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.-.late.-" I ' ... iK
r-'juCTfi wnwiaii"i)ij.iin it Mui.amii.n
... - nun n
, v, i I 0. & K FOW LfiH, I
'i Pnbllsuecr in Goodioi, Ta.l
,. ? . i r nvrut e rtni 1 1
, AT TUM ml LOW I No RAT as
1 Ur
n. f
!! copy, nun year,., ft 59
Olio r"py, fnot'th,'. . . ; .7.. 1.60
To tluli-ill ten nr tip re, (per ropy) i (ill
F'jr the camp ln, . ,.' , , ,- ji
J'uf iuHt in AUvihtn.
Correspondence Igiving i wn it. sri, Infa
i Cation In regird egrewl , -r anything
tending tnprntnuie the ijieieat .. tin- p....
pin, is reaped mil) noliiiied. Write Mpo
but ini side i if tln pp-r. M mil niiuu I
pM ' nin ntini i-. ii mn'ivvtiiv".
' -fjeoit' ess ioilt a.:l..
1 'T S' 1- ...
Lr at.
' Bkist.ii,. Va A Tkh.
WtLIi practice In (ho 0'iurtsef Sullivan,
' 'Washington, Carter, Gi-cen and tf w )c i ttp
Counties Tcuue.seee.aad Washington Coun
ty, Virginia.
i SST" I'miapt attention will be ivou toall
fcrisin i-mi ast-slto aim.
' '-, t)lh-e wc4 ei Niokles Hoase.
Aue. !, KH, tf
Attornej at Law and Collectirg Agent,
,; , .' CtOUNTVII-LB. TfiNN., ,
I. T IM' attend promptly to M busii""--.
M entrusted Ik liita in upp" Ens'
tug 14, 1868, tf.
J.W. DBA UK RICK, Knoxvillr-, Teun., or
W. V. I) E A I) i: KICK, Bloautrillo. Tiinn. ,
J. 0. DEAPElUOIv, Bristol, Tenu.
A LL business intrusted to their tnre will
Ix. be promptly attended to. Claims onl.
looted in auy part of upper , Euot 'JVniies.
oe. t l - nug 14 -y
CHARIE S Itiv aIn C E,
Attoinoy aLaw and Solicitor ill Uhanoery,
nVlClroenUy roin .Ti d IVom Oi lstul,
Teun and lucntvd liimnolf, perinn
nently at Kstillirille, Hcott oonuty Vu., will
pritclico in be nereral Courts ia the conn
ties of I.ee, Scott, Hussell, Wise and Wasli
iiiRtmi. Vn, ; j ' ; ( )
VQ. Prompt attention given tn cn11o'
tioas :n tlie nliure nuined oiMiniies. Om
rauaiattiiiia will tierealtur lie addressed to
... as above. nug41tf
Attorney at Law and CoUeotin? Agent,
Will practice in tbt Circuit Ccurts tf
Oreeni", ll iwkini., Wimliington And SnMi nui
counties, and in the Kedc'i nl court nt Kuox
ville, and will ntten I promptly to .nil J usi
noiin iiitrusi? ! to bia care, inchi Iiiir tin
Collection of CiMmt bgniui't tixe Oitaniiiii'iit
v . . inn! 1 1H . ;
a-, n .' woodT
, liltlSl'oL, VA. 4 TK.NN.
Wiu. rnxcricE in tii k guukts
of V-bni)rtcm. Swtt, and I.re Coun
ties, Vn., and Sill 1 1 vn ii and Wasliinton,
jTiMin. Piiriictir attei.'iiui pnid to chrcj
i in B iiikniptcy mid llie Collection of Clninis.
I Office We3t end Nickels Honse.l
I . nug 1 1 t8 '
Attorney at Law and lolleo ing AgeDt,
au 14th, 18C8. tf
a"B H. if
AWMiDON, VA. - '
1)ltACTICES roRularly in the Courts of
Washington. Smith, Ilussell and Scott
Counties, In the Circuit Court of L'-e Coun
ty, and the District Court at Abingdon.
. July 24, 18158. Km
Bristol, Tenn. lllountville, Teun.
? McLIX l! KISO.
Attorneys at Law & Solicitors in Chancery.
. WILL give their attentiou to buch tiuni
uass as in ivy ba committed to their care.
. Collretioni t'n South. M'ttt Virginia and
JKtWt Tenncistt AUtndtd to Pramftxy. J i
Aug. 14, 1808.
V. I. T"SK,
litXIDStlN-lililSTtiL, VA.
.AVill practice iu the Courts of Washington,
Ritssell, Scott and l.co couutius. DtUCE,
' ia Lancaster building g I ,'
w. it. GLiicsoasr,
WILL practice in the Court of Teiiue
usee and Virginia. Special attention
to all business iu Bankruptcy. Otlioe est
cud Nickels' House. Aug. U 18U8 tf
"TrpuiircTHERAL ly7
DRS. T?MI'LKT0X Si CARTER, h iving
permanently Incited in Itriatul, Teun.,
would respectfully aniinuiiLe to t lie public
generally that they are now prepared to
troat Ciiicer. in all its (Wins, without the
of tha knilc. Tlioy b ivc ,u ihi'ir bauiU
a remedy which lias bcuu uaed succisvfully
ia liumlreds of oases, ami having a thor
ough knowledge of Modicino, none need
lear to pi ice ilieinselvea umbr their care
I nd irvaliueut. Tliiy will uUo give par
lioular attention to
luoli Strabuniuss, (cross-eyes,) Ptery
liain Calraot, Clironic lull nn itions, &c.
Ptmona wishing to place them selves under
auv trraimeut can procure boar. I in our
towu at a How price, or, if they prefer it, we
will visit thftn their homes. AH lounnu
aloation promptly nnswered.
B n l, Bristol, Tcnu.
' (Offioe iu lie Lancaster BuilJing.)
aug I I Iri'iH -
OFFK-IS hi profcssionil services t. the
titifi'iis of Bristol an I viciniiy.
KeMdoii'S Ht Prof. Winston's; 1st door
above 'Irs. A K. Monro's. ntig'.'Slui
r A tti of Kin :poi t, rcti los hi llrisiol
I J llo Will idea I to' pi jfoionil c ills
truio i.i i anil (onut.-y
Or"KI'K, in Kings Block first door on
tk r'jhl - u" t iiii aog II. ly
Denial Surgreon,
AniwoDoN, Va.
JCj-Visits Bristol every Friday and Sat
'lrday Clfice on Main Street, one door
weft of EiH'irV Hriig Btore.
tt Visits Marion every other Tnosdav
n nd We lnrsd iv. UlUce nt Major llallcr'a. "
' a-ig.l, 1808. ly
JOI1V K YS, M.D D. 0. S.
V GRADUATE in both Medicine and
Dentistry, but who devote bis time ex
clusively to Dentistry, will b found at bis
office; next door : Elisor's Drng More,, at
all times, eici pt when professionally absent,
lib will visit lllountville on Monday of
each Courfweek. He will also be at Junea
villn, I.ee county, at the Circuit Court,
, Augu-tf
the AbliMjtlttM. f'irrlnitm and
The pntiris of thH Abinid in Virijinl m
with ref.'ri nre to the m mai;rwnt ul Vir
ginla railroirta, and esneci illv i'3 iviseloss
and n-T''liitlng warfare upon tin- po ioy o'
cnt'ii.Pdi'lon, sr matters of surprian that
have (rlv.n ris tn smt.to o "muit-iit and
mui'h rlisf-iaet on amonic the friends and
patron o' that v.-d.tiIiIo j uinial, wao are
alsi friendly to .mr raillna ls snl State, an.!
who aro nphuldt' g ttm lunds of lboa wlio
are lien Hi g' rv ty eneigy ti fnonst root
both III on s tru Hil l (""HlHllHot bli-.. ,
Oh. rg- K; B r'. one tne edit.i'-s of thi
Joifna',. has l'."t' i-n joyed the rcpu'sl ion 1.1
an li mes', fair. mln. te.l, pa' rioiic. in -u, and
in msttprs nf pu'ilic coiim rn bis judguicnt
Is nnerally sonnd and his ideas cl u ; but
lnte In-trnth thin may be said, it Is i qu illy
'TO- that is a man of iin'iiuin le I p cjo
dice, which nt tim a amounts to- siiihti irn.
ness. B'ind.-d by th b'arny of Pru.sidtitt
O'm'T, feil f'Mwil and intetistlv ro to a 1 1 it
! use n' Hie ' U iii'nal Stockbo'iler," ami
having ri jireset te I for many years a lame
aoi' U' t of nlht-r pe pb s' t.a.'k, and tlierby
aeqnirt'd mom- iiifluem-e iu the eb-ciions,
In d. grees M ... B m . eois to bav rnui" 1.1
the ro .I'lnsi'tn. (hine-t, doubtless,) that the
I .en i r short line w- the b. si in ihe world,
and that the p. nil.r ois re-poosiliPiiy i
ro'.rt iK-iiiur tbt. sffaiisol t lie V. & Trim,
road r stul i.o hi hiiil'Vr.'
