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Sept. ll if.
? ___
The following address was delivered
before a gathering of Confederates.
by Major J. Ogden Murray, one c
the Immortal Six Hundred.
The peerless women of the world, wi
who w< ie- the gray, believe are th*
wonun of the Southland. In all thai
is grand, we hold that the women ol
the South stain! peerless in the realm
of created things. Seeking an em?
blem ol her, we find the task difficult.
Hut in the floral kingdom, that won?
derful and exquisite exhibit ol the
great love for man. presented to us in
things beautiful, and find for woman
a symbol jd that matchless eombina
tion of beauty and fragrance thc
night blooming cereui. This plant
while generously contributing its odor
and beauty to enrich the earth's treal*
hits of fragrance, modestly conceals
its beauty beneath the veil of Dight
And this is the emblem of our grand
women of the South, who go on and
on in their works of charity and love,
without ostentation or parade.
We are told the brightest gems in a
nations'*coronet are the athel of its
heroic dead, and yet I claim there is
another gem in everv nation's crown
that cannot be overlooked, its bril?
liancy cannot be hid from our view.
What is this priceless gem. you maj
ask'.' lt is the moral fotce of the noble
mother! of the nation that teach the
children the love of liberty, justice
and truth. These arc the principles
that mao all nations great: it is the
principle of Liberty, Truth and Justice
that makos the great statei en, v
sens, and I lav to \ ou,
it was these prii ilea that gave t<>
the South in her hour of pei
iou Davit, Robert E. Lee. Stonewall
Jackson, and the other heroes of the
South, that wrote for all time upon the
- of American history thc grand*
eil itor\ ever told.
There is no people on the face of
this green earth who can boaitol
D as ours: no nation can claim
greater statesmen, nor grander sol
? thar, the states that comp i I
the Confederacy of 1861-65. At our
mother's knee we were taught the
principle! of liberty, justice and truth,
and without the least fear of contra?
diction, 1 say it eas the teachin*
these great principles of the Southern
mother to her boy, that made tho Con?
federate soldier the ideal soldier of
! the world: and I d > not hesitate a ll
the lights before me, that the moral
support given the Confederate armies
daring the great struggle by our brave,
women, was a potent factor in our con?
tinuing th> struggle for four long and
ly years against the fearful odds
wd contended with.
The women of the South were th<
ministerinLr angels of the Confederate
soldiers: they were the inspiration
that gave us comfort and hope in our
darkest days. They are passii^
away, like the men of 1861-66; theil
numbers grow ie>s each year: their
I, once sjolder.. a -e now streaked
with tiie frosts of time: their steps,
like our own, grow slower each day
blt their courage, fidelity, devotior
and loyalty is as superb today as lt
was in the days when red-hanih-d wai
desolated our land, and the invadei
matched with iron heel overthe saerei
soil and wrought ruin upon our home*
Comrades, the grand women of th)
war days are as dear to us today ai
they were in those days when we fol
low' d the Confederacy whither it led
Shall we not tell the world of thes<
grand women, and tell the'r grand oh
story to those who will come after us
Y? s, comrades, we must always tel
this grand old story, for it was writtei
on the pages of time, as the grandes
example of courage, fidelity am
loyalty ever known, and it will al
nayl be the admiration of the bonea
and true men of all time. The couran
of the women of the South was no
lied hy the women of Sparta no
linnie, and today these daughters v
peerless mothers of the South, in thei
organisation of Daughters of th
Confederacy, are teaching to the wc
men of all nations of the earth
eeeon of fidelity and charity won
r Ita learning.
