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Groceries, Provisions, Hardware,
Cutlory, Agricultural
Ii. S. KLER.R,
Wo. S3, Grfinito Xln,ngo,
n K(JS leave lo state that, lie lias recently
iiiiiuo im?c noon ions 10 1118 MOCK, Willi
great cure, with u spccial view to suit I lie trade
of illPistiict. The new Cash system recently
adopted hy him, has operated tidmiruhly, having
been highly complimented hy u great uiiitiy vety
sensible gentlemen, for the course taken. In
fact, there is no sensible, huncut man who exl>eets
to he supplied with groceries all the year,
ut stn.ill profits, on time. The hardest customers
1 have ure those who, almost invariably, take
*tho longest time to pay. They must be sure
they ure getting gin ills ut cost, or under, and then
keep you out. of the money, until forbeiirutieo
ceases to he a virtue, and still expect the tilerchant
to be honest ; while it. must be apparent
lo every one, of even the dullest comprehension,
that the merchant, must either quit his occupation
or chisel somebody. I always suspect such customers
when i hear tlieiu complaining about
mean merchants. Without hearing the case, it
r:s a safe rule to tint the customer down for thu
biggest scoundrel of the two.
1 *uivc been particularly careful in selecting
n Binall stock of Carpenter's TooIk. wilich 1 iulenil
to mat?o. a leading feature in my business.
My stock aV present is small, but will make such
additions as I shall find suited to the wants of
the trade. I invite particular attention to my
jiu|;erK, <>i tiic very i?usi iiinnuiaeiure in uie
'I'hfi Mock at present consists, in part, of the
following ?IIII<|m, VI/. :
ft II lid*. new crop X. ((. Slid All,
15 Bids C?>IIV<! do
5 " Stewart's A do
I(? Minis \V. I. ,M< >1.ASS 15S,
41) IMds N O. SYKUP,
loll SksSAl.T.
] 00 Iv ct*s N A 11.S,
50 Uoxt'S Knglisli Hairy CHEESE,
5tl " Malaga UAlSlNS,
5(1 " Adiiiiiniitiue Candles,
ill " pure Sperm do
lll'l Hugs Sliot, assorted,
400 Ills' Har l.ead,
3d Hues Kin CoHee,
4 Tierces new Uiue,
1! I Soxes .Macaroni,
<> i Koi?s Ky. Powder,
1(1 .1 i : . >
iv uoy.. v.uiiimi'1" 'iii
10 " Corn lli'iKMiiH,
100 pairs Trtee Chains,
All oilier kinds do
Buckets, Tub--, Keelers, Churns,
Sifters, Skimmers, Ladles,
l'orter and Ale, in pint.- and quarts,
Linsrvd, Machine ami Train t.)il,
Scgars and Tohaceo, finest quality,
Blacksmith Tools,
Plows, Harrows, Hakes,
Straw Cutters and Corn Shelters,
All boxes Window (.'lass.
Will i\v Wagons and Wooden Ware,
Hugging, I'ope and Twine,
Whisky, Brandy and Wines,
l'ots, 0veils, Skillets, Frying Funs,
Wattle and Wafer Irons,
' I'ocket and Table Cutlery,
While Wine and Apple Vinegar,
INI ill, Cross-Cut and Hand Saws,
llooks and lling-s,
n.... i *
j>nii ii", mi sizes,
Sitrcws of every siz<\
I'uro, ?iii(l No. 1 White Load,
I'll l imit' llicvii, Chinese Uluo,
iJiirni Turkey Umber,
I'ulenl Dryer,
Ivory Hiuck,
Freui'li Yellow,
^linii' Oehl'e,
Oxluid d<i
Cuaclt, C(i|>:il, nml Furniture Varnish,
\)einiir, for y.im:k finish,
l'uiiit Brushes, :> 11 sizes.
Willi a cusit niiinj* other articles, which a
pnyintr public is invited to buy.
iMiirch In, I8.j8 4i> 41
IN nil tlie leading branches of manufacturing
industry, the ureal practical superiority of
Sinter's Sewing Machines is u fuel established
beyond dispute. No tailor, slioe manufacturer,
clothier, seamsiress, ilre.-s-maker, satl-iler, car
riai?e t'iinuier, hid manufacturer, ?fcc., <tc., can
ntloril to <lo without tliem.
One Thousand Dollars a Year
Is only n fair average of the actual profit from
the use of each one of these Machines, anil, fur
continuation of this truth, we refer to any one
of the thousands of persons who use them. They
ure adapted to every sort of work, fine or course,
upon silk, cotton, linen mid Woolen fabrics, also
light and heavy leather. They never fail to (jive
entire Kntistaetion.
To tue?i the growing demand for n smaller and
more elegant mv>rhine fur private household purpone",
we have, just pioducud, ami are ready to receive
orders for
Singer's New Family Sewing Machine,
\V iiloll is t he most coin|>stoL iiimI beautiful Sewing
Machine over constructed. It is ornamented in
tin- highest style of tin, mill all who spc it arc
delighted with it. It makes the improved interlocked
stitch, nnd is capable of doing a greater
variety of work in better siyle than any other
Sewing Machine ever offered for family purposes.
It in not subject to the objection of using twice
too much thread, and making u raveling Ream,
like the (.? rover & linker; nor is it confined in its
operation to a few thin fabrics, liable to get
out, of order, and unfilled to use flax thread, like
the Wheeler & Wilson Mucliiue; hut is amply
sufficient to perform all kiudsof family sewing.
i'rice of Family Machine with iron table complete
for use, ?100. The larger standard machines,
from ?125 to $200. Send for I. M. Singer
ft Co.'s Gazette, a beautiful pictorial paper, devoted
to Sewing Machines, and containing list of
Irices, and all other information on the subject,
t will be foiwardeil gratis.
E. J. TAYLOR, Agent
For Abbeville District, and 'adioinimr terriiorv
+ o J
Charleston Office, 324 King Street '
N. B.?As Agent for the above Machine, I
' would here state tliut I have had one of the No.
3, Miveltinea in operution for eight months, and
^ thai.it Jiub performed work, from fine shirt col*
Iars to heavy leather iu Carriage Trimming, fur
beyond my expectation. I would not be without
it', and shall be pleased to send samples of the
work 'to any one who may wish to see. them.