So' h -a b. Infatuation on th subj". !
of the s'mrt I'l.e oMi'i , tin opposed i'i'1 a I I
oftti n c ti-..li t ,t o", n-awi ii-iandina in-
erit irssioe t'ib M.li v' 'li Iitg'sl iiU"
e ii. o. . .i. .i.. "r ... . ...
... i . ,-,",m w i 'i . -'. r. ." ii ,'". ii ..-
tin- s;tate u ..it in i:a iv r, inid the nu
tter f i ti. M'l.titi ,i .c, costoT o; ro ideni
ial -ii .if i In. nln-rl line m'It at tin- lasi
nieettfip .'( ibo h'lirllo fi r , b 'b ''orii
i a1 " and s. c ..ii larv, s' Ly" lit tl g
In tt-.- itisru.si..n i-l r .ns.b'tsti..n snd th.
it. .. nt ma m ' o' ! Va. & Tenn.
r'nd, l -th m 'Her- I i ere,' as n I to tb.
fr.o.'r and oi'-r.-lni -t ss to th- opKioal
pti.i'ki ii'iii'ii" a d Cut (rnii l armv ol
-HhstI I . s.I-" I.ik: c' i U ff'he railr'ssd
bvat by ibe !r -n b-.i.d f n fm-in, 't as un
fir to "ii s 'h' tiii'bss to siiifif. st a
rit.e' .od 1 d . to f clnr " t ai M ..Ibf t
a ' d anvtiiiiiir tala- in 1 1 ai nncv oa I'd i
ti n.' n I docl ait' Im wiib th.-npii'i ssi ii
ul thetmtli. To "'ib i miiaie ti is eOarB",
let fads atn-ak fir thcinsclv -s : Mr. Brr
hs'-, on in-.re iHio Din orcasi -n,, (imlest. m
sya'i s' the cl.si g tint be was unliien Hv 10
R t. Mabom'- ailin oi I't'io i and 'be lin'M
Ine ei.i'f ib Va & TVim r.'ad. and t. nuke
a-.x.d 'be '.f.i iil'.ii r- f. rs t" liack nun. tiers
! o" hK isiers, N w, lt ns hi .k thr oiith t'i
' fltesfif Ms psiier and see w'm' we m see.
Front "bo I'b'i'M'on of G' ii- M ib"'ie 'o tt,
last ntiTih. r of the paper, Hod not a
0"l ralrnUted tuin-p'r.- inilic0'i'-fl 'i n -' ;
not a veor.1 Is aiid "f bi lr rcolean ff rt
fet 'h rosd in' of the mill and out
debt a rleath.like silence ' ne-eivd a
to the Imiiroved Hianctal c-'nd"bn of 'be
road, and lis physical cot'ditinn ss well. Tt'e
pn'dle is no whem inforroed tbit 'he n nd
is hnnnteonsly siipiliet with wood ; that
the l-'sd islei:t ballasted lll'O'iub U t's
entire lenith, and new iron beinn laid ; 'bit
the rollli g '' k Is l''nf rapidly . augmen
ted r that the fi eights have Increased enor-m-'n-lv
; that the fanner Is nj.iced and
enceursged b'-canse cns.'lidat ma atT'Tds
dim reav maiket lor every aperies nt
bis trdiciion ; Cat lh ronnectitnr rrads
In Teunehsne .lis'-bise they cannot fl .iirisb
without. ih through freiiibts, the fruit ot
consul id a' ion ; that i he employees are r gu
larly paid i ff in greeubscka instead of w.Tib
less ch'-rks, kno-vn as 'hurl line enrn-ncy -In
wo'd, tla everything on it mad tioes
ss merry as a marriage These Inip o-
tant f"ts, and even thing else that would
strengthen pn' ! ci'i.fldence in the itesent
sdnilidstrationi and that w li d e-si-t ii in
bnildle np this great pubi c wank, upon
which the material pruaimrity nt our people
d- pend, are ejolitded from the columns lit
the lii-7itii(ia.
Mr. Birr and bis correspondents eompliln
hlt'erly or the injiisiice to the T'gi'i"l sfck
holders. In r-i.lv we wiuiM ak Mr. Birr
In randor, hetber be thinks the original
stockholders have anv r'ght mil commi.n to
the new s'oi kbol I' rs f As I nnder-land
Mr Barr's pr-posltion, lie h' l'ts that the In
fl'tet'C" snd voice of a stia kbolder by pur.
hases, should lie to 'be InHuence and voice
oaa original sto.kholder, as the purchase
price of the sto. k is to its origi' al valll.i ;
siv s 2H Is to 10". One would Infer from
Mr. Barr's sollcllnd.' for the rights of the
oriiilnal stopl hnlile.s, that ho hl.nwrl to
lint qiiforT'iai" (rl el so of Ii d virtuals.
We would ask Kr Brr who a ild tli-ir
stock to the new stock bidders, and If ili-y
bad anv col fl leiice fn the ultimate success
o' the sbo't-l"ie policy, why Kiev psU'd
wiih their a-ock and their i;.flni-ncii in the
control of the road f
Shall ti e Va. and Tenn. rosd be oontrob d
by an ovei wbelmliu nis.j'ilty Including
or'ginul and new atockhoblera, or nhall its
future destiny Iw coi'l'iiit'-d in the bands ol
a hnM-tes minority, nnd.-r whise pecnliar
guardianship 'be t. k ot ibe road in doa e
from par to nominal 9'Jl) per share f Will
Mr. Bat' answer f - , ' '
The i'ir'ii'iiin aO'tld have Us tvadet, be
lieve that It Is willing to give Consolldatl-n
lair trial. N"W. H Mr. Harr bad at'd, "if
I waa no- afnld ll w old a i.-ceed, and put
a qui. tus on mv iwll.-j I wotild he t'l
ing to g ve Consolidation a tsir Itlsl," tin
whole iru'h would bsv" been told But L i
lis sr-ln refer 'be Ii es of the VI g'liian,
and e II Mr. Barr baa giyeo cti-olul moll
a fa r triil. At a glime I ol'seiye that
ever tir'v little squibop the li.alig"nieii
,.f the road Ibe pasl jear. never mind I'.
amin e o' in .nation, is psrsd. d In lore tin
nuli ie wl'h a fl.-nrisli i f trnmi ets uli'oi -si
ty Every I. n ' I nrtn-d . fl', ,..r train i u u 0"
itb..nt e'v.plana'M" " lotpi'TV a. to fa'i'C.
la lailbiully reo-od. d w in a ensinloii.
i t.v ibe ..li.or. E.'erv aiMile pub
I 1,1, d inorouiol the Male ag.inst the
toi l or it- in .n g n.ent, is given a proud
!, t pl.ee In ! e Y'rg'i.b.1., noiw.lb.t.nd
tut mii.y f lb' m are uihmiiI lot, end I'lul.lv
deiruiieniHl l-'tlie pro.eriv ol the road, ami
eveiy Interest i-oniKCled lb.re 'lb, wt.ilr
1 on the other band everithing lavjiable io
Ki r oad Is alitdlousW inpprscd. In .me
- olii-nii we li-c .vor Mr. Brr's aldnplesa
li'ltu I" for itm St it", an 1 ha purintiaiu
onz-'s niu o pi oisly nil th i sua) -ct of h one
ado and Him mi Id'tig up m' Virginia c.i e.
