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r-KIDAY. FKbRliAKY 5 l??9.
Hon, Henry Stuart Davin
withdrawn from the Gnbeim
torial contest makes the nomin;
tion of Judge Munn almost
Evidence thal |>eople have been gi
inun to hasten their death, th:
almost unbelievable cruelties h&\
practiced upon patients and th;
immorality bas been rampant, is !?
.n^ presented to the investigating con
mittee which is looking into the affaii
o' the Burbank Hospital at Kitchbnr;
Mass. And this in Maieachui
1 ia/.ette.
There is state wide prohibition i
Alabama, but ll" persons in Birmin)
ham are advertis.-d as having taki
*;v.t retail liquor licenses under the r
qulrement of tiie I*, s. Internal revem
IK> these retailers pa*} tlu
money for a privilege they fail to exe
BeV Ol does the state of Alahan
tself incapable of enforcing i
own primary lawsV To tbe outside l>
holder the si:ua,;<>r. appears very coi
.ndrla Gazette.
John Wilkes Booth, the assassin e
ahem Lincoln, is still alli
lng to a letter recently receive
by Speaker Cannon from a man livin
in the mou >f Tennessee, li
- a novel method of coi:
meiuoratiu^- the 100th anniversary i
tth on February li*. Ii
as that Coogreis pass a bille
tnt ng amnesty to Joli
B* Bsoth ami otb., rs. who ma
havi knowwledge of his crime. Th
>he.u!d be done, he arguei, because
would clear up the mystery of Booth
s ,p peera nee. lb' denies that
Idlers aft r tl:
asaaasinal on. in a barn on a Vlr
gina farm, a few miles from Wail
? en.
Senator Martin Looking Afte
Virginians' Interests.
Wasl i, D. C., Jan. 29, v
In the < imnibus Claims Bil] I
the S. nate- today ther*- wer
ned appropriations arno un tin/
t?- -199,631.00, for the pi o
ginia claims, for individuals
r^hes, c - ami ma -
1" - - ?r which were iztroducec
bj Si a and by him
'.aims, am
later on incoi
I m. lill.
?' Marti' est, dil
ac [ ard to li
lation in whi.-h his constituents ar.
sted i? a matter of commoi
ighout the Stat' .
V rg -ia. and the above state
tells its own >t<>r>. without comment.
College Girl Hides Lover.
M ::. a 1'.'-; . ar old s
mo:-, in the Dixon College at Dixon.
Ill, aled under her bed for three
Hayes, a fugitive from
police. Hayes was the girl's
>u ? md was wanted for the
alleged larceny of $100 from a friend
in Sterling. Tl ii c w which re?
sult! lb.- turning up of Qi
rhen the police discovered that
^Jiv- ?' had bo -ht fond a
r'ied it to her room. Her roo::, wa
entered and the ffirl was found calmly
and the men were about
-part when one curious policeman
inder the bed and ? red
Posey and His Wife Acquitted
I! - ?'a., Feb. 2. After beiny
I three min ntl - .rv in the ( ir
cuit i ? :looktoday,hrought
in a verdict of not guilty In the ca se
ll Thomai Poaey, charged with
murder of lidward Fair, on Oct.
The same jury, without leav
g the box. returned a verdict of not
ist Mrs. Minnie
Poi . - an acceiii >rj t i tlc
Four Babies in 14 Months.
Mr. and Mrs Bi rnard M-('abe, a
young couple living in the Hast Fud
'ion of Wi Ikes-Ha ire. Ps., have'
iten all avails': irds as tie
ents of t^ins and have >, ::te put In
tlc-shade thu Pittehurg parents who
were boastinj* of two sets of twins in
20 months en months agro Mrs.
Met iee hirth to twin girls, win
now weil and hearty, and Sunday
tad her husband with twin
boys. They a: g. welMonnei
little chai>s.
