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the builders.
r.v m:\ry w. i-onofkllow.
All arc arcliilccts of Fate,
Working in these walls of Time;
Some with massive deeds and great,
Some with ornaments of rhyme.
Nothing useless is, or low ;
Each tiling in its place is best;
And what seems but idle, show,
C A .. . . . * -I I./Iiin ?1 n/1 ml ( lul
Oil nimu?;iij> uiiu iiiu itoi.
Kor the structure that we raise,
Time is with materials filled;
< inr to-days and yesterdays,
A ic the blocks with which we build.
Truly shape and fashion these;
Leave no yawning gaps between ;
Think not, because no man sees,
Such things will remain unseen.
J11 the elder days of Art.
Builders wrought with greatest care
J^acil mi mi (o niiu uiisuuii jjin i j
For the Gods are everywhere.
I ,et us do our work as well,
Both the unseen and the seen ;
Make llie house, where gods may
Beautiful. entire and clean, [dwell
nd.se our lives arc incomplete.
Standing in these walls of Time;
Broken stair-ways, where the feet
Stumble as they seek to climb.
Build to-day then, strong and sure,
With a lirm and ample base ;
And amending and secure,
Shall to-morrow find its place.
Tims alone can \vc attain
To those turrets where the eye
Sees the world as one vast plain,
And one boundless reach of sky.
Tin; following cogent exhorta1
ion. which wc find in the St. Louis
Iteveille, will answer for any elec
lion :?
I'mxow Citi'/kns.?The crisis is j
hero! catch hold of if, Whig or I
Loco Hunker or Barnburner!
" That is the question." Which
is which and what says the people
Shoemakers, cast your aw\ in the
contest?let your soles swell with
the importance of the occasion;
let. the end ot* this struggle be the
upper most oViject ol your ariil>ition?now
is the last chance.
Tailors, it scams you have ever
clung to the shirts of Liberty?as
i i.I :? i
\wii mw l C5, ^Lciim uy it hkjw ;
? /'//y/ bo the recreant who
would not flap his coatlails in despair.
Pfoxfcrcrs, put on the rough coat
of your integrity, and the country
is safe.
Bricklayers, to the poles! let
your from slrclchcrs be true men
?draw a partition wall between
you and corruption?at the cry
mort! move upwards.
Carpenters, yours is a path, and
your rule, as heretofore, should be
to chalk cut saw and go j
through- it !
J)/\)os, stick to your motto on
litis groat occasion?remember
" the proof of the pudding is in the
eating"?batter the forms of the
enemy, or they will squabble the
Now, boys, are you ready 1 Remember
you are on the threshold
?one step and the fray commences.
The throbbing pulse of unborn
posterity will not beat until
this momentous contest is decided !
Upon you. depends the decision?
stand rondv !?fin I?Nnw
don't be afraid 1
J^ucious Sempiitonius Slap.
An eastern paper says:?The
greatest ease of love is that of a
youth in Kentucky, who got into a
hollow tree, where he lived a
whole week, peeping throug a
knot-hole at his lady-love, as she
sat sewing bearskin petticoats at
her window.
A gentleman who has occasion
to walk with two ladies and one
umbrella, should always go in the
middle?that secures a dry coat!
Jo himself, and is showing no par
tiality to eit her of the ladies. I
An exchange paper says it is as
hard to tell where moderate drinking
ends and drunkenness begins,
as it is to tell when a pig ceases
to be a pig and becomes a hog.
A Judge in Kentucky has derided
that a dandy is a nuisance.
" There is ?a fable among the
Hindoos that a thief, having been
detected and eomdemnnd t.o die,
thought upon an expedient by
which he might be rescued from
denth. 1 le sent for the jailor, and
told him he tad asecrct to disclose
to the King, and when he had
done so he would be ready to die.
The King sent for him to know
what the secret was. He told him
he knew the art of producing trees
that should bear gold. The King,
accotnpanicd by his prime ministers,
courtiers, and priests, came
with the thief to a certain spot,
... 1*. lUoil.
u iiui u tiirj uugcui uiuu iuv;aiiia^
tioiiSi The thief then produced a
piece of gold, declaring that if
sown it would produce a tree, every
branch of which should bear
gold : " But," added he, "this must
be put into the ground by a person
perfectly honest. I am not so, and
therefore pass it to your Majesty."
