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FRIDAY JAN. 5th, 1900.
Great From now t0 IDtc, iqo.s
Offer Nearly 5 Years.
By spooial arrangement made with
the publishers ol the FARM JOUR?
NAL a*s are enshled to offer thsl
paper to every Bubucribsr who pays
for tlic SnmasiK>ah Hkbald one
year alica.1, b?i only $1 (Kl both
papers for tlie* puce of ours only; onr
i'jiper one year anti tbs FA UM
'OURNAL tVoin now to December,
1908, marly 5 years. The FAUM
''HJRNAL is sn old established
j ,?er, enjoying great popularity, one
ot t. e best and most useful tami
paper.- il lished.
ly* ? J- "tVer should ls arcepted
W ithoutpt.: >
The Bouts aro still making a \ * ry
galled tight against the English. So
jar i early al! Hie battles havi retult
cd in their fiiyor. Unless the English
gain a victory in a veiv sin n lime,
they will be threatened with dang -
fri in other sources. So soon ss the|
enemies of England are tally conviuc
ed that abe i? enibsrrassed by ber
South African war, they will make
an tUolt io strike finora other quar
lers. Tbe sympathy of the people
of the United States generally seems
to he with the Boen, They K?ok
upon them as a people fighting for
independence, snd si such, deserving
ot the sympstl y ..fall who have here
tofore loughf for, ai ' *:??ed, their
independence, \\ t t sure that
this position is entireij orrect. Y\ on
tbs port ol England the demand was
made upon tin Boen to secure a rea
i'?nable liaiMM- fiir foreigners, who
Here living within the Boer territory,
and were wry heavily and unjustly
taxed. The Boers, or farmers, wen
very tyranica i i il would rather fight
England than giant lo these uitland
ers, or foreigners, the right to parti
eipate in the govermm ut. In other
words, the Boers, notwithstanding
the fact that I hal these people have
been living in that country, for
twelve or more yesra; and have n
it their home, insist upon In lat ion,
without representation. Under I
circumstances, we say that we are
not sure that the Boera aredeseivine
of our sympathy.
Another suspicious circumstance ia
that tbe Boers have for years been
preparing for war, and many an of
the Opinion that tiny were only wait
ing for an oj ;--rtiine time to make
tlie effort to drive the English out ol
South Africa.
mow boers were flanked.
Renslierg, Caps Colony, Jan. 1.?
Geiieial French has completely de.
teated the Boers and occupied Coles
The General continued to keep the
Boers on the move and pressed them
closely Saturday and Sunday, giving
them no time to make a prolonged
stand. When day broke Monday he
was within striking distance ot tin m.
Last nield a large body of c. valry,
artillery and infantry, the latter rid?
ing in wagons to incense the general
mobility, started ipon s night mardi
with the object of turning tlie Boers1
righi. The Hank operations were
successful. The infantry and ii-ld Lat?
teries made a f. int attack upon the
Boer from, aud while this was pro?
ceeding the cavalry and light art lb i j
got completely around the right flank,
aa arranged.
The program worked without hitch.
The Boera wera surprised, sud, fund?
ing thir retreat threatened, fled in dis?
order to lbs eastward, leaving Coles
bery, in General French's hands.
Buller Nov* Has 60 Guns
London, Jan. l.-TbatGoners! Bul?
lit will once more attempt ar an earl}
date to force the passage Ol the Tutf/
ela seems to be the fixed opinion ai
Frere. He bas been cotuiderabl)
strengthened hy troop- of the Kitti,
Div?*??? and fresh artillery, including
several five-inch and six-inch howitzer
from the siege train, and must now
have OX) guns without the naval com?
plement. ?
Bs is not strong in cavalry, though
with the irregulars he should have a
bout 4,000. The problem before him
is one of the most difficult thnt war
can offer. He has to cross a river all
tbe lords ol which are commanded
bv earthworks, mounting powerful
guns, served by expert mark- men.
