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Port Royal standard and commercial. [volume] (Beaufort, S.C.) 1874-1876, December 14, 1876, Image 2

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rri-r*i ?tr. :rr*- ? riart.T1IE
BKAlmT7K"f.7i KM ' S"?7
!?UfI X,uL"ni>\'S.
Oae V?*;f. S J 00
;8lx x??tbt, I 00
AdVVltllK'lXKilU Wilt i'V l?wr:?\l it):
rate af fl ?0 j#ei- sijuav*, 10 Sony#vcil
lae?, f*r lilt 11 rat liMtrilon; kuW<i'..iu>
iuMrtUiK Vj>' eoutract.
Gov. Chamberlain in :i;.)o;ttii?i^ a
lorce of oon."tables to tie.i the ii!'.\cai
Edgefield and Lauren.* d loiraiioio: did
just what he ought to have done at tinbeginning
of the scs ion, ami what wt
hare urged he should do: instead of cali-'
iug U(K>u the Uuited States troops. There
are sufficient wen in the State who are
ready at any ami a>! times, to answer the
call of the Governor to sustain the majesty
of the law.
A power within the State used t?> pro
serve the peace, under the cool headed
direction of Governor Chamberlain will
inspire confidence among jtlie republicans
in case of disturbance, and gain respect
lor our government among our opponents.
Ti?? republicans in democratic Georgia
-according to the Savannah i\n>w, at n
meeting decided upon the following action;
''That they would nominate, no
regular Radical candidate, but the members
of that party will unite on the par- !
ties who offer theiu the greatest indr.ee
meats. The sense of the gathering last I
night was that the only relief from the j
present condition ot affairs couil he;
brought about by the election of a olayor
and Board of Aldermen who could reduoe
the city expenses, lower the tuxes
and afford work for the unemployed.
Such a ticket would receive their support.
PfuuiDEVT Grant sustains ihe State
Board of Cauvassers iu throwing out the
vote ot Edgefield aud Laurens counties.
Mr. Ferry ruled iu the United States
Wpdnpsulav that there were no
UVtMW v* v v
jaiat rules iu force. Mr. Ratala!! ruled
io the House that they were all In force.
Speaker Macitey will issue writs ot
election fur Laureas aad Edgefield. The
leetions will probably take place about
February 1. The county offices will be
filled at the same election.
Tub iadignatiou meetiugs called to ask
Myers aad Hamilton to resign have not
assembled, everybody seems to be waiting
to see who will win before going too
deep into such things.
The republicans of South Carolina have
done themselves honor iu electing to the
Uuited States senate the Hon. D. T. Cor
bio. He has just the ability, courage and
energy of character necessary at this cri.
sis. The party iu the State and nation has
been strengthened by *the good \v;rk
done at the state house.
Senator unueuucu w loui/u wv mm v
Wade Hampton's card attached to the inaugural
of Governor Chamberlain in order
to correct the statement of the last
paragraph. Senator Nash reiterated his
statemeut that Hampton had told hiui
that he had saved Chamberlain's life two
or three times, and that but for his counsels
Chamberlain would not now be alive.
The action of the so-called house of
representatives; at Carolina hall prove*
that they have seen the utter folly and
recklessness, of the democratic tactics
from the beginning. They went through
the motiou of referring the' certificates oi'
the members from Edgefield and Laurens
to oommitteo on elections. The commit-.
tec reported in favor of the seating of the
delegatious, and the so-called hoa?e agp-'n
elected \V. If. Wallace speaker. This is
a plaiu admission that their organization
up to that time was void. It does not
show much respect for the opinions expressed
by members of the supreme
court. .k
The Boston Advertiser biings the issue
hoxae to the comprehension of the
democrats in this way :
Let us suppose that Governor Hay^s
has on the face of the returns made by
the electoral college a majority of the
votes. a?<i the democrats think there ws.s
fraud in the count of some of the .-.fa^es.
Let us suppose that the democratic congress
undertakes to prevent the declaration
of Hayeiaud Wheeler, and to inves
tigate whether or not (here has he n
a fraud. Suppose it- that emergency
iwunsel lor the KepaMl.un candidates
chould apply to the supremo court of the
United States for a writ prohibition
forbidding congress to act judicially in
the matter, on the ground that the lav/
investing them with power vrus in viola
lion of that sectiou oi the constitution
which iuipoaes on the vice president the
duty of opening the returns and deelar
ing the result. Suppose the court houid
issue & uiaudamu* commanding the vicepresident
u> aggregate the returns from
the states as made, and report them to
the court, aad when he had done thi*
/he court should issue another uiaudam us
commanding him to declare the e'eotion
of Hayes and Wheeler in accordance
with the lesult as found bj' aggrega!i?:2
the returns, and avoid, as the South Carolina
court h s done, inakiugany decision
of the legal question submitted to it. We
are iuciined to the opinion that, under
these circumstances, our rod hot dense
emtio friends would talk about the "revolul
^uar. act of the court as glibly as
i-w Hampton now does about the revolutionary
act of the canvassing h'?ard.
| It makes liiiitu'iica wh- >e ox is:
! ?oro 1. The same party which so K[yen
ii *i;'tint the S tudi Carolina
loan! i ;!*y an' ii?.T./.e<i a- it is by iheluv.v
i shall take no account oi'lYau.isin Icuem 1
' and I- Lr"!iohl counties, is in the same !
ilnvitl; throatcniiiL' that if ropubli an 1
e:v t nr chc-sen in Lit u? ens. cotg CV-!
j without any law v hatc.cr. shall take i
' ; !
t o'gnizai.eo o. Ifee -:uun linMi
.' ? , . ... ' ,
j ciahy. ami ;!i:vw it out it it s !<>;:? ,u he
i .
| t nut J.
