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?an i - f. i ? ia
^,00 Por Vear,
Co-nmumcat .ons of a private nature
charged for as advertising.
is complete ic every respect. Work
done on short notice and on iii**)
most uasonble terms.
?sf T>W
VOL. 91.
-o 4*2
Th^n^n^cahHr ra d
e*i at ouo
ae*f f-juarurly or yearly aJiexa
claeme.its ty contract.
kmmf* Unless tne number ot tn*****'
tiona le marked upon the maro*
2 ifipt, ?advertisements will be pi f
lathed until forbidden sod <in>rgi.
accordio -ly
ii william.**.. wu* Ta wi Hit ena
Attorney s-at-Law,
Preciioe in all tho Coo its >t bhenau
Aoah tJmd -aji :uiuii co>. .ii.*., -n the ba
rame Coan ol Appt-ai:-., aua la the Cii
n ? and Di sir: 6'? CuQ?*a ot the Initcc
fetf" Special attentloi. given to thr coJ
tc ea ol cUia-e. mav 15. 64-tf
Al. L. WALTON, Collection
E. D N: irtment.
W. L. NKWalAN. "*..
Notary i'ubhc.
Attoi ney s-at-Law,
Patleeia Stau* and Federal Courts.
I lat' '20 W%
r. 8. :*a\ nn j. m. nana, um an
Jnlj'2\. '.KM j.
Boaran -practice in lett Owner ai - Maaaagot
of Tm ? v ol lection and Ad
)ustmfi>* agency, ?
Sddrvss- Calvary. sStu'DaucJoaii Co.. Virginia.
?*aav Ij'urJ? ivr.
; \\ OODaTTOi !*">, ViRGINLS a
OFEicr : tH coDd floor. Merchant** ana Far
m rs Hark Ku:.ding.
Juuy v-o*.
rianr.kr loeatefll n Woodstock, can be
foin d at his rei enos on North Muhlenburg
j\rc*t. tnt* late reaidenoe nf l?r. J. L. Campl*..!
Ween not j i ::&i'r enjr...
auA' -5-lvr.
Office ami Kesidenc- South iJair- ?
Woodstock, Vikaini a,
t-VSp-'Cial atte-ition niven to 8ur
-?ery. PhoniCall 38.
1):: .1 ii HUSH,
i 188a. Office South
Mam tJtreei. Term;* cash.
May 2?1 yr.
r\\i. VV. a. CLINK,
Resident Physician
?"af Calls answered day or night.
O *l?o and reiidsnoe North Mair
g rae*. Ifaroh 4?tr.
Iy \i. T. F. LOCKE*
Resident Dentist,
O.rica Main 9r,, Woodstock, V*
t_ar Chlorotor-n, dither snd oooaine
aaed (or paio 'epseitrftotionot teeth..
Deo. 3^-1
Court St., Woodstock Va.
varden Fravel* Propr.
tpWPrompt attention flverj to all custo
A Share of 'he public patronage so
Monuments, Tombs and all Kinds
if Cemetery Work
"ia los* ir< th* Valley. Git* tn?
s call.
"jTn. DAVIS & CO.,
e have over one hundred valuable properties
a ?ale ia Virginia, t*:nbr win/ large aud
rn all farms, Town Property, Mills, aineral
r d Timber lands, store stands and stocks of
*?) erchandise. tl tou want to sell vf>nr
p erty QOicaly?price it a* a reSAOtaOt
t>< ie std af cd to ub, and we will do tbe ret
x rite for Catalor-na nov. ao-i vs
Farms Por Sale.
An excellent Farm cf 135 acres of
land, good buildings, well watered
and fenced, 3 miles from Kail Ko sd
Price onlv 11,000.
An excellent small farm of 27 acres
of good land well watered, good frui
and good new dwelling with bay trio
dow and all necessary out buildings
3 miles from Rail Road Price *2,100"
A good small home of ll acres of
fine land, about 100trees of fine trait,
good dwelling in good neighborhood,
4 miles from Kail Road. Price
S1050?all on easy payments. Apply
\o J. N. DAMS A CO,
Real Estate Agents,
Woodstock, Va.
