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-"* ' . _?T"**"*""r^Tr^r^r~
H?IPAY EEC let I8V9.
Entered at the Post Office, at "Wood
stotk, Va., as second-class matter.
B. D. fvrwaan, Tres. B. fetTma? Casta'r
The Shenandoah County Bank
Organized, 1872. Re-Organlied 1898.
Deposits and Collections solicited.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Discount Rate
Six Per Cent.
J. I. TairLE-rrPres. R.M.Lastz. Vice-Pre?
Merchants and Farmers' Bank,
w. C. Lanta. J. H. Hepnrr, G. W. Mlnnlck
J .11. Kuby ?nil K. P. Koonts.
Tavcnher k Bacsfhma!?, Attys,
Aecountssoliclted and best arcommodatlcns
guaranteed. Hours 9 to 8,
D. P. MAOK?DKR. Cash'r.
Special Rates.
Obituary notices; 20 lines free, over 20
Hues, 2 cents per line, the cash to accom- i
bany the cony.
Tributes of Respect by secret orders,
Sunday schools. Ac, 5 cents per line. i
N tices of festivals by churches, bands (
ot other associations and all notices of
raeetinr*s for the purpose of making mon?
ey, five centi per line.
Ladies' shoes ?1.00 per pair at Locke's
Shoe? and dry goods at cost, at
>trother J. Jones, a highly respect?e;
of Harri.onbHi'g died last Fri
ral i'e." Je?vs* of wild torksvi '
have been seen late'.y in the mountain '
Our opening of ohiuia a ad glassware '
en Saturday Dec 2nd.
k>. J. Fravel A Son. '
No trouble to ?how and price goods at
It Schmitt'*. Holiday goods now shovv
Frea. Alien, a yconc neavo asan was ,
? I In Winchester Wednesday of .
pon a warrant ?worn out by Mr.
.?.??iter, of WatTSB county, for
lit upon his wife.
See our men's boots at $1.25.
T. G Locke,
Mr. W, Scott Kenney, of near Happy
- Warren county, was run over b| '
? tstbound local freight train on
! had both legs cut oft". His
? I* doubtful.
Hurry up that wood 1 Gracious :
10* ?r cold rain et-teh us
m our pressai denlorabie tix. Pisase
| ; right away. We don't care how
We need dry wood.
Men ? pauta at 75c pair at Locke's.
J. B. Clarke, Peoria. Mo., says,
? ? wanted to operate on me for
pies, but I cured them with DsWltt'i
Witch Hazel Salve." It is infallible for
pllsi and skin diseases. Beware of
"ts. L. R. Irwin.
We will open our china and glassware
aturda* Dec. 2nd.
P. J. Frtvel A Son.
i he handsome residence of It. II.
<'!aggett, In 'iarke eonotj*. whs destroy?
ed by tire U inlay night. The Art- is
i to bave originated In tht
> - ibaol llu.ooo. insured in
the Loulour. Mutual for $2,000.
Special erders for Xn.as, rscHye
special attention at HOC lanahan's,
Court street. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Yoer Holiday purchases at Schntltt's
?...red until you want them.
packed and shipped if desired.
Your goods delivered as instructed.
Another big lot of 50c per pair
just reseived at T. G. Locke's.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers purity
i - i, clean the 1 iver invigorate lite
system. F?n.aus little pills for constipa
t ? ! liver trouble. L. R. Irwin,
We hare a lsrger and better assort
. ?vvgre and china than we
have ever had. P. J. .ravel <t Son.
F r boots, ?hoe? and rubber |
toT.<?. Locke the beat assortment in
Don't buy a watch until you see my
line aad get [MlBUS I BBVS BOBM
. ?how you.
W. R. Mat lasaban.
The strange disease that has proved
so fatal to horses in Powell's Fort, this
eaunty, is still getting in its work lu
? ?i-tion and the farmers and
horse owners are kept in constant dread
of its baleful approach. Several horse?
died Igst w?ek and several others have
been very sick.
We ars closing out all our dry good?
and BSOSt at coat, (all and get ISSBS
bargain*. P. J. Fravel A Son.
m B lbs line of -hirts at Glenn Locke's.
They are new and up-o-dit
Mrs. L. Cnurchill. Berlin, Va., says,
"Our baby was covered with running
gores, DeWitt's ?Witch Hazel Salve
cured lier." A specific for piles and skin
diseases- Beware of worthies? counter?
feits. L R. Irwin.