Port Hi:v:ii a N?;va! Sh.thm.
! , !
! Thejoarl of naval ofticT.-. appointed |
| to report regarding the navy yards, favor J
i retaining aii tlio na\y yards and stations, J
| except the yard at Now London, Conn., j
the nava! grouiil ;;t Now Orleans, and!
i the naval properly at Brunswick, (da. J
j i hey speak tavorabsy of t or( Iioyal <** ' j
j undoubtedly the finest haihor on the!
: .Southern coast. Tm-re are . <. veral lav
j oral'Iesites for n-tvai stations, at Vort i
J !???y.ii. but cure niu-t he ken in solocj
?5<<n. and jii ilio :uea:i.iine tiiey iceoin|
mrrni t!>at iV.t li -yu! ;>< used as a refit- j
i ting and eoa!in<: static!: JV- the West in j
| dies.
i lcXI'KRIMEN'Ss with '.he te Sinphyuc, '
I .
j the sound telegraph. |;ro in progress nt ,
'Boston, hut v.'iotiir Jo-invent on vi'l
i ever j,e y.-rvrraoia tor very long j
i distances is not \ < i ietenaii.ed. \o!.<s'
; at Salem cott'd be riI>tOirs iy It e?rd. re:: '
j wii'sj rri?iy was ui ime II *i! '?*. N<? a IhI
culrv wa- experience i ill carrt inz on a *
? V.
j conversation with per us at Noithv-m
way, i-ij iv iles a v. ay. i>i:t iiotlsluir tut :
the tones of the voice e >'?M he heard!
from Portland. Me. As the c-leet:o-mag- j
net-., in use wciv intended for a ciieuil of I
..... , , i
Oiiiy twenty i.;::- s it is impeu mat more j
powerful ones may rcnlm* ?vnv-v-M.mu
possible for -"n longer di-truces than the ^
cxpci uiicnt proven t, ..eliawk .
<-.<>* J
TlVEr.D snyi he lias noidct of Icing j
4: bled " any m-.-re by the lawyers of
New York. Since his trouble commence
1 lie has had 10 cinj :oy about twenty
.hi vvers, and their ices have been enormous,
so that, it is believed, tie has very
little of his iil-golten i ain< left. He proposes
to present a peticiou in the Bank-1
ritpt Court for a release from his debts, j
which would seem to indicate that the 1
" Boss " is not abundantly supplied with i
money to fight t:is criiuina! and civil situ
in the State Courts.
A severe liquor law, which was pastil
at the last session of the Vermont Legjff
lature, was signed two or three days ago
by Covernor Faihuaxks. It is eutitied
tiie " Nuisance Law, " and after declaring
every liquor shop a nuisance, it provides
that t lie person convicted of keeping
such a place shall pay a lino of not lesthat:
$20 dollars nor more than two hundred
dollars, or to be liable to a fine of j
$20 dollars and imprisonment lor no: ithan
cue mouth nor more than three
wombs, 01 the discretion of the Court. i
The shop i> to be closed, and the former
proprietor placed under bonds ag.;i:V.t re-1
pairing it for the purpose ot se.liug li-1
The Vole of the Electoral College.
The Presidential electors assembled j
yesterday, according to law, in all the j
States, cast their votes for President and J
Vice President, made out their ccrtili-!
cates, appointed their messengers an I ;
having discharged ad their functions, a-ijourned
sine die. There was nothing t
- * ** " - * .
break the dull uniiotnxry or -e men
ly formal proceedings, except in Vermont
where Mr. AM rich, who receiver] the
highest number of democratic votes on
the 7th of November, claimed a seat i;
the Electoral College in the place of Mr. j
Sollaee, who was ineligible, and a sinii-'
lar claim on the republican side in Missouri,
both of,which we:e.disregarded.
The regular certificates, which will be
fbrvvarded to the President o:* the Senate,
authenticated by the Governors of the
several States, give !s> vote? for Hayes
and Wheeler and !' ! for ThdcnanJ Hen 1
d ricks. Oil the ihee of the certificates ]
Haves ir, therefore elected. and we judge
it probable-that this result will stand. A;
Ml events, the burden of proof, :> now on
the side o: the democrats, with the r>:;m t |
ficut ease against them. L mlvr ordinary
circumstances the certificates r-f the '1 lector..!