J. N. Davis &Co can supply yo i with
roost anything vou want to buv in
Real Kstate, if you will write to them
?tating just what you want. If you
have any Real Kstate you want to sell,
send a fall disenption, and list with
them, and they will find you a quick
purchaser, if the price is reasonable
U will cost you nothing unless thej
ake ssle.
aieal Katata Agents,
Woodstock Va
To thc Board of Super vi
>rs of Skcnandoak County
ind li li- ll lUianison,
Jommonivcath's Attorn ey
>f Slien an doa li Cou nty?
WHEREAS, on the (Ith day of OotO
tober, Lt*ti& Um Council of the
Town of woodstock, Virginia.
passed i?y a recorded affirmative
vote of a majority of all of Ihe
members, elected to said Council,
thc ordinance annexed heivto.
which describes tin-rein by notes
ami bounds certain territory which
it is proposed to annex to the
Town of Woodstock, Virginia,
and which said ordinance is here?
by made a parto! this notice.
VF. WILL, on the first day of Ihe
November trna, 1906, of the Cir?
cuit Court of Shenandoah County,
the same being the 9th day of No?
vember, 1906, move the said Court
or tlie Judge x\\\o may be designa
ted to hear the ease, to make an
o**der authorizing and declaring
ti:.* annexation provided for in the
-a. ordinance.
liven maier our hands this Ith day of
October, 1908.
Geo. R. Geary, mayor.
M. w. Magruder, bzcobdcr.
IE IT ORDAINED by the council of
theTo'vn ol Woodstock, Virginia.
thnt the following territory not at
present included in the corpora?
tion ol Woodstock, but adjoining:
thereto be annexed to the said
town, to-wit?all that certain real
estate shown and described on the
plat made by P. S Rhodes, Coun?
ty Surveyor Sept. 24, 1906; filed
herewith and made a part r f this
ordinance, aud which is bounded
and described as follows:
'Beginning' at a planted limestone
rock, corner of the old corporate
limits (A) on the plat and on the
west side of the road leading from
the river into town and near the
corner of Isaac H Harris' land,
and extendirg thence along* on the
Southwest side of said road with j
the corporation line S 45 degrees
;>?? minutes ES 58 poles 4 links to a
planted stone on the top of the hill
on the south side of said road in
K. M. Iiushong's line: thence
leaving the old line and running
through the land of W. T. Wil?
liams X. 23 degrees 10 minutes E
132 poles to a stake in William S.
French'! line: thence the w
course over his land and If. V
French's estate 96 poles to a stake
in tae line of P. W. Magrm:
estaf*: thence the same course
over ids land 97 pules to a marked
gate post at Ihe east side of Ihe
; <>n the south side of the
Mill v.tao: thence along on tbe
south side of said road N. 63] W.
26.9 poles to a small marked cedar
on the south side of said road*,
thence N. 4'.'t W. IT poles to a
marked tel?phoue pole on the west
side of the turnpike: thence over
the land of Peter Supinger's es?
tate N. 49*) W. 10 poles to a stake
on the west side of the railroad in
Geo. K. Logan's line: thence along
the west limit of the railroad S.
48 W. 16 poles to an anchor post,
corner to said Logan and Suping?
er: thence along said line N. V>i
W. .Vi ?i poles to a post on the
east side of middle road: thence
along east side of said road S. 49
W. 54.1 poles to a planted stone
(F) on the plat at or very near the
old corner of said limits; thence
along witb the old lines as follows;
S 47 W. 8 poles: S. 4C2 E. cross?
ing the railroad and the Valley
turnpike and along North street
166.6 poles to a planted stone at
the east end of Water street: thence
along the east side of Water
street S. 35 W. 166.1 poles to a
planted stone; thence N. ">7 W. 2.2
poles to a hole on the ledge in the
bend of the road near said Harris'
stable; thence S. 20J W. 14 poles:
thence S. 23| W loi poles to the
beginning, containing 123-} acres,
more or less,
rhe necessity and expediency for the
annexation of said territory is
that the limits of the town may be
more regular and include the set?
