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/ '/ ?////''> /V. i . ('ni/t. A'//*., I'J//' ///.?/. I
l't'ii Days Later from Kuropc.
akiiivai. ?>r tiii: ']
W o announced ye.sU;r?lay tin; arrival ^
<?l ill'' C;:l' ?!onia al IJostnti. 'I liat fact
\v:i;< <,i)iuinuni<*ati>'l by tin; T' le^rapli. 1
but before any of the intelligence by her |
coulil be transmiiteil there was a break \ 'I
iii tin; wires, iiinl our expectant citizens i
h:nl t<> wait (' r tin; news till it arrival in j t|
(In.? course i'I' mail <liis morning;. | t<
Tin; <.*:? 1? ?!??nt:i was Telegraphed nt a j
quarter ln-foro 1 1 o'clock, yesterday ] u
morniiur, * 1 lirty miles out. ami nriivj-d j ?
at h< r .luck at a quart*r before '1, ma- ! |
liing tin; passain* in thirteen ami a ha 1 f j s"
< 1 a vs. and brin^ ten davs later intelli-'s
yvneo from all parts of Kurope. i j,
There, was a steady demand lor cot- ( )
ton in 1 iiverp;f>l. and prices were very ! ;1
lirm. with smiio t' lHU'iicy to advance. :
For the Wei ll ? n11i11?_f the til?11?of -Iuly- j ,>
the sal> > w? re J'i.OiH) hales. From Ju- 1 (l
Iv -JOtli to Am.;-. .'Id. tin: market was do-1 ]j
smI on account of the festivities alien- ! t]
il 11:l upon th>! visit of Prince Albert ,,
Tli'.' >:iles mi the :?i 1 wore estimated at |,
. Im. 0?n) biles, most I \* to the trade. v
The ex-kin^- <>i Holland. Louis (
Bonaparte. ('ouut de St. 1 ,i u. an 1 father | a
of Prince Louis I Jonaparte who I t|y ! ^
escape from the tintress of I lam, died ;11 j
Leghorn, 1 aj.elpexy. on the^ltli u!t. ! ,.j
1 lo was in his <o tli year. j c
Almost one whole >ide ?f tiie Kurope- ?
an Tiiiies is liiled with minute and oojri-: ^
oils details of Prince Albert's visit to;..
i r i _. t i ? i i
I ?l veI'pOOl, WIHTr 1HJ lllitlK.' M'V( rill Ilift: | |
little speeches. l>rt:i!v! and |
!::i I the fumidaiiuii stono.of a new ** Sai- ! ,,
loiv 1I o m e'' an-! mailt: himself very v.
a*_|recahle irr-jicrally.
The i; int uit 1 'rinecwas christe- j,
nod with irreat pompon the *~i">th<>l July,
receiving the name. <<j names, of llelemi
Augusta Victoria. The Court newsman
takes iireal pains to impress it on ,,
the mind of the people that the first
name must he pronounced //'Jena, with
the accent on the first first syllable, and f
n<it 1 le/cna, as some utter it. ()
In the Diet of Switzerland on the 22d
of July, a letter was read IVom the (Jon- t:
,,. I w. ..i.... i ... v i
?ui ui o\\ u/.< i mini ai .n? \v i oi k. Sta- I
tiny that, in the name. of the President ' S(
o\ tlit; United States, h<- had to announce j j]
that the war with Mexico was only de- t:
li-UMVt'j :iin! Suun as Mrxico should tic- I
sire to make peace he would accept it. ^
Three hundred barrels of American
Flour had readied Nottingham from
Liverpool, and were immediately sold at
about eight dollars per barrelTin;
value of iron has risen in antiei- tl
pation of a large export to the United s
IZin* - * ^ 1
otriicS. tJ
The money market has fluctuated but ti
little since the sailing of the last packet, a
The Pope of Koine has granted a I
general amnesty to all political offen- n
ders. t(
The debate on the Sugar duties occu- 1(
pied two days, and the government v
scheme triumphed by a majority of *245
to 135?nearly two to one. This result c
virtually abrogates the monopoly, and h
places sugar in the same category as is
corn, by an easy declension on the high n
