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A History of the Laur I Brigi-dc en
Turner Ashby Cavalry.
The surviving soldiers of th
brigade will no doubt be gratified t
know that a history of its distwguisl
ed seruces bas been written, an
will lexi forward with pleasant ac
tieip 4tion 1 ita publica i
At tbe instance ot* General Thora*
L. Rosser ani others, a history <
the Laurel Brigade?the name wit
which he baptised it after the batth
ol* the wildercese, wss written by tl
late Captain Wm, N. MeDonali
Ordnance Officer of the brigade.
Captain McDonald wai sever
years gathering the data and writui
the history, which he had about com
pleted 'but unfortunately had nc
gotten ready for publication befoi
his lamented death.
The history is a record ot tb
brigade from its earliest services ut
der tbe dashing leadership of Gener
Turner Ashby, to itt last charge a
High Bridge under the lamente
Deering?and Appomattox.
At a meeting of members of tl
brigade held in Charles Town, Y\
Va., on the 13th of Auguwt las
Colonel W. P. Chew, Major Kdwar
IL McDonald, Major Angua Mc
Donald, and Buahrod C. Washing
ton were appointed a Committee t
provide for the publication of tb
Mijor Angus McDonald was mad
permanant Chairman ot tbe Codi
mittee and Treasurer ot the fund t
be raised tor the purpose.
Bushrod C. Washington vasselec
ed to revise and prepare the boo
for publication and raise the necea
aary lund.
Mr. Washington has the work we
in hand and in a tew weeks will put
in the nandi of a publisher. But It
tba intention to mclude a complet
muster roll ot each company rn th
brigade with the name and addrei
of surviving members, and names c
all killed, wounded, or who died o
disease or in prison. It is the hop
of the Committee of publication tba
tbe book shall contain the record c
every soldier who served in this dis
linguiehed command, and fur lha
reason all surviving members are re
quested to communicate as soon a
possible with Mr. B C Washington
and send him the information neede<
and muster rolls ot companies i
possible. LOCK BOX 41.
Cnsrles Town,
W. Va.
Orip Quickly Knocked Out.
"Some weeks ago during the seven
winter weather both my wife and my
self contracted severe colds which speed
il? developed into the worst lind of lt
grippe with all its miserable symptoms,'
says Mr. J. 6. Egleston of Maple Land?
ing, Iowa, "Knees and joints aching
muscles sore, head stopped np, ey et
and nose running with alternate spells
ot chills and fever. We besan using
Cbambti lalo's Cough Kernedv, aiding
the same with a double dose of Cham
berlalc's Stomach and Liver Tablets,
sad by its liberal use soon .completely
knocked out thc gnp.'* For sale at
Schmitt's Drug Store.
An Omaha man who has lived on
fifteen cents a day tor fifteen years
and accumulated a fortune of one
hundred thousand dollars, says he is
going lo farther reduce his expenses
now. His heirs at law are probably
watching the process with interest
and making lo objections.
Wonderful Eczema Core.
"Our little bov bad eczema for five
Tears,*' writes M. A. Adams, Henri?
etta. Pa. "Two of our home doctois
said the case was hopeless, his lungs
being affected. We then employed
other doctors but no benefit resulted
By chance we read about Electric Bit?
ters; bought a bottle and soon noticed
improvement. We continued this med?
icine until several bottles were used,
when our boy was completely cured*"
Rest of all blood medicines and body
bull ding health tonics. Guaranteed at
Schmitt's Drage Store. 50c
Tbe wife of a sheriff out in Iowa
suppressed a not in the county jail
by her own strong arms, reiuibrced
by ber rollins-pia. In spite ot oc?
currences of this sort, .there are still
so iie pt opie who go on speaking ol
the weaker sex.?Baltimore Amtri
Mere News from tbs New England
If any one has anv doubt as to the
virtue of Foley'*. Kldosy Cure, they
need only to refer to Mr. Alvin H.
Stlmpaon.of Willlmantie, Conn., who,
after almost losing hope of recovery, on
account ot the failure of so many reme?
dies, fl nail? tried Foley's Kidney Lire
which he ?-.ys wu "just the thirg" for
him. as four bottles cured him com?
pletely. He is now entirely well and
free fi ors ail the su Sering incident to r
acute kidney trouble. Walton A Smo. ?..
??? ?^~- -*?? ??
Mitt Lottie Baylor Wyatt, a niece
of Mrs. Herbert Coffman, of Har
risonborg, wu married in Brooklyn,
N. Y., Monday to Mr. Charles Allen
Ht eves, a prominent electr eil en -
~"""-""??^?"BBSS* *?? ?i ?
Mis. S. Joyce. 180 Sullivan St, Clare- A
toot, N. H., write?: ??About a year '
ago I bought two bottles of Foley's
Kidney Core. It cured me of a severe
case of Kidney taooble of several ye r's
standing. It certainly U a grand, good
medicine, and I beaitily rem mend it," | m
Walton & Smoot. ss
Eleven dead l?odies were taken
from the Whipple mines.
