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The Abbeville banner. [volume] (Abbeville, S.C.) 1847-1869, June 02, 1859, Image 4

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"Among llii! compensations of //ml hl'< J
whosr fmi/i/r is juti'ii'l'/, we It ml i.c\i. the . v
most iii;ia lx:iI !?*. Klsowher.", h>v<; is usu si
nlIy mi cpiMuli-: here il is an important H
part of tin: lii-turv, its golden threads inter i I
woven throughout t?io whole We , tl
Imvo bov'i literary men introdueed l?v their j p
works alone lo Mich offices as they were n
Mtpposed lo I?c capable of filling \\iili no '
vantage : luit the fame works g*ive them ; li
' niiance?sometimes personally tureen an<l ; ii
unknown?inlo [ho hearts of women.? i ?,
Klopstock niVoids an example of this.? j [
A friend, iiiih day. read (<> liim, from a let Ii
tcr, some c.iiticisms on llic Messiah, which j a
Klrm-k tho gilted poet hv iheii depth of I
fhoughl and poetical feeling. I To learned j
that ihecriiie. was a maiden ; ami although [ u
at the nmniont smarting under :i love dis ! <J
appointment, called nil her ivilli a let tor of; ?
i iiI r< 1 uot itui. 'Margaiothn M 11<-r was on- j s
of lli'i most enthusiastic. of klopstork's a>l I
inirern. Ardent and imiitriurtti\*?*, endowed i
witli talents of no common order, with a
fir.HVt as warm a- iter intellect cuitivn '
ted, the author of the 'Messiah' was, in In I
?:Ves, Iliu iii< al of all that. wa* ?;rciil au>! 1
in tinman nature. 'I n see hint, t" i
know him, seotiio I l<? luir a |>ii\i"? u< whieli .
would jjratily her ntsnosl w !>hes, hut \\ hinli j
she could scarcely ever hope u> enjoy. j
Her delight ami astonishment tuav he c?>n i
ceived when sin: actually hoard hi* tiaim- j
announced. M<-ta wa<at thai moment en <
1 \ f ^
in some ?ioino*tio. occupation- in- j
other, wo heliuv.i, than thai of sortin:/ out !
tho ll oii>vIp>I<1 hiii'ii?and the loom u,i> j 11
eotisi <|tKtilly in no little disorder. Jler si> j
tor proposed declining the visit lor thiil 1
morning; hut her'fair enthusiast would is.ii j
hear of such a surest ion. The liin n wa- j
.1 i.. - ' i > i ' - ? '
illl'l l\IO]l-IOCK 11111 < > , "
dueed.' In 111 is Hist interview*. at which |i<- . 11
ound tin; voting la?iy 'at once ? ;so ' ?
aniiahle, ami so charming, that In: could ,;1
lij'iiilv avoid giving her the namodcarost. to '
11 i 111 in I In; w*orid,' a correspondence w:i- *v
agreed u|i*m. He loiiml lliat she wrote :i- . w
naturally as she spoke, ati<1 that, liesi?li> j '
l*'ieneh, she was well acquainted witli I'.ulT i w
lisli, Italian, l.atin, and ?' adds Klopstr.-tk, ;
?perhaps t ireck, for aught I know.' j
"Muta never thought of concealing Iior
love? a l?>vo which marriage had only tin- "
cffeet nf increasing. 'Since Klopstock and w
T have ni''t,' writosshe lo her correspondent, ?
Ciltim, '1 firmly believe lliat all those who ! "
arc formed for ,:?**h other are snr?- sooner I Sl
<>r later to meet. 11?.w muM I ever dream, 1 '**
when I knew Klopstock only I?\" hi> 'Mes J * ''
siah' and his rules, ami so fondlv wished f->r
a heart like his; that very heart would one j
dv?v l*o mine? Kvon in my thirteenth vrar, r
T thought seriously how ] should arrange ' (.
my life, whether I married or remained ! ^
single. In the first ease, I settled how I |i
should manage my household, educate mv j,
children, and, ahove. all, conduct myself to I ^
wards my hushand. I formed tin* 1
j II
ideal of llio consort I should desire, run] ;
lYovidcnce lias given mo precisely liim I
whom I had pictured to in v.self as ihc type. j
the model of human perfection.' I must i
tell you a new happiness,' she wiiks to i w
another, 'which increases the numhi-r of ;
I *
my enjoyments. Klopstoek, who had liilh | t>
or to written out his compositions himself, , t
begins to dictate tlieni to me ! This is in .
deed :i delight. Klepstock's first iijanu \ u
script is always written hy my hand, and j p)
thus I am the first to read his beautiful i
, 1
verses! K<>joice in the advent of the sec ^
olid volume of 'Messiah.1 Abbadona np |
nears more frc?juontlv in the ninth song.?
Do I love Klopstoek particularly as the an j
tlior of the 'Messiah V Ah, for how many ( ^
causes do I particularly love him! J tut on j s(
llllft flPralihl *!..? ? - * 4' ~ 41
_ Hi.Ill iUiy oilier. . \ 11 I I
what, a love is this! How pure, lu?w tender, j |.(
how full of veneration ! | am most anxious 1
In: should lliii-h the 'Messiah,' not so mucli i j.
tm account of the honor which will redound
to him in cnnse.jueneo, :is of the benefit it i j(
will confer on mankind. Ho. never wmks !
at it wiliiotlt inv prsiviiig that <?od mav !
I ^
bh-ss hid labors. My KI?>pstock alwa\s '
writes with tears in his eyes '.'"
P.rniiiab'iliiij of' .)fun\>/int/ ?A table in I1'
fterted in a paper in tin* Assurance Magazine j
exhibits results of rathei startling character. 1 (
In the first two <|(iiiU|Ueniiial period*, tweii I (j
ty (o twenty five and twenty five to thirty; I
'the probability of a widower maraying in j -jft
year is three times as great as thai of a ' |,.
''bachelor; nt. thirty, it is nearly four times J ^
,ns groat ; from thirty to forty live, it is five ' c,
timcR as great; and it increases, until at
'-i?i*ty, the chances of a widower marrying |;|
in a year is eleven times a> great as that of l(
the bachelor. It is curious to remark, from j
- this table, how confirmed either class ho- ,,
comes in its condition of life?how little
Svk " 1
? likely, ft few years, is a bachelor to break )|
through his settled habits and solitary eon
diiion; and, on the other hand, lnw read- |y
illy in proportion does a husband contract n w
second marriage who has been deprived |;
' ef}Terifnl!;rcly of his first partner. After the t,
^|*go.ofs thirty, the probability of a bacltc- j|,
~lo> mnrry ii.i?4 it? a y.car diminishes in a most i<
rapid ratio. 'I Iks probability at thirty-live p
fjd.uiit inuoli uioru than half that al thirty, n<
' ^r^-ittoirly Hm" panto proportion exists be- j??
