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Origin of Old Glory.
In the reminiscences of Ix>rd Ronald
Gower is found a story of the origin of
tho stars :uul stripes.
The "star spangled banner" of the
American republic lind its origin from
nu old brass ??n the V0 of an ancient
church ta Northamptonshire. Tbe brest
covers the tomb of one Uobort Wash
tnftoa and ls dated MB. On it np
pears the Washington coat of arms,
consisting Of three stars, with bars or
strides beneath them. On the first day
of the new year, 1770. the thirteen
united colonies raised a standard al
Washington's headquarters.
This introduced the stripes of tnt
present, but retained the crosses of St
George and St. Andrew on a bluf
ground in the corner. In 1777 thc
a wei* n ri by atara
Declaratloa of independence render*!
the retention of tho English element
?nillirCi?ry and inconvenient. In thin
adopting the arms of his ancestors ai
his own distinctive badge Washington
no doubt intended the Hag merely as ?
private signal for his own personal fol
lowing, but lt was at once adopted a?
a national emblem. Probably there 1:
not another ease in the world's histor}
in which the private arms of an ob
s-ure family have attained such world
wide eminence and repute.
Sleight of Hand.
Hy ker ? I attended a succesafu
sleight of hand performance last night
l -So? Hyker-Yes. I lent a con
Juror a counterfeit dollar, and he gave
me hack a g Exchange.
Trying to Explain.
Howell -What did you mean by say
lng that I would never set the wori.1
on tire? Powell I meant that yoi
were too much of a gentleman to dc
lt. Exchange.
First, Forgive.
When ye stand praying, forgive, ll
ye have aught against any. that jroni
Father also whl<-h is In heaven ma]
forgive you your trespasses.?St. Mark
xl. 25.
In friends Mp we see only those faults
which may be prejudicial to out
friends. In love we see no faults but
by which we suffer OUTSelves.
De la Bruyere.
rvant?Please, sir. i want?
il for the plumb ihe's
'?.\vn t!i.
Mr. Nuriehe?Toll youl
? dlculous. 1*11 bu;.
I ring! ? 1
w fell in Europe for forty day
!n 1434.
Guarding a Nail.
A gentleman In Jerusalem told me
thal I a Turkish soldier on
guard In ?orae pail of the Church of
thc ll Ij Sepulcher, where it was not
usual for to be, and Inquired
? ( iiirn why he was th.
He pointed t > a nail in the w ill and
replied, "ll duty to watch that
Im cl that the
Latina or the Greeks- I forget which
had driven the nail with the view of
banging a picture; that a rival
bad furiously objected, saying that it
erith their prop?
erty end wanted to pull out the nail;
that thereupon the Turkish govern*
Went had intervened and set him to
ten the nail and see that no picture
\ s bung upon it and that it was not
allow the picture to be hong
would have been to admit the ell
of ti. rae wh i drove In the nail. To al?
low i! To bo pulled OUt Would have
1 ? ? ' the claims of those who
objected to the driving in of tbe nail.
Tb the aall must be preserved
and the pl Hire must not be bung, and
to see thar thia ? an armed sen?
try must watch clay and night For
aught I know he may be watching
Kider Haggard'! "A Winter PH
grims ?'
Traced by a Bluebottle Fly.
The - D to the us.- of
ion for rats la that they retire to
- ni d <!i<' there, to become
a nuisance and a t to health
I r ? were compi
t i have ii ? and wainscoting of
p room removed for this
reason, a wiser roan, knowing that a
pair of : ?! rats had got under his
fl r, v iron i ed Dot a carpenter, but a
naturalist, to his aid. They knew that
- were under the t!o..r. but the
difficult! w:is to fix the spot. There
er of the house no
tire to the removal of the
whole floor: hen-e his appeal to the
nature detective The latter would
i ear of tbe floor coming up. He
Cried OUt fora bluebottle fly. rme was
captured unhurt and turned loose in
the room. After a little preliminary
hawking tbe bluebottle darted to the
floor and remained on one spot, like
a pointer which has found game.
"Your r..!s are under there." said
the naturalist They < ul down through
that board, arid there were the n
New York Mall.
The F.r?t Pantomime.
