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Take it easy ! Life nt longest
n>..* ? i -?i 1 -i- -i _
IJUI u lt-iiglllVMUU SUilUOW If. I
And the brave as well as strongest |
Dare not call to-morrow his !
Take it easy ; for to-day
All your plans of wisdom lay.
Take it easy! done with fretting',
Meet your neighbor with a smile,
From the rising sun to setting
Live the presrnt nil the while!
l alto it c;isy ! every vow
Make in reference to now.
Take it easy ! what is hidden.
Or is wrong. or seemeth so,
Leave it as a thing forbidden.
Out of which a curse may grow!
Take it easy ! never pry
Into what will cause a sis{h.
'l ake it easy ! daily turning j
To the monitor within.
On its altar always burning.
Keep an incense free from sin !
lake it easy! never lear
While you keep a conscience clear'
Take it easy ! over leaning
To the side of truth and ri<_rht:
Happiness from virtue gleaning,
Peace of mind from wisdom bright
Take it easy ! for at least,
i :r i ... *
l-iiitj is urn. ii sorry jesi.
Tale Bbaiiinc.?Never repeat :i
story unless you are certain it is
correct, and even not then, unless
something is to he gained, either
of interest to yourself, or I'or tliej
good ol' the person concerned, j
Tattling is a mean and wicked!
practice, and ho who indulges in j
it, grows more and more loticl of it
in proportion us In; is successlul.
If you have no good to say of your
neighbor, never reproach his character,
by telling that which is
fal.>e. He who tell you the faults
of others, intends to tell others of
your faults, and so the dish of news
is handed from one to the other,
. i . i . i t
until me laie Docomrs enormous.'
A story never loses any tiling, is
wisely remarked ; but. on the contrary
gains in proportion as it is
repeated by those who have not a
very strict regard for truth. Truly,
*' the tongue is an unruly evil,
lull oi deadly poison."
Why the Crow has so many enemies.?
As I was sitting by my window
a few days ago, a crow ;i lighted
upon an apple tree, which stood
six or eight. ro?!s from me, and
stepping along lo a small bird's
nest, took up tin; eggs one by one
and devoured tlicm. I was not
aware before this that the crow
was accustomed to such depredations
upon the property of its fellow
citizens of the air; and 1 was
led to think that cruel habit is
probably the reason why the crow
is annoyed by so many smaller
Moral. When you see a crow
pursued and tormented by other
birds, remember that he wh> ic nild
live in pcacc and friends'tip with
others, must rcs]>ec their rights !
I Vermont Chronicle.
A Yankee down East has inven
ted a machine that, will reap, thresh,
winnow and grind ; also spin cotton,
scrape potatoes, rock the cradle,
darn stockings, pair nails,
whittle shingles, whistle Yankee
T\ ? * *
uoouie. play chequers, and puil itself
in the newspaper.
By A. Summer and B. R. Carroll.
Should sufficient encouragement be received,
the proprietors propose to issue
Tin* South Caiolinian, after the fir^t day
nf rilAtAKnr nnvf no Inllntuu
per annum, in advance; or SGatthe
end of the year.
A WEEKLY PAPER at 83 per annum,
in advance; or #4 at ihe end
of the year.
Rnth nnnorj it'ill r?nnhm tlio ana-no rnn^inrr I
matter, and also, all new advertisements.
The South Carolinian will be printed
on the very best paper, with new and beautiful
type. Aug 19 tfO.
Strayed or Stolen,
From the subscriber on
Sale Day, the 7th instant, a
a-s fi * rtnrir sorrel HUKSii, about
16 hands high. No particular marks upon
him recollected. He is thick s<?t, and
when lost was unshod; is about 17 or 18
years old. Any information of him will
be thankfully received. 1 reside 8 miles
frotn the Court Hous<>, near Fairs Bridge.
sept 16 . 29 3t
Lp.n?'s for Sale.
