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Shenandoah herald. (Woodstock, Va.) 1865-1974, December 01, 1899, Image 4

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Boils and Pimples
When Nature is overtaxed, she has
her own way of giving notice that assist?
ance is needed. She does not ask for
help until it is impossible to get along without
it. Boils and pimples are an indication that
the system is accumul?titif impurities which
rnn liri n must be gotten rid of ; they are an urgent appeal for assistance
lUn nCLl i ?a waning that can not safely be ignored.
To neglect to purify the blood at this
time means more than the annoyame of painful boils and
unsightly pimples. If these impurities are allowed to
remain, the system succumbs to any ordinary illness, and la
unable to withstand the many ailments which axo bo
prevalent during; spring ami summer.
Mrs. L. Oenttle, 2004 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash ,
says : " 1 was afflicted for a long time with pitnplea, which
were very annoying, as they disti-ured my face fearfully.
After using many other remedies in vain S S S. promptly
and thoroughly cleansed my blood, and now I rejoice in
a eood complexion, which I never had liefore "
dipt. W H Dunlap. of the A. O S.
R. K . Chattanooga. Tenn . writes:
?' Several l>oil,> and carbuncles broke out upon me. causing
great pain and annoyance. My blood seemed to lie in
a riotous condition, and nothing I took seemed to do
any good. Six bottles of S S.S. curei me completely
and my blood has been perfectly puro ever since."
8. 8. 8. FOR THE BLOOD
is the best blood remedy, because It is purely vegetable
and is the only one that is alisolutely free from potash and mercury. It
promptly purifies the blood and thoroughly 'h-anses the system, builds up
the general health and strength. It cures Scrofula, Eczema, Cancer, Rheuma?
tism, Tetter. Boils. Sores, etc., by goiug direct to the cause of the trouble- and
forcing out all impure blood.
Books free to any address by the Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga,
Absolute efficiency at least expense. uisc?
A practical fence that will *:Ka."VK
positively turn cattle,
horses, hogs and
pigs. A fence
M IS?.
that is strong, _
practically eoer
lasting, proven
thoroughly effi- ^7
cient under
every possible
condition. EVERy RQ0 0F ELLW00D FENfJE ,g eUARANTEED|
If you want your fencing problems satisfactorily solved, call and see the
ELLWOOD FENCE and let us show you for how little money you
coa get absolute satisfaction.
Ki r s.iie by
S. J. SPlKEIi.
-\.Ari.i-;i.'i'u\v.\, va.
Seo a i. ist ii.v Tin: Evi:. Kvi;
Tiikiiai. 1*1 v Main v
Willi in:?i:ii;, Ya.
(Hasses Furnished,
Julv II .'Ijr,
.Vilii)n,il Business Coito
arc toe tan -i 8 md i r ?
Circulars to,
A-a 1*1)1 CHAS, r.. BCKEBL1
iassaiueii team,
High Grade School
B0Y5 AND GIRL$, , -a
Tirst aessU.il Otara* BBPTBMBBB K'tb. W
Sen.: for catalogue?
v. 8. GABB1SON, President,
tune M.
J. L. B?RMBR & CO.,
Farms, honse?. town lots, timber and
mineral lauds and other real propert)
sold on lbs Bseet ressonable term?
Parties I Bving faun- !.. sell should cor?
respond with or call on us at oor office.
a? we bave spsjr-l il fad Ittee foi bringing
such property to the attention of ?;.
Our advertising circul?t s wl
S large territory and reach main
prospective buyer?. Terms serf
roav ?it f.
Ko person is allowed to hunt, with
dogs or ?run, on the Pior II ?use
farm, or the Wolfe Hut, under jhii
alty of the law.
li. D. Fl BKHOl ?1 B,
lO-27-.'it Snot. I'. M.i-ii. Co. Y.i
Dot ?-'"?. *wi.
