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Health Authorities Urge That
Windows Be Kept Open De?
spite Weather.
Richmond. Va., Dee. lu.--The nc
who closes his windows in cold weather
to keep from taking cold is the man
above all men who is apt to catch
cold. At least this is tha view of the
State Department in this season nJ
coughs and oolds.
"Fresh air," says Commissioner
Williams, id a statement given ou;
to-day, "is as essential la cold
weather" as in hot weather and
should never be neglected by those1
who wish to keep in good health. One
of the best ways in the world for b
person to catch cold is to stay in a
closed room, away from the fresh air,
and then leave the roora, and go into
the winter weather The all impor
tant thing is to kaep the body warn-,
and thin can best be done by wearing
ample clothing, rather than by living
in a close roora. The windows should
be l3ft open in all weather in this cli?
mate. Of course, no one should sit or
sle^p in a draught, but this too can
readily be avoided.
"It is curious how ignorant or care?
less some people are on this matter.
One of our Department officials eras
passing through a fashionable part I f
Richmond ahont midnight, recently,
and happened to notice a very large
apartment house. He saw that no
windows were open in the front of the
house, and, becoming curious, made a
complete circuit of the premises. He
found that not a single window in the
house was open to admit fresh air. It
is safe to say that these people not
only suffer from colds, hut subjte'
themselves lo the menace of serious
throst and lung troubles."
Saved From Awlul Death.
How an appalling calamity in his
ami'v *as prevented ls told by v D
McDonald, of Fayetteville, N. I . R
F. D. No. Sj "My sister had con?
sumption," he writes, "she was very
thiu and pale, had no appetite anc
seemed to grow weaker every day, as
ali remedies failed, till Dr. King's
New Discovery was tried, and so com?
pletely eared her, that she has noi
troubled with a cough since. Its tin
best medicine I ever saw or heard of.'
For coughs, colds, la grippe, asthma
croup, hemorrhage all bronchia
troubles, it has no equal, 50c, $1.00
Trial bottle free. Guaranteed bj
Schmitt's Drug Store.
The power house of tbe New Yorl
Central Railroad in the heart of Nev
York city was blown up by an ex
plosion of gas, killing 25 and the in
jured number 12.5 or more, and gie;
d amage was done to property.
Wants To Help Some One.
For thirty years J. F. Boyer, 0
Fertile, Mo , needed help and couldn'
find it. That's why he wants to heii
some one now. Suffering no lon;
himself he feels for all distress fron
Backache, Nervousness. Loss o
Appetite, Lassitude and Kidney dis
orders. He shows that Electric Bit
ters work wonders for such troubles
"Five bottles," he writes, "whol
cured me and now I am well am
hearty." It's also positively gua
ranteed for Liver Trouble. Dyspepsia
Blood Disorders, Female Complaint
and Malaria. Try them. 50c a
Schmitt's Drug Store.
The body of James Biles, a lahore
was found Sunday morning on tl
Juliana Street Bridge, acros-. th
Little K-inawha river, literally froze
to one of the iron upright posts o
t e bridge.
A sprained ankle will usually dis
able the injured person for three o
four weeks. This ls due to lack <
proper treatment. When Chamber
Iain's Liniment is applied a cure ma
be effected in three or four days. Thl
liniment is one of the best and mo<
remarkable preparations in use. Sol
by Walton k Smoot.
Suffolk, Va., Dec. 19.-The "drys
won today's local option fight by
majority of .r>5 in a total of 747 tl
largest ever cast here in any contes
Many persons find themsehes afTee
ed with a persistent cough after a
attack of influenza. As this coug
can be promptly cured hythe use
Chamberlain'9 Cougn Remedy,
*>h"uld not be allowed to run on uni:
it becomes troublesome. Sold b
Walton k Smoot.
Jasper Simmons, of Highland couc
ty, raised 30 lambs, of which 22 ar
twins. And, furthermore, they averag
120 pounds each.
