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He slept, as sleep the wronged and n
proud? s
Pale, cold, and firm, and sighing low,
That even in slumber, scorn the loud I
And vulgar plaint of coming wo:? o
But o'er that brow, so calm, so fair, t
Had passed the finger of despair. ti
lie dreamed?not of his conquered soil.
Nor pure chill breeze of Northern
clime; j
Nor forest hut, nor hunter's toil,
Nor might he loved in happier time ; ^
With him, such vision would not dwell c
In bondage, in a marble coll. I
He dreamed?and years had rolled x
away? ?
The victor, and the vanquished catnc, 1
111 fiViflflnwv lmllli'.'c #lim nvr<?%? !
........ J .
With fainting muau, and stern ac- 1
claim, . a
Banner, and corse, steed, helm, and }
shield, |
In.dark heaps strewn on War's broad 1
t a
He s*aw wild myriads sweeping by, n
The dread avenger's lightning path? ^
And stained and trampled Eagics lie jj
Beneath tiic {air-haired stranger's 0
wrath? j,
Then leaped his heart?the work was ,,
done? ?
Brave justice, by the Goth, and Hun. i
lie waked?his hour of bitter pain, ['
Still to be borne?but free, and bold, 1
His step, as if a servile chain, ?
Ne'er touched these limbs of graceful "
mould- 1
y.j j
Then smflod. as rose the sullen hum
Of crowds?and said," a time ivilL come."
' v
One trlance, one cold, keen glance, c
around, li
His high prophetic spirit cast, I
On<* sirjh, that vast ar rr.a's bound u
Ke--.-V.ioeu?-'twas tiie first, and the h
1 :U L-? ' a
He knew that f.ite had sealed each dome, t!
With " v ngciujc on imperial Home." s
???^ ii
Dr. Franklin's Moral Code.?The
great American Philosopher and Slates- s
man, Benjamin Franklin, drew up the ^
following list of virtues, to which he s
paid curtain and earnest attention, and
thereby made himself a better and happier
Tempera: < >:.- ?Eat not to fullness: n
drink not to elovfllion. p
Sileu.rr.?Speak not but what may j,
benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling f,
con versation. _
Order.?Let all your things have j,
their places; let each part of your busi- j(
ness have its time. a
Resolution.?Resolve to perform what s
you ought: perform without fail what u
you resol ve. c
Frugality.?Make no expense, but do ^
good to others or yourself; that is waste ^
nothing. r
"* Industry.?Lose no time ; bo always j
employed in something useful; cut off q
all unnecessary actions. t
Sincerity.? Use no hurtful deceit; j
tliinlcsincerely and justly; and if you t
speak, speak accordingly. * Q
Justice.?Wrong none by doing inju- j
ries, or omitting the benefits that* are ?
your duty. jModeration.?Avoid
extremes ; for- c
bear resenting injuries. j
Cleanliness.?Suffer no uncleanliness v
in body, clothes, or habitation. a
Tranquility.?Be not disturbed about
trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.
Humility.?Imitate Jesus Christ.
The same great* man likewise drew
up the following plan for the regular
employment of his time*; examining *
cacii morning'and evening as tp what c
he had to do, what he hud done, or
left undone; by which he was better 1
able to improve his future conduct:
Morning.?The question, what good
shall I do to-day ? From the hours G,
7, 8, rise, wash, and address Almighty
God! contrive the day's business, and ?
take the resolution of the day ; prosecute c
the present study; and breakfast. 9, j
10,11, 12, work. 1. 2, Read or look r
over my accounts, and dine. ]
Evening.?What good have I done today?
what have I left undone which I
ought to have done ? e
Honrs, S, 0, 10, put things in their c
places; amusement; supper; examina- s
.tion of thp flsiir nrlflrnco i lin A mUl.i..