Also, to receive orders for Machines, and to give
All instructions iu working them.
March 10, 1868 4C tf
JLe^periau Chapter, No. 17, R.\ A.'. M.\
A REGULAR Convocation of this Chapter
will be held on FRIDAY EVENING, 12th
A general attendance of members is requested,
a* business of spcciul importance will be trans
aciea. 1111s i-hapier bring now Chartered, a
Constitution will lie at oncc adopted.
By Order of M.\ E.\ II.*. JV.
S. C. DeBKUIIL, Sec'y.
March 10, 1868 46 It
Notice to Bridge Builders.
WILL be let out on Friday 19tli inst, to
the Lowest Bidder, the' Building of a
JJridga Over Longeane Creek, at Isaa6 Kennedy's
KjiiU. T he Bridga is to bo. built according to
th'?* plau of the bridge recently' built over the
same Crock, one and a half miles below, and
fcnofrtt mpstunoo's Bridge. The letting will
Uke place at said Mills, at l3 pV<mk:
"" ? CommUaioner.
' - 4y 2t
-, Pi$c-Eye Potatoes.
' BBLS.'Pit?k-Eye Planting Irish Potatoes,
?0 ml received anfl for salo lowbylho barrol,
*' * <
' ? ?
JUST to think, after tfvcdlting,' customer* f<i
3.or 4 yearn, and you demand.ycur money
thill sonic of thorn should threaten to |>lrad in
fancy, oilier* It) Ulkoh<lvHiitn?v'of tlie'niglit am
ruii away, and not pay for cccn thi-trouble yoi
had in ki>ei>iii<! clothes on them, and otliors l<
live right here in town, and pulf cigar smoke, am
blow their stiukinnr whiskey breaths ill your face
when (ho money that bought that whiskey am
those cigars, ought .to liuve been paid to som
merchant who lot ihem have clrtthei* and othe
! indispensable nrttOlcs, and who thought I hoy Inn
I enough of gentlemanly principle to j?:?y i n lum
| est debt, mid then alter all tho trouble, beside
the. exjKMise, to lo?o the debt, I say 'tis/irorokiuij
i All the persons who got credit of me, didn'tget i
because they were worth the amount of their ill
dcbtcduess, but beculise 1 thought they were hou
est, ainl 1 had too much respect for their feeling
to refuse them crei.ii.
I have a list of those who have been imposing
in this way Upon Miisu.^pcct'iig merchants, ami
for one, will lake the responsibility of giving then
u Newspaper iiutnriuijvifthey don't pay iiiu wliu
they owe me?a tritling'set of scoundrels; tliej
shan't huy anytliiugelao on credit, if 1 (.'an hel|
it. 1 think as ninth of- a man who would steal, a:
one who would gel goods under such false proton
ces. So those to whom 1 allude.? 1 see some o
j thein 3 or 4 times a day?had better call and setth
soon, with " * J. J. LYONS.
M arch I, .r)S 45 I f
Tlio Stato of South Carolina.
In Equity.
j Elleu C. "Waters, et al, )
vs. ' Dill for Partition of
11. F. Summers, et al. ^ Land, Acet., ?tc.
IN PURSUANCE of an Order of the Court n
Equity, in the above staled ease, we will sol
at public auction, nil Sale Day iu April next, a
Abbeville Court Mouse, One Hundred and Nino
ty SHAKES OF STOCK, iu the Greeuvilh
it Columbia Rail Uoud Company, belonging t(
the Estate of John W. Summers, deceased.
me oiock will tie sokl in parcels or lots of fif
teen or Iwciily bhurcB, on a credit of fou
S. FAIlt,
1*. IIA III,
Surviving AJm'rs.
March G, 1S58 *1G til
rI"MIE subscriber lms in press of Walker, Evan
.1. it Co., Cliailesion, ltaui uy's History o
South Carolina, villi Maps of Charleston and tin
State, .which will he ready for subscribers bj
April 1 "uh. The Hook is a f'nrn1i>iti ?..irL- ii
over}" rcspeet, papeiy-print and binding. In ilii.
History we have a full record of llio hardship
and diiliciilties of urn* Fathers in the desert will
the savage Indian, and the Briton in war of '7(i
The work is being printed on fine white paper
large, clear type, hound in one volume complete
octavo, GOO page.*,' cloth, arms of State on back
Palmetto Tree on side, pricc- $3.50. llalf cal
marble edges, ?4.50. Send on your name earl}
?only a small edition' printed. 1'ti Wished uui
for sale by
>'W. J. DUFF IE,
Bookseller, Newberry, S. C.
Biiancii &. Aixmjx Agent, Abbeville, C. II.
Always 011 hand at Puffin's Book Store, New
berry, S Hi vers' Historical Sketches of S
(*., Carroll's 11 istorieal Collections of S. Col
lections of Historical Society of S. C., Gilmore
Simni'r Romances, ilor^o Shoe Robinson, a Tab
of Tory-asccndency in S. U., by Kennedy.
March 1858. 45 3t
The State of South Carolina.
In Equity.
Renieker tt Glover, ) Rill for an account
N. J. Davis, 'Wm. M. Sale ) Mftrslial,inS nsscl:
and others, .J- " &c.
IT appearing to tlio Court, that Win. M. Sale
one of the Dufe^dents in tliis case, resides fron
and lirvoiid tlie limits of tlio State?on motion <>
Wilson, l.omux andlladden, Complainant'sSolic
itjirs. ordered, that (lit? said defendant do appear
and answer, plead, or demur to tlie Complain
ant's Hill of Compliafttiwlthhi'threo montln afto
publication hereof, of ui.herwwe the same Bill wil
lie takeu pro co'//fi/Ojigiiiiisthitn.
W.. 1 f. PARKER, c.ka.d.
Commissioner's Office, )
March 3,'I?58.: ) '45 3m.
The Stato of South Carolina,
In Equity.'
Elizabeth Robinson, -.Y, . %-' :
vK. > Bill for Partition, ?Lc.
James E. Robinson. ) ,
It appearing to iny_ satisfaction,' that .Tames E
Robinson, one of the defend-in Is in (his ease, re
sides beyond (lie limits of this Stijte. On motioi
of Renin Sc. Cothrftn ii isj^rdered, that the sait
James E. Robinson do jilead, answer or demur t<
Complainant'.) Rill of "Cpmplnuit, within threi
from the publication hereof, ~0r the enine will b<
taken pro coiifcsso against him.
