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The Abbeville banner. (Abbeville, S.C.) 1847-1869, June 23, 1859, Image 4

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.No country oil earth can boast of so
many loaders as tho United Slates. . Nowhere
is education so general, nowhere is
wading matter so cheap, so abundant so
variod, and in th?j main, so excellent. < >f
coiirso wo do n?>l take into account sucli
countries as China, where, wo arc told,
books, such as they ate, may ho bought
for something less tliaii a penny a pound,
avoirdupois. Trash t/|.ui to as bad as any- (
tiling the Chinese philosophers, poets, and '
novelists evor produced may bo had in this ,
country, and in aif'v -quantity ; hut this (
trash, wo would lain Ln-l icve,.doos not form !
the staple rending of the American public, j
I...1 l .vl.il.. ?... I i I
( \ivw\i) t> niiv ?i y I?I?? v ?M!?j/ iu tduni; Iyj |
plure tlint depravity which eaters to the
low laslo of the ''b'hoy" class fur horrors J
ami villainies, we cannot bo insensible to |
the fact that there must bo a taste for infc- j
rior reading before superior reading can]be |
As the wisest of lis commence j
with .lack-the (jiianl-Kilier, ami by grad- i
uat stages ascend to the proioundest pro- j
ductinns of the human mind, so it is (<> be I
hoped that the generation wh'mli delights !
in the Police (J.izotteo will be followed by i
a generation which shall take pleasure in i
poring over the png' S of the I'oreign <v>uar- j
tellies. That this elevation of the public !
taste is iiol only to bo expected, but has j
been and is in aetual progres-, no one can I
ileiiv who has attentively watched the
coiir.-e of American literature during tlx- [
last ten years. A marked improvement
h.is taken place in the tone ami temper of j
the magazines ami literary weeklies : a
purer taste presides in their management, j
."in-1 a higher order of contribution* ol<- J
tains. The di'tuaiid for more .solid reading i
for historical and scientific books, has |
largely increased and is still rapidly iucrca- ,
sing. These are !acts known to < very |
bookseller of established .standing. It may J
l>e said with truth that the largv-t and best S
paying audience which an author can cum- j
maud in all the world is to he found in !
Hut our pill pose was not to dwell Upon
h fact of which we may well he proud ; it i
was to call attention to the duty of lead- j
ing men. In a country where every man. |
woman and child reads, *md reads a ineal
?lenl, a high and .solemn obligation r< sis i
upon those whose duly it is to purvey the
loading matter. They arc hound to provide
the heat material. I hit who areth'-M'l
purveyor-. ? Answer will be made "the
proprietors and editors of newspapers and
magazines, the writers and the puhli>hcrs
of the books." Tim answer is correct.?
Magazine and newspaper men, the book
publishers and authors are indeed the pro
( ssiutial purveyors of leading matter fur }
the public; and, unfortunate*!}*, tin*. j?i**?t?*s- j
sioiial purveyors arc the only ones. We j
hav ' unfortunately,'' 1'mi* w11i!?- those who j
an-, directly interested in catering to the |
literary appetite of this people arc not |
wanting in tlivr duty, it happens that they j
are not those who are host prepaiedoto discharge
it. Newspaper men are coinpell- d
to road so much of the waifs and strays
of liter** news that they have no time and
little inclination for better reading. A'ithois
write too much and publishers are too
busv publishing to attend properly to the
public wants. It rests with rending
iinrti, the men of leisure and of literary
tanto, to provide the public with the bes1
reading matter.
I low sisal! tliis be 'lone ? Kasilv enough.
J.?t the very many gentlemen in the land
who have hitherto perused books am! the
higher class uf periodicals in a lazy, sclliah
way, depart from that selli-.huess ami that ,
indolence. Let them read, pencil in hand,
marking those passages where new ideas^
new facts, beautiful sentiments, old truths
dressed in new attire, noble thoughts, occur
And when tliey have laid down the book
or the periodical from which llioy have
derived so much and such pure enjoyment, |
let thein take pen in hand, and transcribe j
these noble thoughts, beautiful sentiments j
and new ideas, and send them to the nearest
newspaper, and thus to the great mass
of mankind who cannot buy books and i
arc glad enough to get truth and noble
sentiment second hand, if indeed tl ioy can i
ever be second-hand. Kditors will be glad '
to publish such excerpts. The author,'
whose thoughts have lain perdu and the
thickness of his volume will be glad to see
them in print again,even in fragmentary
form. Nor will they be less serviceable or
enjoyable in this form. The really good
things in a book, the things which deserves
to be remembered, will not oftentimes fill
more than one or two columns of a fairsized
newspaper. The reading man, if he
have but ordinary taste and discrimination,
need not fear that his labor of transcribing
will be thrown away by an editor overwhelmed
with excerpts.
But there arc many men, not men of
leisure, in , the sense in'which the term is
generally understood, who are rending men,
aud who owe to the public ^11 that men of
leisure-owe, viz: to dispense the bountieu
and beauties thev find in books. Such men
aro Lawyers, doctors, clergymen. They
have lcisurf to read, but not to transcribe.
Yet they have sons and daughters and
wives/ttf'Vvnorn ft light ta?k of transcribing
wdtfldte a pleasuro and advantage. No
rending man is so Bolatcd as to shirk this
<Juty;on the plea of aught save disinclination,
indolence, downright selfishness, and
very moan sqlQfthness, at that. Wo trust
that this- selfishness may bo done away
wiU??or,. rather that a higher selfishness*,
Lite, desire for purer pleasure, may take its
place,*and that, reading men throughout
tH#^ii4ry will see to it that no good
tWjg wtM lrtreafter be lost in books because
' readers have not (lone .their duty,
and the'^cJ^I things'hpye not been " venj
bar >rvSo-? ,
tilnted.?Balt.iAmm*.. ' *
~jr -
A viulclit plunge of I lie bulb |>ut an <;nd I
to my hj>oeu!alio?i. She ?.-xhi 1 tho j i
wildest si?jns ??f tenor, snorl.d and j I
>trove to break Ironi Hie; then li\in?_j her f
glance keenly on thy thikets below, .sliool; I
. in every limb. I giv\v p'evi.-di at the ani- a
j mill's unusual obstinacy, ami was about to I |i
. let her sillier for the day, wh? n my senses !