Revolts a. Cold Tt-ael,
"Your only hope,"* said three doc*
lon to Mrs, M. E, Fisher, D'
Mich: surferin^ from tt I rectal
trouble, lies in an operation,'1 "thee
I used Dr. King Life Pille,"
she writes, "lill wholly Cured." They
prevent Apjiendicitis. cure Cooal ti
tion, Headache. 25c, at Walton A
Thomas Saunders, aged 21, son of
Congressman K. \V. Saunders, of She
Fifth Virginia district, died Sunday
at Rooky Mount, after an illness of
lil weeks of typhoid fever.
Social functions ol winter, midnight
lunches, loss (>f liewa Iel] on the|an
health. Bollliaer's Rocky Mountain
Tna clears the blood, aids digestion,
relieves fatigues: makes and retains
your health, Creacest tonic. Tea or
Tablets, 35 cents. Schmitt's Drug
v a
Wm. Spinks, charged with the hor?
rible killin;- of his brother in Xowrn
1 ar, was convicted at Warrenton on j..
Saturday, the prisoner being given j
sight years in the penitentiary.
Richmond, Va.. I Vb. 1.?A sensi
tion in political circles today follov
ed an announcement by lion. Henr
( . Stuaii ol bis withdrawal from tl
race for the democratic nominatio
for Governor of Virginia, lt caa
like a thunderbolt from a clear sk;
so far as the public was conoernei
and has been an absorbing topic <
discussion in business, social, ac
political circles.
Mr. Stuart announced les will
drawal through the medium of a di
tated newspaper interview. He staU
thal Owing to the continued Ulm ll
his wife, who has been under trea
menl lu Caris for some rnon'hs.
would be necessary for bim to retur
at once lo her bedside. He expects t
leave for Europe probably next wee;
His absence for an indefinite peru
would necessarily preveut him fro
giving any attention to the campaii*
which will now shortly open in Vii
ginia, and it was this alone whit
impelled his withdrawal.
Denying a rumor which beean
current here to the effect that h
withdrawal was in the interest of Coi
Moan Carter Class, Mr Stui
made ari emphatic statement. He sa
that his determination to step out i
the race was solely for the reasc
given, and was not in the' interest <
any candidate.
When this phase of the matter wi
taken up with Representative Glas
that gentleman wired that he bad n<
intended to be a candidate for Gove
n ?r at this time, but that the will
drawal of Mr. Stuart had put a ne
aspect upon thc situation and 1
might now reconsider and announi
ins candidacy. He said he won!
take tin whole matter under conside
allon, and make an announceinen
perhaps before the close of the pre
ent week.
Hon. Harry St. George Tucke
another candidate, was interviewed t
long distance telephone. He said tl
withdrawal of Mr. Stewart greatly ii
proved hie own chancel, and that 1
now felt assured that he would win tl
Judge William Hodges Mann, wh
has all the while been regarded as tl
most formidable candidate in the fie!
arnon-- the' democratic aspirants.cou!
not be reached. His friends here ha\
been quietly confident that he wou!
defeat the field in tho coming demi
? primary, and the) do not ts
?.ow that the opposition will 1
able to form a winning combinatio
- bim.
al winter weather is prevailing i
our aection at ibis writing.
Mr. Wm. Webster lett last Tueadi
for New Yo-k. where he has secure
isition as brakeman on.a railroai
it -'.tion. Mr. w obiter ii rigfa
at bernie at the railroad business, hav
ing worked at it for yeera.
Mr. ,1. H. Conner, school trustee o
this district, attended the ed.icationa
, meeting al iile on last Pride;
Our teachers, Messrs. Barry Clowe
and Robert Siberl spent Wednesday
ol ia?t week at Mr. Angil*
: 'S
There wa- a spelling match at Fair
mont, Thursday night.
Mr. Kd Will and son removed theil
engine from the stave factory here. t?
their borne near Mt.Olive. This -
irate- that the factory ha
for tiie season.
<>ur principal at Central School
ie, Mr Harry ('lower spent Sun
day at his home- mar J ad wyn.
Rev. I). H. Rhodes pn ached at the'
Christian church. Sunday morning
and night.
Mr. Bernie Strosnider sp.-nt Un
first of the week with friends in Wood?
Mrs. W. H. Sheets ind Mra. Herr)
Mauck speet the Ant of the week- with
Ml a ?? Kilner, near here.