Disturbed Ike Congregation.
The person who disturbed the con?
gregation lui Sunday by continually
coughing is requested to buy a bottle
of Foley's Boney and Tax. Waltoo &
The Best Guaranty of Merit
Is Open Publicity.
Every bottle of Dr. Pierce's world
famed medicines leaving the great labo?
ratory at Buffalo, N. Y., has printed
upon its wrapper all the ingredients
entering into its composition. This fact
alone places Dr. Pierce's Family Medi?
cines to a class all by themselves. They
cannot be classed with patent or seofel
medicines because they are neither. This
lit why so many unprejudiced physicians
prescribe them and recommend them to
their "patients. They know what they
are composed of, and that the ingredient*
are those endorsed by the molt eminent
medical authorities.
The further fact that neither Dr.
Pierce's Ooldea Medical Discovery, the
great stomach tonic, liver Invigorator.
heart regulator and blood purifier, nor his
"Favorite Prescription" for weak, over?
worked, broken-down, nervous women,
contains anv alcohol, also entitles then
to a place ad by themselves.
Many years ago, Dr. Pierce discovered
that chemically pure glycerine, of proper
strength, ls a better solvent and pr
stive of the medicinal principles resid?
ing In onr Indigenous, or native, medi?
cinal plants than is alcohol; and, further?
more, that it possesses valuable medicinal
properties of Its own, being demulcent,
nutritive, antiseptic, and a most efficient
Neither of the above medicines con?
tains alcohol, or snv harmful, habit
forming drug, as will be seen from a
fiance st the formula printed on each
Dottle wrapper. They are safe to use and
potent to cure.
Not only So physicians prescribe the
above, non-teoret medicines largely, but
the most Intelligent people employ them
?people who would not think of using
the ordinary patent, or secret medicines.
Even ingredient entering into the com?
position of Dr. Pierce's medicines has
Che strongest kind of an endorsement
from leading modlcal writers of the
several schools of practice. No other
medicines pat up for like purposes has
anv such profceslonal endorsement.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con?
stipation. Constipation ls the cause of
many diseases. Cure the cause and you
eure the disease. One ? Pellet" is a gentle
laiative. and two a mild cathartic. Drug?
gists sell them, and nothing ls "just tu
good." Easy to take as candy.
A Peculiar Accident.
Mr. J. W. R. Sl.owalter, of Tim
berville, suffered a piinful accident
while loading hay at D iver's Siding-,
a place between Timberville and
New Market. His wa?;on had j'ist
started off down the road, when in
some manner lie got ''is foot caught
between one of the wheels and the
single tree, resuling in a very bad
twist of the ankle snd instep. The
injury is an exceedingly annoying
one, aud will no doubt lay the sui
ferer up in bed for two weeks or
My Best Friend.
Alexander Benton, who liv eg on
Rural Route I, Fort Edward, N. Y..
says, "Dr. King's New Discovery ia my
best earthly friend. It cured me of
asthma six years ago. Jt has also per?
formed a worderful cure of Incfpent
consumption for my son's wife. The fl rs t
bottle ended the terrible cough, and
this accomplished, the .itlier symptoms
left one by one, until she was perfect?
ly well. Dr. King's New Diseoveiy's
power over coughs and colds is simply
marvelous." No other remedy has ever
equaled it. Fully guaranteed by
Schmitt's Druggist. 50c and $1.00
Trial bottle free.
Germany bas taken <:reat interest
in bee culture of recent years, aud
the crop is about twenty thousand
tons a year. Spain is a close s< cond
of the European countries.
When your back aches it is almost
invariably an indication that some ihing
is wrong with your kidneys. Weak,
diseased kidneys frequently causes a
break down or the entire system.
Dewitt's Kidney and Bladder Pills
afford prompt relief for weak kidneys,
backache, inflammation of the bladder
and all urinary trouble?, Sold by Wil?
ton & Smoot
Captain James fargett was found
dead in bed Sunday morning In
Winchester. Capt Bargees oin
minded Co. F. 21 Vii gin ia Kcgt
meut, after the first battle of Ma?
nasseh, and in the war he was severe?
ly wounded five timer*, but returned
.o his command.
When your food has not lieen proper
y digested the entire system is rn.
>alred in the same proportion. Your
itomach needs help. Kodol For Indi
restloo and Dy*,pep*ia not only digests
rbat you eat, it tones the stomach and
dd* strength to the whole body. Makes al
ich, pure Hood. Kodol conforms to
he National Pure Food and Drug Law.
old by Walton <fe Smoot.
A new postal law goes into effeci
July 1st that will be of great con
venience to the public, After thal
dete you can by adding five 2 cent
stamps extra to a letter have it made jj
special delivery simply by writing ?>
aero** it the word Speci il Delivery. H
Her tofts* you had to have I special rt
de iv? i v sump.
_ *<
Notice to our Customers "
We arc pleased to announce that ?
Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs, t>
colds and lung troubles ii not affected D
by the National Pore Food and Drug
law ss lt contains no opiates or other
harmful drugs, and we recommend it d
as a safe- remedy for children .and ^
adults. Walton A Smoot. j j
A. L. Griffiin, of lTc'inond tried , *^
to end his life by swallow i ri tr a dope |
of laudanum last week. Griffin is
about Si years old, is married ind
has several children.
In the treatment of piles it becomes g
necessary to have the remedy put up In g
such a form that it can be applied to the |
paits affected. Man Zan Pile remedy ls | ..
encased in a collapsible tube with nozzle u
attached lt cannot help but reach the a
spot. Relieves b ind, bleeding, itching
and protruding piles. 53 cents with ^g
nozzle guaranteed. Try it, Walton &'c,
Smoot. I si
. ry
Staunton ts to have a local option Jl
election, and that in the near tnt nra.
The Anti-Saloon LetUpM M making
a hard fight to cany lt il ry. p
Rheumatic Pains Relieved. ?
The quick relief irom rheumttic pains jj
afforded by Chamberlain's Pain Balm m
has surprised and delighted thousands
of sufferers. It makes rest and sle< p ^
possible. A great many haye been \(
permanently cund of rheumatism by
the use of this liniment. For sale at
Schmitt's Drug Store.
White Shiftlett, a Citizen of Bast 5
Rookinghm, committed suicide last
week at Ins home. Shittiett was gen?
erally recognised as an industrious , 1J
citizen. u
, ,sj _ W
In using a ciugh syrup, why not get i
the best? ene thal cottee highly recom
ended is Reef Laxative Cough Syrup, s<
contains Honey and Tar and is superior ni
to other cough syrups in many way* *
Children always like lt because it eon- ;u
tains no opiates, lc a laxative and is :il
guaranteed to nive satisfaction or your t;I
money refunded, Try lt. Walton Jd {H
Smoot. W
J. Pullen, a student at the Kin
. ar
aolpb-Macon Academy, Ol Front .,
II .yal was J badly injured Saturday
hy being hit in the groin by a swift
There are many kidney remedies but i..
few that accomplish the result. "Pine- A
iles*1 il a kidney remedy that contains
io alcohol or opiates of any kind, rum
plies with the National Pure Food and
Drugs Law, gusianteed to give ssfls* [
action. Thirty day treatment for tl 00.
inquire about Tineules," Walton it T
The smoke boose of Geo* Wilkieon
list West of Front Royal was broke n
ito Monday night and 22 pieces ol
nat were stolen.
A little Kodol taken oecasiDnally, es?
?eclally after eating, will relieve sour
romacb, )?elehing and heartburn. J.
i. Jones, Newport, 'Jenn, writes: "I
m sure three one dollar bottles of ft ur
odol positively cured me of dyspepsia,
nd I can recommend it us that was
iree years ago and I naven*! been
[Uttered since with it ?' Kodol is guar*
iteed to give relief. Sold bv Walton
Madeline Deop'fy, r> year old, J
as found by her faber in Winches V
r and taken heine to Fredericks- J
irg. Tue lather had Robert C. t0
ieksen arrested on a e'large ( I to
eduction pi
Subscribe for the Shenandoah st<
MALU. $1.00 per year. r~
ur MC -11 While Huntings Burbler
Mr. Ita. Thc* Lanorgan, provincial
notable at Chapleau, Ontario, says*
[ naught a severe cold while hunting a
irglar in thc forest swamp last
earing of Ch imbenaln's Cough Item -
ly, I tried it, hnd after using two l>ot
:s, I was e.rnpletely cured." This
lindy ;? intend, d especially for coughs
id colds. It will loosen and relit vi a
cold in lett time than by any
her treatment aud is a favorite
??jenter its superior excellence has
icome known. For sale at Schmitt's
rug Store.
Dr. C G. W. Nacg.ll, who served
ii n_r the war a< Surojcoii of the Uti
;i. Infantry, Stonewall Brigatti,
? 1 Sunday morning at his home in
stoneville, Md.
When one can buy gold dollars lor
tv cents, it is a good time to purchase.
In ordering a 50 rent bottle of Dr.
oward's celebrated specific for the cure
constipation and dyspepsia at 25 cents,
?hmitt's Drug Store is giving one of the
?atest trade chances ever offered to the
iople of Woodstock.
Sven though offered at half price for
trod uefory purposes, the specific is mid
ider a guarantee to cure or the moucy
ill te refunled.
If b?<i\ does not digest well, if there is
ls or pain in tbe stomach, If thc tongue
coated and the breath bad, if there is
mstipation and straining, Dr. Howard's
>ecfiic will cure you. If it docs not, you
ive druggist at Schmitt's Drug Store,
rrsonal guarantee to return your
This remarkable remedy comes in the
rm of tiny granules, and can be carried
the vest p >cket or purse. It is very
>pular in New York City, and it is not
msual to see someone after a meal at
ie M thc large hotels or restaurants,
ke a dose of this specific, knowing that
will prevent the unc mfortable feeling
hich frequently follows a hearty meal.