" j ,
' 11, 12, 1,2, 3, 4, 5,?sleep. s
A steady perse vera nee in some flan j,
for the arrangement of our time, adopted j
to circumstances, cannot fail improving r
our general conduct in life, and render- m
ing us better members of society, and
better christians. ?j
Che British Minister in Mexico, c
it is said, has attempted to discou- ei
rage the Mexicans in their hope of ai
aid from Great Britain, in case of ?
f) WQ |?^ Kftf *Ulv? - j1 *
" *? uvkwcgu iuvi(i ana tnis t
country. I %
Spring.?Wc know not who is the
lUthor of the following, but it is exquiitely
In all climates spring- is beautiful,
n the South, it is intoxicating, and sets
i poet beside himself. The birds begin
o sing ; they utter a few rapturous notes,
mu men wait lor an answer 111 the stent
woods. Those green coated musiians,
the frogs make a holiday in the
leighboring marshes, They, too, beong
to t'ne ochestra of Nature, whose
rast theatre, is again opened, though tlie
loors have so long been bolted with iciles,
and scen?ry hung with snow and
rostlikc cobwebs. This is the prelude
vhich announces thc4'ising of the broad
rreen curtain. Already the grass shoots
orth. The waters leap with thrilling
iuIsc through the veins of the earth ;
he sap through the veins or the plants
.nd trees, and the blood through the
eiiisof man. What a thrill of delight
n the spring time! What a joy in bcug
and moving ! Men are at work in
gardens, and in the air there is an odor
f the fresh earth. The leaf buds be;in
to swell and blush. The white
lo?sorns of the chcrry hang upon t!ie
toughs like snow-flakes, and cue long:
ur next door neighbors will be comiletely
hidden from us by the dense
refrn foliage. The flowers open their
oft blue eyes. Children arc let loose in
lie fields and gardens. They hold butcr
cups under each other's chins to see
f they love butter. And the little girls
dorn th'emse^fc with chains and curls
f* di-.ndelioii^?pull out the yellow
eaves to see if the school-boy loves
tiem, and bl v the down from the leafess
stalk to frtrd out if their mothers
I'ant them at home. ~*And night so
loudless and so still; not a voice of
iving thing, not a whisper or waving
ough, not a breath of wind, not a sound
ipon the earth or in the air! And overbad
bends the blue sky, dewy and soft,
nd radicnt with innumerable stars, like
tie inverted bell of some blue flower.
priukled with golden dust, and brcatliig
fragrance. Or if the heavens are
vercast, it is no wiid storm of wind and
ain, but clouds that melt and full in
howers. One does not wish to sleep,
iut lies awake to hear the pleasant
ound of the dropping rain.
Importance of Insects to Commerck.
?The importance pf insects to coinrierce
is scarcely ever treated of, at the
resent rate; Great Britain does not pay
?ss than a million of dollars annually
3r the dried carcasses of a tiny insect
?the Cochineal, Gum Shellac, another
nsect "product from India, is of scarcely
ess pecuniary value. A million and
half of human beings derive their sole
npport from the culture and manufacure
of silk, and the silk worm alone
routes au* annual circulating midium of
ictween one hundred and My and two
tundred millions of dollars. Half a
million of dollars is annuallv snent in
England alone for foreign honey; 10,100
hundred weight of wax is imporcd
into that country each year. .Then
here are the gall nuts of cqmmerce,
ised for dyeing, and in the manufacture
if ink, &c. The Cantharides, or Spansh
fly, is an important inscct to the melical
practitioner. Laying aside the
imposes insects perform in the schemes
if nature, they are economically not the
nsignificant and unimportant creatures
vUiich the uninformed mind-is but too
ipt to regard them.
On the SLh Febuary, considerate
sickness prevailed among the
\merican mission family in Wesern
Africa, The odicers and
;rews of the United States vessels
>n that station, were all well.
There are said to be twenty-two
nillions of Catholics in Germany.
The trial of Poll v Bodine is gong
on at Newburgn.
A meeting r>f the citizens of
Savannah is to be held at th^ x:hange,
in that city, on the^Oth
nsl., to deliberate on the best
neans of affording relief to the
mfortunate sufferers in Ireland.
