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Correspondence oj the N. O. Picayune.
HAVANA, JAN. i8, 1846.
Dear Pic?I have just time, per
Hope Howes, to drop you a few lines.
I learn from an unimpeachabe source
that Santa Anna is making preparations
to return to Mexico. He anricipates
leaving here on the 2th or 10th of next
month in the British for steamer Vera
Cruz. This will, however, <iepend
much upon his advices to arrive per
steamer on the 6th; but that he returns
there, and that very shortly too, you I
ma V Pol IT nnnn f F1 ~ ??U? '
?j ^*jr vipwu. i ucic aiu uuiur (//tctus
about him that I give for what they are
worth. It is said that he is much exasperated
at the design of a few traitors to
sell the country to foreign powers, after
the wasting of so much blood and treasure
to achieve independence. His return
to Mexico will be marked by an
entire change in his policy. The United
States, if her Minister is of the right
stamp, will become his fidus Achutes
?for money he will adjust the Texan
boundary and cede California, defending
himself to his countrymen upon the plea
that this was the only method left to preserve
the integrity of the Republic, to resist
the insidious attacks of Foreign Cabinets
upon her liberties,to preserve them
from a return to the Spanish yoke which
they so nobly threw off, and to retain
their position among the nations of the
iL 1 1
euriu as an muepenacni power.
Paredes must either side with the foreign
powers or with Santa Ana. If he
choose the latter, nothing can prevent
the tyrant from talcing the reins?il the
former, nothing can resist the grito that
Santa Ana will raise for liberty. No
one that is well informed on the subject
believes that the people of Mexico will
be content that their country share the
fate of Greece.
Every day we believe to e big with
events in this distracted country, pregnant
with interest to the United States.
Yours trulj-, Auiel.
From Pensacola.? The Lite Mexican
News.?We yesterday received two
letters from Pensacola, from our attentive
correspondents at that place, dated
on the 1st inst., which would go to confirm
the reported revolution by Arista
One of the letters has it, that Arista has
a regular force of 4000 men at his command,
which would probably be increased
by volunteers, if he had any chaqce
of success.
The United States brio: Porpoise sailed
from Pensacola for Vera Cruz, on
the morning of the ist inst., with despatches
for Mr. Slidell. All account*
would have it, that, that gentleman was
quietly waiting at Jalapa, the resuit of
the different movements in Mexico.
Our correspondent, "Marinous" says :?
" INo mention is made of his having
demanded his passports, or otherwise
deported himself so as to compromise
the suaviter in modo. for which he is celebrated,
with the forlitcr in re which
can, at any time, be resorted to when
everything else has failed."
All the vessels of war at Pensacola
are said to be preparing, and will soon
be off to sea.
One of our letters says that Arista is
represented to be more hostile than any
Mexican officer against the United |
States, and that he is determined to attempt
the re-subjugation of Texas.
Arista knows too much for this. He
may make a noise about it, and pretend
to have some such objcct in view, but he
is not so Quixotic as to put his foot this
sido the Rio Grande.
from our regular files of papers, it
would seem that it was known in the
city of Mexico, as early as the 8th of
r~? a i-_j .i--i j
^uuuaijf, Viiat UCll. A1IMU UUU UtXIdTCU
against Paredes. He was in consequence
removed from the command of
the army of the North, and ordered to
devolve it upon Gen. D. Romuio Diaz
de la Vega, until the arrival of a successor.
The papers speak as if Gen. Ampudia
were likely to be his successor?
the inhuman wretch who maltreated the
remains of Gen. Sentmanat, and whose
broken faith to the unfortunate Mier prisoners
is on record.?Picayunc.
A Spec of War.?Lieut. Wm. Smith,
Dr. Gambrill and Midshipman Fillebrown,
of the United States Navy, came
hither on Sunday from Pensacola,on purpose
of recruiting sailors for the Gulf
squadron, now at Pensacola. A draft
of seamen left this city yesterday mornt
ing for the squadron.
' We presume this may be considered,
in some sort, a confirmation of the rumor
that the Government is about to
deal more smmarily with the Mexicans.
ti is said that important despatches were
recently received at Washington from
Mexico, and that the Senate had held
several anxious secret sessions concerning
them. The upshot of the mntter,
we suppose, is that our government has
determined to settle the Mexican difficulties
as speedily as possible,and this re<v.