I am .-li'ided hy this pifintlo 'iTpimi-in,
and ' ar- 'o pir, on inv "sp-c" to sen too
anak ImVtig In the grass ( a Ija Img cdi
tort il In I lie same paper, ubieb u-lvor ,t-s
arevrung to thn nun line policy, the
t or iwmg of ail Ireigiit aud travel from tho
st and amith W"st out a' a side, door.ovor
th" Or,n g ro ul i-i' liao iinore ; in a wo d,
'utting the great jugular v in of our Virg-n.
i cnios, d"siro)ing oue hill' of the great
riilwiy line conn cttng S hi bw.ist. Virginii
aud Teiini'ss -o with the seicoit, and pour
nig the wealth of Virirmia into the hip ol
M ryland. A-'d yet Mr. Birr sas he is in
I .vor il giving O -ueral lihoue a fatrtriil !
In H o', Irimi an examination of the Oca
of the Kiryiru'an, I sonolud" that on this
iiit-stiiiti ol coiisoliditi ai, Mr. Birr basal
lowed bis pr.j'id'C" und, self-interest to get
tho upper liatid nl his .) oig-uenl, that lie bus
Mat sight of tho In si nit rests of the rail
roid and the S'B'e, and instead of givit g
tiis a'tetitiou to their improvement, he
spends mo-t of his lime lu tunn ng around
ov. r the coilniiy huiiimg up ail!) aud IVivo
lotvs reports about, G nieral Matione, or
Ai.rc still, apetmii-g a week on an editorial
Irving to prove that cotisoli-Vition is a bad
ibiug, "a swindle," li -causo it, h ia not iu
one year enhanced thu yilu i of stock irom
ii-'in i rial 16, to which Mr. B in's policy had
reduced it, to par value.
But, Mr Ehl'tr, lam iniji'iiiiiz oa your
t uie and patl " C. In cm dn-mm, I wnl
sty, only, tint I think Mr. Bur is wrong,
n. ticaily wron. I ho,ii ho ia honomiy
wr.'tig j hut the piopo.ilion Is so pKin to
tin iu lei, that I can't, roily compi'i hend
lm any ,n , pr.ite.s-nug co innnu seue and
liiiiiesty, can luistiu.lorsi au l it. If I were
disposed to give our rovd a fatal stall, an I
b'-iug a aaU'uity tipnii the State, iu riisaa.
a ous C'iiist'iii'-ii-t a In'ortor to lmron,I
w.nil 1 pitrciiisd a P'par, an I pn -smt'ie
precise course .tin Virginian h al for the last
uo vu moo hi. M..'. li.rr demiuda a
eha-g", and, probably, li.h My t'ciraarn
no win get a ohaue, un I nitii it, a stone
and the thinks u ibo cirpet-bag rs.
AkTlIEK SiTorKIt. LIltK.
TU E li ii VEX I I: A li 1 11 (J UA K E
f hi re the trust of the Earth, ft
Tluvk and X'liht,nnd iriertt it is
Hard and bolt Ext raurUtmi'
ry J'lienoitinia.
I rom the N. Y. Herild, Oct. 23.
Tlie ea't quik'-s of San Francisco on
W. die i-day lal,.oiii i tw.-ive or tlinio-iiio
ill u!'cr, . xu inled, ll i'P icars. pretlj much
ii 'i.g th ' aholec'.iai liu.- ol C .Inoi ni i, ai d
-ai k t i the ti iot. ei Is in t lie St- i ' a Nevada,
0 s. oiv ii,iiii oaiiis, wlibth no pu.l'.l tl.e
giea v i t a i.o . h .in "I the A nt-i n an con
unent E ii t l.qtl ik.'s come lr-.u mi ii" v..l.
- ante disi nr'-ane. s, an-i we (lutosiy Ihii
ail these vo'cati-i pet i U'a'i .us iu li.iin ht in
isplieies sine" M i last may be trvu-t d t-
il'..- g .nd etllpilou o thai IU 'nt ll n' tne t r
ml Mitl'ia l.oa of t'.e Saudilcli Is a .d-,
:he k ng of all tlie tattii's volcano- a Tout
to UH HI , e C I j-etll'e,cius tl kUctl a Colli.
IM loll "t Ihe li. I j Hauls lnClos, d will, i i Ihe
thin shell of our gl ov thai h y l.avo b. en
li in i inie to t ine, I n a n,g out at. vaiiuus
i. in pi .ces evi-r since.
t is a ren.ai kai I" fa -t, while fiOio the
13'. h to the ISili of Auttust l.st, those fear.
u. ortlq'l kes i-aiue upon Eucador are!
P. ' n, inv' iv.'.g, in ruin nttiu. -ions uiwna aud
cities alo g H.e coast tu Imudieits of tunes,
.i . ti III 15 '., of Aug o-i be s. ii, e pile
uiimeiia were felt ai d set n ut Y U haina,
ii J 'p "f and along the t 'Uthein and el-
III V'.asi "I Ai.rliill-I., si.d hit on the Hihh
a piet'j MV.it! earil. quake .h k down a
notohcr of buihlius ai l' i-i-w, in lu.lia.
1 1 i se aim a a inultaneoua distnibances
. dolllltiehs the i suit ol the piesstlle o'
'he lu ii. ul 1 qni'i tiiv IK in tie side, r'g t
ttir- ugh i he In ait of the i-ailii, against the
".0. r -idu of I ho si ell. Those l akes nil Ch
they l ave bad in Caiil- rum cu'ti" liiiui the
agi alhio iuipartid to the Uva -bu ll in d r.
Ilea Ibe coinparai in ly Hon crit-t of the
a in se' lion of inir coi.iiuotit. Eisiol
thu Mi-hl-s'lii'i nver we lepose upon thick,
S'did, and i liable crus .
We bave no volcauia-s in this Boction, be.
( use We buy - lio US" lor IbeB" Salel -Val vea
and escape pipes. Wo are all null'. B n
in I8ll,n will be leniuuibcr.-d by some,
the ie was un ari liqnuk" nt N.-w Matn.l,
on the nstlllulf the Mississippi, f olii
which sotuu Hiitsts went iiimii aud s nn
linle lakes were created. F mil Ihu w. si
ide ol tlie Mi-s sippi, Iberefun , w may as.
inn ihe i-ttist of ii.t-cart", to lie l'acti' ,
i specially in the valleys, ia oonvaialiieiy
tl in, ui. I the t wo S' cliotis otm I n i-e ureas
widely dill, rent us E'ln pe aid Asia. Tne
c, mini nt l list fiom the Mississippi is like
Europe, ami wis- I ke As, a.
Bu we have spoken of tlie gr- a' v -dcia
iu chain f Aiucica. Tint am ol ' u nun.
' ii-s and hlitiunan. an ll-c i-X'i.di li'.tn
Capo Hoi n and T"U del I n g , or Un
bind o' tlre.llp to .Vomit iji. E as, Aliislla,
Hit. tiati Slit tl Aim nca il ia the bi k'oue
ot the coi.liaeut; through- Central .liueii
ca aud .V. xic 'il is rca t r d ttlxiul but
alniiitels iu volcanoes hi d earthqn ikes.