The Boers are superior to him in mob?
ility and can lollow his movement*
with such rapidity should be able IO
frustrate attempts to nun their posi?
tions. They are not greatly inferior
in number and have 20,000 or 25,000
men on the Tugela.
A large Free State commando ison
the Tngela west of Colenso and guns
are mounted at Potgieter's Drift, evid
ently io deieat any turning movement
from the west.
< From our ates^UarCCrTeSPOSdeWi.)
Wash I No ion. .lan. 1 ?Old a9 tho
White House, yet now and Intel? U>
ing each year is I he annual pageant
which passes through the White
House the 1st of January, and is
known as thc President's New Year
Recaption. Today's pageant has
never been eclipsed lor brilliancy
as a show, and the attendance s. Idoui,
if ever has been larger. The reception
lasted ta*o hours and s halt, the first
hour and a half, beginning at eleven
o'clock, eontained the picturesque
part of the show, tbe diplomats in
their gorgeous Court Costumes
gold lace and medals, and the officers
ot the Army, the Navy, the Marine
Corps, and the local militia in full
dross uniform, and the last I our wan
given "p to vol populi, (icu. Miles
and the officers of the Anny were re?
ceived ah? ad ^\ Admiral Dewey and
the officers of lite Navy, just as Arm)
officers have been received ahead of
Navy officers ever since th. Presi
(tentsofthe I. S. began to hold
New- Year receptions. There was
an atti nipt made to change this in
order that Dewey might be given
pia c. dence as a special mark of honor
for Ins accomplishments in behalf ot
the country, and tor a lime, it look
to as ibongh it might sneceed, but
the Tn vi.lent finally decided to leave
the CUStom as lie lad found it.
Itepceseiitative Ta\l"r. who is
Cha i mum of the lu berts Coin mit tee,
says the rei>ort on tie .-a-.- will be
nindi ii als at two weeks, unless
some un. x'- .?? i' 1 e. n eat i >n urns
up lo delay it.
I; iv i \ iden! fioin t ? v Inik ol Sen?
ators th ul lin' Senate is lik.iy t.>
adopt S' meson of a resolution deal
mi? w'nh the policy of this governrm nt
towards its new possessions. Among
the score or more ot such resolutions,
already offered, is one bv Senator
Morgan, which is tl.' shortest ol
them all, nnd about the only one
that would be likely io get support
from both sides of the expansion
question. It reads :h follows: "Re?
solved, Thal iii pursuance of section
4 of Article IV of the Coins!itution,
the V. S. will guarantee to the peo?
ple of Porto Rico, Hawaii, the Phil?
ippine Islands and all other states and
peoples within iis >m ?rcigu jurisdic
tionsnd control, a republican lorin
of gov eminent, and a* il protect them
against invasion.*1 There may be
other resolutions offer*d 11 int will be
more acceptable, bul this one is more
favored than any of thoae already
otic lc-l.
The movement to place the clerks
of members of the House on the an?
nual pay roll and to require them to
bc a worn in, which failed in the las*
Congress, is again being agitated.
The law provides that each member
ot the House be allowed ?1200 a yeal
for tlie employment of a clerk. All
the members draw this money, but
ir i> an open secret that many of them
nae but a small portion ot* it to hire :i
clerk. Some have their m i
daughters, sons, or other relatives?
in i irae instances, school-children?
sign vouchers as their clerks, and
pocket tue money themselves, and
many employ clerks as cheap as thc}
can get them and keep uh.it remains
of the $100 a month, after paying
them. Tins law was not intend* d to
add to the prequisites of member.;
it was intended to supply them wiih
clerical help which they ware sup?
posed to med, and a few of them ac
tually do spend twice that amount
in the employ of clerical help. It is?
n't a very big thing, but participating
in the profits of a small abu? often
pr- pare-, a man for stretching his
conscience into endorsing a bin
abu >c.