""itvbpn each 'piinquunnial period afterwards, if
V> said'a foting gentleman, to a benu- t(
?^*?fuUyouttg lady, nt a party in Arkansas, ^
won't tnbo any of the sardines?"? f
A '^So,'' said she, "hut I'll take some of the ?
artaanl jiiiii'iiv* "
I Vft *4 _
t> TlA vp*r?on sending tlic funeral scrvice at
1 lie grave, forgot tlie sex of tli'o deceased T
*ft<KfcnStelAl f-one r>f llio inonrtiors, an l'auer
h*1>io tl i (:.r or sistor ?" ".Nei48Bir?lTf
|dii?d- Pat, JVnily a colisin." b
? - " t|
. '11) rec nroducliotis of the bottom
Missouri arc, corn, pork, and
*mA. "
.. mh Li
Wlii'ii eighty years of lie still, ev? iv | **
.eek, took the road w?i!? his wain hor- n,ff s
r?s ns lb1 had done six (v years before; mak- j seat,
ijj his journey from (.'aiubridjjo to the
bill Inn, l?isliopj*atf? street, London, and ,:ra'
liclteu baek a**ain * earrvinjj letters and ^hir
artels, and sometimes stray passengers I M
n?l delivering tlieiu I> >|h ways. A'd ' '-"I
lilough Shakespeare's life Jlobson's eait-jdesei
lis had tinkled, llnhson himself riding j don,
11 the cart or trudging I?v the side of it. j bald
long the London and Cambridge 'road. : v;ftS
ie had driven the team as a giown lad for , '
is lather before .Shakespeare was horn ;
la) now, eiglit. years after Shakespeare's j heen
ioiies had heen laid under the pavement in s,,tls
'liattord t'di'irelt, lie. was still halo in his j nohi
Id vocation. Nor, though onlv a earlier j staH
liivinjj: his own wain, \vn> he a person of ve|v<
lijjiil coii<eipieiiee. There was maiiv a old
<|Uar?', roilit<i about. ('ambridgo, w lioni old this:;
lobsoll eould h:ive 1 1>l ?o..1 .--.1-1
;inninjj lift* on liis own account wiiii a 1 vr 1
;<?h11v joopoiiy l. l'i iiim l>v liia father, in | suite
hiding the wain lie u?-<l to ilrtw, < i^ht 1 l*?*i?
I'uiu iioix's au<l a imi;, In* 1 I, l>v iiis ]>iii- hm>li
Iclicc :its?l lnun'-tv, <!i:ti!isaS!v iuci?i'L'h
Ins j'lojx i Iv, Jiii. lu-.-iiK-s paving (In; c\- la:il
t.'U>?.s i>|" a larjj-: family, In; was t?:io uf the I* ?l?>
.caliliii >t citiz-'iis of < 'auihri-i^o. 11? | wli?>
wn-ril .-v\eral h?>iiin the t<>\\ n, ami hat I , sistei
iuc.li laml ikiiikI. This ineron?o of f??i- to fa
tun: ho owol in pail his ju.l^. < liar;
loiit in couihiiiiii<; oth'T kin Is of hmi- | t'ary
tss, such as farming, mailing ami ' river
in keeping, with his IraJo as a car- lant,
iri', In th
1 '.ul hi- ;jivnt slrokti in life lnnl hi-cn the limit'
ha <>f letting <>ut h?>r-(s on hire. Ilo' vutin
as, in fact, ac?;i'n!in^ t<> all tradition, the a pri
erv first man in the islaml who h.t out! oft1,
ackm-y h?; hu', having no compesi- thr* ;
' ii in (lie lrn?l<\ In* eariicd it c>:> in his Mi. <
w ii way. Ill- li;nl a .-table of folly j;oo<l sail
!itllu :ilways t?*adv and lit for (ravtlliiig; ton's
nt when any M-lmiar or other customer term
hoover In: might ho, came for a horse, ho i |r?in<'
' ;s i.Mi?i-".1 to take tin- ?nio tliat chanced with
> .stand next the .staid*' door. Ileum the 'he \
X'il-ktKIWII |?l ' I lohsoll's choice? Yolll
lis or 11? thin1 lie honest carrier's prin- away
11>]o being that c\vrv cu-lonier should ho j diigi
.? ?!!y served, and i-vetv horse ju-tlv ridden sav->
i liis (it 1 ii. Suiuu of Jliihsoti's lioi'V?*s nit<-1
ere lei out to go as far as London; ami ' IV
n thi.M: occasions it was lluhsoti's hahit, Man
lit of regard I'oi his call!< , to impress jij>oii Ami
hohu.s when he saw them go i ll at. a ( man
n-at |>aee, 'that they woulil C'ltim time ' (". ,rn
uongh to London if they did ii"t rkiu too , eiviii
i*t. ! two :
/."I'll ,/' //!) /,'hs- i// nil ii ? i
he fir.-t voIiiiih: of "'I la: Life and Times of |
harks .faints I'ox,"' hy Lord .lohn llis>ell, i
as just appear-, d in Knglaml. Tin* I.on- j'( '
on papers say his lordship has dealt with t a'
. " f , i . led h
k i*? o r...*,,. I ?
......-j w b ? n n.i-HMiuHi v , ill must 111 <.*?>- ]
i . i stain
orr nt manner. Ins Ins.l. v<>1 un??; is a cuiu,
, , I at. in
H iilatv, ami l;ltio more. As a comim-n- I
... , . . . i ' crow
irv, however, it is ciiaraco-risii'', a in I !11<* j-.
rmeludincr is. iiviha;is, ihe ini'Sl
liaracleiislie. o| id! :
' IJffonj taking loaw of the, American
i i man
ar, a lew words may l>t allowed on a lop;
wlit-ro there can ! hut litile dill'ercnre oi'j 1 'C
pinion, < o nrge Washington, williotil lite j
cuius of .lul'iis < ":?*sar or Napoleon IJuna- U"n
arlo, lias a far purer fame, as his ainl,iti??n ''
as of a higher ami holier nature. In:ead
of seeking lo raise* his own name, or ' S "
i/.e supreme. power, lie devoid liis whole "
ilouts, military and civil, to the establish- ?
lent of llie independence and perpetuity ,Wl *
f ihe liberties of his own cminliy. In l" jl
io<l.?rn history no man lias done such great '
lir.gs without the .soil of sellishmtss or the 11 111
ain of grovelling ambilio n. ('a^ar, Croinell.
N a j loleoti, attained a higher elevation, !
i.i i r i .s . w:is !
til 111/* !.?* * ??l ? -- ?
..v ?..v, .'.'*1- <>i -i'miiiii'mi w.is uio spur liiul j ^
roVis tliulil on. J<>liii i luinpdcll, WiliisiUl j ^ ^
us.-ell, Algernon Sadm-v may have had j ^
loiives as pure ami ambition as unstained,
uL thcv fell. T<? Ceoi<;e Washington,!
i - i i ward
parlv alone in modem times, has it occii !
iven to accomplish a womh-rful revolutoin, .
.1 , i 111 l'"
id yet to remain, to ail Inline times, the
n ine of a people's gratitude ami an exam* 1
l<; of virtuous ami hcnelicent power.''
