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VOL. 82.
X) 28.
$1.00 Fer Tear.
Imrlibli In Advance.
Al'coDJuiunicatioDsof a urlvat. tature
will be charged for as advertising.
ut) nplete in every respect. Work don
In ubort notice and on the most ream nabl
e tata
8HEfi.ANi)0AH heeul
Advertising Hatea?
ad ?/orttteuieut? will be lueeited . ;
dollar per square of teu linea or ioa ?r
tho drat insertion, and ?u cent* toi i
?obeequent insert ion.
tarynarterly or yearly advert?s . t.l
t?>- contract
B>* Unless the nntuberof : dm it it no ??
marked opon the manuscript,silvern"
o enU will be pobliebed until forhi...|. ?
an?! charge 1
Practice in all tbe Courts ot Sbenan
noab ami at Jailing teeatiee. in <be Su
?teni?.. Conn si Appeals ? d in tbe Cir?
cuit ami District Court' an tbe United
tistes. a 0f
Of Special attention given to tbe col
?rctiou of claiu.c uiav 15, t?l-t?.
M. L. M'ALTON. K. 1>. NEW MAN.
Attoi neys-at-Law,
"Practice in all the Courts of Sbeuan
diokb ami ai'j? Isib*j it ulIics, id the S??
pleme Court ut Appeals, ami in tbe Cir?
cuit and District Contts ot the Halted
Special atteutiou to collection of calms
Oct. 90. ;?;ti
F, S. lAV?NNKl!. J. M. BAt SKI A?.
i[Jal| 91, "sO-ly.
I NO. U. Ol UN,
Attorney - at - Law,
WoOMIXM K, Vn;..!Mv.
Will practice iu the courts of Sbenan
rloah County.
Ofl e, up stairs, tu B. A L. BalMiBtJ
Will spend Saturday at Mt. Jackson,
sep?. M, W-lyr pd.
niMK? OOSiRAD. r. w. magrcpbr
Attorneys - at - Law
Now U '!?0 tf.
CF' OWie Room ?j Stiikley and Dejtl
I'.ii tluu. Woodstock, and at Tribute
i nuce. Ca vary. v?
1?, <", il H.AHKIM V. M. J. Kl'I-K'N.
Attorneys -at-Law,
Trachte m all the Cowtl auil can meet
clients It r coiistiltation at Woodstock, on
Court iai t?r at at auv time parties may
Kukkkmk ! Front Royal Natioiuil
Bank, ami Bank of Wariau.
jan. 3 ?lyr.
Tom's BaOQK, Va.
se. throat and ear a I
r\R. J.L. CAMl'BELL,
Physician and Surgeon,
TueadaVK and Thursdays at home for
c? iisultanon.
Dec. .31 [)--tf. _
T\\\ J. B. RUSH,
F.st?blished in 1?**. Office ;S?utb
M ?in Street. Term* ci.sU.
may "?? ijr.
jy\. w. s. (line,
Resident Physician.
tar" Calls arawered day or night.
Office and resideuce over Ricbej's
Store. Marob 4?if.
Ha? located in Woodstock tod will
piomplly answer all calls.
XTT Oanca at tbe resilience of Mr. D.
II. Wallon, -if Mublei.bur?- Street.
urn 8 ;i?*-ln.
Resident Dentist,
Okki'E.Main t., Wi.oi.si... u, Va.
ty Chloroform. either and locatlit
nt-ed for painless extraction ot teeth.
Dec. 'M? Ur.
|{. (HAS. J. 8AGER,
having located at i -.. offen
Mional services lo the pnblk la
the various biatvchet of his pro
He will )>e tilliul Ht th?' Philip's house,
after April lad and will girt procapt
attention to all calls.
Mar. 10, 99-tf.
?KsTAin isnf.it vm\?
J. F. SAUM & CO.,
Produce CommisiioaMetchanls
'X'.'i Li'i 1-iAN/ Avr |
Solicit shipments ot every marketable
produce?no matter w?Sat?of the Farm.
Dairy. Ponltiy and 8tock Yard. 8bip
p?rs paid daily tbe highest wholesale
'A \?ars (over 20 in this city ) of soc
ttaelul esperlence is guorantee. of oui
bo?int*s ability to bandle shipments
Reter to proprietor of iTkrald and Citi
?.er.? National Bank of Washington city
I? C.
Mar. 20 '?*> Ijr.
1 will pay the Highest Cash Price for
sruol ot all grades J. D. GIkaiiill.
, Wo^tock.Va,
? Do vou get up with a Q
i headache?
y Is there a bad taste in w
A your mouth?
Y Then you have a poor ??
A appetite and a weak diges- A
V tion. You are frequently W
4M dizzy, always feel dull and 4%
r drowsy. You have cold y
A hands and feet. You get A
r but little benefit from your Y
? food. You have no ambition A
X to work and the sharp pains X
y of neuralgia dart through w
A your body. I
Y Vi'hat is the cause of all ?
A this trouble? A
? Constipated bowels. V
7 will give you prompt relief j
A and certain cure. <^
X JT/aep r*ou/> B/oomf Pure. X
y If you have neglected your ?