' ? .* * *''
' v.
inforcement of the Gulf Sqadron is pi
paratory to that end.
We hope it inay be so. All jusiifi
ble forbearance has now been used
this matter, and it would be a manifest
tion of excessive weakness to permit tl
chicanery and tricks of the Mexican a
tholities longer to delay what is clear
due from them to this governmei
Doubtless, it is their object to defer a d
cision on the matters now in dispute, u
til it can be ascertained what the rest
may be of our Orerron negotiations \vi
England. If these produce hostihlu
Mexico will be impracticable and i
ally of Great Britain, for the injury
our commerce and the harrassment
Texas. The best way is to bring the
to terms forthwith, and perhaps save tl
annoyance of fighting the greatest E
ropean power and the most imbeci
American at the same time. This, v
have no doubt, is the purpose of 3M
Polk, as indicated by this remforceme
of the Gulf squadron.
Mobile Herald 0>th insl.
The State of Texas.?Texas h;
been divided into thirty-five countiesGalveston
is the largest city?Houstc
is ne.vL.in population ; Austin, the se
of Government, has a population of 1
500, and Washington about the san
number. Saint Antonio de Bexar, tl
oldest town in the State, has the large
church and monastery in the country.
Horse Stealing.?On the nigl
of the 13th inst., the Wacoes an
Keechies stole thirty-five hors<
from the citizens of San Antonii
i hey were closely pursued fc
Capt. Gillespie and his corps <
Texas Hangers and after a hai
and rapid march of seventy mile
were overtaken. l'eing encanij
ed in the edge of a cedar brak
ill- y fled into the fastnesses of t.fc
thickets and defied discovery, <
even pursuit. Capt. Gillespi
gathered the stolen horses, an
took up the line of ngirch for, an
reached San Antonio, o^the 16tl
On his arrival, he had the pleasui
of restoring rtie horses to their re;
pective owners, who were, *
might be expected, highly grat
lied, *
Austin (Texas) Democrat, 21s/ ult
We learn that President .Inn*
has cngagrd one thousand head <
sheep, which he will shortly plac
on some one of his tracts of Ian
on the Medina river, in Bexr
county,? Ibid,
A small party of U. S. dragoon
returned on monday'Jast from a
excursion* They scoured the cour
try to the north of this, about th
distance of forty miles ; but discc
vered none but Lipan Indians.
The 8th of January was dul
celebrated in this place, by the f
ring of the usual national salut<
Young Flacco has just come i
from a hunt on the Brazos, Littl
Kiver, San Gabriel, <&c. He r<
presents the country as full of In
dians of various tribes, all profess
in<r fpifn(lshintntl?f> vvhif#?? Thp
are in pursuit of game, in whic
term, Ave suppose they includi
ponies, cows, etc. It would bff a
well for the troops stftfioned her
to have an eye upon those re
ger.t lemen.?Ibid.
Extract of a letter from a gei
tleinan residing at Washington, o
the Brazos, dated January, 1<
1846. "Five hundred and fift
wagons have crossed at this ten
since the 1st Sept., bound for th
West. With these wagons thei
were an average of lour white
and three negroes, making in a
2200 whites and 1650 black
This is emigration with a vei
The Professorship in the The<
logical. Seminary at nni iimnra S i
?In relation to the 840,000 whic
the friends of this Institution hav
undertaken to raise, a correspoi
I dent informs us that they have a
ready secured $8,000 in Columbi
and will make i^ $10,000; in Geo
gia, g7,000; and ip Charleston
little more than $10,000, which
needed will be increased 83,01
more?which is a better beginnir
than we'had anticipated. Wil
a corresponding liberality in oth<
portions 01 i&e Church, much moi
than tho stipulated amount can t
easily raised.
Richmond Watchman 4* Oil,
-7 ,
K *: v
, .? v* ."y
' \ #
*. C *v
e- Mr. Calhoun in Ohio.?The following
sentiment was given on
ia* the 8th inst. at Columbus, Ohio, at
'n the supper prepared for the mema"
bers of the Democratic State Con
1C vention:?
. * " John C. Calhoun, the Cerberus
of the Constitution?the deathless
}e'. champion of rational liberty. Too
n. pure to enter the political shamih
bles to bargain for the Presidencjr;
th his name will be revered, so long
;s, as Virtue finds a place in the vom
cabulary of mankind."