John Rich has the credit of produc?
ing the first pantomime ever seen In
England. I oj
i? - 1717, at ? ter in Lin?
coln's Inn Fields Rich had found him?
self unable to com] ,:e with the legit!
mate drama Pane, so he
thought himself of the comic masques
occasionally performed in London and
combined with their sr-enic and me
(hanini effects the maneuvers of the
pantomime ballet The result
"Harlequin Executed." which the ed
i rtlsemetit of that day described SS
"a new italian mimic scene, beta
n scaramouch, a harlequin, I I 'miry
farmer, his \.if.- and others." There
was all the business with which we
were familiar from childhood, hut*
turned Into palaces, shops h
dens, houses into trees, nf course the
"earnest sta f the drama"
tested ega li al this Innovstion, but
Harlequin. Columbine t\ Co have
malntaln< d their bold on public favor
until the present year of grace.
He Knew Them.
Thli rd In the lobl
n bis hotel lu Clnclunatl when a bus
load of tr.. men came from
the station. Ever man of them as
he signed the ri
1 nds with th- hotel clerk fatherly
old fellow who had been then
years. "Ah." said one of them to thc
< ?-';, 'it's a good th'?!_' you're still on
deck. Uncle Dave. 1 don't think the
?OOM Could run without you"
"Couldn't it. tlioujh!" said Pn<iel?ave
"You fellows would eonie In here, and
if there wa* a Strange clerk you'd
say. 'Where's Dacia Pave?' And the
clerk wou'd suv 'Why. didn't yoi
hear? Hs died h month ago.' And
then yoo'd way: Well. I'M be darned!
.That'* too bod. Say. when 'll djo
per be read; V "
Words of Praise
For the several Ingredients of which Dr.
Pierce's medicines are composed, aa gi van
ly leaders in all the several schools of
ired id ne, should have far more weight
than any amount of non-profeasional tes?
timonials. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip?
tion has THE DAX>OE OV HONESTY on 6V0ry
bottle-wrapper, in a full list of ali its in?
gredients printed In plain English.
If you aro an invalid woman and au (Tar
from frequent headache, backache, gnaw*
Ingdistras^ in stomach, periodical pains,
disagredame, catarrhal. pelvic drain,
dragging/down distress in lower abdomen
or pelvis, perhaps dark spots or specks
dat ic jag before the eyes, faint spells and
kind*tedsym?tomscaused by female weak?
ness, ovfthec derangement of the feminine
organs, W/can not do better than take
Dr. Pler/ek Favorite Prescription.
The h/sftltal, surgeon's knife and opera?
ting tauje/ruay be avoided by the timely
use of iravorite Prescription? in such
cast:. Thereby the obnoxious.examin?
ations aTTlKfll EgggnEBE fam"1/
physician c in be avoided an da thorough
cpurse ot successful tr?-.it;n>-ut gairic-d oulj
<TL_,Pi. P*'k*.<7 BOB ESE "Favorite,
Prescription* in composed of the very batt
native medicinal roots known to medica)
science for the cure of woman's peculiar
ailments, contains no alcohol and no
harmful or habit-forming drugs.
Do not expect too much from "Favorite
Prescription;" lt will not perform mira?
cles ; lt will not disolve or cure tumors.
Ko medicine will. It will do as much to
establish vigorous health in most weak?
nesses and ailments peculiarly incident to
women as any medicine can. It must be
given a fair chance by perseverance In its
use for a reasonable length of time.
Y'"i mn't affnrrt f/i aocapJ i least oaf
trina as a substitute foy \h\<\ BSnatAjl "(
~Tip\vn compQbj^jpn.
Sick women are Invited to consult Dr.
Pierce, by letter,/rea All correspond?
ence is guarded as sacredly secret and
womanly confidences are protected by
islonsl privacy. Address Dr. R. V.
Pierce. Buffalo. N. Y,
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets the best
laxative and regulator of the bowels.
Thej Invigorate stomach, liver and
bowels. Gue a laxative ; two or thies a
cathartic Easy to take aa candy.
[From the Windsor Magazine.]
When 1 am dead, forget me. dear,
For I shall never know,
Though o'ermy coldand lifeless hands
Your burning tears should Mow.
I'll cancel with my living voice
The iebt you'll owe the dead?
I me the love you'd show me then.
Hut give it now instead.
And hiing no wreaths to deck my
Vov I shall never care
Though all the flowers I loved the most
Should grow and wither th
sell my ciiar.ee- of all tin- Howers
You'll lavish when I'm dead
For one small bunch <>f violets now.
9 i giye me that instead.
What saints we are when we are gone!
But what's the use to me
Ol praise! written on my tomb
For other eyes to see/
One little simple word of praise
By lips we worship said
ls worth a hundred epitaphs*?
Dear, saj it now instead.
And faults that now are hard to bear
< oblivion then shall win.
om Bins an- soon forgiven us
When we no more can sin.
B d a bitter thought of me?
