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Bearer of Despatches?Another
Gone.?We hfvve lost says the N.
Orleans Tropic, many of our printers,
whose patriotism was too
warm to permit them to remain at
their 41 cases and now, the drain
1 iun?ir*o t ^ 1 " * "
uvgina iu wine iruui our euuoriai
department, as our associate T. B.
Thorpe, Esq., has gone to the Army
as bearer of Despatches from
Gen. Gaines. Well, we?that is
the remaining editors? are disposed
to go too! Mr. Thorpe will, while*
at the Camp, furnish the latest war
news for the Tropic.
The following note of distances
is not without interest at this time:
From New Orleans to Point Isabel
is 802 miles by water. From
Galveston to Point Isabel is 320
miles by water. From New Orleans
to Ver i Cruz is 1,500 miles.
From Yucatan to the city ot Mexico
is 900 miles. The population
of the city ot* Mexico is about 180,000.
It is thought that. Capt. Fremont,
who has distinguished himself in
command of the exploring expedition
into Oregon and California,
will be appointed Colonel of the
new regiment of riflemen.
Many of the papers contain glowing
descriptions of the wealth of
t he Mexican Churches. The alter
of the Cathedral in the city of'Mex- 1
ico, which occupies the site of the ]
Idol temple of Montezuma, is made
of pure Silver, ornamented with
gold, and surrounded by a balus- '
tivide surinounded with images,
which are made of compound of '
gold, silver and copper. The bal- (
ustrades is supposed to bo worth
more than a million of dollars. 1
Beside there are gold and silver J
vases, waiters, candlesticks, <$*c.
The property of the church, in '
gold and silver ornaments, is val- <
ued at not less than fifty millions *
of dollars.
Volunteers.?We learn that at 1
u meeting of the Richland Volunteer
Rifle Company, on the evening
of the 20th ult., it was voted [
to tender their services to the Go- .
vernor, and hold themselves in (
readiness to march to Texas.
We apprehend that the Rifle 1
company cannot he accepted by
the Governor, as the requisition '
ITIHrlo Kv tllO Pon/l??eil
*.4?v VV.;JV7 ui w ? v. l 11111 tr i L
is for Infantry. They can, however,
change their rifles for muskets
and he received ; or they can volunteer
as Kifle men to the President
himself, who will no doubt
accept them.
Columbia Chroniclc.
Capt. May.? 1 his officer, who
made the brilliant charge and captured
the battery, taking General
Vega prisoner, at the recent battle
near Matamoras, is, we learn,
irom Washington eitjr, and is well
known to many ol our citizens.
He is one of the finest horsemen
in the army, and always delighted- 1
to exhibit his skill in the management
of that n >hle animal. i\oth- 1
ing was too difficult for him to
attempt, lie has two or three
times been severely injured by his
daring. On one occasion in this (
city, for a bet of wine, with some
gentlemen, he rode his horse up
the steps, and into the passage of :
the City Hotel; having accomplished
this, it was suggested that
lie could not ride down again. ;
He immediately turned his horse
and rode down, jumping his horse
over the iron railing. Those who (
know the lonotion ran jmnrpfiurp
the difficulty of the fear. We also ;
remember the gallant Captain ha- 1
...ving been fined tor the breach of 1
an ordinance, 111 leaping his horse j
over a cord of wood, on t he pavement
in front of the City Hotel,
some time ago; and we would
now suggest to the Mayor the pro
priety of remitting that fine, instanter.
Baltimore Sun. '
Col. McIntobh.?It will be ex- .
iremeiy gratitymg to the tnends 1
of Col. Mcintosh to learn that his
case has assume4 a favorable as- ,
pect. The circumstances of his
rencounter with the enemy, and
his rescue from superior numbers, 1
is almost miraculous. No wonder
that he was at. first reported
among the killed. i
We have seen a loiter to his
nearest relative in this city, which
states that Col. Mcintosh has suffered
the severest pain since last
Iivvuuuio Iiuill 111(11. A II<11 ior l\VC
days much anxiety was felt for his
situation, but on the 18th ultimo
he was quite easy and doing much
better than was expected.
