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Shenandoah herald. (Woodstock, Va.) 1865-1974, January 05, 1900, Image 1

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$100 F?sr Yeer
Uiarlabtf U Adianoe.
AliooDimnntcatioosof a prlvat nature
trill be oharged 'or as vlvortiBing.
iseomplele in e raj reepaot. Work done
la Mhart notieaand ob the moat raa-onabl*
VOL. S3.
Xf > 1.
btiLiUNJOAil HEftAii!
Advertising Katea.
A?!\ < iVrerii* ids wnl l>e mseittx! a^ one
?lollar J'*J nattie ol ??r >et? 104
? ? 1 .?? L
! f ' ? ? <-r
_ h
fT l. DlcrHMotLe Luiol.ei "' >'j8]'.a
niaik?d npon the Bat) seer t pt, advartlM*
meats will b? pablfabad ODtil lori 0<len
h '? <'^-KT "? i m lordin
. VlllUMf) * T.WILLUMK
Practice in all the Conrt? ot Sbenan- I
doab :?i.ti adjoining ocnttie*. in Oie Ba
pwvi Cmut of Appeals d iii tb*- Cit*
cou and District Court' an tie United
State-. H ot
?31?" Spacial atteutiou given to the col
tenon of elaina. ma? 15, '61-tf.
Attoi neys-at-Law,
Practice ia alt tbs Court* of Sbenan*
dooab and atfjoioiug counties, in tbe Sa
preoie Coart of Appeals, and in 'be Cir
euit and District Cooria ot tbo United
Special attention to collaction of calms
Oct- ?T93.
July SI, 'Itt-ly.
Attorney - at - Law,
Woodstock, Virginia.
Will practice in tba eonrts of Shenan?
doah County.
Ott! ;e. ap stairs, in B. 4 L. Bnildin*
Will spend Saturdi? at Mt. Jackin,
sept. 30. 98~ljr pd.
Attorneys - at - Law.
Nov. tt "JO tf
.^ Ofloa Roon S Stukiey ati'i Bojei
Ba ding, ^HidMock, ami at Trimmr
' Hhc. Ca vary, Va.
nu t. g. brown,
Tom's Brook, Va.
?Mass of don, thraat aad ear a Specialty)
apr. ??!?\mo.
Physician and Surgeon,
^Woodstock, V v.
rboiadaj - at boa
pi I fe*?tf.
f jH. J. B. RUSH,
EMsblisbed io \^9. Offloe S?uth
ll?ui Street. Terms cask,
may 'i? l)r.
r\\i. W. S. CLINE,
Resident Physician.
|3f" Calls arswerrd ?uj or ni^ht. !
Office and reeideuce oTer Richey's
Stare. March 4?tt.
Has located in Woodstock and will
promptly answer all calla.
jy Office at the residence of Mr. D.
fl. Wain-n, of Mublenburc Street.
aaav 8 >i*-lvr.
Resident Dentist,
Office Mai* t., Woodstock, Va.
Chloroform, either and cocaine
e?ed for i . nltee extraction ot teeth.
Dec. 36? hr.
ba?iaf located at Tom's Brook offers
his professional semces lo the public in
Mic Tarious branches of his prolession
He will be found at the Philip's bouse,
tfter April 2nd and will giyo prompt
attention to all calla.
Jfar. 10. W-tf.
?kitari.iahkd 1H72.?
J. P. SAUM & CO.,
Produce CoamissionMetcHants
&*?J5 LotntlAJM Afaifll,
Policit shipwtnts ot every marketal?;<
prodoee?no matter what?of the Farm
Dairy. Pool Ml end Stosk Yard. Ship
pers paid daily tba highest wholesale
25 years (oTer 30 in this city) of soc
eeeefnl ei per lenee is gooreutee of ou
basineaa ability ta handle shipment-.
Kater te prepnetor of ITnnALJO and Cit'
sans Natienal bank of Washington city
Mar. 90'? aft.
nenuments. Tombs and all Kinds
of Cometary Work.
Lowest priees in the Valley. Glee m*.
Te C?re Constipation Forever.
Take Ouiearete Candy Cathartic, ldc or Oe.
(CC.a faU to euee, druggist* refund moos*.
Acts gently on the
Kidneys, liver
and Bowels
OVERCOMES 1/rrO ^ I -^
evy rv| GtNumt - man'F O fey
^''i'^tL aa* r,?**c<>r ?**l?<>*.
rc* *auet?.. mnianri Mai j* Nf muk
?ssaseaas??sa?i ir aw iii
- i
latan's k
Ml IX.
lt was all ovf w itu II il vi rson.
and even his tossed and harassed
lirhiu. Ile nae d'me. To bis fitful
RtruggliH au end bad eume or munt
como now, this .": ,y. Another
morning won! I be too Ufo.
