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A Nightly Ride.
In the old parsonage everything
was quiet. The minister was reading
his Bible and by bis side sat his
d mg* ter, sewing on her trousseau,
w h was to be resdy just atter
Christmas, when her wedding was
to be celebrated, and she was to
leave ber old home and widowed
father forever.
"Anna, darling, you 1ork too
hard, " said the old minister, looking
np. "There are still six weeks left
b*iore you po away troro me and now
tonight when Herbert h coining to
stav with ns over Sunday, his little
bweetheart ought uot look tired."
"I am afraid he cannot come to?
night in that terrible blizzard, and
dearly though I would love to see
him, I hope he will not attempt to
reach here."
"Oh, when yon ara a young man
and in love it tskea more than a
blizzard to keep you away Irom your
Just then the doorbell rang.
4 Oh, it is Herbert," th* young girl
cried joyfully, and ran to tbe door.
The old servant had already opened
the door when Anna rushed imo her
finance's srms.
The young man kissed her heart?
ily, and grasped the old ministers'*
hand so hard that he was very
glsd to get it out of the rise Hhs
grip again.
Cigars, rum and hot water were
soon on the table, and the three
settled down lot a quiet hour's chat
before going to bed#
Agsiu the doorMl rang, and a
man covered with snow, with long
icicles hanging trora his beard, en?
?'Good eft nmg, pardon," he said.
?*I am wry that I have to call you
away on a night like this; but Mr.
Maier, the old tescher is dying and
wants to see you once more before
be dies."
Anns jumped to her feet.
"Ob, farther, you cannot go out
in this fearful blizzard. Tell him
that you cannot.*'
"Re quiet, ii y child. I must go;
it is my duty to go when a dying
rn ?n sends for me, who may not live
lift- until morning."
He bad already taken his heavy
o\?roost from the big wardrobe, and
il spile ot his protests Herbert in?
sisted on going alone.
With tears Anna bid them good?
bye and saw them drive off in the
sleigh through the drifts toward the
When she could sse them no
longer and when the jingle ot bells
could no longer bs heard she sat
down at the table and ched. Some
thing told her of a coming evil. She
had uiver felt like this before,
though her tallier had often lett her
on errands of mercy. She deeided to
sit up and wait for their return. Old
Betty, Ihe servant, want* d to stay
with her, but Anna .sent her oft to
?'You must not worry, Miss Anna,"
old Betty said, "lour tallier wa.'
always thus, aa long as I havo been
here, and this is close to thirty year*
now. He will come back ksafe and
"Yes, 1 know?but I am so afraid."
"His life ia in God's .hand and we
have lo trust in Him."
The lamp bad gone ont. Anna bad
fallen asleep at the table, and Betty,
who had Lt en down once to look
after her, had gone back to bed.
Tbe u inter morning was clear and
cold, tbe snow had drifted many feet
h ch whenver there was tbe hast
shelter, snd the parsonage was al?
most buried under a mighty drift.
The two women within t were still
asleep uh*n several sleighs drove up
to the door. The peasants were talk?
ing eagerly in low voices and hesi?
tated long before they rang the bell.
Old Betty opened her eyes in
amazement aud woke up tbe young
cir!, and together they ran to the
door, expecting to see the parson
and his young fcesjsa
Several peasants entered snd Anna
looked at them terrorstrii ken.
"Hy father'?wss all she eosld
An old msn with tesrs in his
honest blue eyes said slowly:
"The pu son will uot come back
any more, M'ne."
Oh, God! What bas happened?'
?'They lost their way in the snow
and ted down in the ravine near the
old mill."
With a piercing cry Anni hil
back into the arma of old Ii tty.
Ssd and willi ?low sle|* the men
filed out of the parsonage.
All stomach troubles are quickly re
'ieved by Using a little Kodol after
each meei. Kodol goes directly to the
seat of the trouble, strengthens the di?
gest if e organs, supplies the natural di
gestife juices and digests what yon eau
lt ts a simple, clean, pure, barrule**
remedf. Don't neglect four stomach. ,
Tate a little Kodol after each mes! snd
see how good lt makes you feel. Money
back If it falls. Sold by vV alton A
Rtraw-hat men ssy there is great
oas in their business because of the
cold weathsr.
Tbe bites snd stings ot insects, tan*
sunburn, cots, burns and bruises are
relief ed st once with Pineule sal fe
Caroolized- Acts like a poultice, and
draws ont infUmatioo. Try lt. Priee
|ie. Sold bj Walton A Boan*.
The Farmer's Wife
s very careful about her churn. She
ca Ids it thoroughly after using, and gives
t a sun bath to sweeten lt. She knows
hat if her churn ia sour lt will taint the
Hitter that ls made In it. The stomach ls
i churn. In the stomach and digestive
ind nutritive tracts are performed pro
?esses which are almost exactly like the
huming of butter. Is it not apparent
hen that if this stomach-churn is foul it
nakes foul all which is put into lt ?