The tax lulls for the Cprp ira ion of
Woodstock, Va., for the year 1 ?*l*i?
sre now in my hands Parties desir
ing to pay before Dec I. '!?!?, ?rill
piense cull .rt my ? ffiuc, in Conrt yard.
After I)<-c. |, ."? j. r will le a Ided
end the bills tornea ov*?r to Collector,
to be collected according to law.
Tri-as. Cor|>. o? Woodstock, N'a.
to dec. 1st
,*? -. -
^rt??mmfat??t** MINOS.
?^^?**t5?iss Rebecca Rinker has now on
hand a full stock of millinery goods.
An eapericaead trimmer will give
?he ladies satisfju-tioti.
I ' oct 6?-tt._
Hammond's Millinery is now a-sja
with B choice selection ol'tlie Intast
ami moat fashionable Millinery Goods
otail kimi?.
p?i??*B r??:isoiia!,lf. Miss Hoilaway,
an excellent trimmer is now with im
and will ii.-.**?-' ?-'?'ei7 tffort l" ?leas'
yoo. ?eP- 2?~
an anything that lina pit
? almost tnir.-i? ni ?m
-.-! Do you not feel tl>
ground shake with the machinery o
the New Veil?, Brooklyn, Boston, Phil
adelphia, Washington and wester
dallies? Some of na remember whei
the band Ink roller was run over tli
cylinder, and by great baste BOO copie
of the village newtpaper were latnei
in one day and no lives lost. Bol In
rentlon has crowded Invention am
wheel jostled vvlieel. stc:
electrotyplng, taking their placet, Ben
jainiti Franklin's pr?ta giving way t
the Lord Stanhope press, and tin
Washington press and the Victor]
press and the Hoe perfecting pr?s
have been set op. Together with tin
newspapers cornea tbe publication o
rabie books of history, o
of romance, of art. of travel, o
biography, of religion, dictionaries, en
cyclopedias and Bibles. Some of them
presses send forth tbe most secured
stuff, but the good predominates. Ton
on with wider sweep and greater vetoe
ity, o wheel?wheel of light, wheel o
civilization, wheel of Christianity
wheel of divine momentum!
<?n those four wheels?that of tin
tewiag machine, that of the reaper
that of the railroad locomotive, that oi
the printing press?the world lias mov
e?l up to its present prosperity.
And now I gather on an Imaginar]
platform, as I literally did when i
preached In Brooklyn, specimens oi
our American producto
Merlin ?fill Harvests.
Here is corn from the west, a fore
tOtte Of t!ie -rent harvest that is t(
come .;.iu n t" our seaboard, enough foi
ourselves and for foreign shipment
Here is rice from the south, never fl
more beautiful product grown on tin
planet, mingling tbe gold and green,
Here are two tbeaves, a sheaf of north'
ern wheel and a sheaf of southern rice
bouinl together. May the band nev?
break! Here is cotton, the wealthiest
product of America. Here is tugai
cane, enough to sweeten tbe beverages
of nn empire. Who would think thai
out of such a bombte stalk there WOOM
Coma SOCb a luscious product? Here
ate palmetto trees that have In their
pulses the warmth of southern climes.
Here is the eoCtOO of the south, SO
beautiful on?! so tempting it matt ge
arini'd. Here are the products ol
American mines. This is iron, this la
coal, the iron representing a vast yield,
our country Rending forth one year
800,000 tons of it, the COOl n-presentins
160,000 square musa of it, tbe iron
prying out the coal, the coal tmeltlng
the iron. This is silver, silver from
Colorado and Nevada, those places
able vet to yield silver napkin rings
and silver knives ?nul silver eattOTS
tnd allver platters for all mir people.