V. II. P'jjUtKEK, c,fcA.p.
Commissioner's Office,.)^ *
March 2, lftffe: j _ . '45 3m..
XJi'ixggists cfc C^LVsmlsts
Abbeville C, IJjCj'S. C.
?*-*>'. ..t*
HAVING fotnieil a Cop^imicrship for th
purpose of carrying on:iti!* DRUG BUS
INKSS. we Itcjj Itiuve tx> inToriTi-Ihe^citizejis c
Abbeville ami the surrounding qourilhy, that w
have on hand a largfe an-] SvJll bcleetcd Slock C
Drugs and Medicines*v
to ?'hicli we in vile.their Hflentipit. . ** v
One of ihc firm having hud n long pXpeHenc
in the business, we feel confident that-Nvo cu
give general sntisfaetion ; -and having made^nr
ruiigiuents in New York for the purchase of 5u
Good*, we can sell on as gof>d*tcrirrs as flrt*y eq,
he bought either in CJiurlestoir of L'ohftuliift.Our
Block will ahvnys lie cimjdeie,. and nil at
ticlSs warranted genuine. . fhysician^ will'<3
well to give us a call before purchasing ?ls<
I where, as we can offer them olrong indiiccifiCiiti
. Our Stock will consist in pari of all Mfcdicint
uaetJ l>y * ' "
Farmers and Physioi^s,
Ffne brandies, Wines and Ljj<]uors, PuintH^Oi
ami Dye Stuffs, Window,GIo^r, Fine Perfumt
ries, Luhin's Extracts fur tlie flundl?ercfiief, Sui
gical Instruments, Cutlery.
Fresh Garden Seeds,
New supply nnd great varieties, find many otlic
articles too numerous tojnqption. . .
A continuance of the pa^roHnge hwetoftrg e
'liberally bestowed ou tl?e* house, is fce'spectTull
solicited. , ,?. '
D. A. ^ORD/ft . J).?
i>.. ArcJiAtrcjftnr/r- *
Feb. 12, 185,8
Selling off at* :
I WILL sell IrJm. d.^ ^y^VQRSTIH
Heavy OVER-XJOArrS, al lU/perioeift.on N'ei
York costs, for the Cash. '**-} * *, j'
' /."WIAWjssv,
Jan. 29, 58 40
? v.' - ? ? ' ?
Fresh garden Seeds for'SaJe.. V. i
APPLES, CArjBAO^ilctfDs,\raw W?T
such things as many peO|)le.il^d^
Notice to Debtors.
i r.HUSK indebted by Note or jf^n 'Accounl
X are pratieulnrly notified to corfii (orwarl
and make aettleinent. ' . ' . *?
3. T. BtVRises'
Lowndesville, Jan. 28, 1058. " * . "40-tf.
1 f yli, Vi-, *t.' ..
The Abbeville Sboatn MiUaL
THE Abbeville gteartr Millsare.now in gfjty
_ repair, and ra^ke as Jtirjp a yield
ti/nl, white flour rfs any Mills hi the courifr.y.At
these Mills you will always find ftopb/ntooda
ting millers, who understand their.business..' Al
. they aslris ft/air trial, v- ?
. Recollect,l\aL th(*e Mills are the Mlllt fo 'r tfo
'* to ptyrfmiie- We.'will- jnsnre satiafcction .ia a
- cases. Small favors thankfully reoetved,
' Ma*Ch4,l8& 45 If
1 Compounded cutircly from GUMS,
J TK one ?if tin* best Purgative nnd Liver Mcdi"
-L cilies iimw before (lie public, nets us a (Jathar'
tic, easier, milder, ami more effectual than any
'? other medicine known. It. in not only u (Jathar'
tic, hut a Liver remedy, acting fiist on the Liver
L* to eject in morbid matter, then on the stomach
j" j and bowels to carry oll'iliat .matter, thus accoiu'
ptishiui; two purposes ellcctually, without any of
" the painful feelings experienced in the operation
s of most Cathartics. It strengthens the system at
tlio same time t hat. it purges it; and when taken
t daily in moderate doses, will strengthen and
build it up with usual rapidity.
s The Liver is one of the principal regulators
of the human body; and when it performs its
r functions well, the powers of the system are
j fully developed. The stomach is almost oil.
tircly dependent on tlio healths' action of tlio
L j j liver fur the proper jicrforiuauce of its functions j
I H w'l,!" the stomach is at fault, tin* liowcls arc !
, | at limit, iiuil the whole system suitors in eonse- |
s ; ft <|Uenceofoiieorgau?thel.iver?havingceascd
j V tn do its duly. For the diseases of that organ
C i one of the proprietors has made it his study, iu
. ! P praeliee of inure than twenty years, to tind
. some remedy wherewith to counteract the
C many dcruugciueiitsln which it is lialde.
To prove that this remedy is at last found,
ffjany person troubled w'itli Liver Complaint, in
H any of its forms, has to try u bottle, and cou
vielion is certain.
W These (Junisremove all inorliid or l>nd matter
from the system, supplying iu their place
y a healthy llow of Idle, invigorating the stomach.
causing food lo digest well, purifying the
l< ^ Iduotl, giving tone and health to the whole lilaI
I chinery, removing the cause of the disease, ofI
Q lectin}; a radical cure.
| * Millions attacks are cured, and, what is hot,
| ^ ter, prevented,liy thuocciiMonal use of the I.ivor
"j 1 H Inviiiorator.
One dose after eating is sufficient to relieve j
_ H the Stomach and prevent the food from arising
and souiing.
?< >nly one dose taken before retiring, prevents
Only one doso taken at night loosens the
H bowels gently, and cures Costiveiiess.
One dose taken alter each meal will cure
l Dyspepsia.
Jr L5?" ",lc 'l,,s'e of two tea-spoonfuls will alwas
relieve Sick Headache.
M / . > - ? *
via- iiuiiic i.uiim mi icuiaie ousiruciioii re_
move tlie cau.su of the disease, and make a perM
ffcl cure.
Only <?no dose immediately relieves Cholie,
' while one dose ?>l*tr*>|icut*>(] is a sure euiefnr
h| Clmlrni Mori his, anil a preventive of Cholera. !
