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Bristol news. (Bristol, Va. & Tenn.) 1867-189?, November 27, 1868, Image 2

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I EirAY, November 27, 1363..
.f.. Out J or tlie X Miu-kl
The expiration of mbscriplirun will lo
indicated ly t ho X mark, miJ if 'he "News"
I not ilc-ired longer by the f arty no noti
fiod we shall expect to be npprisrd of the
.J'llS Abiug'loa Yiiijiuiitn tmnics our
article liuving reference to tho invoca
tion nf tlio dinjuncticrt to Jlrownlew
and Bullock fur aid in the war on Gen.
Muhone, aud pleasantly rcinaiVs as fol
low :
V copy fin nlmva from th Isiisto!
..Yur.v of ilio 1.1th Inst., merely Kirn litllo
amusement,. May w lint ut au iiivncnion
in tlm mouth of our I ! )irin of tliH Anw,
.and nay : 1 liov." Wells save lis or we are
Itune.. Oh I Mr..M"shy, "save in, or we per
ish." Oa ! Mr. Smith, aj vim h ennui
into Virginia do ' help u," unit Oil I Mr.
Jackson, "cnmo tli'di" rihI help Gen. M.
Lime, that lit' may rulo over tia and wo
will so.rte thee."
What ha ihe .Vfir.s to fay tiow ahont In.
vokiiR foreiijn 1 oil ni e in tli nh'ciiim id
Prestiiuut, ul the Va. & Tcnn. li. U. Com
puny 1
Now we remark that llm above could
only bit in point in case we Iial eq.loav
nrcd to defeat the desire of Yiriiiu'unn,
iintl had sought to uso outride influen
ces to promote furriijn interests, by do
featiujj those of Virginia. It in noto-
l itiui-l trui that ti most ovorwheluiin
Majority of tbo privato tiel;helder of
the Va. &Teii'i. Kaihoad have fur orcr
twelve innuths preferred Gen. Muhone
and Gonxolidutiou to nil oilier men and
measure. That preference must either
lm secured cr defeated by tbo vote of
tho State l'roxies. Tho Xtu has al
ways desired that tho S'ato veto bhould
be east in the interest of Virginia for
General Mahotic : the disjunctives have
desired that any inflsieneo uhlo o uc
eoniplisb it should throw this vu'e in
vor of Garrett and of JJaltinioro. We aro
curry that our friends of tho Yinj!nitH
are allied with a party whose leaders have
endeavored by money to defeat tiio will
of our people, iinee the able and clab
.orate report of General Malmnu we think
there is room enough for them staud
jon our platform aud hope they will fo'
low tho good esatiijj'o of several distin
guished citizens of Abingdon, who were
much pleased with the exhibit of last
year's operations that they promptly
tamo over to Consolidation.
Col. Geo. K. Gnsham, of tho Junes
borough Florj, and fuf some time past
Clerk of the House of Relegates, Nash
ville, has been, by a Very large vote,
elected to tho oEea of public l'riuter
by the Tennessee Legislature. We un
derstand this is a triumph of tho native
over the imported loyalist, (we dou't
uso tho term carpet-bagger,) aud we
congratulate CjI. Gri.-liam on his eleva
tion to so honorable and lueiativo a
position. Thcit uro many other band
anna o things we feci inclined to fay,
but desist for fear our friend may
think them tho result of that "flexi
bility" which ho believed would follow
tho cLelion of Gcu. Grant. The (Mo
lid has beeu very courteous and kind
towards us, aud wo uro glad of bis success.
Id V" enlilli"'!, t'5 "Aliirfrclon VirgVian ami
I mi repaicd lo BU'nt-nt'uli' pvcryst-ltf.
m-l.t m il i-haiii.' In lie oi thnt ai ' u , toil
II tl v r "M th- I"'" Hi' K " t M " k. i
hulilns ni ih V & T' lm lii'lron.l i-..ceni- I
nr. nntl 'li exhaiis'ivti aiiiii i ftit n i 'h
amy of Ciii'lH a'"l (litHri'ii eiiiOainu in (Ji-n
ern Mi oh-'s It-pin t, have noi i onvn.ri d
Mr. IUrr that hii pnaition bk t Ho polity
nf chiipi'I "il i'l n ii wrir g n t u ie ly unii-n.
nli!-, a'"l t hit hi", or tin' si'mt to 8 policy
la thnriiiishly iinit("l ai'rt tli'-Uowd fon-w-fr,
nt lnt'ir 1 eoiiiil any muil.t r a''h ln tin
deriitaiid li'?, and Ini thiT c n'roviiray lip' ii
the nul ji cl would he tutde nil i void ul u "I
AiMtrinp Mr. Barr tlmt In d tr-i Iiir with
Mm, and in my eoiiirmv'-, inilti- ktiiiZ"
jioxiil'iii ho oernpii'-, I hive tii'l i' "nuili
cimii f vlii t" to (.-ratify, I n "W flri-p tin
Mltji'i t, anil lfavt. him to hatlhi wi ll llu
im xi raliln lo('.ii; of rvrniH of anoilu r yrr.
at. the end ol whiidi time I h"pp t" si i" Mr
liarr niovinp to tho Irunt, undi-r Vi'S niu'-hatuu-r,
to ni'-et the i-onmi ni enemy, Mr.
Outrun, on ihe heights i f I,nchliiu .
AMiIIHH STiH'Klli'l.l'Kn.
JI. Ji'.rtn l'olltird fiUitn.
11. Il've.i Pollard, editor of lliu iV)ii'7iTn
0'iinUin, wan shot and killed on 1 n-Mlay
in kirliiiioiiil. wtdlo 'U4-ii'K tieur los
l!i.'('. hv Jullli s (inilit. 'i'liu cillin ' f the
sl'.iotn.n n.'. (iiililieation iu llm Opinion
Ueciiiii! mi the cluiriielcr il a uiniii
liieinlii r of Grain's t.inoly. Tlie lollowio.
are the p.inieiil,irs i f tli tiaRi'dy as oil
lil" il III Ihe p.ipert Weilliend i ttn.riilllii :
II I ,si hi d iv a re"i I- p,i:ilihed in 1'ie
W'U'Acrn Opinion n Uiivn to I In; elopeiMMit
ol tlie ihiiu'iiier of Win. 1!. Gram, a weiiitln-
lu'taei ini'St i I I hi- el' V. Til la lii"lt'i"if, i""it
10 o'clock, aa Mr. 11. Km- l'ol!ai(l, e.l t".
i f 1 lu' ('iii-er, ffdi hear l.ia (!i:e dour, eri I he
i-orre r "I Mn I'll I Main a'teet-, ij.iiihj in,
a allot wiu tired iroui I'PI'i r winmiw ol
u hilihlii n i('ioi',e. Mr. l'ollard li-U ilea-l,
e!t-v ii l iii'k-ii'il hiivii lt iiiered Ida lioly
ono timi'iiir tnroi pn his heart. Tho polie.o
S'-aii lnd lh hiii(di"! and found Jiiiiej
Grant, th'.' Iirotiiei' of ih.i holy minded I",
111 iho loom. 11. t Mil ri.i tlereil an 1 win
I iKeli to llm ptallim-hoi M.'. A ilunid'' I ar
teled Hit one harrel dchareil, una fmiu I
in tin- rooui. Jhuull-iir caused ureal is-
H. kivi s IMl.I.l'in.
. Il:ves l'i. limit w.ia i rn in Xd-o
Comity, Va., ahout thu year -'i. U'J wa
a no li.-w nf thu Hon. Wui. C Kivt-s and
Jndt'e Alexander Kive-, of ilie Vimini.i
Supi'elii.i Coon. Su m yeara r"Vtona to
tlm lain war Mr. I' .llard went to l'a.-hmir-loo,
D. C, win rn he reeiv-d an apio n;
rnent ua clerk in il; !'"-( Glliee I' (intineiit.