Colle :es me a -fa-plod as cone! i eve
and it requires sironge.-t rebut ring
evidence to impem-h i: ii validity, T:
democrats will make a viqo; ?uv struggle
in Congress 11 have the certified votes of !
Louisiana thrown out, but wc; doubt
whether they tliemselves have any expectation
ox success. They may gain a
rjartv advantage > agitating the suhjeei
I a?i 1 para-;!?*;: evidence.* of fraud, but it is |
a\jainst ai! probability th.tr they will!
succeed iu nnkin r Mr. Tiltlcn the next
| President of the United States. They
I may lay rhe fouulution fnr freaking p
the republican party. 1 ut they are not
.ike'y to prevent the -naut-uratiou of Mr.
Hayes.V. Urmhl
?S.vrr.taty 1'ii.h is ;i man .w-th infer
viewim' bv iliu.-c who wish to obtain doI
eidv;'! an.-wers to their questions. Tlie
other day. to a reporter who questioned
j him about his reported disagreement with
| President (iiant cm South Carolina mat!
ters. he said : "Tlmy lie ! 1 say emphati
. .-.liv rhr-v lit-! (h-n tliei'O oe pluii.er Ping
lish than that?" Being assured that his
language was to the point, he continued:
"The liiischici-mnhers have been at work,
are! one paper in Washington, ^-peeiallj',
J printed on Saturday a very untruthful
* and offensive article. It placed me in
I the po.sitiou of a cabinet otlieer. a counsellor
of 'he president who was at varii
r.nce with his poiiey, and who was perI
sonally oppo-ed, for that reason, by the '
I preside!:t and ai. the members of the cab'
inet. Such doettines have emanated from
t, misehief-nr.w.ei'.- over inee Saturday,
with an ?" ;v?? \ :.\v of < ia-the pco
-j?.: : . ?:~T~" tr wv?i*-jrr?rrT"~- *
j?" ij iljfiM it: ;y to i.'v 'Vt* tliou-i* >'?uklliing
wmng in the rub net. because I had
;< I'l-ei (<? arret? to i]?:? ?b-tails involved in i
the ;?ics!.jc,ut'.s policy. ** >! Suvh talk
"< all Iimnbur, 1 v.t. a rood m my people
ual it in tin* j apt <s an 1 l-cliovy it. The ,
' is. .-:r. that ike"'.' has no' b?en a s:tiih
point it: n'l thi- vuth 'it .\cv-y*
where the proMon; | have arm J.
On the pontmry. v.'O !i ' M; tit'.';
io'lot coiiiUl-n.-o. .'it;1. have had 1 bo
general v!o\v< as to w!i it ?:i! 1 he dmie: ;
ii"!" us.-: the j.iesyiont lone :i singir act in
the matter \\:iln?ut the uminim :? a 'vice
of his cabinet. That is sn-me Km-nage. 1
sir, hut I repeat it."
. I>. II. C ?T ir.IlifrtilliAIV.
Oyvn.KMriv or the Senate and House j
<>f If ei'ilksentati \"t'.s:
I ae-op* the ofTiee to which. by tl:e voice j
of a in.ijt rify of the people of this state. I j
have a second time been called, with aj
iulI fciiow'tiUe of t':e grave u ponsi'sir
ties Del dilTuihies i?y w.jieh it i- n >w at-1
tended. No eonsilcra!ion*. except the!
eh-are-t convi.-tion.s of duty, won! 1 be j
' iiin.ooiit to induce, uyj to accept ?hi>!
great trust under the eirenniv.anccs which ;
now surround r.<. I regard tho pro-ent ,
hour in Sooth Carolina a; a crisis at
which no patriotic elt izv n. should shrink
i':eiu any post to which public duty may
call him. In my sober jtulgeiueift our
present struggle is in defence of tho ioun j
datium> of our irovornmciU and i ns'.itu
tiens. it'wo fail new, our goveoumcnt |
the government of South Carolina?will j
no longer rest on consent of the governed I
expressed by a free votes of a majority old
our people. If our opponents triumph ?
I care not under what guise of legal
forms?we shall witness ihe overthrow of
fiee go volume: it in our state.
My chief personal anxiety is that T
may have tlic firmness and wisdom cu
act in a manner worthy of the gicat interests
so largely committed to my keeping.
.?Iy chief public care shall in; i"
eon tribute my utmost efforts to defend
the rights, to guard tlie peace and to
promote the welfare of all the people of
our State.
The constant occupation of my time
with other dutie* which [ could not po-tone,
has prevented me from preparing
fch.t"u>ua! .statements and recommendations
respecting our public affairs. At the eariies:
practicable day, 1 will discharge this
duty. Our greatest interest, our most
I commanding duty now, is to stand firmly,
reach in his appointed place, against the
aggrc sions and allurements of our politi!
eal opponents. Our position up to the
I ?;!e-erit time, has been within the clear
limits of our constitution and laws.
Nothing hut the cowardice or weakness
or trench -ry of cur friends, can rob us of
victory, i state what iaets show, what
i overwhelming evidence prove?, when 1 I
. J .
