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Figuring on Vermont
From the Florida Times-Union.
The States which voted for Mr,
Bryan in l!?O0 now cast 1??3 electora
votes, and Oklahoma, with 7 eertaii
foi - en Bed. Thii
gives Mr. Bryana start of 1T2 votes
and 70 more will be needed to elee
him. If such changes as have oe
curred in Vermont should prevai
over the entire country, Mr. Bryar
would get 27 votes from Utah, Nt
braska, and Indiana, leaving hin
still 43 Totes short of success.
But such a chance would cut dowr
plural klee State*
to the following ngures:
Kansas. 4.7;V
New .Lr-, v. 31,72*
n . 1,411
N tr York. 61.401
w, st Virginia. s,0S
In ail the**-. States then -
to e\i*ect a much ^greater change i:
favor of Bryan than in Vermont
Take the dissatisfaction of
for Ini There were I
negro voters in Vermont in liHH"). Tin
number in the other States name*,
was as follows:
Maryland. 60.40*
Kansas. 1 ?
Illinois. . 29,785
Delaware. 8,37*1
Nen Jersey. 21,47
New York*. 31.42.'
West Virginia. 9,03*?
If we suppose that one-fourth of th(
negroes in these States will rote foi
Bryan, leaving three-fourths of then
to vote for Taft, the Democrats woulc
get the electoral vote of Maryland,
Kansas, Ohio, and Delaware?44 lr
all? snllieient to elect Bryan.
This doe- not take into considera?
tion the radical tendencies of th(
Mrs. Kdward Saum. of Mt. Olive
visited Miss Wm. Wisecarver lasl
week also her aunt Mrs. Frasmut
Mr Naylor and wife, of From
Royal silent several days with Mr.
Wm. W. Naylor.
Mrs. William Bowman visited her
cousin Mrs. 'Annie Smith at Laure]
Hill on Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. German Pence, of Manassas
? pent from Friday till Monday visit?
ing Mr. J. K. Bovman und family.
Misses Aurelia Holmes and Grace
Beniner who have been visiting rela?
tives and friends for the last month
or so left Monday for their home in
Newark, Ohio, much to the regret of
the young ]>eople especially the l>oys
The sale of Mr. W. Frank Bowman
was largely attended which took place
Tuesday. They will leave for Spray,
N. C., Saturday. Everybody regrets
to lose him, but our loss is Spray's
C. E. Little's family are moving to
Middletown where they have bought
property. They have been residents
of this place for many years.
Miss French Miller, of Strasburg is
visiting Mrs. C. P. Warner.
Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman, of Clif?
ton Forge are visiting at Dr. J. S.
Misses Maude Peer and Mary Snarr
spent several days with relatives and
friends at Toms Brook and Mt. Olive,
last week.
Mr. David Stultz and wife, of Top
not, Mr. Joseph Stultz and family,
and Miss Olive Stultz, of St. Luke
were visiting relatives here the first of
this week.
Misses Fannie Coffelt, Gertie Long
and Mr. George Reynolds spent last
Sunday with Mrs. Calvin Wisman.
Miss Clara Coffman sj>ent a few
days last week with her friends of
this place.
Mr. Calvin Goehenour and Mr. S.
B. Hepner are building silos.
Mr. B. F. Coffelt is still working at
tke shoemakers trade.
Messrs. Lester and Clintin Wisman,
Rayal Smoot. William Wine and H.
H. Gochenour, of this place s-K-nt
last Friday at Maynard's Crossing.
They report having a good time.
Some of our folks have been toiling
apple butteror having it l-oiled at tbe
factory which beats tne old way of
boiling by far.
Mrs. M Cleary and Mrs. C. Fauber
has l>een on the sick list.
Mrs. David Hottle and Mrs. Alice!1
Sager visited Mr. John Barton and
family at Bowman's Crossing Sunday
and Monday.
Mrs. Anna Hottle spent Sunday
with Mr. Geo. Saum and family.
Mrs. Mollie C. Kibler visited her
father Mr. Samuel Hisey at Calvary
first of the week.
