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House of Representatives.
Washington, June 13, 1846.
Dear Sir.?The President, on last
Wednesday, submitted to the Senate the
proposition of the British Government,
C 1 1 ?L - TVT 1 ?r
iui a uuuuuaiy oil luu i\orin W eSl COQSt.
That proposition is understood to be,
and I think correctly, the 49th parallel
to the Straits of Feuca ; the common
use of the Straits to the Pacific; Vancouver's
Island to the British ; and the
navigation of the Columbia during the
Hudson's Bay Company charter. The
Senate have been assiduously considering
it, and last evening, by a vote of 38
to 12, advised a treaty with these stipulations.
Of course the treaty will be
made, and ratified, immediately. So
far as I have heard, this boundary will
be satisfactory to the people of the United
Your ob't. servant,
Armistead Burt.
To the Editor.
The Webster Investigation.?
We have at last, as we take " our
hasty plate of soup," the reports
ot both committees on the subject
of the investigation into the conduct
of Mr. Webster, and both
agree in substantially acquitting
him of any corruption or impropriety
in the management of the
northeastern boundary question,
which was near creating a serious
difficulty between this country and
England a few years ago.
According to the reports and
the evidence, we lind the surmise,
that we made some time ago, substantiated,
that some of the men
who deceived Tyler, and imposed
on his good nature, have been all
tVirniiorh of tlin kntJnm 1
I.UI vugu ?l tllb UWM,Ullt UI II11S I>upiness,
and we find that it is so.
Mr. Ingersoll has been deceived
by the Tyler men. The funniest
thing revealed, is the fact that the
agent, on whose evidence the
charges against Webster rested,
that the press in Maine was corrupted,
has never paid over the
paltry sums to the editors that
were supposed to have been corrupted.
The whole affair, from
beginning to end, was a paltry
piece of business, and Mr, Webster
comes out of it unscathed.
Let all parties now finish *'their
hast}r plate of soup."
N. Y. Herald.
A writer in the Boston Post
makes the following predictions :
1st. That tho outlines of settlement
of the Oregon question will
be determined upon within six
weeks from that date. (May 25th )
2nd. That the war with Mexico
will be concluded, on terms dictated
by the I'nited {States, within
the same period of time as stated
above. 3rd. That money will ! e
plenty in ninety days, and that the
business of the country, during
the next year, will be very large.
The Ingersoj.l Affair.? ; he
Washington correspondent of the
Baltimore Patriot informs us that
Mi*. Ingersoll has been thrown into
a range, by the testimony given
before the Committee of Investigation,
by Mr. Lewis F. Tasistro,
who Swears that Mr. Ingersoll
urged him to write to Mr. Tjler,
and advise him to come out against
Mr. Webster. Mr. Ingersoll avers
that the witness testifies falsely ;
but Mr. I. has obviously a very
bad memory.
The marriage of the Rev. Dr.
Judson, the venerable missionary
to India, and Miss Emily Chubbuck,
(the charming Fanny Forrester
of the fashionable magazines,)
at Utica, N. Y., on the 2nd
Snst., is announced. *
Character of the Army on the
Rio Grande.?The following is an
fextract from a letter of one of the
volunteers from Baton Rouge,
??iihcii jit/in uauin^ xtiixy <iOiiu(
iand published in the Baton Rouge.
AdVocate t
"I have learned here how we
may love our enemies. At Point
Isabel, the wounded Mexicans
were in the Same hospital with
our soldiers, the same surgeon,
nurse, and all other comforts alike.
Thus we do them good. We are
now encamped within ten feet of
a Mexican fence, which consists
of pole and brush, and though our
men have 'to cross it in search of
wood, not a stick is touched. Does
not this speak much for us as a
christian army V
Mexican Booty.?The American
troops appear to have on their
hands some 500 wounded Mexicans
to take care of. They were
left behind at Matamoros when
Arista retreated. On l> nT r\nr
correspondents thinks that this
leaving their dead to be buried
and their wounded to be succored
by the American army, may be
deemed quite a " Yankee trick'* on
the part of our " magnanimous"
Extensive researches have been
made in and about Matamoros
for concealed arms and ammunition
belonging to the Mexicans,
nor have they been made in vain.