Whether (ar?" were tin kl nd or mere?
ly ie ?. nxelennlj |iiNt waa. an ir.
q in ? he did n-'t t-ri'k to mak< , ' ?
it w^Mid he futile. Ir was too late
for speculation. What good lo
analyze tbe past fri causes when
ttie irresistible, impending effecl
upon tiim?when ir had not only
Rnoeked ai his door, but bad en
terell and *too?t nailing, beckouing
and Impatient ?
The old \e;tr waa going out. So
si he, too, i.'o our. like a 'nj:
en i e, but w h ii b< i '.' VV li ?1 iMre
dms i hi Ti ?? I k? o' bit) children,
the dead wats? Witera o weaiteil
Sou li find ba\eu abet li"1 el i\
wtiieb gave I beru tenement is cud?
IL propped bia back ailb pillows
and sat oji ni tn d. Kl tl ilig OUt th
window into the talliug j;loora ol
the short December <- >, bul
Seeing not even the -ca tend lia'es
ot enow banish* d from ,i l.-vf SOUP
r\ing clouds marking the winter
skv with BWlt: changing foi in itloua,
flis thought*, were introspective,
but dominating them all io gloomy
monotone, like tiie irreverent
,:ii^ ol rt deep toned bell mark
mg a sunken reef, telling of de?
struction standing witn j iwh agap,
was ilia* one he could not escape
if he would?be \*as di te ; be was
done; here was the end !
The I.alien loom, ill cai! even
t?>r th il poor tem ment, i zciled bia
disgust as with < hoig groan lo?
raine back 'h biaaurrouodiogs. Lt
smelled evil, foo, like a baseme t
dive, for he bad slept tlore long
be hardly knew?aud it reeked ol
bis potations. He got up un?
steadily and, drawing on bl"
trousers, dong up a window over
look- ?p the street, The fresh,
keen h't rushed upon iiim bitingly,
but be seemed not to lee! |ti sting.
Leaning Ur out, b? drank it eager?
ly. Lighted cars, tilled with home
going people who seemed gay,
hurried past on North Clark street,
park ward, to the rnnic rhyme ol
tbe cable, to the clanging of th*
belia tlie gripmen gave voice in
warning or m greeting. Most ol
the passengers cai ried little bun?
dles. Some ot them held boughs
j or wieatlie ol' der >r.tli\e evergreen.
| Tomorrow wouol be the N<-w
I Year. They were going borne,
I content, perhaps with good resolu?
tion*, (ioing nbeie? Home! Wheie
was his home? A h.it was *t! EU
shivered and, shutting down the
window, drew to the pile ol bud?
died Clothes Which la^ I pon the
door beside ins bed.
The door behind bim opened
softly, letting in a shaft ol yellow
light Iroin the room be\?>nd,an i it
threw across the floor, even to hil
feet, the shadow of the woman who
loved him. As she stood theil,
lookiug uuceitainiy into the dusk
whert be sat obwonred, hi* e.\es
were still bent upon that sDhoOette,
picturing on tbe coarse matting
her waved bair, her fair outline,
all grace aud dear womanhood all
bis?the pearl he had won as prig
in Lie's journey and Hung away.
"George!"* bis wile called gently
"Ait you getting up!*7
Ile fronted roughit, foi in truth
a new kindled emotion ch. ked bim,
and i e would bot trust hts tongue.
As ll in echo ol his voice lhere
came hom the lighted room the
sound ol el iti y _. block* and
tailing tin* a swil patter ol little
feet and an eager, childish trouble
crying out glee I ul ly,
"Oh, mamma, papa np!''
A hoy ot f? yeais ran pa-t his
mobber and with Instinctive seek*
?tig, like stiel to magnet, plunged
through the semi darkness straight
p.to his father's srms with a shoot
of joy.
The man cuddled him close, but
lieneath his breath uttered some.
Ihiuglike another great groan.
"3anta Clans is coming to
morrow, papa," the cblldsaid, -\ <;
as ttie man satstlll, only bogging
him closer, be went on: "Because,
you know, he couldn't get here
Christmas, he was so busy, and
there arc so many poor Ob lld ran he I
had to see. But he's c iming to
morrow* Mamma said so, dido'i
you, ni tm ni,.'/ And, sa\v ?he put
np bli lips confidentially and whis?
pered? ^we'we got a chicken and
ho ne nuts."
uBrlng in the lamp, Rate," said
Ilalveisoti bearsely, struggling up
from the clinging child. "I've go:
to dress am] go."
"Supper is nearly ready,' she
siant. "You'lleut with ns, won'(you?
It isn't oiten we have you now?
adays, (Teorgp."
"I've got to go," he repeated.