Our school ll progressing nicely un?
der the management of Joseph ( frabill.
Some of oar folks attended com?
munion at Calvary last Sunday morn?
Mr. Harry Hann entertained a num?
ber of young folks Sunday afternoon
with some splendid muifc 00 h's
prapha phone.
Mr. .!<?-. Haun lost one of his horses
ia>t a
Mr .lames W. Gochenour. of Quicks*
was visiting his uncle, Milton
Mrs. Alice Sa j. r after spending
J weeks with her parents here
efl for Washington, where she has
Little Fdna Him daughter of Chas
tau has been very much complaining.
hr Sager was called in.
Two little boys from Kerns* Springs
rot lost last Sunday night and a hasty
catch wag made at once, but they
>ere not found until Monday morning
bout 9 o'clock, when they were seen
eturning from Mrs. Luther Wiiman'l.
Mr. < arter Haun visits Kdinburg
lostly on Sunday evening now and
OeenM sell beef either. II.
The grain elevators, feed store and
llilding owned by the MJuemont Fie
alorCompany,at Bluemont, loudoun
ninty, were destroyed by fire early
alurday morning. The plant was
? >? in Loudoun and in
Jdition to a large quantity of stores,
rain, seeds and farmers' supplies,
irried 'arming implements *ind other
ock. Thc origin of the tire is a u.\ s
:.d is believed to have l>een in- i
ndia"V in its nature. The toes is es- <
nated at 115,000 to 100,000, with per?
il insurance. The company is com
?sed of Hubert Plaster. Lloyd 1'Uster ?
?1 Iden.
Hexsmethylenetetram Ine
Fhe above is the name of a German
emical, which is one of the many
duable ingredients of Foley's Kideny w
?reedy. Hexaraethylenetetramine ii J)
IPtgniaen by medical text books and P
thorities as a uric acid solvent and a
.isaptic tor the urine. Take Foley'i
icey Ketnedy ai soon as you notice ]
v irregularities, and avoid a serious J
Udy. Walton k Smoot
Mrs. Oscar Saum is visiting nla
tives at Mt. Jackson this week.
Mr. W. P. Rinker visited friends
south of Woodstock several days dur?
ing this week.
Mr. M. II. Saum, who was confined
to his home for a week by sickness is
now able tobe around town.
Mrs. Levi Kiser returned from a
visit to Mt. Jackson on Monday.
< >ur town is on the boom. Mr. S. A.
FunK has ordered the lumber for ac
addition to his dwelling bouie*
Mr. Harry Kitenour, one of our
blacksmiths is viiillng relatives in the
Fort Valley. #
Mr. John Kirby and family have
moved to the farm of Mrs. Sallie
Several of our young men who visit
Tom's Brook, frequently in the i ve?
ning have been receiving sugar cakes
bv mail. This is a reminder of the
pleasant hours spent on their last
Rev. C. B. Shav.r will attend the
Anti-Saloon Convention at Norfolk,
next week.
The beautiful ground hog is worry?
ing some of our people as to the
weather for the next six weeks.
William J. Cochenour. commenced
work on his dwelling house, Tuesday
morning, just south of town J mile.
We are eton than glad to speak a
fe-w words of the beautiful weather. It
is thought that Sunday night was the
coldest night that we have had.
The scarlet fever is not yet under
control, there are several new cases
Messrs. A. J. k HJvard Riffle have
several cases in their families,
Mr. deo. Reynolds and wife were
visiting h's father Sunday.
Miss Adi Ciochen.iur is improving
some little at this time.
Miss Bessie Finks, of Water Lick
visited Eld. P. W Wisman lastweeft.
Mr. J. T. Sager and wife were visit?
ing their daughter the firsto! the week.
The ofticers of tbe board of health
met in Woodstock Tuceday, Pcb. fd.
to examine the scarlet fever condition,
they requested that the school should
be cloied fora month and the school
house be fumegated.
Mr. Wm. Hoover is doing a
blacksmith business at the Kittcnour
Kev. p. W. Wisman will urea
this place .Sunday morning. Al! ar.
invited to come out.
