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The Abbeville banner. (Abbeville, S.C.) 1847-1869, March 17, 1859, Image 2

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In tin- Ih'U.-o "f l.onls on tin* Nth Kclii iiarv, '
tlio Earl of IMaliiH-flnifV, in ln\ injr hofor? ilif '
Honsotlic rrci'iil vorrospoudonco wiili the United
States respecting ili<- li^lil of senrsh, made
nspeech of some length, in the eonits of which
In* h.iiil:
1 am nut fond of pxprc&du* mv opinions upon
I lie sir.lx of my prodocossois in <ifiiuc. lull 1 must i
nav I lliink I hey hold out Ion lout;, comtiiloi'iut; i
n'l the c?roiiuijii.iiioc!?, f?>r iIip I'Mrrino cjfi'cisp of j
lin? n{>\vp* w?> claimed, and '.vhieh intcrnntioiial
Vnw. strfetly in!ffrf>}v(fd, cottld tint licnr ti? out
in demanding. Ah my notde fiietul Iiiim stulnl, I
fhi* firni'tici' ivf visit in* till sliijis (theslave irudi1
1iAviiii( mvseh inertascd in consequence of the i
iluiisiii frar) created ii great iiniiiiiiil of ill blood
in the l'iiitc<$ "fates. sin 1 I felt the tini*.' was 1
collie when, instead ?.l earri iit with a high i
Sand as We lui'l done thirty-one \eats before, it 1
-^>as better, that i; re til e<iuniry having a powerful
navy, and able. if they i hi-sc, lo prevent |
nets which We jtl. lly depieeate, thill we should
show <>ar ?_ ? *!Ii lettc* ill ilieiti, mid rely upon t
their ii ii ii i n^r wrli us to |iul a st..|> in the slave
trade. The American t invet iiliienl. Weill us lar
into Kile extreme as We h <! fiiimeilv ilnae in the
other. They at that tmie declared that no right |
of semcli ?liiitrVi r shuulil he allowed, lint on
lh?; |u|h of April, I think il was, (acncl'iil Cuss j
forwarded me a note hi re-peel to what I then
stated ? an <>) >>:it'll Iiv winch ! am siill prrpiited
to abide? Ilia! i! Was Wiltleli ill a fail and candid
spirit, and wliieh I believed eo.itained a just in- |
tel plclat iou ol internal iouui l.iw. lie did lint in I
Jhyt note dcp>ecate the e.veicsc of the lijllt of j 1
search under all firenmslanees. What he did
state was Ilia:, niihotigh a iii.lion micht, upon
purlieu .ir neea.-ious. lie justilicd in resorting to j
II, i>-i I 11 ll MKIIIHI, 111 ill'rl'HlanrC
\Villl tin-|il iin-i|'i< s < i ml?-l'l?:iI ioiisil law, lie hilii*ii
ai ili<- ri-!i of llic iiilircr liy wlmiii it was
|Hir<ii<-il, aililitifr lli il if tlu'tu wen* PulVuvcnt
^miuikIs of Hiis|iiciuii io ju.Miiy tho i>ror?M*?iiii!{,
ho was nf >]>ii:i<tin jjoveriiiiii-iil wouM b-; >!is j
posi><l << liii-l f.itili Willi its adoption. N?w, lioiiii;
iiwaic ol ill" s*|'ii'iI I?y wliirli the Ann'rictan
^.iVurmiii-i.t wess a'iinialt'il ii|iou this Milijcol, '
wli il I ajin-c l i" was ihi.?: Thai, wi> *-1mul<] .
est ihli-li, in riiiymifii'iii with thai uovrrn- j
tin-ill Cur the !-tilv >! iii iiii'ialiuiij; ill.? piilK'u ul ;
lu*scii. a ? < ?!.- ni iii>:rii<-in>11.- ih- voniiiiaiu!' ;
<;rs ??f hnih ciliitri""' whn-h .-lioul.l In* ulcnifill, j
mi l wliirli ~limi 1 u'latanli'i' any utlicvr nclili^ '
williin llifir i<<:;iin-t I" i:i^ >'|ICI| |i? hlillllu. I
I was, inur-M.vi-i, ul < ( ! 11 i' . |>:iviuc r^ffanl In tin*
tiuiural fi'flm^!' ul tin.* |i?---j?i?- ol Aiikiicu iijumi i
thi? i|U?-.siion, lli.il i! wuiiti! not !.<- nu\\i*i- In invito
lh?- I'ioiicIi tl'ivciniiH-nl lo join iik in purmi
iiit{ llu-saiiit- coiiiM- as thai uhicli I haw jusl
1ik-i:Iinni'il. I may aiM lli.il il incl l i me 1 1
tlial tiny ???-|?? ?!" inytriiciioii.- whn.-h t-houlil lie j
S:grccil on hv that "oVi-ii.iih-IiI uinl our own,
t-linuM h?? ol mi- h a nami<>u> not. lo uivr ri??* to :
till'sii-*|'ii-ion I1|MI|| ihf |t-tl' ol' Auii-liri ill.it in '
;t.<>t illing to ii .-h was .-tincn?liiini; one |niili?'c ' 1
' f hoi national !. ii w.i!-, however, as \?ui* I
lordships must pfi'lfoih well iiwmi', more j
easy to j<ioji'> < Mli-li a scheme than to |>iil il into :
rxi-elltiuii. A cunsi iernh.e linn-, llo-H'loii, lias
el:?l>s"<l. wlidi tin* highest antlinntirs of i
the Ficii'li hiivv.iis Wfil its tin,-uwa, have liceti ' >
fin|*"*?y???J hi i'i'ii-i'!> i tui; tin.- mat ?t ; 1 >tiI the j t
result, I am li;i|?|?V to saV. !ia> lieen lliat tin- tr<?v- I
eminent* ?i|' loitli emit.trii'.s have imre'il upon a '
Cotle <il instriii-l ions \\ Ii <-li .ire i.|<*ntii:al, ami t lint t '
t lint code Ii:i- li.-cti snlnuiitcil to tin- American t t
Cabinet with an i:r. nation to llietii to join lis in |
its :u!t>|>!ioii. Mich. my l.irils, is tin- course
which we have t.ikett, in.roan I regret that tve
have lollowt'il it. All In>itl>Ii I may n|?|>?-ar til
first to li ivi- sniivinl-n ii a ritrlu?an twifi me |
mill rX-i??i*r:ii>-il ritilit ? in I'-ivor of whioll so |
much lias been s|?"kcn as Welt as Wfllli 11?Vet !
1 lliiill'jlit. as I >ai.l l.clore. lliat til., time was j
come win a it was lii-ttor to place entire cnnli- ;
ilenoc in i In* puipcr f. clinj; of tin- Ani.-i ii-ati j
people tli.in to prolong iln; agitation which, in j
point of fact, rc.nl-reii tlu in nulisposrii to nut us j
in our etulcavofs to jntl i.'owu the slave traili? !
[hear, lie.if. ] '1'hc hest proof, my lonls, that 1 ;
was not iiii~* ih?-:i as to tin- wi-ii.itn of that policy j
is to lie fulin-i in tltcs|iiiit which litis since liecn .
cviuceil hy the American ( ovcriiiiifiit, Im'li in 1 I
it.s language ami in its acts?[hear, liear.J I ,
From that (lovcruiiii'iii 1 Ihum r< it?, t
mui'iiui J-I assurances thai il Will use its heSt elf' rts '
to |>u! il"\\ s: :lii' ti.uif wit 1 > Ann-: icun ships. i i
It has even tioiicsiif.tr as to make * oUiciously." j (
l>ut not 'nliicialiv," a mi^jjcsiioii, in I! <> rxpedi- | ,
oney of ai::iiiM upon which I entirely concur. Il '
is that llic trn.it v into which we have entered I
wall ilie I'nilcd stales, ami which hinds lis Willi ' i
a view lo ihc suppression of the slave tra.lc, to j
have eighty guiis on the Wef t Coast of Afi'cii, !
should lie so modilietl ih.it, instead of our In inj;
utilised 10 have eisjhty uiiiis in that quarter, and j ,
America 1?ciuj? i-nahlcd to fiilli.l her |>art of the [ (
stipulation Iiy luaiiitaliiiuir there two ohl snilinir .
frigates of torty guns, which are perfectly use- j '
less*in lhe SUpJiirs.-inli of llie sl.ivo tfinle, she ' )
should keep up a itain iiiiuilier of steam ves- j ,
bcIs?ten steaiii-oniilioats iiioiiul>ii^ two guns (
apiece?which would ronsiiiuie a much more :
elfectilal force than two sailing frigates, which j !
have hiiheilo heeii employed. Tile government (
of the United Suites has, moreover, intimated
that iiiasinuch as tlie slave trade ou the coast of !
