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11*11 B Town Council of Abboville hereby give "1
L notice to llic inhohltnnts, and tux payers or |
this Town, of their intention to accept and pro- ll
ceed tiniler the act of Assembly A. 1). 18 ("><>, con?
ferritin the power of imposing and ruining taxes. ^
Kor the convenience of the tax payers it will lie I
proper to mention some of the duties required of ^
them, uud how performed. By the said Act, re turns
upoll oath of the value of sales of till iner- ,\
chanditfo, and aluo of the amount of professional ^
?nd mechanical income must be made hy the
parlies liable to pay taxes on the same, during y
the month or January of ench yeir, for tlio pre- ('
ceding year ; and such tax is required to be paid S>
by the first day of March next ensuing. ^
Tlio owners of property other iliun real estate, >|
upon which a tax may be levied, are required to H
make their returns upon oath of the amount or V
value thereof, during the month of January in ^
each year, and pay the taxes thereon by the time ^
.limited as above. The persona enumerated in 'J
the Act, and property (other than real estate) as V
subject to taxation, and of which return fihotiM ^
be made, are Daguerreotypists, or other persons
practicing si like art or profession ; negroes bo. ti
it... n,. ..r =;~i? ?? en- < - ?'
v.. , w. r.A?wu uuu iniy jcwrs j ircu
1 .negroes, between the ages of sixteen and sixty ^
years; carriages, whether used Air pleasure or
u 'hire; buggies, gigs, sulkcys, barouches, hack*, p
^ .and other like Vehicles; wagons of all kinds, 1,1
" drag's or earls used for hire ; the value of the C<
sales of nil merchandise between the first day of t|
January of one year and the first day of Jaiiu- in
ary in the next succeeding year; professional
' income, including tlio income of lawyers, physiciaus
and dentists; the income arising from
any mechanical employment, and the number of M
dogs upon the premises of such inhabitant. Returns
of real estate are not required (at least for "j
the present.) to be made. The collection of
taxes 011 sales made by transient persons is pro lii
vided for Rpeciully. 1,1
The returns above described are required to
be made to tlic Intendant of the Council during
the present month?Junuary. ?
1 It may not be improper to add that the Town G
Countii have |x?vvor to enforce payment of taxes
and assessments, against llio persons and propiv
erty of defaulters to the sainc extent, and in the
\ eame manner, as is provided by law for the col\
lection of the general State tax. [
\ Intendant. j-(.
5 ' January 5tli, IS.'iB. 37 2t fu
a ' GOODS AT COST. !>,
PTMIE Subscribers, intending to change tlieir ?c
I. business on the 1st of March next, ofl'cr 1,1
mcir t-uurc jmoc:k oi i_>oous, now on hand, ut
their btorc in the village, and at tlie IJepot, (j
_A-t; Cost, for Casli, :i"
or on time till the 1st ?luy of Mnrcli, when (lie in
liooks of our present concerns will be closed.? in
All sums sold in that lime will be due then, und 111
interest charged alter that time. ta
Our sloek consists of a great variety of Tl
Dry G-oods, J
Hardware, 13ools, Shoes, Saddles, Bridles ?'
9 (j|
Crockery and G-lass Ware. f?
A very large lot of |>i
Gentlemens1 Made Clothing, Cloths, s"
tS" Call and supply yourselves before it lie too ju
to- to
Greenwood, S C., January 2, 1S58. 37?4t of
IJLl) I\Jacliinc in Univeruully Preferred for Kamily
1st. It is more pimple and easily kept in onler ^
| than nnjr. other Machine.
?d. It makes u seam which will not rip or
ravrl, though every third stitch is cut.
Ud. It sows from two ordinary spools, and
V thus all trouble of winding thread is avoided,
while the same Machine can be adaptt-d, At pleas;
lire, by a mere change of spools, to all varieties
\ ^ of work.
J 4th. The same Machine runs silk, linen thread,
and common spool cotton with equal facility.
5th. The seam is as elastic as th? most elastic
fabric, so lhal it is free from all liability to break
| I in wnshing, ironing, or otherwise.
6lli. The stitch made by this Machine in more
I beautiful than any other made, either by hand
\ or machine.
. II. AV. KINSMAN, Agent,
I G.AB. S., M. Co.,
!j j 223 Killfr St.
ii Jan. t>, 58. 37 4in
,l\ IioolL at Tills !
Iv ? T is import'int'that nil those who may ho inM
JL debted to ilie Eslntc of JOHN DON NAM),
\ deceased, nnd also, ihc lat* Finn of J. ?fc S. DON
NALD, should pay up immediately, as the lisI
tate must bo settled in a very short time, nnd
__.Jhe Jixecutors will he loth to sue any one, bill m
' -?oe they must, if the debts due, art not paid by
( the first of February next ci
\ Thi? is to be con?-id?:red a final noticc. b(
'.\ SAMUEL DOKNALD, ) v . n<
L\ . J AS. F. DONNALD, \ fcx rfl* cl
\\ 9>ec. 21, *57. 35 3t in
s' \ \ Fresh Garden Seeds.
r ^ \ iV U'^TtGE rnpply just received froin the Long
' \ ilAlsland Gardens, embracing extensive varie?l
'V 8'Vi .
\ \>| invito attention, also, to our etorck of JU> *
.is ?nnir? ....j Piv . *
,? hum rniivi au 1 ll'lilc, *
Buiti?\e fur Christmas pre* cuts. ^
\ Y
> Sonlontly 011 hand n supply of pure Cam- ||
i \licneVid Burning Fluid, Jit ?1.00 per gallon?
Vgeiblfwith a handsome 'jBsorHflunt of Lamps
If ' r \BUANCliit ALLEN. j,
^ er v \ 35 V 3t y
% V0j5K|S? ^ r
ire compelled tx? Tnind tlicir Jt
,M a9 liiard ?? m"l' is to lie 8<
Tf"- .ve t^eir old closed. a
: intend rmnH'mffey sacri- >!