? Only one lmtlle is neeileil to throw out j
' * of the system the elll-cis of medicine after a long '
B sickness.
?"5?" tbie bottle Itik'-n for.lanndiee removes
' all shallowness or iinmitiiral color from lhe.*kiu.
' m One <losu taken a short time helore eating
gives vigor to the appetite, ttml makes food
* digest well.
* V One dose often repented cures Chronic DiarJ.
_ rhn-a in iis worst forms, while Summer ami i
fcliowel complaints vie.d almost to,he lirst dose,
j One or two doses cures attacks caused l>y i
^ Worms in Children: there is no surer, safer, I
" or speedier remedy iu the world, as it never |
a fails.
Z3f ^ ^'w bottles cm res Dropsy, by exciting j
' the absorbents.
ifi We tako pleasure in recommending this
medicine as a preventive for Kevr and
Agile, Chill Fever, ami all Fevers of a Millions
Type. It operates Willi eeitainty, and ihoii>
"finds are willing to testify to its wonderful virtues.
All who use it nre giving their unanimous testimony
iu its favor.
ILf* Mix water iu tlio mouth with the Invigorator
and swallow liotli together.
^ Is a scientific Medical Discovery, and is dnily
j working cures almost too great to lielicvc. It
cures as if bv niairie. even the i'u-*i
benefit mill seldom m?rc tiuui one bottle is rcijuir,
eil tocurc uny kinil of Liver Complaint, from the
1 worst Jaundiee or >y??|to :i ciiiuinoii lleailf
achc, nil of which are the result of u Diseased
- Liver.
, i'riee, On?> Dollar p?r bottle.
SANKOKD it CO., Proprietors,
r yl.j IJroadway, New Yoik.
1 Wiioi.is?Ai.K A or..sis.
Barnes it l'nrk, New York; T. XV. Dyolt it
Sons, Philadelphia ; M. S. Durr ifc Co., Huston ;
II. II. Hay it Co., i'ortliunl; Jolin l>. l'nrk, Cineinuali;
(J ay lord & 1 lamtnond, Cleveland;?
Falun-stock it Davis ("hit'iign; O. J. Wood
Co., Si. Louis; (inii'jjc II. Keyner, I'll.tj-bilig;
S. S. Ilanco, Baltimore, And retailed by all
s.?i.i> nv
Jordan it McLalciii.in, Abbeville.
Branch & Ai.i.ks, AMifville and Due West.
Sii.l it Inrali.s, Columbia.
Feb. i25, 1S")H. 14 ly
A ND wlio (lint is I'Mir wniit.l i...i 1 - :? ?
sfored to former color; or bald, but would
liuvc the growth restored, or tumbled with tlaiudruff
and itching lint would have it removed, or
troubled witli scrofula, seabl head, or other erupf
t ious, but would be cured, or with sick headache
? .(neuralgia) but. would l?e cured. It will also remove
all pimples from the faee and skin. Prof.
c Wood's Hair restorative will do all tlii:?, sec eircular
and the following:
,f Anx Aiibok, November i>, 1S5G.
?' . Prof, 0. J. Wood.?Dear Sir : I have heard
>f much said of the. wonderful effects of your Hair
Uestor.it i ve, but having hdell so often eheated by
quackery and quack nostrums, hair dyes, &?., I
was disposed to place your Restorative iu the
0 same category with the thousand and one loudly
trumpeted quack remedies, until 1 met you iu
' Lawrence county some months since, when you
1 gave me such assurance as induced the trial of
11 your Restorative ia my family?first by my good
~ wife, whose hair had become Very thin and entirely
white, and before exhausting one of your
" 'large bottles, her hair wan restored nearly to its
!* original beautiful brown color, and had lliickcncd
and had become bountiful and glossy upon, and
'3? entirely over the lieau ; she continues to use it,
not simply because ofiU beautifying eflects upon
* tho hair,,hut bcciui.ie of its healthful influence
l-? iinou tliu 1 1
? ? .?~ wmers o' my Intnily
a and friends are lining your Restorative, with the
*linppieat effects; therefore, my nkopt ieistii and
doubts f.i reference to itscharacter nnd value art)
eiitirely-\removed; and 1 can and do most cordially
ult<1 confidentially recommend its use by all
r who would have tlieir hair restored from white or
gray (l>$. rfcasori of.sickness or age,) to original colli
oi^untlfiCftuty, nitdliy all young |>ernons who would
Yt ^aye lf{oir**ltt\ir beaiitifn! and glossy.
? >*.*> ''-"Very truly and gratefully yours,
* V *'' . . '
$t> ^V[poDr: It was a.long time after I saw
jyou atfBlissfield before I got the bottje of your
for which.you gave me an order upv,
01T ^ouf ag^nt in Detroit and when I got it we
'c^iichj'd^Tto ^ry it'bn Mr*. Mann's hair, as the
jifith 'powor. It has done nil that you
i ' emred^o jL\^oU[^. 4o ; and others of my family
[ v ftwidfe qavingTvitu'eflsed its effects, are now
' u^iiug aud rtjfifnitfiending i.ti'ude to Qthera as en*
titfeB'ta fbfi'^jigliist cohsldcfution tou claim for
I 'fcCT*.* *f-'.
% |
, Ii.l, Juno 28, ]862. ?
I havtfnisert Itfof Q. ^W<x>d'/H?jr tjjfestqjpS^
iifaau^a^iidrnfrfltl^tiroij.d^rfufeffe'ctfc^ JIy
i ?Wit ,v?s Itecpuling.jUtJ UimM^JWAmatdrtily
v|gj-a^?faf by't|i^j^ptbimlwoi'ativ"iLflW?xfh
- -V
33. 3MC. cfc B. -A.. -\7
1) ! !< J I.I'AVI' (o inform llio public (lint, oil iiccou
Shirts, Ud dor-Shirts, Collars, Cra
Porfumory, Station
And lliotisnnda of oilier articles too numerous to me
tlioui lo buyers. Wo will soil eveylhing in our lino,
than articlesof llio same <|iialily can be bought this ;
to us, so vvc will make it mi object lo the people lo li
All you have to do is lo jjivo us a call siul we will ucl
tin; worth of your money. Now, conic, and don't ut
?.5^"* Jiciiienibcr the placc?
Clothing Depot, Corner o!
