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Dirt nny one ever hoar of my " fighting
the tiger" nyear or two ago in Alabama?
11' any one hasn't heard that
story, he'd better plaster his hair to his
head, and sew his coat to his skin ; for,
cuss me if it isn't enough lo frighten a
man out of his senses.
" Well ! Some time 'long in the month
of July, Sal came to me one day, and
says she to me?says she?Joe,?I
want some bar meat, and I guess that
you had better cut right out and get me
some. Now. you must recollect, fellers,
that Sal was sorter sick about that time,
and used to take the" darndest crankest
kind of notions in her head thai ever I
heard of. Hut, however, 1 slung "old
IJellzy" over my shoulder, and sat oui
in lull ciuuso ol llie only bear thai we
had hoard of in that neck of the woods
during the* summer. A long, and a
hot, and a wearisome tramp I had ; but {
luck was with me, 1- finally brought :
li old Bellzy" to a level on him, and just
laid him out as slick as ever you saw a
coon couse a dog. Little time elapsed
before he was regularly cleansed, while
I made a break for home, as 1 was tired,
hot and hungry. The tramp was a
longone; and the load none ol the lightest,
and I soon grew faint and sick, under
the heat of the sun. Casting about
for a spot upon which to rest until the
cool of the evening. I soon found a quiet
nook under the shade of a cluster of
vines, to which I took an especial liking.
llanfrinnp mv o:imo to lln> hrmifh nl'si !
neighboring tree. nnd resting my gun i
by its side, [ retired to this inviting spot,
and was quickly in a land where uneasiness
is not I'clt. How long i slept it is
impossible to say : but the nap generally,
was a sweet and refreshing one, and ;
might have lasted much longer, il l had
^ not been disturbed by a slimy and compressing
sensation about my throat together
with a feeling that something
was passing over my face which was
not every way pleasant to me. L was not
thoroughly disturbed ; yet I fell my situation
becoming more and more unpleasant,
and' in a dreamy listlessness, apencd
my eyes to see what was going on,
when?mercy on me ! I found an enor.
mous snake (well known in that region
T> \ 1 1 1 K! I C \ ...
uo iuu jvuui:i,j ii;iu wuuuu lumpen auoui
my neck, and was hobbling his nasty
head back and forth upon my face,
while his horrible tongue was playing
like lightning upon my features I With
a yell- of horror, I sprung to nriy feet!
Fortunately, my presence of mind did
not leave ino, and 1 bethought myself at
once of my knife. Q,uietly drawing it
from my belt. I managed to pass it between
my throat and the snake, until I
was sure that its point had reached beyond
the widest fold ; then with a sud
aen movement, turned tne oacK to my
skin, the blade to my enemy, and, with
a vigorous thrust of my wrist, he was
laying powerless about my feet. Before
I had lime to recover from my alarm,
I looked, and, mercy again! I
found a grander horror upon me! Drawn
by the scent of blood, a tiger had found
my game during my sleep, and was
rampant and raging over his prey.
Never shall I forget the growl which he
gave when he first saw me. There he
was rearing upon the game before him,
his eyes like bulls of fire ; I saw but one
hope and that was to recover the knife,
which in my first surprise I had let drop.
I made one effort to secure it, but my
enemy kept too close a watch upon me
and darted upon me before I could reach
a ^ i- _ -* ? *
ii. .tt.3 no came, wiin a tnunaering
roar and flaming eyes, I gave myself up
for lost; blindly 1 closed my fist and
made a pass as he reared upon me.
Fortunately my arm passed direct into
his throat as he ripped my clothes in
threads with his iron paws, I kept shoving
my fist on?on?on, until it was
through and through, by thunder!
Quick as lightning I seized his tail, riz
upon my feet, gave a hearty jerk, and
turned the tarnal beast clean inside out!
Strangers, I thought I should a fiummixed
right on the spot; but I got over
it, and I feel none the worse for " fighting
the tiger. Who'll drink.?St. Louis
Comparisons are odious.?No one
ever credits the black in the South
for w it, and yet some of their jokes
are exceedingly dry.
' How do 1 look to day, Caesar V
saith a southern dandy to hie servant.