-? - - .!///<(
I"*ihtiihlc Anlo'/rnj'fis.?'1 li?;rc arc. at j ]|(
resent throe, ami so far as is known only jn ;in,
iree, complete sols of autographs of the j |,.lV0
^ners of the l>ec!aralion <?f Independence. j a ,na
hese belong to Rev. 1 >r. Kprnuge, of Al-I [n j|,i
my, Rev. l>r. Raffles, of Liverpool, ami a j ]irew
until Carolina gentleman. They were I S0I1S.
nnpleted hy a curious piece of good luck J m ;i j
i>ine years since, each of these gentlemen snmc
cki-il one autograph, which was nowhere r()UIU
? In- found. Hut in settling an estate, the |iiP,c.|
nuth .Carolina collector came across three nny ,
iceipts of hills signed by this very indi- )S |os
dual. One he kept for himself, and rim:1 I jn ^lC
ie other two to 1 >r. Spiagnc and I>r. Ruf- muth
ha. I ?r. Unfiles has his in a beautiful j vv,,aj|
ritin<1 v? .1 *? ? ?< ??~-l ?1 - ** 1
. . I values II ailllOSl US lie (less I
ould llio famous Koh-i-noor. A ivealiy *?> he
oston merchant oikc introduced 1 liinsoIf ' Cl>c
? lii in in tlift street, and requested the privego
of seeing this collection. He then cj or
?lil the Doctor lha t he wished to inaku a f?
resent to his native city, ami had Been n roa
jthing which so pleased him for that pur- | C|U C
use :is this set of autographs, and asked .,s c||
thnro was any sum which would induce ;i ,.(,n
iin (o part with it. The Liverpool Doc- he ca
>r, however, who is wealthy, and besides, ridiai
>nsidc>rs a lirstiate autograph a luxury 'kVj!^
1 ?i will t
renter than a misers gold heap, was not p|.ic0
> he tempted.?Neirhurypnrl //eraIJ. hy'e
- ' ? tllO (1
IT you wisli to ho ceruiii of what you a hu
Gt, never liinrry a girl named A"') ; "an'' times
an indctinito article. thus i
Mr. Jones writes to a fuond, and clones
y saying: "I am. glad (?? ho ahlf to say
iat my wife is recovering slowly" count
"Maffiagp, jilro fiddliitg, depends ,a gttal
2al irpoi. the 1> :nu iitg, . +' * * '* anoth
corri'S|ion<U'iil < !'Ilio < ' nlni v, in ;;iv |
loine roiiii?ii*?onf!s of tin? o!<i c<>untiv j
called '* i lie < in Hanover)
ity, Y ii'^inia, an account i ! <!? ?.
Wasliiiigtou'.s suit t?.? nitU rejection l>v
k* (.'ait:
or. father was Wilson Cary, I'.-1')., of
ys," in the ?*cn:nSy of Kli/.uhcth Cilv,
liiuli'il from the nohle family ol llunds
in Kti^lnml. His relative, Col. Arclii
Caiv, ol" "Ani|ill;i!l,"'in t'!n--t< ili.-M,
at his death the heir apparent to
'i i... .......1 t.i .!
* "- """"J ?'.v.
is, I'n>ni ;il! wo lvii?.\v of I.sin, t<> have
i as proinl :is iIn? ( 'miicvs yr tlioS<?mer;
aii'l t>> 11:iv ; li.uii^lil his family tin:
st in tin! Intnl. lit* livi'i! in j;roat
, willi cliniiuls ami hoi>c>, j?'.nto ami
irt mill omltroMi-rv?:i wotihv ? !' t!i<
rlii'nl, l*iiiiv i-nti.-lu >1 \\ i:11 lli" nli-r ??f
:111< 1 ? i'j^vinv. ii-in-!v Ili? ^ooi]
* 1 i\i?\ i-li no-. I l:s li. :l!11it't11 11 :i 11 n11i\:\s
a . ;?L li'-in-.;, :111 1 li.-nl many
lis?tlii: :ii-i-iij. iit which hi M oiii' of
i i: 111:411c- lnr i, :iifiiiln'ii ! in tunny
II" wa-. a yiitniij man of vi-rv
diameter, a ivintiv<- of (Irii. Win.
lax, K?who livi-'l at r.-!vi?ir, (its the
mac; ami here lie nn-l willi MissCarv,
came 1" \ i-it Mr<. Kniifax, ln r elder
r. The yonii^j man at. oiiee iiroi'u<j(lu<1
i! in lnVi*, w!tio 11 In- 1 i I willi att nrlor
Hotelutie of his nature. 'When .\li-s
went hnek in :iii' in "< Vli'V*," on Jaiivs
t... r..ii i - i'.i
, ik;i ukc a coiirjijYvoiis j^al
and laid <>]>i?ii si. ?<> to tli?- fair fortress.
0 pn..<! old times, liMWevcr, soinctiiinu;
1 was ii.-_'os-,ary than the t-uiisciit of thc
^ lady, and so th<! youth duly a.-k' d
vale, inieiview with the nwlul ?>! 1 i??rd
? manor, who listened to iiim sii* :?13v
i_di<>ut. When tin- lover ha! liiii.-diid,
'.try mado him a low how, and
that, if thi> were yoiuiij Mr. \\ adiin^
ciiand at " ' his had 1.. tti.r
iliat0 : his "dail^hlci h:> ! ho-ii accus.
d to ride in her own chariot.'' And
this allusion to the juior conditi.>n < !'
ouii^'-r soli, the interview L<-rmi11at<- 1.
sjjf \\ a-diiii^ton bowed and turned
, and in in-: time Mini lid Maltha I >.iii)
Cnstis, who "resembled Miss('aiv,"
my autlioiity, uas much as one twin
r ever did another."
lit tins old tradition <!o. ^ no! .....1 1......
y \1U<! away .Mary < arv \\a> Mr-.
?icr--;nul iu*r il;>uai<ic<l ?uil^r wa~? IIi?who
liail ju-t I ivi-i| tho hvvor*! ? !'
uii!!i.-? al \ *>i!;l'?',vii ; wliom i!. whole
/. ?! vvui'i l I,ail,-.! as iiit? iri-'.iH-t a!i>i>iiu'
;ival "tlit; foivui">l. iiiiiii" ii"! only
lica, I'll! of "ail iti.- woii'l." lie p.iistin
t: ]!? :? I t>l liis Vi<*t"ii'liis Ilootw, ainl llio
!<; wore crazy with j<?v n-liuirati-ai
>t. Th?r va>l iiiTi!i!ii'l<! nearly jiii.'Vciiis
Iikixj fruiii itiufc.viiiii' lli.j vaSui i
<:<>ii iiu!>i:liacU iia^MnI i>n M-ifin !v. A'.!
in: h?: |?i i?_ sv? ! al a \\in>h>\v, nr in a
. 1
<1, liis ul?l Mary ' arv. lltr rai.-.(il
vv?>r? 1 ami xiiiitutl her profoinnllv. ainl<<].
it it <l'?:s ii'?t s?*cin thai tin? 1??v? 'v \vowas
1<? iilanii'. Siiu liail HuL l?t*?*n
to return llic nilVjclioii.s of tlic 3*011:li j
;il was all. Sin: married him who
lii-r heart, Ivlwaid A in! '? !*. lie was;
mworthy of litis nohle lady iti rank ??? I
arac.ter. lie was ileeended through
lother from the great Huguenot house
i li'ianc Ja rpielin, "n Xendee, and in
t?J the honest inr-lincts of his race. At
"o he had been sciiI f<>r his education
iglau<l ; he graduated at Cambridge,
lien made the grand lour of Kuropu
uing to \ irginia when In; wast went v
lie was married to Mi.-s <.'aiv soon
wards ; became t'olieetor at York, ami
- ) much ns|M-<l??l (hat when l.??r<!
itourt came to A"irj*iiiia as (ioveinor,
rough I a letter of introduction to the
:tor. I It! died al tl.ir!y-livc; au<i the :
lutioiiary *ar breaking oulfuon after ]
his beautiful widow moved away I
tho seciH' of her gii*f, ami look refuge
u "Collage," far U|> in Hanover.
correspondent, urilvslu the Hcichtijir. ;
irriii :
a late number of your paj.fr von slate
.we.r lo some correspondent, that, von
no confidence in the report, that'when
11 is lost he will travel in a circle
is you are mistaken ; it is a fact well
(,. -li ' *
<> immiiicimih'ii, iiiai when ]>t rue
bewildered, they frcipiciitly travel
terfeel. cirdc, sometimes keeping tlic
track until tlicy make a dozen eipial
Is; at other times making the circle
r or smaller each time. It is hot, hv
nouns, always the case when a person
t ; bill it. is s i frc<picnt that it is with
: experience of every one who has been
in the woods, fit calm and cloudy
n-r, and in a conn try of much same
:>f appearance, tins be-t woodsmen j;et
wildeicd as to "l.ike the circles."?