The evil of a foul stomach is not alone
.he bad taste in the mouth and the foul
tftath caused by it, but the corruption of
;he pure current of blood and the dlssem
nation of disease throughout the body.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
makes the sour aud foul stomach sweet.
It does for the stomach what the w ashing
ind sun bath do for tha churn?absolutely
removes every tainting or corrupting clo
aivnt. In this way it cures blotch*-*,
pimples, eruptions, scrofulous swellings,
tores, or open eating ulcers and all
humors or diseases arising from bad blood.
If you have bitter, nasty, foul taite in
pour mouth, coated tongue, foul breath,
ure weak and easily tired, feel depressed
and despondenU have frequent headaches,
dizzy attacks, gnawing or diskless in stom
ach, constipated or irregular bowels, sour
i>r bitter risings after eating and poor
appetite, these symptoms, or any consider?
able number of them, indicate that you are
suffering from biliousness, torpid or lazy
liver with the usual accompanying indi?
gestion, or dyspepsia and their attendant
ll iBMBatsI BMstoUtt
enTe Tor me
_.___., is absolutely true
will be readily proven to your satisfaction
If you will but mail a postal card request
to Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo. N. Y.. for a
free copy of his booklet of extracts from
the standard medical authorities, giving
the names ot all the ingredients entering
into his world-famed medicines and show?
ing what the most eminent medical men
of the a?e say of them.
Norfolk, Va., June ll.?The mig
nificert Pincess Anne Hotel, one ot
the most noted ot the seacoast hos
tellies of the United Slate, is now
but a heap of smoking ruins. It
caught tire about 4 o'clock yester?
day morning from a defective flue in
the Kitchen and wis soon in ashes
Two lives were lost
Bert Barber, of Elton, Wis., gays "I
have only taken feur doses ot youi
Kidney and Bladder Pills and they
have done for me more than anv other
medicine has ever done. I am still
taking the pills as I want a perfect
cute," Mr. Barber refers to De Witt's
Kidney and Bladder Pills, which are
unequaled for Backache, weak kidneys,
inflammation ot the bladder and all
urinary troubles. A weeks treatment
for 25c Sold by Walton A Smoot.
Mr. W, P. Bloso, a well known
firmer who lives on the old Rook*
ingham pike about tour niles e^t cf
town, has on his firm what is j lite
a curiosity. It is none other than a
peach tree that has borne fi nit every
year for the last toity years, ar.d is
now full of fruit.?Rockingham Reg?
There is no case ot injigeston, no
matter how irritable or how obstinate
that will not be ppeedly relieved bv the
use of Koo*ol. The main fictor In cur?
ing the stomach of anv disorder is rest,
and the only way to get rest is to actu?
ally digest the food for the st >mach
itself. Kodol will do it. It is a scientific
preparation of vegetable acids contain?
ing the very same juices found in a
healthy stomach. It conforms to the
Pure Food and Drug Law. Poid by
Walton A Smoot.
The monument commemorating
the 300th anniversary ol the fist
landing ot white people where the
city ol Richmond now stands, was
unveiled Monday The Association
for the Preservation ot Virginia An?
tiquities erected the monument at
Gamble's Hill Park.
Plneulesare for the Kidneys and Bad?
der. Thty bring quick relief to backache,
rheumatism, lumbago, tired worn out
feeling. They produce natural aciion of
they kidneys in filtering waste matter
out of the blood. 30 days treatment
11.00. Mi ney refunded if Pineules ste
not satisfactory. Sold hy Walton A
Subscribe for the benando h
IIkkai.d. $1.00 per year.
Washington, .Tune H.-*-Uuited
States Senator John Tyler Morgan,
rd" Malkarna, for .'10 years a member
)t the Upper House <f Congi ess,
ShsjrmSfl ol the Senate ('ommiitt <
)n Interoceanic Canals ard promi?
nent as a brigadier-general in the
Donfedeiate Anny, died at his home
bari tonight. Senator Morgan bad
been in bad health lor a number ol
ye sra, but had more or leas regular
ly attended the pern inns of Congress.
He sn fT?-red from angina pad Olia,
which was the cause of his death.
Ile passed away .'?t 11:15 o'clock.
At the death bed were his daugh ?
ters?Miss Mary Morgan ard Miss
Cornelia Morgan, both of this city?
and Ms secretary,.I, (). Joins.
Mr. Morgan attend< d to bil Con?
gressional d titus at his home here
until about a week ago. Since that
time he had been confined to his
home and to his bed. He was able,
however, to ni up for a while today
and talk over some official matters
w'.th his secretary. Ile began tiii
ing during the evening and the phy?
sicians were hurriedly summoned.
Remarkable Rescue.
That truth is stranger than Action,
has once more been demonstrated in the
little town of Fedora, Tenn., the resi?
dence of C. V. Pepper, lie writes; "I
was in bed, entirely disabled with
hemorrhages of the lungs and throat
Doctors tailed to help me, and all hope
had fled when I began taking Dr.