44 Plendid massa ! 4 Plendid !"
44 Do you think I'll do, Caesar?"
"Guy, massa never seed you
look so fine before, in all my life,.
Why, you look just as bold as a
* Why what do you know about
a l'ionv you never saw one ?" ?
" Never seen a lion, massa ?
O golly! Why I see Massa PatI
ton's nigger, Jiir%ride one eber\
day to the null."
" O, you tool that's a donkey."
" Can't help dat massa. Yoi
look jist, like liirn."
" Point no Point."?The follow
iiig is Queen Elizabeth's brie!
speech, lo a committee appointee
by Parliament lo enquire into hei
design as to a contemplated alii
ance between her and some Kuro
pean Prince. It. embraces what
the law would call" tlieexelusion."
" Were 1 to tell you that 1 do no
mean to marry, i might say les;
than 1 intend; and were I to t.el
you I do mean to marry,
1 might say more than it is propel
lor you to know?therefore 1 give
you an answer answerless."
Ansi:iu>iTii;s.?To make you
servants tell lies for you. and after
wards be angry because they tel
them for themselves.
To tell your own secrets, am
believe others will keep them.
To IVmcy a thing cheap becausi
a low price is asked for if.
To say a man is charitable l><cause
he subscribes to a hospital
To vote lor a candidale at ai
eleetio::. because he shakes hand:
with your wile and child and ad
mires the baby.
A Wife may be of great assistance
to her husband in business
l?V wpiirinof *?
J " - r? ,w vuv-vi lUl ^U!I
linually on her countcnancc. /
man's perplexities and gloominess
are increased a hundred ibid wlier,
liis better half moves about wit!
a continual scowl upon her brow
A pleasant, cheerful wife is as c
rainbow set in the sky, when hei
husband's mind is tossed with
storms and tempests; but a dissatisfied
and fretful wife in the
hour of trouble, is like one of thnst
friends who delight to trouble lost
spirits.?JY. Y. Organ.
A man down East has invented
a machine to renovate old bachelors.
Out of a good sized fat grea
sy old bachelors, he can make
quite ?i decent young man, and
nave enough lel't to make twc
small puppies, a pair of Ieathei
breeches, and a small kettle o
soft soap.
Smoking Seed Corn.?A corrcs
pondent of the Prairie Farmei
Writes:?"I wish to remind youi
readers, that if they would save
their young corn from the depredations
of squirrels, mico, birds
<$-c., to prepare for smoking theii
corn according to the following re
ceipt:?Leave a few husks on the
seed ears, so that they can be hung
up in the smoke house, and smokec
with the hams ; or hang them uj
in any dry plttce and before planting,
dip the end of a stick in tar
set fire to it, and holding it undei
the corn, giving it a thorough smoking.
I have tried this for thi-pf
years, and have saved many times
m}- subscription to the paper by it.'
Boiling Potatoes.?Not one
house-keeper out of ten knows how
to boil potatoes properly. Here is
an Irish method, one of the besl
we know. Clean wash the potatoes
and leave the skin on,then
bring the water to a boil and
throw them in. As soon as boiled
soft enough for a fork to be easily
thrust through them, dash some
eold water into the pot, let the potatoes
remain tv\ o minuutes, and
then pour off the water. This
don<^ half remove the pot lid, and
let the potatoes remain over a
slow fire till the steam is evaporated,
then oeel and s?f. tlipm on tVi<
I """ """ *" *" v,"v
table in an open dish. Potatoes
of a good kind thus cooked will
always be sweet, dry* and mealy,
A covered dish is bad for potatoes,
as it keeps the steam in, and makes
them soft and waterly.
Calvks with Sheep,?We have
often recommended the keeping oi
calves with sheep, as we have
found it an excellent plan, and
highly approved of by others who
have tried it. ' In this way there
is less trouble, and the calves keep
in fine condition upon the coarse
part of the fodder which the sheep
leave. In such cases calves are
never afflicted with virmin. and if
any arc on them before, they will
soon disappear after the calves
f arc pniong tlie sheep, Sheep arc
usually provided with a good
shelter in winter, and the calves
i will seek the warmest part of it
ill eold Wf!nthf>iv Tli.c nlnn will
- ? - 1 I
not do for those who keep sheep I
" without water in winter, unless |
, the calves have extra attention in I
| this respect.
