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lien hope u.is ...
'i'hat spring beside tlio summer s .>?.
I do not sigh for festive bulls :
1 eovet not the gay saloon ;
JN'or would I list to pleasure's calls.
My spirit craves u higher boon.
But, U ! I sigh for vanished years.
When spicy gales embalmed the day,
And dewy eve distilled its tears
Of joy, along my spirit's way.
I (Jo not sigh ("or classic shores,
Where music flows in cv'ry stream,
Nor do llong for India's stores,
To soothe my troubled spirit's dream.
But, O! 1 sigh lor the sunny land,
Where once I strayed in joyous glee;
Where friendship smiled on either hand,
And cr'rg sound was melody.
An exile from my native bow'rs.
Where friendship smiles,but not for me,
I've naught to cheer my lonely hours,
But my own plaintive minstrelsy.
But Faith reveals a smiling land,
Illum'd with*brightand peerless beams,
A land of rest at God's i iglit hand ;
This, //lis, shall cheer my spirit's
dream's. [Staffojik.
H' 11 ^ T riM - '
a hi; jDKAvi-; ivian.? i novo js naming
which a truly brave ami persevering <
man cannot accomplish. Heat and j
cold, mountains and seas, and sunshines, <
are alike to him, when lie is bent upon
his object. He pushes ahead?never
thinks of fainting?until his proud de- ,
sign is achieved. Whether it be riches ,
or honors, he permits no obstacle to impede
his progress. The histories of all |
distinguished men, from Alexander to '
Napoleon, shows that it was energy and '
perseverance that made them distinguished
above their fellow men. And j
you, young man, if determined in your j
course, whatever end you have in viewj (
shall be respected and honored. Never ,
permit your energies to slumber, but lie
ever active in whatever field you choose
to labor. To lag?to stop to doubt?to '
hang your head in fear, will prove disas- !
trcus to your best interest. '
" To move along in doubt and fear,
And tremble at the shades of even?
What is it, but a tomb to rear, \
And stealing to it, turn from Heaven." (
The reason why so many turn out |
miserable tools?without ambition, life, ,
or even wealth?is their lack of courage J
and their fear of the world. What has an
honest man, or a man of virtue and in- '
tegrity, lo fear? All are but shadows (
that look dark and forbidding before '
you?and these vanish before the light !
of truth and generous ambition. Let 1
nothing stay your progress when you <
know you aTe in the right path?noth- <
ing but the strong arm of death?then
you will accomplish your bright expectations,
" Shadows fly,
And hope beam lu-autious from afar?
A sea of glory fill the eky,
And wisdom beam in every Star." <
Mi*. Kendall 'of thn Picayune, ,
writing from Matamoras, relates i
the following:?
A Mexican captain of artillery,
a prisoner in the eamp, tells a t
good story of Canales and his,'1
great haste to get upon the Mexi-j
can side of the Rio Grande afteij 1
the last great battle. He hacR 1
reached the stream, had thrown '
himself into a boat, and was about '
pushing oft; when a burly paddle,
one Fathe.r Leary as he was call- j
ed, came rushing up to the bank i
i i i ?:i.. j'? ? _
etuu project lusmy jur a passage
over. The boatman hesitated
about pushing off, while the padre
was making J'or the craft, up to his j
knees in mud, "Shove her off!"
shouted the frightened Cariales, as
some of the American mounted
men appeared, in sight; "One t
moment, for the love of God !"
ejaculated the priest, with out- <
stretched arm. " Let go that rope,
there!" again shouted Canales. I
"I shall sink," responded the priest,
in doleful a?npTits. and still flnnn. 1
deririg onwards towards the canoe. <
"He will drown, General," said 1
one of the oarsmen, struck aghast
at the idea of seeing a holy man -
" Le.t;,, him drown,
_$ee , the cussed
olose upou our
C/inales, as he
vpe and shoved
^ T7< *1
luauti > X' atut;&
iecl, sure enough.
Prison.?An exhas
taken place
xvy. It appears that
.c term of Franklin counUourt,
in 1845, the justices removed
the jailor and appointed
another. The displaced man,
with the aid ot'friends, took appeal
from this action of the county
court, up to the Court of Appeals,
which after a hearing issued its
mandate, directing his restoration.
This the county court refused to
do, and the Justices, five in number
were cited to appear before
the Court of Appeals, to show
I ,1 i*i - -
cause wny tney aici not enter ana
carry into effect the mandate sent
(o tliem, and the refusing to appear,
they were thrown into prison.
