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FRIDAY NOV. 24th, I89?.
Great From now t0 DdC.. 1903
Offer Nearlv 5 Years<
By t ecial airangtsoeatmade with
the publishers of the FARM JOUR?
NAL we arc enabled to offer that
paper to every subscriber who pay?
for the Siienanooaii Herald one
year ahead, for only fl.00 both
papers for the price of ours only; ont
Saper one year and the FARM
OURNAL?V0111 now to December,
IMS, nearly B years. The FARM
JOURNAL ?s u old established
paper, enjoying great popularity, one
of the best and most uselul tana
papers published.
t?iT* This offer should b?accepted
without pela v.
The nnroOTS, which WS hear about
surrounding Aguinaldo,are very sim?
ilar to those published in Northern
journals when Stonewall Jackson ?-m
opera!mg in the Shenandoah Valhy,
It is saip that the Legislature will
be largely made up of new members
Ita?er a three months session, it
should be said of i turn; "They did
nothing," it would be a high compli?
Admiral Dewky not only surrend?
ered liis heart to his fair and wealthy
bride, but deeded her tho house in
Washington, which was lately pre
tinted to him by admiring friends.
She ii said to be the owner of a ?ne
residence, in the same city
W? ai:k Ni'Tvet prtpnnd to be?
lieve that the Virginia Legitlafan
will exclude from the caucus a dem?
ocrat who las always been a dem. -
orat and is' row willing to abide by
the action of the caucus, simply be?
cause the State committee decided
that he was not what they termed
I r the remit of a war were de?
pendent upon the gallantry and skill
of the warriors, the Boers would be
successful. The result in these days
depends upon the resources and
the material which is at command.
Improved engines of war, more titan
personal bravery, turns the scale of
Mr. Bryan is so closely connected
with the freo silver doctrine, tint to
nominate hin would virtually reaus
Cltate the old issue and bring up?
on the democratic party another de
feat. With another candidate, the
issue weald be anti-in.pen:dism ami
anti-expansion. The republicans are
anxious to f t the free i-ilvtr bOMie
over. They have all the ncccasary
ammunition on hand and would be
prepared to make an aggressive fight.
Upon the new issues, they would be
compelled to fight on the defensive
and they are not at all sanguine as
to the result.
The DOCnnrn that the democratic
caucus, which shapes the legislation
of the General Assembly, is a creature
of the State Democratic Committee,
and nuut act in accord with that
committee, is not only repuisive, but
it is absurd. II such were the cas , it
would be economical Mid proper to
turn ail legislation over to the State
Committee, and let the men, who
could secure proxies, elect our United
States Senators and enact all laws
for the government of the people of
the State.
An article ih the Richinoad Dis?
patch intimates that there will bi
determined opposition to admitting
Hon. Win. Shands member of the
Senate from the Thirty second Dir
trict, and of Josiah Stickle/ of Sher
andoah, to the caucus of Democrats.
The reason assigued is that ''to admit
thim would be to hare the party cau?
cus disapprove the action and rejtct
ths arbitrament of the supreme party
authority, the State Committee. TI e
caucus, it ?8 pointed out, is the com?
mittee's creature and the creature
cannot he greater than the creator. '
This is just where we think the
State committee erred. They imag?
ined that they w ere. the supreme au?
thority, a creature of the p< ople
superior to their creator, the people,
The democratic party in Virginia has
had enough ot this foolishness. If it
is persevered in, they will succeed in
rupturing the party on the eve of a
Presidential election. The people
cannot afford to ?ive their consent
to anv euch proposition. They will
not diveat themselves ot what they
consider their political rights. If ?
party caucus undertake to endors?
tbe foolish and partisan action of tli
State committee, they will make
themselves the instrument of disrupt?
ing the democratic ?tarty in Virginia.
The Boers are the Dutch saisi
Who settled in Cape Colony, So
Africa about the year 1612. '
word "boer," is the Dutch for fain
hence the name by which these p
pie are now known. In 1708,
was declared between Holland
Great Britain, Ky the treaty
peace n IsO.? Cape Colony was c
ed back to Holland. In 1M>.'>
again broke out between Croat B
ain and Holland and Cape Col
was placed under an English gnu
nor who was very unpopular with
boera, who became much einbitu
tow arda England on account of tl
treatment. The oppression of tl
people was ?uch that in 1836, the
i ?U of them abandoned iheir fa
xml taking Iheir household gu
with them, sought another home
the wildernesBfKorth ot CapeCoic
They crossed the river Yard, wl
was the Northern limit of Cape C
ony Bl d the land which they oc
pied, across ihe Vaal, is now km
as the Transvrnl. Tiny organize
republican form of government ?
in 1858, Great Britaui asknowledj
the independence of the Trans?