' A eaaa a long time, you had ?a
| v Aijer's sarsaparliia ^
r also. It will remove all Jf
! *A impurities that have heen ?V
X accumulating in your Mood X
? and will greatly strengthen ?*^
Y Write the Doctor. 9
^m t as/
Evelyn Carpenter was a girl ol
ileC'ult'il opinions. Shi? W.is bUMl
-eil o( a will ot berown, ami
a eer?, determined wai ol eutore
log it. A rather tall, bandaum?
girl, witb tlark, penaive eves aud
smooth, ttooo*btful brow,in rat er
council oootraat with tbe iiroatl
bearing aud independent ap:?ear.
atice of their owner. 8he wend ?1
her way botaeward with tbe qniok,
irregular Btepof one wbo obafet
inwiui'ly at the world, ami knows
none on whom lolay tbe blame.
Sbe aongbt a mission, a new aphei ?
d! action for the beneot of her le!
low creatures.
Suddenly, before she hit sol
(toUrutly awakened from bar reven ?
10 notice whence it cunt?, a H ?o 1 ol
???-et sou?t seemed t?> aootne bei
rufflrtj feeling*. A lark, Impria
'tied in a narro? oage, pour??!
forth to tbe heedless world o iteld
its soul of melody through har.l
bars of ?ire.
The sense of relief which lia ?
stolen ovet the girl garn place 10
one of at ger, coin ?im d eitb eoni*
odd satisfaction Here at last ? i?
au opportunity to do g'?od, eren i;
?t were bat obtainiu; the I:
ot one poor, hopeless lark. A ml
who more suited to th* ta-k than
she, the president, self c institute.!
ouly three day* since, ol the X
Society for the Promotiou ol ( iin
tiau Charity Toward Animale!
Tbe soiiir that bad sootb. il her
unawares now made lie' BOnl loiiii
within her. Cro-sini' tbe road
with decided step, she entered a
little) ahop, over the <1 ?or of which
the bird sang on. It waa a ool -
bier's workshop, s'i ? found, aott
tered as such (?laces are with im
p .?int'iits of the trade, a id per
? tli'd with the jneasait rnell of
t-ather. A little, I? tit oil m tu.
?.ith Urge ??.laelea on ble -vrink
letl tiosi-, ami defl lean li igera thai
coved niiiiiiy over the roogl
leatber, pal asi le nia worn ami
shutfl'il furwaid to the c> inter,
Ho iiioved slowly and with d I
(icu'iy, for his old liabi ware L'ft
mg past their wor*. Pie nanti?.
but rath? r curiously, b ? bade her
"G >o?i day," Hear'e boplng for
work iu his poor shop f?.m ko
swart ami uicelv dressed a 1 ?dy.
liven If It somewhat um-asy a', the
?Id man's liarmieMs aspect.
?'This tard" she began, rather
timidly; 'is it yours!"
Tiie cobbler looked at tbe cage
with visible pride.
'Yes, "vea; miss, iny bird sure
enough, and a line bird, loo; not h
littler bird in all N-, miss." II?
rubbed his bauds and smiled
genially. Evelyn was silent aa be
sou'.inued, half lo hituselt, as old
men do:
' "Fonr years It is I've bail him;
tour years, am', scarce a day oil his
ton.'. It aas my bjy's, my Dick's
youu?est that's gone (or asailoi; it
eeemaonly yeaterdaj beoatac I
just ?is it migbl bave been yoi
nii.ss, to-day, with ?lie liird il) h
band, and Baya hi?
??Hut toggle' your pardeo; yo
was saying?"
'?What will you take tor tb
bird?" she asked, not frc!:::g quit
so sure of bet cause, now ?-he bat
actoally plonged into the battle
"Wouldn't sell him, miss
wouldn'r take a sovereign for liim
not if 1 was starving."
Evelyn took oat ber purse am
c Hinted its contents?two an?
sevetipenr - halfpenny. She drev
out two ahilllnga, aaying in fini
and anperlor tones. "Two abilingt
not a penny inure."
Tbe old man looked at her kind?
ly, and explained gently, u it to ;
child (it was really vary irntat
'Nu miss, 1 don't want to sel
bun. I was sa\ ing, von see, it w?;
my lad gave me the little bird be?
t?re be went to st?a. No, I'm nol
likel.i to part with bio for ibet
dearie," Indicating tbe coin witl
smiling contempt. "Ay, and bim
all tbe chick or child I've got left
tince Dick died, 'minds ne o*inj
lad when I bear bim M0g 00 bright;
often when I'm feeling lonesome
and lowapiritcd he'd chu?e in so
clie.'iv, and Mt nie lliinkm' liow
my boy'a attain'soon?-h, dear! eh,
doai! No, yoo ean't leave bim; bat
never mind, never mind." He nod
de.I kindly, as il to comfort her in
Evelyn's patienoe could stand it
no longer.
??Do ;.ou suppose I want to keep
the poOl '.nil!" she h:ok" forth. "I
want to buy it to give it back ita
liberty, lo let it be free in the
held and tbe bine sky. 8ur?-ly lou
boa vt't \. very ei ?el it is to
? a creature made to ?
and sing at the very gates ol
Heaven in a narro a cage ?*i??i
acaree room to torn!"
- -as delivered fluently, ba?
llig a verbatim quotation from ber
speech at tbe opening meeting ol
ike below mention? ?1 aociel \.