Comrades, who can say who dan
?' say our cause is a lost catlee; wh
can say the Confederate soldier wi
forgotten soldier, while the*
Daugbteriol the Southern Cross Iii
to tell tue grand old story, hande
down to them by their mothers'/ A
most daily these daughters of th
i >nf . | are erecting at some apt
a monument to heroes of the South, c
mark a spot to tell to future peopl
story of the OMO who wore til
gray. When we know all this is bi
ing don--, pray tell me how lt can 1
ll 1 in truth the grand old story <
th- days of \HHl-i\i) will be a forgotU
stot%\? Comrades, when the bugle <
time shall sound taps for you and mi
and the Confederate soldier shall!
but | memory, these worthy dauirhtei
of trie peerless mothers of the Coi
Wet any will tell to posterity yot
grand old story of the past, and U
world will know of JetTeraon Dari
tbe patriot statesman, L*ee, the in
mortal: Jackson, the invincible;
Ashby, the fuoerb: Forrest, the un
conquered: Morgan, the dauntless:
Stewart, the pearled; and the heroic
men who followed the Hag of liberty,
justice and truth. These women will
teach our story to the .lisping babe,
and it will live forever. No good
story loses in the telling. Tell
whatever you will, men of the South,
of thej grand women of the war
days. I do not care how extravagant
your story maj sound to other ears,
the men who wore the gray know it is
true. And we know the women of
1861-65 fairly won our adoration and
all that we can say for them, for their
love, fidelity and loyality to the cause
we loved and lo>t. And right here,
comrades, 1 want to say that I do
honestly believe that the work of the
women of the South has done more to
perpetuate the story of the great con?
flict than has been done in the work of
the- men Of the- South. These girls of
today have the force of character of
their mothers, they have the fidelity
and devotion displayed by their
mothers in the dark days of our peril;
they never faltered in their love for
us, nor in their loyalty to our cause:
they stood with us, bearing their shara
of the burden, and they must have
their page in history with us. If they
do not have their page in the history
of 1v'.l-i;">, the story will not be crm
plete.thc history, false.
Daughters of the Confederacy, your
mothers wrote upon the pages ol fame
in 1861-65 a story that graved
deep upon the h? aits of the I
Crate soldiers. s*o de*?p that time <-an
tot efface it. It is the grandest story
ever told by human tOu|?ue, or written
by the peu of man. lt isa story if
told every hour in the day would lise
none Of tts sweetness nor charm. Tell
it over and over; its telling Will never
turn bitter nor harsh to the ear of the
true Confederate soldier who honestly
wore the gray. To you. daughters of
the Confederacy, your mothers bp
queathed il irv. lt I yours to
tell. Its telling- will gladden the hearts
of the man who wore the jackal of
gray! it will warm his old heart, it
will take him back to those dayl of
hil o ith when his soul was I
?-. bis lanhood tried b\ shot
li. Tell yo story
t is 1 [wish
neil of th nine that
1 could paint for the coming g<
tions the grandest picture- of woman*
the world has ever known, the
woman Of the South during the war
of 1" l-l "
In the- Hook of Life, with the in?
delible ink of Cod. the stor} of the
South?rn woman is written, lt will
never fade, it will never grow dim. If
ld push back for you the curtain
of time that hides from the * iew of
the generations of today the days of
rar, I would do it for a moment
that indeed you see your moth?
ers as they were in the days of the
war. and you would fully understand
why th" Confed -oldier loves
women of the past.
This word picture which I have
tried to paint, comrs - is painted
for you long ago, whoo the sword of
the invader flashed death over our
land, lt was painted by the glare of
the torch thal destroyed our hon.- I,
a picture of conic ration and
love. It is the picture of our women
implicit faith in Con], a true picture
of what your mothers endured. It is
the picture that cheered the Confeder?
ate soldier on to deeds of valor that
startled the- world.
The women of 1861-65 were not only
our ministering angeli, they were
than this, they were our inspira?
tion. It was their sublime courage
that drove black despair from our
bearte*. and bid the dove of hope
spread his while wings about us when
our days were darkest, these granei
women never faltered, they looked up
to God and prayed for us. In the
terrible days of the war. when the
mourning crepe hung from every door,
when every heart in the South was
bowed in grief and pain, it was then
we learned to love and venerate our
nollie- women, and we knew the South?
land possessed the grandest woman?
hood of the world.
Our peerless women cared for us.
they prayed for us. and today we bow
our heads in veneration and love for
the consecration they made for us.