At the s' lulieni boundary of the United
States two K"-i ('baiiis biau h til tithe
ii"ribwiiid, ti e Ii -ekv Mmin alns and the
Sieri a Nevada. The Rocky M uiiain chain
is I be I'lick'-one pn n r of X 'i th linei i. a,
hut it is tl" lot, g' l' V'.lc-itiic, Il was in (.'"
g ne In , but its craters have h' conio eviuet,
and am lakes. We-i ol im backbone chain,
on tho way to the (jreal Salt Lake, we have
Fiymnnis Urea' Ui-au, au i"l.ilt d region
of snnie llle t llliill. d miles wide, and sevel.
huiidicU liiiiea long, the wa'er ciurs- a of
which are lost in th" s,uul of the desert, or,
expanding Into lakes, ire evaporated b
the sun. This yr. at Basin, 'r. tu i'cr marks
on the nioiititalns o' t'o rim, was at one
time an anil of Ibe o i nil, or au inland sea
like the (Vpiati, but ma a' a Inter pi -rmd
lilted up by the fiery forces Ins'dn thet arlh
a d iiisde dr laud. AH ibis vail and in
h spit .hie region, with ihe rigion t.i.ith
wa d til O ei.'. ll, was aptlv described by
Freinoi t as a volcanic reg'on hardly yet
e.s led down "a land of Iraclnre and vio
lence ami Hie," Th" uutii'-r'us hot sprints
ni Ibe liii'iititaina and valievs, sil.l thn v . I
canir fl.etiiicals of the ashy 1 of tie'
Plains, Mipp .rt Fieuiout iu till. d a rip.
1 ion.
On the west sl'k' or this Ci.eat Basin we
liiiv." Ibe Sierra Nevada or the cniiim tin"
ot the living xi'i-R'. I" chain Irom .S ui'li
America, It rum a'ollf pir illel with H e
Pii itlc coast, a hundred mitiis i tl" more or
l. 8, all Ibe sy I" M --mil St. l'.i'as, in Al
ask i. This chain ha- "iiiierniis peaks, lis.
leg irom J i.nlhl to 17,000 f et shove the sea,
nd twiif ll eiii-M"'i" Hod,.io O'cg.iii,
sill M.niul St Ue'.n-, fiinh-T north- were
r. n rt. d t-. I sni.'ki' g I e.i snnmn 'rom
vou'iuiie cuiibiisiio'i. At a'l i vents, ti' d r
I hi- 111 IMI I'll chain, i" I's whole h" g ll, ,
the vioranie luirn of the ear h arecotnpir.
atnely ti'-sr the sa t."-: anico, for til
i ii s t" r.une, perhaps, all Hie enii-itrieai.nl
- "Ih sides will bo lia'ee 10 erll qnk-
11. r.ieftrr. fl and s;i t.iv I'll-'.inwa w 111
he rather a rt kv l usine.. iu S .u F atn-i co,
ai lesat for a year or two. ih. ega such a
baking as they bad on Wednesday 1st! U'sy
not in.'cur i glin, perhapM, f r llfty yeara to
' BUR, IfGo'
III October, lGTiIi, violent earthnunke
hncks wire f. It in Calif., rnla, along the
hole coast, Trum Petalnni to Smta Cm.
They were preceded by an eruption of
Mount II I, which, on the 221 of S 'ptem
her, began to emit g'unke and Ibittie, and
continued to do so for a1 out a month. This
phenomenon b id never been observed be
ore since the Settlement nt California. On
Son lav, October 1, the email town of E are.
l;a, si uat. il hi Humboldt Bay, was violent
'y sluikui. N- urly every chimney ia the
Tillage was cither thrown down '-r cracked
(i lods were shaken Irom the tiielv. s in Iho
siore, and a deal u'.' crockery was broken.
The damage, done amounted to s.-v rsl thou
sand dollnis.
0i Sunday, O tober S ono week arter
tlm eartl.qnakti at turrka Sin Fisncisoo
esperlencnd the most vi'ilenl, s'lwkt that
are know n ever to bare been felt there. At
aii, ut noon, jus; as the morning services were
coming to au ei d in the churches, two trc-
meiirius stiiclis were felt. The i-ongri ga
llons were panic-sti it-ken. tie rmh fn.tn
'he crowded Hoinuii Cntholic Ctittrr.li on
Valbjo s'rei t was terrilHc. The nir was
n nt with the screams of women. Til" bug"
doors of the niuin entrance Wore c irtied
away, iitid many persona were trampled up
"U aud sevetely ii jnn d. The O'liinci-s te'l
Irom bundre'ls of tnnldincs and cli'mtievs
came tutubling down on the roofs. The bell
"f the City Hall began ringing from I ho vi.
brat hn nt tho tower, and the front wall of
ihe hall was dining d to such an ixttu'
that a patt of it hid to be r.-l-ui,t. The old
Meichani's Exc nog" building wasals i bad
ly itatnaged. F's-ures ero iip.-ned iu ti e
fund iu the lower patt if tt.o city, and
1 ortious of the mirlncu were perceptibly
rai.-ci above their f irmer level.
Can Their Separation be Safely
(From ibe Louisville Jlcdlcal Journal
Our newspaper editors; urongiiii specu
lating and writing rotiniiitn'. articles on the
aliove question, iuci.cd by the assi-ruou
that Chang and Bog are anoilt. visiting Par
is to !ind a un genu bold enough lo un-ler-talto
lie ir scpaiati'iii. The whole move
in -ut is nui another evidence of toe lametit.
ible ignorance ot tho pittiiio in medical m it .
teis, ulidof the prill I. Ill del ght wtlli hthe
world alw .js l.iK's in wruping evriyihihg
c-nuect' d with the huiuan sysli m tn trie
grossest mystery, I'liem in ver baa bei n a
q lestiou a in,, hi in, d.cai men, ei her lu Un
co i ii i r y or iu E im.ie, iu regnd it) ilm Ics
hiliiy oi the sep ir-ti 'i .1 tbt s.- two i id vol
it, I ; that f ey urn two beings having d".
itliltt. s. . giit'd and perlcct organiz itlnn-,
on" from the other, as anyo h'-r twoiiiil -vi.lnais;
ihat there is i.o physical, tunril or
mental unity b. twet u them, the ..iiiy con
ueciiou lu-iiig a Minn cartilaginous aoi iu.
-. p .m. ll' o I tiand ciiiiiion lo ihe two, ttie
severance oi winch would in all prnhahil'iy,
lie enniely hurniitNs; that tin ' aensaiioi t,
ln-iV..Us lllipresslohs, physical, llli rill'i lll'-ll
tal or in iv-i mental c "lulu i"ti" Hiti xiiibi--ed
a physical unity in their di I c rp r.i:
xistance," that tiny have n not y el c 'i -ceptniiis,
impulses, thoughts, etc; tluttl
ni' ver wis llie prnlusshitial "pinion t'.iat lot
dea'h ol one ol Itie iiri'thers w. uid ih
siautly be loilottcl by th.t ol ihe otiu-r, "r
hit their M'uialiou was surtoui'd.-il l-y
fearful (iillieiiltn s, and thai ill" link how
liiinliug them tivu her is not a means ol
pell, ci hisical tint u by which sensitioiia
or itnpr.-s inns uro cmeyeil lioio one t-t
Hie i Ii, r. Tot-re ib, iu tact, nothing more
c-'tuiu nbt-twecu liic-u Siaiu so than lvba1
would have bei li ucq.iiitiil by any o liul
is'i, a inili.ssoliihly united by a bciiipeii or
mutant; crd and sui j n-teil, as tte y h.iv-
ver iiei-n, to precis'-ly .iiutiur circipi,aii
ccs li'.ni ili.-ir birth. Indued, iho band
iiuilii g theiu is ului"St ihSeL-ible, so uiucn
so tha , ou ahip-ticaid, tiny hi-io I'liueil
alioul hi a r-'pe IP d lo it. No pn ailing
Vessel has i vui In en deluded in it, Itlollg.l,
uudoubteilly, il is just her and i,ooeie
el-e, iu ihe c-titie oi ims v nd, made up of
gristle and skin and fur ahoiit an i cli ou
either side, tha' fnrrc are ve.srl.s find nprvtx
ommiuiticat iig from one tlm oilur, Itrre,
but noictere 6'sr, a ti'lJct on t.s pc0 Ifid'Ctl
Inl itijtltby bmh Precistly lre, (ind ir
oii in tir bund uiiidnj thnn llf.re is senin
turn uii'l nofpuy fist trAutn'er comuma to
both, ll tin y mo inclined to si n p, eat, t ic,
an, l pt-i li, l in i h,t 1 n no : I' 'i s ot life ivnb gro I
slnulai ity und agrun iilways iu tin ir tastes
and habits, we mll-d, recollect thai their sur.