Sl?e brought in a lan p as be
rlrew on his shoes and lasteued bis
Suspenders. He strode to the little
mirror in the cheap pine dressei
and lathered hts face before it iu
silence. The luis looked o'j in in?
terested silence as he began to
nh .\ e bimselt. The woman
the i'dl ?.; d re^' irdi t him
wistfully, but ia silsni e w.
Theodor ot stoning foods came
from the other rooms The mau
nodded his head significant!)
toward the open door as hts razoi
l4Tbe neight^ors must have sent
something lu," be said, with a
bitter sneer, "or was if the eon nt)
ag? nt ! W bat's all this talk about
Santa Claus anyway? Have \. u
b ?ii mocking your on n chi ?'
Rgainf Aren't things bs enough
?ltbout that V
Dis ?one was harsh, and the
man smiled pathetically. She mi
isered gently:
"A mother doesn't mock her
baby. George will hare all e rms
bet ii led IO expect torin iio\
way. And it's the Nen Year.
(i-oige, ('ear"?she rose arid esme
to him, putting ber band on Ins
shoulder? "it's te Nea fear, full
of hope, if not ot promise. CsO'l
we tie brave together? Yon si ways I
have said iou wanted onlj ai
ehsoce;tbst something unist tum
up. I*, rhaps it will w hen the New I
Y*ar con es."
Iii* si(? k Hie hand ft wa) , and tbs
rs so? cut bis cheek,
??You rr i st have had a sintl
laM,** he insrled ms he stanched the
wouojj. uYou t.'k likH^.oi might
bean h* ir ? -s. 1: wasn\ the ueegb?
oors, tuen?"
??There w?i no windfall," rdie
answered slowly. UI was oily ti\.
log to hold on for >our s^ke and
?and his. I had a ring, you knos.'
Her \oico faltered, and he wheel*
ed sharply, looking into her face.
She held it her bare lett hand and
smiled into his eyes bra\eh tor one
Hitting moment. Tben she long
hetself prone upon the tied, slink?
ing with convulsive sobs. The
child ran to her and, burying his
face In ber skirts, cried too.
Halverson made haste to finish
dressing. As lie hurried into hi"
ulster his wile rose quickly and
staid him a gesture,
"You won't sta>7''
"1 ea n't,'' he muttered surhi\. "I
hSVS sn engagement."
'?you'll be back tonight?"
"\V!u re els" could 1 gof he an
swered, but his ryes evaded her-*
'?George," she said pleadiriglv,
'?tomorrow will bo New Yeai's.
There ls Semething I wish yon
would bring me borne tonight lor a
New Year's gitr. Will roof" Min
wit" clung to bim as she spoke,
both arms around bis neck,
"What is it ?" he **ked. His
throat was full of hnsfea, but bbl
manuel softened, Tile boy crept to
bim and wrapped him tight.
(\\ mw- man, George," *he said
Hekissid her, stooped and katey
the t>oy and went out without a
Halverson walked with nncer
Isla, hesitating steps eastwaid in
the dim b\ street to Claik. Km pty
cars were running south?< ard. It
was Ii'VIhk. The ?sy waa clear
ing, and the night promised lair,
? long the great ar tera nf th* North
Side, smoot li m its new dress ol
asphalt, Ihe br iii ?r I leetris light
shone in farfetcblng > ues s milk?
way fallen to gross esr b, As the
bell ol an approcbing hain herald
el its co i ing be felt no cha nicoll J
lu hi- pockets tor fara. There was
nothing. Shrugging ofoser loto
Ins collar, be stai ed riverward,
walking more bfisklj u<?w, Ile
was shivering, a'though well clad,
and within a block he entered a
sah orr. The barkeeper was alone.
"I guess \OU'll hiive to let me
bays one on credit till next time,
Dick," s.iid Ii ilremon, with affect?
ed briskness. "It's pretty sharp
outside, old d an. On the shelf,
The barkeeper looked at bim
cnnounlj ss be p rared out a glas*.
fill of whisky and drank ir eagerly.
'?Yon loch like a ghost, sure
enough," his host commented as
Bal vet son set down (be gla?a
"Whit have you been doing to
yourself, my son?"
K rois eriog party ol yooi g men
buist through the doorway before
Ila \"Imui could answer. He kllss I
tl.em all, sod th y gieejed bim
"Wi'ii' ont tor sport tonight,
George, rn) lad. Come along ml
see lb* old year out. Bo a good
lellos ." encl one, slipping his
b ik with s>sious energy.
Ilalversoti laughed. ??I'm broke
tonight, Char tex." he enid airily,
.* ir lt wcte a joke he c.mid not
: : i tish.
"That makes no d (terence," re?
turn* d Charley Imisteronsly. "i\e
got enough for bo I us, .Ii-<t
dieu a mi.itn's j i . \on know.
' ? ti."
