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$1.00 I**r V??rf
Communications ot private naturo
charged for ai advertising.
ls complex in every respect. Work
done on short notice and on the most
reasonable terms.
. I aD foetal li 8 <:
r^w* H
Vol. 93
Woodstock, Virginia, Friday, November 18,1910.
No. 46
Advertisements will be inserted
at One Dollar per square of ten
iinei or len, for tbe first insertion
and 50 cents for each subsequent
f^Qairterly or yearly adver
tiscnrcnts by contract.
?fcTUuless the number of inser?
tion*; is marked upon tbe manu*
script, advertisements will be pub?
lished until forbidden ard charger
Docs Not Stimulatcj
Aver's Sarsaparilla does not stimulate. It does not make
you feel better one day, then as bad as ever the next. It
is not a strong drink. No reaction after you stop using it.
There is not a drop of alcohol in it. You have the steady, -
even gain that comes from a strong tonic and alterative. I
We wish you would ask your doctor^about this. He j
knows. Trust him. Do as he says. J7C.Auerl:o..Lowrli.Mas$.
Whit arc Ayers Pills? Liver Pills. How lona have they been sold? Nearly sixty
viars. D-B doctors recommend them? Ask your own doctor and find out.
For Sale.
.V. ? OellSBitl lime store farm 140
acres ol productive land, 30 acres iu j
Woodland, " room dwelling, larpe
S i ibse turn with Iras electric lights
at noa*** and barn, and all necessary
outbuildings in j*ood repair, well
watered and fenced. 1 1-2 miles from
adstook, 1-2 mile from Valley
. non for selling owner desires
ls o ser business Pries
1*3Baals, ballance to suit pur
ch is-r not a cent les* will buy it.
8 x roora frame dwelling, <*ood
ir, metal roof two porches nicely
md other outbuildings. Plenty
ut fmU ol nearly all kinds, 2 miles
fro* MaUi'-rtown, Va., on U. F. D. 1
, ng "J |?J - of land under
vin oalf 4750. i><3 for this c /.;.
home. A }??>*> to
Et al E*t? A vents.
For Sale.
An up t i date new dwelling just
I * roOBBS with bath, front
> food cellar, (will
? ??, Bbb garden
;t lit. enc'osed bv iron fence.
mk\ . at sad waiks?Uk) yardi
^ . D. This is an id al resi*
and will }>?> iold St a reasonable
Locatioa si Mt. Jscfsoa, Va.
nd well Ina *M Bills fri>m
il K n, Va . A* acres of land. 1}
ie fruit, barn 42*14 tees,
cw:, ge house 16x18, blacksmith
20x28 Issi, los bouss Hals' '
fine z irdsfl and shade all in fir
Condition. Pries reasonable.
Anplv to
J. N. DAVIS ,v CO.,
Woodstock, Va.
small home \\ miles north of
itork on the Valley Pike, nice
ill rOOO dwelling.papered and paint?
ed ard numerous outbuildings all in
i repair.A\ aeies of excelent land,
an<l ? lenty o' all sort of fruit. R. F.
D. Woodstock Va.. To quick pur
?r at a Real bargain.
Apply to
Real Estate Agt.
If You Want to Drive, Come Here
I am now running a first CL AS
Liv kuy in Woodstock with my hotel
I can furnish you teams you will en?
joy driving. Good horses and nice
equipment. Nothing cheap looking
about any outtb which leaves my
?tn e. Pricea reasonable and pood
ssre los.
Ice Cream
Constantly on hand at the
ExcelsiorCreamery Wood?
stock, Va.
Leave your orders for
Sunday creams, only, at
Walton & Smoot's Drug?
store Our ice plant is
now in operation.
Successors to
Woodstock. Va
on dates named :
Mt Jackson. Saturday, Ctetor>*r
IlarnburK, Tuesday, October A,, 8 a.
m. to noon ? .,
(,,nicville. Tuesday, October IS, 1 p.