What will be the finale of the
matter, we cannot say. The Legislature
has interferred in the
matter, and will settle it of course.
A "Tali" Corporal.?A Colo-,
nel in the army writing to the
editor of the Albany Journal, has
the following paragraph, in an
account of the battle of the 9th of
M ay:?
" I assure you this battle of the
JJtli will never be forgotten by any
participant?a most'closely fought
!i nd bloody battle. I saw a corporal,
who was by my side, kill three
men, who appeared in the same
opening in the thicket, in quick
succession ; tliey literally fell dead
one upon the other. He then
wounded some others, rushed out
find made prisoners of them, handed
them over s.nd then went to
work firing again. . iie man exponded
twenty-sev ^n catridges,
and I doubt whether he evey'missed
his aim."
Tiie Rocking Chair.?A writer
in the Boston Transcript condemns
the general use of the Rocking
Chair in that city. He attributes
lack of graceful motion, and particularly
a graceful walk in ladies
to that cause. Nearly half a
young lady's indoor life is spent,
the body half suspended by the
elbows, and the muscles of the
Kmolr pntirnlr vorl in tV?o rnr>1/,_
ing chair. The necessary consequence
is, a crooked spine, a weak
back, a high pair of shoulders, and
pin awkward manner of carrying
the head?effects perfectly incompatible
with graceful movements
of any kind. The majority of
laboring men carry the head and
?houlders less ungracefully than
the majority of ladies merely bpcause
exercise with them strengthens
the back, and the forming
rocking chair has never humped
their shoulders, and pitched forward
their heads.
The Ethiopian Serenaders, who
left this country about six months
since, are making their fortunes
in Kli rnnn Tlw-v n ro ptxth <roil
f? - ~ ""??fe*"1Jay
and night. A London paper,
received by the last steamer from
England, says. "The Duke Devonshire
entertained a select par^
ly to luncheon at his residence, at
Chiswick, on Saturday. They,
were engaged on this occasion,
and met with their usual success;
the amusing extravaganza, the
llail-road Overture, being repeat-,
ed^by desire, three times. ~
No one respects a person who
is habitually guilty of indelicate
RXnrp.Ksinns or imnnrA nllnainne
! I "
False friendship, like ivy, decays
and ruins the wall it embraces
; but true friendship gives new
life and animation to the object it
A Good One.?" My dear what
shall we name the baby 1" said
Mr. Smith to Mrs. Smith: the
[>ther day.
" Why huz, I've settled on Peter."
"Peter! Good Lord! I never
knew a man with the simple name
of Peter, who could earn salt to
his porridge."
" Well, then* we'll call him
Salt Peter"
Milton was asked if he intended '
to instruct his daughters in the
different languages, to which he
replied. No, sir; one tongue is
sufficient for any woman." j
" I have encountered fraudulent 1
debtors," said Lord Mansfield, "but j
where I have encountered one ,
fraudulent debtor, I have met nine i
hundred fraudulent creditors. I
jFcmale .School.
Rev. T. Curtis, D. D. > princivai$ '
Kcv. W Curtis, ) ^rinclVals
n rr A The Principals of this '
School would renew
^?lfl ' ci 'i T their acknowledgments
jMwp F [B M'ijm&'o their kind friends and
''*** public, for the inert-using
jjuiruiiacre it receives; and re?
?e .i ?i? cj
iiiiuiui iiiciii mm. biiu ouiiiint'r i
and Autumn Term will commence the
Departments will bo now found organised i
and under competent direction.
Per Half Year, Payable in Advance. I
Instruction?Primary Department $20 1
Other Departments 25
Music?Piano,including vocal music 25
Guitar " u 20
French - - - 20
Drawing and Painting - 20
Board, including washing, fuel and
lights - - - 50
No charges beside the above will be made
in connection with this School, except for j
books and stationery actually used.