WI matter? Since h^
id .?" . ??'? h going
tom i Md ip ?, \ h g un: t ?
r-htitri* off his responsibilities ibis
Dight l> lore evan the new year
dawned, what did ir mattel? Due
nors night, sitb I ie nor rj| spin's
in uis^'i ii tig p : sea, s i-nt wu ri
nf the town! It might b irden his
gr n reso ution; ll i would go, sod
be went.
It was ten muirs later when a
por er w r ii bm kel, n op sod
? m abook hi n r ra lily b t ne
shoulder. Ele I ?uud bi uself sleep
lng heaviu In a chair in an all
a gi t s ilooD in Ptltb avenue. II ?w
bi bsd come there be did nol rr
"(!??' onf ?m! g?-t soon-an! UV
>"? i Wal's." ca ?'. the n bite
apioind man behind the bar. ' Yo,
ain't de ol, are you'.''
Halverson rose with a start,
awake., liecoll. etion ll il rallied
upon him like sn srmeti man ami
tnrust home He knew what be
bad to do and grimh set to dc i'
quickly. Without a won! he WOUI
ont. He wslked fast to Uandolofa
street and pot Ins face ? <? rio. east.
So Ibis was the hour ! Well, he
H ??? ready. The wa SI migut be
cold, bul he won d not sb iver long.
He went on sw illly.
Presently he wa*a?ars one pac*
? i behind bim sith e(p*i j . p,
lt he slackened, the other laug- il.
vVbei be pat forth a brisker loo*,
the n her laid lo his heel. This
innojed bim, b t he did not look
around. "I will snake bim oft at
tbf'VlSdoCt," he said to himse f,
"You are IO haste tonight," the
other called banteringly over his
shoulder. ??Why tonightl Why
mu yesterdas? Wny not en years
ni Wh\ not tomorrow?''
Tbs Other draw beside him. Hal
v- rsoo looked furtively and knew
bis companion, though it had been
liOCfl they had SDOk< ll. A
gloom) frown Blooded hi-* flushed
"lt must be tonight. It is the
end," he sahl as if in apology.
"Al !" said the other, "ls it m-t
Il is you, then, who will leave it
all behind, who will il e. who will
bc the coward 1 What'd the sile?
What of thC boy ?
Must they bear the brunt alon*?"
"I cannot h? lp it," S?< faltered.
**Thej can be no worse oft anyway.
And it isn't my fault. It'a the
Cursed Pick!" be ended savagely.
"Yes, the 'cursed luck/'* the
other answered, echoing bis own
innermoat thought. ?? nv hose cars
ed? Theirs not \ours. Has she
bm n loyal, devoted, loving, true,
foi bean nc; a wife, a niothei? And
h.>s SC called von papa, ''ear. ami
looked witn bli deep truthful eves
to \ou hs his shield and bis refuge,
his so lace, bis dod? And yon, whit
have you done? Have |on pour
ed your patrimony down your
throat? Have \ou sunk your mai.
hood at the gaming cloth? l\^\>'
\on paal love with neglect and
Bast lbs jtys of fatherhood to
swim? lla\e you, who have taleut
?Dd education and once bad friends,'
sold your p 'Ssessiooi stick by stick
until vonr wife pawns her wedding
ring to DU) tire and food tor ber
bs >y and 'or .\ou ?"
Hal ver-on nung his bead. They
were on the vi;.duct now. Tho
other drew \ct closer until he
touched bim. A pale light falter?
ed among the stars which
marked the east before them. Thev
walked on together.
"I'ah!'' cried the other in a burst
of high scorn. "You sicken me.
You are less courageous than tbe
mere beast, you with a brain. Do
you think >ou are nothlOgf lJo you
believe by pulling the shelter ot
the takeover four own miserable
head and body you preserve yooi
honoi? \Vb3, man, man, mau:
Awake !"
Tiny stood far ont upon the long
pier beside the deep wafer.
"Even now," the other cried,
with energy, turning Halverson to
bim, as that they looked in each
other's set face, "a sweet (aced
Woman kneels beside your oed
ami |:ra.\s. Tears fall from hei
eyes upon a little, restless cbi'd,
who BtlfS ami snuggles to b?r, ask
Mig ?i h shot eyes, 'Is pap* home
yet, rn ians?'"
?() Goo!' Halverson burst out iu
agony, stretching forth his arms.
The other caught Ina bands and
held tin in tightly.
"You mailes promise,p he said
vt-rv softly. "Y'ou sealed it with a
kiss. Kate begged of you a N-w
Veal's gift to make her happy.
Shall it be bera? See, the sun is
rlaing fiom the lake. The new year
in d ?Wtiiug.Sball lt be her.-?1'
II alt et son Ml upon his knees.