Several pieces of artillery and an
immense quantity of ammunition
have been tound?the latter prin*?
cipally in a cave. Some artillery
has been taken out of the river,
and some out of wells ; some has
been found concealed in the yards
ot the houses oi the priests or in
the houses themselves. Among
these are several mortars. Several
thousand stands of arms, thousands
of bushels ol'corn, and a very
large quantity ol tobacco and
cigars have been recovered. The
whole city of Matamoros was undergoing
a thorouh search.
N. O. Picayune.
Waddy Thompson says that
there are no navigable streams in
Mexico. There is no such thing
as a steamboat running a single
mile in any river in the whole republic,
nor are there 500 miles of
all their rivers which are navigable
for boats of the smallest size.
The expense to this country, in
specie, of the Revolutionary wm?
, . J ? ??
was estimated at about $135,000,000.
The war of 1812, cost this
country between 100 and 150 millions
of dollars. The first year of
the Mexicr-in war will, according
to prrsent calculation, cost from
50 to 100 millions.
Important from Fort Lf.avekworth,?The
steamer Tobacco
Plant arrived at. St Louis on the
7t.h inst. having left Fort Leavenworth
on the 5th inst. She brings
intelligence that Col. Kearney had
despatched two comDanies of dr:?
goons to intercept a party of Mexican
traders, about seventy miles
out, who were 011 their way to
Santa Fe \a ilh a large quantity of
arms and ammunition.
Col. K. had also been informed
that a number of Mexican traders
were on their way to Missouri
from Santa Fe. Gov. Armijo had
placed them under the escort of
two companies of dragoons.
A collision between Col. Kearney's
two advanced companies
and the Mexican escort, it was
thought would be avoided.
Interesting Baptism.?The first
child baptized in the new Trinity
Church, in New York, was baptized
wilh water drawn from the
River Jordan. The rite was performed
on Sunday last, and the
fact being known generally, excited
considerable interest. The
water was brought from the river
in a bottle, in 1830, by Dr, James
E. Decay, who was on board the
corvette United States, carried out
to Constantinople by the late Hen?.r
?i ?u -i '
i j ijuniuiut emu sum mere 10 me
Sultan. Dr. Decay, after the
transfer of the vessel, passed some
months in visiting the more remarkable
places in thpJjlast, and
among other rarities ^which he
collected there, he brought some
of this water, Jbeen preserved
for so mariyjjrears as a curiosity,
by the gentleman to whom
the LJoctor presided it, was finally
used for thisjjkeresting ceremonv
for his ovrfE<*Fiild
r ? "jpr ?
yVhar. Eve. News.
The Latj^Tornado.?The Mayorand
Alderman of Grenada, Miss.,
have published an appeal to the
citizens of the State for the relief
of the inhabitants injured by the
late dreadful tornado. It appears
that 112 houses were entirely destroyed?twenty-one
persons killed
and sixty-two wounded.
W. C. & J. B. MORAGNE,
Attorneys at Law?Have formed a Partnership
for the practice of LAW,in
Abbeville District. 8tf
The McDulH^ Guards are
hereby ordered to assemble
at Lomax's Old Fifld on
Monday the 29th inst., for
f Immediately after the in.
spection, an election for
Field Officers, to wit: 1 Colonel,
1 Lieut. Colonel, and
1 Major, will be held.
The Serjeants and Corporals
are hereby ordered
personally to warn the Volunteers
in their respective neighborhoods,
to assemble at the time and place above
mentioned, for the above specified purpose.
Those persons who are willing to volunteer
in thn nhovp rnmnnnu- urn rnennnt.
fullv requested to mnel the Guards at LOMAX'S
NEXT, and enroll themselves as volun*.
By order of the Adj't and Insp'r Gen'l :
June 24 17 It Captain.
NOTICE. ~ 7~
The Commissioners of Public Buildings
will let out to the lowest competent bidder
at public outerv before the Court
House, on Wednesday the 15th day of
July, the Separating1, Arranging and Classifying
the old ,49G" papers in the Clerk's
office, in accordance with the order of his
Honor Judge Frost at last October term.
By order of the Commissioners :
June 24 17 4t 1. BRANCH, Sec.
District Temperance Society.