Miss Daisy Ran after visiting rela- c
tives for several weeks at Toms Brook ' e
returned to her home here Saturday. !
Mrs. Viola Jackson and children f
spent Thursday with Mr. Casper'p
Swartz and famil} near Saumsville. j s
Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Didawick spent c*
Sunday afternoon with Mr. Will a
Neeb and family near Woodstock. jd<
Mrs. William Kibler and Mrs. Elza ti
Walter spent Monday with Mr Arthur j
Burner and family near Calvary.
Mr. Alfred Kibier sold a fine bunch
of hogs Saturday to Mr. E. Haun. | ?"
Mr. Jeremiah and Clarence Kibler 8a
of Jadwyn was at Mr LutherSeibert's ?'
Sunday. j *UI
Mrs. Amanda Burner, Mr. and Mrs. ?'
William Kibler and Mrs. Flza Wal- *-*
tors spent Sunday with Mr. Samuel 8t<
?Oolladay and family. | ?i
Ilia* Vickie Bowers ls visiting st .li
Jtx J. M. Carpecterw. A s%
s Lilli,, i Lewis tvho has bes
rlslUng ut Cap.. R. D. Fuukhov ser's,
return mp horns ir. Wine'* *
Dr. B. H, Bej Sf nd ell
Spring Creek, I I been tis
friends and relatives in our neighbor?
hood for the past two weeks, have re
d home.
Miss Vivian Parker who hus been
visiting Mrs. C. S. Spiker for tbe
past several weeks, returned to her
home at Frostburg, Md., on Tuesday.
Major Ogden Murray, of Winches?
ter, was the guest of Mrs. Martha
Spiker the first of thio week.
Mr. Vernon Stickler, Cashier of a
bank tt I ' n. was v'sitlng his
sister sirs. Cullers, this week. Mr.
StriCKkr has mary friends in our
town who are always glad to meet
Rev. E. B. Shaver loft on last Bat
ni-daj for Winona Lake Park, In?
diana, where he is attending the na?
tional Conference of the Brethren
church, this week.
Mrs. Thos. Pierce arrived here on
Monday with her husband and has
been confined to her home by sickness.
J. B. Clem, Jr., one of our merch?
ants, left on Wednesday morning for
New York and other cities to buy his
fall and winter stock of goods.
S. Lee Sager attended the funeral
services of his grandmother, Mrs.
Soph1;* Baughman, at Jerome, Tues
Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor, oi
Strasburg, spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs Staten Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Mcwilliams
I Sunday with James Mcwilliams.
vd Borden is visiting at
i eek.
Mr. and Mrs. Artie Jenkins spent
Sunday with Mrs. Jenkins' relatives
on Cedar Creek.
Public school will commence here
Monday, September 14th.
Services will be held at the Lutheran
church on next Sunday evening.
Mr. B. F. Borden Jr. attended the
funeral of Mr. Jesse Crabill at Ma
-. Tuesday. Mr. Crabill wa.**
killed in Borden Brothers Steve
Mr. G. D. Crabill has moved back
here from Linden, where he has been
employed, with his family.
Mi**s Nellie Smith has be-r-n visiting
Mt. Jackson for several days.
Joseph Funk, of Stephens City has
heen visiting here.
Miss Pence and Mrs. Keller cann
here Monday to arrange their milli?
nery goods. They are located in the
Post Office building.
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. White, of
Frederick s|>ent a few days here dur?
ing the week visiting their man;.
Mi>s Effie Hawkins was in Strasburg
Mr. Bowman Clark has returned to
Culpepper after spending a week with
relatives and friends here.
Mrs. Mary Smoot who has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. William
Wisman, in Toms Brook, has re?
turned home.
Miss Hester Smoot who has been
living in Grafton, W. Va., for the
past 8 months, is visiting relatives
and friends here.
Mr Samuel Hepner has purchased
a new silo.
Sam Walker sold Joe and Oscar
Gochenour a very fine hog. It was
of the Dnck breed.
Mr. W. T. Clark and two sons
returned home from Powells Fort last
Saturday after completing a job of
950 yards of plastering for Mr. Geo.