T ie sp e'er ot his quickened con
terence laded from his grasp and
...m here alone. Two tears,
? ns gems, dug from fha mme
of his reformation, crept across his
cheeks, now pallid, but there wss
a new light in his deep o>ch. The
sun was tiptoe on (be water's ^i\gif.
?Veros* the rippled lake from tbe
tull orb even to bis knees shone s
golden pathway leadicg ap, it
seemed to him, to nigher thiugs.
Il-r?iHe and stood erect, facing
lbs day. Lifting op bis arms, he
cried SUI aloud;
??<">, Kat*! O, wife! Voa have
your Nea Year's gift. I go tojon
a man."?Chicago Chronicle.
"'Veil, that'e enough to try the
patience of .lob," exclaimed the
Milage minister, as ne threw aside
th.* local pape.
"Why, what's tbe matter doar? '
asked his w ife.
-.List Sunday I presched from
the text, "Ile ye therefore stead
last," answered the good man,
??'.ii; the printer makes it read,
??Me ye there for breakfast,"-?
Chicago News.
Th* Yoni'K Xnn In Che I'rlnclpnl ??
the I:.anni School In Alnhnrua.
A remarkable man and one who I*
: io become '" 'tcr known B
the world of letters ls Chlnnubble Har
Jo. a full blooded Creek Indian, whose
writings, prose and poetry, ara claim
Iiik attention, altbou^h little aa yo*,
bas appeared in psMk print.
Chlnnubblff Qsrjo has a I rlktni? per?
sonality; a brilliant eoBfsrsstloaallst
among friends, his magnluesat phy?
sique ?uperabandsnes of latsaaelj
black nair, swarthj eomplsxloa, deep
and penetrating yet kindly black
cyrs and warm greetings to fritu<ls
are ebsrscteHstlcs noticeable. Chin
nubbie Qsrjo ls a typical Indian and
wa* reared and sducstsd In the Creek
AJthough yet a young man. Ilarjo
hSS dons much for tbe betterment of
bis people. As superintendent of tbe
Creek orphans' school he showed a
peculiar ability. Ile left that work to
accept the superintendency of the na?
tion's schools, where his executive abil?
ity, helpfulness and advanced Ideas
SOI "lily built up the schools, but cre
ated an interest among other educator!
of the nation calculated to keep up the
ii.1 work. Mr. Ilarjo ls now princi?
pal of tbs Creek academy nt Kurala.
e the general advancement al?
ready testifies to the personality of the
man. Here are some bits of verse from
bis pen:
earea i acroaa the wanin* raaf
Br eiadl that chas* alta lifted apear,
A leal, bloom stained. fvU apent, at hut,
L'l.'ti cn7 boaom. Poor outcaatl
TO a x< rhino ettSLSS.
Stn? on till light an-1 ahad?w meet.
Blithe cpirtt of thc morning airl
1 do mt know thy name nor eart|
I only know thy aoag ia aweet.
An.) that my heart bcata thanks te ta**.
Made Baser ty thy mlnstrelajr.
to a sarrostu
When death haa ahut the Mas aky out from sae,
Sweet daffodil,
And reara roll on wuIimii my memory,
Thou'lt reach thy tender lingera dowe to sala* ol
A true friend atilt,
Although I'll never know the* titi tba Judfroant
a carra nan.
A tachem. onr* upon a timm?
ie run* a legend vf the < reek*?
i v ked a nighty count il.
iHtlareJ Oat kc could leam no more
And UaaaWseea seeaafes1 to die;
Dut loath io lear* thia world without
sadulglng In the luxury
| :?ar to him- Lu uaual amok*?
Ile ?il .1 hia daughter f' I > roal
0f are easts alis to lija ail rip*.
Usa ' tl oa aaa** la
Il r calm. ute! u(> th* aachem jumpt,
"\Uji folly! ieeSaa mani" aaid be.
"i'm taught s lecaon by s childi"
?81. Louts K? public.
\V*> Should Mnke the Most nf Onr
Brief Llttti laaBdelltj ?I e Botarete
of Jini-ii Woe?Chrlet*e aaUateSleaa
[Oi.pyricht, Lr.ula K
WasnisoTo^, Dec. 31. -In thia boll
(lay diacouree Dr. Tslmage takea tbe
opportunity ot offeriDf prac?
tical and useful suggestions; text,
Psalms xe, ii, "We apen i our yean aa
a tale that is told."
The Israelites were 4o yean In tbe
wilderness, ami during 38 yean of the
40 nothing ls recorded of tli?-m. and. I
suppose, no other emigrants had a
duller or more uninteresting time
they had.' 8o they gol to tellii - -
?stories concerning themselves or con?
cerning others; stories aUu.t tbe brick
kilns of Egypt, where they had I
Iq slavery; stories about bow tbe wa?
ters of the Ked ses piled up Inf" pal?
isades at their crowing;
lantern liun;; in tie- iruide
them by night; story ut*
lng the nptlles of the wilderness;
stories of personal eucounter. It
have been hu awful have bad
nothing to do for :>"> yean
get lost every time they tried to escape
from the wilden. -- B ' whiled
away the time in story telling. In?
deed, there were
business was to narrate stories, and
they were paid by such trifles ai
could pick up from tbe surrounding
listeners. To such Instances our text
refers when it says "'v
years aa a tale that !< told."