A handsome sum has been rais-?
id at Richmond for the mother and
children of the late John H. Pleaants,
Hon. Mr. Yulee, United States
enator from Florida, is about to
>c married to Miss Wickliffe, a
aughter of the late Post-master
General. j
To the Peonle of Ahh?villr?- I
7he subscriber respectfully solicits all porons
indebted to the Sheriffs Office for
50ST, Plaintiffs or Defendant's,aro earnstly
requested to come forward and- settle,
a this is my last year in office, I shall be
[impelled to have all cost due me in the
ffice setded. You will find myselt or Mr
'aggart always in attendance
April 15 7 tf J. BAMEY..'
??amfmca ^Ttocrttscmcuts.
j Are now receiving their Spring Stock, of
Kfiinlp. mill Fhiip.v llrv Onmk 1
?? ??? JL UUVJ xr* J UUV/UO)
Cnrpctting, Floor Oil Clotli, Bolting Cloth, &c.
Without enumerating articles, we will
merely say, that wo pay particular attention
to keeping up a full assortment, and
by frequent receipts of New Goods, are
always prepared to furnish our customers
with all Nuw Styles of Goods, as fast as
tliey appear in tlie Northern Markets, and
at prices as low at least as cun be
found in Hamburg and Augusta.
Call and satisfy yourselves. No charge
for looking. [March 18 3 7t
General Agent ' 'lommissiou Merchant,
ua.. s. c.
Still offers his sr , to his friends and
the public, and ' . ihdevote his undivided
attention to the
Soiling of Cotton and Flour,
UnnnivMixr tin/1 f*1 ~
, . ?v^- ? . ? *?> x ui uiviuiug v>ui;us.
I Buying Goods for Planters or Merchants,
or attend to any business that may
be committed to his care.
Ho embraces this opportunity of tender- j
ing liis thanks Cor their liberal patronage !
heretofore bestowed, nml by industry and j
close attention to business, he hopes to j
merit, and continue to receive the sam^.
It shall be his aim to make all his charges !
as light as possible, knowing that will be
to his interest to closely observe the interest
of his friends- Liberal advances will
bo made if required, on produce sent to
him for sale or store. Cotton sent to him
by Boats, will be received free of wharfage.
AU produce sent to him for sale, will
bo promptly sold on arrival, if so ordered.
aug G iiJ) tf
Warehouse and Commission Merchant,
! The subscriber continues at
j ( - Ipf1'10 old stand ofH L Jefibrs !
I ^ ^0,? nnt' w'" earrv on the i
but in his own name and on his own
He promises strict and punctual attention
to all Consignments and orders, and
respectfully solicits the continued patronage
of his former friends.
je i!o 17 3m J F GRIFFIN.
Mastodon Cotton.
A sample of this Cotton can be seen at
the store of the Messrs Wardlaw's. Il
was received in a letter from a friend, accompanied
with some of the seed. This
kind of Cotton sold for sixteen cents in
the New Orleans market last fall, when
other Cottons of superior quality sold for
eight cents. Competent judges have pronounced
the Mastodon to be equal to the
Sea Island Cotton, both in beauty of texture
and length of fibre, and with this
greater advantage, that it will mature well
on the Uplands of the Cotton growing
States. A few seed can be obtained by
the Fanners for experiment, by an early
application to Mr. Sclleck, in said store.
April 15 7 tf
The Treasury of History.
Comprising a general introductory outline
of Universal ^History, ancient and modern,
and a series of separate Histories
of every principal nation that exists,
their rise, progress, present condition,
&c &c. .By Samuel Maunder. The
History of America, edited by J. Inman.
The above valuable work is just completed,
forming two large octavo volumes, printed
on fine paper with clear typo, ij^istrated
with beautiful engraved vignette titles,
bound in a substantial and ele<;antfMi)ding
and will be furnished at onlv FouriJollars !
