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Shenandoah herald. (Woodstock, Va.) 1865-1974, January 05, 1900, Image 3

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r-RIDAY JAN 3th 1900.
Intered at the Post Office, at Wood
?tock, Va., a* second-claes matter.
B. D, ..twnian. Pres. 1. r iTroaa, Cash'i
The Shenandoah C ju.:iy Bank
Organized, 1872. Re-Orgunized 189S
Deposits and Collections solicited
Satisfaction guaranteed. Discount Rat(
Six PerCent.
J. I. TRiPLrrrPres. R. M. Lahtz. Vice-Pren
Merchants and Farmers' Bank,
woodstock. VIKGIN1A.
w. C. I.antz. J. H. Hepner, 0. W. Minnies
J.H. Ku hy and H. P. Koontz.
AccountsBOtlottSs] and t>est arcommodatU ni
guaranteed. Hours 9 to 3,
D. P. M AGRCDEK. Cash'r.
Sox at Locke's.
Mr. Jno. H. Hoover shipped 2.500
barrels of apples this season.
1'nderwear at Locke's.
Ture plays teaching healthful lessons,
sincere in motive, and clean in language,
inch only are presented by the Frank
Dsfisot company.
BlsnketBSl Locke's,
A number ol'the young society peo
| of this place enjoyed a dance at thc
Shenandoah House Tsssdsj night.
Boots, shoes Sod rubbers of ali ki
at Glens I- If -
marrlsgf Utensei ssrs Issued dur?
ing the year. A larder number than in
any year since the county was formed.
ls and shoes of everv de?crlption,
ai priors that defy competition
F. S. Bowman.
Mr. Silas Boehm died at his residence,
near ?t. Luk-, on the 2d inst. Bfl
it "?4 rears. He was a good citizen
and left a wife several children and
many friends to mourn his death.
Up-to-date 3 cakes laundry soap at
a Locks'* for o
Harry Mudd, B little colored boy of
this place, had hil hand badly torn by
Ihe ? ' rion of a large tire cracker on
I hristmsi day. Dr. W. S. < line ren?
der - - ? sid.
Indi ? lon at
Watch ni^l?' - I eld In ihe
v th dist church, on la-t Sunday night.
Tli?- - ? were of a varied character,
listing of Epworth League meeting
music, readings, address by Pastor, A ,
Now is tin* time for all kinds of nih
..'??? IS, atc. We have B I m
j rtock, prices right.
F. S. Bowman.
? r in the river ha* been so
rsl seeki that the Ya |
few miles from town, has been
ed to slose down several tines
ea< h d:.y to await a head of water.
Monday h court day and if you WSUt
monty's worth go to F. S.
Dr A M. Nt ft. graduate optician,
s be at the teary Hotel. Woodstock,
Mb, prepare! so examine and
, !:,, tann ? jri - lor glass -
I ismll Mon free. Work guaranteed.
Mt lineofesnned goods lBtl:<s most
? e In town. Everything fresh,
:.:: L< eke.
' The Iteformed church Bl Harrisville,
which, for serersl roonthi psst hss I
undergoing repairs, will bc re-dedicated
- :; Itv dan. 7th. Rev. J. A.
H..tn,, nts, I>. kV, Ot Martinsburg, vs.
\ I . will preach morning and evening.
Mei > pants, overalls, duck coats, the
be-t values ever ottered in the town.
F. S. Bowman.
All v* oi blsnkel Bridgewater make
f .r #3.">?> per pair at Locke's.
Tho CSSS ofths State of Virginia vs
B a 0 Kflllrosd, in reference t?
connection St Strasburg Junction, will
be tried before Hon. T. W, Harrison.
gi f the Circuit Court, at Wood
itock, on next Tuesday, Jau. Ml.
S..uie special bargains to oflTer now In
hesyj goods. Don't fail to see them.
We' are indebted to our [good 0)d
friend, Mr. William Lamber!, ofnesi
n irros PSMage. for a jog of cider thal
? Jost about a- g od SI any person
won ! wsnt to hsre. It wa- ilmplj
? i.did. and *<? will never ask foi
?o Ne me court dav and get th.
highest prices for your trade snd the
most good- for your money.
Miss Annie E. Gunning. Tyre, Mich
rs, I -uttered a long time from
drspepsla; lest flesh and became rerj
A. Kodol DyspepslsCurt coisptete
-. ,i me/1 it digests what von esl
and cures sll tonss of BtosBseh tsos
lt never fails to give immediate relief In
Iht wor?t I ISM 1. R. Irwin,
The bain f Martin Shir'
M ISSSnutttn, at the loot ridge on rh,
M.irk?:t pike, was burned W
nttdsy inoriiing with sll its content*
milk cows am: lerersl fat catt.'
1 m-o bUthelBOl wheat, 18 barr, ll ol
rn, hs] and bid srere ssbsuom
olrlng a '.o-s ol $?,000, with so in
Just a few ladies capes and coats hi .
at and below eo?t.
F. 8. Bowman.
ll takes t?"t a minute too rsi^ome
tickling in the throat and to Nop a
cough. This remedy quickly curt?
ail forms of thtoat and lung trouble-.
Harmless and pleasant to take. It pre?
vents consumption. A famous specific
for grippe and its after effects. L. R.
Hie fact that the loss upon the prop?
erty of Mr. Lee Carper, which was
burned last Satui day, was adjusted
four days affer the fire and the full
amount equal to the full amount of
policy on house and the full loss on furui
ture was allowed, speaks well for tin
promptness of Ute companies represent?
ed by J/r. J/. W. Magruder. You can
not lind an instance in this county
*here property insured In companies
represented by Jtfr. Magruder was bum
ed and there was ai?7 dispute about the
amount or time of payment. Such lacis
recommend his companies to the favor?
able consideration of the people.