Holiday goods now en exhibition at
D. Schmitt'?. All are urged to call and
Inspect stock.
Buy jour tobacco and tSBBfB at the
up-io-date store. The most f..r your
money. T. O. Locke.
Mr. G. S. Ramsbnrf, of this place,
the leadiu?* poultry and egg dealer of
Sheuandoah county, shipped Monday
evening six hundred and thirtv-eight
tlreased turkeys. Mr. Ramsbuig. who
keeps three wagons constantly running
in this county, handles an enormous
number of eggs and a larga amount ol
This is no "fake," but we are selling
out dry goods at cost. Call and an
will convince you.
P. J. Fravel A Son.
Kyou have trade, take it to Glenn
Locke. You are sure to get the highest
price?, and your goods at the lowest
BSa?sB. 1 cannot be uuder sold.
H you want your paper changed
from one postoffie0 to another always
i-'ive the names of both, the office at
which you have been getting it as well
as the one to which you want It sent. It
is impossible for us to remember the
po.tofflce of all our subscribers. Please
bear this in mind. It will ?a,Te ug a jot
ot trouble and a'.toInsure your getting
your paper changed at once.
Read the advertisement of The Cor.'
soiidated Clothing Co., in this issue,
rhey ofl>r big bargains in clothing.
Working gloves at Locke's.
A dastardly assault was committed '
iienr Royce. Tuesday night of last week '
SO a white mm natnoil Dilgfa Nichols.
>f Rappahauncek county, ile was s> i
?suited by two men, robbed and left on '
he railroad truck in an unconscious
rtate, He ?rained nonsdonsneas just In <
IBM to drag himself from the track >s ]
S"" 4 freight train pa?ed.
$1.00 comforts at Locke's.
Hakuklt thk.Ikwklkk will have '
?pen for inspection his Hue of Xmas
;ood* about Dec. 3th, consisting ot <
verything in jewelry, watches, sterling '
plated goods, holitlay hooks,
tc. Call sr.d examine goods and ask \
- nie rai? bargain? to offer for 1
uih huye i -
The river is very low and clear and s
he ?niggers have bet n having great luck, t
rhe liver It full of boats anil the glare
if the lights can tie ?ecu almost in a %
ontlnnoui line from one end to the ]
ilher for miles. Unites enough rain
alls soon to muddy tlie river the fish .
rill stand a pretty good chance of be
ng cleaned out.
See Schmitts holiday goods. .
It takes l tic a minute to overcome J
Ickl'mg in the throat and to stop a 1
ough. Tbla retted?? qnlekty cure?
11 fotms of thioat and lung troubles. (
Itraalessand pleasant to take. It pre- a
?enr? consomption. A famous specific ?
or grippe and its aft<-r effects. L. R. t
rwln. t
Farmers who feed pumpkins to hogs
lio'iltl see that the seeds have been ex- t,
ra? trd. At sereral point* orer the State ]
logs hare been dying off by hundreds ?.
ni aeconnt of indigestion caused by ]
nmpkin reed* Cholera ??? Mipposcil ?
t ha?e been the cause of the death, hill
, poet mortem examination t>f -rveiul
lorkers disclosed the fact th at the
t omach was packed with undigested
"I was nearly dead with dyspepsis,
rled doctors, visited mineral spring?,
,nd grew worse. I used Kodol Dyspep.
na Cure. That cured me." It digests
?bat yea eat. Cares indigestion, sour
itotnsch, heartburn and all forms of
rytpepsta. L K, Irwio. '
The bird hunters in this section are
int hnvit'g any very great luck on se- '
sont of the tsarclty of partridges. The 6
earful cob] weather snd deep snow of
ast winter killed off nearly all those ]
nost useful birds and it is a oryisg '
h ame that the few that are now here 6
hoiild bf ruthlessly slaughtered by
hese ?o called ?portatasn. We hope out '
'sraiers will glye the poor birds all the '
irotection they can, and will have every
>ird killer arrested the m imeal he puts ?
ils foot on their Und.
Itron, currants, rotint. figs,
?runes, peaches, Ac-, at Locke's.
Mis.. Annie K. Gunning, Tyre, Mich
ays, "I suffered a long tune from
Ivtpeptlt; lost hV'h und became very
veak. Kodol Dyspepsia Cars complete-'
y cured inc." It digests what you eat
uni cures all tortas of stomach trouble- ,
t never fails to give Imm?diats relief in
M worst cues. L. R. Irwin,
Ton can get the Peerless Ice cream
reezer, at the up-to-date store. One
?int aise, price $1 3?. F. very family
ihould have one. Come and See it. I
Glenn Locke.