Tl e reciprocity treaties negotiat?
ed under the Dingley tariff law must
be ratified by the Senate and approv?
ed b\ the House, before becoming
effective. Timi fact is being taken
advantage olby the interests affected!
by the ? veral treaties to try to di feat
tie treaties, and membeis of thc,
House, being more susceptible to in?
fluence than Senators, are being put
n di - pressure. It is said that efforts
are being made to pool all the oppo?
sition to the treaties lor the purpose
of combining the votes against them
all, bur it is doubtful, even if this can
be accomplished, whether the trea
i ie* .in be defeated.
I {eal i'm nds .d the early building
ol an Isthmian Canal were liol pleas?
ed sith the announcement that s
company controlled by New Voik
bankers bsd arranged t?? take over
il., property held bj the Fia neb
Company in the Panama Rsilrosd
andthe hardly fairly stalled Panama
(anal m. ans a blltci fight 00 the
Nicaragua Canal, and sn attempt to
prevent any Canal legislation, unless
it be bl favor of thc Panania Canal,
backed by influences, which have in
thc past been all too potential in
Coll, I Ss.
An attempt will be made to get
ea; i\ action in ile Hosea on the
S<iate bill, providing lor s non-par
Commission to iwviss and codi?
fy tbe peii-ion laws, and to report to
Congress whether any change in
those laws would bo ad visible, and if
so, why*' Tbe bill provides that at
least one member ot the Commission
shall ne a G. A. K. man.
Bean tba /9 Seal Nea YOU H?S Alsafl Bougni
[.Special to the HERALD.]
The following letter is from Mr.
Russell C. Gill, a Woodstock boy
now serving in the 18th U. S. In?
fantry Regiment in the Philippines.
He first served in Co. A. Second Va.,
Regiment, until that command was
mustered out at the close ot the
Spanish war.
Hako, P. I, via Iloilo,
Wednesday, Ko?. 1st, 1896
Di m: IIkkai i?:?
Km some of my
Woodstock friends mat have been
wondering about me, and as most of
them doubtless are leaders of thc
old well known IIkkai.o, I t loiight
they might feel interested in a les
lim s from me which I write from
"Uncle Sams" new possessions in this
tar away part of the world. Well to
givs you all a little <d the news from
tin. islands I will first try lo correct
a few ofthe mistakes made by some
of our American newspapers in re?
gard to the natives. Some of our
people are opposed to the war, and
in order to ti \ make "Uncle Sam's'
lighting bloods ashamed of themselves
have reported thai we are fighting a
nation that possessed no arms but
bows and arrows That is a sad mis?
take, and I only wish you could BOC
thc Ann ricans marching in the
capt mad natives they caught armed
with Mausers and Remington rides
of ihe best patterns.
Tins is a very rich country and lots
ol valuable minerals of different kinds
have been discovered m this neigh?
borhood. These islands will not only
be a source cf great wealth and bene?
fit to us, but we must also consider
the immense number of peeplc here
w ho w ill learn ofthe true God and
religion, something they now i
lo know nothing about.
The Umbras, <>r rather the natives,
like to dress well, asaoonasthey are
paid off by some mysterious means.
They in\ ade the tow n a few at a time,
most of them unaimed, but we have
recognised quite a number of then
to he msurrectors and have a go. -1
uianv of them prisoners.
I leam lroin the Philippine papers
that quite a number ofthe insurgent
officers have lcd men from their lines
ami surrendered them to the nearest
military garrison. Everyone seems
to think the war is near it- end. It is
quiet around here at the present
lime except a tew volleys we gel
hom the insurgents at night, bid we
?ii-- cautious, and the most important
our posts are protected w it i* bi .
works. Xot an American has been
si Ol on out p< M. < >1T boys nre ln
lim- condition here, not much sick
i ess and the doctors and nurses have
had so much exp' ii enc > attending
the wounded and si-'k in-ui ?_
ihat the) help !*'.* out ol evert hun?
dred io pull through.
Thew, athcr is very pleasant here as
th*,'dry and healthy season is pi>t
starting in, instead ot too much run
? - arcely have enough. We have
to boil ihe water instead of drinking
ing the fresh ram water. When I
came here the rainy season was jual
playing its last act. the water \s as
from two to three feet deep In tbe
streets ami I didn't see the sun shim
:<>r t wo weeks.