tled portion of the town immedi?
ately adjacent to the town, with
such addition of open territory
bounding thereon as raav be reas?
onably necessary for the future
growth of the town on the North
and east as well as on the south
and west, and that the majority
of the territory to be included,
whieh has been practically re?
ceiving all of the benefits of tho
act of incorporation of the town
for many years without being in?
cluded therein, may be annexed so
as to contribute ratably to its
share of the oayment for the bene
Cts which it is receiving and will
continue to receive from the town
and from the revenues therefrom,
which will aid the town materially
in the reduction of its bonded and
general indebtedness incurred in
the erection and maintenance of a
irater system and the erection and
maintenance of a public school
building, both of which are of ci
much benefit to the territory to bc
annexed as to the older part ol
the town.
The same piovisions for comfort and
enjoyment will be extended to thc
new territory as tc the old as th*
necessity for it exists or arrises,
and on the same terms aod coi.di
tions as the like improvement!
have been made in the other parti
of tbe town al read j, Included with
in the corporate limits.
The same police protection as wei
as tire protection will be giv
en to the new or annexed sectioi
as is given to the original town
the inhabitants of the annexec
territory shall have the sami
right to participate in tbe elec
tions of Mayor, Council, and otb
er officers and in other muoicipa
elections and be eligible to Mani
cipal offices to the same extent am
upon like conditions of registra
tiona Ac, ss yoe present Inhabi
tents: the saree rate of taxp.tioi
shall apply eqe illy to the old am
new sections, and tbe maximum o
the tax rate in the new sectioi
shall be the sam; as In the old
tlie charter aud ordiuances of th
town shall apply in like resp-ec
equally to both sections and ai
far as practicable al! of the terri
tory comprised within the eorpoi
r tions limits, old and new shel
be treated alike and be on a
equal basil in even respuct.
M. W. Maori'df.r, Rkcordkr.
K o td o 1For totfs****0*
-ama>mmA*Wmma*mm* rn Relieves soar stomac
ooipitAtiwi 4 tiic heart Digests what yoe cs
of Cod Liver Oil is the means
of life and enjoyment of life to
thousands: men, women and
When appetite fails, it restores
it. When food is a burden, it
lifts the burden.
When you lose flesh, it brings
the plumpness of health.
When work is hard and duty
is heavy, it makes life bright.
It is the thin edge of the wedge;
the thick end is food. But
what is the use of food when
you hate it and can't digest it?
Scott's Emuhion of Cod Liver
Oil is the food that makes you
forget your stomach.
Send this advertisement, together with name ?<
of paper in which it appears, your address and .
four cents to cover postage, and we will send
you a "Complete Handy Atlas of thc World." J
SCOTT & BOWNE. 409 Pearl St. New York ^
Woodstock, Va., Oct. \\\lbt 1908.
Wheat. $1.00
Sweet Potatoes.75
Chickens old. *>
11 snring.12
Bacon, Side and Shoulder.12
Kales days for Live Stock are an follows;
M'.ndays-'-hetp, Hoks snd Cattle,"
[Ail Live Stock sold gross weight.'*
Baltimore. Oct. if.
Cattle-Rpoe;nts for the week ended at
Boon today afars 3,686 head, against 4.&07 head
? * *??(!<; 1 carloads OB the markc'., QttOte
Steers, Rood to choice batchera, #'? 10 to fl
others,! , to I Cowa, fl'fpto t? .; Bulis
to Iso ?,..? to I4.90; t'lt-taft Cows,
\j to J' per bead.
Ho-**-* Reosipta for tho week ended atao-M
to tay frere 10.518 head, against n.aes a<*ad las?t
a?ei k.Kair supply today and.modL'ratodernant'
Quote! Westerns ?ff.00 to 6 50 others, $3.50 to
roughs, fi 50 to 5
.'.heep and Lamb.,? kect.pt* for the week
at r*CH>n to today were i-*,'4)bead
against iS.ors head last week, light supply
snd fair demand. Quote- Lambs, $3.-30
to 5 80: Sheep, ti 50 to j 75.