King's New Discovery. Then instant
relief came, The coughing soon 0
the bleeding diminished rapidly, and In
three weeks I was able to go to work."
Guaranteed cure for coughsand cold.
oOc and $1 00, atbeomitt's drug store.
Trial bottle frre.
The largest baby ever born in
Chicago, a girl weighing 18 pounds,
is receiving a superstitious adoration
from thousands ot the Polish resi
dents of the city, who consider tbf
girl and its parents as especially
favored of pro vi lenee.
Cured hemorrhages of the Lung.
?'Several years lines my langi were
so badly affected that I had many
hemorrh iges," writes A. M. Ase, ol
Wood, Ind, "I took treatment with
several physicians without any benefit.
I then started lo ti.ke Foley's Honey
and Tar, and ray langi are now as
sound as a bullet. I recommend it ir
advance stages of lung trouble:*'
Foley's Honey and Tar itOPI the conch
and heals the lungs, and prevents ss
ri<?u'. results from I cold. Hefose sub
smite, wilton a. Snoot
Winchester, Va , June li.?Fol?
lowing I severe illness of dn.p-y,
Isaac Debarin, a prominent farmer
<?t Grsinesboro, Frederick county,
died last night, sged 85 yes rr. Ile
is sn rf iv ed by two daughters and
seven sons, all nt >wn.
Will Cure Consumption.
A. A. Herren, Finch, Ark., writes:
"Foley's Honey and lar ls the be-t
preparation for eottghl, colds and lung
trouble. I know that it has curtd con?
sumption in the tlrsst stage." You never
heard ol any one using Foley's Honey
and Tar and not being satisfied. Wal?
ton ^ Smoot,
It is said tnat Capt. Robert K.
Lee, of Kairi ix 0 unity, will an?
nounce his candidacy lol the g >\< r
nonhip of Virginia.
A Leson in Health.
Healthy kidneys liter the Impurities
from the Hood, and unless they do this
flood health is Impossible. Foley's
Kidney Cure makes sound kidneys and
will positively cure all form* of kidney
and bladder disease. It strengthens the
whole If Stefa. Walton A Smoot.
Dr. H. M. Imogen, ol Kih yviilc, is
prep niug to bum lim? ai Ms place
iii town. The kilns a/ill be built just
W' st of the rtoctoi'i boro \
N i loK\ Va , June Tl2.? A h-ait
reidm- '?:??'? fctropbe, in which the
live- ol P I midr-hipmen of tbe
Uniud Slates Navy and fife enlisted
mei sy?-r# Inst, erna tba horrible oil*
ni \ of Dssi net ol Columbia P.iy at
the .1 imeetowa Bsp cition
A 1 inneh in srbioft the party men ?
tioned wera returning io their ship*
at Anchor in Hampton Hoad*, iftrr
attendmv the ball erl icc closed the
day's festivities nt t^e Exposition
ground*, was 'tramped daring a ter
? iftc l-'ow and the entire party
aboard, *t i* teared, wont dawn to a
watery gr.ve beneath t'?e waves ol
Hampton Roads.
It v ms Stated late last night that
the government knows the name of
a steamer that rammed the launch,
and that the arrest of her skipper
will speedily follow. Ile is under
stood, it was said at the navy y rd
last night, to have admitted strik
Bg a small boat ot some di scrip', ion
Ballimore, June IS,?A telegram
expressing tbe shock and grief of
President ami Mis. Theodore Koose
\ elt at thc news ol Un disaster ic
I lamp'on Roads yesterday was
writteu on the train and st nt from
baltimore, as follows:
"Rear Admiral Ri 7). Erane, Care
Navy Department, Washington, I).
''We are inexpressibly chocked
and grit fed by the news of the dis?
'?Theodore and Edith KoosoelL"
If you sutler from bloating belching,
sour stevana, Indigestion or Dyspepsia,
take a Kings Dyspepsia Tablet after
ese! meal, and overcome the disagree
able trouble. It will improve the ap?
petite, snd aid digestion. Sold hy
dalton k Smoot.
Ref. Dr. I-awm Burnell Johnston,
a lorroer pastor of tbl Harrisonburg
Presbyterian church, died at the
Memorial II<>?pital in Richmond.
? ? i
ll i lache. and constipation disappear
when Dadeg Little Liver Tills are used.
They .keep the system clean, the stom?
ach swe^'t. Tak?n occasionally the*
keep you well. They are for the entire
family. Sold by Walton it Bmoot
Yes, and "you bet it's
Most boys from fhe
country who make their
mark in the world are
brought up on Arbuckle*'
ARIOSA Coffee. Dont
let anybody switch you
to drinking
somethi n g
else, which
may ruin your
stomach and
Complin with til
r^ouiromriti ol tne
National Pure F<?d
Law, Guarantee No.
2041. tUJ.i U'?h.
