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I Eccentric Editions of Dooks.
Mr. George Somes Luyurd in u hool
entitled "Suppressed Plates*, Wood Eu
pailags. Etc." writes of the rldicu
lous people who value suet) hooky ah
thc first issue of the first edition of
Dickeus4 "American Notes" just lw
cause there ls a mistake in the pagi
nation, or a first edition of DisrueiiV
"Lothuir" because the prototype of
"Hit. Catosly" is divulged by mis
printing the name ?'(apel," or "Poem*
hg Robert Hums," lng Kdiuburgh edi
tion, because the Duke of Roxborough
appears as "the l>uke of llox borough."
or Marker's "Breeches" Bible of 1301
because on the title page of thc New
Testament thc figures are transposed
to 1406, or the first edition in French
of Washington Irving's "Sketch-Book"
because the translator, maltreating the
authors name, has declared the hook
to "traduit de I'Angtals de M. Irwiu
W ashlngton." nod in the dedleutlou
has labesed BJr Walter Scott "barron
net." _
Cornish Humer.
The magistrate at ihe Liskeard po
lice court might Well nave excused tia
laughter which greeted thc remark o'
a polk! witness only a short time agu
who said with al! teas): "He
was drunk, your honor, and couldn't
stand. I told him to go awuy. aud as
he wouldn't I locked him up."
The luugh lu another court wai
against the solicitor who severely ask
ed, "Were you present when you heard
Mixed metaphors ure not a peculiar
nor Indeed a common failing of tin
Cornishman, hut a certain eloqoeu4
town councilor quite recently got en
tangled when in the course of a lire
traded del-ate on the momentous sub
|ad of the local dust bins he declared
indignantly. "It ls time we put om
foot dowu with a loud voice."?English
Illustrated Magazine.
A Remarkable Suicide.
A man who had visited Paris was
telling of au extraordinary suicide he
had heard of in that gay city. "Ile
was a Frenchman, who was nothing if
not original," said the teller of the
tale, "und even when be grew despond
ent he planned his death is a most
original fashion He locked the door
of his room in the Hue Ni tot and. re?
moving the weights of the wiudow
cord, fastened them to the window
1 tax f. Ile idded to the weight of the
window by attaching six tlatlrons. On
the sill he adjusted a large triangular
bread knife, such as ls used by chefs.
and made ready a small balloon, capa?
ble of lifting fifty pounds. The In?
genious Frenchman then*"*Jut his head
out of the window after attaching the
balloon to lils neck and by releasing
the clamp that held the window cut his
head off completely with the impro?
vised guillotine. The decapitated body
was discovered several days later, but
lt was not until the balloon and the
bead were found a week later lu the
field of a peasant, eighteen miles from
Paris, that tbe method of suicide was
really known.4'
Chamois Maker ls a Magician.
Taio>t every body uses chamois, and
everybody imagines it comes from thc
graceful goats s?f the Swiss Alps, but
lt doesn't, lt really hails from the
cavernous depths of tanneries of Pen
body, in New Lnglnnd. Peabody tan?
ners make l*?autiful leathers of sheep
pelts. The cbamols maker is a magi?
cian of the leather trade. To bis door
he draws sheepskins from the great
rsnehes of Montana or their possible
future rivals on the plains ul Silieria.
the pampas of Argentina or the fields
of Australia. Mary's little lamb, mas?
querading us brave Swiss chamois, has
a wonderful career.
Natural Anxiety.
A very talkative little boy was al?
lowed to accompany his father to a
friend's house on the understanding
that he should not speak until some?
body asked him a question. Ile re?
mained silent for half an hour. "Fa?
ther." he then murmured, "when are
they going to begin asking me qies
On the Verge.
He considered it a parental duty to
tee that his daughter kept only the
very best marriageable company.
"Mary." said ber father, "you have
been going with that Mitchell fellow
for more than a year now. This court?
ship tn oat come to a termination.**
"Ob. pa. how can you talk so? Be
ts, oh, so sweet and nice!"