Culia continues to increase, it is its intention to . '
S'lul a large uiltiiher of vessels to thai coast f>>! ' '
the purpose of 6iippr. s.sin<r the tr.iltiu?Jlo-ar, :
liear.J Such has In-eii the spontaneous icmiIi : ,
'.ijioa the part of the American Government of
tile netifin nf licr - -_i- 1
.....J. ? n imni'irn lU^ illil^ II
ttpoii llii.-i siiltj-ci. What I have contented my 1
Be'f uit!i lining has h>*cu to forward to lh? gov !
eriiiuciU of America (In- accounts jjiven hy otir j
commander:* upon l!n- All'.can coast of titer atrocious
desi crnt ion >! I In: American Hag in the
prosecution of the slave trade, mid no language,
i am hnpjiy to -.ay. <; u|.) he .stronger than that
vrIiicIi l<ord N.ipicr informs me was used l>y !
I.iaiiernl Cass wli?-o In- heard those reports, alio- i
gether independent of any comment which whs
mailt; upuii thclil hy her .Majesty's government
The A<lntinixh'ttlfit tui'l the Ilcmocractf.? j
The clioll>nl the .NeW York Herald to ilis
criminate hetwfen the }"rt>si.!-n! and the Democratic
pally, and t:> exnh tire i-no while accusing
I he other of every dehii?i.uciiey, have already*
hecii remark'il upon in the c'diiinns of
this paper. Our readers will not he Mirpiiscd,
therefore, at. the recent declaration of the Her- j
aid. that the 1'residenl should Convene all extra
Mission of Congress lot the express purpose of
involving the Democracy in inextricable em- |
For ourselves we have nothing to s<iy against 1
...1....1. .1 i' * -*
...V ...WV...VI.OH ?? it;ii ill'- (irjliricilis HI like I I'l'Mfl?lit
draw between lIn- A<imimstr:ition mid i he
JH'iuocracy. We could wish, indeed, that the
chosen ii-urcaciiii*liv?- ol' tin* puny tvuie mi ox
ncl exponent <>f its principles Mini policy?lor '
under any c.irciiiuMaiicHS lh-e Jlciimtnicy will !
Cimouiilvi* iiioiv <>r icss <lillivMilly in escaping all (
I'eypoiisihiliiy I'oi iis iijieni's ecccnlriciiics. J{iit,
since there is no denying the f.ict of essential I
fliUVrcncis hclwccn III- Ailniiiii.-tialioii mid I lie |
Democracy. we are pleased to observe that its
apologists have I lie example of a separation '
wliicli will ie!;cvc our parly of very painful ciiil?iirri>si!ienls
Will any Pcmoivat. for instance, vrnturfl In
jnrtify th<- ('i:oriii>>u? cxpeudituic* of llic Federal :
governmentCan any Democrat approve the
President's protective infill' policy? Dors any '
Deiliocrni ol I In- Slate r.ghls school support the
l'iieilii: railroad, <ir llie military protectorate ol
Mexico, or llie proposition to arm the executive 1
with the Wii!-ni:ikiiiir power, or those other enterprises
of l'eileral ii^VMndwiucnt which nre
too famili-iir in require rrcapiltilitlion ?- Then
why attempt an apology /or measures which li- i
J ijiii: OOII^I-S IIH IO rt |>llUIIIIC f plHOll
conduct would not only place tin- Democratic
party in nn equivocal attitude before the country
but would fatally impair the etlect of i:s
resistance to tlic attacks of the Opposition.
But, while u higher allegiance than any A'l- |
ministration can exact, constrains us to protest
Against so ntucli of tin* President's policy as vio- (
lutes the faith of the party, we ure all the more j
willing to recognize alul applaud whatever ill :
liis coinluct. may deserve approbation. We Kive I
ilr. Huchnnati credit for integrity of purpose ; j
we do not doubt his devotion to the Union, nor |
distiusl his regard for the rights of the South.? I
In the details of his Administration, neverihe j
leas, we till)] much thai demands the stern- '
est condemnation of lliu Democratic party.? |
Wathiuylon Stain. j
Monument to Andrew ,/ncbson.?TIms Legislature
of Louisrauu, two yours ago, appropriated '
fifteen thousand doHnm to erect. ft monument oti
the battle ground at New Orleans, U> commemorate
the exploit of Andrew Jackson and hi* '
bravecomrniieSittth.it bjkiI, on the 8tl? of .Jan.
1815. Tlio monument linn been curried up seventy
feet, and h as becom? a prominent point of
attraction to the visitor who cornea froin the
(Julf of Mexico. It is to be e.irried tip seventy
feel further, muking n tot.i <f one hundred nnd
forty feet. Tne whole cost wi I bo about forty-five
thousand dollars. The w >rk is being curried
en with great rapidity.
W. DAVIS i:<litor.
Thursday Morning, March 17.1859.
With a view to increase our subscription patronage,
wc make the following proposition : |
W? will furnish GOUKY'8 I.AHY'S HOOK |
ami the H \ NNKR, one year. for FOL K I)OI.- |
NKH, one year, KOI.'It I>Ol.I.AUS; AltTlll'll'S
HOMK MAOAZINK ami the HANNl'.H. one1
The suhscrintioii iii-ieo of i-iilmr 11 viMM-.li .? i
(iOI)KY is TllUI-i: POI.I.AKS per annum; ;
Init wo will fin luVh either of tlicsp Magazines
and the H-innrr, lor just < /(< l'ollar more than j
the price of the Magazine alone.
Our friends, Mie.su. M. 1sr.\i:l it I5i:t's- i
: i i., have received a portion of their Sitting
Oo.nl.->, which they ofi'.-r low for cash. Ketid
their a'llvet tiM-iiicnt anil give them an early call. 1
i?;- We iin'ite attention to the advert isomuut ;
of Messrs. Jack<ov, M ii.i.i is &. Yi:i:i>r.uv, Whole,
sale Dealers in Staple ami Fancy I>iy (iooils,
Augusta, li.i Our friends visiting AllgU-ta will
not l'.iil to give these eentlouieii a call.
~ Messrs. li. 1*. Ilovr it C'o's (lift Book
Kt.tul>li>hiucut ol Baltimore, in creating a gi eat
furor iinions the younjr folks everywhere. We
have seen some of the Oifts front this establish- j
ment, aiivoneof whicli ?a- worth the money paid j
tor the hook purchased. Sc.* their advertise- j
ment, setol for a ISuok, and with it joii will get
a present, worth at least Mi els.
Mr W. M. K kown olli ri f"f sale a valuable
plantation iu Anderson Distiici. See his
Also h'i' ill*- Sheriff's Sn'.ft fur April, and the
notice of the Ordinal v.
We learn, says tlie Newbenv Cowscrruti*1,
ili.it tin* freight train ran ov. rtlie trestl.; across ,
Hush River, mi Saturday last, tor the first time |
since "the recent accident- Since then nil of t!ie j
rains have been I'll lining over it in conformity |
ivith the former schedule.
The great deiiiiiiul for negro Iflhor ill theSuulli- |
Westell! Stales', tlii-i se.ison has caused Inige j
.hipineiit* from Virginia and North Carolina to
Ih'bp market*. The Wehluit (N. ('.) J'air lot
aiys iliat two hundred u-groes passed through
hat place dniiii" the month of January, and
lot less than lii'ty thousand, it is informed, went
it to the cotton re?iniiH during fie last. year.
We notice that some of oil: exchanges arc Oiljiiiring
why the t'ourt of Krrors, in pursuance
>f the Act of the Legislature, failed to appoint j
Commissioners to codify tho Statutes of our j
" Iate. We have understood that the Court had :
he matter under f (it.side-ration, hut th.*,t they !
iiuld not find eompeti.iit persons who were wil- j
nil >" uniicriiiKe 111 < commission- Wo 11 list
.lint when the Court assembles in M;iy n? xt
I will Ik- able to discharge this duty. It is hard
y probable tliul it will fail to carry out the proi-i-ions
of llu; Act, rs]H-ci;tIly when it is mlmiled
l>y tlic Court, mill the country :<t large, that
i codification of our laws has become an tin- !
loitl.ti ll public necessity. Wo, therefore, fed as- J
suicd tiisit tli? di-iiuguished men into whose j
liundti tin- execution of this trust bus been committed
will by uo means permit it tu be u failure.
The Legislature of New Vol k lias had under
[liscitstiiou, for boiuc time past, a 0:11 bearing this
litle, tlic practical clTect of wliicli is to annul the
nper.itious of the Fugitive Slave Law of Con
l?resn. It. is a matter of surprise that sensible
melt in this country should be so forgetful of
Llieir tiue interests as to propose a Stale measure
o diametrically opposed to the Constitutional i
limitations til" such State to her sister .States.? j
We are utterly unable to perceive how any set of
men, blessed with the faculty of reason, could
lave the arrogant pr<sumption to argue that"
Hate law, abridging and annulling the just and
Constitutional powers of ttie Territorial (jovem- j
in'Mit, is, though opposed to the plain provisions
f the Constitutioii, not itself unconstitutional- 1
~!r:.n..?. .l..l.iv'i..i. n.:- i
^ ..... . uk.i \n-c.iuiuu iit'fo11iii lor
it, o.Yeept upon livpothes-is. llml in these inon
Mill J fanaticism h;n Usurped the place of reason
mid common sense.