It forms of itself a complete Library of
History cf inestimable value to aijy one
who wishes to inform'himself at a trifling
cost of the past history and present state
of every principal nation that exists, as
well as more particularly of the very reccnt
exciting events and present political rela*
tions of our own country. A splendid edition
of the same w.ork has also just bcenf
issued in Nos. in paper covers, suitable foV
mailing, and will bo sent to any part of the
United States at the reduced rates of peri-?
odical postage.
Price for the work in Nos, complete, 353
Full bound, in two Vols, $4
Agents arc wanted to procure subscris
bcrs in every town in the United Stales.
Any person obtaining two or more sub
scriptions, may deduct one third of the
same as his commission, and upon*the
receipt of the balance accompanying tyis
order, the woik will be immediately forwarded,
by mail or otherwise, as he may
direct Addres?, post paid, the publisher,
107 Fulton-st., N. Y.
Valuable Town Property for Sale.,
a The subscriber intending to
move to the country, offers far
lfl5HfcSBl? ^,s nn(* LOT in
^HregSHtho Village of Abbeville, situated
on the Public Square. The House is a
i ' i*
buiiiiuimuiu aiki commoaious one, and lrj
connection with it* are two LAW OFFICE?,
which can be rented at fair prices.
All the out buildings and fencing are new*
and the Dwelling'lioupc has been recently
PAINTED. Any person wishing such
property, would do^flkflBcall and see roe.
Dec 17 42tf ' ~J. RAMEY.
The State of South Carolina, 1
Wm HaVris, applic't., vs. M. Harris and J
others.?Partition in Ordinary.
It appearing to mv satisfaction, that, Fran- (
ens F Harris, Agnus A Hunter, Uriah R t
Harris (lunatic), Louisa J Heard and A J <
Harris, heirs and legatees of Richmond t
Harris, deceased, Defendants, reside with- I
out tlie limits ot tins State: Ordered, that s
tliey appear and plead on or before the s
lirst Monday in July next, and shew cause i
why the Ileal Estate of.said deceased (sit- (
uate in Abbeville District, on Suvannah I
river, adjoining lands of J E Calhoun, and <
containing acres) should not bo sold
or divided, or their consent will be entered ]
of record. DAVID LESI,Y, Ord'y.
April 8,1840 (Pr's bill ?10.00) 6 l*Kv
The Stnte of South Carolina,
Sarah J. A. Wharton, vs. Thos.. Simmons,
et. al.?Partition Real Estate
Amelia Simmons, dee'd.
It appearing to my satisfaction, that Thos
Simmons, Francis Simmons, Jas VV Sim
. A I CN : 1 A f
iiiuii.-, /vrinur oiiiiiiiuuy unu rtiniu aim- |
uions, minor, parties Defendant, reside
without tins limits of this State: Ordered,
thnt the Defendants do appear and plead
on or before 1st Monday in July next,
otherwise their consent will be entered of
record, DAVID LESLY, Ord'y.
March 20, 1846. 4 15w
________________ |
Abbeville District.
Jane Robison. adm'x.. vs. Marie S An- j
thony and John Brown.?Dill lojorc- |
close mortgage and Jor relirf.
It appearing to my satisfaction that Mark ;
S Anthony, one of the Defendants, resides i
beyond the limits of this Slate: On ino- i
tion by N J Whitner, Comp'ts Sol, it is j
oruereu uni iiic suiu ueienuant do appear 1
and plead, answer or demur to the 6U!d I
Bill within three months from Hie publi- j
cation hereof, or the same will be taken j
pro confesso against him.
H. A. JONES, C. E.
Comm're, Office, 23rd Feb, 1846. 13 52
Dr. Spencors Vegetable Pills,
anil Vegetable Tonic and Restorative
T1>C value and efficacy of Spencer's Vegetable
Pills have long beer, known and up- !
predated in a great variety of diseases,and !
as the best and most important of Family |
Mcdicincs. Dr Spencer having been ae? i
tuated by a desire to benefi'. his fellow beings,
has also prepared his Vegetable Tonic
and Restorative liiUers, which he now
nlTi^ra tn flip nilKlirv na llin rnciilf nf i r> nv
" |'?v. IVJ VI Ull VAH (
tensive praclicc, and thorough investigation?of
the laws which govern the human
system. i
They are purely Vegetable, and may be
taken with pcrfect sulety by all ages and
sexes in youthful, adult and declining life. ,
The design of Spencer's Vegetable Pills ^
and Vegetable Tome Restorative Bitters, ,
is to create a flow of pure healthy bile, in-* '
stead of the stale and acid kind.