-gJjfcThe subscriber offers for sale the
X PLANTATION on uhieh |n- lives,
three ami it Inlt mil's above Unii>litir<.r. lv
in?r on Savannah riv< r, eontainin<r about
Five Hundred Acres of l.nnd. Or. ihe
premises nre u two story comfortable
Woods, est houses, a Gr:st Mill, Cotton
Gin curried bv water, and a small Fishery
ig ultuched to it.
A PLANTATION in Karhor county,
Alabama, right miles from tin* mark* t to\vn I
Eutaula, containing Nnu' Hundred and
Sixty Acrt s of Laud, on?* third i-lmri'd and j
and iind'-r jrooil fence. It has a two storv i
IJ WELL I .NO HOUSE, out houses and
quarters tor 00 ncyrueB.
Any reasonable terms, to suit the purchaser,
w11/ he given on eithi-r phu e.
Julv 'M 22 8t GEO. PAR ItOTT.
Not ice.
Is hereby given to tl:?' Legatees nf the Es- ;
tate of the late Stephen Witts, deceived. '
who are without liit! limits of tbis Slat--,
that tli<- Administrator, with Will ami- :< d,
is ready to pay iheir r spectivr l?*<>ari> H,
and reqm slb tin in to appear in p< rson or
by attorney, on or It ton* tin: first December
ii''\t. and receive tin- sum". h ui!! I
not l)i.* uecoimtul'l for interest af?? r tlit*t
tunc. M. \V COL KM AN.
Adm'r Will Annexed.
Sept? mlier 2, 1h4(? l!7 inSin
iiavintr p)iijji-il .ill their NOTES
uiid ACCOUNTS in our ham's -or collection,
Willi s;?"cial ins.ructions, those indebted
by Nol?; or Book Account, would
do well to cull and make payment as soon
us convenient. Payment is not to he
made io either of t he part ners, hut alone to
July 22, lb 10 21 tf
[)\i. iTulTvTVtgclablc
Fever ami Ague and Anli
Fi ve> Pills
Amon^ all the advertin-d remedies of thday
lor ngtie and Fever, or Chill and F-?
vi r, hoik- htm-in 10 mtn-i Willi fcncli rapidity
ot hii]. and jrivf ho much yt'in-ral s;it sfaclion,
:ih Dr Hull's celebrated Pills. Wh
ever lh<-y have been introduced, all tomes
in whatever shapes all mixtures and Pills
and preparations of every character, doturned
lor this discas< , have been discarded,
and Dr. Hull's Ague P lis have ueen
received aw th<- only permanent cure
They slop tin- Chills and JjVver tlie first
d:iy, and do not sickrn tin- vtomach or operate
on the bowels. Young children and
persons of all uui's sexes, ai.d coudilions
may us?* these Pills, nol only with sulety,
bul with th?? certainty of succes.
i...i.,,, k,.?? t i a 1
cured ot a severe and olistmate cisc of
Chills, with only half a liox, att< r tv\o physicians
had exhausted ul. their skill.
Aia Lewis Covin, of Abbeville Dis. S.
C., says In* has sold several box- s ot Hull's
Pills, and never kn> \v them 10 tail curing
the elnlls ond fever in a single instance.
Mr Win S Mills, ot Ai'Oevill.- Dis, S.
C , certified that his wife was cured of an
obstinate case of chills and fever ol twelve
months standing with only hull a box of
Hull's Pills ; and also nays his liltle
daughter was cured of tin* chills and fever
ol G months t-tanding with the remainder
of tll>- B iTlie box.
We mi<rht <jive scores of references and
certificates, but we refer tin* ri'udcr lo our
agents, where they may obtain a pamphlet
(gratis) giving a full description oi the
medicine and its manner of use. Price,
$i per ijox wilh directions.
I >r. 1 lull's Cough nz< nges.