??Poor, miserable bird," she con?
cluded, apoBtropbl'iug the iineon
seuils laik
The cobbler, simple ?onl, taa a
un d deal taken aback at tins con?
vincing tu.nie. II.? attempted a
deleoae, bowevei :
"Hay, he's nol miserabl??-iiear
him sing. Would he sing like
i hat it he Weren't happy?''
-?Yes, ci ?til Evelyn, "besing, .n
eaoee be ionga to be tree. That la
?he song of despair, and not ol
j >J ?"
Tue old rellow'a face tell? Hei
i-loQoenee half oonvinoed bim
Evelyn felt rat ber heated, and
wanted, abe didn't know why, to
get out of the shop,
"C une,'' atte s.ii I, again proll >i
ing b coin, ''two ami six, s?nil far
mute fljau the wretched bird i*
i orth.V
'-Nav.r he aald. tadlv. "I'm not
going to sell In o. He's l ke an old
friend to me, and he loves me lor?,
that be does.
"Keep yon bird, tlun.' cried
the augry relormer. "Keep it and
let it di?-in iis miserable priaoi.
Someday you ??II pet haps repen
ynur wanton cruelty!" With a biet
grandiloquent threat abe departed,
?lib rather moro haste than dlgui?
Tii it night, getting into bed,
Evelyn c.tine to thf conclusion tlia
she liad made rather h poor abo?.
8 h bad also a larking Idea tbal
ini motive had not been quite .-o
much the oaaaeol ligbtenoaneet at
tu- pleaaare ot repotting pro
gtess t?> her new society. ?lei
piRsioiiate words kept recurring tn
her mili 1 .8 she lay sleepless h?il
through tbe night. She wondered
il little birds had then-duty to do,
a? ahe bad; whether, |ierbape, In
giving pleasure fo ? lonely mi
- declining ?lays, (be larl
? not i?e nuoooaeiooal? doing
is great M.k?isV bidding in the
pi tee ??>r ?Inch H - ioteuded it. |
She wee, she decided, over- oangl
ttijudge so hiBlily. And, lieinga
(liotightlul and conscientious girl,
slit- bravely rea d?red to t?'> 'he next
mottling, bumble her pride to the
dust, and u?u herself in the wrong
Aboal nil a o'clock the next
mot Hint.'! walking with rather a
red face op the aarrow street*, she
perceived the otd teiiow standing
at his door with I lie empty cage in
ins ham ; he wax gazing toward
the hky, and she saw a tear trickle
down his wiinkled cheek. He ttirn
HM the approached, and smiled
imiurnl'ii.ly in answer to her le
galling glance.
"M lytie you was right,'' he said,
"maybe.'' He jmssed into his shop
as a sob checked his utterance.
Eyulyn turued away abruptly.
Never in her lite had she been
m nob aabamed ol bcraelf.?Wi
an ?2A5Y ANSWER,
"At what age la a girl the swe<
est'.'" is a que.ili)') being erke
The Observer will eodeavor to a
?wet tue abeorhlog problem, ash
lows : At Bllteeo, in white tun
and silk ribbon, sounding, ;.n li
gradaattog essay, the depths i
pbiioeopbiea that have poealed ti
sages of ancient and modern time
she is sweet, very sweet. In lac
there is a suggestion of the caraini
and cream in every lineament- i
twenty, in shirt waist ami piq n
shirt, With just the faultest su,
gestion Of Wild violet in the pe
fume she uses, the saccharine tua!
ter is much more pronounced. Yo
look lor an luttant, and throng!
your tangled dreams oome Hoe
tag visions?red roses. SOlt winds
tue dusk hoar, and many declara
t'ons yo i might easily make
given the opportunity. Tuis is
very dangerous age. At twenti
four y ii meet her ander tbe ?vhltt
'iglit of the ball room with delieati
organdy an I a oloslerof cam itiont
making a dainty effort to hide ;
barre abooJdci; tbey are playiuj
some of those languid, exquisite
waltzeeol Strauss, and you fall li
with the mood, go outside, light;
cigar ami declare that by tbe whol?
category ol to,is she la tbe swee'
est thing in the solar ayate m Yin
are very foolish, l>uf you don'i
r?alit? Ituotllja yetr alternar I-,
when you Bud a laded carnation it
Vour drees coat picker. At tinny
you pass ti\ .tml hear her singing
a lui!.Um - ii perhaps you, and nol
the other Fellow, are I ?okiiig wild
M loi I'm? ('.?.st h in bottle as
?he -ing-. T tele ?s ,i 1, lio Iro :i
he.iv: n aiity?'Ii?t bead then, and
\ou woald die there ?>u 'be door?
step, punching the lure ol any in,in
abo dared declare you did nol
bave the sweetest wile ami bal J"
iu tliis or any oilier (own. A(
l?>it\ sue has a few wrinkles, but
yo i <? iti'i see them. Su? is still
the s wer teat woman in the world
teaching you resignattoi
to wear p itches and build op H
tuuiiiy . AI titty she is felling her
graudebildren the veiy qnaintett
little folk stories about Ifr. N?i
and old man Bliukin.' She ?8 the
,-sseiice ot all tbe spec's then. At
sixty, with white hair and placid
brow, she Imp! mts a mellowed
kiss on your otieek when she Ihliikl
you aeleep. 'Memory goea racing
back ovei the .summer hills, you
.in- .t tired, foot worn, Itt'le bo?
again, h lug there in tbe op u
doorway of an old borne. The
locust blossoms arc dropping, tbe
p?tala are falling from tbe yellow
rosee on the bush a tbe a truer of
the hoist ; it is almost dusk ai.d
your languid eyes are wato lug
tbe a wallow graceful! * cire'e over
the white 'til ise ol the lllllt* toiVi .
