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Whereas, Isaac C. Richey, hath applied
to njp for letters of administration on the
Estate of John Rasor dec'd. These are
to cite the kindred and creditors of said
dec'd, to appear before me at a Court of
Ordinary to be held at Abbeville C. H.,
for Abbeville District, on Monday the
yin 01 November next, and show cause
if they can why said administration
should not be granted.
Given under my hand, 26 Oct., 1846.
Oct. 28 35 D LESLY, Ord'y.
Tin r* T?r > -? 1 1
v? nereas, w. uarwne, nam appneu
to me for letters of administration on the
Estate of Adam Overby, dec'd. These
are to cite the kindred and creditors of
said dec'd, to appear before on the 9th
Nov., 1846, at Abbeville C H., in the
Ordinary's office, to show cause whv
said admin'n should not be granted.
Given under my hand, 25, Oct. 184G.
Oct. 28 35 D. LESLY, Ord'y.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of George G) ay deceased.
The creditors of George Gray dee'd, will
take notice thai I will proceed to sett It; up
the Estate on the first Monday of March
1847: and the creditors will present all
their demands on or before thai time, as
the Estate will be insolvent and only pay
apart. On that dt*y it will bo apportioned
before the Ordinary of Abbeville District
S. S. J. A. NORWOOD, Aci'm'r.
Oct. 21. 34 3tmo
Whereas Tidence L Johnson applies to
me to grnnt him letters of administration
of the Estate of his mother, Elizabeth
Johnson dec'd. Th< Be are to cite the kindred
and creditors of the dec'd to appear
before me on Monday 2d November, 1846,
to show cause why said administration
should not be granted.
Given under my hand this 19th October
1846. D. LESLY, Ord'y.
Oct. 21. 31 2\v
1 1JU iun.
Whereas Mrs. Frances Carlile hath applied
to me to grant her letters of aduiim->
stration on the personal estate ol John
Carlile dee'd. These are to cite the kin~
dred and creditors of said dee'd to cp~
peai before me at a Court of Ordinary, to
be held at Abbeville C. H.s lor Abbeys!!*.*
r\!_* * t ? * i? ivt_ ?
i^ietnci, uii tin* ursi monuay 111 r\ovemDer
next, and show cause if any they can, why
said administration should not be grunted,
Given under my hand and seal (his 20th
Oct. 1846. D. LESLY, Ord'y.
Oct. 21. 34 2\v
Whereas Jesse Reagin, hath applied to
rue for letters of administration on the
Estate of Joseph Reagin dec'd. These
nrp In tflf? Irl/lflrofl and rn/1 itAi-D n(
taid dec'd to appear before mc in Ordinal^
on the first Monday in November 1846, to
show cause if any thry can, why said administration
should nut be granted.
Given under my hand this 20. Oct, 1846.
Oct 21. 34 2t D. LESLY, Ord'y.
"Whereas Jesse Reagin hath applied to
me to grant hi.nletters of administration on
the Estate of Young Reagin deceased.
These are to cite the kindred and credi- i
tors of the dec'd to appear before mo in
Ordinary on tho first Monday in November
next, to show cause why said administration
should not be granted. ,
Given under my hand this 20th October
1846. D. LGSLY, Ord'y.
Oct 21. 34 2t
Abbeville Sheriff Sales.
By virtue of sundry Writs of Fipri Facias,
to me directed, will be sold, at Abbeville
Court House, on the first Monday in Novomber
next, the following property :?
OHO A /iroo s\f* T o n/! nrt nro nr loco V\rv?i n
?yv/v rvviC'O ui uanu^iuvic ui uuuir
ded by Edward Collins and others, levied
on as the property of Nathan Brown ads
Jehu Mouchat.
114 Acres of Land, more or Iess,boun- J
ded by Jas Lindsay and others, levied on
as the property of Joseph Sharp ads Lindsay
& Sharp.