~ j
Valunble Town Property lor Sale, j
|. n The subscriber intending to i
' [move, to tin? countrv, oilers for !
"S&.al, his IIOUSK arid LOT in |
JhssaStliilie Yillajre of Abbnvilb', situated
4 on tii" Puldic Square. The House is a
1 comfortable and commodious onr, and in !
j connection with it, are two LAW OFF I- !
CES, which cun be rented at fair prices. |
All the out buildings and fcnciug are new. i
2 and the Dwelling House has b?*en recently j
PAINTED. Any person wishing sucli j
property, would do well to call and s<>c nie. !
>* Dec i7 42tf J. KAMEY. j
'J'Uo subscribers arc now receiving and j
1 will offer for sale. at tln'ir Store Room, 1
in Mrs, All n's Hotel, j
, UCtAR , M w Orl nns and Cuba
Do JjOsif tlnnl*]-1 refined
j MO LASS BS, N Orleans and W. Indies \
- j TE \ , Gunpowder and Hvson
: FISH, iM:iek? r< Cod and Salmond
. ! (Jandi s, FL's, Currants and llaisins
! A'nionds, Fili)".*ts and I3rny.il ISnts
. Cheese, Soda Biscuits, Caudii.s, &.e &.c |
" i ALSO.
consisting ot COATS frock and dress I
j Vests, l'ants, Drawers, Sliiits, Stocks, J
Cravats, &.e.
i a . ..? - 1
ji ii lit: l 11 |l -111 OI l)UU 1 i^l, l.j't ?!ies",
L Gfn'l.MntMi's, Boys* and Misses' SHOES.
Tli-v have also Northern nnd French
thorn Oak Tan and Hemlock Sole, and
l arc; prepared to make 13oots and Shoes at
the shortest notice and in Hip best, style.
Abbeville C II, April 15 7 tf
All persons indebted to the Estate of the
! late THOMAS W. WILLIAMS, dee'd..
; are requested to call and make payment ;
and cr- ditors will hand in their claims duly
attested, hv the 'Jot h of December next.
[ April 8, 1810. G 13w
Warehouse and Commission Merchant,
Tlio snbscribrr continues nt
f\y . <$> ''K> stand ofH L Jcfiers
> Ifcyarvvi^yv^Jjl & Co., and will carry on the
ore, but in his own name and on his own
. account.
He promises strict and punctual attention
to all Consignments and orders, and
respectfully solicits the continued ?pa?
tronage of his former friends.
. je 25 17 3m J F GRIFFIN.
Valuable School Books,
. Just received from Philadelphia, Grigg &.
, Elliott's New cries of Common c l:tol
' Readers No 1 2 3 and 4. Dr Frost, L L
> D. Professor of RpIIp'h I.ottrpc in i>ii!l?
I elphia High chool, says of these books,
> .1 know of no book used in Common
chools which are preferable to them."
Also, Dr Ruschenberger's First Books of
? Natural History, comprising Elements of
* Anatomy and Physiology, Mineralogy,
Ornithology, Conchology, Icthiology, En>
tomology, Botany and Geology. Respec.
