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_ ' __ " ~AM. *$*'wi w* fcT * " ??' 'v~''^:'rr\'^ ' " :"' .' ?1 j
Vol. m. Abbevi^ O. H., S. 0. Dec, lg^ 1846- ^No. 42. |
If l'E NWd<k^K E"^H ^
f'XB ^jEtoVOerws
CWTS per annuro, if paid within three
x lwJ?i3 fronc^tha'ltiuwofsubicribing, or
*XH) DOLLARS After that time. No
^gHription for leas than six
; and no pfcper discontinued . until
'A^Kearages are paid, except at the op*
JtijHf the editor. Subscriptions will be
^C^^uet), unleiaV notice be given other
ifff^pireyiouB to the close of the volume, j
s?tte system 01 education, which fixes
iniHibly the character of the individuwlfarins
ere the first -lisp of an articuiat^pu:ul
escapes the organs of speech,
as the senses are developed;, tiie
universe makes impressions by
luMP foolo cnnnHa omotlo o?J .
?. impl ivww^ wvwuuwj uiuviio UllU VUt9(C9
dp^impressions are telegraphed to thet
tiro|| of perception in the brain, the
^M|tioii of which by the " myself,"
5^?fee facts, with all their importance
sHnrect bearrngvpn our individual and.
9rob a li er, and'lhc frown
of displeaijm^l^h^bhild ^ias experienced
bolt j degree of reasoning,
?nfe?tn^^he galore of both
expressib^^^fe.knowledge is
;iaeir nine e-^Irjas Jlta3
agitates their tender frhmes-^rtfl'tfpn^faced
fury is as definitely
in the child as in the man. Tliis bei^g
the fact, it is evidentfihat moral cultu^g,
should commence |lmost befo^er^Hiff
child ceases to draw its nourishment
from the mother's breast. This ig wjg
time to control. theijlbad inclination
subdue their unruly wesions, and'traffig
mindj the morul faculties nre thus early
brought into activity, preponderating"
and controlling the' passions within a
legitimate sphere of action.
Language is of two kinds?verbal ;
and sensible. All verbal language \
Should be carefully kept from children r*
it is unnatural, and' obiy clogs the me-- mory
with unmeaniffg'rfonaense. Sensible
language only^ould be used with:
children: this ifc founded upon nature,,
and is in harmony with the senses. Revelation
is the only exception to this rule. ,
"The moraljiav^ of God is in harmony/
with the constitution ofourownminds:'
but the attributes of God and (lis existence
vtogother with His plan of redemption,
&c., are all revelations, and must
accepted by all intelligent beings as
nliatter of faith beyond the reach of our
Masoning faculties. Sensible language
has~ nature for its base. The surface of
the eaj-th teems with natural objects,
^liichjare in relation with our senses ;
to examine, and compare, and understand'
thelaws of existence, of creation
around us' opnstitutes an education.
tS?. *- -t
^Educalia*JConsists of a series of ex>
Jjftiments;- the sensible properties ?f
very thing by which we are surrounded
has to be tested, the results are treasured
up by.0memory, and the amount
of these experiments constitute in fact
the sumtxna^f: education.
^ conztnuea.) ' -v
! From the Savannah Georgian. <
v General butler.
> The admirers of the gallant soldier oft,
the'West will regret io perceive that his
wbund is still painful. The following
from one of our exchange papers is a
trait in his character worthy of admiration.
The citizens of Cincinnati have held
a meeting to raise funds to aid the families
whose protections arc now in the
Army of Mexico, and to send suck aid
to the wounded and suffering in the Army
as may be found necessary.
Hrfl'h^^nquicr, in noticing this ifteeadd^
yinothcr laurel to one of the
bravest men ouv country ever produced :
A. 4 U .. S< . "
vg^g.-.^utii',1.. niu uuuu rjuuau
1fc^^;0n Monday Evening, Major
;jS0b*Qufg-dve an interesting nanttive of
the Rio Grande, ancLthe events
of ' battle. Among other '
things?? e?aid he saw Gen. Sutler ri-,
d>ng intggamp after he wa.^wouindea
^fH|M^' 'dllllii
mfofinuand in the dooi?^S^
^'tl*e second <b!a2afg?
my n*n Weto exenedtog^Jo
door down, it should
unlocked, 1 rushed in as welm^ottldDl
over beids, chairsT'
to ray surprise- found the rootap^ap*?JjT
by about twenty-five women 11 ^' g|
as they saw rae and soldiers foflowtmHl
?^n(^rno J fell on theiifj
deep distress, my protectionf knd^to
their lives spared; t&.^ungfefc'?Jgj^
tuvjr "C,D mua :M.netUIKgp an.Q RBSUnOg
fall thera, a pretty littld^o^O^Ji^y^o
the circle and knelt cta^lo^m^M^
voice,"?'for the love yptT Box^e^^uri^f
ther,. for'the love You have for your wife;'
(or tne lender affectiotayoiir heart holds
for^yourshild^erv pooi^
dimple^cHeeked jiitfik'Mv.about a year
bid. -She never afk(e^fcrjW?^ >irr
Spite of me^fears rtfseyetyipd
I could otily speak a full heart^as
I told het to rUe. au!> assured her ttifit
she and her child w^reC^rfectly alfe.
* Be the Holy Vii^inj^ptip^^eBn^rk-.ed
a rough Irish 8oId^r. wij)iiag away
a tear with the back ofAt^liaqj^" won't
the ould Seventh parfecilE^^^yl :s 7 '
u Thatnightlvv^tched.eTB^at room/
whichwas sacredly kep?*Oramtru&a.
Tfee neit davW*
above, took place
o v c a when the fight was gping^^^^l
.O^^^'Chase, the lady of the laij|pp g
'^ypW^i|l at Tampico, commands "the ?
WjSBESj^^^^' , Besides;, thesp^ wsome
?? ......rli\~ ~?jent? '
WILL be COIlBDieUOllfilv inwrfpr? . jit 7fi i:J'
Qei*tamper square for tW first-inBertV^f^^
an<i 97? cents for each continuance-^'^*.!
tiona marked*upon thenV: will be continuA
until ordered out, and charged accordiifl
^ For advertising Estrada Tolled, TV* B
DOLLARS, to be paid by the MagistiHHPP^
For- announcing a Candidate, T^V
DOLLARS, in advance^. /;
, All letters or communication*! J
ie directed tothelSditor..; DOBtaiifB naHM ^
f Comforts'of' ^

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