A correspondent of tin.* Augusta J/isjmtch
writing fi?m Kdgefteld C. 11., ?>n the l'ltli iust.,
jrives the following account, of u homicide i?
that bisliisl :
" A nir<?i Iniiiciitsihlo iifl'air came off nenr th?
Red <>.ik ( :ovc Church, in litis di.-liict. yesterday
limriliutr. at 8 o'clock a. III. Lcvi^ll. Mi'Daniel
was liiih-il l?v three halls lire.l by
John II. Joiios, (n well digger,* from a revolver.
"The whole lieighlmihood has since been
the scene of intense excitement. Tin* evidence,
in substance, was, lluit there having hceii an
ol.l feud between litem for several months. mid
having met in the road, '.lie. deceased said lie
could whip Jones, and got. oil' hi* horse and
pulled oil' his coat, mid made at .loues, whereupon
J ones lired three limes. The deceased
wu'ked alicnit thirty yard", fell nml expired in n
few moments. The verdict of the coroner's in quest
is. tli.it Lev i II. Mr Daniel / nine to his
I'icatli f.oin the effects of pistol h.flls lired by the
hand of John II. Junes. Junes is not arrested tip
t* this time."
A Correspondent of the Columbia /7.Il/r/in
writing from" Greenville, under date of the llih
in3t~. siiva -
' Tliis morning nl-ovrt 2 s'elock, nn nttc-mpt
whs made tn tiro tlic Coach Fuetory i>f Messrs.
fiitwer, '"ox. Miirklry A" Co. The watchman of
the establishment was shot n! by (lie incendiary,
who relumed the fur, hut without cfl'er.l. A
hueket of water ill tlit- hands of Mr. Carson.the
watchman, saved the premises. 'J'liis wan a
holil ntti-mpt, ami has cri-utcd <juilc a si if.-'
Since the aliovo wns put in type, we find the
following in the Coliunliiii duardimi :
"Wo learned last evening that two of the*
incendiatjcs who hi- ve several limes 6et fire to
llie Coach Factory of Messrs. Oower, Cox <Sf.
Mafkh-y, nt Greenville, have been nrrepicrl nod
lodged in jail. Another ouc implicated has
made his escape. They proved to I>a workmen
wlio lin<l hecn discharged from employment hy
this firm*
Wo find the following paragraph in regard to
lotteries in the Presentment of the Grand Jury
of Kivhland District, Charles It. Filiiah, foreman
"The Grand Jury respectfully beg leave further
to direct attention to tlio law prohibiting
thi* nnle of lottery tickets. The Imiguage or the
Art of the 20th December, 1F20, in explicit, nnd
imposes n heavy tax on person* who shall sell
lottery ticket*. The Grand Jury nre not informed
of any R-iles of ticket*. but their attention bus
been pointedly directed t? the advertisement <t"
nn agency for pucIi purpose, and the prcJtimption
is that finch sales are effected. They suggest
that the law prohibiting them be enforced,
uud that all such sale* be prevented."
The Wanderer'* African*.?Augusta, Ga.,
March 12.?The "Wanderer's AtriciinR, 60, are
at. Jacksonville, Telfnir cohnt}', Ga. They were
arres'^d by the U. S. officers near Albany,and
carried back 80 miles, whero tU.ey will probubly
be claimed by their o.vnen.
To J/./j-.-A To in, 1 S.'i'.l, for AhhrriHr I>istri- t. ,
Til*' Ctaml Jury of Al?l??-vi !?* District for the j
Murrh Tom of Hie Court, A. I). 1 S.r>tl, won!.] |
liriilly present lire following unit Iris and tilings:
j Tliu Jail and ils premises have hrrn cxur/mcd (
willi rnrr ami attention. The prison is well ami
j neatly l?epi, with due regard to the comfort of ils
inmates. The hulls or liars upon which doors of
the evils are limit;, as also tlio steeplrH for the '
lurks to the smite, pasn iliiouth tlio walls mid are '
rivitcd or clinched to the inside, thus remlcriii"
it possible for pi isonel's, with sttitahlc instruments,
to destroy these fiislenir.^s ami eseape. Sueh j
nlieratioti should be made in the hanging of
there doors, ami in the steeples for the lutks, as
to remove litis possibility of escape. A regard
t? tlie cleanliness and hrnllh of lite Jail require j
tliat nil <if ils rooms and culls should I'lTpivc a !
<init of wlii c wash, ooii j> s (I of propel* and ?li?- |
nililc ii:al.i i'itik TIip |i!ivenient around tlie J
l.uihling, e.?p< chilly at Hie \ve>1 etui, is in a had .
condition. The lirick having heroine loose ami ;
lorn up, I hero is (lunger of injury lo tin- foil ml a- I
lion upon which the walls are ri ding. The t
Kitchen upon the premises Is a very inferior i
1 huililing, iiiiiI badly located. A new house |
should lie elected upon sonic eulivenienl. anil !
1 higher spot, such uiateiial from the oNl being
Useil in the new as could lie made availalile. A
ditch of suitable width ami depth should he cul
| uroltml the south end of the lot, to prevent the
i water from luuiiing through and washing (lie
yaul, which is I lip case at present. The fencing
around the entire lot should receive immediate
The Court hiithliug, with ils offices ninl room?, ;
reijuire hut little notice. The blinds lo the win- j
lows of the lower story are insecure in their j
fastenings, within ami without. The baiilirslcr- |
ing iif the poarch to the Court Uootti shouhl he
fo altered or adju-ted as to prevent the billing j
cut of the iron fillings
Many of the lirulges of tSic. District, in point |
of firmness and durability, ?lo not correspond I
With III" :tiitsi I of money expended upon them. !
In a iitimlicr of tlicin, '.In; timbers used arc under j
tlie proper size. inn] of a kind easily to rot tut<1 j
give way. (?ominiss:oue:s letting nut contracts J
fur I lie building of IJridges, sliooUl submit deli. i
nitc ?|i( citicntions, embracing I iiubcrs of siitlicic lit
size and diuahi'ity, mo! in all instances exact n '
strict compliance nn lli<* J>ait. of coiitrae'ors.
The lloads of the 1 ?i>tiiot are at present in
shnekiui; con lit ion, owing in gieat part, <l?-\il?t? |
less, to the cxeossivc rains of tlie winter, but to
some extent attributable to a d-fctive system of!
repairing;, with iclVrencc boili lo the time ami (
lalmr expended upon tlioin. The ollicers charged [
willi this ?lnty should exact nf I lie public tlie full
time assigned liytbe Legislature for tlie performance
of tlie duty, villi tlie employment of a
piopersystem of drainage ami embankment. li
our lloails Were tlioioughly >'.itcliciL.opoii eac'i
side, itiol thrown up in the center, with catisways
at low and mar.-liy points, we apprehend |
then* would be far less complaint upon the Mill- I
jeet than now exists.
As there are many amongst lis who enjoy the j
I rutectioii of law and Older, hut who bear none
of the burdens incident to the inaiiitauiaiice ol j
the same, we r . commend the imposition of a tax j
of Fifty Cents per head, upon all such as eontiihute
nothing by way of taxes upon property' j
professions or otherwise.
The Grand Jury is infoimed that the Troasu. j
rer of the lJonrd of the Commissioners of Uoads ;
refuses to enter into homl for the sufc-kccping !
and proper expenditures of the moneys commit j
ted lo his charge, and this not withstanding the I
fai t the matter was embraced iu the presentment '
of the Cirand Jury to the lust term.
Toe Jury would abn present the fact that a :
nntiibi r of the boxes in the (!! il's olFic. ^l...i.M
bo Ictleivd or labelled.
All uf which is ri'#|?fcifully submit t?H-.
W. P. NOl5I.il. Fnremiur. !
M arch Otli, 1850. j
Mr. Hioianan has n|>|>nint?.-<! .Mr. Ilm.t 1'os.i i
Ma-tcr (Jclleral vice tin: lately dccease.l iiioiim- j
bent. The 'Wuohiiigtoii Sfulm thus notices the !
appointment: I
"Wis coitL'ratiilafo tlie I'resiileiil and the
country, on tin? selection of lln* nuviwiir ti>
Ciiv. I>ii>\rii. Mr. IIo!? is a frcutli'inau of lalm- |
riou< habits, of (iilpi-rinr abilities, ami above all.
?f irreproachable character. We ilo n<>i <l?ulii .
1 >111 in tin: discharge of his duties in the responsible
post. lo which he is pri.moled, lie will exhibit i
every quality essential to the achievement ut an i
honorable reputation."