ins not accustomed to the woods will
time* do so whan the mhi is shining
. steady l.reezts blowing. < >11 the lev
gulf praiiies of this country, on a calm
morning, no man can tiavel without
rl. It is an incident of every day oc
rice in the spring and fall seasons,
iiieu arc thus becalmed on the prairie
eoujany as are ships at sua; nor will
ipass mend the matter, for it cannot
rrfed steadily enough to keep its m<>
it and tlio course it points cannot l>c
for fifly yards; if a man atlepti it, lie
nake a circle ami coinu back to the
ho starleil fipui. 'Hie circle will I o
or small generally, in proportion t.i>
ensitv of the fog?soniometimus only
nidred yards in diameter; at other
,a mile butseldom more, Tlio circles
nado are perfect, .'I'iiis kind of wander
:em,to from an altemj.t to go a ,
Tit. course' when tliero is nothing to
the senses, or when tlio usual guides
i, wind, or the general contour of I.I10
ry aro disregarded. It befalls chil
who do not attempt to "o on a roursc,
uiy run from one visible. poiut to
pr*-equally pccrpliblc.
A < ;11 111 I? v "ii :i :-hip, the eaj>-!
1 I-iitt ? !' wlii'-li wa< :t ii? ?iman, was j
i i
eailed ii j? to l ie whipped for >n o mis- I
I j!< 11?' :?11<>r. I.iltle .1 ;?? !{ went riyinjj and
! ( I'imii I >! inifi and said to tint captain: ?
' IVay, sir, will yon wait till I say my
1 Vwas tin"; stern reply.
' Well, tlion,' replied Jae.k, looking up,
and smiling triumphantly, 1 I'll .say lliein
! when I u<-t ashore.'
. . 'P"
i imliti/.?Siteakiii" ol ?>ri<'iiialitV, ..
'I O D < it (?V(
j I'iim-rsoii says : j latioii
" An antln-r is original in proportion to ; -Y*jVV
! < i i < > -
i in; .uii'Miill lit; MiSUS II'l?111 iM'Olll ; |*KC >l
'litis iitirr coiili >-iuii \v<! may learn the. ! ,
- .1 ,M ucii
j sourcu of Kmerson'.s gems, without reading li.-m!
(iii-i lc.*' al,"v*
) 11.i
A lady called on a witty fri?-n< 1 who was
j lint at li<>m?% and finding I lie piano dusty, !l
w imS'- iijxiii ',i. .v,'<///. ni. Tlio next day lin y j
! in- I, and l!i<: lady said, '"I cat tod on you j Im
| yf.-lci lay."' 4,Vt:>; I mhv youi card on the j "'o"
! pinaiio," was the r? i?!v. I <-l. i!i
I! ?
J "S > lln-re ii another niptureof Mount ;
I \".-t< *?:-,** said Mrs. I'ailinglon, as she /;#/ :
j jiut up her j-jm'cs ; "Ilie papers ti ll lis ahout w",r}j
| th<* burning lallH-r running down the moun- tlnva
lain, hilt it don't I' ll how il g??l a lire." '
- falni"
J r.al!:? r, have you seen anything of my j
| b>>iilift. 1 iini-t havu |. ft it. in this room/' lH-nni
'"No. my ?!<-ar, I havu ik?1; hut 1 will "r mi
^ tal;*1 thi! microscopc and iool: for it." 0</>v
j *"I m oil wh< n you talk of worhinfj^ as
i tin.1 coi k said lo tin- gin"or pop.
' ? ' 1 ..r Ci
| i?^
i " W. F. PR ATT & NANCE, j
WlroIownJo *Sa Xlotail
j I3HUG-OISTS, fault
Newberry, S. C.,
j HI", ir-w |:.- S -i ll upon ln-ttoi* terms
j I liall i .ill ill- !i:i"i risir.vlinv in Sulll li t "iir?i- t
' liin. ? \i-rv v:iii?*iy ! hru^.s, Mi'ili'im-s :iu>l "i''J
l 11 11iiimi-. :it \\ lin|i.- ili* ni' Kt-lail.
J \ l:ir.' .m l I'i.|ii;i!" Ii- ."-Ini-U I'.iiulS. Oil-'. J\|.
Vsiriii in -. I'nitv. 11!:iv- rtii'l l*:iint?r.-' anil vihiii
,'i-v:- 'i'nni- in Si'iiv; uii'l will IivpoM, njmn n j n,?? t,
l : "/ !, ;ii I iW rnlrs. | ti~i u
A I'iii" Si'ii-!i ! I'iiv-i?-i:iti-* aii'l Surtfonns* , lectin
j I si-i riiiiti-ii; ('In-: li'-si I A|.|mi .litis, I'liysiriiili.- | an.I I
.v.pi '1. i'.is-- an I .\ii-iii-iiic i'.im-.-. aii'l l'":unily ; Iiu ilil
I Mi11 t.'litjsis tin l.ii.-M Sly Irs. I uf it,
I A !';lll A--uriIII! ill ill' TlllSM-S :tIII 1 lil'ill'CS <|| ! of tin
I!. I- i*i*i-I a| I - 1 |. Itli III--. | pnlilli
1 I ... i " '
( - .. ... .?i i.iri i- m w iti"s. I.i Al'-.-.
; I'i I'i'mi . SiiiiIV. S;u??!.iiijr :iti< 1 I'lifwinjr
I I'.il.:! >, |'..i* ?-:||y ill all\* |l|:l iii 11 if's ?1 ?,??i?* ?I. Mil
i Till' Willi-- a II' 1 I -! 111' l~ Will- | .111-<-S > :t <- < '! Irilh It j
II. II t'. M ifihll I :i 111 lire irnlil l!i>* limsl it- JJ
| li.-iMi* 11:ij <?i-: i i\ 11 of 1 !n -? Is are s>>M ~
a: a l-.'.v | i'a .
j \ Sull :mi ! iVi'-li - ii|.|ily ..I nii'l Siiiii'c?
< !' all I::ii 1 I'i. l'ri'-<.|\?--\ '|*?i 1 ?1 ?* I'rilils,
1 \| .-ari-ni. I -in% I:?-r . < ii lai im-. ati-l uriuy nlIn r
aiii'l*? in tin* Culinary l.im\ will always lie
!v. 1.1 n: a a! ili?* \< rv Imvc.-I ]>rii-f-*.
| A vjivii-l aii-I 1 ;i?t i-rnlly ?<?|i?rti-i| Slr.rk ol' '
' i'ai.-'y ?Cni-li. s :111<I ?'uiiili- iii r;i<lli:s va!
vii-iy. Snati*. IVi-l'iitm-vy. ?m?l T-iili'i Art iciest nl ^ *
j every - vi|i:i?it>, :ill ticv. ut'.'l iHrcel i'mtu Jli?* ""
| Miinii!:n-lsn-i-|-.<. ,
; A Complete Slock of Everything 1
in Store. iV'
! Mr. I'i' \T1". \v!i . lias r?-r :i !-ii? time l?ceu 'l;n/ "
.inn-i-sI wiih iln' Iirnjr Inifi'i'*! in Ni-vvlicrry. ()!