><? far as I can see and leam this
IS a tine country to lix*- ill, it it was
not for the rainy season. There are
great quantities of bananas and
coeoaiiuts and they raise an immense
lol of rice and sugar corn, and main
kinds of fruits and vegetabh - that 1
am not acquainted with, bul hope to
know more about th?s country and
tell you all about it in person.
I have mn noticed any h. >ast of
burden excepting the very small
horses, not as large as ibe Texas
i pomes we have iii the stati s,
I mud not forget to mention the
faithful caribou or water buffalo,
which has the sppearance of oxen as
near as I can describe it. They are
generally very slow, patient and
strong. The natives drive them in an
old fashioned cart covered with
The natives recognize ns as theil
equals and of course no! his superiors.
'liny keep themselves clean arni I
will venture to say they are hall
civilized. Their color is a tav.n\
brown or walnut stain, and the
average Philippi no is about five feet
liigh, generally heavily built, high
eek I.>s mid are very cuuniiijr.
We have just come in fi om a skir
raish in which five Philippinoes are re?
ported to have boen killed and thir?
teen wounded with hot an Anuri.-an
hurt. We captured .".OOO round- ol
ammunition, three prisoners and two
Mauser rifles,
A I now have to <:o in service
.again I will bring my letter |oa close
will, the promise of a more interest?
ing h Uer next time.
Yours respectfully,
Iii ssell G. Gill,
Co. D. l*th C. S. Infantry.
I. iofotercsi hy a Woman.
Another great discovery hal lu en
made, and that too, by a lady in this
country, disease fsstened its clutches
upon her :.ml for seven years she
withstood its severest tests, lui! lu r
vital orgsna sere nndcimiiied and
death seemed imminent. For three
months ?he coughed incessantly, and
could md sleep. She finally dis
COVered a way to recovery, by pur
chacaiig of us a bottle of Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption,
and was so much relieved on taking
first dose, that she slept all night;
and With tWO bottles, bas been ab?
solutely cured. Her nnme is Mrs,
Luther Lutz.' Thus writes W. C.
Haniuick & Co., of Shelby, N. C.
Trial bottles tree at B Schmitt's
Drug Store. Regular use 60c and
f'.OO, Every bottis giurantecd.
Jisease by the timely use of
Tutt's Liver Pills, an old and
favorite remedy of increasing
popularity. Always cures
sour stomach, malaria, indices
lion, torpid liver, constipation
lind all bilious diseases.
[For th- Herald.]
School work, like any otiier work,
to j.rove a success mu>t be done sj ?
t> matie ?i!y. Until this school year
there bas bren no orgam/a d effort
maile to giade ihe schools of this
County. Byery scliool was a "law
unto itself.*1 Nos we have a course
ol'study officially indorsed by thc
County School Hoard. There can bc
no doulit that when all ihe schools oi
the countt aiv ..ne.- thoroughly
graded this course will bc found most
advantageous. To what extent the
teachers of the county hsve SUOl
ed in putting into lona' this course
of study in their resjiective schools,
w<- have no means of knowing. It
should l?e observed that this cannot
be (H'complished in a single term,
y t a great deal can be doric. I ni
foi in classification of pupils is impos?
sible for severs] years, but each pupil
can bc assigned his proper place in
determining what studies he or she
shall pursue, u ith a course of it ud)
a< a guidi, it ought to be easier to
nizc any school with a definite
course ior each pupil than without i
coins.- or plan of grading. It is hop?
ed thal every teacher will strive
earnestly to pul bis or her school in?
to the best |K>sriblfl condition with
respect to grading. In nature the
work will be less difficult from year
to year until system and perfect order
- iii pei\ nde ali our country schools
as it do< s m ore - r less pret ail in the
villagi *el '-.No .-.. nld sue*
c <??! m ll nut a ur >od ciirriculuiu,
w hy should ii I if si inly ht
i ist as i ss iii lal to th t ? uc success of
our ch men!arv sr| '"'!s'?' It is -?>.