?P Cheap Corn.?A correspondent
? of the Missouri Republican writes
1C from Decatur that " tens of thouu.
sands of bushels of corn can be
le purchased in Macon co.. and deli/e
vered at any point on the Sanga[r.
mon river, for ten and twelve cents
nt per bushel!"
The Washington correspondent
of the N. Y. Herald writes that
Lord Aberdeen through Mr. Mc_
Lane has informed this govern)n
ment that the passage of the Noat
tice will be highly acceptable to
him and can and will give no just
ie cause of offence to England.
^ We understand that our distinI
guished townsman, the Hon. Wad
dy Thompson, has it in contempla1t
tion shortly to publish a work on
id Mexico. A residence of two years
,s in that country, as Minister of the
United States, has afforded Gen.
ty Thompson rare facilities for colt)l
lecting much valuable information
d in regard to the peculiar institutions
and the manners and customs
of the people of that cornier
try : and his known ability leaves
,e no doubt that, the work will be
)r one of general interest.
jft Greenville Mountaineer.
id A border war is likely to take
id place between Alabama and Geori%
gia. ''Joint resolutions have pass e
fd the Senate, and will probably
pass in the House, declaring the
is water's edge at an ordinary time,;'
i- on the Western bank of the Chat-*
tahoochee river, to be the line between
Georgia and Alabama, and
,s providing for the employment or
jj itppoiuimenx or counsel i>y ttie
;R Governor, to defend the rights of
j citizens of Alabama, who have
Lr property on the Western bank of
the river, when violated or encroached
upon by Georgia."
n In the case of the Methodist E.
j.' Church, South, recently under tri,e
al in Maysville, Kentucky, Judge
). Reed decided, that the property
should be divided m'the proportion
of membership of the respective
parties. An appeal has been taken
from this decision.
p. The King of Barvaria has issued
a decree ordering that in future
n all persons killed in duels, or who
1 1 * " '
e nave commuted suicide, snail be
interred without religious ceremonies
of any kind.
5~ Michacl Wilson's Allmynack for
y MARCH, 1846.
h 1. fare but cold clouds up for rain
b, 5. from toest
is 7. perhaps tain wind wile frost
e 9. smoke jail to the ground dp clar to west
j 11. high wind and ranefrom s west grate
chads to the Mo>tntans cold 4*frosty
17. high winds and hard rane black cloud
from west ;
n 21. rain some wind from west mildethe
gales comes on wet sleat
y 27. lite shoures wind suutn some pleasant
y days mind inquire if it be within the
ie the 2 Steightes or not for thai is my bounds
e The is copied verbatim et literals
turn et punctuatum from the manuscript
]| sent us. i
U-'il. ' s*
Sale of Land?For Partition.
1- By Order of, the Court of Ordinary,
Will be sold on first Monday in March
r.^xt, the unpartitioned Real Estate of Jas
> Caldwell, deceased, viz, one tract of50
3 acres, in Abbeville District, on waters of
/ Ross's creek, joining land* of Wm Cain
and others: 2d a tract of 250 acres, on wae
tnrs of Rocky riyer, bounded by W m Scott,
[l- Jas Baker and others, on a credit of 12
]. months for partition. J. RAMEY,
_ F?>b 4 49 4t Sheriff,
rt, ? i i ?i
r. South Carolina?Abbeville lJis.
a H. H. Townes, appl't., vs. J. W. Prajf
ther and Elijah Roberts.?Partition.
jQ Real Estate, Belsy Roberts, dec'd.
It appearing to ray satisfaction that Elijah
'?> Roberts, one oi the Defendants, resides
tn without the limits of the State: Ordered,
p,r that he do appear .?nd object to the divire
sion, or sale of the Real Estate of Betsy
Roberts, deceased, on or before the 1st
Monday in May next, or his consent to t he
tame will be entered on record.
Feb 4, 49 I$t D. L.E8LY, Ord'ry.
ITf- The fCommittee appointed to
make arrangements for the celebration
of the ensuing Anniversary of the
birth hay of WASHINGTON, by
the Abbiville Light Infantry, on the 21st
instant, publish the following as the
The Procession will be formed in front j
of Mrs. Allen's Hotel, at 11 o'clock, A. I
M., in the order here prescribed.