At Greenwood, on Tuesday the 3rd
November next, three tables, one shop
board, two pads one wfeter stand, two j*rs,
one chest, one safr, four chairs, one coffee
mill, one lot books, and one barrel and
soap, levied on as the property of Wiliis
B Cason ads E R Calhoun.
a m. !J r mi. _ _ /n i . _
ai ine resiuence 01 i nomas uriasgow,
on Tuesday the 3d November next, one
clock, levied on as the properly of JameB
Bradford ads James Glasgow.
Terms cash. J. RAMEY,
October 14* 1846 Sheriff.
^ The subscriber announces
to his friends and the
public, that he has open.
m mi m- ,>ri the above named Ho
the purpose of
^^WB^^^^keeping public entertain,
roent. His house will be furnished with
every thing necessary for the comfort and
convenience of regular or transient boar,
dars at a moderate rate. Excellent and
obliging ostlers and servants will be i?at~
' **?- ??af i? All. j 4l
tendance. etaDjea win db uuea who provender,
&c &c. He hopes by strict attention
to business, to merit and secure a
share of the public patronage.
Oct 14 4 33 tf
EXHiBIT of the Secretary Sf Treasurer <
dings, from October 1845, to October, li
Nov. 22, 1845, paid Heffernon, for 2 heart
Dec. G, " " S. Goff, for repairing O
Jan. 1846, " Postage lo Walker &
? t. ? ? from ? ?
? " ? ? on order for chi
? " " " return '
? 20 " " John Mcllwain, store f
? 27 " " R. H. & W. A. Ward
? 31 " " John Marion for haulir
" " " E. R. Cowper'hwait, f
a u a u ? <
<! " " Post J1 OTA
Feb. 7 " " J A Hamilton, for brie
" 16 " " J A McCord for haulii
" ? ? J Carson, Esq., "
" u " Walker & Pearson, e:
March 5 " " T D Williams, for gla
Clerk's office,
M'rch 21 paid Dr. Livingston, for arrangi?
April 3, paid the Ordinary for arranging Ol
Ap'l 7, paid S GofT, for repairing chairs and
"11 " Sheriff, Ramey, his book bill,
Commmissions on 2 1-2 per cent,
To Balance cash on hand, Oct. 1845,
44 Cash rec'd from Sheriff, State vs. Sweari
4: Amount overcharged paid Anderson,
44 Cash received from Clerk, State vs. McC
" " 44 44 J. H. Wilson, for De
44 44 44 44 Commissions off 2 1
Amount received,
a paid out,
Balance on hand Oct. term 1846,
All of which is respectfully submitted.
The Grand Jury having examined the R
: ?i.:_
uuiiuui^C) aic ui ujiiuiuiij iiiaiiiicic id tJUUill
Oclobcr 19///, 1846.
EXHIBIT of Receipts and Expenditures <
vHit District, jrovi Is/ Oct, 1845, Zo Is/ i
To liaiancc of cash on hand the first <
at that time.
J. 11. Willson Treasurer of the general Bo
John McLennen Treasurer of Lower S
John C. Mauldin Treasurer of Upper Savar
John Pratt, Treasurer of Upper Saluda Bot
To cash Rcc'd of W. S. Harris, Tax Collect
U it (( U C ? U u
Kec'd ot Uol. Jaincs iiobmson, former Trea
Saluda Board, the amount of cash which 1
hands January 1845, says,
Cash from Col. Robinson, in part of an errt
| vered to be in his account with the Board
Cash rec'd from G. T. Waller, for License I
I year,
Cash received from J. L. Watson, for Perrr
Cash rec'd from J. E. Pucket, fine for two d
Cash rec'd from Isaac Caldwell, fine for tw<
Cash rec'd on a note due by Barton & Mcfi
Peter B. Moragne, former Treasurer of the
Board Dr. ns per his Report made Janua
of cash on hand which he has not accouni
general Board,
U, IJ11
Paid Sam'l Donald for serving as Sec'y to tl
" Jesse Robinson for building Hogskin I
" Isaac Robinson for sign boards.