W- are glad to say that there is n<>
lickneis In this .? . ? ?* ai pres
Mr. Al. Sager formerly of this
place but now living in Tenn..
I Paris, returned t.> his home Tuesday
i afte:* spending several week! here a ith
relatives and friemls. Mr. Sager has
not been here he?
all his old friends gave bim a hearty
Mr. Dav;.; Reynolds purchased him
. sell i horse la-t week from Mr L
Mr. G L. Sager wai in Baltimon
this week with stock. Be reports a
good market.
Mr. Charles Weaver, of Indiana
ter part of last w
Sam Walker. Mr. Weaver sneaks
highly of the people throughout
the Va ley f< i utility .
Mr. Walter Ro a-ho worki d
for B. F. Barman on I r lasl
summer is spending his winter vaca?
tion with his parents al this ,
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Rodi ffer
Those who spent the- day with John.
p and family last Sunday
Richard Hollingsworth ami
Mi Bars. Luther !><.,! md Sara Ws
Mi? Etl ? Sager
Sm..e.t visited G. S. Sagi i'- Fa
OTC* Sunday.
Mr. Cleffer Hoover is working for
Mr. .Joseph Sager 'bis week.
Mr. < tscar Bolte), of the i Iver
spent ile- tirst of tins w.-ek at Mr.
John Keller.
Min Walker bas e. m.ract d
W. W, Lognto haul him JO or 35cords
of wood.
Walter Rodeffcr spent a few days
with Joseph Sheetzs this week.
Ground H<>Lr had a fair chance, did?
n't hey
Mn. Amanda Holler spent Sunday
with her daughter, Mrs. Curtis Coff?
man, who has been sick for the pas'
ten day s.
I). 0. CofTelt is on the sick list thle
Mr. Buckley is building a ehicken
ihed for J. R. Baker this week.
Perry Howman, of Readus, who has
l>een Hid up with Rheumatism for the '
past month, ls able ! tl.. md '
George- K. Fravel bas been on the
sick list for the past week.
J. W. Fy. a former r-sident of
Readus, but now of Waahinaten, is
reported mar <ie*ith.
Mrs RH as Coffman bas he-en lying
at the point of death for several days.
Her children were all summoned and
they are- here now.
We are having line weather at
Mrs. Annie F. OrndorfT is suffering
rom a severe cold in her eyi i
Coi. F. li. SUckley, of Woodstock,
ras the guee! of Mr. M. M. Orndorff's
amiiy over Tuesday night.
Mis. J. p. Blanchfield sjient several
lays visiting Mr. C. H. Boyer's fain
ly recently.
Mrs. H. H. Snarr. of Wheatfield,
pent several days with ber sister,
il - M. H. Crabiil. rfceoily.
Miss Grace Vales s>>ent from Friday
nt il Monday at ber home- at Mount
Mi*. M. H. Crabiil. -.vie. bM been
j Hering with a sprained ankle ||
Mr. M. M. OrndorfT is running one
rbis limekilns and reports jirospeetB
ie for a good year's business.
One car of nails, horse sh'.- s. barb
ire, and smooth win-. All kinds of
jildine hardware. See us before UNI
ace y our order. We will save you
oney. Farmer's Union.
tm jfc, *** *** Y? *** JSB Nf I W
* ;
Mr. C. W. Jones, Burke w
in town last of Itft week to s
some ol' his old friends.
Mr. C. L* Crabiil, wile a;
daughter, ol' Brunswiok, Mc
arived here laat Friday to vi;
his old friends.
The meetings at St. Pete
Lutheran church bas beru a
attended renardless of some b;
weather. Kev. Kepasshasprea.
ed some good sermons.
Mrs, W. F. Smith was vc
sick with measle! last week.
Will Roset! berger, of Sc vi
1'..unt ains was in town Tb urson
Mrs. W. W. Conner has be
sick for a week < r so; he is soi
Mrs. Alice Sager and Mrs. |
K. Hoover, of near Kiblertov
spent last Saturday with Mr
Wm. Keller here.