Ki ep it for when I'm dead:
I shall not know. ! shall not care.
Forgive me now instead.
A Cure or flisery.
"I have found a cure for the misery
d . iris olson product b, ia] i R. M.
I, of Liouellen. S I'. "It's C
Electric Hitters, and comes in 50 cent
bottles, lt breaks up a case of chills
or a bilious attack in almost no lime:
and it DUts yellow jaundice clean out
of commission." This great tonic med?
icine and blood purifier gives quick
relief in all stomach, liver and kidn? y
complaints and the misery of lane
back. Sold under guarantee at Wal?
ton ox- Smoot's drug store*
Lu ray, Jan. 21. Lewis C. Kilner.
a prominent citizen of Page county,
died night before last at ins home at
Kimball, four miles north of this
of senile infirmities. He is sur?
vived by a large family.
Simple Remedy For La (irippe
Hacking la grippe coughs that may
develop into pneumonia over night are
quickly cured by Foley's Houey and
Tar. The sore and intlamed lungs
are healed and strengthened, and a
dangerous condition is quickly avert?
ed. Take only Foley's Boney and
Tar in the yellow packages. Walton
t SinoOL
Pickpocket in New York niii&t be of
s peculiar indigenous breed. Detec?
tives have been called into service at
the Automobile Show to prevent tbe
thieves from walking out with autos
con. ibout their persons.
If vou will take Foley's Orino
Laxative until the bowels become
regular you will not have io take
purgatives constantly, as Foley's
? .utive positively eurea
chronic constipation and sluggish
liver. Pleasant to take. Walton A
9 -ot.
If each individual in New York city
owned an equal portion of its real es?
tate he would be worth in land 11,520,
according to the eel lead valuation.
Kodol for Dyspepsia and Indiges?
tion will digest any and all food at
any and all times. Kodol is guaranteed
to give prompt relief. Sold by Walton
A Smoot.
According to the federal bureau c f
animal industry, H\ per cent, of the
cattle of the United States are affected
with tuberculosis.
Kodol digests al) the food you eat.
If j on will take Kodol for a little
whi'e you will no longe- have Indi?
an. It is pleasant to take, acts
promptly. Sold by Walton & Smoot.
Thc- annual |rr capita consumption
of sugar in thc United States is v
Take DeWitt's Kidney and Bladder
Pills. They are for weak back, back?
ache, rheumatic pains and &11 kidney
and bladder troubles. Soothing and
antiseptic liegular size GOO. Sold
by Walton & Smoot.
The pay roll of American railroads
amounts to a billion dollars year.
There Is no case on record of a
cough, cold or la gripj>e deve'oping
into pneumonia after Foley's Honey
and Tar has been taken, as it cures
the moat obstinate deep seated coughs.
and colds. V, hy take say thing else
Walton * tape*.
Migrating Indians.
Full-blooded Creek and Cherokee I
dians are reported to be leaving 0
lahoma for Mexico, where the Qhsr
kees have bought 19,000 acres of lai
near Vera Cruz, and are closing
trade for i?00,000 acres near Temple
Tho Creche are negotiating for a lari
tract between Tampi'-o and Ve -ra ('ru
Of the full-blooded Indian inOklahon
1??.ooo are Creeks and Cherokees, ai
thejj have lbs money to pay for plen
of land. Mexico welcomes all ne
comers, and the Indians like tie- Mei
can climate. The white man is crow
ing the red man too close in Uki
Seventy-five years ago the indi:
population of this country was esl
mated at 313,800. This is not far fro
the BUmibef on the continent when tl
white man came, in isTi the uumb
was estimated at 237,000. The late
census gives the number of Ind
806,000. The Creeks and Cheroke*
who inhabited Bast Tennessee and tl
Southern border, have for J ears mai
taloed their numbers. Some Of tl
tribes In Oklahoma are very wealth
They owu mush valuable land nidi
the white man regards with coveto'
The government has had a dil
cult time trying to prevent the willil
indian from being robbed.
"When attacked by a cough or
cold, or when your throat is sore, it
rank foolishness to take any otb
medicine than Dr. King's New Di
co very," says C. 0. Eldridge, i
Empire, Ga. "I have used New Di
co very seven years and I know it
the best remedy on earth for cougl
and colds, croup, and all throat ar
lung troubles. My children are su
ject to croup, but New Discover
quickly cures every attack." Know
the world over as the King of thro
and lung remedies. Sold under gua
antee at Walton A Smoot's din
store. 50c. and ll .00. Tri ul bott
Virginian Buys Motor Works
New York, .'an. 22.?Tba sale <
the Pope Motor Car Company i
Toledo, to a syndicate headed b
Richard D. Apperson, of Lynchburi
Va., is announced here. Mr. A
person is vice pr- sident of th*- Amer
can National Bank of Lynchburg
but is not connected with any oth<
automobile company. It was state
that the plant, which is now in tl
hands of a receiver, will soon resum
operations at full capacity under tl
name of the App'Tson Toledo Moto
Company, lt will not be remove
from Toledo.