1st. Musicians. $
2d. The Escort, consisting of the regular
members of the Company,
under the command of ;
Lieut. Per r in. j
3d. The honorary members of the i
4th. Citizens, &c. I
The Procession will then be marched,!
under the command of Capt. Moragne, i
to the front of Mr. Mosew's Hotel,!
' i
where it will be halted to receive the; ]
i/ivuea gvesis, wtien tne whole will pro- j
ceed to the Methodist Church, at which |,
place an address will be delivered by
Joiin H. Wilson, Esq., a member of j
the Company. . ^
After^Ke address shall 'haVe been de-;
livered, the Company, together with the j
Band of Music, will parade in front of j
the Church, and a Salute will be fired |
in hcnor of the Old 1/iirt^en States. i
At the hour of 3 o'clock, P. M., ttye !
Honorary and Regular Members of the';
Company, with their invited guests, will
assemble at Mrs. Allen's Hotel to participate
in a suitable repast, which will
be Ju.rnished.jor the occasion.
??3"* The Officers invited to attend,
are requested to appear in full uniform.
By Order of ihe Committee.
Feb 11 -50 It
We are authorized ic announce T. ]
P. MOSELY as a candidate for Sheriff
of Abbeville Die. at the ensuing election.
We are authorized to announce W.
A. COBB as a candidate for the office of
Slit-rift ot Abbeville District at the ensuing
We are authorized to announce JAS.
S. WILSON as a candidate for Clerk of
Court lor Abbeville District at the ensuing
The friends of A C HAWTHORN announce
him as a candidate for Sheriff for
Abbeville District at the ensuing election
We are authorized to announce VA-j
CHAEL, HUGHEY as a candidate for)
Sheriff, at the ensuing election.
We are authorised to announce HUGH ARMSTRONG
as a candidate for Sheriff
Abbeiile District at thaensuing election.
We are authorized toriknnounce Maj. A.
ARNOLD, as a Cantffiate for Sheriff, at t
the ensuing election. 1
We are authorized to announce N1MROD
McCORD, as a candidate for Clerk 1
of the Court .at the next election. f
Attorney at Law, having taken an office
in the rear of the Court House and
near to the Printing Office,will promptly
attend to all business entrusted to '
his care. Jan 14 46 ?
W. C. & J. B. MORAGNE, 0
Attorneys at Law?Have formed a Partnership
for the practice of LAW, in
Abbeville District. 8tf
Committed to Jail.
tCioiimtted to the Jail <j
of tjbiis Diatrjct as a Run- 1
awa^^on tb? 9t)i instant, J
t)ja* he ^l^^^^kjHenry *
bridge; hc^further 'soya g
j that he was hired to X M C*oldjog,.aftd
that ho ransw&y from him.
Abram appears to be about 60 or 70
years of age. The owner is requested to r
come forward, prove property,pay charges
and take him away. *
JOHN TAGGART, Jailor. - *
Feb 18 v 51 tf 1
Citation. J
Whereas, Jno E Nayy apples for Administration
on the Estate of Jno Wilson, :
deceased: These-afe to cite the kindred [
and creditors to appear before me on 24th ^
February, instant, to shew cause, if any,
why it should not be granted. Gifen un- i
der my hand Oth Feb, 1846 ,
DAVID^LESLY, Ordinary. 1
?' a- 7" 1 ' * j
Sale of band?For Partition.
By Order of the Court of Ordinary for Ab. j
beville District, I will sell by public auc- rj
tion on th?r first Monday in March next,
for Partition, the Keal Estate of George t
Crawford,deceased, containing 100 or 110
acres,-morn o*Jpss, bounded by lands jkfin
Pleasant Searles;-Samuel EdwardsjflEH
others, in the District aforesaid. Tu|jShCt|
12 months credit, tbd purchaser gj^ngf
bond and security and a mortgage, cessary.
The costs to be paiq in cash. - ?
Feb 4 49* ^ 5
" m '
?><'& ' ' ,.v.
< * ' .
m " -V -'-Z* :
Attention Light Infantry.
? You are hereby ordered to
JL appear on PARADE, on
In the Twenty-first Instant, at
fhall past Ten U'Uloclc, A.