I were paralyzed by a tremendous roar. A j r
' lion stood on the siiiiiinit wliieh I had but | u
( just <|iiilled. lie was mrC a do/< n v:ir?!?? j t
above my head, and hi* fust sjning must 1,
have carried mo to the bottom of the j>re- | \
| ci|>iec. The barb bui>t*awav at once. I j n
?11ew the only weapon I ii;i<l?a d Jigger? j
ami, hopeless as escape was, grasping the t 'l
tangled woods to. sustain my looting. s
awaited (lie plunge. I?ut tin* 1?n?1 Iy sav- ,,
aye piohahly disdained so ignohle a piw <
and continued on tlio summit, 'hulling his \
sides wiih his tail, and tearing ii|> the
ground. lie, at !. n-_r h, sl.>|i|f d Mid.h-nlv, j ti
Ii>tcnod, as u? some approaehinj* l-mt, and > p
then, with a hideoii-, yell, sprang u\er iiU'i I s
ami was in the Ihieket helow at a siii;*!'' ! p
hound. The wlioie thiek-'t was instantly : |
ahvu; the shade which I had li.\edoii lor | a
tin: ahode of unearthly tranquility was an ! |,
old haltnl of lions, and the ini^iilv held t,
weie now roused from their noonday slum- I ;t
her. Nothing could he grander or mo'e ; "|
terrible than ti..: !:-tut : ! maje.-ty of the ; (,
forest I:iiiir~. In ev-rv variety of savage ;
I-a> : , IV..m leir-.r !o Jury, they plunged, . |
and t? ! : and y. ip< <1, darted thiwUnh the 1 |
lake, hitral thiough the thi -kel, rushed up ! t.
tlie hills, or .>lo.?! having and i.e.ring d< li ! !;
ance a^aiir-l tin- invader. Tlie mtiii!I
wuc hnnn i.m*, fi.r t!: ; r.-.i in .-s <>l' slnnl.- : ^
ami \\ia::<I ?;ath?*l'ni| ilium tioin i-v^rv (
jU.ilUl <>!' tin: i!?.W iiilu I si ? < 1 clil:_i 1 ,
in;_' l>i my jK.-nli-u- !: >! !, :iii*l tVail'nl at- ,
I trading th.-ir traz- i y tlm :! inovi - | ,
niniil, tin* < (' ?- tin it i* >t i? >ii apjiuaivil in |
tin- r>ii;i{ :?if" a I. mail s"?Mi?T issuing, sj? ar i
in haini, I lnuiiiiii a taviiiuaL I lie lather j t
oi tin: vaih y. Jl<: was palj>ah!y uiicxi- j
M-ii'U.- >! 1 ito I<>ii111 !;111!< |ila?:i' into which I
In? was eiitciin'_f, ami tlm ^ tllanL clamor < !' ' :|
vnitcs ihiuiiLjh il.tr hill.- .-hiiwvl iiiat In: was s
folliiwcl l?v otheis as h-.M ami as unconscious
i f their "hiiiiLi'nr as himself. 1 tut his j '
caic.'r soon ch'sml : his h?>i>e\s I- < t Irnl '
scarcely turn-In <1 the tin!', win n a Imii wa- '
lixivl with lai.-^' ami claws mi tlni or?-aliir>'"s
loins. Tho li'h.-r ultnn-?! a crv of horror, [ 1
an-1 (or tin; instant, sat. hol|?!i?sly u- i/.in^ ' 11
al the <>jM-n jaws In.-himl him. I saw tin- j
lion nathcrinix ti]> his Hanks lor a m-cdikI ^
hound, !>ut. tin; soldier, a ti^nre <>!' gigantic ( t
strength, glaring tin: nostiils of the iiioii- | ,
ster xxith one hand, and with the other!,.
shortening his .-i-ear. drove the .-iteel, at one '
% i
rc-.-i-t!> ss tlirust, into tip: 11 11 s forehead.? j
Iloise, lion ain! i :?!?. r fell, an<l continued ,
struggling together. In tlx* next moment, ;
a mass of cavalry came thundering down j
tin- rax inc. Tlu-y lia?l broken oil' from |
tli? ir mareh, through Lhf accident of ions- j '
in-.' a straggling lion, and folloxxed him in j '
tin: giddy ardor ol tin; chase. The sight i "
now before them xvas enough to aj?j>ai the 1
boldest intrepidity. The valley xvas filled j
with the vast herd : retreat xvas impossible, | !
for the troopers o?iiip, still joining in by the I ,
only pass; and, from the sudden descent of j
the glen, horse and man were rolled head '
foremost among the lions : neither man nor i '
monster could rclreal. The contliet was j
llOml>l?? ! Mini flu. lu.nvt* '
i - j -r -3 v' l,,u ,,v j t
.'ionaries plunged through l??>tio ant) 1 >r:iin. ! ,
The lion?, made inure tin ions l?y wounds, ' j
sprang upon llio powerful hordes, an?l boiv J ,
l ln-lii tu llie ground, or llew at the troop l's ! ,
throats, ami crushed an<l dragged away 1 ,
cuirass ami buckler. The valley was a j
struggling h< ap of human and savage l>at- ;
tie: lisan. lion and charter, writhing ;iu?l !
. . .
rolling in agonies, till their forms were in- >
distinguishable. The groans and cries of 1
the legionaries, the screams of the mange d i
j horses, and the roars and iiowliiigs of the . i
lions bleeding with the sword and spear , t
j tearing the dead, darting lip the sides of llie
hills in terror, and rushing down again j
1 with a frwsli thirst of gore, balib-d all con- ; 1
ceptioiis of fury and horror. J?ut man was !
the coiupieror, ;'.t !a>l : the savages, seared j :
by the spear, and thinned in their numbers, '
made a rush in one body toward the. ra- ' "
vine, overthrew everything in (heir way, ! :
and burst from the valley, awaking the ties- !
ert fur many a leaugu with their roar.? '
| Sa In l/tiil. I '
Fujhl JJcfioicii a / Joe tor mul Doclrcxs.? j '
A lively and ludicrous combat between a i ;
lemalc physician, Mrs. Stihvoll, and a rcgn- 1 ?