A # mt
The anniversary meeting of this Society
will be held at this place on Wednesday
the 8th day of July next, (the week preceeding
the called court.) Competent
speakers have been appointed for the occasion,
and we trust a large concourse of
ladies und gentlemen from different sections
of the District will attend the nves,
ting. The Committee of Arrangements
will attend in the Court House on Sale
Day in July at ten o'clock. The delegates
from the local societies will meet in
the Methodist Church at ten o'clock, on
the morning of the Anniversary, and after
attending to some preliminary business,
will repair to the Court House where the
addresses may be delivered.
Wp trust the McDuffie Temperance
Bind wi'l honor us with their presence on
that occasion- I. BRANCH,
June 24 17 2t Secretary.
( itation.
Whereas, S S Freeman hath applied to
me to grant him letters of administration
de bonis non on the Estate of Joseph
Price, deceased : These are therefore to
cite the kindred and creditors of said deceased
to appear before me in Ordinary,
on the first Monday in July next, to shew
cnusn why it should not granted. Given
undor my hand and s?nl, this 22d June,
1846 D. LESLY, Ordinary.
Cifat ion.
Whnreas, Charlns Freoman hath applied
to me ?o grant him letters of administration I
dp hnnia nnn nr Kw? oetoln "\T?LI I
..~ - V...W ..v/?? ?.?!?. WOI.Uig VI xtxui Jr HL'II*
derson,deceased : These are therefore to
cite thn kindred and creditors of said deceased
to appear before me in Ordinary
on the first Monday in July next, to shew
cause why it should not be granted. Given
under my hand and seal, this 22d June
1846 D. LESLY, Ordinary.
We are authorized to announce TIIOS
P SPIERIN as a candidate for Clerk of
Court of Abbeville District at the ensuing
4E33" We are authorized to announce
Mr. J. R. TARRANT, as a candidate for
Sheriff at the ensuing election.
We are authorized to announce T.
P. MOSELY as a candidate for Sheriff
of Abbeville Die. at the ensuing election.
We are authorized to announce W.
A P.nnR no n no n/1 i/lnf a fV>?? ^
Sheriff of Abbeville District at the ensuing
We are authorized to announce JAS.
S. WILSON as a candidate for Clerk of
Court for Abbeville District at the ensuing
The friends of A C HAWTHORN announce
him as a candidate for Sheriff for
Abbeville District at the ensuing election
We are authorized to announce VACHAEL
HUGHEY as a candidate for
Sheriff, at the ensuing election.
We are authorized to announce Maj. A.
ARNOLD, as a Candidate for Sheriff, at
the ensuing election.
Whereas Rhody Ramsay hath applied to
me to grant her letters of administration
de bonis non on the estate of Daniel Ram.
say, deceased: These are therefore to
cite the kindred and creditors of said de
ceased to appear before me on or before
the first day of July next, to shew cause
why said administration should not be
granted. Given under my hand and seal,
this lOlh June, 1846 D. LESLY.Ordy.
The State of South Carolina.
Uriah O. Tate, v. Enos Asbury Tale.?
Hi'// rnr
wvy / vr a wr
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Cornmissioncr,
that Enos Asbury Tate, the
Defendant, resides beyond the limits of
the State: On motion of Complainant's
solicitor, Ordered that he do appear and
plead, answer or demur to the said bill
within three months notice from the pubs
lication of this notice, or the same will be
taken pro confesso against him.
H. A. JONES, G. E.
Com'rs officc, 8th June, 1846 16 3m i
Charleston, June 19, 184G.
General Order No. 5.
The Adjutant and Inspector Geaerul, by j
order of his Excellency the Conintandei- j
in-Chief, takes great pleasure in unnoun-j
cing that the requisition recently made j
linon Snulti f : ? -< '
rs^wubii vyui ullllUt HI ?JL Milt? II t U1 )
Infantry, to nid in the prosecution of the Jc
war against the Republic of Mexico, has *
been filled with that promptitude and dc-< i
spatch which has ever characterized the t'
State, whenever her services have been j
demanded for the defence of the country. I
The following companies have offered;;
and been accepted for twelve month's ser-!
vice: J >
MARSHALL, Abbeville. j'
MOFFATT, Camden. 1
BL AN DING, Charleston. N
MICICLK, Colun^ ! '
DUNOVANT, Chester. 1
BROOKS, Edjjefield. '
' WILLIAMS, Ncxvberryi 1
FORT, Lexington.
BUTLER, Greenville. j
It is hereby ordered, that the above!'