^^ttay, October W.S*.
UlllMM Wednesdav. CM*
?Xl* 1 n *n t*r? 4 p. ni.
Colu"mblaPi"uma<-e, Thursday. October
J7, | a. m to to noon.
Law/: Mill, Kriday. 0-**** 2?. ? ??
M^.X-d.., October 28,1 p. m.
Saum.vilTe'Nuesd.y, November.,*
? tn. to noon. .
Mt OH?e Tue.day, November 1, 1 p.
L*&? Vednnesdav, November 2
Or.odiThur.day. Noveml-er I, 8 ..
FUhe'r^HiTThursday, November .*,
Tom',PB,?oo..Vrldnay November 4. .
Mau^toio./rWay, November 4, I
B, OavidU Church Thursday, Nov.
SevilVo^nt^rlday. November
11 Hm m. to noon
StraVbtfrg; Wednesday and Thursday,
November 16 and n.
New Market. Saturday, November 19.
Mt Jackson, Tuesday, Nov 22.
KdnburK, Saturday. Nov 26^
Attar these dat*. I will be in fe
Treasurer's office from day to day
SS the 1?'/C^TTTCHE80N,
Treasurer Shan. Co.
aOct. ?-*?
^. L Walton, Collection
-:. I> NaWMaif, Department.
W. L. NK?HtN. Notary Pub.ic.
Woodstock, Va.
Practice in State and Federal Courts.
Woodstock, Vu.
I?- BBB practice in 1878. Owner and
Manager of The Shenandoah Valley
Collection and Adjustment Agency,
BStabliabed 1*,,,.>. I'ost-ofBce address
Calvary, Shenandoah Bounty, Va.
Woodstock, Va.
Office: In "Lswen Twow." former*
ly occupied !?> ihelsteP.W.MsgTudei
rsil il. WILLIAMSON,
Woodsloak, Va.
Will practice in adjoining counties
Will be in New Market every Satur?
Having decided to locate at Tom's
Brook, I offer my professional ssr*
rices to tha neople ol that place and
vicinity. Calls promptly answered
dav or night.
Having: located in Woodstock, can
be found at his residence on North
Muhlenburj* Sturt, the- late residence
of Dr J. L. Campbell, when not pro?
fessionally engraved.
Office and Residence South Main St.
Woodstock, Virginia.
wW Special attention j*iven to Sur?
gery. Phone Call 38.
BsT Calls answered day or ni<*h*.
Office and residence North Main St.
March 4?tf.
Office Main St., Woodstock, Va.
s$# Chloroform, ether and cocaine
used for painless extraction of teeth.
Dec. 26-lyr.
Woodstock, Virginia.
Office on Coori Street, above the
office of Tavenner & Bauserman.
Mutual Telephone.
May 28, 'Oft-lyr.
Marble Works
Monuments, Timbs and all kinds
of Cemetery Work.
"LowwaS prices in the Valley. Give
ui a call. E. U. SNYDER.
Barber Shop.
Court St., Wooi>stocr Va.
Warden Fravel, Propr.
Shave. 10 1 Haircut.... 15
9ln**e. 15 ] Shampoo.. 15
Facial Massage. 25
Tonic Rub. I and 10
Shaving Corpse.... 1.00
Shave awav from shop 25
Haircut 'r * 30
Haircut and shave away from shop BS
EsT Prompt attention given to all
A Snarf of the public patronag(.so
For Sale.
130, acre tract of crazing land on
Ryals Run betweeu Diberty Furnace
and ConicvHle, on which is some
timber?all in gra?s except the tim?
ber?well watered by Ryals Run. It
ia an excellent grazing tarni and frill
be sold low. Apply to
Woodstock, Va.
Increase In Federal Expenses Paral?
lels Rise In Cost of Private Living.
"A comparison of the net ordinary
expenditures by decades will enow the
trend of national spending," J. J. Hill
In the WTorld's Work. The amounts
are as follows:
Increase of Government Expenses.