Miss Mildred Borden who li
had the measelfl the last week
able to bc about again.
W. C. Phillips, ot Winchell
spent Sunday visiting frien
Miss Pearl Hupp visited at
Deans Tuesday.
J. S. Borden made a busim
trip to Kdinburg Wednesday.
B. F. Borden spent a day or
on cedar Creek this week.
E. A. Will left for Cedar Cre<
witli his new boiler where he w
put to use in tiie stave fartor
Mr. Con red Orndorfl accompan
Prof. J. P. Waldropp who lr
tiie usc of his limbs wh
in Mt. Jackson last Saturdav
some better now. He took char
ol his school Tuesday. J?
Borden taught in bis place Mi
Mrs. D. M. Crabiil who h
been sick for the past few wee
is some better.
Mrs. W. F. Smith who li
been <*nite sick with measela
a week or g< me better.
Mr. < har - I moved
his oew house I Bk.
Mr. < >>?<>. Swai ed bia ni w 'on
lail w< ii building
on the foundation, where the old o
burned doarn last fail. Many of t
neigh bi irs a ?r ha
'?? Mr. S i lc- bad no insurai
the barn that burnt and it was
Harold, th .,d son
! I. F. i. reel aw ay fro
st S d when
ine-hall mi
au ay from tl an orchai
crying and sti'l froi I tlc
which was vt
Mr. and Mi s. W. A. Bui t ai
la?t S
with Mr. C. F. Vi Bren) r .
Mr. Emery Buihong - ?
I . ? i Ina
og t'? Mr>. Sara
1 lev. A. li -
ning lt Si ii in the - . eel
?'.Mat: .-ii-1
Mrs. Hannah Len tx ipeni -
(lavs Inst \\. ?
Mrs. Jacob . ...
Edurntionnl Rally
In pursuance lo thc call of D i
Supl for an education!
Uk .' ?? . put
rons of S idinj
? the school built
m last Friday i v. bing, tl ?
and dis
?uss U -r of eomolidatlon of i
lumber of nra rb j soho h tin
ichool of this place into
.di school. < Nrinjj
school building
t wai hold the- m. ?
!; the '-inn.-h.
I iring the inclement weathei
ndience pres
nt, who listened with the cloeest al
a to the- masterful preientalioi
>f the sm ? ' . ,. |< ilidalion and
'radium of sci rally . ovei
bilily of coi
latioo here After ri - . supt. Mc*
muru stated the object of the meeting
a a short speech, and then introduced
? bas. c. Maphia, of Char?
il t.-s-. ille. who. in an hour's addi
indled the subject with ---real skill
nd jude, ne nt. demonstrating tho
real advantages of the- graded school
i efficiency as weil as economy,
lb- was followed by Ibm. J. I>.
lesion, state- Supt. of Public Instruc
on. Mr. Egg leaton is certainly tl ?
gitt man in the- right place, and bl!
can cut, logical style, combining wit
unor and earneitneii, with such
>rce and clearness carried convic
uiv tc the- minds of ail who heard
m of the- vital neceaiili] Of piovidiriv
(tier facilitiei for ourchildren'aedu*
.tion. Xever has tnis community
?en bo mightily wrought np OTC? any
lestion and as evidence of thc geou
e e-nthusiasui of our people before
s meeting closed then- was ? move
ide that the Supt. appoint a com.
ttee of five, later- enlarged to ten
miiImts Io take the matter in hand
el secure subscriptions to a fund for
? purpose of building a first-class
jool building, sufticient to meet aha
mandi of the plan as outlined in the
eting. Everybody is talking for
IChOOlf and buildings and we
I OOnfidCOt that many stand reidy
contribute liberally for such ai
lent cause. The committ-v as ap
inted is as follows: D. H. Rhodie,
< ;. II. Haun. Sec , B. A. Swart/,
I la l.ley. Jag. R. llotUl, Ceo \V,
I o i .behn 'V ( 'miner, <'. L.
fb-y. C. try W. I Ver and VV. K.
i i- eat neatly deeired by tin
tee tnat e?ery citizen will help by a
pral contriiuitieiu to push the good
rk a'ong.
mmlVm%Ml\\% <y nzAT
si t
'?? are haring sr.n.? very co
weather here al present and every 01
Menai to stay dose lo thc itove.