ting these books, the Publishers, among
the great number of recommendations
which they have received, present the folk
" Having examined, with some care, a
scries of School Books, lately published by
> Messrs. Grigg & Elliott of Philadelphia,
t it affords me pleasure to slate, that the
. Readers' appear to me well adapted to the
purpose for which they are designed. The
' lessons are judiciously selected, well arranged,
and calculated at once to improve
the mind and heart. Dr Ruschenberger's
. scries of *Text Books of Natural History*
, are admirable, and supply a deficiency
wmcn nas long been telt in our Elcmontary
c hools, not to say Colleges, in which
I 4the book of Nature fair' has beer, too little
i studied, and our children and youth, consequently,
nay, our grown np men, though
livinjr and moving in tho midst of the most
1 surprising wonders, neither heed ror feel
any interest, in them, because they have
> not the most elementary knowledge to
. serve as a first step to excite their atten*
tion, or guide their observations. This
state of tilings need no longer, and we
hopo will no longer* continue Dr Ru,
schenbei-g.-r lias imposed a new duly upon
i every intelligent and ftiithlul tea'-h- r of I
youth at once to ms?k?- himself acnin>ted i i
>vith, nnri communicate tt> his pupils, tin* j i
? interesting subjects ot" which these manunls
treat. HENRY M. BRUNS,
Principal ofthe Hlj/h School ot Charleston
Also, U. States Dispensatory, tcrnc's 1
Works. Josephn.s 2 vols 8vo, Vill?<?e Ser~ i
i mons, Danirhft-r's Own Book, Book of Politeness,
Dicturniyof ?led Quotations, i
eneca's Mornls, Mn son's Farrier, Gold- i
smith's Animated Nature 2 vole. Lite of i
Paul Jones. Rvrnri'fl Wn?l?a -- J
w ... nr> ihumi II iru MIIU I
extra gilt, Mrs HemansVs Works, Rogers, i
Campbell.Cowpf-r, Milton, Crabbi*,Young,
' Gray, Beattie, Heber, &c &c, njyley's
Arithrtiet ick, &c, for sal? by 1
R. H. & W. A. WARDLAW. <
May 6, 10 8w
Tim nl" Knnf.li (Jn.rolinn. I 1
Sarah J. A. Wharton, vs. Thos. Simmons,
el. al.?Partition Real Estate
Amclui Simmons, dee'd.
Il upbearing to my satisfaction, that Thos
Simmons, Francis Simmons, Jas \V Simmons,
Arthur Simmons and Anna Simmons,
minor, parlies Defendant, reside
without t he limits of this SState : Ordered,
that, tin* Defendants <lo appear and plead
on or before 1st Monday in Jnly next.,
otherwise 111< ir consent will be entered of
record, DAVID LHSLY, Ord'y.
March 20, 1810. 4 low
ACTIO!-, !
Jnst received, by S. Anderson, A<rent,
JH)U gallons fine Ohio and Mountain Wljis. j
key, fine Pencil Brandy, superior Holland j
Gits superior Cog. Brandy, Jamaica Ituin, j
Now England do., superior Ale, Cider in
bottles or on draught; Candies assorted,
.Mackerel, Molasses, Oranges, Cheese,
smoked Herrings, Oys'ers, Almonds, Butter,
Crackers* Tobacco, SSeyars, fine Alafleria
Wine; and expected inn lew days;
London Porter. The above articles of ,
{Spirits will be soM low lor cash, by the
Three Gallons ; an! the other art icles as
low as can lie purchased in (his village.
Abb- v111e C II, April 1 5 Kiw
~i\OT ft-H.
|!i&Thc .<tib.scribor, wishing to leave !
J^f*^ , I... . \ I \ VIAO i i !
fill: I'll'-, Wll'l^ USB !_/ .Y 1\ U O IDT Hilll* ,
lyiti'jr in Alib?'villf District, uii i i?e \v?i r? :
of Rocky rivr, two mil \s i;:ist ??t Louuds* j
\illf and only six from nvauuah riv* r, I
consist inir "t Twelve Hnndrid Acr< s, om* ;
luilf clean d and ill- (inline; in woods, on j
a end't of one, two, tliriT, and our years, \
(so instalment bearing interest.
On snid plantaiion tli?-r?? is u good J
DWELLING, a n-w GIN HOU E and |
G1113 W, & a THIIA HING HOUSE, |
and all out-houses new. Thy Plantation
is und<?r good r? pair.
Any |)< rsou wishing to purchase would
do wt 11 to c:ill on the subscriber.
March 18 1} 13t
(XT' Edgefield Advertiser will publish j
tin; above three months, and forward acI,.!..