Calves?Receipts for the week er. led at
noon today wore head, 444 against 4*** head
lieu week. Pair supply today and market
firm. Quote: CoraraoD to best.Jf 4 00 to 8 25.
Woodstock, Va.
Mr. Homey, proprietor of Geary's
Hotel, offers iii- professions^] services
as a veterinary surgeoo to the i>eople
of Snenandoah county.
The tax bill for thc Corporation of
Woodstock, Va., for the year of 1908
are now made out and ready for pay?
ment. Parties desiring: to pay will
please call at my office in court square
After January 1, 1900, 5 per cent, will
be added and collection enforced
strictly according to law.
II. W. Magruder, Tre9.
Aug. 28?dec. 30. of Woodstock, Va.
For the purpose of collecting 190H
taxes, I will ht- at the following placet
on dates named:
New Market Saturday, <Vt-ol>er 1"
Hamburg. Tuesday. Oct. 20. 9 a. rn. to
Conicville. Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1 p. in.
to 4 p. m.
Jerome, Wednesday, Qui 21, 0 a. m.
IO noon.
Libertl Furnace, Wednesday, Oct. 21,
[ p. ra. to 4 p. ra.
Columbia Furnace, Thursday. Oct. 22,
9 a. ra. to noon.
Lantz Mills, Friday, Oct. 23, 9 a. ra.
10 noon.
Edinburfi Saturday, (Vt. 24.
Quicksburg, Tuesday, Oot. 27, 1 p. m.
to 4 p. rn.
Forestville, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 9 a.
m. to noon.
Moore's Store, Wednesday, Oct- 28, 1
p. m. to 4 pm.
Belgrade, Thursday, Oct. 29, 9 a. ra.
to noon.
Orkney Springs, Thursday, Oct. 29, 1
p. m. to "> p. m.
Ml Clifton, Friday, Oct. 30.
Mt .Jackson, Saturday, Oct. 31.
Woodstock, Monday and Tuesday,
Nov. I and 3.
Sauinsvilli . Wednesday. Nov. 4. '? a.
ra. to noon.
Mt. Olive, Wednesday, Nov. 4, I p. m.
to 1 p. m.
Tiehanon Church, Thursday, Nov. 5.
Orar.da, Fri. Nov. ri, 9 a. ra. to noon.
PUher'l Hill. Friday, Nov. 6, 1 p. m.
to 4 p. m.
Tom's It rook. Saturday, Nov. 7, 9 a.
m. to I p. m.
Woodst'M*k_ Monday and Tuesday,
Nov. 9 and 10.
Maurertown, Wetfrefldtjr, Nov. 11,1
p. tn to .{:.'&) p. m.
St David's Ch , Thur., Nov. 12, 1 p.
11 to I p. m.
Bevea Fountain-., Friday, Nov. Mi, N
a. ru. 1 p. ra.
Ne* Market, Saturday. Nov 14.
Strasburg, T?.er-ida\ and Wednesday.
Nov. 17 and 1*.
Mt. Jackson, Satur-u.... N(?v. 21.
Klinbuig, Saturday, Nov. 2ft.
Afler these dates, I will be in Um
.surer**! Dfllce from day today un*
t 1 the Nt of December.
W$ Five Ott o*nt. will bf added tin
lal of Deesssib
\ . rv resmvtfullv,
? J. 0 HIT( HESON,
"* Treasurer Shen. County.
I. far smlldrosms emf e. smre. Me eplmtma
:oiToR('F ti, \r.r>:?
ratio plat!
lie b?U fl :;-OUt
nd that ls, Mr. Divan | positlOII on
nt ifuarank-'- ol I ;.osi
MTS. I bee nothing wrong in that, ex
pt that he wants to hold one bank j
seponsibU for the next bank ind
rea in this as I uoderstand it be only
ould require them to eat aside 10
?r cent, of their earnings for the
eneflt of Ihe depositors, lilt arong
iat the depositor should U* prot*
gainst loss? Tiie (bank) hus use of
is money and loans it out and makes
ie discount on, | of the depositors
toner, does he get ranj of the die
rant? not much I assure, you, but if
ou want to borrow any money in
mall or large amounts. What -
ie bank ask you. can you give gilt
figed security, they want to be .guar
nteed against loss and why I ask.