A Religious Author s statement.
For several years 1 was afllicted wil
kidney trouble ami last winter I Wi
suddenly stricken with a severe nain i
ray kidneys and was confined t<> bi
??ij-ht clays unable- to get up withoi
assistance. Mv urine contained
thick white sediment and 1 :
same frequently dav and night.
commenced taking Foley's Kidne
R-meily. and the pain gradual 1
abated and final);, ceased and my uris
ms normal. I cheerfully i -
mend Foley's Kidney Remedy. Wa
ton & Smoot.
Prohibition in the District.
Washington, D. C., Jan. 21.?Th
i Bill, which seeka to prohibit th
of spirituous liquora In the Dil
rict of Columbia, was tabled today b
bi House Committee on the DistrU
?f Columbia The bill will not be re
eorted to tiie House by the Committee
Another Failure at Winchester.
Winchester. Va.. Jan. 21 ?John A
[untsberry, a Winchester merchani
oday tiled a deed of assignment t
lorbert S. Larrick, trustee. Liabill
iee of 92,000 are scheduled. The as
letts consist of a stock of dry goods
hoes. etc. This is the tenth failure ti
>ccur here within eight months.
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syruj
astes nearly as good as maple sugar
t cures the cold by gently moving tb
? >wels and at the same time it |i
oothing for throat irritation, thereby
topping the cough. Sold by Waltor
z Smoot.
Wif> -John, mother is worried hal
o death over our affairs.
Hub.-?Just like her. She's alwayi
olag things by halves.?Boston Tran
erl pt.
Money loaned on nmg time and atna
monthly payments. Loans guarantee
o be paid up n 84 months if paymer
re promptly made when due. Valle}
biildine M. T, Anao Wcwlatoek. Vf*
:or Sale a Valuable 15 Horst
I have a good 15 horse stationers
ngine and boiler with all fixtures
rhlch i will sell for 1100 cash*
Woodstock Va.
lt Ignited.
Little Rollie, four years old, came to
he table, where we had tomato se.up.
t which he ls rery fund. Being very
lungry, be could not wall for it t??
oct, but nastily sts two or three
poonfuls; then, laying down his- spoon.
lettned, "My goodness, that soup
?. ko h<?t ii makes sparks all down me"
Why He Was Mad.
Stubb What's the trouble with the
rriter'-c In bandi He kWBU SUgTy
nough to chew tacka !'? '-I be
J. She ch-di ,.t. <| he-r Isl ???!; t
im smbi> Ora* k a : l should con*
Uhr the! a - ? I Pi un v '
p you knew >' ? f the boo!: it
i "Wild Animals I Hive Met." Chi
Ugo News
Proved lt.
"Wh.it Stinted ile- riot ar the per
>rmance u 'flamb I I sight!"
stall ai d
lld: 'Alas mr 1 ?? not
ie only dei di d In thc bouse.'"
The Missing Pnrt.
.Mrs. Roardem How d . yen Bud the
n soup. Mr. !'? Mr I'
r-I h ti ne ditli-ulty la Anding the
sop, mads n. but i sn Inclined i<>
link the - i,j :c<Mi will prove ea alibi.
Tslk net ?>f n pond life, but let th>
ixhI life talk S- hiller.
,\ -
Rescuing a Camel.
The cai i called the "ship
of the desert.** I. >?? tbe ship, lie may
be capsized, and In that predicament
he is beloit M His manner Of lying
io fold his lej?s bf
neath his I. dy. If be happens to rob
upon hi-; sids be cannot recover lib
feet again. This infirmity of the uni
mal is mentioned by tbe Conni d<- I .
dain In the a count of bis fournej
"From Pekin to Sikkim:"
"Th-- cai ii in v.a- made up nf cam
els. I bad brough! some new i aei
?nd bad no idea of liking enj othei
animals into a country largely
posed ? r I-- ?? sand. An anio lng In
? ld. di marked tbe b. glnnli g of on
march < me camel, an kward ss
all are. managed to tnmble Into i
dil. li ol' thick mud bet's eon I
and a wheatfield. vVben ones fall*
a camel can only gel up again If I"
can arrange it* feel conveniently dj
der It and li' th ? ground ls aearlj
"in ibis cass it w:is not so, ? Tb
mal lay with all four feet In tbe nil
perfectly resigned and Incapable of
single movement t<> help Itself. T
draw it out Took more than half i
hour and required the united effe
of many men with cordi passed one
the cgmel's ba< li
Welcoming the Traveler.