The greatest danger from influenz;
is of its resulting in pneumonia. Thi
can be obviated by using Chamber
iain's Cough Itemedy, as it not onl,
cures mfVnza, but counteracts an.
tendency of the disease towards puen
monia. Sold by Walton k Smoot.
The farmers of Washington Stat
are importing cats frm Pennsylvanii
to kill gophers. Other States woul<
like to contribute. ?Baltimore Sun
G. W. Simkins, 15 year old, los
both legs trying to board a New York
Philadelphia and Norfolk train nea
Cape Charles.
If you are suffering from biliou;
ness,constipation, indigestion, chronic
headache, lvest one cent in a posta
card, srnd to Chamberlain Medicin
Co., Des Moines, Iowa, with youi
Dame and address plainly on th?
back, and they will forward you i
free sample of Champlain's Stomaci
and Liver Tablets. Sold by Waltoi
k Smoot.
Senor Cruz, Chlllean Minister U
United States, died suddenly In Wash
For Infants and Children.
ns |W Ym Han Arta? Bough!
hmm tho
?stimulate the TORPID LIVER,
strengthen the digestive organs,
regulate the bowels, and ar j eu
ciliated as an
in malarial districts their virtues
are widely recogtmed, as they pos?
sess peculiar properties in freeing
the system from thet poison, tie*
gantry Mjgar coated.
Take No Substitute.
L ? I tip.
i] u ? d.* <?
. i
e :..."?? I I
day. 7
Thc .1
? '
aft T ld .1 i**l |i ?
the I '
ls t! ; ?? ? ? rr, ;
? . > ', 4 Ol
feel lift If
' ? ? ? ? ' ??
? ? boar
ship Im nut tl
characterized it. Tho hardtack ;
ls erroueoiw 1 lie Ballow are w<
with ths lest v-iands i roeni
tluir bread* far iv un being b-tn
ls ns ge? ><1 as thal Which is served I
any high class hotel or reatani
There ls n spirit of x ,r,<i fi :
among the naen below decks.
man hss his seiw deflnltei.i
designated, and there are do |
tnstfsi,?J, \v. Aide In Leslie's.
A F.-'h' ti: D-rquct.
Ja~ob A. RilS v. ax iii- usa] lg in Ne I
Tor'.; his experience as a pollee re
?'l hey wert intense - - Thi
pathetic ?>nt i bad, li
tensity thal they couldn't be used i
literature. They'd mm m overd
F.-r example I and il
Thsnksgl Ing evening a* l pa
famous restaurant 1 saw a lil
standing ! eti n the Mea. Tl
area sra! aga the kitchen, '
illuminate !. c
in his white dress, basted a h ill doz*
great brown i Irds
*? 'Ht TlmrayT the urchin
a second youngster turn ?!
" iii. Timm .
in the smell from lulu
en. lt makes it taste Just
turkev." "- Detroit i Press,
Tl e Arab Steed.
An Arab ate* il of | ire bre
probably be outpaced i:i n race bj ai
English tboi n other n
i j e> ts lt tern riva.
lt is sd do< ile til it ii ls t. ea ti d b; lb
owner .-is one of the family, and i; li?
an Iron constituti< n f< r it i
at nlghl 5 or i
Nata ?? proti cl< the Arab hoi
h Is
touched by brush or n
I : at the appr ;:< Ii of
bei n sh; .
resin.a- their -. . ?':?
ten in th>' sun i u bi f.
Lomb >n Chroi I 'le
The Crab In the Whale's Ear.