I aii'l \vii"-i- I'i'i ii-in-c aii-1-al i-l'ai'inry I?;i^int-.-s
! <-i?l?ll<T! t? .11 - I-II?i* ! Iiiln In till* .-..IlliM!-!!.-.- "1" |.
i tWIllll
I'ilViia , lia> rclurtH'M ll'nlii till* Nnrlll" I |(j- )ir
I ?rn *iiiwln-n- In- Imiijrlit the entire Stock ; i
I >:| m tin1 in .-l r?\-i?'"ii:ilil?* terms. tlx; ivlmlc o'
\v 11i?* 11 i-s u an aait ! I'i r.-li :nt<l 'iciiuini'.
1 \ i1111i( an.I 1",\|M iii n.<.i| A|n>iliri>:iry
i |>ii I M'ji.iri niiuii,
' ;iii-l :i jritur.HUly i.* jfiv?-n tlm! I'atron? runJiave
tIi?-it- lil'u'l in liie must ?incs?:<'l>l
?.t \ ! .
I'liintrr.-:, I'iiy.-ieian.?, ini'i Mi-relinnl.? vrill liml
it in tin it* iui. ivsis rail 111 in W. F. I'll ATT p\". K.
N :n iIn- -ijrn ill' iIk* <ii>l?]i*n Mortar,
ciirisi r til' Main nil'I ('aMwcll Streets, Newberry, Win.
S. 0. I I' .
WI I.I.I A M F. IT. ATT, J i,
Mar.-Ji 22, K'-'.O IS :;,n
Great and Valuable I
SI 115 OF (i 00 !)?,=:;
A T COST. u,klU
'I "MI A.-sijriifpjt of S. T. Agnew,
j 1 v.ili fi'iim llii.- ilatr ulli-r llir entire
I In |!h' Sldii- ill' S. T. Atfiicu*, AT COST, ami
Mi'.mil.- t ? m-1 I llit- i-a:ii<! al {jri'iil Ilarjjains, until
| llir* will in- Slnrli is rl?i>r<| mil. This Shirk im
our of llir lar^f.-l aih! host Krlrctt-d assorlinunt.fi jlmnl
i "f Nu
Kivr i-tVrrril in tin- Stall* nl Siinlli Carolina.
I All ut wliirh liavo licon purrliasnl in tin* l>i'?l
1 Marki ! > in ilir u ni!<], ami at {{I'rally ri;<lii<*c*l |>ri- T 'I*
n s. In-low t!i it i.l' any otlii r Stork ever oIIVumI * "
in this M.irlvnl. Sjirar
Kniliran-H a fuil as.-i'ilnirut nf all Ihr artii'lrs tt?ii- lis*t
ally wanti'il by 1'iaiiSrrs, Alcrelinnts, and Me- RW,-r '
rhaiiir-i, iVr. withil
jtAc^xdwa-r? ';iZ
'if all kinds, i'inbiiii-iii'4 st complete assortment of
Nln-lf 11 :ti-?lsin?l Cutlery. (-'or
Al?",a l:ir<r<-assortment of nil kinds of
And Farmers' Implements Generally. ~_7
Grocories, Til
A laifjn mill complete assortment of all kinils.
ili&'Y SQ?0 l?l 3, ?k.
< >n<- ?>f the largest anil most complete Stock of all
kiml^of \V
Ailapti'il I" the wants of wry pereon, to<;cl|?cr . .
u it it a lai'vir iii-mii tincnl of articles too iiuincrous '
. . the I >
t<> lll'-lll lull.
aiii liis i hi ir<' Stock will he lie sold at cost ull(! ?v
for ' ASI1, nr in laryc miiiis, will he snhl on a a'"
c il K I) I t, with ami approved bankable "'."J1*1
Hole*. . "
.Mi'ii limits and others wanting <?omlfl in this . .h.
line, will i!o welt l<> call and examine tho Stool;,
as all who wish lo inncluise can save from !i0 to .
. ., . otlierv
I'.a jn-r < cnl. mi t!icir pit remise*. . .
Tills StooK.
M list lie Sold wit limit fail. Ho all oersnim nrn filei
IimI to fall and lio convinced of tlio great intluce- ' .
nients now offered. ?
Signer!, I'F.TRtt HAIR,
\V. W. IIOtJSKAI,, 0fflW)
AsHignccB of S. T. Agriow. '
MnrHi 22 IR.59, -18 Rm KSPRING
STOCK, 1859. w"'-1
Foreign and Domestic, Staple and Fancy ihor w
my good?, =
Masonic Hall Building, 248 Broad St t ntioii,
ATJOUSTA, C^A.., her, eij
\V mild rrspcrtfujly invito attention to tlmir large I ,
and \vi'll-(??l?oi??ii ist-oek of Spring Ciootid.
M?r*l> 17, IKS9 47 ?3i.i f|er
W. Davis, ?
Attorney at Law and Solictor in Equity
AnnKvn.i.K, S. G. ,>r J. tl
all hnKinosfiortlriiHtodto flKSN
litp rate. 11cenn,l?? found,4t Mie office ftf tiro
Abbeville Bander " Jyly 28 i$ Maj
I I I' ii(l>-i>i(riii'?l ! :>viltt? Ilie exelnsive A jjeliey ,
of AMtttvillc and l'M(;i;liclil I 'if It ids, fur
r and Maker's I'nrivallod 1'.unity and Plan*
i Si'\viii? Machines is |iri'|inrcd i<> till order*
( ' unfitness and disputnli. I* I0M KM ItKIl
VI'.MKNT in tliese Machines in. Mint tliev
NOlsKI.KSS. Mr. I'. I*. I!imd will nidi 1 1
iii.M itml net as my indent in Aldioville.? j '
ral I> )n?t. and Silica Uiiuiii, first door |
Win. Dili's II aid ware Store. I |
lilliliri'- S. I'-. Maldl Is.Vl 1 '
' l'nwiiis why lii<: Orover ?V I laker Sewinj; 1
in.- is universally preferred lor family <
. I
, It is in-??- simpleanil cahier kept in order
any other Miichim*.
Ii makes a seam which will not rip or ravoiil'Ii
every tliinl stiirli is cut.
11 sews Irom i wo ordinary h|>ok1m, and thus
mlil?* ol winding I lii-cnil is a voided, ? Iii! uric
machinc can In1 adapted al pleasure.
mm: rhniuji' of tnm/, to all variet ii'S of
i. 'I'lio same machine; runs) nick, linen
d, and common spool cotton, w'itli eiptal fai.
'I II.' Hearn is ns olnslic ns the most elastic
. so iIihi ii is fr?'?; from all liability to hreak
i-liin^, irouiuL' or ntlierwi.se.
i. The stileli made Itv t liis machine is more
lilul than any other made, either l>y hand
of /.'tier Jiccciral/'itiin J[<m. J. If. JfnuiDi
f ml.
\VAMIIN'ITOS", ]>ec. 11, IRAS.
!: In reply lo your |?*llor nskinjjiny opinion
rover \ Maker's Sew im? maeliim.-s, I take
lire in Haying thai they have more than an*diny
expectations, altor trying and returnlo-rs.
live l.hren of them in operation on my dift
placed ami alter four years triul liavo no
to tiild.
Vours. Itcspect.fllll V,
M. A. I?.\N*c,?m. T'Isn.. I I Mininirir s; ('
ff l>< //< > ft<mt Mr. Jouiit/i'in M. Miller.
IIki:<*ii Ifi.A.sn, S. (!., Pec. IMIi, Irt.'iS.
A. R\n??>m : ? /' '?> Sir: In reply to your
irv Imw J liU<? tin* <irov?-r ft linker's Sew*cirhiiie,
1 liiki- |i|i-:i<nr<: in sayini; ilial itl'ler
; il four months it has ?iv?-n rut ire satishi.