II.?art-aches, aud all the bitterness
?I ye ni an- (ergo te i?m ! y u
awaken. And it is re illy ber, Ike
angel and eomforter of your noy
hoo '. When Is ? girl s te et es I ?
Wie i -.he is y tur m itii r, tobe
-me ?(Lange Observer?
Mrs. Biank louud bersell In a
rat ber embarrassing situation ont
lav when she w.is dining l?,r the
Dirai tune at t!ie home ol a minister?
Opposite her sa' the minister's li ?
lie boy, a sbap eyed little fellow ol
-1 \eais. While bit lather was ask?
ing a sonii'wli it lengthy blessing
he lady ?l?vate 1 her eyelids slight
I y and cuug'it the eye of tiie little
fellow oppoaKe her.
The iiistaut Ins fat lier su 1
?Aiiie'i" the bov pointed an accus
mg finger I o ward M re. Blank ami
cried out abrillv: US ic |> "eked,
I nil i,i! she peeked'.' - I lar, i l'tBiZSr
Persona troubled with diarrine.
will in- interested la tbeoxpej ertot
ol Mi. w, M Hush, clerk of H >tel
I) n r .liee. PrOV ili nee, K. J. H*
say-: ?"'or s-v.?tal yean I hiy
Inen almost a c ?us, tut sntT'iei
ir'in dlanboea, the Iretjueui a'
tack?? nompletelj prostrating tue
ami letitleiiug me unlit for my
duties at this hotel. A'lout two
years ago a liaveling Saleamau
klndlj gave me h small bolt!? ol
' l.iut.ei Imii'.s C ?In-, <lh lera ami
Diarrhoeaatomedy, Much to my
turprlae and delight itetffecta were
l m ate Jiate. Wueiiever I fell syasp
litmn of the disease I would fortify
m\seli agalnei tbe attack with a
few doaeeof this valuabas reatad).
The lestilt has bien very satisfac?
tory ami almost complete rebel
'ion the affliction." eof sale by
L. E. IitwlN, Ilrugt/ist.
Mrs. Joy?Oh, J ?ha, run lor the
physician. The baby*s swallowed
your diamond stud!
B ichulor r.rothm l'hystoi tu be
h iitge.l! I'll bing a surgeon. -
Jeaeloro' '?Vet '"*-?.
TbeUbieago girl that knows I
business?and where is there o
who doi'sn't??has an album
cud <:am; devoted exclusively ti
collection of pictures of the c
pereon whom she thinks more
than anybody else in the World
nami ly, hersell. There are sevei
laws regulating the collection o
personal gallery of this kind.
tin? lii t-t place, no two pictures ah.
be alike; what is equally lmpi
taut, no two shall be taken iu t
sa in? town. From a glimpse
this second condition, it is obvio
that the vouitg woman who has
popular collection of ber o?vo pli
lograpba must bt something of
In order to give added intere
to tills pursuit, ol herself iu tuiui
tore, each photograph is etaapt
in violet ink,'with the uame of tt
town where taken, the name of tl
ertial and the date of the sittini
Ihcie ere also margins for report
ing any other incidents connect?
?lib the occasion that may be coi
sider* il worthy of note.
In this way the business of Tin
tOgrapb collecting is kept ou
.-vsteuiatic, methodical basis, an
the book Ol photographs become
an abridged biographical histor
? d navels In an Indedulte uuruhe
ni chapters. It is evident that tb
more pioturea itoontalaa the mor
oompteheoilye will be tbe tex1
hence the ambition of every youn,
woman |?oeaeaaed with the craze t
tu come a globe trottet'.
There are ? few standard town
that an- absolutely necessary tt
?he reputation of any album, sue.
i-i ctg", >ew York*. Niagen
and the prominent intermediar!
pointa. Beyond these, the mon
distaui autl roaaantie the plaeet
? ater the interest attached t<
these pictorial histories ot tin
world sa seen through a maiden':
igo T mes-Herald.
the voice cp the gossip like the
Dr. Tllltttnte *n\? , 11 *? I'unfrtir Ol
Itlle Titles Is lite I'tiisiltier ?if Sooltr
I> ?\ atrwaa A rri?lu:ini?-nl of l.lnr?
M ml I 1.1 tier?.
U I : " 1
\\'.\-iii>?.n..\. July -.?lu this di?
i ..ins.- Dr. Talmage rigorously arraigns
une of the great evils thai have curted
tbe work) and urges generoua Interpre
tatlon of thf character of others; text,
Romana l, 30, "full of aery, niardar,
debate, deceit, malignity: whisperers."
l'itni ?ras here calling the long roll of
th?? ui,?hl's villainy, ami he puts iu the
if this mil tlntsc [icrsuiis known
iu all cities and communities an.I
|.|.n .s as whisperers. They are so call?
ed because they ?jseeraily speak ooder
roles and In a rjoaudenUal way, their
I,ami to the side of their mouth acting
as a funnel to keep the precious Infor
iiiatioii front wandering luto the wreag
ear. They sp.ak softly not because
they have lack of tent, force or because
thev iire ovi'lliiiwert'il with the KltlHt
of gentleness, bol I..?causo they want t
escape the ranaequeocaa of dcfanu
tioii. if do one bean bal Ike perso
whispered onto, and the offender heHI
reigned ba can deny the whole thluj
for w-hisperers are always ttrst clas
Some people whisper because the.
are hoarse from a cold or because the;
wish to convey some useful Informa
tioii without ilisturliins others, hut tin
creatures ptwtognplied by the apostl.