"Ah!** And tbe fond father arched
his eyebrows. "Sweet snd nice, eb?
Has he proposed*?"
"Well, pa, not exactly." And tbe
girl hung ber head and fingered tbe
drapery of ber dree*. "He hasn't ex
sctly proposed; but. then, lsst evening,
when we were ont walking, we passed
hy a nice little house, and be said.
That's the kind of cottage I am going
to lire in some day/ and I said 'Yes,'
and then he glanced st me and
squeezed my baud. Then, just as wc
got by. 1 glanced beck at the cottage,
snd?snd I squeezed bis band, pa."
"Ob. ah, I see! Well, we'll try bim
another week or two." ? London Tit
?roka tha Charm.
"Well, you are a good little boy. Are
yon usually as quiet us this?"
"No fear, but mother's golug to give
me a clockwork engine If I don't ssy
anything about your dreadful red
noser-London Opinion.
In the Fog.
Towue?8o you. were In London, eb?
How did you "find tbe weather there?
Browns?I didn't have to flud it. lt
came and bunted me up and surround
on me In chunks.-Philadelphia Press.
A London Joke.
Waiter (who has Just served up some
soap)?Looks uncommonly like rain,
slr. Diner-Ye*, by Jove, and tastes
like lt too! Bring me some thick soup
-London Titler.
The Coat For Repairs.
"Why did you sell your auto?**
**Cost too much for repairs.**
"Wasn't lt a good mat hine V
"First rate. Never got out of order.
But I bad to pay for repairing tbe peo?
ple lt ran over "--Philadelphia Ledger
Judicial Ignorance.
"Did tbe clock stop when you dashed
lt down cellar?*' asked the police judge
of thc man who waa charged with be?
ing disorderly.
"Of course lt stopped. Hid you sup
1-ose lt went through to China f*
Modcn Facilities.
"?Who was dis Rip Van Winkle?"
"An old time guy wot slept In de
"Didn't bsve no public libraries. I
s'pose. In his day***?Louisville toa
Cruelty and fear shake baiads ti*sjtatli-|
?aasaiaij.lUL.'aa ??... I J^mm^m^m^!!!!mr!rm'
liesdj most intelligent people to uso only
modtllsaSS of known composition. There
fere (t ls thai Dr. Pierce's medicines, the
cakeWo/ walch print every ingredient
enterlngwiSo them upon the bottle wrap?
pers and attWl iu col rectii?j?* under oath,
are daily gr\llng lu favor. The com*
p >.t<on of Dr [Pierce's medicines li open
to ftvervbodvVDr. Pierce being desirous
of having the spa rt-Ii light of invcStlgsV
?Ju iirncvi fully upoji his formula*, being,
confident that th** befief the romposiT*iojB
(>f 'these me?llijues/is" TTnnv~n "the morfl
ill Miejr'aTrt-iit cilratffe mi-rjis be recoq
~ZJ Being wholly Dad! ofthe active
n;/..-J, Being
medicinal principles extracted from na?
tive forest roots, by exact processes
original with Dr. Plorce, and without ths
use of a drop of alcohol, trlplo-roflued and
chemically pure glycerine being used in?
stead in extracting and preserving the
curative virtues residing in tho roots
employed, these medicines are entirely
free fr* m the objection of doing barra
by creating sn sppetlte for either al?
coholic beverages or habit - forming
drugs. Examine tho formula oft their
bottle wrappers?the same as sworn to by
Dr. Pierce, and you will find that hit
"?Golden Medical Discovery," tho great,
blood-purl tier, stomach tonic and bowel
regulator?the medicine which, while no!
recommended to cure consumption in lu
advanced stages (no medicine will do that;
yet doe* cur* all those catarrhal condi?
tions of hoad and throat, weak stomach,
torpid liver aud bronchial troubles, weak
lungs and bang-on-coughs, which, if neg?
lected or badly treated load up to and
finally terminate in consumption.