When '?)" whales were still freqneti
s ulong the lines <?f passenger irsve
t across tl**'- Atlantic nothing wan
rom mon than lo see the great beast!
hurling their bulk clean uri <?f tin
wares and. after a flight through lb'
r air. tailing bark Into the <o-.\ with ar
? enormous splash, a spectacle i
e falling <if Interest lo the neerin tourist
but not <lu?' to any sportive titan****1
lion on the [tart of the leviathan of tin
deep "quite ihe contrary Ths hreaeh
inp of the whale ls no fun for ll
beast, lt is a frnntle effort lo ri.
himself of the turf ure ??f mn
There Is a marine crustacean
" pesters whales to the verge ot ender
ance, and there seems reason to Ih
y lieve that seine whales lune bi<n dr'\
s en insane by these tiny parasites. I
i ts a crab of shout ih?? ufos <f tin
which ls found In the oyster. Wbei
it iodpes on tho whr?l*? lt Infest*1 tli
inner stirfjue of the eyelids and th
ear. Ry swift rushes on Ibe nurfaei
tbe whale is able lo (lear its eyes, bu
the crab In Ibe inner ear cannot ti'
dislodged by any stub means,
Woodstock, Va., Dec 22 lulu.
Wheat. $ .g
Corn. .?
Sweet Potatoes. ).o
Turkeys .1
Chickens old.fi
'* sprim? .0
Bacon, Side and Shoulder... .1
11 Hams.1
Onions. 1
Haltimeire Den. 5.
Cattle?Rcreif'tft for the *?????; ndMI
noon voday were 4 V > be* eft, a? uosl <,?yi hem
last w:'ek; 59 e-?r loads in the market. ijuoX
Ste?r?, *<m?1 to eb**See but<-h*?rs, f4 00 t(. ?n 2
others, fvyi ia #4 8-,; Tows, fa 00*4 ?4 |
f3 ?5 to f?5 75 Heiter.H.f3 rf5 to t<j.t5: trt-sh Cowl
I25 ti I65 jmM head.
c Horn - Rrcaipia for tne week ?nded at r.o^i
today were 0 411 head, against 8.^15 jrad las
1 .v-ok.^ir 1 a ,piy t<Hlay a"-1 inoderate,deroan(
. Qaotalteatar'ti #8.oj u. h.,, others, $8 00 t<
J loo roughs |*4 50 to 7.50.
Sheepand 1 %tnL?? Kect.pt* for *he wed
^nde.l at n <>n to today weere 0,86. head
against ?<^3heaJ last week. Lifcht surph
ind fair demand. Quote- J.atiibs, U ?
to 7 o?: Sheep. %i:7i to 4 00.
Calvea-Receipts for the week er. Jed a
noon today were head, 57; against 580 heac
last week. Pair supply today and mame
Tt-Tn r>Mote: Common to beat, f & 50 to 9 75.
What They Will Do for You
They will cure your backache,
strengthen your kidneys, cor.
rect urinary irregularities, build
up the worn out tissues, and
eliminate the excess uric acid
that causes rheumatism. Pre?
vent Bright's Disease and Dia
bates, and restore health and
strength. Refuse substitutes.
Thi fame - !ittk pith.
How They Are Trained to Guard tho
Company's Property.
As an additional protection to tho
Hull docks a scheme has just been
formulated by which the police con?
stables of the North Hasten* Hal
wav on night duty will be assisted by
It ls tho Airedale breed that ls em?
ployed and the experiment ha->
attended with so much success that
large kennels have been provided and
lt le now proposed to augment the
number of animals. Tra: ircely
ever sleep out on the docks now, but
hold tho dogs in deadly terror.
Each dog undergoes a most ela?
borate training which centres wholly
around one idea, that every pew n
dressed in other than police uniform
1b an enemy. This is au Impottaat
point and no person dressed in plain
clothes ls allowed to touch or pet the
The policemen who tend tbtn must
only enter the kennels in uniform.
The dogs are taught to ? police?
man's whistle which they soon learn,
for tho Airedale terrier is obedient
Each animal undergoes strict and
rigid training and so far tin- dogs have
rendered most valuable service.?Hail
i way and Travel Monthly.
A Radium Safe.