I have always bad s good .pinion oi
the enterprise ?-f tbe life Insui
sgent It has seemed to nie that th
busy b.-e- li :i lazy ne*er do well
pured wiih hiu' Recently this opln
1- ii bai been strengl bent I
a ii e.le! c< lored sen i ni living in :
neighboring family made lila Bril tri;
away from home and visited relative
in New York.
On his reiurn to Louisiana he wai
asked what he did while in the norh.
"Well, 'mong uddah t'ings I <!. ne tu'.
out a life insurance policy fo' fi' hun'od
dolla h.s."
"Why, what on earth do you want
with a life Insurance policy? Yon have
no a ife or children!*1
"Hat's what I d 'lie top him. but 1
h.id f take it. ail de same. De Igent
he met m.- nt de boat In nd In', an'
he s:ii<l fd haf t' have one <?r he'd sen'
me- back home. He warn'! gwlne fo' V
low met' hind if I didn't buy one. I ?e\
don't Mow no one in New Ya wk lem
dey has a 'SUhsnce policy!*1 Woman's
Home Companion.
Economy of Costly Foodi.
The sconomy "f expensive foods ls
explained by the fact that i
at least In man. is dependent tip"!
flavors, without which it Is s,, defec?
tive that we do doi obtsln tbe g< od ol
the food Me IW&UOW. Al fsr
perlments ;?". they lubstantiate
pleasing food Mart the flow of di
i e fluids, while disagree
and sight step lt. I then.
would neem to be staples, for they are
. of being able t<
sub*:-t on a few . ?- i ' \ li ?-imply
? use and leads to deterioration ol
health. What se.-ms t,, be extrava?
gance in food purchases may be
wholesome Instinct The high e<>st of
living i? parti] due to t; st of the
flavors we need. We commend these
ideas l>> our worthy dietetic SCOIIO
l..-i>.. not be so foolish
as th** pu;. - > ? ii.>meeh tt
rican Medfc
A Novel Method of Advertising.
A si. r- ill out of th
wsy town ma nj years sgo hi; upon v.
novel method of atp. ?
H.- of buyli i
the BtOck Of
le ross t!..- WSJ . The ;
d to be .1.-nr.dcl ..f all
but his no dterious cu
the |U tnpS Ol er tile couu
er she. r. as an ordinary member of
tiie pub Ic n bought
stamp to be h d. Then be to :. th.
stock oi er to bis store
and | ! his \i in
that p
to be had a; ll - ruor
tlflcsi postmaster hid t-.
over tllj
way for ;..... stan ps 11., j : until
some dej p a fter he ? . gol in s
stock fr..ni beadqunrt
Wen a Wife by His Skill.
Arti"n was a 'Jr.- lau painter ol
about the time of Alexander, and h<
won bli 'a Ife by bia gr< lb
painted a picture calle.1 ??The Nuptial*
of Alexander and Roxane," which wa
exhibited st tb l tuple gamea
created such a stir thal f the
judges cried in ? ? >u, "I rem
crowns for i' >tes. bu
I give my daughter Il
painter Action as a re
picture." A- ? .' ar:
lets a bo e ii the art i
colors. Ile < nenr.
store and pur
[* ? - ? ? ? -. ;
"I don'i il
ls l foi in, tl
stor? of
"Men's I.
but 1 WOl at
pay for I ?' il iy f
my own dinner und :?* t an -
shy at th.- conversation." New Ye i
A Hard Shct.
(a ncr I ly i Vi
monej V When I'm dead j it'll prob
ably bavi _' for n
;. n get! Wife Vi I. I'.l ll
;? off than s >me po ir woman wh
sei ir lia i r<
Pea cs md War.
"Peace bath ber victories." ,;?
the- V Ne |Uy.
??Yes, bul w< sra ll;
pretty hurd for I led tbe si
pie mug.**-Phnadelphla rt "ord.
Crowding Him.
Mr. Pogson's threi - bad married
md gone t" settle down in di:;
parts of the country. One day he re
reived this telegram from th* eld
You have .i grandson. Fins be)
r?oiin<lH. GEORG
Mr. Pogson answered it at once:
Ooedl I ' baby c.irrlaKe you
ran Bad niol send bill tu me.