January 28, 18.18
U TMTlA"Dm AlVTm mr\ * TT
$40,000 WC
Wl'! Inivc I Ik* best and heaviest slock of FALL an
C'iiy, under the United Slates lintel, Augusta,
I^BW-Isro E=LIE?
Ollr stock of Overcoats and Knirlauus as lint, to lie
sl.'iU to SiJo.iM). Unusual heavy stock of HOY'S CI
Also a heavy slock of Cloths, Cassimeres and Vest
bony, to be made up lo order at the shortest tiolicu
October I, 18.VT.
?Tik33XjES. K
Tin: undersigned, having rented *^N*TTV
iVilLlj. the St allies formerly kept l?y J./XT~) 'J
M. Davis, upon Washington street, would hereby ^
notify tlii- traveling public that, at. a large outlay, '''
he has fitted up and re-arranged them for the
purpose of accommodating any and all who may
feel disposed to patronize hint.
He would also say that his Stable!) will always -d
h? provid.d with experienced Ostlers, and an ' >
abundant supply of provender. J"
lie would say that in connection with his Ma- J"
bles, lie has also rented the Hotel occupied last 80
year by .lohiison Uauicy, and is prepared to ac
couimodatc holli peruiaiicntand transient boarders.
Having had long expcricneo in the Hotel and
Stable business, he flatters himself that hi* untiring
efforts in his line will not fail to please his W1
pat rons.
I lis Stables are well supplied with Hacks, Carriages,
Buggies and HorsVs, lo hire. jd
lie hopes by strict attention to business to 1,1
vi.i uiiu nwnc tx snare <11 [iiiihh;
Alilicvilli; C. II., S. C., Feb. ID, isr.s. If 1,1
TIIH subscriber would respectfully ^'5^ an
inform llit? public Mint lie tins la
moved from liis <>1 <I stand, and leased, retitted
and repaired tlie lioilsc of Mrs. .1 ASH L. Al.t.KN,
oil the Smith-Last corner of l'nbliu Sijuare, where ?
lie will at. all times be pirated to receive mid
aecoiiimiidale nny and all who fetl disposed to j-w
favor liiin with their patioiiage. No pains or [
expense will lie spared to render his quests e<>tn- m
fortablc and happy, while his table will lie slipplied
with the best the country can ull'ord. All j. j
lie asks is a tiial, ami he feels confident tlint iie
will be able to please, both in aei'OiinnoihifiouR '
and jifirr, ns his {rinding motto is?" Live and ^
let Live." His intention is to cliargo such prices
as he can live by, und others can ntford to t>|)
l'ay- * . cli
There will be Stables connected with this
Hotel, supplied with nil the requisites of n Livery ''
Stable mi that he will be enabled to neenmmo S(i
date Imth man and beast. There will also be
conveyances to convey passengers to any jioint (j(
they may desire to go. .
J miliary 12, 18.13 S3 If
AlDloovillo C. IX., S. C. r|
HM! I, subscribers lim ing procured the Stables M
L uttucheil to the Hotel formerly occupied hy lJ'
Mis. Alien, would respectfully suy to the public
that. tlicy have thoroughly repaired au?l refitted
tlie same, and that they will in future have thrill
provided wiih attentive ostlers and tlie l>est of
provender; that they aro prepared to lake llorae.s
hy the month or day, at moderate prices.
They would also state that they will keep
Horses, IJuggiea and other vehicles, to liiro by
the day.
Feb. 10, 18o8 42 tf
Copartnership Notice.
II1AYK this day associated with me in business
Mr. C. F. QlTAlPfi, to take died
from August 1st, 1857, extending to August 1st,
18(i0. 'I'lie stvie of the firm iu future will be fi
MOOltE & (iUAlFB.
W. c. MOORE. se
_ ... .... ru
IJ t'.M'KUiT UL.LY notify tlii> public that they
.11/ nrc determined to sell goods if they can
find buyers. We sell only for cosh, and there
is no use in asking for credit. It won't do. A
determination to adhere strictly to this prinei- _
pie will enuhle us to sell goods cheaper than can
possibly Le ntl'urdcd on the usual long crcdit
system. The argument in favor of the
Cash System
is inexaustihle, while that for the Credit i3 exhausted,
iu too nmny unfortunate instances, in
tho numerous appearances of noticca to Dehors
by those who 8c!I on a credit.
Our Stock is Fresh?New out and out, and is
composed of every article usually kept in our
line. Wo nre always anxious to wait on customers,
and will take pleasure iu doing any and
everything in our power for ilie Trade, for the
C'us/i?don't forget that?that's.the thing that
makes the urease; that makes the turn in the
wheel. Don't you understand? Just try us,
und we will do you good.
January 20, 1858 39 tf
BLACK and Fancy Silks, French Muslins,
French Mirinos, (every color,) Solid and M
Fancy DcLuins, Linsoy's Striped Osnubun>R, J
Isleu ?. iiro.'s Homespuns, Miks Georgia and Q|
Kentucky Kcrsies. Red and Negro Blankets, w,
(every price,) from $1 25 to $8 00 per pair. th
?ALSO? 6
Bonnets, Flats nnd Hats, Cup9 and TToods, <fcc., qu
<ta, Clothing from Heaviest Overcoat to smallest fVc
Sucks, Vests and Pants froin50 cte. to @10 each. at
I would just say that as the "indefatigable
clothing man" has retired from business, 1 can let
sell Clothing or any thing else as low as any rn(
man who sells nt a profit. ca
I have, also, tho agency for Dixon'a Spiral
Meat Cutters and Sausage Stufiers, a few of
which I have now on hand.
Hardware^Crockery, Tin and Wood ware always
ou (laud. Cull aud see me at Lowndesville,
S. C. *' J. T. BARNES. H
% Oct 22?57 27 ' ~ tf ' J
G-. T. A il 3D E R S OJNT, '
>'.V> "
lit of the (init's^ we ari> dctcriiiiiird to sell our
IHIOTS, IIOSII'jKV, <>f all ?lisi:ri|itimiH;
T* 1- ' " " * "
u v cvta, jt ocKoi-nanciKorciiiels,
ory, Umbrollas,
ntion; lull wo will luko pleasure ill showing
l<> uuhIi buyers, from 15 to il't |ier cent. cheaper
mle of Charleston. A* money is :i great object
my our goods, l?y ?jivinj^ them such bargains.