' Allen & Kerr, for publishing last yea
" Joseph Dickson for building Pickens-(
' Henson Posey, for building Bucket ftr
" Ware and Killingsworlh for repairing
u William Ware for building Turkey ci
U d WT T)raoo1ntv fn**
vji. tv i i^ooiv^iui v/aijiiuii
" W. F. Jonas, for sign boards and repai
" Robert R. Searight, for sign boards,
" George Bigbee, for building bridge at
" John McLennen, for repairs of bridge
" " " " Stationary for Lo
" " ' " acting as Sec'y &
" G. Appelton, for hawling done on roac
" Major Johnson, for putting up sign bo
Battalion of Saluda Regiment,
Paid John Gray, for building Cannon's brie
" Sam'l Edmunds, for repairing Delaugl
" John Dukart, for blowing rocks,
" G. W. Pressley, for covering Black's 1
" Wm. McClinton, for sign bords,
" Reuben Roberson, for repairs, bridge t
u For blank book for the use of the Upp
" J. R. Willson, for acting as Sec'y & Ti
uuaiu unc yrar,
Paid to M O. Talman, for acting as Secret
Lower Savannah Board,
Paid to John Pratt, for acting as Sec'y & T
Paid to Charles Smith,Sec'y T'r qf Lower I
Cosh on hand as per Reprots made Oct 18
J R. Wilson Dr. balance cash on hand,
nhnrloa Rmith Tro^onror nf T /iiirsv Bol.iJ.
\Z11UI?VU M. ? VI V? ?1 VI U?l UM<
M. O. Talman* " " " Savani
John Pratt, " " Upper Saludi
John C. Mauldin, " " M Savan
if the Commissioners of Public Buil346.
hs in Jail, 83 00
Ordinary's screw, 2 00
Pierson, 05
? 05
lirs for Court House, 05
< ? cc u 05
iccount, 2 25
law, store account, 19 00
ig Court House chairs, 2 37
or Jury chairs, 72 00
Judge's " f? 00
o ~ ?
k for the Jail, 94
lg chairs, 4 50
" 3 00
xpenses on chairs, 25 75
izing Jail, and labels for
19 91
>g papers in Clerk's office, 75 00
d u 96" rianers in his
700 00
desk,for Clerk's office, 34 00
56 00
1024 97
25 62
81050 60
$1045 55
engin, 100 00
^allister, 25 00
ssaussures Reports, 5 00
1175 80
2 per cent, 29 37
1146 44
1050 50
95 84
Sec'ty 4* Troas'r.
eport of the Commissioners of Public
ig to present. S. LEE, Foreman.
f l/ie Commissioners of Roads in AbbeOct.,
Dctober 1845, as per Reports made
ard Dr. Cash, $572 57
aluda Board, 184 91
inah Board, 509 62
ird. 120 00 ?1387 10
or for 1846, 508 51
balianceof 1845, 37 50 546 01
surer of the Upper ** lie
reported as in his
102 14
)r which was disco,
21 36 123 50
:o Deddle eoods one
50 00
lit to peddle three
12 50
lays work, 4 00
o days work, 50
[eown, 70
$2126 31
} Lower Savannah
ry 1845 as balance
ted lor as yet to the
96 00
$2220 31
ieGen'1 Board one year, $10 00
bridge, 66 00
8 00
rs Report, 9 00
:reek bridge, 50 00
idge on Turkey creek, 97 50
Scufletown bridge, 150 00
reek bridge near Robinsons, 294 75
i's bridge on Long Cane, 25 00
r 1 * J rtA AA
xs ui uriuge, zu uu
14 50
Robinson's Mills 89 00
on Henley's creek, 5 00
wer Saluda Board, 50
Treasurer three months, 2 50
I, 75
ards and posts in the lower
97 39
Ige on Long Cane, 125 00
1 /AO OO
UCI 0 ULIU^C, 1U/6 oo
3 50
bridge with plank, 25 00
28 75
>n Turkey creek, 5 00
er Saluda Board, ? ? 75
reasurer to the Gen'l
$10 00
ary & Treasurer to
10 00
'r, of Upper Saluda, 10 00
Saluda. 9 ipoptbs 7 50 37 50
"#1267 72
$52 33
x JtSoard, 137 77
nah Board, 84 67
a Board, 12 20 $286 97
mah Board no Re
port of his expenditures for the la
stands charged with the amount of casl
1845, and likewise $60 which he receii
lector as per his recept making him Dr.