TJol. Mcintosh's- wounds were
received in the battle ol the second
day, while leading Ins regiment
against the enemy's battery.
When he had almost rcached it,
his horse, a noble animal, was
shot from under him. Six Mexicans
rushed out of a small cluster
ol chapparal?(.for this light was
in tlie chapparal)?throe with
their bayonets pointed at his head.
One bruised his nose slightly?the
other went in at the mouth, knocked
out most ol the teeth on the
left side, "and passed through his
neck ; with the bayonet, thus they
pinned him to the ground. One
put the muzzle of his musket to
the Colonel's forehead and pulled
trigger, but the powder in the pan
flashed. Another put his musket
to the breast of the lallen olonel.
While in the act of firing, the Colonel
pushed it aside, and the contents
went into the ground A
U - - 1 - 1
uayonei was men inrust inro nis
left arm and broke it. Had not
some one come to his rescue at
the moment, his brains would have
been beaten out with their muskets.
The Colonel has another
slight wound in the log. The
wound in the neck has caused him
more pain than ten thousand
In the course of six weeks, it is
believed that the Colonel will be
able to travel, and a change from
a. vr???u l? ?? UVvl U tilV'I 1/ 1*3 1IU
comfort, to New Orleans, will be
of much benefit t ) the gallant
The above particulars will be
read with interest by his numerous
friend in Georgia.
We desire many?many years
of health and happiness to one
who has so gallantly borne himself
in the hour of battle, first as Lieutenant,
and now as leader of a
brigade, who in the impetuosity of
the charge upon the enemy's destructive
battery, had no time io
think of their gallant Chief, but
were borne headlong upon the foe.
J. n
vuii-ntiri kmzu/giU/Jlf
Subscriptions Received during the
Months of APRIL and MAY :?
M J Williams, Dr S Marshall, John
Lites, Jas Adams, Col S Donnald. Joel
Smith, Capt R C Wilson, Chas Dendy,
J F Crawford, H W Lawson 6 mos, J
Mcllwain, Wm Mean?, Hon D L
Wardlaw, Dr T B Dendy, Jno Clay,
J W Thomas, Dr Robt Devlin. James
Lindsay, Dr Jno McKeller, T J Douglass,
D O-Hawthorn, A Bell, W N
Blake, A J Weems, Jas Fair, G P Martin,
W J Lomax, J W Dubose $3.50
2d and 3d vols., R M White, A G Latimer.
Win Talbert, And. Riley, B. C.
r. T T R., . C )l T U..? A
WiUAMHf / XJUIil^klj kjlllll 1 J IIclJj il
C Hawthorn, D Pruil, Thos Cheathum,
A T Miller, Capt R Cunningham, W
Young, A Hanks 6 mos., F A Connor,
Dr J J Ward law, 13 F Wardlaw, Col
Geo Graves, S G Gary, Wm Smith, A
Barries 6 mos, John McLelland.
iX^T We are authorized to announce
Mr. J. R. TARRANT, ?8 a candidate for
Sheriff ut tint ?*iiisiiitivr election.
117- ?.i ..
r* e ?iic iiuuiun/fu 10 announce i.
P. MOSELY as a candidate tor S"erifl
i)f Ai?bt*vill?! Die. at tli?* ensuing election.
We are authorized to announce W.
A COBB as a candidate for the office of
Sh.nfl ot Abbevillu District at the ensuing
We are authorized to announce JAS.
8. WILSON as a candidate for Clerk ot
Court tor Abbeville District at the ensuing
Thn friends of A C HAWTHORN announce
him as a candidate for Sheriff for
Abbeville District at the ensuing election
nr _ i " *
yvu are aiiinoriz,'(i 10 announce v aCHAEL
HUGHEY as a candidate for
Sheriff, at the Aliening ejection.
We are authorized to announce Maj. A.
ARNOLD* ab a Candidate for Sheriff, at
Lhe ensuing election.