A IT.? :.. I I Ml
Ur. Spencer's Vegetable Pills,
and Vegetable Tonic and Restorative
The value and efficacy of p.-nccr's Vegetable
Pills have long beer. known and up- j
predated in a groat variety of discases.and
as the best anil most important, of Family
Medicines. Dr peneer having been actuated
by a desire to benefit his fellow beings,
ha* also prepared his Vegetable Tonic
and Restorative Bitters, which he now
offers to the public, as the result of an ex-,
tensive practice, and thorough investigation
of the laws which govern the human
They are purely Vegetable, and may be
taken with perfect snfety by all ages and
sexes in youthful, adult and declining life.
The design of pencer's Vegetable Pills
and Vegetable Tonic Restorative Bitters,
is to create a flow of pure healthy bile, in
stead or the stale and acid kind.
The obiect of the Pills is to stimulate
all the vital organs of the system into i ction,
and thereby cleanse the stomach and
bowels of all the morbific and offensive
matter with which the system is clogged,
and which promotes disease. The Bitters
are to strengthen and restore the stomach
and vital organs, to their proper tone and
vigor. When this is accomplished, good
health must be the result.
The complaints that come most directly
under their influence, and for which they
are so particularly designed, art as follows:
Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, Dyspepsia,
Liver Complaints, iek head-ache,
Enlargement of the plo en, Jaundice,Piles
Cholic, Bowel and summer complaints.
Impurities of the blood, Femalt; Obstruct
tion, Heartburn, Incipient Diarroeh. Habi
tual Costiveness, Determination of blood ?
to liio head, Loss of Appetite, Blotched or i
allow Complexion and in all cas'-s of
Torpor of the bowels, where a cathartic or
apperiont medicine if? needed. As many
of the abovt* enumerated diseases come on
imperceptibly, and become far advanced
in their progress before it is suspected that I
they exist in the system, no one should i
expect, in such cases, to be at once ruliey i
rd entirely, but should continue the use of 1
the Medicine for a considerable length of '
time. Full directions accompany tho me- ]
dicines for their use,in nil those complaints I
for which they are recommended. '
Price 25 cents p<-r box for the Pills, and
?>l per bottle for the Bitters.
Reader! do not fail to notice the follow. '
in?r eeriificate from Mr James Lindsv. of
Jefferson, Jackson co., Geo. i
To Dr. p i ncer? March 18, 1846.
D? Hr ir: I have made jjreat use of
your Vegetable Pills in my family lor (h<* '
Inst 'Im-p y- ar.?, and I consider I hem ihe '
f'fSt medicine it) us<-. I have innd con- J
sidi-rahl" use of Peters' Vegetable Piils, J
nnd m;iny others, l?ui Inm convinced 1 fiat '
yours nri- superior to any of ibem. For 1
in k H<?ad AHie they are an excellent 1
medicine; for Bowel -Complaint I think '
tliem tie- bi'st medirine 1 ever used. ome *
nf inv neighbors are al?o usinu your Pills 1
with 1 lie iiioai deeirf d benefit. In fine, I r
cnndidly confess thnt I have derived inor-- ?
resil benefit from thpm than from *nv.other ?
m?'dic?n?? 1 hav?? i-vor used; and I think ?
that every family should always keep a
supply of them.on huml.
The above medicines are for sale at Ab- E
beville C H by Drs Wardlaw & Dendy,
ind at the Post Office by John.McLaren.
April 1 5 3m. . /
The State of South Carolina,
Iii the Court of Common Pleas and General
Sessions.?March Term, 1846.
Oidnrixl tl.o? PVTO A riAITtim "
Vimi, ml UA11VA Vy V>J IV 1 lor
this District bo held for the purpose of
completing all the unfinished business of
this Term, to wit: on the SECOND
sit for six days, if so long a lime be necessary
; that forty-eight Petit Jurors be drawn
and summoned to attend the said Extra
Court; and that the Clerk of this Court,
by publication in the Abbeville Banner, do
give public notice of this ordi-r.
Published by order of the Court:
J K Livingston, Clerk
March 21,1846 5 U't
The State of South Carolina.
In the Common Pleas.
\V illiam A. Cobb, vs. James Knox.?
Foreign Attachment.
Tie- Plaintiff in tlx* above cuse having this
<Kiv in- ii ins i/<'ci:iraiio.i in my office, and
hi* Duf' ndiitit linyino no wile or attorney
known to be within the SStati , upon wliotn
a ropv l hereof nii.v be served: Ii is Order*
d Iliiil llu* said Defi ndant do apnear
sindphadth reto u it iiiti a year and a day
from this date, or judgment by default will
be given against Ir.ui.