rinindiin's, position, etc , bavo all b.-eii pre.
cisely unk !. l'copio I'.rget, too, thai one
ol tlx tn is irratahle, the tuber very mild ;
one "I tin in is the laifrer, siiouger, and th
more inn ltifi.t, and bo controls tho other,
ills sligliiesl lleiveilienl is followed by the
tv. iiUi-i uno from tiecc.v.s-'iy un.! t.ot, ss Is
i;eii'ril:i .s'i;i;ios((, trum unHtf of tfil' or
Adrmonioii.v uct on. Tin y play g mica, oh )
ugaiiisl lljc o her, mid have quari'cled jitst
like oilier good l-lcll. n il and 111 no IhAll
once. Wlinu at sea, .inn a allied t-i take a
col I bath to whitb thn o'.hnr objected, and
the captain bad to ini.-rlero tn produce a
iccoiiciliaiion. How ulisurd, tlitu, to talk
of per cut consentuli. uus thought, actiou,
etc., bet wet ti thuiu f
. Tne decision giveu by the profession iu
Eiiopu und America, thirty u glit year
ago, v. lieu this case was liisl put .,n i-xlulii.
lion, was C at ilm i fcaiuenl ot i,ni-,u waa
cat lilugiiious, piohabiy a ptolongai ma of
ihe eiisiloi iu cartnugo fn in Hie Mel iiuui,
and the cln. I, II not the only ol j-elioii "o
iis.!ivi.sinii I,., a i en ih.. I thu p. rum. cum
ui;,til In- itiv.hicl in llie op r ,t .. li, was
ni.iei.vei- not oue lit-iuaud' d ly hiligeiy,
f r the twn s Ii nl liv.-il Him in got ycl live
lor yt-HT; H,e qiu'-tiou in s. fiaraiiou, there,
lore, wis ni'h themael.'es or ihe r i-uird-.
ins, and n t the pr .lea inn. "! hem in ro
..o liiS g e 111 'U'S, II tlitb-rences allulr g ,n
'be in., on tics shbj ct Tho c.i.so w .s in
voiveil in li" tnyi'teiv i, nd diagnosis w i.in
siiy mailo ; loo 1, nd ni Line. I, m lt.1,
i-Vi u declared that ll was n ore rale It, an
curious. By the err a em or knit" any slu
ill'llt, a im ha, uttci d-'d a i'oii se i f 'eel otcs,
may pel form tills i-pi-ratn n Willi sinis,
ami .i. b, in'o-eoi-er, sUonld bn alien. prd
t V'-u liy any one in c.senl ilcalh, I .kiim
Caie to tiiVi le t ae ,i .: l s in- ii , r t 'la one ,1.-.
ct-a.. d. ll wool. I a;,,. ear, th, n, t..a. to m
ai e ho good I "a '"is w hy '.lies - tlai 1; nil' i.-.
As al les soollhl ba,l" f l p -1 ill 1 1 .1 t-'li
"late in. i m venth coin ii ,i,i, in i.i, 1,, ,m.
'li--ll c"l J hi, I' Unlit t-v. n a I' boi.,'
As tin ie rt ,s a i," i.c i.ii-.iny i, i i s c -.ll.
ana siiigcoiis ,ii ('.. . s, i:,,. ,s a u m y in
"ti awi'ilg.i'S' ct a -e, h .-I, .In ir t.tniy
hysicum i.nj; .1 t.ave pr- v. nt. d, as iv -li r
InelVll.l.Ill lAI.I'i'lll speeU aMo;,. nviol
i "g I' cm ivlrch ar v cioadn g o ir d niy
papers. I Do sclent lit wm id t .o.-sp c al y
h so lu.,;- d III the sti ty ..I lu. ili.' in' and
sutgery, as b" press :g k ml c,,..iig t l ob
s-ive, inn iiii .tm fi'1,,1-,',111 "mil! iscly in.
leu sted" rti.er ull.aiid liepulilc may he
tr.-.-iigatn to dni ct I'.eti- aiii u:i,ut to s i ti
lling ii.o o luiporiai.t and t.-u.-r iii.d r
s is., i Hun Hie cmitt uipU'ed separaliou of
I'ha'-g and K
Gen. Feiivst La. thill, m mJ, Kil.'atr'ick
to b'il Liu..
From th" B s oil Journal.
Tho planet M in i the only nbjct in the
whole heaVei s which ia ti.u ttt in ejrliiliit
lent ii res sim lr to those of mi r otttisiirth,
and tho accumulated ex durations1 and ills,
eiirciits ol a.-.iroiion,efs durit g ihe last two
huhdied yeaisbuvo resiil:e1 in the rsm
siiuctit.ii of a glebe lepresentitig Ihe char
ni tcristi' a of ti is p.aiiet as astro iouicih te,
'ii Tj tlinni to rsi l. Al a count meetiiig of
the AstroiiiiiiiK-nl Society l England a f one
f Mils was i lilnbi ed, i ll wiocli la'. .t aid
seas were d.'pictur.'d as up ni an oidintfy
terrestii il g'oli". By far the bit gcr part oi
these lands and s uis were lai.1 tloau us well
known entili' a, rct-pec ing wlncn no niura
doubt is fdt Biii-'t g asirononieis than ia felt
l y geographers, C'.neernih tho oceans and
continents of our own glo'ic. An intere.a'itig
dcrip'ion "f t bis glone appeal s in Friiicr't
31'ujninc. T" tho binds and teas ilevt lope.t
in I he planet lire ajipied i h" n allies of ih"se
astronomers whose res -an li"S fiav-t ail-iod
to our know! pae oti the MiLJ-'ct. Eich p-ile
"I M irs, tt seems, is c .ppi .i by Ice, w hi -h
varies iu i xtMit at coruieg t i the pregn-b.
of tho seasons. Atoiin,-) em-h cap tiu-rc is u
polar sea, tint Northern s il la-i' g 'ervied
lint Sc.hioler sea; ihu bonlliem, Pti Hips
sea. The t-qnu'oiiul regno s ot Mars sre
mainly fecupi'd by a-xteusivo on. tttiipiiis;
lour in nunile r, an I uano'l live Oonit
nenl, Madl'-r C 'hlineiit, S'-ctdit Continent,
and Iler-chel I (Sir W ) Coiitim-tii . Be.
t wi t'n D iw cs and iloi ui el IJoi'tluenls fl . s
a sea Hh. pi d I Uu un lnoi:-lu,s, caiml Kft.-
-er Sea, (be lalgc S' Ut il.ul II OCCSII Kilt t-f
which It flO'tS being llell-'ll) 3 itt.'tl D live
Ocoall. Bulaeen U.illo-r i ll 1 UiWc.ll ni
utieius fltisVa DiWca Strait, cohin-e.lu g a
laige soil hern oe-an and a northern s'-a,
name I after Tycho ll'-rschel Coatuu-n ,
separa'ed tioiu S'-cchi Cotitinenl by II g.ios
Inlet, (lo.iitig fr m a lar;;e southern sen
tt-rme I M " a! li S -a. I a I kc ntunier B. a-
se Inlet, tl .M il-g O-i; l.f A'l'-V Sea (in 'I t tl-
in sen.) s. pirit". th" M .diet- ami Sec jb;
t'oiit:iien'.s. l).w,'S O f ni s--;.ai alts into
tour large seas, in d la g tt. .ea ofltt.il lie
between lliein, but v. Ip t ti -r I h- y am islands
or tint is uncertain. In Delain Oc an then
is a small island, which pns-'iiisso loigh;
A d gdllel tug an asrect us lo snggi st, the
pt'.bahiiiiy of its beu.g nsUal y sie.w c.y-t-r'(l
T'lese so sep.iri'ed b llilds to
ib u itlul exieiit, reach front Delarue Os-a:i
ti'Wani the .ssotl"! p 'Ie. - - ,
O .u of the the n o.t sln-jnl-ir f.-a'tiresol
M .1 s ia the p i vali ti ' of org and winding
ii.h-ts and boi ile-m caert s'-a T'""se f.-a
tcr-iar' wh-by lbs -net tioiu anj thing -n
"in eaitli. I'm t X imple, 11 ggins Inl. -I is n
ton. . 'k' tl sirenni, exietell. g lor nbn'
thr.-o tncisand miifs. Il. ssel Iuiet is i nany
:S long, and Ni iuvih Imel gill inure re
ni.c ka'ee in us P. rui. On "Ur earth th"
oceans are three times us '! tisa-t- sit ihe
C"titnit uts. Oi M irs a dli'tei.t arrant; -
meiil prevails. Ia the firs', pljco tl-eio is
utile di'p.i'-i'y ti-tsn-n tli-o x nj ....n,,,
md C'-nt iii.-ir -, and ll s nie in-x- ,1 up in a
lllt'sf con.-l-X niai:'.' V A 1 avclb r I V t-ll her
i.in1 or aster cilhi visit aim .-t every qaar
ter ol th" p'all t WPli'Ct b at. g l lie ele-ni'-n'
in w.invi h bc.i i ii j nt uej i-ig-, If
tie chose to g t.y ,.,i it lie p., oiol j Mini -y
for u..Wiir.t ..I ;to,tl 0 miles, nliv.ivs in s gb
"' land, cent-raid with iMti I i.i view on hot-,
-ides, iii shell iiii-:cate la'o r i ii b u.e l.i-hi'.n
ate the lands au-'l seas ot Mtis itili-rtwini al.