Mr. J. D. Reynolds sold to Haun
A Co.. a herd of hogs for the neat
sum of 1200.00.
Mr. Wm. Montgomery, of Basic
City, and Miss Bettie Brown, of Cul
pupper, Va. were the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. Clark, the first of
this week.
Mrs. Rada Sager and Miss Hester
Sraost spent the first ol this week
with Mr: IX. C. Bauserman ar.d wife.
Those who spent the day with Mr.
W. T. Clark's, Sunda\ were: Mr.
and Mrs. James M. Hill, Mr. anil
Mrs. Joe Clark, Misses Lucy Rodef?
fer, Ruth Sager, Messrs. Oscar Smith.
Hubert Fravel, Edward Frye, Jaco""
Hausenfluck, Clinton Reynolds and
Sara Walker.
Mr. Jacob Hausenriuck, of near
Stephen City, was here over Sunday.
Mr. Frank Ri Hey, of near St.
Luke, spent the first of the week with
his aunt Miss Arbelia Keller.
Mr. Joremiah Kibler sold his silo
to Messrs. Joe and Oscar Gochenour.
The festival which will be held at
this place next Saturday night Sept.
12, probably will be the last one of
the season, but not the least by at-y
means, as no pains will be spared to
Diake this one of the most enjoyable
occasion of the entire summer. The
Colored Quartette will furnish the
nusic ai_d it will be a treat for any
one whe has an ear for music. Those
ivho do not desire to listen to tl e
nusic can be entertained by an ad
Iress by attorney F. H. Brumback,
rae of Woodstock's most fluent
ipeakees. Everything that tends to
empt tbe appetite will be on hand.
The annual Harvest Home services
rill be held in St. John's Reformed
burch next Sunday morning and H
vening. Iw
Sermon at 10 a. m. bv tlie pastor
iev. A. H. Smith. Service^ at 7:IO
. m. under the auspices of the Aid
ociety. The evening service will
>nsist of recitations, duets, anthems
ad an address. The church will bc
?eorated with Mowers, fruits, vega
?l?les and cereals.
They Take The Kinks Out,
"I have used Dr. King's New Life
Us for marty years, with increasing
tisfaction. They take the kinks out
stomach, liver and bowels, without
is or friction," says N. H. Brown,
Pittsfield, Vt. Guaranteed satis
jtory at Walton [A Smoot's drug
nre. 26c.
Indol *or ta?gestta. H
L.Ua-Ul Relievess^stooach, i***
puttee of a^teajt digests -what you eat 'iou
Mr. Jno. M. Fox living ou Mr.
Samuel Moore'i lai
| , .VHS j
b. a bull while : !?? it from
Held 1 Inst
ins remains were brought to this ;
On last Saturday night by Mr. J. CX
I* Oholson fi om Redlawn near Mr.
Moore's place. No ? ie belt pi
when Mr. Fox was hurt lui! particu?
lars cannot be given. Mr. Fox man?
aged to crawl to a SfitS f'nee and
ired from about ll o'clock a. m. to 1
k p. m. All his clothing
torn from his bodjf except it part of
'iis shirt collar, ii- remained con
^.-iojs till his death, hs s a> |
bruised in a good many places, On
Sundaj. his funeral was preach*. . In
the M. E. Church here by Elders R.
D. Bottle and A. C. Nell with inter?
ment in Cedar Grovecemet* ryffollow
ed by a large concourse of relatives
and soi rowing friends Ile was 41
years, 5 months and 2* days old, and
is survived by a wife and eight small
children, mother, two sisters and two
brothers. Tne family have the sym?
pathies of the entire community.
Everybody in this community is
busy, some are cutting corn, others
are getting ready to seed.
Making cider and boiling apple
butter is also in vogue. No o!J time
boilings hereabouts.
Mr. D. Saylor Neff is building an
tion to his house.
The series of meetings held at Cedar
re church near here for s-vcral
-.setks closed last Friday night. Much
Interest seemed to be manifested.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Guy Do Ison
ami two little l>oys from Washington
City ave visiting relatives and f; I
In thia neighborhood having a;
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Art/, and
little daughter of Alonzaville
from last Thursday till Sunday in this
I borhood visit-, g ber parents and
The peach cop in this section has
been gathered and marketed. AppU
gathering will be next in order
Mr and Mrs. Howard Krat7,ei from
Baltimore, were visiting relative
friends here recently.