An Orange wsnian who couldn't af
Wd a new five dollar bttWenl to the '
millineiy iteres, taw the latest styles,
sent home and pounded her old hat for
naif an hour wiib a rolling pin, stuck a
turkey feaiher through the baud and
went to church next Sunday the enyy
?f all the women In town?Observer.
In Woodstock the girls don't goto
ha f that much trouble. They just put
their old hats ou a chair and sit on them.
Of course the fat girls get the most
fashionable halt in this way, but the
dim ones aie fast Cttcblng Ofl. They
last got their dear fellows to sit oa the
hat and they til 00 the dear fellows,
laps and In thla way even up thing?.
Mr. i Bheer, Battalia, M<>., saved hi?
h I v Oi,e Minute Cough Cure,
Donors had giyen her up to die with
croup. It's an Infallible care cough?,
Ppe, pneumonia, brooehlta and
Ihrooi and lung troubles. Relieve? at
oiue. I.. R. Irwin.
Buy your shoes froui Glenn Locke.
There you get the best value for your
An ex? hange ?ays: "Cutler an act of
the legis'ati re every hotel keeper in this
state i- permitted to take up as much a?
thirty acres of water front for the pur?
pose of bathing."?We learn thsl
Messrs B G Ramer, of the Getto
Boose, ami Jos. Hohsawn of the Shen
llidosh House, ?iil soon rtq'icst the
town Council to have this uiuoutit of
I water pat in front of Ihsdi retpeettro
hotel? Mr. Bboekey, of the sii.,ck.v
Hoii?e says he don't care for more than
an acre, ami he WOOld as soon have the
council put it in hi? back yard
as in front. We don't know wbeie
the council will get the water, hut
under the abvve act of the Irgis
taturs they have got it to do, dead
Ju-t rOOtrvod a big lot of ladies'
el"ak? and ?ape?, the biggest bargains
you ever saw. Come eaily ami make
your selection. T. ?. Locke.
?'One Minute Cough Cure sStttf best
remedy I ever used for coughs and
cold* It is unequalled for whipping
cough. Children all like it." writes 11.
N. Wnliam-, Ceiilryville, Ind. N'ever
fails. It is the only harmless remedy
that gives immediate results. Cur.?
cough?, colds, h.arseness, croup, pneu
inonia, bronchitis and all throat and
lung troubles. Its early use pr?venu
consumption. L. R. Irwin.
The Lewis Stock Co. will show in
Irwin's Opera House on Monday, Tues?
day aud Wednesday nights, Dec. 4, 6
aim 0. Benefit l. O. O. F. of this place.
Capt. Pifer, of South Carolina, was in
Woolstock this week.
Mi. Kevin Martin is visiting his broth?
er M f.J. W. Martin.
Messrs. Hal Lightner, and Lin Yate?,
ivere lu Staunton last week.
Mrs, Ella Leetch returned Monday
'rom a visit to Mt- Jackson.
Mr Philip Pittman left last Friday
or West Virginia.
Mrs- Elmer Shearman and four clple
en, are visiting her husband's mother
lira. Shearman,ot this place.
Mr. John Beohm, of Roanoke, has been ,
pending some days with relatives in .
bis place and at Pugh's Run. j
Mr. Lin. Clower, of Broadway is vis- t
;i?g his father Mr. Jas. H, Clower, of
bis place.
Miss Belle Rucker who had spent some f
reck? in Alexandria, returned to this
lace last week.
Mrs. Dr. T. F. Locke returned home
londay from a visit to relatives in Jeff
rson Co., W. Va.
Mr. Aaron Stoner, wife and daughter,
( Waynesboro, Pa., spent a tew days
ist week in this place.
Misses Mary and Jennie Dosh arc
?siting Mrs. J. W. Saintmiers near Ed
Miss Rob. Hamman.of Mt. Jackson,
>ent Saturday and Sunday with her ,
lother in this place. t
Mrs. J. Don Grabill and Mrs. Float
nyder spent Monday with Capt. Jno
I. Grabill and family.
Miss Pearl C'line, is the guest of her
??end, Miss Norets Rinker, of Mt. Jack- _
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Chandler of Stras- j
urg, spent a few days this week with
[rs. Chandler's mother Mrs. John S. t|
Tom Magrudcr returned last Friday
?orn Rad lord, Va., the night work not
??reeing with him- He brought back
ith him little Frank Chapman, who has
cen with his aunt, Mrs SallieCompton, ,
uring the summer.
