooNT/,
Ii:, Ici II .. ? seliM
. -- . I Ins
Ka->i lln i'
Fn-lshl '-' I- p, u..
oid Mail..IS
Uli ?ht. '? " t. m.
Ill I . -.'?', p m.
Wl .1 I',..I Mt.
. .,.'?''' S? m :
M , i nid Ktp.-M- p. m
II.-, " ,,i,,i Wat Freight '.'..Vi "
II? " ami In ighl.II.4H "
lay I rail ?? 1 !?'. anil 111
Ill ??? rite
t.. i,ic II, II. ( IIAI'M.W.
U. A O
? K., ? i i OIH?OTi
l.i nn i: v,. Rev, A, K. .1. Bnslio ig
reaches in I lie Lutheran Clinreh, on Hie
hi,,I evening "I I. !,l Rahoeth
til, Habnalh of etch
Mil ii,,i,i-i. Rev. <..,,. II. Zlmmei , ?,.
i treat lies in the Method isl Uhnn !.. al
Wood.? ',1 and Ufa -
m ,i i,r . \ enillg, ",,1 it I d
. il d -?,-.:., i of each
iiioniu, morning and ?,? m the evening.
. , , 1:11V, It.-? i:. it. i ,.
preaches In the Preebyterieu Chatcb, at
Woodsi Knadaj naming ind
I ii . -i ve Id . .lame? V .Shields,
ii i. In Emmanuel Prote. lanl Epi?
linn b, W""il?t"?k, ?in tin
;t.| rtnndays ofeaoh montii, matnfng end
Rl i"l;vin,.?Rl v. A K. K'lini' pn .,. I? -
in lb? I?.-Ion,,, ,1 , lunch ,,,, lb, l.i
i ? m Ih? o.ting inii ?
? ?
.I? u.C,.|,,i i i, |;,., ;,
.,,, St h, - in '..
Trespass Notice.
Mi pemnni .re karabj wain??! i
| bunting or in anyway ti?.?pn*.lng Bpan
wiv I ?nd. The law will h- i
?11 n(lenders.
? WKM.i.'i BI
Mot, l I
'.Mt'Wll.LI At
11.111 I
i :, .. n.
i,.,:,!. I
11..11 i". ' 1
a lias i? admitted i" il
. ould si 1
IVr 1 ? .ir
Harper's Bei u
! Harper'! Mags; .
1 Harper's We. kl]
j llai|..'i'? V.
i. . v ? ,'
liai;- 1 - llauil
' 1 .
The ViiImiim
the lii-' N
When n.. ine
in W .II. I'l" '
three ??? <?
mil he ?eu) bj m 11I. '?? "i I?}
expreaa, li" .1 the
lr.'i?ht .!". ? not 1 il dial |? 1
volume inc.
ci..th Case? foi
f"! I.III.Illl '. "?
.m reoeipl "i -1 ' "
should i>" n.ail" i'
1 inla-r "i llrsfl. to avoid 1 I. .
lar|.ci ,\
Atldn -? Ihn.". 1 ,\ l'i
Harper's Young Pe
Harp? t'i Vu
? ..llalli t" he, ' Slid '
at boms a...I m 1.1. 1 .
>a baa beeu reacln.il
nnal eomni? nd
.1 "f pan ;.' -.
.1 1 blldre.m
...ell ?WaCtaitted .11 iri I ?
..-t attract i v. 1
people at a low |. 1
ire . "pi.ius ami "I' 1 ?
. ! 1
An apitone "f ovi 1
Iracli .<? ami de.irall
tuie?. ? lt..st..?, I'..un? r.
A Weekll Ici?! "f gl .?I ;
I gii !? 1:1 evei . 1 .
\ i-.it-. Bi
li 1? ?.. ondi ?
term* PoNinifr l'ri-pulil
?9.011 Ver V?- u
Vol. vu;
Single Nui il" 1
Hem ill
chance "i I"--.
.- without the 1
Harper A Brot bei -.
Address lliitri
Harper':-* WeeM-ir
1 i.i.i si i? \ in?.
as the '.? iding illuati
paper in Anu? i' 1 : .n
the 1 " tersi 1
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Hail? 1- lia
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The \
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three yeai? 1.1
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fre? ?Il I
?. m..' , ".i .;
Lu binding, ? il
mi re?.