It is simple tni'l easy In nmli-rstnml,
his in:v?*r licfii out of onlcr. .m y will- has
lliciilty in instrmiiin^ n servant. in tlio use
I inn fully p'-rcuii'lf"! lluil un inv<*iiti<>ii
n aire is more worthy this : !Iontiori of the
i than that ??f Sewing Machine*.
Wry IU-.-|?-?:i fully v.-.iiis,
.loNAlilAN M. Ml LI.Kit.
rrh 1??, 1 K.V.I -It". Mm
Stato of South Carolina,
A/;/;/ ; i //,/-/ ; J>istiuct.
In Equity.
v^llfs c..x, 1
vs. , ttill /or Partition
I,. Cnillr-lipm, \ Ueal Ksf.am
in'r. A. iM, Cox, ^
l. al. )
appearing to my satisfaction titnl. Augustus
M Cox, Samuel .lacnhs, an<| Jain* his wife,
ilalits in this ease, i?l heyoii'l '.lie Iimilk
s State. <Mi inoti'jii of Marshall ?V: l.cc f'omjt. 1
lrtcil that. sai.l ilefrmlanls ilu appear am)
, an-Wer or ilcnmr to saM Hill of Complaint.
ii llirei* mouths from iho publication hero- ' I
tin;same will In- taken against
\VM. II. I'AItK KIl, r.r_.\.i?.
iiili?>i<nii r's ' Hli.-.-, )
May It:. I-.V.I. i I Dm
lc Stato of South Carolina.
, i /;/;/ ; i n. /. / ; d/strh j\
In Equity. .
I'.ntli.T, et al. | i
vs. J- Mill lo sol asiilc Jiulg- '
1?. I.loyl, et al. j luents, Injunction, iVc. .
M'l'KAISf N'i l<> my satisfaction lluit Win.
1. I.IomI, Albert (lilhuri, niul TIioiiiiik S. '
oil, <li'fi'ii<laats in the above sktcil case, '
In-yon.I ilu-limitKof this State, on motion '
cCowuu, Comp. Sol, Onlereil that siiiil
limits ilu appear an>l pleail answer or ile- '
'ixiiiil Mill of Complaint, within three months '
Ilu- publication hereof, or Iho saint) will he 1
I'ro C'otifr.ixn against them. (
W. 11. MAUK KR.eu.n.
iimissionor's Oftice, ) '
March *-!"?, 1 ST.*. . f -Ifl :tin ?
10 Stato of South Carolina.
ahiihyu.i.i-: district i
In Equity.
rrj"?Mi ax ir1.1;i11(19 i
nil riutt, I HjI| fnr Injunc. '
oil, SlWfP ?t Co. / tion, ?lc.
and others. j
?ppearitt;i t<> my toil isfur.l ion Hint. A.Wilson
addon, Alu'ahain Slajjrr, Klnt* Slater,
litis* \ liroiher, defendants in tlin aliove
ease, reside beyond tlm limit.'* of litis State,
>1 inn nf .1. ll. ('alhoiin, ('otnp. Sol., ordi^iul
aid defendants Ho appear and plead, nilir
dft'iitll* to the said Kill of Complaint.,
i three months front the publication hereof
muiiu will ho taken pro. con/'caw against. (
"VVM. 11. PARK Eli, c.e.a.i>. 1
nmissioiicr's Ollire, t
Feb. 21, 1859. S 11 3m j
lo State of South Carolina.
Court nf Common /'ha* and Gen'I Session.*.
Iluller, Survivor )
vs. J- Attachment,
m. 0. Lloyd, ) MoGowan, l'l'tflTn Ally.
IF, UK AS the I'iuintifV did on the nineI
-f \ *
i,.: Mm * my in jtuvcmncr, eighteen mill id
lifly-oi|rlil, fil>; It is declaration against
-fcndnnl, win), (il in Hiiiil} is abHcnt from
itlioui the corporate 1 iniiln of tliift Stale
ih neither wife nor attorney known williin
inc. upon wliom a copy of eaid deelnrit'ion
lu!ncrvc<l: Il in therefore ordered, that
id Defendant do nppoar and pltmd to the
'I'laraiion, on or before the twentieth ?lny number,
eighteen hundred anil fifty-nine,
me final and absolute judgment will then
i'u and awarded againta him.
k'n Office, Nov. SO, lbi>8. 32?I2ni
State of South Carolina.
ARUKVU.LK msTfi/cr. -*
lourl of Common P/cas and (it nl Srasions. ~m
Duller ) *
vs. > Attachment. m
J. Lloyd,) iMcOowan, Plt'lI'V Attorney.
KIIEAS the Plaintiff did, on tho nineteenth
day of November, eighteen hunld
fifty-eight, file bis declaration agaimu AV
ifendant, who, fit in paid,) in absent from M
I .limit. ! lif? nf t K So .. ? -1 1 ?- - -
ife nor attorney known within ilic same, Si
vlioin ;? copy of Kiiiil dorlii ration might bo
: It. is therefore ?>rder?ul, tlint t.lio fh'k] Do- pi
t <]o appear and plead lo f lic naid dnrlaron
or before the twentieth day of Novcni- bo
;ht.oen hnndred ?n?J fifl\'-nine, otherw]rc .
nd altfolnte judfrinent will then l?o given Ntrdod
Against lain.
Vb Oflico, Nov- 20, 1858. .IS ? 12m ^
Hats, Hata. u'
)nrgc*t f?n?l most -varied assorlitiont jn
<e np-tionnlr.w from a. 10 ccnt straw to
IN'S bcatand latcst.xt.vlc.5. -For ?al* ' l?y
" > -? A. A. WILLIAMS. b.
- 5, 1850, i :? I' r> tf
[;KLI:I!R/\TI:D noiiilk stkkkn
Rockaway Premium
r|"MI E SI" IJ.M'K1IJEIl liuvintr purchased the '1'
JL Itfirht for this JMutCj now offers l? Hunters
llicse jnst ly < < !' hrateil ! ";?n?c for ckaainir Wheat. sp
I I,is Fun is superior in any thim? of the Iciml now of
in us*", as till* nuluher of |>i< initilni awarded at
ilillcront' Statu Fail's will iillcst. |: is simple
in iUKlructiire. easily ritrtr*--!. works well, ami
ivlivii mil. of order. can he repaired l?v anv ordinary
mechanic. It i-< adapted In cleuuini; nil
kinds of grain, l-'or future particularssee Hand j 'u
Mill. which will lit' furnished any one desiring ;
Cotton Gins and Threshers, j n
Also constantly ??n liaml n supply of Cotton I '
Gins, which I wuirnut to Ins equal l<? any made. |
Also, n lot nf Tlireslmrs which are so < vt< -11^iv. Iy 1
known thai 1 deem it unncccssarv to eulogise j r';;
,11 ? Ol|
lliein hero. ; j
'III esc Machines are all iiiauiil\ii'lure<l in this [ 1
|ilac<*. Iiv skillful workmen, ami of the vcrv hesl
matelial, ami warrciitcd to >lo what is sai<l for '
1 lia-iii. Any orders for either of the above Ala- [
HU T, f.r I-it Willi j
my Traveling Agents, will In: promptly attend- ' *
sii to. |\>r
nil Ki'|>iiiiini? am! .1 >t? Work, IIto Cash
will lie rt'<|(iiri.<l upon ?ii'iiv<-rv. I *
.H >i i x r.MJifiiiT.