Mrs. Wm- L. Dosh, who had been at- I
?nding her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Hel
r, in Baltimore, returned last Friday.
he was accompanied by her sister, Mr?.
I D. Haislip, of Staunton, who spent a
?ort time here befoie returning home.
Mrs. Lenard Keller, is quite ill with
yphoid fever.
The fishermen are playing havoc with
?o fish.
Mis? Luis Fahnestock was thegnestof
it friend, Miss Emswiller.
Mr. Oso. Ritenour is confined to the
mise at this time.
Mr. Green Saum is improving the ap
earance of his home, by erecting some
one work around his yard.
Mrs. Mary Rickard who has been stay
ig with her brother at Bowman's Cro-s
ie is visiting friends and relatives
round here.
Mr. 11. I- Crablll. who spent the lUtB*
icr in III., returned to his home here
ist Friday evening.
Most of our farmers arc done gather
?g com. I. No. ]
There n more Catarrh In this section
f the country than all other diseases
mt together, and until the last few
?eats was supposed to be incurable,
"or a great many years doctors pro
louneed it a local disease, and f
d local remedies, and by constantly
filing to cure with local treatment,
ironounced it Incurable. Science has
vroven estant to be a constitutional
remuent. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manu
actured by F. .7- Cheney A Co , Toledo,
>hio, is the only constitutional cure on
he market. It is taken internally In
loses from 10 drops to a teatponnful. .
t acts directly on the blood and mucous
urfacos of the system. They offer on*
inndred dollars for any case It fails to
mre. Send for circulars and (estime
Address, F. J. Cheney A Co.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
? all's Family Fills arc the beat.
Good For Little Folks.
There's danger In giving medicine to
aiidren. The tender and deltcatc tnern
iranes of a chlldiih body are so seu?itiye
Tint any harsh or violent stuft forced
tito their little stomache is liible to
BUM llfe-Ionj nii-ery. Y>t eliiii'.ren,
mil i specially mfantl are much alllici?
?d with colic, tramps and bowel coni
ilaints and something must be done for
hem. Pill paiion and sickening liquids
ire positively dangerous and the only
ireparation that we have found to meet
he ease, is ("aseareis Candy Cathartic,
be latest, mild, perfumed little candy
ablet that act? so gen'.ly yet positively,
vithout grip or gripe, that the taking or
riving of medicine has become a pleas
ire We recommend our readers to keep
'ascarets in the household at all times.
"It is a surprising fact,'1 says Prof.
Ilotinton, "that In my travels In all
parts of the' world, for the last ten years,
I have BBSs more people having used
linen's August Flower than any other
remedy, for dyspepsia, deranged liver
and stomach, and for eonstipution. I
find faff tourists and salesmen, or for
BvfSOBS tilling office positions, where
headaches mid general bad feelings
from irregular habits exist, that Green's
August Flower is a grand remedy. It
does not injure the system by frequent
use, and \> excellent lor sour stomach?
and indigestion.'' Sample bottle free
at L. R. Irwin. Woodstock and ?t<>, F.
BaaVSf A Co. Manrertown.
Attention Veterant
Shenandoah Camp C.V.. will meet (
Saturday afternoon. Dec. Id, at 2.30
o'clock. Every member is expected to
be present.
N. M- Rhodes, CouTr
Gee. W? Mlley. AJt.
Coal : laall
As there will probably be a consider?
able advance in the price of coal, 1
would advise my customers to purchase
their coal at once. Orders can now be
promptly filled. II B. CllAl'MAB.
A Queer (f) Medicine
There Is a medicine whose proprietors
do not claim to have discovered some
hitherto unknown Ingredient, or thai it
is a cure-all. This honest Medicine only
claims to cure certain diseases, and that
its ingredient* are recognized by the
most skilled physicians as being the best
tor Kidney and Bladder Diseases. It is
Foley's Kidney t ure.
t Absolutely Pure
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
SO??!, SH.INa PQWDtR CO., SE? VO??.__|
Masianutten Cemetery,
The new Masssuutteu etctetery at
Ids pitee is nisely kept and In a few
esrs more will be one of the steal
eautiful resting places of the dead in
re Valley. Quite a number of handsome
lonumcnts and tombstoscs have all
tatty been put II and the many heauti
illy laid out family lots are siirround
1 with marble curbing. The ?hitibbery
nd flowors are becoming numerous ami
ery attractive. W?. are gb.d to learn
ist onr people are taking so much in
?rcst in tills last home of our loved
nes who h?vc passed lrom our mortal
ight never to be ?cen again in ithis
Mr. Peter Hoshour, who has had
harge of the cemetery all along, dc
otes much of his time and attention '<>
, and deserves a great credit for the
lanner in which he has cared for i: and
ic good taste he diaplaya in evcry
ling pertaining to lt.