Mr. Sidney A. Zirkle, wife little son
and 'daughter from Bellefountair.e.
Ohio, recently sj^nt sevral weeks in
this and adjoining communities vUit
ing relatives.
C. B. Marston wns In Winchester
Tuesday on business.
A. L. Holler and wife spent from
Saturday until Tuesday in Staunton
visiting relatives.
Wm. K. Larkins and family wert
visiting J. R. Baker"s Sunday.
E. M. Clem accompanied by his
wife left Wednesday morning to buj
his fall and winter good*..
Walter Armstrong sold his two line
black driving horses to Mr. s. W.
Anderson of Oreenbrler county, W
Va., chas. Cook accompanied by Geo
LamUrt left with them Monday morn?
ing. As it is quite a distance they
will not be backU'fore Saturday night.
The price received was $4<X>.00.
Jake Lantz is building a front
porch to his house.
Mrs. Elias ColTman has been in rerj
poor health for sometime.
Miss Ethel M. Blackburn, of Was
ington, D. C.. is sjnmding two weeks
with M. E Bites family. C. C. Miley
of Wardensville, and Mrs. Matti*
Foltz and child and sist. : were also
recent visitors at Mr. Bites.
W. H. Whetsel has traded his
dwelling house and waeonmaker sho]
to E. M. clem for the Melty property.
In the future the wagonmaker business
will be conducted by Mr: Clem with
Mr Whetzel as master mechanic. They
are getting in a supply of material
and fixtures.
Delbert Fadeley is moving into-his
splendid new residence near hen-.
Charles Day. of Pennsylvania was
visiting Perry Bowman Tuesday.
C. B. Marston received a new clerk
Friday. He has come to stay
Mrs. B. F. Cullers is still very ill
??vith a cancer. She is suffering very
Mr. S. P. Rinker is still on the sick
Mr.Geo.R.Golladay has about com?
pleted his DCW house. Mr. Z. Tailor
did the cari>enter work. Mr. Clarke
did the plastering.
There were some of our i>eople at
the reunion at Forestville Crossing
and they all report a good time.
A business meeting will be held at
Trinity next Saturday at 2 o'clock.
All members are expected to be pres*
rat and others are invited also.
Mr. Samuel Stephens and Miss
\nnie M. Coi*enhaver were married
ast Sunday a week ago and went to
heir own house the same evening
vhere they will live in the house of
.Ir. J. R. Burner.
Rev. John Clanahan and Miss Lean
}lem were married. We think our
:lerk Mr. Wunder is dee Mr. Clanahan
\ nice present as he is one of his lest
Miss Birtie Clem was the guest of
J. R. Smith last Sunday.
Glide Smith spent Sunday with J. S. 11
larr. J ]
The report is of a factory l>eing|
tarted up at Cross Roads in the near 11
Uure. |
Mr. Ashby Dunken was the guest of
lr. R. L Walter one evening last
eek, but by some means did not get
irtln-r than the gate. But we think
s heart failed him. The girl says he
d not have the sand.
Mr D. H. Walter was sadly dis
>pointcd last Saturday evening they
peeled their son I. S. Walter home
it In s..me means was delayed.
Mrs. James Clem and daughter are
rv sick with typhoid fever.
Mrs. Meccer Smith and Miss Annie
k\ lor are spending this week at
ri i
Iealthy kidneys filter the impurities
m the blood, and unless they do
s good health is impossible. Foley's
Iney Cure makes sound kidneys
1 will positively cure all forms of
ney and bladder disease. It *__]
raghteus the whole system. Wal
k Smoot.
j 1 p . .c > f ti ??'-. SN h "?1 of
tl Chi -ti.?.* church last Bal rdaj al
I ers Bill wasq le lei... Ij .itt. nd
,- sing I ??' "I
pris ats
at, W
. .est of bi t uncle's family
Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Brown.