Repabbo. Later the British gove
ment assisted l lie Boers in a war w
the savage natives and iron that ti
I as claimed to possess the rights
?usarahaiy over the Transvaal repi
lie. This resulted in war betWi
Great Britain and the Boers in Is
In 1881, at the battle of Mnjuba I
a oonsidetsblc force of English vi
defeated and almost annihilated
tin Boers. The it stilt ot'tliis war
1 sa generally been I" li? ved, res'.?
independence I o thoTr: navnal t> pu
lie From tbat lime, the
February has been annually eel br
?d as nnb pendenee day. In 18(
diamondi were discovered along t
river Vaal ami a tew year? later ve
rich gold mints in the^erritory of t
Transvaal Republic. An idea of t
richness of their gold fieldi can
formed by the tact that the prodn
of the present year was expected
be ? 100,000,000. It it estim?t*
that $500,000,000 worth of gold fa
been mined and there is yet $3,50
000,000 to be dug out.
Inese discoveries brought in
Transvaal territory thousands of foi
rigners most of whom were Englis
The government ?npoaed a tai upc
these foreigners, called tiitlander
which U said tube no heavier till
the tax imposed by the Canadian gov
srnment upon the Klondike gol
mincis. The foreigners objected t
this tax and to the laws relative t
citizenship and appealed to the Eng
ii-li government lor assistance. Eng
land demanded a change of law
which the Boers refused to make
hence the war.
A powerful nation does not lonj
hesitate to wage war against a weal
j nainn possessed of so great wealth
Tha Biers are fighting for Illicit;
? nnd their homes. There was a da?
when their cause would have receive)
the heartfelt sympathy of the Amer?
ican people. Times have changed
and we have changed with them
The love of liberty and the sympathy
wi'.! those who are fighting for home
and liberty were once charscterestica
of the American people, but now they,
embaed with the imperialistic idean
of the present administration, regard
?udi senlimentl as evidence of a
treasonable disposition. Our unjusti?
fiable war with the Filipinos ha?
placed us in sympathy with any mo?
narchical government that treks em?
pire by making war upon weaker
nations. The grandiloquent Fourth
of July orations, and hymns praising
God for this great land of liberty all
seem out of place, when we ask a
justice loving God to bless our arms
engaged in the effort 1o subdue a
gallant people who are fighting for
what our fathers fought in 1776.
Wl have information, the correct?
ness of which we do not doubt, that
Hon. Thos. Martin is sending letters
to nn ml.crs elect of the Legislature,
requesting them to vote against lbs
admission into the caucus of demo?
crats declared independent by the
State committee. Is not this
an instance of the creature placing
himself above the creator?
Mr. Martin, a candidate for the
United States Senate, assumes the
authority to dictate to the represent?
atives of the people of Virginia how
they shall vote.
Are we to have another period O?
Mahoneism, with only the name
changed ? It is said that the State
committee that undertook to decide
who were regulars and who were in
dependent? was not compos? d of the
regular State committee, but in part
of politicians,who had secured proxies
ol absent members cf tlint commit?
tee and acted for them, and that Hon.
Jas. Hay, who is not a member of
the committee took an active part
by virtue of a proxy which he held.
Mr. Martin may have votes enough
to eiset him to the United Statt b
Senate, but he is antagonising the
democrats of Virginia, who will fight
him as bitterly as the people of Vir?
ginia fought Mahone.
When the people are satia/ied that
Mr. Martin is endeavoring to place
himself at the head of a ring, with
the object of not only securing a
good plate for himself but of control?
ling the legislation of this old Com?
monwealth, in every particular, they
will certainly relegate him 10 private
life as they have dealt with men of
his class heretolore.
Can any honorable, high mitub
representative of the people consid
a letter from Hon Thoa. Martin,
the character indicated above as ant
thing but an insult ?
The people had better have repn
tentativos outside of a caucus than
have them insidv, obedient to tl
instructions of an outside politicia
With a tariff high enough
keep out all foreign goods, how ea
it is for men of large capital to foi
a trust on the goods produced
home. Republican paper? are wo
to praise the protective tariff as t
cause of present prosperity and
deny that it is responsible for t'
easy formation of trusts. Without
protective tariff, they tell m that 0
infant industries could not live, b
under the beneficent influence of pn
tection they have become giants wi
sufficient power to destroy all con
petition at home, We arc now c
periencing the results of taxing 01
class of people for the exclusive bol
efit of another favored class.
Est court is now surrounded, th
Boers having appeared near the Mo
1 river, in rear of the town.
British mounted volunteers enga
cd them in that direction and tl
1 Boers retired, as they were m
ready for battle. General Jottbert
momentarily expected to attac
! Fit court,
General Hildyard, who is now
command at Fsteourt, will try I
hold out until General Clerv, wit
the mam expedition from Dnrb.ai
arrives. The British do not seem t
be hurrying in carrying out the
plan of campaign.