Daughters of the Confederacy of to?
day, as we felt the love of your moth?
ers in the days of the war. we feel to?
day your love and charity toward us
now like the benediction after the
Let me tell you of the noble Con?
federate mother*, as she girded on har
only boy the sword, hear her Spartan
farewell, "Co, my son, your country
aeedl your service. Come back to me
in honor, or come back upon your
shield," and that boy was his mother's
consecration upon bar conn trr'i
alar, in Liberty's holy name.
?No braver dames had Sparta.
Ko nobler matrons, Rome."
than those peerless women of the
Southland. Sons and daughters of
today, these noble women were your
mothers, they have handed down to
you the grand old story of the past:
you will hand it to your children,
guard it well and forget it not. B
memories come back to the Confed?
erate soldier, now in his old age: he
lives again In fthe days of the past,
and these memories fill his heart with
joy, they cling about his old heart
like tbe sweet vines of the orient to
the oak, and from his soul steals out
the soft prayer. "OGod. he with us
still, lest we forget, lest we forget"
the ministering angels of the South.
It is sweet to live in retrospection
those days of blood,?we can forget
the pains, in tbe dreamland of retro
MCtloPi and more fully appreciate
MP these sainted women {of 1861-65.
ut f"om the dream we awake to the
?ality that is confronting us. We
>? drifting in frail barques, on the
iver of Tiiue: we are sailing out i
ie Ocean of Eternity; and yet, and
?t. we donned our suits of gray and
arched away to battle foi- Liberty,
ustiee abd our homes. All hoped to
'turn in triumph, to lay at the feet
f our dear ones the laurels honestly
on. We took no care of tin- morrow,
i our enthusiasm of youth we forgot
ie daniels of war. we beard not the
isth- of the wings of death, we heeded
:>t the- voice of th?- shell with its at*
ndant death. Some who marched
*ay came back to ruined homes,
>me fell in the fray: 'they are sleep*
ig the sleep of the brave neath thc
nd, made sacred by their patriotic
lood. and the hearts of our women
ere pierced again and again with
>rrow's sword, for their loved one
ho never came to cheer and comfort
?ir hearts.
More e'oquent tongues than mme
ive told the story of the daughters of
e war of 1861 65 : the .world's poets
ive sung the praiseof the Southland's
amen : the artist has exhausted the
:ill of his art to paint the grandeur
' her love ; yet. Som and Daughter!
today, I say to you, no tongue can
ll, no pen describe, no brush paint
e women of 1861 as we the Veg?
ans of the Gray knew them, lint the
jrld accept! our story, imperfect as
J tell it, and joins us in paying hom
fe and tribute to the fidelity, love
id devotion of the ministering ange-is
the late war.
When war's dread tocitn sounied
er our land, and the Confederacy
is born, our women stood sponsors
r the infant Republic to be baptized
blood, and with the moral support
our women to l?a<-k our ? T
hearts oined issue with the In
iders of our land. What a debt wi
ve to our noble- women 1 But, C
iwe a gr> at> r debt :
r giving us such women in the da i
our need. When war's grim har
-st was done these miniil
the South did not halt in th< i
irks of charity and love-. I -
g themselves int*> bands, tl ? - '
>out and _ i into cemet- ; ? -
mes of our beloved dead : they I
)on themselves the education of th
^federate soldi- r1 orphan chi Mn-:.
g'-ntle hand that had iiath<-cl
' <! brow, and bound up the
muds of the Confederate soldier,
?pt green the soil above the gr a vi
ir heroic dead.
Dang ' the ('onfederney, when
? ur sainted mother! were called t??
?st. they gave iruo your keeping a
>ly trust. Have you kept that trail '.*
ou need not answer the queel
L-t every Confederate soldier who
'le- past, and its glories, answer
.j. < Jut e.f the Southland come!
