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Vol. IQ. v Abbeville O. Hi, S. O. Feb. 24,1847. tfo. 63.!
" -.. ' . " ? ' . 1 : .* . ., i. . . ,
i?midfaiM?an?????1 ???
.; ? '.. Mtm.wtvfat. '" il
irtlttMH if pfcidwithin throe
.?^Uie from the time of subacribing, qr
^WOpfcLAHS after that time. HP?o
. fcllicrippen received for Leas than six
; OoDtha; and nof paper diacontioped* Until
HP paid, except at the optfie
editor. Subscription! will*be
wkitinbed, ndlqes ^notice fce^givettntlietv''
w^pwTOM to the close of the vqlume.
Sixteen Days Later from Ettrope."
^The steam, shlpSarah gands arrived'
at New .^orJc o^^^iOth 'kg* She
sailed on the 20th January, ?md brings \
sixteen days later intelligence from XA- .
verpool. j ^e newif is 6nly important
; in a cwamorciai point pr ^ew?theXpov
liticalmi^|J^gence i^pf little importanc^.
She brought out $600,000 in coin.
Thtore had been a farther advance ir.
-* Wea&tuSs?but at last date? a part of
Cotton hid suffered a slight decline.
The distress continued and increased
in Ireland?inang deaths had occurred
from^,fi]^at^ starration. Public and
* private chaiity was .doiifrg much to alle'*
v. 'l^ sleamer Sirius, the first steamer
#^^^era9^^oeyied. -
V>- suspend
ifinoj iv auuiib imogio vi
- >1
iH^^,rjpphibit th<. use of grain in
brtVreriea, and to occupy all ,the British *'
,. lre,an*? |
- ?1' 1 a :? '? ?
Most^cf fli# mills were working short
time, on account of the very high pricg
$f cotton. . *
- IRELAND. . $$ '
x* ? | J
The Famine.?John Coughlan, Parish
Priest of Kilkelly, County Dayo,
has ..addressed a letter, to the London
tf'imes, in which he says;.
^.V * , . t i.-. l *
" Tvvp months ago my parishioners
exceeded 6000 souls; they* are now reduced
considerably below that number
?death, by starvation, has made its fearful
rayages. This week two persons ;
have died of hufiger, one a girl 'named'
Mary Dodd, of Barcoll, ?ged'-l6 yeaw, !
the other a man named lames O'Don- J
nell, of Sownaclane, aged' 53 yeaflrr^I
attended another last nigbt^named William
Fall an, dying of starvation.- Of
the entire nijmberof about 5,9^0 nowr
living, I solemnly declare, to the best of
my opinion/that not morte than 200 of
them nave more to support nature tnfm
half a meal in Ahe 24 hours.. The corn
is all gone; riot even the seed for the
a^uing year; remains. The turnips'
^Mused. V We have no Indian meal
^Hrery small qp^j$ty of oatmeal to
PPbund is selling at28s. per 112 lb?.
Indian meal m^feot tio be had in Sligo for
ta&than 19 pounds per to^ The p&o-v
pie on the public works are not permit*
tea io earn motv liwii Sb, uervw*efc.
riil_ " '|1 t S' Jv/l":*They
could eam 7 more 11 perrnuwu w
bring their families Sqch a rational
course "the Efoardof Works will bqI permit
Oh^ Sir, if ever su fferi n g humani-;
ty commanded your sympathy, the dy
iog deatiiaiion of my piiriskio^eis loud- .
ly does 8on Dayandnightjl amimportuned
The accounts frjfpjaMtyo given in the
Croskhtjven.?correspondent writing
to us (rom this locality says?
" There have been fiifeeji deWhsJof starvation
in this locality .-these ftist seven
days, aU leaving' widows and orphans.^'
Traction.?Rev. *4r: Corkran, P.P; J
lniorms'vs that sixteen deaths lrom starvation
havebccured in ten days. This
within a dozen.miles of the Southern capital
of' freland!?Stretched on a* bed of
stratf^ lies a dying husband and father;
and grouped around that couch are a
wretched wife and children, who devour
wild weeds, that they might leave the^
only remaiiig morsel of food to the dy
mgm** ^
rkom Destitution?rEvicti6i4i
8^pqart?jSs iii the poor house at present.
E vttty^vaUabifc it iV crammed,
even the doach lioiisea and stables
there are ot?t 5200 ; six persons died5
there on Fr&*y Ust, and the ma?
/er aa quile
are taken iDUMha house at all?so much
them drop 4^iaNy<^ 'it* the tall
from exhaustion, having been fasting one
and two da^j^viptis. It is ftared;the
over-crowded itate of the house will en*
iitingnr"nici u Vy?m 'wiiiiwk-ilw}
bring the no.' There!
whs frm r timpy? n * Im r <rn na it i* l
admission/ '
hearing that Mackums horse died, i
brought h<?me a gasket ful^of ii which i
was al^ the dogs had left, and on this i
alotte we have lived the whole week, \
and the Lord op ly. knows what I will 1
4tow dbFor mv starving children since i
ltisgone. v . 1
Deaths Starvation?Moiiill. i
?Withi n ; Ar brief period, six persons l
have died, sarvaUpn is the barony of t
MohiU, couhtypf Leitrim. Inquests i
were held upon t^eir bodies by the cor- <
oner, Alexander Purcival, Es(j., assisted' 4
by5J. Duke, Esq, M- P- , aria most in- l i
telligent jurors, tiar conditionis ap- i
palling. The people, t6 an alarming {
extent, exhibit awful Symptoms of a i
want of food. W&i '
George Byng, Esq.^MgijJndied on ,
Aft 1 flth lilt ' Ho wo*
?? r. .ty??v "?o wuou jyrfRUDC
of the Houfie of Coranjons, having sat 1
as a ityetitiber 56 ye&re. ;
Ail office has been opened in X?ondon
to grant letters of marque and riejwfoalj, 1
according to, ;
Three nrivMe^hKrau
ranee have in ,
loat on Ae ,
W 51h-0|t S^f'*e ?* 1
R M. tfMm nlii'ii ftnkii f i nrr
.1 JuuyL>-fy]
* i v' :
eot* T>e> f* kA<
lDd f
onger ones charged in ^por^n.
lot having the desired ^mber of ifcstjri'
ions marked upon W'dohtinujfldl' ,
mtil ordered out, and*cfc?^d accordi^jj|^^^
For advertising Betrays Tolled, TWO,
)OLLARS,to be paid, tytbjSMagfcrate.^
For announcing a Candidate, TWO v.,
>OLLARS, in advance^ i : -MSf;
(?r All letters or coiMaanieations'tnust :^^;^^
>e directed to the Edi^|$ .postagepaid. ;. ;>
mechanism ate making that, from '4l?S
to day some new. caiwie?of amazegnLaflt < > '
is. developed lo the ^?rl<fc
****** UWJ IAUI
impossible. There is n,o eU^iiig.pti^e?' i:'4^
[^preddlity is
the 'wrceressl'"'
the great 'pWIosopher b^ '',
[i ?
" wuuou.wiin gas, assorted tftat
imda'siirewas as im^acUc^oliig&ciit
i slice froni the mcKm '
^ is tut as

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