road to free-trade. Sir Robert Fuel gave n
the ministerial measure a generous sup- tc
port, and the greatness of the majority d
may be traced to that circumstance. 1
A Paris paper, the Courier Francais, tl
says that the Mexican government has i'
demanded of France and Kngland their t(
mediation to put an end to the war with b
the United States. b
llnnnvtnro tl.n T>
.' uuv.|iuiiuiuui 11IU X sycuc 101 \ uru JJ
Cru/ lias been delayed several days in tl
order that it may carry the answer to
this proposition. DotAtful. it
At Ijerlin, on the 22d, Mr. Wheaton, ti
the American Minister, took his leave a
of the King of Prussia, and Mr. Donald- 1;
son was received in private audience and- I'
presented his credentials. ^
From the London Spectator, Aug. 1, ,J
The dissension among the repealers a
in Ireland has grown to an open nip- a
ture. Mr. Smith O'Brien has actually a
seceded from the Association, with the ^
members of the Yountr Ireland nnrtir tl
after a two-days wrangle with Mr. John u
O'Conncil. The immediate point in
dispute was the physical loice doctrine ; ?
but there were otlier causes of discord. c
Mr. Smith O'Uiien carries in his profound
recollecction the slight put upon v
him by the Association while ho. w?? ! tl
undergoing martyrdom in the cellar of l'
the House of Commons. C
There- are published at this mo- *
ment in Paris no less than 25 daily
newspapers. These Journals l<
have an aggregate circulation of ^
150,000 copies. Of these, the four *
journals having the largest eircu- tj
lation arc the Constitutionnel, tlie j
Presse, the Siccle, and the Journal
des Debats. These four papers v
have an average circulation of o
over y5,000 each. w
V'///f /// A O. I'i'-fii/ntir} 1 \lh ittsh'.nl.
Lsilrr from the llio (iniinlc.
'ho steamship New York arrived last
\rniir_r from Brazos Santiago, whence
he sailed oil the Hth inst. We learn
rom a passenger, who left Oamavgo on
lit; lili instant, that the < 'ompanies of
'twas IJan^Ts, commanded hy <'apts
Io< 'ull?>c:li :i11 1 (Jillespi?', were to start
liat day lor .Mi?-r on a scout, with orders
> taUc and hold that point if possible.
The regiments of Mounted liantrcrs,
inder Oils. 1 lays and Woods, at Keymsa,
wcit.; under orders to proceed to
illMI'I'.s 71 III! \IiHllr?ri'V Mill) tilL'O uricuc.
- ( "
ion ol' those points, Gen Taylor pased
11}> tin; liver to IJeynosa on the 5th
list., on the steamboat 1 latehee, from
datainoras. The U. S. Dragoons were
t <*:iinp near .Matamoras.
Col. l4Vatherston:s regiment were still
ncamped at Ihirita. ami it was said,
i-inli-ml their services for six months,
nit that C ion. Taylor declined receiving
liem. Col. Peyton's regiment were
nostlv c/i route, for tlii=? city. The
ealth of the army was good. The rier,
from Camargo down, was rising,
/'apt. Iilanch:?rd's company of I.ouisina
volunteers had been accepted for
ivelve month's service.
< Jen. Taylor had issued orders forbiding
the sale of spirituous liquors in the
iiy, or permitting them to he brought
p the river. The Matamoras Flay, of
lie t/tli i11t. states that a light had ocII
!*>*? il lii'l M'CI'II !I u!ii I ir I
-? - ?* ?? j " < i i y v/i v ?i (! UUUU j
ii<1 i;.us:intl McCulloch's and (.iillespie's j
Jankers, near Camargo. The former ;
umbering about 00U and the Ranyers !
0. About twenty Indians were killed
nd l)Ui two Haulers?the latter bring.vj^
oil' about I."3D horses.