I ?.v; that if we yield now we shall wii.i.vs
the consummation ot a deliberate an i
( reel conspiracy on the part of the deiucer.itic
par'y .if (hi- state to oven- :>? by
b.uto force the political will of a major t\
of iwcuty thousand of the lawful \o;er
of this state.
i have mourned over public abuses
which have heretofore arisen here. I i
have, according to the measure of my
ability, labored to ni dm the conduct of
eir public affairs honest and honorable.
But, L stand appalled at the crimes
; against IVoe.b u, against public order,
against good government, nay, against
ip-.eminent itself, which our recent poiit
i?i! cxpeiieu *o h ;re has presented. Ar:d
| [ am the mora appalled wheu I see the
| ;u?rin, ISIili IIUiLI'.'ii V/: vui n.i.vn
! is secure in its freedom and civil order.
1 and the great political party which ha
c in trolled the republic lor sixteen years
divided in its sympathies and judgement
I upon such questions. It is written in
; 'olood on ilie pages of'our recent national
history, that no government can rest
with safety upon the enforced slavery cr
degradation of a race. In the full Maze
of that great example of retributive
justice which swept away a half million
' of the best lives of: our country we see
American people divided by party lines
upon ihe question of the disfranchisement
an 1 degradation of the same nice
whose physical freedom was purchased
at such a cost. And, what is more astonishing
still, there are republicans who
permit the errors which have attended
the first effort of the rave in self-govern ;
ment to'chiii th ir symphalics to such ex j
tent that ihey .stand coldly bv and piv.oti- I
cally say rhat the peace of political servitude
is better than the abuses and dis*
quiet which newly acquired freedom lias
1 denounce the conduct of the recent
election, on the p.art of our political on"
laments in this s'ate. a vast brutal out
luge. rVua'.i, proscription. mntniuanori ;
in all forms vio! ire, raiiaiu-rthoi ugh :ii* i
. ?
its degrees, up io wanton murder, were its'
effective methods. The circumstances
tit: hv which we have n^emblcd to-day
>h?>w us l:ov/ n- i;-ly successful has been ;
this great com piracy. It i.s for us in the
f.iee of ill dangers, in the face of false or
t mid friends in the face ol open enemies
to show that we understand the cause in j
which we are engaged and that no earth-;
ly sacrifice is too great to secure its tri |
un:ph. i
The gentleman who was my onpoiu nt,
f' r this office in the !a*c election, has re-!
ccntly declared, as I atp. credibly in-1
formed, that he holds not only the peac3
^ v -iTnl hut mv life, in his
hand. . I Jo riot doubt tbo truth of his j
statement. .Neither tin public peace nor i
A 1
the life of any man who now -oppose the '
Cutj'-tiinmation of ll;:s policy fraud and
violence is safe from the assaults of those
who have enforced th* t policy.
My life can easily he taken. I have j
heldiu the judgment of all tny friends
here, hv a bail tenure for the !a-t three j
months. T*ut there is one th'n.c that no
man iu South Carolina can do, however
! owe rial or desperate lie may be, and I
that is tr> cause me to abaf?\ my hatred or
c.-as1 my m >st vigorous resistance to liis
attempted overt brow and enslavement of,
a majority of *hc people of South Carolina.
"Mere I : hiiui: i can do no other-1
v?Mod he my helper," ;!: an ! chil '
<!;< !i. !> a"cr t.> sac than "'arc the ruddy *
i!r..tr ha: vi it uiy mi ! ! ( *?all other 1
i;:Hl it i" it * I! ~. Ui'.ISt !*;\C Wily (lit,1 '
solemn duty to the iiua! tMiec.v.j vd :
that tiiU!1 tioa- on-rare, u iie'? whose
biaek >li:; l-.v w**i:v n-led to-day.
? ?5 iiJj.! I*!' > (' tOJ. CI iliP
j I' i
' r* j ^ I'd ! *
! =' i z ii = ! 3
{_f_! M !
At.VvslI ? I :!- i; 21S3 i iVxttj 3 K
A'V. U ;! 2-1D5 :L2t
ArnK-r-cii !"* -J '-".3; I 1121 41.v?
1'ri.rsi *v.-! 1 2J.o 277s :{<j.V".