The Km///< /. </ Trttynhf.?The soil of Kentucky j
is re.l with the blood of men who tiled in j
j fair combat, nail those who have been hutch- :
! cl'ej in C"Ul blood. ]$ul of the hitler We j
1 know of no ease inoro atrocious than the as!
supination of Thomas S. l.owe. in the Ilau'es- '
1 ville jail yesterday, by a bloodthirsty and ciw- j
arillv mob.
| The town was feverish with cxcilcniout, iiikI |
: mi Wednesday ni?ht, tin- inoh, u Iki of course '
! hated l.owe, (iiioIh always hate hiave men,) '
I iiininit^cil hi numbers und the thirst for hlood. ,
]>iiring the nijjlit it was decided to force tin-jail I
ami lynch lowe.or if they couldn't approach liim, j
1 kill liim outiitflit.
j On yesterday morning, in accordance with
the plans, the mob uttiii'kcil the jail, ?n<l I
; fearing to lay hands on tlieir victim, fired >
, upon him. lie received soiau sixteen or {
> eighteen halls in vital parts, uml (lied instantly.
Clutled with vengunce the- mob then retired
i lowe h-avpk n family who resides at Ilawes'
vilie. His father lives in tins city. lie was
I a cool, determined and most dangerous man.
j In all of liin liroils) and shooting alfairs, from
I which, until this, In: eaine out iim-cathed, he ili^ !
i played an extraordinary decree of courage, and \
i lie dolihtless died as he lived, without fear of
j mortal man.
! ]'/ir Pariiyuni/mi / .'spnlitiou.?From lafe cor!
lICTft ironi M<mlnvi<lo<. " ** 11
, guayun expedition, the following items ure exj
l rsict c?l:
j 'J'lift American Consul linn had numerous upi
plications from per tons volunteering lo take up
11:111s willi llio Americans ngniust tlie President
j of Paraguay. A regiment of such characters
; could lie obtained, and no doubt 11 icy Imve deep
wrongs 10 avenge.
'1 he P rnjpinynn Government, in oilier
words Seuor l<ope7., is making extensive preparations
to resist the progr?:>s of the expedition;
the liver is in '.he actual progress of
l?eii>ir extensively boomed and chained, lie
has over twenty thousand men under arms at
the several forts and tnililary stations, and
Iihs lipeii, to my knowledge, much aided hy
Ilra7.il; his forts no?v mount many forty-two
pounders, which have been introduced" into
the country Bince Commander Page left, and
unless Unclc Sum prepares himself to land
from four to five thousand well armed men,
we would not feel confident of the result.
Mr. Sickle*-?This gentleman still remains in
jail at Wellington. A fetter h?vh liif beautiful
little gii'l. Laura, vitfiia Imiit daily. llis Either
and mother are still in the city, adjourning at Ihe
Mansion House, in F. street, near Fourteenth,
I and see him frequently, lie is the only eon of
parents who idolize him, his father being n man
| of Targe wealth in New York, ami of strict liiioi
| nens habits. Mr. and Mr*.-* Dugioli and their
hapless daughter, Mrs Sickles, occupy the old
residence of Mr.Sickles, on SiXtecnlh strcel, opposite
Lafayette square.
Nominated nnd Confirmed.?The President
has nominated to theSennte ftx Governor Henry
Hubbard, ol Maine, to be the United Stales
Commissioner under the Cunndiun Reciprocity
Treaty, who was immediately confirmed, (lis
high character and long connection witli
flairs of State reader h's selection a capital
one. ,
f'ussn? of tht " filfl Srish'ii ?/' the 'I'hii'tlJ I'l/'l
( 'llfl ffft
Ail art t?> !*? !? !! mi act entitled ''An m-t nil
lliori.'litg l!i Si eivtarv of Treasury to change
I lie iiamci of v?'?#pls in certain eases," approved
tlio-Ifli of March, ls.'ill.
An act I'or tlio admission of Oregon in the
Aii act crantiai; I lie rijilit of way over mul do|Mit
t'lomiiis on the military reserve nt. Fort Gratiot,
in tin: State of iVIichtgaii, lor railroad purJMrSCS.
Aii act to provide for tlic payment of tlic
claims of tlio Slate of Maine lor expenses ill- i
Clirrcd by thai Stale in organizing a regiment of I
volunteers for I lie Mexican war.
Aii act authorizing the President to make nd- <
Vanccsof money ! > I lira in Powers.
An act to provide for holding ilie Coiirtsof the
United States in the Stale of Alabama.
Aii act lo incorporate the Washington National
Monument Society.
a i '.l ? - "
i nr /iiiornpy weneral in i
ri'|iriwul llie 11 nit?* ! Stales in the |n-??c?*<*?linj-T i> '
Kquity now peiidini; in the Supreme Court. between
tin- Coiinimiiwcailh of Massachusetts am] 1
tin- Slate uf Uliodu I>|.tin] mill the l'rovideiire
|i|:inl ulion*.
An net to continue the ollice of register of the
land ollice at Vine* lines, Indiana.
An net to mm-ml an net entitled "An not mitliori/.im;
repayment for land erroneously sold I?y
t lie I 'nileil Miilrs "
An act gi\ ing tin- assent of CotlgresK to u law
nf the Mis-miri Legislature* for the application of
tlie reserved two per cent, filial of said Statu. I
An art to prilled the lain! fund fur school pur- |
[lodes in Snrpy eiilinty. Nebraska Territory.
An ael to conlirm tin' laiul elaiuis of certain ]
piiehio* ami towns in the Tenitory of New ,
An aet providing for keeping and distributing
all public document.*.
An act making appreciations for the support ,
of the Military Acndemy lor the year ending :
June JJII, I Mill.
An net ii.aKia^ appropiiatious for the current i
and contingent. cxpeii-rs of the Indian !>epatlineut,
an<l lor full!Hint; treaty stipulations with
various Indian liihes, for the year ending June
;;u, | >tiii.
An ael for the relief of the .Mobile and Ohio .
Kailroad Company.
An ael to li\ and regulate the compensation nf
registers and receivers of tic; laud oilices under I
the provisionsol i|?e act approved April lit?. l.slS. |
An ael i<> authori/.e settlers upon llie 1 litli and
Ill'illl Seel ions, who si't li> d bi-fol'C llie Vlll'VeV <>l j
llie public lands. In l-re-emnt lti..ir ..i^ I
All act |il'tivtiiiii|! lor the payment til lliv cs- i
|u-iis?-s ol inve>.|i?:iiiujj committees of tlic House j
III t{?-|>l'CM'tllllllVfS?.
All act for Hie |iiiiii>li:iic,it of fnrfiiiiji or colltl- ,
I. il. it:lur Miililal \ liuiinty !;:ltil wanaiils, lmiin!yhiliil
II i lion I ?s. certitir ? of |<ir.-ilio|t ct-tlilitsilis
of I>itirl :i??\ Siiiti Iwc.Vfls' receipts.
An ad n::il.iiiir i |'|.i' jii'i;iiioii> tor the lejisla- ;
live, executive iiii.l judicial expanses of lliepov- '
i-runn lit for lli>* yinr i-ni!iii?j Jiit.o .In, IstSll.
All act r-llppl'-lm nt;i! to an "Act lor tin- :i<lnii? |
moii of llu* >talc nf Miiiin?ma into :ln> Union."
An art making appiopriiit ion* for the payment '
of i11\alul mill olln i jifiismui of lt niti.l :
Siiil.-s for ilu* year cioliuu- June !!ll, lSlio.
All net titiikiiii! ii|i|'loj.i,ali'Ui> for llie cmi-uiar i
ami liiiilotiiiuii: expense* of govt-inim-us fur llie i
vc-ar fiuiiut; June, Cio, IMill.
An in * iiialusi^ iipproprMtioti* f..r llie support i
of the army for sin- \eai- ctiilinj; .lune ."In, 1 h.iii. t
An a?-l I>1 ptnviile fur I lie Can* ami pii'MMViilion
ill the Uoil.s colc-l l lic'cd l?y Ilu* United
Malt-.< f<'r lumping t lio Potomac water in to Ilu- '
i-il i s of Washington ami <leol-jo-low n, fur tin*
supply of sai.l water fur ail governmental pur- j
po-.es, ami fi.r (lie uses and linii'liU of die iuiiali 1
hauls ol j?sinl cities.
An ai l making an appropriation ?r ilio pay
im iil of ilu- expenses of invcsligitiug <-onniiii- i
tees, an.l for other purpose*:.
An in-' making app-opi ialious for ilu: naval !
service for Ihe yi-ar t-ioiiii^ .lime IM'n.
An !ii i to pioviiii- fur *-xiin!iti?r ilie la?c and j
judicial .-\sle:n of tin* I'nited Slates lo tin- State |
of (lri-L.-i.il. ami for ollu-i |i'i!|iu-is.
An lift to cairv inlu i-JlV.-l the c-otiv. til on lie- !