P. B. Moragne. former Treasurer of the L<
Cr. cash on hand as per report made Jai
Certified 1846, By JOHN R. WILLS'
Commissioner of Roads for Abbeville.
New Fall and Winter Goods!
Has just received a large supply of FALL
and WIJMTEK OOODS, which he otters
at reasonable terms to those wishing to
purchase. His stock has been laid in with
great care and embraces every variety of
the most Fashionable Goods brought to
the country. His lot of
are particularly fine and extensive, finer
perhaps than have ever been brought to
this market.
The public are invited to give him a call
and examine for themselves.
14 OQ
I ? .
Dr's. Wardlaw & Dendy,
Wholesale and "?tail Druggists and
Keep constantly on hand a large and well
selected assortment of DRUGS and
MEDICINES, Chemicals, Paints, and
Oils, Perfumery, and shop Furniture
Physicians and other purchasers arc requested
to call and examine their stock
before purchasing elsewhere, as they are
now fully prepared, since they have recei11
. > 1. <tii 11 1 -.i
vtu lucir r an dluck, iu 1111 uii uruurs wint
correctness and despatch, at prices that
cannot fail to #ive entire satislaction.
ALSO, a full supply of the most popular
Patent Medicines, such ns WISTARS
Rowands Tonic Mixture, Comstocks Vermifuge,
Moffatt's life Pills, and Phoenix
Bitters, Pain Extractor, and many other
useful preparations too numerous to mention.
Oct. 21. 34 tf
The Copartnership heretofore existing un.
tier the firm of MAIRS &. STRAUS, is
this day dissolved by mutual consent.
The business hereafter transacted by
the subflcribcrs will be upon their individual
A. MAIRS, Laurens C. H.
M. STRAUSS. Cokesburv.
Oct 21. .Abbeville District
Last Notice.
All person indebte to me by note, are requested
to call and settle by FIRST OF
DECEMBER, as after that time, I shall
place them in the hands of an Attorney,
for collection. Also all persons holding
notes or book r.ccounts against me for last
year, are requested to present the same for
payment. HIRAM W. LAWSON.
ALSO?Persons indebted to Williams
& Lau-son, for last year, by note or
book account, win piease can ana eoiue oy
the I5th December, and all persons indebted
to us for the present year to settle
by the 15th of February 1847. The low
prices we are selling at, will not allow
us to give longer credit. Our sales will
be for cash after December next, as the
Copartnership will expire in January
1648, and~we wish the business to be settled
by that time so we muy commence
afresh shoulc^we agree to do so.
rv.i m o a A a
WCl. <6 1. ot **l
Highly Important to one Concerned
Whereas, many of inv Medical and some
of my Miscellaneous Books, are scattered
through the land, some with, and some
without, my consent: And Whereas, ma.
ny of the Instruments belonging to my shop,
or to the bed room of the sick, have been
missing, some for many years; therefore I
do nvost earnestly invite all persons having
possession of any article loaned them by
me, or any article belonging to me, to re?
turn them to my shop at their earliest convenience.
Anrl. while T Am Mnnttinr* mv nnmn in
the papef," I will just observe ihat I have
a large amount of money to raise this fall.
Those persons, who for many years, have
been in the habit of coming to me in the
spring and saying "Doctor,! sold my
cotton for but little, and had to buy my
groceries out of the money, and then,when
I had paid my merchant and my blacksmith,
I hard nothing left to pay you"?may hereby
understand, that this excuse shall be
A_1 1
lunrii IIU lunger,
Why not reverse the order of things,and
pay me this fall out of the first sales of cotton
; especially, as 1 earn my money by
toiling for your comfort and life, with a
pained head and distressed mind, through
sleepless nights, while your merchant and
blacksmith are enjoying slepp ? I MUST,
17IT> A TVTT7-1 1TVT Till A TVT/1TT
riVAnnuin juivnn^n.