! 4.'.>I 2o7t> : 7594] 2271
< ti:ir!-."ston -v<7| 1 i JW201 SMO i
C'lu'St *r 1'630 15V>4i 24: u! 2"05
cu'm tWA I i ri'Jj | :K-,; i;ni
lar-i.ln .1 T.r !?"' ") | 11 ! .3.5
'(.il.fr. 3539 Si'Hii -I I r.r: .ost
r j l-'l 3->.?7i 2.52
3;.t-i ...J
1 I 3>.'2 147*11 21-Vj
liwiiviiiirn I lvt 7*>3j| 2~S7| r.OH
flrvonvill.' 1S7'.? 2 J 5-^ | j 1721)1 1172
I;.?rrv r.^7
Kri!:nv IftSllJ 1251. 20.73: 17*17
I,HiiCii-!er 1 !'>!)j 11:57; I 123?'>! 1541
I.uiiv. . > 2s 92; 14'.-, j !
ll'fil 15G2 I 12V.: 2129
Mari<n 2243: 2525 j | 21921 .1119
7%iar!l.-*?r?> 1X11, 1322 191"
Ni wbrrry 31 SI | 1J7C; 27.51 219-5
Oo.iife >2: 123S| I :*> >}! 2os3
Oroi^' l.wrg 3779: 2014 I Hf.'.. 2s7-i
Piclfns 591 j 745 I -l'.'o: 2t)>2
iCi.Oilaii'.! | 2771; 149!! | 34*7: 2435
Spariuiibiirtf I 1?4(l| 2-7"7' 11.171 ir.7" j
." 'iniiicr ! 770 40;>! 5Vs"iJ l3':2
i liicJ 1*101 7-.il>:: 1750. 20J3
WiMiaiosbur,; 25513: 1243 $113; 1757
York 2588{ 2067 2417! 3233
Total : >''10:5 OvSi 1 S3.'it> 837.1
1 5**14 , S3771<
I{?p;ibli:r.i; majority. ; liosoj d 311 ;
?The fruit crop of Florida has un
douhtcdly suffered by the severe weather.
The St. Augustine Press of the 2d says:
''Lust night was the coldest for three
year?. Ice formed nearly an inch in thick
nc?s. killing many tender plants, and
many if not all of the oranges, which wc.e
so abundant and promising. As tlie wind
was high throrghout the night, it is
hoped that a ; ortion of the crop has c.s |
capcd. but we hardly think it possible.'
Oranges have mlvaneed in this market
?Hero is a .story of a barber's shop:
One of the customers sees a dot,'of ungainly
aspect sitting opposite intently
watching him. " Why dees that dog look
at me sf??" Why sir, occasionally my
hand slips, and i am so unfortunate as to
snip of a bit of car." "Eh! and what
then?" "Why, then he cats it."
?Washington advertisement: wanted
two ladies, attractive, to prosecute sevtrai
good bill.- to passage by both houses
cf coiMrress. To th ;se who will lie satisfactory
a libera! salary \vi!i be paid, address
\V. W.. 'ity j'o.-'nfih c.
?A resolution to decide upon the proper
method of tnovating the electoral
vets was adopted in the h'ou-c. It should
have been done .t h ast filly yeAs ago.
?Cant. Grin lie, the story of whose inhumanity
t<; some of his seamen horriScd
[he country a few weeks ago, Is denied a
now trial, ihuadity is already fashionable
enough on shipboard ami needs no encouragement
from the courts.
?Gov. Hampton lias been presented
with a 500 pound hog. The tWstiiurionai
House will not starve this week at a: y
n-Avo ft'it
>t USUI tig II'll n Himill ii nutbiii
in the rock at Passaic Falls have entirely
disappeared. Washington might have
known that they would have been bulldozed.
?He was a tell fellow, with red wig,
red beard, and fal.-c teeth, who, riding on
the Erie Railway toward Rutherford,
raised his window and said, "God command
u.-> to respire fresh air, and it is essential
to inhale the divine atmosphere
provided for us." Meanwhile the old lady
behind him was catching cold.
'* My ton," said an old man, " beware
of prejudices. They are like rats, and
men's minds are like .traps. Prejudices
creep in easily, but it is doubtful if1 they
ever get out.
u My friends, " said a returned inissionarv
at one of the anniversary meet
logs, " let as avoid sectarian bitterness
The inhabitants of Hiudoostan, where I
have been laWiuz for many years, have
a proverb that 'though you bathe a dog's
iaii in oil and bin i it in splints, yet you
counot got the croo!. out of it. Mow a
man's sectarian bias is .-imply the crook
i:i the dog's tail, which cannot be eradi?
* 1 .... 1 I 1,0,1 ?li,if i.vfw
tiiiV'l 3 tliiu L 11U1U liJitv v ? VIJ
be allowed to wag his own peculiarity in
1 ace. "
? Tiiere was an auction sale of bu 1
ding.-) o:i tiie Centennial (jliounds ou the
1st when structures that cost v-.bO'J,O'JO
yielded only $d(J6.l60.
? It is intimated that President 0rant
will in a short time send in another message
to Congress in which he will comment
upon the topics of the time with
his usual freedom. This supplementary
message will, it is said, go at some length
into Southern affairs, and will be accompanied
by the intimidation and outrage
budget from Louisiana.
? An obituary notice of a young man,
handed info the New York Herald foi
i-jse: th ;. in the columns of that paper,
concluded with the following touching remark
<b?oo hrfoie the Iletuning Board above i
May lit' be counted in.