Dr. Howard's specific gives quick re
ifnnd makes permanent cares of con
lpation, dyspepsia aud al< liver troiib
These arc strong statements, but
:hniitt'a Drug Store is giving their
Korners a chance to prove their truth
just halt the rccular price?sixty
>ses tor 25 cents* If they are not found
ue, all you have to do ls to a*k for
mr money.
('I,aries Hoghes, 19 years old, died
st week at 1 lie home of his broth* r
('in [?l?e!I county, from a pistol
Coughs and colds contracted at this
a^on of the yt ar ihonld liave lin
ediate attention. Bees Laxative
>ugh Syrup, contains Boney and Tar
id is unequalled for boareeaesf croup
tl coughs* I'leasant lo take; pothers
dorre it; children like to take it. Con
ins no 0| Moves the bowels.
A Bnonti
Thirty-nine persons, it is < ffici I Ij
nonuced, were injured lo the
dtimore A Ohio wrtck at I'leas
t Creek, WT, Va.
(it oven <-r Swans* u has n\ pointed
Prentiss ol NsDsemond coun
, a rn* mber ol (be Corporation
KB .
Most healthy,
vigorous men and
women in the
United States are
raised on good, old
fashioned Arbuckles*
ARIOSA Coffee,
ever mind what the others
ink, you want to be well,
ty things to the man who tries
switch you from Arbuckles*
coffee that pays him big
ofits at the expense of your
Zampbti with sA requirements ot the N'stsonsJ Pups
Cures Coughs, Colds, Croup, La Grippe, Asthma, Throat
and Lung Troubles. Prevents Pneumonia and Consumption
in the
A Fighting "Super."
The following little fem was one of
the experiences of Mr. Benson, the
Shakespearean actor:
Mr. Henson made a professional lsit
to Dublin, and the rehearsals included
tbe due training of a body of stage
assistants to represent the hurried?
ly luttncttag supporter! <>f Richard
Trookbnck." when that monarch suc
nunbed ss the onslaught el Rtdunond
>n tbe field of Bosworth. On the night
yt the rirst nstfUfttUUCe of the tragedy
[he army that was to fly stuhliomly
vf used to leave the field or to ac?
knowledge SUJttJ vanquished, but tuni?
ng upon tbe forces of Richmond gave
hem a severe drubbing. Nothing could
? found to tame them ss a nvupuf
lubmlsslon till one of tbe "rank and
ile" said:
"Look here. Mr. Henson, if you want
ts to be beaten, you must put O'Con
tor" (the leading "bruiser" of the
arty) "In Richmond's army!"?Pear
on's Weekly.
Silence and Science.
Before it was determined sclentiflo
lly that smoke ls waste, smoke wm
xed as the final hsUcaHol nml proof
f nttttttrttjr. Tunny a smokeless
dmrey menin nothiug le?s than
irift iiinl good management. Similar
we now hear Unit noise ls proof of
?ban life, pn . ? D 1 activity, We
ny answer that noise I* Io?s ns nant]
i Kinnie N uranie De es sd roinfofl
loss and misc d e? reuses comfort
Malted b Iuds stn lott thn ttjn a rc
iction of i lenfal Rsree. itut new
id similar co
?S. There ll direct lo--s nlso. A rot
ng cnr i: ear
ort livet! vehicle. Otherwi e ia I
ids v.tn d net spend so nandi rn
fdr t. end t'ley would ri"
lins at h'.^cr r] ced.-Detn-it Frc ,
ei?. I
""Ul l*r pp00F baCs
Sf. " <wD'0FFfE.iR?
IN 2 "
*** GOODNESS *?? <
fs howman, Weodetneks
IPA AC ? WA RT Z. Ah nzavllle
w. K. SWARTZ, 8t luke,
r p WIGHTMAN. Ktbr.bnrg
Os M. GOLLA DAY. Dllbeck.
I. if OLIN. Lanf?.'* Mill.
A. L.LINDAMOOU A-('<>., Bowmans.
R. R. VfijMA V, ConicvMle._
I will pay highest caiih price tor bott
hi te oak ind ma lsd chestmti
J D. Grarm.l,
Wc-oiio ^, Vs..
Money loaned on long time and email I
monthly payments. Loane guaranteed
to he paid np n 81 months If payment
sre promptly made when due. Valley
R?HMjrtg A L. Amo. Woodstock. Vs,
SALVE for Piles, Bums, Sores,
Hew a Fox Escaped.