Take the "Golden Medical Discovery*
tn time and lt ls not likely to disappoint
you If only you give lt a thorough and
fdr trial. Don't expect miracle. Il
won't do supernatural things. You mus!
exercise your patience and persevere in its
use for a reasonable length of time to gel
its full benefits. The Ingredients of which
Dr. Pierce's medicines are composed havf
thc unqualified endorsement of scores ol
medical leaders?better than any amount
of lav, or non-professional, testimonials,
They are not given away to be experi?
mented with but are poid by all dealers li
medicines st reasonable prices,
Jailbirds are to go to work^on th"
highways. This was made appareo
when Judge Witt, of the corporatioi
c>urt of Richmond, directed thi
the police justice to send him weekly i
list of the men sentenced to jail anc
for the terms for which they go down
Judge Witt announces that he wil
make up lists 'or tbe public roads
The police are delighted at the pros
peet, for they say it will be the mean
of driving hundreds of petiy criminal
from Richmond. The first batch o
names went up to court last Monday
and the assigning of them to the road
will follow.
No Need ot Suffering from Rheuma
It ls a mistake to allow rheumatism
to become chronic, as the pain can al
ways be relieved, and in most cases i
cure effected by applying Ch* ruber
Iain's Pain Balm. The relief fron
pain which it alToidsis alone wortl
many times its cost. It makes slee]
and rest possible. Even in cases o
long standing this liniment should |h
used on account of its relief which i
affords. 25 and 50 cent sizes for salt
by Walton A Smoot.
? iaai sass
The second largest diamond evei
discovered in South America wai
found by a poor woman imbedded it
the earth under the floor of an aban
doned house. And yet it is possibh
that ber husband used 'drong lan
guage in connection with the house
A Grand Family nedicloe.
"It gives me pleasure to speak i
good word for Electric Bitters" writei
Mr. Frank Conlan of No. 436 Hous
ton St., New York. "It's a gran<
family roedicince for dyspepsia anc
liver complications; while for larc*
back and weak kidneys it cannot b
too highly recommended," Electrit
Bitters regulate the digestive function:
purify the blood, and iorpart renewe<
vigor and vitality to the weak ant
debilitated of both sexes. Sold undei
guarantee at Walton A Smoot's drug
store. 50c.
During the recent session of Con?
gress a total of 3,794 special pensioi
bills were enacted into*, law. Thii
was the record session of ail Con
greases in this respect. Of all thest
applicants not one could secure i
pension under the very liberalpensior
Cured Hemorrhages of tbe Lungs,
"Several years since my lungs were
so badly affected that I had man)
hemorrhages, writes A. M. Ake, ol
Wood, Ind. "I took treatment witt
several physicians without any benefit
i then started to take Foley's Hone}
and Tar, and my lungs are now ara
sound as a bullet. 1 recommend it iu
advanced stages of lung touble."
Foley's Honey and Tar stops the
cough and heals the lungs, and pre?
vents serious results from a cold.
Refuse substitutes. Walton A Smoot.
Congressmen will not have to oc?
cupy benches, but will retain their
chairs. A good many will not be lia?
ble to oceuy either in Washington
after this tero, but will have to be
content with a goods box at a coun?
try store.?Danville Register,
Every woman desires a good com?
plexion, but oft-times either ruins the
one she has or fails to gain one by
the paint and powder methods she
employs. A good complexion is from
within and can't be painted or powder?
ed on. Two things are necessary in
order to be the possessor of a good
complexion. A healthy action of the
liver and good rich blood. R>dale's
Liver Tablets taken occasionally and
followed for a week or ten days by
Ry dale' Tonic and plenty of fresh air
and out of doors exercise will beat all
the paint and powder In the world.
Try it just once and see. Walton A
Accused with tbe fradulent use of
mails, a bench warrant will be served
ju Rev. James T. Karga ve of Hanover
x>unty appeared before tbe United
States District Court in Richmond,
Judge Waddill presiding, j lead guilty
snd was sentenced to eight months io
ail and fined $100.