T ha\e just received a crate of Inglis]
ehinawMv and have saved an advance
ot 10 per cent. (Jive me a call.
T. Glenn Locke.
Dewitt's Little Early Risers purili
the blood, clean the liver invigorate Um
9] item, Fnn.ous little pills for con-tip:
tion and liver trouble. L. R. Erwin,
There will be no scarcity of icc in Uni
stetion iv-\r' tumflK r. A very largi
quantity hst been housed during ihii
sresk and last an<! evei\ p >? i dof U w%
J of the best qnalfty. 1* ?> ss tn Ben j
j an.l hard as glass, and SSS iu-t In .tin
best condition when put in the iet
I houses and will keep finely. It range*
from four to eight inches in thickness
some really measuring ten inch.-, and
Wa* V< y clear and e'ean. Seldom li \f
we seen a better sesson foi haive-tiny
this indlsfensibls article, snd the eon
Btsnl clatter nf Ihe iee wagon-, over the
haid frozen -Meet- has hceu heard from
cai Iv morn until fat in the night for
many dsj fr.
NC-. L. Churchill. Bellin, V . . mys,
**Our baby wai covered sith running
sort-. DeWitt'i Witch Ha/ 1 8 ve
cured hei." A specific for pUsfl and -kin
disesses Bewsre ol worthless counter
felts, L II. Irwin
Our Town Council arc taking BCtiTe
messurei to bring the que- lon of snp
plving tbs town with water before the
people. A |bill will be passed hy thc
present Legislature authorizing the
to*n lo vote upon the question and a
Committee ha- already been appointed
to secure options on water supply and
rigid ol way through lauds upon the
rome selected. It his not yet been de?
termined from what poin* sate* sill be
brought, a- level al springs, sith a
sufficient flow ami elevation have been
found Attention will also be given to
the quality of the water, as ihe council
aie determined to get waler of the be?l
quality as well as a sufficient quantity,
.1. B. Clai kc. C tia. Mo., says
? Surgeon- wanted to operate on me for
but I cured them willi Dewitt's
Witch Hazel Salve.' lt ii infallible for
poe- aud skin disi ises. Beware of
counterfeits. L. K. J-wm.
About daylight on last Saturday
morning the dwelling house oil thc
farm of ihe lat" Henty Cai per. Oil the
rivei i sh il distance from Ediuhurg,
?\ .. ? glU ilid. 1 Ile lloli
wa- s ?'_? log itructnie, ??? ? '
and inp" d repair, aud Mus wuith at
Bl,OOO. The tire -tarted on the
shingle roof aro md a chimney, snd be?
ing dry was burning extensively when
discovered. Befon the neighbors could
reach the scene the flames had made
sueli progress thal it wa- luipossll
save anything from the upper floors s
cellar. M -i of the househo
were saved from the first floor. The
- was occupied by Mr. L<
.md family. Ile wa- a son ??: th<
owner and ha I purchased it when hil
father's estate wai sold s few months
ago. Thc 1 -s falls lu avl y noon Mr.
? r. and i- especia e al tins
ol the lear. We leam that Mr.
Carper was Insured for$600 In ol
the companies renresenud by Mr. M.
W. Msgiuder, of Woodsto k, shMi
mean- that hi- los* sill be prompl \ i
justed and paid.
"I was nearly dead with dysp<
tried doCtOlS, visited inineia". Springs,
and grew worse. I used Kodol Di
sia Cure. That cured me " Il digests
what you ea'. Ctirrs indigestion, sour
Stomach, heartburn and all forms of
dysp< psia. L. II, Irwin.
All psrties knowing theorise i
io tue linn of y. S Bowman &. Bro. will
ase, e.,me forward and lettie same,
a- 1 wi-h to elose the business ??f said
linn at o: F. S. Bowman.
Christmss was celebrsted st the h me
ot Mrs. Elia beth Ludwig by one of
prettie.-t weddiogsthsthssoccurn I
the Columbis Furnace section for many
yesis. The coiitrscting panics were
Mr. Jame- Wickham, tbe widely known
electrician ot' the Shensndosh Telephone
Company, and Miss Della Ludwig, s
\ ui g lady whose popularity ls Btw sti I
by her enlisting ai wann frlendi all
those with wii in she h brought In c >n
tsct The attendants were Mr [rs Lu 1
wig and Mi-s Annie (leishman. The
ceremony wss Impressively performed
by Rev. Creen U. Fadcley, of the V. B.
church. After spending Tuesday with
friends by whom they wert handsomely
entertained 'he couple returned to
Woodstock on Wednesday where an
elegant dining partv swatted them st
the residence ol Mr. J. L. Burner, where
th- y will leside for - mc time, The
Herald, a ong with other friends ex?
tend h-airy congratulations and hc-i
w i sites,
I desire to thank the public for their
liberal patronage, to the old Jinn, and
bv -I i iet attention to business hope to
merll a continuance of tin- same.
F, s. Bowman.
Mr. J Sheer, Sedalls, Mo., ssved hi
child's life by One Minute;Cough Cure,
rs bsd given her uptodie with
croup. It s an Infallible cure roughs
(?? ds. . r ppe, pneumonia, bronchitl and
othrost and lung troubles. Believes at
on ce, L. R. Irwin.