1 l.l.T .. I': Il '
Kewspapei "?
tiaemeul Will
Hariier 4 Brot tu
A.l.lr.-s Hart? 1 .? I.
Harper's ?t?ngnz'uic.
M.1,1 S'PIIA III?.
Il H |?. : M
1 1:11 .1 m.' i'l of i n li
ami ron
a alorj "I !.'
(VMear.1 : 1 1
II. |ies, i". W. I' II?
\\ .un Ham
Soi.I..?." I... I" 1: 1 1
. 1 ? ..n n.. i; 1... r... ?
ici writer? ; in ?
h. r. \ \M*
IIABI'EU'S ri Hloiilf
|??-i- \<;n-:
Harper*! Maga : ?
Harper's Weeklj
Harper*! Bai .1 I 1(1
Ilarpei ?t Irani
1 n.. v. .
Harper'! II mil Kerle?, ri .
N. 1
iga lo ?? '" 1
Hulled State? ..i Canada,
Th? rolumi - 1 1
With th" N.iii.l'. 1 I"!
"f im. li v .o. When '..ii
. uncut al t.u.. "I rei
II .ini.l \ "hiini ? id Un 1 1 - M .
lut three years! 1
? ,11 be ?. ni h< m ol 1
' per ' volume, 1 loi h 1 1
? I
? .;?. ti. al, ""i '?
1 t.. 7", inclusive, from June, I- ii, in
; Jnue, I- ?
l.'i'iiiitian. . ? ?le lid I"' !'' ule I
noIm m 11
: loss
Kewspapei - are nni ?... 1 p
linulueol wltboill tl
Harper A Brothers,
A.hi..-, II irtM ; A I!
Sellers'Liver Pills.
Act Directly on Uto i.i vor.
ttOW, lt?f' ?Atl'S. I 1
or VUS llr.tr. In
?.?outiiiT...... r. '
ILo ?ri",i
the right l. I PILLS.
Sokl I.? '?
'JUMO II H XlllCt',
?. Hall, W.....M... 1., u,.- last Moa
iT alghl of each 1t1.11.t li
, Bk,
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? II ' Mil] I'll,.I.
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Mll.lr, ,1 I r
Hark II?..
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Kraal?. lb? M I,' ' .1
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v ?..,1,1, ? Ira.a.
Slat? , li.-.
I ,, i ? ,.., I ,'?-,.
. Kablaaaa ? ....... ?
,.M ?be Psallrj I'... ' t I
II |-arl?r ?l,t?l,-a?,>l ? b.-aal.-al Ktawrla
, ?...r n.. i-...u.
? llall.ll,,. I'laa. f.n- l'r?HI.,.l. l...?..-..?l
o \a,..l,.l.a ?f l-abll- Ml I
I . ... CM... ? . ?
ut it l MttH'll.l I) OFFER.
We i
s, ..?.
w.1-1?,, t.. ?'?"
i;t7?T r^Q
?Jt.t laaf %aV
p ? p f?. i
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Tresp Notice.
vv ill lie rigilllj ' :i|,,led Ig iin-1 ,i.
? I. of furniture
ture a Store.
IL ' LOTH, ai'.ui .!:,?. pnit, thelf
?0S ; ? v i?.?? Naolii&o^
? lo.iii $10 tu m oc
Im I . ?I in the mallet.
? -;i
Are alsii prepared to
EMBALM, luneral?
ui levied pnmiptl?.
I'l'AVl.i, ft PELLBB.
.Inn. l'.th, '*fi?lyr.
M. II. IIO'J i,.i..
B. II. l.-\< !..
ft L?CEY
Wagons, Busies, Binders, Mowers,
i BboTal riawi
I - ' ? .r llullera.Ae
Also all Grades of Fertilizers !
fJsn.vM tf.
ii Lea low, Tin lilit-lifliii "Domestic:
? "i 1 f.Vfl II IS FORM aMi si) I E
?ti!) i? A VOWLEDOJSO if
. , li,. -i ,Miai:ii m
No. 4 FAMILY.;
No inatti-i ?ii.it ...a., i? asa* ear of
- ? Let..te
10 '.? M? simple, vet
..!.-. i v.- n? woeder
ei "t .in." b?nente,and no
?*" ... range "I ?ml, from the
? - . lubroiiierv, as no ethaj ? ?