Alman who is in perfect health, so
ie can do an honest day's work when
;ecessary, has much for which he
should be thankful. Mr L. C. Rod
rerS, of Branchton, Pa., writes that
ve was not only unable to work, but
ye couldn't stoop over to tie his own
(hoes. Six bottles of Foley's Kidney
3ur? made a new man of him. He'
kaja, "fiueaeas to Foley's Kidney
;ere" Walk* 4 toot* 1
Bristol, Vu., June a.-W. V. Kally,
su.perin-.eikdeot of a coal companv II
aViM County, Va., is mysterious^
missing*, and is the fifth person to sud
denly disappoar iu the Black Mouav
tains of that county s'nco Edward L
Wi nts, the young Philadelphia mil?
Five years ago young Wentz dis
appeared in the mountains, and,
though *100,000 reward was offered
for his body, and an army of mer
scoured the country, explored caves,
and drsgged streams, and ponds, il
was nearly a year before his body
was found. He had been murdered.
Soon afterward J. H. Gearhart, a
prominent insurance man of Bristol,
mysteriously disappeared in Bristol,
or has never been heard of.
Kelley left his home last Thursday
expecting to return a few hours later.
Search has been made and not a clew
has been found. He is believed tc
have been robbed and murdered.
Kelley has sidce been heard from.
"What is your opinion of pros?
per 1 ty?"
"Well," answered the improvident
man, "my opinion of prosperity ?s
that it is something for which I am
expected to give three cheers, because
some other fellow has it."?Wash?
ington Star.
Badly Sprained Ankle Cured.
Three years ago our daughter
sprained her ankle and had been suf?
fering terribly for twodays and nights
?had not slept a minute. Mr. Stal?
lings, of Butler, Tenn., told us ol
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Wo went
to the store that night and got a bottk
of it and bathed her ankle two or three
times and she went to sleep and had a
good night's rest. The next morning
she was much better and in ? shorl
time could walk around and had nc
more trouble with her ankle.?E M.
Brunt, Hampton, Tenn. 25 and 50
cent sizes for sale by Walton k Smoot
The assertion is being made in cer?
tain quarters that the necessities ot
life are cheaper now than they hav*
been in the past two years. Incident?
ally, however, the grocers and othei
merchants do not appear to be awart
of it.?Floyd Press.
Thinks lt Saved lils Life.
Lester M. Nelson, of Naples, Maine
says in a recent letter: "I have used
Dr. King's New Discovery many
years, for coughs and colds, and 1
think it saved my life. I have fount
it a reliable remedy for throat and
lung complaints, and would no roon
be without ,n bottle than I would
be without food." For nearly forty
years New Discovery has stood at the
head of thro ct and lung remedies. Aa
a preventive of pneumonia, and healer
of weak lungs it has no equal Sold
under guarantee at Walton A Smoot's
drug store. 50c. and 11.00. Trial
bottle free.
A witness in a Boston court was
called down by the judge for referring
to four men who had been arrested in
a rough and tumble fight as "gentle?
men. " If he had called them gents," it
might have been all right.?Thc
Spokesman Review.
Born In Iowa.
Our family were all born and raised
in Iowa, and have used Chamber?
lain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrohoea
Remedy (made at Des Moinse) foi
years. We know bow good it is from
long experience in the use of it. Ir
fact, when in El Paso, Texas, thc
writer'3 life was saved by the prompt
use of this remedy. We are now en?
gaged in the mercantile business al
Narcossee, Fla., and have introduced
the remedy here. It has proven very
successful and is constantly growing
in favor.?Ennis Bros. This remedy
is for sale bv Walton A Smoot.
Criminal records kept in New Yorl
county for the last six years show
that a trifle more than one-half of thc
persons charged with crimes are found
guilty, while expert opinion is agreed
that not two out of 100 are innocent.
Will Cure Consumption.