?ere is mi? a from the quarries of New
Hampshire. How beautiful it looks la
the sunlight! Here Is copper from
Lake Superior, so heavy I dare not lift
It. Here Is gold from Virginia and
I look around me on this Imaginary
platform, and it seems as If the waves
of agricultural, mloerologtcal, peato?
loglctl wealth ?lash to the platform,
and there are four beautiful beings
that wnlk in. ami they are all gar?
landed, and one Is garland"?! with
wheat and blossoms of snow, and I find
she Is the north, and another conies In.
and her brow Is garlnndeil with rice
and blossoms of magnolia, and I find
she 1st the south, and another come? In.
and I find she Is garland?'?) with sea?
weed and blossoms of spiny, and I find
She Is the east., and another comet In.
and I find she Is garlanded with silk
of corn aud radiant with California
I gold, and 1 find she is the west, and.
coming face to face, they take off their
garlands, and they twist them together
into something that looks like a
wreath, but It Is a wheel, the wheel
' of national prosperity, mid I say In
; an outburst of Thanksgiving Joy for
iJSbat (Jod has done foj. the_n?rtli_aud
'. und I i ic i Sal Mid l?ie i
"O wheel!"
At different times In Burope
line tried to get I
ni Berlin or at Paris or m st. iv
I ni-vr. luii it bas always larca a fa I
Only n few kiiifrs have come. Rt
this Imaaiosry platform that i
built we bave g convention of all
K itiLT Potion, i
Ulce, King Wheat. King cms. !
Iron. KlBg Coal. Ring Silver. I
Cold Mini they all bow lieforc (be I
of kings. In whom be nil the glor
lili year's wonderful production!
::? Neme*U Takes a Hand In a Vaa
Q ?a- Jo-lo.
The Fuerst I?smai-ek was just 1
lag the dock at Hoboken. t'p
down the gangplank sarged a mot
throng- slew,aids laden with li
baggagei trocki piled with stea
trunks, stills in seagoing costume, v
I luir arms Oiled with roses and f:
bright with anticipation; older wot
with sober countenances, speaking
rlously to grown sons and daugb
who were to be left behind; bush
men looking Important Bad coll
graduates still care free and inlnxi
ed with their newly found liberty,
was a motley crowd, pushing, t?
tinpr. laughing In the bright June i
The gong sounded for the last ti
the stewards rushed about. ibOBt
"All ashore!" and the Baal messa
gross In chorus. Slowly the great s
swoag around, and the cable loos?
The faces on the dock were gradui
lost in a confused sense of color.
"We are really off, auntie,'' sah
girl's voice gayly. "Now. don't i
for yon know- you are delighted to
Uncle Tom will be all rlghl with
you. Indeed. I've no ilotilit be will
joy himself hugely." She tSUgl
mischievously and pul bor arm aroi
her portly companion, who Bull
audibly behind her handkerchief.
John Towner, who was standing
glanced at the pair us they disappe
ed in the cabin
"Pretty girl." be murmured as
chose a cigarette, "if sin- were ot
PrlSClllS, imw. what B heavenly ti
we would have." He sighed pehsi
ly. "However, there's no use wast
wishes over that, and 1 suppose
better be getting my seat nt the tab!
As be took bis place In line In 1
dining saloon the same pretty girl Iti
near him. She stood so near. In fa
that as he gave the steward lus ci
her eye fell upon It as it lay on t
table. A look of bewilderment and
tense embarrassment crosi ed her fa.
she Unshed painfully and glanced
voluntarily at him in evident dism
Towner Stared back at her In nsti
lahment In an instant she recover
her composure, drew herself up bauj
tilv sod turnt d away.
"What In the name of common sen
was the matter with her?" he mutter
as i,.- Bought bis stateroom. "I nev
laid eyes on her before, 'lid why s
should be so awfully upset on si-,-:
nie. or, rather, on seeing my nan
passes me."
He sat down on the edge -if bis lici?
to think It over. Ile was perhaps u
us.d '?? the ways "f the world, still
bad had four years :u college and fl:
tend himself that be knew somcthli
of so-iety. Bui this experience wsi
new on.' m ?.?in. He felt strangely dl
tcp-d by tin- unknown's mysterlo'
knowledge of bis name.