In tie \\ nry a foj
was hunted righi <Uo> .1 1 |
and |0 li..- 0 pr?M ot e\. ry OHS lu
swam b tidly OUt to sea. The bound:
treen tal . and nf1 i mlu
Ute* the foi SWSI 1 baek. landed, shoo!
ill sod trotted quietly nwny. Tin
ed that his life waa to ix
?!. and be UTtl bunted no mort
that day. -Country Life,
Ormotiion Too Keen For Him.
a Fernier during s lom centmuoi
drought invented I machine for water
tug his nelda. The very iirst day whir
he U7S1 trying lt there suddenly cam*
:i downpour of reta. Be pot away hi
??it's an n a." he seJd; "ye can aa<
r.aeMiin: nnondiyi without COttpeti
Hon." ft ottl b Sights.
Wo.;'d 0;:cn Th-m.
"You told me y air !. isl snd bn<
I didn't nof
?\y.. 11 te er twe till tbe mil
Trier ? aloog with my new ha
and the bill."
r la Tbs
caught tl ' dy. I kn ? ? ? Hs rei
but it lout me 1!' ? daughter.
Prom Oei nw ny w? i el the cusl >m o
celebrating geld and silver weddings.
For a cold or cough take Kennedy'
Laxative Cough Syrup. It is BETTE]
than any other cough remedy beean?
tts laxative principle assures a healthy
copious action of the bowels aud at th
came it heals Irritation of the throal
strengthens the bronchial tubes and a!
luys u.fUmatlon of the mucous meru
bianc Contains Honey ani Tar, plea*
ant to take. Children like it. Conform
to the National Pure Food and Dru;
Law. Sold by Walton it Smoot.
Matings for 1907 Just Completed
Pun ' hoe I pullet* and 6 hens, up to stan
? ard requirements, wita a cocurelx, from bes
New Kntfland blood.
Pen 2 consists of u pullets and ia hens
standard shape and weigtit, mated with 3 lin
cockerels ot good tjpe and color.
Pen 1 is made up of ti hens 'and pullet*
fine in under color and build, and 2 cockerel
tiard to Ix'at?standard in all joints.
Pen 2 has 14 hens mated with 5 cockerels
is good as th** best.
Ktfgs from first ;?ens, ;><t 15. $2?0(
, Duplicated if na'ch is uns-.uisiactory)
RjTv - fr.>m second pen. per 15. 1 0<
Pet ut*. 5?o<
i F. I). No. 1. Mauukrtow.v, Va,
A Bargain in a Home.
26 acres, fifty miles from Washing
on, 3 miles from railroad station
?onvenient to churches and school. ?
I in kimber. Halance level ant
?asy to cultivate. Fine spring hole
ract well watered. Splendid rc ha re;
tnd lots of small fruit. A good six
?OOtt dwelling and all necessary out
buildings, all of which are nearly
icw. Farm shop with a 2 horse engim
ind boiler. One of the best bargains
re ever o tiered. IV ice 12,
J. N. Da viv ^ Co.
Woodstock, Va.
Kor Quick Sale.
We oHer an excellent farm in Fau
uier county, Va. .1 miles from Beal
? ti Station, Southern R II. eonven
mt to church's, sehools and stores,
ordaining 130 acres tine land, 100 of
hich is in a high state of cultivation,
ii in timl>er Large dwelling and all
of outbuildings in good repair,
ell watered and fenced This farm is
ell worth 160 per acre, but in "order
> sell quick, will sell the farm for
We refer to Mr P If Hottel.
innerly of Shenandoah, who now
ves on the adjoining farm, as to the
auk of this PLAOI rt is a GEN
Apply at ON'*E to
J N Davis k Co
itt k loan Association.
Of FlUMI :
.J. li. Wisman, 1'res. ano Ger
Ms W. Sharoon, V. Preaident.
L. S. Wai.kkk, Secty. and Treas.
W W. Logan, (Ten. Attorney and
Directors :
J. L. Wisman, M. NV. Magruder
. W. Logan, L. 8. Walker, E.
Udress L.S.WALKER,
Secy. <fc Treas.
Woodstock. Va
N. Davis fi: Co. Kcal Estate Agts
Woodstock, Va.
kutra tocnll attention to the Tact,
I now is the time to sell youi
ns, it will show up bett* r now
i any time of the year. Wp hav?
of inquiries lor lar^e and smail
is in this section. Il you want to
send description of location to ti t>
i a reasonable price and ne are
we can sell it for yon; it willjTl
)ou nothing unless we sell. W?
i eight resMences in Woodstock
ah ; some of winch are tho mosi
rablein the town?location ideal
prices reasonable. Il you wain
?ne to town to liva, oall on us
let us show you what we haw
it you have a farm for gale let U8
trora you at once.
J. N. Dam si Co.
Real Est. Agts, IYuttfs?Oofc? Va
=Dr. Khf't
lew Discovery
, /^OKSUWPTIO* Pries
( I OUGHSantf 50c ft $1.00
W0lDS fr? Trish
iranteed for all THROAT and
At a meeting' of the State Sen?
atorial Committee of the Tenth
Senatorial District comprising:
thc counties of Shenandoah and
Frederick and city of Winches?
ter, held in the City of Winches?
ter on the 6th day of April, 1907,
it was ordered that a primary
election for nominating the
Democratic candidate for the
State Senate in said district, be
held at each voting 'precinct
throughout the district on Satur?
day, June 15th, 1907 I rom sun?
rise until sunset on said day.