Esotnt ,t-H BtT Oi KtKi.n ii r Da Hklii-
B'LI.-lI. T. II lui"o I pu Olsiit s tho ln
lo ing tii ihe N -w Y-t: k p pers :
'-I .uu no ready to wai-'r "ho million
dollais ca-h o i th" result . f tho November
elect lets, as lo 'oa-s : $2.ii00d that, Gran' ,
will nut rcca -.-o a tu t i .cty ol Ihe eiceto al I
vois ot ttie United St lies, or a m i i-tty i.f
iltu vo'.os cast by the p ople ; f i.,(),iiilO t hai
ludi .tl and I'eni.si li-ati a n il pn I...- Set .
lU 'tir and Blur; 4 :5'l,llo0 that N w Y"ik
nil -.o for S ynioiiranl B air arid II ll' uan ;
Sfi!jo,(ui) limi Seyni ur ami Blair will be!
eiec'-'l Prusideiil ami V t ;e f real. tent ot
the Untied Sia'ea. lean unseen ir-'in 10
A. M. to 4 P. M. from ibis date no to Ooto
tier 28, ai.my nrug a'"ro, 6H4 B out way,
A-to iiittgt iy, lelt-r in O iveinor Cuitii),
ol Pennsylvania; iX dovt inoi Jo d P.n k' I ,
of New jersey ; i-x G -v.-ruor W. H. Minor,
o C'ltiiiec. iciit ; I Km I). S. liiines.ol Xi w
Yoik; Wiu. Vt'cgiitiuiii, of the ti i iu ot
t'oaeis & W ig nui in, Philadelphia ; sn 1
a to diposiii it ami uitiiuy, to h ad ng ui ug
gista and puh.islit.'rs iu the L u ted Slates.
EvoI.ami AM Uussia, Tne Fit-lish In
India uro about, t" iu ike a ni'itiarv i-xp' di
ttnii against certain trilies in iho Northwest
of luo.a, adj i mi.g Algnnis an. Tin se Iri'u-s
are continual y ttopredaiing upon the Eli
lish seltleiiients, and the E gnsii ull'l ti i.
ties have doter-nined in euoBt'e them uo
lo ger. The susjilelou exists thai the irih- s
ate sliiiiulatttd to their ib pieitatioi.s by lju .
sian eininns iries. If this bo so, r.hd ills
not at all iiiiprobal.!'), th-J Kugtisi, ul it r
subilll ng the trilies, will still b ivo before
iheiii Al'gitanisian, ivincri still nipplv a line
Held lor K issian iningun. The E .gl sli
must take that ui., to niako tbonisvlvus
s.,(e, and ihtt act oini'ltsht .1, il t y will be
l ice to laC Wll'l the U'l-.iaa advauco. It
is believed li i.-iia cv is A'ghaiiistan, and
will n .1 quo-ill see it Minjuglle.l by llie
E igtt-h. l lie French, wim ure ever on the
Itiok-oll (or E iglish Ir.uinb-s, see in this it I'
fair lint genua of an ill 'vilable and speedy
em fll.'t he Weell E igtaud K lsbl. iiic'i
m ind Wh") if' Auv.
Eorreiit's I hallriuje to lUlpatrick.
Mkmimiih, 0 ;l. 2d. Gen Foirest, In a let
ter to E. II. btiat ktel.iui, New Haven, C' tin.
winch app-ais in ihe ti-y papers, deuo'inc
es lien. J il'i-s b Kilpall i.-L lu unm ,'siired
tt rills, unit relets lllut In U 11. Bis-tl Duke,
ol 'Louisville, who wid net ive imy c- iioiiii.
iiicatioa which Ivl palrick may dot-in prop,
er. Ttie ieticr u-Kis lo nun ks in ulo by
Geu. Kllptltaik, and closes as bdbias:
"I ilnua the pu'dio wnl j m uy me in do.
noiiuciiig, us I now do, Gun, Ju lsuii Kal
painck us a blackgu aid, a l.aa-, a scoumliel
and toltn on. I' ti" i ibe her.'i.i llgiir-i le
would have his N.,rt io"i ;ii'". i- hel.cv.' Inn.,
ui li it-lid Gen. Bis I VV. Il'1's.i , ai 1.
wi.e, Ueutueitv, is a'Ul.or Z ;. P. r- ceuo on
my b. had nu ci ui i tiaic 1110 1 t,u ;u,i
cliot.se lo in . I.e."
Santa A.ssi, bavins ! en onleitJhy the
Cap'aiii Geu. i id ol I jl'ilo I'lv. the Is.
land 10 I ll 1 1 J dais, ;t luscs. llu cmteiula
that tne new Spanish (."lei iiiiieni bavu.g
iiclafed In f-iv nil liee'loiii id s eei h, 4i,j ,
Hut lyr .liui. al nlvler "I the Cil'laiu It Innal
hecoui- s i u l un I void ami ho adds, wnl, M
iir of tiihiuph, tl.il I.' i-u d' will have in
Ie V'the -lalld btl'loll' l. hlllo I,
We sup, a.s--Hi a' lin la lie .! ha euri.-il
West Vug ni i. 11 -foio ihe division or pi.i
lelldod ll vis oil l'1 I. in ' Id S'll", V-lglii'a
alwais I n k.-'l up u what 'S lev i .1,. d
West Yngi 'ta ."t I"rl f m ts' lf , be
i;,u.. d of-.iil-1 as , p i o . Itvii U; u
lit. u;lv ics. l "'"'' J "trnll-
(Me No. 169.) ... NO. 13.
Suicide of Col. 11. M. JlerUey
C d. '1. M. Beckley, who c nitiilited ml.
cide recently In Baltimore, was bom aud
raised fn Rilclgh Counry, now West Vir.
gimia, where, his father, Gen. Alfred Beck-b-j
, se t'.ed many years ago as an immigrant
from PniULilpliia, Pa. 11.) was of highly
rcspectuble 01 'gin, and in many respects an
interesting and amiable young gentleman.
Is there cuj young man who Will lake wai n
BALt lMoni-, Se. IB, 18C8,
" Ve-ir Friend: This lathe last lime
1 shall ever address you, (or t-von before
you rec'ivtt this 1 will be dead.