We are authorized to announce N1MROD
McCORD, ao a candidate for Clerk
of th?* Court at the next election.
Attorney at Law, having taken an office
in the rear of the Court House and
near to the Printing Office,will prompt,
ly attend to all business entrusted to
his care. Jan 14 46
; Attention, Light Infantry!
S The company having, at its j
l:?nt niont i rirr liu n ttnlu nf (inn ! i
t thirds of I he members pre- |
sent, altorrd the regular day i
of drill from the second to the I
first Saturday in the respec- I
tive months of dnll and pn~ \
rade. You arc hereby or- 0
dered to appear on your pa- ,
rade ground on Saturday the j
6th instant, duly armed and
equipped for drill and inspect c
lion. By order of ("apt Morngrm*: 7
June 3 E. KINGSMORE.O S. 1
Attention Guards!
And those Young Men of Abbeville icho J
are vol willing to st-ind a draft !
I By nn order of the Adjutant
and Inspector General, he j
will receive the services of <
Rff, Volunteers until the IO1I1 in- *
"rSI slant: also, " no tipplicat ion
ASj | need be made by companies, j
i-22 3 without the full and entire a
I J complement of men und offi ^
* I If cers and men designated in u
ft the requisition." v
Mb You ar?: therefore ordered s
Uf[ to assemble at the Regiment-* n
aj para,i,. Ground (Lcmax's c
Old Field) on Saturday the I3th in- t
KtanL for MlO nnmnon nf,nr?nn!??inf? ? If**!
? ? ?'?w |/ul JIUO^ W I VI - UUUi'll^ u ? yi?
untecr corps.
There will be an election for Captain, 1st
and 2d Lieutenants to command the Volunteers.
The Captain of the McDuflie Rifle
Guards expects to see every member of
his corps present; and those persons who
are willing' to volunteer, he would respect- s
fully invite to meet the Guards, and assist C
in the organization of the Volunteers. b
By order of Cnpt. Marshall: h
June 3 J. N. COCIIRAN, O. S.
~iiead quarters, v
Charleston, May 20, 18-1G. ?
General Order No. 3.
The Adjutant Inspector General will ,tj
rpppivn nnnlinntinno nt s Ut> I? vn/vnt no HP.
- ? I' f .IVUVkVIIU I*U V I *-? UA' ^/U.l V\i v/l"
fice in Charleston, until the 10th day of
June next, for the volunteer service under
the requisition lately made upon the State
by tlie General Government, for a Regi'
u;ent of Infantry.
No application need be made by compa- J
nies without the full and entire compli>? a
mcnt of officers and men designated in the y
requisition. s
No Regimeni will be required to furnish
more thnn one company.
The Adjutant General confidently relies
upon his fellow citizens of the State, ^
promptly to respond to the call that has
been made upon their patriotism, and earnestly
hopes that there will bo n< unneces
sarv delay in the requisite orjran'zition of
the'Rppimcnt. J. W.CANTEY, f
Adjutant and Inspector General. u
By order of the Commander-in-Chief. c
June 3 14 2t n
Land Sale.
By order of David L^ely, Ordinary for Abbeville
Dis'rict, will be sold, for Partition
at Abbeville Court House, on th? first, s
Moirlay in July next, two Iractsof Land, e
the Real Estate of Amelia Si nrrnons, situ- i>
ate in Abbeville District, and containing I
in one lot 250 acres, more or less, and ano- ?
ther lot of 75 acres, more or less, near the n
village of Cukesbury, on a cr.-dit of twelve
IlinnthR. nnnrnvpH o.ipurilu nn<l n unnrtnn/ra T
'-ir " " "VSv ot
Ihe premises necessary.
J. RAMEY, Sheriff. I
June 3, 1846 14 5t C
Land Sale.
By Ord<'r of David L^sly, Oulinary for y
A.i>i>?avi)l?- District, will bn sold, for Parti- r~
lion, on tin* first Monday in July n^xt, a .
tract of Land, the Real Estat" of Richmond
Harris, deceased, containing 292 ?
acres, mor** ori>'Ss,on waters ot Savannah "
river, ndjoining lands of J E Calhoun and ?