All white democrats who are
or will be legal voters at the
November election. 1907 shall be
allowed to participate in said
primary, and all such persona
participating in said primary
shall bc considered as binding
themselves to vote for the nomi?
nee at the ensuing November
The conduct of said primary
including the appointment of
judges snail be under the direc?
tion of the respective committees
of the Counties and City com?
posing the said district.
Notice is hereby given to all
persons who desire to become
candidates for State Senator of
this district, to make announce?
ment of that fact in writing to
the respective Chairmen of said
Counties and City on or before
12 o'clock, noon, on the 15th day
Ol April, 1**07.
By order of the committee.
J. L. Feller, Chairman.
David S. Glaize, Secy.
County and District Primary.
At a meeting of the Democratic
County Committee of Shenandoah
county, held in Woodstock on Satur?
day, April 20th, 1907, it was ordered
that a primary election for nominating
the Democratic candidate for the
House of Delegates, County Treasurer,
Sheriff, Commonwealth's Attorney,
Supervisors, Road Commissioners,
Constables, Oversreers of Poor and
Justices of the l'eace for various dis?
tricts of the county, be held at each
voting precinct in Shenandoah county
on Saturday, June 15th, 1907, from
sunrise until sunset on said day, with
the exception that no primary be held
at Liberty Furnace, the Democrats of
this precinct shall be allowed to vote
at I 'olumbia Furnace in said primary.
All white Democrats who are or will
gal voters at the November elec?
tion, 1907, shall be allowed to partici?
pate in said primary, and all such per?
sons participating in said primary,
shall be considered as binding them?
selves to vote for the nominees at the
November election.
Notice is hertby given to all persons
who desire to become candidates for
any of the offices above named, to give
notice of that fact in writing to the un?
dried chairman on or before 12
o'clock, noon, on the n'th day of May.
Bj order of the committee,
J. L. Feller; Chairman.
(ireatly Reduced Rates via South
ern Kwy.
Have bara authorized on account ol the fol
. namod spacial oecaaiooa donas? period!
lite, N. C. / noricau Lil I -socia
de May so to sa, inclusive, final
limit June U, 1907.
Asheville, N. N\. Voting People's Missionary
?Cfit; dans of >, le June 1' to 28, la
sal limit July 10 1907.
a tri I le, N. C., Southern Student Con
1 ol V. Jr". C. A. and southern Confer?
ence ? I V a, C. A.; dates of sale June 5, 6 and
de ville and Mrannaaoo, N. C. and June
it, iSand .::nano only; final return
limit June
athene, <?. A . University Summer School:
dates of aisle June . ,, .ind July 4, 6, 8, |j wml
tl return limit loaring Ai liens 15 day, in
;i to date of sale, or bv persona] deposit
of ticket not earliei th*n June so, nor later
tl: in i- da ja from date purchased, and pay?
ment titty cants fee. extension mav beobtain
ed to leave Athens not later than Sept. 30,1^,7
I 'ingham. Ala, tieueral Assembly fns
Ljterian Church in Tinted States; dates of
sale May 1,. 1 , and 15, final limit May 20, 1907;
except that by deposit of ticket by original
purchaser not later than May 30 with Special
Agent, tmmingham, and payment fee Of fifty
cents, when extension ol'limit may be obtain?
ed to have liirmiagnain not late'' than Sept.
t aarleston. s. C., Fifth Nat'l Bchnetaas
Festival; dates of sale May 7 to io, inelusi.'e;
final limit May 15. 1007.
knoxville, Tenn , Summer School of the
South; dates of pa'e June aj, 24. 25, 19 30. July
6 ;, it, ? na] limit leaving Knoxville ij
D addi lon to nate of sale; except that by
I of lieket not earlier,tdan June 23, not
later than 15 days from|date of sale, and jav
inent of fee of fifty cents, by original pur?
chaser, when ext* nhicn D,ay be obtained to -
leave Knoxville not later than Sept. 30, 1^07,1
los Angeles,Cal.. Imperial4 nundi. Ancient
Order Nobles of the Mvstic Shrine, May 6 to
ii; and Conference of German Baptist Breth?
ren, Los Angeles, May 16 to ?2; dates of sale
i* pril 24 to May 17, inclusive; final limit July
ji, J907. prior to midnight of which pasaen
must leach starting point.
Los Angeles, Cal., Nat'l Fcloctie' Medical
Association, .'une 1S ?^ 1. 1^07; dates of sale
.lune 7 to 14, Inclusive, final limit August 31,
iyt>7, prior tc midnight of which passenger
must reach original starting point.