In my text give muffled utterance fron
sinister and depraved motive, an?
tometlmet yon am only ii?'.ir iba sibi
hint aoUUd as the letter "S" tlrops fron
the tongo? ?ut?? tea llateelng ear, tin
i brief It Us of the serpent as It project:
its renom.
Wbiaperera are maaeullna and feml
nine, with a tendency to majority N
the i.iile of those who are calle?!
"the hulls of creation." WUanerats art
beard al every window of batik cash?
ier anil are beard ?n all counting
rooms as well as iu tewing aoclstlea
and at meetings of asylum dtrectort
aii'i managen. Tb** are tbs worst
foot of - -iciety. rcspiitisilile for miseries
I Innumerable; they are Um acavasigati
I of the world, driving tlteir cart through
| every community, sad today i boM ay
l f,.r cur Inilv aiiatheina and excitation
these wlii- ?lerers.
Pnul n Victim.
Prom the fr^ueecy with which Pa
speaks of them unilcr diff?rant titles
conclude that he must have suffer*
somewhat from them. Ills p. I'soit:
presence Was very defective, anil ?M
h,a le him. perhaps, the tergal of the
ridicule. And. besides that, he was
bachelor, penlttlag in his ??? llbac
dOWn lllto the sixties. ?U-'erd all til
way through, ami. tome barlak; falla
In their contrablal designa upon hin
the little in; -i. !::!!> Mas put under til
nklng tire of these wblaparera Be wa
no douta a ran omwusH for their scan
?lall/.itioii. .lint he ? '.-1 Itnot keep hi
patience any kmser, and he lays hold o
these miscreants of tlie tongue an?
?-?ves them a very hard setting dowt
in my tail among the scoundrelly anc
the murderous, "l'.nvy. munler, de
baie, iieeeit. mallgntry; whis|>eren."
Tba law of libel makes ?pilek nn?!
M..tit grip of open slander. If I should
in a plain way. calling you by name,
charge yon with fraud or theft or mur?
der or tin.?leanness, tomorrow uiorn
lUg I might have peremptory docu?
ments served on me. nuil I would have
I to pay iu dollars and cents for the
i IrtmtgT 1 hail done yiur character.
. lint these etsetane spoken of, In my
j text sie at small that they eaenpe the
ithAaUvb of th.? Jaf^. They go
U^ajg]. t .?ipARg tk? Jjudgef
and the Juries sud the
The distri.t attorni M nd tin
the sheriff cannot And ihcic.
grand Jury cannot l.itd tbem. SI
them off from one i ildy ?
they start an another. VoU Cltnnol
the force of moral sou?
thern to desist. you lull : t a? ?)
read the Ten I'm; ; to a tl ?
of crows, expecting Hi ui to retreat i
der the force of mural sentiment Tl
are to he found everywhere, tin
whisperers. I think their pai
country village ol I or -.'
people, when everybody knowt eve
hody. Bnt they also are to be found
largo quantities in all our cities.
They have a prying disposition. Th
look into the basement windows at t
rabies of their neighbors and eau t
just what they have morning and uhj
to eat. They can see as far through
keyhole as other people <an see with
door wide open. They can hear et
versatloii on the opposite side of t
room. Indeed, the world to tbem la
whispering gallery. They alwayt p
the worst construction on everything,
A Klenili?li Spirit.
Some inoenlng a wife descend? m
the street, ber eyet damp with teal
and that It a ttlmulnt to the tattl
.?uni is tnougfa to sei up a bm
three or four wecke "l iruess tbat hi:
hand and wife don't live happily t
gether. I wonder if be hasn't bet
abusing her? It's outrageous. I
ought to lie disciplined. He ought
hi? brought op before the church. I
go right over to my nelghbon and I
let them know about this matter." 81
rushes In nil out of breath to a Mig
hor's house and tayt: "Oh, Mrs. Alien
have you beard the dreadful new)
Why, our neighbor, poor thing, can
down off the steps In a flood of tear
That brute of a husband has bet
abusing her. Well, it's just as I e:
paetod I ?aw him the other aTternoo
very smiling nail very gracious to torn
one who smiled back, and I thougl
then I would Just _.. up to him nn
tell him he had tetter go home an
look after his wife and family, wfc
probably at that very time wen u
stairs crying their I I >h. Mr:
Alh-ar. do have your husband w ove:
lud put an end to this trouble. It":
tlmply outrageoui tbat our neighbor
ll.1 should ' ?
it's awful."
Th?. fact Is that one man or womai
set on li;.- ,,;? ii ;- '.rit w ii
keep a who!? ' ..il. I
not requin any rery great brain
PI ?? chief re., ?
an have a small family or bo family ai
all, t.ansa If abe have a large family
then she would have to stay at bonit
and look after them II
tant thai
tiren tt all. and then the
?ni tin? teen)
the time. A I
ly makes a very p er.