It waa there he iiinni.il a Mi-s llnry, aim-e
il ceased. i)iir!04 Mr. li'i' han ':'- u-lniin-ii-tl
ut i.'ll h:i n ceu'eil llli) aip'illlni.;iit "I
I'un-niar G ul in LsnkoU, IihIm, 1. ut
the ileaili ol lea in 'M i-r eunaeO Inm in n
lin II. n (i.M(on. Al li e c"ii"ne:n'i no'iit
nt the iate. war l.o was the news i-iiiiiir of
I h U iliunori! ivhieli posiiiinhe theri
te-ipnul and Weni K.,'!'h, and na-niiu 'l the
sanni o-i ii Ii i n ti e li i. hiiiond l iiinener,
whied l.e In 10 n nt il t lie evaeinit mn ol ' Kieli
rnoii'i. IIdI'.ii ii in to iiieeiion with Cn.irh a
II. Wyi n, tart "r tnn Jln-h inond T'lliea.
OaoiiR io a dU'cro -nil in with Mr. Wynii",
ha soon It-it t m Tine a, and revive-i tlie
Kx outlier, which he sunn utier S".l to ctlier
(nwlies. Mr. I'olhir.l, a'loiM a year aula
hall 'cince, ealalihs it d t he S U' hern tloin
i. ,li, a weekly paper, of which I e was eooor
aiiU proprii-lor at the. time nt hia death
Of Mr. G'an', hv whom- Imnds Mr. V A.
laiu.it is ailetiud, teP, li.-s is kiuaii l-y Ihe
pnlnie. llu la Hois de-i Tile d lv i I.mn'iur
with his p. iM'unel an-l anieeedeiiia : '-JHS.
(rant lath" o'dest son ot Williaui ll.Ga'O,
l'iihaceoiii-l, iean1iii on Clay street, In tween
lentil and Kieventn, is alioiil twe-.ly-live
yeara of age, nf low aiainre, lihie eyes and
iivthi hair, anil is well knoa u in lunaienl
circles as mi nniut"i'.r vio ilii.. Wh.-u the
vi'ir i: inuiienee.l he w is a cal.t at I. xi".'
loll, ami i'ec nil" a iieinl'i-r if thu G-s-i
KaiH'er-ol liicl.nioi,,!, ami ii urin tl e. war
aetn.l as coti' ter l- r G -n. J' I'. St i nt. II"
ia at present eniritreri unh his' taiht r in toe
lotiaceo bil-illt-.'-s." l'.jxh If
Lvttv.r Vi'oiil, Wiishinrlmi.
Cnrre-poii lenci' of i,e llililmoie Sun
Wasiiinhtiin, N'ov. JO.
l.'rtciioi of Vie A'i id luoir i.o's a' to
Tin- new hr-'i . iliMi'i, e n- at Am
tinnlry, ;iiiciii e, t.i;:a, r il,,. ji, IM ,.
W'I (T ol tin- cafillol, have In-en pi n ei Ml
po-'M- n, ano nri" all"' any an r n-t n.(c nmi-h
ail ' li ' inn H' lii visit-' It is im i o - hi.
in a I'ln't' d plce In uive a pi op i- i:. r- i
tmii of wha' tllesll d-e ia rea-lv a". I n.
m il'l 1c is of tho or1 ft'e ilea'rfii are pen-,
an-l w .r, at d to cfiio el as In I- as in . hi
ll. e Fath.r of iiis C ii'i'iv won tin- i
ras anil as the d""r is ilo ihv nii- a si-l.
is pl'opeily viven tneaeli. . K"-li -i-. a li
vidi d into li v- Ki-ei u i- or p .ii. -I ii,s. al
lb.- tviiii.ni he'i,- ,j'i. I ra;r mil lh
at the lop a hill.- mu ill. r Ih in I li- nth- r-.
The tao Upper panels a-e a ik', and are tlt-
temled lor l i:huii' or vennla n j Tin y
are each cninpo-t d of open or ir-ic ly
wo-li, ho' u a t.ir hi ihe cen'lv, nix--i-.ini.iieii
by a c" pilar viT t- nh ' I' (nk ini'l
lanr.-l, (in lour conn r- l-emtf . cnpied l.y
imk leav.uand aco;ns, and the wln.le fnim
illlf a he.i II' i' 111 anil a;'tropri;ite comliilia
linn. Tio'ii h"l" i lie i j pn-al or hii,t -rteal
seeiH'H. The tipper one i-u the rinlii han-i
shin repre-' tita the hiilt'o ol li'ipker 11:11,
with lien, Wairen falling moi lally wuii'.'l.
e. l. Ni :;' eotni s Wa-liineloii rehukitiK L' i
at the halil" of Monjii.iiu li, which is h.lh.w.
i d hv a lelire-clital n i of the I. attic nl
Yoiklown, w;tl Alevnuler llieollnn on
f. n.l, leaOin a charge. 1 u c i resiioiolii-i:
S;lees nil the op;m-lle ci.le e"tne the View-
lil st, tl.ii liiyll of Ihe col per. stone ol
the ( upiiol by Washincton, nt X' 7...i iin
'on takm;' the o i' h of i-lli as IVe-nleni,
h.ll iwed by the -i)tiy i if Vasl.ini!toii into
Trt Ii'"i. The twn bii-e pane a aie teeeral
r.itlier than ai.ec'ille. in their d. i.n and nii.
iii''.cii'i"ll the M-ene on tin- nlie s d i-ln w
n. f; a pi. nicer fulle r ilefciidit-ir h a h- no-,
woe and child I'r.nn Ihe a aul'.s of a t..
ein tl -ldier. while on Ihe n'her ia r--pre.
si nil -I the hlo!Mr;!'r an in lone id .eaeet
snrioiind-'d hv his lunity and the impl---inelils
an I (ruits ol l is indii-'rv. The li J
urea ihrii'iitl "in are in hifh n lu-f, and u,e
portraits an I cot'nnes of the di-tii.):U'-lied
(ier-'-ti.'j;''a i.rom'n.'iii in the d l!'-rei.l
t-ceiics -ir' inlf nii'"t In he his'oricully cr
rect. A'tists lliii.lt thi'M 'lm K compare
fav-.r:tb y Willi Ih on the II "'i-e s di ,
and which wi-ie i-i-t i.li.-n.id. Kichd " r
wiijhs 4.H0') p -uii'l-, and the n ii e we k,
iloois, moiilihi tr', solli', &i! , w. i(Oi 14,0in)
(a. ntnls. inelu in i; loo repairs '. ne.ilels,
;.lir veil's h-iee I n roiisniocl iu their
Cil-tine, The ilesikTi H tvere in oh' t.y Cra'
f.ird, iiioiudi be had not I'nl'v i-o iiph-'ed
llm niole's wl died. Tho ni i-leii, 1'ieii
remained ti;i'.. niched lor a I nii time, w til
lii'ieh irt, ihe ei-l-.r:t'ed -e.iljrnr, ll-iisin-I
I ll-ll). Til'.- d.a.ra w--le o-.h-red til Ihe ear
IV part ot I'li-.-i hilt l'lelCiS Ulllllilil.HII IL
Trustees Sale of Houaa h Lot.
J j , u-
) ) C I I In Ilie I' r to tl ol
W ' II I r nioie I, I li. ii-. S unl .y,
li h a. ni I) e. n.h. r ' x " t' I ' -.
,...- t .. . r,i 'he I. L' -l-l b d'U", Ol'
cash, 1
-ii-e .n ' In' e. a" K .ne.o'u '
,ie . n w ll. i t B"0 " w o. C-aii.
pr.perv - n tlm V. & Tmn. Itailn n
I. ai (II I- IVn I G Wl-"", I- V- V I-
.i.i,-. JNO N UUAN(i.
N v
iiU iDi no lost, now
' i Jn i (.ii.-o.he.l, a n-'V id t'--
l lir. Ciilri rirrtrx l ie
lintlf I. l.sauu ' H e iwiimlvure (w in-
I. Ill 11. . ill. Ill- ) oi Sri-.I'MaTollMIKA, Ol Sem
ra w i-ki-e--, I ii v hinian Seminal I.os e.
hi? n.M'V, M. nli.l ari l T' n al lncipaei
, l.,. eilhll. nts t" ,Mil i , i-lc, al-o,
Cossevrii""-, I cl. i r-v. and 1'iih, inil i'c-'I
l.v -i o ii.inVi n e i.r -i xml x'niv.iii ii.ee.
iLj i'liei , in a ai ahil t-nvilope, mil) ti
ce i .
ai ,
1 11 s'
Will "ure tl. APTTTMA, PROVrTHTIM. m.OOn
i;i;;ni.0 AT NJCIIT, kc. Jt will eff rtunJl rr
move thf Coufrh tint frMpiPiitljt folh.wi MM.tr. and
any nr-rtin of tlie ropimlory nrfrsin.-", no matter of
)mw lonjr itiiinliTiw. or w..atrYT tlie ff.-if thr person.