A. A. Berren, Finch, Ark., writes;
"Foley's Honey and Tar is the best
preparation for coughs, colds and
lung trouble. I know that lt has cured
consumption in the first stages." You
never heard of any one using Foley's
Honey and Tar and not being satis?
fied, Walton & Smoot.
a?aa?aaaxssaa?? ? sa
The Ohio papers give an account of
a hen out in that State that chews
tobacco. It is to be hoped that she
will not let her little chicks learn to
smoke cigarettes.
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup is
the one that children like so well to
take as it tastes nearly as good as
maple sugar. It acts gently yet freely
on the bowels and thereby it drives
the cold out of the system. It is so'd
by Walton A Smoot.
I ?mmmmmmmtnmmmm ?
While trying to take the peapon
from h<*r liule brother, Rose Arring
tori) of Amherst county, Va., fired a
shotgun and killed her older brother,
When you need to take something
take it promptlv for the stomach but
take something you know ls reliable
something like Kodol For Dyspepsia
and Indigestion. Kodol is pleasant
to give relief. It is sold by Walton
.v Smoot.
A company with millions of did! .rs
capital has been formed to develop
West Virginia nat ral pas and coal
A Lesson in Ii alth.
Healthy kidneys filter the impurities
from the blood, and unless they do
this good beal h is impossible. Foley's
Kidney Cure make sound kidneys and
will positively cure all forms of kidney
and bladder disease. It strenthens
the whole system. Walton A Smoot
The bodies of the two W. A L. U.
students who were drowned Saturday
Paul Ps. Dunn and Lee M. Hutton,
were found floating in the river near
OeWitfs Kidney and Bladder Pills
are prompt and thorough and will in
n very short time strengthen the weak?
ened kidneys. Sold bj Waltoo A
K v
ft. Tr. C -U. W J;;?l *-. mxPmi ???-. -m. -??. MLm ft ?v~. lij.S! ll isSTaW ^.^
? - --19.\.^gi'AM-a III
vet ? '' "v~w*] asa
jLUaaSsaaaP af
That is another of their good features, an important one, as hun?
dreds of fires occur annually from sparks settling on the roof.
Better put them on the roof now than wish you had later.
They're cheap enough. Last a life-time. Never need repairs,
and they turn the appearance of any house into a home.
Come in and see them.
? rs ?t-? a t-u- BSS3%J \ VT a ???< W**ordain/*lr Va
ti. lAji/nvi oi.n.tjiVii.nK^us ?? \j\*\
Our Grandmothers used to get a lot
of old nails, place them in a vessel
containing vinegar and allow them to
remain until the acetic acid in the
vinegar produced au iron solution.
This concotion was then taken by
nearly every member of the familv
during the Spring and Fall and it
rirely ever failed to .strenthen and
ht ru lit the person takiug it. The old
wav was good but there is a new way
that is tar better. Science has dis?
covered away to manufacture Iron so
that it can be dissolved in syrups and
?lixl and given in definite doses.
One ol the best and surest ways to
take Iron is In Rydale's Tonic. This
r-miedy is a combination of Iron,
Quinine and Strychino in an Orange
Klixir and combined with other ingre?
dients that make it very valuable as a
blood and nerve tonic. It is without
an equal for old people needing a
stimulant and for weak and puny
children and a sure cure forchills and
malaria. Walton k Smoot.
The price of steel bars has dropped
*4 a ton, to 128, the lowest since De?
cember, 1001.
Kodol is the best known prepara?
tion that is offered to the people t./day
for dyspepsia or indigestion o.* any
stomach trouble. Kodol digests all
foods. It is pleasant to take. It is
sold here by Walton k Smoot.
A tornado struck Charles City,
Iowa, demolishing; al>out 200
building*! and killing W. K. Beck
and a child. Three children are
reported missing*.
A fortnne teller. Zeno Miller,
is said to have disappeared from
Bristol with hundreds of dollars
of jewels intrusted to him bv
Oscar Baldock, of Amherst
c ninty, shot ard killed George
Jenkins, a negro.