Boers attacked the British positk
at Ladysinith last Wednesday,Thur:
day and Friday. Up to lait account
they had not captured that tOWl
Their evideut intention is to wea
out the garrison and force surrcndei
The Boers before Lodysmith ar
reported to be suffering ?from ex
posare m rainy weather and from im
proper food.
A heavy tight has occurred nca
Kuruman, Bechuanaland. The Boer
attacked the place andar? said t<
have been repulsed.
At the Marquis of Lansdownc'
suggestion Queen Victoria has de
cidel that her Christmas present It
the troops in South Africa is to t-iki
the form of a can of chocolate fot
each man.
A Thousand Tomirsg
Could not express the rapture o
Annie F. Springer, of 1125 Howard
st., Philadelphia, Pa., when she founrl
that Dr. King's New Discovery fol
Consumption had completely cured
her of a hacking cough that foi
many years had made life a burden.
All other remedies add dooton could
give her no help, but she says ot this
Royal Cure?''it soon removed the
pain in my ehest and I can now sleep
soundly, something I can scarcely re?
member doing before. I feel like
sounding its praises throughout the
Universe.'1 So will every one who
tries Dr. King's New Discovery for
any trouble of the Throat, Ches! or
Lungs. Price 50c. and ? I on. Triai
bottles free at B, Schmitt'* Drug
Stoic; every bottle guaranteed.
Panama, Nov. 20.?Official advices
from Bogota, dated November is,
report that at noon on November 10
a terribly bloody battle ended, after
lasting two day?, (near Bucaranaga,
capital of the Department of Sant?
The Government forces were
victorious, leaving on the battlefield
over 1,000 men killed and '.?,000
About 10,000 men on both sides
are supposid to have entered the1
engagement. General Urihe and
Gen. Juan Francisco Gomez, promi?
nent leaders of the revolutionists,
were wounded and Gen. Patrio
Emilio Villar is reported dead. On
the Government side there wera
wounded Gen. Pena Solano Pills*
mazar and General Hernandez.
The r?giments commanded by
Generals Holguin and Pujan have
occupied Bocaraoaga, which had
boon held by the revolutionists since
th? outbreak a month ago.
Nov. 22th, '99.
-Mr George Jordan snd wife left
last week for Baltimore, where they
will make their home this winter.
Mrs. Wall left yesterday for Har?
per's Ferry, she will be joined there
by her son Alden, who will accom
pany her to Cumberland, where she
will make a stay of two weeks.
The many patrons of J. K. P. Coojv
sr will find him newly established in
the room formerly occupied by Dr.
L Jordan as a drug store.
Misi Mary Foote Triplett of Mark
ham, is visiting her cousin Miss Kliza
Triplett st her home, Willow Glen.
Mr. J. Ales, Carter, Mrs Cartel
and her mother Mrs Henley of West
Point, Vs., have gone for several
days visit in Fauquier county.
Taylor Carter will return to the
V. M. I. next ?l/ornlay.
Mr Dorilas Proctot has just return?
ed to Washington, his sons Claude
and Birt are here ou a visit to their
For Infanti and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bough
Bears the
Secret of Beauty
is health. The secret of health
j the power to digest and assin
ilate a proper quanity of foo
This can never be dont: w lit
the liver docs not act it's pat
Do you know this'
Tutt's Liver Pills are an abst
lute cure for sick headache, dy:
pepsia, sour stomach, malari.
constipation, torpid liver, pile
jaundice, bilious fever, biliou;
ness and kindred diseases.
Tutt's Liver Pill
(From our Itctrol.-ir L\)lISBIWIlrttalJ
Washiootow, Nov. '20?The
will be a marked difference in the r
lations of tie President and tl
Speaker of this Honse, rind tho
which existed duriii": the hist Co
grcsOj One of UM ti*st things th
Col. Henderson did after sattln
himself and family in their Wasl
blgton quarters, was to call at tl
White House, and hold a long en
ference with the President, wit
whom he is and Ins been i'"t yea
in perfect accord, and these confei
enees are likely to be tiennent SS tl
work of the session progresse
While il is not tine that the Prcsi
dent and Speaker Reed were enc
mieff, lliey were a 'eng way- from bt
ing in accord on some rcry ?mpol
'tant question?, involving no! only th
policy ot the government, but ofth
party of which theyaroboth prom
inent membt is, and neill er si erne
able to i'< rgel that they had lien
rivals both ???!? the S|M nkt ral ip am
o: tin pi fidelity. VYIutl eff c! tli
harmoi y h tuen il c Pn-si
the Spanker will have upon h gis'?
tion, remains In 1"- seen, hut t! al i
will nnke ihings pliasaiiter ?ir al
i com- rni d is ecrlai i.