1880. 2C4.S47.C37
1890 . 297,736.487
1900. 487.713,7!?2
1908. 659,196.320
"Although the great business ex*
pension ol this country began right
after the Civil War, the expenses for
1890 were but $4,000,000 greater than
those of twenty years before.
"81nce 1890 these expenditures
have grown by $180,000,000 each nine
yearB on the average, or $20,000,000 a
year, until now they are 121.4 per
cent, more than they were eighteen
years ago.
"Expressed in terms of per capita
outgo these charges, which are only
part of the cost of maintaining the
Federal Government, rose from $4.75
In 1898 to $6.39 In 1900 and to $7.."6
In 1908 "
Get that Cold out
of Your System
HTRE longer you let it hang on the harder it will bc to get rid
of it, and the more damage it will do. A continuous cold
weakens the whole system, strains the lungi and leaves you ex
** posed to attacks of other diseases.
will free you from the most stubborn cold. They cure La Grippe,
prevent Colds, Feverish Conditions and Headaches that often ac?
company colds. /
Price per box, thirty doses, 25 c.
SCHMITT'S Drag Stor<. Woodstock, Ya.
Banking Service
Ranks are becoming more and more the custodians
of the funds of the people, of both large and small
means. This is duo to a wider appreciation of the value
of banking service as its usefulness in extend and its
methods become better known, In the case of
The Shenandoah
National BanK
service is assured. Its officers aim in every way to pro?
tect the interests ol its patrons, making use of every
means of precaution. It's up-to-date system of accuracy,
promptness and the same carfeul attention to large or
small depositors. It is a safe bank. It is the bank for
all the people?rich and poor, men, women and chil?
dren. If you have any banking "mstliesa to transact,
come to the
The Shenandoah National Bank
ol Woodstock.
YourFall Suit and Overcoat
*11 L.i.L.
I -*? fnef i t*i
Will DC U1C very id. ita l ui
Style and Fabric, if made by
A full line of all the very lates Patterns for the Fall
and winter to select from. The best work at reasonable
prces is what you get at Miller's, "The Tailor," Main
street, Woodstock, Va.
| "Prescriptions
A Specialty.
f J
This is more than a mere statement.
It is a Fact.
The Prescription Department, in our Store, is the most
Important Feature,
consequently it receives more attention.
Bring Your Prescription To Us
Pure Drugs, Carefully Compounded, Insures Satis-]
faction to Patient, Physician and Everyone Con?
Woodstock, - - Virginia.
Sanitary Conditions of Paris.
Not for many years have the health
returns in Paris shown such a low
percentage of deaths as has been the
ease since the recent floods. This ia
attributed to the thorough cleaning
process which took place after the
subsidence of tho waters when the I
accumulated rubbish of years in eel- I
lars and other obscure places waa
either washed out or has since been
removed by the health authorities,
who now praetice a rigid inspection
resnltlni in the greatest cleanlines8
and have instituted fre3h methods of
insuring the purest possible supply of
water. Thus the floods may be con?
sidered as a blessing in disguise.-?
New York Tribune.
Son of Respectable Parents.
A refen-nre to the late king "play?
ing wtlh the Prince of Wales's chil?
dren" rsmtadi ons that a pleasant un?
derstanding existed between Prince
Edward of Wales and his grandfather.
It was the latter, who, having asked
what the boy had been reading in his
history one morning, received the re?
ply: "Oh. all shoat Pekin Warbeck."
And, in answer to a request for still
more information. "He pretended ha
was the son of a king, but he wasn't
He was the son of respectable par*
snts."***-LoadoB oiobe.
Built for Comfort.
Aeroplnning is to be made com?
fortable. Henri I" itSCB, of Paris,
whose pri7.es did so much for tha ad?
vancement of aviation In its early
days, is having an Beracah built for
his own use. The aeroplane is of the
Wright type, bat a littls cab of basket?
work is being made to shelter the
driver and his passenger from rain
and cold.