The King replied?" When I was
a boy, I remember taking something
from my father, which, although
a trifle, prevents my being
the proper person. I pass it, therefore,
to my prime ministers." The
latter said?"I receive the taxes
of the people, and, as I am exposnd
tn mnnv fpmtatirm? Knw pun
I be perfect ly honest ? I therefore
give it to the priests." The priest
pleaded the same as to his conduct
in receiving the sacrifices. At
length the .thief exclaimed?" I
know not why we should not all
four be hanged, since not one of us
is honest." The King was so
pleased at the ingenuity of the
thief that he granted him a pardon."
The way to get a Tev-Strike.?
Those who are not so well versed
in the mystery of Ten-Pins, or the
way to get a Ten-Strike, will learn
something by the following, or at
least, in what light Elder Knapp,
of Boston holds the practice :?
Elder Knapp, who is as great
an original as he is an eloquent
exhorter. on Sunday last in Boston,
addressed a large congregation on
the immortal tendencies of "theatres
and bowling saloons." The
bowling saloons received a grand
share of condemnation, and were
il?r?rl in ficriimtivf* Kf*nsf? V?v tl"?p>
? ? ..f, ' ~ J ?J
Elder's saying that the devil was
rolling ten-pins, and the little devils
setting them up; that the devil
rolled three balls, the first of which
was Infidelity, the second Universalism,
and the third the ball of
Damnation. The first ball got
generally from one to three pins,
the second from five to seven, and
the third (Damnation) swept the
whole board, and got a ten-strike.
Tiie Oregon Treaty.? The
Pennsvlvanian savs?
"James S. Wallace, Esq., one
of the Editors of the North American,
left this city yesterday, being
summoned to Washington in relation
to the publication of the Oregon
Treaty, Mr. Graham having
returned home discharged,because
he knew 44 nothing about it."
In addition to the above, we find
the following in ah exchange paper
" MV n V* o m i.? ?i:f~? I
North American, and who published
the Oregon Treaty and Correspondence,
has been before the
committee appointed by the Senate,
of which Mr. Yulee is the
chairman. He testified that the
document was sent to him anonymously,
and that, believing it to
be genuine, and Lord Palmerston
having expressed himself as satisfied
with the arrangement,he gave
it publicity. Nothing further can
be done with him, and. so the mat-'
tcr ends,"
There is a s.entimejit as beauti
ful as just, contained in the following
He who forgets the fountain
from which he drank and the tree
under whose shade he gambolled
in the days of his, youth, is a.stranger
to the sweetest impression of
the human heart.
Friendship, says Byron, is a
dangerous word for young ladies ;
it is love, full fledged* and waiting
for a fine day to fly.
How to get rich.?Almost every
body wants this information. It
is comprised in this advice.
" Be economical, be industrious,
attend to your own business, never
take groat hazards, don't be in a
hurry lor wealth, never do business
for the sake of doing it. and
do not love money extravigantly.
A Small Present.?" I will give
you my head !"?exclaimed a person
to Montesqiucu. "If every
word of the story I have related
is not true.
" I accept your ofTer, said the
president, " presents of so small a
value strengthen the bonds of
friendshin. and shrmld npvfir bp
Death of a Volunteer,?Caleb
J. McNuIty, a private in the Ohio
Volunteers, died on Saturday, the
1 lth inst., near Memphis, on board
the steamer Jamestown, and was
enterred with all military honors
at Helena, Ark., on the 12th inst.
When love assumes the shape
of tears, beware! Remember, it's
the warmth of summer days that
causes the showers.
A New Zealand chief maintain_.l
L. 1--J - i . .. . i
?u mat iie 11 ciii a gooci title to nis
land, because he had eaten the
former owner of it.
Having recently made extensive improve^
ments in their works, now offer to the public
u good assortment of all the articles in
our line.