The folios mg man: lg< - - Were
Issued to psrtiei who wt ie married on
.md -ince December 12.
'Vu .1 Wain'r snd Anni. K. Haw
kn-: Wm. 0, Kild'-i ai.i .\ V. L< nt/.
J. al. Layman and Annie V, Good; W?
Chaffer and Am.. L Go aday; \\. i
Peuce and Lama L Bowers; J. W. Mc?
Donald and Virgi< 0 Itaei y: il M. Lil
ten and Baillie F. Schaefli r; .). B. Wi< k?
I m md I >? a Ludwig; CE. < hi
and s C, Hollar; ll. II. Holler and Vic?
toria Bsgei; V. >. Kingree and Mors L
uflu k; C. ll. Hsromon and Mary
K. CoflsBsn: L s Fisher and \. \ a I
Krv; A E. rlabron and Lu fi Gol lav*
dav; 0 H. Fravel and Bessie U. Miller;
P, ll. Heming and Kinma A. lb-nan: L
W. Koine I a/id Elli M. Mid I,eton; ii.
J. Frsvel ami Birds S. Hannan; Jun. S
Lake anti Maiy V. Lak. ; <"... NV. Kin
mart and Maude M. Wi Itv j Dunbsr P,
Magruder and Ellen l> Koootz: Elmer
Oodlovssnd Berths Little;Ju. I>. Wsrt
nod Ells. 0 Tuslng; Dsvlil Swsrti .sd
Lucy A. iBstlghmsn; Moses O. Walton
ami Lucie William-.
?'One Minute COBgh Cur? i< the best
remedy I ever u-ed for eoughl sud
colds, lt is unequalled for whooppin
rough. Children ail like it.*' writ*- IL'
\ Williams, Centryville. Ind- Ksftl
fails. It is lue only harmless remedy
that give" immediate result*. I mo
cough-, colds, h, ai-eiie--, troop, puen
monia, bronchitis and all throat ami
lung troubles. Its early i-t pi.\.n??
consumption. L. R. Irwin.
Just in 3 crates of glassware. Thc
biggest bargains you eyer saw.
Glenn Locke. |
pr ! S 0 H A L ,
Where You anc Your Friends Spent th<
Mr. sad Mrs. Chat les Bowman, of Mt
Jackson, spent some days at Mr. B'l
father'-, Capt. S. H. Howman.
; Miss Lissie Grabil), Who has lu en
. .teaching at 'Mt. Meridian, AogUStt Co.,
, rn t home Issi wets.
,, Eu v. .i. s. Gi rri os spent a prut of thc
.'holidays ai IT i
Mr.-. Fannie Normsn, ol Rivi rton, vaa
ited Mr. W. N. Grshlll'sfamily.
Mr. Clyde Mite and wile spent a
. in Washington,
Mrs. Wm. Birr and children spent B
few days at Manrertow n.
Mr. William Bsker, "f New port NeWS
sptu! thc holidsys with Capt. Koonts'i
Mr. L. Wsgnex iptni thc {bold
with his daughter, in Richmond.
Prank Richey of Washingl n -pent a
few days with his aunts. Mn Jol 8 and
Mi-- Gennie Richey.
Mrs. John B. Locks hsi reiornedto
Newport News,
Misi ?'?iinie Schmitt spent a ihort
tini" with friends in Strasburg, tin- v.
Mr. Herbert Horeysnd wifeofWssb
in^ton have been visiting friends kn
W dstock.
Mr. .los. Clowti I to Moorefield
to temporarily take thc place ??! Mr.
Msnon Bverly who was called horne by
t!ie extreme Illness and death of his
M M Sallie Pence who has been t[
ing the winter with the family of ber 1111
cle, Mr. Mark Wonder, went to her home
in Timberfille to spend the holiday -.
MissJordie Keller visited friend.- at
Mt. Olive, last week.
Mr. John W. Hite of Washington spent
a few days here
Mr. Elmer Clem and wife <>f Quicks
burg ?pt.nt s few days with his uncle,
Mr. h rank Hess.
Mr. Richard Hughes, wile and two
children ot Harrisonburg, visited hi- sis?
ter, Mrs. Charles W. Burner.
Miss Winnie Hickman ot Mt. Jackson
is visiting relatives at Woods!
Mr. Charles Rodeffer, who ii eur in
I r at thc H. & 0. yardi in Pitts?
burgh spent some dayl sith bis father'?
Mr. Theodore Rodeffer, family.
Mr- Will Fravel of Pittsburgh ;s visit?
ing his parents in Hail
Miss Sallie Supinger i> visiting her sis
tei, Mrs. Lindamood, nt Cave station.
Mk. JUuis Jackson, col red, of
IA ington, was visiting Ins nomerom
friendi in this iring the bob lay-.
al - Mary 15 n man, of thii | . ??. -
risiting it
Mei' . ? si ivei -itv .>t Vir
? ? . - ^:i Bl !.<'i)i .
Henry Allei
.'. Uh hi- in ? ' dy.
V -- Mar) Ora]
onie Schmitt, t!,i
Mr. Russel Fravel, who n iri
the B mal lin! -?? . I r Ihe
at a few dayi with hu
XI#, .Ino. W. Fra
durii . ?
Messeriy I H n oi
.-?.;?- -, W. K ? .:aily, list
- B- il ah Newman in vi~t::i_: Ca;'.
Mr. Harry Linswesver, ol New York
called to see ui lui week, Mi. Lina
? tbe Shenandoah
who has met with deservi
business. H< ii married and bas two
1 I rge Will ? turned fr' ra M
the h ?li '?;?;. - with his
er and fsmily.