Cures Biliousness, Sick
Headache, Sour Stom?
ach, Torpid Liver and
Chronic Constipation.
Pleasant to take
Laxative Fruit Syrup
Cleanses the system
thoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of
pimples and blotches.
It la guaranteed
Pur aale bf WALTON A SMOOT.
Matings tor 1907 Just Completed.
Pen i has f pullets and <? hens, up ?o stan
??t<l requirements, with a cocsrels, from hoot
New Koglanti hw**).
Pen a consists of it pullets and 12 h?*ns
standard rhape and weiKht. mated with 3 fine
cockerels ot K'+xi ty pe and color.
Pen 1 ls made np of i? hens ?and pullets,
fine in under color nnd build, and j cockerels
hard ta la*At standard in all point*.
Pen a has 74 hens mated .with 5 cock cr Hs,
aa good aa th** boat.
Karra from first pens, per 1 j. $2*00
, duplicated if natch ts unsatisfactory)
lags fr.>ra second pen. per 15. 1.00
Per too. 5*00
1. f. u. no. 1. ats ilanama* a. va,
?"? Dr. Kings
Nsw Discovery
rn rr?
OUGHSand 50c A $1.00
OLDS Frss Trial.
Guaranteed for all THROAT and
?**? GOODNESS **; ^
r i BOWMAV] Woodstock.
ISAAC 8W A UTZ Alonzavillc.
W. K. iWARTZ, Ht Luke.
C. P. WIGHTMAN, Edinbur*;.
( . M QOUiADAT Ollb^ck
\ w clk.m, Lannes Mill
A. LLIaTDAMOOO A CO., Bowmans.
H. B. AkqMAY, ConlcvIlK
I will pty highest cash price for bott
white oak and pbaled ch est not
?ak Tins.
Wdoostotk, Vs..
Money loaned on long time and ?mal
monthly payments. Loans guarantied
to be paid up n 84 months If paym^n
are promptly made when due. Valley
Mudding A L Amo. Woodstock. Va.
SALVE Pot Pitas, Bama. Som.
rlday and Saturday Seashore Ex- '
Comm^ncinir J uno '2l*t and con?
aning an* ll S3-pt. 14?h, incliinw,
ont hern Kwy will upH Irom Coupon
ta ions Lyn*? bur-j to >1nna**as and
4nnMs?aH to Harrl^oobnriT, inclnsiv*;
l?o Warrenton :nd Front Rota),
mind trip excnmon tickets to At
miic Cit v. Cetnn City, >ea bb City,
Wildwood Md Oana May, N. .1 rli
Paaningtai and r. K. It or I?. s% 0.
; Li at Kxtreincly Low R it ea;
iekets \alid going ?vcr> l-'mluv ind
iumday, Baal limit 'or tatum srriv*
ng W newington following Tnanda)
nd starting po'nt jVaHaesday..
For further lnlormation ciH on
teareet Boothera Rwy. coupon ticket
L s. Brown, ti A , Waah
ngton, D. C.
The Magic No. 3
Number three is a wonderful mascot
or Geo II. Farris, of Cedar Grove, Mo,
scolding to a letter which read.-:
'After suffering mueb with liver and
cidney trouble, and becoming greatly
discouraged by thu failure to find re
lef, I tried Electric Bitters, and as a
esult 1 ara a well man today. The llrst
3>tt!e relieved and three bottles com?
pleted the cure.'' Guaranteed best on
parth for stomach, liver and kidney
trouble?, atfckhmitt's drug store.
!n a liotlp contested election t*?r
town ofBdau Wednesday, T. A
Smoot, a me tiber ni the Loray bal
defeated Themas It. Campbell, who
baa baan Major lor rix years, by a
majority of two you a
A man who ls In perfect health, so he
can (to an honest iav's work when
necessary, has raueli fer which he
should be thankful. Mr. L. C. Rodgers,
of Hranchton, l's., J writes that he was
not only unable to work, but be couldn't
stoop over to tie his own shoe. Six bot?
tles of Foley's Kidney Cure made new
man of him. He says, "Success to
Foley's Kidney Cute. Walton & Smoot,
The first new potatoes made their
appearance on the J.tiray market tlie
brat of the week?Jene 10th. They
retailad at 85 cents a gallon, or |9 a
A prompt, pleasant, good remedy for
coughs and colds, is Kennedy's Laia
tive Cough Syrup. It is especially
recommended for babies and children,
but good for every member of the fam?
ily- It contains no opiate* and does net
constipate. Contains honey and tar and
tastes nearly as good as maple lyrup.