A man named .lack Ilaynes, better
nown as Col. Jack Ilaynes, a wild hauin-searuin
sort of a fellow, was killed
11 the 5th inst. by a Texan named Mc,'a
Major MeRae and Capt. Spearman,
f the Topographical Engineers, came I
ver in the New York. The N. York |
Iso brought several companies of tin; i
1. Louis Legion.
I S.Mt \VT..ll,..r ...... I
.. r...ucv- 1M H |H?Dntinent
is now in the Parish Prison in
liis city) is lying dangerously ill at Maimoras.
o/'rcspomlencc of I he N. O. l*icayune.
i-ntramc of the Army into )licr.
M i er (M kxico.) J uly 31.
Captain Vinton's command entered
[lis place this morning without the least j
how of opposition, the inhabitants '
liromnn" to the Pla/.a in crowds as the !
i I
roops filed into it and stacked their .
rms in front of the house of tiie Alcade.
l seemed to me as though there were
icn enough in the square to have bca?n
us oil with nothing else save the
)ose rocks lying about; yet not a hand
,'as raised.
Mier is by far the most pleasant,
leanly and well regulated place we
ave yet seen in this part of Mexico. It
> built on a hill overlooking a clear run
ing stream of the same* name, three
liles from the Rio Grande, and is said
> contain GOUO iahabitants, although I
o not know where they stow them all.
(oil may well recollect that it was in
lis place that the Texans under Colonel
'islier were compelled to surrender, af;r
thev had killed twice their own numcr
of Mexicans. The houses occupied
y the Texans during the battle were
ointed out, and still bear the marks of
le desperate conflict
1 have stated that the number of the ;
^habitants is put down at G000 ; admit- !
ng that it is 4000, it was still entered |
nu taken possession ol by men on/?85
regulars and 8 of McCulloch's
iangers, acting as a mounted guard,
'ou could not serve any town in the
Jnited States in that way, and this place
>a pcrfect fortification Irom its position j
nd the strength of the houses which J
re of stone. Capt Command occupies |
large schoolhouse in one corner ol the !
Maza, near the church?strong, and at j
lie same time commodious and comfort- j
ble quarters.
It is company B, of the 3d Artillery, i
r " Red legged Infantry," as it is now j
n 1 led from tlie fact that the men arc at I
liis time serving as infantry, while they 1
/ear the red or artillery stripe down f
lieir pantaloons. I give you a list of j
ie officers, who are all in good health ; I
'apt. J. R. Vinton, Assistant Surgeon !
'revo, Licuts. S. Van Vliet, unci F. J.
The Camanches, who have commit- !
id many ravages in this vicinity of lute, !
re said to have left lor the mountains of j
Vjxas with their prisoners and plunder !
lany ol' the women and children from '
:ie adjoining ranches, driven in by the!
ndians, arc still here;
I return to Camargo in the morning
nth the Rangers. If I could have my
wn way I should remain here, for it is
rorth forty of Camargo. <JT W. K. {
" lii;i:i:ty and mv nativi: son.."
Abbeville i\ II., S. I'.:
WEDNESDAY, AUG. 20, 1840.
iilr* u A .mo Tm:os,M in reply to " D.
l.j.," lias been handed in, and shall soon
tO* 1 he Trunton (N. J.) A'?ws says j
m:n iMiiicnsin lias been revived in that
vicinity, and that a camp of " Second
Adventists" is now in full operation.
sLjs1* The cotton crops upon Edisto
Island have been nearly destroyed by
the-caterpillar, and the work of desti ne
lion is said to be rapidly going on.
From the Army.?We have nothing
of importance from the seat of war by
the late news. Gen. Taylor had at !
last taken his depariure from Matatno
ras for Camargo, leaving tin; command
of the town to f'nl ('i mm.- Tl...
? - - * """!?
11:id not commenced their march upon
Monterey, but was expected to do .so in
a few days.