Hugh Kiddleberger ol W n ria*
. ? w,ek.
Misi Rebi ces Rinker ii risitn
in ll .:::
' ? Hugh 8u] .ii.-- ii- i Isitii f.
at I 'ave Station.
Mr. Hugh M rris n an 1 s '.:?
sen ra! dayl at Harris visit
Mr. Morrison its.
Edgar Newmsn snd Clyde Walton of
R ? pfa M i sn Academy al Front
al ipent the bolidsyi st home.
Charles Busbong, ol Roanoke C i
. it home during the holidays.
Flank Busbong, WilI'Martin and Har?
ry .-kyle- were at home from Washing?
ton A L'rt.
Twyman Williams was al home from
irne'i Military Academy, st Wsj
M:-s Msy Magruder of Rsndolph
Mae^n Female College, Lynchburg, was
af home dering the holidays.
Mrs. W. T. Msuck and litl -
men visited Charlestown, last week.
Mr and Mrs. I>. il. Walh n i] ? ni Eome
- at White V -.
Mr- and Mrs. Ott Laughlin, of I
ent the holidays with the family ot
Mrs L'i lather, P. W. VI rudei
Mr Kunkle who was merchandising
ri turni d to Wayn< -1 ro. Pa., a
i uni ol Mi- Km.kt-;'- ilekm --. B ?!.'.
Mr. and Mrs. K. made many friendi in
\\ ? k during their short stay among
?is. We regret that circumstances were
such that they could not locate perman?
ently with '
Mr. Robt. Jack has returned lo bli
. at Huntington.
Min Then -1 Uaislip, of Staunton
?? 1 Mr. M. I
U - m. - ie gu . mt ipenl the boll
with her lath i\- lamily.
Mr. Bet:). Kibler of Pittsburgh, li
Iting friendi in this pl ,
MtM Shepherd <>\ Frost Royal
- with the family "1 Mr. J. S.
Mr. .Hee B II- ihonr who ha- bees en
ton W. Va. -pent a few
with bis family in this pl .<
Kat" Rsmei bss gone to Msrtins
burg, W. Vt.
Mi-. Ferdinand Bthmucktff spent a
av- at ( a\'\ S H. B ?\vmau's
Little Miss Msrgsrtt Smoot, of Psghi
Hun, spent the holidays with her grand
p trent*, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lain' crt.
Mr. M. B. B. ttOOVBT left the lir-t I f
this week for RichBtond.
Mi. Reube Hammond blt Wedm
M I Emmt Rinker spent the week
in Kdinhurg, with her sifter, Mrs. Din
MtStMsrgSisi lb idler who has hetti
teaching at Lebanon sp >iit thc holidays
with her grand -mothar, Mrs. Bmooi
Mr. and Mp. I). 1*. Magruder returned
fad New York on Tuesday Sighi
Miss HollaWSy who ?pent the last five
or six months with the Misses Ham
ni'md, returned to her hume in Maaland,
Issi WsdBSsdsyf
H><<3*v* YjBsaJJ
IU.il NO
Mokes the food more delicious and wholesome
?> ii aaaaajS POaasaa 00 ajtwftjaa.
J. I?. Grabl.1 and wifi re spending s
few days w ith Mr. I and fami?
ly, on North Main street. Tl.. .
tO fellini 10 Iv ali k- 00 Nillllday.
Mrs, Gea Dna man. Misses Ullfanand Laura
Hunter, and NI tit ibrlgst, of Rossike,
\.i.-i'enf the boltdajn with Mra Howman'*
Mr- .1. sr, Holtsman, <>f lae Sbeona
(leah Hm;
Mr Hesektab Brooks, who ans been work
log In Washington, D nt lbs bolldayi
\s u h hi- lannis Sere.
Mr. Sam-.el Bnorer, <>\ Lebanon, Ohio, i
rfaiUng rekulres in this BeigbborbOod. 1 i i
lal ber lefl bera about SO \ ears a_-'>.
Mrs, Mary FoTSjrtbels rfsltfng her father,
Mr. J. N. I'avi*. anti lainily.
Mr. Clarence Raker and stater,of iiajren*
town. Md, are visiting tbs famllj "f Mr. w.
W. 1 (?.'.4I1.
If ia* Jsfsry Bowman wa- psrsyllsed,
in Washington, Issi Wednesday night.
Her condition ls considered serious.
On Thursday afternoon, about B
o'clock a very pleasant wedding took
place af the home ot the bride's parents,
Capt. and Mr.-- Geo Hr, Koontz, t -hort
distance west <d town.
In the presence Of relatives and inti?
mate frieuds, Ifiss .Neile, the young
snd attractive daughter ofCSDt. G. W.
Koontz, our County Treasurer. WSI
married to J/r. Dnnbsr P, Jfagnider, a
widely known ano1 popular young man
of Woodstock who Ulls the responsible
p sition of Cashier of the Iferchsnts a.
Fanner'.- hank, of r11i4 place. Tile
solemn ceremony which hound these
young live- together for all lime, was
Impressive]} perfoimed by the pastor of
iii'-1 ung ' "iipie, itey. J. C. Joni - I
the Ifethodisl ? linrch, South.