Children like lt. Sold by Walton it
Soutnern Kwy's Week-End hares,
Effective 8 tl ord ay, May 25, ind
<?< otinuiug each" Saturday in 1 Sun
lay to and including Oct. 6,1W)7,
Soutnern Kwy. agent* at Walbing'
ton and Alexandria will sell low
round ti ip sreek-i od Itcketi to Somer
set, Warrenton, Harrisonburg, Bitte?
rn mt ind intermediate pointe, limit
?ngtiekeii until Monday following
da ?? of sale. L. S. Brown, <i. a.,
VT abington, D. C_
Reduced Rates to Virginia Morse
- 'hern Kwy. will sall BX THEM LY LON
RAI K rooud trip ticlata account
Virginia Hom 8aowa. 3SMOB iv;;
Local | ii Show, Leesburg, Va . lane
leta will be sold frn-.n Lynchburg,
washington. \N arron mr..
md ntermeiliate stations, Jaas 4, 5 and
(.. final limit Ju
( alpepSf Horse Sb..w, CulpeptT, Va., July
,7: tic/rets will be sold iron washin<
ton. Lyochborg, Warrmton. Harrisonburg.
emontand [atormadlatc pointe, J nil .
and $, nnal limit Joly '.
Prince William HOTM Show, J/anassas, Va.
July 1 bo sold from Wanning
ton. Lynchburg, Warfeatost, Harrisonburg,
.? od. tte 11 Inta, Jul]
and'.-.. Ilnal limit July 1^ 1907,
? 'range Horse tbOW, I >range. Va . July ^4?*5
ticket- :.>tn Maahlngtoo, Lynch
burg, Warrenton ar.d intermediate points.
July il. ti and 25. final limit July .-. ?. , f.
Albemarle Horne How. Charlottesville, Va..
August 1 ?2; tickets will be sold from Wash
logion. Lynchburg. Warrenton. HttJTISon
burk'. Illuemont and intermediate points. July
Aux. 1 and'.', 1 I ..
Rockingham Hors.-and Colt Pl ow. il
burg, Va.. Aug. 13?15; Helots will beac 1 to ur.
Washington. Hlumont. Culpeper, VNar
Front Royal and intermediate iM.ints, Aug. is
to 03, inclusive, Anal limit Au.
Front Hoya! horse Show. Front K-'Val. Va .
Aug. .'i -2a, tickets will be sold from Wash?
ington, Harrisonburgan<1lntarniod!ata ta
Aug, ao. 21 and 22, I A lg. 2}, I
Warrenton Horse Show. U'ai renton. Va..
Bent. 4 p tiohota will bf to 1 from Washing?
ton, Lynchburg, Harrison! : g. blumont and
intermediate points, Sept ?). 4 and ;, final limit
Pot tartha* inform;tti. n apply to nearest
Southern Kwy. ticket ant ul
L S. brown. (?. A.. Harington, D.C.
Ituldiif A Lou Assoeialioo.
oppicyas :
.1. K WisiiAH, Pres ano Gei
V! anarer.
M. W. HaorudIB, V. President.
L, S. Walk ku, Seety. and Treas.
W W. Logan, (Jen. Attorney and
Directors :
J. L. Wibman, M. \V. Ma<jiutdkr
*. W. Looa*, L. 8. Walker, I'?
ll. W isman.
\ddreaa I.. S. WALK KU,
Secy. ?fc Treas.
^oodatPP*. Va
Law Tarn Cxp itn.d.
"^?(?i>. j.;-.- .?.-,i.-- ? ;,ij tb? lawyer
*"]'i?e plalntm rsaorted lo sn lagwa
nus use <?r dccntustantlal sykleuee,'
"aid the witness.
"r??r the htaeflt <>f tbs Jary ^t.iie i.?
psatesr saaaiiage eaaetii wu-m you
noan Ly that.*1 int? rrOatsd the lodge.
"Well, my nieanin^' ls th.it OS IUhI."
If Women Couldn't Read
"Then yon don't batleye in hignei
idneatlon for wosoeaT'
MCsrtansly sot i think Ifs a saassf
o sven ! bow t-> raad if .1
IB could**! r??: .1 trte l ar_r:ih? n.l
aitlassnanta. aaa v o ;irjn'l la) so an
mppj ovt>r tlie lots ot (bli 1 an'r
ilford to buy."
Her Advantage.
'Tour aansjbtsf bas nn ananttc dis
"Vow; wp nltvnys let her have her
>wn way 11*01 everytliinj?"
Nipped In the Bud.
Mudge NMueli ls proper to ??ny.
I.eml nie $1U." or "Loan tne lin?"
Vlrkwlre-It won't do you any good
0 say elttvir.
.-?-? 1 -r
At C:n In a Coffn.
it was tbs Preach assaasln Lnpswbs
ICapsd lo ana from Cayenne in n e.>f
i. ile managed to . is nails,
r nnd eottost, and one dark night he
>t Into tlie col I Ie n !??? ted I
ne. Blanch sad leawortliy colBa snd
ed tbs lld la or ler t?turn lt Into
deck, leaving n cockpit sufficient to
table him to crawl lu. ile calked all
itnts as well as be could, and
h. a tbls 9 i s. -i finished be made
pair of paddles ont "f two plunks.
hen be '<? usrbl il bl i craft with
?eal precnntl >n. '. dlffl
ul tv bs react* edge, si
?ntly and slowly he proceeded in tbs
ope of reaching either Veuezuels er
iritlsii Galatia, 150 nautical miles <iis
int Fortunately or unfortunately for
.upi. the stesmer Aheflle, returning
rom tho Antilles, off Pnrnmnrlbo ptck
d bim up. half drowned and almost In
fainting condition, and ? tew hours
Her he was in irons in bia celL
High Garno and Fco's.
