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exchange, to his bereaved partner, and
his orphan children, the cup of wormwood
and gall. It is like the depraved
heart its?'lf, " evil, only evil, and that
Now, as guardians of tho honor,
laws, and morals of the State, and th?>
lives of her citizens, we trust you will
adopt such measures as will tend rfft'Ctually
to suppress and remove from the
State, the sin and scandle of duelling,
and your petitioners, as in duly
bound, will ever pray. Lixno.
. ?: ~ I
From the N. O. Commercial Tim
Through the politeness of an
eminent, commercial house \v<*
have just been placed in possession
of the following MOST IMPORTANT
intelligence from Mexico. The
news was received by a British
man.nr.ii'an ttrliinli I nn..l>?il .. t tl.?
jaicv11~~ *> tit j ? iiiV/ii i uuLiuru at till.'
Balize with de>pat.ches lrom the
British Minister at Mexico tor his
The purport of these despatches
is?that the United States has taken .
P'/sscssi' n of the. Caifornias. And ?
that the Reudti i<m in favor of Santa !
Anna i.< complete.
Advices have just been received <
by express of the formal Annexation
of California to the United
States ! and this vessel of war takes
the British Minister's despatches
to New Orleans and to England.
By the arrival of the steamship MeKim,
we have received advices from the
Army to a very late date.
A rumor prevailed at Matamoros on the
13th that McCuUough's ranging company
had been surprised,defeated and made j
prisoners, bv some Mexican Ranche- i
ros under Carvajal. In relation to this
report a postscript to our correspondent's
latest letter says:?'' Une of MeCulJough's
men came in this morning and I
contradicts the rumor of the capturc of j
the company. He says they went to
China, and found about 170 Mexicans
there, but they fled from the town, and
old lien returned to Camargo. Various
Vilmnr<3 nrr> nflnnt lini'o nVinnt IVin onomir
? 7*" ? "M~ J >
but I will not trouble you with them.
Clark is bringing the town to rights very
fast, and keeps a good look out for the
enemy too. With Mexicans as our foe
we are never sure, and L believe we are
in more danger here than if we were in
<ront of the army."
The American Flag speaks in the
highest terms of the discipline of the
Louisville Legion.
In n linticn ir* lVT ?i?v\o 1 ?-*
~ ... .....Mmuiwa W.J- ....ye ;
quantity ol musket cartridges, muskets, !
Mexican uniforms, spears, &c., were
The American Flag of the 12th takes
very strong ground against any deliberate
attempt at the conquest of Mexico.
N. O Bar. j
Yucatan.?We turned over a J
lile of Yucatan papers \cstcrday, !
of the. latest dat<s received from !
thfit Peninsula. Tliey confirm entirely
I he impression which we had ;
been led to entertain in retr.ird to!
the feelings of the. people of Yuci- 1
tan towards Mexico and the Lni- .
ted States. No truant school-l>oy j
could exhibit a more eager desire I
to make his i?e.;ie? with jl vill ?<ri* !
1 . -------- r~ ,
prtlft?o?ru<-1 ban Yuc.it;ti? ui-'.n.tests j
lo he received back into ilio Moxi- i
can union. There is a ?*reitJ de-ii
of talking * around and around.!
about and about," but the trutb is !
apparent through all disguises and J
pretexts. Having availed herself j
of the, weakness of the. Mexican !
confederacy, she attempted to ex-' f
tort some peculiar commercial I
privileges irorn the Central Gov- !
ernmf.nt. nml sli<? ?iiee.enfl?*il in Imr ;
design. But the Central Govern- !
merit has been quit e too jealous of|
its rights to acquiesce in thesej
grants extorted from its weakness,
and all that Yucatan now ? esires
is to obtain a certain and precise
guaranty from her that Yucatan
may hold in perpetuity these commercial
advantages. This ques
tion settled in its favor, t lie Peninsula
is as thoroughly Mexican at
heart as any portion of the country,
and the present display of independence
is but a hollow show. Every
paragraph we read in the papers
from the Peninsula shows that
the population sympathize with
t.ViA r.pnfral 4.
VVJI llllicilt HI IW
distresses, and if the prayers of the
Yucatecos could avail, athe army
and navy of the United States
would be utterly worsted in the
contest going on. In the mean*
time Yucatan is driving a very
good trade to anil from Mexican
ports, and the mon<*y she makes is
the sole consolation she has for
standing aloof and taking no direct
part against us.
Ar. O. Picayune.