"She will probably sit near tue." 1
thought, "ami I will find out what ti
It was with undue haste tli.it 1
sought the table at the first sound i
lb'- L' mg, but his eye searched in va
the faces of those nearest him. El
denily she had given iln- steward pa
tlcular instruction to put her seat :
far as p-is.sji.le from the one label.
"Mr. .lohn Towner, BUozl, M
be finally discovered bet at the .
treme limit of the room.
The third i.nlng was bright ai
sunny, end the decks were crowded.
"Where shall I put your chair?" sa
a despairing voice at Towner*! elbov
"The steward has disappeared, Bl
there isn't an empty Inch of room."
"Allow me!" he exclaimed, Inward]
rejoicing as he seized the steau ?
?hair. "There's a nice sheltered phi'
just around the corner." And be h
the way.
"Thank yon so much." said tin- aun
sighing, as sin- dropped heavily Int
the comfortable seat as be settle.i ?
"1 still feel the effects of yesterday
Illness. Prlacilla, dear, can't you flu
a putee too?"
The girl flushed attain and turned al
tuptly away.
"Thank you. auntie, but I am goln
for a 1.k," she called Lack over hi
Towner tucked the rug snugl
around the elder lady's feet.
"Might I bring my chair, too?" h
Inquired, with becoming meekness. "1
is so pleasant here."
"By all means," was the graciou
reply, nnd In a moment the two wer
engaged in conversation.
"That's a most chunning young man
my dear," ?aid aira. Hunter com
placeiitly ns she sn.'he.l h,i hair fol
luncheon. "His name is Towner, and
he is fnun the south. He has gtad
tinted from Cornell and is going abroad
on a business trip He is eagaged o
a Vasssr girl, a PrlacUls somebody, i
told him you were at Vssasf and inusl
know her, as BBS is a junior too."
"Ob, you told him 1 must knowT re
peated her niece.
"Certainty 1 did. He Is anxious t.
meet you. and as he Is engaged ot
course it is all right for you to know
him. Indeed, I told turn I hoped we
should ses a great deal of him. He Is
really delightful, and it's so convenient
to bave some one to tix jour chair and
run errands, you know."
I'll-, ilia groaned. "Well, am.lie.
you've done it this time. Mr. Towner
Is the one man In all the world I would
have avoided. I can't tell you the
story it's a secret but it's about the
girl he is engaged to, and it Is going to
be very embarrassing to me."
"Hear inc. PriaellsS, how I do Wish
you had only told me before!" said her
mint comphslBlngly "Toot habit of
reticence u most annoying. I've asked
him to change lus seat to tin- otic next
you nt table, nnd be Is going to. In?
deed, he r.-tther suggested it. So we
Will have to see him all the time."
"Never mind, auntie; it's N
that's all," said her niece, with calm
That Towner felt the frigidity < f the
atmosph?re as they met at luncheon
whs inevitahle. But with a cheerful
resolution he set himself to Overcome
Barton's open dislike His tact,
his gayety. his avoidance of all diltl
cult subjects and. above all, the Utter
absence of questions from his coover
nation gradually thawed the chili ot
the pill's manner, and ly the n xl dB)
she was almost her own bright, BBS)
aelf once more.
A Jiglit lain ii <v set In. and Mrs.
Tbo Kiucl You Euere Always Booght, and which lias been
iu use for over ill) yrars, bas borne the signature of
__^ ? ri ?mi baa been node ander his ?>or
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and alltiys Forerlabrieaa, It curea Dlarrboea ami Wind
Col<c It relieves Teething; Troubles, cttrea fJonotipotlon
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Stomach and Bowels, ?riving healthy and natarel sleep.
Tbo Children's PanacOft?The BIother#a Friend.
Bears tbe Signature of
The Kind Yen Have Always Bought
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the beat i onttr? Rnok laialstenct :
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oway tot Um DtOOLG UOOKS.
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the v? er ofitl ?Ice in the I'mtetl State?
Of America?li.iv in,; ?-?ver s ui?liou and a-half regular reader?.
? VBAR5 (reman?''.' 1 i 1901) will be sent bjr mail
v DOI I \k BILL.