A radium sat"" warily a pe
i cullar contrivance, as it must not only
be proof against burglars, but must
be able to hold a substance that tttHy
passes through the thickest steel. The
new safe of the British Radian Cor?
poration is three feet high, wei tits S
i ton and a half, has a tlght-Attlng cir
i cular door, and contains an inner
, chamber of pure lead three inches
. thick. To prevent loss ba opening,
i the door is fitted with two so
j that, before the door II I, tubes
of mercury can be . through to
collect and store the emanation
formed. This corporation expects to
supply one-thirtieth of an ounce of
radium a month, valued, at the latest
I Quotations, at the rate of about
000.000 an ounce.'-New Orleans Times
Substitute for a Glass Cutter.
Occasionally the man of ths DORSt
or his wife may have need to cut a
sheet of window glass and be wit
a ss cutter of any kind that will
An excellent substitute for the
work ls ? pair of heavy scissors or
| shears that are of no particular value.
' Submerge the glass in water to a
depth of three or four Inches and
I the edges as you would s ol
j pasteboard, a plat may i ot
be divided in half with this a]
rates, as it ls bu] ths narrow
clippings will break away; bul unl< ll
biting too deep in the that
I is to bs preserved thi I of the
water seta to prevent shattering
i otherwise would be go
Art in Catacombs.
The catacombs at Rome were the
burial places of the early christians.
They are about 580 miles In extent
and are said to have
'0o0 bodies. Iii;ing itloni
of the Christians by ' ind Other
Roman Emperors the catacomb!
used for hiding placet. Under Dio?
cletian the catacombs i
with those for whom there was no
safety in the face of day. The art of
the / ba is unique snd most in?
teresting. Simp:- re etched
in the slabs which Beal Un
Now and then are imall chapels
Where paintings are to he found. All
j are Bible lllustratl o that the
catacombs may he said to be a pictor?
ial Bible In effect
Weather Signs.
Rapid changes In the barometer in?
dicate early and marked change ? lu
the weather.
A red sun means rain.
A piece of | I hung up will be?
come damp previous tn rain.
Clouds flying Sgainsl the wind in?
dicate rain.
When the leaves of trees curl with
the wind from the south, rain ls ap
Red hair' curls at the approach of
a storm, and straightens after it.
Men work harder, eat more, and
sleep more soundly when the baro?
meter ls high than when it ls low.
When the perfume of growing How?
ers is unusually strong, rain may be
American Nervousness.
"Why are we a nerve ms generation?
It ls because we live in an environ?
ment of nervous irritation. WV are
constantly drenched in emotion*** said
Rabbi Hirsch of Chicago. MWt worry,
worry, worry lest wt shall lott some?
thing we prize, or fail in our under?
takings. Passion, fear, greed and en
vy throw our minds and nerves out ot
balance and diminish the power of our
organism to resist the microbes that
aro constantly assailing lt. It has
b?e d scientiflcticaly demonstrated thal
worry causes a pn disposition to dis
Water for the Chicks.
Tak^ an ordinary baking pan and
lave the tinsmith rivet on an "ear"
?>n one side for nailing to a tree. Have
him also make a hole in the bottom
rn one corner, that the water can be
let out every day and the pan be kept
clean. Nail the pan to a tree about
twelve Inches from the ground, so the
Chicks can drink without getting into
it with their feet. The birds will soon
discover that lt ls a fine place from
*vhich to get a drink on hot days.
Sometimes they find. too. that lt Is a
convenient place for a bath, and this
of course makes the water dirty. But
lt is not much trouble to refill the
pan with clean water, and this should
bo done two or three times a day.
Chickens and birds require a great
deal of water, and they often Ruffer
for lack of it. Don't neglect them.
Guinea Fowls.
The flesh of guineas ls genera!1?
dark colored, tender. Juicy and in fla
vor equal to the ring-neck Er
pheasant. Many think lt more
tablo, for the flavor is not so pro
nounced. and there Is considerably
more of lt. The flesh of the white
guinea is light in color, and If they
are crossed with the pearl variety the
meat of the latter will become nearly
as light.