. ttur friends ?%p;vc lls e
r " \\ iebttsUB Stjiuary, t
-' iillLjieceive cotton?*olhPr w
.j&awSlue.. * H, ?
iL 2;>U?bailey *.
teaBSoX lr ?;
- 4: ?Wfcn6W themselves iiSfe
gl ^ ^ jV
lr, r. cost.^
' r^feiij-,o'tD^
'} De
Notioe to Tax Payers.
I" WILL attend nt the undernamed limn nml
l places lor Hip purpose of collneting Taxes for
n> your lbT>7:
bWville iVmrt House, Monday, February, 1 ;
(tie WmI, Tuesday, " 2;
ulliilitiiii:*. Wednesday, 3 ;
lomililsvillv, Thursday, " 4;
ctirtetown, Friday, " 6;
'okrslmry, Snliiriliiy, li;
Ireeiiwood, Monday, " 8;
.lul nt Greenwood Depot, Tuesday, March 9;
linety-Six, Tuesday, February, U; and on Wedesdtiy,
Mareli, 10;
/oodviile, Wednesday, February 10;
k'hite Hall, Thursday, " 11:
othrnn*. Friday, " 1*2;
mithville, Saturday, " 13;
etiur Springs, IVIonduy, " 15;
rod leys. Tuesday, " H>;
'ulbcrU, (in the Kange,) Wcdncs'y, " 17 ;
ordeaux, Thursday, " 18;
k'illington, Friday, 11 ID;
rIIioiiu's Mills, Saturday, " 2u;
peed*, Monday, " 22;
rowndesville, Tuesday, .. 23;
'riblilcK, Wednesday, " 24;
furrenton, Thursday, " 25;
kniglnps* Mills, Friday, " 2U;
bbeville Court House, all Court Week.
Sale Day in April the last day for making roiriis.
All persons failing lo make returns <>ii
le above duy, liable to double tax. All taxes to
u paid 1)3* the first Monday iu May, or cxecuons
may he issued.
Property to be returned in tho name of <he
roper owner. (Stiurdians, Kxeeutors, and Ad
liuistraturs will return property under their
I'er.-ons having transferred property between
io 1st October, 1S5(>, mid 1st October, 1857, will
lake h. known In tiu
All persons will come prepared to give the
umber of Births, Marriages uud Deaths iu their
Free persons of color must pay tlicir taxes in
It is earnestly requested that every tax payer
eet me at the appointed times ami places, and
it defer making their returns until Court Week
ul public days at the Court House, at which
me there is usually such a rush that it is almost
lpussililc to do business correct I v.
Jan. 7, 1858 :J7 8t
dip independent Press copy.
rroceries, Provisions, Hardware,
Cutlery, Agricultural Implements, &c.
X CONSEQUENCE of the hardness of the
times, and the prevalence of the opinion that
will not do to sell cotton,! have determined,
oiii necessity, to oiler my goods for Vnxk, in
tore. The credit system hn- proved a failure,
find il iuiVff'ssihle to buy gojds for cash, and
ie sliorl time usually allowed by jobbers ia our
itnmrrcial marts. ami sell tlicm, in too many
stances, on all time, running to a never-ending
ernity. I have Ion ml tlint. retail merchants in
ie coil' try, although much abused by their ensmcrs,
are the worst imposed upon, perhaps, of
ly other class of men in the world. There
nsl be sonic other understanding ibout the
alter, and the only way to have il is, by the
erchnnt asserting his rights, and then inaininiiig
them, or "perish amidst the ruins."?
his was a maxim with our forefathers, nnd we,
icir (legem rate sons, have hallowed ihcir
nnes for their firmness, but in the jubilee of
ory have lost sight of the maxim which inspired
ir adoration. "In the course of events" I
id it has become necessary to go back to "lirsl.
inciples," and either "stand or fall" by the reIt.
The prevailing idea that a merchant has
uiiey oecause n<-' lias a store lull of goods is a
cat mistake; it is otic of the proofs of his being
st out of money, and the people must be made
uiideri-tund that he is not a tiling to twist just
i}' way, and convert himself into money, or out
it, just as lie pleases, for he must have money
order to have it. just liko any of the rest of
oil's fallen creatures.
With the determination to do the very best I
n for "(miiI, my country and" self, I throw
it the ahovo platform, upon which to place my
ture business operations, mid will stand upon
as long as there is :i plank left.
.My stock consists in part, of the following:
10(1 sacks Liverpool Salt,
20 bids C Yellow Sugar,
4 " powdered and crushed do,
1 case Loaf do,
10 bids N. O. (new crop) Syrup,
f> " Muscovado Molasses,
Mackerel?in kits, quarter and half hbls,
Chains, of every description,
Buckets, a lartre assortment,
Woetleu and Willow Ware,
Segars anil Tobacco,
Table and Pocket Cutlery,
Carpenter's Tools.
A lnrj:e slock of Hollow Ware,
Agricultural Implement.",
Mill, Cross-cut mill lluuil Saws,
Corn Shellers and Straw Cutters,
Mill Pullies find Buckets,
Wiifile, Wafer and Grid Irons,
100 krgH Nails,Shovels,Spades ail'1 * orks,
Blacksmiths Tools,
Caudles, Stnreh, Spico nnd Pcppc
Window Glass, all sizes,
4 tons Sweed Iron,
Ale nnd Porter, Wines and Lin :,
With many other article?, not ?> ^^ry to
ention. - '
Hoping lliat a lilteralminded public "iFi/J^jlppreate
my efforts lo carry on a business which has
en of incalculable convenience (o I he continuity,
I beg leave most respectfully lo oiler the
iftsli system, in future, aa my plan of doing busies?.
Jan. 6, 1858 37 at
Z&~ Press copy 3 times.
Tew Candidates lor Patronage.
a1 HE Citizens of Abbeville District and sur
*l rouintmg country, are hereby notified
lat the undersigned having purchased the
Dry Goods Establishment,
eretofore known as that of Messrs. Chambers &
[arflhall, in Abbeville village, are now prepared
) offer greater inducement*, if possible, to the
umerous patrons of iliat establishment; having
ist imported a very large, complete and hand>me
variety of GOODS, such ac have been usully
offered lor sale.