A Chapter of Crimes.?Epns,
the murdrnr, suspec/erf of having
fulled h s own <t->n hie /.???
. - ..v. >?(.?> ?f?"i it w -c? - ccca
and tilsu a Kentucky drover.?Since
ho fact has been established beyond
ihe shadow of* a doubt, that.
Epos, who is now at largo, is guilty
of murdering F. Adolphus Muir,
late of Dinwiddie county, he has
also been strongly suspected of
having caused the dentil of several
other nersons in the samp omin.
ty?and among the number his
own son and the mother, or mo.
I ; i ?? ^ *
i im*r-1n*i?i\v oi lvirs. r.pes. A lew
years since an elderly lady?then
an inmate, if we understood correct
ly, of rapes' house, was taken
suddenly ill and died. At the
death of this lady, it seems, a largo
estate was likely to Jail into the
hands of 12pes, as guardian of his
children, who were to be the heirs
of their deceased relative. During
the brief sickness of the lady,
I'itH'N Wfl.x Ifnnwn 1ft linvn nilmin.
-*I ?" tw > ?*
istered a dose of medicine, or
something which ho professed
would give relief to her. The
dose had been given but a short
time, when she continued to grow
worse, and soon expired. Nothing
was thought, at the time of the
sudden death of the lady?her
friends not dieamimr lor a momont.
that she had been unfairly dealt
with. It is only since the developments
in the Muir case, that
suspicion has been excited towards
I'jpes, in regard to her death. It
has been only a i'cw years, too,
since a son of E.'s was killed, as
reported at the time of his death,
by the accidental discharge of his
gun, while he and his father, W.
Dandridge Epcs, were out hunting.
The account of young Epcs' death,
from the lips of his own father,
being so plausible at the time, no
one of course suspected foul play ;
but now it seems, that the son was
heir to some property which the
father wished to get in his own
possession. This circumstance,
taken in connection with others,
leave very little doubt that Epes
is the murderer of his own son.
Nor does this end the chapter of
his crimes ! lie is now suspected
of having murdered a iirover,
who has neither been seen nor
heard from, since he. was known
to have gone to IS pes' house, ?o collect.
of 10. money lor a number of
hogs sold. This has been several
yeais ago, and, as a pretty good
evidence of suspicion heinir nro
nerly at J ached to Kpes Cor dispoiiin^'
ol" lli<* Kentucky drover, the
skeleton of a grown person was
lately, within a w? ek or so. wo believe.
found in ;t 11 Ice. House on the
farm upon >< liich Epes formerly
res i d < d. ? liichmond ]{rpublic a n.
Rxtr ^ordinary I'kukstriamsm.?
The New York Courier says, tomorrow
afternoon, (Wednesday
last.) Mr. l^aton at. Caledonia
StirilW'S ill f'.MIliiflsi M'lll ll!iv? fnn-t.
pleted 1 ii<*. ext raordinary task of
walking 1000 miles in 1000 consecutive
hours?extraordinary in
any man, bul really wonderful for
the present performer who is upwards
of 70 years of apre. Some,
of those who have bet large odds
against him. will feel very uncomfortable
at his success.
Full returns of the members
elect to the General Assembly of
Kentucky show the following result:?In
the Senate, 2G Whigs
and 12 Democrats; in the House
of Representatives, 03 Whigs and
37 Democrats; being and increase
over the Whig majority of last
jear of eight.
A Question W em. Answered.?
Alexander the Great seeing Diogenes
looking attentively at a parcel
of human bones, asked the
philosopher what he was looking
u That which I cannot find," was
the reply, " the difference between
your father's bones and those of
his slaves."
\V?xi?KKFi:i. I )iscovi:ry.?A CJreek
physiologist, :M. lSselja, residing
f?t Athens, assorts that hy the assistance
of electric light, lie lias
'eon enabled to see through the
human body, and thus to detect
th? existence of deep seated visceral
disease. He has followed the
operations of digestion and of cir- !
j culation, and has seen the nerves |
in motion. This is the most ex
traoruinary discovery of the age,!
and promises, if true, to lead to t he j
I most Astounding results. He has '
given it the name ot "Anthroposcope."
Tim Grave of Kinuuoi.o.?G. \V.
Cutter, Esq.. lhe Western poet,
who is an oilierr in one of the volunteer
companies in Mexico, recently
visited the grave of tin? la- j
mentcd Ringgold, of which lie thus j
speaks: !
" 1 lie spot is well selected, and j
the palings that surround the last}
bed of this lamented one, tell you !