? An old ^ontl'jinan, wWc nose was '
not only very large, bur highly colored j
was a.-^kcd ly George iY how much it j
had taken to paint it. "Sire, "was his re-j
{(ly, " I cannot tell, lor it b cot finished ;
?Chicago later-Oco.m. u The evestcne,
si -called, i? a ca'earenus concretion
'ound between t ie <\Uc.- and iiuie. coats
of the -tor.)rich of tlie conruou European r
I l
crawfish in August, shortly before the j
moulting season. The use of it for the
removal of foreign particles from the eye
cannot be too -trongly condemned."
? We hope thf general assembly wil' t
not fail to act upon tlie <iue>tion of the ; '
judgeship*. It is clear that the elections j
ef ia-t winter are void, because they were ,
not conducted by ballot as provided by j
the constitution. Whatever else may he
in doubt there should be no doubt about |
the validity of the commissioners of the
circuit judges. hi.* perhaps fortunate
that the rural assembly has now an {
opportunity to correct the errors of its!
predecessor: The times are out of joint,
and the judiciary should he reformed the 1
first thiny.? I nioit Herald.
? Mr. Wilbrrn, of Tennessee, introduced !
in the House of Representatives a bill for :
the relief of the officers of the navy
who. o pay was reduced by order of the
Secretary of the Navy, and repealing so
much of the Revised Statutes as authorized
the Secretary of the Navy to fur
lough officers in certain cases.
i tlif navigation "f southern rivers and inland |
waters. :i;o furnished with patent Compound Condensing
engines ot" fifty horse power urgJ can bo
run on a consumption of one ton of coat mr twenty
four hour. The boats are ninety-eight feet iu
length an l soy nteen feet in width, carrying two
hundred tons, on n drauuht of six feet water. They
arc particularly f.tt-d f>?r the transportation of
grain, rice and other agricultural products, as wt 11
as gen-ral nierheandisc; and will be sold at much
! >. than their original < est, although of recent con
st ruction anu in : ood order,
For particular:; as to terius, or inspection of boats
inquire of
IL KELLY, "?C. Exchange Place. N*. Y.
Insurance Company
f *: i r
To the Working Class.?We are now prepared
t'. furnish all classes* with constant employment
at home, the whole of ' the time
or for th fr spare inomenls. Business n*w, ligni
and profitable. Persons of cither sex easily ea n
from V) cent- to Jo per evening, ami .1 proportional
sum by devoting their whole time to the business
Boys and girls earn nearly as much as men. Tha
all wbos? tbi;, notice may send {heir address and
test the business we make this utipanilbded oflVr
To such as are not weli satisfied we will send one
dollar to pay for the trouble of writing. For particulars,
samples worth .several dollars to commence
work on, and a copy of Home and Fireside
one of the largest and best Illustrated Publication
all sent free by mail. Reader, if you want ptrinan
ent. profitable work, address. Geo KGB Stinsok A
Co., Portland, Maine.
?m1i sp.iui-h Bk Pesengano, Telicria, mat
t'-r for London, with 416 tons of phosphate rock
from Pacific Mines,
I* $IOO.OO TT?Lo-^7!crgxi*c2. .
/ V will b.1 p iid by th Town of U-uit'ort for the
arrest ami conviction of the person or p rsons
who committed the robbery at-the store of W? C,
B iioas ou iae morning of the ?lth ir.st.
Sept. 2t:h-1nto.
Sheriff $ $a!ejSu
SIWl? IFF S tl\ L K
J. A. J. Cr-'Sswell, It. If. T. Leipold, and Robt. Pur
vis, Com mission* rs of the Freodman's Saving and
Trust Company, vs. It. G Holmes.
Judgement for foreclosure and sail.
By virtue of a jnd f.'meut for foreclosure and sab"
in the &1k>w staled case to nr.' directed I will sell at
pu'lie outcry in fmnt of my orcein the town of
Beaufort on the first Tuesday in January next
1ST", bring the second day of said month during thr
j ! gai hours ot sate, 1110 ictiownig piu|?.n? ^ ?? ?.
All that plantation or tract of land situate lying
and being in Prince Williams' Parish, in the county
of Beaufort and State of South Carolina, purchased
from Win, F. Colcoek. in hy W. II. Thojin
son, containing by a recent survey male by Melli
chnmp, lour thousand five hundred and eighty acres
bounded north by lands of It. Stooey, I. Stoney, B.
Stoney and tot ite of Dai is; east by lands of Ihlev
MeKae and others; s >ut!i by lands of Felix Tuten.
I. Rivers and others; and west by Pulaski Goodwin
Stanley and oth rs, excepting aud always reserving
ont of this present demise, three hundred acres >
the said tract of land lying on the northeast . o n*'r
thereof, receo'ly conveyed by the said it. G. Holmes
to J. II. Goethe.
All that other piece, parcel or lot of land situate lying
ti'nd being in Pr nec Williams' Pari-h. coun.y
and State aforesaid, known as the Prescott farm con.
taining fifty acres more or less; bounded north by
lands of the estate of Wm. Davis, east by lands op
the estate Win. Davis and K. G. Holmes; south by
lands of K. G. Holmes, aud west by lands of WmDavis
and R. G. Holmes.