IWci-n till- t'liiti'll Slates alul I'iiiun, coitchliled I
oil tin- Mil of Novcliiiier, I S.iS, al Shanghai.
An art making appropriations for saind'y civil j
xp.-ns.-s ol government I'm tlic yeai ending Jtitit* j
30. I SCO. t
Tin- I'nion. f| ir.Kin of Mr. Orow ami tin- I
next J^peakeisliip, saVsthal I ? {1 11 > 11 (ill the sllh- j
j> !.i -iniy li. ii.ji -mil in new rolorsnf rrprt hen>t>n 1
tln> ni*t:iiii <>t" Mr. (!imv utnl liis :>>*soci it-s in il"- !
iViiiiiiir tin' aiiniiiil appropriation hill for the !
P;iStoflii:<- I)t|'illImelit It says tiinl |!?? game J
for the next Speakership ums almost eertaiiily
won, am! lu> ili^irtil m make iissmniicn tiout.lv
sure?tlmt. lie tlesiifl lo precipitate tin* organizniion
of llii' nr.vl house. !?y forcing on tin extra
session. al a linn; too pnrlv to permit ?leftions to
In- lii'M in California nn?l < )ret?oii al h-asl. if ltd
in vitina* of ilir Siiuilunn Sl iirs, in time for ito
clcctnl IlirlnhcIS to reach \Y nshini^tnil before ttir t
organization ?ir tin.' House.
Tin.' sent- paper. speaking of tin* turret of I
Congress lo piovolo mail services to California j
anil tli?: other Stairs oil tin* 1'acilii; roast, rx
presses th? hope thai. the contractors will i
promptly signify a willingness to continue llir
work without i x.ictuuj of tlic Department anv
agreement to pay, Init leaving tile subject t"
< 'oiijji oss.? I'.rt >iin% Slur.
? -? - ?
Di tl/i nf C/inr/is I'liillips.?Tin; ilealli of
Charles i'liillips, tin- eminent Irish barrister,
wliirli took plat!.! in I.omlon on the Hist of |)rrrllllirr,
xrlllS to luiVtt been almost elllirrlv
overlookeil l?v the ptcs.S. Ami J'i t Mr. l'hilli|is
enjoy oil high reputation in his day as an orator
uiitl criminal advocate, nn.l was extensively
known lo the literary worltl as the antlior of
that very flitrl'laiiiing liimk, " Anecdotes of
Ciiirau." lie vvms exceedingly frieinlly to this
ronnlrv. as is jiite>le.l Itv i!?? ? nmt> n'
; J ' "J|
which is the pri<le ?>l' sill our school Imys, liejfin- j
ing: " Sir, ii matters not wliiit iiiiincdiate spot j
may he tin- l.ulli | such a man as Washington."
This. together willi that companion i
piece al.ont Bonaparte, "the sceptird hctinil I
wrapped in llit* solitude cf lii.s own original) iy,"
will long ring in i>nr district schools and academies.
lint, imiI.willistauding (he ihctoricul exuberance
of Mr. 1'hillips. Iiu was an excellent
In wye r, and held at the time of his denth the
tilliw ?f Commissioner of the Loudon Bankruptcy
Court. lie was highly esteemed in
private life. His death occurred in tlicseventy*
tccotid year of his age.
Sjiauinh J'r<itlc irith thr L'nitril Slntrx?The
following Statement I?y Kniest. Vnlg<-r, Consul
lit Barcelona, appears in the Annual Ueport
of the Secretary of Slate mill Foreign Commerce
and Commercial Charges for 1858:
The amount of lounnge of AlnorieiM) vessels
entered at this poll during the year is, there
fore, 1 I.IXj'i tons, anil of those eleni'eil 10.."><*??
tons. In regard to the importation of cotton, in
summing up the mi-iron of cotton imported here
from the Slates. I obtain a result of ht.'Hui tiiilcs,
instead of 81,604 hales given in the official tallies
which I transmit. The city of liarcclona
appears to he hy far the larg-st consumer of
cotton in Spain, yet, owing to several, circuit)SIllllCCK.
there tlliu n ft.1l..,-. ..?** 1
; ; ? .. ""
iii the i111[><>rIiiti< 11 of eotioii when compared
wiili ihc 13.1,(1111) bales of the ypnr I
think 1 may with safety state, tiuit the liveritjjr
consumption (if rot tun iit I liis place. in times
of pence, will amount to upwards of lOU.flOU
baled u year.
According to my calculation, Spain must
linvo paid us during the past year for the
ihr>e principal articles of brradatutfr. notion
and tobacco, the considerable uuin of ? Iii,alio,Ouo.
Ilnlhinff in the Dmd Nen.?A pleasant correspondent.
of the .Boston I'otl, writing from Jerusalem,
thus humorously describes his I)rad Sea
bath :
The Dead Se t ban nothing of the desolation
which it has been the pleasure of travelers lo
describe, and it seemed lo smile at the secret
dread with which it inspires the pilgrim. I of
course, look n bath here; and for n swimmer
who has a f.incy to hep his legs ns well as
his head out of water, I can imagine it must be
rpiite pleasant. My French friend, who is not
o little inclined to cnrpuleney, complained that
lie could mil yet down into the water, and flouted
about, now one side up, now another, for all the
world like nn inflated bladder. On emerging
from the water it was rapidly evaporated hy the
sun ; and the Halt crysudmng on our bodies,
gave us the appearance of animated sticks of
ro< k candy, or a family resemblance to l,ol>
wife. Willi h senmlion upon our skin, us if
we had .been pickled foe family u?=e, and with
a taste in our mouth compounded of Glauber
salts and assafontida, we concluded that
ouo hath in lira Dead-Sea was enough for a life
titu?. |
Mniisirm Ih /'i/ mid l/ir Xinn It'tuit '/'r'Hixit.'I
In- 1'inis letter of tin* N w Yolk Com
tihrci.il Ailvcilif'-t of Kclntir.TV I" ki\>:
Aeeordinj; lo a statement just ri'i'''ivi'il Mi
lVlix I'.i-llv, who.-o iiiov mils in coniicclHo
wit! 1 lie N ioaiiiu ii.iii canal liuve hitherto nj
penrotl lo fxcitc only ai^iiKcnicnl, liaff C'ot
nii'icd a grand expedition of Lhiiiy-tlircc pftr
nous, win nil lie heads in gr.mil t-tvle, and \Vil
wlmni In-sails to morrow ill I lie Parana Wit
India steamer Iron; Southampton to " lake )?oi
session''of his grant Iiis sccri'tnrv p'lii'i'iil o
tln? occasion in Mr. I^vnrcenr, f<>rmcr!v Frelic
mini>lin Mexico, while 1'iiuce Caniillc <1
l'oligntie has t'.io honor ol holding the tippniu
ment of private secretary. A chief engineer,
laml suiveYor, ami n chief of the sanitary il<
partition! nr>? inclmled miiotig ilic other luueltoi
a i icf.
Tin* only thing remaining to lie explained
thi- source wlo iii:c the requisite capital of Sji III,
(ItlO.HOi) is lo ho obtained, and also \rhcthi
Alnvii-'an toleraiioii has heon seeiircl hv soin
private arrangement cither with Mr. \ anderlii
or Mr. Joshcph. J,. While. The cooperatiu
of l-aigland is of course to be magnanimously it
vand encouraged, and slie is to lie rcpr<
sented hv a subsequent expedition which is I
he " composed of hydrographers ami two ?*iij?
li'eis to he selected hv Mr. Joseph Locke, M. I*.
Whence the money may have heen ohtaiue<
even for all this tlonrish, is thus far a mysteri
1'crhiips the patronage of the Ktupcror of tli
French will account for it. hut there have ce
I.limy I 'CIM 110 COiiiri'iUtnins fnitll i.oinlo
capitalists, nor, muter existing circumstances,
tin- iitlair likely t?? attract the least attention c>
cept. from its singularity.
We have private adviocs that Monsiel
llelly sailed Irom Southampton on the 17
nil into with a corps of sixteen engineers.Stales.
The II 'iislihi'ftoii J'nii/rihi.?The followm
was, on Tuesday, agreed U|uili by Mi. Sickle
Mr. Sickles liavinjr been committed on Sui
lay, tin- fiirtliei examiiiatloii lielore the inaitii
Irate will be waive.I, for the rea-otis that th
Criminal Court (Viuiie nces on Monday, and, In
iiiU in confinement. he wi.l lie entitle)] withoi
delay to an immediate and filial trial.
A further examination before tli? commit
tiu? magistrate would involve a long invest
trillion of the di.-lrcssiu'j circumstances, withoi
any filial result, and tuii?hl proc.isliuate the |n
rio:l of tieliinj; the ease before a jury.