We h< pe no i. jiclier w il fail to in?
troduce the ad<>pt< <l course ul' study
during t! i- term . f achoo! as t'ar as
practicable li rs v ill -
their - I. '.?>--1 lie in ? ds ??: each in?
dividual pupil?careful I) md ing the
prot Wu j ot i !.<? published plan l< r
gradi ?g the t . there wii be
no <". fficn lt ii p: ni: I!) i .-.
at 1. '..&'?. ! hat i iud \ <??
made :i deb nm. 1 ? ive
tim tbs t hue to 1 *1
of t ? ur til '? t. ar,i
when, if c - ? needed, the)
w ill i o d ubi be in . r . It i? ! anil)
?lt" I hat iii ibis in itt< i
u ?? 1 ... " ; il iuds tu the plow .''
and dd ? w?k back ?"
.1.0 KU Kay.
Ile Pooled Tile Surgeon*
A i - ? M! nick ll uni lon,
ot V Kt .1 ii. tl., I\er xiifTeriiig
I - tli? I ? . !. he
won il die ui rss a co*
S'as I ' he cured i im
s.-lt' w ' i: li\ >? \i"\( - < I I tuck.
Arni. S .. the sun nt I1
Karth. ai ll rt ? in the
\Y ! 2.1 ??( S bl ht H.
Sch tn il'. 1 >
iK| &*
A Woman
Only Knows
what mfT?-r:nt* (mm falling of tha
Of irregular
nena**, ? . ? distinctly
frmi: *?? ::;pa
tlme <-r | m the
. I
l I ? *iK. 6"
har of beauty, ??? pa and happi
ni at Vat this iui!ti.:.|f really ie
Wine ol Cordul
will banish it. This medicine
cures ail " female diseases " quick?
ly and permanently. It 'Iocs away
with humiliating | hysicsl exsmi
nation?. The treatment may be
taken st borne, 'lhere is not con*
tinnsl expense and trouble. Tbe
fc-..;Tcrer is cured and Stay* cured.
Wine of Carduiis becoming tbe
leading remedy for all troubles ol
this cliss. ItCOStSbut $i from any
? advice in cases requiring
special directions, sddlSSS, the
"Ladies Advisory Department,''
The Chattanooga Medicine Co.,
Chattanooga, Tenn.
?1KS. ( . J. WEST, Nardu lite, Tenn.,
writ.-* : ? ' I lill w
t. bi in every l?cu>>e when Matre ate gin.
and women.*'
Tin I\?i>. r ol , he Pi<ople,
i ? ti., e. ? '(..?? and
Willi (hr I'r.Hil.'
Hull.st in Mot i\f
Peai li aa In E i l?i ????lon
Bound in Principle.
A newspaper le an educator; there are sll
kind* of educator*, but tbe man who apendj
money Judiciously and liberally bi bettei
able to Irapail lu- knowledge than tbe nasa
?im baa little or nothing n> spend.
i hi -i n i- the highest typeol ? newt
Tin: suss re|?.it- Iron nil parts <>i this
I nlted Mate* ere unsurprised.
I'm: Hun's I able Hen i. <? i? tl* Bnesi kn mn;
Um troubles In the Philippines an-l South
tl i demand competent correa pon dec ti
and eastespenditureol moa** sad !ui->r lo
set I Ins thc newt, winn you j.-.'t Tn n scm
you set newii mi.I Intelligent presentation ol
uh if. i?? w- rcfully prepared
articles of editorial writers of bigiheel Stand
? 11?***? w hen you n i ill] | iper, whose
princlnel recommendation la as tHseaptiess.
you get the dregs geueral j very poor dress
nt tli.it
Hy mail lifts <Vnti a month: ?i\ months,
fa. on.- year, <??'>.
The Best family Newspaper.