Oct 14 33 3t
having placed ail their NOTES
and Arr.nillMTH in nnr kanila (a* nnllan.
tion, with special instructions, those in*
debted by Note or Book Account, would
do well to call and make payment as soon
as convenient. Payment is not to be
made to either of the partners, but alone to
July 22,1846 31 tf
st year, therefore he
i on hand in October
red from the Tax' Col569
3\ver Savannah Board,
nuary 1845, 96 00
$2220 31
ON, Treasurer of the General Board of
Sale of Real and Personal Estate.
Will be sold to the highest bidder, on
Tuesday the I5th day of December next,
and days following, at the late residence
of Captain Robert Childs deceased.
One Tract of Land known as the
" Brock Tract" situate in the vicinity of
Cambridge, containing FOUR HIJNi
more or less, about two hundred of which
is in woods.
ALSO, at the same time and place the
personal estate consisting of TYVENTY-FIVE
Stock of Horses, Cattle and Hogs, Corn,
Fodder, Wheat, Oats, Rye, Peas, &c.
One Carriage and harness ; two road wagons
and harness, household and kitchen
furniture, plantation tools and many other
articles not mentioned.
Conditions of Sale.?For the Real
Estate a credit of One, Two and Three
years. The second and third instalments
to bear interest from the first ot January,
1848. Purchaser to give note and three
approved securities, and pay for titles.
For the personal property, all sums un,lor
? ? "
Uv. ???. uuuuio, uuau, aji sums or ana over
that, nmount, 11 credit until the first of
January 1848, purchasers to give note and
two approved p-rsonal securities.
N. B. All persons indebted to the
estate are particularly requested to come
forward and make payment, and those having
demands to present them duly attested.
J. W C., Ex'or.
Opt 91 ? * "
~ . . O-i Ol
Will be sold at my residence on the 4th of
November next, all my Block of Hogs,
Cows. Sheen. on<* road wagon and p!ani&?
tion tools. Also household and kitchen
furniture together with many other articles
toe tedious to mention.
Terms made known on day of sale.
Oct. 21. 34 2t
Greenwood Association Schools.
Three TEACHERS are wanted to take
charge of the above schools the ensuing
year; one lor me tJiussicai and two for
the Female School, capable of conducting
the literary and musical departments.
Applications will be received until the
first of November next.
Oct 7 32 3t
Land for Sale.
Will be sold, at private sale, a tract of
LAND situate on the road leading from
Anderson C. H. to Vienna, four miloo
from Vienna, containing 310 acres, 60 of
which are open. Upon the tract is a good
DWELLING HOUSE and out houses.
If the above is not sold at private sale before
sale day in November, I will then offer
it at public oulcry. Terms, one half
will be required in cash, the balance on a
credit ot one and two years with security
and interest from date.
Oct 7 32 4t B, T. SAXON.
Si rayed or Stolen.
Strayed or Stolen from the
subscriber on the 10th instant,
WP\ If? a SlMAT.T.m.APW aiadw
MULE, with light colored nose and a
scare on its back caused by a saddle. Any
information of said Mule will be thankfully
received at Lebanon P O in this district.
Oct. 21. 34 2t
1 have 10 or 12 good FIELI> HANDS,
male and female, which will be hired for
the ensuing year at reasonable rates. Persons
wishing to hire will do well to call
upon John Hearst, een'r, of this District,
who is fully authorised to contract for me
in relatinn to tlm onmo
Persons indebted to mc by Note or Account,
will find them in the hands of Perrin
& McGowen for collection,
Oct 7 32 8t M. W. GRACY.
Land for Sale*
A tract of land for sale one mile and a half
ui L/OKPBuury, containing ~*?OU acres.
Terms very reasonable. Apply to
Sept. 8, 1846. 28 tf
Abbeville District,
In the Common Plea$.
Agnes KingsmorejAdm'x. } Decl'n. in
v. ! > Foreign
Francis Henderson. 1 Attachm't,
The Plaintiff having h'8 Declaration
in my office, and the Defendant having'ho
wife or Attorney? .known to be within th&)
State, on whom a copy of the
a rule to plead, can beservd : It is Ordered
that the Defendant plead to the said
Declaration within a year and ? day, or
final and absolute judgment will be given
gainst him,
Clerk's Office, Nov 19,1 45 ly

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