Every family in the United States sh u!d
keep a 6upp]y of Dr Null's Coujh Loz n*
ires in the house, not only as a preventive
medicine against the consumptive tendril
eies or the climate, but ne> an elf -etual re.
medv in all cases of Coughs,Co'ds.S,'itting
of Blood, nigh' S\v- ats, difficulty of breath
illy. Asthma. Wlinnmnir f*.mu?li i7.mn/>in.
tion and General d- bility. R-meiiiher
that this medicine is not a men* p?lli:i11v?*,
hut is all powerful in removing uII diseases
of the Chrsl and Lun<rst lading to Con
gumption and death. Price 2~>cl? p< r box.
Dr. Hull's Worm Lozenges
Are a preparation that never fail to r''->
move Worms from children or adults.
Children will cry lor th> m, and eat them
as they would candy.
We suggest to all parents having children
whom they suspect of being troubled
with worms io give these Lozenges a trial.
The fact of their having cured upwards of
forty thousand ens. s, putH their ffiei'-ncy
beyond doubt. Price 25 ets per box.
Please remember the name and ^ei Dr.
Hull's Lozenges, ns no others before the
public contain the virtues of Iiih medicine.
The nbove Mcdicint 8 are lor huI?> at tinDrug
St or" of
And at the Post Office by
July 1 3ui JOHN McLAREN.
To the People of Abbeville
The subscriber respectfully solicits all pereons
ind? hted to the Sheriffs Office for
COST, Plaintiffs or Defendant's,are earnestly
requested to coine forward and settle,
as tliis is my lost y- ar in office, I shall be
compelled to have all cost dn<v me in the
office netih'd. You will find myself or Mr
Tagyart always in altendnncn
April 15 7 tf J. RAMEY.
Attorney at Law, having taken an office
in th?- reap of th* Court Home and
near to the Printing Office,will prompt ly
attend to all business entrusted to
his carc. Jan 14 46
Election Notice.
I\oMC" jp ln'r-'liy j-ivi-n !o tin* citizens or
A b'-vill'- District, titut :m ELUCTiOX
VV II tif ln-lil ill 11?" loiUlWIIIir jtl-l <*''S M|| tin*
in OCTOIjEU IS EXT, tor a 11 |?n*s> nl:iliv
ill Congress, a l.so tor a Sfiiaso:. to
kuddIv tin; viuriii* v occasion d l?v tif r
sijnsiiion ot Dr. A. B. Arnold whose tvrm
.! otTi.-.- will "* the uncxpin'd tiiiio tor
which th"' Siiid \. 13. Arnold was el?'?-t>d,
and lor tiv?: Members to r?sent t.h?District,
in tin Legislature, also live Coinmis<ioniars
of the Poor.
Tlio following ar?* th<* nam<s ot the Ma
miiriTH at tin: nsp'-ctive Precincts:
sit the Court House, N J D.i vis, Augustus
Lomax and William Hill.
At Drake's, D O Hawthorn, S Don- ;
nald, and A H Miller.
At u'..w n r< R
Gullin. R W ilson.
At CnUa/mm's,} Robinson, F3 Callahain,
.1 P ClinUscalt'S.
At ho unties rill , J G Caldwell, R
I )avis, J M iiililcn.
^ 1/ Cnl/iuiurs Mills, W T Drcnnan,
K liratly, I* Lclioi.
j At XlcGaw's, \V Bradley, J C Lindsay,
jr I) McClain.
At White Hall, J C Sproull, E Watson.
S \! ;l r>h;i 11 ir
i'tim'nitlgi , R Child. W Carter, W
At Giec/iwood. R M White, W D
Partlow. T L Coleman.
WooflvUlc. R Talb.-rt. M Hutchison,
Thomas Ross
I had Fall, P D Klcugh, J V Reynolds,
W Buchanan.
Sa/J/hlon, B F Jones, A II iMagee, J
Jfof/ima/i's S(o-c, E Trible, R C
r 1: Iil."iif? H \1 Prini?p
Smithcide, J Jordan, Silas Ray, 13
Sir wart
F' ttzi'-r's, G J Cannon, E Nelson, S
B Mrl.'linton.