Mr. Simon Miller is vor\ much ? Ol
plaining at this writing.
Ifrt, Creen Barkins. of Columb
Furnace, was flailing her tilter, Mi
Simon Sheet/., last week.
Mrs. Gerber, of Bdinburg was fis
lng Mi's. Frank Morell]
Mis I* \V. Miller, who nai bi
sick with rheumatism for the last
months is no better i i
Me!sra. Lester and < Igden she ?
very much troubled over the li
tl n little cottage on the farm of th?
father. I*. K. Sheet/, which was my
tualy burned to the ground on la
Monday morning, about 1:30 o'doc
Mr-. Simon Miller and Mrs, .!<>!
8 t/ were visiting Mrs. John Neste
last week.
Miss Effie Bokard, of Hamburg, ai
risking Mri. simon Holler, last wee
Mr. C.I. Heelier purchased a ti:
percheron colt of C.F.Coffman for tl
sum of KO. lt - s as if Nlr. liol!
knowfl a vood thing when he see it, I
has already ref.- 120 for his ba
: a;n.
of th?- Senate- want
1 ? liri itt tO f oil<
lora I! as t< > 'I;- a- i in' i ent of ni
to federal ofl ???> sonth. 'I
? ktrong ? ir! .s to be' mai
by Senator Tillmi i te. hold up unt
after March Itfa th nf tl
o, Dr. ? - :
. himself &,! CO li cr. ir ? ? lb DO
of ( hui ll || 3. < .
M i. Ht il: i Sdi ? - 1
day m. : u:i... ,o> ml
? ?
l-.eli -
St .\:. lea wai?al<
Me? fU | Ve-H:> Old Hf] .
? ? n
torn! .:.
Ja |
?. ?lrd
ion. t
! ; ?
I. D
??? . ?
nt a
w to us bal
at SI
er Dome
' I
i ? i li
e.I '??
wind norm,
rnej l k
P. s. 1' K:n ^
If rs. Otc* v
her ; ;ir< Dtl M Ira. u ten.
<>f Mrs. Chas 1 i *f
a H.i.; town
W, Ya
I ?
lia- M
. - Lome lita
ll. H I'
? i
<!k ..
ii tina trie ?ln H
i. ? Vs
Ni*tiot.*. ti salt h i.
laced in -.
er sad s? ? . i nrhtci
iri i * it la/ ntgb
' :i M. .-. ?
ny. SI
Tribute of Respect.
In rn* mot y ol Mri I. IC) K
who died January I
Deer -st sister, thou l l Us,
K'er i '?? tter pli ?
? u ion*-- mes.
Thou hast li ft ali
Ma\ Cod watch'"'er- them ala'ays,
And v ilh hil ti
May he semi h - _ ard ila,
Te? _ri;iie tb'-rn Iwi.'- lb
'Tis ii i -a<; lo be' bereave d,
?if a dearly beloved one,
Hut he]|, u> each to say .
They wiii, not mine, be done,
Written hy s sister.
Please Return lt
The gentleman who borrowed Joi.
Fraeel'i lifti r or pully block, to poll
some old pump slocks out of a well
will please return it or si id ?J"e to
pay fe? ?
1 CK SAL.I .
A good dwelling on North Main
street, eeal side) with seven rooms
pantry and good cellar, electric lights
and purr mountain walei in the I
? it i50x2UO ft Price reasonable.
Apply to J. N. DAVIS 4 CO,
ttl i
A . odstot k, Va.
S. Mowery's meat market Wood?
stock. Va.
1 have Opened a first cass meat at d
erocery BsOTC in thc Iticbej store
room wheo- you coi buy all kim |
meat ami gr*ic?rles at tlc lowesl
price*. Highest oa price paid f"i
aggi and poultry. Ail goodl di -
! also run a Brat hiss boarding
house on Court so t. Litton'!
staud. Maali 25 e* . Call to sec im
whenintown. S MOWERi.