Also, '
All that other piece parcel or t ract of land situate lying
and being in the county and State aforesaid,
e.ji.tain'ng five hundred and sixty acres more or
less, known a* part of the Rivers land; bounded
north by lan Is of K. G. Holmes, east by lands of C
T. Lowndes, and J. M. Mitcon; south by lands of A
Pe- pies, and west by lands of Felix W. Tuten ai d
and divided by vmall tract of land apportioned to
Kobt. Rivers.
AM that other piece pare lor tract of land situate
lying and bm'ng inthe county and "Mate aforesaid,
bounded north by laud- of -it. G. Holmes; cast belauds
<>f Jas. Stoney; south by lands of Jas. Stonev
and IT. Tutefi, and west by lands ot It. G. Holmes
containing one hundred and ten ac res according to
a plat thereof made by I'eiix W. Tuten, 71h November.
All tha; other piece parcel or tract of land situate
lyin-r and bein^ in the county and State aforesaid
bounded north and northeast by lands of R. G.
Holmes: east and southeast rhy lands of Felix W.
Tuten; south and west by lauds of the estate of Jas.
Beuneti and R. < . Holmes, and west by lands of 1>
Stanley and Gooding, containing twohundr dacr^s
more or less.
AH that other piece parcel or tract of land situate
lying and being in the county and State aforesaid
bounded north by lands of K. G. Holmes, east by
lauds of R. G. Holmes and Jam s Stanley, south
an i w -it by lands of It. G. Holmes, containing one
hun IreJ and seventy-three acres more or less.
A !.?o,
All that other piece parcel or tract of land situate
I lying and being in the county and S: ate af>re?ai l>
bounded north bv lands of K. G. Holm s; east by
I jands now or lately W.H. Thompson, south by Rice i
j Hope; and west by lands of R.G. llol es contain- !
ing one hundred and forty-six aci'es more or i
| less, commonly called Nettle Hill." i
All the right title and interest of the said R. G j
Holmes in and t?> all that other piece pan-el or trac i
of laud situate lying and bein/ in the county and |
"tate afor <aid. bounded north by lands of Wmt J
Bsnnett an 1 Miles V.< nn"tt: ca^J'y lands of James
Stanley and others south by l^fe^iHeury Tuten .
md Burrell Tuten, and west by the line of the Port
[{oval railroad, containing s>ix hundrt'l and twenty
wo ai re* more or 1p*s.
11 .1 .: !/? n?,t Int....! .i.ni.l II II
ii and to all that other piece parcel or tract of lard J
lituate lying "d be id? I" Peoples township in
;he county and Star* aforesaid, comprising all the
iatid lying be; weed the Hue of the Port Royal R. 11
snd the Hay known as 'Bee Treev Buy" that was on
ihe HSth day of February owned by Alexander McB.
AH that other piece parcel or tract of land situate
lying aud being iu the county and State^aforesald
adjoining lands of W. C. Davis, James (ilorer, Ely
Solomons and othera; containing two hundred and
seventy.uhie acres more or le-s, being a part ?f the
tract assessed to K. D. llagoed, and sold at Delinquent
land sale for unpaid taxes for the years 1870
and 1*71, and pu .bared by sai 1 R. G. Holmes at said
A lso.
All that other piece parcel or tract of land situate
jyingand being in Peeplas township, county and
State aforesaid; containing four hundred acres more
or less,adjoining lands of \V\ C. Davis, K. D. Ilagood,
and others, the same being the tract of land
conveyed by the Auditor of said county to Emma
M. French by deed bearing date the loth day of August
1872. and since coneysed by the said Emma MFrench
to the said It. G. Holmes by deed bearing
date '28th February, 1878.
At the same time and place the following personal
properly to wit: one saw mill; one fifty horse power
engine; one boiler; and other articles of machinery
and implements of every kind and description
whatsoever, attached to or constituting a part of
the said saw mill now standing upon the tract of
land herein abc-e numbered eight, ou the Port Royal
Terms for real estate:?
One-third ca^h?balance in one and two year?, e |
cured by bond of the purchaser aud mortgage of The
Terms for personal property, cash.
is. c n
lift S. C. Dec. 12 1S76,
Petition &r Partition.
Richard Washington, vs. Chas. Talbird, Mary Talbird.Phoebc
Talbird ct. aL
By virtue of an order of pctitio* of R. K. Oarle
ton, Probate Judge, in the above stated case to me
directed, I will sell at public outcry iu front ( my
office in the town of Beaufort on the first Tuesday
in January next, 1877, being the second day of said
month during the legal hoar* of safe the following
property to wit:
Ail that piece parcel or lot of land aituate lyinr
and being on Port Royal Island, iu the county Of
B aufort, and .state of South Carolina and designated
as lots 50 and 51 in section 26, In aud 2w; containing
twenty acres more or less,
Terms cash. Purchasers to pay for papers.
fc B. C.
Bft. S. C. Dec. 12, f876. 14-3t
Ilenry GoodingExor. vs. Robert W. Barnwell.