tiould not the depositor be guaranteed
gainst loss? I asked a vUv-Presi
ent of a National bank theother dey
hat guarantee the depositor had for
is money when he put it in hi- bank.
othing he said bul confidence, but ire
mst have gilt edged neper when we
-an money, and when you go toa
iuilding and Loan institution you
mst give a first mortgage on the
ai estate that you may own. about.'>
) 1 before you -an gi I fl I
Whilst i don't think that m b
ujju to bs res] oneible for the fal
f another bank, but I do think that
n -. I oi ?n who i 'in* U do ? I
is business ought to lecure their d?
oeitore^and my j.lan would be to
take each and < very man going into
ie banking business to deposit with
ie county clerk a mortgage on his
?al estate to the amount of tlie stock
e proposes to take, ? ? '
ftits mUpcwmtors afout. Suppose lhere
ere twenty men who wanted to go
do the banking business, and they
ere worth 810,000 each and would
leta 1st mortgage on half or 5,000
fwhat they an
neild their Cl
i incl- .- * Tl
f dollars to d .
ta thal ? in
.Hon, bul the] an
i ? ..
tat Um
ill that some!
nd rei that the
1 will be one of 20 or 4". as the
iay be, to orjfl ? ? on the
lan 1 have ll and I know of
- who will do the same thing. A
? ? al maur Demoeiats >? the
Si-publicans make light of it) are op
osed to afr. Bryan's ideas on the
oarantee of bank deposits, but it i
oming, and, coming loon, whether
Ir. Brian is elected or not. i will
ay, just here, that all the Indications
oint towards his election.
I belters in the people ruling this
reat country of ours. It iras formed
n the principle of "Equal rights to
ll and special prifUegei r<> none."
a Democrat om imun< h-lk
Monroe Funkhouser,
ms' Hie
Mutual Fire Insurance
Ie is usually found at the Clerk's
)ttice Woodstock, Va
Dec. 20 '07?tf.
Woodstock, - - Virginia.
Commonwealth's attornky for
shenandoah copnty.
Will practice in adjoining-; counties.
Will be in Ne** Market ?v*ry Saturday.
Kodol For
Our Guarantee Coupon
\ If. after uain.fr two-thlrda of s fi oo bottle of
Kodol. you can honestly ear it baa not bene?
fited yen, we will refund your money. Try
Kodol today on thia guarantee. Fill ont snd
sign tbe following, preaent it to the dealer ct
the time of purchase. If it fania to satisfy yon
retnrn the bottle containing one-third of the
medicine to the dealer from whom you bought
it, and we will refund 70-or money.
Town.. , ?????, -
Sign here.
? ut Thia Out
Digests WhatYouEal
And Makes the Stomach Sweet
E. C. OaWXTT ea CO., Chic-aa o. IU
ITm UitMl SV Qt.w.i.t
I ut the hi
of his son, Eppa Hunton, Jr., iu this
city. He was 86 years old.
General Hunton was a native of
Fauquier county, and had a great
politicai, legal and military career.
Ha i I an academic edueatioo,
studied law and was admitted to
practice at the bir in 1848. Within a
year after this ho was appointed Com?
monwealth attornt-y for 1'rince
Winiam couuty, and held the oflice
until 1862.
He was elected to the Virginia con?
vention of H(>1 to prepare a constitu?
tion under tho Confederacy, but after
serving during th*1 first session he en?
tered the Confederate army as colonel
of the Eighth Regiment of Virginia
Infantry. He served in all the princi*
pal battles in the Army of Virginia,
and after the battle of Gettysburg, in
prhich he especially distinguished him?
self, he was promoted to the rank ol
brigadier-general. (~>n April 8, 1866,
be was captured at tho engagement at
Sailor's creek and imprisoned in Fort
Warren until af Ur the cessation of
hostilities, being released in July of
that year.