far trowscrod doctor, named McXeil, look 1
place in thestieels of jJewitt, Iowa, a few
days ago. The affair grew onL of professional
rivalry, the immediate provocation i
being a lengthy article in tlic village paper
from tlic pen of the male disciple of Kscu- '
lapins, severely reflecting on the character <
of his professional sister. The latter, after
a careful diagnosis of the case, decided j
that it was ono calling for the vigorous ap- I j
plication of a stiniulcnl in the bhape of a ; i
COWbkin. ! J
l'roviding herself with the article, she i
hunted up her traduccr, and ]?li?rd him so j
assiduously with heavy doses of the new ;
therapeutical agent, at remarkably short *
intervals, that the patient unable to bear I
such bold practice clasped the fair practi- |
tioner in his arms, and held her no forcibly j
and aft'cctionniolw ?lw.? * '
_v, .....v 111vj >;m?ris OI IDC I
town marshal were necessary to release lior. ' ;
At the latest accounts both doctor and
patient were doing well. j
Another Relic.?The Charleston Courier, of
June 1st, ha* Iho following:
An Old JJible.?Our friend and eorrespon(lent,
Dr. A. L. Hammond, linn kindly permitted
ns to examine the titlo pago of the treasured
volume referred to in the following nolo:
In your issue of the 3l?t Jnst., 1 notice a piecc
under the head of ' A Relic," from the Laurens- '
villc Herald, referring to nn old Bible iQ the poa- ]
session of Mrs. Eliza Ij. Ballow, and printed by
John T'iald, in London, in 1058. I have in my
possession a Bible printed by llohcrt Barker, in
London, in lflOft. l'his Bihlo has remained in
the Hatnmond family, descending in regular sue- 1
cession from father to son, down to (he present j
time. It wan sent to Seotland, and re-hound in
17t59. ifecontains th? famdy record from that '
to-tho preterit day,-? period of two hundred and
fifty on*ycars.r
' A. L. Hammond, M. D. ]
'I lltit'O is ll<> I'lHllv SO il.Sl I Ul'liVIt lis tile
leu-snapcr ; no knowledge so necessary to cji
?i aouuirol as tliat wliicli may he ^leaneil
roiu its columns. Il is i.ol only the voticle
of the ohvajx st l>ul the most innocent lo
mi least cloying homee ol" pleasure ami
ia|?|?iness. A iicwspapcr in a family, is ov
liio cwry week to I?j the means of inte?.stiiio-,
ii.ioitning or {'leasing almost every
iiotia! ?.>* of tlie family, < .jM-cialiy whole ki
lii'V live in (lie cotiuliv, ami sco ami In ar uv
'ill little tliat is new. In (lie course "f a
ear, a well cnmluc(u?l |?a|?er conveys infor
nation on almn.M. every siii-j -ct, or al l< a-t 1
M.-it'-s curiosity ami in-juii v ?.>n all subjects. i
o know what is neaicstto lis in time ami j
pace, is ino-,1 nocessa iy, most |;|i-a?iii;.j ami ' ,,
io->L instruulivu ; aiul 11 is kind of kuuwl- m
>! _; can only he obtain. d from newspapers.
\ u would Vent lire to aHiriii that there lievi
was, ami iicv.t wiil l?e, in a country situa- Wl
ion, an ignorant family who take a news 1,1
a per, as it i:> impossible that a family j ,U:
hotihl not I" >nnj in linii! well inl'oimed, j
rovi.hd they 1 iv? jsn11 i. -i. n11v s.ccimlcd t?> I
J M'
>? tnt'own upon tin! paper as a source ol
, i \\ ;
mi!~<-m- nt. Tl.chiii.-M. chil'l who hates a .
.?>!; uiil, in rainy weather, st"al tij to a|
w>]?a|i.,r, read a marriage notice and an |
IvcriisciiK-nl or two, ami put it. down. - i p.
lie 11? \t time probably he will become ; s.
(ohl.-r aii'l '^' t through "a horrible murder." , (
>'?..ii Ii<; will rua?l short talcs nt fiction; |,|
licit ju>t before clcti">n time, he h. gins t?. !
cej. into polities, and even to read politi-1
a! j.[>-cc!n s. l/ftofali l.e attacks foreign J ':i
lews. I Iy this, time his curiosity on most j *
ubj-cts i- excited, ami overcome his aver- j 'v*
i->ii ami fear of hooks, nml ho is hirc.l on j * "
<> h.c ine a leading ami well inform.-I j '
nan. It i-> .?.traiiu<; that any family, as a ?
iiea>ur? of ceommy, should he without a
lew.-paper. I'liildreii st e the world cheap- j
V :it ii'.ii!,-. Ill U m-wspapi r, without the
1: i' ?>f bad association or the expense
if travel.? t'emU / >' A < O'S /.tlltr.
7V"?'vhif>itln/ism.?' You know, in.nl- l
i < '"
mi, that you catnol make a purse out of a i , |
ytt n car."
" < >h, sir, ]i!? :iso fan mo. 1 have inti*
ti:i!:<.>ns of swimiii. \Y!i?;n you use that
lion- sj eeinieii of vulgarity again, clothe |
! in r-lined phraseology ! Yon should sav, I S.*.*
. * > \ |
It i-< iiui"?-i!.h- lo f\biieate a p-.vuniaiv .
ee.j tacli- fr??m the anrirular organ of tin.- ! ill
ofl. r se.\ of the gcliu.s Hog.' I j,
//'."< <i. /.'nti/ '/ ( K /\'in</. ? in N'. w
. ; . 11
i oik, lately, a kniy oil alighting front an '
minibus, ina?lc the unpleasant discovery j '('j
hat her jxir.se was mi: -ing ; hut a second !
ea;eh iv-ultfl hi bringing lo light, a dia- l{
noiid ling worth which had slipped :n
rom l!i" linger of tin- thief while he w;is
eiforiiiing the delicate operation of stealng
tlie purse. 1"
' My gracious !" said Ike, '* iI" some fairy j
voiiM give )ii<: wing-, Wouldn't I i rutin*) I A
iiiiuiig the planets, though ; IM go to
Wars, an*! Venus, ami .Jupiter, :uul all ul'
"Satan," said Mrs. I'artmgton, striking
u, 41 ami I'm afraid yuti will gf> there
\hot her yon got wings ur not. "I
1 ke v.histlcd and turned tins subject to a v>
'illicit >it grapes llial the ulil lady had laid hi
>y lu lipeii.
Xi-xt to the wonder Ikjw the milk got ino
tin: cocoaiiut, canio lho mat vol li*>\v it
diii-k^ns could get into eggs. l itis lias '
(01.11 Sllc? ! < .led I?y It tllinslion j?ltbmittod by S,
>no of lho I hii.dreary family, who asks tin;
vasoas why whito ashes should como from
:oal when tin; coals arc so dotlcod black ?
An absent wife is hero called upon to re- (
urn to bed and boar*!: "Jane, your ab- ^
eiieo w ill ruin all. Think of your liit v- r
kind?your parent?your children. Ko
urn?ail may Ini well?happy. At any
ate, enclose the key of the cupboard where
he triii is." * fl
w r.t
A few days Miice a baiber offered a ro- m
ivardof*IO for the ln'st receipt for "in tatilly
removing supejlluos hair." Among
mswers was one forwarded hy a LTeutlemaii
ivlio speJiks from experience. We give it &
?"I'udert;?k?i to kiss a spunky woman
igainst her will."
A wag pays that in journeying lately '
bo was ]>ut into an omnibus with a do/,- c|
in poisons, of whom he di<l not know a
iin^le one. Turning a corner shortly "
iftor, however, tho omnibus was upset. 1
4 And then,'1 said he, " 1 found llieiii all ^
Oak timber loses about one fifth of its ^
weight in seasoning, and about one- ^
third of its weight in becoming perfectly
"Wliy is a fool in ?i high station like a man v
in a baloon ? ISecauso everybody appears
little to him, and lie Appears little to every" A
body. ' u
We don't know exactly what " the height '?
L?f ambition1' is, but wo have seen many ?
fussy little specimens of it not much more
than live feet high. fll
A man made his last will and testament
in words few but significant: " I liave nothing,
1 owe nothing, and I give the rest to t?
no poor." 111
Did any one oversee the umbrella again
which he had lent for just "live minutes V
One of the policemen, yesterday, arrested
a clock for striking the hour?the hour'
lived only sixty minutes after the blow.