At this tremendous pas age from the
year 1800 to the year 19 ? ll III do ua
all good to eom?ider that our ?
ls a story told?a go< r a bad
atory, a t ra tr i ?
a wise story or i
atory or a filthy si
ccaa or a story of failure "'?' <
our years as a tale I ld."
In the first place, 1
erv person'*, life ls a \
story. My text
tsle that ts lol I." We I ave all
been entertali ?? 1 by t
when snow bo ii d
tn the group a -vii i
farmhouse, or -
I nu' hearth
mountain Inn. Indi ? ?!. I - i
w< rthy art lo
well. If yon d< ubi
healthful and i:
story, take down from tba
Washington Irving's "Tales of n Trav?
eler" oe Nathaniel Hawthorn!
Told Tales." Bul ll ns any
of these would be I of many
an obscure life If the tale were fl -
told. Why do we all Uki raphlos
a"! autobiographic? Because they
an stories of eminent human lives.
But the story of the Ute of a
woodsman, of a man
of one about whom yoa never hi
word, must be just sa 1 - on a
small scale as on a large - ale ls n 1 fe
of a Cyrus, or a Ca?sar. or n Pizarro,
or a Mark Antony, or a Cha;-;
I.lfv Bsa^erleaeee.
If you get the cot I rery
plain man J mt conn of
woods an.I can induce him to give tbti
stirring experiences of ' - life, bs sill
tell you that s bli b ?( ? youi
blood curdle and your bair sta
end; that night when a panther dla
puted hi* pathway on the way home;
that landallde, when the mountain!
seemed about to come down on hi*
cabin; thal accident to
and no Burgeon within 15 miles; thai
long storm that stint them in ind thc
food v. a* exhausted; I test at his
doorway with bandits, who thought
there might be within something wortli
taking; that deathbed, with no one hut
hims. If to count the fluttering pul
Oh, yes, wlule "we spend oar \> an
aa a tale that ts told." it is an interesl
lng story. It ls the story of an tm
mortal, and that makes it Inten
He ls launched on an oe.-an of eternal
years, In a voyage that will never ter?
minate. Ile ls striking the keym
aa snthem or a dirge that will never
come to Its last har. That is what
makes the devotional meetings of mod
Bra times so much ne-re interesting
than th.-y need to be i hey are Ailed
not with discourses by laymen on tbe
subject of Justification and I I
tlon. which lay discourses adm n
more to the facetious than to tb<
fylng. but with stories <?f what God
has done for the soul how everyl
suddenly changed; how th.
became balsamic In tin ea of lacera?
tion; bow ne was personally helped out
snd helped up and helped on. Nothing
can stand befo.-e such a story of per?
sonal rescue, personal trauaforn
personal Illumination. The
and most skillful argui
Christianity cottspsi I ai un?
grammatical but sincere statement.
Tbe atheistic professor of natural phi?
losophy goes d wn under ry of
that backwoodsman's couven
Sturt Anew.
All that elaborate penuasl
old folks of the folly <?f - ? ip ac
tlve life too soon means nothing as
compared with the simple Incident yon
may relate to them of the fa<>t that
Benjamin Franklin wai governor o\
Pennsylvania al 82 v..us ..f age aud
that Daodoto of Venice .-it 00
age, although his eyesight bad
destroyed through being compelled bj
bis enemies to look Into a polished
metal basin under the full blaze <>f the
sna until totally blind, yet this sight
leas nonagenarian leading ni: army to
the aucceasfnl beslegement of Constsn
t!a<yale! Wlien an old man hoars of
suck Incidents, he puts saide his staff
sad ear trumpet and stsrtfl anew.
The New Testament BUggeStfl tbe
power of the "tah* that ls told." Christ
wss the most effective story teller of
all the ages. The pa rn hies are only
tatea well told MstehleSS st
That of the traveler cut up by the
thieves and tbe Samaritan paying hil
Boa id bill at the tut em, that of tba
big dtuuor, to windi the invited |
Beau lu fictitious ngTStSJ that of the
Shepherd answering the Meat of tin1
lost sboup aud all the rural neighbors
that uight h. ipaig him celebrate Um
fact that lt was safe in the barnyard
that of the bad boy, reduced to thc
swines' trough, greeted home witL
such banqueting and Jewelry that li
stuffed tbe older sou with jealous]
and disgruntlement; that of tbe Phuri
see full of braggadocio an l tbe pub
Hean smiting his breast with a stroke
that brought down the nea rena in com
- tories about leprosy, about
paralysis, about catalepsy, about drop?
sy, about ophthalmia?stories that he
? ell told that they have rolled douri
to rho present and will roi. down
through tl;.' ??mire future.