The supplies will be added to weekly, And
very article usually called for in a first class
Istablishment, will be found on pale.The
strident attention will be paid to meet the
ants of patrons who will be supplied with the
Best Qualities of Goods,
t the most reasonable figures fur CASH, ua we
itend to punrue a strictly cnxh system.
We will odd' to 'otjr DRY GOODS, ft large
ariet/such as are usually called for by ladies,
e.ads of Families, ,or for Plantation Purposes,
nd it'in'(iopeditliat our strict attention to busiess
and efforts to please, will .secure for us,(he
an tinned patronage of the friends of the house,
tad the Addition's! support of the public at
Bre. 3, 1857. 32 - "t ?/* tf *m
^ notice;
: ^wk^nbacrilmrs having disppafttf of their env
Ll?^WP stock; of Dry Goods,ln the, ectaklishvi?w
uhChambers & MarBhajl, ot Abbeville
jfty sRp., 'beg*leave tOjr^eoAiiimend to their
will UK the'jpjublic generally,.lheir W^cefiso'rsT
ore- Hoi and Jaa. yhj
' * 1 .business uftd^7;;tUe style and
MMRLV Wk A ROBERTSON. w?ll,knowt\.by*;a>'?
correct btuinen ?aftig kqdivtfi
th?rS"'f5 our frielids and
.1 ?* \ SS'^Rheir liberal patronage.-*
_ yy IV VMI
ujJt-0 1 GliamV^Bgno ,^y : or to tli#-firnr^f
j# & \ tfioue >^HL nnd we earnestly^qtfwt
ir,?^->4 l^jMlrtW^HL^Tiirly dMetneut.la* ?t Is
ogif*,! # <? close oar business
f the^
-? to -.UAHAU XH^
Groonvillo Baptist
Fomalo Oollogc
r|"MllS Ihslitntion. rstulilinhrd by the It.'
Cnrolinn, nnd under llir control of tho Hunri
Trustees of the Fiirmuii University, will en
ii|mn ilN Third Ycnr, on the Firxt IIWiim
tit February next, willi llm following
Faculty :
President, awl J'rn ft uxor of Mental nnd Mi
Science ami History.
1'rofessor of Ancient l.itnmtiiiie*. l/u/iwn/i
and the J'hi/xieul Scienet x.
ItEV. M. \V. SAMS,
Professor of J.urjic and Hello. I.cttres.
I'ROF. E. 15. 15 A CON,
Professor of Music.
Principal Instructress in the English J/cj>
A ssoevtte /n.*tmetres*.
51RS. E. J. < I.KVELAND,
Teacher of I'ocal .Music aud I'eniiianshij
Primary Depart incut, ... ? 10
Academic, " ... till
Collegiate, 11 ... 05
Pi:mo. iliclmlintr u.-^e of liistriimrnt- .
( uitur, - .... j 5
Ancient ami Modern Languages, each, 12
Drawing and I'a in tint.', - - ]f>
Vocal Music, - - t- - - 1
Incidental Expenses, ... j
Board per month, (in advance,)- - ]()
The success of iliis S?:h?><d, since if, went i
operation, tlie good lx-sill the Voimj; Lai
wl:o have attended il, together with the inert
intr facilities for imparling instruction, ami
enlarged and improved accommodations, wli
will lie allorded i>y i In- new, liaudsoine and v
arranged College edifice, emispirc to give a>
ranee to the Trustees and oilier friends of
Institution, that, its patronage, already very I
la I, will he greatly extended, anil that the hi
est expectations of the t'onveution, in cstabli
ing it, will he fullv realized.
Dec. 10, 1857 3? (It
ON* MONDAY, a.-.tli January, I shall ope
School at Mount Carliwl.
The scholastic year shall he divii'cd into I
Sessions of twenty weeks each.
Kacli pupil will pay Tuition from llic daj
his entry, to the end of that. S?-ssidn.
Looks fnrnislii'M to the Pupils must be paid
at the time of delivery.
Rates of Tuition.
Alphabet, Spelling, Heading, Writin;,
Primary Geography or Primary
Arithmetic per Session, - 010
Large Geography, Large Arithmetic,
Grammar, Algebra, per Session, IS
The above, with Latin or Greek, iter
Session, - - - - IS
French will be an extra study at per
Session, ----- Ji
v.. C. SIMONns
Jan. 4, f?9. 37 at
E3P* Press copy 3 times.
Abbeville Malo Academy.
r|"MIE Kxereises of this institution will he
1 sinned on the FIRST MONDAY IN J.I
UAHY next.
The Scholastic year will bo divided into I
Monday- in JANUARY, and continue '2S ww
Ilie s-cond commencing on tlic second Monday
.SEPTEMBER, will continue 12 weeks.
Reading, "Writing, Spelling ?jnd Primary G<
raphv, I ?^t Session, !.i - $1-1
2d Session, - j. C
The aliuvn with Geography, Arithmetic,
English Grammar, llisliirj* and excruises
in English Composition, 1st '
Session, - *';#'* 20
2<1 Session, - - - - - U
The uhuvo willi till the advanced E..g4?
lisli branches, 1st Session, - 23
2il Session, - - - 10
The ihovo with Lalin and Greek, 1st
Session, - - - - 28
2d Sesion, - - - - - 12
0!T* Students will he charged frpni the t
they filter, until the end of the Sexaiun.
The services of a competent assistant wil
Boarding can be procured at places convert!
ly situated to the Academy, and at reason:
W. II. WIlrt'E, A. 15.,
; Pr induct
Dec. 24, T?7 3.r? tf
O* Press please copy. ^
W. P. McKELLAE, M. A.,
IE* riiioipal.
!^IRST Term begins January 11th, nnd <
July ;s()lh. Kcconil Term begins Octi
4th, and ends December 17th. Expense#:?
iliou from $20 to J 10. Board, from fci-O to ?
Incidentals, from 01 to SI.J.