That the patriots uro not yet ai
dead, ls evidenced bj thc fact, thr.
lithe .-tmasler Redfern's com
m lion does not expire until Dec
Uih,. BCZt; already ihe Strugj
suppiau Mr. H. and to serve deai
(Jude Samuel has thus 'arly inspir
ed the bi .-ast of a dry goods yendei
here, who doubtless thinks that th.
mixing of merchandise and Post O.lic
business will be a winning combina
Tho September court day crowd a
Woodstock on Monday next. Sept
14th, will be largely auguraented b;
the Strasburg contingent.
The two skating rinks here, strang!
to say, are well patronized nightly
Tbe interest seems unabated, althougl
the skating frenzy, it appears, has
greatly subsided in most of the Valle;
If an investment of *3.*0 for a tick
et on the Hot Springs excursion con
stitutes a man (who poses as a re?
publican, but who never yet hai
found time to attend a primary of hi
party,) a candidate for a federal of
:ice. how much will it require t<
make him eligible for Govt:
The Rock Springs .ht Cr,
Cop] I < o . are work
irg their full force of hands 'ind th* ;
have almost completed tho riling o
ly pul in th*
isinpss places anr
s. If bis the G
will ? d n Sat i ht.
Miss Emma Lewis, of Baltimore, li
?[siting her sist- M. R. .
icob F. Ra-j, of the Mt <
section, ami one of N D Shenan
doah's most substantial farmers am
citizens, on rural route No. 1 I
the Strasburg olllre, come to town Ol
last Saturday to endorse litior.
of postmaster Redfern for re-appolnt
mont. Mr. Ran says be has nc
gotten the strenuous work done a te**
yens ago in tho matter of the estab?
lishment of th" two R. F. D. route;
now in sued ssful operati* n, througl
the zealous labors of Mr. Redfern ar.c
Mr. B. M. Bushong of the News.
The Sunday School scholars am
friends of tho Presbyterian church
held their annual picnic on the his
torie grounds, near the Cedar Creel
bridge, Tuesday.
Hon. Sam'] W. Williams,
and Kern Electoi al Largi ipoki
Moi laj. to a
the ('our! Bouse. 11
tbe principles for e hlch the I
eratic part) stand, was wi ii
bj the ber o!
Republicans w< n pn * t, and 11
them food for tri??-;_rr t on tl i
present and pest policy of the Re?
publican party. Hi*- explanation < I
how the tariff hurt the farm ami
lal...: ? it, certainly, if these twe
Will stop to tl..: if Si ?
they have borne Um ex _l t of this
(hag upon the *.>?<>? ?
Ti.- to l',- .:.s [n Um
audience, who seem to take in th*
truths he ga v< them. . ? ? speech wm
and 'l ? favorable.
Circuit Court met Monday, Judge
Tom Harrison, had much work to do.
Hon. M. M. Johnson, who has Uer
??n the Invalid list is Improving.
The summer guests still linger in
this plea
The Wm. Richardson Camp, and
*! ? daughters of tbe Confederacy ga ve
Judge Williams a reception at the
Camp Hall Monday night. B.
List of Conveyances.
II C. Burgess and wife to R. J.
Hagley and wife, lots 4'i and 4-9 block
13, Strasburg.
R. J. Bagley and wife to Rt. Ivev.
Augustine Van De Vyers, of Rich?
mond, lots io and 4*. block 13, Stras?
Jos. Bauserman and wif..- to W. W.
L..gan. three tracts. V* acres, 2 roods,
and 34 polee in Shenandoah county.
W. P. (linker to \V. W. Logan, 23
acres near Tom's Broolc; 1155.
Susannah Kelley to Nehemiah Kel?
ley, b acres, more or lets, near Hud?
son's Cross Roads; S75.
Robt. O. Prophet and wife to Jos.
C. Prophet, Ac., undivided interest in
lands of Jacob Prophet, dec'd, near
Mabel C. Myers, .Vc, lo A. C. N'elT,
Sarah Bower, rkc, interest in 111
a:res near Orkney Springs.