Norwood's, J F Gray, S J Hester, \V
Stony Point, D W McCants, J Smith
G A|?pli ton.
Mo fif/i/tr's. B 111 Gsbert, P L Guillebi-au,
K (J Martin.
Mose/ey's, J 11 Britt, II Palmer, B
Col/ima's, W P Sullivan, S Perrin,
S C Pcnn il.
Due West Corner. J H Hadden, J
\\ il II, IV Hi 1 I is.
Cokesbiti }/, XV C Anderson, B Z i
Hrrriflon, J Wright.
SprvPs, A F Wiinbish, J A Spoor,
W J Lomax.
Tho votes to be counted at the Court
House on Wednesday alter tlie election.
Auousi 19, 1S4G 25 8i
i.AMlS Lli,
At Abbeville Court House, on
Day in October next., und
immediately after the Hal. k by
'Ik* pnblsc ?>flicrst ] will si ll Jo
tin itii.li-'St biilJt r, tie* trnct. of Land on
which I mow reside, It lies 16 mil* ? west
of tie- Court House, within iwo miles of !
Savannah river, and eoiuairis, according 1
io a recent survey, 35*<A acres, 200 tn nil?:
#: i.. i" ... ti . i i
iiv.iiiuii uiiti uiim iicc Nvi'Ji i ill->?_?r?*?i wnnuland.
A crt-clil o' ?vvo years will In- given,
with int'rest from day of sale; purchaser
to give bond with approved security. Possession
to be given oil or before 11?- 15th
I\ov> mlier next. E.P NOBLE.
A"trust 10 7t
Viilu ?i>le . ..lid lor !
Tit Mihf-cril>?T otters liis iract
Land (or sale, Jlir?-?? miles
wesi of Abbeville C. H., on th"
waters of Calhoun's Cr?-> ??. It
coiii-iiiin Foiir Hundred Acr--p, between
on*-hundred ami lifiy and t.\vo bumlr< d
acr<-s of which is wood land, w-11 tiinli. red;
tlx* balance in a liijfh slate of cultivation ;
a considerable portion fresh.
Tier*' 18 a jooit new dwelling-, with all
m-c-Ksary out buildings; a Gin Hou?e,
Srrcw, Tiiresln-r, &c.
Tin* above tract of land, if not disposed
of before Sale Day in Oetobi-r, will be of?
f? red, at Abbevilb' C. H., to tin* highest
bidder, as I am determined on selling b<-fore
I leave the Dis'ri'-t
Aug 12 24 8i
Valuable Land fop Sale !
|?& l subscriber otters Iiis tract ot
"f." Land for sale, four mil's south west
01 Ab cvill'* C H on the Snake Rone).
Ii contains about 550 acres, between 2
and }()() ac.r* H of it wood land, well limb
r- d, the balance in cultivation, about 60
acres fresh. Th -re is a ?jood dvvi-lliu<r
witli all oui buildings netrt ssary, a yood
Hcri'w, j?in bous- &c; and within 100 yds
ot a regularly attended Cnurrh. Tie purchaser
can hay bin own time to part of
the money bv *r?viusr good security.
May 27 13 tiO F S LUCIUS .
Valu -ble Town Properly lor Sale.
r. n. The subscriber intending to
move to t.h?* country, oflrrs tor
lijgHfe'ol.; ^C>U LOT in
JAJ55 lie Villiir?' of A>)bfviH('( situated
on ill-- Public Square. Tn?' House in a
r . i .
i:ninr<>riHDii> and commodious one, and in
con??. ciion with it, ardwo LAW OFFICES.
which cnn ho r-nii'd at fair pne- e.
AD th<- out binldinirs and fencing art? new.
and ih?- Dvvi-llini: House has been recently
I PAINTED. Any person wishing such
i property, would do well to call and see me.