In due time the bli! < ame. It called
f.>r HO, and he lent his . lie. k for the
A few we-olvs later h.is second MM
lent him this dispatch:
are th.- . if a flus boy
Not weighed ret, bot a bo incer.
II KN t: v.
Tc* this he responded:
Olrtel to hear lt. Itu |
baby carriage amt forward bell to
Promptly came the bill. It wi
135, and he paid it.
Ten days elapsed, and thou ra
dispatch from the third son to this
You have another grandson. l^r?
boy. Named for | ALBERT.
Mr. Poison's response to this was
as follows:
All right, but looks Uk* crowding me
Asa sanding SUM. Bur baby carriage
arith it FATHER. I
?louth's Clompsaiss).
Ben Franklin's Keenness.
Two ii.i Merits recall ibs
ami tbs thoroughness the gr it ti u
Abilities, t" sec jun! to mil
franklin. <ms ds* be cban -.M" b
ssrvs a bid In the possession ? I b
imported whisk broom. With bis neus
Inter; d careful coi
: Ii d
et ? d ??n the brush of the broom n
which he earefullj re
|j b pis rite d lt, ni d t ;i> growth fros
this s^-,.,1 v ni t1 ere p of broon
porn in thia country. Again one da.
a*hen I tr Franklin
? mile
a vv i- leer** 01 lc basket e bleb b u
npronted. Carefully be Ashed out th
el and carefully took it sp irt lb
- tn bis friend, Mr.?narie
Korrie, who pinned the twigs in bi
len, a here they grew to great
They tilt el edit tee be Ve;|.> . V. illeeW
ind. as Franklin bad for prove*
>f gi sal commercial value.
Found a Better Place.
Mark Twain sale!: Once when I wai
going out to \ Isl! Bohle frle ids I b.:<
George, my negro servant, to lock tb
bouse and put tbe key under a eertalt
stone near the steps. Qe agreed t.
lr iras late at night when I re
inned I ne unde
will h t!ie ke-v was- supposed tee have
!i?"-n bidden. It was gone. I hunte*
iround for abe.ut fifteen inlnuti
still no Ley. Finally I went t<
George'M i. tse be ed out
I rapped ? Igor
\ bi.-n-k head, v.. d no dlf
liculty In ri . Isl ' ?>. pop
ned out e,f an upsti i dow.
"Where n | r. yot
bis* k rascal V" lr
"idi. massa ' -I (leorgi ? '
found a bett* r lt!*'
Thc Dank Could C.and lt.
A w<esteru lawyer tci.s of u remark
able Instai ? ? of t be |?owt
of feminine by si
eiee-urr. nee w bich lie om e nil
while stand crowi
that vv as bc- (leging the ?!"<r -
supposed to lie e.n the- p. int .
pending [si;
A com ersal lon be-t wet n u r
ed Irishwoman mid her husband. wh<
a*ere ne ir i..
ed ids attention.
"Mary," I man. "we
push up, BO ye ? n e!'.;-.!V. \ ur ;.
at one!!"
"hut I don't want to
MDon*l ye :
husband, "that they'll ir
ey f | >n'l ! . ' dbi
"Al ' t ' Mary
"ain't the; ? r able I
Roge r
su. nfl de logic, ni I ?-f"'- r a fe*s i
i'. rtu
ly the mi
and no i ll
A Pjr:e For ;he Bride.
Some- bride* may be i
ere-* tl a' I
the doe pui -
It Wat the CUStoiU of [h<
ling tiny
purchase of her pen
? ?
eba ttl
'le' stun <-f
ber of ge -iive-j- j
?hat pur;
to ask -ban I f
or propel
ding, was I
Ul Ate- ti
Si-.ty Kinda of Bananas.
To nu" p
I '
known \ ? of the I
?-.Teat ? ??? itlon In ?
ss in the
Hawaii i> said tee pi - . .
most of which tun ?? I.u Intr du ed
by thc
? USePd,
1'he-re lot -r
'ountry "knlenna" or
? ? a dun
ianas, ti iii h **row with p
new plants or
np tee replace the 01 - - Ich have'
'raited and b.-cn re-- I
Seles I
The Cee's Market Eazket.
Bl ? :
irouud lita I lei
.nine; the IhsJj of I hi
nlcrosco|N? aili ?
dud lei - of tli ? ? rvntu: ?- i
fringe of ntlff hairs e.n the . the
lairs sp| the
s the b< e's
i inc -? bc will
I-i pollen tu last him for two w
bree days
Quilty ot Cojnter'eitin;.