Two Yards for Chickens.
Where possible, lt is advisable to
have two yards, one on the north side
of the house for a warm weather run,
Std the other on the south side.
Ground frequently becomes "fowl
-i<k" from long use. It ls necessary,
when this condition prevails to plow
ip the ground and plant lt In some
crop. By this means, the earth be?
comes clear of poisonous droppings
v T 11
AN csctalii j TVeparaf con RrAs
simi!aifn? iheFootfanJ Rcgula
l ing Ut? Stoittaihs andBovrcls cf
For Infants and (Children.
Promotes Digestion Ck rrfu>
ness and festCoitfaLis neitnrr
Opium Mo/phine norMJoeral.
Not Nakc otic.
Jtecipe ifOldDcSttlTUrnffll
Jhaptat Seed"
JlK.$atr,n ?>
A dre Seed*
JSfftmm/- .
I'' Cririoack SJ**
Wmmayam ttjTir.
Arcrfpcl Rcr-Wy for Consftpa
l ion, Som- Storwh.Dlarrhoca
\\ or ms .Coitvulsioits .Feverish
ness aniLoss OF SLOT.
fteSoh Signature oT
ew yore.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
a Eranie*
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
A i lilli
?' ?ii^i*r?
i ? -?
A Good Example
"I nm a pood example," writes Mrs. R. LT? Bell, of
>c .'-.lester, Okla., "of what Cardui will do for suffering
"i suffered with my head and back, for over six years,
and al. . 1 tried everything, I never could get any?
thing to do ne any pood, until t began to take Cardui.
Cardui has surely helped me and built me up and I
am so thankful that I have found something that will do
me g xxl I feel so much stronger and better than I have
in a time."
It is well to make up your mind before you are sick
what medicine you will take when you are sick.
j 1
fake (FA
J 47
The Woman's Tonic
You will be glad to take it when you are tired, mis?
erable and when life seems a weary grind. It will put
new thoughts into your head, fresh courage into your mind.
If not sick now, at least burn Cardui on to the pa?es
of your memory, so that when you are sick you will ask
fur it without thinking.
If sick or weak, get a bottle today. At all druggists.
Write io- Ladies' Advisory Dept.. Chattanooga Med.cin* Co.. Chaftanno< ix TeiuL,
for Spedtl Instructions, and 64-page bo.jk, "Home Treatment for Women." sent free.
3000 fat turkeys tor Xmas; also
ducks and chicken. Must arrive
not later than Dec. 20 or 21st.
Mv personal inspection and attention given to every shipment.
REFEREN' E -Norlhwesttm TrustfCo., Dnn, Bradstrttt, or uTht
Psektr," Phil a. tnbsr Phils. Produos Bxhan
Produce Commission Merchant,
2824-26 DAUPHIN ST.,
GEO. F. READLE, Proprietor.
Under New Management. Table Unexcelled.
First Guss in its Appointments.
Headquarters for commercial men.
Special attention given automobile parties.
A finely equipped livery in connection with the hotel.
Say "deary" to thc porter at the train.
The increase in business this spring has compelled us
t<> purchase more horses and rigs, and weare better prepar?
ed to serve the public with the best
Up=to=Date Turnouts
in the Valley,
New Hofiet, New Baggie*, SurnYsand Traps. Prices al?
ways reasonable. Stables open dav aud night.
May 27?If.
Attractive Titi*,
Tbs (A\\' i foreign lan
u.is auiusiugly Illnstrattd wbeu
s certain mission started work lu Chi
aa. They were lo toms perr'-'
Kev. Cecil it.