It is astonltl ; whisper
?rs '.rather up everything. They know
everything that happen
t?l?phone and t<
from their ears to all th ? houses in the
neighborhood. They have no laate for
healthy news, but for ':
peelings thrown out of tl
to the back yard they bave g eai avid
Ity. <)u the day when then la a new
trends! iu tbe newspapen they hue
no time to g., abroad. <>n the nay
when there are four or live colUIUM of
delightful private letters published ill
a dlvor.?ate - e atayt at home and
reads and reads and reada No time
for her Bible that day. but toward
night, perhaps, she may lind time to
niu out a llttli? while and see whether
there are an?, net tlei elopmenta
Satnn'x Dominion.
Satan does not have to keep s very
sharp lookout for his evil dominion In
that neighbor!.I. He bat let oui to
her the wliol.niract. She gets hus?
bands and wins into a quarnl and
brothi'i-s and sisters into antagonism,
and she disgusts tbe ?pastor with the
(lock and the Sock with tbe pastor, and
she makes neighbors who before wer
kindly disposed toward each other ove
suspicions and critical, so when one o
the aetghbon ?pataet by iu a carriag
they hiss through their teeth and taj
"Ah, wa could all keep carriages if w
never paid our debit!"
When two or three whisperers get ti
gether. they stir a caldron of tr?ubk
which makes me think of the thre
witches of "Macbeth" dancing arouu?
a boiling caldron in a dark cave;
Duatl*. iln.il.l... t. il sad o
fillet <>t a li'iiny sBSSS
In the esMroa boll sad bakt;
Eye ut M*ai ?"J t-c
Wool ot bat and leaaro* o| .lute,
A.l.l.r', (ork lad l.lin.1 ?rorm'l -Util,
I.iiaril's leg sad ?nrleVa ?m;
For a clurm ..f powarfol u "ni le,
I Like * I?. 11 U.tii i-iil sad imliiile.
Double, it.i.ii OSS,
Fire burn ami i
Scale of Jrat>-..ii. tooth 'it ajajf,
aJltd '?? ?aatajr, m t?s sa I '
in the ravta'd
Make tlio cruel thick Sad sur"k;
A?l.l tin
Fur Uh in-"- .Iron.
Doubl*, 'I"ni.li', t'?!.
Kiri- l.tirn urn!
I would ?m'y changre Bhakespean In
this, that, where he putt : I WOld
"witelt" I would nut the word "W'his
peter." Ah, what a caldron! I>;<i y<
ever K-et n taste of ItV 1 have inure r
speet for the poor waif of tl
that goes down under the gasligh
With no home and 00 Ood for she .1.
volves no one as to what she is than
hnve for these hags ..f respektable st
elety who cover up their tiger elan
with n fine shawl and bolt the heb <
their heart with I diamond breastpin!
Max-till n<- \\ ltl?|itr>-ra.
The work of masculin
chletly seen Iu the embarrassment o
business. Now, 1 Suppose, there M
hundreds of men here who at s.uu
time have been in business trouble,
will uudertake to say that in nim
case? out of ten It was the result o
some whisperer's work. The wbfapew
uttered some suspicion in regard ti
your crwllt. You sold your botet tiki
carriage hasaUOt you had n.? u-e f.n
them, ami the whisperer said: "S il.!
! his horse and carriage i ecaute be bad
to sell them. The t'aet that he so'.t his
horse and carriage shows he Is goh g
down In business "
One of your frietnls gets emb.'irrassed
nr.tl joii nre n little Involved with Ic.i.
The Whisperer says: "1 wandet If he
nid ander ail this praasarel I
think he is going down 1 th.nk he will
, have to give na." Von borrow money
out of a bank and a ?! rector a
I outside about it. uni art,., awhile the
jus-olc'cn . ?A -,_j nnd It
haps front oti" wbiaperer'a Upa t
other whisperer's iips r.ntil ali the
pis you owe want their luolley
want it right away and the luis
ci nies eoiue around you like a pas
wolves, and. ilioiitfli .von bad a
four times inure than were as er l
lo meet your liabilities, crash
everything! Whisperers: Oh.
much business men have tagend
Sometimes iu the circles of id?
men wo ?liseuss why It Ik that a ?.
many merchants do not go to cht
I will tell \otl why they do n?it g
church. By the time ?Saturday n
comes they are worn out with the
noyancea of business life. They I
had enough meanness practiced v
them to set their whole nervous
tern a-twltch.
Th?? Meaneat Talehrarar.
I think among the worst of the w
perers are those who gather up
the harsh things that have been
about you and bring them to yoti
the thiuu's said against you. or aga
your family, or against your styl?
buetnaaa. They gather them all up
they bring them to you. they bt
them to you iu the very worst tat
they bring tbem to you without auj
the extenuating clrcutnBtauces. i
after they have made your feelings
raw. very raw. they take this hr
this turpentine, this n?|llft fortls, i
rub it ?n with a coarse towel and
it In until It sinks to the bone. Tl
mnke you the pincushion In which tl
thrust all the sharp thing? tl
have ever heard nlxtut you. "Nt
dou't bring me Into a sentrx?. N<
don't tell anybody I told yon. Let It
between you ami me. I?on't luvo
me In it ut nil." They aggravate j
!.. the point of profanity, and theu tl
wonder you cuunot slug psalm tun
They turn you on a spit befon a I
litt- and wonder why you as?? uot l
sorted in gratitnda to them basai
they turn you on a spit. IVddlers
night tbade. Peddltn of Canada th
tie. I'? ?Idlers of nus v?mica. Someti?:
they gi t yon in a corner when y
cannot ?cry wall eaeepe without bei
rude, ami then they tell you all abe
this one. and all about that one, a:
all about the other one. and they tnl
talk. talk, talk, talk. After awhile th
go away leaving the place looking II
a barnyard after the foxes and t
weasels have been around; here
Wing; and there a daw, and yonder ?