: 1 \KM JOLkNAL.iU'leirdi'.art'.fscTil.inii BIOOLE BOOKS free.
sVdattSS, 1 ARM JOIRMAI. ?
- : LI'HIA
era! da , r
cilla, however, nnd To?
coz., nook on de< . d it afti
motii'-;.? Ireaded by i
"Mrs. Hunt
your class
your a . 'ii. I a i
. ?
"In thai ?.:.?'-. M.
It? r far '?'?
"Mi -
111 ?
sud. a
vise lue v, ie ;
SI <
??le.?.'i v .ii ti . .. Mr .
ymi would .
11 Weil.
never meet i
regret tiav i ;
am quil r not '. '
"1 know It v
other i.
when l ii d you thi vv ill un?
derstand my anxiety, II you will allow
nie'.- '
IP- li am d ? srd, an l Pris
cillu dropped her i yes in .
Taking h.-r silence for consent, be be?
"Von see. ?t v,as ibis way: I'm an
only .hild. and I've leeu Huh- i I
people. I had a tutor and nev
to ?i iiool until I came north to col?
lege, and .-? i can Imagine it was rath?
er an ordeal to be thrown
o mauy men. I kept rather to
myself and dldn'l meet man)
There was one man there, :
Who was very good to me. Ills name
was liai S. ?
1 .?la turned her bead slid further
away and picked nervously at lbs
:' i rug.
"One day." com.lined ToWU
brought me ll ipb if u pret?
ty giii. It w ?i. rath?
er Indli t.-.ct pictui- iposlte,
you know, only ii wasn't one. It bad
soch deep, beautiful eyes and such a
way of seeming to look a fellow right
through that It made a strati
? ou ?ne. It was of Hal's coiimii,
a girl al V." iar. Pi II 'HIS North. Well,
befnic 1 knew while I was he ?ot me
Into a em respond? nc. with her by
sending me lagea I a notes.
I never wrote to a girl !? fore, but if
all girls write as - v ate a
bright set why. Misa Barton, bei bi?
ters fairly scintillated! And no two
were aiike. Then was the charm of It,
They were 'limii gTBTS to gay, from
lively t" severe/ only all were simply:
No Wonder 1 fell III love
with her! Well, to make a i m
abort, we became ? , I th n.
naturally, l wanted to see bar. And
here the strange part bt
not meet her. l am never to see her."
"That i rather i? callar" - mur
mured Priai illa.
"Peculiar? It's uiiacci UBtaMel Sie
lays she Is forbidden to make ac?
quaintances by her r-raiidfaiiirr,,\\ iih
wliiiiii abe '
...1 o? the ti
the l.ie.. In Wlteoi
And in vacation she travel1
And here I am in the ridiculous \>?<
tinti of being engaged t.. :i L'irl I've net
/.. tilts Barton. I i>f? yo
tu tell me all about her. Yon kmc
Towner leaned hit bead on l ? i -* ban
/.eil ? arnestly tl the pirl. Sh
tlowly turned ber the hor
r.on niel bent them on him vvith a trm
bled expn ion How hand
: that enget face; how hi
hair curled In the little damp ring
tbool bis temples! She turned twt
"Mr. T iwiiet." -.in. |m ..
n poate, "I cannot -? y I I d
kn.iw Hura North. I I would rathe
not tnlk about it." Bho ended abrupt'?
Towner stored .it her. "WI
can yon m< an?" i
I.V. "itari i.v J nil Ii:l
denly tui
told, srltta litt
"il r. i -. il v e
: ' I,,i iv
1 ! le I ..
on ? in tell v m Bal s tin rs is i...
ftoph, touched up
ordinary one. An.i tbt ?
cilia North! I've been dreadfi II)
asharued o? tbe port I've bad In it ;t!l
though ii was only lending half my
for the
Kill-, -h ibcy would nil be in one hand?
writing. After all, I'm glad of a
chance t<? end ii. I don'l asi
forgive me. for l suppose yon can't,
luit I ?in waul to say I'm beartllj
i and M'ir.v."