! Dec 17 12tf J. RAMEY. ,
Abbeville Sheriif Sales. \
Bv virtue ofsundry Writs of Fieri Facia.,
in ui" ilir>'ct- d, Will be sold, at Abbeville
Court House, on the first Monday in Oc- '
tober next, tli<- following |?ro|) riy:? 1
289 A civs o! Land, more or loss, I
iiotiII(! <] tiy .los pit Plnlpot : lift others, -s
vied on as tli? |*r<?;??*rty of Dani- l pju^lii-'li v
u<ls 13 Y Martin, tidni'r. 1
1 House and Lot in Greenwood, con
I.lining I ^ Anns, mop* or li-ss, 1 vi -<i on
as t in- property of VV B Cason ads E R I
Caliionn. J
1 N? ?rro woman, Suckey, levied on
us the property of Jelin Mondial ads Na~ ]
han Brown. <
1 Bui/l-v, levied on as th?? property of
Wm W" YiiiiMjrblood ads Wliitloek, Sul? ,
liviin &. Wall-T. !
1 House and Lot in Greenwood, i
boii'idi'd hv J as II Gil"S and oih'-rs, levied
on as tii>; prop- rtv of Win L?*vvis ads I
Wliitlock, Sullivan & Wa)l>-r, and otlierH.
114 Acres ol Land, more or less,
bounded bv Dr Airni-w, Lmdsev and 1
Oth T8, levied on an the property ol Joseph 1
Shi rp ads Lindsay & Shar?.
Ti'ims ca-h. ' J. RAMEY,
S- pt'-nib'-r 15. 1910 Sh -rifF.
The JSi a t <* ol' Souih Carolina, <
Jno W Hearst, v. P. C. MeOwen and '
Wife.? Bill tor Partition.
IJy virtu*- of an order of the Court oj Eqtiity,
I will s.-ll ihe iract ol Land d< scribed
in Hie Replication in this as the
"Uuvvsou I r:ict, coniamniL' s!.xty*4?eV'*n
n.-p-s, more or l"ss, at AviHe Court
Hons.-, on S;ile Div in October ip At, on a 1
en flit of on<- and two years ; t h? p.irclin- I
h-r to jfive bond and r? cnn'y to pay tin* !
purcluis nionev, ami p?v tin- rosts in rush.
Com'rs office, Aii:i 31, 18Hi *27 lit
! J lie. tStafe of ^otnli Carolina. ,
ani:i:viM.ic dishuct.
Bfnj. Deason, v. Thomas S. Price. Win. ,
M. Price, and others.?BillJor Path- \
tio/i. I
i Jiy virtue of an order of tin* Cour' of E<pii- |
| ty, I will sell the tract of Land described <
i in tin* Writ of Partition which \v:is issu d s
| in this cas<', containing five hundred mid
oiirlnv fiv"acres, more or less, at Al'bevill" |
C?>nrt on Sale Day in October mwt, 1
on a credit of one Mid two years ; the pur- <
chaser to give bond and security tosecur?
the purchase uionev, and pav the costs in I
cash. H A JONES. C E.
Com'rs OfT<ce, Any SI, 1^-16 '27 Hi 1
I lit? Siaf<; of South Carolina. <
Abbcri/lr District. *
James Martin appl't vs. .Nancy Martin 1
anil others.?Real Estate of Alexan- J
der Martin deceased. l
I. o .1.-4 *1
} a* "I'M' lu ?? MiiiMiiguuii ? nat L
ander Martin, Oliver Martin, and John [
Martin Def-mlanls roido without the ^
limits oi this State. Ordered thatthi-y do
appear and ohj- ct to the division or sale
ol tin* ri-al i-st.at.- of Alexander Mirtin deceased,
on or bi-lore the first. Monday in '
I Deci-mhi r 1816. or t h?*ir consent to tiie
same will be enter* d on ri'i-ord.
DAVID Ll'iSI.Y Ord'y.
Sept. 1, 1846. 3 m
The Stale ol" Souih Carolina.