II you good-:. Viiti may depend y??u will yet
(gleet il, us it is to your interest t?? do so.
R M. ?t S. A. WINKSTorK'S.
f the Marshall Holts*', Abbeville C. II., S. C.
Hi tint
:<1 \V INTKIt Cl.nTIIINC ever offered in tlic
, (icorgia, wliieli we are willing to sell at
equalled anywhere Siiulli, |>i ices varying from
.OT11INC wliieli will bo JiOl.D L(I\V.
ings, to which wc invito the at). ni'u.
J. Iv. 1IORA Sc. CO.,
Si'crrs-oi'.s to .1. M. Ni:\vr.v ?t Co.,
Under C. S. Hotel, Augusta, (!a.
23 if
Candidates ior Patronage.
11 HE Citizens of Abbeville District mid sit rroiiit
1 iii<5 count i v, are hereby notified
at the Under.-ijjtied having purchased the
Dry Goods Establishment,
retoforc known as (hat of Messrs. Chambers ?.t
ar.-liall. in Alilicvillc villa-jo, arc now prepared
oiler greater iiiducu>:icuts( if possible, to the
microns patrons of iliat establishment; having
st imported a very large, complete and liandnie
variety of (iUODS, such as have been usuly
offered lor sale.
The supplies will 1?<? added to weekly, atul
cry articlc usually called for in a first class
italdishmcnt., will lie found on sale.
The strictest, attention will be paid to moot the
nuts of patrons who will lie supplied with the
Best Q,ualitios of Goods,
tlic most reasonable figures fur CASH, as we
tend lo pursue a strictly cash system.
Wo will add to our l)KY (iOU|><. a lar<o>
iner.y sneii ns aro usually called for by Indies,
>ads of Families, or fur I'lautaliitii l'nrposes,
id it is hoped that our strict, attention to laisiiss
and ellorts tn please, will secure lor us the
ntiiiucd pat lounge of the friends of the house,
t>l thu additional suppmt of tin? public ill
Dee. 3, 1S.?T. 3 J if
TUB Subscribers having disposed of their entiro
stock of l>ry Goods, in the establishi-nt
know ns Chambers & Marshall, at Abbeville
II., S. C.i beg leave to recommend to their
ends mid the public generally, their successors,
essrs. John Gray and Jus. '1'. Robertson, who
ill conduct the business under the stylo and
leof Gil AY ?fc ROBKRTSON.
These gentlemen are well known by us as
terprising and correct business men, ami we
eerl'ully recommend them to our friends and
Ltrous as worthy their liberal patronage.
C$5!~Mr. John (!ray w our authori/.ed Agent to
ttle all accounts due bv or to the firm of
lainbors ?& Marshall, and we earnestly request
ose indebted to make early settlement, as it is
solnl civ necessary lor us to close our business
Abbeville Court House, and the adjacent
Columbia, S. C., Nov. ."{II, 18f>7. 3'J-tf
Abbovillo Malo Acadcmy.
I'M IB Exorcises of this institution will he re.
The Scholastic year will he divided into two
?ssious. The first will begin upon the first
nndny in JANUARY, and caniiiiiic 2S weeks;
es-cond commencing on the second Monday in
bJi'TE.MBEU, will continue 10 weeks.
Reading, Writing, Spelling and Primary Geography,
1st Session, - - ?11 no
2d Session, - - - - - G Uo
The above, with Geography, Arithmetic,
English Grammar, History and exercises
in English Composition, 1st
Session, - - - - . 20 00
2d Session, ----- J] Ou
The above with ull the advanced English
branches, 1st Session, - 2S 00
2d Session, - - 10 00
rrii*> iiIiova ** ? !* T ""-1 /" +
w j.uiiii uiiu urceK) 131
Session, .... 2S 00
2d Sosion, - - . - . 12 00
01/' Students will ho charged from the time
,ey enter, until llie end of the Session.
The services of u competent assistant will l>e
Bonrdimr can bo procured at places convenient,
situated to the Academy, und at reasonable
IV. H. WHITE. A. B.,
Dee. 21, T?7 35 tf
ILT i'rvtss plcaso copy.
Columtoin., S. O.
rHE Subscribers have made arrangements
with rv gentleman, who - owns Marble
uaries in ltnly, to supply us with MARBLE,
B will hereafter sell the same nt. n .lower price
nil formerly, viz: Itnlinn Marble Toinb Slahs
feet Iontx by 3 feet wide, for 35 dollars. First
lality of American Marble, 6 feel by three feet,
mi 2fi dollars to 30 dollars, boxed and delivered
the Depot in Columbia.
Engraving in She neatest style, at 3 cents per
ler. We have the finest designs for monti;n's,
Altar Tombs, and Murat Tablets, that
u bo found in the United Slates.
Dec. 3, 1857. 32 . tf
Alarm Locks.
"M1E undersigned would stato (hat be is the
. solo Agent of this State for the sale of
Brown's Patent Alarm Lock.
This is an ingenious invention, to bo nlaeed on
J Bo.nrranpod that any attempt to open it by
ihiof or robber will causo it to. give on alarm
id enou^h/to wake tlio soundest nlee|>ei\
A- 'epociitiea of this Lpok cAn bo seen at .tho
re of W. O. Moore,Sit'Ahbbevillo C. II.*'
Apply to tho undoisigiicd at (ireeuwood, Al>
G-reen-wood, S. C., s|?(l
MAVINti established himself in this place
for tlic transaction of ? ^
Rotail Drug Businoss, s|?e<
; llespcctfully solicits attention to liis cxtensivo *
1 timl wi'll si'li'i'tfilStcicli, |>urvluned in New York, ,s
<1111irilt 'In' present
Monctni'y I*/viiio ; ?
:il such rules us In enable 11iiit to compete, (both f ?
in pricu ami <|ii:ililv.) witli Columbia Uruif^isls. ^I"-'
0rent iiuliicciiiciiis offered lo ^ :u ll
Physicians and Farmors,
who are uccustomeil to sending their orders to , ^
Columbia titi'l Charleston. t'|_
The followiti'' list comprise a few articles of .
iii lion
every-day demand:
faster Oil, l?y irallon or bottle, r
Sweet ' " 1 ' " A I.