In 1*73 General Hunton was elected
to represent his district in Congress,
and was re-elected to the three suc?
ceeding Congresses. In the Forty
f.Hirth Congress he was a member of
the joint committee that formed the
Electoral Commission to decide the
contest for the Presidency between
Tilden and Hays, and was a member
of the commission itself, voting stead?
ily with the Democrats on all points
nt issue between the two parties.
He (was instrumental in defeating
the celebrated Force bill. j
In May, lV'j, Governor McKinney
appointed General Hunton United
States Senator to BU the vaccancy
-Mused by the death of Hon. John S.
The funeral took place Tuesday
afternoon with military hom
Mrs. Christena B
in Stephens Citj several days
? i '
Mrs. Daisi S]
:<?r t! " lined I
og es I there by
-.h.- Uh
; wife, <>f Si
Ohio, ho 1 ?? been visit s ii
Funk, left t Sal
Mrs. L. A Swartz i
ii Josie, are visiting at Mt ( linton
in Rockingham < 'ounty.
Mis> Etta Carrol left for Fron'
al on Tuesday.
charles L. James left i liness
trip tO Washington, Monday.
L. Harper Zinkle. a member of the
Board ?>f Supervisors of Lee District,
rlsited tbe Alms-HousK on laal S fa?
rlay and Monday.
Sidney Newman ha**- mOTed into his
new dwelling at the south end of town.
Be has a large and convenient home,
situated in a l**autiful location.
Our public school opened on Mon?
day, with Miss Vivian Haun as teach?
er. Th** enrollment is not as lar
it could, and should, l>e: as there are
pupils here who are attending school
at Tom's Brook, who could receive
now, and for sometime to cor
the instruction they would be able to
tak** in. Hut their parents think it
sounds much better to say: "My chil?
dren are attending the High School at
the Brook." It is more than likely
that in a lew yean they will regret
their action and come to realize the
fact, that, active and thoron-.h-going
business men, when eomU'mplating to
locate in a town, before buying prop?
erty always inquire: "HaVS you a
school?1' and the answer may be, by
their action today, "Yes, ti ?
school two miles north of our town*"
And an answer of this kind, would at
once have the impression open to the
mind of the bu\ST, "Well. I will lo?
cate where my children will have the
advantage of a school at their home
town, and where my propari) will not
depreciate in rains for the lack ot
School facilities and progressive l.us;
" Wa sincerely advise tin prop?
erty owners to wakeup, now, and take
j notice.
Til** lecture delivi n d al Valley Pike
Church. Monday night, by Mrs. Miller
ot iowa. | missionary to India: wai
attended bf a large audience and lt*
; tenlively listened to.
Apple Barrels.
T am now prepared to till promptly
all orders for apple barrels.
Jno II. Oka him.,
Woodstock, Va
ms ijnrnnmrnn-nmnnm* * mn, a*a*
Indigestion esJsts whee the food ls act property digested. Dyspepsia
means literally a lack of * epaln In the stomach, but dyspepsia as common?
ly uadorstood is simply o' ironic Indigestion, ff a healthy stomach ls dis?
ordered ansi cannot dlge t all the food put Into rt, temporary Indigestion
results. Bvery healthy stomach sometimes gets out of order. Not re?
alising that such is the case, we ait the usual quantity of foo4, or perhaps
more than the usual q* ntity, as the appetite b usually abnormal. The
stomach fails to digest iii the food and tndlgesticn follows. In either case
nature nasas asslstase> , and it to wise to give this asslsunce, for by doing
so the discomfort of Usu attack of indigestions! avoided and often aa attack j i
of biliousness, cholera mor bus, sick heads*, he, etc., ts averted. Rydale's
Stomach Tablets are )aaV what ls needed to do the work the stemsch cannot
do. They are hai ni rees, rind should be taken by healthy people whenever
the stomach ls disord e tree. They are a splendid med lome far oh 144 res suf ?