Numerous oilers of hail have- been |iourui
ill I1|...|I Mr. Sickles ever sinee lie was coll
milted ; I>111. havinir voluntarily placed liituse
at once in the hands of public justice, he pri
fers patief*'v to wait till his act shall lie filist!I
priiuoiii upon by a jury of his countn
nf,t?r a In.I and colnplete henring of the Case
and whil-t. this may subject him to some ii
convenience, his own f>elini;B and those of otl
eis involved, whom lie is willing as far as ptu
sihle to spare, w ill lie saved from the repeale
discussion of I lie unhappy circumstances uttelii
mtl this case.
Mr. Siciih s' father an I Veil on Monday nigh
and had a painful interview with him.
'I he mother of Mrs. Sickles also visited hii
>ti Tin-day nx'niuiL'. in company with Snivel
or liar', ?>f New York, and was so overoniii
l>y lit r feelings as lo faint.
hist use am hill/ I ?Mr. Ai//7?r: There
all nlamiiii!! re nppcninliff ol tlx* " hni? diseust:
in (! las.-eock county. A ^'???i t time since, 1 wt
in eonver.-nlion with Judge \V., ??f tin* almv
named count v, ami h? intoimeil ine that fun
the tiltccnih of la-i 1 ) (:? inlit-r tip lo tlial Iiin
In- lia<l lo.-t oil r Ilir?*t? hiiuthcd head of ling
worth, in the agn"egate, nvtr (iv? hundred do
lais. ami there was Mil I it lit*, if any, alnitciiict
III the <li.-t a.-e. 'l'he ftrailjeil thing relative I
the cases is. fiillli' of the first, ones which hav
died are still lying there; ami the Judge tolil in
that li- had oil en rode wilhili a few feet, of then
mid In' had never i-1 n 11 any olfeiisi Veliess ; an
I lie hu/./.ards a|n>-ar to | >:t \ no attention to then
alter I'ieUniit out their e\ es. lie says, wiltone
ilo-'S recover, that it seah-s oil", ami near)
all the hair drops out, leaving il as a matter i
cnutsc, linked, an* 1 alnio>t Ii it/liitiiI to behold They
ate taken, lie told me, with loss of ?l>|>'
III-, with a disposition to lelnaili in their lied:
and v. Si-ti diiveii ii|i, they stagger, and ofte
tali, and while standio!;. their noses ate reMiii
en the mound, apparel)Ily to steady thelnselve
1 a-kei| I.mi if he had any idea ol the eanse
this dtsea.-e. and he accounted lor il. thai il wi
smncth'tig they were e.iling, though he hail in
discovered llielli ill the ael. The disease is oo*
liiie.-s lo this n:i?: locality, almost exclusively, fi
several ol the Judge's neighbors, i learn, hav
lo.-t alioo-t their entire slock of li(i|>s. It wms i
this locality, hist Atisinst and Sepleiiiher, that tli
eows Were So In.illy diseased, and proved so f;
t.il.?'.or. .1 ' "ttxlil"Itout./i.st,
Im/iiirtitnl ])t cisi'ni af the Unit til Shite* Si
jii rmi < "'inft. ? An iiiiporlni.L derision was delii
red in the Snpretiie t'wirl mi Monday by ('In
J list ice Taney, in the ease of the In.led Stale
vs. Hici mail II I tooth, the Supreme Court, i
Krror to the Sn|>ieint. Court of Wisconsin. "I'l
main points t>l the ease arc in brief as tolloiv.Tln*
cii-u involvetl the l".iiht of Stii'c Couits I
release tm halo as corpus part ies in custody ttllili
process of the l ulled States for ollensi s again
the laws ol the United Stales. Tilts Wan tint
u\ mi' v nul l iii-iow 111 ilie instance of all tirre
under jml^iuetil liy J In- District Court of ll
I'iiik-il Stales lur u violation of tlie lii|>iiiw ala>
law. Tin- whole conduct <if tlic court lulu
was lielil to In; totally illegal unit virtually r?:v<
lillionary : ll:al (lie marshal hud a ri^lil, and
was his duty, iti resist hy force any such inti*
fcl'cnee ?ii the pari of the Stale lower#; an
that the fugitive .slave act U'lis deafly con.slit i
tional. I Ius is, of I'luiife, a mere oiillun' of tl
o|>'iiioii, which is understood in have been mini
iiiiiiil-'. ll must 11111 an end for the future tu ;i
contests between llie I'niicil Males anil Sluli
as 10 the constitutionality of the fugitive slat
law; mill all uHeinpta lirrtullti' by State (.'our
lo iulerfi-re willi ollicers ol the United Slates i
currying it out, will be regarded us revoliilioum
autl Healed us such.
foil on f+lolrmtuf.?The receipts of ott'in i
C.hnrlestoii for the past, week were, by Itailrnai
li,782 bales; by wulel* and irngmi ti:"if> ha'estogrtlier
74:tw bales?corresponding week la:
yeilr l.r>,(>'.?4 hales.
The exports from C'hiirleston for the sntne liui
were, to foreign ports bales; coast.wis
-|'?7I> bales?making the total exports of th
week bales, and leaving on hand n stoc
of (i 1,1 Mil) bales, inclusive of 112,03-4 Imles n
fillip-hoard not cleared, nifiiiiiet a stock of 21
(iOll hales, ami I ti,676, bales on ship-board huiii
time last. year.
The sales ill ('harli'slon during the past wee'
niuoitiit?d to lH.HUu bales, nt priceii ranging froi
1 4 lo 12.
The total receipts at* nil the porta during th
past week aniontiled in 52.465 bales, against
l!)7 hales, received dining the same period la;
tear. The toial receipts lit. nil the porta sine
the I.M of September, amount to 2.987, .172 ha let
against 1,117.'!, 147 up to the same dates la"
year showing all increase this year of 1)14,42
The exports lo (J real Britain up lo the latef
dates, amount to 970,710, showing nil iucreas
on the export* lo I lint country last yenr of 2(H),
SO- li.ilex. The t-lii |iiiit-itls to Northern port
show nn increase of 3tt!),ll08 bales from tlie <>!ii|:
nietlis of lust vent*.
The stuck on (iniid and on ship-hoard nt nil ill
ports, lip to till* It test (lilted, (I I no II Ii t m ot
being JS7.8JM ImleB more ihnn the stock on hati
ut the corresponding date last year.
Matrimonial lirokfrnrjr.?The New York enr
respondent of the Baltimore Sun relates the fo
"A ease of ' matrimonial brokerage' was lit
fore the Supremo Court yesterday. It appeal
tliut a iiiuii iiiiuied Nellis sued auotlier iiamp
Crouse, niul his wife Ann, to recover the snr
of .*$1,(100. The pluintiif alleges thai tlx> lady
before her marriage, promised liim $1,000 if Ii
would proclire her u husband; in accordantwith
which lie introduced several gentleman I
the l.idy, one of whom she accepted, and in no;
her husband. She refused to hand over th
boon, however, and hence the present ac
Culton.?The quantity of cotton carried int
England every year might lie piled into a pyrn
mid which would rival that of Cheops. Th
eight thousand 'five hundred and sevenly-tw
millions of miles of yarn spun in England in
year might be wound round and round the earll
as a boy winds string round his top; or womigli
throw the shuttle over distant Uronus, and the
tangle together the " red planet Mars," th
Karth, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in ou*"n<
nf cotton. The whole 'of the British Island
might he wrnnped tip in cotton wool, and put u
carefully for the inspection of future ages, in nc
very many years' coiieunjptiou of that raw ma
- Tlx' /tii/lit <>f Siiircfi (Jurxlioti.?Tin* New <
Y??iU journal <>/' t \iiiinit'expresses tin; scuti- ; ?
! incuts uf lIn- whole Auicl-irnu people, without
p. distinction of |t:i|-1 v, when il says,- i > reference M
n lo Hie liiti- ili'lintc iii l!i<- ISritish I'?l~l 1:1111?>nt on , III
>- the rijrht of search tpicstion, I lint, huwcvr will- i
i- ! ing we limy lie to agree with Lori> Mnlmcshury (|
ns to tlii* desirability of conn* combined course of ()jli
action hot wren (lip great maritime powern of the ' j.,
it world, whereby it may lie possible to prevent
I- i the abuse of national Hags to cover illegal < !
n trailing or piracy, ami however anxious we may I
It i li?T that, an arrangement may he maile whieli |
e ( will rentier if- possible to ascertain the nationt
i ality <?f mcrefimit wpse's without a violation of f>
Jl ' iiu?*riint I low ? ?? *? "
?. ? ?? iib lOaiieiS ll()\V
- | stand, see nnv diU'erotice between She light ?.f
i- i ^enroll and llmi of visit, as both i-mtviiotc a e
J forcible assumption of jiiriMlici ion liv one lotciiru j
is power iivcr I lie vessels of smother, which,
j whether it he to search for seamen, look- fur
r slaves, eXi.miiie cnr?o or merely to verify the
e 1 nit t ion si I it y <>!' the vessels, is equally oliji-etionable, c
H j because il if :? forcible sirrest, detention unci ,
ii j search, no mutter how politely the " visitation"' * '
i- ! may lie imide, or how brief its ilurution, so loni?
s- si?1 the ri.trht is tint. conceded by special agree- 111
o meiit. ? Uic/iiiivihJ J)ixpatch.