"X'-. ? . line hi.-!)."' -ail an anti
iuaiy. ??? on that high
:aijie is tenderer. What toil <?f
ourse it is tenderer, but would you
vant y ur steak or your chop sp >il"d
n order that it might be n little -ofter
o the teeth? X<>. never! Highness in
panie ls sn anachronism, i relic of thc
of the days of stnc;t'
inches. lu those days it was hu
ilble lo deliver game to the cities fresh
-transit was too .--I >w All game was
ilgb, and men ate lt high because "th
?rw1se they couldn't edt lt at all;
lenee to eat ?'??? b nowadays
nrhen ' wlty for lt, is to
re a foi I " ' Inclnnatl inquirer.
Bud'Jhi's Six E=ccntir.!s.
B ' lha. wh > n I the 11 .Ii !
religion more than fiOO years before
i 'hrist, eatabllahe 1 for men six ?
l!:i!s of |
used ' ? ;
which Is used t.
Debt a'-ain-t tho evils of the I
third, purity; fourth, i uti) o ?
. (1 e. loving kin .
slmsgh lng.
A H.ir.! Crack
"Well," Mid he, anxious I
their quarrel of yes!
curious to know what's iii this par
"Not very,'' replli i bli * Ifs .
cut ly.
"Well, it's r unet lil nj? for t!
love beat in tlie worl
"A!.. I
you s;.;d J ??;
Kne ? (' '? H -
Bntart Q ? ?
tak.- off tradi
. v
Stuart ?
a sh
bis bar ' ? ??
When one can buy cold dollars lol
fifty Deals, lt is s I time to purchase,
In ordering a 50 cent bottle of Dr.
HowardV ce ebrsted specific for the cnn
ol constipation snd ij i| i pals st 15 cenli
Schmitt's Drug Store is giving one ot tin
greatest trade chancel ever offered to tht
people ol Woodstock.
Eren though offered at half price foi
introductory purposes, the specific li
nnd r i gusrsntee t ? cure or the money
Will le ref un I
If I - not digest well, if there u?
?:as or pain in the stounch, if the tongue
is coattd and the breath bad, it' there if
constipation and straining, Dr. Howard's
ipecfiic will core you* T * t, >oa
have druggist at Schmitt'! Drug Ste re,
personal guarantee to return youi
This remarkable remedy COHU I in the
form of tiny granules, and can be carried
in the vest p jcket or purse. It is vcr)
popular in New York City, and it bj nol
unusual t<> see someone suer annal at
one i t the larce hotels or restaurant?
tike a doseof fbi* specific, knowing that
ir will prevent the tine mfortsble feeling
which frequently follows a hearty meal
Dr. Howard's specific gives quick re?
lief and makes permanent cures of con?
stipation, dyspeprlaaad al' liver trout*
These are strong statements, bm
Schmitt*! Drug r^tore is giving then
sus.4omen i chance to prove tiieir irutl
?t j'ist ball the regaler price?situ
for lo ('''tits. If they are not found
:rue, all you have to do is to a.*k lol
\ our manse._
lireatly Reduced Rates via South?
ern Kwy.
Have t>een authorized on account > f the fol
owing named special occasions dun ug periods
Ashville. N.*'.. * mertens I Ibrary Associa
ion: Jutes ot sale V ay mU jj, includive, final
iran Juue la, i
Ashevi.e, N. N'., Young Peo; U
BSent; dares of soe June t> to a8, lt
:inal limit July IO i^>7.
As -ville. N. Ch Southern Student Con
'erettee of T. Jf.0. A. and *outhern Confer
ince Ol Y. M. C. A.; Jato* of sale June II
' to Asheville and i?wnnnaaoe, N. C. and June
ia, il and u to ^waunano only; final returr
unit lune . . -
Athene,O. A , University bummer Behool;
of nale Jur.- 6, ft, \* ann
So, final return limit leaving Athens tads
idcltioe to date ol sale: or bv personal de|H>sit
>f ticket not eartiei than June 2;. nor later
han 1 j days I rom date purchased, and pay
ner.t ri ft v ct>nts fee, extension mav beobtain
d to leave Athens Bot later than sept. 3 ?, i> -
knoxville, Inn, Summer School ot th?