faring frons asm ttemarti r bowel disorder, tfthe digestive organs are wesk
indlflrestflon wflh prevail, ad the patient will suffer from ene er mere of the
foltowrng eymptsflflfla, seat stomach, heartburn, gea la ase etemach, lasso1 er
alai: the stomach, sick
knot in the
etc. Rydele's
ar^.as*4Btsw>edrs?asleHy viii soon cairo the worst
Ry4asVe aaaaaasl^iaUaareseMeee
rr., vomiting,
wil resseve et
ailed to Si ? Fri
i tof theil
ithei ! - ok.
i vifl
?v'l'l. ?? -lt
B< Sawki - wi in
urg la>t Prid
llrs I Burkett, nf Charles
'own, ipi it - tal week,
?ith heir father, W. H. Lichliter.
Mr. ravel, oi Washington,
t Of Mr. ti I Mra fi ir*
ison Miller t!i- i St Of this sr<
Bam ( rabill and I
[ottel. who ure employe.i in H. K.
V ' . Son ? factory at
inden, spent - t their 1
eur hi
Mrs. u. F. Beckley, of Strasburg,
as bean visiting ber father Mr. D
Tabill, on the riv ir near I
Mrs. Jas. Wal* Reddirt, who
i here,
(siting relatives ne:,r P I Hie.
irs. Jos
itv and David Pank, ol St* ?urg,
fri< adi I1 re.
F. ll. I).*? s, employee of
(). K. R. at Brunswick, spent
Drath Chair a Success
Richmond, Va., Oct. 13.?The first
f Virginia's criminals to die in the
ectric chair was executed in the
f-ath chandu r in the Virginia State
enit^ntiary al nek today, in
m "' 'icse officers and
Jficials duly . ? I Hider thelaw
) witnes- the ? r.e.
The man, whoa
i criminal annals as tl t
i the elect? eution me
ig erime, waa Henry Si i th, I
?scar Perry, of Po*
eed was that of criminally assaultim;
ired Mrs. Albert Fowell, thereafter
leaping, with
? ; hoi c 1 have
illeu :
D, according
3 th -? tho-otam i
.the vietin 'a
sj - i - parl
ir, ar mftlon e
uch an invention for the takii
far iur
' The proof of the pudding is in the
I Ung.1 If a sample of the puddin?
you fr van at 'east
sst its meru without taking any
nancee. A sample of Rye
ioh Tablets or Rydale's Liver
"ablets [two ditTerent prescriptions
written by specialists fortwo dilTere.it
roubles' will be mailed free to any
utterer writing the Rydale Remedy
/< . Newport News. Vu.. Guarani
>j S. G. Good, New Market, and Dr.
rV. E. Fahrnev, of Timberville, V.
A torpid liver deranges the whole
system, an-1 produces
)>spepsia, Cos tfrencss, Rheu
Twtism, Sallow Skin and Piles.
There is r.o better remedy for the*.,
common diseases tiiuii DR. TLTT'>
LIVER PILLS, as u trial wW prove.
?Tak* *'o Substitute._
Farms and Timber Land.
(1) Tract of farming and timber
land, ~*~ acres, in lower part of
Albemarle county. One-half is in
virgin timber, oak. pine, and hickory,
ihe other part ls -?l>en land suitable
for cultivation.
Trice 10.00 per acre.
(2) An exceedingly desirable farm
and very comfortable home.
acres, fenced and weil watered. All
cleared except 88 acres In timber 60
ac?es in neh bottom lund. 12 acres
orchiird, Land produces two tons
hay per acre. Comfortable dwelling;
barn and every necessary outbuild?
ings. See this" place at *H.000.
Real Kstate Register, free.
Charlottesville, Va.