It nrti am a pjm'i ilie. 1 1 purely VictaMe. find ip ptinnl
to the Itn trfr-rt n mntii injf . nMavtiifr the vio-
pnre ff ttte rnnpli, f;irilil:iliiiif rXpfVirjllIoii, (uicliii
tho nerrei anU t-xliiliraliii tlie ijUin.
Mothers, Save Your Children!
NoHiild need dir of fROTT, if Hit Syrup U ur4
iti tinif: thit it n fift irmfnilrnfrd eiperienrt.
No family fhnnld b witlm-u tlii .uyrnp, ns that fatal
dif.i."f, ('Ui'Cl', rtitncn liko a tiiiHT In tlif niifht, to
teal oway your little onrn, whin regular med.cal aid
SADOOt L Obtaitiril.
Vrtpartd on-'y fy
Uimort ML
The new State jiroxiea for the Va.
fi. Tcnn. Jlailroud Bi-e Mej,srK. Miby,
of liedfnrd, G. D. ymilh, of Marion,
mid J. V. Jacuou, Haiti to bo of 15iis-
tol. The latter penlleinati, we believe,
hails from lVtertlurg, but has been
inure or lesa in our town iu tho produce
trade. At the timo of his appoiutnient
lie was in Atlanta, and tho vote of die
Slate wns ca.st by Mc-bsrs, Mo.-by aud
iSmith for (eu. Mbi;t;o. They are all
Jladieals and friends of Gov. Wells, but
we in u.-1 cav one wnrd for them and the
lladieal party of Virginia, viz : that for
infusing life und ctiterpriao into our
torpid Coiniuniiwcalth, and fur enlarged
n tid liberal vicwi of our Stnto policy,
they are far ahead of the old Jei;ioeratic
party, l'ietpoiiit may bo cited as a
IVtablo juitr;i;i,e.
ATTKMi'T 'in near Spkaku; sesTKn.
.-liV.de, .N v I J. Sen. i' i -I' i'a'e, of linn.
lii. -ii cmintx , ln'v eiiieeii p'-eani'-ie an-l r- a
nlili ion in t he l..-f.i-1-iin..i n .1 iv to the el
feci t'lit, "W'.erea-. 1). W. (', S"tl'er.
St'CaUi r i f II"- Senate was a liie'ti'i'T of the
l.'iitiiciiera'e I,.. j. s :i nreoi IVnne-i-ee under
hhiiii liar i.-, tid i.iv.ired iniiiy aetsop.
puoaive to II"- h'ni-.ii ;,!e, and his lien
i h-aily irft'iy u' e-.Ti-pit'icy an I tn-a-iri
alll-.-i Ho- l'e.l. Till (i ii .'I'll m .-li i . And thai,
whereas, he Wis lie illy illeliil.le CO ' tlhe
i;i.,I-t lb-' third secti- n, f'-nrtienth in'icle
ol til" ttnietnltll.-t'l to tho C.e. -i it ill ion, and
il'l act- thill he I ad MZln-d as Speak, r acre
ii;. -i.''! ; there'. .re, 1 1 e Speal;. r's rliair
hlntuid he declared vacant, and the Se tai-plm-eed
at once tn Him election o'' a re a"
pro-i li. ir tills -er." This d.icii'ni iit ' le it-d
n I'ii-ill deal id i-Xciti-nient in the t. (T'-sl i-nire,-inl
vvis...il'y itnexpecied. Il
i.v- r f-.r one dav, w'ien a Murium titiu: is
Bill 1C'.
IcI-raU'd ant'inr, in this admirible
iailv ih nioi.-t i ates ( i .-in a tliiily
. ei:Vi nl p. eel iic, I hat the alar mil.)!
C..1I-. i'o ncea ot M-il-atitiM-mt I"' r:i'iica -Iv
ciiiid Willi, nt ihe ii.ii.ei roil- ! of in
tern il uieilicuie or Ihe api-lie loon ol the
kl'i'e ; p. -in' h K Olll il III" "t rlllr at I't'Ce
- Illph , ci rl iln, and . I!', ctnal, l y meaiia ol
wlne'i every K'.ll' lir, no mailer what Ilia
i-.-i d tio.i ui.i l e, e.-n i lire him.-. If cheap
iv. tee, i,.y und ii.'-'ciiy.
i'. l'i"- I. '-Her le-iiid be In the hands
..I . . ri -it'll "i"l eVi r.i nun in Ihe land.
S' nl, mn!. I Seal, in 'l plain env. lope, 'o
il. y inlili , po.'ipoiil, on receipt of -'X
e.-n'-, ie to p-.-i- hk Ma'i.p". Als", 1"'.
CiiUci w. h'- " ,Ul I ...t'- Guide," rice 'p
cents. A!iiri s- I' e I'nh'i-h. rs,
, . u )', -i Dili Ih X lv'iSS
ro y an l'li m a lks, o n j n g
V in iho pcciiiiai' mi. I inipot'iiiiit rela
tions wint'li tiiey ail-lain, Ih'-oi ij'-cuiiat- or-
Haniz iti'.n, uml lliu ollices they i cl no in, are
Mihjccl l'i many mli.-nng. t'l'iedoiii lioin
tl.'e-e iv.ii'.i'ilmlu in no until ilcicc in llivir
ha;. pine-.-' ami wili ire, for nunc tan he hap
py wiiu are .11 .'"-t nt.iy . hut tin one. ol
ine-c v. ire iu- iclnale complainl.- can lnli(; hu
Mlllclcl ! j mi i.u w, Ih. nil iluulMhjr lllC
j:rin.'i.d hca'.tli ot the individual, und ere
Inn prnoiiciiij; periiniiieiit Mcknc-.s and
.i'-.U'ilure dfil.iiiii Nor ia it pleasant In
ciin-ii.t a physician fur the rebel' nf llie.-e
virions delicate nU.-ctinii-', and only ujicii
the in. ..a urgent to.cc-.-iiy wi.l a tine, wo
man mi far Mu.'1'ihce her v-icate.-t clinriii as
tn on tin.-. Tim .-ex iw.l Hu ll thank li- f.
pi icin;; in ihc.r hand- Minple i-pecilics which
iv. II lm Iniind el'.lciu-ions in Vel.evin and
ennn alin.i i-vt ry cue of tiio.-e. iruiibie
tiuiiie t-iiiiimaiiiis t.fculiar lu the sex.
Ih i.viu.ii.i.'s K.vr it act ii lireuc. lluii-
.li'cda Mill, r en in .Miince, and hundreds
nf others ai.i'iv vainlv to .irii;sts and duR-
tin -, ivliu i-itlitr merely lnii!..b.e Iheiii with
the Impe nl' a tine, or nppiy remedies which
make llicn w.i. -e. 1 would not wi-li to as
sect n. ij thing that would dn injii-tiee in the
llllllO'e.l, but 1 lllll obliged t" say that, ill-ihon-h
it may lie produec'l I'mm exci-sive
Cilliill-lioll id the a,welsof 1.1c, by lahol i
ous cni'iuyinnl,iinvHMt's..:ne air ai.d tood,
prnliue inc.i-ti'iiiiiu.n
iim Mt;M .-. - G -o.-i ai -sio em an tea
' made, t tin tniiowii r civ. I aipn ut
Till: lieath of 11. Uivea rnllaid ii
RU!i:esiivo of u lesion, ('uirtnt history
should bo iiiHtruetiv", und ibis event.
but leaehen that violent men must enmu
to violent cn 'ii. Weuay indulo t!ie
regret that bo bhquld have provohed
tjie crjaiO of hi mj. n iissassinalioli, but
charity ehould nut fail to discover tho
fuct that lie belonged ton class who
have wruuoht. iiTepariible injury to our
people, and that however true he may
have felt, to tho holiest impulses of an
over ardent nature, yet hu Was wholly
without tjiat pru-Jetieo whieil achieves
the greatest, good I'j'WI tho lissona of
pdversity. As editor of thu Southern
Opinion he l.as plemicd whero ho has
tint In Ui Cited, an J it must bo said of
him, tliouirh dead, because it i.-i due to
tiio living, that for tho s.il;e of thai
peace its so niuc'.i lung for, it might
huvo been better L 1 1 In; never lived nt
nil. Vet wo would rebuke but kindly
iho I't'Jpty tenement of his cuing spirit,
aud itnli.lgo the b.i;'0 that Go. I may
have for him a h..'to lualitiug nod con
genial duty than kindling iho had as.
iim. t' evil and gain-.-iyiug ngo.