After receiving the sincen congram*
latiousof all present Ihe hsppy couple
boarded the northbound eveuuig ttaln,
which wa- kindly stopped for them af
the Fair Ground crossing, a abort <li
:.'"-u thc bouse, for a trip i <>
Washington, Bal tim ?re and other point-.
bearing with them thc most kindly
wishes of al! that die united life -<?
happily begnu mi^hi be a long one
tiled and brightened by beavens
choices! hie--.
talorlOlia .\('SN
Comes from Di, 1>. B. Cargi le, of
iVashita, 1 T. Ile writes: "Four bottles
>f Ele< 'i c Bitten h is i ired Mr-.
if scrofula, which had
-?? il suffering f"r r< ir? Tciril
?otes would br? ik o il on l^-r head and j
- ? doctors could iriv
iielp; bul bel i ure i- i oinpletc and i
i - -h<o\- w
thousand* hive proved, I trie |,
*t blood pu ri th r known.
It's the supreme remedy for eczema,
tetter, rheum, i boils and
ru ii ni: .; - - 11 i| ? , kin
iud !'o?v. .,,.:?.. ;?? - - help*
:- up the stn Hgt h. I '
ts. Sold bj I'. Schmitt Du .
I. xcitcment prevails ab ut one
mile fiorn Shenandi ah, P ige c linty,
. im 1 cn ek, on account i ?f
!._?-. Two horses and om cow bavi
killed, having been birren by the |
in"! dogs. .\o..ii Koontz, s man ol
' , s is bitten, and i- now at the
hospital suffering rom hvdropl o i i. |
Thei for his El eneei
lid not develop in Mr,
lill the I'drty-flrst day after be- i
litten. M"-r ol ihe do sts in \
the ?!? dlled. j |
Herman Hens . iou ol
N ? |. Ih -I on v isl '
week, al th home of hi- fa tin r, neai j
Furnace No, "J. In Page county, of
hydrophobia. The young man wa- ?
bitten hy a dog, but some f iii months
- - ? -nay dog licked his hand upon
iiii'i.i ro this
source his death ii traced. He suffered <
grestlj for some hour- ai.d his phy
uciani say it wai Iijdrophobls,
$100 REWARD, $100.
The leader.- of lilli j paper will 1 e
I ed to learn that there i- at least
dreaded disease that science I
been able to cure in ad it--* gei bi I
that is Catarrh. Hal Ps Catarrh Cure i
the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity- Cstsrihbeing s
constitutional disease, reojuirei a s -
stitutionsl irestment. Hal Pi Cstsrrh
taken internally, acting directly iipos
the bl 'od and mucous lurfs <?- of the
by destroy!nt the founda?
tion of the disease, and giving :h-- p i
tient strength by building up the con?
stitution and assisting nature In doing
it- work. The proprietors have io much
faith in ii- i iirativi powers, that 'hey
oib-r one Hundred Dollars for any case
that it fails to euie Scud f?>i (isl of
testimonials. Address,
F. .1 CHI M I lt 1 <>.. Toledo. ().
Hold by diuggists, 75c.
IIall*i Family Pil - are the I
o i? i; r a ii o c s i .
We all know Frank Davidson and his
company; the) are frequent and wele me
dj .|, 'lean,
1 nnient. We run
io risk in securing ticket? for tlcir ap*
g value receiv
1, Th. ir lat ? Monday, Tm -
ind W lay nights, Jan. 1"?. 16
Johnston District Teachers L<
t Cross Ri s 8. H., Jan j
'?th. 1900. I,ei ail om teachers attend,
A athel I ? i N IIS, \ anon- and pupils
f . mi schools e? ? lily lin lied.
I . \\ . Marston, < hair'n.
Following are tlc -<? nf Walnut Bpring
ichnol, Or.md i. Va., who are especiallj
distinguished for attendance, propriety
of deportment, and dllligeiice, for Ute
month of hi temi er. ]
I ila K uer. Bessie s. Btirkley, Lorena
Grandstsfl, 1 srrle Psugle, Vsta Keem r.
Bessie Keller, John rlottel, Ulsrsnei
lloi!< :. ( oviugtou blauchtli ld. Russell
Miller. Willie Richardson. Robbie K< -
hi. Ki nest and Willie Kline
Mis- Hi?ii. i. Obbdobtf,Teschei
The following pupil? of 1'
Grove school have distinguished them
for theil diligence, propik tv of
deportment, punetusHty ami regulsrlty
ofsttsndsnes for thc month ending, De
etmbtf ?f, IBM.
Piineipal: ? Lucy CoiTelt, Elms and
Beulah Kern, Myrtle HollST, Sidney
and Gertie Art/ Jesse and William h?^
er, Hairy (orb-it. Kerby Stub/, Obi i
I .om henour. ami < linton WlBBSSB,
1'rimaiy?Ivy Hollar. Maude Wi*
m.m, Laina and Kitty BsStlSB, BssMfl
I Wlssssn. Ostsr Gouchenour, Esrntst
Hiker, Phillp Kern, ROBtltSBd < ha-,
liiehaid, RobtH Bsgff Mid ( ht-.
Gouebesour. T. A. Bowman, P in.
IAHKIK ItoYKK, Primary,;
CHAS . I*. Hiskv
Although nof unexpected the death ot
Mr.Chss P. Ili-ey. Um widely known
druggist of Edinburgh wss felt hy th.
people ot that community, sa well a?
bf hi* many friends in rbis piste as a
public b-s, and one that brought the
rleepest isdoess to many hearts. Mr.
Hisey, who died abott 7 o'clock on
last Saturday morning; had been iii a
serious condition for a number of weeks.
At tir-t hi- condition was not considered
dangerous, and all looked hopefully
forward to his earlv restoration to his
iisuslly vlgoroufl and useful life. Hut
this wss not to be, and In a few weeks
his esse grew graver, and although bis
splendid physique stood bravely by him
in hi- noble li^ht agslost Hie sure ad.