1 hoard Daniel Baker, the wonderful
evangelist of his tim' h what I
supposed wai u sermon, but 1
mber nothing of it except a
that h.- told, and that I Judge from
the se.ai. !. may that afternoon
have brought hundreds into the king?
dom of God. I h.-ard Truman Usborne
preach several sermons, but 1 p
her nothing of what he said In public
or private except a story that le- told,
and that was. among other things, the
meani of my -a!, dion. The lit". long
work of John li. Gough, ti..
: erance reformer of all time, was
the victory of anecdote, and who can
ever forget lils st.?r> Btraton
touching him on the shoulder, or of
-?ant at Hopkinton, or
of the outcast woman nicknamed "Hell
Fire." but redeemed by the thought
that she "was .m.- of us?" I
Moody, the evangelist of wi rid
fame and usefulness, who recently
? 1 to his great nward on high,
% hil valuable labors In I
wielded tbe anecdote for God and
a until all i. ? - ive been mor?
ed by lt.
Miike IllpR<aln{ta Known.
If you have bad el ?n of par
?iou and comfort and disentbrailment
tell of lt. Tell lt In the most po
and dramatic way you can manage.
Tell it soon, or you rimy ne\er tell lt
at all. Ob, the power of Ihe tale that
ts told!*' A ti hour's discourse about
? :ct that blasphemous behavior ls
Hi ? - punished lu this world
would not Impress us as much as the
ry that En a I
- . e at the close of t;-1, i
36 profane men form I
ailing themselves
v lety of th" Druids." They met
ly t
r awful
and admtnis
I : TWO Of
. died thal ' w thin three
?line wen drowned. In rive
I ! thc 3'I came to a had end. B .
isl es of the wai -worn
that two were starved to death, kV
wore drowned, . * wen shot, five
ted suleii - i on the j
frozen t ? death aud
dh d a'-ei len ta Hy. Incidenti
that, sworn to, would balk any pro
! Irreverent and blasphemous be?
In what way could tho fact that In
fidelity will not help any ?? well
powerfully presented a* hy the
lent concerning a man falling ill
in Paris Just after the death of Vol
when a profe* ? waa
lin and abe asked. "Is tbe gentle
man a Christian?.
replied, "'. who attended
Voltaire lo t - *- so I f
tb of 1 I '\ mid net ?
- moral and spiritual cu>
I a tale 111
Von might argue upon thc I
lien are our 1 sis
but could we Impress any om
such a truth so w.-ll as I
? ? te-tr Victoria park. London.
w ben mea wen digging '.rain,
and the shoring gave way. and a p
pile of earth fell upon the wor'<
A iran al I flu ve with his bands In
'?. looking nt those who were
tryln i rel as*aj
1. but when some
one said to I ' ? "Bill, |
?|| d ? ? ?" then the BOOC
tar..!- thn IT hil KMlt and went to
work with an ag
up bli brother. What course of
argument could so well - that Incl
dent sot forth that when we toll for
. .- of a soul lt ls a bn
m we are trying to save?
V urn i -,,., ,.
A second reading of my text remind
: me that life is not only a atory t ld.
but that it is n brief story \ I
i rath ? led out Ind
i its Intenat. lt is generally the story
i that takes only a minute or \ alf
ute to nbear t t!:st arrests tit.- ntten
j tion. And that gives additional
, ?-st to tho story of our hf.'. It is a
short story. Subtract from our life all
rs of necessary i '? op. a'l tbe
' l.onrs ot Incapacity through
j Illness, all the hours of <?:. sad
youth befora w?- get fairly to work, and
you have abbreviated the *!ory of life
so much that you can appreciate the
psalmist's remark when he says,
"Thou hast made my days as a hand's
breadth." ami can appreciate the apos?
tle J sa on when 1" com
, pares lif" to "a vapor that appeareth
for a little season and then ra
; away."
lt does not take long to tell all the
? lea of life ' -? rladi
the griefs, tile arrivals and tl ?
partures, the sm - fall
tbe victor!.-s and the defeats, the
Bod the downs. The longer we
live the shorter the years. We hardly
L-et over the bewildering fatigue i f a
leetins; gifts for children and friends
and see that the pn Rei "ff In
I time to arrive on the appropriate day
than WS BBS another a.Ivan.-fag group
of holidays. Autumnal fruit so sharp?
ly chases the summer harvest, and rhe
snow of the white bloSSOS I of sirlng
ttSM come so soon after the Bli IWS Sf
wlnt.T. It ia a remark so often made
that lt fails to make any ImptSS
aud tbe platitude that calls forth no
reidy, "How rapidly time goes."