() ing lo ih ' tvtlliiig of the s| cak
! crship h ilvai ? , ai d of tli .
belief I hat wilh one ; ???
tion. the importan! House i ft?e? n
will be iv- '? ct, I. ihci " i- none of tin
excii menl in \\ whicl
usual y precedes 11.|ieni g of a
new Congress, "V\* ?tli everv thing
prod c ill) - ill I, tin re i
for m ybodj in gt i
Even 11 of the old chairmen of
" ?an c
or sonn thin" I hut they
1 pref ,in tl c pr< ?cul II-. Til ii
oulv leaves i t'-v ini' 'i ta il eh tit -
man hi]? lo be fil h il. including thai
o? tin Judiciary C . to 11? tl by
Col. Hciniei -oil in I he 1 isl Congre??.
and i ;' I he Hanking I
Committee, filled by Mr. W
Mass., who WS- no! n c i didatc for
Mr. Andrew Carncgi 1 isprninis? .1
to appear before the Industria] t
misdo ?, tumi time m \t month to t> s
tily about trusta, lie si u lid be a
very interesting witness, it he tills
all be knows about (rusts, i -
about the big one thai was [thinned
but not actually formed, to control
the steel bus!
from New sealant).
Reeftown, New Zealand, Not '.';?. 'M
I am very pleased to ?t?te thai ?Ince I
took tko agency of * hsmberlain'i niedl
dnei the sale has been very large more
especially of the Cough Remedy. In two
yean I have sold more r?f this particular
remedy than of all other makes for the
previons fire years, As to it- efficacy, I
have been Informed bj scores of persons
of the good results they lave received
from Ir,and know iuviluc from the
ii-e oi ?t in my own household It is so
pleasant to take that we have to pi II c
the bottle beyond the reach of the chil?
dren. K ,1 M AN I l.l Kt'KY
Por salt; bv L. lt. Irwin.
One more oar losil oi fine winesap
ajiples were shipped today.
Mr, Win. Piter, oi Boyce, Na., re?
turned to his home after spending
several days with friends here.
Mis. Fannis Roesenberger con?
tinues qllitO ill.
1). f.. Kdmonson, of Middletowi,
is in tiiis place on boiini is.
Frank J. Miller retained to Mid
Miss Susie Balthii is visiting H. E.
White's family at Lebanon Church
tins week.
There was considerable disappoint*
meat during the early hour! i f
Wednesday ami Thursday morning
among many "t our people who
waited patiently t..r tiie stars to tall,
; but all in vain.
A ri luiiliol Itluiider
Will often cause a horrible Bora,
Scald, Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, the besl in the world,
will kill the pain snd promptly heal
il. Cures ()|.| Soles, Fever Sore?,
Ulcers, Boils, Felons, Corns, all Skin
Eruptions Besl Pile cure on earth.
Only 89 cts. a box. Cure guaranteed
Bold by P. Schmitt, Druggist.
Vice President Ilobait died it ?.:!<>
on Tassdsy morning. The funeral
will probably take place today, Fri
Wc are glad to know that Wood
stock is Ogam V> have a brass band,
something this town has been with
out titr a long time. Woodstock
has as much moa?csl talent in pro?
portion to population as any town in
ley .?.ml was long noted for i is
I tod. The new organisation,
starts off with fourteen member I
n any of the old musician?. They
will recurs the beany support of our
au extra of Pigs C.1er publlshe
an Bteonnl of s btgflri which kid s psi
of thai Im-hht?fui town in
Friday ssorning Hoy. I7th. Tbs tire
said to have startet1 In the np\
ef the boras oi Mr. Vfaller Campbel
The loste? sod insurance were appn i
mateI m follow- :
Jantes Burrlll, dwelling and part i
the contents; loes ?hont |1,| 00, InSOl
sow |N0. The Londonn Mutual bs
tin- risk.
Dr. B. B. White, dwelling and par! i
the sontents of each; loss shoot $1 Ml
insurance 1600,
John Dosh, ihos maker ihop sn
greater part of contents; lorn sbon
$250; no i nsaranco.
John J. Moverik Bro.. (M. bee) black
smith and wagon ?hop; los- ahon
I MOO; ibsaranes |i 0.
1*. Wash. Mover, wagon maker- OUl
tit and material; loss about :
insu raneo.
Bauserman A Bautennan, tin -hop
?os. on tools tad material In shop, $800
no Insnronee.
Visiter Campbell, building, oecupiet
BBS barber ibop and restaurant; loSI
ahout 1000; Insurance, HOO.
w. it. Bobannon, residence pon
blistered. Fully Insured.
I . '.. CtmpbeU, tin .-hop and tOOll
N** Insurance.
All the abovt Insnranes was in tN
agency oi Berry and the Hank.