Alonzo Dodson and wife to Moses
A. Dodson, 2U acres in Ashby dis?
trict; $7"*0 cash,
F. S. Tavenner, special comr. ^vc.
to Arthur Windle, 12i acr-'s, known
as the Jos. W. Hodge home tract, in
Shenandoah county: IMA
Homer E. F.skridge and wife, Ac ,
IO C. J. BekrldgS and wife, of Ash
and, Ky., 3o acres on Cedar Creek;
Jacob -H. Rau and wife to Isaiah
ia i and wife, tract of land conveyed
>y heirs of P. W. Maphis, containing
23 acres.
1. Milton Richman ar_d wife to
\*rry A. Hicbman, tract of land in r
Shenandoah county; 11,000.
Shen. Iron and Coal Co. to Mary
..ice Dodson, 32i acres near Col um
ia Furnace; 1330.
Buggy Painting.
Mr. Wm. Carlton is sill] repainting
aggies, in this place. He is a painter
f profession and his work ls done in
ie style. He uses the best of material
id his prices are {reasonable. He
a turned out a number of jobs which
ive given entire satisfaction. Call
see him, at the old Methodist
[Ie will have one ot his jobs on ex
bitior. at the Court Route, next
\.n estray black J? twa* DOW, dehorn
was taken up at my place The
ncr can gc* hei* by paying costs.
tug. 21?ta.
nf Bl
spent a part of 1 a * rith Mr. B.
.1 ton ?
who hs .<- ? *? > . '?' B. A.
Mofl ly, returnee I
Mrs. tm i ss has 1 ? i i
; t her home on 11
tho death of Mist
'.'iuii Miller i turned to their hon*.e
. Md., last Thur
ii Nan Orabill ipenl -?
R R. R
and fai .
Brown, of Wa
siting Mi John Cooper and fain
Mrs Linden Allen is visiting her
f' tl *' d near "' ter
Min D. Alf sand ho ha.
been clerking in Moffett & Cline'i
sU?re, returned to her home in Fair
Beld, Va., Wednesday.
Dr. C. A. R. Moore, who has beer
very ill with pneumonia, is much bet"
ter this morning, Thursday.
Mr. I. C. Baker will take charge ol
the st. Charles Hotel Oct. lat.
Miss Cary Funkhouser who has
l-ecn visiting nt Mr. R. R. Rinker's,
returned to her home in Woodstock,
Miss Mary Bird Bite is visiting
friends in Linville.
Miss Francie Allen went to New
York, Wednesday.
1 Tof. Wehs nd ?*? ife ar
:ived ? ay even 1
Mr. A Simpson, -'f near
wat : spent si ral da*} a with 1.
ter, Mi i l M ;'
The Ric p held tl
successful n o lat Fi
ght, '??.I.1 n tho ute* km
:.d tho camp tires re?
I of the days I hen tho I
tires were a
present, and especially a number ol
i repetitloi
scenes of tho so I* lift
I time re-i
:'t told stories of Um ear, th*
ins were provided with ,
for the night
Friday mon * ai fair and ac
unprecedented crowd soon began to
roll in. The train from Harrisonburg
drawn by a double header was tho first
to reach the ground. Trains from thc
lower valley still further increased the
crowd, until it was estimated as high
as 0,000.
Judge Sam'l Williams of Wythc
Bounty made a very strong
which delighted not only the veteran?
but the large crowd that attei
listened to it. Mr. Williams [is ont
the yo ingest of veterans, having en?
if . in tho army when he war a mere
Se ls a foi ? peaker, and ii
true to the cause, ai he was eben be
fought for the constitutional liberty
Ol the States.
Be was followed by IJou. Harry
Tucker who made a eood speech.
The occasion was enlivened ly
music by a choir of about one doxen
young hid ivs who sang Southe n
songs. Mrs. Charles Clinedin-:
dered several (beautiful soloi lo Um
d tllght Of tbe crowd.
After Mr. Tucker's ipeech,
part of the program which
all '?'-as rendered - the 'Ihe
old confeds were most liberally f< d
upon ^mutton soup, chickens, ham,
cakes, ftc, .vc, while picnic din
were served in Um grove. Il would
be vain to . attempt to describe these
bountiful meals: they were such as
can only l>e found in the neighborhood
of New Market. Invitations weie ex?
tended to nil and if any one left Um
grounds hungry, it was his own fault.