? me like the roar e.f the ocean the
jice o' the Confederate soldiers,
they have kept the trust,
iven proof to the- world that ihey ure
orthy daughter!of peei ies> mott
< me word to my comrades of the past
ul I am done. The numbers of the
en of 1st,1-ii", prow legs each year :
err are but few of the grand won.en
f 1861-65 left to Ul; they have cn
ver the Uiver, and are resident! of
od'* city of reit and love. Com*
l U s, these noble women loved us
fe. and I believe they love us In their
OOM of Ke?t : they plead for you and
? r um daily al the Throne of Mercy,
let us try ami live while on this
arch of Life down to the Ferry that
tall take us ov* r the- River into the
amp of God'i love, that when the
uhr comes to us, "Hah.'" we shall
ear coming out from the pearly gate
f the Eternal City, the voices of the
tinted women of the war. saying.
We;uy. tired old i Confederate soldier,
iou hast kept the faith unto the end.
?ml our Father bidl Ul welcome you
. Pst."
To you, Daughters of the Confed*
racy of today, let me say, you stand
efoie-the world crowned with glory
tu! admiration by all who love cour
ge and fidelity. Your charity end
?ve has made you the idol of the l ton
derate soldier and when you are
ailed to join your sainted mothers
one- before into the city of (lod's love.
av your crowns be the bright. ?t,
tudded with the purest and brightest
imf of Ce xi's love: may your crowns
ear this proud inscription, '?Daught
rs of the Confederacy, ministering
Dgels to the Southland's Veteran
This is the trade-mark ol
Scott's Emulsion
and ison every bottle of it sold
in the world?which amounts
t?> several millions yearly.
W/iy-IU ;.- ? lt bus made
so many sickly children
strong and well?riven
health and rosy cheeks to so
many pale, anaemic girls and
u-stored to health so many
thousandr- in the first stages
of Consumption.
S>nd thU advertisement, together with
?rime nf paper in which it appears,
your addreM and four cent* to corer
postage, and we will ?end you a
? \.mj)lrte Handy AtUa of the World."
SCOTT A BOWr*It 409 Pearl at., N.T.
Thc Action of a Spinet.
Tho spinel butru tm ni was an Im
troremenl upon aiiai wran known ns
.'. Icbord, i lie i ?! ?? of w hli li al*
bough v. eak, - mllke that
-f th.- h.ir; leh rd ? t, of ln
or de 'renae, reflecting the flu it
radal : t!ie tel li ol u; r.
. this |tower ol ? -? !? ii it \ is
ll nutll the j lano v::<: :n
i ilatoi cia vi?
ii rd pr ??? :? u tn th ? fifteenth century
esl i;lll el obs. tility . hut it ls
mid th.ii ther ? i ? > dato
.".'Jo ll c im; ' 'iou! the
> sharp and <; ? harp notes The
vns the Invention of the Venetian Spl
lett i. The ii ti m ls unique. The In*
trnment la ?? ima ll bai
bord, with i c to ea li i
rhe itringi ire se! In vibration by
minti of qullli elevated on w<
lpriphts known as jacks, and the do
iressfon ot thr keys causes tht> points
e> pass upward, producing n I
l.nr to that "f a harp. Spring;
e> draw the quills back lnr?? position.
Phe keyboard ls arranged In b manner
ifuT tin' preaent modern plano.
Apartment House Lifo.
I kneiw you say you can't help ll
n i liar, but you could help lt it
veren't too lacy lo live In the
rhere ls n<? real borne life poi
aithont children not one, bul tv
bree enough t?> keep th<- young ninth
ir ton busy to make believe Bbl
ones to the smart Bel And B| rt
nentl are either too small for tba
he landlords won't tolerate children
it all. And then the>r?> Is no nelghb r
lood life. ir< a g.1 thing to have
raeslpy neighbors. You're more opi
o be careful of the way you live.
I always think >>{ apartment h"U-'
Ife* as n sort of Joke on >:n .1
ot of strangers under one roof
nat two mutual Interest!, a d
milter shaft and an artificial ;
Ind I'm bound to sa*, that I think lt
m responilble for 1 heathen race wi h
10 children, children mean sacrll
ind lt's sacrifice that make good men
md women. Amelia F. Barr In New
fork World.