VSUee of the disease that was slowly but
surely sapping th.- centres of life, the
summons that all must obey had gone
forth, and at the hour above mentioned
this useful eftlsen, devoted husband and
fsther, and true, faithful friend, ptBSSd
from earth to the eternal rest. In the
40th year of his age, with apparantly
mmy years of a useful life before him,
with the heart tendrsls of unspeakable
loye twining around wife and little
ones, Chas. P. Illsey closed bli life'*
labors and duties.
A: 2 o'clock on Monday afternoon his
hoily wa- tenderly laid to rest with the
Impressive ceremonies of the Masonic
md I. O. (). F.. fraternities, of which
olei- he had been a useful and honor
?<i member. Thc funeral service- were
conducted by Kev. Mr. ^Cocke, sssistod
by Revs, Reid and Lutz.
He leave- a widow and seversl young
?hildieii who ate theobjeets of the
leepesl sympsthiei of.-, large circle of
(i Ko Ko i: BVBBLT,
onr lister town of Strasburg l -
iga in met with a levers loss ni ,the sad j
hath of Mr. George fcverlv, one of its
n ?, popular young men. who p i-*ed
i A.-iy about 7 o'clock (?u lust Saturday
light, sged 32 year-.
Mr. Everly had been quite ill for
onie weeks ; ni it was thought he bad
..-? the point of dsnger and wa- hope
ing, when i relapse look
. From thil time his condition
trew more serious rapidly despite the
'ort- of -killfui phy-h ian- and the
?on-tant and loving ministrations of de
roted relative- . nd friends.
Mr. Everly i? survived byhls parents,
dr. and Mr- .In... F. i.verly. two
? reider-. Marion and Oliver, and two
listers, Mrs, < oner I?. Schmitt and
?fri. I'. ?? i: .
What is Rock & Rye Expectorant
(Wagner** * Well, it is the best of si!
'ough Medicinei made, atru'.y sdsnttfle
ind Medicinal Compouod for the relief
ind cure of eveiybody lulTering from
g Cough, or Throat Cough or any
common Cold or Influent*), Bronchitis
>'? ll . -.It So. tiles and Stops
thal irritsting tickling, relieve- conges
ion.n- the phlegm and give*
prick relief at ali nines. I: is not In?
jurious, Sold by Ed. afsgrti :?
\ (iood Bejclnnlnjc.
It wa- n ti.e 1 that on la.-t Monday,
January 1-t, there wai no loafing on the
-tree'- of Woodstock. No our stood
about the corners. Every youngman,
moved ss if he Intended to accomplish
something during tbs yesr 1901. Even
ihe young ladies and old people walked
m .h fa-ter tlinn USUSl. ThtSS are
favorable oasens, unless they are tobe
explained by the fact that the mercury
in the thermometer hovered very close
lo /.ro.
Dr. E. J. Wtll, Veterinary Surgeon.
sill be at Shenandoah House, at every
?ourt. All dlsessei of domesticated aid
mais treated, by the latest approved
methods, tf.
Confederate Veterans.
The regular monthly meeting of I
Shenandoah 'amp, U. <'. V., will be
debi on nest Satnrda) at 2 p. ni. A
full attendance ii requested. By order of I
\. M. Hlu.de>, Commander.
fi. W. Wiley, Adjt.
Hie 4|>|M'tll<> of lt I.OMI
I- envied hy all poor dv-pept'n
srhose Stomach am) Liver arc out of I
order. All -neb should know that Dr (
Kin-'- New Life Fills, the wondorful
Stomach and Liver Remedy, gives a |
splendid appetite, pound digestion and j
i regular bodily hsbll that insure- per*
feel health and great energy. Only 25c.
at H. Schmitt'- drug -tore.
Coal ! toal!
.\s there will probsbly ht a consider
able advance in the price of COSl, I
woni.i advise my euatomers to prrchsse
their coal at once, Ort'eiscsn now be
proinptlv fllh I ll H. CHAPMAN.
*~> -**. HI 'JP tr> xx T .A..
3ri-f tho /f ^e *ird Y u Hjiie Alsars Btsffl
EcNnburg, Va., dan. ld, IstOO.
Mr. If. w. Magruder,
\\ ooflstock, \ i
Pear Sir:?On la-t Saturday morning,
my house Slid mo-t ol itfl contents, wa*
destroyed hy lire. 1 wa- binned hy you
iii he Commercisl Inion AstBisnes
I t. sod it is with n gfSSl deal of pleas?
ure that I tm able to say that you have
already adjusted tin lo-s, for \c?urCom?
pany, though oniy I day- ha\e ehip-ed
-mci tin- tire. When I add that every
dollar the policy < alb'.? for on dwelling,
wa- allowed me, a-wa ll as all loss on
furniture. I could not say more except
tt ? ipfl M m\ uranium- at your prompt?
ness and taino -
J as Lkk Carper
TO TBE DEAF, -A Heh lady, eund
of DssfuetS and EfcSBSS in tbe Head hy
Dr. Nicholson'! AltlBclsl Far Drums,
gave IIOJNH) to ni* Institute, BB thar
deaf peopie unahle to piocure the Ear
I hums may have them free. Addrc-s
No. 12-LU. The Nicholson Institute,
:?*". Eighth Avenue, New York.
jan. 5?1 rr.
January 1st, 1000.