There seemed to be enough, after all
hid eaten, for another reunion.
In the afternoon excellent speeches
Wi*re made by Major J. Mc. Daniel
Carrington, a lawyer of Washington.
who commanded the battery that drove
back the enemy, when they almost
captured Gen. Stonewall Jackson, at
Port Republic, and by Capt. Parks, of
The general verdict was that it was
the most delightful re-union, u' j
The railroad trains, under the suner
:i of Supt Pierce were well
handled and all returned to their
homes pleased with themselves and
every body ?lse.
P the crowds continue to Incresse,
as they have done in the last fee
years, the railroad company will be
compelled to furnish a number of ex?
tra trains.
< me of the worst features of kidney
trouble is that it is an insidious dis?
ease and before the victim realizes his
danger he may have a fatal malady.
Take Foley's Kidney Cure at the tirst
sign of trouble as it corrects irregu?
larities and prevents Bright's dil ?
and diabetes. Walton k Smoot.
betti Headache
This disease is caused by a derange*
ment of the stomach. Take a dose of
LahsaihetIain's Stomach and Liver
rab lets to correct this disorder and
?he sick headache will disappear.
For sale by Walton A Snoot.
My cider mill will be running
ruesday and Wednesday of each
reek until father notice. * Whiskej
isrrels for >ale. I. II Ila ri ii.
We handle apples and potatoes and
>av highe.-t cash pricei.
July 10?tf. C. A. Sxuni k Co
Bids will be received from parties
anting to furnish good wood, to th:
?hools of Stonewall School District,
p tr Sept l.>th.a Wood to be placed
i the ground of the respect! ve schools
f the time school begins, Oct 12, to
st six months.
'pt. 11?2 .
Randolph-Macon College
FM MEI. ASKlano,Va.
iVli-rfitfal ?n4 h?rjthfnl lo?*n.
I U.>n, ?'? ?? ??-",-/ SlrK*pn**ad,
\ H?w*f!fnl r***ampaa-a. Mo*li*n*4x>
sanrgra owing to ?*n*kmioa*f*iU.
R. M. H?t?tat A.M.. U..aV, m-a. j
Wm i. ?.?*?? aWya-aalTiiaa* ***? l
lIo lt ovdaine I ' lue Council ol the
of Wi
the bc - A. M. ant io I
i ? full stop
on feet f *' ?' ' I '
ira .j
ti air to ?Po erOSSfng ;ir.'t kee
lng cleared
irini I
* \* ;? -.i i . roi ..i adi
t ? sin or -*Oi I th
'? . ; j h
.? A
f 'Oin the time tl ra til
i departs .or
_\ sllei aid
< rdin
i ar more tl.
tor of any ti
for it
Be it ordained by the Council cf
the Town of Woodstock. Va., that
Ordlnanci I laid town bc
amended so as to reid as 1
Be it ordained that it snail be un
1 iwful for any person to connect the
waste pipe from a kitchen sink or stool
with any pipe or ditch having its out
let on any of the streets or alleys of
the town of Woodstock, or to convey
In any manner any waste water from
any such kitchen sink or stool upon
any of tho said streets or alleys; and
ii shall also be unlawful for any per?
son or persons to convey or cause to
be conveyed any kitchen or hons*
slops, or any sewerage into the public
water passages aud ditches of the
U rm. A rio i ove ordl
nance shall be punished by
i each contin
;.ir twenty -four
tics from ihe . t sha
Pown of W<
my stagnation, c
of wal '. from a
o any of th
'.vTi of V. I
tent ai
1 dy rep*, rt tl
said e'er on
?luail be luch dis?
position of the ii ne at his or their
?wo * as shall l et ???'rh iho
si of 1 i. A
.'.: ?n of tl -
punished by ?
.- twenty
four hours aft r :.' lice by the
de I a se] irate
Watch Lost.