' 'owner had turned rerj white.
'?: iinii't understand," lie said, slow
ly. at last. "Seiners is your cousin
luit yon ?li'l not write the let!? rs "
"II?' knew toy number of tbe glrla ni
COllegC, hut ?t was ill COUllUg t?> see me
?' steii ii... plan in ill?- others."
"ii' a many were in tiiis pleasant nr
hi a
liai'', I ?'II".
three," replied Prlsclllt deprt
catlngly. "You tee, liai suggested tl I
led to I"- educated to a knowl
edge "f women ami fpom mure than
one Bide, Must men know lota ?if glrla
ai. i vnii knew none, -
three sniil tiny V'.nlilil form :i
Ulil yon should see till'
tif tin' cv. Ig-wclbllcbe, yon know."
"I ?in know Indeed.'1 sold Towner
grimly. "I know more ?if women tba i
I ever ilrciineil."
"it was n'll.v a ?r*eoolgtr] trick,"
pleaded Priscula, "ami we never meonl
tti hurt fo9. VVe thettgOt ymi ?un! I
really be atontad when you knew"
"Aiu'iscii:" exclaimed tbe man with
nn uiiinirtlifiil laugh "Ton play with
a man's heel feelings and expect him
to lie nillllsi ill XI .list I e
specimens of the "oeW wooaOn' I heard
tleiiiieii tbs other day. Ipae trae bad
forgotten how tn :?,' ?i l.i,|y aii.l n. t
learned to i ??? ?i gt ntieman.' "
"I 000*1 Wnlliler Volt feel SO," Mill
Prttelttt humbly, and then therc fell a
lone slleliee.
Wlicu the ton? ran;; for lu:
her feet
Dg down?" she in
qnired timidly.
?. I've food for thought,"
he replied, lifting bis hat formally.
yi vveio gloomy enough.
Towner1 seldom appeared at meals, and
When he did he was taciturn. As Mrs.
Hunter talked Incessantly she did not
noli, e b bat Prlarcflla felt
d by it.
"Gibraltar tomorrow!" called some
they stepped on deck after din
uer on their last day.
The girl Involuntarily glanced nt
Towner, Who stood near, and eauiiht
his eyes Used on her with a softer light
than they bad knows.
Her heart felt lighter. She had Saf?
in St dSJ ; from remorse.
stateroom to
the bow of tbi
The air was soft and summer like;
the moon : ? ne bright and dear from
n deeply purple sky. She turned at the
sound of footsteps, Towner stood be?
side ber,
"our voyage is over," he said. "Are
ymi going io make nie any reparation
for my a rongs?" '
"How can iv" ?lie Inquired faintly.
"Ton have tak.-ii away one I'rlseilla
from me. l love,i her. I was engaged
to h.r. The least you ciu do is to give
me another Priadlla in her placa.1'
"Bal you don't know tue"?
"I know you as well as I knew her,"
be asid firmly.
"Hut you corresponded with her,"
she faltered.
"So I will Witll Voll."
There was a pause. Towner looked
anxiously at the girl, who again will?
fully kept her eyes averted.
"But bow can I make amends," abe
exclaimed at length, "when there was
no other I'l'iscilla at all?"
"You <an give me .me now," he re?
plied, fondly ISylng his hand on hers
as It rested on the tailing.
"Perhaps it's my duty," she mur
"I';n sure it is." he replied, and kiss?
ed her - Home Companion.
Some of Our Wonder?,
"Returning to this country on a
steamer recently," says the Chicago
"an American found himself
? ; !?;. a young Englishman, who
was determined to nnd out as much as
... about the new world before
the steamer landed. He had been
to keep a sharp lookout for
Indians, who ?Beaked about the
streets looking for a chance to potmen
upon ami kill unsuspecting foreigners
ittid then mskc tbelr escape by ruuuing
around the corner and posing quietly
before a cigar store until the crowd
- oil.