We have no hesitation in recommending
our Nails ns beinj? the best ever made
in this part of the country. Our Iron and
Castings are. warranted good. The Furnace
will be in blast in about a week, and
we will have a Cupulo in operation shortly,
which will enable us to execute any jobs
in the casting or machinery line, in the '
best manner.
We will be pleased to receive orders at
any time, and having taken great pains to
deserve patronage, hope to receive it.
We take in payment, besides cash and
good notes, Bacon, Flour, Corn, Wheat,
Rye, Oats, or any thing in the provision
line, at the market price of the country.
Hurricane, S. C., July 22 21 4t
Ware-House and Commission Business,
a??7?The undersigned begs
leave to inform his Friends
feWffS&W1' a^,e public, that he still
WHPb continues the Ware-House
Business at his old stand, and will also
aitend to the Receiving and Forwarding
of Goods and-other Merchandize, and the
sale of Cotton, and all other business usually
transacted by a Commission Merchant.
His charges will be in accordance
with the times.
July 22 * 21 4t
Is hereby given to those concerned, that
the citizens of Due West Corner, will apply
for an Act of Incorporation at the
next session of the Legislature.
May 15, 1846 II 29t
We are authorized to announce Dr.
S. V. CAIN, as a candidate for Clerk of
the Court at the next ensuing election.
We are authorized to announce THOS
P SPIERIN as a candidate for Clerk of
C.rturf nf Ahhnvillf* Dintrirt at thp #>nsnmtr
|r3~ We are authorized to announce
Mr. J. R. TARRANT, as a candidate for,
Sheriff at the ensuing election.
We are authorized to announce T.
P. MOSELY as a candidate for Sheriff
of Abbeville Dis. at the ensuing election.
We are authorized to announce W.
A. COBB as a candidate for the office of
Sheriff of Abbeville District at the ensutnor
We are authorized to announce JAS.
S. WILSON as a candidate for Clerk of
Court for Abbeville District at the ensuing
The friends of A C HAWTHORN denounce
him as a candidate for Sheriff for
Abbeville District at the ensuing election
We are authorized to announce VACHAEL-HUGHE
Y as a candidate for
Sheriff, at the ensuing election.
We are authorized to announce Maj. A.
ARNOLD, as a Candidate for Sheriff, at
the ensuing election.
Wheat! Wheat! Wheat!
The subscriber has on hand a considerable
quantity of WHEAT, which can be
had at FIFTY CENTS per bushel by taking
it before it is removed from J F Bell's
thrashei UNITY ERVIN.
July 15 20 8t
Valuable Land for Sale!
* n j n/-? i t?t mr\ D P M ^ n i i >
a jailKUyn/V X v umi> xxyix/; : :
Aft The subscriber offers his tract of
"1 Land for sale, four miles soutif west
ot Abbeville C. H. on the Snake Rd&d.
It contains about 550 acres, between 2
and 300 acres of it wood land, well timbered,
the balance in cultivation, about 60
acres fresh. There is a good dwelling
with all out buildings necessary, a good
screw, gin house &c; and within 100 yds
ot a regularly attended Church, The purchaser
can have his own time to part of
the money by giving good security. '
May 27 13 tfO F S LUCIUS
James Moore, who lives
"ear Smith's bridge, on Sailp
" * 1 mla river, Abbeville District,
tolls before me a sorrel Horse, with three
white feet, and a white face extending
down his right nostril, with a lump on his
left jaw ; fourteen hands high, four years
old, and appraised at seventeen dollars.
JOHN C. WATERS, Mngis'te.
June 10 15 3m
Valuable Town Property lor Sale.
a a The subscriber intending to
move to the country, offers for
iiji|^tsul.> his IIOUSIS and LOT in
jrAWBSc.1iu Village of Abbeville. situated
on the Public Square. Tnc House is a
comfortable and commodious one, and in
connection with it, are two LAW OFFICES.
which can be rented at fair prices.
All the out buildings and fencing are new,
and the Dwelling House has bren recently
PAINTED. Any person wishing such
property, would do well to call and e^e me.
Dcc 17 42tf J. RAMEY.
1)11. HULL'S
Vegetable Fever and Ague and Anti
Fever Pills.