A Scoop.
.T"iin T.. To..ie, the famous El
*omedIan md practical Joker, and Mr
Justl<v Hawkins, who was afterward
Lord Brampton, were great friends
rhey were at supper together one e\
lng dlacnaaing the- event
flie judge Incidentally mentioi
de Intended on tbe morrow giving tl
nan he bad been trying fifteen ;
tiecause he deserved lt
As Toole w - leaving lie bia nd
pi ired:
"i Mi. we.niel you lg al
the newspaiier offices and tell
? fteen yeal
tip fe>r them jive Inf ?
you know and v 111 do 1 d 1
food with the pr
"< '?>< 'I _? lous! No, slr!" excli
the judge, who took th.* precantli :i ??'
; Toole to his hotel
leelng bim safely 1 ' ed.
Woman's Spur.
** ti .... nt that fi
morning. She walked acroas the> field
holding h'-r iklrt fr< ?? of hei
intent leather Ix nts and sllvei
??Spurs?" sh< uted th.Iltor. "Wbai
ills you. m-iu'.'"
"Spurs''' tiie- puzzled llhor repent
pd "I '"'it they wear s| urs dom nd
I know tiley Us. el ?
"lt omen 'i ? r wear ?pnrs un les*
they riele nstrfde
?om- e.T'ly. What 1 ? ? <1 v
be, except t< to p the
"I see " t I the ot! er. "A d itural
?rror. warm' If?"
"< Inly ni I < rror for an Igno
ra mus. But the usual writer of sport
lng stol
?ty bul I come' ri
lome errol taut a* t
yours." -Nea Orleans Times Democrat
Forced Draft Re-li?:m.
"IT"U i> li thal Scribbler's u<
'brill v. lt!i sii< h vii pping, r.
rtrayal of human p .-<i":-.sv
?1! Dank ?
??Wei'." sal! Hanks. "\\ hen he
ready c< ? v rite .1 in :-s a Ken
ral bon ?? fer I
plumber lo i jim * ami f
tinner tee rix f!i?' -
little dat : ?'. cr to stay at I il
it roe! p; tv. ??? pl
Italian na tion:; I air In front of th,
house and tell/i his a Ife thi t Ct fam
Hy la aot aa -< ? <! as he e.wu. Then hi
sits and takes note. ?.r what happens "
Brooklyn Mfr
Willing lo ?.<?- thm Company.
A Chicago mau **?Uo Otto ;.e-r..
himself to ne persuaded to back a the
sfjrtral compai y a as seated In bl
p. 1 one day when he received a U le
gram from the manager of the Au .-.
The tr.'pe waa somewhere In Sits
anuri, and the n read Cms:
"Tr.;in wrecked thia oor I . iud all
scenery and bat ) ed, N 1
member of company I [ured What
?nail 1 dor
The an-wei- sent he k hy t ie Chicago
man was as feeli.ews:
"Try mother wreck an.I have the
company ride In the baggage car."?
(!hlcagO Kee einl-IIerald.
Gently E?-okcn.
"You were a long time in the far cor
nee el the conservati ry last evening,
Suggested the mother. "Whi t wa- go
ing on?"
MDo jeeu remember the' oe salon 0!1
which yon beena 0 papa?'
tmpilred th*' daughter by way of reply
"Of conns I do."
??Then li ought aot to 11 necceaar*
fer you to uk any questions."
Thus genHy the news was lr
that thoy were t<> bare I -o in-law
Arl cf Eating.
Bating ls not merely au c
It is n science thal mus: br learned, an
srt that ans*! b' senntred by li *
gent patience The tuan Who ll
die ace has not ?'i ..v.'.-e 1 |
h .w panel h Bnltable for bim has not
".nl<hod bis e.lu. stl ti. lion It 'i
Loti cf Reasons.
!:? bntns I don't vee why any I t. :
stn uin ever he euit of a job. Bobbins
VFfctl I: !'.lins According to the a<!