He Wanted an Equal Chance.
The ".-porting parson," once a fa?
miliar figure in English society, h.-ua
all but dlsspneared, in consequenos
of the religious revivals and reforms
of the last century and a half. A
hundred ysBTi sgo, bowerer, he ittl]
exls*< I writer in Tit -Pit - ? !
ore- f?f tl resided over a little
?ea.-' ti in Lil ire.
Tbs . landing
|' for woodcock at tbs time of
their annual immigration I 1 the
; n is. ri U) tell Oil a o let
him know as tl. .n to ar?
On Bondsy bs ws tiing to
his concn s*af!on, .'ind had Just Ti ach?
ed tl.' nd head i irse,
when the church door was (autiously
opened and a bend appeared, follow**
ed by a beckoning Anger. The par
SOfl either did not iee, or i not
heed the Intruder, who then gave a
Thi d in his preach?
ing in tl. ? mid
excitedly ;s it, John?"
"Cocks is coom," replied Joan.
The parson hurriedly closed his
sermon cane. "Shut the door and
lock lt!" he cried to the clerk.
"Keep the people in church till I've
got ruy surplice off. Let's all have a
fair chance."
The Miracle Play.
Passion Play is a dramatic repre
SBBtatlOB of the chief events In the
passion of I formed every
tenth year by the Inhabitants of the
Tillage of Oberamergnu, Bavaria, In
accordance with a vow made by them
In 1C33 to express their gratitude at
the cessation of the plague. This
Yow has been religiously kept, with
few interruptions, ever since. The
play depicts the events recorded in
the Gospels, and ls interspersed with
tableaux from the Old Testament and
choral odes, it occupies about seven
hours and a half In Its representation,
enlists the services of SOO persona
and is performed in an open-air the?
atre accommodating 1,000. The Pas?
sion Play is probably the only "mira?
cle play" or "mystery" in existence,
and attracts great numbers of tour?
ists, as well as peasants, from all
parts of the Tyrol and Bavaria. The
last performance took place in 1900.
Magnetic Lamps.
Among the more recent forms of
aro-lamps are those In which a stick
of magnetite is substituted for carbon
in the negative terminal. The mag?
netic lamp is the result of efforts to
find a substance capable of with?
standing exposure in an open arc, and
giving a Bi He light instead of the
orange color of the brilliant flame
carbon lamps. To increase Its effi?
ciency, a small percentage of other
metallic oxlds ls added to the mag?
netite, lt ls found that the flame In
these lamps is fed only by the nega?
tive electrode, the magnetite stick,
which alone needs to be replaced
from time to time, the positive ter?
minal, composed of copper, not being
Oatmeal and Stature.
Archdeacon Sinclair was the guest
of Mr. Burdett-Coutts, M. P., at a dis?
play of gymnastics given by members
of the ShoredltchJVorking Lads' Club,
London, which was founded by the
late Baroness Burdett-Coutts. In
congratulating the members the Arch?
deacon said: "I go through many of
your exercises myself even to the
present day, and as a Scotsman I
should like to recommend what I con?
sider one of the best preparations for
them, namely, good old Scotch oat?
meal. I had four brothers, all six feet
high, and my father had fourteen
brothers and sisters, ranging from six
feet to six feet eight Inches?all
brought up on Scotch oatmeal por?
Irish Bulls.
The origin of the word "bull," as
the definition ?f a confused utterance,
ls doubtful. Some philologists say lt
comes from the French boule?
"fraud"; and others that lt is de?
rived from the Icelandic bull?"non?
sense." Many definitions have been
attempted, but the best probably ls
that of Sydney Smith. Writing of the
difference between wit and "bulls,"
he says, "Wit discovers real relations
that are apparent, 'bulls' admit ap?
parent relations that are not real.
The stronger the apparent connection
and the more complete the real dis?
connection of tha Ideas the greater
tba surprise sad the better the 'bull/"
The Sea's Ventilation.