Oct. 2?4t.
ffl ifHWh il
1 i
The only baking power, made from
Royal Grape Cream of Tartar, the
officially approved ingredient for
, a\jvholesome, high-class powder
: Vi
Their ls greater deception in the sale of bakin?* powders than ever before*
*a Closely observe tbe label and be cert-do of fStflBaj KcyaL
One up right 6 horse steam engine one 6 horse boiler, suit
i"ble for sawing' wood, cutting folder, hay corn in" shock or crush
tnd grind . otu 12 inch Sprout and french
ir\o. 1 crusher,
ilse have at all times all kinds
Superior Force J Grain a Sha rp V1
rn Separator-**, Syracuse Harrows,. Steam and Gasoline Engine*
p Manure Spreaders &c. A nev. car load of the famous
Blue Ribbon < Buggies, Surriev
Runabouts, &c. Look at our Salem Wagons, and be convinces!
they are the only good wagons on wheels
The Normal Training Class
Begins Sept 7, 1906. Session nine months. Tuition for tin teat ob S ?
will be free to all students from tbe state of Virginia.
All who desire to enter should spplj by mail or in person stones to the
Principal. Applicants should state age, school previously stt ind ad
raooenient therein. While ii is desirable that applicants should have taken
two yeats <?f the high school course, yet an) earnest young niau or woman,
ambitious to become ii teacher, is advised to communicate freely and frankly
with tiie Principal.
Students ano complete tba work proscribed by t!?e stat*' Board *>f Educe**
tion mill be given a certificate of graduation, which entities the holder to a
teacher's first grade certificate g
Aug. 28 ;t WM. A. ANDERSON, Jr., PridcipsJ.
I |:t? h(
Of Ml <l(] lie . 'I
">'? .' ; I ii' ?? * ? itv ' I
? But :. ? * ?i th ?: " 'it!1 if
- ' * Ulss Min.
i'ti des ;.'??; puta yo' milk n i*"?
"Ami hr i -ir.**H'U milk, M irthaT*
"Wei!. ; cr ; -os' cse yer
? lat. .Miss Min"
"Bat l lmve-.i't any Judgment. Mar?
"Well. te. Vsta lv'p yer, Miss Miu,
'cause I c in'r:"?Tr arel Magazine.
It's Wagon Wisdom that prompts a larmer to {
select a Weber Wagon. He knows that the 61 years
experience in wagon building which stands behind
every wagon is a guarantee that when he buys a j
Weber he buys the highest quality. Sixty-one years
of wagon building have resulted in the Weber wagon
of today, which, for correct design, excellence of '
material and conscientious construction, stands with?
out a peer ? King of all farm wagons.
Farmer's Union
u ii s ra. 11 i *
A Vicii.t For 3 Vc nc.
One .?;' tbs moat mi lons i tm i I
on anj ' Italn
is That at <n
joining G In Lin
lt \a in tbe form and
:i boa snd is d Its
biston li a r:ni". -
hy arba I onl :i mooVst ' I
bf [n ? i sn "?i * lotm, i i
pert et !is life. Ar
led ta . :t I'i fie
far v. est ; -caa* a rie!?
mau. Or. nt to t!i
ms a at Grail floa a sum
clent to i> l!" i ;; I SBd 1
to rhe _- I
a metal iralfc - I
bow should bs "*i t!ie aaaaavN sf the
tdlflGS- The gift wai I
the vane may rilli le se. n ou ma
i hureh.
Club Sterics.
!' :r K?|J af the tlUSS
when tile At'ieii.tfi-.i r!n!?. "fi iii' ** Itn
clubb. . ? SOIarion.
liesa la by the rnit
i -'.?; i Ire i
f>ue was of a dsstlBRnlshsd i
who, .;.'. . i for his uni
:.l t.> ii Th.it
? - ? rm tho s **- ba hep--; into
Tile . * Mat
li . > .
I . ?
? rr. '? * rtalng
. ti ?t Hil Vc rd.
? . |i
i that i
;,*? i** lo ' : leave off work
e\te;.t as it .. tbe time. Toiv
I l (tlMP
dayi- Why. r
Ull.it Amen this
' Pore in I ? iou forgot
Iud tlievioek. sir. Lunion Fun.
Cause cf His HParity.
(hat fellow Prow-i
didn't shears Lat-taja*) .it Mi
own jokes. White Hr.. eo*wa*l
i.ii!-.':i nt Ms own | >k?*->* He laugh* at
you ft-il ? silly .-"ti'??.:,'li to
liston to i: . .. I ll titrated Dita.

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