We had lots of Xmas in our littl
scope of country. The Christmas -? i
vice atCro:?s Roads was very Interest
lug and brough! together avery larg
crowd that packed the house. Man
presents were niven to the smiling happ;
j children, and also to -onie of large
(growth. Rev.Mr. Wlsmsnwas n
and gave us a vet v inttr?St1llg talk, a
also did Rev, Edward Mc I murd, n
! Ohio, who had not been herc btfOfl fo
seven or eight years.
? Very enjovable Christmas service
were also held st Sr. h.vii'- and Ml
Zion churches, ar es< !i o! which a mos
happy time was -pent.
Mr. Amos Hahi'c and Mis- Lue;
' Golladay wero mar; led on the 27th bi
I Kev. Mr Hsusentluck. We wish then*
i every success and a long and Inppi
. life.'
Mr. William Bhi|N* sud 'di- Kuimi
' Llvhllter sra visiting al raylortowi, sm
Bowman*! Crossing. We wish them ?
happy time.
Messrs. John and Harry Rlttenour, ol
Dayton, Vs.. spent the holidsys sill
their parent-, and with Rev Joh I
Mr. A. B. afclnturff, of Washli .
D. C, ls also spending the holiday sea?
son with his psi tn IS,
Our pe-ple are getting B good supply
of icc
W. C. Donivsn. of Tsvlortown, was
tlo> guest of relatives ami friendi in thi
section for several <. iv-.
We would like io know what ha- he
come of Gold Hug.
Mr. Edwsrd Stevens buried one of hil
ehUdrtn Issi wstk,
Mr. (harlie Miller burled his wife
94th of December. She was 29
old and leave- three children to mourn
the loss of s mother.
We will close hy wishing the editors
and ali the readers ofthe Herald a
I happy Ne* Year. Little Pud.
Land Assessors.
The following lam] ass ssori have
been appointed by Judge V. S. Tuven
ner, of the county court, for the count y
of Shenandoah:
J. C. Towns. D ivi- District; W, J.
siherr. Stonewall District; M. F.
Schmucker, Johnston District; J. W.
Hollar, Madison District; J. IL Downey.
Ashby Dist net; and J. W. Myers. Lee
Bezrsths _^7 "v '
natnre /j* , ZlttZjL
4*4*4*4*4* & 4s ts & 4a*
are nos/ in season rn il I
Bargelt will handle only the j
same liich grade salt wal
oysters he namlled Inst - i
-..ii. Solid measure piaran-S
teed. <Oysters served in tin- "
bent st vie. Private room- ;
nicely ti ted un tor ladies and -
gentlemen. Y.\a-rythiing neal 1
ami clean, one call makes
y Court St.
% 4* 4* 4* 4*4* ?s 4% 4* 4* 4*
-? -
B il ".?
???t>sso ???????? ?????o?o??o
[ Don't Neglect
Coughs and |
1 Colds SBBBSaT
> In cold weather. Over loo,- <T
OOO persons die annually in ?
;* this eountrv from diseases ?
[ which began with a slight +
cough. WI have a cough
j medicine, which if taken in
> time, may save your life. If
your cold is serious, go to
[ the doctor; If only slight, a
> few doses of our Inproved t)
Syrup Tar and Wild Cherry fr
[ will no douht set you right. J
> A large bottle costs but 25 sj
> cts. and the dose is small. ?
B. SCHfllTT , i
Druggist. $
Woodstock, Va. ?
_I 5
I i
issi BUt sUtje???O0?#SSJS+S BS fl
Un Dec. 23d, '>'.?!?. at Meadow Mills,
hy Kev W li Spi-gh, Mr. William
Irwin Warner and Mi-- Annie Rlii d>. th
Hawkins, all of Shenandoah county.
On Dee. !7(b, 1899, al Meade
Frederick county, by -ame. Mi. Since.
Lake and Miss Mary Virginia Lake,
both of SlienBUdOth county.
On Dst, list, si Meadow Mills, by
Ihe same. Mr. Elmer Oodlovt and MUl
lld Ilia Little, all ot Shenandoah county.
On Dec 94th, 1899, by Btv. A . B.
BSUBBSB, Mr. Wm. o. Keller and Mis-*
Alice V. Lent/, both of Shenandoah
Mr. MOB - 0. Walton, of thi-s ;
and MWs Lucie Williams, pf Cspon
Bests, bf Kev. L. L. Smith on the 12th
of Dec. INI.
Hul>ert J. Fravel and Mr?. Her.lie S.
Harman, Off this place, 00 Dec. 15th,
ItlM, by Kev. J. C. Jone.
On iicc. '27tl?. 1MB, at MsiiSBSSS, hf
Kev. D. L. Blakemore. Mr. Wm S
Kr< I -ii, ot this place, and Mis* Bertie
M. Hottel, of Manama*.
Omer IL Fravel, of thU place, and
Jfis* Bessjp Miller, of Tom'- Brook st
Dec. 24th. 1S01I.
A report was ?tnt from Wood-lock to
the Baltimore Sun thar the Southern
Railway had no Med Mrs. Appsrsoo to
move ber hotel building from the
srouuds of the Boutbers Raliway. The
superintendent of the Bounthsrn Bail I
M ly lays, "ihe rumor i- eutirelv with
out foundstion "
A special meeting of shenandoah
i 'bapter. D. <'.. will be held ;tt the usual
place it 7 p ni i '.? - i ?.v 9ch.
An infant ... i . i. ? ' - i i
Hoover, died in tin- place Wednesday.