One of the reasons formerly urged
IBjaiast the existence of living crea?
tures in the abysses of the ocean was
;he supposed absence of oxygen there.
It was deemed Impossible that any
:onsiderable quantity . of oxygen
:ould exist at great depths. But dis?
coveries of recent date have shown
mat there ls no lack of oxygen even
it Uss greatest depths. The explana?
tion ls that, the cold water of the
polar regions, charged with the oxy?
gen from the atmosphere, creeps
ilong the bottom toward the equator
from both poles and thus carries a
?upply of oxygen over the whole vast
loor of the oceans. The surface wa?
ler moves toward the poles, and so
i great system of circulation exists.
Were it not for thl3 world circulation,
MIS authority aasureS us, lt ia alto?
gether probable that the ocean would
in time become too foul to sustain
inimsl life, at least In Its higher
manifestations, and the sea, the
mother of life, would itself be dead.
When Folks Feared Gas.
In the early dayl of the last cen?
tury. When illuminating gas was first
jsed in London, timorous peO] 1" talk?
ed of the dsngeri of suffocation and
ot ex to which .iras, which
was still imperfectly purified, exposed
the Bcientistl confirmed
these SSSerUOBS, and the first gasomet?
er ted in London by Samuel
riecg IO 1 . the people that no
work man would venture to light the
CBS jets which bsd been placed on
Westminster Bridge. But ciegg soon
overcame thll difficulty by lighting a
torch and applying lt to the burners
wrth his own hands. On another oe
D before a committee of the
Royal London he bored a
hole In the gas holder and put a light?
ed candle to it, to the great alarm
ot the apectal ,t without C
nt Gradual?
ly t!i i moil preju?
diced wei ith.
Form of Divorce in Old Rome.
In the earlier . I of the Ho
R die di \ ? ? were quite n
taos D, 'md a - :p to the
time of the Bullan Wars. In the old
Says tbs husband and wife who
wished to se] i for the
timi befon tbe n hearth,
a priest and mg present.
As on tbe day of marriage, s cake of
wheaten ll ? l to the
nd and I instead of
sharing it betw< D them they reject?
ed it. Then, in- ead of prayers, they
pronounced formulas of i strange, se?
vere, ipiteful character, by which the
wife renounce d th dp and |
of the hu Fmm ?? anent
the r< bond wai broki n. and,
immunity of worship hsving
ceased to tiie mai .vith
out further ado. was forever dissolved.
Diamonds from Gunpowder.
Sir Andrew Noble, in % recent ad?
dress Royal Institution in
London on tbs development of ex
the last 50 years, re?
lated a remarkable story of what oc?
curred during one of his experiments
with a gunpowder made of cordite
and carbon. After the explosion, in
which the elevation <>f temperature
was estimated to have been about
I rees (Jen Igrade, s residue
was left In the explosion chamber In
Which Sir William Crookes afterward
found diamonds. They wore, of
course, exceedingly minute, and must
have beni formed from the carbon
under the influence of the immense
heat and pressure developed at the
moment of the explosion.
Aerial Fleets Will Play Great Part In
Coming Wars.
It really begins to look as If the
next war?If war there must be?will
mark the Introduction of aerial
manoeuvres on a scale which would
hardly have seemed possible a few
years ago. At the end of IBO! says
the Youth's Companion, there were
already in existence, either finished
or promised to be ready for service
very shortly. 32 dirigible balloons and
56 aeroplanes belonging to the vari
ious European nations. Of these di r
many has 14 dirigibles, of six different
models, and five aeroplanes; France,
BS* n dirigibles and seven aero?
planes; Austria, two dirigibles and
four aeroplanes; Pmgland, two dirigi?
bles and two aeroplanes; and Spain,
one dirigible and three- aeroplane- It
ls interesting to remark how Germany
runs to dirigibles and France to aero?
planes. Yet France was the first offi?
cially to experiment with the former
How Danish Farmers Prosper.