?'it once that he was buried by the j
hands of his victorious companions |
in arms, They are made of mus- !
kct barrels with bayonets inserted |
perpendicularly through the wood- ,
en rails. A plain board* without
name or date, is at his head?and
all is painted black."
There is a cigar factory at Ma
r 11 * i > i - -
miiii employs ton thousand
girls. This beats Lowell all to
smash. These girls are all Indians
of the country, or Malays, as they
are called, with skins two shades
darker than our Indians.
Vr.av Wkix.?A friend extracts
the following, and says they were
originally written by a sailor on
the blank leaf of his Bible :?
Whilst down the stream of life I sail,
Ohrist bo IIIV sllin. Jllwl irrapn t??r irfili.
...J f'"J
IIoi)c be my anchor, wlnlo I ride,
This book my compass, o?er the tide.
The dysolitary rLtitl diarrhoea
are very prevalent in New York,
and in many cases fatal. The
great abundance of fruits is assigned
as the cause of iis prevalence.
MARRIED, in this village on the,
1,. ? I... .1 - /' \ir it
I lr.i iiiMiim, uv iiir ivcv. v.?co. >v . moo re, |
I Mr. JOSEPH T. MOORE, to Miss
of this placc.
The State of South Carolina.
Benj. Dnason, v. Thomas S. Price, Win.
M. Price, arid others.?BillJor Patlilion.
By virtiin of an order of the Court of Equi
?>, i win sen inn iraci or JL>nntl described
in tli<! Writ of Partition which was issued
in this case, containing five hundred and
eighty five acres, more or loss, at Abbeville
! Court House, on Sale Day in October next,
| nil a cn-clit of one :?nd two years; the purj
chaser to give bond and security to secure
i th?; purchase nionev, and p.-iv thu eosts in
! cash. H. A JONES, C. E.
Com'rs Office, Aug 31, lt40 27 ?3t
T?;c ?Stato of Soulh Carolina,
! Jno W Hearst, v. P. C. McOwcn and
j Wife.? Bill tor Partition.
! IK* Virtl?<? nf fin nr/lur /?f tlin Pr\nrt nt T?n??i
' - J-,.,...|
ty, I will si ll the Intel of Land described
in tin; Replication in this caise, as the
** Dawson Tract,' containing sixty-seven
acres, more or less, at Abbeville Court
House, on Sale Day in October next, on a
: credit of one nnd two years ; the purclias
r to <rive bond and security to pay the
purchase uionev,and pay the costs in cash.
* H. A. JONES, C. E.
Com'rs office, Au?j 31, 1846 27 3t
2nd Rkgimhnt Cavalry, )
August 20th, 184G. $
The Abbeville Squadron of Cavalry..*vill
parade at Smithvill", on Saturday thn I'Jth
September next, uniformed and equipped
as the law directs.
Commissioned and non-commissioned
officers will assemble at tlio same place
on the day previous for drill and instruction.
Bv order of Col. Smyly :
J. A. HAMILTON, Lieut. Col.
sept 2 27 2t
Is hereby given to the Legatees of tlio Estate
of the late Stephen Witts, deceased,
who are without the limits of this State,
that the Administrator, with Will annexed,
is ready to pay their reepective legacies,
rind requests them to appear in person or
by attorney, on or before the first December
next, and receivc the same, as he will
not be accountable for interest after that I
, time. M. W. COLEMAN,
Adm'r Will Annexed,
i September 2,1846 27 m3m
Attention Light. Infantry! 1
S'l'lic orders that were issued j
for your Drill on tlir; lirst i
Saturday of September, urc j
hereby countermanded.
jFjriil You will appear inii?'d and <
equipped it your Parade
*, Ground, on the 'I'M I III) SA-':
I^P TURl) AY, the 19th INST.';
|| J |) Qrincil and equipped as the.
K J law directs. Jiv order of i
Li"u?. I'errin, C'otn'd's;:
Vw E. K1.\(;SM()1!R. O S .
Sc;|)l ii v>7 i?t !
? _ . \
2.\!) RlXil.UKNT CaViVLUV, ( ''
August 20tli, IfMG. S
Pursuant to general orders, the ?ud Rojji.
mont of Cavalry will parade at Lonirmiros
on Saturday HUli September next, uniformed
and equipped for review, drill and
The commissioned and non-commi.ssioned
officers will assemble at tlie same
place on the day previous for drill and inspection.