A student's continuance at school shall he
evidence of his progress and good deportmcii
Jtloforonoos :
J. L. Dafrj;, D. 1)., Madison, On.; N.
Crawford, D. D., Ten.; Prof. P II. Melt, G
gia University; Profs. S. P. Sauford, J. E. ^
let, Mer. University; Profs. E. A. Steed, 1).
C. Wil'iatns, Mi s. College; Prof. S. 0. Hill
Cave Springs, Gu.; Prof. II. M. Holtr.c
Pres. of P6rry F. College ; lion. J. P. Reed,
derson,' S. C.; Citizens of Greenwood aud
cinity. <.
, ..Dec. 24, 67. 35 3t
THE- liexl Session of this Institution will c
nience, the Oth'JANUAJRY, 1868. C;i
are required to be punctual in utiendanc
Having secured the assistance of o recent c
uate with distinction, of the Citadel Acmie
the principals will commence the year 185)
their commodious and newly erected Gari
Buildings, w^th a select corps of five Profes
four of' them graduates ofthc Citudel, and 01
S. C. College. 9
TERMS.?-For all School Eif^nsc, i. e., '
tion, Rooks, <fccV Boarding, Light*, Fuel,
Washing, $200 per'scholastioyear";'vpayiable
first sescion of six months, $Cu half sei-ftioulj
advance. No extra chqrgfe for medical at
dunce. No one "received under twelve or <
eighteen years of ?g?.r..
fMaj. &*'JENKINS, Profctto
PnixarATA -j. c^ a! COWARD, Trofctto
7 I ^Ffcnch at\d Elocution.
dud . Greek. ^
. Lieut. E. M. LAW,'Pro/entor of Belle*
Lieut. It./K> THOMAS, frofet/or of 2?at
fhtloiophu and jhhxqhnlp.
Drs. SaUROn & BRAXTON, Surg com.
, BENJAMIN P. BOYD, Burwr. ; .
Q'feiren oes.
Gen James Jones, Columbia, S. 0. |
" Gen. D. P.'iJnmisorr, Orangeburg^ S. C.
i <Sen:*I>. Wallacc, JonesvfHS, Union Dint ,!
/' Bm'Gov. J. H. Means, Biifeklteatl, S. C.
i a /OeH: JL G. Mf-Punnnvnnt, '06 Depot, H. i
1 *$ G?l VD. WilaOn, Sodieiy Hill, S. C."
Dec. 10, 1857. * 83
I?4*?. I?:?M ' i?
* . . Final Notice.
; A LIT j&wiftindel.ted to ROBERTS it
jfx AMS. whOM Notes are in our hands,
% % firtt day of
be placed in rmL j ,.
4: PERR1N A"qOtHTtAir,
r - rAu^for R. 4t. i
^^?]For Sale
>. $40,000 "V
Y\J K Imvo tin- lxst and lienvirftt stock or J" A
II City, under tin* United Stales llote), At
3NTE3^W-"Sro P
<ml Our stuck of Overcoats and Ilnglana* as not
.'ill to . jrJ.'i.Ui). Unusual heavy stock of BO
lies Als<? n heavy stock of ('lotlis, Cat?imereH an
body, to In.* inude up tu order at tlie shortest 1101
Oetuljer 1, 18.17.
irusT received a large and fino Stock
I? CIJTI.I'IltY; 15 cent. off for Cna
l,o()l varieties I'ocket Knives?Tortoiso ni
1'earl handle, of llit! I'm est. mkc. A good o
sorln.cnt of very lino llii/.ors.
Shooting Tackle
of every description, Powder I'lnHku, Sliot Bell
>. Ctime Uairs, Nipple Wrenehes, Percussion Cti|
Cox's, Walker's, Kiev's, Pistol Caps; also, u fe
N Colls Repeaters, latest patent.
Culinary Articles.
0(i Corn StarHi, Yeast Powders, Arrow Tlo(
on Cooper's iMlijjIass. Irish Moss, ( clatine, fxtrn
yy Coflee, Flavoring Kxiracts, French and Kngli
Mustards, White Wine Vinegar, Black Pepp<
Nutmegs, Cinnamon, Spices, etc.
"" Also, Burning Fluid, Cuinphiue, Neat Fo
Oil, Varnishes, ?tc.
Fine Brandies, Wines, Gin,
r?" IMantaliou Whisky. All of which I propose
"<? sell as low as can "be bought anywhere in the u
00 country.
?l? * I). A. JORDAN.
a..< I)ee. iRr,7.
3j goods to suit the time!
II nj&I^ACK ami Fancy Sill;<, French Musln
>l L: a) French Mirinos, (cv. rv color,) Solid m
M.? !;:mcy 'v:1 .aiii.i, l.insey's Striped Osiuibllpj
j( [ Illeit vV Bro.'s Homespuns, Miss (?eori;ia ar
it|(_ Kentucky Ivcrsies. H?:d ami Negro Blanket
(every price,) Iroin $1 *J."j to $S <JU per pair.
Bonnets, Flats ami Hals, Taps ami Hoods, <t<
?fcc., ('lothiiij; IVoiii Heaviest Overcoat to sinnllc
Sacks', Vests and Pauls Iioiii f?t) el.", to ?;|Ocac
I won 1.1 just say thai as llio "indcfutienlj
" 11 < !?ithitiLT mail" has retired from business, I ci
sell ('lolhinir or any tiling else us low us ui
'wu man who sells at a prolil.
I have, also, the imeney for Dixon's S|?ir
' .Meal- Cutlers ami Sausage StuU'ers, a few
which I have now on hainl.
I lard ware, ('rockery, Tin ami \Von?l ware a
ways on hand. Call ami see nie at Lowmleavil!
S. 0. J. T. BARNES.
Oct. 22?57 27 tf
~?aeuhjT cutting,
20 Ulm
Colrimlain., S3- C.