I el Use iu crts, tr*r- pond, piny 1? full af
teed til 1- rrt ? IfT^fcf \\gfr
jsz/*a *s?-v-v^*o*c*v-i >ocy??
Absolutely S$^ Grapes give ^^sP^mm.AA
Pu e J&x *^e cn*ef ingredient, ?
g_ & the active principle, (^^SSffeg^
BgEKJ^r an<* Healthfulness, to
^/tbsolutely Tare
^Insures wholesome and deli?
cious food for every day ^
in every home
No Pfiosphatea
No Alum
The Subaltern's Retort.
When Slr Ian II
Africa acting as chief of i Lord
? ?uer be had occasion te> visit i 1
lt a large depot of which a y..m _
fleer was In command Going tin
certal i, < leneral Hamilton f I
that I rdi r and
Lt a- sa : : tbe
"You kn< .\ t
win not do at all. \\
? ur brulna w er u for?"
"I am sur.? 1 d i not know,
waa the cb
here I bai e wor
day and .? re. I bat
? van gi
clerk, ;tat!ou master, orderly, .
cleric, t\ j ist and a dozen -
I think if I had not bee I v ? -!
with brains I might have
ri tw<? e.r I hr
but ai It is I *t ad
what handicapped "
Sir Ian II tmllton was f r< d to
laugh, and
r found himself attach d to the
tl'i pe rsonal st Tit
Psychic Phenomena.
T!i" Chinese believe thai thc p'o ls
"equivalent to the suprallminal
:llty luterpenetra
and Indissolubly attached to the
the hun being I
the !' dj.
but : I tO it."
For Ins- :n of a girl ele.p.
ed with a lover, leaving the phyn
'..ody informed by the i and
there she lay In bed,
Invalid, f
turn of a runaway pair, who had been
duly mar: ringing I
iple of children. Wh
[shed parents wen it t -
t.mike* e.f lt nil, tl.. . the 1?-?1 gol
up ami wren! out t<> meet heirs
two fell
and then, in the
iced and
ordinary woman, i
ever. In t wo com] lete suits of i
?Theosophy al Ue\ lew.
Weighing Touch.
A remarkable iustrui
for the purpose of measuring the
of touch. This dei Ice ?
lerlei of little disks, each three milli?
meter! in -
delicate tim ad fr un wi
the last I
i block. The lighten
out and brought Into com l with tie
skin i :
L If nothl
disk is empli j ed. and so ou
lure be oi i s uotl eable.
disks weigh from one t*> twenty i
grams, and with their nhl lt bas been
proved that tbe - li In the
average [lerson ls
llgrami on thc t
back of th-4 forearm. Ave : >r the
and the chin and Hf teen f<?r tl
surface of the flngera.?Nen Vork h.
The Ascasiins.
Th* Xi - and
military i rdi r n ho
ence during the ?
Peril! and wh ? dev. i d I
the deal ruction after al
of all w!ie. optioned t!!e? ';
In any way. The L*ru?*ader*j
a branch of these d wperatu i
Syria, ind many of the wairlora of Cn
CTOH were- Blain relentlesaly :;?; ! " ri
mysterious suddenness In consi ?
The Tartars exterminated tbe l's
Assassins In I2T?6, 11 d fourte
late-r the Syrian band of mun!
was wiped ont by an Egyptian rulci
Put the name they bore remains a > .-,
designation of dread
Herbert Spencer's Rs^Tt.
Mr. Tolletnuche lu bin rei-.,
tells thi> st. rv about Herliert Sp
"Toward the i se of bis life ?
frequented a t rd lng bonae, and
chancing to m? e ? i ludy who had -
dirieil within earshot of him, I laked
ber If uld remember any a Ise
laytons of his After pondering for
some ii.ie> she cnewered: I can re
member or.e of bli remarks. He said
that d mel tesl butler is *
lost art Iii: ii ei " * "
The Eccentrics.
"I nnderatuud the Xewedi are ba*e?