A g- ' : . ' ." *?:??? ' '
on it ?-.s lo<-.
ia en Mr. Maiph Spiggle ?> residence
? nd Nev . - : "urk. A liberal
ward will ts rel
or to the Herald
Sept. ll?2t.
to prc-vf, the advantage of having a
nank accmot. The fact that a great
?Majority of b i?inrss men have one
-.hows that a bank account is well
forth having.
ODSTi "K. Va ,
'rom nien td small affairs as well as
from those of larger interests. It ill ;
.rests that you open one even though
your business is not on a iarge scale.
rhe advantage of the account will
become more and more apparent wit!)
??very <'a\'s experience.
The Valley Savings Bank,
Woodstock, Va.
J. L. FELLER, Cashier.
Oct.. 6 tf.
1 will loon be :? adj to 1
be in th.
>f Woodstock, Alonzaville, Jadwyn.
Saumsville and Maurertown tin
and winter to <au wood for anyone
jrho may want ?n\ ti ;??;.?. .
The report that I would not go
his fall to saw wood i** B
Si pt. I?2t.
Woodstock, Va.
Mr*. Homey, proprietor of Geary's
lot. \ offers bli professional services
it * ? ? rinary surgeon to the people
>f Snenandoah county.
iiiBif at
I hereby return thanks for thc
iberul patronage extended to me by
ae public.
I still have a number of
hich will be sold at cost or any old
rice suggested.
Also a new line of fall velvets, silk
aist patterns 1 yard wide at SI cts.
id other Fall Goods.
Call and inspect my stock.
ill SI?tl.
The tax bills for the .-.ear 1908 for
wn of Woodstock, Va., are cow
ade out and can le paid to the
?easurer at his olTice at any time.
1 not psld by D*k. 31, 1908, will bl
rmd over lo Town S? rgeant for col
ition according to lav.
p. ll?tf. Treasurer I
i ti
>f I
? . tri.:
m .
Per cent.
on ail
- at
W. M C
For Days,
Wa / 1
SU scsi . c
;- 5i . . i Atwell,
We say it truthful;
SHOES in town. ou.
Our childrens calf skin home madn i -
pair. Boys and Jgirls 12/^ to 2
s 2# to 7 at $2.00 ' r youths
Are beyond
ever been your pr; g I re.
exclusive sale of this Home Made
every pair we sell. We also carry the extra
shoe for men at 53.00 made in Harris nburg I'y . jut fall
sinter shoes from me and you will bc ri ?
Youri io- Business,
Opposite th?** -Jail.
"The New Mea Spreader"
Durably constructed and light draft, will pulverize and
rribute the manure in a wide and even stream, many point*
r.crit over othei spreaders. See this machine before
trder. Also a larjje stock of
Buggies, Surries and Runabouts,
.-'arm and Lumber Wagons, Mowers and Hay Rakes. American
.Vire Fencing:, Roofing, Cement, Salt, patent plastering.
.arness, stock lood and a full line of farmers supp
rices. Call to see us.
J. L. Boyer Si Co.
We arc ready for you with the
?st stock of SUITS, OVERCOATS,
SHOES, HATS, CAPS, and in fact every
thint? in wearing apparel that you could
wish at the lowest possible pria - The
best high grade goods that could be bought
are here. Come and see for your self and
vou will be convinced that we can save
YOU MONEY on your purchases.
Opp. Court House.
Woodstock, Va.
rgy and harness can be seen at Mr.
. Fravel'8 also an upright plano,
ne instrument at my old home care
?Ir. Jacob Wisman. Make me a
i must bc sold. I will sell this fall
1-4 acre building lots.'Who wants
or more on a safe investment?
ms will be made known later.
i K. St., S. E. Washington, D. C.
il>2 r-tf*
We now have the exclusive agency
for the celsbrased Whiunan Hay
lad for the Shenandoah
\ I si fall lin** of PreSaSes and
Repairs in *.t<H k at J. A. Wise's place
Staunton, Va., also, at our place
Harrisonburg. Va. Your patronage
Aug. 21-1 rn,
Kodol 5552*5'
palpitation c*( tbe aeart DiesjSj waMyoa cst.

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