Passing counterfeit money is no
rorse than substituting some unknow:.
worthless remedy for Foley's Boney
nd Tar. tl cough Dd cold
ptnedi Uta! c ires the moil obstinate
ougbi ami boals the lungs, Walton
: Smoot.
Harness ^oticc
Having emph yed s Srst-clsss har?
iet maker, sri are now to
irnish harness of all kimi* and to do
spairing of ali kinds st ihoii i otice
J. a. Dyiatt A <lo.
Cough Syrup
Relieves Colds I .ng them out
f the system through a copious and
eaithy action of the bowels.
Relieves coughs by cleansing the
iucous memb I throat, chest
nd bronchial tub
"As pleasant to the taste
an Maple Sugar"
^hildreia like It
ititi t KldMj iss* BUdta Pills Sure and Sall
Waltoo & Smoot
av Lr
Lu: ky.
ll te;.
When I
? ! '
One day <l
.-. an I ;i . r ni?
lli I k ti. I bil
'i hi .
?ic.Uti ' .
Iii . pe..
? in the
"You v. he u rote,
1 was
awfully '?: tl them hit
uie."-?'l v. ' _
For Sale.
We -ire offering lor
the following Real Estate adjoining
Orkney Bpringfl Property:
One good dwelling house of 7
>i Main SU| iteel i :'.
f outbuilding ? i sn '
lot and garden.
? good dwelling " itl or roomi
md i >t, with smoke bouse,
well tenet-el ami good well of w ter St
in- kitchen.
fairlj 1, 4 acrei
', ballance In wood; tine buildms
- te which ext nike 1-4 mile
< )rkii- . . I ties will bc
sold at a ba wi vi' sepal
Aho ? efl |
.1. N. DAVIS ?
Kcal Es ate A.
ki . i lill
. ! . sT, I'rc* in <Jen
VI anarer,
Y|. VV "VI IGKUDRR*. V ' '? -
VV. VV. Lo - '
I ? II. Uai'X, Asst. S
A . T. VV i; \ . ?v Tra-*.
Xi ll VV. Lo xv, ;
- I
A..i.im. VV ^
1>. gc
I. L M M. W ogg.
y. w. i. . ? -.. b. ii.
Vdd VV. vV. LO -AX,
- o
SUNDAY. OCT. 18. I O'8
N? . 1
3-46 A- M.
V j Ki B
9*4 | A. eVo 1
witl ?
7.28 P? iVe. K
Ne . 'J M>
1.20 A.M. I
8 4 i A M i i.
Juacti u v* ufa U. a <'
? ll
\ Ral : for Har:
No. . ? i th.
7. I 4 P- M
t"**~ Ra - bfc i
I. ?
>t ' ne- i . or?
w. ii. h kv: ll.
1'rtt.f. A|
. \ M.
ANoCUnti t?e LUNGS!
with Dr. King's
New Discovery
FOB Oouchs usf^lf,,
run V^OLDS T.'l Botte fm
lira want
SllUt! le (I s -'"''J
S.. tu
Oronrjc, Mass.
\*? ll.mi*'
rj by nreiheH ' ?? ** ?**?**??
? >' KV
. Moiflltll Tea iieiggeiS
I and Rer.ewed Vi^or.
? !
' mi, lo bj
n Di
'lonrcrc tap cai i nw opnpi ?
. Cortright
Metal Shingles
Ar? ?M
if all
are fire?
proof ?i? well
The ?
ling 'rv
and warm
When a,
to the barn, sot
il r a u k M or
rnejisture can
reach the in?
terior. Stock
M where
?uch conditior.b
? They'll last as lon* as the DH I*and .'^E.f^'ffSacei
Kuod mi-diamc can lay them, for a hammer and nails i? P?
J. R.
Drop In and See Them.
BAUSERMAN. /karen* Woodsanck, v
ny I
Om' up right 6 horse steam enjrine one 8 horse bot!?-r.
able for sawing wood, cutting r, bay corn m shock ot crush?
ing and grinding corn, one 12 inch Sprout and Waldon trench burr
mill, orv- New Holland No. 1 crusher.
We also have at all times all kn
TheSuperi Force Pet I rain ard Fertilizer Drill, S
parators, Syracuse Harrows. Steam and Gasoline Engw
ManureS &< , A nt a car load pi the famous
Blue Ribbon Buggies, Sorries,
Runabouts. A>-. Look at our Salem Wagons, and b
they arc the only good wagons on whee i
Ki spectfully.
.i. h. non WEY & .SON
The Woodstock' Mai him:
am > ( 'ooperage < iompan y.