Nashville, Tenn., Peabody College Summer
School and Vanderbilt Pibi'.ical Institute,
lune if, August 7, iyoo; dates of sale June ?>.
io, 11, 17. 18, 19, July 6, 7. 8, final limit leaving
Nashville 15 days in addition to date of Mle;
!Xiept that by deposit of ticket by original
poTChaeef with Special Agent, Nashville, not
r*rlier than Jane 8. nor later thin 13 diys
rom date of sale, and payment of fee of fifty
:i tits per ticket, when extension may be ch?
ained to U ave Nashville not later than Sept.
o, 1907.
Richmond, Va., Muthern Baptist Conven
ioo and Auxiliary Societies; dates of sale Jfay
1 to 16, inclusive: final limit 15 days from date
f sale; except that by deposit by onginial
?rchaeer with Special Agent, Richmond, not
iter than June 2, iy.7, and payment of fee of
; Sf ticket, when an extension may be
btaJned to leave hichmond not later than
une 17, r, 7.
Kiehmond, Va., I'nited Conferrdenite Vet
;rans reunion, May 30-June 3, igo7; dates af
ne May 26 to June a, tina! limit lune 11, 1907,
<c pt that upon deposit of ticket bv original
urchaser with Special ^gent, Kichmonu, not
it< r tliNii June Ii and payment ot fifty cents
?eper ticket, when extension may be obtain
I to leave hichmond not later|than July
Sewante, Tenn., Semi Centenial Celebration
niv.rsity of the Snath; dates of sale June
, 22 and 23, final limit June 30. 1907,
r iskeaee. Ala , Commencement Exercises
jskegee Normal and Industrial Institute;
tee of sale lay t6,29, final limit leaving
iskegee Mav 31, 1907.
Best for
Coidi. Croua,
Cewgh. Eic
No Opiates,
Conforms to
National Pare
Food snd
Drag Law.
III coora tmrse con ta is Inf estates
ts th* towels. Bea's Laxative Hooey sad
1 sBotss fas bowels and cootatns bo opiates.
* V al'cn ltd ^ccf#
A han
Tho Kind You Have Always Cough*, and which has h?.cu
Id use for over 30 roars, has borne tho gijrnatnro of
_and ha i boca made under his iwr?
//Jtf+-f^ fionai supers Ision since it* infimcy.
JfA&?/l<^ 4 \\, w no ono to deceive you Jn th1*.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-a^grooU" are but
Experiments that trifla .vitia and endanger tb* health or
Iiiiaiits aud CIiiidren-Kxperieneo against Experiment.
Castor!* Ka a harmless siuVtituto for Castor Oil, Pare?
goric, Drops and r-oothu*tf Syrups, lt ls Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, MorpbtkM nor other Narcotic
subfttrmce. It? ag* if its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays I-Yvei isline<s. lt cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Orita. It rellevesj VeeUltenT Trouble*, cures Constipation
awl Flatulency, It assimih tes the Food, regulates tho
1 imneh and Dnwnle, giving healthy nod natural hieep.
^'ho Children's I*auaeea-The Mother's Friend.
Bears tho Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
s Ss Harness Factory
AU kinds of Harness tram the cheapest machine made to the be*:
Ian ? made. Alarie lot of Collar?, from the lighted Bn^gj to th',
leaviest Draft. Everything in the line constantly cn hand:
We are prepared to meet competition and to guarantee prices, al J
uality of work. All work guaranteed to be a9 represented.
InaT" Grateful for past iavors, we will endeavor to merit a
noe of the same.
N. B.?Following* schedule figures published only as information and tr
_ not guaranteed.
Effective Jan. 6, 1907
r a7
t 113
s oj am 4 Of pru
s 22 ami 4 18 pm
9 :o am s W pm
f v 2s am 1515 pm
? am f s 23 pu
9 3i am isl pm
f 9 41 am i f 5 32 pm
f 9 49 atn 1 539 pu.
i n svsm
IGoS sra
10 28 am
id 38 tim
lu 48 am
lu Hg am!
5 4* pm
5 57 pm
(J Ol pm
0 1" pm
6 a? pm
0 *1 pm'
ll lu ami f 853 pm
' 63
Mastern luns.
Lt. Ar.
Wasbioftou, D, C
Alexandria, Va.
Mau nasal.sw
Gainsvi !*???.
Krosvd Hun
.Marshall. ..
Happy Creek.
Front Royal Je
ll 20 am
7 cl pn.
('5 am
20 am
51 am
i:{ am
H tm
20 am
ll am
'~ ara
io ami
U am
ll ;0 am 7 OS pm
11.4 sm 712 pm1
ll 1 pm f 7 21pm
' pm,
fl 1.MS pm 1 7 6tipm
f los pm 1 ' U pm;
110 pm 8 12 pm!