Meeting of Board of Supervisors
A meeting of the Board of Supervisors
a? held last Monday. A full Haord was
Claim? for chicken hawks were or
ered to be paid.
Sundry accounts for services rendered
le county In holding election-, A?-.
ere ordered to be paid.
Report of Superintendent of the Hoof
as received and examined.
Dr. E. L. Shaver was elected phy
ician to the alms house for the ensuing
Sundry small appropriations for
ridge? and roods were made.
Report of Treasurer of dog fund
lowing a net amount of fSlS.M Wta
A i.umber of claims for sheep killed
ud for fox and wild cat scalp- were 01
MOd to be paid.
After paying for all sheep kille 1 and
>r scalp?, a balance of $61.10 was
irncil ever to the county school fund.
Ordereil that John Funk hive j J]
?of painted, a door cut in the jail
all from the jail proper to the
welling part and the in?ide of the
erk's office? painted.
A steel ease for the Trsasurtr'i office
as contracted for.
Will Run Into Savannah.
It Is announced that, commencing
totembei 10, tbe Southern Railway
ompany will operate Ihrougb train
rrvlce over its own line via Columbia,
'env, Blackville and Ali?n?t
!., into and cut of Savanna, Ga,
Commencing that dale its through car
ervice will be operated In eoooection
rlth tbe riant System south of Bavao
sli, Ga., and the Florida Boat Coatt
tsilwsy, tostid from points on the es-t
f Fioriila, with direct eooneetloni to .
ud troui Key West, Fla.. Havana, Cuba,
nd Nassau, X. P.,vis Miami. Fla., In
oaneeUon witfl the Florida Baal Cots!
iteani'hlp Line; and iu connection wiih
he Plsst System ?outfa f Savannah to
ml from other points In Florida, in
luding points on the west toast, with
Urtet connection? to and fri tn Kej
Vest and Havana, via lampa. Fla. in
onnection with the Flaut Steamship
,me.?Washington Fo.t. Nov. 10,
The Best Offer of the Year
s that made by Frank Leslie's Popo ir
?louthly, justly termed" the monticil of
he 10 cent magazines. ' Foi B limited
;ierlod, this fatuous and popular mar?
ine, now 11.00 a year, will ?end free
rlth ea? h J early subscription, the beau
iful "Little Bweethetit't" Colenatr.
rhlscaleiidnr is in ttx groups of water
ktlof designs by Frances Brundage, the
lamous painter of children each groop
n twelve colora, size ?talas Inches, on
las w batmen paper, Bed at top with a
?Ik ribbon; each sheet contains two
nonths' date??thus being a oomplete
??leudar for 190(1. Frank Leslie's l'opu
ar Monthly, and edited by Mrs. Frank
Leslie, now publishes the best literature
md illustrations that money ami energy
;an obtain, from such tut hors and artists
i? Rudyard Kipling, William Dean
ilowella. A. Conan Doyle, Frank R.
vtoe'tton. Mary K Wiikins, Stephen
"rane, It util McEncry Stiunt. S. Ii.
'rocket, F. Bopkinson Smith, doe!
.handier Harris, Bret Barte? "Joettli
Mien's Wife," Henry run Dyke, A.B.
?Venzell, H. Chsndier (hti-tv, F. Lull
Mora, W. Granvllle Smith, Clifford
?rleton, F. W. Rend, Ch. GrOOWtld
tml others. I'rosjiectus for 1900 and a
iretty folder in color? sent free for the
ksking. Specimen copy for three 'J cent
? tamps. Frank Leslie Publishing House.
141-143 Fifth Ave.. X. Y.
Oyster Supper.
Oyster sappers for the bencit of the
Calvary Cornel band oil] be held ai
Calvary on Friday ?nd Saturday eve
nings, Dec. Sth ami 9th. Tin- band
boy? and theii lotty friends will make
these evenings .tsjojable to tneir i.a
'.rons, ?ml tYCT*ont s ill get full value
and more for thslr m ney. i omc ami
we will show you. It.