Clk's Office, Mfir. ii 14, 1"4?. 3 ly
Abbeville District?In the Court of
Common Plus.
Joseph W. W. Marshall, bearer, vs.
Francis Henderson, sen'r.?Dec hi. in
Attack11. on Prom'ry. Note.
Wli' Ti ns, the Plaint it! in ih;n action did,
on this dayt Hie his Declaration ngi'inst
the Defendant, who is abs nt from and
without tin- limits of this State, as it is
said, and having neither wile nor attorney
ismnvn, upon wnom a copy of the above
Di'claration, with a rule (o plead thereto,
on or brlon* I ho Tw? niy-srcond day of
November next, otherwise, final and absolute
judgment will bo then given and
awarded against th?* Defendant.
Clerk's Office, Nov 22, 1^45. 39 ly
Abbeville District,
In l/ia Common Picas.
Agnes Kingsmore,Adm'x. 1 Decl'n. in
v. > Foreign
Francis Henderson. S Attachm't.
Till* Plsitllf l#T Imvinrr ^ 1 **
uii u ims j_/et;iuruuuii
in my office, and the Defendant having no
wife or Attorney, known to be within the
State, on whom a copy of the same, with
a rule to plead, ean be served : It is Ordered
that the Defendant plead to the said
Declaration within a year and a day, or
final and absolute judgment will be given
against him,
Clerk's Office, Nov 19,1845 ly
In the. Common Pleas.
Gco.W Pressly, }
vs >Decl'tionin Attnchm'f.
Rob't .YeldelL )
(ieofge VV Pressly, the Plaintiff, having
this day filed his Declaration in the Office
of the CU-rk of said District, against Robert
Yeldoll, the Defendant, who is said to
k.. ?i * ? ? -* " *
uu uusiuv irum an?i wunouc me limits or
this State, nnd who has neifhcr wife nor
Attorney known, on whom a copy of this
Declaration with a rule to plead can be
served : Ordered that the said Defendant
do appear nnd plead thereto within a year
and a day from this date, or judgment by
default will be entered ajainpt him.
Clerk's Office, IOlh Sept, 1845
Sept 17 29 ly
The Stato of South Carolina,
Joseph Lively and Mary, his wife, v.
Wm. G. Cain, James JBolds. et al.?
Bill for Partition, tyc. ?
It appearing to my satisfaction that Gilbert
Ivy and Rosannnh, his wife, Defen
uants, reside beyond the limits of this
Stnt<?: Ordered that they do appear and
p|ea??t answer or demur to the said bill,
iviihin three months Irorn t!io publication,
hereof, or the same will bo taken pro con*
Pesso against them. H. A. JONES,
Com'rs office, 4th May, 1846 C. E. A. D..
My 6 fpr's bul >7.50] 10 13t
1'he Stale of South Carolina,
Wm Harris, npplic't., vs. M. Harris and
others.?Partition in Oidinary.
It appearing to inv satisfaction, trial Fran .<'*
F H irris, AifiiiiM A Hunter, Uriah ft
fiarris (lunatic), Louisa J Heard and A J
Eiarris, heirs and l-yatees of Richmond
-Inrnc .1. Defendants. reside with
tul ! he limits of tins State: Ordered, tha?
hpy npp? ?r and plead on or hefbre.lhe
irsl Mondny in J?i/v next, and >lr.>w cause
vliy the U al Estate oi'siiid deeenaed (sit.
late in Abli'-vilw Dist net. on Savannah
iver, adjoining lands of J E CulhOun, and
ontninmtr 292 acres) should not be Hold
ir divided,-or thnr consent will be entered
f record. DAVID LBSLY, O/d'y >
Aprd 8,1846 (Pr's bill #10.50; 6 13w
Dr. Lacouni's Vegetable Tootlv?Ache
Elixir, a certain and immediate curb, ;
r or saie by - ; ..
^pril 1] and JOHN McLARJS^, .

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