1 24pm1 8 2<ipm
141 pm
f 1 .'3 pm
; Ol pm
f E 12 pm
8 44 pm
8 53 pm
9 ul pm
9 1 pm
9 18 pm
- am yu* ? . fut
2 l'? pm I 9 18 pm
a ss pm t i; 2t pm
f j ... pm f W32 pm
250 pm 9.0 pm,
Si Faovt Royal
83 Front Royal Je
&j Riverton Jc
W Riverton
ga Buckton
90 Water Lick
ns Strasburg
95 Straaburs Juno
96 Fisher Hill
99 Toma Brook
101 Maurertown
lo6 Woodstock
HO Kdinburg
117 Xt. Jackson
121 Quickaburg
125 New Market
129 TlmbervlLe
iai Bioadwar
134 Om ph na
138 Linville
144 Harrisonburg
Ar. Lf.
it Warn
il 36ami
10 48 sm i
rio 33 am r
Ho rs am f
lu 2s am
no 17 aor ir
ttC Karn r
IUU1 am
95i am
13t aa
9 13 am
9 13 am
f 9 Ui am
8 68 an
8 46 am
8 45 am
r 8 3ft am
r SSjfaaa
8 13 am
8 i. am
r I va***
t fc t .am
r 7 &sam
7 4Sam
- ..) MB]
7 14 am
7 0 am
a 57am
? 1 am
fl SSS mit
fl ? 26am
? lo Mm
9 SO pm
9 US pm
8<ft pm
71*, pm,
7 . ipm
7 34 pm j
7 .8 om'
7 2j pm :
7 ll am
1 ' pm'
I 47 pm!
137 pm
127 pm
? ll pm
6 Wpm
? Daily. t Week days. | Meal Station. f Stops ou flig.
GP Bowmans and B. verly (not shown on Time Table) are fla?
stops tor trains Sot ^nd 218 also Bouruuns lor 213 snd 214
1 trains arrive at and depart f mm Penn
inla Railroad Passenger Station, wa8h
>n, D. C., where connection ts meale for
rom 2/aJtimore, Philadelphia ant New
Ynr Map Folders Taronga Ticket Rat'
eic,, apply to nearest Agent or write to
ff. Ackebt V.Pres. *fc General Manager. S. ll Hardwick
L. S. Brown, Genl. Agt- p. T. M
am prepared to foa!sl WAGONS
ill kinds at my wagon making
iblishment on South Main street
i)(i nn Vlhsiff
liv saw]
and ar
i to see me. I am prepared to di
il Hork and guarantee satisfaction.
fies and wagons painted a.id trine
"Wagons ironed at liberal rates
Woodstock, Va.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
?n.? sending a ?Vet*4? snd A+mtrliXio,, may
r ascertain oar opuiu.n fres whether aa
on H pr<>haMf patetitftbla. <>>e?'inunlc*
ricOt-cnnllrtcntlal. HANDBOOK -m I'sIodU
pa. t>M??*t nu**ucj for mvuriim potent*,
ira taken thr uah Mnnn A Co. recalve
rmiMc*, without ^b^rara, lu tba
kntific JUnerkait.
eomet? ilhwtrated weaily. Laraes* ste.
i <>f an* tclauUSe Journal. Tarana, $3 a
oer aaoatke, IL SoH by*M pswaeeaJara.
Schedule ie Et?? ?
SUNDAY. MAY 27. 1905*
Teams I aa vi Rivbsto*. \ A..
3-46 A- M. For Basic. Buena Yatta, I na
noke, last l<adlord. bluet*
farewell, Norton. Pocaaoi f
? -!lf0;18? pullman Sleeper Reich, w \ ,.
9-45 A. M. For Basic. Natural Hr ld aa I
anoke. Hriatol. anal I n te nae?J > n.
htattons. Pullman b.veper a
Ki?<i ville. Connects at hoao.
I ?? w aWnUlM t,""1 Kl,,r,M- T^" '
No. 27 Pullman Sleep rr a to Coluaai
7 I8P-M. Caieearto wm ia nason, n. \
For ; Bi a too and ali Intern .."
Jiate h.mu. Parlor oar.
1.20 A.M. For Berry vf I le, B..
erstown. Philadelphia, ami ?,,
8 43 A M Fur Ha?erstown and iate.-naedi t
SUliooa. L'onnevU at Shenand. i
Junction wit* R. A O. for" awi.
ing-ton. A leo connects at Mam %
withe V.RaJiroaJrorHarTX.a
No. 14 and p mt. oort*. rtSeVSu J
7.49 P. M For Berry ville, fl are rat ow
sod rtertnedUteSutkma.
Jar i tb Steeper via Racer*
Laa L tow i to New York. na?*r*
Ba7~ Rates te iwdlea, and additional ibf. ,
maoenfunnaaod upon applioatkw to Ageu,.
>f tue C ompany or? ???????
W. B. BE VI IL. jr. p atina
Gea! Paws. Agwat. ?nj.' *?i?A? 0
Roanoke. Ya.
jJngtne of all kinds
Threshers. -Saw T\IU*]
r ar ajreat ;torf tbe abnfe eels hint*
tt^mtyfi _
nfl , %. H. DOITS!/

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