? " - lii
The Mayor of a certain town out Woat A
proposes to kill half the dogs of his town, ~
Mid tan their hide? with the bark of the
nher half. ' H
^ - J
liropty headed people ar;e generally hap- Ni
>y, cork always Uoatsv
I>n can ! II Im?w lovu affects lis, l?ul
in. >! i- II what l"V? i.s.
Tin* mother's heart i.s (ho child's school
Tin? fact thai, a nation is growing, i.s Clod's
vii charter of change.
( <><1 pardons like a mother, who
>m s the olfeiice into everlasting feigetfulrsis.
In this wmhl, full often, our joys are
11y the tender shadows which our sorrows
\ ....... it.;. .. i ut?
.. ........ ... > .."1,.,^ 1.1 (I I'UV
slu-il sj llahh-a l>ut lie will combine tliein
tllo iio.\t.
< >iir ln-fl actions arc olten llio.Mj <>f which
is an: uhcoiim'ions ; hut this can never ! ?:
ilc-s wo arc aWvay yearning to do
\Y it sleep, l>ul the: loom of life never
aii'l tlie pattern wliicli was weaving
i the Min went down is weaving when |
lUie.-v np tomorrow.
What cares tlie cliikl when 11 io mother
do it, though all storm* heat without
we, if ' io. 1 shield and tend us
all Ik: h?-edie>s ol tho tempests and
a* Is t.r blow they never su rudely.
< 'no 111i111 as well attempt to calculi:
mathematically tlio contingent foiins
the tinklii'g hits of glass in a
ill idoscop.j as to look through tlio
l?o ol the Iiituro and (oretell its pati
.. ?-a!
W. r. P11ATT & NANCE, i
A/Iiolcj.salc tfc Ilctnil
Newberry, S. G\,
t 111! >\v v?**l )" sell u]mti 1,1-llcr icrms
tlit*ii In- lt:i<) i'NcwIiitc in Smith i'nrui:t,
c\?Ty variety uf |lritj;s, Mcilicilitis Sili'l
|..|iiiral-, :tl U linlrsale ??r 11 i I.
A !al*;.:c ali'l (' Ulit'li tc Slml; <>|' I'ahils'. Oil-,
irni-lie-1. I'til ly. ' S: i - : :iii'l I'nin'cr.-." ali'l lila'I
n..:. in St.iiv: aii-l will iicsoM, iipoti n
:s i ' /. ai lu\v I ali'S.
\ I i'lc >*: I; ii!' I*!i-ii-ialis* ali-1 Siirjjn.ii
i riiiiii'itir. ('li.-i.iii-.11 AI'l'.-n at us. I'liysirians
i-Mli :?: ! Mi'ilicinc l'a<?.y. ami Family
Ii in-* I'ln I- 1.1' I in* l.ali-sl Slyli-S.
A l ull ~.-"iiim iii of Trusses ali'l Unices of
i- must :i|.|.|-i'Vri| | -ilifiiis.
Tin. i l!ran<!s nl Winoy. I .it | iioi*s. Airs.
.:r. :-s. t'i^ai . Snail, Smukiii^r aii-l ('lifv.iii^
>l?n-rii, |..r sali- in any |:::imilii-s.<li'sircl.
||- W illi-.- iili-l l.i.jlltifs Welv Jiiirriiascl icilt't it
! M </( ;;<?// i aii|. a iv Ir.ilii I In* limsl ro
Inij" i'i?'is. All i?i these li Hi ii 1.^ arc m>M
a very Imv |u*ulil.
lull aii-l lii-.-li Mi|.|>ly ill' Sj.iivs ali'l Sanrcs
all kill-Is, I'ieklcs. I'lvst'rvc.s, TaMc Kiuiis.
-i-Mi'.'iii. l.-iiinla-s. lli'laliiH*. uiul many mlier |
lirli's in iIn> Culinary I.inc. will always lie I
|.l nil liaii1! :il I In* very lowest piices.
A va'/ii-l ali'l I i -11 -! "i 111 \* sell-i-t 1 Si irk iil'l
Ili V < n|<, l!lU-ln"< ali'l ('.nulls ill ctl'llcS v:i- j
i-iy, iVrl'iuiiory, :ni'l T?>il<*i Artielcs i.l'
i-ry !? ail new au*l ilirvct from tliu
;i n;i la>: hi tr.~.
l Comx^Icte Stock of Everything
in Store.
I>r. I'l'ATT. w!i>. has for a tim?? lucti
inm i t.'-l villi ill": I?ri?^r Interest in Nrwl'crry, j
I \v!i*>-c ('Nj'iTiiMu-i1 ati>l saiislaetnry l'.iisiin*ss
mnvt imi-- a-tit ii!i* liim ! < I In: c?nl"
hit li im'I'-, hasjir: rctnrnc! iVoin tlic Nnrlliii
I'iiics, when: In- I>ii;r 111 tlic i-nlire Slock
mi tlit* iiiusi l.lc terms. the wholo of
hic'i i- waiTalilcl l'rc.-li ami (icintilicA
?*?>n11n-t?-nt ami llxpericncctl Apothecary
is lieen securclin tin* ['rescript inn I>?*j?arlitii-:?t,
i'l a jrnaranly is jrivi-n iliai Patrons can have
icir ||iii?iiis iiilol in lite most iinexccp'?li:?I !! .
sljk !e.
Planters, Physicians, ami Merchants will liml
!? tio-ir interests in call ti)?<?n W. ! '. PIIATT |
N \N?'K, at I lie -i-rii ?>|' th<- tiohlen Mortar,
rner ol Main ami t'aMwell JSi reels, Newherry,
. C.
AVI I.I.I AM I*. 1*1! ATT,
\\ I l.l.l AM l\ N A.Nt'i;.
Marcli 1S-V.) I.H ;^ut
Great and Valnablo
! 1 Hi nft ftnnne
, .x. n w x u V/ V/ jl; t> J
1^11K iiiii|<T-iiriit <l, A-'sij/n'-es of S. T. Agnew,
>\' i11 from this date olli-i* the cntiro
i 1 li?? Store of S. '1*. Agiirw, AT ('O.ST, an<l
ntnun- Ikm-11 tin* Mime :>t ^?roal ISargninx, until
m entire Stock is closed out,. This Stock is
n- ??1" the largest mid best selected assortments
ver offered in tlie Slato of South I'nroliiui.
Allot which have been purchased in llio best j
Isn Ki-li* in the world, ami at greatly reduced pri s.
below that of any other Stock ever offered j
i this .Market.
iiihrao s a full assortment of all t lie articles usully
wanteil by Planters, Merchants, and Metallic*.
f all kinds, embracing- a complete imsortmcntof
Shell' Hardware ;tu<l Cutlery.
Iso, a latere assortment of all kinds of
.nd Farmers' Implements Generally.
large and complete assortment of ail kindf.
1?>!S? ??????