HUniarclt'H I run \orve
Wss the remit of hi? splendid health.
Indomitable will aud tremendous energy
sre not found where Stomach, Liver,
Kidney at.?I Bowel? are out of order.
If you want these qualities ami the MO?
cess they bring, use Dr. King's Be O
Life Pills. They develop every power ol
brain and body. Only Me. at B.
Schmitt's drug store.
liAKiiKU si lot' MOVED.
I hawe moved my barber simp fron:
under Irwiu's Drug Store, to the rtsOO
formerly occupied by Justice l.. c. Haas
in Court House yaril, where I will Ik
glad to see all my old customers.
C. Wi Bt
I will pay the best price for broon
corn If Lrought in at nntc
Woadatoeb Bioom Facttiry.
We have offered nor resdei rstnsbls
piciiiiuiti- bstetofore, bul In order to
still further iiicna-e the ein u!a lOO of
the Shriiainlnah IlKKAL?. IfS now
teiid.-r the best premium star
Hy private arrangement "itii Hie j
|iuhlldier of the Aliieriean Agrlculturisl
WS arc enabled to make the following !
offer to all rash paj lug subscribers to the !
llKKALD. who pay one year in advance i
ThS Slic'iandoall Herald 1 I 0
!? American Agriculturist ! (I
Am. Ag. year book lor ?889 M
We Offer Sll for $1 10 per year.
TB*1 American Agriculturist i- the
leading agricultural paper of the tfoun
Tin- year book contains Information
valuable to everyone but especially to
the farmer. This oiler will continue till
Dec .'?ist inaa,
?lory orn .?ilave.
To be bound hand and foot for yearr
by the chains of disease is the won t
form of s'avery. George I>. William.?,
if Manchester. M'eli., tells how -nth a
slave was made free. He BBSS ! 'My
wife has been go helpless for five yeai?
that ?be eouid not, turn over in bei
After using two bottles oi Elec- ,
trie Bitters, she Is wonderfully Improv- ?
ed and able to do her own work." This :
? unreine reinedy for female dlsesaei
jniekly cures narrowness, slee| '
nelsnehsly, hesdsche, backaohe, faint?
ing? am) di/iy spells. This mlrsels
ivorking medicine is ? godsend to weak
lickly. run down people. Every bottle
(uarantsse. Only 60 cents, Bold ay
ii. Schmitt, Drttgajlst,
WiH(l?toek Graded and High School. I
The following list contain? the names '
of all pupil? of lbs -cbool wli i?e rj#> '
portiiieiit lias been IStlsfSctOrj ?old who j
have been presen) every ?. h ol day for
the month ?nding Nov. 2 Irh. 1MB.
lap . w. G Csmpbsll, a. M . Principal,
Usury Grsbill. Kenneth Koonta
Girls Annie i lnvvi-r. Elisabetl Dosh,
Nannie Grabill. Kali- Johnson, Busk
KrMintz, Irene Logsu, Lula Magruder
and Addie Gale Milt y.
Room No. l, Mi.?.- Bushong, Tescher.
I'.ovs?Laiidnn BtieklSJ.
Girls w ock.
Room No. I, Xisi Kinker, Teacher.
Room No. 3, Mlai Boblnson, Teacher.
Boyi '?* itar Qlte, Shields Chapman,
Warren Jonc-, Ernes) Shock) j .clarence
Rii?li. Willie Litton,
Mary Ueller, Lillian Shaffer,
Pearl Bush, Margaret Martin. Mar-,
B.n. licit, r Bsrron.
for tin month ending Nov. 24th, l-9'j.
Attendance?Virgie E. Clanabau,
Alberta Clem, Man lie 0. G
Alfred Klbler. Edgar C.Rinker, Hugh
ami Edward i lern.
The aSove pupil? attended school
every dsy Isatmonth ami deserve <li?
tini.tion f.u punctuality ittendsnee and
Engen II Mn..c!i, Teseber
for the month ? ?cling Nov. -jIth.
Beule s. Stickley, Effi Ki lit r Bt - ?
Keller, Carrie Pangle, Vets Keener,
Miller, John Hotte!, nid Caring
ton Blsnchffeld.