AIiIm-viHo 1 If., April I'J. K.V.i. M ".in
/C^5k 'J'H l < umli-rsiniici! liavin^ ?l<-liTii!iin>il
locate permanently in tin* town i.f j sji
Abbeville. Indies, Iiv faithful work ami stii.-t at j '*<
(onlioti to Iiiisiihss, to merit a liberal hiiarc of | I'
jiat l*o|ia j?e.
Having just retiirtieil from market, his Stock I
is full ami ?-ciiii|?l?-tf. (!i?at cate ami |? isoii:il ! ri
attention lias In < u l.estoweil in purchasing Mum- 1 I
lines (if I lie most duiablc <piahty, latest ami jm_ |
(ituvcil ftyli'!1.
Willi gnuil material ami I lie most skillful
workmen, iitul nfier having s. rv.-.l an !ippreuticeship
himself nf li:ii yeals, under tin- iiiom sue- /
CCKsflll WiirUlllaii ill tin* Stall', In- hopes In tit ll|> -
work that will suit tin; la-t?: nf any. even tin: i |"j
most fastidious. ns well as tin-most ulilitariiiu. | ..
Also, ;i full iitul complete Sleek of every tiling j ,i
I lull is ll.-nally kijit ill all establishment of the ^
kind, such its
Saddles, Bridles, Harness, Whips,
Collars, Hide Whips,
Mountings, *
Lcatlicrs, tfce.
lie return* his thanks in his forim-r customers J
fur Clii-ir pat roii!i?i*. with a sincere desire to c.\
teii'l ami merit a still larger sh.ir<: of public sup J
port. I
Ali unlets filled with promptness, while Mnct
attention will In- trivcii to repairing.
i'j?" Will he foiinil (hiring I>iimiii-ss hours on
Washington St., No. 'J.
T. N. jw;OWNIN<;. ^
.Ian IS kvi "
, . ..... ill
80\lKTHi\({ \K\V!! '
a <;ikt kntkim-ijizk <:uni>i;< ri;i?
I'l'liN A I.MiKUAl. AM) IM- ''
nil-: om.v <>ni; that stanin t.n.
j>okski? 15v tiik kntikk i'k'.ss |,
Ol Tin: ci tv uf
iialtimuhk. ?
H. E. HoYf & GO'S 1
no. u r.Ai/n.Mnui; sr., w
33 n lti m o r o , IVCcl .
Soiitlieni ami Western Orders.
Itn?il?*r IihIiicusoiiIs thai) <v<r !>iT??ro - oMVivil.
si:.\i? TO TIIUM l <ill A CATAI.OCIM:.
.'1 (Sift. (/ < >) //< from hi ft >! I'ftils tu ^
OiTi) jb'DVli&liS ?
A(r<'oiiip:iiiii'.s cwrv llook.
efjtcatai.OfM'KS (iiViN( l-M'I.T. pa Itnc
im.ait.s maii.kd i*im:i-: tii aw at. i -
i>iu;ss>. '
What tho Press Say. i
They have n til:ilTniti< lit assortment nf Hooks, ai
?id have |irf|mrcil themselves wilii innumerable
elegant 1;ifs to hi- distributed nm>>ri(i tli**ir
troupn of friends and cuatonwrH at lurge.'*?
Unit. Sim.
Not only may n selection bf> ma<le of 0113- "
clinic.! work, bin with ii the pun-huser is sun to
receive some ntiieleof .fewelry. which in many
'uses, proves rjnit valuable.? fhiili/ Exehnnye.
Thcv make tio promises that arc not pcrform?d
strictly to the letter, nml hy (him punctually ()
raiicellinir their obligations, have trained the en- |n
tin iili<leni;e of not onlv our citizens, but the (;
. oiintry abroad.?ll'iU. i'alriot.
A yoiinsr holy arqmiintan >f ours purchased T
W ?1 a ISoek at this establishment, a few clays
linne, ami received a double-eased 11'<?/< /?,
nhi'tl ill nn>- hnnilml itollnr*.? Cf!i*/i>r. M
The success which attends the (Sift ISnnk | I"
House of .MussrB. ii, K. IIOVI' & III), lias no ,,J
irccedcnlH 111 the annals of (Sift Kiilcrpl'iscs.? St"
/\ TtJHX. u
Call ari'l see llieni, nr.il our wiTcl for it, you 1,1
ivill not regret your visit. ? liixpnlrh.
All (>rdcis should lie addressed In
I. I' nnt-'r -? ?
No. 41 Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Mcl. F
March 17, I-17 *:;m
\Y li'dexxlc and Retail |)r-nler* in
illlANK for (In* lilii-ra! imiornii^e lliry j.-,
Imve received hereli>f'?rr\ ulPvr fi>r sale al
hr li'wwl market prires fur ?*iu>h or on time to
ironipt paying cumoiimtk?
I -lit fliilcs Kxtru Heavy (Jniiny l??psin?,
Hull IInlU Heavy Patched Of
lull Pieces Dundee liairsiri?, p.,
Whole and Half Coils Rope,
7.r> 1111 >lr> N?w Crop MolafhcK,
1,0 Bids Is". I), anil Sinjnr llotisn Syrup, _
125 " <-rushed A. II. iV C. Sugars,
2,10 Whole nud Half Mo.ves Candle*,
101) Duxcn Tolmcco?various Brands. o
ftll.000 ('iynrfl,
|O(i0 SackViSnli. in Twillol Sacks, \\
150 Whole, Half and 'jr. Jill* Mackerel, *'
ftO.OoO I.Ik. Tetmowe Ihicou, Hog Round,
y(lo IJMm. Fresh Thomnston J.ime, '
2art ' I.i'juors mid Wines, I
ft, (KiO I,1ih. Hemlock Solo I,pal her,
lift I la I us Heavy Osnnhiiri:*,
S00 Kegs Nail* Areorlid Sizes.
March "I, I8ft!l, T.7 ly
Wholoiyale tto riotail
1) R U & ft IS T, s
180 IlKOAD NTK 1ST, j
u s u s tr a. G ?
/ ?? - 9
EM7"Ol'l.I> rox|?r<!lfully invite the utlcntion nr*
rf or mutuants, physicians,
?d PLANTK1IS lr? hi* Inrgc stock of
I> OR. u as, ]\
Medicines, Paints, Oils, &c. jui
'lticli lire bought. direct from lm|Hirleri* and E
nniifucttircrH, and will he Hold us low and on as cil'
comiuodiitinp tornm ns uny oilier house in tlie 1
jutlu rn country.
Kvcry article Bold will bo warrunlcd xtrietli/
trr. rr
O.y- A peal 1 from ilioartl visiting Augusta is |
lieiled. on'
March", 45
To Planters. \
nO'J-fON GINS of iho DokI Qua|j/y, with ?
L_y Ten Inch SAWS, delivered nl any Hailed
J.undiug jn.thp State, at per SAW.
For t'luliculjara adilroKH ' ^
, .* J. M. KlddOTT.
Winnnhoro, S. K.'. ?
liremiums awarder! st tho Stato Fair, Novem
jr, 18.r>R. (
April C, 1809 . . ,$111
For Ordinary. __ _
f>r cor.. joiin?;. iiaskin
iiioiiin'r liim in; u ('mididiitc I'or Ordiimi'y withe
HIIIILf < ! . tion. . .
Vti" Tito Iri. iiils of JOHN A. IIUNTEIt rewtlully
iiiiiiouiico liiin a candidate for thcoRic#
Ordinary, ?i (lie next election.
October x?7, jsfty.
For Tax Collector.