Every century is a big wheel of
years. Whick makes a huudrod revolu
and brashs down. Lvery y?ar ls
a big wheel of mouths and makes 12
revolutions and then ceases, ijeologlsts
and th. oh.-ians go into elaborath us of
guesses as to bow long the world will
probsbly last; how h.ug before the vol
(?anic forces will explode lt. or meteoric
?stroke di tindish ii, or tbe cold of a
long winter freest oat Ns population.
or the fins of a Issi eonilagratlou burn
lt. That ls all very well, but so far
aa tbe present population "f the earth
(.???rued the wot ld will last but a
little longer. We begin life wdth a
Bf] and end it with a groan, ami the
cry and the groan are not far apart.
Life. .lol. says, ls like the Hight of S
weaver's shuttle or. an David Intimates
In my text, a story quickly told and
laughed ut and uone anti displaced by
another story ns a "tah- that is told."
I have to say that If life is so i
we nave not much of it to waste, tn
all our ei
to be IO o'-!,,. 3 o'clock 3 0*Cl
and 8 o'clock 8 o'clock. I ' ?
e your I it not
my time. Just reproof wa* ?
which Mr ton. the wif<
the fir<t president gave James l??
the '.'roar pointer. His daughter
"Mv father had an nt to
? a minlaton of Mrs. IVs
in Philadelphia, ti,.- general hoing
out of town. He was obliged to go to
tu-r house, and tho appointment for a
sitting was arranged at 7 o'clock in
the morning. My father arrived at
the house, and. biking out bbl watch.
he found lie was ? w liy I \
rbi then struck him that
lt might ne esrly to disturb a la ly, and
?Ided to *-'ive ten rn jrrace
befora knocking st I
COrdlngly walked the pi
at the end of ten minutes l out
hi* watch and ranu the belL De was
ushered int.. the parlor, and Mr**.
Washington, accosting him. d
ar;d BSld she had
I for thc day. had !.
daughter take her lesson on tbe harp
d and had read all the moi
I - ter all < i i
ing for him ts-? mlnuti
Be Pnnctnal.
My t *
I .... j ... v ?.
-t of crimes. Hos many ? ??
kl ?w -.'thing -d' pun- tuallty!
arrive at t; ? - r
tl.- train Ia gol to tbe
rf In tim" to ? e steamer
- swung ROO yu.- ls fr
Th.-y are hate at church noy all
who have promptly taken tl
ten not I g as f I aa a
Christian woman who,
1 t
"It ls pah
Tbe tai I
are apt 1
when lt !s too bite. 'J t
t at i ie *
but win
I to eave a soul
lt ? ucd.
If we r
we wn! t
i chas
.::.? Il _ |S, Or
fe. i
if we lived -?""' j i ai never
ov. : rake ir. Joseph, a pool
every morning :? *sed a
his Bhotten sa
"Good morning, sir." and
What was Jos 1
that the merchant had i l
and left him his store
That ls not tho i
mau h.". - .". forton.- hy ; alb
ty. The po.
T ?
Tte v. Ht wa tu
A third t ol : .s
rn,- that life ls :.. t ?
bu- i story list
.Ii- ' - to
tell a story . 1
Tbey may la*
- ibject. or the} ;. 1.
i t ti in | en IVeltj
that i ulled 'he
"tale ti. ' ?'( lls
? rs. Th' ? - g BS IOU
tude. D
rod listeun
woi ld i.-"? n* to tbe st if oar lifo,
luccesal d, *th
ers boping it will .ure.
\\e talk about public life aud privets
life, bul ' Tho
life however li int
it may seem to he. will wit tl ? au?
no ?? r. As i "tale that i
(Continued . ? _.
Not worth paving attention
to, you say. Perhaps you
have had it for weeks.
It's annoying because you
have a constant desire to
cough. It annoys you also
bec i :se you remember that
At first it is a Blight cough.
At last i: is i
At fi'st it is ea:
At last, extremely difficult
quickly conqucn your littlo
hacking cough.
There is no doubt about
the eurc now. Doubt comes
from neglect.
For over half a century
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has
been curing colds and coughs
end preventing consumption.
It cures Consumption also
if taken in time.
?eta ste sf fr. Aler's Clerri
ktctsNl Piasters ever fsof
tass ll m etta;..
Shall we send yoe a
book oa this subject, free*
Oar* Af arffc*/ OapaWmavW.
ir you haT? any complaint what
ev?v aud deaira tho beat medical
??'.?tefl you can poaaibly obtain, write
Ilia doctor freely. Toa will rec alva
a prorni't r*ply, without eoat.
Addraa*. DH. J. C. ATES

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