Ml'i"! r.nlT.'KS : - I l.n! i.-ii hi tll l l-t
i-u ii 1 1 1. r it' ..in' pi pi r a Co n inn meat ini ov. r
llu- iti.i'nM in li o, li. ltir,n Ih" Ah
.-if.i. n irii.ian, in T'p'y in ni'i p..i,.is
;i4r l-V "A...'.i-ci' i:ii,LI..,'ii" III kll ir-
Tin- i.ii'iiiii. I nsiirpi ci ion Isx,
IUvvna, N 'V. Id. Tho Ihnrui to-.liy
pnhll le Ih" lodowing ;
-"3..l..fl a"j mu remains at. Tunas. Sev
eral ll ms earned bv the revolui o:ns's havn
In l-ii rapt i. red- Tln-v are li hu (rular in
th i o and I av a sun in the cen ie, w iili
ra.li.itii'e sli 'iea ol ilitl'.-rent cclnr-."
Tin' JUi.rio i-(! irds i Ins 'I s in lie itin
an intent ion nf ll.o in-iirtenis In ih-ol.re
their indepoii leiiC" ol Sp on, and ay : We
III) glad till) rein-Is have thrown ntf Ihe
mask. Th riht and duty of I he S. ini-h
(invcriiiueiit to d :i-;i"K.se-, and annihilate
Iheso tr i t. na is lm l.mj; -r a ii leaiinn i.f p.-l
iih-s. li is ono of ihe national iinil v." I'
is represented Unit m-lir'v all Ilie reMihllion
aiy leaders are either lmi'ii inn- nr M-xi.
cans. A lliini'ier ol ico-i pri-soii'-i cspiiir
rd by too tr.iopa wero br.n.ght tn Havana
to da .
Nkw Ynlik, Is'nv. l'.b Tim II- r.t'd has
Cniiau a 1 vices w lib Ii say llm' l'mo i fi- n.
C'p-, Saniiaii'i de Ibiha, and VI a, nulla, are
lie-eiiti-d by tho in-ii. neii's, lm ..(.'ureirato
10, oiio men, and ant w : Inn a lew miles ol
e.ien place. The G iv-i i-nui'-i-.t troops weto
l.ir-it inn and ha. ri.M-linn the ulrec.is.
O.ie loin. Ire d In nines li.i 1 1 ut Siatiag)
ill i tie r1' eio'li S tin'-r.
NrW Voi K, Nov. 111. A d 'pr.tu'oii from
the l.llltio Oi-llie.-nls Is rep -ne t heteiu
coi.liii vi. i it ui'.i lie- li iilinsn-r ic.i'lcr.
lMi.t:i of Jiti'on. uiiln llti'ift
ri.il. I.
fl'iom the (' rn- ii .an Ga.dte, 17 h
It it-, ii J inos 11 .t.i-eiild died ..i I'm- on
S'll.dll.Ol Ills hi VenlV a. V.-lll'l M a''. lie
Mas Ihe hi-l .-'iivivi-r n' lb tive a -lis i.
Mayer A n -el iii, oi 1 n.i.s'oi i, n.e loiiu h r
id Ihe I.. in ly audi ini't uiii-.a. Ills il.l-r
brnthers w -r- .im-Iiii, nl l'i anUl-ii I , w.i"
died hi IO."); S.-io.iion, ..I 'o-n-'a, whudi. d
in llm sbiiim je.ir ; Nllnin, i.l' I, -ii Ion, w ho
dn dlo Ifaii, and Cliai n-s nf .apie-, wlm
died in l.-.'i.i. 4. inn's was thus the lead iC
llm faiiuly il'.n mi; il'" thiri'-eii y.ins pic.
eeiii'"; his deal'.. lie told h"ii c-'lidtl -ie I
lie I' iris biai ctiof tlm family's innei-iiso
banking hn-iiiei-s, and nfu-r ihe dee. ii-e n'
his hl.ltl.cr-, l-XKIC'i-' d 11. irked l ellilo:
over his l.cphcWH ami I rail 1. 10 p icvis, hn
l.s'eiisil'ly loiidnclid lb" "ll lils I Ihe 'il 111
in Loi'du.i and tiio punclpal c. ties of iho
coin men: .
Il a fallnr, as is peiierally knna-n, (lis'
1 -cani'. proniiiu'iil. by le'lpo-nt the (.e n-lo ol
riaiihlorl mis ' toe Io.mv fo'iiiin ii-mar-l-t--l
of 1 lm cny by Iho French 1 1 IT'.I.'. A
few years lau r ho sived f-'oiii Ih.' ciir.ch.-a
of Napoleon i-.'i 000,1111 1 which helniii--d lu
thu I'.lec.'or id lle-M -U i-se1. Tne Klecinr
let li'nih iv.i it wunoiii ii.teiet, uud lm 11s d
it tn i.;.lcn.lid a.lv IP..;; - ilii'i.e; Hie .-lejiii
ye lis I le.li 1-1 ip-. d h. l-.re I lie In I id' N Ipo
leoii. 1 or ii'iin cars 11 ore h" p lid "' I 1 '"
per cm mi Iho ill p.. so, and o 1I.1.1 liiiic
the llhl hanker all t Ills s els littiuilo uiit
l,i. 1, a fir ll'.ein-i Ive., .d weru Well .111" In
reiinn 1 he d -pn-n 1 1 p-mriier's Mtcec.-s ir
S'nc.i I In 11 Hi-' It " lis. -hiiils Iiivh i rn ihe
Uni'icial k 1 1 a n;' 11 ir. p '. T i"ir 'oms
Wll'iin Ihe I'ssi Iwenlv li'.rv liav.i a n-'Uliled
I.l ncarn i I -II 1 ',0 1 I o .', and la loid Ihe!
li.it e l"- i-l I I'l.Oti l,.ii,il, incurred ihr.-n rh
thn r v . .i 11 1 i v mi 1 In'. -a k s Hi I ll tt year,
v.'.h.iii 11 If ciin,: I heir cr.d '.
fo ills ue Ih i cell a' l"t nf their va-t
W. ill.'., ihe e '11 di en ui me o ill. -rent b aio'l i s
llilcl 111 II l ie. 1. I .1 s i- o., 1 II-eeiim-
teid i
111 - 's :
Vi i ini II. Post ui, Cn -stable firs' 'lis.
trie' Snii t't e- iiii'y. '"i- K i 1- W. I'os
IflUUV.-d'. H'-H'l M. id- ", f',T Ht, ihh--''h
di-' rot Sniyih county, v:ec Ptol iny
Iv I - a, lef-'(.'"e'l.
Tin: N I V. s. It is a one..'. I in the X.'irs
of y, s onlay , I fi.it the in it crial, u-...d i ii.
-lib-c ipi mn I .-, , d -b'-i, .V.,' . i f 1 .at uper
loo.' Ii 'I'll M'l.l I.) Mr. Will 1). C. bell Ina
i-i.inpii y i.f print. !, nnib-r 1 he ninniai.d
slvbi ol A. Wadded ,t On.: and I hat on Ih.
1 1 h i'.-i , C .1 K.. K Weh. 1-an I Mr. J.
G. I'.'i iv, I- riner edr..i nf ihe A'-i.-v, iii
reslilni; edilorlal CiilVe. Alter IllM.llu.il
C'li'-ii'-s iii its pin,,r ciis-eji and 1 .iu--n.il
t, 1 lie A 1 ir v . nus 1 el 111 n
H'.I.'.'.l A i t.H 10 r--in. nil lrir for
TuthtOio Tins fli at n tl" t!y I- all I Xi-' I-
b 1 1 ai ct z- r. Ii ; iry. v il,- h u tl, im'j?
i.r.l'I'S he -l s'l til. (---' s M ."I' ll 1,1.1115-11-j.jr-.ll.d
allel ;r hel Iti p- llel, C'cl'-lc- ti e
-l.itn .i h o il c -I the hi ni. 1 1 I nd, to ik.-s
1. C p r r-'ii,., i.tl 1 -t . Id .p.- 1 bus'
I i it'i . l-'umlirs nt'il t' hf'rs for i'xty ymrs
('urn;. 'r c- K tl C I-' - I" I hi X I os. In . ;
cm be i n an' di-l.-iici . m ill w ill, pi r
feel sale!)-. A if a' 'S-- on II e ii ju ii.p. i-l.
li C's i.l T 11 ' i n, W th h-t- Id I' I. t. lip ,
i. -i -m.. 1" ds. 'e 1 ' 1 tn 1 ; "i-i ip- ;
mil '-- 1) T l!Al!l'.0n J I'-.yC . NJ
1 . Mi 4'
'11 IK (i iu; AT
Blood PurilGi 2
SpiiGKL'L.V i.N I I -i VAlilOt S ToRj:?,
l-ll'll AS
CoiiMiftinn ill ils early unppi ICnlarge
liu lit and L'lccra ion id tin- Glands,
Joints, Untie-, K'.ineys, Uterus,
(.'hiunic li.' i. inn t i-iii, Kinp.
tiuns of the Mmi, Chronic
Sure Kii-s. .V.C., .Vc.