'tie of the largest ami most complete Stock of all
ind? of
dapled to tlio wants of every perpon, together
itli a larjfo assortment of articles too numerous
> mention.
All this entire Stock will he be sold at CO ST
?r ?: a s u , or in lartre BUinR. will 1>p R"ld ?? ? ? '
' II E D I T , willi gooii and upproved bankable
Merchants ami others wanting Goods in this
lie, will do well to cull und exuinino llio Stock,
r all who wish to purchase can save from fit) to
5 per cent, on theirpurchases.
Tills StocK
lust bo sold without fail, no all persons aro invi d
to call and bo convinced <?f the grout inducements
now otlured.
Assignees of S. T. Agncw.
March 22 1869, 43 3in
W. C. Davis,
Homey at Laio and Solictor in Equity
Abbeville, S. C.
Will promptly attend to all humneBR entrusted I o
pcure. lie cau bo found at the office of the
bboville Banner " July.28 16
Hides, Hides.rllB
highest. Cath priceAVill be given foi11
fDES,. ot. trade if durable. Call at
?. 8. Wwbtngtpn, 8ti? * - * .?
-s T. N. BROWJUtfG,
May U? 1869 3. '
Jfhr Uf < ?</ ? i;/" /';/.*/ I'.if'l, XilUitt'il, COIIIIM
frlt\t>tU:n* y, /j*mm .I/'/" or any HMohh
Coni/>l<li'i/a. Iiri-imj from >< mtn-hiil intuition
of the .StoiniU'/t or loiiriJ*. /iro-luriifj Cramps, I .
J, c'olic, i'/tofwu J/'/rftws, itc. .
Iii view of I ho 1'net that evi-ry member of ,u"
the Ii unci ti family i-> iiwivni' l.-s.< subji cted to 11'
Nome nf tin* aimvi: complaints, besides iit- matte
numerable other conditions in life. which, ? phieo
liy Ili<* assistance of h little knowledge or ft< toiun
I'Scnisi1 of common sense, they may In; alihs H >?'/ I
Hn tu regulate their habits of diet, ami with a wlioli
tin; tiKsislaiii'i* i?f a joml ! iii?*. st'Curi! per- V disea:
maiiunt health. J n order tu accomplish this j.jj
object. tli<! true course to puratii: is, f
certainly, tiiat which will pr<?!iii'i' n natural J '
stat'-of tIiiiiir- at tins least hazard of vital ' '
strength and lit"-- ; for this end Dr. Host'tt<-r | ( "
luu inti-i11tciI to this coiintrv a pivpara- EC
tion called IlOSTKTTKK'S'STOMACH a
1'ITTKKS, wliicli at this day is not. a mw Q '*
inciliciuc, luit. one that has been tried lor \eiits
vi ar-, {jiving v;ij i<fac| ii,n to ill I who havo 0.
?i?ed it. Tin- i'.itt. isoji. rati- powerfully upon howc
the stomach. bowels :??* 1 liver, restoring j H ""
(It' lli to a healthy and vigorous action, mid j f. Dysji
thus liy tie- iinj 1 pi of i-tr--n ?!Iicning j Jr Oil
lialUI't', enable tie- ?\stciu t" triumph oyer .relief
di-ca<-e. 1 liarvhiea, ?I\ lity or llux. so Z '
generally run:raeteil l>v ii- vv settlers, ami while
caused prineipally by tie-ehamfe of water " imms
and ?1 ii-l, will be speedily regulated |?v ii (j
brief use of t! i i -S t r;?J ion. I>vs|.e|i>ia. /-m i
a <iiwliifli is |.rohal.lv tnoiv pri-vuleiit < [Ij (>(1
wli.'ii tal.ni in : >1 it- various form*. than I ..
liny n'lii-r; tin; <-:iii of wlii.-li may ill way.i I Mrkn
!>< aUrihati-.l t<> <!? rainj.-moiits of I lie liters- 1 |v On
Iiv.- nr.':iii?, itiii I willn.ii! fail hy : D .
umii- iiosit.t n:i;\s s i'i ?m,\i 'ii r.rrTMliS
us ( r di:> el j.ins ii!i thi* ho:tl?.. I'or H "
this ili-t-.-i-" i v> iy I'liV-iriaii will ivcom- ? triv
I tit t !" * of --i.in* l:ii;!, I lit-ii why not H '''i?'**
iisi1 mi iirth-l" known to I." infaliihlu 1 One
Kv<rv i-ountrr Iimvu iln-ir l'.itt<-rs n< a pro- 1'iiinln
Vciitiv.; of i!iv:i?f, ari l s':i ir.'iii'-iiin^ of Huwcl
tli'- sv<t--i!i in T' lnTal. ali i ;niioiii? ill-in all ummi.
111 ! i- li"! to f 1111 I a inoiv hralthy A f?'\
tliati lli<- t rnians, from whom tliii ahsorhr
j>tv|.ata!io!i . tua'i.iN- !. I :i? I iij.oii .- i^iitilic Wc t
i'Xji'-rini-'iits wSi ?-!; In< nU.-ihI. (I to alvanco cino as
th- ?! -!itiy of tl.'.s pn-paraiioit in the I'Yver,
in- ilii-al mmIi' of wii'iicr, rrat'-s \
to tcstil
Thi- trying |whieh tj\?-?s its tor, all*,
relentless "li ill** l*??|y ??f in.ifi, him to
it mere .?*ha-loW in :i short spaee *?f Iitne, ami temlerin;* Dlt. ?
him |?li> -i'Mliy ami tie s:t: I!v 11 l- r;?:i 1 N?*\v Y
iithI *lrivvn fi in tl?* Unly t-a\ tin* lli?STKTTJ\Rf5 Krlai
Mli.NnW.M'.l) IS I "1**1* IC15 S. Knrlh?T. any ??f the al?ivo
State*I liie.'i-s ran i ?l l-c ? utntfl'.l when e\pose?l to KhWAUl
ati.v ?*ivl:i.:iry eM|j.i.r;.,:i. j.r ?lu ;r j ih.Mii, if the Kilters April
nje ti-?-.j j.. r Jhcctmns. An<l ?t> il neither creates -? ?
nanse.i fi??rt!.?- palate, ami i - . i-TiuL* Utmeee.ipary
any ??f ?li- t ?<r inten tipti?*u t? u-iial parfillip,
lint |.n?iji*?t?v va?ml <! } an I h?a!thy tlitfr.-iinnt CELE
the complaint tinii.-ni'i*.i-.l m ?j.?-.;ilily as is e*?uei.stenl
Willi tlar pr?*<lu< ti ?n wf a tli i- u^'h ami perm A
Iient cure.