The Raymon ly lo.'- Big Show
will be at Irwin'- Hall on next Monday
and Tuesday nights, J'h-ir entertain*
menti will be ot of a yaru I
consisting of corni* song*), dancing, and
iketc iran tee 1
lion or mon. y returne I, For f
gram, iee advertisement in
It i- Ugly unfortunate that the
exact cate of the beginning of the
Twentieth centuary has not Seen deter*
mined to the satisfaction of everyone,
a- this question "Will continue to eou
n-e the people every hundred ye irs.
\l.... ^ .,
Kv.iv up-to-date Jeweler IllUst
necessarily carry a greatly inci
ed supply ol fine watches to mei t
the holiday demands An uicr<
in stock that he doesn't expect te
dispose of at this time, but must
needs keep o i hand to afford holi?
day buyers a variety. Tue gold
KN OPPONTUNITY tor thrifty people
conies now?immediately after the
holidays, when watcb demands are
limited, winn "tra le i- <j dst,"
when we can better afford to
watches at y<>ib {? Limn ucarry
them over."
Sometimes both cret taft?your
watch is left for repairs after you are
left because ol failure to gftve it pro?
per and tiim-ly attention. Your
watch is blamed for voi'H m:<.i
A riMEPiECE?it'it is one, needs at?
tention ii.?- first of tbe new j ?
"Turn ovei a new leaf* i:i watch care.
Turn our way il you want PROPER
Th^ Jeweler,
Wbftt might hsys '? sb serious tire
occurred at Clyde ftslientt on
Commerce stree! Friday morning l>?*c.
Std Several of his children in pim big
threw u bsd eovsring I affslnsl ;?fctoss
pipe. This.-farted a tire after tln-y l.-f:
flic room, and before if was discovered
a considerable bole sras burned tlsroagh
the rt-Hjr. It wa- extinguished n itu
buckets before the engine could gi i to
-? ? aaa* m ?
D1^ idutioD Not:;e.
The partner ehlp beretof
between F. 8. Bowmsi & \u Ubi thu
div beet dissolved by mutual <?? n-enr.
The hll-iuc-- to he COIltlllUed ' V I*'. S.
bowman whoa?UBSSS all liabilities i f
ihe raid firm, and wi li collect all OUt>
-ta .ding BCCOUntl ot the old linn.
K. S. Bowman,
jan. fl -St CL, Howman.
3JIJ{. 8th and 9th.
The famous Raymond Comedy Com?
pany, nuder the msnssrement oj" c.
K. Rothgtbtled by
-??-Irs*. Baritone. in-.rod*-.
pathetic ballad)* of thc day Mr KmfOlOl d in
- all of hi* songs With life-v.zed pict
.ires, telling the story in song.
J;< mn^ with their laughable farce, er.
Humor Her
Mr J. K MU-.'.v-nle - - ? ->n
Hr J. H. Grant
Vtr ti C Raymond - - '-ri
Ur j J Dinatnorc - - -Ri
Hrs. L. C Raymond - '': -
Un. I H. Me':.'.. Hs rieti
. Nancy Ha
? . ?? ? . . . H
? Yotk
?,? ii
Murphey and Grant,
he Black Face and Irish Corned ans
Raymond Comedy Co.
\DMISSK ?v, Lu, 25, anti ?-">
;..?.' tl e yard.
lt Will Pay You
to examine cur large stock of
h just came. The assortment is prettier and the prices aro
lower than over. See our special bargain counter.
^vOur 5c Assortment will Surprise Xqu.^
TheQoeenstrare Department is full ol genuine bargains.
TOILET SETS that cannot be equalled lor style and beauty.
\\t\T For carting sets, knives arid forks, batcher knives, and
ket knives, we lead them all. Nothing but hijrh grade gooda. Trices
lowest. We ffuarantee the Famous ?'Claus'1 Razors, ~ - ra and
TRADE* Taken,
.--^- -
Tn Ir
Avkbica!" Aoairn.-rraifJT ta th* oldeat, b?at, and moat
practical paper of lu kind.
Ut? Stork, Dairying-. Hor?
ticulture, Poultry, Market
futMrdpntna;, and other f>p\oa wnt'?n ty practical aud
aucce?*ful tarmrrt, lllumi-ated Ly tMe art:<t?, rnake it
lnvalunblo toa'l in rural *ectiona. Tho latent Marketa
ar.d Commercial Aarlcultura are unexcelled features.
(.ihiU ( mS. RSSaj i"una Kulai.' I'aae. etc-, maka
tnifl department equal mern, of the ?peclal ramil j pa pera.
i. m,^Lc<<pTwTntwl^M>*tp**di witi th? Akita*
?can A-.1UCVI.TVB1ST \ CAB li?v>a and Almanac f<r IsrtOl Thia
(*Tf.it \?cr* ia ft Cyclopedia of ProKri aa and ?t?uU In tba
Whole World-?A Market 4.uldri Complete Almaaaci A
Treasury of Mtatlatlcai A Itcfrrence Work cu ETery
8nbJ? i tof Timely Inter.-t IVrtalnlna t i Arrrteulture, la.
dii.in, (onim*m>, Public A katti-.. Ilouaehoitl Kdura*
tlon. Religion, mt l?ro<nreaa. It ia al?o an ALMANAC
?rCalendar.. the Weather. astronomical Data, Hints
for Each Mouth, Hate*, etc.
%J:*~k SIMM F COPY nf the Aaa??rte?a A-rrlrultartat
tn** thc AMaTRIt %\ tuHHMTi Ui-T. Sew Tork City.
?Our SPECIAL Offer:
$'2 50
Our price for all #1.20.
Address Shenandoah Herald,
Woodstock, Va,

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