I named companies assemble at! heir respec- I
live places of rendezvous, on Monday, the j
tint* i - - ? * **
iaiu mst., at VI AI., tor Uie purpose of in-?:
spection. | |
The inspecting offieer will be instructed ; ,
to receive sixty four privates, eight non-'.'
commissioned officers and three cornmisi t
sioned officers in each company, the ex- ! t
act limit fixrd by the requisition. j f
lmmed.ately after the inspection, on >
election for Field Officers, to wit: 1 Colonel,
1 Lieut. Colonel, and 1 Major, will j
be held, nt which the above nnnv-d nun- J
ber of officers and privates will be entitled J
to vote. 1
The Captain of each company will do-|
fail his commissioned officers to assist in 1 conducting
tiie election ; and, in the ab- 1
sence of such commissioned officers, then '
to detail the non-commissioned officers ; j
and, immediately after such election, make '
returns properly signed and certified to the (
Adjutant and Inspector General, at Camden.
By order of the Commander-in-Chief.
1 l\f n A MOlO\r
J. ??. Urtl* lii 1,
Juno 24 17 It Adj't and Insp'r Gun'l
Charlestonj June 3, 184G. !
General Order No. 4. J
For the information of persons through-11
out the Stale desirous of volunteering un^ .
der the recent requisition, it is ordered for ''
That after the organization of the Regi- \
ment, a system of Company drill will be
commenced, to be conducted under the t
general direction and superintendence of
the Adjutant and Inspector General, but
not to exceed one drill per week for each
tim .1-- f? _
a nw v\;uipaiuuc3 1U CUIIipUSU lllf? liPJJI
ment must be of Infantry, therefore RifleI
men volunteering must signify their willingness
to enter that arm of the service ; 1
| and no company will be withdrawn from ,
its District until the Regiment is ordered .
I out and concentrated for the purpose of .
j being mustered into service.
The 3d and 4th sections of the Act of
Congress, providing for the prosecution of
the war between the United States and
Mexico, contain important information,
and are therefore annexed.
By order of the Commander-in-Chief.
J. W. CANTEY, Adj. and Insp. Gen. *
" Sec. 3 And be it further enacted,That ,
the said volunteers shall furnish their own t
clothes, and when mustered into service
shall be armed at the expense of the Uni- .
ted States. ^
"Sec. 4. And be it further enactcd,
That said volunteeis shall, when called in.
to active service, and while remaining
therein, be subject to the rules and articles
of war, and shall be in all respects, except 1
as ta cloththing and pay, placed on the c
same footing with similar corps of the U. c
CS - J " _ l '
j. diinv, miu in neu 01 doming, every ;
non-commissioned officer and private in
any company who may thus ofter himself, 1
shall he entitled when called into actual ser- j
vice, to receive In money a sum, equal to 1
the cost of clothing of a non commissioned 1
officer or private (as the case may bp) in
the regular troops of the the U. States."
June 10 15 3t
Dr. T. A. SALE would inform his friends .a
and the public generally, that he has returned
to Abbeville Court House, and is
J., a? _*a 1A- - r* O 11
reuuy iu anena 10 any jrroressionai can
that may bo made upon him.
May 20 12 tf
_ g
Land Sale. k
By Order of David Lesly, Oldinary for <
Abbeville District* will be sold, for Parti- T
lion, on the first Monday in July next, a b
tract of Land, the Real Estate of Rich- A
mond Harris, deceased, containing 292 s
acres, more or less, on waters of Savannah 1
river, adjoining lands of J E Calhoun and d
others, on a credit of twelve months, ap. I
proved security and a mortgage of the: ?
premises will be required if necessary. I 'J
J. RAMEY, Sheriff. lc
June 3,1646 14 5t I
Abbeville Sheriff Sales.
3y virtue of sundry Writs of Fieri Facias
o me directed, will be sold, at Abbeville
Uourt House, on the first Monday in
fuly next, the following property:?
120 Acres of Land, more or less, le'ied
on as the property of Jno Douglass
ids John W Lomax et al.
1 Lot in Greenwood, containing two
icres more or less, bounded by J H Giles
irnl others, levied on as the property of
Wm Lewis, ads Whitlock, Sullivan &Waller
& others.
1 Negro, levied on as the property of
tlujrh llobmson ads Rich'd Watson,
2 Negroes, levied on as the property
>f Jas M Vandiver ads D L Adams et al.