?tope tho cougn and natale lunga
For Sale.
We are offering lor sale st a bargain
the following R(sl Estate adjoining*
Orkney 8pnngs Property:
One good dwelling hou?e of 7 rooms
on Main St , steel roof, porches and all
necessary outbuilding well fenced and
grvd lot and garden.
One good dwelling with four rooms
snd Jaree Corner lot, with inmfM aVTSJSSJ,
well fenced and good well < f water at
the kitchen.
20 acres ni fairly good land, 4 acres
cleared, ballance in wood; line building
site which extends to pike 14 mile from
Orkney. The above propeities will be
sold st a iiAKo.MN separately or as a
whole. Apply
J N. DA VU s% CO.,
Real Estate Agents,
Woolstock. Va.
Valuable Farm
A good River Farm of f>3 acres
of land, 13 of which is fine river
bottom, gocd dwelling of 7
rooms, good bank barn and all
other necessary out buildings.
2/4 miles of Woodstock.
Apply to
Real Kstate Agents,
Woodstock, Va.
Ja !?. Wirman, Prei. ana Gen
il anarer.
M. VV. MAtiituoaR, V. President.
W. W. Looan, Secty. and Treas,
(t II. IIauN, Asst. S?c.
tV. T. Williams, Atty, it Thu.
NKLL Wt Lo'aAV, )
[ Clerks.
Akiink Walker. )
J, fa. Wisman, M. W, Maortjdrr
'?**. W. Logan, E If. Wisman.
\ddrea* W. W. LOJAN,
Hoov. A Treas.
Woodstock. Va
A Good Small Farm For Sale.
Containing 71 acnw of land mostly lime
stool, ten meTfO of which is In good original
imlMT, on which isa good low house weather
boarded with metal roof and ali other n?cet
arv outbuildings in fairly good repair. Tae
tslaee is well watered, and has plenty of fruit
-situated I 3 i tnllea south of St. Luke, Va.
Prioe S2JW0 % cash, ballanee to snit pur
haser. Apply to J. N. DA V LS k CO.
Woodatoek Va.
aao CURE ths LUNGS
with Dr. King's
Naur Discovery
fOR GZIW* aJraffiK.
M&jM> fester
InZSemmmfJ Schedule in Un*
SUNDAY. JUNE 14. 1905
Trains Leave Riverton Va..
Nc.l BorjrHBorjND r
3.46 A- Ms For Battle, Buena Vista, Koa
noke, Eat Kadford btasfls s
faaawell, Norton. Pocahonta
No. 13 Pullman Steeper Fetch, W.'Va
9.41 A. M< For Baale, Natural Bridge, lio
aaoTce, Bristol, and Inten ed fat*
.ons. Pullman 8;eeper tc
K norville. Connects at Roanoke
with St. I/>uis Express. Thr- Hgt
No. 27 Pullman Bleepras to st, Booti
and Chicago.
7.27 P-Vi* Cafe ear to Wi!Mammon, W. Va
For Elkton | jtii'l all Interme;
?Hate points.
I.20A-M. For Heiryviiio, Ha?
cutown, Philadelphia, and the
Dui th. Pullman Sleeper to Phl.a
No. 28 delphts.
8-41 AM. 1* *r Ha,-< rstownand into.-ni dial
.si.ilii.n^.*('on:u*ots at Shetland' .ot
Junction wit li B. A O. :or Wash
itiKton. Also eoonecti il Magura
with c. v. Railroad for Harrimount
No. 14 and p >ir:t& north.
7.49 P- M- For Be-ryvllle, ll ..gcretow
and intermediate Stations.
1 ar.nail Bleeper via Hagers
tow n io New rork.
gf Ra tea. .*-?? icdjles, and additional ihfer
?nation furnished upon application to A
of tue Company or?
W. B. MK V ILL. tf. F. BRAGG
Gen'l Paaa. Agent. Tray. Pads. A gen
KoanoKu. Va.