Win. Robertson appl't vs. Nancy Ro j
bci'son and others.?Partition. ,
By order nt David Iv-sly Ordinary, will hi' ,
s<>ld on th?- first Monday of October 1H4H. ,
on G.liKOn's crerk, adjoining lands ot E f
R.-isor anil others roiilaininj/2<>8 1-2 a** res {
on u cr'ditof Uvi lve inoir lis. lor Pari it ion.
J. RAMEY, Siu-nir.
Sept. 1, 1816. 28 2t
- _ r~" J
'th St tilt: of South Caroina.
Jo the Managers of Kin lion for the. Election
District oj Abbt oille: CiKiii/riNu :
Whereas, tin* s?*at in the Sfiiatf of the
eaid State, for tin; El< ction District afore
said, has It*t ly Iiccoiiu' vacant l>y tin* r>-of
the Honorable A. B. Arnohf: (
And whereas, by the Constitution of tin; 1
State of Somii Carolina it i< provided that ^
a writ ot election shall he issued l?y the *
President of the S- nat?* tort hi* purpose ol I
filling the vacancy thus occaMotii d. lor : 1
the remainder of the term tor which the j (
tncmh'T so resigning his scat was elected J
to serve. 1
Now. therefore, yon, and racli of you, !!
arc hereby r< quired, after due advertise*
in- ut, and with strict regard to ail :hc provisions
ot ihe constitution an<* laws of the
said Stat'-, touching vour dntv in ??irh c
oils*-, lo hold an election for a member of
lln: Senate lor tli?- Election District afore.
Hui<l, to 8'Tvu for the remainder of the
term for which the said A. B. Arnold was 1
elected to serve; th- polls to be opened Ht
I lie various places of election wi hin t lie
Haii} D's rict. on the SECOND MONDAY
in OCTOBER NEXT, and the ii
day following, by the various gets of *nana. v
gers for those places respectively; the ti
managers lor all the places of ejection a
a foresaid to inert at Abbeville Court (
House on Wednesday following count the I
vnti'ii unit rfi?i?lHPi> ihi- pl><i>tian ? 4
Wi in< ss, tli?r Honorable Angus Patterson, I a
Presid-nt of the Senate, at Burnw. II,
this third lay of August, in th year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and forty.bix and in the seventieth
yar of the Sovereignty and Ind<-pen- I
dence of the United States of America, t
President of the Senate. r
i August rz, jo4O ^4 yt j
F r the Legislature.
The friends of equal rights and liberies
tfiUn pleasure in announcing RO*
iJERT DONN ALD as a candidate to reK'-Ncut
Abbeville District at the enduing
session <?f 11n4 Legislature. He is a well
isIht of Temp ranr.i*, but an uncompromising
opponent of Pledges.
For sheriff.
We are authorized to announce
VIr. J. R. TARRANT, :is a candidate foe
Sh. rifF at the iisuiii'/el-'ctiou.
We are authorized to announce T
P. MOSKLY as a candidate tor Sheriff
>f Abbeville Dis. ui tin* ensuing election.
We are authorized to announce W.
f\ COBB aa a candidate for the office of
Sir rill ot Abbeville District at tin? cnsuiiijr
The friends of A C HAWTHORN annonnee
him as n candidate for Sin-riff for
Al'bfvilli* District at the ensuing election
W<* arc authorized to announce VA.
CHAHL HUG1IEY as a candidate tor
Sh-Till, at the ensuing; election.
For Clerk.
Wo are authorized to announce THOS
P SPIER IN as . > candidate for Clerk of
Court of Al>b< vi 11 District at the ensuing
Wo are authorized to announce JAS.
S. WILSON as a candidate for Clerk of
Court lor Abbeville District at the ensuing
We are authorized to announce Dr.
S. V. CAIN, as a candidate lor Clerk of
tin: Court at tin- iwvi ,-ncum.t
.. ?... - * ?? v,iiuu?
For Tax Collector.
H3?Tho friends of EZEKIEL
TUIBLE annoiiccr liirn ns a candidate
Ibr I In- oilier of Tax Cull- ctor at tlie en<uiiitj
i'lio State of South Carolina,
In the Court <>! Common Picas.