Thefriends of'IIKNKY S. CASON aniioaiice
11 candidate for tin-ollicc of Tux Cwllwitor,
"ii'iicstcleeiivn. >
!l Hp nro authorized to announce S. A.
')!)(. f.S n.< ? ('an?lidato for Tax Collector, ftt
- * rrpciion.
? ?#" Tin? friends of I'Al'T. W. S. jiakrm*?
fully nmxiilticn hiin ?t for t'1*
lice ill' i:?l!'-'-tor uf Alilicville J)intrict; at
V lli-Nt (Notion.
'I'lii. iiiiiiiitiiih fri'inls f?f \V. fj. KtliIM;s\V<
nt'l ll r?--|M-i-ifully announce hifn flis t
mlnlat.? f..i Tax (-iillcctor at llic pnsmng cleo
I'll" mimi'iMiis Iti >11 1 s uf WKSl/LY Al-ACK,
Mm|, ivrpi ril'iillv .'iiiiiotinw liim rt cmi
lulu lor Tax <'olli-i-|i.r, at tin; eiimiing ?lr<:tion>
II."I'll, tii.-n.u ?.f M. MATTISON, r.i
fully : tiiioii111111 ii I'liuiliiluti! lor Tn<
II. 'tor. at t In* eiisnin-r l U'Ctiol).
II Tin- frii'i-iH nf JAMMS A. MrUCRl) w
> 1 fully announce liim a (!audi<lute for Tn*
illi-rlor, at Hie in.-xt Mk-ctioii, for Abbcrilla
islr'n;!. *
July is;.? I I *t<l
BY E. fcOBB, Proprietor.
tiim l'ro|irii'toi' of tins MAIiSHATif>
JIJL IIim sm wniilil i ii form tin* ptiltlic Mint liin
"u-i- is .-still upon for tlir reception of visitor*,
si vino Mini.- <-\|ii-rii'in:i. in I Intelkeeping, lii?
intern liitn-i If lliii! Iio will In; alili' to ploaBC It in
ii-ioU au-l i-iisimiii-rs. 11 is tnlile will at all
iiu-s lieMip|>!ir-i| wiili
The Very Best The Market Affords.
His 111 iii!1!* is well |irnvii|i'(J will i iillt'iilivH ?*r
.jiuiiij; in r(Minor nm ?:iwioi?ei?
F?:ii. 2i, it tr
. i /mi;villi: s. <\
i ~x TIIK 1 IikIr>(l would inform
C / ^ tin; |?iliiii: tint tln-y liavt Wined a co
iii:? i11-11 I'm* ill.. |iii!|it?r- of conducting
in: i.ivi:i:v stmu.i: hisixass av
m.l its i:i:.\.\ciirs.
'I'liuv titkcii tin-\\< ll-kii"iivn Stables *tic
li.- l i?? lli?* lot of the Miiti4i:ill 11oiidi', accui?-d
list your I?y I'. S. Kut I?'<1lt?.
Tlnse St ulil.s. fronting on Wellington Slrnrl,
i-1 ri |i':ind :md lulillrd. nm! nri: now well
ro\ id. d uiih I'lovi ndi-r iiiol aiiPiit ive lIo.stleiH,
ir tin- :iic?'iimox!iitinn of tile public.
.Mi:, t |: ,\ \\ I (ill I >, oi:ir of tin- linn, mny nl":ij
s !>? foimd at tin* Sti?li!i'?, mid lie hopcp, l>y
li.sf ;ili. !.ii"ii t.i liii-iiirs?, i*i iin-ril and rccoivo
lil.i rut >5?:i?of |iii'dir jiutrount;*'.
Tin- SlaliSi-s will l.<. |i!ovulod willi Bl.'CifJY
,N I SAI>I?I.K ll?H(>F.S, (o hire, together
nli every other ueenniir.odiition usually ofTerod
y :t viinil:ir e>t;ildi.?linienl. They have alao,
nMMuliUtrs l.tl'I'S for the nueoinod&tion
T S'l'iU'K |)i:i\ I.US. nnd will furnish them
ilii !>roveiidrr, ill living im'm.
i:i?.MIINI> n>BB,
IV1>. i.'l, I-."-:' -II tfr
I "'HI'. S ii imviiiL' had tli* inislortiino
in |ii?i\ l?v the lireuf ilic tJ'.nli January, ttin
I HAM Mil.I. ami MAl'lllNKItY connected
illi their
i (' i villi-. I :i ki- lli if >11.-tli ml of apprising I heir
iond* and pnIrons that 1 lii*y will still continue
ii-iih'.-s us heielnlore, wit limit, cIiiiii^p in their
inn <if uMiutviiicnt uf their exertion* to plcaae.
Clioy Havo On Hand,
ud'nrc constantly finishing, all the varietie* ?f
v.-! maiic hv lhen?, l<> which they invite the at nlion
of purchntfcrc.
They take plfuxMic in correcting nn impression
tat I heir Stuck of SKASONKI) l.liMBRR vm
si wiih I hi* Mill, iiinl would siiy tlinl, in quality
ami ipialit y,
heir Lumber Has Never Been Better.
The L'iMicriiiiii patronage hitherto received
arm ills ill..- enneliisii.il llmt their clFortH are ap erialed,
nii.l siiini'lutc.s them in making further
iertioim. Their experience will ennhle ihem to
leet. ami operate the. funs I approved Machinery.
1111 iitlviinl not. surpassed hy any Manufactory
either Ninth or Sonlli.
(.ioWKIt, COX, MAKKl.rcr &. CO.
fJrocnville, S. ('., March 7, 1 H.'il). 46 tf
For 1859.
'I 2 ' li a m l> ?* ? Street,
('iirm-r of ('nllcjff! I'lnrp,
(Opposite Hudson Hirer Ruilroiid Station,)
New Yoi'li.
nest. WINKS, Finest IIU ANI>iKS, Finest
SI.CAIJS, i in. ft TKAS, FineM. << U'KF.KS,
Fiiiort SI'UiMtS, Fin<-.->t I51JTTKR)
Finc.st HAMS, Finest T<>NtilJKS,
Ami Finest Futility (iroerrieif,
every iWcriptioii, j>nt. lip for Shipment to all
rtsof the Worhl. Catalogues will bo fuiniriinpon
April 7, ItJ&'J f>0 Sm
TUI. nt nil times l?i? found nt OroenwoorJ
' Depot, where lie will, with pleaaiiro, wai^
t low* who may ilesiro hi* services. *
\ll work warranted satisfactory.
Yk 3. 1 K.y.i <11 tf
:ainor, Marblcr, Papor Hanger,
Atoloovillo O. XX.
?cb. 24, 18.-.0 44 12m
)r. F. C3r- PARKSI,
auKRXwnon, s. c.,
KRIS constantly on hand all .irtiflon usually
kept in a Drug or Fancy Store, ut market
[if" Professional ecrvicoa rendered whan
li d for. v <
"el>. 21, I8f?9. -14 6m
Mil? Rojrfilar Cnmninnicalion ctf rj<INTON
J,ODOR, No. 3, A.-. F.\ M.\, wijl be held
Mi?i,ini/ Krrninff, I3<A of June
By order of the W. M. ...?
J A tioiteefe>' *T
/?. w?%uonp|j) oris y.
tfny 12,-ifl5d' 3 ... r: )y.
Lttorney at Ijaipir.
VIFJ. IVaoticc in ?hn Court* n/
Newberry, ?n<I AlibeviSe.
MTW?Ninety Six, Abbeville, S. C
Oct. 0, ISiS 21 ' tf

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