I :o the title the*
shonl 1 eta ? "lr society. '1
wanted I i i uvi\v to the Chinese that
tin ii- denomination claimer] especial!}
!*> t".1 I i of men. They ex
plalned nil tbl ted < Ihlna*
man snd quoted well known t?>xt?s
i( ? Immediately wrote down two cher?
ri ?te,;-s an 'i them that tbey rep
resented what they had said shout the
spiritual fi<"i that they provided and
I also 1m> \ sty I" pillar with the
Cblneee, b Ind sd ll proved. The
:i*?*l the door of tbe
?l they were I hy hun
? of the poorer ?
who. :if*? r listening f<>r a short ttme,
mtentedly. Tbe mis?
ti tiie
given to them, literally trans
1 | ? int** -
a moat Bttrai tire title to tbe hungry
Proo." of Hie Ccncrcsl'y.
Tli ;? had fl ?
re ber. rhs subject for
'!;-? day ??? ? I -.v." She bad
: to bring In
"M the life of Groy. These questions
e to be deposited In a box which
- tei he opened before the class sud
q quest! i ;. '1 aloud. If do one
il i answer lt I ne who contril -
to h- < :ii! .1 on for the an?
nt lip drawn out contained
"Give a pro f of Gray's generosity.*'
The ' iel r thought of what t re*
d I ? m fl I of how little
Interest be h d evi r shown In his fe!- J
lows, and I bow any one J
ld have ?1 the Impi
that be was generous.
i; ry one I . anil no one
? ? newer. Ths girl who.
wrote the question for
her "pro " : what she ttk\%;
I to i Isery all he had a I
?National Monthly.
Letters and Postage Stamps.
"Strange ld le have
six nt posts*! mid tl . who
opens '' ?? ? '?? es. Bee 'his !
? with thn.ne cenl -1 on it
and stamped 1 cent due? Thal
? In point. T r i f that let?
ter thought that |
over .-'ii ounce, a little more than
ld go for 2 ci
a Utt1 tog ?- 1 cent ra
which he thought would cover it.when
fad ls tl ? ' required an addi?
tional two * ? >yoi
know ? itage ls m I frac?
tional, but tbi res In multlpl
If a letter weighs ever so little
over an om: e lt rt - in additional
But nol
seems t.. kn >w this, and so wo i
B with a
little ? for a little i
wright."- New York Sun.
A Strange Siti.:,tion.
"Humor la a vi ry funny thing," paid
'it ought to I
"Oh, I don't mean that way,"
Blnks. "I a un that ll
thlnp. N<>w. i can't speak French, bnt
I -i always n nd a French
and t can B] eak English, I nt
I'm bleet if I -"an Bee jin English Joke."
"M<?st people ai I tue philoso?
"Are 1 1.
"West If they can see an English
?1 tho philosopher. "Ir is s
;' inusunlly kt en vision.**?
Fore? of the tms^ination.
nf a man who wis
tied up In ;. i ?ni and Informed
I e put to death l>y
tormentors made s
sm.ill x-k and arning*
ed for arm water to
! f? r fifteen min?
ute**. Al ; of fifteen minutes
the ni stl a ll** had
1. I'll! be thought
1; ' hi ' ' ' : r f BS
Hon.?Lend ? - Rei I >w.
Bug**SStsd B Remedy.
mi n un
! : n^l j- alousy. Two
: about it*- nam
ber of their :
??why. lasi ! was wakened U]
I the younger
??Veen Wi re, 'hy rei Iii d the other
I, why don't you buy KMBt
Did Not Look Like lt.
"WI asked the visitor In
"An li st," replied tin
proud artist.
??| >idn'l r see sn Itslfao -
B4 tr
"Oh. yes. That is tb rj I tsker
what lt waa" Y< nki i R sn.
"Th e .i o t mn ? wife I ove r
- ?! the philosopher, "was
i woman who used lo date ull lier let?
ters i ari ? I to allow lu?r
husband time to i osi them.*1
Blobbt?I never l.in w such ? Har BS
fxmsrbow. Rlobba - Yes; that fe
ooniit actually eat an onion and lie out
of It.-Phllad "phis Record
0/ Cont ra rr*?9.
Things go bj on tm lie** In th
world P
s;iv ai !