All th. sean ot Hw world ls nttrmn\?
forazaaasrieultural departssesl lecood tj
ti .ii, in id.intry; market] resorts whuh
I . short Slot irs, OSB
i>i. ie lu < a. h numbai; an Interesting weuMos"
column, and a varied and attraetJre dapari
m.nt ol household unreel.
OmTio'lar h year, IsdoessaSStl to BBt
t< i- up ol elotai for Tars WssaLi Bug. li* .th
lbs Dilly sud Weekly Ban malled tr?<- of
? in Ihe li" la and
.. p ???. ax nts Inrariablj n sdeaasa.
Publisher* and l'r> j
Baltimore, lid.
AFRICANS will cure Rheumatism sad
Scrofula to Stsjr Cured.
One Minute COMgH cure, euros
That a* "-ha/ ll r-u ssads far.
Hove YOU
Ol ll?
You may have heard
and have a vague notion
that it is cod-liver oil with
its bad taste and smell and
all its other repulsive fea?
tures. lt is cod-liver oil, the
purest and the best in the
world, but made so palata- <
ble that almost everybody i
can take it. Nearly all ]
children like it and ask for i
more. 1
looks like cream; it nour-1
ishes the wasted body of J
the baby, child or adult <{
better than cream or any j
other food in existence, lt J
bears about the same rela- <
tion to other emulsions that \
cream does to milk. If you J
have had any experience <
with other so-called "just as 1
good" preparations, you J
will find that this is a fact. \
Tie hypophosphites that are
combined with the cod-liver oil
fjfflvc additional value to it because
they lone up the nervous system
and impart strength to thc whole
< ? i *. o^ j!: '-it.-. >i
I .-. i.. >w M ta Sew York.
At :i meeting <>t Hunter I^odge, N'u.
135, A. F. Mini A. M., held in their
I Lill Jan. I, 1900, the following re>
"lnti..ns :w |o the death of br At lier C.
r. I liaey were adopted:
AVln-ie.is, It lins ples?cd the all
A'isc Ruler nf the uiiivi rse tn remove
from our midst unr beloved brother,
< . I*. Illsey, tlier. fore bc ir
Reso ved, 1st?Thal w hilt wc l?ow
in humble submission t" ihe superior
siil ol'Him who is too wise to err,
au.I too ?_;.??" t" !??? Unkind, WC ox
press mir sincere sorrow at the loss
of our esteemed brother, whose !<?ss
will not only befell hythe Fraternity
hut by tim town ot vs In.-li lie wss an
esteemed citizen.
2nd. -Timi we extend onr heart
fell sympathy to Iii" devoted s it'e and
lite fanni) ul the deceased brother in
lins their dark hour ol liereavemeui
and sn I affliction, thal we point them
to liim who always worketh good to
ihetn that tru-t Him, ami hope our
beloved brother has gone t<? receive
rou n nf a faithful servant of bil
M ister.
3rd ?Tii.it the I.'"Ice ll 'in be
?lr I}- <l in mourning ami the brethren
wear the n*ual badge of mourning tor
thirty dai *.
lib.?Tn.it a copy of these resolu?
tions be Beni thc 1?< r.-;t\ ed family; that
they be spread upon the minutes ol
i I. Ige ;m?l :i copy be published
iii the Sees axdoaii Herald and Ed
in burg Sentinel.
Geo. K Iswix, j
Gio, M. Ci inki?in>i, Committee.
D.O.Evass \
The Duly Illustrated 5-cenl Haga/ine
The Nickel! Ilagaaine, <>t' Boston,
now in its fifth years, is the only il?
lustrated 5-eent masjrsaine published
anywhere tn the world. In genenJ
appearance, is it hes upon the desk
or table, it i* lully equal, except in
thickness, to any ot tbe higher priced
magazines. Each number contain*
from 30 t<? 4(1 half-tone illustrations,
together with several up-to date
descriptive articles, including in np
lo-dste talk on the Plsyhonae, with
portraits of half a score of the play?
ers, tour or five Stirring short stories,
an intensely Interesting serial l?y an
eminent author ami much other in?
teresting reading. Tho Btthscriptioii
price is only o eenie a yesr, for
winch is given over 400 elegant hal?
lone engravings, together with mar?
ly rwic that numher of pages ol
entertaining reading. Every lover
?t good magasine literature should
rahsctiberbr The Nickel! Msgssinc,
whatever others are also taken.