(ontb; datee of vale Jone a . so. JnJj
7. ia, to ie 7. :inal limit leaving Knoxville 15
lavs In addition Iodate Of sale; except that b>
lepo ft of ticket not earlit-rstdan June jj, not I
tier'.han 15dayl frotn|date ot sale,and 1 a-. ?
nentof fee Of ri tty cents, by original pur
:hnaer.whea exttnsioo nay be obtained te
knoxville not later than Sept. jo, 1907,
toa Angeles, Cal . Kati Fcloctcj Mt .
isaociatio^ .'une ? -. dates of sale
urie 7 to sfAainclusn e, final limit August jt,
po/, plier tc midnight of which poanWDgai
just reach original starting point.
Nashville, Tenn Peabody College Pummel
ch<H)l and Vanderbilt Pibilical Institute,
une if, Aagust 7. 1 >?.>; dates ot sale June ,
j. 11. 17. 18, iq, July t>, 7. 8, final limit leaving
ashville 15 days in addition to date ot
ii ept that by depoeit of ticket bv original
BKMBOf with .special Agent, Nashville, not
irlier than June S, nor later than 15 d.?>>
oin date of sale, and payment ol fee <>f titi)
tita per ticket, when extension may be ch?
illed to leave Nashville uot later thau Sept
. ' pat.
Richmond. Va.. UnitedCosttetreV
rana hem.ion. May <? -Ju:ie u ux~: dates o!
,.e StBT ?'' IO .'one j, final limit lune rt, '907.
? that Upon ilep. sit < f ticket bVOI g ri.t!
irchas?-r with .special Agent, Kichtno o. mo
ter than June 1? and pa) no nt ot fifty ^ nt
eper ticket, when extension may be Obtain*
! to leave Kichmond not laterIthan July
Sewante, Tenn., Semi-Ontenial Celebration
iiiversity of the South; datea of aale June
. 2i and aa, final limit June jo. 1907,
r iskeeee. Ala., Commen.-einent Exe'.
iskegee Norma' and Industrial Institute;
I aale Say rf, ie, final limit leaving
iskegee May ft, 1907.
ny person having backache.
Idney pains or bladder trouble
ho will take two or three
ine-ules upon retiring al night
lall be relieved before morning.
The medicinal virtues of tbs
erode gums and resins ob?
tained frcm the Native Pine
ve been recognised by the medical pro
ision for centuries. In Pine ules we oflet
i of the virtues of the Native Pine that
1 of value in relieving all
idney and Bladder Trouble!
araaltti te Sirs Satiabcttee er Maot? lahiaeaA
Prepared by ^
Wallon and &mooW
Vat Infants and CMldreih
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
Aperfect Remedy forCflnsflpi
tion. Sour Stomach.DlarrhoQ
Worms ,Convuls?ns.Feverisir
ness andLoss of Sleep.
ftcStmik Suhiarore ot
Atb months old
35 Poses-jfrCEWts
i ,^Ma<sflaS3sasasanaani
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
' In
J Use
For Over
Thirty Years
th. etirfawa co?**?*. ?*?? eSSS mm.
Saddle h Harness Factor;
All kinds of flarnesa from the cheapest machine madMo the I.e.
rfan imade. Alarie lot of Collar?, front tho rifffctest BqggJ *? tf '?
Heaviest Draft. Kvervthinsr; in the line constantly cn hand
vVe aro prepared to meet competition and to euarantee priers, il J
quality of work. All work guaranteed to he as represented.
fejr Grateful for past iavora, wo will endeavor to m^rit a
anne of tho samf*.
X. H. ?P'ollowinj; schedule figures published only as information ord i
not guaranteed.
Eticctive May 5, 194?7
. 3)5 ara
. I S 22 ara
. I 9:0 ana
t" 2t, ara
.1 9 a am!
. am i
. f y4v?am,
.j 8 :,am
. lu o', am,
. ,1 2- am
. 'iii jSaro)
in 4^ am;
in v> am
ll tu ami
lalgra linu.
.- ll loanol 7 ol pu. s *7
Washington, D, C
Alexandria, Va.
Gainsvi u....,
Hay mai itt....
Kroad Hun.
t .llIUO???aa* taa* ? ?? ? ?
happy Creek.
Front loyal Je.
Frovi Eoval
Ara 16
- 758!
Lr 704
6 jo
6 oa
5 5?
4 55
t 214
? a
8 "5 am
6 Ju am
f tf >?; hru
f tf 18 am
f tf 'il mn
7 " - am
I SM am
fluT am
t 9 B9 am
f 9 ft ara
10 Ot) am
ll jO ami .
UJ4 ?ra ?
fll 45 pm t* T
ill ij pm t;
1 1SU pm! 1
li u pm 7
fis i pm f T
I li U pm t 7
I 11-' pm l
1 Hi pm 1 ?
1 ,.,4pm 8
141pm! 8
f 1 '.. pm 8
Ol pra ? <
f S l.'p.n ?
I r.? pm ?