??rje ' tbonl crocodiles and
?f they ? ould be found in large nans
?'he unsophisticated British?
ly assured that they wen,
numerous In the Hudson river
as they were sume time BgO and that
i <>f them aie found at Niagara
fails, where the water falls Ho feet.
very Interesting; sight, be was
told. t.. stand on the high rocks short.
und watch tbe powerful an?mala swim
r the falls."
iDPp recently con
vv, 1,. MiiS.li, on Court street, nex
lillag. The patronage of thi
? solicited.
G. V. I I I I IA*
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you cat.
Itartl flclally digests the food aad aid!
Nature in strengthening and recon?
structing the ?haunted digestive or
gaas It ?s the latest discovered digest?
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in?
stantly re lie-es rind permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache.Gast ralgia.Cramps.and
ill otherresoltsot inirjerfectdigestion
Prepared by E C D?W!.. *Co . Cbleaoo
L. K. Irwin.
Woodstock, Va.
i? prepared to furnish electrical dooi
irojaralai ins,atintinciators sett
fans, dec. and to repair electrical ap?
paratus of all kinds.
Office and Labaretory, Corner 01
Coati and MaMeobarg streets,Wood
stock, Va.
Prompt attention given to all calls,
Orders by telephone will receive
prompt attention.
Careats, an 1 rrad. -Marks ol.taJo*? ..ml all Pal
to* Mooiaajt Firs.
Our Ornee (?opposite U.B.PaTCNTOrnct
ire p.c.. :it in less time than lh-*e
remote from
Semi mo.1.1, drawing er rhoto., with ilescrip
r ' r Bat, irrr ut
. ( iiir Ire nut Oil till pntr- t is vrurrd.
a Pa m PM lit, "How la Obtain 1'.tents," with
the U.S. 11 d foreign countries
're- -,
OPP PATtNT O-FICt, Washinqtopi, 0. C. ?
fionuments, Tombs and all Kind?
of Cemetery Work.
Lowest prices in the Valley. (Jive rm
?riK-i. '11 W
.1. L Wisman, Pr?s, and Gen.
\V. ??>. P?sate?, V. President.
\V W. Loo a M, Seety. and Trcas.
l'IRK-T0R8 :
.1. L. WlSMAN, (tKO. H. (?FAKY,
W, W. l.i.ivN, L, S. WAi.Knu, P.
\\ . M.VI.IU OKI!.
Address W W. LOO AN,
Secy. * Tress.
VVoKlstit k, Va.
Made of the best ?natorial-fand; workmanship unsurpassed,
Saddles, Bridles, Collars,
of all stylsa and at all prices, to fit all kinds of bor* -.
Buggy Wl^ips ar\d Rcbes
well selected, and of "great variety,
old and new style to suit tbe taste *of the purchaser,
Qentleineni suit eases and everything in tl e line, cot simal
on hand and
Sold at the
Lowest Prices.
lall at the Harness ?Store of
j. -A. .:d"Z"s.a-:rt & co.
Home Office, Woodstock, Va.
B D. SHWHAH, Prea and Get/1 Mnoofer.
J. W. BAllTMIBIt, Vice Pr?s.
11.11. WUNDER, BtsSieCMy.
of. COFFMAN, Treasurer
L. 8. W\lk?;R.
H 11. HAIN,
Assets, December, 31st, IcVl.174,369 '.'?'?
Assets, Deaerjiber, ills'. 1-tW._?IT-.uii' si
Asset?, December, 3Cth, 1?#3.(SlO.J'tT "-.
Assets, Dec-tuber 31 8'J4. M413T7J7
Asee's, December 31 leoo". l671,<CI9,Ot,
Assets. December 3l*b, 18M.|0WjS47 10
Money stlvsncea ou tbe Slock of the Association, or loaned on resl est?t? sooorit?
a easy terras.
P m ti-H desiring to provide for themselves homes, orto pay off indebtedness it
mai ontfily pnynetita will rind tbe Association to be just what they ?rant.