0O ^Willie Subscribers have made arrangemcn
JL willi a gentleman, who owns Mitrli
Quarios in Italy, to siipplj* h.s with MARBL
we will hereafter sell (lie name at a lower pri
Ort than formerly, viz: Itnlinn Marble Tomb Sla
..CO ii feet lout; liy II feet wide, fur :;5 dollars. Fu
' , qnalitv of American Marble, 0 feet by three fe?
00' fj-om 2r> dollars to :;0 dollar*, hoxeu and deliver
00 atMlie Depot in Columbia.
Engraving in the neatest si vie, nt 3 cents p
00 letter. We have the finest designs for mon
' 00 men's, Altar Tombs, and Mural Tablets, th
imu e;m ho found in the L"tilled States.
1 be 1 >ec. 3, 1B57. ?-2 tf
HAS now received his full supplies of Fi
mid Winter Dry Goods, embracing one
the largest assortments lie litis ever offered to (I
public, and comprising ? very choice and desir
hie gcleciion of Lndies' Dress Goods and stap
IV articles, which lie oifcrs at very low prices.
" Anion); them are?
Rich fancy dress Silks, in n great variety
styles; Superior plain black Silks, of rich lust
and nt very low prices; superior black Sill
mils without, lustre, for ludies' mourning dresses; I
?hor dies' rich Cashmere and DcLaine Robes, wi
side stripes; Lupin's high colored DeLaine8,sm.
100. figures, fi.r children; Lupin's plain French Me
noes and DcLaines, of the must dcsiarble coloi
! ftn Lupin's plain whit e and black McriuocB and D
l'* Laities, of superior quality; superior Saxoi
Plaids and Plaid Valencia*, of new and beautif
M. styles: superior 4-1 French Prints, some wi
eor- small tigure{* for children ; French Kmhroider
kVil- Lace and Musilin Collars and Uudcrsleeves,
. W. elegant styles; ladies embroidered cambric C<
yer, lars ami eiiiikroulereU linen cumtirio Ilandkc
law, chiefs; swiss Und jaconet Flounces, and infai
An- Waials; Valenciennes und thread Laces and sw
vi- and jnckonet USdgiiigs and Jnsettings; a lar
supply of lailitVs corded border and liem sti
linen cambric luid French j lawn llniulkerchie
superior 4-4 Iri*i -Linens mid long Lawns; su[
rior 8 4 and l<]-4 table and damask Diapers,
rtj extra quality; ri\:li daumsk table Cloths, some
"J-1* extra siaenndipiility ; white and colored Doyli
,onJ. and ilatn.isk Napkins; superior linen IIucl
(lets backs, n"d HcotclS>Piapers for towels; Fancy b
e der Towels, by the dozen; superior 12-4 lim
lad- Sheetings and pllmv case linens; n large asso
ment of Indies', gellemens't youths' and childrei
* j,J Hosiery; Alexander's ladies' white, black ai
ison colored Kid Gloves; ladies' and gentleirfei
sors, -gftnntlct Gloves; ladies'niorino and gauze meri
leof Vejts, with lonjg and. short sleeves, of supiri
^quality,.ftiid s?nif. cf extra size; Misses and gJ
roi- t'enieii's merino YVgis; printed table and pja
and Covers, of rich .aml.tplendid styles, r.aud som?,
, for very low prices; I^fillips" and Urooks' superi
r; in Wi>xed, and Coaiqstrjol Thread ;Jadie?cloth a
ten- jVc'v.et^Cloakf, ofnlw und elegniiLBtyles; ladi
over /nouruing Clpaks, oft haw and beffiitifui ftyle
v y l.adi<T&' Splta, \Chenille,''Frencb?fciid*Scol
Shfttyls; Mfyffcs' plniil Glaok thibe't wool Shavr
widi sjlk 'fi jiiije^ fotnAof extra size; a cympli
r ?f ..assortment orgoodp fiVladieB mouyiing appar
y superior Saxony^kV??htjgapze aud'Silk rWi
r ?J: FUnnels- heavy shaker FUmrfelss.ladiessaoV
ifmihlit'Vidlll RntfiVu linnvv rnil PIg
nels for servants; a- lorgi^enppjy, of ladies 0
gett*. an?VCruy^Ui Skirls, of the pioat npprov
Ires. *atylea;'*l?d1^P%xtensio:t fc-kirts, of the-beat itj
Mr<" and r^alily; thpepor Marble* Quilts, of qx(
. * 'size tuid <Jnaljty* Bugprior furqjiure Dimijler a
fnFmCure'*fyfri$?; Mnndieitei7 Ijnnsdale n
New York initio blqpchod Shirtings, at rt
- lpw prices; jvater Twist/anil tfhite rock, aoft ?
tali, 4-1 bleached Shirtings, bfA-xtra quality; I
pe/ior> ifamiltoa'and Allemlule 12-4 bltach
5 q- Sjigetingp. aiyj ,'pil!ow cnat '.cottouaj so per
* bleaclieo and unbleached cotta)i Flannels; alai
q supply of nepro Blankets, at very low prieea^
/perior,Whitney, bed aud crib !;.Junkets, aome
extra sixe; rtch cmliroiilrmV We and mm
: Curtains, and sorriVut vfry lowu>riue?^coloi
- Damt^s and DeLainos /oj.Coi ikia^^u^a gt>
? 'Variety of colors ; curtain . bundt-l eornicee a
n (SMfiiito
IX ni:d WINTER CLOTHING wr offer.-.! in tlio
jguxtu, Georgia, Which we urc willing to sell at '
to be equalled anywhere South, prices rnrviiig from "1V
Y'S CLOTHING which will be SOLI? LOW.
3PLIKTO. t,"i
1 Venting*, to which we invite the attuntioa of every K'"
lice J
J. K. IIORA ft CO.. wl
Sucokhsors to J. M. Newsy ? Co , c?r
Under U. 8. Hotel, Augunta, Wn.
2S ^ hi.