A complete return of the cflective
strength, arms and equipments of tli?* 1 J.e
giim nt is ordered to bo made out ami furnished
oil the tl:?y of parade.
l?v order of J. C. SM VIA',
Col "Jnd lleg't Cav'ry S. C. M.
sept 2 27 2t >
Is hereby given, that a Petition will be offered
to our next Legislature, :tppl\i:i<r lor
ail m?t fif inrnrtmrnl ir>n liirl.ilw.rtit f'l.m-r-li
September ii, 19-10 ~7 !l:n
Abbeville. ?Slieriil JSalos.
13y virtue ol sundry Writs of Fie ri Facias
to me directed, will be sold, at Abbeville
Court House, ou the first Monday in
September next, the following'properly.?
"fill \ I 1 - -..I
*\j\J iK.il? ui i i'l mi, inuru ui* icss^
bounded by Samuel Cowan, N Wide .nan ;
?nd others ; levied on as the property ofEdward
Collier ads W W lJeleber.
375 Acres of Lund, more or less.;
bounded by L Wideinan and others ; le- I
vied on us the property of John Lyon ads
Robert (Jennings.
100 Apres of Land. more or less, i
bounded by jas McCrackan and others ; j
levied on as ihc pro[)crty of Charles \V
Fooshcc ads John Sims lor John Smith.
500 Acres of Land, more or less. \
bounded by i)r Winson Davis and others ; j
levied on as the property of Joel Fooshcc j
ads Wbitlock, Sullivan Waller, c. al. |
cu /vcros 01 i icituJ, more or less, levied
on as tlio property of W W Anderson ads
lleubin Robertson and others
1 FlorsCj levied on ns the property of
of J S Barnes ads Win Duncan, adm'r.
2 Horses levied on as the property of
J M CJolding ads J il Bol-.varo and otln-r.s.
C> Negroes. Matilda and 5 children,
levied oa as the nronnrtv of.las \I Vnmli^
ver ads J.) h Adams and others.
Terms Cash. J. RAMRY,
AnglS, 1810 Sheriff'.
JJacon for Sale.
3,000 Lbs. priim? Country BACON just
received and (or sale bv
Abbcvillo C. II. Aug 13 2-ltf
To Physicians.
Having exchanged the practice of medicine
for a more corigfitiiil employment, I
offer for salt* mv entire stork of MEDICINES,
DLE-15AGSS, an rxccll?*nt. case of SURGEON'S
&c &c &c. This stock embraces all ibe
medicines, furniture, &c. neseessary for
the young Physician to enablo him to enter
at oncc upon thn practice of his profession.
The above articles will bo sohl at. a
sacrifice. Persons wishing to purchase
will apply at the Printing Office.
Aug 19 25 tf
havinjr placed nil their NOTES
and ACCOUNTS in our hands lor collection,
with special instructions, those in~
drbted by Note or Book Account, would
do well to call and make payment as soon
as convenient. Payment is not to be
made to either oft ho partners, but alone to
July 2>, 1846 '21 tf
By A. Summer and B. R. Cauiioll.
Should sufficient encouragement be received,
the proprietors propose to issue
The South Caiolininn, after the first day
? -- r_n
\/? vyi-iuiM'i IDIIOWS
per annum, in advance ; or ?6 at the
end of the year.
A WEEKLY PAPER at *3 per annum.
in advance; or $4 at the end
of the year.
Both papera will contain the Bamo reading
matter, and nlso, nil new advertisements.
The South Carolinian will be printed
on tho very best paper, with now and beautiful
type. Aug 19 tfOTo
tho People of Abbeville.
The subscriber respectfully solicits all persons
indebted to the Shttriffs Office for
"COST, Plaintiffs or Defendant's,are earnestly
requested to come forward nnd settle,
as this is my Inst year in office, I shall be
compelled to have all cost due mo in the
office settled. You will find myself or Mr
! Tacrcrart alwavs in Attf>nH?nr?o
I April 15 7 tt J. RAMEY.
Klcction ;\otico.
An Election, by b.-ilio!, for nn iM'i'EN"
DAINT and lour \Y A HJJENJrf, to govern
the viliiifff* of" Abbfjviilo, will bo hr?ld :it the
Court House on tb?' SEC< 1SN I) MONDAY
in SKL'TKMUEK i\EXT, from 9
o'clock in the tiiorriinir until JJ o'clock in
! in? afternoon, and will bo conducted by
Mossrs. J am os Perriu, \V*. A. Lee, and
Augustus I.omax, wiio tire appointed Manager.-:
for that purpo-v, :ind to t'rclaiv the
said eb-ction. .1. K, LIVINGSTON,
Abbeville O. If.. ) lntcndant.