Tbme who flrst saw the Are say thai
it originated in the upper -tory tbon
the middle of the building. It was dis
covered tbon! I o'clock In tbe atom
Ing. Tbe Tannery whistle gave tin
usual alarm, and s large number ol
people of the country for miles arotitn
were toon Oil th.- ground, while many In
the town del n't even hesrol the tire till
tiny arose tbs next morning.
C. K. Singer, liai her. LOSS Small. N<
.1. I.. Daily, oyster saloon, Losend
known t?o Insurance.
John Skelton. I."--. pool-ta ble and
furniture. No liminnce. '
J. A. Mi-lion. Painting msterisl,
Loss small. No insurance.
.loiin w. Stover o-t Hue new carriage
in Mover ct Bro ?hop, valued a! $900:
no Insurance.
A. E Fllnn It si ahout .."no wotth si
mechanics1 tool - in Dosh'i -hop.
This is anolher waining no)
Lursy bul to ill low ns to provide for
j themselv? - the bt it vv atei Mi?>ph pn
'. I '-'',? uighl i to? with the
accumulation! of msii) v..it? of hard
labor, may be swept awny, ?rame Iht
- have not ft en proper to I'ipply
ihi in-live- with inadequate fupplyo!
a ?lei and the facllltit - f"i luceessfuily
| 'he.
iiolilii <l the Or ni',
\ ? idenf, of which Mr.
John Oliver of Philsdelphla, was the
fill jecf, I by 111 m a- f' ou ?:
' I w :i- ?n :i m,,?t dreailful ci
My skin m as almost yellow, eyt -
coated, pain conMi !
and - tli -, no ?ppi flte ;i i ilu illy grow?
ing weaker day by da). Thrc
vician? had gh en me up, Foi im
eiltr) lug "E ectrh I
anil lo my gresi j y ai il ?iirpilsr, the
lii-t I? tile made ? ,'. cl led linprovt illelit.
el ihelr ii-e for linee weeks,
and am now a well m m. 1 know the)
- ivi d my life, and r bbed \h* grave of
i othei v i'iiui." No one should f iil to
ti.\ them. Uni;, ."neu., gtiartureed, tl
b. bchu
Farmen have been bury gathering
corn. The cr< p seems to be mucl
lighter than usual.
The continued drouth 1ms caused
almost s water famine in this neigh?
borhood If we should have Iiiuci
freezing before we u'et :\ good rain.
the situation will be had.
Win at ?s looking remarkably wel
although we notice 'ome fly in it.
Rev. Riser, ofthe Lutheran church
closed a series of meetings Sundav
resulting in 10 addition! to thi
The Teachers Lesgus ofSlonewsll
Distlid vt ill convene at this pi tct
Saturday at 9:80 ..'.-lick instead 0
8*80 as announced in last weeki
The patrona and school trnsteet
are cordially invited to attend. Come
out and give us a good attendance.
Pupila of this and other scbooll SIS
ill vitcd to be |'i( sent.
Mr. Joseph Goehenour has been
confined lo his bed for severs! weeks,
If ii some better at this writing.
Tl,.- lehool at this place opened
wrth a good attendance and all k i m
to be in earn? si in their vvrk.
A Woman
Only Knows
what lufferinfr from falling of the
womb, white?, painful or irrr.rular
Bseaaaa, ?r any disease of the distinctly
f.-inc. A ni?n may sympa?
thize or pity tuit ho can Bot know the
?gimlet ?he goes through?tho terrible
sulTering, s? patiently Lornt-, which
robs her of beauty, hope and happi?
ness Vat this suffering really It
Wine oi Card?,
will banish It. This medicine
cures all " female diseases " ?juick
ly and permanently. It does awav
with humiliating physical exami?
nations. The treatment may be
taken at home. Thero is not con?
tinual expense and trouble. Tlio
sufferer is cured and s/.tys cur,-d.
Wine of Cardui is liecomiiij* the
leading remetly for all trotihie? of
this class. Itcosts but ?i from any
1-or advice In cases requiring
.1 directions, address, the
"Ladies Advisory Department,'1
The Chattaaoogs Modifias Co.,
Chattanooga, Tenn.
MRS. < . .1. WKST, Naalisille, Tenu ,
writes ! ?'Thit wonderful medicine outlit
|? b? In every bous? where there are ?iris
and women.**
? Ill
Babies ?\.i '.'..v !ren reed I
i >d, rarely ever mcci-1
j cine. If tiiey do not thrive ?
! i'*i their ft od something is j
? Tong. They need a little |
help to get their digestive j
ry working properly, j
? generally correct this 1
you will put from one* I
h to hi !f a teaspoonful |
?Ir/'s bottle three or four i
I times a day you will soon see I
j a marked improvement. For j
? larger children, from half to j
I a teaspoonful, according to |
I age, dissolved in their milk, |
j if you so desire, will very |
j soon show its great nourish- j
? ing power. If the mother's j
{ milk does not nourish the ]
l baby, she needs the emul- |
sion. It will show an effect j
"?' at once both upon mother ?