A i. I. 1 'I ,s t O il .12 S,
1) I is i: A S KS OF W ) M KN,
Loss of A.p"liie, S.ck llendilche. Liver
Coii.pliiint, I'aiii iu the Hack, lin
pi ii.b nee in bite, Cr.-ivi-l.
ti i: : 1. 1: a i. i a i i: i: a ltii,
Ai.d All Ui.-l'.'l-es i f the
Ilooil, Livor, Kidueys asd 'ladder,
li is a lVil.ct liciioviiti.r.
t!T ttOSA 1' A 1. I S eradicates every
kind of liuinoi' mid bad taint, and re-tores the
entire sy-teiu to a heal-hy cotidilion.
ti It is perfectly Inn nilc-s. never pro
aio;. htr the i-i'j.'itc.-t injury.
Jl.f-' It is in.t a S'-crct yuacU !'.eini"lv.
Tl.c .irlic'c- i.f w hich it is lii.vle. are puhlih
e.l ureiiiid each bottle.
iSrroiiimt'ii.'It'il tiy t2ir 7t!Jral
i'lu iiiil) :iiti i'lioiisiiDcis oi
on a- wi'kl t iliy.ckis.
. to tl.
in.li.'i.oi and aide h inds u -lioi
I.Tnieily iicn'rr. d -n w ide and ns
UUlinii. Lynitilrji j i'-ji ',6 ' C ill.
which ii
ml a rep.
"Special teh (rani lotlie News
Illa tion of Col. ,losi h .Jmjili H to
tilt; I'n sulritrtf of tin: icon. l
1 a lio il limit .
IvMIX NoV. "JO Gnl. Joseph
Jaiiues Wiis to-day UllUIlimnilr-ly fleeted
l'lc-iilciit of ihe Tcnn. & 'a. lvaliioaJ,
Congratulate, the country
1. A l l.lt.
A later telegram sayi tjie iihovo is
pn in mire. Tnouoli tln ii! ii little
doabl that Gol Jaipies will be cl-Cted.
1 on Mn; bv. 'loo I ah'.
lie warned iu time, l)ise.i-es like 'il I -f.
-lli.il tl'.il dyi-pep-ia am lint 10 be ll'dh'.l
wiili. Tliere is Mich a ih'titt as In itn; i'oj
I'ltc i:l lileM ' mall is IldUlnai'O'i, m Sen
bus Cancer, or aiiinc o'lier il.n.i:. i ou - oi-'-a-e
may i n-lie, bell all r.-sh ir i . i ves, n i in 1 1 . r
lonv ioleut, icnld he Ilielf.'CUIal. Ih' not
llelrtv theui. Vt'hen the symptoms id l)ys-p.-psl
l are lir.l I'XI er.etici d n s nl ai n-i.-e
l-i lln-irii al ie;-,t-.a' IV,' l.o-d li" 11.-, flS7'-"-
V'.'i.' .S SI'UM.WII l'i rrl.US, and ynu aid
bo s-.le.
liat lew di-orib rs invnlen preater sn'.l'.r
i ii,i , ami, i! not iu it-i II' immediately d in.
l'i-i.."i', it l' llm nonce ol many d.-adiy
liiala-1 li s. Kv.-u il it dm not tend lit ' alur
i-vtl, iho mental L-inl physical misery il
pn-diiccs Is an .e a Mi Hi .'lit i . II why
no pains .sl oitld lm spared tn prevent ur
ciire it In nn c.-uiitry on llm lace, ol Ihe
el.die is it Ml i u i ph-li-ly dolnesllcal. il as lu
. llr own, aln-ie i; is - n d II l eaily every
lllill-f ll'dd. ll'STl I Tl IIS SloMAI'll Hiithis
an unii'i'i'-rlly coin:eded I" I) 1 the "Vl r.
I'lll remedy lor this aiil. il. disease, as
tiny act dm cly upon ihn .11. --live o nans
cored an I i. -no ilo. si.-inicli, and irvo re
neae.l l ility hi tlm sysl.-in. Aeln.ibi
liuh' I uliy upon the n '. ves and mi. did f, the
hri'di. ri'i-Oeis ll-fiii i llicacioii- as a ineiiial
me.i-c. lie, i,s well as a 'loal stoma -ho;.
Il l..ken as a piivci live, iln y will h - found
p irli-oilal I V well Milled to ihe dlsca-es
all-il li ol, l the u n he a. I liy season nf a ill n ion
litid l-.eir ll-o a III pn V. i.l Iln cn epinj, n.l
.h'.l-ant. M-ll-ltioll ollell I o-.i p. a! in i ol
u in n i lm chills am steal. ii -in a ly up m the
p II i, IP . I.nl i I ul
u-e ol tea and
M.-e an I frcivi-lit childbirth, il is la r "1-
teiicr cau.-cd l.y d reel irritation, applied to
lii" nincnus iiieiuhr.iiK! of the v.ig.u.i it-i-if.
W I. en reviewing tlm c lu-es in Inese .iis-ti-c--iu;;
coiiipbiinl-, it is iim.-t jniiiiful to
V iiilen.p'.ii'.e tin: titundaiit oil- c..ii.-eiiient
in. mi Iheiii. Il i- but simple ju-liee ihe
j -tihjcct tn i-iiiiiueraie a re ol the many
j add i untia 1 causes t loch hi l e.cly ii 11. -ct ll.o
j l.le, hen. Ill and lin'ip.nt . of tt uinali in all
. a--e- of soeieiv, and w hich, foiisciufiitly.
j all'cct iimre or lei-s direc.ly, tin; wcilari!of
the clii.le huill.lll fallulV. Tlie mania Hint
! esi.-ts for pr. e.icioiis cduc-iinui and mar
I rj!i;;e, caii.-cs ihe oeveioi-iuciit to be wasted
j and pcivnlcd in the lolr.i'.lils of dress,
j ihe early cnulincini-nt of school, and e-pe-
cially in tiie unhealthy excitement ol the
biiii'iiiiii. Thu-, w ith h n'.y null' cloi'ue I, and
Ihe moid unduly 'xoile-l by plcn.-ure, pcr
verting in luidno.di. --vtl Ino lioiirs .loin-t-I
by n.ilitre or sb.ci- and re.-l. the work
of ib.-.lriiciion is hall neeotupii.-hed.
!.i c".i-c.'ie;ice of Ibis e-'iy piruin upon
hoi' ,-y.-icin iinnece-siii y eilnr is rcipiu ed
ly the deliuaie votary in i t-iui it her situa
tion in sell ml at a later day, thus npirruva
tinj: the evil. When uno t-xci.enienl is over
auoiher in prnspeci ive keeps the innid inor
hinly neii-iiive tn impi e..-i.in, while iheiiuw
eiui-iaiit re-lraiut ol fa.-hion.ible die--, ah
s... no ly l-n hindiiij: the exercise iioL.-pcnsi
hie to inc niiaiiiuii'iit and rulcntioii "I or-
in'.c ii'Mitli uti I slrenili ; the exposure to
uiirhi air; Ihe sudden cliane of leinpcralure
the coinpletu ii'oslrnlioii .i.idiiecd by :.i'vs
s.vi! dancing, inii-t ot nece--ity, j. induce
ther Icjiiliuiate ell'ect. At last, nil early
iiinrriaue caps lliu elitnax of misery, and
the unl. r unale nui', hitherto so utterly re
eiirdlc-s of the plain dictnies und leiuou
s'rances of her dohea'.u intiire, bi-coine.-uu
UllWllbh!; subject "I lne.lic.il llCitllllcllt
Tl is is hut a t i-u. uml piciin e ol lav cxpei'i-
eiiee n! lb. .it-all. Is id our y.iiiuir Kolncli.
l.o mr bcfire tho abilny lo exercise the
fuiitions of tlie jjener.itivu organs, tlicy
ipiire an c lucaiiou id Iheir pec'iiiar nci voiis
v 1 1' ill , c'i'lllpo-i"l uf '.vlial is caded the tl-sllc,
i,o. iii.-. i:i c-ii;rn.ill Willi Ilie lcin in) nrci.st
an'! iip.-. evia.-iiry uinicc ine o m' r.n .-i litcu
lal i tiod'oi'S a. d iis-.nlialnh- at nil early
pel l.d id l.'e ; ..l.d v e -ii.ll Ml (lie
V ', III.'-.' en. .-I inn-, wllcli l .Ices-, l e. b.-a'l,
CTwI'or Tc-tinionial-see
" hu-ii.iiil.s Ainiann
.f renin ik.iblccures,
; " f..r this yea'.