Among all tlie advertised remedies of the
day for ague and Fever, or Chill and Fever,
none seem to meet with such rapidity
of sale and give so much general satisfaction,
as Dr Hull's celebrated Pills. Wher-.
ever they have been introduced, all tonics
in whatever shape, all mixtures and Pills
and preparations of every character, designed
for this disease, have been discarded,
and Dr. Hull's Ague Pills have been
received as the only permanent cure.
They stop the Chills and Fever the first
day, and do not sicken the stomach or operate
on the bowels. children and
persons of all a<r*?s sex??, and conditions
may use these Pills, not only with safety,
but with the certainty of success.
Judge Forrest ot Jonesboro, Ala, was
cured ot a severe and obstinate case of
Chills, with only half a box, after two phy.
sicians had exhausted all their skill.
Ma Lewis Covin, of Abbeville Dis. S.
C., says he has sold several boxes of Hull's
Pills, and never knew them to fail curing
the chills and fever in a single instance.
Mr Wm S Mills, of Abbeville Dis, S.
C., certifies that his wife was cured of an
obstinate case of chills and fever of twelve
months standing with only half a box of
Hull's Pills ; and also says his little
daughter was cured of the chills and fever
of 6 months standing with the remainder
of the same box.
We might give scores of references and
K..f ..... f/v M*.l>
unuii^iiicei uut wu iciui liic luauui tu uui
agents, where they may obtain a pamphlet
(gratis) giving a full description of the
medicine and its manner of use. Price,
$1 per box with directions.
Dr. Hull's Cough Lozenges.
Every family in the United States slu uld
keep a supply of Dr Hull's Cough Lozons
ges in the house, not only as a preventive
medicine against the consumptive tendencies
of the climate, but as an effectual re.
medv in all cases of Coughs,Colds,Spitting
of Blood, night Sweats, difficulty of breathing,
Asthma, Whooping Cough, Emacia<*
tion and General debility. Remember
that this'medicine is not a mere palliatiye,
but is all powerful in removing all diseases
of the Chest and Lungs, leading to Con.
sumption antl death. Price 25 cts per box.
Dr. Hull's Worm Lozenges
Are a preparation that never fail to re-i
move Worms from children or adults.
nL!u Ml r <l .1 t .I
V-/fiiJCireu win cry lur uuiu9 uiiu uat uiem
as they would candy,.
We suggest to all parents having children
whoio they suspe&t of being troubled
with worms to give these Lozenges a trial
The fact of their having cured upwards ol
forty thousand cases, puts their efficiency
beyond doubt. Price 25 cts per box.
Please remember the name and get Dr
Hull's Lozenges, as no others before the
public contain the virtues of his mediciue
The above Medicines arc for sale at the
Drug Store of
A nrl at fhn Pnut Offlfp hu
" July" 1 3m* 7oHNJ McLAREN.
To the People of Abbeville.
The subscriber respectfully solicits all per.
sons indebted to the Sheriffs Office foi
COST, Plaintiffs or Defendant's,are earn
estly requested to come forward and settle
- as this is my last year in office, I shall b?
compelled to have all cost due me in th<
office settled. You will find myself or Mi
Taggart always in attendance
April 15 7 tf J. RAMEY.
W. C. & J. B. MORAGNE,
Attorneys at law?Have formed a Part
nership for_ the practice of LAW^ir
Abbeville District. 8tf
Attorney at law, having taken at) office
in the rear of the Court House anc
near to the Printing Office.will prompt
]y attend to all business entrusted tc
his care. . Jan 14 ^ 46
The State of South Carolina,
In the Court of Common Pleas.
Thomas L. Wbitlock, who is in the custody
of the Sheriff of'Abbeville District,
by virtue of a writ of capias ad satisfaciendum,
at the suit of McCarter & Allen,
having fiied his petition, with a schedule oi
his whole estate, real and personal, for the
purpose of obtaining the benefit of the Act
of the General Assembly called the In-. 1
solvent Debtors' Act."