;>m t 9:
fa pm 1 9
j 50 pm I
83 Front Koral lo
83 Riverton Je
g4 Riverton
88 Ruckton
90 Water Lick
?jj Strasburg
oa Strasburg June
w Haber Hill
pe Toma Rrook
,,,| \i.iun-rtown
105 Woodstock
HO Kdlnburs:
li; Mt. Jackson
121 (Juii-ksburg
125 New Market
j^y TimUrvil.e
13I Hnudws?
234 l>??pbLa
138 Linville
144 Harrison burt
4 47
is fs asa
lit w sm
ll 'S in
flo 67 am
flO 60 sm
lu 4?t am
flO 41 mr
t tc .i4 nm
1021 am;
1115 am1
10 07 am
? 69 am
* 51 ami
9 41am'
f 9 rv am
2. arr
V jr; u
?SS pe
I j ; n
t 7 4'. pa
f 7 ;*8pa
7 34 pn
f 7 :.- om
f 7 2.' j ru
7 ll pm
7 ul) pm
8 47 pea
8 37 pm!
8*7 pm.
8 ie pm'
Le. Lv
4 39 9.4 am
SSA ||| aa
4 '* t 9 03 am
* *f H'i am
4 >s. * ?0 em
8 4> sm
f 8 ji am
f 8 :tf am
I 1'<uni
- I an
?4 an
7 H am
7 j "aa
17 aa
'li in
1 7 ? an
t6 67 an
8 40 ?n
P.lily. f Week Jays. | Meal Station. f Stops on leg,
^st" Ko wm ads ami B. \ or'v (not ehnwn on Time Tallie) sre flajz
lor trains 49 and J88 uko liountaLS SOC 213si.il 114
All trains arrive at and depart from Penn?
sylvania Railroad Passe nge r htat in. Wash
raston. D. C.. where connection is made for
?ind from baltimore. Philadelphia and New
For Map Folders Tarama Ticket Rst?
etc.. apply to nearest Agent or write to
C. N. Ackkbt V Pf**. *t General .Manager. 8. Il Harpwick
L. S. Drown, Genl. Agt. j-# y ^
I am prepared to l-.'ild WAGONS,
?f nil Itllttil at my wagon making
?stablishmerit on South Main street
toairri on Short Mice,
'ali to see me. I am prepared to dc
,'ood work and guarantee satisfaction.
tujfjfies and wagons painted snd trim
?if" Wagons ironed at liberal rates
WooDsiock, Va.
I 15-tf
Trade Marrs
Dc sign a
Copyrights atc
Anronc nonrttnar ? ?k?4rti and SeSSa'SaSSSW may
ulrtly aaoartaw our opinion fr*e wfieilie' no
? ?? if pmentante. OimniQUKa.
noir alal. HANDBOOK on I'ateota
t>tit Trt*. OI-leM njo-m t for aworlHf patatita.
1'it.Mita taken tbrouah Muna A Co. recvlTt
Hcial notice, without chu nra, ta tba
Scientific American.
handaomeir tlloatratwl weekly, forrest ete>
ilatlon of any aclentlSo Journal. Tarma. SS a
~ JaSSyaM newaiHelaes.
foar mon tba, IL
PN * Co."?
frauen OSaee. t% t
* Wi
schedule ii lie, t
Traina Laavs KiTSjtrnn Va
saifVaa r, sc>LTHBOrND
J-46 A. M. For Untie, tfucna Vista B-a
%> .. '?"?well, Norton. Ptx-ahoto..
94 5 A. M. r or Baale. Natural hM. ,, ,,7
S?2al?rt,!lftaf5< *t*n?alt
MS14S0M, 1 ullman *;t?-pcr .?
No ? Pullen n25 "^P"**- rifOl, b
7 laVu rLS*n ^?efir?8 to Col u rn U a
7-I8P-M. tafe car to WtU?sn?eon. S)T\".
For Biston and ail interwar
i?? ? dt*t?Aoinu. l-nsforont
I oRVai r N0KTHItul ND *
1.20 A. M. For Berrvvtite. n.?
crstown, rhllsdVlnnS snd th.
no sb Sc,rpi;^Pu,,iawi wBkfi:
Junction* with ?* ZS'tor^LY
Injrton. A lao connects ns MmJZ.L
with C. V. Radirond toi?lJ!!!r\
Na 14 and p SssiTSC R!frS?S.
Waahtneten. r?nor esr te
7.49 P. M For Berry ville. Haan-retow
end .ntermediate Sutione
tow i to NfwYirt "?sew
?a^.RtW.^ r
-?f tue company or--^ ?p*,Uc*"?n to Aawota
W. B. BI.VU.JL .M y rt,,..,,.
Gen'l Fess. Agent. ''& Fns.?A;#n
l-a. ^ RoniK)ke.Vn!^f"*n
?^_ _
frick, i cor
jCn?ins of ali kinds
Threshers, .Sawmills1
t?^<gjl|l8s?|jisj> esls'tistt
aanb^nery*; ^eeewej
ujt m. h. norri jv

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