Later.?We extract the following* paragraphs
from the Postscript of the
Charleston livening Ninesof 22d inst:?
" Lieut. Leo, oi the 8th Infantry, who
arrived this afternoon direct from the
army, informs us that Gen. Worth, with
his brigade, was on his way to China,
GO miles beyond Carnargo. This town
is an important depot, it being a military
post of the enemy. There is no doubt
oi me wwn oeing, at this time, in possession
of the American forces. All the
regular troops (with the exception of
May's dragoons and lvidgley's battery)
numbering from 3 to 4000 are at (Jama
"Gen. Taylor is now at Camargo.
It is supposed that lie will proceed to
Monterey with <>000 men, and the impression
prevails that tin) enemy will
give him fight at a defile between Monterey
and Saltelio. We arc mmestcd
to state thai there has been no /netting between
the. Camanches and the Texan Hangers,
as stated in the Matamoras papers
of the 8th."
Arrival of the Caledonia.?This stea
mcr arrived at Boston on the 18th instant,
bringing news ten days la'.er from
Europe, extracts of which may be seen
in another column. There was a steady
demand for cotton at Liverpool with
a tendency to advance in price. A seventh
attempt has been made to assassinate
the King of the French, which
has been as unsuccessful as the former,
lie truly bears a charmed life. The
following extract of a letter from Paris,
taken from the Charleston livening
News, gives an account of this affair :?
" i'AKIS, JYlIgUSl 1, lttio.
"The fetes of July closed Inst evening
with a couple of shots at Louis i'hillippe
while at his bnlrnn surrounded by his
family, greeting a multitude of his subjects
and enjoying a concert in the Tuilleries'garden
close to the palace. We
had just entered the garden?and were
approaching to enjoy the music and get
a full view of royalty?when the. mad
attempt occurred ; but, the king is true
game?the applause of him became immense
in consequence?and remaining
all the time at the balcon, he ordered the
music to continue , (there being perhaps
'200 performers in a magnificent temporary
structure,) and to show his confiilmirn
iiiwl C!iticfYifltrui >* ilm I
w la-ww ?? ?.? t? v lliv lIU/?6UO Ul
the thousands in front of him, he had j
the concert, which continued nearly an \
hour after this event, closed by playing
the Marselaise Hymn twice. This air,
so beloved by the mass of the people,
but which is identified with all the horrors
of the lie volution of 1709 as well :
as with the succeeding period of their i
prowess in arms and triumphs, as a re i
public and consulate. Bu? the influence
of this celebrated tune monarchs
fear. Yet not so Louis Phillippe, it.
would seem, even when shot at."
Charles It. ingersoll, son of the
new Minister to Russia, has be?n
appointed Secretary of Legation .
to that Court. J
(for tiie rak.ner.)
TIip Biirrrltvillc Academy-?Dr. Barrett.
Mr. Editor:?I had the pleasure of ^
.. can
attending the recent examination at tjons
IJarrettville. This is a mixed school. ]{
composed of the sons and daughters of tho. s
the neighboring gentlemen. Thescho- t0 ej
lars are generally young?none perhaps ,in^
. , , 1 ,1 our
OVCl* Sixteen, and tho. irrnntpr inimhor .1
' - - ??-- ims
ranging from ton downwards. I abhor onla
puffing. It deceives but few, and per- that
mancntly advances no interest. 1 wish
1 '*)()
merely to say, honestly, and in good
faith, that the entire examination a (lordod
satisfactory evidence of diligence in ]{
the scholars, and fidelity and ample abi- the 1
iity in their instructor, Mr. Rmo. The !
" mttm: ones" made manv a heart, in i co.?l
? rym
that numerous and intelligent audience, to ,.|
throb and swell with pleased emotion, mar
by their prompt and accurate answers A
to the various questions proposed by j
their teacher and the committee of ex- I .
w nil
??t n?? t iaii Wlw.11 tlw. .... ?.Vr.I ...