Inc tre?ul.!<-." remarked the sj
boarder "8 w ai pe..pie take her part,
and seline o'lu-rs siele with bim."
"And I suppose." growled the scanty
hatred bachelor at the pedal extremity
of the mi beg! ny. "there are a few i>e.
eenlrl'* people who mind their ewn
business."?Chicago News.
An Ineldent Illustrating the placidity,
if so lt maj be rilled, ot thc Duke of
WelUnvrton bril ? 'fefence to a naval
officer, a leaf r . i crt Ion of the du i
The ship whieh lilla edi er I
ed i as i -t. and he Iii'n-?if area fl?
ed V."'ien lbs -e- ciain ;n I
tO the dil ??. hi ITI'oeal ,
'VtWt's I Le bas |**n
The ? ' t eyed
- ' ;
that io iat?
e.f a '
ed foi
Sun : i a I. "he walu
Who of his. lets bin.
as long
Ira. Bm l ri
lie? can fall
razor scraping nil
d you?"
"it Isn'i
rd." said
- lon was put, "but ir oughl I
?>n account of Ita originality
Colonr; "ian Bride.
? r .
lan bride haa to chang
ebony she hi ii the o lor ol
f au lait. To accomplish ti
i shut up In a mom
for three moi S ? -
: and
-troy the ..ri;;
I Inal skin, and In Its I tb<
r as al
The elders of the fai
young a iman with nutritive f?rce
meat balls
Am more highly
of l. than of his won enkind
But woman, as it chanced, was crafty.
youd his wlfi
utely fa i ! ? lie task ? f flndii
lb-r first answer was: "The I
will ear- a beal ler load "
Her next: "The 1. I talk
back ar him "
But r of these, i urn b
"Moat likely," sbedeclared il ?
"it's In the grooming Well, I'll Ju
well groomed mj -
It Mas i lucky gui if thal
1 womai -
rotatively until In our day
; has scarcely s look In it thc
Her Darling's Desire.
"M; tarling."
who believed m appe ding I
of punls
.. "if j ou u a il
grieve ra ibe will -
have to Ile In bed In s dark
and take nasty medicine, and th.
may awaj
out to the i iinetery i d, anc
y- u'
The child ?'? I
but id bli
j face at his mother's
throwing k. b<
"i iii. ?.. y I Blt I
the . '.'" I.
The Age of Man.
lt ls generally
that men lived on th.- ?.;i;li contempt)
rnneonely with d rbinoc
which I net about tb.
lal peri d. Tba
\+ ri"d. so high 111 authority as th
John Fiske ll
not less than 240,000 yean
cami' to an'
long man existed ? d the earth pi
tbe gla? lal pei d we bare no
of knowing. New fork American.
Mrs QaaweH Wh.. is thal awn wh
'onked lt ye.i as li' be klM Mr
Hig'n- ? M Ri lg a i ian i don
some | rofeesti na) work for me on
or r.vtee. lie's a ehiinpodiit, Mr
Caswell?Chirnp'nttst? Oh. \es; Iv
beard of thaea They don't beti
feoreordlnattcti, &o th. . Trii
To What Base Uses, Etc
One <if our State- street hrokirs W
? .J | non* from a customer lieai
RIC the ip ; tlc inessa-*'1. "Ki.-h.-ird III
let 1 - Turning t<? the |
lace he read, "Now, by st Pani!
next r. ..: i. ut be bad given ibo OfdSC
Posion Tr uu rlpt.
Useless Prcy+ra*
An earnest young | reftffcfP frr a n
mote country village ene*-'nded a lon
ind comprehensive iippllraHea i
lng, "And now fc?t us pray f.?r ties
who are dwelling bi the uninhabite
portions of the earth."
Willing He Should Know.
A certain bleatfttl m:;n asserts th.i
he knows b rm te play nu two cornet
at once, ard the neigh! ?'?- n thu
they do not oh'eet to his knowing boa
but thal be ai ,: better not trv to do J
The man whn ls always trying t
find out what peop'c say of him Ss **e
iom happy.-CUcago accord-Herald.

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