Having refill - ' -
< oi - :ri - C\ at. I am non n adj ta
epairwe Machineky, Engines, SAn Mills,
? i
5S M.\e HINIST IS IN ( I < I I l
_ - v/ood OF Ali. KINDS
JA M KS 1 I. SM< rOT,
\\ ? (STOCK, VI LA.
? ?
N *8S VS A! ' 1 !.i..-'..vi>l !:<?.
- lc Honing *cLh i v ai Inf cr ai tion ind ic
io- Apr 12, L90&
.. I IQ.
; m
5 am
? aa
. am
I am
? am
- ?
i am
t am
? am
.? li ?
| afu
til I
Hi *i pm
[j ?
1 li >e'> pin
H pm
1 lu pm
1 *4pm
1 IJ pm
I i ii.
I ll | Ul
? a inn
i 5'J par
i uj
; >. pm
7 ii pm
i m
- pm
* ?>??
. m
? ii.
? rn llV.4.
? .
Lt. Ar.
0 ^ ? n. D, C
\. n<lria. Va.
j.j -Ma(ixf8a-i.
4i Iii'Viiij'
i?.eei Kun.
*,:>:.. .
ri:j V? ai.
? iapiaij..-.
Tl Markam.
hj r ie.nt Be.yal Je....
? SH
- sm
'.i U *m
I am
it"ll MDT
o IS nm
II nm
- 1 pm
i ; m
i n
? r?m
-i am a ll pm
' .i
Froi t h. yal 1o
Ivl\ e lt. I Jc
Wute r Liol
te-e k
Kel ir: I
. ickfon
(Juickfl i ry
Timi ervil.e
Bk cilwm
?j r*r
t f
I il am
1 B
i "lam
' am
* -am
I am
i am
( 7 '. 7 a m
! au
1 5 t* pn
i a \ rn
i a pic
* (fi BO
t s
- ?
* Daily. f Week days. ii M? il Station l Me.it* on lng.
Bowmans an 1 TU e Hy (not ihon i I f Table) are flag
Hopi lor train* 49 mu 28 o Bonmam i<i 213 and SH
.*???-????? part from 1 in- , For Map Fol<ler? Torou** Ticket Rate
. Wash- etc..apply to ca . > t or wr
iie|cion. I>. C., n ..I .3 made i"r j a
r.'itrom baltimore, Ph i i an I Nt w | W H.TAYLOB.Q P a
ILA .1 h.: \.It ?. ? Genera) Manager. S II Hanrwiai
US. Brown,Gea). A^t*. j rr \r
Indigestion exists whfBtaut) food ia not properly elf?tad. Dyspepsia
means literally a lack of pepsin In tha stomach, but MMpgl na cern rn on?
ly understood is simply chronic indigestion. If a healthy storaach ls dis?
ordered and cannot digest all the food put into it, temporary ind If est ion
results, livery healthv -tomach sometimes gets out of erd<sr. Not re?
alizing that such Is the kana, **e eat the usuul quantity of feed, or perhaps
more than the usual qv.mtity, as the appetite is usually abnormal. Ike
stomach fails to digest ni the food and inligesticn follows. In either case
nature needs assistance, and it is wise to give this assistance, fer by doing
so the discomfort of th?e Bttack of indigestion is avoided and ellen aa nUncE
of biliousness, cholera moilus. sick headache, etc., ls averted. k\ dale's
Stomach 1 ablets are Jue* %>. hat is needed to do the work the stomach cannot
do. They are harmless, and should be taken by healthy noonie whenoer
the stomsch ls disordered. I hey area splendid medicine fer eh Md r en suf?
fering from any stomach r be.wei disorder. Ifthedlfestiveerfnaaare^eak
indigestion * IN prevail, n td the patient will suffer from ene er nero ef the
folio* ing symptoms, sour stomach, heartburn, gats In nae stomach, lead er
knot in the stomach, pain In thc stomach, sick headache, narnia vb ni hang
nar** ouaness, sleeplessness, etc. k> dale's Stomach Tablets wiA relieve at
once, and ff need ru ru la riv .-.ill soon cure the +*rat as mae of
Ry dale's iiomaali Ta bleu ere cold oe a gvarantoo.
r<ai**v^ara*^*?*%?*aniira>nr%irar<*^.i<i ?** nar aaui tn -mruiJUL j.
Cures Coughs. Colds, Croup, La Grippe, Asthma, Throat
in the
and Lung Trouble*!. Prevent! Pneumonia and Consumption yellow PACfflgj

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