? and child. 1
5: ill In
LV.t v rk, *
s??-?i"??h?- ?;t il il?J
M -. Elizalii th Ilaun, * ife ol Mr,
Geo.l [sun, residing a short distance
northwest of Woodstock, entered
to eterna! rest W i dnesday, Nov. 3th,
l**99, after aboul a year's ?llness,*the
last your w ? days ami
iff ring. For many
? T busbard was an ahnest
! ?i n .s by her
liurd and uucensing labor thai she
itipported him and her children.
For a number ofyearsshc was i
christian woman, ami it was her un?
swerving faith that brigl tened hi r
toil and at last made
lu-r ilyinj? piilow. S ? ? mem?
ber ol the Christian church, but in
the absence of Revs. Cocke and
'.Rev. M. L. Carpenter, ofthe
Lutheran church, conducted the
Mrs. ilaun leaves an aged husband
snd three grown sons. Her body was
the burying ground of
the IInnn family mar Mt. Vernon
: House.
A Friend.
?[t i- a Mirprl iltig fact." -ay? Prof
il ii, "that in my travels In all
parts of the world, for the last lei
I h ?ve nnt more |ieople having used
-? Flower than any other
remedy, f- - ? '???la. ilorani;<
and stomach, and for com-tlputlon. I
Und for torn i-t- snd talesmen, or for
tilling office |.?>-it?.m-, where
i - and g< heral had
from Irregular habits exist, thai I
\ ii), usi Flower i- i gi and icun dy. It
.I..,- not h Jure the ?ystem by I
use, sud is excellent for sour ?tomaclii
ami indigestion." baniple bottle free
il l. i: [rwln, Woodstock a A Si o. ?.
Shaver a (". Maiirertown,
A trick bicycle rider entertained
a larpe crowd on court sju.-ire
VV< '1: esd.ty by -t number of remark?
able teats mi hi- wheel.
This will ImVest Manv
Em nui ok Hbsalo;
it any .a our reader? ? lo. luffer from
111.i Impuritl
ly Pimples, Dicers. Rating Sores, ?ezi ma,
Scrofula, ' tm ? i i ? tter, H
KheumatUm, Catarrh, Contagious It.I
I'oUon, l i,. rated Mouth or Thru?! <
other Blood Taint, will ?-riten-, we will tend
them free ot charge uni prepaid, a inal
Uottlt ol it. n. Ii. iBoMulc Blood Balm) a
.Be ? ure tor all Blood 1 '
a- ;.i" ?eil aware it. It. it
thoroughly tesred tor thirty yean, ana in that
? na- permanently cured thou-aii'l- of
-ull. i. i-at't. i a! 11 it lie i- treatment- bad I a M I.
ii. n. >t. i- undoubtedly tbe most ?roar er ful
Blood Purifier of tbe age. It:- different from
any other blood rented) because B, B. B. 'hue?
from the BUxxl the Humori and Potaoo? iimi
eau-etlie unsightly evidence? of Had Blood
ami a eure i- thus m ele that last? forever. It.
it. n. i- for -?tv by every druggist at 11 per
bottle, but '" tatisfj vein- reader? that It. It.
B. t? s real cure, we will tend ?aaapje bottle
foe ,.i charge and prepaid, i" no.
li your reader? will deacrit e their
trouble? we will give PHKK Pi
A.l\ i. e. \ -i ahout It. Il.lt.
Bi.mu. Bai m Co., SO lltcbell SI ,
lv r. ? i. i. i.
O -A. ? V O?I?A.
Bean It?
?: rastsia ,
>* i'sirs flocht
The Marquis oi Salisbury, head of
the Bt itish Government is too ill to
attend to business.
Hm log taken tbe agency forth? well known
clothing nun ot Wansmaker A Brown, of
? Ina. Ph.. to represen) them at
k and the ?urrouodtng countrj I
uve you prioe?fortatrtnteedtil wool ?nit?
Men- -nit- to mensure ?in to -,'t
'? ready to veer, ? to M
?' Ti t to ?
Over ? ft? Sj
Storm overcoat? him:?
Nclnlosbei i*-st wear 4 to l-'
Voung mens and boy? ail ? ?I -mis a to II
?? uvereoat* Sto is
Mem undershirts and draw? i I toi
"One III.I .lie-s?hiit.s Biets, to t caeh
"nil lam?* WOOl SM to .SO?- pair
Uojra hose l*' H ??'1 "
lii few .lav- will have i alo? Um sample?
ladles'coat? sad i bpss,
If Can on me before ton buy und wll!