By virtue of sundry writ* of fieri facias to medi
roc ted and lodged In my office, I will aeil at public
outcry in front of my office In the Town of Beaufort
on the first Tuesday in January next 1377 being
the second day of said month during the legs!
hours of sale the following property to wit:
i All the right title and interest of Robert W.
Rarnwell in and to ail that plantation or trsct of
land situate lying and being on Port Royal Js'sud
in the 0<>.i?:r of Beaufort and State of South Carolina?commonly
known as " Woodward, " bounded
north by Wh.le Brauch and lands formerly owned
by (iabiicl Capers, cast by land of II. W. Barnwell
and lands formerly of W. H. .Haruwcll known as
' laurel Buy " and west by Broad River, couuluing
four hundred acres more or less
nil that other plantation or tr.vtof land situate lv
i:.g and 'iCing on said island in the County and
state aforesaid, kn ?wa as " Pigeon Swainp, " bounded
and w. bv lands of It. W*. Barn Writ
known as woodward and lar.ds foriiKThoVW.il
Barnwell north and wed by hums formerly of (la,
bricl Oarers and c.tst by lands of Lustis ft. a!, containing
live handrvd and seventy-two acres mots
0) 1 ss
all that other tract of land situate lying andjbeing
on said island in the Co. and state aforesaid known
as Raccoon Tavern bounded north by salt water
crei k. south by the Pick |>oek' r tract, east by !and?
formerly owned by Henry M. Fuller and west by
lauds formerly owned by If. M.Stuart, containing
twenty two acres more or less levied upon as the
property of Roboit W. Barnwell at the suit of Henry
hooding Fx or.
Term^cash Purchasers to pay for papers,
8. B. C.
Pee. 14 th 197C.
William T. Brcland vs. It. If. Johnson, J. J. Brunson.
.All the right title and interest of R. II. Johnson
In and to eighty three acres, of land situate lying
and beiug in the County and state storestid being
the portion cut off from the homestead sit off to
R. H. Johnson on the 31st if iyof May 1S76 which
said eighty-three acres shall be the south eastern
b .uudary of said homestead, levied upon as the
property of R. H. Johnson at the suit of William
T. Breland.
Tortus Cash Purchasers to pay for papers.
S. B. C.
IX c. 14th 1S76.
A. R. Stoke*,' adm'r vs, J. W. Riley Executor et, al
By virtie of a Judgeraeut of the Court of Common
Pleas and Decretal Order, and au amended order of
Hi- Honor P. L. Wiggia Judge of the second circuit.
1 wiil sell at publie outcry in front of my of
lice in the Town of Beaufort on the. first Tuesday
in January next 1S77; being the second day of said
month, during the legal hour of sale the following
property to wit:
All that lot of land in the t urn of Brunson on
the Port Royal Railroad numltend on the plat of
* * - * ?o ?IJ -1^ a I... T) T
rflO 5:'1(I lO\VIJ lot id >i?IU inui lAutuivu uj m. O.
Maukcr District Surveyor, in June 1370 ?nd boundcd
by the P. R, R. R. and lauds of Samuel J
Lewis, Levin, an i Edgar Brunson, and containing
one-half of an acre, more or less
All that tract or plantation of laud situate in the
Couuty of Beaufort, and known as the" Black
Creek Place ' containing sixteen hundr tl acres
more or less, and bounded by lands of W. J. Whipper
W. C. Youmans F. J. Parnell, M. P. Bassctt A
J. Gill J. S. Youmans and laudsof the Estate of
Terms cash Purchasars to pay for papers.
S. B. C.
Bfl. S. C. Dec 14th 1870.
Thoa. F/gtrcveti Executor. vs. Alfred William*.
I By viriueOf a writ of fieri facias to me 'directed
and lodged in my office I will sell at public outcry
in front of my office ir. the town of Beaufort en the
I first Tuesday in January next 1877 being the
I second day of said month daring the leg*]
i boors of sale the followiug properly t? wit:
All the right title and interest of Alfred Williams
I in and to all that lot ot land situate lying and being
in the town of Beaufort County of Beaufort
and State of South Carolina, knowu on the plat
said town as lot No. 306 Bounded north by Craven
St. east by Newcastle St. south by Bay St. and
west by lot 33.> The said;prtmi?is being known according
to the U. S. District Tax Crmtnissioner's
plot of said Town as lot in Block levied
upon as the property of said Alfred Williams at the
suit of Thos. F. Screven Executor.
Terms cash Purchasers to pay for papers.
S. B. C.
Dec. 14th->77.
r I
J ust Received. j
4 L?rgo 4?orM??nt #f
. n . 1
m (
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Sea Island x
82 Per Annum,
Tt ntmi n*rh/>nUp lRnnlinB tft
the local inttl! genoe of the faction
through which it wreulatea,
and a? a consequence it largely
patronized by all clattec, and
has a larger circulation than any
weekly published in the low
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those retiring to push their business
along the line of the Pbrt
Royal Railroad, it is unftorpasted;
and be r in udad that the
subscription price of the valuable
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