Address. M Ii. V\ UNDER, Secty. Woodstock, Va., tor papers and information:
Mar. ??tf
lime Table in effect
May 7. 189c.
Lv. Harrisonburg
" Llnville
" Cowans
" Broadway
" Timberville
" New Market
" QtUckaharg
" Mt. Jackson
" Edinburg
" Wood.-tock
" Maurertovvn
M Tom's Brook
" ntbers Hill
" Strasburg
" Rtverton
Ar. Front Royal
" Plsins
" Managst?
Ar. Washington
bv. Washington
" Moaontoa
" Haymarket
" Plains
" Rectortown
" Delaplane
I.V. Front Royal
" Rlverton
M Strasburg
" Fishers Hill
" Tom's Brook
" Woodstock
? Edinburg
"Mt Jackson
" Qulcksburg
" Nee Market
" Timberville
" Broadway
'? Cowans
?' Llnville
Noll No.36 No.72
A M P. M. I'.-M.
8 60'
7 06
7 17
7 30
7 44
7 03
3 10
3 20
3 35
3 41
3 47
3 6?
4 43
8 2?! 5 14
8 42 5 37
8 62 5 47
a M 7 00
10 60? 7 56
p. jj
12 00, '?06
7 n
7 3.
7 .V
7 .V
s M
8 2(1
9 42
it 27
9 4?
in m
r. m
4 01
6 03
6 3i)
5 53
6 15
? 3o
7 07
7 18
7 37
8 IS
8 . ?
8 57
? 03
No. 9
A. M.
A. M.
8 01
'.1 3.".
10 30
10 51
11 00
11 40
11 M
I'. M.
12 15
12 45
I.' H
1 09
1 23
1 30
1 36
Ne. 71
7 12
7 44
8 17
8 47
9 63
5 12
6 22
1 47j 9 3 6
2 00 IODO
Trtlni Nos. 13, 14, 71 and 72 run
dally except 9un ': ;. Nos. 5 and 3t5
Arrive at and depart from Pennsyl?
vania R. R. Passenger Station, Wash?
ington, D. (.'., where both trains make
immediate conuectioa for ami from
Baltlnmre, Philadelphia tnd New York.
For detail Information sppln to Agent of
tbe .southern Kailway.or write to
!.. s. HlttlWN.Oen'l Agent.
V.i Kifteentu St.,-s. w? Washington, D C
Fia* ?i. OANNO!*, J.M.C?LP. W.A.T?rHv
?a \ .i\ S Oen. M. Truffle Man."*?U. P. a
Washington. O Cj
N i%W Nor?alk^Westem
?BBBBBa?BBBj?a* Srhedul?* in re-tot
Nov. 19 1899
Lesve Riverton,
8.27 t. m. 7. S3 p. m.
Sooth and Wsstbonnd
m. 6.67 p. m
(r) Llrav
Natural bridge
Mountain Lake
^b chattanoog/
, Lookout Mountain
k*te/erfctcs Map* TimtVtUtiJktr'jCs.
fini rr.it,cm Dti<riptio*P*mpMth.hnjAjt*twti
V/BBEVIll ' AUEN.'IOtL. j MfB**?
Cl?"? P.? luit I ?mi?*. P.u Aux, )Vu.i. w ?.? Ai. <
^Rtmnoray? j ColuibviQ j Rqa .
Trade Mai? .6
copyb ghts ac
mon frw ^liucker as
I'nl.'ilU Ink,
Sjvrtol nnt iff, rit t?
Scientific American.
4 handsitmelT I"
Silstli.n of ??? .
?Its. ?I
_ 4Co.88,B^NewYor?'
tOsask OaTss. SB r St. w?.i.,?.
AH kinds of cot! for stle. Apply
Visman's warehouse by phone <>r in pel
><>n. M. H. HottbU'
\ov. 18 tf _
A PKICANA will cue Constipation six?
^haw*Jt?4?wralLi?efMedian? Try?.

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