For Infanti and Children.
flu Kind You Ha: Jways Bought
Bears the >Oa
Hignatrre of t+MA*
Washington Once (lave Up
I kept in bed fo
te. coi er bli leg. Tin dod i -
11" tl Arnica Salve
1 me," writi - John Wash
*:I luglon, of Bosqueville,
*? eczema, boils, burns and
[supreme. l'">c at Walton pol.
Mrs. Fr;!r.e.", Folsom Clevelanc
j widow of tiie late President Clevelanc
, 'and Mrs. Mary Lord Harrison, wido
, of the late ]'; Harrison, bas
a granted life franking pri.
Poley 's r iVino Laxati
cor..-,ti pu:e?n anel liver trouble an
make! th?- bowelahealthy and regulai
? ? erior to pills and tablet
' (as it ? gripe or nauseate. Wh
aoylhii Walton v\ Smooi
ir, I His FTogihip appeared Tl
morning, bright and early, and ri
ii tin d from the scene of ictio
k, on weeks, which time we ma
? tther.
The- long w: nter months -hear
I vitality, make you feel mean. Hoi
ir's Rockr Mountain
you vitality cle rs tbe hie
.j. up flesh. Ma Ices - ind rc
bust. Cr. ut Spring medicine. Tei
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Karly Ria - rniist
gentle, easy, p i
pills. Sold by All Druggists.
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. ^ County,
In Vacation, January -'<.
Davis Hids ?
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?iii Moule! i
nt for Shenandoah County.
iee mein Woodstock on Court Days
HaOHol For tod??rtioii.
1 *">^-** ^* ^reW a\ Relieves gour stomach,
rJpitatiop of the heart Digesta whit you eat.
Don't lei this chance slip
?and don't delay coming ryon must km
clothing of such dist- rori '
will go quickly. And then your size in the particular
fabric which suits your taste best mat be sold.
Suits and Overcoats
Suits and Overcoats that sold at $18.00 now $14-00
Suits and Oi oats that sold at 16-00 now 12-50
Suits and Overcoats that sold at 13.00 now 10.00
Suits and Overcoats that sold at 10-00 now 800
Suits and Overcoats that sold at 8,00 now 6.75
Suits and Overcoats thal 7.50 now 5.50
One bet All-Wo >] M.-n's Heavj i to S10.00 St
Sow $6.00
All Boys and Children's Over
Coats at Cost.
. M. Calvert
Woodstock, - - - Virginia
Winter Clothing
-1 AND ======
Gent's Furnishings
AT ==
The Better Kind of
B. Sutherland & Son.
Main s
Woodstock, Va.
j. v
ir i -
,=- ,.^_ i
Having purchased the Geary
Hotel Livery, I solicit your
;r:n? you t
you will always get a good, safe
and rcdiable team when hiring
here. Hors.^s boarded by the
month at reasonable prices.
Horse Blankets, Robes,-Bridles,
Coilars, Hames and
Everything in Horse Tailcring Line.
I ll and examine our lari ito k.
J. A. Dysart & (g.
, , WANTEP If You Want to Drive, Come Here
we want, for i customer, a aoo?i,
od active farm, of from ."><> t.'
of kimi Bk Is riot hilly)
tli food dwejlioff, barn ami all other
.irv outbuilding! in ffOOd I
tion. Situated from om- to three
les west of Woorjstook. Fora firm
9iiit we will pay eash, if not pri?*? >1
> high. Kpol]
J. N. PA VIS A* Co.
Real Eal nu
Woodwork. Ya.
?-y, ?
Sultry meats, sugar a?v' flax seed
il, oalf meal. ?tVythiaf the far?
ly needs. Elmer's I Dion.
I am now running a FTKST OLA8
UTUT lo Woodstock with my hotel
I can furnish you toams you will *n
joy driving. Good horse** and nie*'
.Mjuipraen; N-'imv; CHBAPLOOKIKG
about ary outtit which J.jjayes my
stable. Prices reasonably ^p .
service. J^}
J. W. MOl^B^K

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