....v.. w.?- I... I..XVV.. St, 11
ses were suspended for relaxation and reso
refreshment, the male members of tlx- mre.
school were formed into a company, and 1 111'
under the command of their youthful j^j^j
cajjt.iin, performed tlic-ir military exer- ;hou
cises with a neatness, precision, and the
spriijlitliiifss, which cave universal sa- ,!! '(*
ti>faciion Let this spirit be ffi-?n-r;illv 'mrt
n- i ri'M)
diflused throughout our schools and
academies?let tliis infint military or- incr
ganization be coinpl-te?let tne young p:|rt
bi'Como early accustomed to the exei- ^
ciscs, the discipline, the school of the ^
soldier, and we li.ivc nothing to fear I ij1;ll
from , even when backed luti<
ami excited by fanaticism. May no lbe
cloud overshadow the bright and sunnv
ex pi
laces which gave such a charm to that
interesting examination. tors
Close by the academy, is the residence moi
of Dr. Bakrktt, President of the Board P*at
of Trustees. This gentleman, by per cu,^
severing and active enterprise?by a t
liberality as praiseworthy as rare?by the
the energetic exertion of individual ge- fain
! 1.1 I f '
his una mc personal ton 01 years?Has ^',l
reared in the curtilagc of his private
mansion a valuable Museum, embraeing
specimens from all the "kingdoms," ban
prepared with the nicest art, and ar- that
ranged with great skill and taste. You rnpc<
step from the Museum into a well kept. 1
. * 01
garden, rich in the wonders of Botany
I honor the man who thus disinterested- mer
ly devotes himself toscience. Although God
L have been a citizen of Abbeville Dis- ,n a
trict eleven years, I saw for the first time ^
this warm-hearted Scotchman, at the (jost
above mentioned examination. I shall ven
seek other occasions to cultivate his ac- are
quaintance, to reap advantage from his j.
accumulated stores of useful in forma- j
tion. com
I close this brief notice of Barrettville of tl
by a single additional remark. It is ycal
respectfully suggested that an examina- c?m
tion of little girls is not the proper time ^ tj
nor place for any member of an exami- 470
ning committee to show his learning canarid
skill, in puzzling an embarrassed euy.
antl unsophisticated child. It is by no! }'
ii i ! 1 ,i0
means marvellous in my eyes that an J |0-.c
A. M. or A. H. should know a thought payi
or two more than a youth who hast just the <
begun to penetrate the veil of science or l'u:'
classical literature. " V~rbum sat sap." ^
If nobody is hit, nobody is hurt. pjv
Cokcsbury, Aug. 17, 184G. W. w<; i
Tiib New Orleans Volunteers. ,n?j
?The N. O. papers speak in
terms of decided condemnation ol j- '
the course of the government to
w t I I 14II* 4
wards the Louisiana Volunteers. | ;irm
The Tropic remarks: M 1 ho ex-J 5,00
cilement that will be occasioned time
by thisaifair throughout the Sout h. ers 1
will bo intense, and not tell much to 13
for the administra1 ion, as the lu- din
turo will show. We consider that l,m(i
ihe treatment of the Volunteers u'^ 1
from this State and Alabama, tha?
so promptly answered Gen. Taylor's
call, has been outrageous in (r.ltj(
every pa:iicular. Some rieh Tx s,.?
sp.rnes In h<? ft l/\niul Ml t i f* 1 T_1
.. ' ~ Ill J.J
lulu re. an 0,
I he Philadelphia papers an- the i
nounce the death of l?'?v? r;tnr tiie s
Henderson, <?f Texas. We an- Tl
nounced a few ays a#o ihal iie aeon
was lying ill at Matarnaras. have
From the New York Commerce.
t the last anniversary of the AmeriBible
Society, the following resolui
were adopted :?