'? .. '
I Ejrjieuses nj the (irrfffil (t'or'riiment.? \n- f
; nexed sire the vsiiinu* appropriation bills pasttrd
i,', i ' >' 'be lute Confess, wilh the amount they re- j
r'' ' speejively si|i|>ro|>riate for (iovei litucnlstl pur- :
| |>os. s, <luritii5 tin: next lisral year:
' | .Millistry Aesuiemv 3170..1SS
j In.Iran " 1,7f/7,.*lr.H
1 j Consular iiinl diplomatic 1,017,745 In
! Army I'i.Ssh.mI.S at
i. ! I legislative, Executive ami Jmlieisil. .(i.74f>,743 A
Nnvsil l0,(ia.ri,O4:i
1'ortiiienl ioiii I .III i< i, I il II) of
Miscellaneous Appropriation bill 2,"1.7.Mil) I
Const. Survey 4."i,J.()u(> | ,si
<r Reissue of Treasury notes 2n,tin0,ll()t) |{
Total npprnp'ni ns fnr ns known .ri9,fii)l,H3'4
i- i'usl Ofliee appropriations which failed
?- to pass till,40.7,788 1
I!- Total expenses 80,l2D7,12u
Orrrlanil Mail.?The overland mail ariived at.
t- St. Louis on Ssitiuday, bringing Sun Francisco
i.. M... in'
it I The steainei I'lirlf Sam loft San Francisco on ^ j
- tin? Mill willi .'Mid troops, of the Sixth Infantry i ?t
r<-_'iiiicni, for the ("oloriolo, for the purpose of i ,jr
}? cliastisitiij tin- Mohave Indians.
i- '1 lie Imliuii war in the northern part, of the ;
If Stall- is licin? vigorously prosecuted, with a !
> lair prospect uf a speedy termination. j
y Tim passengers l?y the overland mail report .
heavy ruins having fallen on the Colorado Pcseit
?an nr.iisiliil occurrence. Also, that the com- j '
i- puny met with complete succi-sn ill linking wells, | ,
i- lituliiiL' mi abundance of water at the depth of j J"'
Ii'!> feet. 1 '
d Severe snow-storms pro railed aWnjj the Fa- ' ^
1- ehico and 'IVjoii passes, ami a l.irjje aimuuit of |
additional stock was being distributed along 1 lie j .
I, roule.
I .lent. f.a/.allt-. previously reported mortally i
n wiiiiudt-d, in lli<' liy'nt with the Apaehe Indians, ;
; was rapidly improving. ,
ic An expediiion was ahoul leaving Fort l>ueh- '
anan, under ('apt Kwi-ll. a>jainst the hand of
Apaches who killed two iiimy sergeants in Janu
u;,,y- ......J" t
A' i/' If'hiipshirr A/ci'/ioii.-?CoNconn, March F<
lie Stal<* eb Clion ill New Hampshire lonk 1'
*' ; place yesterday. The weather was unfavorable ti<
j and the vote not so large as it would otherwise J'
have liceli.
l' As f.ij- au beard from (loodivvn. lb" Republi|(
can candidate for Cover nor, lead-C:ito, (lie Pemoeratie
candidate, over three thousand voice,
t, I and there is no doubt of his olcetinn. ?
u Tb.* returns, thus far. show one hundred and ?
, five Republicans to thirty six Democrats elected
,j to the llonse. Out of (lie twelve Sena'ors the
, Kepilhlieans elect i?ht, showing a large Republican
niajorilv in the Legislature.
x It is also rendered certain that the Republicans -jj[
liilVe eleeteil throe Concressinen.
_ i The Democrat* are considerably disappointed,
| as they bad hoped to make a much better show.
? | Coxhx /lira.?Tim excitement in r??ir!>*" ! to
^ I the expulsion fioin ili?- Republic of Sriinr
s | I.omite. 11i-11<i]> of Costa R-ca. lui.i died nvnr.
,c 'i'ln* people in i?4'nrrfil highly approve the (,'ovlp,
cruinent in tIn- matter. The Republic- is pros,,j
pei-ons and tranquil.
p. The pnfft-n crop wmilil exceed OO.tiflft quinJr
tals. Tin* new crop was cnming in slowly to
(. 1'iinta Arenas, Prices lanirei! from 111} to 11}
? cents for first quality, for Yi-rv inferior as low n<
i. "? i rents, Hnsim-ss. ns is iiMinl on the rniherinir
t. of llie coSec crop, had improved.? ^V. O. J'icai/utif.
4 4 ? 0
t. A White Ji'hiii.? We saw yesterday n white ,
, roliin, wliic'1 lind I ecu s-eii nlmni town for sonie
,( lays, nnil was sliol just heyond (lie otitsk'rt*.?
,t Tln> winirs anil had; were of n p<tle cream color. (T
tin- i-'-miiindi-r perfectly white. ^ ? have seen
,e it stated that white specimens of several kinds
. . ..f l>ir-lfl and quadrupeds have l?een seen thi?
l( winter, in varioii-> parts of the coimtrv, especial ']'
,.r )y in the Northern portion of it.?Cltrrair Herald. |
A Oritnil Project.?Rmilc dp fiirardin. a
>t Ktench editor of note, and on the literary st.ii IT
1L> of the Rllltn-rrir, has plllilished a pamphlet, I,a
.,. (inerre, which finds considerable favor in Paris, a
lv ilr^intj that France and Russia should divide '
j,. 1'nrripe hetwenl them into two great empires,
jj At the entile lime the Paris press denounces in L
r. unmeasured terms the fillilniKterinir rapacity of
ii| the United Status because it desires 11? pitrehnse c
ii Cuba. ri
Tnt, , r.V/.?. i v~... n
II yiirr. March 9 ?Advices received lu-ic from c
.jj Ycrr Cruz stale lliat thenrmy of Liberals issnn- c
l'liiix* of sueits?. and their wutrh-ivnrt! wiis li
|s Ijlicrty <>r Dentil. An express front the Ciipi c
? ill :;:iaVH Mint Miramon lias detained dispatches.
... intended for ill" steamship Tenncsse, in order fr
I lie morn e/Tecfnalty to conceal his move- si
nientti. i'i
11 The liemams of Po*bnaxt?r General Urovn ? U
-s Washington, March II.?The remain* of the n
? late l'oMlinnKter fJenernl lirowri will he fnken ,j
lioiDe to-rtiehc. Thief go in* charge of n special
agent of the Post OflVce I)e|>iii'tii)<snt and n Com w
ie tniltee of Teiincsscctinn.
e Mr. Raleigh Smith, overseer on Ihe ]>l.intatinn
k of Mr. David Alexander, near "McKinlcy postn
cflice, Marengo cotinty, Aln.. was murdered
l?v one of iho negroes on the place, on the iltilh e
k The. Yaehl ll'ani/erer, ?Cr-?Savannah, March .
? 1-2.?The yacht Wanderer was sold at auction J
today, hy the United Stntes Marthnl, and pur,,
chased by Mr. I.umer for Jji.JiOtt.
* Commercial.
' AntiKViLLK. March ll?, IH.19.
g Cot/on,?Since our Inst report onr market has
heen brisk, and all grades have ndvanced. All
it ofl'erc.d has been fret-lv taken. We'onote from R ^
? I * ftl
P ) to 1 1 cis.
3 Columbia, March 15, 1K69.
Cotton.?The col ion market was (mite brisk
yesterday. iconic 2(jC bales were sold, at fioni C
e H to 11 Jc,
,1 Ciiaim.k&tos, March 12, 1850. B
Cotton.?The triiiiwiclioiiii in roiton to-day
were limited to nhoiu 1,001) bales, without change
.. in prices, vie: [email protected]
CiiAiti.F.HTON. March 14, 1859. - fo
Cotton.?Snles of cotton to-ilny 6d0 bales, at
.9 nnchuii|ied rales.
Augusta, Mnreh 14, 1859. 1
Cotton.?The business in cotton wap small in
e tliu Augusta and Suvunnuh murket, but prices
e were firm.
v New YonK,. March 14, 1859. ^
e Cotton?The cotton market was firm to-day,
! with stiles of 2,(100 balsa. Stiles of the three _
(lays 14,5UU. bales. ^
q littnaininci in the Depot at Abbeville, for tin j*'
a week endiny Alarch IC, 1659 ^
i," A Giles, J Martin, Cobb (Iuntcr 4 Co, Capt
it R BUkely.Ol S K?Tr. J T Barnes, W A A IC <1J >gu
n Gains, JAN Knox, Dr J J Ward law, MisaSuily ^
e C IVrrin.J McBryde, II A Jones, J A Norwood, in
>t D J Jordan, IWraE M PnPrefr. E J Taylor, W M
la llugtray, I)r S V;iirf Monro k QuftiCo," Roche & w
p Chrisiian, T C Pcrnn, Gray 6c Robertson, M -j
>t Israel <fe Brussel, T N Browning, J 8 Cothrun
v J M Kallum. ' m
D. R. SONDLEY, Ag't.
M A KKI MI), n:t (lie lt-1 wsi.. I>v liov. W. 1".
urtin, Mr. .RUIN A. <'It A \V |'()K l> i<> Mi?