?ni than a trop. How they t
make t!ic feathers fly!
Itather than the defamation of go?
naines. It seems to me It would be ?
as honorable ami useful If y<
just took a boa of matches In yot
pocket and a razor iu your band at
'.'?> through tile lUreetl and see ho
? - yon can burn down ar
how many throats you ?van cut. Thi
Is not a much worse business. The d
- ? D of a man's name Is won
than the destruction of his life.
woman came In ronftaslounl ton priei
and told bim that she had beta slai
d.ring lier neighbor? The priest pron
Ised her absolution on coedltlou of b<
performing a peeaace. He gave h?
a thistle top and said, "You can tak
that thisi|e and scatter the seeds a
over the Held." She went and did ?
and came back. "Now," said the pries'
?gather up all those seeds." She sale
"I can't." "Ah:" he said, "1 know yo
can't: Neither cnu you gather up th
evil words you spoke about your neigt
hors." All good men nnd all good wc
man have sometimes had detractor
after them. John Wesley's wife whli
pend about him, whispered all ove
England, kept on whispering ahou
that good man?as good a man an eve
lived and kept ou whispering untl
the connubial relation was dissolved.
I im Jr.h? A.aaall?-tf..
Jesos Christ had these whlspenn
after him, and they charged him wltt
drinking too much aud keeping bai
eompauy. "A wine bibber aud thi
Maud of publicans nnd sinner*." Yot
tak?' the best man that ever lived an<
put a detective on his track for tei
years, watching where he goes ami
when h?' <"in?'s. ami with a determina
Uon to misconstrue everything, and t<
think he go?'* here for a bad purpos?
and there l'or a bad purpos... with that
determination of destroying him. at tht
the ten years he will t>e helil
despicable In the sight of a great manj
If it is an outrageous thing to despoil
a man's .har.acter. how much worse li
it to damage a woman's reputation!
Yet that evil grows from ceatury to
century, ami it is all doue by whisper?
ers. A sii-pieion is started. The next
whisperer who gets hold of It sutes
tbe suspicion as a proved fact, and
many a good woman, as honorable as
your wife or your mother, has been
whispered out of all kindly associa?
tions and whispered Into the grave.
Some people say there la no hell, but if
there be no hell for such a despoller ot
womanly character It Is high time that
some philanthropist built one. But
there Is such n place established, and
what a time they will have when all
the wklaasnwra g?-t dowa there together
rehearsing things: Kverlnstlng carni?
val of mud. Were It uot for the un
toinfoil.tlile surroiiiidiuus. VOIt might
suppose they would lie gliul to gt
there In thai region where they ar
all had what opportunities for exploit*
ti.,n by these whisperers! On earth t
i!esp<.il their neighbors sometimes the
hail to He Sheet them, but down ther
they tan say the worst things possibl
ebOUl their neighbors and tell th.
truth. Jubiles of whisperers tirant
gala day of backbiters. Semiheaven o
scandal mongers stoppln?- their gabWli
about their diabolical ni'luhtsirs onl]
long eiiniigh to go up to the Iroti gati
and ask some ticwcoiner from thi
earth, "What is the last gossip in th?
city on earth where we tisi-d le live?"
Now. how are we to war agntnat thll
Iniquity which curses every eniniiuiuStj
on earth'' Tlrst by refuslug to listet
to or believe n whisper Kvory court
of the land has for u law. and all de
eetit communities have for a law, thai
you must hohl people Innocent until
they are proved guilty. There Is onl)
one persea worse than the whisperer,
and that Is the man or woman who lia
tens without protest. The trouble hi
you hold the saek while they fill It
The receiver of stolen gorxl? la Just at
bad ns the thief. An ancient writer de
clares that n slander?.r ntul a man who
- the slander ought both to te
hange? 1 the one by the tongue tnd tbe
?other by the ear. And I agree with
i him.
Dea'l Retail ala a ?1er.
VYheji you hear ro^al^ejaad aboat
your nelghlwrs do not go all over a
ask about It. whether it Is true, a
scatter It and antead it. You might
well go to n small|Mt\ hospital ami ta
a patient ami carry him all tbrou
the community asking people If th
really thought It Is a case of sinallp?
That would Ik- very had for the petit
and for all the neighbors. Do not ret?
slanders and arhissjstrtstge las not SM
yourself the tksspector of warts, ai
the supervisor of earbunch.-s. ami t
oomsBissloiH-r for str?,s't gutters, at
the holder of stakes for a dogiigl
Can It be that you. an Immortal inn
that you. an Immortal woman. ,-an lii
no Ix. t ter business than to become
gutter lusij/i'tiir?