The obiect of the Pills is to stimulate
all the vital organs of the system iuto retion,
and thereby cleanse the stomach and
bowels of all the morbific and offensive ;
matter with which the system is clogged,
and which promotes disease. The Bitters
are to strengthen and restore the stomach
and vital organs, to their proper tone and
vigor. When this is accomplished, good
health must be the result.
The complaints that come moEt directly
under their influence, and for which they
are so particularly designed, are as follows:
Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, Dyspepsia,
Liver Complaints, Siclc head ache, i
Enlargement of the Spleen, Jaundice,Piles
Cliolic, Bowel and summer complaints.
Impurities o! the blood, Female Obstruct
tion, Heartburn, Incipient Diarroch, Habitual
Costjveness, Determination of blood
(o the head, Loss of Appetite, Blotched or
Sallow Complexion and in all cases of
Torpor of the bowels, where a cathartic or
apperient medicine is needed. As many
of the above enumerated diseases come on
imperceptibly, and become far advanced
in their progress before it is suspected that
they exist in the system, no one should
expect in such cases, to be at once relieved
entirely, but. should continue the us?6f
the Medicine for a consiriornhln lonntu nt
- - *W"!5V" w"
time. Full directions accompany the medicincs
for their use,in all those complaints
fofr which they are recommcndcd. \
Price 25 cents per box for the Pills, and
?1 per bottle for the. Bitters.
Reader! do not fail to notice the
mg certificate from Mr James LindXr, of
Jefferson, Jackson co., Geo. i
To Dr. Spcncer? March 18,1846. 1
Dear Sir: I have made great use of
your Vegetable Pills in my family for the 1
lastMiice years, and I consider them the i
best medicine in use. I have ^mftde con- 1
sidcrable use of Peters' Vegetable Pills, '
and many others, but I am convinced that '
yours are superior to any of them; For 1
Sick Head Ache thev are e*ep.llnnt i
medicine ;tfor Bowel* Com plSM^jrl' think 1
them the best medicine 1 ever used. Some
of my neighbors nre olso using your Pills
with the most decided benefit. In fine* 1 (
candidly confess that I have derived mora
real benefit from them than from any otAer. 1
medicine 1 have ever used ; and I think
that every family should, always keep^
supply of them on hand. ?, i ' 1
The *JTove raedicincs are for sale aUA.b- %
bevi)16 C H by Drs Wardlaw & Dl?dv, t
and at th? Poet. Office by John McLaren! I e
April VP 5 3m. II
.1, t
A large asso$ftymf gf LAW! e
BLANKS jtrat printed, at this office. j
V- .
rhe State of South Carolina,
/a the Court of Common Pleas and General
Sessions.?March Term, 1846.
)rdorctl that an EXTRA COURT for
liis District be held for the purpose of
.ui?|fiuuiitr an -irio unnmsnea Dusmess ot
his Term, to wit t on the SECOND
sic for six days, if so long a time be neces;arv
; tlntf, forty-eight Petit Jurors be drawn
iml summoned to attend the said Extra
1'ourt; and that the Clerk of this Court,
>y publication in ?lie Abbeville Banner, do
iye public notice of this order.
Published by order of the Court:
J F Livingston, Clerk
March 21,1846 5 14t
The State of South Carolina;
In the Common Pleas.
William A. Cobb, vs. James Knox.?
Foreign Attachment.
The Plaintiff in the above case haying this
itoiy fih-d liia Declaration in my office, and
llltl Dpfi'ti^nnt hnwinrt ?m
? .. V MUTIII^ IIV UUC U| UllUlliCjr
known to be within the State, upon whom
a copy thereof rri;.y be served : It is Orderrd
that the said Defendant do appear
and plead thereto within a year and a day
from this date, or judgment by default will
be given against h'.m.