These pupil? are ipeclallydistinguish?
ed for propriety if deportment, lego*
Isrity, punctuality and diligence,
Mi?? Bessie L. ? h : d ni. Teacher.
for ilic month en ling Nov. fJd, ISMi
The names oi these deserving men?
tion for regulsilty of attendance ?ire,
IV. A. Clem, Guy < em, Jno. Hsberry.
Clsrence Crnwmoi. Willie and Loy Me?
luturff, and Lawrence and Bumsei
Marat?n, ais.. Ruby ?Common, Dira
i i --1II.IU, Ethel G.I, Mary and Martha
Haruiaii. Clsi i M- IntuitC and Ethel
Mai ?Ion
Good Spelling?Inn. Cr'.Sstlloil, W.
A. i '? m. Guy Cli m. Jcasis Compton,
Eihci Go,,.i, Willie Compton and Martha
[latinan. BeveVSl "I above not RiSSillg
tnore than two STOrdS In 'he nionih.
Examination rery good r>ei>ort
ment raorsls ?and inannos for the
raoath satisfactory. Patronssud pupil?
ate to be eommendrd for their uniform
liaplsyed in the cause of puMie
W. F. Msrston, Teseber.
Old iion. cast or m nought, brs
lier, zinc, lesd and gun rubbers, we will
pay full price In es k, Va.
A Case of Kidney Dlseise Given up by
Four Doctors
Beaver Ham. 0
My daughter, after being treated bj
four doctors and given u?> lor lost, I
neighbor recommended Foley'i Kidnej
Cure. Today .-be i- able to walk several
miles without fatigue. I feel we would
have lOBl lier if it was not for your
medicine. Bespi eifully.
Mr?. J. M. Baiu.y.
Dr. E. J. Will, Veterinary Bargeea.
will be at Shenandoab HoOSS, at ev.-ry
court. AH diseases of tlcessitleatsd sol
mais treated, by lbs latest approved
methods, tf.
Delavs are Dangerous.
Many of ycni friend-, oi people whom
von know of have contracted coaaump*
ti"n. pu.-iinoni.i oi other fatal diseases
by neglect of :i simple cold or co-igh.
Poley'i Honerand Tar, s safe, ?ore and
plea?.ml coligb iiiedieiiic, would have
saved tit? m It is giiai ,nie. d.
How to Prevent a Cold.
After exposure, or when vim feel a
cold c.ii a- on, tSkS I dose of Folev'
lion- v BOd In Ii mi vi fails.
Baan tit? ^* ?h- *?- >?? H.ve Alwin Btajiri
ou ir r a i: v.
Wo?. T. Moret?n died si bli :
Powell's Fort, lost Friday. During the
war, he was a member of Co B, White's
Bettsllon, commanded by Cspt, Jno. II.
Qrablll, of this pi
III' li.l'l been :i ei. || -??i!. ? I e r. btVlllg
been paralyzed several times. Be Isares
a large family to mourn the lOH
affectionate hu-band and loving bather.
now im wieoiw.
Mr. Bdward wiii-cn, one yi the bi il
know i ami oldest dttteus of E'linburg,
died on Thursday morning of last week
Throaghoal ?- entire life Mr P/hlssen
lia? h...I ths rasped tnd ? -t<-? m of his
' -. lb' a; - i ;. ? i ,;, .11
upright and honorabl? In all
and his rebttloni with til tround him
wars of lbs most kindly nature. Bs was
gttbered to hi? fathers In the tul
a ripe old svjre. and in bit death be was
hoaorad by his entire oommanity.
He Was in bis >;?,? y.iV_ ;l,?; '
number of ions ami daughter!.
SA.Ml'KL iMil.I..
Mr. Samuel Doll, an old resident of
the St Luke neighborhood, died lasl
Sundaynlghtofdropsyol the heortin
his 77thyetr,
He vvas a devoti d member f I bs
Lutheran church tor 59 years, and his
whole life vvas cooflstenl vviiii bra Chris?
tian profession?. Be learea two dtngb
ters, Mts. w. L. PTIsmsn and Mrs, Jtooh
W indie.
Hit funeral tick place on Tuesday
sud was conducted ny Be v. Mr, BuaiV-j
ting, his pastor, Rev. Mr- Biser being
i,i ible to he out.
e /
f &,
arc 11 o tv in season and I.
Borgelt will handle onlj I
same high grade sail w
- Ii?' handlet] last
son. Solid measure uuaran- y
teed. * lysters served in the ??
tyle Private rooms?
nicely fitted Uli for ladies ami 4
gentlemen. Everything nem ]
and clean, one i all makes :i
g. 11 ''-.
| Our
| Holiday Box
! lias Ariyed
0 and its contents are now m
display id. VVt feel tlut WS ?