Everybody's Magazine for January. J
Thc conductors of "EvervbodvV
Magaiim are evidentlj endeavoring
?' give their readers a bountiful ten
lents1 worth. The contents tor the
'annal v number include seven com?
plete -holt Itorsa, eight special ar
lieles on subjects of current interest
Iff profitable instruetion, a little
poetry, a little fun, a euiionity-page
in photographs, some book-buying
llfelta sud a hundred and thirty-tuo
Not the leant interesting page in
thelMiok.is that in the advertising
ICCtion, whereon tim editor h'lls us
what Everybody's Magazine i> t<i
L'ontain during 1900. lt he gives ssj
nil he says he will, it will l>e a big
d'.liars sort h.
Prefering to sacrifice the goods rather than
move them again, we have decided to remain in
The Entire Stock of
Will be sol.! at a
A Rare Chance For Rare Bargains.
onie at once or yon will he too late.
Court Street, - - - Woodstock, ^ a.
January 1*t, 1900.
This will Interest Manv.
Bonos of Hbsalo:
li soy <\ our readers who -ufYer fn>m
Blood Iropurttfi iel iptions, unsitrht
ly Pimple*, r l<. i - .?. ma
Scrofula, < "*tii. ? i. Tetter, Swollen (J
Ubeumattsui, 1'atarrb, Contatri ni Blood
Poison, rieerateil Mouth 01 tin it. or any
other Blood ruint. will write um, we will send |
then free ol chai .?? an l prenal I. a
B< ute of li ll. II. liol < I Haine. ;i
positive specif}* cure foi 1 Trouble*.
A*)Ou sre well aware li. li. B. has been
ttaotoughly te*t< r thirty yeats, and in that
time has permanently cured tbousai
so Serer* after all other treatments bad in ? d
li. ll. B. is undoubtedly nu- most wonrerfui
Blood Puritten?f tbe axe. lt is different from
an) ocher blood rented) because B. II. lt. drives
'rota the Blood tbe Humors and Poisons
cause the unsightly evidenees "t Hud Blood
and ;i cnn ia rhu- made that lasts forever. H.
li. B. i- foi -Yt-ry druioOst f?t *l per
bottle, but to satisfy v..ur rea lera that B. ll.
ii. i- . a tend sampl< bottle
tm of charm' ind prepaid, to anyone
i us. If your readers will deaurttie their
troubles we will sive KKBE Persona M
A<l\ Ice. Ask you out li. M.H.
Bi .??oh n u.m ( .. Bil St,
?ep. 39 hr. \ ? inta. Oa,
Tlie part usiship ht rel doro foist?
ing l??t ween the BtliTersigned liss
been this day disolxcd. by muttial
consent. All accounts due ilia late
linn must !??? paid lo\V, II. RodetTer.
IV. II. Ri i>i ri-! i:,
II. A. LionrxBR.
lee. -.M??St.
Tlie business of VV. H. Rodi ff?r &
Co. sill be continued by the under*
signed. Thanking our old patrons f<>.
theil kimi patronage, I hope by :<
liberal and prompt attention t<? your
wants to merit a continuance ofthe
tame. Very respectfully,
National Importance
Daily,by mail, - - |6ayear
Daily ?lc Sunday, by kail, $8 a year
Price ftc B oopy. Bf itiaiL 19 ? rear,
lae * ?
Addr?ss. THE SUN.N?w York.
(Wasts sn?l smsll advertisement* Brit
be inserted under this head Bl one ces!
per word (breach insertion. If you wsat
lo buy a oertsla Brttcl", v >s mil bs able
bs find it by issertiaa ? Maali soti
this column.)