" I will be as brief aa I can In stating the
causes tliat b tvo led in lo the couunissiou
of this act. In tnyeaily ytitiih my mother
died und my father having much business
that cad'-d him from home, I waj tin own
imo lite company of ttie vicii-ns, ur rather,
having t:o one t i restrain lu.;, fed into vis
cioiis tiahiis, the most l&lal ot which Was
plaiitti! cards. The habit gre ou Ul i at)
r.inldiy that almost hefora I was aware of
it I was satisfied noaheie save when eu-gig.-d
m giuiiiig. lo a ib.-r, ri fWciii g mo
lUell'.S I knew and realized thai it. was roiu.
ing mo, but Ho complete was the strange
iitatuath'ti that althotieh I re.'o'yed over
un 1 over neani to abstain, with eacti recur
ring tempt in in I was Sine to fall. Life lu
the aiiny contributed to strengthen this
tairthlt' vice. However, for some time after
the war cess 'd, I sueceeJud in tuasteiit g
my passion, au I even fancied that I bad an
f u-uvcrcnme desire iu thai direction that
I would in future escape the snare, but my
stietigtd ot min i and purpose was not sulli-
cieat, and ever since my life has been a
uuiittant aval fare with this my besettin un.
" A. lime over twelve moiiltis 1 sought to
sin t.gsli-ii my good reso.uii-itia by connect
ing t-.iysfif wit li t:ie church, an I thin dr. w
around nie the uiatitlo of hir pr iteeii Mi. I
succeeded until I caimi tr lliit'tu.iri', I
c .niu h -ro, at you are a-vare, nt-itrly bank
rupt, n nd t.ho u.sid hills whia,aniugs ol hope
tt.at I iii',;!;t r.'lrtevo n.y brok'-u I'l-.tunes
kept Whispering tn tu", until al las', uuilpe
to wtlhstaiid tnmptat on, I tell and -v a los'.
I lost what mtu-y I had. I borrowed and
b--rrowed agun, still thinking ami hoping
thai a streak of good firm io would enable
me to succ 'C, But why go li-rlher f 'Tie
ii.o s.uii,' old Mor.v.- Lfd o i by a blind in
I'aiu it.inu that 1 htt-l not the ntreug'hto con.
Hoi, I lost until honor itself wan lest. ' I'm
li.ttl.titl cannot :-ni vivo tho lo-s of. Vuu
can n -Ver ki ov and scircely d.eiim of the
igony I ii m let ling tins moment, and the
luster, Inn u ng reia-nrse I hut is flmm; ovt-r
me m ich a rl 'i-ii that my Very heart
strings urn snapping oiii' by one. Soon,
.my soon, the 1 1st will lie broken.
t', my dear Iriernl, nhver, n.-ver touch
a card, nol t yen 1 r auu.imeni. I lOin.
ine need tor an. U" to 'til 1 lost $!,hol at a
f.r.i ba U. 1 leave a leiler lo him wuich 1
pope y-"U will d -It v r, ask ng him to inlurii
"in-:, all" to in, funny, who ato loll dcsti
'Ute. 1 desiie that you i'l lake chargn of
mi leiiiaiusund convey thtuito I'lncusile,
and have them interred iu tho Method, -1
el.iitc i-yard ; also iwno ch''gt isf my trunk
etc. 1 have a ft: It of clothes and o .e pair
of pants ut O.ietu'a, on Pratl klioet- Bu gh
km. us where they i.it-.. JSy watch mi l ciia.u
aie at u pawnbroker's on GtV street ; you
wiil find ticket iu my tii'-nltu Jlidilul book.
Had I emiply b st this money withoiu do
c ii n g any one, I would t.ot mind it. Jt
Was the lust dishonest u i of my life. I
cuiitii t survive rt snace. I tan never mote
respect my self. 1 bave been Uiifortiinato iu
business, and sometimes could nut pay wl.en
I Mum, Inn. I c mid always look a mm iu
ihe lace until no.
"My lamdy will lm left dostif ute, but
tin y are innocent ; and G "1 has promised
caiu lor the widow and orphan. 1 I coo.ld
u.rehad any hope that some linid ftiend
would have listened to my tain of sliuuie,
and I ht n helped me out ol it until 1 could
have g -'lie to woik and P'il I.i til. Bui who
would ti ut mo afr a confession Hint I h id
deceived o'.ht-rs f On, what would I giro
to uiid'i the past two weeks. AH the letters
I have written I leave in your charge, to be
lorward.tl to their destination. Inform the
house 1 am living with ol myt nl. If jou
can spare the money (siMleeit dollars) I wish
you would redeem my watch and chain,
and give it to my lit He" lmy 'Gilbert L'C,"
but Mo not do so unless cm V"i:ient.
" Your unhappy ul.il mined li leiirl,
" H. M, Bi-ixLitY."
Sfiuiu. , ,
Gentril Prim hta written a lellcr to a
Paris editor, iu whiuh he s-iya :
"Wu are now const liuted, and shall soon
eoiiMibiliiio the situat o i on tint basis uf our
programme. Vol knovrt wl.ut it Is. We
Hope liisl with the co-operation of the Con.
sliiiteiit Assembly, which will shortly be
convoked, mi shl. auceed lu a short tilll-'
in r a.v'.ing il. We a tali men have n'taui.
ed H.e polia.-a' Ideal of Rotemp irary Spain ;
that la tosay, a real coiistitut'oiial m'-n
tcby, loiiotted ou the widest liberal b.sit
that lids kind ot G .vitiiuieht ailmils,"
Th s decim al ion in favor of mouarcliy,
coiiiiul' t.'oiii ( D.4 riiu; ia iuip .rtHnt a id
ieiidlcltll. He l as b -en SUfp.ietrd of pie
It l'ingH it. public, not that he supjr.i.s.-d
-Heli a (rovtti oiiioul would ba stable, bill
that lie might, becoiue Its ruler and d'etator.
This teller implies that he meditates no
such schema, hut is la acoord with Gen.
Serrano iu suppixi nf a constitutional mon
archy. - -
Wu lia'S no itiHirnialit.il yet as to the
p-i-sfin il,t,i likely I" be uilsed tnilm throne.
We luler lust Ilm l,u G iveriimeiit p'-opoB-cs
iu the ftrai plaeo to lay tho tnstuu'iotia
of toe cnuuliy uu u broa.l aud I'beral Oasis,
au-t tliun inntn soiiia "H.i to act as c'llef
iipitisiiat or iiiiig, pUdg 'd lo conform bis
..Clous to the luuiLuii' Hal l.ts id tne laud.
Tin. w-ill be reveiaing the tn ol I Europe in
uu.it i iiut ot diviun right, and making n pa
lout Ihut ihe .nui re all onth u try is fi .on
the pooplo. I. this programme cm be c.r
ried ou', it ihay Tmatn'ntly i-.tstotah the
liberties audi welfare of Spain,"
Nn douhi ih em wiM h,. msny d'lll -u'tit-s.
Much will depend on ihn eolrts i,u in
c,.iiaii. l, on in.-ir ontin-i d harmful, a d
"li tt.e w i.s loni ot th" L'ortcs,
We call lbs attent o a i, all licjilpr .!e'i!
i ri to the U. S. iiilei unriet i uno law lu re
git, I lo Hie rt urn of s-tot-k on hand, which
is us I el wi t
''ilieiy person owning i r lnving iu I, is ..r
her possesion any distilled spirits Intended
l..r t-t.c, exceeding in '1 utility 11 ty g .il-iii,
aud u il iu a lion I" I warehmis oa Nov jiu.
bet 1st, le'svV mast milk.-, imui. di.t !
Hi'-i cli' r, return in tlm e ,p, ,-.i"i- "I l. di
;rii , inclndti.g in tl.o rt tu'U ail rpi.iti
Wuiii ur In l i in nir i district, mid"i-pen.
alii iti a ('..rteiin c o the rpiijti. A' c. 67
Act July an isiIh.
e ai e intorni. J t-v tti-t I -1 1 . i' 1 1 t ol I ,',is i
I oisinM Dial ti e prov ., t,,0 1 m 1.4
I ie s rinly coiiip led with, r I.o w li Li"
; 111 11pe1.1l tn .. ize as the law llili ets. I
I 1
i Put two hi llu. tojfvlLcf and lin y rarely
' clli an.'.
(TKM I.1NR8 MARK A Pyt H.)
Ono square, first Insertion, $1.60
Esch tubsf quetit Insertion, J.V
A liberal discount for (landing ad
rrrti.enietits. IC7" Oldtttary notices aver bttrl!ne lll.
be charged at advertising iaU. . .