JAS. H. RILEY, i.i
,d Greenwood, S. C., ^
? ??AV!XfJ 1.;..?if -i--- '
__ _ ihhiovii in viiia (IIUVV CIS
i JL for tlio transaction of a
Retail Drug Business, jJJ
ls? Respectfully solicits attention to his extensive |fy
mul well-uelecled Stuck, purchased in New York, |>r;
w during the present
Monetary Faziio ; fol
at such rules as to enable liim to compete, (both
>t in prici ami quality.) with Columbia Druggist*,
d Ureal inducements offered to
ih Physicians and Farmers,
' who are accustomed to sending their order* to
Colmuliia and Charleston.
The following list compriso a few articles of
evcry-day demand:
(Taster Oil, b}' gallon or bottle,
to . Sweet " " " "
p- Train ' " "
Nentsfoot Oil, '
Linseed " "
White Load, pnrp,
-* Cream of Tartar,
k Sup. Curb. Soda,
l'eppcr, black,
" cayenne,
iii Ginger, pu'^, ? African and Jamaica,
3' Table Mustard,
Maccaroui, air
'I'm. lil:./.L
1 Com ii ml I'earl Star cli,
Soups of every variety, of
in Window Glass 8 @ 10 and 10 @12, _
>' l'utty, V
Aduinantinc Cnndlcs,
Hnrninii Fluid, always frcsli,
ThIh^cu, eliewing tuid smoking,
Cigars of every variety, II
The very choicest brands of "
Cognac Brandy,
Blackberry Brandy, X:
_ Madeira Wine,
I'ort " pnrc jniee,
Ginger u W
Champagne Wine, M.
I .on. (iordial Gill, W
Woolf'a Schnapps. " '
Stoii{jhton'n Hitters, s|><
Stomach M pu'
Also, a very nico assortment of Fancy Toi- of
.ette articles, Perfumery, Confectioneries, &.c.
Noveihber 2ti, 1837. 31 tf.
ILj" Independent l'ress copy.
INLAND Route, Via Beaufort, Hilton IIea<l,
Savannah, Brunswick, St. Mary's, Feniandina,
Jacksonville, Black Creek and Pieolutn.
| The New and Splendid U. S.
Leaves Brown ?fc Co.'a Wharf every Tuesday
I Mornini; at 11 o'clock, nml rnnnnnt
with slaves for Alligator, Madison, Tallahassee,
St. Augustine, Orange Springs, Micunopy, Newe"
naiisviile and Tampa Hay.
A reduction made for Emigration.
cr Freight consigned to this Agency will be reu*
shipped free of eliarge.
ttt For freight or jiassnge, npplv to
Brown A Co.'a Wharf,
Charleston, S. C.
? Nov. 12, 57. 29 3m.
he Meroliants,
a 7
?le Reynold, between Jackson and Mcintosh Streets, |1C
~ Augusta, Ga. _
of mMfE HAVE removed to Metcnlf's Large,
re ww New, Fire-Proof Warehouse, on Keyis,
nold, between Jackson and Mcintosh Streets, rela
contly occupied by Gilliam & Askin, in the ?
th Centre of the City, iu the vicinity of the prineiall
pal Warehouses, and convenient to the Hotels. y
ri- Being amply provided with good und safe
rat Storage for JE
.y Cotton, Grain, Flour, Bacon, an
"ill and Produce generally, we respectfully solicit ''r.
th consignment*, which reccivc our undivided und
fcfl fllllllftll ?l# Allt S*?l%- '
of Fumily Supplies, and the usual facilities, will
jI- be afforded customers. J?
>r- Our Commissions will be suoli as aic customary ^
its m the city.
is* WM- M. M5ALL, ??
Ke J. W. L. STOVALL. 1,1
cli Augiiito, August 1, 1857. 1G Cm re
The 'Stat? of South Carolina, fcf
Abbeville Di?lrict?In the Common Pleat.
n, F. W.Davis, . ) . Gl
;n vs. ' V Attachment.
or- ' Henry Jones. ) '
Bn mMTHEHF.AS, tho PluintifF did, on the thir y
f f ty-flret day of Oetober, 186.7, file his n
Declaration againnt^tho defendant, who (as it is J
said) is Absent from and without the limits of this
11 8 State, and has neither wife nor Attorney known
nn V*/V .i ' ** . La t*. 1 ' : -* "
? wiinm me same,'upou whoin a oopy of .the said
'Vr, declaration mightbe;served. li i* thereforr'orn*
tiered, that the said Defendant do. appear and
n0 plead to the said decfaratlon. ort er before the a"
first da'y, of Novetnbei^Wfiipli will be in tli?r year ?
'fit our Ix>rd One Thousand Eight Htrndred and,
f" Fifiy-Eiyht,'otiwrwue final ? <? absolute Judgmeutwni
theo. be givenand awarded nguiilat . 1
him. - - * /.
P MATTHEW MpttoNALI>, c.e.r. 1x5
Jh |. Cle/k'i Office.^6v;'2f,18M/ ' S3r ly
J? # %f State of South Carolina, - "~
U- .Andre\y Dunn, App't^ <) . t .. v- -0
^ ^ . **..f ? v* *4 - i*v *
ed John Dunn, it at. ItolVs/'-V
IT appearing to imy satbfocf&n, tfiat Jalcson H
r* ' JU Kichey and i?ife Pollr? defendant* in thu( ~m
D? cut, reside without^# fimiU of. this State?It I
nd is therefore ordered that they do appear and ob . ke
!r>' jeet to the Sale of the' ReialfEstate of William / r'n*
Dunn, dec'd; on 6t before' the twelfth day of Feb- ' ,,
>n* ruary..n?xt, or tlielr eooMUt-?to tKe aame'will be an
*y entered of uVlwjk. -I i.v.
j| an
Willson ft Williams' Old Stand, opposito tho
Marshall Houso.
[TOr 1.1) respe<:f fwlly inform lli? citizens n
V Abbeville and the public generally tliut
ha* opened 11 *locl< of New Goods in tlio ?for<
inerly occupied l?y Meiwrs. Willmiii Sc Wil<
inn, mill lately by lilcMis. Sliigrr it l.cvingxtoii
posile the Marshall llou.se; hii?1 tli.it. In; Inn
ken every pains in neleotinij from the lieot. ec'
fSixliiiiuiitn in New York, u choice ainl huIcci
iek of
itaplo and Fancy Dry Goods,
lich lie in determined to sell nt living profits
the C?*h, ami only for C?xh, or its equivalent
b lonij experience justified llie n.~xeriiun linn
i select ion of
nferior to none ami eipial to tlie best.