Besides that, at your fatally tattle i
low no detraction. Teach your chll.ln
to speak well of othere. Show them tl
difference between a bee and a wasp
the one gathering honey, the oth?
thrusting a sting. I mad of a fain:
where they kept what they calle?! "
Slander Book," ami when any slande
ous words were uttered in the houi
About anybody, or detraction uttered. I
waa all put dou n in this book. Th
book was kept carefully. For the firs
tew weens there were a great many eti
tries, but after a while there were n
entries at nil. Detraction stopped li
that household. It would tu- a goOt
thing to have a slander book In al
Are any of you given to this habit o
whispering about others? Let nie pel
sunde you to desist. Mount Ta um
wo* a great place for tag:
cranes would fly slottg that way. an?
they would cackle s?t loud that thi
eagles would know of their coming mu
they would pouuee upon them and ?le
atroy them. It Is tatd that the oh
crane? found this out. tad before the?
started on their flight they would al
ways have a stone In their mouth s?
they could not cackle, and then tln-j
would fly la perfect safety. Oh, 1113
friends, tie as wise as the obi crane;
and avoid the folly of the fOOBfl
cranes! Do not cackle.
If there are people here who ar?
whts[tered about, if there are peofkV
here who are slundered, If there art
people here who are abused In nny elr
cle of life, let me say for your soeottr
agement that these whisperers soon
run out. They mnj do a little damag??
for awhile, but after awhile their de?
traction becomes a ttUOgy? and pe..pl<!
understand them Just as well as though
some one chalked nil over their over?
coat or their shawl these ?words: "Here
goes a whisperer. Room for the l.-per.
Iloom!" You go abend and do your
duty, and God will take care of your
reputation. How dare you distrust
him? You have committed to him your
souls. Can you not tru?t him with
your reputation? (Jet down on your
knees before God nnd settle the whole
matter there. Thnt man whom GoJ
takes care of Is well sheltered.
Proper lae or the Tocase.
Let me charge you, my friends, le
make right and holy use of the tongue.
It la loose at one end and can swing
either way. but It la fastsead at the
other end to the floor of your mouth,
and that makes you responsible for the
way It wags. Xanthus. the philoso?
pher, told his servant that on the mor?
row he was going to have some friends
to dine and told him to get the best
thing he could find In the market The
philosopher and his guests sat down
the next day at the table. They had
nothing but tongue?four or th'?*
courses of tongue?tongue cooked In
this way and tongue cooked In that
way, and the philosopher lost his pa?
tience and said to his servant, "Didn't
I tell you to get the best thing Iu the
market?" He said: "I ?lid get the In>st
thing In the market. Isn't the tongue
the organ of sociality, the organ of
eloquence, the organ of kindness, the
organ of worship?"
Then Xanthus said, "Tomorrow I
want you to get the worst thing In the
market." And on the morrow the phi?
losopher sat at the labte, and there tree
nothing there but tongue four or five
courses of tongue -tongue in this ihape
? and tongue In that shape. And the
, philosopher again lost his patients, ami
! said. "Didn't I tell you to get the worst
thing In the market?" The servant n
piled, "I did; for Isn't the tongue the
I organ of blasphemy, the organ of defa
! matlon, the organ of lying?"
Oh, rxgr friends, employ tbe tongue
i which God so wonderfully created ns
the organ of taste, the organ of deglu?
tition, the organ of articulation to
make othere happy ami In the service
of God! If you whisper, whisper gtxni
?encouragement to the fallen and
hope to the lost. Ah. my friends, the
time will soon come when we will all
whisper! Tbe voice will he enfeebled
In the last sickness, aud. though that
voice could laugh and shout and slug
and halloo until the forest echoes au
swered. It will be so feeble then we can
only whisper cousolatlon to th??se
whom we leave behind and only whis?
per our hope of heaven.
While I speak this very moment
there are hundreds whispering their
last utti.ra.ncea. Oh. w hen that Solemn
hour comea to you and to me. as come
aoon it will, may It be found tbat we
did our beat to serve Christ and to
ch?eer our coinradea In the earthly
struggle and that we consecrated not
only our band, but our tongue, to God!
80 that the ahadows that fall around
our 4/lng pillow shall not be the even?
ing twilight of a gathering night, but
the morning twilight of an everlasting
This morning, at half past 4 o'clock,
I looked out of my window, and the
atan were very dim. I looked out a
few moments after, and the atare wen
almost Invisible. 1 looked out an hour
or two afterward. Not a atar was to
be ?seen. What wa* the matter with
tbe stars? Had they melted Into dark
neat? No. They bad melted Into the
glorious light of a Sabbath morn.
t ?a*.-? tell (he DU?aa?*S.
Lord Henry Krauet? Hope, brother
and heir of the Duke of Newcastle,
who married May Yobe, the American
actress, made au application s fort?
night ago to tbe chancery court of Lon?
don for leave to sell tbe celebrated
blue diamond, whlcb-U an heirloom of
tbe Hope catates, of which bis lordship
Is a life tenant It was argued In bis
behalf tbat the diamond was l<x-ke?l up
in Parr's hank aud <-ouse?|uenUy waa
of no lietieOt to any one. Tbe rest ot
tbe family opposed the application,
and tbe court refused to grant the per>
aaJasaee asked. _
* ?

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