Thomas L. YV hillock, who is itt tin; custody
of llit* ttlirnH'ot Abbeville District,
by virtue ot u writ ot capias ad satisfiiciciiiltun,
at tin; suit of McCarter &. Allen,
liavmjr filed his p?*lilioti, Willi a schedule ol
I lis whole estate, real and pi-rsomil, for the
l>tirpos<* ol obtaining tin- benefit of the Act
if th -General Assembly callvd u the In?olv
m D< htord' Act."
Pntilie notice is hereby given, thnt the
fielition of 'lie said Thomas L YV hit lock
aiII he In ard nid considered in tie- Court
:il Common Pleas for Abbeville District,
it Abbeville Court House, on Thursday
'.in; i\v iity-sei ontf day ot Uclolu-r m xt, or
Midi oilier day tlii T' iifit-T as lh*r Court
mu order during I In? T* rnt commencing
it tin- place si lor* Haul, on l lie tlnrd Mon-?
liiy in Oclolicr tM-xt ; and all On: creditors
>f i he paid Thomas. L Whitlock an- hereby
;U(innon>'d personally or hy their attornies
o appear then and there in the said Court
0 shew cause, if any they can, why the
M'licfit ol tho act nfor? said should not he
rp'ntfd to tin* said Thomas L Wlnllock,
1 lion hlR everllt mu 1 hi> iis?.iiriiim??i1
i r ? " "o " 1'""
iy tin? sicts aton-said.
Cl- rk's Otiice, July 18, Itf40 *21 3m
Hie St Hie of Eolith Carolina.
In the Common Picas.
William A. Cobb, vs. James Knox.?
Foreign Attachment.
ri?- Pluiiitilf in l hu above cnae having this
lav til- <1 his Dfclaratio.i in my officr, and
!>.- 1) |>l' 11rl:i lit hrivilio nn ii ilu nr ntlnrnuii
? - ..e "..V.IIV,
{iiown to l>r within tin? Stati , upon vvlioin
i copy tin-n ot mi.y he served : It is Orii'pdthat.
the said Deft infant do apnear
ind pl? ad th reio within a year and a day
roiu this d:ite, or judgment by default will
>e given iiyuiiiKt le.m
Cik's Utllce, March 14, 3 ly
Abbeville District?In the Court of
Common PL as.
foseph W. \V. Marshall, bearer, vs.
Francis Henderson, sen'r.?Dccl'n. in
A ttachH. on Provfry. Note.
Wh- r< sib, tin- Plaintiff in thin action did,
in this day, tile his D>-cl:i ration n^'inst
he Defendant, wlio is abs nt from and
.vithout tii?' limits of this State, as it is
>aid, and h-tvin^ nrith- r \vil?* nor attorney
inotvii, upon whom a copy of the above
D" rlaration, with rule io plead thereto,
m or tn forr ifn? Tw< nty-S'-cond dny oi
Vovi iiiIht n> xt, othi'rwis"', final and nbfo
nt judgment will h>- then givt'ii and
iward <1 ii?rainst ill. <liint
Cl< rk's Olfiei', Nov 2<f, 1-45 39 ly
Abbeville District,
In the Common Picas.
\gnes Kingsmore}Adm'x. J DecI'n. in
v. > Foreign
Francis Henderson. S Attachm't.
rho PIhitil iff having filed his Declaration
n my office, and tin- Defendant having no
vife or Attorney, knovvn to ho within the
state, on whom a copy of the same, with
i nil-- to plead, can beserv d : It is Orderd
that the Defendant plead to tlie said
Declaration within a year and a day, or
itittl and .ihsolnte iudirment will he inven
" J D P
gainst liim,
Clark's Offic<, Nov 19,1845 ly
- i i rn
8 hereby given to those concerned, that
lie citizens of Doe West Corner, will ap>ly
for nn Act of Incorporation at the
text session of the Legislature.
May 15, 1&J6 II 29t

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