, othors, on a credit of twelve months, ap- '
proved security and a mortgage of the ,
prt'inisi s will be required it necessary.
J. RAMEY, Sheriff. J
June 3,1846 14 5t
Whereas, John Cothran hath applied to 6
me to grant hnn letters of administration P
on the estate of Samuel Fennall, deceased:
These ore therefore to cite and admonish
the kindred and creditors of said deceased ^
lo appear befor me at a Court of Ordina- ?
ry, on Friday, 12ih June next, and shew ?
ciuae u any iney can wny said 8dimms? a
Iration should not be granted. a
Givpn under my hand and sea), 27th
May, 1846. DAVID LESLY, Ord'v ll
Notice! 'i
I forewarn all persons from trading for r
note made payable to A B C Wolf! or _
bearer for $ 100, dat*>d 17th February 1846,
as the considerations for which said note
was given have not been complied with '
and I am determined not to pay the same ?!
unless compelled by law. ^
June 3,1846 14 3t a
. c
A large assortment of LAW i
i BLANKS just printed, at this oQicc. i
Masonic Notice. I
^e brethren of the mafraternity,
licir families, throughout
^^gffigj&^the district, arc particu- *"
jagvahk^galiarly invited to unitn with 1 u
i ho members of clinton i
f ^ lodge at abbeville c. ii.,! '!
?n the 24th of juno next, in co:nin?'inora- j <ion
of the festival of our potron, st. is
olin the evangelist. . i ^
yours respectfully and fraternally, !'?
5. Go it, J. A. Hamilton. 1
2. s. Bailey. N. J. Davis. , ^
H. W. Lawson, |b
Committee nf Arrangements. J ^
may 27 l-*4t j
Valuable Land for Sale ! ;
SSl'l'he subscriber oflers his tract of j
ii Laud for s:ilo, (our mill's south west ^
t Abltcvillo C. II. on the Snake Road,
t contains about 550 acres, between 2
nd JWO acres of it wood land, well lim- ^
ered, the balance in cultivation, about 00 ^
cres fresh. There is a good dwelling
;ith all out buildings necessary, a ?ood >
crew, gin house &c; and within 100 yds
t a regularly attended Cliurrh. The pur- ^
h::ser can hayu (rig ovvn time to part of jc
lie money by giving good security.
May 27 13 ttO F S LUCIUS !
To the Public! !c
a As the subscriber ! *
wishes to remove from '
jMjuyjgthe state, he offers tor ?
gyWiSSsalo a traet of LAND ^IL, 1
iiuiited in this District, five miles above J1
^ambri'lge, on the direct road from lium- i ^
urg to Greenville, containing 597 acres, tn
alf'of whiqh is still in woods. i v
The plantation is in good repair and has
n it all necessary out buildings new, as ! *
fell as a lar?.re two story wooden biiiltiinir,! '
rected in 1841. as a house of i;iiti>rtnin.? i M
ioiit for travellers. Near tin; dwelling? is ( V
spring of as lino water as the District j ^
fiords, besides several other valuable j v
prints on the tract. Between 90and 100 i j.
cres of the uncleared land are rich hot- *mis.
Mav 27 13 6t r
' a
)r. T. A. SALE would inform his friends \
nd the public generally, that he has re- p
timed to Abbeville Court House, and is h
eady to attend to any Professional call
hat may be made upon liiin. /
OA ^
uiojr -?u 14, H (
^^73 Stolen out of my stable on f
the night of the 14th instant,
\C0 <10 onn young horse or stud colt,
bout four or five years old, sorrel color, ^
/ith three white feet, with a scar on one ..
1 live near Cedar springs.