A pupil arriving after the Term has (at .
any time bi-yond a fortnight) commenced, '
dates her Term from the day of arrival. ]
July 1 18 2t |
To the Public ! I
nr. As the subscriber
wishes to remove from
S2Sy?lhostate'he ?^ers *?r
wesE^SKsalo a tract of LAND ?JL*^.
situated in this' District, five miles above
Cambridge, on the direct road from Hamburg
to Greenville, containing 597 acres, .
half of which is still in woods. >
The plantation is in good repair and has
on it all necessary out buildings new, as <
well as a large two story wooden building, I
erected in 1841, as a house of entertain- i
ment for travellers. Near the dwelling is i
a spring of as fine water as the District i
affords, besides several other valuable t
springs on the tract. Between 90and 100 <
acres of the uncleared land arc rich bot- i
toms. J, McCRACKANMay
27 13 6t <
- i
Valuable Town Property for Sale. J
a a The subscriber intending tn i
move to the country, offers^for |
|iSiSj?at,I,; "la and LOr in <
j*yr?StliR Village of Abbeville, situated 1
on the Public Square. The House is a t
comfortable and commodious one, and in
connection with it, are two LAW OFFI- <
CES, which can be rented at fair prices. ]
All the out buildings and fencing are new, \
and the Dwelling House has been recently
PAINTED. Any person wishing such <
property, would do well to call and see me. <
Dec 17 42tf J. RAMEY,
Valuable Land for Sale ! '
SThe subscriber offers his tract of
Land for sale, four miles south west (
bbeville C. H. on the Snake Road, j
It contains about 550 acres, between 2 '
and 300 acres of it wood land, well tim~ 1
bered, the balance in cultivation, about 60 *
acres fresh. Th'ire is a good dwelling
with all out buildings necessary, a good 1
l o ?
ourew, gm iiouso az-c; ana wiimn IUU yds t
ot a regularly attended Churrh. Thi* pur- f
cheser can haye his own tune to part of i
the money by giving good security. <
May 27 13 tlO F S LUCIUS i
_ c
James Moore, who lives 1
near Smith's bridge, on Sa- f
? <> Imla river, Abbeville District,
tolls before me a sorrrl Horse, with Ihree
White feet, and a white face extending
idnwn his right nostril, with a lump on his
Ipltjaw; fourteen hands high, four years i
i old, and appraised at seventeen dollars. r
JOHN C. WATERS, Magis'te.
June 10 15 3m a
Just received, by S. Anderson, Agent, \
300 o-allons fine Ohio and Mm in to in Whia_ *
k?-y, fi"0 Peach Brandy, superior Holland b
'Gin superior Cog. Brandy, Jamaica Rum,
New England do., superior Ale, Cider in ]
bottles or on draught; Candies assorted, p
Mackerel, MoIdsspb, Oranges, Cheese,
smoked Herrings, Oysters, Almonds, But- j
ter, Crackers, Tobacco, Segars, fine Man
deria Wine ; and expected in a few days j
London Porter. The above articles of
Spirits will be sold low for cash, by the
Three Gallons ; and the other articles as
low as can be purchased in this village, ,
.Abbeville C H, April 1 5 lQw j
A nAnn !
-w 1 ?. ? C/ ?
Dr. T. A. SALE would inform his friends 1;
and the public penorally, that he has re~
turned to Abbeville Court House, and is
ready to attend to any Professional call 1
that may be made upon him. J
May 20 12 tf
rhe State of South Carolina
Wm Harris, applic't., vs. M. Harris and
others.?Partition in Ordinary.
[t appearing to mv satisfaction, that. Fran:cs
F Harris, Agnus A Hunter, Uriah II
Harris (luna''?"), Louisa J Heard and A J
HarriF,jlit{irNljtnl, legatees of Richmond
Harris. * ceai^; Defendants, reside with.
aut the limits ot tiiis State: Ordered,thai
they appear and plead on or before tht
first Monday in JuJy next, and shew cause
why the Real Estate of said deceased (sit.
uate in Abbeville District, on Savanna!
river, adjoining lands ot J E Calhoun, anc
containing 292 acres) should not be soli
or divided, or their consent will be enterec
of record. DAVID LESLY, Ord'y.
April 8,1846 (Pr's bill $10.50; 6 13w
The State of South Carolina,
Uriah O. Tate, v. Enos Asbury Tale.?
Bill for Partition.
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Commission
er, that Enoa Asbury Tate, the
Defendant, resides beyond the limits ol
the State : On motion of Complainant'?
solicitor, Ordered that he do appear anrl
plead, answer or demur to the said bili
within three months notice from the publication
of this notice, or the same will be
taken pro confesso against him.
h a irnvi?.? n t?
Com'rs office, 8th June, 1846 16 3m
The State of JSouth Carolina,
Joseph Lively and Mary, his wife, v,
Wm. G. Cain, James Bolds, et al.?