Jltli August, ItJ'lC. \ yoiit
tm poit i\\ n i "sale r
Will be sold, oil tho Hill NOV KM BK It
NKXT, sit tbo lato residence of Josliuu
Mcacliinn, J lit? t ract of 1<A\I) mi wliir.Ji
In* lately resided, situate about thirteen
miles westward of the village of Abbeville,
containing (hie Thousand Four Hundred
and Thirty Acres, more or less. The
place is in a good slate of improvement,
having oji it a f?nod DweMitur
< J H <) \- 8 K a mlTl 111A S11E It, a n e w
MILL MOCSK ami .M I LI., and all necessary
out hml.lin^s ; three liundrod acrcs
oft rashly cleared laud.
A i..so,
\\ dl b<"? sold a I. the same timo and placc,
about five; thousand bushels of (JOHN, ii
quantity of F<>1 )1)Kit, about four hundred
bushels ol Will-'.AT, about, om; tbousnnd
busluL of OATS, and about, liftv bushels
\>.\ i i ill'., Diil'.IM', MUU>'. IIUUMv
l'14.A NTATlOX TOOl.S, and many
oilier :irtic!*'S.
The lam) will be sold mi a credit of one
and two and three year-*, and tin; personal
properly on ;i credit of one year, the whole
to bear interest, from date.
Ev'or of John Meaclumi.
August 2f?, ISIG 20 lit.
Exi:< ltivi; Office, )
I Charioston, S. C.. Awj. 17. 184G. \
By His Excellency YVAh AIKEN, Esq,
Governor and Commander-in-Chief in
and over the State of South Carolina.
Whereas, information has been received
at this Department, that ARTHUR, the
j slave of Isaac Weatherly, Esq., of Che|
raw District, who has absconded from this
| State, and is said to bo in ]\orih ('jimlinn.
and has recently been engaged in decoys
in?j oil* ami stealing slavt'tr, instigated by
white men, who are now in the custody of
llui law, and as so nefarious a traffic should
be severally arrested ; and in order that,
the said Arthur may bo brought to trial, 1
do hereby oiler a reward of OA'E HUNDRED
DOLLARS lor his apprehension
and delivery into any Jail in this State.
Arthur is about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high,
about 30 years of age, and has a keen eye,
and rather a down look.
Given under my hand this 13th day of August,
in the year of our Lord one thou
1 I - A. I 1-1 I f - * ? *
Miuiu uigui uunureu uiiu iouy-six, at!(I m
tho seventieth vcar of American Independence,
By the Governor :
Fl. Q,. Pinckney, See. o! Slate.
Any '-iG 20 2t
I.',-,.,i \ s
JUAI-? UilM' V'l I'll, l/j f
Charleston, S. (J., Am<;. 17, 1?4C. $
13y His Excellency VVAl. AIKEN, Esq.,
Governor and Commander-in-Chief in
ntid over the Stale of Son'h Carolina.
Whereas, information lias he:.n received
at this Department, that Toby, a .slave of
Mrs. Mnrrne, was shot ami killed hy one
JOHN JONES, on Surdity, {)th August,
and that said John Jones l.as (led from the
State, supposed to have gone to Savannah
in Georgia. In the end, that justice may
ue nau, l do hereby olJ'er a reward of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for the appre*
liension and delivery of the said fugitive
from justice, into any Jail in tliis State.
He is about 00 y?*ars of age, very stout, 5
feet G or 8 inches high, red face, downcast
countenance and gray hair.
Given under my hand this 17th day of August,
in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and forty-six, and in
the seventieth year of American Inde
t (i r t r * s *
>V iViVl AllVJil\.
By the Governor:
R. Q,. Pinckuey, See. of Slate.
Aug 20 20 2t
11 am nunc;, s. e.
,v- ^ The undersigned has
/ VS. <$> Mbuon *or t',rco seasons, ens
*n 'he above business.
^BjjjMglib lie will continue to occupy
the same Ware House; which, for con{
venience and safety, is unt quailed by any
I other in Hamburg.
j Cotton shipped to me by the River, will
! not incur any more expense for Drayaije,
I &c., than it consigned to any Ware House
oil the bank of the River.
I All consignments and orders thankfully
! received and punctually attended to. Liberal
advances will be madoon Cotton, in
i . _ . -
i store, wnen icquired,
? Aug 5 23 J. F. GRIFFIN.

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