Clk's Ofiioe, March 14, 184G. 3 ly
Abbeville District?In the Court of
Common Pleas.
Joseph W. W. Marshall, bearer, vs.
Francis Henderson, scn'r.?Decl'n. in
Attack't. on PronCry. Note.
Whrrcos, the Plaintiff in this action did,
on this day, file" his Declaration agfinst
the Defendant, who is absent from and
without the limits of this State, as it is
said, and having neither wile nor attorney
known, unnn ulinm n nnnir of (lin nKnim
%--7 -f - ~ri'J
Declaration, with a rule to plead thereto,
on or before the Twenty-second day of
November next, otherwise, final and absolute
judgment will be then given and
award'-d against the Defendant.
Clerk's Office, Nov 22, 1645- 3D ly
In the Common Picas.
Geo W Pros sly, }
vs > Dccl'tion in Attachm't.
Rob't Yeldell. >
Georsre W Pressly* the Plaintiff", having
this day filed hie Declaration in the Office
of tin: Clerk of said District, against Robert
"VrIflf-1!. tlm ~
be absent from and without the limits of
this State, and who has neifher wife nor
Attorney kno\vn} on whom a copy of thia
Declaration with a rule to plead can be
f=er\ei: Ordered that t!io said Defendant
do appear and plead ih'-relo within a year
and a day from this date, or judgment l>y
default will be entered ajjainst him.
Clerk's.Office, IOlli Sept, 1845
Sept 17 29 ly
Abbeville District,
In the Common Picas.
Agnes Kingsmorc,Adm\\'. } Decl'n. in
v. . > Foreign
Francis Henderson? j Attachm't.
The Plaintiff having filed his Declaration
in my office, an<l the Defendant having no
itM fu rvt? A f t/xpnnir ! **#% I.. ? ? ?
?i?w ?/i xiivuaiiwx fvuuwil iu uu TV IIIJIM LI1U
Stati*, on whom a copy of the samo, with
a rule to plead, can be served : It is Ordered
that the Defendant plead to the said
Declaration within a year and a day, or
final and absolute judgment will he given
against him,"
Clerk's Office, Nov 19, 18*15 lv
Abbeville District.
In the Common Pleas.
Silas Anderson, who is in-the custody of
the Sheriff of Abbeville District, by virtue
final proenss at the suit of the State of
South Carolina. Iinvintr thin <lnv li?w
petition with a schedule of his whole estate,
fo'r the purpose of obtaining the benefit
of the Acts of Assembly, called the 'Insolvent
Debtor's Act." Public notice ia
hereby given, that the petition of the said
Silns Anderson, will be heard at the Court
of Common Pleas, for Abbeville District,
at Abbeville Court House, on the third
Monday of October, 184(5, or such other
day thereafter as the Court may order, during
the term commencing at the same
place, on the day aforesaid. And all tho
creditors of the said Silas Anderson are
hereby notified, personallv, or by attorney,
to be and appear, then and there, in the
said Court, to sho'v cause, if any they can,
why the benefit of the said Acts should
not be granted to the said Silas Anderson,
upon his taking the oath and making the
assignment required by law.
Clcrki's Office, 23d Jan. 1846 48 3m
South Carolina?Abbeville Dis.
Hi. H. Townes, appl't., vs. J. W. Prat-,
ther and Elijah Roberts.?ParHtiort,
Real Estate, Betsy Roberts, dee'd;
ft appearing to my* satisfaction that Elijah
Roberts, one ok the Defendants, resides
vithout the limits of the State: Ordered,
hat he do appear and object to the divilion,
or sale of the Real Estate o^ Betsy
Roberts, deceased, on or before the 1st
i* 1 t* i ?i! - -
riuiiuuy in may nexi( or iijs consent lO tlio
>ame will be erftered on record.
Feb 4,40 13t D. J^ESLY, Ord'ry.

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