Por Persons in advanced years 'pur:
Who are MilTerinj; an enfe**! 1. I ?-<>iHtitiitinn ami I liij
infirm l-?-ly. tlh-v Kilters are in;a!n:iM?? as a r?*slora? fhese jtl
live ..f >!i*?'ii*.*ili ami \i r?T, an*l ii' **<U utily l?? k* tried Tlii.s l*'ii
t?? apj'ieciatc.l. Ami t?? a ni?;tli?rr while nui'Mn^r, in lisr,
Hilt*t.s are imli.-| ?-n- :?.!? , especially where the dilleroil
ma lei's n*iii:!im<i.i i.^ ina*l>->|iiate t?? the ileinamld 1,1 lti^l
of the cliiiil, . |i:*;ntly her .^r-:i;'th ma^t yieM, wllrii o
ami h*Te it is v. h- i?* a '."mi 1 t ?nic. >a? li as II ncttvr'd narv in
ifl'iiitach ISist?'rs i-* !: !e<! l?? anpail l? a!p??rary streic^tli
twitl \ to tin* ??y.-t?*ia. I.:uli?*s .-hi:M l?y all luoaiid I'M,
try this ivinr?ly f-*r all ra>? - ??i ?lr!?iliiy, an?l 1?cf*?ru ???>
d'i;i?_', ??!% y??iir |?hy v. hn, if !? . ia ac?|UaiiiUi) v>01
with the virtues ? !' t!??- l*itti*i>', will iwimnvlut their Also
Urfe in all eases of weakness. dins w
f Al'TIOX.?We :mr j.hi tin* puMic nirainst Also, a
using :titv "1 tin? many iisiilaiioiiK or enim- known
t'Tloils, lull ask l'<>r 1 !< -; kti 1.1; > ('h.i.i:kati:i> them In
Stom.m ii Hittmis. an<l see that a-acli liottlc The.Iias
lli-' \voi-<is " I >r. J . I lo-t. 11- I's Stomach place, I
JJitUis" blown on tin- of 1 lie l>oHle, ami niatcria
Hta1111on tin- rui-:allie ?-a|? covering llic tliein.
cork, ami olts> rvc thai our autograph tigiia- chiuen,
lure i.< on the l:i!":l. ,I1V
.1 i* 1'iepaml and sold l.y IIOSTKTTKll & e.t to.
SMITH, Pittsburgh, I'a., and sold by all l'01'
Dru^ists, gr?rci>, and dealers generally w'" ',u
throughout the t'nilrd States, Canada, South Abhe
Anurica and Orrmaii).
?i-;w oiti.i:\.\s, i,.\? 0
\\ liolcsalc .l;'cnl?. I
I>unai.i> JIrL.\r?;in.ix, Ahlievillt; G. II. Ahhevi
I'). M. I'i.nn, Kilgclickl C. II. j Jeiiliun
May -1, I bay ~ ly J palroiin
_ l JI it vi
- - - ..r tings of
Commissioner. >roi>:,1i
Stato of South Carolina, si'ilu!!',
,1 /mii VIU.E JUSTEIL'T. , ZM
In Equity. w,,rk '
Agues (\ix, } most la:
vs. [- Bill for Partition Also,
| 1*. I.. (Jiiill. WMi, \ Jtcal Kslato. that is
Adin'r. A. M. Cu.v, ) k"'d. Sl1
' ?l- ?' f . SadcL
11' iipiH-ariii1.' to mv satisfaction that. Augustus
.M fox, Samuel Jacobs, ami Jane. his wife,
ilt-fi-mlanls in this case, ro<iile l?ey?n?l the limits
fil this State, on motiun of Marshall A; Lee Com/i.
.NW.? I
< )nlere?l that sai'l <1pfdnlants ?!?> appear ami i lie r<
pleail,- answer or ili-mur to saiil Hill of Complaint ! for tlieii
within threw months from the pulilieatioii here- j teinl an
of, dr the same will be taken ju'o against port,
them. All 01
\\ M. II. 1'A UK Kit, c.k.a.i?. atteniio
Commissioner's ( >flice, ) Z&"
.May 1H, ltf>!). J -1 3m Waahin
The Stato of South Carolina. Jan
. t i'/// /. iwcrw //"/
In Equity.
N. K. Butler, ct nl.")
v<. \ Bill to set. aside Judg- A. '
Win. II. IJoyd, ef ill. J mollis, Injunction, &.e.
IT AI'I'EAKINt! to my satisfaction that Wm. 4
J'?. I.h<\d, Allicrl Gilbert, and Thomas S. ! ^3" 2
liny.Ion, defendauts in ilic above stated case,!
re.-<ii!e beyond the limitKof tliis State, on motion | h I
1 of" Me(!o\van, Coin p. .Sol, Oldered that said i tilt* lowi
defendants do appear and plead answer or dc- \ prompt
mill'to said Hill of Complaint, within three months jof,
from the publication hereof, or the smile will be 3i,u
taken i'/w Coufeaxo ayainHt them. ]Ofi
W. 11. l'AKKER,cKA.i>. 3r,o
Commissioner's Olticc, ) 75 |
March 2f>, 1850. f <19 3m 50 ;
Tho State of South Carolina. Vw
Office Court of Common J'Iras and (fen't ft ess ion ft. '
N. K. duller, Survivor ) 250
vs. [ Attachment. 5 d(]
Win. II. Lloyd, ) McGownu, Pl'ilF'a Ally. o!-, |
WHEREAS the Plaintiff did on the nine- . 200
tenth day of November, eighteen lain- March
drcd and fifty-eight, file his declnrnlion against
the Defendant, who, (it is said) is absent from _
and without the corporate limits of this State _ ~
and Ims neither wife nor attorney known within
the same, upon whom a copy of said declara'ion
might be Herved: It is therefore ordered, that roml Lin
the said Defendant do appear nnd plead to the I'ur ps
said declaration, 011 or before the twentioth day
of November, eighteen hundred and fifty-nine,
otherwise final and nbsolute judgment will then Premii
be given and awarded against him. ber, I8f?f
MATTHEW McDONALD, c.c. p. APril 1
Clerk's Oftice, Nov. 20, 1868. 32?12in '?
State of South Carolina. Fre
Office Court of Common Picas and Cen'l Sessions. ar,po'uUo
N. K. Butler 1 H. Jolint
vs. '* > Attachment. Q aoll, Age
Wm.H. Lloyd, ) McGowan, Plt'fF's Attornay. in future
WHEREAS the Plaiiitiff did, on the nine- deljdiia,
tecntli day of November, eighteen linn- ana Oeoi
dred and fifty-eight, Ate bis declaration against vannah
tlin Defendant, who, (it 19 Raid,) is absent from Wcdnesd
and without the limita of this State, and haa nei- and Eurc
tlier wife nor attorney knowu within the same, be addre
upon whom a copy of said declaration might bo Savannal
served: l{_js therefore ordered, that the said De- free. f
fendant do appear and plead to the said doolar- With r
Ation, on or before the twentieth day of Navem- fo wardii
her, oightcen hundred and fifty-rtino, otherwiBO to asaflre
final and absolute judgment -will, then bo given actejize i
and awardM Against mm.
MATTHEW McDOttALD, if!t. r.