We are llow pUlllla-ll(t II'IH.- ol vol)
,, seiipii. n ; and I'ar'i a ll-i ' v- ih m
ilispn.e i-l will ih. h t'l i I y sei lint O r Hid- -.
n pi i . n in my i,oi. ni'"oi' ilem lf
. d - ,. si i-i .
(ire. n U. i" nr- ' i t. ir.-.l j slid the I igh-
, .-. l.inU p .i-l h.r Ihi-ll..
v.YIUS.v. i.ot'DMAN. T't-iiiTs.
H P . : In I'". l."cb'"iK, a.
t. .v r s m .1 a v A'
M tie ir l'i mill", for the
lifi: or gei;. craijt,
(Iv 'env '' i-'i inn'ir the sanction
ami n ui i.ori'y i t Iln.. Grant himself. The
i tii.t.n-i .y ii.te cstn.jr. Uinprnphy ever
I ii 1 .1. -1. -I h' Ann i 'va.
VlJ ficti.To purrcs, ci'iiip'eie in one volume,
pllec '.' Yn. All cxtlll cc y will le
r.ieii live of ch iiiie to any
pcr-oii vlmwills.il ihree
v oc and remit li r
ti:e same.
A;:, nt-are repm l;i't' !istoi.iIiing pnles of
wntk. One aei nt repoi in ill subscri
m two days; it until r 'J'i subscribers in
,'. 'i v; und innnv others lroin Id to 5
TL"-i' desirous of a liusant uml
Iii it nt n ' liiMiiCiS Wil a) ji y uiniii ' Hie,y
in,. I secure n choice of territory The 'irpest
coiiiniissioi.a given. l'o' Joii lieiiinis ndiinss
S. ?CllA.NTi)N & CO .
n.,vi;-lt !!:ll'tfol l, Cl.
tll4Mll.KI.AIN, M KIllUHpS,
IV. ul. tit. (Jen. Manager.
rrepcrcd oniv Iv 1'r. .T. J. LA'.V-
i:r..M.;i: ,t cn .
Zll SlalJimori'
Ij tttimorr, .1..,
And for Sale bv PnipjM-ts every ahcre.
Ju y 17. Is'-.tl. ly
Aguo and Interciittei;t Fevers.
11 .a. , .11 1 . 11, . , I', n w ll -
I. s r. inc. ii. s o r ih i uo. v oi-ia-.s
In Ihn e.-,.., iri.lc. Cji r. pa k
hi;.' und ice iv.-. k .-nllicieiit a- a i ii i ii e or
I ip-e a ;-r its u-e in lli' ll-ni ds ofca-is
S ll'V.-f le ell tip-ired. A C ill e is y 11 1 1 all
e.l in i-vi i v case or tin m .1. iri7 60 rr
f lllob.' I. I'e-' III O ia!s I.f p VMclulls aid
w. ro
I J'. Cls i
recent 'y
0 le-l -of
-.1 ex 1
wis c
h-C'il lo show Us ihl.-lein.il-mi
11 a d ..'ii'.. I' at th-i ni'" '
cr nfllv the
yK ipi l.l in li".:- ' h.-v i; i...ii l.lni
ro'i.'int, ttti-l in lit. do r l'ii-iii"-s,
mp.-ll, I 1.1 re. ii-.. ir.nii Ihn llmi, n.
him-' !f won Iho ini hnns aln-adv
self c
I...., I- Hi-
: ct i 111 i cl .' hii
,.'!, -a
uic Las
tloi s 1 iti e
.'HI' p ace.
a ,t I. I
(pos'ap , r
l"r 1 r-
1, til i.' d li e
-.-i d dire. 1 t,
yd. P-'c-,".d.)
I I O Id I'll-.
L ical a IT" 'Id -
p r , . k j;
I I S "-Mi l II cl
To solicit sole crilu rs for h fT'm Smi'li'i
llii liniHV y oj ' tl e li ii'.r. 'I he only coition
pul li -fed i 11 America, c didi-nsi-d by Dr.
Sriiilh'.- nivii Imnd. In one larpp tit'iavo
Vnliiine, ' Hu-1 111 led with vir Vl't sltM'l and
wood fiiprnvinp'i. A bunk ihnt is nt'eded in
every family. Uofc llinu ild.i.iul) ciij.ii-j sold
within three month.
.Incuts 111. d sub. -cribers ser tlmt you get
the tjiii'iitip fititi'o. hii l)r Smi'h.
Tin- .Spri'ielii id lop tt. can, (t!;e b-idinp
si enlar iiewsj'.npfr ni New Kiiphind,) say-,
"ibis edition published by Messrs- ilurr A;
Co., is (he pa inline tliinp."
The ' 'onny.'ilio.iil'st. ( the lendinp icli
pimis jiiiii iial of New Kii.iuiJ) says, -'who
ever wi bcs to get, in Ihe che.ipi'.-( form the
best 1 li c I inn 0 1 y e, (In; Hiniv should buy
,1;;enta rite lii"ctih wlt-i unpnrnllek'11
sncee-s. We employ no Ot'.e'oi .1 ;('(.-, and
offer ixira in iiic.ciiiehls In c-iiiva tors ;
iipeiils w ill see the : ilviuiinp" of dealing di
rectly wilh the joili'iishers, 1'er descriplive
circiil.-irs, with tull j.ai hculiirs u d terms,
nddi ess the Publishers,
J. B. liur.u & co.,
novB it Ilniifoid, (nun.
A-' in- M'.il.l. d, in all par Is ol iln-
li S , '" S' II Hill illlljiell-e i,l ill
a . y loon o y n id I'ln-h, I, Jilts, ai d
tlioU ijTnpl; A-lminn. Kv- ly f- iuily wants
Mimeli.iint In 111 il. Caialoiriies lurni.-heri
tree on appl ea'ioii, and b.s k. s'i.( poatpid
to tti. addn . on ru eipl id pre. Can
Va OU bis ka e. l tall.il g I he st with pi ices
t'eilnr with bail; shuts ami piinn-d
lo-aiiiiy-s for eiitiillii.,: a list of I'a'u-s-id
lice lo any o tin i ll receipt ill li.'!)' cell K
A ) !io l i in sell inn 10 iMirji.f -tiese Ini. k-aiin.-st
inn where. I' nr iciiu- In m-cMs and
1.1 her nun m it " ii, ndilp'-s J, K P. iThi;&
Co., pub'-, till and Cl 7 S .tisotn mi.i-,,
P'.ilid- ph . P.. nidi 4
Vr Jo.ll, Mire, Mid t-o lentil
quo . ii in aiiv..iicc; ag t- want
. tl . ii '. r- , t'.l ih in I. Mia'e, i. -i-u in.r
I'lUlit I'm I tstll ij Wlotr ll'.C 'Vof.'.Cs..i'HM.
Kveri l..n- I I . -iibl l ave ll., aillc e."
A'. 1" Trih't A d s- Aysrioas ''irk
C i , Tj W hi. 111 s . N. V, oi id, 1) ai Inn n
Stiei i, Cb c i5 , I.l. novti4
CD yX 11,
t ii t;
Encxville Iron Co,
Are cllicgt Lew Fiprrpf
T.ic lion,
llur-e Sip e,
Ibilid Il'oh,
Hound Iron,
l'l.i'v I nnii
C lr-"
Hi i.lpe Inm.
Round?, S qesree, Cv tit, ti.I h
Hollow Wos
1' re Front,
Much. lie Castinps, Ice.