Bill for Partition, c^c.
It appearing to my satisfaction that Gill>ert
Ivy and Rosannah, his wife, Defenilants,
reside beyond the limits of' thif
State: Ordered that they do appear and
plea'i, answer or demur to the said bill,
within three months from the publication
hereof, or the same will be taken pro con*
fesso against them. H. A. JONES,
Com'rs office, 4th May, 1846 C. E. A. D
My 6 [pr's bid *857.50] 10 13t
Vegetable Fever and Ague and Ant
Fever Pills.
Among all the advertised remedies of the
jay for aeue and Fever, or Chill and EV.
irer, none eeem to meet with such rapiditj
of sale and give so much general satisfaction,
as Dr Hull's celebrated Pills. Wherever
they have been introduced, all tonice
in whatever shape, all mixtures and Pills
md preparations of every character, designed
for this disease, have been discarJed,
and Dr. Hull's Ague Pills have been
received as the only permanent cure.
They slop the Chills and Fever the first
lay, and do not sicken the stomach or operate
on the bowels. Young children and
persons of all ages sexes, and conditions
nay use these Pills, not only with safety,
)ut with the certainty of success.
Judge Forrest of Jonesboro, Ala, was
;ured of a severe and obstinate case of
hills, with only half a box, after two physicians
had exhausted all their skill.
Ma Lewis Covin, of Abbeville Dis. S.
C., says he has sold several boxes of Hull's
Pills, and never knew them to fail curing
;he chills and fever in a single instance.
Mr Wm S Mills, of Abbeville Dis, S.
0., certifies that his wife was cured of an
obstinate case of chills and fever of twelve
nonths standing with only half a box of
Hull's Pills; and also says his little
laughter was cured of the chills and fever
>t 6 months standing with the remainder
>f the same box*.
We might give scores of references and
certificates, but we refer the reader to our
tgents, where they miiy obtain n pamphet
(gratis) giving a full description of the
nedicine and its manner of use. Price,
$1 per box with directions.
Dr. Hull's Cough Lozenges.
Every family in the United States sh< uld
ceep a supply of Dr Hull's Couyh Lozens
ires in the house, not only as a preventive
nedicine against the consumptive tendencies
of the climate, but aa an effectual re.
nedv in all cas?-s of Couwhs.Colds.Snittinrr
c f ? I o
>f Blood, nigh'. Swi-ats, difficulty ofbreathng,
Asthma, Whooping Cough. Emaciaion
and General dtbility. Remember
hat this medicine is not a mere palliative,
>ut is all powerful in removing all diseases
>f the Chest and Lungs, leading to Con.
lumption and death. Price 25 cts per box.
L)r. Hull's Worm Lozenges
\.re a preparation that never fail to re-?
nove Worms from children or adults.
Children will cry for thi m, and eat them
is they would candy.
We suggest to all parents having chilIren
whom they suspect of being troubled
vith worms to give these Lozenges a trial.
The fact of their having cured upwards of
nrtlf thnnconsl nooi.e* ? >*?
? v ...uuu....u VUO' o, puio flllUlL'UVy
ieyond doubt. Price 25 cte per box.
Plense remember#he name an^ get Dr.
lull's Lozenges, as no others before the
luiilic contain the virtues of his mediciue.
The above Medicines are for sale at the
)rug Ston of
Vnd at the Post Offic?? by
July 1 3m JOHN McLAREN.
U1 persons indebted to the Estate of the
re requested to call and mako payment;
nd creditors will hand in their claims du7
attested, by the 25th of December nejtt.
MAT. J. WILLIAMS, $*'or.
April 8,1840. 613*,
large assortment of LAW
BLANKS justprinted, at this office.
The State of South Carolina;
In the Common Pleas.
William A. Cobb, vs. James Knox.?
Foreign Attacfivient.
The Plaintiff in the obove case having this
day fil?d his Declaration in my office, and
I the Defendant haying no wife or attorney
known to be within the State, upon whom
t a coov thnrpnf m?.u hp bppvpH 1* ? n
4 J j ? ?- ?? - '? VI*
: der?d that the said Defendant do appear *
i and plead thereto within a year and a day
from this dute, or judgment by default will
> be given against Imn.
1 Clk's Office, March 14, 1W40. 3 ly
I -?
Abbeville District?In the Court of
Common Pleas.