' " " fur
Ncatsfuiit ()il, 44
IiiiiiM'i'ii " " r
While Lead. |HlJ??, j,;,,,
('ream of Tartar, ,j|u
Sii|?. I'arh. Soda,
l'ejipcr, Idack, .j
S|.n-.?, i,V
l?inp r, |>ii v., V .\fricnu ami Jamaica,
44 rare, ) r
TaMo Milliard, j.?|Y
Ti,M>H;., t;,r
'IVa, liliick ami green,
Coin and I'eai l Stai cli, C
Soups <>f every variety, res|
Yineirar, ill 1
"Window .Class 8 Of III aiid HI (i?; l'J,
1'lit iv, A
Adamantine <'audit's,
Itiiriniiir Fluid, always fresh, *
Tohaeco, chewing and smoking, spei
Cigars of every variety, sin*
Tlie Very choicest lirauds of ?
Cognac Brandy, ?
Tthicklierry Hi and}-, jM?
Madeira Wine, __T_
Port " pure juice,
(linger "
Champagne W ino,
I.? n. ('ordial < in,
Wnolf's Schnapps,
Stonjjliloii's Killers,
Sloinaeli ' A]
Also, a very nice assort incut, of Fanny Toi- .
! .ette articles, I Yrfiniierv, Confectioneries, &.e. /u
November ill, 1^.17. 31 tf.
!1 i' Independent I'resscnjiy. j
* Everybody
Run Here! f.((
Now is Your Time?Pilch In!!i'v",
X)oiit Tdo Scarocl ! ! ! and
ASI'l.KNIMI) opportunity is now oll'.-ivd my
. friends and customers to invest tlieir iu?iiey, '
if not to make a fortune, at |e t>l to make lliemselves
uoiufoitalile, liv buying some of the neat
est, handsomest ami linest .
Wintor Clothing
ever ofieied in tliis latitude. Q.'
If you wish to ' shine out," gain respect or
niiiK** an impression upon llie swoetvr sex, just
cull ill al my esiuhli-hiiKMit, ami I will rijj you
j nil" s<( neatly lliat yon wuiii know yourself. _
I have a good Tailor in connection with my |P|
House, iin<l oouils can In* ninth1 up to order.
t. <:. cki:\vs a (-o.
fJreenwood, S. C., Oct. 1-1, 18f>7 *l't? !y Mil
mmiLEM A R B L E~YARD. 1
r I'M IK undersigned having dissolved liis copart- H
I. nership with .1. 11. I.EAVKl.l^ tnk<w> ph*ns- J3
urc in iiniioiiliciiig In thepuhlie (rciicl-idly mid to der
t he cili/i'iis of Aldievillc I list ricl in juirlicn/ttr, son
that lie has it large stock of ?
on hands, and from which he proposes to inunuluetur<>,
to nrdi-r, f
He would respectfully s>.y I" the public that
he has secured the services of the f ?
Most Eminent Marble Artists,
and hopes, liy close atlontimi to husincss, to nr't
merit a runsonublo share of pul>lii: patronage. nil
J. P. rilALMKKS. 'J
Abbeville C. II., Aug. 2(i, 'f>7 ly tire
?"?y~ Independent l'rtwi i'?|iy Sm.#
n EASON'S why |h? (JIM)VEU ?t HAKKR
J l' Machine is Universally Preferred for Faniily
Sewing. * T
1st. It is more Kiinplo and easily kept in order
than any oilier Mnchinc. "
2d. Jt makes a seam which will not rip or ''!U
ravel, though every third stitch is cut.
Sid. It sews from two ordinary spools, and ^'rt
I hits nil trouble of winding thread is avoided,
while the same .Machine can he adapted, at pleas- T
lire, fiy a mac chumjc of spools, to all varieties tak
of work. '
-1 tli. Tlio saiiu: Machine runs silk, linen llircnil, > Ag
ami coin iiioii spool out toil with equal faeililv.
fith. The seam is as elastic us tin* most elastic
fabric, km that ii is fret' from nil liability to hieuk ?
in washing, ironing, or other wisp.
Citlt. Th?; stitch made hy this Machine is more r?beautifnl
than uny other made, either hy hand J
or iuacliiiiu. I
II. "W. KIXSM AN, Agent,
0. it Ii. s., |M. t o., , ,
2i:i King St. ;
Jan. G, 58. U7 lin wj|
Mcrcliaiits, _J
No. 204, Exchange Row, Columbia, S. C., 1
1^1 OR tlie sale of It oil I'irtiitc mill Negroes.?
Also, Cotton, Wheat, liacon, Lard, Whiskey,
Sugar, Coffee, Molasses, TL
Flour, Butter, Corn, Hay, NV<,
ami produce generally. has
Strict personal attention paid to the sale of S(.(.
any of tlio above. Liberal advances made, and \
prompt returns, eve
m attihiv \v llvTMPAAn t'?"" n
... UA.HM ill. '"^1
August 17, 1857 18 ly
Important ^ j
J IIIE undersigned having lociitoil '>im-Q^\ jjjs
El si'lf pcrmiiiieiilly ut (irornwooil,V||'j
Abbeville District, S. C., offers his services to f '
the citizens of the Town and District as u
Watch and Clock Maker, i?ea
and Ilepairer. Ilia Shop is next door to Messrs
Hniley tL Connor, where lie will ho happy to ',CI
meet bin former patrons.
All word entrusted to hiacare will he promptly l'r<l
nnd skilfully executed, and moderate charges ? '
made therefor, lie respectfully solicits a sliurc ?
of the same.
Jan. 21, 68. 30 tf
The State of South Carolina,
Abbeville District?In the Common Pleat.
F. W. Davia, 1
vs. > Attachment.
Henry Jones. ) j,
WHEREAS, the Plaintiff did, on the tliir- mm
ty-first day of October, 1857, file his
Declaration against the defendant, who (as it is
said) is absent from and without the limits of this
Stiito, aud has neither wife noy Attorney k^own
within the same,"upon whom a copy of tfie sail!
declaration might ba served. It is therefore or- t ,E
dcred, that (he said Defendant,.^ appear and 8Ult
JJIBttU LU me VUIU OFCTimrTnT; on Mr before the cou
fiist{jljy of*November, which will'bo in tltu^Ar' * '
Eigl.t ll.lnOred.aiiJ. T~
'FifiypEignf, otherwise final una, absolute Jtwltfthotf
b<^gjv'?n^i?id ^
. ' *. tyt.