Apd doing all kinds of Bnafr
in Iron.
liinilv increa-ii.c with the wants ot
Matiufactiirinp fucilitiea nre cot
Hie onhlie, mid to our liollmi M il,
ry ami Maehine Shop, we h ave add' "
Hall and Spike HacMiies,
And can always fill Mden
Can he hud by applying to
tBl lor HKI.VroU
flAIrK transpnrtiition lias been prefttly ra-
luce !, and arrnnpmcnla made to auis
in lies tit n j rice winch places it withik
reach of all.
r Mijuth Cnurmilicd
SiliniilH l'nid llrt.l.
Aeei-I- wa-.nd mint, ill ly i-viivwn n
I l'..Ui:holit the i.i.ll In 1 1- S'aie- t-i a il onr
Pat.it Kvvi ia- li. it White W re C lies
I. ill. s- Call 111 II' m.'llle-. III. (JlKAIlP VVjIlK
.V. ILLS, P, iladi Ip la, Pa. ...G4
ja.-a e.si 3a n
In all cases, on delivery, and.
this rule cannot bo departed
It is desired
thi.a ofliee with
nossible .
.Sept. l!u ..in
1 1 1 11 1 order. 4 be left at
Ike A "'( tit as soon as
i, 11 K ll n s
Ul-.liS A N I) I'UMKlh
In-ore a ta'a.... a. o . nrl e.
I II K ALIA Vl'.I. A I 11.
'- ft III), s- .1 I I ' I- i I- I .
P I y i i 1 y it e
)PI1. I K
i '11 i'. fi.illi
. . nii-io. n . . n - n. r i.i ui i i - 1 1 1 - z i 1 1 lc
III a t-r I.. . Ill .ki p a C'.ll.ph le malill-e.
f his C II, p..li) import .1,.- I ,c pin. ir, ,-!
I-i. Ill the lien PcpOnlls Id hods a' A 1a Vi ll
is i u ibl. d iii lutnish a let tin, i in n c ,1:1 ol
be i Hi . il. .1, It pi i matien' ly ci.i'.cti. s the
-ml. l'i i e foil p-I Inn. S-ml I"! a i i 111
ph I. t A-:.li..-s,
67 lir....iay. N.-,i Y.n k.
ir.-l.VTi.-&llE.-iME., I- navel -or
a M . "ia- I in ii. a C tup I. an-i K--II i aim
pie. Coo l i ait'-s are 11 I' alllei ll J illill-s-
ivnh siamp, II. 1) Hamilton & Co., No.
4 1 S, C ic-ti u st, Ph.laih ij h a, Pa Inni. I
WASTEU. Every family to have the
splendid Ini ciial Steel lCiijiavii p ot Hon.
II. initio N lnc.ni ; 1. icelfl, Sniiili li'icsnf
S -yinnur ii u-i llinii', Vjc. e;ieh ; nl-u he
"N.iliniinl Hand- J.onk id Fuels and Fipincs'1
f.r i v cry v . ler ; price 5-1 .;"0. "Til ' Los
'inisc.'' theoiiv cnmi.ii te l).-uioi-i-iit;e 11 s-
t.ny of the war, price Samples sent on
receipt ol pi ice. . ipi-nl- v. 1 1 1 : l 1 1 . I',. II
Til EAT .V 'll., Pllb's, l.-j-l, lii oa.iVl'l'V, N. V.
O U li N E W
Sewing Machine.
AGLWT.S v..ti:d
Fo n .1 - r.
'''-toil'.' tl'e'ii
i he I..S- ,1 atld
Andre,-, Ht .-i c. ,
111, li lile lloll-e
P- ',' . - w .-i e v Inm--
I'll 11 flllU C." ll includes
IS II 'O. 'lie Kid.
l'.K -1 'HIT. , f' VvtNN,
X w Y 'k. - ovti 1
t. -l le nee, in iiri ... ,i, l,n
rniiU "I ih" "'i r.l of ,N..v
1 1 11 let', ivil,. id A .l'"l l.-l.j
nil -I mc'i'iir . f -I mn a K. an .
lail.li leal:
l I.
I. nil ft
, in..
..I li '
.! I
ll I .
a. n'lileil by b in.
has nl -cava I e-i
l i oiii:'i ti n s t'-i-"
y,,u -('- r
ta n 'h.'
revel il
li I.l,
.1 s .'! -ct i-l i
11 1 fllV. S ll.lt,"
s , Ion, I, is h 'ni
etla!-- He III n :
i'-ss he
.11 l"
re plea. ii i ,i
h ii in no i.
foil- o ill-d los
t f -il-.l I i ui nu
ll Ih.-ir i i.tu-'i
Al her
ntt I to! Ill
Sllhe M
Sn -r.',
it. lia.Mel. Ai'. I I-
Ui. HI' In. all I tin: leell .1 11 s.
The t!eieia-id Maseaily tatiibt the les
m"o tin s inn piety, ai d fn i;i h.-it:-; r.-ek.
i-d la tin' c.a-lit! ol clir stiatiil) slm hecaiu.'
a I fly of in idi-siv, no'thanl intt ll y
M irried b it it to m no lis since, Mm hid
-can'e iplitte-t ihe a. elm nl l-er c hi ill ini ..1 ,
el 'io ii' is a I'. n I "d h.vinir i'e, p.ivai n.
cl I. or liini'i. wiili . he diy and wsti an nrna.
tin ui in h.-r family ami snei.-ly, Caui.t up
iiii.a.ii a, in ini; 'n In ise.f nr Is uiily , I a--djn.M
io(: t ilei Aich Ansel of ibatn b is
e i-l I. is -li ..low nt nu I tlm fnnily beirih
slot e, " l-n-) silo has been borne to a br p' t -r
ho :n '. ll- ;i. it in ;h. i anus of lo-r bti-han-l,
lo.day ! e I,- i:i tlo-. e of our Ij-ivlo:'.
bo's "' 'i-re OKI-, my .
I he , , I' l.le of Iln ll'
nipleie-l tl.eir
Fein ilo Weakness aud Debility,
s nr Lciioo.rhica, Too l'rol'u.-i' M
sti-u.i'inii. Fxli'iuMioii. I n" I. on -; ('..iifniued
Pcri nls. fur I'rolapMi.. and I'.cnrinp llown
or Pri'hii'-us t'teii, we idler the must jier
feet -p.cili-! known: 11 ki.m inu.ii's l'i mimimi
Fn ru.ii r or liinir. Ihiceiious for use, diet,
and ii.lvice, iiccolnpiiliy.
1-'. lu ll, s Hi every period of lile, from
iiiltmey to exir.'ine old in;.1, will find il a rcm-i-ity
In uid natui'-' in Hie dtsciiarpe of its
f. lions, Sireiipth is the plory of m in-
hovel uud w ottjaiiiiood. lli'linh. ild's Ex
tract iff litichu is in. .re stri-uihciiitii; tiian
nnv of Ihe prep iraiiuiis i.f link or Iron,
inlinil.-ly saler. and nou'i! pleasant, llcliu
fnld's llMrnct if l'-iicliu, iittvni;; received
the cii'bii'siuciit i i.l" the iiin-t prominent phy
sicians i:i (lie Fluted Slates, is imw oilcrcd
In iilil'ctcd liuiii.iiiily in ! cci'liiiu cure h.r
Ilie lull. .win i di-.i-1-es und syniplonis, In. in
w iiilcv.-r caii-e oi-o-in-iliii-.r ; (lenerai Hcbil
ity. M .'Mai ii it ' I I'hvsieal I'cpie-sion, lnili"
cililv, I'.'lelltllltiit ion of li'ii'id In (he llctid.
Coiii'iised Fleas, lly-leria, Ceueral li rilabil
ily, lies le-s-ie.-- and Slceplc.-ein-.-s at liipht,
Ai i e nf Mu -viln i' Flli-.'ieiiiv, boss of Ap-
peii.e IK-pcp-Pi. Fm-iciati.iii, Low Irpirils,
llisni 'i. in. i iiinu or I'ai'iilysis of the Orpins
nf (i -neralioli. I'alpil a I ion of the heart,
and, in fact, all the c'inci.iiiihiuts of a Ncr
vmi- and ib bilil lie I stale f the system,
Tn insure thn p-'oaine cut ibis nut. A-k
f.ir li.dmb.ihl'-. Tika nn ntlicr. M-.!d by
i,, , is in,. I).-1 ers i vcrya licre. I'r'n-e
; '.-i p. r hoiile, or his. .bullies f.,r i.
iL'iivci'cd tn any a-ldre-s. IVerihe syuip
luiiis in nil ci)i.iiiiiiuicntin.i A l.l'.e.-s li.