/-*r~** ISSIWIf'""''*'! -' . -?*r??'V??r?*ir ? ->
, ^ttVm ? m mm*, mm m?Lm. ? . - ,__-. _
. I .'5
. .
r kalos*.60
Sweet IV*, toes.
Chickens dd.9
'" spring . 22
Uac<,Li, Side and Shoulder.ll
Onions. 00
Pain lays Eoe LIto ;*to< I as follows:
atoadaya Ho,; > ar.d Cattle,
Tue tie.
[All I/.ve Stock sold gross weight.]
Catt'.' Rai k ended at
noon today vere 1-464 ? -6 head
laat en ^:
' $7 co,
others. #4.00 Uo*,.2V. Cov to f4.7s; Balli
$3 50 to *.*. 7$ Heifers, S3.50 to,$ I . sn,
|?S tO I
'logs Receipts fort*M sTtSk tBdsd at noni
today wen
week. I-. ivmand
Quote: w. ? s> ? 1 others, $575 to
? io to 4
Sheep ai I I nubs r tie week
ended at ii'on to today s | head
against 1 1 head last weale Light sundy
and fair demand. Quote- Lan bs, |6 75
to 9.63: Sheep, fjootn 4
Calves?Receipts for the week en.led at
noon today re head. oat jfA head
last wet-!. Pair supply ad market
firm. itu. ut' . $4 00 to 7.^5.
Rocky lc ^niaiti I :? a Nuggets
I I iiclne ht Bary Pcooio.
EExgi Gc .i Heal ti sal V cor,
A ipeciflo t if * ?. Llvei
and Ki'i-i* > Pin
Wood. Bad
t Ita fl tain Tea lo tab
lot foi tn, orata a hov. ,? ? ? ?
Comp ai ! . '.vis.
I fi od! ol Fcr ^-S^tion.
.<4- ^KJ>mmmXmtmWM. ] ; sour stomach,
\? -.itation of the heart Digesta what you eat
a/A? ',m.*.+ TJkHkX '* "' - mm'mimm ^ j
Looking Into the Future.
is an unpleasant task for many. They see . < :iiing
hut hardships. Why?
Because they "have not the ability NOV,' ?? rn
maud a salary sufficient to permit ol putting,
thing away for the evening of life.
lt is to-day that preparation for tuture comfort
Have you a future? Have you ambition? The
business world is full of opportunities for the m: a
who has the proper training.
We will prepare yoi;.
J. S. ATKINSON, Nangr.
Harrisonburg, Virginia.
X. *;%i"Z" "*Z* **%" tl Z7 "I tt t*tZt 1 TltttZtZZZ mmmmm~-*'-'"*
9oo Drops
AVegetable rVeparaflonforAs
similating (heFoodamll^gula
ting Ute Storadis andBovwiktf
?' iTfiil
? SW ? ^^^^^^^
p^^fantH and Chiliren,
The Kind Ygu Have
Always Bough!
f "'-fl *
I. ..
Prmo!'? D igesticn JCheeriW'
tai :vest.ContaiiisKiittT
Opium.Morphine nor>liflixaL
Not Narcotic.
.'V'. T.V -
Him iff a
aasjpssji ??.
A perfect Remedy forConsftpa
tton, Sour StonT^h.Dtarrtm
ru>ss and Lo ss OF Sle>;p.
FacSi-jtile Sii^vansTf af
Atbihonths old
Exact Cory of Wrapper.
Thirty Years
tmi ca-ajTAusi oo?*asiT. acs? roam smtt.
Woodstock Machine and
Cooperage Factory
Having purchased and refitted The Shenandoah
Manufacturering Company's machine shop and cooperage
plant. I an now ready to do a'l kinds of repair work on
flachinery^ Engines, Saw Hills, Etc.
A first class machinest is in charge of the repair shop ar.d
good work is guaranteed.
Highesttfprice paid for stave and heading wood of all kinds.
Jiis. M. Smoot,
Feb. 7?1 yr.
Woodstock, Va.