May 20 12 3t
Drj) Cftoofcs.
lave just, received a large stock of Spring
nd Summer Goods, purchased with grrat 0
are in the New York and Charleston a
larkefe, and will be sold on the most reaonable
term?, to suit the times. d
The following are a portion of the goods |<
received : A fine assortment of r
uch as black and colored Silk, fine worst- v
d Barajres, also worsted Balzarines, or- a
andin Muslins, printed Muslins and
jawns fancy Prints (a large assortment)
iluslin Scurfs und Barege Shawls, Bon- a
ii'l Ribbons, Ladies' Glovns and Mits.
We have just received a supply ol ,
JONNETS of the latest fashions.
{ fine assortment of black, blue and brown
Mollis and Cassitn<-rs, fine Codilinulon
nd summer Cloths, black Drap d'Eta (a
itl'o assortment,) Pantaloons Stuffs, such 0
s French summer Caasimere, Gambroous, ti
jincit Drills, &c ; Vcstinjrs, black Bomazin'-s;
silk Handkerchiefs, black and [nicy
for the neck do; Irish Linen Sus jj
endfrs: Gloves. &e. A lar?r?< nssnri.
ueh as 6umm>-r Coats nnd V?sts. A
?r?r<? assortment of Boots, Shore, Hats.&r
A fin?? assortment cf SHELF HARD
VARE, Cotton and Wool Cards, Paten< "
nd Carolina Hot-s, Patent and Grass ~
Icythes.Trace Chains,Tubbs,Buckets and
Sieves. An assortment of
uch as saddles, Bridles, saddle bag*, Car- n
et do, Bridb* Bits and stirrup Irons. A b
large assortment of CROCKERY. A
War, Coffee. Pcddct. Sdicp. Ginger.
'ovvjler and Shot, Lead, 10,000 Srgars,
0 dozen bollles fine Porter : Also a grood
Ksortment of DRUGS, MEDICINES ,,
We avail ourselves of this method of retiming
our thanks to those who have pa??
ronizcd us heretofore, and respectfully so- ~
cit a continuance of the same.
May 13 lltf i
To the People of Abbeville. ^
Fhe subscriber respectfully solicits all per- si
ons indebted to the Sheriffs Office for
;OST, FJaintins or jueicnaant's,are earnstly
requested to come forward and settle, ~
b this is my last year in office, I shall be
umpelled to have all cost due me in the ?
ffice settled. You will find myself or Mr
'aggart always m attendance
April 15 7 tf J. RAMEY, A
Drug Store*
lave jusl received from Nc? York, large
ddiiions to ti>eir former stock, comprising
No. 1 WHITE LEAD, in 25 and 50
?. k?gs, blnok and red Lead, Verdigris*
'lirotne & Yellow Green, Chrome Yellow#
lone Ooiirf, Venitian Red. (English and
Lmorieun) Paris White, Lilharuc, Um' r,
Prussian Blue, Terra de Sienna,Lamp
Wat:It &,c.
OILS, I*nnp Oil, a very superior article,
jinsuud and Train Oils, Castor Oil by
otiltj ntjd gallon, u fine article of Olive
)il in Florence Flasks.
VARNISH, Copal, Leather and Coach
,'arnisb' r,
WINDOW GLASS,8X10 and 10X12
>w by (tee box. PUTTY in bladders.
DYE STUFFS, Logwood, Camwood,
ndigo, [Caioima and Spanish Float]
ladder,Tumeric, Cochineal, Fig Blue,&c.
SPICES, Clove?, Cinnamon, Ginger,
lace, Nutmegs, Allspice, Pepper, black
Cayenne; Mnstard [English "in bottles,
nnrrican in \ and \ lb cans.]
SOAPS, a very large and extensive asnrf
vrifirit iimhrnmnir enrornI aimoriAi* chf?_
- > * ,V" ?"?ing
Soaps, toilet, fancy and perfumed:
Llso Castile, English, Windsor and Yel)\v
PERFUMERY, embracing Extracts
r Handkerchiefs, Cologne, Lavender,
"loriiiu and Rose Waters, Antique, Maassar
and Bears Oil [of superior quality,]
Mandoline for keeping hair in place, perjmed
Cachets, and a great variety of
ther articles.