HON A K MOSKLY, :til of lliis Distiirt.
A! A Hill Kl>, on i^O'liii'whiv, ill'1 IMb ull..'>v
n It. v. .1 W. I,. Smith. Mr. I>A V11> ATKINS
( heroki'c cuiiiiiyf mid Mi.-a FUANCIW
)IMJ, of Cnlhoun co., A In.
I > 1 I'll >. iii this l)i.si net, on tlio Hill inst., of
icuiuuiiiu, TIIOS. .1. LVO.N, in the forty-nev1
li ji-iir of his nj???.
S herilTs Salo.
|?Y virtue of sundry \ViMs ?f l-'iera Fiicim
I? in uu- (liri'iMill, | \vj|| sell ;it Al?l?fvil 1?*
"i*l. Home, <>n I In? first Monday in AI'li-H/
\'i, ivithin the l<*ir;i| Iniurs of sail.', Hie ft^lowg
property, to wit:
)'> Aere* of l/iiiiil, morn or h'ss, lioiimlcl l?y
mis ot .lolin A. Mm I in, llciirv Wilson, nn?l
hers, attached us tin? property < ( llinldon, Sla r
A Co., nils. Vaurnlkeiihuri;. au<l others.
10.1 Ai-rcsof Knud, more ?r Iess, hounded l?y
nds of II. II. Il.u|ti-i and others at Inched,
ib property ot i%iaS. P-mlnn, ads. L. Nl. JilorROII,
AsHlgllfcC, ?l)t! Otll<-l.l.
Ifii) Acres of Land, more or less, hounded hy
nils of .Miiisliiill I IoiIci-h, S. Agnew. -.slid others,
tucl.ed ns the propeity <if Silas Jo.les, ads. M.
. i>oughis, mid nllieis.
1 Suirel Mare l.evied on sis ilw tlm property
\\ . A. Sliuw, nils. Amos Clark, Jr.
1 Negro limn Tom levied on the pioperty of
lepheti W. \Y i!h?, ads. Jut-vpli S. and Jns. II.riS
I, and others.
1 Negro man, Anderson, levied on and nttarhI
as the propetlv of 1'iti-r S. Burton, ads^
inestV Jones, and others.
JOSEPH T. MnrUM-' ? . ?
Sheriffs Olliee, March 10, ls.j'.'.
Shoriff's Sales.
)Y VIRTUK ??f an order from '.lie Court of
) Common Picas to me dirtcted, I \v?JI pel?
, the hue residence of Pcl?*rS. Itnrton, oii'Friiy
the 2.'iih wist-, the (i/liowiiig j>rn[n?rly, viz:
4"? 11 cad I loirs, II) lleatl Siit-cp. H Head Cattle,
|{o?il \Vhj?o?i. 1 ltii?5Y, ~ Wheat Fans, 1*
hre.shrr, I Cotton (' iii and Rand. I Lnt Wheat.I.ol
Corn in the Hnick. 1 Lot Corn Shocked',I.oi
1'inldcr, 1 l.ot Hiucks ami Straw, 1 Lot
ivoh! Polafucs. I r.'il of Hoaids, s Unions Fat.
I.nt Tan li.irk. 1 Loom tit.il Tackle, 1 I.ol cf
ii>.ln"iH 1."' Peas, il Sc\lh<-s and Cradles, 1
it Flour, 'J Iiarie's and S;iU. 2 Hatrels and'
cal. I (iiiiol Stone. 1 fitr<- I* *(, I I.ol Coltelt
'< 1, I Lot Hexes. I I.ol li.ii ri'ls anil 11 lids, 1
siiiil Axe, 1 I.oi I'lnnuh Irons, I Y??ki? Oxen, 1
i?l Siiioliies, 1 Kmc.in, 2 Tatdes, " Kedsteads,
Tninuel lii-iluii-ail. : Matrasses, 1 Clock, I
ii)>licniK, ft <"li.iirs, with sundry oilier nriielee,
tin-lien as tin- j?n>|icrty of L'ctcrS. Hnrtnn, ada.
. M. .Morrison. A.?sifrnce.
Also, on th'- 2!hh insi., at the residence of Srs
.lones, 1 Sorrd Male, 'J Tallies, 1 Wash-stand,
Chairs, 1 Clipboard, I Spinning Wheel, 1 Keel,
llni!?y ini.1 1 lames*. l l.i.i Cotton Seed, 1 Lot
aider, I Loom. I I.ol lli'trs, 1 Cow, I Lot
lank. U ( nns, I Lnt Suinhies. and I Lot Plantuou
Tools, attached the [irojieriy of Silas
niies, ad?. M. A. Douglas.
Teiins? CASH.
IOS. T. MOOUE, ?.*.?.
SheritT's Oflice, Mareli 10, lt!.r,'J 47 2i
>0\il5TIII\(J KBW!!
of tin: env of
H. E. win & GO'S
/< **-*rn ** " #l " '
lilH \m SHIRK,
NO. .11 15 Xl.TIMOKF. ST.,
IBS ftlti xxx or o, 3VE cl .
Southern ami Western Orders.
router Inducements tIimi ever iiefore ofTerrJ.
/I (lift irorth j'rom Fifty ('ml* to
DiTi) xlVWm&I) I D'L'L&m
Acr>>i!i|i luii-s every Hi>?k.
MAILlit) FUF.K TO AN ? AI>):{t;ss.
What t-Jio Press Say.
Tlipy linv?* a iniiiriiiHci-iit iis.->nrim<,iit of I)o?k*,
iid iuivo pri-|mrrd thornr-elves with inniinietnble
ifn to lie iliKinliiilei) among their
troupe of I'licutls hikI customer!) iit large."?
tn/t. .Sun.
i>m omy msiy a setvelipii be made of any
lioiee woik. Km with ii the purchaser is *urr to
L'ct ivo some nitirle of Jewelry, which in many
proves 4 pi it e Valuable.?fjuili/ Exchange.
Tliev iii.-ike mi | i*ontisi'?> Unit arc imt perform*
ri strictly t<> ihe letiei, nnil l?y tliu? punctually
uncoiling Ilieii ohliu'J'tioiiji. have iriilied the eniie
eonli'lei?:?? of ii"l onli our citizens, but the
miiitry abroad.? Hull. I'll!riot.
A \on11tr l.nly acquaintance of ours purchased
>r I a Honk :it tliis establishment, 11 few days
ince, nnil received n ilntili!i' eased Gold Watch,
[?/?( </ ul one ftumlrr<Jtltilhnx?Clipper.
Th? pueeejis.which attend* the (iift fiook
loose of Messrs. 11. I*. IIOVT <!t CO. has no
rpoedeuts ill the .unnnis of Gift Enterprise*.?
I ryu.i.
fall and see them, arid our word lor it, yon
ill not. regret your visit. ? bitpalch.
All Orders should he addressed lo
IV. 12. IIOVT A CO.,
No. 41 Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Hd.
March 17, 18f?9 ' 17 3nr
'oreign and Domestic, Staple and* Fancy
Masonic Hall Building, 248'BroadStr
'oulil respect fully invite attention to their largenl
well-selected Stock of Spring Goods.
March 17. IWftfl 47
t 9
oiorcd Ifinvix muf Ciiiiglmms,.
T Ladles and Misses Flats,
Stimmor 3Vr/vntill?,?f
nd nunv oiher New Gnodb just r?ceiv?H.
r sale low by
Mnrcli 15. I860 47 tf
.. ! 'fo | '
Large Assortment j?/l opened l?y
March 15, ]8ft$ ~ 47 tf
Tow is tie Time to Pitch In.
i S I nmtfiWrous of moving w?nt. I offer my
ire miles wont of Aiulerson (Court llouie, on
ie Shallow FonT Road,'chnlnlninR threo hun*
ed ami nhie1y-ji?*<*tea (89S);we1l improved,
ith two settlement* on jt,,H good gin house and
rew. Th?* tHJjt'rtonfnliir almnt fifty acres of
ittnm land^Whut-one lmlf the tract iu woodnd,
wellrtl'm^ered. niul lies well.
Any person wishing to purchase would do
ell t^ftnll'And exuiniuo this land before pu.-.
in?lna el/"ewhore, as I will glyo a bargafu. '
u determined to sell.
. v W. M. KEOWN.
Much 17, 1853 47 3,
M? "

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