Hit* purchases having been linuln principally
cnsu, ne will lie enai?ie?i 10 oifcr strong in
cements to l.adics anil Ccntlemeii, in Heard
something fine mid elegant, at moilerute ]iri
lie respect,fully solicits fiom tlie people o
ibeville anil vicinity, nil examination of lii:
ick, living satisfied llitit he will lie alile to grat
the most fastidious in i|iit>.li(y, quantity mu
11 is slock of Fancy Goods consists in part a:
Swiss .laconet Collars and Sleeves,
IH'k Crape. do do
Jaconet an<l Swisii Hands,
<lo do Kdging and Inserting
Thread, Linen ami Woven F.duini;.
Kiultroidi'i'i'il and llcm-stichcd Ilamlk's
Ladies' and ('. entleinns' I.. (5. do
ISomiets ami I'ildmiis, n large assortment
JJl'k Velvet Hibbou und Trimmings, o
(ill kinds,
laconet, Swiss and Dotted Mutlin,
Nainsooks, plain, plaid and Mripetl,
Something new for lining Dresses;
Bells, silk, leather and elastic,
French Working Cotton, all numbers,
French Corsets,
Staple Goods.
Blenched and lirowu Cottons, a large as
sort men I;
Kersey and .lanes, of nil kinds,
lllankets. a lfood assort nient.
My stock of I.udics' Dress Goods and Illacl
il Colored Silks had better be examined lielbn
rchasing elsewhere.
I would also ask all examination of my slocl
Sept. 17, 1S57 L'i tf
miiu tg HllL? UU2L?ni MN5J
Agricultural Implements.
Brick Range, Abbeville C. H.,
S NOW receiving his Fall Supplies or GRO'
VI. IMl'LKMKNTS, to which h?: most re
:ctlully invites the attention of the truilint
blic. His Sloek this fall, will consist, in part
the following Goods, viz:?
Sugur, Collee, Molasses and Salt,
Teas of nil kinds,
Fancy Groceries of every description,
Mugging, Hale-rope and Twine,
Su'??da anil English Iron,
II nop and Rand do.
Blister German and Cast Steel,
llollow-ware of every variety,
Traee, (/oil and other Chains,
Carpenters Tools in endlees variety,
Wooden and Willow Ware,
Table uud Pocket Cutlery,
Sausage and Straw Cutturs,
Corn Shellers of vaiious sizes,
Iliee, Tobacco nudSegai's;
Bed and Talilc Castors,
l'adlocks and one mi I lion Scrtws,
Jim Crow Cards, Table Salt and Suda,
Fine Champagne Wine,
Claret, Madeira and Sherry do.
Rye Whiskey and old French Brandy,
Well Buckets and Well Chains,
Buckets, Tubs uud Churns,
Well Wheels and Sifters,
\ ml- I rmiu - -- 1 ?
..v>.n "i r?gi J oun illlU &IZO,
Powder, Shot uud Lead,
Teti Kettles and Hollers,
llanil, Cross-cut and Mill Saws,
do. do. do. Files,
Mackerel in Kits, quurter, half and wboli
White Lead and Linseed Oil,
Train and Machine do.
Tallow, Ad. and Sperm Candle*,
Hammers, Hatchets and Axes,
Fall and Broad do.
Blucksmith's Tools in full suit,
Kails of best manufacture.
Tlio public ore invited to give him a call, n
feels assured nobody will be hurt by it.
Oct. 1?57 23 tf
B 3 O, O O O
[TOIITII of Valuable Property to bo Iluflm
V for, consisting of EASLEY'S
d other machinery, together with Seven linn
ed Acres of Laud and 2-1 "J Town Lots in tli
llage of Easley, making :i5(? prizes Highus
ize, $20,000!!! For further particulars se
jndbillu, or address cither of the following
ntlemen at Easley, Pickens District Soutl
Price of dinners only $10.00. Any pcrsni
closing ?10.U0, addressed an almve, and givinj
fir name and Post Office, plainly written, wil
ceivo n certificate of chance by return mail.
Oot. 14, 57. 35 Sin,
Alarm Locks; V
PI1E undersigned would state .that'he is lb
L sole Agent of this State for tlic safe of
Brown's Patent Alarm Lock.
This is an ingenious invention, to be'plucfed oi
d so arranged that any attempt to open it (r
tliiePbr robber will cause it to give an nlurii
id enough to wake the soundest sleeper.
A specimen of tlife Lock can bo seen at th
iire of VV. C. Mdbre, ?t Abbbeville C. II.
Apply to the undersigned at Greenwood, AL
ville, C.
Oct 15, 1857 25 Cm
..?? ' *
o. 204, Exchange Bow, Columbia, S. C.
[71 OR life sale of Real-Estate and Negro**?
i -i Also, (Joiton, Wheat, liacou, Lard; Whin
y,.Sugar, Coffee, Molasses,
Flour, Butter, Corn, HayJ
d produce generally. * -AJu.'l
Strict personal attention paid to tlie sals c
y of the above. Liberal udvaucea inude(.ai)
i^tir*w?nvtiiio6d, jami3) M. Cowa>
17; 1857'v 18 ty '
Everybody Hun Here!
Now is Your Time?Pitch In!!
Dont loo Soared 2! 2
f A SIM.KNIMI) opportunity m now <>H'er?*.l my
i I 1\. friends nml customers U? invest their money,
' if nut to iiinku ii fortune, nt. lo-ist to iiinko themselves
comfortable, l?y buying some of th? neatest,
huti.Isomesl mid finest
1 Winter Clothing
ever ofimril in this hit it nde.