T, Helinb.l.l, l'iu;; and liheiii'.cal Ware,
l.iiu-i-. :' I llio idway, Nciv y.irk.
' NONE an p.in.iki unl -s done up inn
! Med en;'iiiM'l wrapper, with fac siin.li) if
! in v t'licnncil W. nail. .u-e. nnd sipiel
i ;,Ml 'Jin 11' T. HEI.Miiill.H.
I iEUKEI.EV, Mll.l.EU C".
jaQVEIi -V
I. Ill llhl.i Y, ) W 111, " V t .If-in. St.,
all. 1
M, ;. ) ' .1 ' Cn
. the Mi I'd. ants ol E.st T' t in ssei
N.-rthein f!..-ipiii, Wi si, r . X-nii
ITai - lina i n-l V. i i-i, da :
Auk's HEW ELOCK of Euildiii-s.
A l. i K- and wen sel. cied S'.-ck ol
Q ll r rs XTrsn
List kd.Ui, u.m.C.L
a a j:ts Y..ri:i ioi: run
Cfficial History of the War
I , l . . .. tl. al . , I n .. I I Iv 11 I -hv
ll-.N. A. 11. . T. VKsS
l' i'lth -.,!.. ei. mi I ,i h an iio-r. iis-
. e mn. s.-t. -.11,11. nit ir 'he I'- m sub-- r-pi o-i
bo It i-i pi Id -I., d. On p ni m E s i n
l',i , r i" i- i'i .-ip-. i ii ci .- I.. hi '-;
a ot In r I . li -' n I' o "h el d" I Ill hel
.1 ii.
S-ml lor e r- ni.ir- and -e uin I. nil , and
a Intl ih s--nic I- ll in Ihe nn k. Ail 're.s
NiTiowi. I'riii.isii i m; Cn , p. .-la b- p. ia,
A 'a,
C u -iir.al 1
On. -,
or M.
fi 4
AO which v.i- t.-s.-e-unlh i
iiietiiuni iinr .-?io.'K ti a s 1 1 .-1 n iior-
i l, a-i d Willi toe Cash tn, III Ihsl I. anils, 1. 1) I
we can and will -ell I, s h.a . r Ioi. or th.n,
tne sniie pin (is can I t. pnri'lois. d in X. w
..ik- W'l- mi iill what wi! smV, I. lid i. lily
I see na 1 1 . he I! . Ill in
a-K hll'el s to
ti al we as.-l It liolhiiip bill what ui; ie in on.
. OAlM S ', M. Ill AlililA.
Sc CO.
No. (i 'in) Sd., Kuolllle, 'I'jiiu.
si p 4 f
MA' i.I.E YAlihX
LpcIiMii Karljlu Wcrts.
I have on hand
Or LVLKY l)L;:CrtIl'TIO:i,
Tosi.it the cn cni.is liii.ccs of ud.
S.n?. Call or A blie-s,
J. 11. tl.M'UI'.SS,
Jl.ll lll11 !', V.
Orders by Mail aluopU-l lo w.lh cnl:r,
"Tiio Gray-Jackets,
. f ml l.uw liny livi-il, luu-"!it uhl tlii'J for
li.XUa, Willi ll.l'i'U'llts uill Ut'ltllLM Ol'
l,'t' in till1 ' '.-lile Iim 't' ,
Tlie Spiciest acd Cheapest War
E90I; tublislicd.
Scud for ciicu -.1 -ii u m.'-'ii.ii .'. rn - . wilh
a full tie oi l in i. i ll of tip) wnlk. .id.ll'a-H
.0i:.S tll.'ii.i , I'liih.dclphiii, Pa.,
.liliuil.-i. (1 i., or St. I,..nis, M,i.
C' J v " k' i.l- IS. HI. ill IX Ml I lit!
Ollt) .MTltlVU. I'A.tlJE.V
1 . .'I it t31k. Tins Machilio
is eippii (u (he .-tiiiid icn machines iu every
rc-pect, and i- sold nt thu lowprice of iii i.
Address .National Scwine; Machine Co.,
Piltl.ur:hk Pa.
I. M O ' E 1 ! 1
I. 15. U II N N 4 CO.
ai II 111.. II to the p.. Ice Ih it Ihe) have It.
11 Iv
nil. I. all.
.n loltv, a
itii- 1,1. binds
l Xevultd Ut ihlJ I ll'n
.) Li v i i In ally
n uv. d tn ihe r noi -ion , one ihi ir t ,h .1
Ihe old slall t, ah.i UeXI 0 o' lo M S-lls. r ow.
In X li lihoiii ,
Cl " nl a cheaper 'h n
VV f J pell'l.g X' W
i v. r li' " d hi u , ai
ano led i Lai;.
stoi.k.n ! m.'.i.m; 'j iii:.m i;.u'K! :
Taki n I',, nt li.-n re n. t sun.- i.n ibo niht
"I the .')(J n. .-t., tyw ip-lllll .solie.s. W f will
s"V t.'.'i I r ill.) eon lo. e "I ol Ihe rno, or
pi . ol . ha w Ii b ad lo lie r e i i-n. n,
I. 15 Hl.'XN Jt CO.
i ". ifi ira-tf
pi in lain II nr
r::-:i3 c hii 0510 s,
a ii t
:;ini;o on, poetraits of ti-i,i-ii,s
'i iiole-ille 1'cput,
N". 1-01 M ,.l,i i ll -l I,
' lii ion t 'i.i I a 'i.lfliia.'
The Superior Merits of tlio
Vov 4'IHmt K":n.iilT ' nv 3Im"
iiSattciiitz I'Mipo-os.
Are so will established and so neneru'ily
U'liiiittcd. that an eiiuiii.'iiit'.nu of their
lelaiivii excellence is no 1 i.yei'
cuiisidered necessary.
Has been linmbt to perfection regardless
of Lliu , labor, or expense, and is llow
confidently pri-scnled In llm public
ullciilio'.i. as il -comparably
The Ecst Sewing Itlacliine ia.
PvlfstrTinfi !
Thu Miiehiuu in iiiicstiuu is
SIM 11. H, C0M'A(T, Dl'r.AHl.K.
It in ipi'd, I ''d noiuiii;. i.mJ I'opiil.hof l'it
foltltmj'l 7.''i'.;.' fliol 'mii:'yof It orlc
lour I.i I'll- othU'ptiil limn u
llMiLV M.HlilSE!
I'sinir either Silk, T wist, Lim n or Cotton
Tl.rc.id. nnd sewing with eiUnl facility (ha
very tine-l and cum seat ii.iitci iaU, and any
thing bt-lweeti the (wo emri lues, in tlie limst
bcuiiilul and Niibsiiiiitinl inaiiner. It-at-tachup,'iits
for lUminin , lli'ai'iiu.',Coiiloip;,
Tiickiii(.', Cjuilliu)., Fed. nr;, '1 rinnnili. liiml
iny, elc , are pnel a ml prnclieal, and liav"
been invented und adj.iait-d especially fur
this Machine,
New .Icsirriis nf the I'ni.pie, Useful, and
Popular Koldiii! Tups and Cabinet Ca.i'V
pin uiitir to the M n c hi l ii a ma nut nciiiri il I'
this Cuiupiiny, lnive l ei ll pupured for Hl"
elosiiirr the new nine'. inc.
Ilul it taint idea, howcvir, enn at lest r-0
Ciiuveyi d tlll'uli;;li the liii diuill of ( lieccs
surily) limited iiilveitneineiit ; nnd 8
then lore urjru eiery pel sou in rjiu-st of
&cwiii; Machine, by ml int-ans to t-xiitiii"
it li ii tt-sl, if liny enn possibly tin sn, all ll'"
Iculii ; rival liouhines hcliuo uiaUin! '
purchase, A selection can then bo inn''"
iin.h i si i,ii.lin;..ly llranches or up neics ler
siipi')iug the "Sii.'rer" Maehiiits will '
fuiin i in niiirly tve.y ei'y uud lowu 'i'1" '
out the rivilim-il won. I, whert' inncliinc '"'
be cheei hilly exhibited, nnd any inl'ii"11
tion -pl'oinplly fni nl siic I, Or cidiin-ui-li.
li may be ip'oIic-m-J lo the
H.NliEK MAN L'l'ACTF 11IN'! CO..
r,H En way, MAS OUo.
ll iltiimire OIV.i e ; E'.i EaliiniMi! i-
, T

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