? ir.! n. ral i
For sale.
Saving discontinued housekeeping.
I am Ouerinf for sale my H room
dwelling on Spring street Woodstock,
Va., largo lot and all rjeotsseri out?
buildings, stable and carriage house,
KlectHc Lights and mountain water in
house?one of beet locations In town
Appjy to
J. N\ Davis.
j For Sale.
?10.M--1 I acre lot on Muhler.herg
street adjoining the residence of Mr
If. \j. Walton or will Improve to
suit purchaser for either business or
rttldtntit*] purposes. This is a rare
charce to get the bes* building site in
town. If. R. C. SHOCKBY,
Sept. al -tf. Vienna, Va.
I take this method of informing my
friends and the public that I have
regained my health suffleently to at?
tend lo practice, in town or country,
night or day.
tf2fl4 D. D. Caitteh, M. D. i
Bridles, Collars, Hames
everything in Horse Tailoring Line.
Call and examine our large stoek.
J. A. Dysart & (g.
Southern Railway
\t&~ N. R.?Following sch* du'e ficure> ai published as information only
and are not guarant.
ki fm the xov.
ii ;i
A. M.
5 lo
ii nu
A. M.
- ll
9 25
f9 15
9 52
10 04
10 lo
1 lo 29
10 34
io 10
10 ;..
11 08
11 22
ll 35
ll 15
11 u6
12 "1
fl2 ll
f 12 n
12 30
12 13
+ 15 '
P. M.
4 47,
f 6 35
f 5 10
L\. Ar. i
0 Washington
Tl Alexi
41 "> Wellington
13 2 Gell ? -.ville
:' - 22
A Iff. P. M
ll 55 I .'Jo1
8 15
6 I.; f 4 ?> |5 4 Haymarket
6 24
f 6 26 f 1J IT f
f 6 19
7 Ol
1 25
T ll
f8 20
0 :
'? 34
10 lo
X. M
12 56
I 1 01
1 10
1 24
f 1 2
1 ll|
f 1 ?
2 01
2 12
f 2 r
? j floor,
7 41
1 .'.o
T -)7
3 !
8 15
- 18
- 25
8 42
> 51
9 15
9 15
I Thoro"fare
_ g Broed Run f
18 1'lains
"? ? Belvoir f
Mb ibtll
Bt'ortowfl 7 31 f
7" 9 Dela plane 7 22 f
:am 7 lt f
M o Linden 7 06
- Hsppj Creek f I
6 24 - . Royal
5 27
5 U
:, 54
ll 8 9 13
g 8 |0
l.i 50 3 "i
ab i - ?
ab '
Bil f 102: 711
806 ab 7 21
v.hi a b i -
: -j mo* 7.hi
7 15 aifti 52
7 42 f lo H. 8 4
9 47 6 32
6 15
a b 6 O.0
S I f 5 48
ft 03 5 42
2 bo\
io ?:;
P. M. ; I*. M.
83 7 laverton Jct
54 2 Ri ver'..n
88 4 Buckton
89 5 Water lick
93 8 Strasburg
95 3 ^trasbu:
96 5 Pish r's Bill
Tom's B
lui ;, Maurertown
7 29 1 WOODSTK
7 12 IK inburg
Howniar's !
7 58 111*1 Mt. Jackson'
- 1 ' Mew Market
b 33
8 22
6 10
8 ?:
s ss
f 5 22
f 5 19|P. M.
4 56
138 4
144 6
. M i
Bro i ir*?j
Ar. Lv.
-21 f 4 4
: - :.; 4 M
f 808 f l?
8 00 4 26
'47 4 14
f "41 f :
7 881 ll .".;,
f 7 23 f ll 43
7 18 :. 37
7 1.
? l
f n r?2
6 10
A. M. A. M.
f S 16
f a io
2 56
I'. If.
- 18
. io
f - 20
8 I le
I : -;
7 14
f 7 84
7 29
7 12
' 7 . ;
* I - - \\ > k I - f stois cn fltg.