At the residence of Wm Buchanan
>n Tuesday the 7th July next, one Trunk
md one lot Wagon Lumber, with other
irtieles, levied oil as the property of N F
[lowers ads Wm Buchanan.
Terms Cash. J. RAMRY,
June 1U, 1W46 Sheriff.
Land Sale.
[3y order of David Losly, Ordinary for Abjeville
District, will be sold, for Partition,
it Abbeville Court House, on the first
VIonday in July next, the Real Estate of
\melia Simmons, situate in Abbeville Disrict,
to wit: one House and Lot of Land
n the village of Cokesbury, on a credit of
.welve months, approved security and a
mortgage of the premises necessary.
J. RAMEY, Sheriff.
June 3, 1846 * 14 5t
Strayed from the plantation
?' ?',u subscriber about the
first of May last, a large, fall
work STEER, without horns
uid of pid'-d color, formerly belonging to
lie estate of John Pelotte, and it is thought
nav have ftraved back into the flat woods
settlements. Any information of said Ox,
,vill bo thankfully received by
June 17 10 3t JOHN CHILES.
? S Til A Y.
James Moore, who lives
near Smith's bridge, on Sako
luda river, Abbeville District,
oils before me a sorrel Horse, with three
vhite feet, and a white face extending
Jown his right nostril, with a lump on hiB
eft jaw; fourteen hands high, four years
)ld, and appraised at seventeen dollars.
JOHN C. WATERS, Mogis'te.
June 10 15 3m
Valuable Land for Sale !
fflfeThe subscriber offers his tract of
Land for sale, four miles south west
of Abbeville C. H. on the Snake Road.
r. -i r = A - ~
n contains uuoiu fjiju acres, ueiween ~z
ind 300 acres of it wood land, well timbered,
the balance in cultivation, about 60
icres fresh. There is a good dwelling
>vith all out buildings necessary, a good
screw, gin house &c ; and within 100 yds
>f a regularly attended Cliurrh. The purchaser
enn haye his own tune to part of
.he monev by giving good security.
May 27 13 tlO F S LUCIUS
To the Public!
_n ^ As the subscriber &&&&*,
' wishes to remove from
22 Ejg2 lho state, he oifers tor
gAwsSsaln a tract of LAND
situated in this District, five miles above
Cambridge, on the direct road from Hamjurg
to Greenville, containing 597 acres,
rialf" of which is still in woods.
The plantation is in good repair and has
>n it aJl necessary out buildings new, as
veil as a large two story wooden building,
erected in 1841, as a house of entertain*
nent for travellers. Near the dwelling is
l spring of as fine water as 'the District
iffords, besides several other valuable
tprings on the tract. Between 90and 100
icres of the uncleared laud are rich bottoms.
TVjT .. or ?
****** 10 Ul
Valuable Town Property lor Sale.
r. r. The subscriber intending- lo
move to tho country; offers for
lil:Ugs.l? his HOUSE and LOT in
ga&<BSthR Village of Abbeyille, situated
>n the Public Square. Tnc House is a
:orafortable and commodious one, and in
connection with it, are two LAW OFFICES,
winch can be rented at fair prices.
\11 the out buildings and fencing- are new,
md the Dwelling House has been recently
?AINTED. Any person wishing such
>roperty, would do well to call and see me.
Den 17 42f.f J- RAMRY.
Ml persons indebted to the Estate of the
ate THOMAS VV. WILLIAMS, dee'd,,
ire requested to call and mako payment;
md creditors will hand in their claims duy
attested, by the i?5ih of December next.
April 8,1846. 6 13w
ust received, by S. Anderson, Agent,
00 gallons fine Ohio and Mountain Whinny,
fine Peach Brandy, superior Holland
iin. nnnprinr C.ntr. Rrandv. JamninA Bum
few Engiand do., superior Ale, Cider m
ottles or on draught; Candies assorted*
Mackerel, Molossos, Oranges, Cheese,
moked Herrings, Oysters, Almonds, Buter,
Crackers, Tobacco, Segars, fine Ma*
eria Wine; and expected in a few days
jondon Porter. The above articles Of
Spirits will be sold low for cash, by the
?hree Gallons ; and the other articles as
>w as can be purchased in this village.
Abbeville C H, April 1 , 5 16*y
% <
* \
\ \

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