S.* B.?Following schedule figures published only as infc i n j lion ar.d ae
not guaranteed.
Effective Apr. 12. J908
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9 V ?i5hi,i(rti>n. Ila C
7 .. ,? inadriu, Va.
(2 EmUmOmnt mi saan
jy Wellington.
42 (jdinsvile?.......,
, ] Haymarket.
trt Thoroughfare.
43 rtroad Run.
53 Plains.?..
>7 Marshall.?...
rt3 Kectortour n.
t57 Delaplane.
71 Maritain--..
76 Linden.
81 Happy Creek,.
S3 Front fa4 oyal Je.
ti\ Front ROYAL
83 Front Royal le
83 hiverton Jo
84 Riverton
89 Buckton
901 Water Lick
93 ytraaburg
96 strasburg June
96 Fisher Hill
v9 Tums Brook
101 Maurvrtowo
106 Woodstock
HO Kdinburg
117 Mt. Jackson
121 Quicksburg
125 New Market
129 Timbervil.e
131 i: road war
134 Daphna
138 Linville
144 Harrisonburg
t 214
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3 # pn.
f 327 pn.
t 99 pm
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10 ?
t M il
? 40
f ik
f kl
* Daily. f Week Jays. | Mt al Station. f Stops ou flag.
2*8?''Itauinans ard lUverly (not shown on Time Table) aro fla#
sto pt tor trains 49 aud 28 also Bo um:* ns lor IIS Mai 314
All tra! na arrive at and depart from Penn-1 For Map Foldert Taroura Ticket Rat*
sylvania Railroad Paaaenirer Station. Wash- etcappiyto neareot Agent or writ*
inaton. D. C., where connection ia made for I
?vt from baltimore, Philadelphia and New I W H. TAYLOE. 0. P ai
york. ^^^^^^^^^^
ll. Ackbbt V.Prea.
& Generi] Manager.
L, S. Brown, Genl. Agt.
S. II Hardwick
P. T. M
Use Foutz's
Lice Powder.
Positive death to Lice, Mites, Ticks,'Flea*, Roaches
and Bugs. Harmless to Vouag Chicks sad Ani?
mals. Easily applied by dubing on trw f< wl?; or
b'owing into crevices, tttronger and more efflcienij
Penetrates the cracks and drives'? them*' ont. Goes
onger ; is better but coats no more.
One site only
25c per package
bott. e.
?J 17.
A ena! improvement on Old Style Lice Powder.
(12 oz. net). ___
Fouls's Horse and Cattle Ponder. 25c
Fouliz's Superior Pouitrv Fc<d..lilas] uer package
Foutz's Certain Worm Powder.T 50c ?* ??
Fontz s Certain Kolik Caro...50c *
Foutz's Liniment. ..,.*jAc ?
Foutz's Healing Power, for collar galls etc. 26c ?*
Every article of our manufacturer ls guaranteed aud bears
Sold everywhere _
At Woodstock, Va.B. 8AGER A COMPArTy"
The David E. Fonts Conan*,
Noy. 1? 3rno. Baltimore. Md.
U. 8. Mal Nc
n Irregularity is bad in every department of life, In meals, In sleeping hours,
but especially when it is a question of womanly habit. Not only ls lt a sign of
female disease, but, unless cured, it will cause dangerous fcoubies. because of
the poisons thus allowed to remain in the system.
If you suffer in this way, get a bottle of
Wine of Cardui
Mrs. Lucinda Johnson, ol Fish Creek. Wis., writes "I suffered for fourteen (u) years %1th lama.
larity. causing great palo. At last I tried Cardui. and nov I am cured." At all druggUts, to $1 botte*
rn aaaaaaaaaaaa*, 9 ir A ? ? '??'?aWaTfsaa WrHa Wday far a frse cosy ct valuate 64-aaaa* a>satnaasl Bea% ti ?"?
WRITE US A ff TTEK^'tff: gsjrc: Cr, r..y rt.-ra

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