/. v. ntus.
uiiloah i - ml., Woodet?eek, Vs.
: ir Passenger ?mes,
. known i" the trade. Al
s.i ralle) ten ?-all ou
. I i.- Ol ill" liue.lt Whips in Hi"
;. :-. i\. Harriaoobargu, V?.
Wa relia im! and
imI Tin
t, i '..
EM';! Ai Cil
and in h
,,?( lv.
Jan. lu >>?
FOR 1886-87.
istrate aonfhly
.? il red tboasand eopt?
| ils .in. fun. s e\, sedl .
? v. ;,IV live tli..,l-:?,.,l Chief
i? in m v attractions i"r the eotn
i -. rial which ha? bean in a>
I.?.l.en vr.il? Il l?
, nitutry in it? uio.t
. . - I tollll III
ini: i.hi: 01 i.imoia,
ll .1 Si'trt'tunca, John
0 Nicolay and col. John Hay.
?na w it h the ?ane?
an,1 continuel
Ins ?on, the Moi,
, oiilv lull ami
il . t lbs life of Abra
I:, .,,,:!,,,is ?. i.- Ir end? of
i .. i, cid.-u j ; they
.led vv llh 111 I a ?
' hron?;bonl In? term
? trantftrvei)
?II bis private p ?
?Balde kistnl v
' . deal l.ini'oln's
, |?.| l.l'.t llel.lll? of
In remained nareveaJed,
. t Hr.1 appeal la thai an
. ?'.' i'.. mat m of the p iii
- iiiiik,
The War si-rh??.,
?All V? llll II l| (Infill)?
.:. ,i andlenoe, will no ?py
.g ven
? - i . ,i bj ? oll. II,? .t
111er) .(..-n. 1. o ?
M I. cv.:,i?|,.tl.er. ; Chirk
II IM: ; Ik innen'?
? lat? Howard
li eral. <, A. (iillin..,..
.? ill , lithium. Hol ?.
I || ,lea. III,.?
,-,.', i-, idaat. stoi,, ? ..i
? ' -, |,l.? ,11 lile, el?' , el, ,
ni ?I- nuil Slorlc?.
Irrdtfa M in," ?? net*) bv
? n .ion, ..??I hoi if " llie l.a i,',
, '? . laefriq. ,,, \.>\ .-in ii-i.
c rey W. Cable, as.??
, . . . I ,?,e lie,,,II.. '
. ? Il. . I.I did Kgg
.HI m Aineiiciii Miilhors
, niiliil ?Im in?; the yrar.
HpeefaU i ??i i n n
, vv ni, , m. lude a ?erie. of
faire in R?sela and Siberia,
_. Keii,,.,!!, entbot Ol " l'eut Life
,.' v :,,, i,.?s pl.t returned feana a
entflll visil In Si'ii-iian prlaoua ;
p.?p. is ?n, th.. Koial t>ii? su?,n, with refer
, ,? , to ,is l?.n lug .,,, 11,,. Labet Problem;
I ',..'?.-: In l'.?;Kle.?t,iii'? Re
.,ic in the An. noun Colonies;
I Women "t tjlleen Anne'. Reign,
. Mrs ('i,|,I,mil : (Inn voyance,Spirilitul
rology, ?i,., by the Rev. .1. M.
Buckley, I? l?. edU? af the i hrkmm
l,/c? ,ii/: j-i ronoioic.l p.ptis : ail'.isi.i?
{III ?m Bible history, cle.
rrlti"?. \ PlM I' o p
pi ? M "(i -A \<nt,X,contO
, ?nuil, i l>.,,i, i?. piiatma.iri??, anil I h?
HI liai riptiataf Senil l"t
il tavtratetl 21.-pm;? ,????*
? outllillaHK full prt??|Mt.tU.r
' j ? -,? . I.J oiler be wliU'li
h o i nataaete to***
,. , tai Win .seiics at ?F*"V**'
' .,. iuieu .opv (lif-r* ?"'"betl
,,, reu.?-* ""*** ?**.
M ka without T?.
i'iii ? l Mi m ci?. NewYotk.
I ?lent Rein Tlol.ler.
* ?.* r? y,.,t |,?t Ihem na?
, ? ',... ' mi li?ot- Id
..!,.!./ in 1? t ?|l
- c|. -'.',.?I WrllaSaf toiata.
II.UHS1?R, UttUy,

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