??/ Np. 14 wil; si ? ... wet 8 i ? i i _ Jct.
6 No. 14 st reen I 'al ano I ks SB to )*
oint# . and Western.
- to re* - -? tsoi 1 WesttrWi
ind Hawkinstown a.?- :" and 2s Bererl] for til li 81
Pu ll men Bull I Parlor Ctr *?n I" a 14 netwetn Washington ar.d JHar'i
A trains arrive aod depsrt from Union Station, Washington, D. i .
>hereco usecliun is made for and fi<?m Baltimore, Philadelphia and -y i
rrk For min folders, through ticket rate tte., ai ply to Learest agfnt ? r
.ite to H F C/LRY, <;. IV
ii. C j Vf MAN, v i. sfanff'r.
s. il. HARDWICK, P. T. 12 .
I, B. BROWN, Gen. Agent, W a>hir.*-ton, D. C.
tafe 4 Loan tociitioii
VT "OcTOCit. VA.
?. I,. W'Rmav, I're** an? <^*-o
Vi. W Maqrvdib, V. Prraideni
W. \V. Loos sleety, and Tr
(;. li. Mux, Asst. Bi .
i\.T. William, Atty, it TriH.
N HA W'. Lot AN, )
V Clerks.
AbMUI Wai kkk j
). L. Wibman. M. W. Maokuvbu.
F, W.Logan, E. II. Wisman.
\d<ire^ W.W. LO^AN,
Seov. it Treas
WoqHh took. v a
The tax bills for the Town of Wood?
stock, Va., for the year lulO are now
made out and may be paid at the
oiTiee of the Treasures*tl any time.
Kv Kin Tax Hill remaining unpaid
on January 1st, lull, must be placed
in the hand of the Town Collector,
with 5 percent, added, to be collected
tdoording to law,
Sept. 30?3rao. Trea?urer.
Distinction is theconsexuence, nevtr
the object, Of a great mind.?-Wash?
ington Allston.
immam*mmm.mt Schedule in Ci
SUNDAY. OCT. ?, 1010'
Trains Lbavb Kivbrtoh Va..
tfs.i sorjr?Bot:'ND
3 27 A.M. For Basic. Buena Vista, l>a
noWe, East h.dford, bli.* t1 ?
rarewell, Norton. P<
No. 13 Pullman Sleeper to oerry. * ?> a
9-41 A. M- For Basic, Natural Hnd,.e. 1< e
anoke. Bristol. and intern ?
stat,ons, Pullman S:<ejer r.
Br is t oj 1 Connect* ar Hem lb
withst. Louis Express. T' n u, h
Nd 2* Puilman Sleepres to Co.'jii.'-ju
7-22 P- <Vi. Cafe car to williamson, *. >?
For Shenandoah and ai: int'rme
diate points.
I.C6A-M. For Berryville.
erstown, Philadelphia, nr.d |
north. Pullman Sleeper to Phil ?
No. 28 delphia.
8-41 A M. For Hajieretownaad inte.-triedlat
Stationl. Connect? at She: un lei a
Junction with B. AO. for astr
lngton . Also connects at Hamers
witbC. V. Railroad for HarrwliutB
No. 14 and punts north.
6.22 P- M- P?r Berryville, I?-?rec>jtow
? nd intermediate Stari< ns.
Ibr ugh Sleeper via Hatters
tow i to New York.
%ST Rates. te .edoles,and additional Ihfi r
mati'mfurnished upon application to Agents
*>f ti***- Company or?
don't Paas. Agent. fray. Pass. Auto
Roanoke. Va.
w? Dr. Kings
New Discovery
fob CSSfg,"8 -jSDh.
Leather and
Gandy Belting'.
We are Agents for the National Leather Belting To., and
can furnish belting promptly at bottom prices* Ctfl to
see us.
J. A. Dysart ?, Co.,
Woodstock, Va.

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