Will bo neatly aud ptomptly execute. -IlMing
proviiled our tlliio with all the
material necersary for doing giaid vtotl.,.
we appeal to the advocateao! hnma In
dustry I.,r a liberal share of their patronage,
Oi4 fitrnslbed at the shortest notice, at as
low rates as they can be bought elsewhere.
( Written b'f re the Old Jomi'V fall )
hi u return: n. trkktick. '
Tree of thenV.en time ! A thotissnd atorms
llavebotrtvd through thy brsnches ceu.
lories .
Havj set their tTjni'ls- oil lliy trunk, anil
In mIki.i-') o'er ihue like llu inoonl'ght mists,
That move at evening o'er the baitlt-meula
Oi tne eternal tnouuiaiusl and yet thou
Snukest iby uaked b inner in the lleavena
As proudly siill as when great Freedom ural
Clowned lliee with deathless glory!
O nations polished ! since tby form first
spi an i
From Its green throne of forest many a deep
Ami tunning tide of human tears has Unwed
Dow n to the ocean i f the past, until
lis ..very wave it. bitterness but thou
Art reckless still I .no heart Las ever throb
bed Bt nsiith iby slleot breast, and, though thy
Uavn mingled wilh the ulght. storm, they
were l)"i
Thu n qan.iti of the nations that have gone
Down to the dust, like thy own vnthertd
Swipl I y the Autumn tempest I
Ay bloom on,
Tree of the cloud and aim! Gird ou thy
strength I
Yet there will come a time, when tLon abalt
sleep Upon tby own hill-tomb I Tl'.a marsh ah
led storms
Shall seek but nod thee not and the peud.
That long has been the consecrated Borne
Of I, tn riy and thee, shall lie as erst
lu silerit desolation ! Not a aonitd
htiall r.ae Irom all its conllnet save Ihe
t, pissing wind', tho cloud's deep tone of
I oar,
The u use of stormy waters, and thn wild
And fearful tuuijuuriug of the earthquake's
The Mound Huildera of Tennes
see. An interesting lecture was recently de
livered in Nashville, by Dr. Joseph Jones,,
uu the Tennessee mounds and their build.,
era. Iu many parts of Teuuessee are found
large artificial mounds, tho product of a
race of people very dilTcrent fiom tho sav.
ages who were faiuibar to tho early settlers,
ll tese relics have olien exciti-d the curios,
ity id' those who taw and examined them.
Dating the war, when the Stale was lo the
hands of the Utiton force", tho excavations
iiiuiie ai Ch.iunoogi, Kuoxvillo, Morfree&.
born and Nashville, revealed a groat many
cuii'i'H remains, which were carried away
lu the North.
Dr. Jones biguo a scries i f explorations
a year ago, and has aucceedtdn collect,
lug und classifying a lemaiknblu array of.
relics and remains. In (a ilea county he dis.
covered tha remains of a great chief, bu.
ra'd wiiii niiuitr.ius relics, aud around him.
the ikeletohs of some of his subjects. Dnf .
ing into the sides of the artificial mounds,
ash. s, Inlaid' I'litery, und bones of both
human beings and shimali were found,
mixed up in oue congruous conglomeration,,
often wi ll b-aiiuful specimens of vases and
alieil ornaments, lie also luuud large stone
idols curved out of a dark Iron. colored rocK
the 1 ngrtst s :ue thirteen inches iu height,
uni iho others perhaps four inches less in
siature. Oue represented a lemale with
ino hair gathered up behind a sort of water,
tall, while iu iho longer specimen that of a
male, ihu hair was represented twisted into
a ton of cue, not unlike the stylo of our
fort lath, rs lu tho Revolutionary limes. In
ibegivat uiuuud near Frankliu two remarka
ble vases y.ero louud, one not unlike a
child's 10)!, w ith the opening nt Ihe heel,
and the other surmounted wilh a carved
brad with a helmet, having a remaikablo
res mblanca to thai of a Spanish cavalier.
Hare was also found the skeleton of a child,
tho fare of which was covered wiih a curi-'
ous hlicll hearing occuH hieroglyphics,,
anion,; which could be distingm-bed per. '
loci triuuglea.
Many i. liter rnriotis relics were discover
cd by Dr. Joues, wh argued Irnm the na
ture ol these leuiains that Ihu uhonginal
lace of mound builders bad co ne in con.
tact with Ihe Souiidtnavians explorers of
this continent, H:nl also that they must have
had Sime, rmninuiiication with tho later
Sp.iish missionaries. The Tennessiie
mound biuldeis, .lie Dr. Ih.uks, must cor.
Isttiiy havo biiloi g' d to the great Natche", .
tube, who, coming Irom the south, spread
IbciiiM-lves throughout the Valley of tha
Mississippi and Us larger branches.
D . J nirs will soon pu ilisii a b" ,a on the
am lqiiiib s of Ti II tes-ee, lu whn-h tho on.
giu an t Idstiiry i f tbesa slnfulur mounds
w ll he discussed ill detail. .V, V. Post.
Tua Chown Jtv.n a oy pAIS. The M
morial d -.v i'y-tneet puhliahaa Ilia following .
loiter, d.i'ed Patt, 0 : o ier Sib : .
Munsievr dr hirectur; Certain PaiiaJ.iur..
nal-, and smoiiE ultters the (ayoU, have
siuled that ibe IJil -an i 1 t'paui had carried.,
int'i Fiance the cioau liiaiuonds and a sum
ol lwuiity.eig.il in ilious of teals, which hud
li. t u r'lvan.ed to her by thn Spanish treas
ury, I can alii' tu that those two assertions
are pure c iluiunl"s st: I without foundation.
Willi ti B,icot to the j twels Biol tit belong lo -ihe
Mate the real tacts are the-e : When
Funlioaiid the VII re". Hi tied to bis capital
lu ISM, a der the Fienrb intervention, the
Crown regalia was I. nun! to have disappear
ed. 1)11 lug the res' ot b-.s reign Ibe lata
Iv ll! pnrchaso'l, null Ids own rasources,
precious stones which have bin, e s-tvedlo.
ot uai'ienl the royal (-rowii. At his death
(J .een Uiiriaiina inherited the royal Jewels,
and completed them by other purohtS"S.
Lis'lv, ai tha tn ijnilty of Q'teen Isabella,
ihn t leeu mother divided llieia between
In-r I" dau;;bteia, and those diamnnds, in
creased by Iri sh ptire'iases, Queen Isabella
ha. uow legiU'iialely In her possession, with
die xcep'ioii of a portion which remain at
Mislrui. With resnee' totheauru oftwenty.
eight, iniliii.iis lie Q i.-ea Is suid to have
dekiiiel, to the prtjidice of the Span Vi
In a.uiy, iiiiibing can be more I liac. lil
the o h, i- I, ..id, the gov. rumo'-il owe. tu her -Cath
lie VI Mv her civil ii.i lor last ui.iiilh.
Tho iiadine.s wiih which such rumors are
given credence to and circulated by tha
p-c.s is to be depl ce l. B"itg sincerely
attached to ibe can so of her M 'josly, I have
tie ll g 1 1 1 light lo pi-Meal ugaunt tho.o alle
gittotit, winch will, unhutuuately, Isi to-
esgli ly taken up by coriulu people. I hsvo.
&c, i.c'iint I in l.t Uakrk Iti ISa.vti.i;il.
Niw CariAiv (iKsts.t. ok Ciba. Gen.
eral Ddlee, w li li is li en s. o nted Captain
G uer.l i f Cii'u in place of Gnueral I a' sun.
ill, waa (i ruierlv C. plain General of Cuba,
a t.d tin i-t- rem n ly w.s one ot ine seven
gvuei ls who wer" banished by Qusen Isa-
"e l ., 'f, f n t fiat tlm Cu'iaua In Si, .in
w id b" pel united I" choose I an lU'-lii'i.. s of
1 he J 11. ta is a coll. 1 s-liui allien indicates
H al Cuba wid bn invited to semi rt-presan.
l-.tvc I'-l thu C 'hb'iillvllt asM'Ulble,

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