?ho? vu tbe Bnesl Hiie of all wool suiting?
> ?, .a -a? for tin- monei.
to*"'I'aki your Bteasure sod tsvs tult? *c
in from tr, in I to I day*.
\ oui? to Serve,
C. I ft .KM.
tii'l.r Ir? iii's I ?rug Store.
Nov. 17 BBS.
TbsBoatd 6f Ovsrassrs rd Poor o,
Shcnsndosh ounty. will hold their an.
niiai meeting at AlmsRonss Fruity
I tli. l-U'l. .
It ?. PGNKII0U8ER, Supt.
I, QIRL.ZIBKLM.Clk. of Board.
The Jewelry,
Game is scarce.
Wheat is looking fun-.
General health is good,
Corn gathering is almost over.
Orando institute ii doing well.
Publie school baa atten?
Mr Gobler had b? ttcr soon hunt
a high perch.
Stickley AOnidoifTs lime kiln has
shut down lor l'.p tirs.
Oronda Nursery is sending out
more trees this (all ihati ever before.
The squeal of the porker can be
heard now on almost all sides,
Messrs. McDonald Bros, have left
the Rogers farm ami have employ?
ment at Wheattiela.
Wl ?? ever saw bettor weather than
we have been having for two
Mr. U.A. Coll', it and wile are
visiting frienda up the Valley.
Miss <? unie Blotaur is tin.' ^uost i f
Mr. I. F Blosser and wife in lovely
M ?- Katie Pangle, of Odia, Md.,
is th.--.'nest of .Ali-- Daisy Myers.
.1. R. Keller ami wife r<
ipent a few days with frienda, near
Rev. W.I.. Dudley will begins
protracted meeting in the Christian
church here 1st Sunday in Dec Ha
will be assist,,i the following two
by Rev. R. W. Lilly of
Lynchburg, Ya. Jumbo,
.Vr. G. S. R.imiburg while watch?
ing a deer crossing <?'.; Psddy moun?
tain Isst week, pick, d up a small
arrow-head, inch aa the Indian us. d
bef?le the ti-et of the pa
ll e Valley of Virginia. It would
seem from this circumstance that the
red men knew the crOSsillga as well
as his white successors.
John Shipe, a cooper from near St.
Luke, dislocated the small b
his wrisl by the breaking ol a ropo
while clamping a barrel, on Saturday
last in Dingledine's factory in Wo< i
?tock. It caused him intense pain un?
til he received lurgical treat .ait lit.
per word for each insertion. It y m want i
to buy i certai
m And it by Inserting a small notice In
A good cook and woman todo house
work, white m- col red, Good wsges
will be paid. A ?'ply to
?It Woodstock Va.
Eitrsyed Nov. 2d, two black pigs,
One of eaeh set with some small white
\ we.-ks old. Fifty centi? lor In?
formation leading to their recovery.
I,. ( Hai-kkman,
Maurertown, Va
A pocket book wsa found on tin- -trcets
of Woodstock reeentlj. 'I he <>u ?
-ec-iin the -aine by calling on me. prov?
ing property ami paying for this notice.
Mu*. Jho. B. Hoshoub.
I will trade my ezcelenl ?oriel horse,
??Mack" for a No. 1 fresh cow. I have
no u-e for a horse.
,r. N. Davia,
Hring your furs of all kind? to MaucL
,t Young'- ?lore, on I'ouil isys,
which we will par the highest < ".?h
pries .1. \V SHKKIZ <t BKii
Nov. H ? ."nno.
irlvate C*ale.
I will ?ell mr fsrm. lying on the Vallar
ith of Edinburg Sbenandoafi
It Siijeun the Hei Hank? farm utiJ contain?
143 ACRES,
ill under food nraeirsf.
Tliu iiupmveiuriift eowtstof
Good Dwelling
wlt? ten rooms, and other oiitniiiMitiira. a Ixirn
IAiTO feet. S5?ere? i- ln**oud tin
fuitlier nit.latlon, ?rue to the andersten
,-,t li?ii. M A PHIS,
nov.il lino. |k|. SK.-ii tn. I, .ah Co. V?.
yiROINIA, To-Wft :
t n th-'l'lfrk? "frite of the Circuit Court of
fthenaudoah county, on thetUN do|
|sW, Is t ?. i i lov.
Laura V, .stickle?, Complainant.
Against J In Chancery.
.1 k. I'.Nimier, *c, Infemlantt.
Tliael.Jectol IblS SUlt It to sell the house
?nd lot ot the late iini Sonnet, dee'd, in
gtrasDur?;, Va.,and partition th? pi
a?le amona the oomplainanl -nul ,lefamlants
a? entltk .1 and f " ?o-m-ral relief.
It a|i|K-ariiiK by aflVliiTit Bled thai the .1
femlantt .l.K. P, S.mi and Annie V. Souncr
his wife. Knmk Hunter, Pedora Huin.-r.