M , duly armed and equip'
By order of
Capt. Moracne r
Feb 18 51 It
Executive Department, )
Columbia, 4th Feb., 1846. (
By his Excellency WILLIAM AIKEN,
Governor and Commander-in-Chief in
ancLover the State of South Carolina.
Wherdffs, information has been received
it thiB Department, that an atrocious and
.vilful murder was committed on the night
>f the 18th January last, in Marion Dis.
rict, by John JBeasly, on the body of Jane
Ruse*, of Hie aforesaid District, and that
.lie'said John Beasely has fled from justice.
Now know ye, that to the end that jus'.ice
may be done, and that the said John
Beasly may be brought to legal tripl, for
[lis offence as aforesaid, I do hereby offer a
reward of One Hundred Dollars for his apprehension
and delivery into any jail in
his State. John Beasly is described as
iein<p about 35 years of age, a painter by
rade, 5 feet 7 inches high, bright mulatto,
ins a scar under his left jaw, said to have
>ecn made by a bite in a fight, thick set
md well made, quick spoken and o! proud
:arriage, with kinky hair. When last
icard of, he was near Lumberton in Ro*
)ert8on county, Nort h Carolina.
Given under my hnnd and the Seal of
the State, at .'Columbia, this fourth
day of February, in the year of our
Lord, one thousand, eight hundred and
forty-six, and in the seventieth year
'of American Independence.
3y the Governor: WILLIAM AIKEN.
R. Q, Pinceney, Sec. of State,
Feb 18 51 3t
Citation. >
IVhercas, Robert R Talbert applies to me
o grant him Letters of Administration,
'endente litem, or if necessary, directly,
>n the Estate of Robert Talbert, dece'd.:
These are thcrclorc to cite and admonish
ue Kinareu anu creauors ot said deceased
o appear before me at a Court of Ordinay
at Abbeville Court House, on Tuesday,
id March next, and Bhew cause, if any
hey can, why said Administration should
lot be granted. Given under my hand
ind seal, 16th Feb,, 1846.
DAVID LESLY, Ordinary.
Jones Fuller Tolls before
me s. small iron-grey ITorsCj
K\ It# ahmit five years old, fourteen
lands high. >,Appraised at Twenty Dolars.
The above described horse can be
ound near Neely's Ferry, Abbeville Di?~
rict, the claimant proving property and
laying charges J. W. RICHARDSON,
Nov. 26. Magistrate.
WilliO m Rnrr Koo In ll~J
-w ' JU#u>A UUO IV1ICU UC*
iWJWA fore me as an Estray, a bay
*tTi W HQRSEf which the appraisers
described as of a dark brown color,
iiteen hands high, about three years old,
md valued at thirty-five dollars The Eeray
may be seen at William Bar's, three
niles N. West of Abbeville C. H.
Jan 28 46 4m Magistrate.
liiriMrfrr ""rrATrF'Nr TTP W tbe ;
HE^BX^j*subscriber, two MILCH
mffVD COWS, with the following
AM iI\t mr rba im?* nno ia a <f ?r?
I i ?? ?- - - ?""?
wo slits in the Tight ear, and the otherv.
potted, with a slit in the right ear and &
rap in the'left. These cows con be found
>y calling on the subscriber two miles from
>cuffletown; J. ItOBERTSON.
February 7 - 50 It
rhe patrons of the Wdlington Academy,
lave been fortunate in procuring the serrices
of Dr. E. REESE, as Principal ot
his institution.
The Doctor is a graduate of Princeton
College; a correct scholar, and a teacher
irhrtaAftvnA?fAn/?A i ? ^ ?
>v aivvw vn^/VUVIIW| All lillU UUDIIICOO VI IU1*
it ruction, has been exceeded by few, if any
h the South. The following rates of tu^
ion have been adopted to the lowest estit
natft of education
FIRST CLASS:?Spelling, Reading
Nriling, and the fundamental rulg^flr
Itithmetick, for ten months,
SngliRh Grammar,and
>hilo8ouhv. Rheto?i*Mi^^^HHi^^^Kj*
X ; Law Blanks for Sal?.
Jutfl. Pro>, Sub. Writ*, M?f. Suppnaon^
Wm -
g; . '
i ;V-; S W '
v '.'Vs - '
- -. 3?- s. . *?&&& ': ?: &>

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