' If you wish lo ' shiii<* out," gain rospcct or
make an impression upon tin* sweeter sex, just
call in lit my establishment, and 1 will rig yoll
..IF hi. neatly that run wont know yonrsi'lf.
' I have a good Tailor in connection with my
! House, an<l j;oods cuii !?? made up lo order.
1 'I'. V. CUKWS .t CO.
Greenwood, S. C., Oct. 14, 1857 25?ly
WM IBalah I f A fS IM tJ ! Ev I IV II V
r|"Ml K undersigned having dissolved liij copart>
1. ncrship wiih J. K. I.K \VKI.1,, takes plena
ure iti announcing to Die public generally and to
tins citizens of Abbeville l)i*lricl in particular,
f : 111ut. ho had :t large stuck of
' on IiiiikIs, ami from which ho proposed to Manufacture,
to order,
monuments' and tombstones.
lie would ivspcetfully ??%* t.o the public Unit
he has h'ciii'OiI the services of ihe
Most Eminent Murble Artists,
iiiul hopes, l?y close attention to biuine**, to
merit a reasonablo share of public patronage.
.1. I). (Ml ALMKItS.
Abbeville C. 11-, Aug. 2o, *."?? JJ
f ?3?" Independent l iess copy !Jm.
A-ixcl Mrtcliiiio Sliop.
rpAKK pleasure to inform their friend* nnd
L the pilhlic, that they slill continue to occupy
- the premises formerly used liy Geo. W. Wright,
for the purpose of getting up .Machinery of all
descriptions, as reasonable and ennui to any
North or South. Iron and l>ra.<d Callings to
; order, oil the shortest notice and I'oiisnuablu
; terms.
Sawdust Burners and Ginn Gearing of dilFbri
cut size*, always on hand.
i Sept 2, 1857 20 Oin
Near the Greenville Depot-,
ColTumloia, S C.,
Manufacturers of Slcam Engines, Boilers,
Mill Gearing, Grist and Saw Mills. ?c.
RE I NO practical Mill Wrights, Machinists
ami Engineers, lliey will attend to nil orders
in tln-ir line with promptness, and on reasonable
Repairing done nt the shortest notice,
ami Castings of all kimls made lo order.
April It, 1857 50 \ My
r|"MlE partnership heretofore existing Wtweeii
JL UUS. JOItDA-X A PUCKKTT, litis been
dissolved by the untimely death of l)r. C. t".
The undersigned Survivor will continne tlio
1)UU(? )>usim-ss ") litv old kIa:id of Wnrdhtw &.
Lyon. He has just returned from New York,
unit would say to to his friellds and custnmnra
that ho has n large and well assorted Stock of
with other fmicy articles, which he proposes ti?
sell at cash prices, and to Physicians particularly,
on very reasonable terms, lie lias given hit> personal
attention in selecting liisStock, ami nothing
hut the very Lest articles of DItUGS have lieeu
purchasod. I). A- JORDAN.
October 1,57. 23 ly
Q_7* Pri'M copy.
r|"MIE subscriber having purchased that coraJ
L modiolus and well kimwii mansion, tlio
Marshall House, has made every arrangement
for the Accommodation of permanent ntul transient
hoarders, and hopes, by proper attention, .
to merit a freo share of public patronnge. After
the first of October the rates of regtiular boarding
will be $15 per month.
Oct- 1?57 23 tf
. r|"MIE Subscriber has removed from his old
JL Htand to P'ii right. it Starr's Gin Factory, and
return* his (hunks for past favors, ami solicits a
share of public patronage in his line of business.
I He will make l'aiu-1 Doiira, Saab, Iilimls,
. i vvuriirobM, Tables, Desks, L)uor and Window
Frames, Ike, Sec.
1J?Ho will also make Collins of the finest
f style and finish.
For reference, apply to any gentleman in the
town of Abbeville.
April 1,1857 49 1 y
? The State of South Carolina,
Abbeville District.
n Isaac Carlisle, App'L. Partition
{ j In the mailer of th?
I Win. Carlisle, A guess }- Ileal folate of Jaru?a
Kennedy, et ul., I Carlisle, dcc'J.
Def'ta. I
IT appearing to my satisfaction that the children
of .lames Carlisle, mimes not known ;
the children of S?a?ii'l Carlisle, names imt known N
the clii 1(1 i-i-ii of Mariha Newall, names not
known ; the cliihlreti Marjrni-et Shucklcford*
_ mime* not known; and the children of Francis
Carlisle, names not known, heirs middialf ilm lees
of James Carlisle, decM, rosiile beyond the limits ,
c 'of this State?-It is therefore ordered thnt they
do appear, and olijpct to the s:tlo of the Real Kstate
of the said Jamos Carlisle, on or before the
a the sixth day of Junuary, A. I). 1858, or Ihcir
tionsent lo the samo will bo entered of record.
J Oct. 6, 57. 84 . 3m
Hair Wreaths.
? TVt CREWS would respectfully inform- ^
liJ. the Ladies of Abbeville village, mid of the "V"* <.
H District generallyi that she lias returned to this ' ;
village, and would be pleasnd to resume her former
occupation of niakiug 1IA1R WREATHS*.'
for any who may desire them. This iti a most
beautiful, mode of preserving the hair, and of
perpetuating the memory of deceased or.ab*euk A
8 friends, The WHEAT118 can be made to nuy
size, and composed of the hair, of as many dif- ' V
ferent persons as desired.
Any ono desiring the above work caa find Mrs* ' ii
, C. at Mrn. Ai.le.ns Boardini; Housa,
Abbeville, Ocl. 21,1857 25 , If
Mackey Council, B.*- ft S.\ M.Y
/T^HE.IUiffular meetinsf of (his Council will h?
JL:' he1d; t\ii'T/iira Wtdmtday Night of each
Montb. '4 ' ' 'v t; ' - f
' Extra meetings will be catted.at any time fo
A 'suit th'a convenience of, Comi>a?ieuit Crotu lh?
country. " J. G. li.\SKIN\ Kc?ort1?r..
U . Oct 39, 1857 - , , 27. if
^ J

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