Public noticc is hereby given, that the 1
petition of the said Thomas L Whitlock
will he heard and considered in the Court
of Common Pleas for Abbeville District*
at Abbeville Court House, on Thursday
the twcnty-second day of October next, or
such other day thereafter as the Court
may order during the Term commencing
at the place aforesaid, on the third Mon-*
day in October next; and all the creditors
of the saul Thomas L Whitlock are hereby
summoned personally or by their attornies
to appear then and there in the said Court
to shew cause, if any they can, why the
benefit of the act aforesaid should not be
gr-inted to the said Thomas L Whitlock,
upon his executing the assignment required
by the acts aforesaid.
Clerk's Office, July 18, 1846 21 3m
The State of South Carolina;
hi the Common Pleas.
William A. Cobb, vs. James Knox.?
Foreign Attachment.
The Plaintiff in the above case having this
day filed his Declaration in my office, and
the Defendant having no wife or attorney
known to be wilhin the State, upon whom
a copy thereof may be served : It is Order*
dthnt the said Defendant do appear
and plead thereto witiiin a year and a day
from this date, or judgment by default will
be given ngsiinst bun.
Clk's Office, March 14,1846. 3 ly
Abbeville District?In the Court of
Common Pleas.
Joseph W. W. Marshall, bearer, vs.
Francis Henderson, sen'r.?DecVn. in
Attach11. oa Prom'ry. Note.
Whereas, the Plaintiff in this action did?
on this day, file his Declaration against
the Defendant, who is absent from and
without the limits of this State, as it is
said, and having neither wife nor attorney
known, upon whom a copy of the above
Declaration, with a rule to plead thereto*
on or before the Twentv-second dav of
November next, otherwise, final and absolute
judgment will be then given and
awarded against the Defendant.
Clerk's Office, Nov 22, 1845- 39 ly
Abbeville District,
In the Common Pleas.
Affiles Kinsrsmore.Adm'x. } Decl'n. in
v. V Foreign
Francis Henderson. ^ Attachm't.
The Plaintiff having filed hia Declaration
in my office, and the Defendant having no
wife or Attorney, known to be within the
State, on whom a copy of the same, with
a rule to plead, can be served : It is Ordered
that the Defendant plead to the said
Declaration within a year and a day, or
final and absolute judgment will be given
against him.
Clerk's Office, Nov 19,1845 , lv
The State of South Carolina.
Uriah O. Tate, v. Enos Asbury Tate.?
Bill for Partition.
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Commissioner,
that Enos Asbury Tate, the
Defendant, resides beyond the limits of
the State : On motion of Complainant's
solicitor, Ordered that he do appear and
plead, answer or demur to the said bill
within three months notice from the pubs
lication of this notice, or the same will be
. taken nro confesso against him.
H. ?A. JONES, C. E.
. Com'rs office, 8th June, 1846 lfi 3m
1 The State of South Carolina,
r Joseph Lively and Mary, his wife, v.
Wm. G. Cain, James Bolds, et al.?
Bill for Partition, <SfC.
i It appearing to my satisfaction that Gil*
. bert Ivy and Rosannah, his wife, Defeni
dants, reside beyond the limits of this
State: Ordered that they do appear and
plead, answer or demur to the said bitt,'
within three months from the publication
hereof, or the same will be taken pro coim
- fesso against them. H. A. JONES,
Com'rs office, 4th May, 1846 C. E. A. t).
My 6 [pr's bi)l #7.50] 10 13t
Land for Sale.
TKo *uKei%mKnP Affava IVtv* caIp hit PfjANa
| TATION, five miles east of Coke^bury on
! Saluda river, containing .Four Hundred
r Acres, one hundred of which is river bottom.
There are two surveys of it, both
joining one tract, one containing 272, the
138 acres. I will sell altogether cr sepa*
rate, as may suit purchaser. Any person
- wishing to buy would do wety to call and
* examine for themselves. It is well watered*
and very healthy; a tolerably good
- Dwelling House; the out buildings mrdi*
nary. I will give one, two, and three
) years for 1 hp payment, in equal install.
I ments, and the price shall be full below the
. value of the lands, as I am determined to
> move to the west the ensuing fall.
Juily 15 mtfiN ISHAM GOBR?&.

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