Bring yOBtl furs of all kinds to Mauck
A Young'* store, on Court Aa**, for
whi<li BIS Will pay fin hlfjh^t i :is'i
prieea. J. w. shkkt* et Bbo.
Nov. 24--.">mo.
WAN i Mi.
One Hundred tons, of timothy and
on i bs*, 1 wMl pay tbs highest price
hat the market will allow.
jlbAAC Hakkis.
der. tt?tm pd. tTsodsJoek, Va.
1 have a number ol verv linc pure
bred bronze Gobblers, and also a lot oJ
half bred FUuiish turkeys lor sale.
Call on or address
Wm. Morklanp,
fluff ll Woodstock, Ya.
Qourt Street Studio,
H. MORRISON Jr. Proprietor. ?
Mouldings, Pictures.Easels, Mirror-, Frames and Art Sov<
A Pretty Assortment) at Verj Reas mable prices. Call I i
STUDIO, 2nd floor.
dee. 1-2 ino?
? s*-c*e???J
Experienced |
there is a fixed belief that
the best results. In any line
are obtained wBjsai the deal?
ings of the buyer are with a
firm of established reputation
for good quality Roods at fair
prices. ;ln no line is this con?
viction so thoroughly ground?
ed as in that of drugs and
medicines. We ha ve therepu
tat Inn among all classes of
selling strictly rc liable goods
at close, reason able prices.
Prescriptions an J other prep?
arations compounded at 11
Sch mitt's art k nown to be
dependable nr<ai ise his name
attached to (sn j rticle guar?
antees its purity and merit.
Established 1*24.
Woodstock, Va
All kimi*- of SOS! for sale. Apply
V isman'* warehouse by pto?j St ll j ss
AU orders left aU Mr. It. Lee Bsr^e'ts
store will receive pav.mfi attention.
Sot. 1* tf
All partie<? are hereby notified not to
tresspassupon Tnyla-nda. Upon perons
lasrsfanMsg tliU notice, the law frill I*
^rielly enforced. r,rilirIV
Wm. X. WIL1UN.
dec. l-4t.
Strayed from herd on rrout Run
in July or \ - -' a dat
months old. a little whlti
ari'l sm in the ri^ht i ai
tail. Bell on wb \
?I lt
dee. r. it pp.
< iotliiiig linn
Phi tad < i h i. I'.i . ?
WoudSf >m rom,
sive you pi
i snits I f
?? reavdj to a
Storm oven 101
Melnkwht i taral I
roung mena and boys all ? I to I.
.. (,
Mt ns uuder si
" tine lineol '!!?
(Joya b I'n i'
In tea
hell'-' eoats and i ?< ?
t^ ital on ate before j
show ><ti tin- tim-t line
A- . > ..ii t \ ? i Han fol th* BK '
(*"' luke >? 'ii iii.M-iirc aii't "li.iv*- suit- \>
in from from '.' t.. 4
\ < . Serve,
I'li'hT Irv* in'- tn
IT Sra.
SoitMi Yoi Neel
l wis}, t,, inform t>,. people or fl
and uthei u io .ni kinds ol
upbolstetinsr.sucb sr ren
mitti- n tbs t**st marmor ami at tIM
^ a irk guaranteed or the monej
??d. Cnn ntvr von to soho of our beal Wn< *n
people tor * hom wo hnvaj srorked.
1 abo continue to du ail manner of she*- re
pairinti promptly.
WM. ll MIA Kr Mt.
Nov. 10?tf. t BOBBtOt k. v '
Rcoin mr
A tsro storr brick Inuldinir ililli
store mom tttd w Uc-ro..ni .ni Irst
floor, with a leilt-.icre or more land
ns d< sired, tor vile nt a barolin, at
Calvary, Va. TWl kl one ot the ssjsj|
desirable loctti Wt in the enmity.
Can be converted into a dwelling.
Call boon or toMrt
doe. M?tatt OsslTBfjr, Ya.
A FRI CA NA will com constipation aiu.
r^mawoauiaafalUverMedieina. Try lt.

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