0$* i?0
"i* The fricmlrt of U. M. IVIATTISON, r?*
Rtfully announce liim n candidate for Tax
ledor, at the ciioUint; pleetimi.
:/*"t'Ik; friends of JAMKS A. McCOUD rol
Ifully announce liim a Candidate for Tax
lector, at the next Election, for Abbeville
jniv :5ft. i?r?7 i t *<-i
jfi"The friends of .IOSKI'11 T. MOORE ro
-i t'-iiIy :1111 1111<-<- him h I'an.liduto fur Khcrilt
In? oiiMiint; <-!? * ioti.
ay- Til.- It lends of MATTIIKW 11. COC1I
N r.spc.-tfully imiMiun?!<J hint fi ciltiilidtilb
Sh.-i itr of Abbeville District, at the next clocfr
TI|? fri. mis of .MATTIIKW MeDONI),
iiiiiioiiu.-t: him a fundi.late fur re-election
Clerk, ill the ciisuini; election.
5?" Tin* friends of (!. II. AIiMvN announce
us a Candidate for Clerk of the Court ul
ensiiini; election.
(' 'I'lio liii-mls of X1MROI) IWrCORI) r?
I fully ii11ii.i,iin*.* hi s u Candidate for Slier*
ul tin- ciiMiin;* I'llculion. *
^}" The mini. ions friend* of Col. T. J.
l>> r.*s|n*?*tfully anuouncc him n Candidate
JSli. rill at tho next election.
^"Tlic friends of I). W. HAWTHORN
?ceUu'.ly iiiiu.iuiii*.* Iiiin n ('audi.Into forShcr"
i?f Ahhcvilh; District, at tin* n?*\t . lection
lay "?, 1 Sfiii.
Th.. friends of W. W. GRIFFIN, ro
tfully announce him as a candidate for
rill' at the fimuint; election.
J?/" The friends ofJAMK.S II. COKB annce
him as a Candidate for ilicrill'al the cntsu.-lection.
Stage Line
VI I.I.I-'. **ii Monday, Wednesday and Fri,
at 8 o'eloek A. M<
.?:ivis \Va.4hin<rt(>ii, (la., on Tuesday, Tliura'
and Saturday mornings.
!y a jyneral Htantro of Schedule on nil tlio
ir^iu ltailro.iils, pa.-j-enjers fining West meet
li tin ilft-nlinn, leavinir Ahhevillu C. II., at
VliM-U on Monday's, Wednesdays and Fridays,
arrive ill Atlanta, On , at II o'clock llio
nwiii<r day, wli- re there is immediate couneoi
wiili nil iln' Uor.d> leaving that place.
.IOIIN M. ll!!VI)K, J,/cut.
kliheville C. II., Jan. I, 1858. fio ' ly
Near the Greenville Depat,
Columbia, S C.,
A X J)
timfiicliirers of Steam Engines, Boilers,
Hill Gearing, Grist and Saw Mills. &c.
Pl!IX(i praetieal Mill Wrights, Mrwhinista
A> and I'.infiiieers, they will attend to all or*
s in their line with promptness, and on reaaide
3?" Ri-pairint; dune at the shortest notice,
1 t'astinirs ot* all kinds made to order.
April it, is:.7 50 My
ft\> i.mr the Right, for this
District of K. II. Moll?oo, fur puttiug up
Otis' Patent lightning Conductor,
ouhl respectfully inform the citizens of Abbec
District, that ( am now the solo proprietor
litis indispensable protection of life and prop*
v, ami am prepared to execute, ut short notice,
orders for the same.
['hose wishing work in my line will please ad?s
mo at Ninety Six.
J. \V. CALHOUN, Jr.,
Vugust 13, 1S57. If. tf
Land for Sale.
Ill] Subscriber is the authorized Agent, of the
parties interested, to sell the real ctlate of
?KPll AIKKN, deceased. The tract of
id is valuable, adjoins lands of J)r. Ward*
Dr. Livingnton, and others, ou Calhoun's
:ek, and contains about
720 Acres.
Voperty?negrot-s?as well as cash will ba
en in payment.
i pplieut.ious for purchase can bo made to tha
l-iiI, who lives at Cokcsbury.
June 2, 1S"?7 ti tf
Mil' Firm of WIKIl MILLER was this
day dissolved by mutual consent, the limion
of the Partnership having expired. The
in- of the Firm will lie used iu the closing up
I he business, by either one of us.
ill persons iaclcliteil to us by Note or Account,
1 please come forward and pay up an soon as
Vcliieiit, as it is verv desirable I....!
s should be closed us Party ns possible.
G. McD. MIL,U:?.
Uigust 23, iSSti. 19 tf (
To tlie Farmers of Abbeville
MT R have procured ilie I>iMtriot Right of
i think it the best plough of the kind that
ever been introduced. The plough can be
ii at Greenwood Depot, at work, any ttime.
Vc will be pleased to linvo it examined by
ry Kiirmor, for the aimplo reason thai the
re it is known tho better it will be liked.
June -I, 1857 6 r
? ? -.7^
juair wreatns. j*T'
RS. R. K. CIIKWS would respectfully inform*"**
llie Ladies of Abbeville village, and of tlio
Irict generally, that alio has returned to thisv_'\
igo, and would bo pleatied to resume her for**** occupation
of making 1IAIU WREATHS,*
any who inny desire tlicm. This is a most'
utifiil mode of preserving the hair, and of
>ctuating tlio memory of deceased or absent
ids. The WHEATI1S, can be made to any
, and composed of the' hair of as nrany difnt
persons as desired. "*
,ny one desiring the al>ove work can fiud Mrs, \ ?J
it .Mrs. Ai.i.knb' Hoarding House.
bbevillc, Oct. 21, 1857 20 .' -U
S. McGOWAN, , " : ^
Office in j^aw Range,
ext Door to TAomson. <t Fair?)
in. 8, 18.17.^ ' ' r?W: ; "it
. - j - - ?
Mackey 'CotuicU/E.v &;S/.-Mv. - # :
HE Recular'mpetinff of this/C&une^.-wHl b?i; J
held tbq Jt'hird. Wtdnttday-.-H
itli. * Va

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