PATENT MEDICINES, afresh sup>iy
ot Wistar's Balsam of VVdd Cherry,
udkins's Ointtn<'iit, Copoiva Capsules,
11 of Comstock's Preparations, together
r it h many other popular Patent Medicines
l.,i, ? 1 T ?1 ? .
nmt uiciuiVf K;U) KIUIMUH^ UI1U 1UU1U
Vufers assorted, Note waters, [fancy,]
k-'iling wax,Camel and SaoIeHair Pencils,
;ater colors; Carmine and pink Saucers,
'edar Pencils, India Rubber, Diamond
Jetnont, Thermometers Japand. Lamp
/ick [llat and round,] Glass letter otuiiipa,
5ath Bricks, Crucibles, Blacking in boxes,
jlue, Isinylass [Russia and American,]
vory Black, Lemon ard Sarsa par ilia Syrups,
Soda and Seidlitz Powders, Matches
nd Match safes. Od spike, Emory [Powered]
Patent Barley, Arrow Root, starch,
tamarinds, sponges, White and Yellow
Vax, Calk [white, red, French and pre-*
ared.] A superior assortment of Brushes,
air, cloth, tooth, nail, shaving, shoe, paint,
arnisli, whitewash and dusting Brushes.
vibo, an aumuonni supply 01 iVlJiUln
3INES and CHEMICALS, to which
iro invite the otlention ot ihe Phyaicians
nd public generally.
A liberal discount will be allowed for
Abbeville C. H. May 13 II tf
P. S. Just received a lot oF WILD'S
CASTOR OIL CANDY, a new articlc
nd needs but a trial to ensure its general
is>* with children.
Abbeville Sheriff Sales.
Jy virtue of sundry Writs of Fieri Facias
o me directed, will be sold, at Abbeville
)ourt House, on the first Monday in
unc next, the following property.?
100 Acres of land more or less, levied
n as the property of YVm Campbell,
ds Wm JRomans170
Acres of land more or less, bouned
by Nath- McCants and others,
3vied on as the property of John M
Sold in ir, nds F G Thomas120
Acres of Land, more or less, leii'dnn'as
tlie property of Jno Douglass
ds A It Ranu y.
1 Lot in Greenwood, containing two
errs moro or less, bounded by J H Giles
nil others, levied on as the property of
Vui L'-wis, ads Wliitlock Sullivan &
Vallcr &. o?hers.
1 Negro, levied on as the property of
landers Williumson ads William C Hill,
y nr>xt friend.
4 Negroes levied on as the property
f Jonathan W Cheatham, ads Stanlore
Brooks and others.
I iNegro levied on as the property of
lugh Robertson, ads Richard Watson
Pony, levied on as the properly of
>avis Biirkttriule ads the state.
1 pmr Saddle Bags, 1 lot Jugs, Botes,
Decanters and Flnsks, one Fiddle*
rie stee] Trap, one Finger Ring, one
Ireast Pin, &c &c, sold as the property of
V'ln L Richardson ads the state.
At the residence of James M Yarrough,on
Tuesday the 2d day of June
ext, 1 Sideboard, 1 Table and 1 Cupoard,
levied on as the property of James
1 Yarbrough, ads R B SmithTerms
Cash J. RAMEY*
May 11, 1846 Sheriff.
i*7 r* j?V T r> ",i*rvr? a
u. v. vw j jlj. mutVAUi^ri,
Itorneys at Law?Have formed a Partnership
for the practice of LAW, in
Abbeville District. 8tf
Icc ! Ice ! Lemons, &c.
'he subscriber respectfully informs tfoo
ubhc that he has just received * largo
jantity of ICE, a supply of whicU bo
ill keep "constantly on hond during the
immer. also Lemons, Cigar*, &c. dto.
May 27 13 2t N J ANDERSON.
' ' -!L
Dr. Lacount'a Vegetable Tooth-Ache
Uixir, a certain and immediate cure.
For aale by
pril 1] and JOHN McLARE!N[v

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