' Joseph W. W. Marshall, bearer, vs.
Francis Henderson, sen'r.?DecPn. in
Attach?t. on, Prom-ry. Note.
Wh'Ti'as, the Plaintiff in this action did,
on this day, file his Declaration agpinst
. the Defendant, who is absent from and
> without the limits of this State, as it is
f said, and having neither wito nor attorney
i known, upon whom a copy of the above
i - -.i~ - ??
, nuu >i iuic iv jjjeou nit;reUJ,
[ on or before the Twenty-second day of
. November next, otherwise, final and abao>
lute judgment will be then given and
awarded against the Defendant.
Clerk's Office, Nov 22, 1645 39 ly
Abbeville District,
hi the Common Pleas.
. Agnes Kingsmore,Adm'x. } Decl'n. in
v. > Foreign
Francis Henderson. j Attachm't.
The Plaintiff having filed his Declaration
; in my office, and the Defendant having no
I wife or Attorney, known to be within the
, State, on whom a copy of the same, with
i a rule to plead, can be served : It is Order,
ed that the Defendant plead to the said
Declaration within a year and a day, or
final and abaolnt? imltrmpni will Kn ?
? j ?T<M WV glfVII W
against him.
Clerk's Office, Nov 19,1845 ly
i I/i the Common Pleas.
. Geo W Preesiy, 1
' vs > Decl'iion in Attacbm't.
. Rob't YeldelL S
George W Pressly, the Plaintiff, having
i this day hied his Declaration in the Office
i of the Clerk of said District, against Robert
Yeldoll, the Defendant, who is said to
hfi nhapnt frnm ami mifKnnt 4t%*? K?1?? ? e
.av?i ?kl<U IflVIIVUb VUC JlllliiO Ul
i this State, and who has neither wife nor
Attorney known, on whom a copy of this
; Declaration with a rule to plead can be
served: Ordered that tho said Defendant
I do appear and plead thereto within a year
i and a day from this daie, or judgment by
default will be entered against him.
Clerk's Office, 10th Sept, 1845
Sept 17 29 ly
General Agent and Commission Merchant,
Still offers his services to his friends and
the public, and he will devote his undivided
attention to the
Selling of Cotton and Flour.
Receiving and Forwarding Goods.
Buying Goods for Planters or Merchants,
or attend to any business that may
be committed to his care.
He embraces this opportunity of tendering
his thanks for their liberal patronage
heretofore bestowed, and by industry and
close attention to business, he hopes to
merit, and continue to receive the same.
It shall be his aim to make all his charges
as light as possible, knowing that will be
to his interest to closely observe the Interest
ol his friends. Liberal advances will
be made if required, on produce sent to
4 1 -
urn iui sum or Biure. v_/0U0n sent lO niDI
by Bouts, will be received free ol wharfage.
All produce sent to him for sale, wfll
be promptly sold on arrival, if so ordered,
aug 6 23 tf
To I he People of Abbeville.
The subscriber respectfully solicits all persons
indebted to the Sheriffs Office for
COST, Plaintiffs or Defendant's,art? earnestly
r? quested to come forward and settle,
as this is my last year in office, I shall be
compelled to have all cost due roe in the
office settled. You will find myself or Mr
T'urx.n.t > - I i J
* w J 111 aiiciiuaiiur
April 15 7 tf J. RAMEY.
The subscribers are now receiving1 and
will offer for sale, at their Store Room*
in Mrs, Allen's Hotel,
SUGARS, N.'W Orleans and Cuba
Do Loqf double (refined
MOLASSES, N. Orleans and W. Indie#
TEAS, Gunpowder and Hyson V .
FISH, Mackerel, Cod and Solmond ,
Candr-s, Pigs, Currants-and Raisins 4
Almonds,- Filberts and Braxil Nuta :
Cheese, Soda Biscuits, Caudles, &c
. . . ALSOV
, consisting of COATS, flrock and drees
vests, ranis, x^rawcio, ouino, OTOCKft
. Cravats,, dfcc. ' >-3?
A -fine assortment of BOOTS, Ladies',
Gentlertieii'i, Boys' and 'Misses* SHOES.
Th*Y hafre also Northern ani4 - Ffench
Oak ,Tan and hemlock Poland
are prepared to make Boole and Shoes lit
the shortest notice and in the best jtyre.
A LI "II ? " *"A'
| A00CV1II0 Ks M, April *o # K

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