Csolved. That from the destitution of
1 n . 1 l T J _.MI
acreu scriptures wnicn is iouna sun
cist in nil our States and Territories,
from the unprecedented growth of
population, it is the conviction of
society that there should be a great
rgement in its homo operations;
there should be prepared and circu1
the coming year, not less than
000 bibles and testaments, and
0,000 copies of the same the succeef
\cso/ml, That the local auxilaries,
ile directors, members and agents of
society, bo invited and entreated to
perate, with the parent board in car _C
tlie proposed needful measure inm-ct,
in a systematic and thorough
s one. third of the year, begining
il 1st, is now passed, the friends of
cause will naturally wish to learn
t is accomplished, and what remains
to be done, in carrying the above
lotions into effect. We State,there.
on authority, that during this first
1 ill ili<> tlx* ivj11r>^4 from II in
nil depository have been 216,G20
i s ami trstaments. This number,
iifh much larger than the issues ol
same months in any previous year,
ss by 33,380 than one third o! the
ual distribution contemplated by the
lutions. 11 these resolutions then
to bf executed it will be seen that
eased . florts ??re d. in.mded on the
ol auxilaries an 1 iVicuds
ome liltv or sixiv oi the auxilaries in
~ ?
renl Slates are enlarging their tlisutions
at a rate which would more
? c.irry out the purpose of these resojms,
couIII they but be followed by
others. Let others, as their anniveres
occur, enter on the same work ;
nrft llieir r^sni'i'tivn fields: m:ilrp r?nl.
ions, order books, appoint distribu,
or hire a local agent for a few
iths, and the 75u,OOu copies contented,
and even more, can be put in cirition,
before the next anniversary,
'hat there is need of such a distribuno
one can doubt who will read in
lust annual report of the number of
ilies found destitute the past year in
am counties in Massachusetts,
)de Island, New York, PennsylvaOliio,
Indiana, Kentucky, North
olina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alain.
Other explorations, made since
report was wrjuen, snow uu equui
Dssity for a supply in other quarters.
5 Supply of Ulster county, New
if, just completed, has shown that
4 families, when the work corniced,
were living without the word of
I in their dwellings. In four counties
s many different States, where this
1 work is now in progress, the agent
esents that the number of families
i ii < < ?. rv /\n % ! ?v r^v^r-% V?n I I on.'l irk tliA
uuiu uiu ucuiiy uuu iic* 11 j uiiu in itiu
f many counties one third and fourth
in like condition.
t should here be stated tnat while the
l ibutions of the first third of the year
e increased about 40,000 copies,
pared with those of the same portion
ic previous year, the income of this
is thus far diminished. The ine
of the first four months of the pres
year wus#70,562 43, while that
lis year for tho like months is 869,57.
It will be seen then, that in
ying out the resolution in question,
y atul particular attention must be
to collections and remittances.
>se auxilaries in debt for books should
as little; time as possible in making
tnenf, and those who purpose to aid
donations will see the importance of
r early assistance.
must be farther stated, that while
:ing increased exertions for the supof
our own country with the bible,
nust not attempt to shut our eyes to
t the providence of God is demandof
us in foreign lands.
uring these first four months of the
* many an application has come
i abroad for the scriptures, or for
Is to print them. For the use of the
y of tho llio Grande more than
U bibles and testaments have in this
h....n cnnl r>n iir.r.trit rMfllll'St! Otll
. > kjw.i., wi. , i
ivn be;m s?nt lo Canada, to H;ivti,
r.izil, to Chili, to California, and to
S.iriJvvuM Islands. In tins sime
, too, 83,000 have been remitted to
lie publication of the bible in Eu,
Turkey >nd India, where promise
d li.id beru pr vioiifly _'ivrn.
he Board, too. are now under obh
)u to furnish means lor publishing
'"" I "f ?.... Ill I
;wi?u w'JIUWU v/i nr. v/i ? i uoiaiuciit
lebr: w-Spanis'h a Constantinople,
liition ?Ut?, oi t::v il; brow-Gorman
esirnr placv, a a J n an edition of
nodern American Did testament in
saint; place.
In* Messrs Dwight and Liviirost, as
nmitteu Irom the mission in Turkey,
given notice the past week that the

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