Haiti?- Hunter, l.ucj- Newman mi.l
her husband. Saille 0.Hunter, Clouds Hun
tar. ami Omar Hunter, children of Vary Kilon
Hunter, dee'd, Bdward f'ativ ami Beatrto?
Pattr. chlldrea of Beatrice Patty, dee'd. are
not Inhabitant* of tins-state-It it ordered,
That they do appearahete within Bfteea days
Htter itU? l'll'ln ???ion hei-aof. and <lo what l?
to protect their interests that ?
copy of tills order he puHiahod in sosa? news
papal lomtisl in Mienan.lt all county, onn- a
week for four suteteslve week?, ami ?ropy
posted at ?h- frontdoor of the Court lion??
. unty, eiitlie hrtt day of the neit
a oopj reste
l?. HAltltV HAIN. e.f.C.S.C.
tor. M iw. Stu-klej A Stlekley p. q.
One .'?lir.tiiw .t.yh.i vure, cui
Tnat V -ha* it MS asad? tor.
? To write*
Not to write?
That is tie question. It is
easy to decide vv hen you have
such material as we sell.
At present we are show
in^ some tata stvle paner- ?
In toxes. This'paper is tinted 9
and has a white oorder. hit- 2
velopesof new shapes mault ?
the paper. White ink to write J
with if yon follow the Istest. o>
Other box paper as low as ,?
10c, but ?nothing less, th.-itj
would be too cheap to be *
good. W
In our stock of TABLI I S $
you are sure to find some- *
thing to suit you, ruled and ?
unruJIed all'suo. X
Woodstock, Va
lather .?r mother, than a nice u :
Spectacles m: ?t? Glass '.
them in all styles,'tu d prie. -
pest to the host. Tln-e w i-:.
ing to make pn
hare theii friends come in and have
the glasses properly fitted to the
without extra charge. I
RtWCS, .1 ; v. r : ; v. SlLVEB Novi
SlLVBBO aim;, Eti . l>":i*t :'..
and (je! prices on any thing y
need in my linn befo M i_' ?H
yon will find prices the lowest >
you compare tnc g
Very truly,
Je vi
W.Ittock, Ta.
Remember rj nsir
of Spectacles you bny hero ar,
antead to give ial -
money cheerfully refunded.
?Cp. fi?tf.
SoitMi Yon Need.
I Wl?b to inform the |? op e of vv
?nd othst ?? all kin.i- ol
upboMtering. m
IIIHttO --e- A, ?.. |n li,, ' .
All w ,rk guaranteed nrtbe -
ed, Can refer you to -
for whom ?. have worked.
- promptly.
WO. II. -II v I
Nov. 10 tf. | Va.
Important Notice.
The Roan) of Sii|* ?
count] will meet In the* ouut]
o'clock, a. m. All person? bavin?
against t nt rh< m
I, to the ill,
on or before ?aid dai.
JOS IAS 8TICK1 I V. ?hau.
I S. w .M K Kit. clerk.
m iv. 1(1 It.
y IIK.IMA, To-W.t
In the i Court of
Sh.n .loan County. oataVSSTal .1*5 OfOCI.
MOB, Is v |, ?t?os.
Hoit/.inaii Cbsaplalnant
A0AIS8T In .v
w. T Hooker. D?fendant.
The objet* of this suit i? to recover ol the
defendant the ?um of one hundrislainl ninety
sigh? doll . ? ?
by open account, with interest thereon (? be
computed aftei the rate of all per centum
nor ionium trom Uct.ibnr -'-Hi. 1"W. sin! tr?
attach the Intel ?..t of said W, T. !<? - i
? timberos tin land of W. i . Bush,
InHhenandoab county. Va., alao any amount
due by W.U. UiihIi to -ail It.M.ker. or ati>
other property of aald Booker in Rhenandtan
l-ounty. V a..a n, I lubject the same to plaint ill's
It apiiearliiK l>v aili'lavii tie I that the ,le
fendant is not a resident "i the State, and that
the attachment baa been retursted
dercd. That he do appear here within tuteen
dav? after din- |,iilill-nr ton hcreon. and So
wfcar to noosssary to protect hi* Interest: that.
? 1er le published in ?inw
newspaper printed In shenan.l.vah ciunty.
?'???? a week foi foursutso salve week*, and a
?I at the tro. t iloorof the Court
Houseof said county, oat a? ttmt.lsy ..fthe
next County Court,
(?. HAItltT IIArN.c.c. i-.?, c
A Copy- I.
(i. HAllltV HAU*, c. c ..? o.
nov. 10 ?w. Waitou A Wallon p. q.
FR3CANA will cure Syphilis ana Ola
Suas to Stay Ciato?.

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