The Danish farmers. liviBg as they
do on or near the seacoast, are great
exporters of dairy stuff. England is
so big a customer that the Danes in
fun reproach their neighbors with
eating up their butter, and leaving
them only oi- irin. "Yet." says
Mr. F. M. Purlin in "Among the
Danes." "they are not all of that way
of thinking, for one old farmer asked
us if We could not persuade our fel?
low countrymen to eat butter with
their cake.
"If you ask how the Danish farm?
ers manage to keep pace with our j
(the British! increasing appetite for
Danish eggs, butter and bacon, the j ,
answer is, they co-operate. The but?
ter which is exported is made in
their CO-Operatlve dairies. The pigs
are slain in tie lr co-operative slaugh?
ter-houses, and the Danes are not a
little proud of the process. Ons dis*
tlnguisl complains that
during his stay in Denmark he was
always being asked to come and see
a pig killed.
"The eggs are exported by co?
operative societies. If a Dane has
only one egg he can export it?al?
ways provided it be a good egg. No
mistake must be made about that.
Before the eggs are packed for ex?
port, down in tbe co-operative fac?
tory on the shore, they are held over
-in filled with electric light, when
all defects can be detected with the
Baked eye. It is no use for an old
egg to pose as a young one then. Each
egg is marked with the owner's num?
ber and the number of h's district;
the owners of bnd eggs are fined. No
less than eighteen thousand Danes
belong to this nne society. Here, too,
butter is packed for the English mar?
Soft-Boiled Shirts.
She ws dy, but she
lived at Hardscrabble and was a bit
behind the times. She had been read?
ing the sdverl its in i city n
paper chance had brought her way.
"Father." she asked her husband.
"what ls these here negligee shirts
they talk about ?"'
Father, being a man, was equal to
the occasion.
"Don't know what they be?" he
grinned. "Well, you are a back num?
ber. Negligee shirts ain't quin
ltaa\**-BBd choky as a blled ihirt?I
mean a reg'lar hard-b'iled shirt. A
negligee shirt ls somethii
call a softb'iled shirt." Hem York
Absolutely Pure
Tho only baking powder
mada from Royal Grape
Cream of Tartar
No Alum, No Lime Phosphate
Not a Slave of the Needle,
A bot night, so hot that even for a
D making no exertion it is sim?
ply Im] i | i - p comfortable.
Then through the open windows
I the busy whir-r-r of a sewing
machine. Eves in this hot night some
I ot the needle." says
)ne solemn listener, "compe!'ed even
late r!.e night to struggle for the
os. Pity?"
"Pity nothing!" says the Jolly mun.
Ten to one this slave of the needle is
ly girl who is going to start for
the ouatri to-morrow sad who is
leWlnf I a* lik*> n.ad puttin**
:he last tucks and flounces in g
luffy summer frock that she's simply
;ot to Sash to-night because the iran
s coming for the trunk in the moan?
ing."?New York Sun.
Scott's Emulsion
is a wonderful food-medi?
cine for all ages of man?
kind. It will make the
delicate.sickly baby strong
and well?will give the
pale, anemic girl rosy
cheeks and rich, red blood.
It will put flesh on the
bones of the tired, over?
worked, thin man, and
will keep the aged man
or woman in condition to
r sist colds or pneumonia
in the winter.
Bf nd 10c., tmmo of* paper and th it ad. for OU
bift'itifbl Su*in;-i Bank and Child* Sketch-Boo*.
Kath bunk contain* a Good Luck Pena*.
&COTT & BOWNE. 409 Pearl St. Na*** \?fk
V ? ~ ? '."??
Every *^
ar store is a X
g place for the
You see it in more instances
and in more cases than any
ther. Demand ? is only
reatest when quality is
ghest. There's a merit
reason behind "three mil- / |
lions a week"?and it's
a strong one. Bet- ,
ter than ever and
better forever.
GEORGE L STORM & CO., New Yjric. VIRGINIA CIGAR CO.. Harrisonburg, Va*

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