? have not diminished our I
0 reputation by ibis year's e
? selections. Our stock in- ?V
dudes aeoirable goods in ?
line of Perftttoes. Toilet Ar- >
tides. Albums, tine station- ?
cry, bisque goods, mantel i
O ornaments, m-dalli?ins, fancy ?
? pictures and frames, gold |
pens, fountain pens, razors, 2
m warranted ptKket knives, i
dressing sets, mi rors,...ill ?
tetOCted with care in the best Z
0 markets. O
Will you not come see the ?
goods and judge wHethor 1
0 quality and prices are riebt; i
f we are v. ?Hing to abide your J?
_ judgement.
1 B. 5CH/11TT,
?j Drwggfat. ?
? Woodstock, \'a. j
{Our fine candy a
unsurpassed. ?
I Want- an i
be inserted under thl
per word for i-e h insertion, If yu
to buy s certain article, rou will be abb
to find it hy inserting a-mall notice lii
' Mllll.)
g good cook and woman todo hou-?
work, abite or colored. Good wage
will t>e paid. Apply to
E, F.. 1 ?Kl.l-.Y,
?jt Woodstock Vs
Estrayed Nov. Sd, two black pigs,
One of etch set with -. ?mall ?hits
spots, -ix wei'k- old. Fifty cents for in
formation leading to their recovery.
L. C I".AC-I.I.MAN'.
Mturertown, Ft
A pocket book wa- (band <>n ths street -
of Woodstock recently1. The owner etn
-eeiue tin- ?ame by calling on me, prov?
ing property tad paying for tin- notice.
Mus. .1 B*0. S. IIOSHOTJO.
SiM'K v..
I will trade tny e-roclent Semi horse.
??Mack" for i Nn. I fiesb COW. 1 have
no use for a hi
_' .1. N. Pav?a
Bring your furs of all kiml? to Mauek
,% Young'- ?tore, ou l'ou?t days, tor
wlii? Ii we will par the lilgh?
pri?e?. .i. \v lasfjan it Boo.
Nov. 24- "uno.
Imported Moitgtgo lifter seed oats,
fur sale. Sample can be seen at Irwin'
Drug Store. dee, l--4t pd.
AFRICANA will cure Rheumaturm sad
Scrofula to Star Cun?.
Buy your Hardware
iw befar? H goes too high. We are ?till selling Hat the old
prices. Loaded shells 40c and 45a ? hoi. These are the be?, shells on
Iba market Best powder 25c lb. all kindsol shot 7c lb. Primers, empty
shells and wads always on hand. Our large assortment ol
- ??*. rr- ? ? -*A
uas bonght liefore the advance. Call and examine it before buying.
Podder twine, nhuckin? pegi and gloves, axes and handles. The
enterprise cutters and -tuffors always kept in stock. Our prices are the
lowest Bigheet price?; paid st all times for trade.
Full assortment of groceries and queensware, always in itoek.
Dressing: Cases.
At The Lowest Prices,
Woodstock, Va.
Our i SPECIAL Offer:
Our price for all $1.20.
Address Shenandoah Herald,
Woodstock. Va?
? 1.00,
- ii.oo.
Commemoration of the one Hundredth An?
niversary of the death of George
Washington, Alexandria,
Dec 13-15th.
Por this.isioa the Southera Rail*
wav will sel! tickets to A'ejntidrls, Vs.,
er ?Vis, inclusive: flnel limit
December lsth, 1899.
It Hits the Spot.
When suffering from a severe cold
and your ttiroat and lungs feel ?ore,
like a dose of iFolej'a Honey
And Tar. when the soreness
will be at once B ir e 1 i e v e d, a
warm gratefulj feeling and
healing of the-parta affected
will be experienced and you will say:
'it feel? so Komi. IT HITS' the SPOT.'
It is guaranteed.
One minute Cougit Cura, carea.
Tag* U what I? was asskSa ?er.
Has a F i rate lags
in every respect. Everything clean, and <
ssttsfaction guaranteed. Your patronage
Shop, in Court House yard.
Ism now ready tu snpply ????? ???
With coal at the low tat B?satele pHee.
?end la your orders sad as* y??ur saassy
e*!ug. J5->?o. * " HOTT1L.
?? ? -n gji ??* O 3E1. X dstsV..
*wtW _-.?*? ***wHl?ffifc?*

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