Clerk's Office, Nov. SO, 1858. 32?12m Way
'?'??i: 1.1 VJEIft
oiiiidctl Kntiixiy from GUMS. *
> ? aim
iK OK THK BUST I'lUtC AT1VK AN I) en.-s,
.VKIt MKlJlCINKS now before the imb?
ese CJIJMS retnovo nil morhid or
ir from tho ttyiHem, aiipjilying in IIkmih
healthy llow of bile, ii ivijioratiuj; the _
ich, causing food to digest well, I'ltri/'i//?
Jlloml, giving tone mid health to the
s machinery, removing tho cause of the '!
so?eH'ecting a radical cure. Iiin
liotis attacks are cured, and, what is hot- at l
....... i.? ? - ' 1 - r * 1 -
hiuu tj) tiivj ui.'gaPHUKil list? ?M 1110 | .
Invigorntor. J
o dosn after outing is snfticiont, to relieve jj '
itomucb iiii"! prevent the food from rising '
I'llllll^. ?
ly one. iloso taken before retiring, pro- resj
nightmare. i,(]',
ily one ?lo>e taken at night, loosen* Hie tin:
!.-! gently, and en res costiveiicss.
u dose taken alter eaeli meal will cure r
. . IA.
dose of two tonspooululs will alwavs
c fSiek Headache. "
ly oho <lo.-<o iinnii'liati'ly relieves Co|>e,
all wlio use it are giving their nnani p
testimony in ilfavor. j;|"
e iWe often repeated is a sure rare for did
ra Morbus, and a preventive of Cholera.
ly one bottle is in;e<le<] toihl'ow out of the '
in the elfects of medicine alter a lonir
le bottle taken for Janudicc, removes all ?
iviiess vir unnatural color from fhcjdtiu. !
e dose taken a abort time before eating sj??
vigor to the apji?-tit'/and makes tlio food Co
t. well. > l)li
lose, often repeate?l, cures Chronic
ea in its worst form, while Summer and
Cvmplaiuts yield almost to the lirst f|-i
v hottles will enre Dropsy by exciting the ?
ike pleasure in recommending this ineilia
preventive for Fever and Ague, Chill
and all l'Vvers of a 1 >ilions t vpe. It opv;il>
..il:.;..le >....! il...... 1-" :n:? '
fy to it.-' wonderful virtues,
water in the mouth with tho Invigora- ||.
1 swallow hotli toother. jj?
I-kick ?>ni: ool.l.AU. ri.il nurri.r:.
>AN*i"0it0f IVoprielor, No. IMS, Broadway, tin
ork- '
iIimI hy all T)niirifists. Sold, also, 1?v
.t.o M< andl>K.\N< it, Ali.i:n" ?t
i.s, Abbeville C. 11., S. C. Vil
Ji, 1 -oil 1 1 y co
Rockaway Premium
1 SFBSCK IBKll having purchased the
flit fur this Stall*, now oilers In Planters | ?_)
islly celebrated Fans for cleaning Wheat , j
iii is superior to any tiling of the kind now '/'J
us I he iiunilior of |>i etniiuns awarded at
t Stale l-'airs will attest. It is simple
ructure. easily ringed, works well, and J
lit of order, can lie repaired by any ordi- 1*'
I'chanic. It is adapted to cleaning all I"'
Fsri-aiti. For future partieiilarssee Hand
lieh will lie furnished !iny one desiring '?
4-^,, r<: mi i
.luj.1 vjriiia <iiiu jLurcsncrs.
constantly on hand a supply of Cotton W)
liicli I warrant to he e<{ital to any made. c],
lot of Thre.shars which are so extensively a |
that 1 deem it unnecessary to eulogise
-re. A',
c Machines are all manufactured in this w;
>y skillful workmen, an?l of the very hest j,v
I, ami warrentcd to ?lo what is said for t (
Any orders for either of the ahovc .Ma- ,,f
addressed to the subscriber, or left with wj
.veling Agents, will be promptly attendall
Repairing and Job Woil:, the Ca.-h
required upon delivery.
ville C. II., April 12, l&.Vj. & 1 ?:i?n
TI1K undersigned having determined
^ to locate permanently in the town of
lie, hopes, by faithful work uml strict at in
to business, to merit a liberal share of Cri<
?e. lm
ntr just returned from ninrket, his Stock l-'ii
ind complete. CI rent care and poisonal
n has been bestowed in purchasing Mounthe
most durable quality, latest and iin- an
It ?ood material and the most skillful
. it, and after having served an apprent icenself
<if ten years, under the most sucivorltiiiau
in tli.. Siir?i ? l>" 1. ?
- - "r
hat will suit tlie (if any, even tlie ^
-tnlions, as well as (lie most utilitarian. ];v
a full ami complete Stock of everything t,,,
usually kept in uu establishment of the 1
eli a* tli.-i
les, Bridles, Harness, Whips, '?*
Collars, Hide Whips, '
Mountings, *
jcatliors, tfce. wjj
turns liis thanks to his former customers ,t
r patronage, with a sincere desire to ex- ' r
(1 merit a still larger share of public supfilers
ftlleil with promptness, while strict ^
n will Ijh uiven to repairing.
Will be found during business hour.s on (
rton St., No. 2.
. 18, IS'iD 8'J ( til F]
ugusta, Ga., 11
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in ^
iIS'KKUL for the liberal unlnrmigc limy
litre received heretofore, oiler fur sale at l'in
i-.st market priced for cash or on liino to S
paying customers?
ltuli'4 Kxtra Heavy Gunny Bagging,
Hulls llenvy Patched Bagging,
Pieces Diiiidco Bagging, Of
Whole imil Half ("oils llojie, |,nri
[Bids New Crop Molasses, oil i
[{bis N. O. nnii Sugar House Syrup,
" Crushed A. II. &. C. Sugars, ??
Whole ami Half .Boxes Candles,
Boxes Tobacco?various Brands.
>00 Ulnars, S 1
II Sack's Salt, in Twilled Sacks, ?*j
Whole, Half and <jr. Blls Mackerel, yy
)(?< Lbs Tennessee Bucon, Hog liouiid, j
Bids. Fresh ThomasUm Liino, ^
' Liquors and Wines, p
)() I .lis. Hemlock Solo Leather,
lulus Heavy Osnaburgs,
Kegs Nails Atforted Sizes.
31, 1859, 87 ly ^
Po Planters.
PON GINS of tlio Best Quality, with GT!
en Inch SAWS, delivered at any Bail
KiiiiK >'< inn jluuio, ul $2 per SAW. <y
irticulars uddioss
? Winnsboro, S. C.
uns awarded at tho Stulo Fair, Novoin5,
1859. 51 8m ID
ight as Cheap as the Cheapest." Axcel
Line having been thoroughly or- jjs
ized on the 29th April, T*. L. Wade, cu]|t
d President, T. II. Johnson, Secretary, y{
iton, Agent at Savannah and II. F. Rus
lit at Augusta; the Steamer Excel will
jun in connection withNew York, I'hilaand
Hiiltimoro Steamships at Savannah HPl
gia Rail Road at Augusta, leaving Sixon
Saturday Evoning, and Augusta on on ^
ay Mafuiag. All Goods for Northern
>poan tuarketa and the Interior should
ssed to care of Agents Excel Line at
\x and Augusta. 1'or warding of course "?
nen so perfectly acquainted with thq
ng and shipping business, it is needless ^
the public that promptness will clmi;ill
operations of this Company. WA
R. JOlfNSON, Ag't Savannah. *
II. F. RUSSELL, Ag't Augusta. O;
4, 18i9 " 4 yra
For Ordinary.
?/" Tim ti lends <-f COL. ,lt >11N ( . HASK IN
ounce liiiu as a Cundidulv l??r Ordinary at Iho
mug ?il?-ction.
Tins liicnds oi' JOHN A. J1UNTI3R i'"'
ifully announce liini a candidate fur tlie oflicc
?r?liti:<i-y, at lilts next election.
October '27, 1858.
For Tax Collector.
'lie friend- of II KNItY S. (JASON announce
i a candidal)- f.?r the ollicc of Tax Collector^lie
next election.
Wis jiro authorized to annwinco S. A.
Mm; IS as a Candidate for Tax Collector, ul
ensuing election.
Tim friends of CAl'T. \V. S. 11 ARK IS
|m:cItally announce liim a Candidate for tilt!
i:e ot Tax Collector of Abbeville District, at
llext election.
Tins num. rons friends of W. U. KILM.SWOll
1 II resiK-ctfully announce liini as it
ididulc for lax ( ollcetor at llie eiiMiitiij elec*
;jj? J no numerous friends of WESLKY A.
,A('K, l*s<|, l-speil fully atum'suee liim a r-aii'
ali- fur Tax Collerlor, ill the ensuing electionI
i"'l'li? friends ?f (J. M. .MA'I'l'ISOX, T"
-.1 fully announce 11i 1 ii a candidate fur T>i ?
lb-c:lor, at tin; ensuing election.
1 i' 'I'll.- friends of JAMES A. McC'MtU re-*
ftfully announce liim a t'andidate for 'l'ar1
Hector, at liio in*xt Election, for Abbeville"
<l rift.
July uO, 1857 11 *U
BY E. COBB, Proprietor.
ntt Till: Proprietor of tliu MARSHALL
llli, IIOISE would lufonu the publie that hi.-t
?iir?t: is . 'till ojtfii for the reception of visitors,
ivinjj some experience in Ilolcl-kerpin;;, lie
Iters hiiio-elf that lie will lie aide to phase hix
ends mill customers. 11 is table will at all
IK'S 111' supplied witli
The Very Best The Market Affords.
llis House is well provided with attentive sernis.
and everything to render his customers
EDMUND conn.
Feb. '21, Ifti'.l -11 tf
m;i:i:vii.u: s. c.
?* Tin Uiiilersi?ni'd woiiM inform:
r"? v >- - ' '
I illl-\ liaVf lOI'IIICU a co11i:i-r>li-|>
fur ilu* piir|wisf! of eotnliu-tinij
'// : j.iv/:i:\' sr. i /;/./; j: cs/.\/-:ss l\
all its i:i:.\.\cju:s.
L'hey have taken tin: well -known Stables atiln-'l
i<i the Int. of tli<: .Marshall House, accu-.1
last year by I'. S. lln!leili;e.
These Stables, fronting fin Washington Street,
ve In?n repaired ami refitted, anil arc now well
ovided with provender au<l attentive llostletS,
tin* a<-ci>miii"<latinn of the public.
Mit. l!lt AWT'OUI), one of the firm, may alivs
bo f<'timl at the Stahles, anil be hopes, by
i.-e attention to business, to merit anil receive
ibi-ral share of public patronage.
Tin! Stables will be provided with HITGOY
Ml) SADIH.K IIOKSICS, to hire, together
lb every other accommodation usually offered
a similar establishment. They have also,
) M M< I >11 )I 'S I.OTS for tin; accomodation
STOCK D-KIVKKS, ami will furnish llieiii
tii provender, at livinir rates.
J. li. CRAWToKl).
Feb. 2.1, I?.-,!) -11 tf
"MII'J Subscribers having had the misfortune
Jul os.-, bv the lir.*iif the 'il'lli .lanuarv, the
KAM MILL and MACIILNKUV con nee ted
th their
rn r\ m *-* ^ ~ ' "
f!reenvil)e, lake this method of apprising lhoir
- mla faml patrons thai tliey will still contimio
sines* as heretofore, \v i I limit rhani^n in their
m or ulibuteinent of their exertions to please.
'lioy ZXavo On IltMid,
d arc constantly finishing, all tlie varietios of
or made by them, to which they invito the atition
of purchasers.
I'hcy take pleasure in correcting nil impression
it their Stock of SRASONHI) 1,1,"M liEll was
t with the Mill, and would say that, iu quan,
anil quality,
icir lumber Has Never Been Itetter.
The generous patronage hitherto rcceivedrrants
the conclusion that their efforts are Appelated,
and stimulates them in making further
i t ions. Their experience will enable them to ct
and operate the nu?st approved Maehinory,.
h advantages not surpassed by any Manufuc?
ers either North or South.
Jreeuville, S. C., March 7, 16.VJ. 40 tf.
For 1859.
I 2 CJ li amber Street*
Corner of College Place,
Opposite Hudson I'ivcr llailroad Station,)
Wow Yox-lt.
est. WINES, Finest BRANDIES, Fines*
1X: A US, Finest TKAS, Finest COFFEKS,
Finest SIJOAKS, Finest liUTTKR,
Finest IIAMS, Finest TO NOIJkiS,
And Finest Family (Jroeeries.
every description, put up for Shipment to all
Ik of the World. Catalogues will bo furniskipou
April 7, 18&U 50 3m
"Lli nt nil times be found nt Greenwood;
Depot, where he will, with pleasure, wuifc
hose who may desire his services..
II work warranted satisfactoryeb.
?, 1859 41 tf
ainer, Marbler, Paper Hanger*
ATbtoovillo O. XX.
sb. 24, 1859 44 ' 12m
r. F. O. PARKsT,
'.EPS conslnnlly on linnd all articles usually
kept in a Drug or Fancy Store, at market
W~ Professional services rendered wlien,
:d for.
sb. 24, 1859. 44 6m
ilK Regular Communication ?f CLINTON
LODGE, No. 3, A.-. F.-. M.-., -will be held
Monday Evening, 1 \th of July nexty
By order of the W. M.
A. B.RUS3EL, Sec'y.
me 18, 1859 8 ' ly "
ttornoy at X<aw.
IT ILL Practice in the Courts of Edgefield,
w Newberry, Laurens, and Abbeville.
Ificc?Ninety-Six, Abbeville, S. C.
Oct. C, 1858 % *24 ' tf

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